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By Invite Only Jewellery – Wisma Atria – Jewelry store in Singapore, Singapore

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  • 5XiaoTong H.

    8 months ago

    Products are of high quality, good customer service 👍 service staff are knowledgeable and able to provide recommendations

  • 5Marieta F.

    1 year ago

    Love the jewelry from here! Lots of good quality and stylish designs, that I can wear for any occasion! Been showering with my earrings and necklaces and no tarnish! 👍🏼 Customer service is also good, prompt and polite replies! Definitely will recommend! (:

  • 5Callista Anastasia L.

    1 year ago

    timeless accessories that never fails to complement my outfit! absolutely love their gemstone pieces!

  • 5Fung W.

    1 year ago

    They always make such delightful gift for friends and colleagues, especially during the festive season! Simple, and classy for any occasion. Glad that now I can go right into the store to pick and try them on. 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • 5Victoria Y.

    1 year ago

    Love the designs from this brand at affordable prices. Lovely store at Wisma with helpful staff too.

  • 5Dionis C.

    1 year ago

    The stones are very well placed and the design is exquisite, plain and simple yet versatile for every occasion. Small pieces that makes a big statement. Really loved it, looking forward to their new designs! (:

  • 5Zi Rui T.

    1 year ago

    A very bright and comfortable space to browse beautiful jewellery. The staff were really friendly and patient. I have owned a few pieces from them, and then are all very lasting. Really value for money 🙂

  • 5Liea C.

    1 year ago

    Visited around 2pm today, lovely customer service from the lady there! She informed us about card promotions and helped us try on the earrings 🙂

  • 5Jean Y.

    11 months ago

    By Invite Only at wisma is really nice. Been there twice and have always met sweet staff on duty. Yesterday (last day of Black Fri sale) was no exception. Sara was v attentive and patient, while i was being indecisive and tried on a variety (earrings, necklaces and bracelets) of accessories, she v kindly offered her professional opinion and was v sweet throughout even though there was a queue, the exceptional service from BIO has impressed me for the second time round, thus, this review. Keep up the excellent service guys, appreciate it!

  • 5Christina C.

    8 months ago

    Jewellery suitable for sensitive skin. Thumbs up. Thank you Joanne for the recommendation!

  • 5Jessamine T.

    8 months ago

    Good service and pleasant experience! always have one of their pieces on me!

  • 5Rachel M.

    8 months ago

    Been buying from BIO for a while now and I’m very impressed with the service and the quality of the products. The staff at the store is very helpful in giving advice on the items when needed and they are not pushy. They even advice on how to care for the items to ensure they stay in the best condition. I’ve been wearing their earrings for over 2 years now and there is no sign of tarnish at all, I can vouch for the quality of the products. Despite the jewellery being dainty, I’ve never had a broken piece and I’m really not the gentlest person around here. The items received are also packed in a nice bag that’s easy to carry around, allowing me to remove my jewellery midday if I would like to! Hope they launch more products and have more sales so I can buy more 🙂

  • 5Kanya and Luki W.

    7 months ago

    Ashley is VERY Helpful! You can also try on as they provided alcohol swab to clean. I highly recommend this shop

  • 5Cotton N.

    7 months ago

    Lovely and stylish products! Great customer experience and service by Joanne! Highly recommended! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • 5Eliza Stephanie K.

    7 months ago

    Great customer service by Joanne! She patiently assisted me to try different styles and gave me recommendations on the products I should try. Very happy with the experience.

  • 5Corinne N.

    6 months ago

    Love your jewellery! Great customer service by Joanne, had a pleasant experience at your Wisma Atria Store 🙂

  • 5Justina L.

    4 months ago

    Very pretty jewellery and the staff Evon Lee at the Wisma outlet is really sweet and helpful.

  • 5Megan F.

    2 months ago

    Evon was so nice and was very friendly by making conversation with us. She also helped us reserve our items when we came back! Really appreciate the welcoming vibes everytime i enter their stores!

  • 5Cynthia C.

    8 months ago

    My collection! some are gifts 😍
    Love “By Invite Only” unique design with high material quality used👍🏻
    Recommend to many friends too 😊
    & personally, I look forward to see more rings choice in near future 💍

  • 5Dayana K.

    3 months ago

    Went down to the Wisma branch last weekend to get my colleague a gift. Jeny was very helpful and attentive. She gave me wonderful recommendations and made sure that every try ons were properly sanitised. I ended up buying something for myself as well 🙂

  • 5Yoyo C.

    3 months ago

    Evon and Jeny were both very helpful with my requests. Had a good experience in Wisma’s outlet. Evon also helped me split the bill to get the best out of the promotions. Thank you for the warm hospitality for the one hour i was in store.

  • 5Evadne A.

    3 months ago

    Always love patronising the Wisma outlet, peaceful and secluded. Really warmed by Evon’s personalised service, offering the pieces that best complement your skin tone and style! ✨

  • 5S.

    11 months ago

    My go-to for daily wear jewellery. I own many pieces from them and my favorites are the loops. It just goes with every outfit. Stylish and most importantly, I have sensitive skin and never had any trouble wearing them. Sometimes, I’m guilty of wearing into shower by mistake or crashing after a tiring day and it’s still perfect to a tee. Also, thanks Sue for lovely service always.

  • 5Tan W.

    7 months ago

    Bought a moonstone necklace their service is very friendly, Joann help me to choose the best stone. Highly recommended joann she is excellent!!

  • 5Emily T.

    4 months ago

    I had a great experience at the stall! The store assistant, Bell, was very patient and helpful:) Would come back again!

  • 5Mun Ling T.

    3 months ago

    Great service! Yvonne was very helpful and gave great tips on caring for the jewelry

  • 5Ee C.

    3 months ago

    Great experience with Staff Rosalynn at VivoCity. She was very friendly and patience. HIghly recommend for her service =)

  • 5Michelle L.

    3 months ago

    Staff Jeny over at wisma is attentive and patience.

  • 5Nancy L.

    3 months ago

    Staffs are very helpful and friendly. Tip top service!👍

  • 2Kelly L.

    1 year ago

    Really pretty and dainty designs but the quality is really not worth the price. The bracelet I bought with sometime ago broke within a few days I bought online and I emailed them to ask if they could fix it. To my delight they fixed it for me within mins after I scheduled an appointment to bring the bracelet down to their office. However , it broke again when I removed it from my waist when I reached home. Really disappointing as I really like the bracelet.

  • 2Wei M.

    10 months ago

    for their prices, you’d expect at least some quality. however, it’s shabby and not worth the expensive price tag at all. if you truly care more than profit, dont skimp on quality.

  • 1J.

    1 year ago

    Was rather disappointed with my purchase 🙁 A pearl fell out of the hook within just the first week of wearing it, even though I was really careful with the earring (since it’s not cheap). That was not all. The earring itself chips off sooooo easily. My H&M earrings are so much sturdier. Felt that the quality was just not worth the price..

  • 1Yin San L.

    8 months ago

    I recently sent my newly bought necklace for repair due to the discolouration. The customer service has been very good with prompt responses. I was informed that the repair necklace was ready for collection at the Wisma Atria outlet . However, I am utterly disappointed with the customer service at this outlet. For my experience, it took the sales personnel some time to retrieve my item. The first staff that I approached asked me for the purchase order number yet she was not able to find my item which I can understand. She then approached her supervisor for help. The supervisor who took over seemed very annoyed and he took some time to look for my item which he was not able to find too. He checked with me the order number again (by this point, they have checked a few times which I shown them by the email I received from their customer service) and looked again. He then asked me in a very unpleasant tone after several attempts to look for the item, “Is it a repair item?”
    In the end he found it from the “repair item” stash. The supervisor then passed me my item and did not turn around to look at me or have any eye contact and said “thank you.” My item was simply placed in a clear zip lock bag without the jewellery drawstring bag that I sent in with and when I walked back to ask for my jewellery drawstring bag, he was not pleased with it and unwillingly retrieved the bag from the drawers. I am not asking for an extra bag but requested to have mine back and this is the attitude that i got from the supervisor at the Wisma outlet. Clearly as a supervisor , he had shown very unprofessional attitude in serving/handling his customers which is in turn setting a bad example for the other sales personnel at the store.

  • 1Zee H.

    1 year ago

    I have bought 2 bracelets from them and sadly the color tarnished so fast. Such a pity because they have really nice designs and I love buying accessories. My bracelets have not come into contact with perfume or soap. Maybe just a little water that may have splashed when I wash my hand. The tarnish to my rose gold bracelets turned it black so I’m not able to wear them at all. I have unfollowed their page on ig to avoid further temptations because their designs are great but longevity is non-existent.

  • 1Jane L.

    1 year ago

    I had bought a pair of earrings some time ago and they tarnished so quickly and caused so much discomfort to my ears although my ears are usually non-sensitive. In fact it even caused my ears to bleed at times (not just a simple irritation).
    I then sent an email to them to inform them of the poor quality and irritation that was caused by the jewellery. But what I received in return was just a very defensive email defending their own company and in fact the response suggested that it was my own fault that the earrings caused irritation to my skin.
    I was not even asking for any compensation and merely providing some feedback but all I got in return was defensive replies and snide remarks. After which I gave up trying to pursue the matter but seeing these google reviews now I realise that I am not the only customer that feels the same.
    Truly disappointed in this company, a lot of potential in the designs but not taking customer feedback to heart and improving on the brand is detrimental to the company. What a shame.

  • 1Elise H.

    1 year ago

    Pretty designs, but poor quality for the price. My boyfriend got me a necklace from here, but it snapped so easily after I accidentally tugged at it!! I managed to fix the snapped side by twisting the metal (and i realised the metal ring is so flimsy), but soon after the other side came off as well. Very disappointing quality, should work on the sturdiness of the necklace too instead of just focusing on the design.

  • 1Eileen N.

    1 year ago

    Would give it 0 star if I could because of the atrocious service from the staff at Vivo. Felt so unwelcome.. maybe because I wasn’t invited. -_-
    Checked with the staff if I could put on the hairclip. She said “go on”. So I did and I requested the staff to help me snap some photos of me with the hairclip on as I intended to show my friend how it looked on the hair. She looked unwilling and said in a condescending and patronising tone that there was not much difference between the available colours. I persisted so she did it eventually.
    During payment, she put all 4 of my purchases into one tiny drawstring bag. I requested to put them into 2 bags as they were meant to be gifts for 2 different people. She said that it was company policy that only 1 bag is given for each transaction. So okayyyyy I asked to split the transactions and then she changed her stance and said she would just give me another bag, seemingly out of goodwill. But I supposed she just didn’t want the hassle of rekeying the purchases. It was such a terrible experience shopping there! I guess it’s strictly by invite only. If you aren’t invited, skip it.

  • 1s.

    1 year ago

    Had the most unpleasant experience as the staff was very rude, me and my friend left the store feeling very offended. It was my first purchase and the necklace I received tangled very badly, had to spend some time to untangle it. Will not be a repeat customer.

  • 1SinHui C.

    1 year ago

    Wanted to rate it two stars after I received my online order but decided to drop it to one star after visiting the store for an exchange. I wanted the order to work so much because the designs of the jewelery look soooo nice and elegant online. The shipping was fast too, so that was good! However, the quality and workmanship of the items were rather poor for their prices. I ordered 3 pairs of earrings and a ring. All three earrings came with fingerprint imprints that took a long time to clean off. One of the earrings (wings earrings) had dark spots that just couldn’t get removed and there were ridges at the edge of the earrings, so I wanted to get that exchanged. I went down specially to the store (think of the time and money spent) because I needed the earrings for a gift the next day. The staff were not very friendly and they turned to each other and rolled their eyes when I told them about the dark spots and edges on the earrings. They showed me two more pairs of the same earrings but they all either had some ridges or blemishes, so I requested for a refund (of store credits) instead. I know I was being particular about the fine details, but the pair of wings was meant as a gift for a friend who just got a miscarriage, in remembrance of the baby. Can’t expect me to gift an imperfect pair of wings.. . 🙁 Unfortunately I didn’t receive the empathy I hoped from the store. I also ordered a gift box with the wings earrings, so I asked if I could return the gift box for refund too (since I’m returning the wings earrings, why would I still need the gift box). The staff told me the gift box was not refundable. There was a personal message in the gift box, but the box could still be used for other customers who choose to purchase it because the gift message was just written on a piece of paper. I said ok and asked them to dispose the gift box for me. They have a 14 day ‘no qns asked’ return policy… It was literally no qns asked because they weren’t interested in rectifying the problem for me. Overall a disappointing experience. Would I shop there again? Well, I have to, to use up my refunded store credits (which takes a few days to be processed). But I would not recommend them to my friends. 🙁 I also advise people to make purchases in store instead of online so you get to choose a piece that has good quality.
    Update: They refunded me for the returned earrings *and* giftbox (store credits) in the end. I appreciate the refund for the gift box too. Wished I could say better things abt this biz because I believe the people behind it started it with passion and great ideas (designs). .., but for now I just want to use up my store credits so that I won’t have anything to deal with the store anymore after the bad experience with the exchange/return process that wasted so much of my time to make a special trip down, left me without a gift for my friend, and feeling awful for the last few days.
    Adding this after seeing store’s reply – – – –
    Thanks for your attempt to redress the previous unpleasant experience, but I am adding this to my original review to prevent your reply from misleading others who might be reading this. I made two “repeat orders” but these were not “repeat purchases”, the first repeat order was for using up my refund voucher for the dissatisfactory earrings, the second order was for utilizing the goodwill voucher offered by you. Unfortunately I still stand by my original post regarding the quality of the earrings after the second order (haven’t received the bracelet, so can’t speak for that yet). Just saw a need to state this in case people reading your reply thought that my “repeat orders” were a vote of confidence when they were more of orders to use up my refund and goodwill credits. All the best though!

  • 1Sidney C.

    1 year ago

    in-person sales seems selective in Wisma. Service was more hospitable in Vivocity. Nonetheless the return service is horribly inefficient. I made my way down to the physical shop to claim my warranty, only to be turned to a QR code to make an online application, they could not do anything for me at the shop. Product-wise, my bracelet begun tarnishing in a month (did not wear it to bath), and another bracelet’s chain broke within 2 weeks. Would not recommend if you are looking at a long term jewellery.

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    This New Etude House x By Invite Only Collection Comes With Jewellery And Eyeshadow For Easy Glam Looks

    Etude House And By Invite Only Launches New Collection

    As if to celebrate the end of Circuit Breaker, Etude House has partnered with jewellery brand By Invite Only to launch a new collection that features both eyeshadow palettes and accessories.

    This collection includes 3 sets that are inspired by the seasons. Each set is priced at $69.90 and comes with a 9-pan eyeshadow palette as well as a matching accessory. You can also get the eyeshadow palettes separately at $34.90 each. 

    The collection will launch on 8 June 2020, and it will only be available on Etude House’s Shopee page. 

    Spring-Summer Fever Set

    The brightest of the lot is the Spring-Summer Fever Set. It comes with an eyeshadow palette named Tulip Day, which features pink and coral hues that are meant to create those flirty first date looks. Along with it is a gold necklace with a delicate tulip pendant and a small pearl.

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    Autumn Lovin’ Set

    For a more subdued look, go for the Autumn Lovin’ Set. Instead of a necklace, you’ll get a pair of gold earrings in the shape of maple leaves. Dangling below the leaves is a freshwater pearl to add a touch of elegance to your look. The eyeshadow palette that comes with this set, Maple Road, features warmer tones in both shimmery and matte brown hues. This palette would be useful for everyday looks, or you can layer the shades to create darker smokey eyes. 

    Winter Bliss Set

    The last set in the collection is the Winter Bliss Set. With this, you’ll get a pair of earrings as well, along with a Chilly Moon eyeshadow palette. The palette is very similar to Maple Road, but the earrings are a pair of glamorous crystal-studded crescents.

    The jewellery featured are 18K gold plated and free from nickel, lead and cadmium, which means those with nickel allergy should be able to wear them without worries. 

    Get These Etude House x By Invite Only Collection Online

    These Etude House x By Invite Only sets help you settle both casual and formal looks in a jiffy. They’re exclusive to Shopee, so you’ll have to log onto the platform from 8 June 2020 onwards if you want to get your hands on them!

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    All images courtesy of Shopee.

    8 questions with the founder of minimalist jewellery brand By Invite Only

    10th November 2021 by Louisa Lim