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Daily Calendar | Make Custom Tearaway Photo Calendars

Product Details

Calendar pages are printed on 170 gsm thick photo paper. Easy to tear-off every day and hardy enough to repurpose as prints. Choose from five modern calendar designs.

Each calendar page measures 2.69x 3.22″ (6.83×8.18 cm) and the whole block measures 2.95” (7.5 cm) in height.

Each Daily Calendar is individually packaged in a small brown cardboard box. Tie a bow or some twine around it, add a Tiny Card, and you’ve got a gift-wrap free gift!

Ordering Tips

Our uploader requires photos at least 612×612 pixels in jpeg format.

Save as you go! We recommend ordering your Daily Calendar through the Print Studio iOS app. As of January 2020, our app features a Save Project button, allowing you to save your projects as you go. That’s solid peace of mind when you’re uploading a year’s worth of photos. To save in progress calendar orders on our Print Studio App, select Save Project on the bottom of the maker page. You can rest easy knowing it’ll be there when you go back to finish your project!

If you’re ordering a Daily Calendar from our website, note that you will not be able to save orders in progress at this time. We recommend beginning the Daily Calendar ordering process by creating a folder on your desktop with all the photos you’d like to use. Once you’ve collected a year’s worth of photos in your folder, you can begin uploading. 

Don’t sweat it if you do not have a year’s worth of photos! You can repeat photos by upping their quantity on the upload page. Clicking “autofill” will duplicate your photos to fill the remainder of the year.

We recommend placing your Daily Calendar order all in one go if you’re ordering on the web, from upload to checkout. If you leave your project sitting in your cart for long periods of time, you risk a browser refresh that could result in losing your work.

Our uploader only allows photos to be uploaded 50 at a time to avoid hiccups in your connection.

If you want the option to save as you go, make your Daily Calendar through the Print Studio iOS app. Like we detailed above, Daily Calendar orders can be saved in-progress on our app but can’t be saved-in-progress on our website. In the app, select Save Project on the bottom of the maker page to save your work as you go.

We have more tips for ordering the Daily Calendars from our website here.

Can I choose which photo is printed on the cover?

Choose your first photo with care because we print a peekaboo of the first photo in your calendar within a heart template on the cover, along with the year. 

Does the Daily Calendar come with a stand?

It doesn’t but it stands up on its own. Shop photo display items here. 

What will the start date be for my Daily Calendar?

As of January 1, 2020, all calendars will have a start date of the first day of the following month that the calendar is ordered in. For example, an order placed in July will begin August 1st and end on the following July 31st. We will begin printing calendars with January 1, 2021 start dates on October 1, 2020.

What are the exact template sizes for each of your designs?

The printing template sizes for the various designs can be found below. Some templates may be larger than the page itself; this is due to factored-in bleed space. 

  • Small Date: 2.813×2.813″
  • Split Date: 2.813×2.813″
  • Block Date: 2.688×3.219″
  • Bordered: 2.294×2.828″ (The border on the Bordered Daily Calendar is 0.39″ (0.99 cm) thick.)
  • Full bleed: 2.688×3.219″

No Can Do

We do not offer custom start dates. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The Daily Calendar must include a full year’s worth of photos. We are unable to create calendars with shorter or longer periods of time, or any type of countdown calendar. 

Bulk Orders:

Our Daily Calendars are popular gift items for corporations, small businesses, start-ups, and freelancers. They make great holiday gifts, client thank yous, and corporate swag. We offer bulk pricing for large orders. Email us at [email protected] for a quote. 


Gift of Life Donor Program

The increased risk in our area associated with coronavirus has greatly impacted our day-to-day lives. Our concern is first and foremost for the health and well-being of our community, volunteers, transplant recipients and donor families. If you are scheduled to volunteer or participate in any Gift of Life Donor Program events, please note that at this time we are suspending all in-person events and programs until further notice, with many programs taking place virtually as noted on our calendar. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

We understand and firmly support the need for heightened sensitivity and precautions related to infectious diseases. We join everyone in hoping that COVID-19 will soon be contained, and in wanting to do everything we can to support this. Our thoughts are with everyone who is facing or concerned about illness.

We encourage all to follow precautions and updates from these and other agencies:

Philadelphia Dept. of Public Health
Pennsylvania Dept. of Health
New Jersey Dept. of Health
Delaware Health Dept.

Browse our Calendar by date or filter by event type to view upcoming local and regional events related to organ and tissue donation.

Subscribe to our calendar by selecting the event category and clicking the “subscribe button”, then follow the prompts.

You can also find out about Gift of Life events by following us on social media and signing up for email announcements.

To submit an event, please contact our Website Coordinator, and include your event details.




Join us for a Facebook Live Discussion in honor of National Minority Donor Awareness Month!




ICAP INC (Intergenerational Community Alliances and Programs Inc. ) and Gift of Life invite you to a virtual screening of the documentary “Invisible Warriors: African American Women in World War ll”, by historian and filmmaker “Gregory S Cooke.” Register here:




Gift of Life Donor Program has developed a half-day learning session to train and equip healthcare providers who are interested in improving their hospital’s organ donation systems. This half-day workshop is a fast-paced and highly interactive session. Participants are asked to assess their unit’s/hospital’s current donation processes and are charged with “Leaving in Action” so that a collaborative and coordinated effort is in place for offering families the opportunity for donation. CLICK HERE to register for the September 9th Bethlehem session.




Gift of Life Donor Program has developed a half-day learning session to train and equip healthcare providers who are interested in improving their hospital’s organ donation systems. This half-day workshop is a fast-paced and highly interactive session. Participants are asked to assess their unit’s/hospital’s current donation processes and are charged with “Leaving in Action” so that a collaborative and coordinated effort is in place for offering families the opportunity for donation. CLICK HERE to register for the September 23rd Atlantic City, NJ session.




Gift of Life Donor Program has developed a one-day learning session to train and equip healthcare providers who are interested in improving their hospital’s organ donation systems. This one-day workshop is a fast-paced and highly interactive session. Participants are asked to assess their unit’s/hospital’s current donation processes and are charged with “Leaving in Action” so that a collaborative and coordinated effort is in place for offering families the opportunity for donation.




Gift of Life Donor Program’s annual Organ Donation and Transplantation Summit is part of Gift of Life’s Donation and Transplantation Improvement Initiative that launched in May 2017. The initiative aims to bring the region’s healthcare centers together to share best practices in hopes of increasing donation rates and saving more lives.




Gift of Life Donor Program has developed a one-day learning session to train and equip healthcare providers who are interested in improving their hospital’s organ donation systems. This one-day workshop is a fast-paced and highly interactive session. Participants are asked to assess their unit’s/hospital’s current donation processes and are charged with “Leaving in Action” so that a collaborative and coordinated effort is in place for offering families the opportunity for donation.

Favorite Places DIY Photo Calendar & Snapfish Giveaway

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This post was created in partnership with #Snapfish. All opinions are my own. #SnapfishBloggers

All month long I’m sharing ideas for simple Holiday gifts for family and friends. I’ll be posting ideas for gifts that you can sew, bake, make or buy.  Some will be quick, and others will be well worth the extra time involved. Today I’m sharing with you an idea that would be perfect for far away family and friends or members of your immediate family… a DIY Favorite Places Photo Calendar.



Let me tell you something. We take a LOT of pictures. Actually we took a lot of pictures before we had cameras on our phones, and now that we have that the photos have multiplied ten fold.  Does anyone remember using film ??  You’d shoot away on your camera and just HOPE that your photos would be beautiful…Then you’d send off your film to be developed and wait. I still remember the thrill of opening that envelope and getting the first glimpse of my finished photos.   Even though I now shoot 100% digital photos I still LOVE that thrill that comes from opening freshly printed photographs.

I’ve said it before and I’ll mention it again… get your photos OFF your phones and computers and onto tangible items. Things like printed photos, mugs, photo books and calendars.  We don’t know where technology will be in 10 or 15 years, what if you can’t get to your pictures?

With all of the photos our family takes, I get stuck sometimes knowing what to do with all of them. I’m an avid scrapbooker but admit to not being “caught up” (or even caring if I ever am)…. I’ve discovered over the years that it’s fun to find other ways to capture our families memories besides just chronological photo albums or scrapbooks.

This year I decided to make a calendar of all of our “favorite places”. When I first had the notion of making a photo calendar I thought about the process to literally… I thought that I need to find photos we took in January for the January page, February for February etc…. Narrowing down the photos was getting overwhelming.

After realizing that my first plan needed to be simpler, I thought I’d try something different.  I listed on a piece of paper 12 of our favorite places to go then found a few of my favorite shots of each place.

I then uploaded them to Snapfish and was able to quickly create a calendar. I spent a few minutes “poking around” and realized there were loads of ways to customize the calendar just for our family…. . A few of the things I found.

  • Uploading the photos was crazy easy (you can even upload directly from IG and Facebook)
  • You can pick a layout that you love. I used a simple layout but there are several really beautifully designed ones in the program to pick from. They are in template form so you just drag and drop your photos.
  • If you don’t want to only use photos there are stickers and embellishments in several different themes to pick from.
  • You don’t have to start on January 1st, you can begin the calendar any time during the year! Which makes it a great birthday gift.
  • I love that I was also able to include photos on the days in the calendar too, I added a photo of each family member to their birthday. You can also add text to commemorate special days.



I ended up printing 3 calendars… one for my husband to take to work, one for our home, and one for our daughter who is away at college.

The calendars arrived a few weeks ago and my kids have loved looking through them and picking out their favorite month…




Guess what??  To help you out a bit Snapfish is offering one reader a $50 Gift Certificate to their store!   Perfect timing with the Holidays just around the corner!

To enter simply use the Rafflecopter Widget below.

For even more ways to win and loads of great ideas Join Snapfish Superfans!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

More Projects You’ll Love!

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Personalized Photo Calendars!

Searching for a fun way to exhibit your favorite photos? Need to get structured for the coming year? Want a perfect way to remember birthdays, holidays and important dates? Now you can do all that and more by blending your favorite photos with our charming designs to create elegant and classy photo calendars.

Customized Calendars Online!

Our photo calendars offer an amazing way to share your memories all year long. Printvenue, offers beautiful and eye-catching designs of photo calendars with full color printing. You can easily upload your images, write/modify text or choose from our ready templates, according to your requirement.

Photo Calendars Make Perfect Personalized Gifts!

Personalized Calendars are a great gift idea to share your memories. From wall calendars to desk calendars, our calendars make the perfect gifts for family members and friends. Just add your favorite photos and put them into use by making personalized calendars.  This type of gift giving, really goes above and beyond all expectations, and the resulting photo calendar is sure to be cherished throughout the months ahead.

We Deliver Across India

We deliver across India, including major cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Bhopal, Jalandhar, Lucknow, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Kolkata, Mysore, Udaipur, Patna, Surat and many other parts of India.

Looking to Buy Customized Calendars for 2019

How about living your beautiful memories throughout the year. Printvenue offers photo calendar with a unique photo for each month of the year. There are multiple options for photo calendar like desk calendar or a table calendar and wall calendars. Keep your brand on your customer’s desk all year long with our custom calendar. You can also gift calendar photo frame on wedding of our dearest friend with the photos of their pre-wedding photo shoot. Print calendar through our website will be delivered at your doorstep or if you want, we can deliver it to your friend directly. Table calendar and wall calendar, both are available at affordable prices starting at INR 150 per unit. Calendar photo frame will remind your friends who gifted it to them thorough out the year. Table calendar can also be delivered with a special message from you and gift wrapping option is also available.

25 Best Toy Advent Calendars for Kids

When you’re a kid, the month leading up to Christmas feels like it’s the longest. You sing every Christmas song imaginable. You watch every Christmas movie and special that network television will put in front of you. You do a ton of Christmas crafts. And yet, nothing seems to make the days go faster.

If your kids just can’t wait, indulge them with a Christmas advent calendar, which sates their appetites for toys and surprises until Santa makes his big trip around the globe. If you want your child to have the fun of opening up a just-a-little-something each day, these toy advent calendars for kids are just what Santa’s elves ordered. But which ones to choose? Disney advent calendars always sell out quickly, so snap them up the minute they become available. LEGO, as always, has a few that are sure to please fans of Star Wars, Marvel or Harry Potter. There are some that encourage kids to take on creative projects each day, and others that you can re-use year after year.

These are our favorite toy advent calendars for kids in 2021. As for what to put under the tree on the 25th day? Or list of the best gifts for kids can help you sort that out.

Disney Storybook Collection Advent Calendar

Pokemon Battle Figure Pack Advent Calendar

gamestop. com


Pokémon is experiencing a resurgence, so this countdown calendar is sure to delight any fan who’s back into their TCG cards. It comes with eight holiday accessories and 16 two-inch figures, including Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Vulpix, Eevee and Yamper. (You have to admit, Pikachu looks so cute with his gift!) Ages 4+

Best Advent Calendar for Toddlers

Little People Advent Calendar



For those looking for a good first-ever advent calendar, this one comes with 24 Little People figurines and accessories, which are perfectly chunky for little hands. There’s also a nativity version. Ages 1+

Royal Picnic Advent Calendar


$31. 95

Princess fans can open a door each day and find one of 24 pieces to make a picnic playset fit for a royal. If they’re not fans of all things regal, Playmobil also has a Back to the Future III advent calendar for pop-culture followers. Ages 4+

North Pole Advent Train

The Lumistella Company


This advent train is perfectly sized for an Elf on the Shelf Scout Elf to ride. Inside are surprises like mini Elf figures and accessories to help get ready for Santa’s arrival. Ages 3+

Disney Junior Advent Calendar

This countdown set features characters from kids’ favorite Disney Junior shows, like T.O.T.S., Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures and Puppy Dog Pals. It comes with 11 mini surprise figures, five card decorations, five sticker sheets, five stickers and three stickers in three gift boxes. Ages 3+

RELATED: 22 Alternative Advent Calendars for a Fun Christmas Countrdown

DIY Advent Calendar

Kid Made Modern


Each day in December, crafty kids can open this advent calendar and find some kind of creative prompt, plus supplies needed to create it. When it’s done, they’ll have 25 holiday crafts. Ages 6+

Christmas Manger Advent Calendar



Little ones can open up a door each day and get a piece to add to a nativity scene. The Playmobil pieces are big for toddler hands. Ages 18 months+

Minecraft Mini Figures Advent Calendar

amazon. com

Though it’s not yet available for pre-order, this set should be ready to purchase come August. The set includes 12 stickers and 12 mini figures based on favorite Minecraft characters. Ages 6+

L.O.L. Surprise! Advent Calendar

L.O.L. Surprise!


L.O.L.s and advent calendars are a natural match, because they’re both about surprises. The #OOTD advent calendar comes with a limited edition doll and 24 treats that include outfits, shoes and accessories. Ages 5+

STEM Advent Calendar

The Crazy Scientist Advent Calendar

PC The Purple Cow


Minnie Mouse Advent Calendar

This set comes with one Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll, plus 24 accessories and fashion items kids can use to switch up her style. She looks bow-tiful, don’t you think? Ages 3+

Super Mario Advent Calendar

Super Mario


You don’t have to break open question blocks for these Super Mario-themed surprises. And, after they’re open, your kids can play Super Mario without needing a screen. Kids will get 17 articulated figures and seven accessories. Ages 3+

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

Hot Wheels


For Hot Wheels fans, this calendar is the ultimate. There are 24 surprises, including eight vehicles — with a sleigh, perhaps? — and 16 accessories. Ages 3+

Thomas & Friends Minis Advent Calendar

Thomas & Friends
amazon. com


Build up their train collection with this advent calendar, which offers a different push-along train every day. The engines are even done up in a holiday style. Ages 3+

Squishies Advent Calendar

Give them just a little something to squish every day. By the end, they’ll have a menagerie of squishy animals. Ages 3+

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Elf Advent Calendar

Jakks Pacific


Don’t be a cotton-headed ninny-muggins! Get this Elf advent calendar and re-create your favorite parts of the holiday movie. If Elf isn’t their favorite, you can also get A Christmas Story. Ages 4+

Farm World Advent Calendar

amazon. com


Known for their realistic figures, Schleich lets kids feel like real farmer with this 24-piece advent calendar. Or, for horse lovers, there’s also the Horse Club advent calendar available from Schleich as well (with the 2021 version coming soon). Ages 3+

Breyer Horses Holiday Advent Calendar

For some horse collectors, the release of the Breyer holiday collection is the highlight of the year. Breyer says it’ll announce the 2021 holiday collection, including a new advent calendar, in September. Ages 3+

Holiday Craft Advent Calendar

Get them even more into the holiday sprit with this set, which gives them a holiday craft for kids to do or craft supplies to create with ever day. The set includes suncatchers, rocks to paint and magnets to decorate. Ages 3+

Birthday Cake Countdown Calendar

Polly Pocket


The genius thing about this countdown calendar is that it isn’t really holiday-themed — you can pack it up and use it again for a birthday! Ages 4+

Best Reusable Advent Calendar

Wooden Advent Calendar

Melissa & Doug

Each day, add one magnetic ornament to this tree, and, by Christmas, it’ll be full! Then, pack it away and bring it out again next year. Ages 3+

Reusable Wooden Advent Calendar



This reusable calendar comes with 24 empty drawers to fill however you want. Get small prizes, love notes, candy and other bits of good cheer for kids to open every day. 

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Gift Guide: 28 Best Holiday Advent Calendars For Every Personality

Tis the season to be merry, but with the pandemic surging and new restrictions going into effect seemingly daily, it’s more likely we’re all in for another month of monotony. Unfortunately, those boring silent nights don’t bring joy to the world and might be actively making us more depressed.

Research published in the journal Nature Neuroscience in May linked enhanced happiness and other positive emotions with new, diverse experiences, and found that this connection is related to a greater correlation of brain activity in the hippocampus and the striatum (a.k.a. the brain zones associated with the processing of novelty and reward).

“Our results suggest that people feel happier when they have more variety in their daily routines, go to novel places, and have a wider array of experiences,” explains New York University assistant psychology professor Catherine Hartley, who coauthored the paper. “These results suggest a reciprocal link between novel and diverse experiences and our subjective sense of well-being.”

But how to go from bah humbug to fab la la la with most normal strategies for shaking up routines like traveling, gathering with friends and family, dating, and even dining in new restaurants either unavailable or unsafe logistical nightmares in 2020? Two words: Advent calendars.

No, our brains haven’t turned to figgy pudding. Hear us out. Although the research was conducted pre-corona, the authors have noted, “Even small changes that introduce greater variability into the physical or mental routine may yield similar beneficial effects.”

Small changes could include a daily surprise. Having a door to open every day before Christmas or Hanukkah gives you something to look forward to after a long winter’s nap, and not knowing what’s behind them certainly qualifies as introducing greater variability. Sometimes, as is the case with LEGO’s offerings, Lovehoney’s lingerie loot, or the holiday baking countdown from Uncommon Goods, the present opening is just the beginning of what festivities your night now has in store.

And we’re not talking about those flimsy cardboard numbers filled with cheap chocolate. These days, there’s an advent calendar for every personality, hobby, interest, budget, and relationship type from musical playlists and luxury fragrance collections to crates full of cocktails and collectible toys. And if anyone gives you grief for splurging on any of the following best advent calendars we’ve assembled, tell ‘em you’re simply following the science to a wonderful life.

For Aspiring DJs

Get the holiday party started with this advent-style playlist of 25 Tannenbaum tunes from Sound Sentiments. Each day reveals a QR code for one festive classic that can be played on any device including “Silent Night,” “Jingle Bells,” and “Feliz Navidad,” José Feliciano’s bilingual banger which celebrates its 50th birthday in 2020. Shaped like a vinyl record, it’ll also be music to eco-friendly and pro-economy ears to find out that it’s made in the USA of 50 percent recycled materials.

25 Days Advent Calendar Playlist

For Sufferers of Over-Sanitized Skin

Pandemic safety protocols, while absolutely necessary, are taking their toll on everybody (emphasis on body!) Wage war on dry skin, cracked lips, tired eyes, and maskne caused by constant hand washing, sanitizer usage, anxiety-riddled nights, and sweating in PPE, with an elegant advent calendar from Molton Brown. Designed to evoke a shimmering 1920s chandelier, it contains 24 unisex goodies—think hand creams, body oils, bath salts, Vitamin Lipsaver, anti-fatigue eye gel, and perfume—to indulge all your nooks and crannies in nine scents, including Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel, Muddled Plum, and Orange & Bergamot.

Molton Brown Advent Calendar

Beekman 1802’s awesome advent offering sold out before Thanksgiving, but the adorable urbanites-turned-goat farmers/Sharon Springs shopkeepers won’t leave customers high and dry-skinned. There’s a pint-sized set in a star-shaped box featuring seven days (almost enough to see you through Hanukkah) of their best-selling skincare superstars like Buttermilk Cleanser, Bloom Cream, Milk Mud, and Dewy Eyed Serum.

Beekman 1802 Skincare Stars 7 Day Gift…

For Meat Lovers

This protein-packed exclusive from Man Crates will help any carnivore power through the holiday home stretch. Be warned: this isn’t your grandpa’s boring beef jerky either. Sure, there are basics like teriyaki, black pepper, and garlic among the 25 packs of jerky bits. But there are also root beer habanero, General Tso, sesame ginger, Thai satay, birch beer, and whiskey maple flavors in the mix.

Man Crates Jerky Advent Calendar

For Anyone Who Needs a Stiff Drink

Know someone who needs a little liquid courage to go caroling, make their move under the mistletoe, or meet their partner’s family for the first time? Get them a bevy of adult beverages packaged conveniently for daily drinking. These also work for anyone who just wants to toast the end of this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day year.

Come on get hoppy with the 12 Beers of Christmas box from City Brew Tours with suds sourced from craft breweries across the country, detailed tasting notes, and surprise swag. The Hanukkah version fuels eight crazy nights.

City Brew Tours 12 Beers Of Christmas

If they’d rather wet their whistle with whiskey, The Spirit Co. has curated multiple calendars that would make Ron Swanson smile including an American bourbon box and a 24-dram Scotch set with everything from single malts to rare tipples from award-winning distilleries like Lagavulin and Glenfiddich.

Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

Dancing ladies, leaping lords, milking maids, pipers, or drummers would all be thrilled if their true love gave to them Vintage Wine Estates’ 12-bottle California wine calendar featuring crisp Chardonnay, sweet Moscato, bold Cabernet Sauvignon, and more.

Vintage Wine Estates Holiday Advent…

For Fragrance Fanatics

After months of staying in and #WFH-ing, you and your home office are probably both on the stale side. Freshen up with help from the fragrance industry’s finest. The height of olfactory luxury is the sixth annual limited-edition Jo Malone London advent calendar. Its design was inspired by the Art Deco aesthetic of the Roaring ‘20a and it includes 24 colognes, bath and body products, and wee candles in the brand’s signature lines including its newest, Vetiver & Golden Vanilla, which was introduced just last January.

Jo Malone London Advent Calendar

Another scent-sational reminder that the world is still out there is the Acqua di Parma option in the golden yellow hatbox. The hard-to-procure Italian job accordions open to reveal precious illustrations by Chinese artist Oamul and is packed with petite presents pulled from the company’s beloved lines like Colonia, Blu Mediterraneo, Le Nobili, and Signature of the Sun. It even boasts an extra special surprise for the 25th.

Acqua di Parma Advent Calendar

For Dwight Schrute Devotees

If your love for the hit workplace mockumentary is only overshadowed by Billie Eilish’s, run don’t walk to order The Office-ally licensed 12 Days of Socks box. It has eight ankle pairs and four crew ones. All 12 feature title and Dunder Mifflin logos, show quotes, and recurring jokes and come in men’s size 6-12. Wear them while you prank your coworker, do The Scarn, go beet-picking, take glamour shots with your cats, go to a Cornell a capella group’s concert, interview for the assistant to the regional manager gig, or to stay cozy while re-watching all nine seasons for the umpteenth time.

The Office 12 Days of Socks

For Brick Masters

If you build it, Christmas will come. Of LEGO’s four toy-a-day offerings this year, two draw from the pop culture pantheon and are sure to entertain brick players of all ages. The 10th iteration of the future collector’s item, the 311-piece LEGO Star Wars advent calendar, has six mini figures, including Darth Vader in an ugly Christmas sweater, six figures including a Tauntaun doing a Rudolph impression, and 12 mini-build ships and locations including a droid control ship and Anakin’s Podracer.

Prefer the wizarding world to a galaxy far, far away? The Harry Potter Advent Calendar will cast a spell on Potterheads as every day brings them farther into the realm of the boy who lived and his magical friends. Besides six mini figures, the set also includes models of enchanted objects and places including items from the Yule Ball to put together.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar
$39. 99

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

For Anglophiles

Jolly Old St. Nick meets Jolly old England when you combine the following pair of advent calendars to stage mini high tea daily. First, you need something to drink, which can be found in a collaboration between The Republic Of Tea and The Hallmark Channel, home to the holiday hits about blind bakery owners finding love during snowstorms with single Santas after reading long-buried love notes written by someone who turns out to be a long-lost relative. Each of the 12 slots contains two black or green tea bags to promote shared sipping.

And because no tea time is complete without pastries and no English muffins, scones, or crumpets are complete without fruity spreads, also invest in Bonne Maman’s advent house. Behind each door lies a mini jar of yummy French-made preserves, jellies, and honey. (Extra gift for your digestive tract? All are free of artificial colors, preservatives, and high-fructose corn syrup. )

Bonne Maman Advent Calendar


Hallmark Channel Republic Of Tea…


For Pandemic Bakers

Tired of sourdough starter maintenance, banana bread, or Dalgona coffee whipping? Welcome cookie season with the help of this interactive advent calendar, which, like Joe Biden, was made in Pennsylvania. Each day’s compartment holds a specialty ingredient like crushed peppermint, candied orange peel, and holiday nonpareils, a kitchen tool, or a recipe card. By Christmas, you’ll have six kinds of swappable cookies in your repertoire. (Warning: it doesn’t include standard baking necessities like all-purpose flour or eggs. But you probably already stocked up in preparation for the president elect’s “dark winter” anyway.)

Holiday Cookie Advent Calendar

For Foodies

If eating is your reason for the season, there are calendars to satisfy just about every craving. BYOBHotSauce’s 25 Sauces of Christmas Countdown will spice up any pepper popper’s palette. Each chamber contains a two-ounce bottle of slow-simmered Louisiana-style condiments created using a hit list of hotties like Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpions, Scotch Bonnets, and Habaneros. Christmas day is capped off with a bigger bottle of the Clausse Family’s super-duper secret sauce.

The 25 Sauces of Christmas Advent…

Everyone’s been doing their fair share of binging lately and with lockdowns making a comeback in many cities and The Mandalorian season two in full swing on Disney+, that isn’t likely to change. Level up screen-time snacks with a daily dose of Joe & Seph’s gourmet popcorn in fun flavors like salted caramel, banoffee pie, strawberries and cream, and Speculoos.

Joe & Seph’s Popcorn Advent Calendar

Speaking of Mando, this So Wrong It’s Nom cheese calendar is the whey. Twenty-four discs of Ilchester dairy goodness have journeyed from across the pond including Wensleydale with cranberries, cheddar, Jarlsberg, Applewood, and Red Leicester to start a party in your mouth.

So Wrong It’s Nom Cheese Advent Calendar

But the cream of the crop in culinary calendars comes fresh from the fields, beehives, orchards, and goat pastures of Alabama’s Stone Hollow Farmstead and Food52. Every nook of the wooden crate—sturdy and pretty enough to be refilled and reused—holds an edible delight in awesome flavors like drunken pear, tomatillo, ramp, and turmeric.

By Christmas Eve, gourmands will be lousy with artisanal jams, syrups, dulce de leche, relishes, pickles, spices, pates, oils, and vinegar. (Who even knew nasturtium vinegar was a thing?)

Stone Hollow Farmstead x Food52 Advent…

For The Sweet Tooth

A worthy last indulgence before you make a New Year’s resolution to lose the Quarantine 19 you’ve packed on over the last eight months, Sugarfina’s candy-filled calendar tempts with 24 different types of treats (96 pieces in total) including limited-run seasonal faves like Candy Cane Caramels, Snowman Gummies, and Merry Berries as well as brand cornerstones like Parisian Pineapples, Ice Cream Cones, Apple Frogs, and Sparkle Pops. Sadly, this mouthwatering menagerie is family-friendly so it doesn’t include any of the spiked snacks like Champagne Bears or the Aviation American Gin Gimlet Gummies the high-end confectioner built its reputation on.

Sugarfina Advent Calendar

In the interest of inclusivity, Sugarfina also created a Hanukkah collection, 8 Nights of Light, which features eight Kosher-certified noshes including Robin’s Egg Caramels, sugar cookies, Heavenly Sours, and dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Each night once the snack is pulled from its compartment, flip the drawer to light a candle in the cardboard menorah.

Sugarfina 8 Nights Of Light Advent…

For Big Crystal Energy

If there was ever a year to start seriously practicing self-care and spiritual wellness, it’s 2020 and Smudge’s 10-day calendar can help add magic, meditation, and mojo to the lives of anyone who needs them. It’s drawers are bursting with simple rituals and the aura-rebalancing, stress-relieving, cosmic-cleaning tools like a pyrite cluster, rose quartz sphere, essential oil towelettes, labradorite palm stone, and Goldmine Adaptogen Powder you’ll need to perform them. It will pair nicely with the man bun and beard you’ve grown while haircuts were in short supply.

10 Days Of Magical Self-care Advent…

For Someone On The Naughty List

It’s hard to know who benefits most from this sexy set—the giver or the receiver. One thing’s for sure though, one look at what’s behind closed drawers in 7 Nights Of Seduction and it won’t be visions of sugarplums dancing in either’s head. All they’ll want for Christmas is you when you slip into each day’s wine-colored pieces of lingerie or matching accessories including a peek-a-boo bra, lace handcuffs, and sheer stockings. The finale is a full basque set perfect for necking in the halls or the bedroom. Fits size 4-12. But extra servings of syrup and candy canes to the Lovehoney elves for making a plus-size option for curvy queens (14-20).

7 Nights Of Seduction Advent Calendar

For Kids At Heart

This isn’t Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, but that hasn’t stopped Funko’s Nightmare Before Christmas calendar from flying off the virtual shelves. The brand’s other two 2020 collections, Harry Potter and Dragonball Z, have also found healthy followings. Maybe the prospect of welcoming 24 big-headed Pocket Pop! vinyl figures into their homes is comforting after months of quarantining and socially distancing. Who can resist those big black eyes?

Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Advent…

Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Funko Dragon Ball Z Advent Calendar

For Makeover Moments

Whether you need a gift for an aspiring contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race, a partner who needs more help than filters can provide during online meetings, or a teen who spends every waking hour watching YouTube makeup tutorials, advents chock full of cosmetics are the answer and there are lots of them to choose from.

NYX Professional Makeup’s makes one that’s nice nice baby. Diamonds & Ice, Please! mixes 24 mini and full-size versions of lipstick, mascara, and eye shadows in wintery and metallic shades perfect for their New Year’s Eve Zoom as well as best-selling foundation items like pore filler, liquid illuminator, or lip scrub.

NYX Professional Makeup

NYX Diamonds & Ice, Please!

Them chicks will be jackin’ your style and tryin’ to copy your swagger after seeing the glam looks that can be created with M·A·C’s 12-day Boom Boom Wow collection featuring $163 worth of high-end cosmetics (three lipsticks, three Lipglasses, three pots of eye shadow, Strobe Cream, and In Extreme Dimension Mascara).

MAC Boom Boom Wow Mini Advent Calendar

For Four-legged Friends

Let Fido in on the festive fun with Bosco and Roxy’s Bark The Halls 24 Days of Dog Cookies calendar. The canine cooks combine applesauce and crushed peanuts to create treats your precious pup will find paws-itively delicious.

Bark The Halls Advent Calendar

Holiday Calendar | Human Resources

Holiday pay is provided to full-time and part-time benefit eligible employees whose regular scheduled workday falls on a recognized university holiday (prorated accordingly) assuming they would have been normally scheduled to work.

In order to qualify for holiday pay, employees must either work their last scheduled day prior to and first scheduled day following the holiday to be eligible for holiday pay, or be on a previously approved vacation, sick or paid day off. If an employee is absent for either the scheduled workday before or after the holiday due to illness, the supervisor may require acceptable medical documentation prior to authorization holiday pay. Regular full-time employees working less than a 12-month schedule will be paid only for those holidays that fall during regular scheduled work time.

Monday, January 18, 2021 Martin Luther King Holiday
Friday, April 2, 2021 Good Friday
Monday, May 31, 2021 Memorial Day

Monday July 5, 2021 through Friday July 9, 2021

Independence Day (Gift of Time)
Monday, September 6, 2021 Labor Day
Thursday, November 25, 2021 Thanksgiving Holiday
Friday, November 26, 2021 Thanksgiving Holiday
Friday, December 24, 2021 through Saturday, January 1, 2022 Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day Holiday (Gift of Time)

Monday, January 17, 2022 Martin Luther King Holiday
Friday, April 15, 2022 Good Friday
Monday, May 30, 2022 Memorial Day

Monday July 4, 2022 through Friday July 8, 2022

Independence Day (Gift of Time)
Monday, September 5, 2022 Labor Day
Thursday, November 24, 2022 Thanksgiving Holiday
Friday, November 25, 2022 Thanksgiving Holiday
Saturday, December 24, 2022 through Monday, January 2, 2023 Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day Holiday (Gift of Time)

Monday, January 16, 2023 Martin Luther King Holiday
Friday, April 7, 2023 Good Friday
Monday, May 29, 2023 Memorial Day

Monday July 3, 2023 through Friday July 7, 2023

Independence Day (Gift of Time)
Monday, September 4, 2023 Labor Day
Thursday, November 23, 2023 Thanksgiving Holiday
Friday, November 24, 2023 Thanksgiving Holiday
Sunday, December 24, 2023 through Monday, January 1, 2024 Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day Holiday (Gift of Time)

University policy states that no office may be closed at any other time for any reason except by the Vice President or the designated representative. This applies to snowstorm situations, early office hours before holidays, etc.

In addition to the above dates, eligible employees are entitled to one personal day, in accordance with the rules and policies outlined in UPP 4-14: Fringe Benefit Eligibility and Summary of Coverages .  

Calendars as a gift to partners and clients

Before the New Year, the excitement begins, people prepare for the holiday, choose gifts, think over the menu, etc.

In the business environment, the situation is the same: summing up the results, making plans for the next year, preparing gifts for clients and partners. There are a great many options for choosing gifts, depending on the field of activity of the company and the desire to surprise. But there is one detail that remains unchanged – the tradition of giving a calendar along with the main gift.

After all, this is not just a calendar, but also an advertising medium that will remind a person about your company throughout the year. A lot of calendars are given, and your partner or client can hang on the wall or put only one on the table.

The competition begins – who has the most interesting calendar. Some companies focus on design, others on creativity, others on manufacturing (materials and post-printing), and still others on content (using useful information or unusual facts, etc.)etc.).

Each company has a task to be remembered, stand out, attract attention, impress.

First of all, you need to choose the type of calendar (or several), depending on who you will be giving them to.

Calendars are:

Wall calendars are the most spectacular and have a higher price than other types of calendars. Such a calendar can complement the interior of a room or study. Especially if the calendar is large (A1, A2).Wall calendars are presented to executives and top managers, regular customers and customers, partners.

Poster Calendars is a more economical wall calendar option. The difference is that the wall calendar has 13 or 7 loose leaflets, each sheet has a calendar grid for a month and an illustration or photograph associated with this calendar month. On poster calendars, the illustration and the calendar grid for the year are placed on one sheet. Such a calendar can be presented both to employees and as a gift to visitors of specialized exhibitions.

Quarterly calendars – popular type of calendars; suitable for a gift to middle managers, managers.

Table calendars – an interesting format, in such a calendar there are 7 or 13 loose leafs; suitable for a gift to company employees and customer staff.

Pocket Calendars – a budget option, suitable for investing in orders instead of a business card or using in New Year’s Eve promotions.

Calendar is a marketing tool. Ok, that’s cool. A great opportunity to once again showcase your products. But not every company has an interesting, beautiful, exclusive product, the photos of which will delight the eye. The catch is that it is unlikely that a person will be interested in looking at pipes, nuts, concrete mixers throughout the year. But even this situation has a way out. Design and creativity to help.

Calendar of the Europromservice company.

An example of how interesting it is to present products.

Calendar of the Segment Publishing House

Non-trivial idea and presentation with humor will not leave anyone indifferent. In this manner, the calendar of the Segment publishing house was made, which reflects the business processes of creating books. Each month of the calendar demonstrates the stage of work on the creation of books, starting from the search for an author and ending with the delivery of the print run.

Corporate calendar TM “Bocado”

Another example of how standard products can be beaten.

Calendar – the most popular type of printing products in the pre-New Year period. But the problem is that the production of calendars requires more production resources and time than printing sheet printed products (leaflets, booklets).

Therefore, we advise you to order calendars in advance, so that you do not get nervous because the printing house may not have time to print the order before the New Year, and we – because we cannot physically take all incoming orders into work.

Already today you can place an order for printing calendars on Smartprint.rf by uploading a ready-made layout or ordering design development on the website.

You just need to select the print parameters:
– for wall calendars – the number of flip-flops (7 or 13), paper weight, format (A1, A2, A3), date of readiness, circulation;
– for quarterly – select a calendar grid (there are ready-made options), circulation, date of completion, minimum circulation – 1 piece;
– for desktop – select the size of the block, the material of the calendar frame and the material of the block, the date of completion and the circulation.
– for pocket ones – select the format, type of lamination, circulation and date of completion.

Prices on the website, calculation of the required circulation takes no more than 2 minutes. We deliver orders across Russia.

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Calendar as a gift, an interesting creative gift for a child, friends

A calendar can be a great gift. If you think carefully, then the only disadvantage of such a gift can be given only once a year. And in all other respects it has some advantages.But I’m not talking about ordinary calendars from the market, which have thousands of copies. The progress of today’s world allows us to make the calendar a unique and original gift. I am sure that with the help of digital technology you have been able to capture many vivid events and happy moments from your life. At least 12 successful photos can be found for a personal calendar.

Make a gift calendar to order. I once did it with my own hands and from personal experience, I want to say that such a gift takes a lot of time and it is not always possible to make it look exactly the way you like it.You still have to contact the printing house for services.

If you think that it is relevant to give the calendar only on New Year’s, then you are mistaken! The calendar can be presented as a birthday present, Valentine’s Day, February 23rd, March 8th, wedding anniversary and any other holiday. The calendar can start with the month you want and end with the previous month of the next year. Any of your whims can come true.

Before ordering a calendar as a gift, think carefully about what you want to see there, and what would be nice to see the recipient of the gift there.

For example, a birthday calendar for a friend. A couple of pages from the calendar:

You can have photos of family and friends displayed by their birthday dates. In addition to public holidays, mark other holidays that matter for your friend: Medic’s Day, Angel’s Day, Shopaholic’s Day … A gift should bring joy, so you can add a couple of fancy holidays or phrases that would bring a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

A calendar with your photos will not only decorate your home, but will constantly remind you of events and people that play an important role in your life.

90,000 what is it, when to give, who makes the best?

Let’s be honest, every year more or less we give the same gift. Therefore, I see no reason to write another “the same as everyone else’s” guide to the best gifts for the New Year.

I went over last year’s post and “Oh, yes – nothing has changed.” I still donate certificates to cool places, cosmetics, books, home clothes, perfume, candles, diaries, tea / coffee / chocolate, scarves and other accessories.If you’re a little lost with great gift ideas, click on this post and get inspired.

And here we will talk about advent calendars. And no, it’s not too late! This is the whole point.

What is an Advent Calendar?

After five years of living in Europe, the advent calendar for me is an invariable attribute of every New Year and Christmas season. This is a counter of the days left until Christmas (in Catholic countries, Christmas is the main family holiday, and New Year’s Eve can be a simple party with friends in a bar).

The calendar can look anything and be made of anything. Bags or pouches, socks, boxes, sachets, envelopes … The main thing: you need 24 such containers – from December 1 to Catholic Christmas Eve (December 24). According to tradition, you fill the boxes with small gifts, most often chocolate, cookies, tea; give on the last day of November, and every day your friend opens the container with the number corresponding to the day, eats the contents and is charged with the spirit of magic.

Who should you give the Advent calendar to?

For some reason, many people think that this fun is exclusively for children. As you can imagine, I am totally against it. Every year I bought myself (or accepted as a gift) a delicious Advent calendar and happily opened the slots, devouring chocolate even before breakfast. Down with stereotypes: you can give an Advent calendar to anyone – gender, age, status do not matter.

When to give an Advent calendar?

And here’s a little difficulty.In Europe, calendars are made and bought in November, donated at the very end of the month, so that as early as December 1, everyone starts to open the “windows” and get presents. In Russia, Christmas is in January, the main holiday is New Year, and at the end of November only the most responsible take care of gifts. However, the companies have been actively producing and selling advent calendars in Russia for the past three years.

And if we are not afraid of Christmas calendars and bypass them in mid-December, they say, who needs such a gift that should have been received two weeks ago? I propose to change the tradition and present such calendars to friends for the New Year.If the Europeans, thanks to the calendars, bring the holiday closer, then we can extend it by opening cells one after another from January 1 to 24.

Who Makes the Best Advent Calendars?

The best Advent calendar is the one that is made by hand. And every winter, Western bloggers and Pinterest show up a huge variety of DIY how to make a cool and original calendar.

I decided to go the other way and choose for you the best Advent calendars that companies have released this year.You will only have to choose, order, pack and present. Wouldn’t mind finding a surprise like this under my Christmas tree.


A very cool (and as always as simple as possible) idea from IKEA. Buy an Advent calendar in the form of a village, fill the houses with gifts yourself and give them. I would fill them with Kinder Surprises.

Asos has a similar paper calendar, but in the form of stars. Buy it, collect it and fill it yourself.

Buy IKEA / similar with animals

buy Asos


It is still difficult to get Advent calendars in supermarkets (I hope this is temporary), but you can order chocolate, with postcards, and with tasks (ideal for children), and with magnets, and from L’Occitane on Ozon.24 sweet and beautiful days for you and your loved ones.



About chocolate calendars. They are the most traditional and favorite. Of those that I have seen, I will single out the Swiss Lindt. Any adult is happy to receive such a calendar. Chocolate bears, mmm!

For fans of dark chocolate, there is a set with branded bars inside: chocolate with mint, sea salt, 70% and 90% cocoa.

buy with bears

buy with dark chocolate


A calendar with sweet figures from one of the best chocolate brands ever.Very beautiful.



Cosmetic companies have cleverly played with the idea of ​​a Christmas calendar, selling samples of their products in it. A very cool idea: both a beautiful gift and the opportunity to try 24 brand products at once. The Body Shop has released three calendars this year (boxes differ in color, content and price), as well as a mini star-shaped version with 8 products. There is only one problem – they are not sold in Russia, but you can order from the British or American website of the company.



One of the most beautiful beauty calendars this year. And how many jars for travel ?! Here are 20 miniatures and samples, plus 4 complete products, including my favorite avocado eye cream.



A luxurious gift for a special person. The Balmain calendar has only 10 doors, but inside there are impressive gifts: moisturizing shampoo, perfume, nail polish, texturizing hair spray, branded comb and all the luxury stuff.



Offers this year calendar from the brand Johny Loves Rosie. It contains 25 jewelry: rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants. You give and your girlfriend / girlfriend / sister are provided with accessories for any outfit for a year. In addition, Asos has released two of its own (and very cool) beauty calendars for girls and men, but they are already sold out.

buy (already with a good discount)


Another luxurious and very beautiful golden advent calendar with bottles of funds from the Austrian brand Susanne Kaufmann – known for their holistic skincare approach.



A beautiful colored house, inside which candles are hidden, small for a shower, scrubs and perfumes. Expensive, but hard to resist.



Of course, this gift is for a) those who know and love the brand, b) fans of decorative cosmetics in general. A very nice box that can be used even after the holidays, with the best brand products.



If your soul mate is a fan of Diptyque fragrances, you can only imagine her delight in receiving their signature calendar with candles and fragrances.A figurative, and perhaps a real jump to the ceiling is guaranteed.



On L’Occitane Advent Calendars, I lick my lips every year. These guys have long understood the trend and have been releasing such sets before the holidays for several years. This time the brand issued two calendars altogether: standard and premium.

buy standard

buy luxury


The NYX brand has such a wide range that it is impossible to try everything.It’s possible to get close to this with their “fondant” Advent calendar. 24 liquid, matte, satin lipsticks + gloss and pencils. I would buy such a calendar with a couple of friends and disassemble the set for three after opening all the cells, why not ?!



The perfect opportunity to get to know the brand’s bestsellers. For the first time, they have 24 products, including the famous liquid face soap, intense moisturizer, eye cream gel, lipstick, the famous Lash Power mascara, blush, hand cream and eau de parfum.



For fans of professional care. 24 ampoules to be applied day after day from number 1 to number 24. Moisturizing, nourishing, protecting, fighting wrinkles – a fairy tale of care.



Absolutely a gift for those who love nail polishes and self-care for their pens. In a set of 20 varnishes (including their signature glitter), one nail care product, two coatings for durability + some surprise.

PS: While doing the post, we found out that CIATE also released a classic beauty calendar with popular products.

buy with varnishes

buy classic


Own Christmas calendar from the popular online cosmetics store. 12 windows and products from Revlon, NYX, invisibobble, Rimmel, Elizabeth Arden and other brands. Everything is provided in full size versions.I bought and assembled a small cosmetic bag for a whole year.



ALCOHOLIC calendar from Ginvent with 24 bottles of gin. Urgent letter to Santa for adults.



Another alcoholic calendar, but for girls. Inside – 24 bottles of champagne.



Two super popular UK girl bloggers with their advent calendar ideas.Tanya has 12 products from her own cosmetic line (nail polishes, eye shadows, lip glosses), Zoya has the same 12 windows with products from her line of products for home and shower.

buy Tanya Burr

buy Zoella


Very nice (and expensive) beauty calendar with references to Alice in Wonderland. 25 products, 19 of which were created specifically for the set. 9 full-size and 16 miniatures. And of course a box that you can use.



All the brand’s bestsellers in one calendar, three products are presented in full-size versions. For a fan of the brand – the perfect gift.



Again a mono-brand version, but this time not even two, but three calendars: for 12 and 24 windows with popular brand products, as well as a set for men. The big one includes a hit oil for the lips, as well as accessories (key rings, bracelets, postcards).

buy for 12 windows

buy 24 windows

buy man’s


A huge calendar in the form of houses from the British brand. Everything is here: care, and decorative cosmetics, and candles. 24 products.



Two calendars from the candle giant (I almost wrote “little factory”).In both, there are 24 small candles, the most popular among the vast assortment of the company.

buy one and second


Calendar-star, the most interesting of which is a collection of stamps. In addition to Estee Lauder, the owner of the kit will find products from Origins, MAC, Smashbox, GlamGlow, in a word, with the leading representatives of the cosmetic concern. According to rumors, they were released in a circulation of only 1000 pieces.

sold out everywhere


12 windows and 12 bestsellers of the brand.Pore ​​grout, highlighter, blush, bronzer, mascara and so on according to the brand’s hit list.



Two advent calendars: a classic one with an impressive range of cosmetics and brushes, and a deluxe herringbone version with exceptionally full-size products.

buy classic

lux sold out everywhere


If there is no hyperlink, at the time of this writing, the calendar is already sold out.

Harrods (type advent calendar in the search line, the store has other options).

John Lewis


You Beauty


Beauty Expert


Selfridges in collaboration with L’Oreal (a lot of Lancome, Kiehl’s, YSL products)

Bare Minerals

kikki.K with office

Molton Brown

Liberty Beauty

Fenwick for those who live or will be in the UK.

Glossybox chest of drawers


Hotel Chocolat

Pierre Marcolini chocolate


LUSH they also have more budgetary ones, but this one is definitely wow!


Beauty Expert





Atelier Cologne with samples of their famous perfumes


Laura Ashley



Mad Beauty (budget and very, very cute.can be given to teenage girls)

Mankind (another male calendar)

If you haven’t found the calendar you like, make it yourself. This is very hygge, such gifts are memorable and warm. There are tons of ideas to be found on blogs and on YouTube. For example, a calendar in the form of a Christmas deer.

And you can easily present such a set to your loved one, try new products, provide a cosmetic bag for the near future, save great money, since it is always more profitable to buy a set than each product separately.

If you liked the post, tell us about it . I am always pleased with your feedback in any form: from likes and repost in social networks, to comments.

Kisses, your obvious Santa Dasha

90,000 July photo in the calendar presented to Menshov by his daughter turned out to be prophetic

Today Yulia Menshova shared her memories of her father after his death – the daughter of Vladimir Menshov published her photo with him on the social network, which became a symbol of their farewell.Recall that the filmmaker passed away after an illness on July 5.

Yulia told Instagram how she drove into her parents’ empty apartment yesterday. Note that the widow of Vladimir Menshov, actress Vera Alentova, is now in intensive care. Shortly before the death of her husband, she was hospitalized.

In her parents’ apartment, Yulia Menshova stumbled upon a loose-leaf calendar hanging on the wall. She herself gave it to her father for the New Year. True, six months ago I did not know that this gift would become a sad symbol.

“Dad loved wall art calendars all his life. Having started a big family photo session in December 2020, I had a secret plan. I wanted to make a big desk calendar from the photos I received. And this New Year’s gift was a success: Dad was very pleased and glad!” – Julia began her story on the social network.

She added that six months later she had already forgotten how she selected the frames for the calendar, distributing them by month, but the photo chosen for July instantly acquired a bitter meaning.

“When I drove into my parents’ apartment, I came across June, frozen on the calendar, and almost automatically threw a page … And there was this very photo. Which now seems to me to be a symbol of our farewell …” – Menshova commented on the photo.

Julia and Vladimir Menshovy

In the photograph, she is looking at her father sitting next to her, whose figure is out of focus in the frame.

“Daddy dissolves in the eternity of love! Far from only mine! All those who grieve today.Everyone to whom he gave joy, hope and consolation with his films. Everyone for whom he became an example of human sincerity and integrity of nature “, – concluded Yulia Menshova.

Earlier, Yulia thanked everyone on the social network who does not remain indifferent to her grief.

“Dad, these days Moscow unconditionally believes in tears,” Menshova turned to her father on Instagram today. And she was forced to question the life-affirming motto contained in the title of his Oscar-winning melodrama “Moscow does not believe in tears.”

Let us remind you that Vladimir Menshov died at the age of 82. In the program “The Fate of a Man” on the TV channel “Russia 1”, he admitted to Boris Korchevnikov that he did not expect to live to be 80 years old. The director called his anniversary in 2019 “a crazy figure”.

90,000 Advent calendar: history and traditions

A story about a cardboard box and sweet cupcakes.

In the distant 19th century, a boy named Gerhard lived in a German family.He was very fond of the holidays, like all children. But most of all he liked Christmas, which he always looked forward to. When little Gerhard once again asked his mother how soon Christmas would come, she offered him a game with which he himself could count the days until this holiday.

Frau Leng, the boy’s mother, made a calendar out of thick paper, where each figure for December was a cardboard box with a sweet cupcake attached to it, which little Gerhard loved so much.Thus, eating one delicacy a day, he could now calculate by himself how long it would take for Christmas.

The boy grew up, but did not forget this wonderful tradition, which his mother came up with. Working at a Munich printing house, Gerhard decided to release a series of Advent calendars that would bring the same joy to children as he experienced in his childhood in anticipation of a magical holiday. So, in 1908, the very first Advent calendar appeared, which consisted of 24 colored cards attached to a cardboard board.Despite the fact that in the 30s of the 20th century the printing house ceased to work, about thirty different types of Christmas calendars for children were issued.

In 1958, the first calendars with chocolate inside go on sale in Germany. This is a classic version of the Advent calendar, which remains one of the most popular to this day. Very soon, many neighboring countries began to adopt the custom of giving children a calendar so that they could open a small gift every day and rejoice at the approach of Christmas.

Of course, over the years, Advent calendars have had the most varied designs. In wartime, they depicted soldiers in Nazi uniforms, a swastika and other attributes of fascism. Fortunately, immediately after the war, more fun calendars for children began to be produced, with color pictures and images of various animals. In addition, Christian illustrations have returned.

For a long time in the eastern part of Germany there were calendars with socialist symbols painted on them.And the boys especially loved the stories that were devoted to space exploration, for example, pictures with launching rockets. However, many parents still preferred to buy Advent calendars with a festive, winter theme, because it created a fabulous atmosphere that was in the air from the very beginning of December.

Advent calendars can be seen on sale in mid-November. The choice is so huge that you want to buy not one, but several at once. Many do not want to buy store-bought ones, so they do it with their own hands.And it doesn’t have to be chocolate as a gift. Creative parents invent such surprises for their beloved children that children are indescribable delight. After all, moms and dads know exactly what their child will like. There are a large number of ideas on the Internet on how to make an Advent calendar with your own hands.

By the way, now there are many calendars, not only for children, but also for adults. After all, adults also love gifts. Many companies that have their own website even offer online advent calendars, which you can open every day by entering the site and receive some pleasant surprises.It is completely free, the maximum that may be required of you is registration.

December 2, 2018 at 09:07

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90,000 advertising, gift or useful calendar? – Access

What is a calendar? At first glance, the answer is obvious – these are advertising products based on the time disappearance system.The second answer is that it is rather a gift or souvenir. The main information function has faded a little into the background at a time when conferences, exhibitions and corporate events were mass customers of souvenir products. So the calendar has become one of the main attributes of corporate life.

According to experts, in the first half of 2020, the branding market has dropped significantly. Nevertheless, the demand for calendar design and replication keeps positive dynamics.

Functional options

Modern printing offers many options to present the classic calendar.All of these forms work for different consumers and in different locations, but have the same basic functional options.

  • Visibility of planned activities .

It can be assumed that someone will find an argument against saying that you can plan on your tablet or phone. The answer is simple. A wall calendar with quarter divisions, the so-called quarterly, is a highly visual element at any workplace: in the office, in reception areas, at home at the desk.

Such calendars are especially appreciated by specialists who, due to their professional duties, need to prepare working documents or reports exactly by dates. Coral printing house offers quarter calendars on one mainspring or three. That is, every month out of three it is attached independently, which increases the variability of use.

Of course, planning is good with workers’ control. I must say that it is the moment when you can reasonably put a cross on the completed task that allows you to get true satisfaction from the work performed.For this purpose, many carry pocket calendars in a purse or wallet.

  • Souvenir or gift.

The option, which is formulated as a souvenir, is actually much wider. We can say that a desk calendar can monthly remind a loved one of someone’s sympathy. We can vividly recall the significant events of the past year. It all depends on the imagination of the customer. On the website you can see the options and order an individual design, or draw an amateur sketch, preparing it for printing.

  • Corporate identity.

This option combines several directions: formation and maintenance of the corporate spirit, stimulates and motivates the team. Such calendars leave corporate beacons in the team of employees every time they look at it.

Company calendars work perfectly as a gift to partners and contractors. Taking into account the current state of business, the corporate calendar is almost a symbol of the success and resilience of the enterprise.

Standard versions

Individual order of the calendar can be made using special patterns. Although the standard varieties of calendars, which are designed for mass circulation, are calculated taking into account manufacturability and economy.

Considering the proposed location, distinguish between:

  • wall,
  • tabletop,
  • pocket,
  • pasted into diaries and notebooks.

Format, circulation, color, use of slides, photos or graphics – all this is possible when making calendars, it is coordinated with the designers and technologists of the Coral-print company phone: +7 495 663-73-81, info @ coral-print …ru.

Calendar products have never lost their relevance, and this is unlikely to happen in the near future.

Friends, subscribe to our accounts in social networks!

90,000 Advent calendar with DIY gifts

The most magical time, both for adults and children, is the expectation of the most fabulous winter holiday filled with miracles – the New Year.

In order to create a holiday atmosphere, many of us, long before the start of the New Year celebration, decorate their home and everything in it of amazing beauty with snowflakes, thematic posters, garlands, tinsel and, of course, New Year trees.

In this article, the news portal “” wants to offer you another option for creating a festive atmosphere, which will give a great mood to everyone, without exception! This article will focus on the New Year’s calendar, only the calendar will not be entirely simple, it will be almost magical.

So, what will be the magic of the New Year’s calendar, which you will learn how to make thanks to the information presented in this article? The main pleasant plus of the New Year’s calendar is the daily receipt of gifts and surprises.Such a calendar is usually made for a month, from December 1 to December 31.

The New Year’s calendar is set in any place of honor. This can be the most prominent place – a wall in a room, a bedside table or a workplace. Each day (and there are 31 of them in December) will correspond to a gift or souvenir. For example, December 3 has come, and we go to the New Year’s calendar and look at the gift that corresponds to this number.

Anything can be a gift, it all depends on your financial situation, imagination and originality.Gifts can be sweets, small gifts, cosmetics, banknotes, words of tenderness and love, jokes, pranks, unusual tasks, etc.

Well, now we want to bring to your attention the options for making a New Year’s calendar. You can choose any option you like from those presented in the article, or you can do something of your own.

New Year’s Advent calendar

New Year’s calendar “Cubes”

In order to make a New Year’s calendar you will need to make 31 small boxes, write a number on each of them and line up any building from ready-made cubes.

New Year’s Advent calendar

New Year’s calendar “Houses”

A very unusual version of the New Year’s calendar is to make paper houses with windows, roofs and doors and hang them like a garland on the wall.

This calendar looks like a magic town.

Especially such a calendar for the New Year will be appropriate in the children’s room.

New Year’s Advent calendar

New Year’s calendar “Fir-trees”

This version of the New Year’s calendar will be an excellent option for decorating window sills and bedside tables.

Make 31 Christmas trees from cardboard, put a gift inside each, number the bottoms and place them in a conspicuous place.

Advent Calendar

Gifts New Year Calendar

Make small boxes.The boxes can have different shapes, but the main thing is that their design resembles gifts. Number the gifts.

Now you can receive one small present during all days of December.

New Year’s Advent calendar

New Year’s calendar “Christmas tree”

From wooden planks make the frame of the future Christmas tree, which will become a kind of basis for the future New Year’s calendar.

Glue wooden clothespins to the wooden branches of the tree, and attach paper numbered gift bags to them.

New Year’s Advent calendar

New Year’s calendar “Garland”

If making a wooden frame in the shape of a Christmas tree is too tedious and is not possible for you, you can simply make a garland.

A garland of numbered paper bags can decorate the cornice.

The garland can be placed in a frame, and then hang the finished New Year’s calendar on the wall.

New Year’s Advent calendar

New Year’s calendar “Candy”

The calendar looks very impressive and unusual.

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