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Can I purchase sewing equipment from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Find everything that you need for your next sewing project in our extensive sewing equipment range at Spotlight. Whether you are a beginner to the craft or a seasoned pro, then check out our fabulous collection of sewing equipment, including sewing machines, overlockers, quilting machines and more, as well as all the necessary tools and accessories that you will need to use them. With such a wide choice available, plus our guaranteed low prices across the entire collection, Spotlight is the number one shopping destination for all your haberdashery needs.

What is included in this range?

This range includes the extensive selection of sewing equipment that we have available at Spotlight, with an array of machines, tools, and sewing essentials that can only enhance your sewing skills. This eclectic mix includes a wide range of sewing machines, from the affordable budget machine that is ideal for odd jobs and repairs to a high-end model that can cope with professional demand. Overlockers are used to overcast, seam and trim raw edges, and there are several different options to choose from. Alternately, one of the embroidery machines in this collection would be Shop bobbins, lights and feet and guides, or check out our superb selection of dressmaking models, steam irons, dust covers and more.

What do I need to consider when choosing a new sewing machine?

Whether you are looking for your very first machine or looking to upgrade your old one, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase. It is important to think about your budget and choose a sewing machine that has been designed for you. Sewing equipment has hit the 21st century, with a wide range of machines that use computerised technology to ensure accuracy and precision. However, if you are only just starting out, or you are looking for a machine for quick repairs and off jobs, you may prefer to choose one of the more traditional options.

Alternately, if you are a keen dressmaker, look for the features that you will require for your projects, for example, a good buttonhole mechanism is a necessity or a free arm if you wish to sew anything with sleeves or pockets. There are so many features to look out for, with feet that create different effects, decorative stitches, overlocker options and more. We recommend choosing a sewing machine that features a selection of different stitches and stitches widths. The more ambitious your projects are, the more features you are likely to use!

How should I care for my sewing machine?

The manner that you clean your new sewing machine may differ depending on which of our range you have chosen, and we always advise that you read the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin. It is essential that you clean your sewing machine regularly as the build-up of dust and lint can affect the machine’s overall performance.

When it is not in use, ensure that you keep it covered with an appropriate dust cover, with some of our products having this included. We also recommend that you take your sewing machine to be serviced, around once a year, to maintain performance for longer. Sewing machines are a great tool to have in your arson, and with just a bit of practice, some tender loving care, and a little bit of practice, you will soon be sewing like a pro.

Shop Overlock Sewing Machines Online

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Overlockers

Once you become more proficient at sewing with your sewing machine, you may consider purchasing an overlocker at one point. Overlockers may look like sewing machines with a few extra spools, they actually have a specific purpose. If you are looking into overlockers and want to learn more about them, be sure to read through our easy guide below.

What Does An Overlocker Do?

An overlocker is a specialist sewing machine. When you feed fabric through an overlocker, it will trim the edges of the fabric automatically. It will also create a special wrap of thread around the edges, giving you a cleaner finish when you join fabric together. This effect can be a lot harder to achieve on a regular sewing machine and requires considerable skill. Therefore, crafters will often look to obtain an overlocker to save some valuable time.

What Is The Difference Between A Regular Sewing Machine And An Overlocker?

Upon first glance, there may not seem too much of a difference between a regular sewing machine and an overlocker. However, the overlocker can do something that a regular sewing machine can’t do. In fact, the overlocker is king at the so-called stretch stitch.

Doing a stretch stitch on a regular sewing machine can be next to impossible. Most stretch stitches on a normal sewing machine will part easily. Applying these stretch stitches with a regular sewing machine can also take a very long time, so many crafters often fear patterns with stretch stitches.

Fortunately, stretch stitches are not a problem for a good overlocker. Crafters can easily work with stretchy fabrics and their accompanying stretch stitches. They will also find that the finish with an overlocker is a lot cleaner and more professional-looking.

What Is The Significance Of The Extra Thread On An Overlocker?

When you look at an overlocker machine, you will notice it has the room for many additional spools of thread. The average overlocker will use between two and five thread spools, which in turn will create the specific stitch this sewing machine is associated with.

As a crafter, you can usually choose how many threads you use on your overlocker. Most crafters will recommend using four threads for a good stretch stitch. Using four threads will give you a durable stretch stitch that does not come apart while wearing your clothing. While you could get away with using three threads, using four threads is a much safer option.

What Stitches Can I Do With An Overlocker?

We already mentioned the stretch stitch in great detail, but there are other stitches that can be done with an overlocker. Here are some of the main stitches you can do.

Flatlock: The flatlock is a technique used to join the edges of two separate pieces of fabric. The benefit of the flatlock technique or stitching is that it leaves a clean seam without any unnecessary bulk.

The narrow hem: When you use an overlocker, you can use a narrow hem as well. The benefit of using the narrow hem is that it looks more discreet on apparel. So, if you don’t like overstated hems, then the narrow hem with your overlocker will be perfect.

The rolled hem: This hem is done with three threads and creates a slight rolled effect. Like the narrow hem, it provides you with a different finish than the standard hem you would do with a regular sewing machine.

The cover stitch: Some overlockers are able to do a cover stitch, which is basically a wide hem. However, consider that you may have to change settings and some of the configuration of your overlocker. The ease with which you do this does depend on the features of your overlocker. If you struggle with the cover stitch, you can also obtain a specialist sewing machine for this.

Affordable Overlockers At Spotlight

At Spotlight, you can take advantage of various overlocker machines. We provide them in various designs and with countless features, so you are bound to find something that matches your crafting preferences. We also provide some matching accessories and spools of thread, so be sure to check out the other sections on our website too.

What Is The Best Sewing Machine In Nz

What Is The Best Sewing Machine In Nz

Are you a seamstress, a quilter, dressmaker, crafter, or a sewing fanatic? Whichever title fits you best, you are an artist waiting to develop your newest work of art with specific textile, colors of thread and also distinct styles. You are one of the special people that produce beautiful art via the eye of the stitching needle. What Is The Best Sewing Machine In Nz

Stitching is fun and also rewarding. From making easy things to producing skillful imaginative attached garments, it all starts with an suggestion, a pattern, color options, styles as well as obviously, a great embroidery device. Picking the appropriate sewing equipment will certainly conserve you time, power and also maintain disappointments away.

If you are a beginner, just starting to dabble in the remarkable world of stitching, or a skilled veteran, picking the proper embroidery device is extremely important. Prior to you also think about a particular sewing maker, ask on your own what kind of sewage system you are or imagine to be?

After that you should determine what features are important to you and also your price array. Understanding your needs beforehand will help you select the very best maker for you.

There are basically two kinds of stitching devices: Mechanical and Electronic. A mechanical equipment will need you to set and also control the controls by hand, doing standard stitching tasks such as threading the needle, sew length, hemming, producing buttonholes together with fundamental upkeep.

An electronic sewing machine will automate many of the basic features listed above, have an easily read LED display screen, offer functions that are not readily available on a mechanical machine as well as ease the concern of laborious stitching work.

A couple of features that are suitable are integrated lights to help with stitching darker things and also for sewing during the night, a cost-free arm for hemming, cuff sewing and also sleeves, blind stitching, buttonhole ability, a string cutter, and also a needle threader.

A variety of adaptable presser feet are indispensable to manage just how the fabric is being held and also relocating as you are stitching to avoid puckering as well as unattractive extending of knit textiles and also various other great products. The finished item will look extra expert and also attractive.

I would rule out any type of device that does not come geared up with at least 6-10 built-in stitches, a zipper foot, cost-free arm, drop-in bobbin, and buttonhole maker that sews a buttonhole, preferably in one action removing the demand for you to quit, turn the fabric as well as adjust the dial. What Is The Best Sewing Machine In Nz

Whether mechanical or electronic, each one will certainly have fundamental attributes and stitch features that will permit you to sew a selection of textiles making use of straight or zigzag stitches and sew lengths. Do not be pleased with the standard performance however look past to the added features and also devices that makes each sewing maker distinct to satisfy the needs you will place on it.

You must likewise ask how effective the motor is, the amount of stitches per minute, and how it is constructed. The motor is the life of any embroidery maker. You do not wish to get captured without adequate power to complete your work.

Every stitching maker will have some plastic outside. However, if you are mosting likely to stitch quite a bit, you should check out the indoor framework and also layout. Plastic interiors have a tendency to malfunction as well as flex while embroidery, which can cause the needle to move. On the other hand, a metal frame interior will provide years of sturdiness as well as accurate sewing.

I would be remiss if I did not touch on service warranties. While not common, periodically a stitching maker will damage or malfunction. It is essential to know what the warranty covers as well as for for how long. It is best to be prepared needs to a situation develop that needs interest beyond simple maintenance.

Let us take a look at certain stitching machines and that they are customized for.

Best 7 Machines for Sewing Reviewed

 Allow us  take a look at  particular sewing machines  as well as  that they are  customized for.

Singer Confidence Sewing Machine (7363)

A nice beginner version is aptly called the ” Self-confidence” by as it has all the features needed to offer you all the confidence you need to create great tasks. The 7363 design includes push-button stitch option, 30 integrated stitches, lock sewing for decorative sewing, automatic threader, stress control, and also 1-step buttonhole manufacturer. What Is The Best Sewing Machine In Nz

The framework is made out of steel giving general toughness. This machine will expand with any beginner, from simple tasks to a lot more complicated ones. supplies a 25-year restricted service warranty and also a range of handy on-line video tutorials on using the device basics in addition to pointers and also tricks to make stitching simpler.

Singer 1304 Start Sewing Machine

also offers the 1304 ” Beginning” stitching machine that anybody starting to sew must think about acquiring. This is a economical fundamental machine created with a strong steel structure. Even though it only has 6 built-in stitches, various other attributes make this equipment rewarding so you can simply begin stitching instantly.

The pre-programmed stitch lengths as well as size take the uncertainty out of establishing the dials correctly. The zigzag as well as straight stitching allows you to dabble in sewing appliques or adding a ornamental scallop to the material. The cost-free arm enables you to hem garments or deal with cuffs and also collars.

With dual spool pins, you can sew with a twin needle to increase sew in one pass. It has very easy threading as well as bobbin winding along with an LED light. It is lightweight as well as can be taken anywhere.

Singer 2010 Superb Computerized Sewing Machine

For the more advanced drain and those seeking to move up to the following level of stitching with haute couture as your area of focus, after that the Singer 2010 Superb Computerized Stitching Machine will certainly spur your creative thinking.

The Singer Superb is a full-featured top notch model with incredibly great stitch top quality. It supplies 210 built-in stitches, flexible speed, automatic needle threading and 10 presser feet for the liberty to allow your creativity radiate in your ended up task.

The 10 various presser feet variety, consisting of those made use of for zippers, hemming, and buttonholes, along with a drop-in bobbin as well as etched markings on the needle plate for a sewing guide. This device can stitch 750 stitches per minute at maximum speed.

Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Vocalist likewise has a very wonderful heavy-duty sewing equipment if you are sewing many layers of fabric, jeans, plastic, canvas, cushions, draperies or developing outfits. The Vocalist heavy-duty 4452 stitching maker is among the very best on the marketplace.

It has a powerful motor, dimension 16 resilient needles and also a non-stick foot that slides along the textile as opposed to binding and also drawing it. It can stitch any sort of material, routine material in addition to sturdy. Singer innovation supplies a wonderful sewing application to offer support as well as aid anytime. What Is The Best Sewing Machine In Nz

Specialty machines

Brother SE625 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

If embroidery is your wish plus embroidery, the Brother SE625 is particularly for needlework. This machine has numerous superior features that consist of 80 integrated designs besides having a USB drive to integrate your very own designs. The Brother website also offers a plethora of options for this equipment.

It has a shade wise touch screen display screen to sneak peek your work. Layout features include the capacity to alter string shades in a style, usage specialty letters, monogram and so far more. There are 103 integrated stitches and 7 quick-change stress feet.

A brilliant workspace is included with an automatic needle threader as well as free-motion embroidery is critical to stitching, crafts, and also fashion. What is neat is the integrated tutorials that can be seen directly on the sewing machine’s screen. Making customized clothing and also gifts is just the begin of the things you can do with this stitching device.

Bernina 350 Patchwork Edition Sewing & Quilting Machine

Advancement quilters and embroiderers will definitely fall for the Bernina 530 sewing equipment. The Bernina name alone is quality and this machine will bring out creativity. Supplying 148 stitches, the innovative sewage system can start any type of embroidery, quilting job while still having the capability of all basic common stitching.

If you are a current sewer looking for a top of the line stitching maker upgrade, look no more than at Bernina equipments.

The Bernina 530 has 11 different needle positions, suitable stitch control, optional stitch regulatory authority and also an automatic one-step buttonhole manufacturer that gives you, the designer, control over all your projects. It has a simple control board for fast access to the setups as well as patterns.

This equipment is a magnificent sewing device that can withstand continuous usage and offers exceptional functions for a professional sewer. Associated with top quality, this luxury device provides needlework, quilting, as well as conventional sewing abilities.

With a library of 148 stitches, 9 buttonhole options, as well as four sewing alphabets, this maker allows you to produce your very own mixes of designs by remembering your precise stitch specifications and also fabrics in the onboard memory.

Brother CS-5055 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway 50 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Another specialized embroidery machine is a Serger. A serger is distinctly different from a regular stitching maker insofar as the serger stitches and also cuts the product at the same time. You can consider it a certain style of stitching machine that is commonly described as an overlock embroidery maker. A serger uses 3 or 4 strings to produce a secured stitch at a faster sewing rate. Babylock has been a leader in serger modern technology. It is best for finishing garment sides, rolled hemming and Flatlock stitching. Plainly created for the innovative individual.

The Bro CS-5055 Job Runway 50 Stitch Computerized Embroidery Maker is aptly called due to the fact that this sewing machine can take your embroidery, fashion, and accessory designs to the next level. With 87 Built-in stitches as well as 5 styles of buttonhole options, all will see your magnificently inspired original layouts. What Is The Best Sewing Machine In Nz

Despite your experience, there is a sewing machine that meets your requirements and also your spending plan. Singer, Bernina, Sibling, and Babylock are all popular quality suppliers of sewing makers that have functions that will take your creativity to the next degree.

All the sewing machines detailed can be discovered at where the specialist personnel can assist you with any inquiries and get the best stitching equipment to you quickly. There is no requirement to await your desire sewing device. If you can picture it, you can create it, and also we can put the ideal sewing maker in your hands today.

Discover your creative thinking today.

 Visit today.

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Heavy duty industrial sewing machines in New Zealand

Heavy duty industrial sewing machines in New Zealand

In past over 10 years, so we have sold below heavy industrial sewing machines to New Zealand:

71008R Heavy duty automatic rope sewing machine:

Heavy duty rope end bar-tacking machine for manufacturing climbing ropes, safety ropes, harness, sterling ropes, cord, industrial ropes, climbing gear, mooring rope, rigging rope and other fiber ropes. It is capable of stitching 2 ropes together with each of 6-18 mm(diameter).

Click here for video

This rope sewing machine purchased by a designer and manufacturer of premium quality health and safety equipment in Wanganui, New Zealand. And a manufacturer of safety equipment, climbing and rigging gear in Auckland, New Zealand.

366-76-12-HM long arm heavy duty zigzag sail making sewing machine:

Sailmaster 366-76-12-M is recognized as the ultimate sail maker sewing machine currently available. Standard supplied with 4 cams for straight stitch, 1-step (2-points), 2-step (3-points), 3-step (4-points) zigzag, cover all demands of modern sail making industry.

Click here for video

This sail sewing machine ordered by Doyle Sailsmaker in Avondale-New Zealand, and Specialtysail loft in Auckland – New Zealand.

72600PLK Extra heavy duty high speed automatic webbing sewing machine for harnesses & slings:

This heavy duty programmable webbing sewing machine adopts extra large rotary hook and bobbin capacity (6 times bigger than normal) reduces the number of bobbin changes even for thick thread Metric #10, V277, T-270, 840dx3. Can easily sew 2-3 ply high-density synthetic slings (with each 3.5mm) together, in the production of cargo lashing straps, lifting slings, parachutes harness, backpack straps, military gear, harness and fall protection equipment.

Click here for video

This automatic webbing harness sewing machine purchased by a large manufacturer of premium quality health and safety equipment in Wanganui, New Zealand.

9518-30 Long arm zigzag sail sewing machine for spinnakers and windsurf sail:

Designed for light to medium weight spinnakers, windsurf sail and up to heavy sails, using thread sizes V46, V69 and V92 and capable of stitching materials up to 7 mm. With 4 cams for straight stitch, 1-step, 2-step and 3-step zigzag, cover all demands of modern sail making industry.

Click here for video

This spinnakers sewing machine purchased byDoyle Sailsmaker inAvondale-New Zealand,Specialtysail maker in Auckland – New Zealand, a industrial sewing machine dealer in Auckland – New Zealand, and a sail loft in Taranaki, New Zealand for makingwindsurfer, kite surfing and sailing dinghy sails.

CB4500 Heavy duty leather sewing machine for saddlery and harness — Sews saddle and harness better than any other stitcher built today!

his machine has become the standard in the saddle and harness industry. It has been widely used for stitching bullet loops, saddle skirts, headstalls, halters, breatstcollars, holsters, knife sheaths, chaps, knee pads, covered stirrups, gun belts, cases and other leather craft.

Click here for video

This saddlery sewing machine purchased by a saddlery shops in Wellington, New Zealand.

CowBoy OUTLAW Manual leather sewing machine for sheaths, holster and leather crafts

This affordable hand crank leather sewing machine is an economical alternative to heavy duty motor industrial sewing machines for gun holsters making, knife sheaths, leather bags, leather belts and manufacturers of harnesses. Designed to provide years of dependable trouble free operation, the OUTLAW is destined to become a mainstay in your arsenal of leather working tools.

It is also the best leather sewing machine for the beginners.

Click here for video

S700 Hot air PVC welding machine for inflatable product:

Hot air welding machine is rotary hot air sealing machine to join thermoplastic fabrics and industrial fabrics, such as: PVC, PU, PE etc. Ideal for manufacturing inflatable boat, inflatable tents, pvc ventilation pipe, pvc duct pipe, inflatable castle, and inflatable advertising.

Click here for video

This hot air inflatable welding machine purchased by a inflatable boats manufactured inAuckland – New Zealand.

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Once vaccine targets are hit, lockdowns are supposed to end. Some states are unsure.

Infected essential workers numbers crucial, expert says

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A ‘network’ of essential workers falling ill a big concern, Covid-19 modeller warns.

‘The hurricane is almost here’: Kiwi family in New Orleans hunker down for Ida

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They tried to leave but couldn’t get a car.


Opinion: ‘Clock is ticking’ – what Covid is doing to business

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Businesses are caught in the middle of a number of challenges, write Mark Riggall.

Police attend ‘serious incident’ at Rotorua home

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Police were called to a Rimu St property just after 10.30am today.

Dr Richard Webby: ‘We’ll all catch Covid-19 eventually’

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Dr Webby knows a thing or two about big, bad diseases.


Cecilia Robinson: No room for anti-vaxxers, conspirators or sceptics in team of five million

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Cecilia Robinson writes that vaccination is the only way out of lockdown.

Live: MIQ worker tests positive; 73 essential workers infected; experts at odds over rising cases – ‘some people are seeing all sorts of dragons’

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With another 82 cases on Saturday, expert wants to see cases start coming down now.

manual for a driven car, antique models with a curbstone, Chinese and Soviet mechanical typewriters

Sewing machine

In the middle of the 19th century, it was not affordable for everyone to sew a thing to order or to repair it, since the services of tailors were expensive. Fortunately, a foot sewing machine appeared, which made life easier for many housewives. Over time, she began to improve, which helped create real masterpieces.


A foot sewing machine does not have many functions and stitches to be used in special ateliers. But for work at home, such a machine was the best option. Working with a foot drive, hands remained free, which made it possible to speed up the sewing process and improve the quality of the product.

It is known that the creator of this model was Isaac Singer . It was he who made it so that the tailors could move the fabric in different directions and create unusual seams. With the advent of the foot drive, the seams became longer, which made work faster.

And it was also known that before Singer there were other creators of foot-operated sewing machines, but they never made it into history. The fact is that for the official approval of the manufacture of machines, it was necessary to pay for a patent, which Isaac’s predecessors did not do and became supporters of the creation of new models.

The designer of the machine made the needle move vertically instead of horizontally as in previous models. Then he improved the device with a special foot, which was held by a gear wheel. Due to these mechanisms, the fabric was fixed and moved freely in the direction in which the tailors would direct it.

Three years after the creation of his first model, Singer founded his company , where improved models were already created, with which it was possible to make complex seams and do it much faster.Over time, cars began to be sold in installments, this was done so that not only rich, but also ordinary people could afford them. That is why the company gained immense popularity, and several years after the opening of the first factory, others appeared, moreover, in different countries.

It is worth noting that Isaac did his best: after all, the first mechanical sewing machine with a foot drive appeared in the middle of the 19th century, and some models still work.

Operating instructions

Many housewives still have foot sewing machines, but not everyone knows its instructions for use.

  1. First you need to get the machine itself, which is built into the table-cabinet . To do this, the front valve rises, the machine head is pulled out, and to make it stable, the valve is lowered.
  2. There is a starter wheel rim that goes with chute . A round belt is put on it, connecting the flywheel pulley with the starting one. Due to this, rotation occurs.
  3. During operation, constantly press the foot pedals , due to which the oscillatory movement occurs. Thus, the connecting rod and crank begins to rotate, they, in turn, engage the starter wheel.
  4. To thread, rewind the thread from the spool to the bobbin .To do this, the coil is installed on the upper pin of the machine. Next, thread the upper thread, thread and pull the lower thread. Finally, the upper and lower threads must be passed by the foot.

When working with such a machine, it is worth following the safety rules.

  • Watch your arms and legs at all times. If the movements are asynchronous, then you can spoil the material.
  • After finishing work, the belt must be removed using a special cutter, and can only be put on before starting sewing. During work, you must not hold it so as not to get injured.
  • When threading the needle, watch your feet – they should not be on the pedal.

If you follow all safety rules, then the finished item can be sewn in a short time.

At first it will be quite difficult for a beginner to work with a foot-operated sewing machine. Therefore, , in order to learn how to control the movement of arms and legs, for a start it is worth learning this idle, that is, just work out the movements of the pedals.


The foot sewing machine is rather bulky, and in the event of a breakdown it is inconvenient to drag it to the workshop. Therefore, those who still use this model should know how to repair it at home.

  • Loosening screws . The first step is to loosen the locknuts – an open-end wrench will do. Next, with a regular screwdriver, you can start unscrewing the screws. If the repair has not been done for a long time, then you cannot do without a 6-sided wrench, since the screws, most likely, have stuck well to the bed due to oil and dust. The next step is to thoroughly clean the tapered plane of the screw, lubricate with oil and put in place.
  • Assembly adjustment. To get rid of the knocking that comes from the foot drive, it is necessary to firmly clamp the cone. Do not tighten it too much, as the problem may reappear. If the knocking persists after tightening the cone, it may be coming from another node in the center of the flywheel where the belt is attached. Disassemble this unit carefully, since there is a bearing on this hinge. If it is intact, then you just need to lubricate it with a special grease by adjusting the gap. Otherwise, the bearing will have to be replaced with a new one.
  • Replacing the drive belt. Over many years of operation, the belt wears out, so it breaks quite often. A real belt is made from rawhide, but you can replace it with a regular clothesline or leather belt.If you don’t feel like messing around, you can always buy a foot drive belt at a special store. If the belt is torn, and the item is not finished, then it can be fastened with a paper clip.

In fact, everything is very simple, so in case of any breakdown, you can always cope on your own.


There are several famous models of foot operated sewing machines.


These antique models were the first to use a foot drive. They say that precious metals were used to make them. By the way, if someone has preserved such copies, then you can check if the metal is real there. To do this, you need to bring the magnet to the metal frame. If the magnet does not stick, then there really is a precious metal (gold, silver or palladium).The cost of Singer sewing machines is high, but many purchase them to complement the retro style.

Soviet cars with a curbstone

In the USSR, various versions of machines with a foot-operated drive were manufactured. This model is convenient in that in the room, it can be useful as a regular table. And if you need to sew something, then the curbstone can be easily expanded. And also in it you can fold everything you need for sewing.

By the way, the foot machine with a curbstone can handle various types of fabric (linen, wool, synthetics, silk) and perform 2 types of stitches – straight and zigzag.

“Chaika” brand sewing machine. She only sewed straight and zigzag stitches. It was not very popular, since it had its drawbacks – the lack of a special reverse lever.

The famous Soviet model “Podolsk” was the favorite of many seamstresses. In addition to straight and zigzag stitches, decorative stitches could be sewn.


A feature of the Orsha models was centralized lubrication and semi-automatic thread winding on a bobbin.


This model is made in China, but it could be purchased in any city in the USSR. This Chinese typewriter looked like a table with two drawers. It was a complete analogue of the first Singer.

Today, foot-operated sewing machines can only be purchased in antique stores or from someone at home in a second-hand condition.But, despite the fact that the models of sewing machines are being improved every year, complex stitches can also be performed on mechanical machines. The main thing is to be able to pedal correctly and control the movement of arms and legs.

For how to learn how to sew on a foot-operated typewriter, see the next video.

90,000 specifications, prices, descriptions, reviews in

Lucky for those who know how to sew! They do not need to spend money on expensive uniforms in stores. They always have the right size and length. They can choose any color and any fabric, change buttons to pearlescent ones, and even turn trousers into elegant shorts! All you need to do is buy a sewing machine!

Let’s try to figure out what nuances you need to pay attention to when choosing a technique and where to find the best sewing machines In Ryazan.


The modern consumer has a choice between electromechanical and computer models.The body of the first is distinguished by various levers and round handles – they adjust the stitch length, type of stitch or thread tension.

If instead of this there is an electronic screen on the body, then it is a computer sewing machine. The price for it will be much higher, however, it has much more opportunities. Here you will have an almost unlimited choice of seams and decorative stitches, in addition, this machine will certainly be able to do simple embroidery according to pre-prepared programs.

If you need a functional technique for overcasting, then buy an overlock.


Bobbin threading option is a key parameter when choosing a sewing technique.

The vertical shuttle is a classic type of mechanics that can be found everywhere from Singer to Podolsk. Today it is installed in inexpensive sewing machines. Its advantages: low price and durability. Cons: low speed and noise.

The horizontal shuttle meets modern international standards. This type does without a bobbin case, the bobbin is directly inserted into the hook, and the seamstress sees the thread consumption through the transparent window.Despite the obvious convenience, there is also a disadvantage here: this type of construction is suitable only for thin threads and will not withstand work with thick and coarse threads.

The rotary hook demonstrates that this is a professional sewing machine. Reviews for this type of mechanism are the most positive, because this technique can sew any fabric from silk and chiffon to drape and tarpaulin. In addition, this clipper is quiet, withstands the highest operating speeds, is wear-resistant, and is significantly less likely to break.There is one minus here, but the big one is the price. You really have to fork out for such a purchase.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing?

Additional feet. They will allow you to sew in a zipper, overcast buttonholes, attach a binding and much more. If there is no such stock in the kit, and you plan to sew a lot, then check if you can buy the necessary feet separately.

Hinges . Almost all modern machines are able to overcast buttonholes, but some models do it completely independently, while others require the active participation of a seamstress.

The automatic upper threading allows you to avoid straining your eyes.

The removable platform helps you to comfortably sew on pant legs or long sleeves.

Now you know the parameters of a good sewing machine. You can buy the most suitable sewing technique in Ryazan in the online store. Here you will find an excellent selection of various models, as well as delivery by our own courier service. Heavy, but fragile equipment will be quickly and accurately brought to your home.

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