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Where to Buy Wholesale Shoes

Wondering where to buy wholesale shoes in Los Angeles? The LA Fashion District’s wholesale shoe vendors are concentrated on E. Pico Boulevard from S. San Pedro to Stanford Street. Here you will find wholesale sandals, heels, boots, booties, and flats. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve selected three wholesale shoe vendors to feature: W&M Shoes, BEST SHOES, and CJ Shoes Inc.

A quick note about buying wholesale: “To buy wholesale” means you are buying items in bulk to resell. To purchase wholesale items in the fashion district you must be able to prove that your licensed to resell. Any of the items on this list can be used as credentials. All wholesale vendors have a “minimum.” This is the minimum quantity of pieces you will need to buy, typically of the same style.


W&M Shoes

W&M Shoes requires minimum orders between 12 and 18 pairs, depending on the style.  Prices start at $20 per pair of shoes. To place an order visit W&M Shoes main office and showroom at 757 E. Pico Blvd, Los Angles, CA 90021. Customers can reach the store at 213-742-1207 or via email at [email protected]


At BEST SHOES, minimum orders also range from 12 to 18 pairs, depending on shoe style. BEST SHOES manufactures its own shoes. The showroom is located on 737 E. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90021. Customers can reach the store at 213-746-7565 or via email at [email protected]

CJ Shoes Inc.

CJ Shoes Inc. requires minimum orders of 12 pairs to 18 pairs. Prices range from $5.50 to $30 per pair. CJ Shoes Inc. is located on 739 E. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90021. Customers can reach the store at (213) 765-3404 or via email at [email protected] See CJ Shoes Inc.’s collection online at

The wholesale shoe vendors featured in this post are “fast fashion.” This means buyers take the merchandise with them immediately after purchasing or arrange to have the shoes delivered to their store by a third party.


  • Be sure to visit the buyer requirements page to understand what you need to buy wholesale shoes.
  • Refer to the LA Fashion District map to locate where the wholesale shoe vendors are located.
  • Find designer wholesale shoes in the fashion district here.
  • Find more fast fashion wholesale shoe vendors here.

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Top 7 Cheap Wholesale Shoe Websites

Learning how to wholesale and buy cheap shoes made for women, men, and kids. These include sports shoes, boots, sneakers, heeled shoes, and safety shoes. 

Since ancient times, humans have been wearing shoes to protect our feet from the elements and terrain. Today, shoes are more than utilitarian objects. Shoes can be used to compliment an outfit, to keep us comfortable while working or getting our bodies in shape and to boost our self-confidence as we glide across the dance floor. It’s no wonder that shoes can mean big sales in the retail and e-commerce world.

Finding wholesale shoe sources is very important if you are a retailer looking to find quality, but inexpensive products to fill your physical or virtual shelves. As a reseller, you want to optimize profits. To do this, you have to find desirable items that will appeal to your customer base. You also have to find these items at a cost that allows for maximum mark-up. Thankfully, fashionable and even designer shoes can be found at deeply discounted prices from wholesalers in China. Finding these great deals doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you know where to go to find wholesale suppliers, you will be able to start choosing your inventory and be well on your way to a successful retail business..

If you are an individual shopper purchasing shoes for yourself, you can still benefit from finding wholesale shoe sources. Shoes account for a large portion of many people’s wardrobe budget, so finding quality shoes at a discounted price is a smart way to stretch your clothing budget. Having feet that look stylish and feel comfortable often comes at a price, but with wholesalers, your wallet can feel as good as your feet look in your new stylish shoes.

Whether you are an individual looking to expand your footwear wardrobe or a retailer looking to expand your inventory, check-out these 7 wholesale and cheap shoes websites. Here you are likely to find your next favorite pair of shoes or your next hot seller at a fraction of the typical retail price. —

Alibaba is a popular website among retail operators and is widely respected in the industry. With a wide selection of shoes and literally thousands of other items available on their website, it is a one-stop-shopping experience for shoes, laces and other related (and unrelated) wholesale items. The company is based in Hangzhou, China but has suppliers from all over the country.

You will need to create an account at the Alibaba website to place an order from the site, but you can browse as a visitor. You will not need a wholesaler license to create your account.

Once you have landed on the Alibaba front page, click on the “Categories” tab on top left side of the page. Find the “Shoes & Accessories” tab to start searching for the type of shoes you are looking to purchase. Narrow your search by selecting shoes for women, men or children or search for specific sizes and styles. You can narrow your search even more by choosing the type or color of shoe you are looking for such as a pump, sandal, sneaker or even slippers in a particular color.

The cost of the shoes vary depending on the style and supplier you select, but it isn’t unusual to find shoes for as low as a couple of US dollars. The site is free to join and offers a thirty day return policy on your purchases.

2. Global Sources —

Global Sources is a company that is based in Hong Kong. It offers business-to-business purchasing with buyers from around the globe. The company has been around since 1970 and is a big name in the wholesale supplier industry. The company does more than e-commerce supplies too. They host China Sourcing Fairs where manufacturers and suppliers can come together to do business with potential buyers at trade fairs. These trade fairs are held in many major cities around the world.

As mentioned above, this company is specifically designed to connect retailers with suppliers in Hong Kong and other parts of the world through trade shows, but for those who can not attend the trade shows, the company offers great connections on their website too.

Want to check-out what Global Sources has to offer? Head to their website. Hover over the “Fashion Accessories & Footwear” tab to bring-up a menu with several footwear options. You can find shoes for every member of the family at deeply discounted prices at Global Sources. Some of the shoes you will find on this site are only available with large minimum orders, but you can often find resellers who are willing to send a sample or have a smaller minimum order. Global Sources does not offer a guarantee but does have a dispute center should your order not be completed to your satisfaction.

Global Sources is known around the industry for vetting their suppliers. This helps to assure that buyers are getting quality items from reputable suppliers.

3. Ali Express –

Individual buyers can find great deals at the Ali Express website. Many sellers will sell their shoes individually and at lower than retail prices. At the Ali Express website, you will find a variety of shoes at discounted prices. Either hover over the “Bags and Shoes” tab under “Categories” or click on the “Shoes” link. From here you can narrow your search by a variety of factors including price and shipping options, as well as the type of shoes you are wanting to buy. You can also type in specific keywords into the search bar at the top of the page to see specific listings, such as “girls slippers” or “blue flip flops.” Ali Express offers a 24/7 help center and a buyer protection plan. There is also an app that you can download for use on your smartphone and other mobile device.

If you are a retailer and are looking for a good deal on shoes to sell at your brick-and-mortar or e-commerce store, Ali Express is a good place to start. You will be able to find shoe suppliers that offer a wide range of options at deeply discounted prices. Another great feature of Ali Express is that the site allows you to negotiate with suppliers regarding price, quantity restrictions and other factors.

4. Made-in-China –

Made-in-China helps to connect international buyers with Chinese suppliers. Use the drop-down menu and click on the “Apparel and Accessories” link or simply type in your specific keywords into the search field to find what you are looking for to purchase. This site provides many options for those looking for suppliers for their retail business. Individuals can also find great deals at this site too. Simply utilize the “Min. Order” search filter to find shoes that are offered with a minimum order of a single pair. This site also offers an app for shopping on the go and a “New User Guide” to help new users navigate their site with ease.

If you are a retailer and want to make face-to-face connections with potential suppliers, simply apply to meet the suppliers by clicking on the “For Buyer” link at the top of the page. The company will help facilitate a face-to-face meeting with the supplier or suppliers of your choice.

5. DHGate –

DHGates, located in Beijing, helps connect buyers with suppliers worldwide. DHGate mainly sells items produced by small or medium size Chinese factories.

To shop for shoes, hover over the “Shoes * Accessories” link which will bring-up a whole new menu with plenty of options to choose from. You can also type in specific keywords at the top of the page in the search bar. This site encourages you to shop from their app by offering you lower prices on the app than on the website on specified items. They also offer coupons and discounts that can be delivered to your inbox by signing-up for their email list. Some resellers offer free shipping and there are ratings for each item too, given by other customers. This site is perfect for individuals who are looking for a great deal on shoes as the site offers items at single quantities and does not require you to buy in bulk. However, because of the low prices, retailers can also find good deals on items they intend to resell.

Be sure to utilize the rating system on the DHGate website. These ratings will help you to determine the best suppliers and to choose the best products. The seller ratings show you the reactions of the buyers who have made purchases from these suppliers before. The system rates on things like communication, delivery time and whether or not the supplier described the item accurately.

DHGate accepts all major credit cards and processes your purchases through their own system so your personal payment information is not shared with the individual supplier.

6. –

Yiwugo offers a huge selection of shoes and every other item imaginable. With over 210,000 suppliers, 70,000 physical stores and 1.7 million products in Yiwu,China, this site has it all. The website Yiwugo ( mainly displays the location of their suppliers’ physical stores on the website, but you can also look for specific items.

Look for the “Apparel, Shoes & Parts” link under “Categories” on the left side of the site. From there you can search through the options or you can type in specific keywords into the search bar at the top of the page. Some suppliers offer a set price for their shoes and others are willing to negotiate with you on the cost. Simply contact the seller through this site and provide them with the necessary information in order to get a quote.

7. 1688 –

This site,, is mainly geared toward domestic Chinese customers but customers with US currency can also make purchases. This site is written in Chinese but can be translated into English. To translate this site into English, open it it in your Chrome browser and right-click anywhere on the page. Select the “Translate to English” option and wait for the page to load.

Please note that if you are a customer living outside of China, you will need an agent who is able to purchase and ship your shoes and other merchandise for you. Most of the suppliers at do not speak English and do not offer international shipping. Foreign companies and individuals (non-Chinese) cannot purchase and pay directly at the website. Contact us for more information.

You will find a variety of shoes available at this site with offerings in all sizes and styles. This is a great resource for retailers who are looking to stock their shelves at low wholesale prices.

Helpful Tips for Buyers

As with any online purchases, it is wise to check customer reviews for the specific sellers and products you are interested in purchasing. It is also wise to research specific postal and import laws that pertain to your area. Some suppliers have warehouses in other countries which can cut down on shipping cost and time. For instance, if you are a customer in the United States and you want to make a purchase at Alibaba, look for a supplier with a warehouse in the United States to avoid dealing with customs.

It’s also important to consult the size charts for the specific item or items you wish to purchase. Sizing in China may be different than sizing in your home country, so it is important to consult the sizing charts for each individual item.

If you plan on selling the shoes you buy at wholesale websites, consider buying a sample before making a large order. If a particular supplier doesn’t offer a sample price, contact them. You might be able to negotiate a price for an individual item.

If you are an online retailer looking to make a profit from selling shoes that you have found at these discount prices, be sure to look for suppliers who offer drop-shipping. Drop-shipping can save you a lot of time and money and can help you service your customers in a timely fashion.

How We Can Help

We can help you avoid making time consuming and costly mistakes. Allow us to help facilitate your wholesale purchases from China. We will provide you with customs clearance and customs services in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe (Europe includes: Britain, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland , Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Portugal). We can also provide pick-up service in China from the suppliers of your choice to your address (door to door service). We offer air, sea, express and rail (Europe) shipping to expedite your order in the least amount of time possible.

Shopping for shoes, whether for personal use or for resale, will never be the same once you have discovered the joys of paying less for your favorite styles at wholesale shoe websites.

Learn more about shoes

Shoes are an essential part of our daily life. We need to wear shoes every day. Everyone must choose comfortable shoes and find ones that are right for them.

1.)Distribution of Chinese shoe manufacturers

Wholesale shoes are widely distributed in four major regions of China: Guangdong (mainly in Dongguan), Fujian (mainly in Quanzhou), Zhejiang (mainly in Wenzhou), and Sichuan (mainly in Chengdu). In these four areas, you can wholesale shoes of any style from China.

2. )Type of shoes

There are many types of shoes. For starters, there are men’s shoes, women’s shoes, children’s shoes. On top of that, there are a variety of different styles, including boots, sports shoes, outdoor shoes, high heels, travel shoes, sandals, cloth shoes, slippers, tennis shoes, hiking shoes, rubber shoes, cotton slippers, canvas shoes, casual shoes, safety shoes, and baby shoes, etc.


The main material of the shoe is divided into three parts: face, sole, and interior. There are a wide range of materials that can make up any one of these three parts, and some are preferred more than others by specific consumers. It is best to educate yourself on this range of materials and adjust your orders accordingly. Let us examine various materials to make different parts of the a shoe.

(1)Shoe surface

All materials for making uppers are collectively referred to as leather, which can be either natural leather and artificial leather.

1.1 Classification of leather:


Cow hide is divided into both yellow cowhide and buffalo leather. Generally, the strength of yellow cowhide is better than that of buffalo. According to the cow’s age, cowhide can be divided into fetal cowhide, calfskin, medium cowhide and cowhide. Generally, the younger the cow, the higher the price, and the higher the grade. However, the higher price does not always mean higher strength.

The cowhide can be generally divided into a first layer and a second layer. The first layer is generally used for making a shoe upper, and the second layer is generally used for making a foot of a sports shoe or a leather shoe. The price of the first layer of cowhide is much higher than the price of the second layer of cowhide.


Sheepskin is divided into two categories: sheep skin and goat skin. Generally, goat skin is superior to sheep skin, as the softness and comfort are better of sheep skin is better than that of goat skin. Sheepskin is generally not classified according to the age of the sheep.

Pig skin:

Pigskins are generally used less in the upper areas of the shoe, and relatively more in children’s shoes. The prices of pigskin are lower than that of other skins.. It is commonly used in adult shoes to make materials for internal structures. Pig skin generally has a first layer and second layer. The strength of the first layer is better than the second layer, but the price of the first layer is about 3 to 6 times more expensive than the second layer.

Other animal skins:

Let us use this area for all variety of other skins which can be used for shoes, including crocodile skin, kangaroo skin, deer skin, lizard skin, snake skin, pearl skin, ostrich skin, ostrich skin, and frog skin. These skins are often scarce due to situational unavailability of their sources, but that rarity does not mean that these leather materials are any better than more commons ones in terms of use and longevity.

1.2 Classification of artificial leather:

Fabrics that are commonly used to make uppers are collectively referred to as artificial leather. If an upper fabric is not made from natural leather, it is made from artificial leather. Artificial leather is usually made from a fabric base, then coated with synthetic resins and various plastics. There are two kinds of PVC artificial leather that are found in widest use, those bind PU artificial leather and PU synthetic leather.


1. Sole material classification:

Rubber Sole: Natural rubber is generally both wear-resistant and cold-resistant, and has good performance. However, the rubber used to make the sole is often diluted with other low-cost materials. If these materials are added in an improper ratio, the folding and wear resistance of the product will be greatly reduced. Rubber soles tend to be very heavy.

PVC Sole: Cold resistance is poor. The lower the temperature, the harder the sole is. Conversely, the higher the temperature, the softer the sole is. The folding resistance and wear resistance are also determined according to the material.

TPR Sole: This material is lighter than PVC soles and rubber soles. The surface is dull and cold resistance is good. Folding and abrasion resistance are determined according to the material.

PU Sole: The weight is lighter, and it is generally resistant to folding, abrasion, and cold temperatures.

Leather Sole: The sole of the leather is breathable, has good sweat absorption, good cold resistance, good folding resistance, and good general wear resistance, but this leads to it being higher priced. Leather soles are generally made from cowhide.

EVA Sole: Light weight, but the pressure resistance is poor. It is easy to deform after pressing, and it is not easy to rebound. Good cold resistance, wear resistance, and folding resistance.

Composite Sole: The combination of one ore more materials is generally referred to as a composite bottom. The composite sole can be combined in tandem with the advantages of the above materials. The cost of a composite bottom is generally higher than the above four types of outsole.

TPR, PVC, and PU: These three are more common materials. Among the three, PU is the lightest and most wear-resistant. Given that, its price is also the most expensive. The sole of PU material is very well recognized because it is very light and the holes in the sole are round. There are many people who can’t distinguish the soles of PVC and TPR even thought these two materials are very well recognized in the shoe industry. One noticeable factor is that weight of the soles of PVC materials are heavier than that of TPR. Conversely, the sole elasticity of TPR materials is better than that of PVC. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is to hold the soles firmly and drop them naturally. If you can bounce them, the soles are made of TPR. PVC materials are cheaper than TPR, but the quality is not as good, being most notable during the winter. The soles are easy to broke. It.’s actually very simple to identify a rubber sole because if you smell it with your nose, it has a rubbery scent which can be easily identified.

(3)Interior of the shoe

The inner materials of shoes can be generally divided into two categories, leather and artificial leather.

1. Authentic leather:  Pig skin, sheep skin, cowhide.

Pig skin: Can be divided into the first layer and the second layer. According to the surface treatment, it can be divided into water-dyed pigskin and a coated pigskin. Water-stained pigskin is breathable and has good sweat absorption, but is easily faded. Coated, or painted, pigskin usually does not fade, but it is breathable and absorbent. The strength of the second layer of pig skin is much lower than that of the top layer.

Sheepskin: Usually used to make materials in high-end shoes. It does not fade easily and has good ventilation and sweat absorption . The price is usually three to four times that of the first layer of pig skin.

Cowhide: It is generally used to make the inner material of high-grade shoes. It has good ventilation and sweat absorption, but a high price.

2.Artificial leather:

PU, PVC and other composite leather materials. Artificial leather generally has a lower cost, but some prices are higher than pig skin. PU and PVC leathers that have not been treated by special processes are breathable but have poor sweat absorption. However, some PU leathers have been treated with special processes to improve air permeability, therefore increasing sweat absorption. This leather is commonly known as breathable leather. Finally, artificial leather does not generally fade.

4.)Size of the shoes

The shoe size is used to measure the size of a human foot . At present, the sizes of shoes used in countries around the world are not consistent, but generally include two measurements of length and width. The most popular shoe sizes are European, UK, American, Japanese and Chinese.

Below is a size comparison chart that can help you solve the problem of how to pick the right size. After measuring the length of the foot and the width of the foot, you can pick the right shoes.

Women size

Size (cm) 22.5 23 23.5 24 24.5 25.0 25.5 26
EUR/CN Size 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
US Size 5 6 6.5 7.5 8.5 9 10 11
UK Size 3 4 4.5 5.5 6.5 7 8 9

Men size

Size (cm) 25 25.5 26 26.5 27 28 29 30
EUR/CN Size 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46
US Size 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 10 11 12
UK Size 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5

Kids Size

US Size EUR Size UK Size CA Size JP Size Inches CM
5 19/20 4.5 5 12 4.8 12
6 21 5.5 6 13 5.1 13
7 22/23 6.5 7 14 5.5 14
8 24 7.5 8 15 5.8 15
9 25/26 8.5 9 15.5 6.25 15.5
10 27 9.5 10 16.5 6.5 16.5

The Chinese standard uses millimeters or centimeters to measure the size of the shoe. For example, 245 is millimeters and 241/2 is centimeters. The representations of these two are the same size.

Of course, this date can only be used as a reference, and each supplier’s shoes will be a little different in size. So the best way is to use centimeter (cm) as the intermediate unit to convert, using manual methods to measure the length and width of the foot, in centimeters.

How to calculate the size of the shoes ?

here are two kinds of shoe size that are commonly used in China, one is the UK standard and the US standard.

The conversion formula is as follows:
For example: 25*2-10=40, so the length of the foot of 25 cm corresponds to 40 size.

1. The US (US size) and Chinese size conversion methods are as follows:
Men’s shoes: US size × 2+26 = Chinese size
Women’s shoes: US size +30 = Chinese size
Children’s shoes: US size +8=Chinese size
2. Japan: Japanese size × 2-10 = Chinese size.
3. The international size is also calculated in millimeters

How to measure your foot length ?

There are two ways to measure the size of your feet as follows:

1. Place your feet on an A4 sheet of paper, then draw your feet with a pen, using a ruler to measure the length and width of the foot.

You can buy a tool for measuring the size of the foot online (I recommend this method, as it is more accurate)

1)If your feet are wider than the average, it is recommended to choose a larger size than the standard size. If feet are thinner or average, choose the standard size.

2)It is always recommended to measure the length and width of your feet before purchasing shoes.

6.)What do you need to consider when wholsaling shoes from China?

We must consider a lot of problems before wholesaling shoes from China. We can consider the best options to wholesale shoes from China from the following points.

1. Market positioning
First of all, we have to decide which kind of shoes we desire to sell (there is a vast array of shoe types). Also, we must consider whether we will be selling men’s shoes, women’s shoes, or children’s shoes. The first step is always to choose the type or types of shoe we will be selling.

2.Source of supply
Sourcing for shoe suppliers in China. There are over tens of thousands of shoe suppliers in China which are located in 4 states/provinces in China: Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and Sichuan. We can find the right suppliers through the above 7 wholesale websites.

3.The price of the product
Before wholesaling shoes, we must know all the prices of the products. If you want to wholesale shoes locally, we need to go to the market to research products and prices, and network for comparisons so that we can accurately calculate the profit of our wholesale shoes. The price of the product is very important to the final outcome. If the price of the product is expensive, it will be difficult for you to enter the market and hope for profit because the price of your competitor may be lower.

4.Product quality

Before massing wholesale shoes, I recommend buying some samples for testing. The quality of the product is actually more important than the price. Quality can keep your customers, and quality determines your future.

You will find many suppliers producing the same shoes in China, but the price may vary greatly. If the price difference is very large, we must consider whether the material of the product is the same. So buying samples for comparison is very necessary from different suppliers.

What is the best way to transport inventory from China to my country? We must calculate the cost of transportation into the cost of the product if we are to start wholesaling shoes from China. Generally, there are 3 modes of transportation, those being air, sea, or express. Sea shipping is the most economical way to transport, but it takes a long time to arrive. If you are only wholesaling dozens of pairs of shoes, let’s say less than 100 pairs of shoes, you may wish to ship by air or express.

6.Tariffs (Customs & duties)
We must pay customs, duties, and customs clearance fees if importing abroad. Tariffs also affect the overall cost of your product in regards to profit. If you are importing to the US, you can check the tariff rate through this website: or learn more about Importing from China to USA:Customs & Duties  .  If you are importing shoes from China to Europe, please learn more about customs & duties here:  Import Customs Duties from China to Europe

If you still don’t understand the import tariff, please contact us. We can provide you with customs clearance and customs services in the US, Canada and Europe (door-to-door service in China).

7.How to find a shoe customer?
If you want to sell your shoes locally, you need to find a local retail store to work with. You can also sell your products through local TV services. You can even sell your shoes directly to consumers through social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Ebay, or Amazon. Selling your products through Google ads is also a good option.

Welcome to leave a message here and contact us if you have any questions. 

How to Buy Shoes in Bulk

The footwear industry is worth over $52 billion, which means people are buying a heck of a lot of shoes, but shoes are sort of expensive, at least for consumers. Ever wonder how your favorite retailers manage to flip a profit on footwear? It’s because they’re buying in bulk. Purchasing wholesale shoes for resale is just about how every major shoe retailer operates if they’re not manufacturing their own goods. If you want to grab a piece of that $52 billion pie, it’s not very difficult to buy designer shoes wholesale. You just need to know where to look and what to look for.

Why Buy Bulk Shoes in the First Place?

Think about some of your favorite stores that sell shoes: Foot Locker, Asos, Urban Outfitters, etc. Odds are that these retailers operate in one of two ways – they either import or manufacture their goods in another country where labor is cheap or negotiate wholesale deals with manufacturers or designers. So, which is better? It really depends on your outlook.

Take Topshop’s Ivy Park scandal, for example. In 2016, the brand came under fire when an article in “The Sun” claimed the company manufactured their goods in a factory that paid Sri Lankan workers just $0.64 an hour. The ethics are wholly debatable, though it’s clearly a pittance compared to the United States’ $7.25-per-hour federal minimum wage. Ivy Park claimed they have a “rigorous ethical trading programme,” but Sri Lanka’s yearly minimum wage is only around $1,600. That means any clothing or accessories made in the country are legally cheaper; however, many people would argue that wage still exploits foreign workers.

If you buy designer shoes wholesale, it can be a whole lot more ethical than saving money by manufacturing in a developing nation – especially if you’re working with designers or cobblers who make their own products in-house. You get a cheaper rate for the bulk shoes, but you also make a commitment to the designer that you’ll be purchasing a larger amount. It’s a win-win.

Start With a Search for a Wholesale Shoe Retailer

In the age of the Internet, you can pretty much get anything online. Major wholesaler websites like Alibaba, DHGate or Amazon Business offer entire marketplaces filled with bulk shoes, but you do need to be wary of quality. This is not the same thing as when you buy designer shoes wholesale. Foreign wholesale websites notoriously offer poorly made items, but that’s not necessarily and end-all of a business.

If you’re importing cheap shoes from a foreign website like Wish or Alibaba, you shouldn’t be going for a luxury feel or you’re going to be disappointed (and so will your customers). Stick to fast-fashion trends – styles customers will buy more frequently but throw away after a season or two – rather than classic, designer staples. This way, people don’t mind if the quality isn’t there as long as they can try new trends without breaking their budget.

Of course, foreign factories do exist that make high-quality, designer shoes. For example, Louboutins are made it Italy and about as luxe as you can get, but you can bet that production isn’t cheap.

Contact Designers Directly

The best way to buy wholesale shoes for resale and maintain a luxury quality is to cut deals directly with designers. If designers can get a commitment to a larger number of sales, they’re pretty likely to give you a discount that allows you to make a decent resale profit. The benefits of going direct are that you’re not really rolling the dice on quality with foreign manufacturers who are working in factories that have varying levels of quality and competence. You can vet the quality yourself, which means you can go for more classic styles and charge a higher premium.

Ask for Overstock Items

Another great way to buy wholesale shoes for resale is to contact local shoe stores and retailers asking to purchase their overstock items at a cheaper price. Sure, this means that maybe the items might not exactly be the trendiest but they could work for your business’ demographics. What’s one store’s sale item is another store’s hot ticket. This also works particularly well if you’re buying, say, winter boots in the middle of July or flip flops in the middle of February. If a shop is having trouble selling a particular style, they’ll be likely to unload it to you for a way cheaper price, so keep the seasons in mind.

Wholesale Shoe Vendor | Hot Miami Shoes

Thinking about starting an online boutique? Are you already selling or would like to sell shoes in store or online? We are the ideal ladies shoe vendor for you. Because of our low prices combined with our selection of high fashion, trendy shoes, we are the ideal vendor for anyone looking to sell shoes online or in person.

We offer a wholesale discount on MOST of our products. There are a select few items which are NOT ELIGIBLE for the wholesale discount. They are usually products which we have very limited quantity available. If an item is not available for wholesale, you will see a note on the item page. Other than that, all of our products can be purchased at wholesale price. The minimum order requirement is 15 pairs, and the discount will be applied to the selling price that you see on our website.


To place an order, you simply need to add a minimum of 15 items to your shopping cart. You are able to mix and match different shoes and/or colors. At checkout use the code: WHOLESALE to get 20% off your entire order. Keep in mind, you must order a variety of sizes. What that means, is that you CANNOT order only large sizes (9,10,&11), rather you MUST order a balanced mix of all sizes. Our ladies shoes range from sizes 6-11 and kids shoes range from 9-4. . You must balance your order with small and big sizes. If you fail to keep the order balanced, we reserve the right to cancel your order. 



For all wholesale orders, we will ship the shoes without the individual shoe boxes. The reason is that if we were to include the individual boxes, it would require the an oversized carton to be used, therefore, resulting in higher shipping charges. If you need the shoes packed with the boxes, and are willing to pay the additional shipping charges, you may request us to pack the shoes with the boxes, and we would notify you of the additional shipping charges once we get the shipping quote. On average, customers can pay anywhere from $5-$25 extra for us to ship the order with the boxes. If you need your order shipped with the boxes, you MUST leave a note in the “notes” box at checkout or give us a call once your order has been placed and notify us.


Any items that are returned from a wholesale order will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.


If you have any further questions in regards wholesale buying, please fill out the form below. Include as much information as possible, and a member of our sales staff will respond to you within 1-2 business days.

We look forward to working with you!!

How To Buy Cheap Wholesale Shoes And Make Profit (Step by Step)

A pair of shoes is something that a person is always going to buy. Some may buy only a pair, but others collect them. Shoes are a great fashion statement, and there is always a market.

But how do you buy shoes in bulk at a low price so you can sell them online and make a profit? Today, we will help you learn your options for sourcing. We will also give you some ideas about where you can sell your shoes online.

Why should you sell shoes?

Shoes are trendy, and there are even people who made millions of dollars selling shoes online. The key to your success is knowing who to sell your shoes to and understanding the demand of the market. Both men and women buy shoes, but you have to target those who are between 18 to 34 years old.

People at the age of 65 and above do not buy online; they buy their shoes in brick-and-mortar stores because that is what they have been used to.

As a shoe vendor, you also need to understand the seasonality of the designs. During winter, do not expect to sell loafers or flip-flops. People are more likely to buy boots.

During summer, sneakers and flip-flips are the top sellers. If you stock up on inventory of boots during summer, no one is going to buy, and what you have is a load of money sitting on your storage.

The types of shoes that you should sell

There are so many kinds of shoes that you can sell—from toddler shoes to adult shoes—the list is endless. To make a business decision, you have to look at data to help you out.

While you can use Google Trend, the statistics you see on this tool merely reflects search terms, not actual purchases. You can visit websites like Statista to get more details.

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Athletic
  • Boots
  • Sneakers
  • Flats
  • Outdoor shoes
  • Pumps
  • Sandals

Remember, your inventory must match what is trending. It would help if you buy only a few pairs in wholesale prices. Also, if you are just starting out, it makes sense if you first sell shoes whose designs are classic rather than those whose designs will go away in a few months.

Where to find wholesale shoes to sell for a profit

The key to succeeding in selling any kind of apparel is to get them cheap and sell them at a high mark-up. This high mark-up should cover for your business expenses, such as your Shopify or WooCommerce monthly subscription, taxes, or payment to freelancers helping you manage your business.

Buy the shoes from wholesalers

The most common method to sell online shoes is to buy shoes from wholesalers online. There are many wholesalers that you can find from Hong Kong and China, such as HKTDC. Each seller in marketplaces like this has a minimum order requirement.

The best thing to do is to order a pair first so you can check the quality of the shoes. Once you have them, you need to strike a deal with the wholesaler. You need to be able to order several designs. Some wholesalers sell one design by the box—you do not want these wholesalers as you would end up with a huge inventory.

After the purchase, the wholesaler will send the package to you. You need to sort out the shoes and then keep them in your house or warehouse. Shipment of the shoes is not free, plus you have to pay for duties to your country’s Customs department.


  • Wholesale prices are the cheapest
  • You keep your inventory
  • You have control over the quality of pairs that you ship to your customers


  • You need a space to store the shoes
  • Unsold shoes are financial losses
  • You need to spend on your packaging
  • You need to work extra to ship your items

To succeed with this type of sourcing, you need to start with a small inventory, and then scale your business slowly. Like all businesses, selling shoes has a risk. If the manufacturer or wholesaler has a minimum order requirement, like MOQ, you have to ask if they would ship smaller amounts.

Also, make sure you only use payment systems where a buyer is protected. If not, you may risk getting scammed. If a wholesaler does not accept PayPal or AliExpress, look somewhere else.


Dropshipping is a business model where you get to sell other people’s products, but you do not have to stock up on inventory. Here, you only order the product from the supplier after a customer already bought an item from your online dropshipping store.

In a nutshell, this is how dropshipping works:

  • You look for a supplier
  • You post the supplier’s item on your online store
  • You price your product with a mark-up
  • A customer orders from you
  • You order from the supplier
  • The supplier ships the item to your customer

In dropshipping, the profit you make is up to you. What you need to account for is the cost of the item from the supplier, plus your shipping costs. It is up to you if you want to shoulder the shipping cost or charge your customers for it.


  • You do not have to spend on inventory
  • The only capital you need is the cost of building a store
  • You do not have to ship the item yourself
  • Very low-risk business model
  • You can show as many products as you want since you do not have to buy any of them


  • You have no control over the product quality
  • You have to rely on the shipping options of the supplier
  • Low-profit margins if you are competing against other dropshippers

To make dropshipping work, you need a reliable supplier. You can only assess the reliability of a supplier if you order the products yourself. If you do this, you can measure how long the supplier takes to ship an item, and you can see for yourself if the product is of good quality.

Shoes for Liquidation

Depending on where you are, you may chance upon companies that are already shutting down. You can go to shoe stores that are no longer opening for business—ask for the owner and tell them that you want to take a look at their stocks.

The other option is to go online and look for liquidation markets. Examples of these are,,, and many more.

On these websites, you will find shoes that are sold by the pallet. A pallet is also called a “lot”, or a group. In liquidation sales, you cannot choose the content of the lot or pallet. Usually, a pallet of shoes is about 6 feet high.


  • Pallet liquidation sales are really cheap—you can get stocks for a penny for a dollar
  • You can get lucky if you buy a pallet of branded shoes


  • You cannot choose the shoe sizes
  • The shoes in one pallet is a combination of good and bad pairs
  • Some shoes are really bad that you cannot sell them
  • You need to buy several lots

Should you go this route, you have to investigate what you are buying and who you are dealing with. If possible, ask the seller to give you an inventory of what you are going to get. It is a wise move to search for feedback because you may be buying rotten pairs that you may not be able to sell.

Ask the liquidation manager if you are getting brand new shoes or stocks that have not been worn. List down the cost of the pallet, the shipping cost, and then assess if you can still make a profit.

Buy wholesale from US suppliers

If you want to sell in the United States, one of the best things you can do is to look for US suppliers. The reason behind this is that US suppliers are more costly than international ones. Labour in the US is not cheap, so the cost of the shoes will not be cheap, either.

With US suppliers, you can buy the shoes in bulk, or you can do dropshipping.

Here are some tools and suppliers where you can buy direct:

  • Spocket – this is a dropship directory. With this tool, you can look for suppliers who are located in the United States. These suppliers ship to the US or worldwide.
  • NY Wholesale – the biggest supplier in New York, it offers a wide variety of shoes from boots to heels. A lot of shoes here are sold for as low as $8 per pair. Apart from supplying shoe stores in the US, NY Wholesale also supplies the rest of the world. All the shoes are sticks in the US, but most of their manufacturers are from China.
  • Sandy’s Wholesale Shoes – this company has been around for 41 years. It is one of the most tenured shoe suppliers in the USA, and they are located in Miami. It is a small company, and it does not ship worldwide.
  • LA Showroom – this wholesaler is located in Los Angeles. It has an online store where you can pick the type of shoes you want; it has a wide variety of shoes, and it offers the best prices in the market.


  • All products are from the US
  • Customers find US products more credible
  • Shipping is not costly; pay local shipping rates
  • You can dropship if you use Spocket


  • The products cannot compete with China prices
  • If you do wholesale, you have to keep an inventory—more overhead costs

If you only want to buy products from the United States, you have to understand that your profit margin is really going to be low. The good thing is that the wait time is shorter, and you can proudly state on your website that the product is made in the US.

Sell branded shoes

Yes, you can sell branded shoes legally even if you are not a distributor. There are many suppliers who are licensed to distribute branded shoes to smaller businesses.

One supplier you may want to look into is It sells mostly Italian fashion, but it does have some branded shoes such as Adidas and Nike. Here, you can also find shoes from Lacoste, Guess, and many more.

This wholesale supplier of branded items has been around for more than ten years. It has more than 120 brands, and it ships to over 170 countries.


  • You have a niche target market—those who only want to wear branded shoes
  • You are not breaking the law because your supplier is a licensed distributor


  • The products are costly so do not expect sales to skyrocket
  • People would expect faster shipping and better customer service because of the item’s cost

One big challenge if you sell branded shoes online is your credibility. Naturally, people would prefer buying branded shoes like Nike from original and licensed distributors, like Walmart or Target. It will take a lot of hard work to convince your site visitors that your branded shoes are not high-quality imitations.

Sell pre-loved shoes

There are those who do not mind wearing second-hand or pre-loved items. If these people are your target market, then you have to look for suppliers who specialize in this type of product.

You can find second-hand shoes from China through Alibaba. Now, do not be surprised with the price—most sellers have a minimum order requirement (MOQ) of 12 tons! Each ton costs roughly $12,000!

The good news is that if you just do your research long enough, you can find sellers here who only require an MOQ of 25 kilograms at about $3 per kilogram. As always, you have to pay for shipping, taxes, plus customs duties.


  • You have a bigger target market
  • The cost of each pair is next to nothing
  • High—really high—profit margins


  • You have to pay for shipping and taxes
  • You will never know what you’ll get
  • Once an item is sold, it cannot be replenished

Second-hand shoes are best sold on physical where customers can try them. You can sell them online, but you have to make sure the customer understands that this is second-hand shoes, so they do not ask for a refund.

Where to sell shoes online

Now, where can you sell your shoes once you have them? We will show you several options, and then you can choose the best one that fits your situation.


If you go the dropshipping route, then the best way to sell is through a dropshipping store. You can do this if you build your own website where you can integrate the dropshipping app of your supplier.

The two best options for building a dropshipping store are Shopify and WooCommerce. With Shopify, prepare to pay about $29 per month. This is the cost of running and hosting your website.

WooCommerce is more affordable because it is free. With WooCommerce, you will run your website through WordPress.ORG, which is also free, and then the only thing you have to pay is a web hosting service provider like SiteGround or Bluehost.

Learn more about dropshipping here: Dropshipping For Beginners: The Simple Step By Step Guide To Starting

Build your website

If your sourcing choice is wholesale, one option is to build your own website. You can create your own brand and keep more profit compared since you do not have to pay fees. The only fees you pay are the payment processing fees and the monthly website cost.

Since you already have the inventory in your house, you have more flexibility in building your site.

Here are some examples of web builders you can use:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • WooCommerce
  • Squarespace

Most of these websites have a partnership with payment processors. Choose one that can accept major credit cards. If you want, you can also use the services of payment processors that can give you a physical point-of-sale (POS) system. With a POS, you can take orders physically.

eBay and Amazon

eBay is one of the oldest and biggest online marketplaces. Here, you can sell your products with a reserve price, wait for the auction to complete, or sell the price at a Buy It Now price.

eBay charges listing fees and selling fees. It also offers other services such as putting your listing on the top of the page or highlighting your listings. All these services have a cost.

To give you perspective, eBay charges the following:

  • Insertion fee – free for the first 50 listings and $0.35 of the sale price for any listing on top of the first 50
  • Final Value Fee – this varies, and it depends on the category of your product; it can be free or between 2% and 12% of the final selling price.

Amazon is the other alternative if you do not want to build your own website. On Amazon, you have to apply before you can list your own products.

Here, you have the choice to pay a monthly fee of $39 or pay $0.99 per sale. The $0.99 fee for each sale only applies if you sold less than 40 items per month.

There are two types of plans as a seller on Amazon. The first one is the Individual Plan where you get charged $0.99 per sale, and the other is Professional where you pay a monthly fixed fee of $39 even if you did not make a sale.

The Professional Plan comes with the following benefits:

  • Use Amazon tools like spreadsheets and feeds
  • Have access to a lot of reports
  • Get your products placed on top of the search results
  • Sell in more than 20 categories
  • Customizes your own shipping rates

Should you sell via the Amazon FBA model, you have to pay the storage fee, handling fee, and shopping costs. All these fees are on top of the selling fee.

How to market your shoes

There are many ways to market your shoes once you have already selected your sourcing method and selling platform.

Here are a few that you certainly have to try: 

  • Facebook – Facebook is still the leading social media platform. You can reach a lot of people of different ages here, and all you have to do is to build your own Facebook page. You also have the option to advertise
  • Google Ads – advertise on Google and make your ads appear on search results
  • YouTube Ads – create videos and other helpful content to build your audience. You can also advertise on YouTube.
  • Instagram – this is great if you have amazing products that look great on photos. If you have lifestyle photos of the shoes while they are in use, you can use that to your advantage
  • Pinterest – this is a massive search engine that heavily relies on photos. Use Pinterest to post your shoes and drive traffic to your store.


Selling shoes online is a fulfilling business if it is your passion. You have to be ready for the most common customer issues such as wrong sizes, incorrect colors, and a whole lot more.

The great thing with shoes is that they do not perish. However, they easily go out of style, so control your inventory or just do dropshipping to be on the safe side.

Authentic Wholesale Designer Handbags, Clothing, Shoes


Looking for suppliers of authentic wholesale designer handbags, clothing, shoes and other goods for your business or a business you’d like to start?

Have You:

Spent hours searching online for suppliers with little to no luck?

Found suppliers but not sure you can trust them—are they legitimate? Is their merchandise really authentic?

Purchased ‘wholesale lists’ that turned out to be junk?

Been burned by scam artists who sold you fake merchandise or took off with your money?

If so, I understand your frustration and I can help you. My name is Viktor. Back in 2002, I was trying to start a business selling designer handbags after reading a success story about a person who was making a lot of money in this business. But when I tried to find a supplier of wholesale designer handbags, it felt impossible. I’d spend countless hours searching online and hardly get anywhere—running into either questionable suppliers, replica dealers or just plain dead ends.

The frustrating thing was I knew these suppliers existed: I saw people selling authentic designer handbags on eBay and other websites, but I couldn’t figure out where they were getting them from. No one wanted to talk.

Eventually, when I found a supplier of wholesale designer handbags whom I thought I could trust—a company based in Italy, no less—I purchased a few thousand dollars worth of Prada handbags from them, and they turned out to be fake. I was devastated.

Determined to find a legitimate supplier, I pressed on. A few months later, I had my break: an online seller of designer handbags gave me their supplier’s information—I could hardly believe it. Equipped with this knowledge, I began successfully selling this merchandise as a business.

Long story short, from that point until now, I have learned a lot about this business. I’ve made connections with people in the industry and discovered dozens more suppliers of not only wholesale designer handbags, but also designer clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.

And now I want to share this information with you, so you can source authentic designer merchandise at wholesale and avoid the scams, con artists and sellers of fake goods.

  • Many legitimate suppliers have little-to-no presence online, often known only to industry insiders
  • Many legitimate suppliers do not publicly disclose the designer brands they carry
  • Much of the merchandise you see advertised online is either for fake or non-existent goods, making it very difficult to know whom to trust

Many Suppliers Selling “Authentic” Goods are Selling Fakes

They’re selling what’s called ‘7 Star’ replicas or ‘Mirror Image’ replicas. And these aren’t just any replicas. They’re top-of-the-line knockoffs made in China which come complete with authenticity cards, dust covers, and even serial numbers. They look so much like the real thing, many people can’t tell the difference.

And get this: I’ve taken some of these replicas to a major department store here in the United States and been told by their sales person that they were authentic! That’s how good they are. Granted, they didn’t fool every sales person.

So you have to be very careful when dealing with suppliers of designer goods, especially those offering wholesale designer handbags. If you don’t know this business very well, it’s easy to be duped. I know people with good intentions that have bought and sold replicas—thinking they were selling the real thing—for months without ever knowing. The problem: this merchandise is illegal (even if you tell your customers it’s fake, it’s still illegal). It’s ‘trademark infringement’, punishable by law.

Authentic merchandise is much harder to come by and isn’t nearly as readily available wholesale.

Con Artists Are Rampant in this Industry

The demand for wholesale designer handbags and other designer goods is high and the supply is relatively low, if we’re talking authentic product. Because of this fact, this industry is rife with con artists.

In fact, most of the offers you see online advertising authentic designer goods on sites like are for fake merchandise or non-existent goods.

The con artists behind these operations can be very convincing, with elaborate websites, price lists with pictures of inventory (stolen from reputable sellers), and phone numbers. Yet, when you pay them for merchandise—typically with a wire transfer or money order—they disappear.

Many people get scammed buying designer goods wholesale. If you don’t know this industry well, it’s very easy to get taken. I can’t stress this enough.

Some Designer Brands are Impossible to Get Wholesale

A few designer brands are so exclusive with the distribution of their goods, it is not possible to find them wholesale…anywhere.

Louis Vuitton is one of these brands. Louis Vuitton wholesales their merchandise to their boutiques, which are owned by the brand. They do not wholesale to anyone else—Nordstrom, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, you name it. Because of this, it is not possible to get LV wholesale. Period.

In fact, if you come across a supplier selling Louis Vuitton wholesale, I can guarantee you it’s fake.

The exception to this is with pre-owned goods. You can find pre-owned LV wholesale. There are a few other designer brands which operate this way, but not to worry, it’s not the norm. Most designers brands can be found at wholesale, if you know where to look.  

How You Can Tell If A Supplier of Designer Goods is Legitimate

Here are 6 things that legitimate suppliers of wholesale designer handbags & other designer merchandise typically have in common. These suppliers:

Offer Merchandise that can be Authenticated by the Designer 
which means that if you mail the merchandise to the designer to have it authenticated or take it to a brand store or have it professionally authenticated online, they will verify that it’s authentic. It also means that the designer will typically honor any repairs, warranty issues, etc. that may arise because the product is genuine.

Offer Wholesale Pricing so you can make a profit which, on average, is anywhere from 50-85% off retail for past-season merchandise and 25-45% off retail for current season merchandise.
Offer Past-Season Merchandise – More often than not, legitimate suppliers of wholesale designer handbags and other goods sell past-season merchandise. This typically consists of overstock, excess and closeout inventory. This kind of inventory is the bulk of what’s available if we’re talking “authentic” product. That being said, current season inventory can be found wholesale, but it represents a small portion of the market.
Accept Credit Cards or PayPal 
– Many (not all) genuine suppliers accept payment methods that are traceable and reversible, the most common being credit cards and PayPal. With these forms of payment you are protected should anything go wrong. Be very leery of suppliers that only accept wire transfers or money orders unless you are confident that they are legitimate, because once you send them your money, it’s almost impossible to get it back (unless they willingly refund you, of course). I caution people to only use wire transfers with suppliers with whom they have an established relationship.
Have Limited Inventory and Styles that Change from Season-to-Season 
– Designer merchandise has a very high demand and limited quantities are intentionally produced, which makes the wholesale market small. It’s always a red flag when you see a supplier that has the same styles season-after-season and seemingly endless quantities of merchandise, especially wholesale designer handbags. Legitimate suppliers will have new styles every season (with the exception of signature pieces) and limited amounts of inventory.
Provide their Contact Information Up Front 
– Legitimate suppliers are always up front with their contact information. A supplier’s name, address (which should NOT be a PO BOX or a UPS address), telephone number, and e-mail should not be a secret or hidden in any way. It’s a huge red flag if you have to do any digging to find out where a supplier is located, how to get into contact with them, etc—seem obvious, but I can’t tell you how many people have done business with suppliers where this has been the case.

If a company claims to be a legitimate supplier of wholesale designer handbags or other designer goods and cannot meet the above guidelines, it is usually in your best interest to avoid doing business with them.

Where Can You Find Legitimate Suppliers of Authentic Wholesale Designer Handbags, Clothing, Shoes, & More?

Well, you can either invest a lot of time and money into doing the research yourself (like I did) or you can use my online Wholesale Designer Directory and hit the ground running by benefiting from my research—research that I learned the hard way, through trial and error and connections made from years of experience in the designer apparel business.

The directory I have complied contains suppliers of authentic wholesale designer handbags, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, accessories, and more. Every single company in my Wholesale Designer Directory has been thoroughly screened.

These are the exact same sources that successful online stores, eBay® and Amazon® sellers, boutiques and other re-sellers use.

What Makes My Directory Different?


Unlike most people offering wholesale lists related to designer merchandise, I have over a decade’s experience in this business. I walk the walk. I started out in 2003 with no experience and eventually built up a successful business selling designer merchandise. I learned about the industry the hard way, through trial and error. I’ve made many mistakes. I’ve been scammed by suppliers that have sold me merchandise that I though was authentic. I’ve lost a lot money. I’ve made a lot of money.

I’ve developed contacts in this industry that only come from years of experience. With this experience, I offer more than just the supplier listings themselves—which no doubt are valuable—I provide insider knowledge into how this business works: how to work with suppliers, tips on selling merchandise, things to look out for, etc. I provide this information as a supplement to the directory, and I believe this information is just as important as the directory itself.


Every supplier listed in my directory has been screened and is a genuine supplier of authentic wholesale designer handbags and other designer merchandise. I take this seriously. If a supplier is listed in my directory, they are legitimate. Once approved into the directory, I periodically review the suppliers to ensure they remain on the up and up.


The directory is online. It’s in a password-protected members’ only site. Having an online directory makes it possible to keep the information up-to-date at all times (directories that are printed on paper can be outdated in an instant). When I come across new suppliers, you’ll be able to view this information right away when you login. If there’s an issue with a supplier, it’s handled right away and all members are notified. You won’t find this kind of relevancy with other wholesale lists.

“We cut through the scams, fake merchandise and unscrupulous suppliers and connect you to only legitimate sources, saving you time, money and stress.”


JOIN NOW – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here’s what some of my customers are saying about my directory:

“…Words can’t express how thankful I am to you and to your beautiful directory. It has literally opened a window of endless possibilities for ordinary people like myself. I now feel so much more confident about going into business knowing that I have credible, reliable and trustworthy sources. By the way all of the suppliers have been truly fantastic to work with! …thank you for all of your research that you have shared so generously to complete strangers. …what you have done for the fashion industry by means of your authentic source guide is priceless.”

“Ok I have bought so many lists, but by far and wide, yours is the very, very, very best. I have sold designer goods for a long time. I have done well in this business, but I have never found such great and wonderful sources as you have provided! You are making my dreams come true! I will be selling on eBay, websites and trunk shows. Thank you for sharing this information! You are the very best!” UPDATE 6/10/10: “Because of you, I have built a website, got the greatest contacts and now I am flying to see a couple great suppliers to meet with them… I also have buying power with XXXXXX, XXXXXXXX XXX, and XXXXXXXXXXXXX… I get lots from them and get anything they have…I have wholesale buying power!”

“Great website, well let me use another word OUTSTANDING website [directory], more information than I expected, a lot of good info. Everything is well organized and easy to understand, even a sample letter to use. Your website advertising the wholesalers is what got me interested in joining. A lot of sites I have went to just seemed so not inviting but yours just gave me a warm feeling inside that this is the real deal. I am sure some of those sites I visited are good but yours was the best…me and my wife will definitely have fun in doing this and I think that is the key.”

 Lorraine Fahy – Spring Hose, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for your wholesale contact lists over the years. This information has allowed us to grow beyond belief. On our journey, we have found many contacts of our own and become wholesalers ourselves. Your wholesale list was the best one I’ve EVER, EVER bought.

 Shanae P. – Washington, DC

“I just wanted to comment and THANK YOU for providing such a reliable and informative wholesale list. This is the second wholesale list I have purchased…and it was the best $39.00 I have spent all year! Every single last contact on the list responded to my inquiries. Not to mention, they are all verifiable and trustworthy sources! I have been searching for an honest way to make money online while doing something that I like and I have definitely found my niche. Thank you so much.”

Here’s What You Get with the Wholesale Designer Directory:

The directory contains legitimate suppliers of authentic wholesale designer handbags, clothing, shoes, perfume, jewelry, sunglasses, watches, cosmetics, and accessories. 

Suppliers Offering Hundreds of Designer Brands at Up to 80% off Retail
—The directory has over 60 suppliers who, collectively, offer hundreds of designer brands. Most designer brands are available, from high-end brands such as Prada, Gucci and Fendi to mid-range brands such as Coach, Michael Kors, Steve Madden, Nine West, DKNY, Polo, and Guess. Wholesale pricing ranges from 40-80% off retail on average, depending on the season of inventory.
Suppliers That Ship Worldwide—
The majority of the suppliers are located in the United States and Europe. Yet, nearly all of them ship worldwide and can therefore be used by anyone, regardless of location. We have members in all parts of the world who successfully use these suppliers to source inventory.
Articles with Insider Information to Help You Navigate The Business
— In addition to the directory listings themselves, you get articles that provide you with insider information and tips on navigating the industry, working with suppliers, finding new sources, discovering new ways to sell, etc. all based on over 13 years of experience.
Thoroughly Vetted & Screened Suppliers
— We work very hard to ensure that every supplier listed in our directory is genuine and offers 100% authentic merchandise. We take this VERY seriously. Either we or trusted colleagues have personally done business with the suppliers listed in the directory. We have also verified suppliers’ business credentials, and in many cases, authenticated their merchandise and checked 3rd party industry references as well as reviews from former and current clients. The majority of the suppliers in our directory have been listed for years and have withstood the test of time. They have been used successfully by our members for over 13 years without any issues.
Quality, Detailed Supplier Listings
— Each supplier listing includes: the suppliers’ complete contact information: name, phone number, address, website, etc. Also provided is how long the supplier has been in business, the type of merchandise they offer, brands they carry, ordering terms, minimum order requirements, as well as specific comments on each supplier to give you a better understanding of who they are and how to work with them. There is no fluff. You will not be wading through invalid or inactive listings to find a supplier. Every listing is a quality supplier.
Free Lifetime Updates
— Included with your membership is free lifetime updates of the directory. Things change in the industry—new suppliers enter the market, suppliers go out of business, etc. It’s a fact of life. We update our directory monthly to ensure that the information we provide is always up-to-date. New updates are emailed out to members and also appear on the main page of the directory.
Free Support by Phone or Email
— Have a question about a supplier or need helping finding a particular product? Your membership includes free lifetime support via email or phone. We have over 13 years of experience and are happy to assist with any question you have as you source authentic designer merchandise wholesale.

Examples of the Merchandise and Wholesale Pricing You Will Find in the Directory

Coach Handbag

Michael Kors Handbag

Gucci Handbag
Retail Price: $1,150 Wholesale Price: $650
43% Off Retail

Nine West Handbag

Armani Sunglasses

Prada Handbag
Retail Price: $1,695 Wholesale Price: $995
41% Off Retail

Gucci Belt
Retail Price: $495
Wholesale Price: $165
67% Off Retail


  Burberry Umbrella


Dior Pumps

Diesel Jeans
Retail Price: $220
Wholesale Price: $110
50% Off Retail

Dolce & Gabbana Shoes Retail Price: $698
Wholesale Price: $175
75% Off Retail

Guess Watch
Retail Price: $299
Wholesale Price: $92
69% Off Retail

*The above items were listed on the supplier’s websites in our directory as of 9/5/20 and are examples of the kinds of items you may find.                

These are ACTUAL examples from wholesalers in the directory. Some of these examples are past-season closeouts which is why the pricing is so low. This is a VERY SMALL portion of the items and brands available. There are over 60 suppliers in the directory, each with their own inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard it’s not possible to buy “authentic” designer goods at wholesale. Designers do not wholesale. How is it possible that your suppliers are able to offer designer goods at wholesale?
While it’s true the designers, themselves, do not wholesale, it is still possible to buy authentic designer goods at wholesale. To do this, you have to look to the ‘secondary market’ and buy from either jobbers (suppliers of off-price goods) or authorized dealers who are clearing excess, overstock or shelf pull inventory. This is the only way to source authentic designer goods wholesale. Are these wholesalers that I can find simply searching on the internet? For the most part, no. Many of these suppliers do not advertise themselves online. They don’t need to. They are primarily only know to those people in the industry.

Does your directory contain wholesale suppliers of other designer merchandise, besides handbags?
Yes, our directory contains suppliers of authentic designer clothing, shoes, watches, perfume, jewelry, sunglasses, accessories, and cosmetics.

Does your directory have wholesale suppliers of fake or knockoff handbags?
No. We only deal with wholesalers of authentic designer merchandise. Knockoffs, no matter how you sell them—and even if you disclose that they are knockoffs—are illegal. They are considered “trademark infringement”. 

Do the wholesale suppliers offer current season or past season merchandise?
Both – however, the majority offer past season goods as this is the bulk of what’s available when it comes to authentic designer merchandise.

Can I use the directory if I am located overseas or in another country outside of the USA?
Yes. The wholesalers in our directory are primarily located in the United States, Europe and Asia. However, most of the suppliers ship worldwide. Therefore, you can use the directory no matter where you are located. We have clients all over the world who successfully use our directory.

How long does shipping take to receive merchandise?
Shipping time varies by supplier. On average, delivery takes 7-10 days, but it could take more or less time depending on where you are located in relation to the supplier, terms of the offer, etc.

Can I use the directory to purchase wholesale designer handbags just for myself, not necessarily to sell?
Yes, but know that the majority of the suppliers have, on average, 5 to 10 item minimums. We only have a few suppliers that do not require minimum orders.

Are there any other fees associated with the Wholesale Designer Directory?
No. There are no other charges associated with my directory. Period. You will never be re-billed for anything. Your membership to our online directory is a one-time payment and it is good for life, including free updates.

What designer brands can I expect to find in the Wholesale Designer Directory?
The directory contains 100s of designer brands. Most brands are available. Here’s a small sample of some of the brands you will find in our directory:  7 For All Mankind, Aeropostale, Armani, Balenciaga, Baby Phat, Bottega Veneta, Bulgari, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Celine, Chanel, Chloe, Christian Audigier, Citizens of Humanity, Coach, DaNang, Diesel, Dior, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan, DSquared2, Ebene, Energie, ECI, Ed Hardy, Eileen Fisher, Elie Tahari, Ellison, Envy, Etnies, Etro, Fendi, Ferragamo, French Connection – FCUK, Furla, Georgio Armani, Gucci, Guess, Givenchy, H & M, Hugo Boss, ICU, Issey Miyake, Jill Sander, Jimmy Choo, Just Cavalli, John Varvatos, Jones New York, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Levis, Liz Clairborne, Long Champ, Lucky Brand, MAC, Marc Jacobs, Maxmara, MEK, Denim, MeKo, Michael Kors, Mission, Missoni, Miu Miu, Nine West, Opera, Oscar de la Renta, Omega, Osiris, Paul Smith, Polo, Prada, PRPS, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, Rebecca Minkoff, Roberto Cavalli, Robin’s Jean, Rock & Republic, Rock Revival, S-Twelve, Seven Jeans, Silver Jeans, St. John, Stella McCartny, Steve Madden, Stone Island, Swarovski, Tag Heuer, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, Tod’s, Tom Ford, True Religion, Ugg, Vera Wang, Versace, XCVI, Yves Saint Laurent, Zegna, and many more…

Join Now and Access Legitimate Suppliers of Authentic Designer Goods Today

Throughout the years, we have helped thousands of people buy authentic designer goods at wholesale. Some have used our directory to start their own business, others to source goods for their existing business and a lesser number have used it simply for personal use.

You can gain access to our directory of legitimate suppliers of authentic designer goods and benefit from our years of research for a one-time payment of only $39.95. Once a member, your membership is good for life and you will never be re-billed for anything.

Industry insiders agree: our directory is a tremendous value for those wanting to buy authentic designer goods at wholesale. We significantly mitigate the risk for re-sellers by cutting through the scams and unscrupulous sellers and connecting you with trusted wholesale suppliers of authentic designer handbags, clothing, shoes, etc.


Profit off of our years of research and experience sourcing authentic designer goods at wholesale.

One supplier can more than pay for the cost of our membership — Avoid scams and sellers of fake merchandise — Save time and money

Drop shipping is a very desirable way to start or run an online business. With drop shipping you can list your supplier’s inventory for sale online without ever having to stock any inventory upfront. Once you make a sale, you buy the product from your supplier and they ship the item directly to your customer as if it came from you. The thing is: There are very few legitimate suppliers of authentic designer goods that drop ship. The scarcity of designer goods does not make drop shipping a viable business model for most suppliers.


     As a bonus with our membership, we include the contact information of these reputable drop shippers of authentic designer handbags, clothing, shoes, etc.

We all know that many of the most coveted designer brands are based in Italy and other parts of Europe. As a result, many people want to source inventory directly from Europe—direct from the source. But if you’ve ever tried to find suppliers of designer goods in Italy, you know how challenging this can be. Con artists and sellers of fake merchandise abound who prey on people’s belief that because they are buying from an Italian supplier the merchandise must be authentic. We have experience sourcing from Italy and Europe and, as an additional bonus, we include, in our directory, the contact information of many highly-sought-after legitimate European suppliers of designer goods. This information alone is more than worth the cost of our membership.

Try the Wholesale Designer Directory risk-free for 60 days. If you are not satisfied with the directory for any reason, whatsoever, we will refund your membership fee in full. Simply send us an email asking for a refund. It’s that simple.

                 Still not sure? Consider this:

  • We have been in business for over 15 years and are members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating — the highest rating given to businesses. You can click here to view our BBB report or call them directly at 1-800-646-6222 to verify this.
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The directory is online in the members area of this website. After joining, you will immediately create a username and password to access the directory and then be logged into the members area.


To your success!

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P.S. Interested in learning more? Here’s an article about how the wholesale designer handbag industry is unlike any other.


Italian shoes wholesale from Italy from the manufacturer

Italian footwear wholesale.

Any designer, fashion designer, stylist or just a person who is well versed in fashion and style can confidently say that nothing “kills” a set of even the most expensive and stylish clothes like tasteless and low-quality shoes. Today, this wardrobe attribute causes a special awe not only among women, but also among stylish successful men.Fashionistas are ready to give all their fortune for the last pair of shoes from the famous Italian brand without hesitation, and men carefully select shoes that perfectly match the color of a particular suit.

If you decide to engage in such a profitable and enjoyable business as a shoe store, then you need to contact our specialists for help in selecting the latest models and in preparing all the documents necessary for this. To do this, you need to order shoes at the factory or at the exhibition in Milan Micam a year in advance.

Buying shoes in Macerata

Most of the Italian shoe factories are concentrated in Macerata. It is here that you can go for the final selection of goods and the purchase itself. An individual program of visiting shoe factories will be organized especially for you. We will help you navigate and purchase models that meet all your criteria as much as possible, taking into account the assortment of the future store, the price segment, as well as the brands of Italian shoes that you would like to see in your store.

In addition to all this, we undertake negotiations with the manufacturers of your choice, we will tell you if you have competitors in your region who sell shoes from the same manufacturer, and also learn everything about the possibility of delivering goods from a shoe factory directly to your city. We also take care of all language barriers, as well as the correct legal paperwork.

After the deal is concluded, you do not have to worry about how to deliver the purchased goods to your city.You can safely go home, and we will do the rest of the work for you. We ourselves will pick up the shoes from the factory warehouse and arrange fast delivery of the goods to the address you left. And soon you will be able to showcase great models of stunning Italian shoes in your store.

Purchase in shoes at Micam Milan

The Micam exhibition in Milan, well-known in fashion circles, is held twice a year: in March and in September. And each of our clients can visit this place in order to order shoes from the best Italian manufacturers.At the initial stage, the client will need to provide a photo of his store or a design project if the store is not yet open and is at the initial stage of its creation. After that, we organize a visit to the shoe brands of interest.

We cooperate with the best Italian factories such as:

We will help you choose the models that will be the most relevant for your region and will be especially popular. When placing an order directly, the client makes an advance payment of only 30%, and only when the shoes are ready for shipment, the client pays for the ordered goods in full.After that, you just have to wait for the prompt delivery of the goods to Russia.

Any business, and especially a fashion one, has, as elsewhere, its own professional nuances and peculiarities. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, you need to be an absolute professional in your field. So, our experts will help you choose not only beautiful and high-quality Italian shoes, but also products that will be in demand in your region. Only with us can you get into the best showrooms and factories, as well as forget about language and legal barriers, choose luxury shoes and give your store a significant status in the region.

Winter men’s and women’s shoes wholesale in Moscow

High quality winter footwear is very important, as it gives people the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle in the cold season and enjoy frosty snowy days without the risk of catching a cold and getting sick. Thus, a modern person should have at least two pairs of good shoes for the winter: one for official events and going to work and the second for free time, walks, etc.But in order for everyone to be able to buy a truly high-quality and fashionable pair, it is necessary that the correct winter men’s and women’s shoes be supplied in bulk to stores in Russia.

What types of footwear are offered by modern designers?

Basic types of winter shoes


This is the most practical and versatile option for cold winter days, as boots provide the best protection from cold and moisture. These shoes can be worn by both men and women.

There are many types of boots, among which the most popular today are:

  • Classic options for boots made of genuine leather. The length of such models can vary and reach the knee or be much shorter, but in any case, boots are the best protection for the legs. The skin retains heat well, easily adapts to the shape of the foot, gives comfort and coziness, allows the feet to “breathe”, so that they do not sweat.

  • Uggs are a versatile model made of sheepskin, turned with the fur inside.Suitable for both men and women. They were once thought of as shoes for Australian farmers, then surfers chose them, and today they are mega-popular among fans of active winter recreation and other people who value comfort.

  • Treads are women’s boots with a high bootleg (from options just above the knee to mid-thigh). Used mainly as fashion and club shoes.

  • High fur boots – stylized and adapted to modern tastes national footwear of the peoples of the Far North.These boots are usually sewn from the fur of a sheep, deer, dog with the fur outside. This is a unisex option, that is, it is suitable for both sexes. Currently, designers offer stylish options with fur trims from fox, raccoon, arctic fox or mink.

  • Dutik – voluminous boots made of modern membrane materials. This practical option is widely used by both women and men both for active winter recreation and in everyday life.

  • Valenki – shoes made of woolen felt, common in Russia for a long time. Designed for frosty dry climates, as it allows water to pass through. Modern models, unlike traditional felt boots, are supplied with a sole, decorated with embroidery, sequins, etc. Mainly intended for children and women.

Ankle boots

Fashion offers many options for stylish ankle boots for people of all ages and genders.


There is also a wide variety of this type of footwear, from elegant classic models to rough “army” boots.

Winter sneakers

Such shoes have long passed from the category of sports shoes to everyday youth options. Winter sneakers can be made of genuine leather of bright colors, have different heights and soles of different thicknesses.

But whatever option you choose for the winter, wholesale men’s and women’s winter shoes from the manufacturer Vera Victoria Vito are waiting for you in our online store.

Why is it better for you to wholesale winter men’s and women’s shoes from us?

  • A wide, regularly updated assortment and a convenient dimensional grid ensure that there is a shoe to suit every customer’s liking.

  • All our products are distinguished by high, truly European quality, and low prices, affordable for the average Russian buyer.

  • Each wholesale buyer is provided with convenient individual terms of payment and delivery of goods.

  • Flexible prices, discounts, promotions, sales will help you buy wholesale winter men’s and women’s shoes very cheaply and achieve significant cost savings.

  • A convenient way of online ordering and qualified advice from our managers will help you quickly and correctly make a choice and complete a deal

Long-term fruitful cooperation with our company will certainly contribute to the success and development of your business!

Age of Innocence | designer children’s shoes for girls |

What kind of children’s shoes can be bought in the Age of Innocence online store?

Looking for where to buy the perfect pair of shoes for your child?
Our online store offers the largest selection of models from the English brand Age of Innocence, which produces elegant and comfortable shoes for girls.

Advantages of Age of Innocence brand products

Parents are often interested in where they can buy good shoes for their child in Moscow, because the right children’s shoes are, first of all, comfort and quality.

Now there is no need to waste time searching. Do girls need good baby shoes? Buy it from our online store!

Age of Innocence – these are shoes, boots and boots made of the highest quality and natural materials that provide maximum comfort, warm in bad weather and at the same time look simply amazing.

Shoes are made of the softest suede, patent and matte leather, velvet and fur. The inner surface and the insole are made only of genuine leather. Winter boots are insulated with natural Australian sheepskin or wool.

The construction of the shoe ensures the correct anatomical position of the foot. Stiff heel and lacing or other closure keeps your foot securely in place while walking, running and jumping. The wide toe does not squeeze the toes, allowing them to move freely.In such shoes, the legs do not freeze and do not get tired.

Manufacturers pay special attention to the appearance of products. A whole team of designers and technologists work on the creation of each model, thinking over every detail in detail, and most of the work is done by hand. They manage, while maintaining the elegant English style, to produce at the same time beautiful, comfortable and super quality shoes for girls.

Why is it convenient to buy children’s shoes in Moscow at Age of Innocence?

Convenient and beautiful website, attentive managers, online consultations and service 7 days a week, seven days a week, fast delivery, prompt return and exchange – we value each of our customers and are always ready to meet him.

Now you know where to buy shoes for a child in Moscow. Age of Innocence is a holiday feeling every day.

Wholesale footwear – Advantages of branded shoes


Every shoe store owner knows that successful trade is impossible without reliable suppliers. When purchasing a consignment of goods for his outlet, an entrepreneur wants to be sure that the delivery time is met, the minimum percentage of rejects, and the high quality of the product.It is also important that the seasonal assortment is replenished with current models from new collections that are popular with customers. All these requirements are achievable if you buy wholesale shoes in Moscow directly from the manufacturer for winter and summer.

Convenience and benefits of online shopping

The development of information technology allows Russians to make bulk purchases not only in their settlement or region, but also in the capital. It is enough to choose a reliable online store, send an application and wait for the arrival of the consignment.At the same time, the selection of models and ordering takes place in a comfortable environment, at any time of the day. In addition, the client can choose the most convenient payment and delivery methods, as well as take advantage of discounts and sales. Information about promotions is also provided to regular customers online.

Advantages of branded shoes

The market is overflowing with fashionable footwear of all colors and styles. However, when buying a cheap pair of glamorous shoes or stylish boots, the buyer risks soon becoming disappointed in his purchase.Flying outsole, broken hardware, loss of gloss after the first rain – this is not a complete list of what can happen to a pair of shoes bought at a clothing market or in a shop on the next street. The result is lost money and spoiled mood. In addition, the client is unlikely to risk using the services of the seller again, who slipped him an unfit product. Thus, being tempted by a low purchase price, an unlucky entrepreneur may be left without buyers.

All these troubles can be avoided by buying stylish leather brand shoes wholesale.A brand is the name and reputation of a factory or a Fashion House. Each eminent manufacturer guarantees customers a decent level of the manufactured goods.

Products of good brands have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Relevance of styles and presentable appearance. Products of self-respecting brands always correspond to fashion trends or even outstrip them, look dignified and expensive, and are made with taste.

  • Excellent quality, durability.When sewing each pair, only high quality natural and innovative artificial materials and reliable fittings are used. The manufacturer maintains strict control at all stages of production, so crooked stitching, cheap lurid finishing, glue residues on the material are excluded. Shoes will serve for at least several years without losing their consumer qualities.

  • Wearing comfort. Design products are created with human needs in mind.Each pair has a comfortable last and carefully calibrated proportions. Therefore, the legs will not get tired and hurt even after long standing or walking.

  • Status. Brand footwear increases the importance of a person in his own eyes, gives him self-confidence and respectability, thereby positively affecting his status.

Earn on the difference in price!

The savvy shopper understands that branded footwear is a great investment.And if you offer a product of a decent level, it will definitely come back to you for the next pair. By purchasing wholesale lots at competitive prices from the manufacturer and competently building a pricing policy, you can get a good profit.

Buying wholesale women’s and men’s winter shoes in Moscow means providing yourself with a high-quality assortment that will surely attract new customers to your store!

Women’s Shoes – İLVİ

In the modern era, with the development of fashion, designs have become very imaginative.Every year a new style is created and a new fashion style is created. Young women, mothers, grandmothers, this style is attractive to all ages, this style is a very stylish design that fits into every style of our clothes. The first comes to mind. In addition to the style of filling women’s shoes, the most beautiful part is undoubtedly its comfort. Yes, this is one of the known facts that you haven’t heard wrong. Are you starting to use new high heels Imagine rather high and thin heels always hitting your foot and you live walking balance problems or are you late you will go to work using a straight wedge because you cannot work with thin heels will be both faster and to grow a business in a reliable way without jeopardizing your leg.In addition to the reasons that require you to stay awake all day throughout the day, you will be healthy in a healthy way without compromising your comfort.In addition to comfort, there are other benefits. the scale of our conditions, famous women in Turkey is rather short. We won’t regret it, will we ladies? Search will be presented here Searching for heel indents from a place to grieve or bored this situation as it was a stressful time to break your own psychology Seeing the pleasure of shopping. How to choose shoes for the winter season? Weather conditions are gradually showing the face of winter, followed by the arrival of autumn. While this is both pleasant and sad, this situation unfortunately changes the way we dress a little.The real question, besides all these bad conditions, is what are we going to do when we leave the house. Isn’t it easy when you say it? In fact, while it is difficult to choose, some of our women are wary of clothing because they are discreet and finally end up with shoes. There is a statement about dressing for the season as a result of the fact that the pencil under the trousers in cold weather is very clear to wear. During the winter months, like a wrist or ankle boots, side zippers for a little longer, buckles, ankle from arch, inner woolen, footwear, folding or sliding look.As you can see, there are many types. The important thing is that it is waterproof and should keep your feet warm. It should be skin and have a protective structure to keep the foot warm. Weather conditions during the winter months, the other subject must have sliding properties due to the risk of slipping to the bottom a little bad might have bad results. We have a place in a small pond in front of the heel from the ground level with the heat of our feet wet part of us, in order to keep our clothes must be raised above average.We must pay attention to the choice of shoes for health! Shoes are one of the most important accessories. To find shoes that are stylish and comfortable, we must be careful. One of the real rules of life that everyone knows is health. Health begins to stand, and this is one of the realities of today. If you ask how we stay standing for long periods of time, do not feel like a part of our body, sometimes part of the leg can cause illness. To eliminate all these negatives, wear healthy orthopedic shoes.This is where the wrong choices for women begin. Choices that are not suitable for a person’s feet can have poor results and need to be of good quality and comfort so as not to be at the forefront of the selection. We shouldn’t compromise on quality. We must remember to use our health preference. We see them, and we also have health from the extensive mention of the fungal foot of the shoe, tightening our feet from discomfort will be adapted to the front, and we will look at the inside of the shoe with a round nose, if it was a protrusion on the inside of the foot.This projection is a projection supporting an area corresponding to a portion of the arch of the foot. Increasing comfort is prevented during walking and sports to prevent pain and fatigue. Comfort should be at the forefront and should not force your feet to walk. Women are pretty good at design, the types of shoes attract women. You must have technical knowledge as a priority for your design. Back, front, bottom is sold as fashionable. The design is quite complex. A woman or a man buys clothes according to his shoes or clothes Ur.Therefore, the designer should be everywhere. According to the words, according to what needs to be designed according to taste, should be determined. He must follow the fashion in detail. The model must be presented in a unique way. Another request of women is the lack of design. Although it is quite difficult, it is one of the wishes of women. When it comes to design, it can come to mind in ideas, it shouldn’t be seen in such ideas. Every style in every form of style may not like the same for every one in color.This must be done normally. The design of footwear placed on the market is usually presented in an integrated way from other models, creativity really comes into play here. Designers who have gone to extremes work very well here. Thus, the design of the products is pretty good and the different concepts can be easily adapted across different applications.

Buy wholesale shoes online from manufacturers

Shoes are a must.People will at least buy a pair of shoes. Most people only buy one pair of shoes of the same type, while some people collect them ..

However, although everyone has different needs for shoes, they all need to buy shoes, so shoes are tough. …

In addition, in the old days, the fashion trend of footwear is becoming more and more evident. Accordingly, shoes are fashion and there will always be a market.

In the olden days, businesses turned to online transactions to achieve dual-mode online and offline governance, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19.

as a result, online shoe shopping has become very popular all over the world .. And it’s a great idea to buy wholesale shoes online from manufacturers ..

For now, if you have shoe design, storage space, and a marketing strategy to lift shoe business, you can also order wholesale shoes online at the shoe manufacturers website.

Image taken from the official NIKE website.

But there are certain risks in online trading .. You can be fooled by shoe wholesalers acting as shoe manufacturers….

However, in reality, there is a difference between a shoe trade and a manufacturer.

Shoe wholesalers only provide wholesale stock, but reliable shoe manufacturers such as XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY can offer you OEM & ODM service. We can provide custom shoe making service and private label designer services.

Anyone who wants to order shoes can contact us in the following ways: Email: [email protected] or call: (86) 0592 2685659.

Here’s a guide to learn more about the process of selecting the best wholesale shoe manufacturers ..

Wholesale online shoes from Chinese manufacturers

Image via NIKE official website.

Nowadays, most of the shoppers use the Internet to buy wholesale footwear online to save money ..

There are several advantages of using the Internet to wholesale footwear from manufacturers…. You can go to the internet and buy shoes at the best price ..

You can get great discounts when buying enough shoes .. If you need to buy wholesale shoes, you can find shoe manufacturers online.

As far as I understand, the most direct way is to search on google, you can find many shoe manufacturers, but the information on it needs to be verified.

Then is it worth buying wholesale shoes from Chinese shoe manufacturers ?? My answer is “Of course.” Buy shoes wholesale from manufacturers in China…. There are three reasons:

The most important, as we well know, products made in China are scattered all over the world. And China has been the world’s largest footwear base since the 1990s .. If you want your store to be the next Nike or Adidas, you can rely on Chinese shoe factories to produce premium footwear for the world’s biggest brands. Many of the world’s leading footwear brands such as Nike and Adidas manufacture shoes in Chinese factories and purchase in bulk at wholesale prices….

Secondly, it is a well-known fact that labor in China is relatively cheap, which reduces the cost of manufacturing wholesale goods in China .. In addition, everything from raw materials to equipment for making shoes is made in China. wholesale price. The quality of Chinese footwear depends on the buyer’s needs and budget.

Last but not least, Chinese footwear manufacturers have invested heavily in quality assurance of their products…. Their goal is to provide all partners with footwear that meets the highest quality standards and to offer them the best prices. In the footwear industry in China, there is a wide variety of qualities, products, and materials, making it easy for you to buy footwear. Hence, here you can order shoes from a shoe factory in Quanzhou ..

What to expect from Chinese shoe manufacturers?

Image taken from the official NIKE website.

Chinese shoe factories mainly produce sneakers., rubber shoes, casual shoes, and textile shoes. From sneakers to casual shoes and hiking shoe manufacturers, the Chinese shoe industry is really huge and the Chinese shoe manufacturers are really versatile .. Our XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY is mainly engaged in the production of private label shoe designs, mainly including mid and high running shoes. class, sneakers, casual shoes, and hiking shoes.

According to statistics General Administration of Customs of China , from the point of view of exporting countries (and regions), the USA is the most important export market for Chinese sports shoes.accounting for about 40% of exports of sports shoes from China. About 70% of the shoes sold in the US are made in China. The China Footwear Association has over 500 member companies including Wal-Mart, Nike, Crocs, Stephen Madden, and others.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Chinese footwear manufacturers are producing premium footwear. In fact, as long as you want to make shoes, there is nothing that cannot be made by Chinese shoe manufacturers. Basically, there is no need to worry about it.Your challenge is what to consider about Chinese footwear manufacturers and how to choose the best Chinese footwear manufacturers?

What should you consider when choosing Chinese footwear manufacturers?

Image taken from the official NIKE website.

1. Demonstration of knowledge and experience

Want a factory that will answer all your questions and complete the entire shoe making process? This requires a shoe factory with sufficient knowledge and experience to meet your requirements…. Can a shoe factory advise the source of the materials? For the shoe making process, can it meet customers’ requirements? Shoe manufacturers have extensive knowledge and experience to better navigate and help customers receive love and greet the public ..

2.Technical Capabilities

Technical Capabilities of Chinese Shoe Manufacturers Not Same and it is very important to find shoe factories with their own R&D departments…. This is the only way we can better serve you, sew shoes and provide technical assistance. Find out about the shoes the factory has placed online and look for products that are very similar to yours .. This will ensure they understand your market and better help you succeed ..


Whether it is a shoe manufacturer or a manufacturer of other categories, reputation is very important. A “business card” is presented.So we need to be clear about whether a shoe manufacturer’s factory works for big brands or retailers.? Are there any regulatory fines or violations? What is his labor policy and how high is the staff turnover? It is very important for every shopper to find a shoe manufacturer that you can trust.

Image taken from the official NIKE website.

My advice is to find reliable shoe manufacturers who own a shoe factory where he can not only have the tools you need, but also help you produce great products as a partner.

Often, factories can help you in many aspects, not just the manufacture and assembly of parts. General purpose factories are not that well versed in the nuances of what the product is made of .. Therefore, you should try to find shoe factories that make shoes similar to yours ..

You can find Chinese shoe manufacturers here. Our XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY is specialized in the production of designer private label shoes. We have rich knowledge and experience, advanced technology and a good reputation.Our factory has more than ten years of experience in shoe manufacturing and has its own shoe research and development department .. It surpasses many other similar shoe factories in technical power .. It has collaborated with many famous private label designer brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Dollar General, Kmart, and some other brands. Besides shoes, we can offer customers a lot of help ..

How to choose the best Chinese shoe manufacturers?

Image taken from the official NIKE website.

When creating your own shoe brand, be sure to choose the best Chinese shoe factory .. Moreover, you need to find high quality shoe manufacturers from whom you can wholesale at a bargain price.

Here are the steps you need to follow to buy in bulk from shoe manufacturers:

1.Best Shoes to Buy Online

It doesn’t matter if you are a wholesaler or the owner of a shoe need to know which shoes are selling well. Women ’fashion shoes and casual shoes are in high demand, while men’ sportswear, sports and hiking shoes are in high price. According to the changing fashion trend, you need to know how many shoes you need to order and in which shoe niche you must create a monopoly to become a major shoe seller.

If there are women’s shoes, you can choose the most attractive shoes so that customers “WANT TO BUY.”

Chinese footwear manufacturers produce shoes of medium and high quality, so the cost of wholesale purchases from them varies accordingly…. If you have your own brand, you can go to the Top Shoes factory to produce your own brand shoes.

2. Understand Quality Control

If the shoe manufacturers know what you really need, you can simplify the buying process and get more profit. As far as the materials from which the shoes are made, you must make sure that the quality of the shoes you want matches your satisfaction…. As a buyer, you must clearly understand that quality defects found in the shoes will force the buyer to return them. When you choose a Chinese shoe manufacturer, they will help you to accept or reject a sample of the shoes the first time. Also, you can tell them in advance what lack of shoes you can put up with. The shoe manufacturers will help you check if the sample is up to date when it’s ready, which will save you a lot of hassle.

3.Search Online and Offline

You can search online platforms such as Google and social media for the best Chinese shoe manufacturers that produce private label shoes as well as on online platforms like Aliexpress.,, Made in China and eBay. Offline, Chinese shoe manufacturers can be found at trade shows in China, the United States and all over the world. Offline, Chinese shoe manufacturers can also be found at trade shows in China, the United States and all over the world. Once you are sure which shoes you want to buy, you can search for wholesale shoe manufacturers, authentic shoe manufacturers, private label shoe manufacturers and bespoke shoe manufacturers. We are a factory to deal with private label shoes, mainly including sneakers, trainers, casual shoes and hiking shoes.

4.Variety of footwear produced

Quanzhou City, China is a center for the production of sports shoes, sneakers, casual shoes and hiking shoes. From sports shoe manufacturers, casual shoe manufacturers, hiking shoe manufacturers and other footwear manufacturers, here you can find factories specializing in the shoes you design…. Some factories only wholesale pre-designed shoes, while the best factories may offer private label designer shoes service.

Usually, a shoe company in China has a high MOQ to start a shoe business – it is quite expensive. However, if you are starting a new shoe brand or just starting a shoe business, you can choose a shoe factory with a lower minimum order quantity.However, if you are starting a new shoe brand or just starting a shoe business, you can choose low MOQ shoe manufacturers. In general, our shoe factory has a minimum order quantity of 1500 pairs of athletic shoes and 500 pairs of leather shoes to start (the order quantity will vary depending on the specific shoe style.). If you are starting a new business, please contact us.

6. Production C is the number of goods or services that a shoe factory can offer with the available resources…. This usually refers to design capacity, effective capacity, and actual output. Design capability refers to the maximum productivity that can be achieved. Effective power is the maximum volume that can be produced under constraints such as quality requirements, machine maintenance, and planning considerations. The actual result refers to the actual result achieved. It is usually lower than the effective power due to mechanical failure….

Insufficient capacity will result in decreased delivery performance, increased product inventory, and frustration for production staff. This can lead to lower customer satisfaction and lower margins. On the other hand, excess production capacity will impose an unnecessary cost burden on the shoe factory. Capacity planning contributes to the optimal use of resources. All in all, a good shoe factory produces about 2,500 pairs of sports shoes per day, and the quality of the shoes must also meet the inspection standard.

7.p unusual D

Delivering goods to the ideal location plays a vital role in providing a good competitive advantage for a shoe factory. Timely delivery can increase customer satisfaction.Not only will they be happy to receive their goods on time, but the friendly express service will make the delivery process a pleasure. Without force majeure, if a factory cannot deliver the goods on time, it will not only face a compensation problem, but more importantly, the credibility of the factory. Once the reputation is lost, the future development of the company is worrisome. Therefore, we must choose a shoe factory with high productivity and punctual delivery. By doing this, the risk will be relatively small.

Today’s shoppers are hard to please. In a highly competitive market, it is essential to provide high quality customer service. The high quality of customer service in line depends on the production capacity and on-time delivery provided by the seller.

XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY has partnered with many private brands and helped design and manufacture shoes. Long-term delivery delays are rare, such as around the Spring Festival, factory times are very tight and delivery may be delayed.In this case, we will inform the client half a month in advance, and discuss with the client and propose solutions to minimize losses for the client.

There are 8 production lines in our factory, and each production line produces about 2200-2500 pairs of sports shoes per day. Our factory is engaged in the production of FILA shoes., So you can be sure of the quality of your shoes. Our minimum order quantity is 1500 pairs of sports shoes and 500 pairs of leather shoes. If there are thousands of pairs of shoes in the order, our factory can definitely ship on schedule.Timely delivery is always the goal of our factory .. Trust me, you will get many big surprises if you cooperate with us!

Image taken from NIKE official website.

In addition, contact manufacturers to find out if they manufacture or sell only pre-designed products. Usually, reliable shoe manufacturers can provide a selection of custom-made shoes and can provide their own brand as they have their own factories.Usually, shoe wholesalers on Aliexpress pretend to be shoe manufacturers, which can be more expensive than dealing with shoe manufacturers directly.

Therefore, it is better to deal directly with the manufacturers. If you don’t know how to find Chinese shoe manufacturers, you can view this article on How to Find Reliable China Shoes Suppliers page to master several methods of finding them.

If you want to create a reliable brand, you must ensure the quality of the raw materials from which the shoes are made.If you are just a wholesaler selling shoes at reasonable prices, you can choose the quality of the shoes based on your availability and profit ratio.

In the world, you need to inquire about cost from shoe manufacturers, quality of raw materials, samples, designs, production time, etc., so that you can know how long it will take to open your new business.

Pros and cons of mass buying shoes on the Internet

Image taken from the official NIKE website.

With the popularity of e-commerce, online shopping is very popular, so buying shoes in bulk from manufacturers has become an option for many buyers .. But only knowing the pros and cons of something, you can make a better choice .. Here are the pros and cons of buying wholesale shoes directly from manufacturer .:


* Flexible online time.

* More measurable and traceable tools.

* Best cash flow.

* Economical and affordable prices.

* High working efficiency.

* There are many different types of footwear on the Internet and detailed information on the technical characteristics of the footwear ..

* Shoe styles can be quickly updated online ..

* Quality and budget can in principle be determined.

* Get your own custom brand shoe making


* Difficult to find suitable shoe manufacturers.

* High MOQ may be more expensive.

* Quality control problems may occur.

* Customized and branded footwear can be more expensive.

* Every pair of shoes produced by a shoe manufacturer must undergo a proper inspection ..

In short, I personally recommend buying wholesale shoes online directly from the manufacturers .. Although there are several problems, I believe that this can be solved in some ways.

Are you looking for Chinese footwear manufacturers ?? Work with us!

XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY is one of the leading shoe manufacturer in China, certified by ISO9001 quality management system. Produces a wide range of footwear .. Our export department accepts international footwear orders. At XIN DE SHENG shoe manufacturers, we have been designing and manufacturing shoes for centuries. XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY is located in Jinjiang City.- “The Shoe Capital of China”, with a convenient transport interchange.

We have a perfect and mature management system in our factory. We have professional teams in charge of research and development, production, quality control, marketing, service and logistics. We have more than 1000 products to meet the needs of our customers and new shoes are updated every month on our website. Our main clients are from USA and EU countries, such as Tommy Hilfiger, MMK, Target, 4F, La Hire, Victor, Dollar General, Kmart, Lotto and other private label designer brands.

We can provide you with ODM & OEM customized shoes and private label shoes, such as sports shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, LED shoes, sneakers, kids shoes, leather shoes and so on. We have been in the footwear industry for 20 years and have helped so many private label brands develop shoes and open outsole .. In general, the minimum order quantity for our shoe factory is 1500 pairs of sports shoes and 500 pairs of leather shoes to start.And the order quantity will vary with different styles of shoes .. You can contact us to discuss the details.

We are very familiar with the US and EU quality compliance and requirements .. We can meet even the most stringent testing requirements in Germany and Turkey.! FILA shoes from Japan, which have the most stringent quality requirements for footwear in the world, are manufactured in our factory. We are trusted! The quality of shoes is also guaranteed in our factory…. Facing rapid changes in the global manufacturing industry, we always have a positive attitude towards the market and challenges!

The price of making shoes is slightly above average because our factory is relatively large, with hundreds of employees, so the management costs are high. Moreover, we have our own laboratory of constant temperature and humidity, which is not available in many factories.

We can test every pair of shoes instead of looking for a testing agency to test them.That is to say, we can guarantee the quality of the shoes and save a lot of hassle. Every shoe in our production line will be tested by 100% full inspector and third-party testing facility, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the shoe. We strongly believe: innovation to capture the market, quality to gain trust.

If you want to create your own shoe brand, it is better to cooperate with shoe manufacturers rather than wholesalers from China. We provide custom and private label shoe making services…. Please do not forget to contact us if you have any needs. We are a shoe manufacturer in China – XIN DE SHENG SHOE FACTORY. Welcome to contact and cooperate with us!

Final Thoughts

Image taken from NIKE official website.

There are hundreds of high quality footwear manufacturers in China who are ready to welcome customers from all over the world. Many footwear importers buy shoes from Chinese manufacturers at affordable prices.

For startups and wholesale footwear distributors, buying shoes online from manufacturers is always the best choice. Even if you buy a lot of shoes for resale, it is very important to find reliable Chinese shoe manufacturers.

Contact us to wholesale shoes and start a new business with less cost .. I firmly believe that when you receive samples of your custom shoes or private label designer shoes, you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment.

In a nutshell, for more information on Chinese footwear manufacturers, you can visit our online store for more information. If you have any questions, please leave us a message! Thanks!

Italian and German leather shoes wholesale

German shoes SIOUX

SIOUX are women’s and men’s shoes of increased comfort, which are suitable even for problem feet and, nevertheless, follow all fashion trends. The brand has existed since 1954 and is very popular in Europe.In the past, Sioux was part of the well-known concern Salamander and therefore a great emphasis in the collection has always been placed on footwear that is in demand on the Russian market.

Since 2008 Westcorn LLC has been carrying out wholesale supplies of Sioux footwear, including small batches of 30 pairs or more. A wholesale order of shoes from Germany can be made even from 1 pair per model. This makes it possible to present a wide range of models in the store.

Italian Relaxshoe Shoes

RELAXSHOE – comfortable women’s leather shoes of true Italian design at an affordable price.This is a family-owned company with its own production, which has excellently established itself both in Europe and in many other countries of the world. Shoes from Italy by RELAXSHOE cannot be classified as high fashion, but they are beautiful and stylish shoes for all occasions – both casual and smart and for leisure. All models have one thing in common – they are very comfortable, they do not hurt legs, you want to wear such shoes all the time.

Our company is the exclusive distributor of this brand and has been carrying out wholesales of Italian Relaxshoe shoes in Russia since 2011.Purchase orders are accepted at seasonal shoe exhibitions or in our company’s showroom.

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The most famous actor and director in Germany, Til Schweiger, together with the designers of the SIOUX team, has created his own shoe collection

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Since 2008, the company “VESTKORN” has been engaged in the wholesale of comfortable Italian and German shoes, shoe care products, insoles, laces and other accessories for shoes, as well as orthopedic products.

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