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Welcome to Factory Direct Blinds’ selection of roller shades, where you’ll find the most stylish, practical, and user-friendly window treatments for every room in your home! Roller shades work with a tube-like mechanism that rolls the fabric to the top so that it’s not visible when drawn. This creates a clean, contemporary look — whether open or closed — for small and large windows alike.

Whether you’re after a light filtering roller shade with room darkening features or prefer breezy, sheer styles to maximize natural light, these shades are a perfect pick! Roller shades come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and textures to match your home decor style and preferences. A great option for those with young children or pets in the home, these light control coverings can be ordered in a cordless option that’s available in a range of colors and styles. Despite their simplicity, roller shades make for a bold statement in your home. With a modern look and multiple lift options, there’s not a person who wouldn’t be able to find a roller shade that matches their home and style in our store!


Welcome to the modern world, where even your windows can wear sunglasses. Solar shades act as sunglasses for your home or office windows. Our custom roller shades offer protection against damaging UVA and UVB rays, which can cause your furniture and hardwood to fade. Solar shades and solar screens come in a variety of protection levels. From total blackout fabrics to partial darkness, you can control how much or how little sunlight can come into your home or office with these smart window shades. 


Many parents of young children, teens, and those who have small pets worry about the lift cords on light filtering shades. Fortunately, with roller shades, you have the option of installing a cordless lift mechanism for extra safety. This cordless option is spring-loaded and allows for a smooth roll up, making it safe for children and pets of all ages and sizes.  

Window coverings from our store let you have complete control over your light and privacy in your home. Fabric roller shades combine aesthetics, function, and safety into one amazing covering. At Factory Direct Blinds, you’ll enjoy great prices, free shipping, and excellent customer service on standard and blackout roller shades. 

Best Places to Buy Blinds in 2021

The Shade Store

The Shade Store

With over 1,300 material choices and the ability to fit non-traditional spaces, The Shade Store is a pricey but worthy option for those who want something truly custom.

  • Starting cost: $188
  • Installation costs: Starts from $125 
  • Free swatches: Yes
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

The Shade Store is undoubtedly pricier, but it also has more custom options and the customer service is unrivaled. My current apartment has oversized windows of non-standard sizes, ledges that make blinds hard to fit, and the windows open both from the top and the side, adding extra hurdles. Where several other places I spoke to were having a hard time finding us the right option for our unique situation, The Shade Store made it a breeze. 

You can get a consultation and as many samples as you want for free. With a vast library of over 1,300 materials to choose from, unlimited samples come in handy. Whether you want to choose a 2% light-filtering option or a unique flowy drape, The Shade Store has it all and then some. For example, if you like Roman shades, you can choose from flat, cascade, Aventura, relaxed, tulip, or pleated styles. Plus each of those then has numerous materials and color options.

If you have a store nearby, you can do an in-person consultation and get free measurements, or look at samples in the store. However, you can also do a video chat if in-person isn’t possible for you. Where other places couldn’t send anyone to measure or install blinds for weeks or months, The Shade Store sent someone to our home within a few days.

Not only were they incredibly quick and responsive throughout the entire process, but after, the rep we worked with also sent us a handwritten thank you note and even planted a tree in our honor. Plus, the blinds are high-quality and were installed perfectly, all of which made the higher price point sting a little less.

Popular options:

How to Buy Blinds and Shades

With so many styles of blinds and shades to choose from, finding the right one for your needs isn’t always a quick open-and-shut deal. Here, we’ve gathered our best advice to help you see your way through the process.

Whether you’re looking for privacy, style, or both, it can be a daunting task to choose window treatments. Should you head to a specialty blind store, your local home center, or shop online? How formal should you go, or how sheer? And how come your stylish neighbors always seem to get it right?

“Windows are a great focal point in a room and blinds and shades should be both decorative and functional. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from the days of hiding them behind basic mini blinds. Now you can dress up a room in hundreds of ways without making a major investment,” says Carolyn Forté, Home Appliances & Textiles Director in the Good Housekeeping Institute.

At Good Housekeeping, we saw a need for better, well-priced window treatments that are more safety-conscious — and then decided to roll them out in a wide swath of colors, fabrics, and styles. Backed by our GH Seal, Good Housekeeping Blinds and Shades are stylish and well-priced — and they put safety first, offering many cordless options. Some adjust with one touch via a motorized wand; others are insulating, which helps you save on heating and cooling.

Here’s what to consider before you buy to keep from getting blindsided:

What’s the difference between blinds and shades?

The main difference is in the material: Blinds are usually made from wood, metal, or a composite, so they have a harder look; shades are fabric-based, giving rooms a softer feel.

Things to consider when buying blinds and shades

  • Light and privacy: Decide whether you want your room bright and airy or more “buttoned up” and cozy. Blinds tilt to let the sun in or keep it out; when they’re closed, you lose light. Shades have fabric options that are room-darkening or light-filtering, giving you more control over brightness. But unless you opt for the most sheer, they have to be pulled up to let light in or down to deter nosy neighbors.
  • Your budget: Are you outfitting just one window or the entire house? You may consider spending more on certain windows and scaling back on others. Window treatments are priced by size, so expect larger treatments to cost more. Custom sizes and specialty fabrics, patterns, and features also add to the cost.
  • Safety: If you have kids, opt for cordless styles, since accidental strangulation is a top concern.
  • Cleaning: Blinds don’t need professional cleaning, but they can be dust magnets. To make dusting them easier, use Swiffer’s 360° Duster (it’s a Seal holder). Shades in textured fabrics and weaves hide soil better, but cleaning shades is trickier — you can lightly vacuum and spot-clean, but bigger messes are best left to the pros.
  • Your decorating style: Is it formal or casual, comfortable or chic? Bold colors can be fun or dramatic. Subtle hues are perfect for a room decorated in neutral, earthy colors. Do you prefer corded styles or sleeker, streamlined cordless ones?

    Types of Blinds

    Blinds are best if you want tiltable slats that can be adjusted to let the sun shine in (or not). They offer a handsome, clean-looking custom fit and plenty of privacy. Prices for blinds generally climb in this order: vinyl, aluminum, faux wood (or textured vinyl), and wood.

    You don’t have to put blinds at half-mast to let in light, as you do the with shades — the full length of the window pane can always be covered for a finished look, even when slats are open. Handy for bathrooms and bedrooms because you can leave blinds down for privacy but adjust as needed for light. The downside is that blinds generally require more of a commitment to keep clean, because the slats attract dust and grime.

    Here’s what to know about some types of blinds:

    • Wood blinds come in light and dark hues and polished or painted finishes — our GH line ranges from white Country Cottage to rich Peruvian Walnut — and they’re perfect for offices and dens. They’re not the best choice for kitchens or baths, where moisture could do damage (choose polymer or faux wood instead), or for bedrooms or living rooms where you want a softer, more romantic effect.
    • Insulating blinds help conserve energy and filter or block light, so they work hard for your money. Our GH branded selection of insulating blinds come in a variety of colors.

      When choosing blinds, keep in mind that wider horizontal slats create the illusion of bigger windows and more space in apartments and small rooms. Slats in the GH line range from 1 inch to 2 3/8 inches.Vertical blinds work for windows that are wider than they are tall. They’re an ideal pick for picture windows with a sweeping view or across sliding glass doors.

      Types of Shades

      Shades are the answer if you’re looking for tremendous versatility and style. They provide more ways to create different looks and moods using texture, pattern, and fabric weight. Shades are a versatile way to easily refresh any room and can lend a warmer, softer look than blinds. The downside is that to keep them fresh and clean, you’ll need to hand-wash vinyl shades. Fabric shades (especially if they’re a light color) should be vacuumed with a hand tool regularly and either spot-cleaned or sent out for professional cleaning.

      Here’s what to know about some types of shades:

      • Woven wood (such as bamboo) offers full, natural-looking coverage. It works well in garden rooms and breakfast nooks, where you often need to filter out the sun to read the newspaper or see your iPad screen.
      • Tight weaves like twill or microsuede offer optimal privacy because they’re opaque. These work well in bedrooms and bathrooms — and don’t forget the guest room.
      • Roman shades have soft, wide pleats that fold flat when raised by a cord. These are lovely for the dining room, living room and family room. Balloon, where the fabric is gathered into billowy poufs — make a high-style statement and are a dressy touch for formal living rooms or sitting rooms.
      • Honeycomb, a.k. a. cell or cellular, are designed with horizontal rows of air pockets (like the tight, neat rows in a bee’s honeycomb) which work to keep heat in during winter and out during the summer. These energy savers are a favorite for all around the house.
      • Blackout, with a room-darkening fabric, block out up to 100% of light (they cost more than conventional styles) are ideal for bedrooms, home theaters, and media rooms.
      • Solar are made from a sheer weave that offers protection from harmful UV rays but don’t completely block your view. They are a good option for sunrooms, kids’ rooms, dining areas, and light-drenched offices.

        Our Good Housekeeping line includes everything from sheer horizontal to energy-saving cellular to blackout roller shades and more, in either traditional bottom up or with top down designs for more light-entering options.

        Blinds and Shades Safety

        “There’s an important push to get manufacturers to make blinds and shades safer, since the cords are hazardous for small children,” says Carolyn Forté of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. First line of defense: Don’t use corded window treatments or leave cords dangling within reach of curious little hands.

        Good Housekeeping‘s line of blinds and shades was carefully designed with an eye on child safety. “We’ve included cordless options, and special safety mechanisms for continuous loop and traditional pull-cord styles,” says Forté. “These products also carry our Good Housekeeping Seal.” GH engineers and textiles experts reviewed the line, and if any style becomes defective within two years of purchase, the product will be repaired or replaced, or your purchase price will be refunded.

        How to Measure Blinds and Shades

        Knowing the sizes of the windows you want to cover will help you choose more wisely. “You should measure exactly where you want the blind or shade to be,” says Forté. So if an inside-mount blind will stop at the frame, so should your measuring tape. For outside-mounted styles, include the window frame in your measurements. When ordering online, consider calling the site’s customer service representative to confirm that you have measured correctly. We also like this helpful how-to-measure guide.

        More Window Helpers

        • Stink stopper: Spritz Febreze Fabric Refresher on fabric shades (since you can’t easily throw them in the wash) to trap and destroy odor molecules instead of just covering pesky smells. In our tests, it zapped everything from smoke to cooking odors.
        • Pretty curtains: Layer JCP Liz Claiborne Kathryn Grommet Panels over blinds or use them alone. They’re machine-washable, so there’s no need for costly professional cleaning. Our Lab found virtually no shrinkage after five wash cycles.

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          Roller Blinds – Roller Shades – Blackout Roller Blinds

          *Final price based on promotional discount.

          *Final price based on promotional discount.


          Roller shades, also known as roller blinds, are one of the most popular styles of window coverings, and for good reason.

          Roller shades come in a wide selection of fabrics, colours, patterns and options, so that you can find the perfect fit for any room in the house. Roller shades are also a great value so you can stay within budget, are quick and easy to install, and simple to clean so that you can keep them looking brand new.


          An important decision when choosing any roller shade is how much natural light you want coming into the room when the roller shades are closed.

          Light Filtering: Light filtering fabrics diffuse natural light, creating a warm glow as it enters the room.

          Blackout: Blackout roller shades block most natural light from coming into the room, making them a good choice for bedrooms, baby nurseries & kids rooms, and media rooms.

          Room Darkening: Room darkening fabrics are somewhere in between light filtering and blackout. They let some light into the room, but far less light than light filtering fabrics.

          LIFT SYSTEMS

          Another key option when customizing roller blinds is which lift system best fits your lifestyle in terms of look, convenience and safety.

          Cordless: Cordless lift systems provide the ultimate in child safety by eliminating the hazards of dangling cords. Cordless roller shades are also easy to operate and give your rollers a streamlined, modern look.

          Motorized: Motorized roller shades allow you to raise and lower your shades with the touch of a button. And with a remote control, you can operate your roller blinds from anywhere in the room for maximum convenience and ease of use.

          Continuous Cord Loop:  This option is ideal for large and extra-high windows. The continuous cord loop chain fastens directly to your wall so you can easily raise and lower your roller shades. The chain is also colour coordinated to the roller shade fabric for a uniform and clean look.


          For a truly unique and distinct look, browse our exclusive designer collections.

          Roller Blinds for sale | eBay

          Roller Blinds

          If you are looking for a contemporary alternative to curtains, roller blinds offer a simple and streamlined solution. Easy-to-fit and rolling subtly out of the way when not in use, its no wonder roller blinds are such a popular choice. Whether you want to add a bold splash of colour to a room or black out your bedroom for the ultimate good nights sleep, roller blinds allow you to cover a window without curtains flapping around in the way. You can even adjust a roller blind, pulling it halfway down a window to block out the most intense glare yet keep your room light and bright.

          Make sure you decide whether your blind will fit inside or outside of your window recess and measure the space accordingly before ordering your blinds. It is sometimes possible to trim your blind down to the perfect size, so dont worry if your window is a non-standard size. Alternatively, take a look at Made to Measure roller blinds to order the perfect fit.

          Modern Blind Features

          Youll find a selection of fabrics on offer, all with different benefits. Shift workers who sleep during the day or parents of young children will love blinds produced using thick blackout material. This will keep your bedroom dark however sunny it is outside. Blinds for kitchens and bathrooms are well-suited to waterproof fabrics, while blinds for sunny sitting rooms or conservatories can simply use a light cotton fabric.

          Blind Colours

          Roller blinds can be purchased in block colours or patterned designs, so you can find something that complements your rooms interior design perfectly. Top trends include bright orange, grey geometric designs, vintage floral patterns and cheery beach hut motifs. Youll find cute animal characters to keep children happy and beautiful landscape and cityscape prints that create the illusion of a fabulous view when your blinds are down. With so much to choose from, you can match your blind to your rooms theme easily.

          Custom Roller Shades and Blinds


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          $2500 to The Container Store

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          The Best Blackout Shades in 2021

          Our pick

          We like cellular shades because they look good, effectively block light, and are easy to install. Our panel unanimously agreed that the Select Blinds Classic Cordless Blackout Shade is the one they’d most like in their homes. The polyester shade looks and feels noticeably better in quality than other shades we considered. Among the shades we tested, it has one of the widest selections of sizes and colors, and it’s covered by a three-year warranty, the longest of any model we considered.


          IKEA Trippevals

          The IKEA Trippevals is easy to install, looks good, and works as well as custom options (as long as you need standard sizes). But it comes in few sizes and only one color.

          The IKEA Trippevals comes in only five sizes and is available only in gray, but if that works for you, it’s a cellular option that looks almost as attractive as the Select Blinds shade. Since it’s not custom, it’s also likely to be delivered faster than our top pick (and if you really need a shade quickly, you can pick up the Trippevals at your local IKEA). The installation process is easy, and IKEA offers a 365-day return policy.

          Also great

          If you prefer the minimal look and easier-to-clean material of roller shades, the iFit Cordless Blackout Polyester Fabric Roller Shade is an excellent option. Installation is straightforward, and it blocks light as effectively as our main pick (and better than other roller shades). We prefer the iFit’s sleek acrylic-coated fabric and the sophisticated crosshatched texture over the cheaper-looking vinyl of other roller models. This shade comes in an extensive array of sizes and five neutral colors, as well as with a one-year warranty.

          Budget pick

          While our main picks are better-quality and longer-lasting shades, the Redi Shade Original Blackout Pleated Paper Shade is the best choice if you need a temporary room-darkening solution or something less expensive than our other picks. It comes in six colors, and you can trim it yourself to any width. It’s the easiest to mount of any shade we tested: Just peel and stick.

          Roller blinds for plastic windows

          1953 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine SHADE 75 cm, white

          75 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1745 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine SHADE 65 cm, white

          65 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1537 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine SHADE 55 cm, white

          55 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1718 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine TWIST Black-Out 75 cm, St.gray

          75 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1542 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine TWIST Black-Out 65 cm, St.gray

          65 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1365 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine TWIST Black-Out 55 cm, St.gray

          55 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1410 ₽

          FixLine TROPICAL roller blind 60 cm, magnolia

          60 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1289 ₽

          FixLine BASIC Black-Out roller blind 60 cm, St.beige

          60 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          991 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine BASIC Black-Out 40 cm, St.beige

          40 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1289 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine BASIC Black-Out 60 cm, gray

          60 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          991 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine BASIC Black-Out 40 cm, gray

          40 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1289 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine BASIC Black-Out 60 cm, white

          60 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          991 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine BASIC Black-Out 40 cm, white

          40 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1453 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine TWIST Black-Out 60 cm, magnolia

          60 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1101 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine TWIST Black-Out 40 cm, magnolia

          40 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1453 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine TWIST Black-Out 60 cm, St.gray

          60 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1101 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine TWIST Black-Out 40 cm, St.gray

          40 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1453 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine TWIST Black-Out 60 cm, white

          60 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1101 ₽

          Roller blind FixLine TWIST Black-Out 40 cm, white

          40 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          1081 ₽

          FixLine TWIST roller blind 60 cm, white

          60 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)

          ready to install
          More details

          Buy in 1 click

          Roller blinds Kazan

          Roller blinds (blinds) – modern and beautiful window decoration:

          Create coziness;
          Looks stylish on the window;
          Softly diffuses light;
          Dust repellent;

          Ideal for home interiors.Roller blinds will look good in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room and on the balcony.

          Most often, roller blinds are installed on the window close to the glass. This allows you to free up space on the windowsill, for example, for flowers. In addition, due to this arrangement of curtains in the summer, the room heats up less, and in the winter the heat remains inside.

          You can also enjoy the beauty of roller blinds from the street side, so that your neighbors will be jealous 😉

          I want Roller blinds
          Measurements and installation for free!
          Order Roller blinds on the website
          Get a 6% discount.

          When rolled up, roller blinds are almost invisible on the window.In addition, with the correct selection of the model and color of the fabric, the rolls can visually expand the space of the room and make the ceilings higher.

          Why you should contact us!

          Execution of the contract

          Warranty period up to 3 years

          Production time
          From 2 days

          Cleaning after installation

          Registration by installments

          Possibility to pay
          with MasterCard and Visa

          Roller blinds are very simple and easy to use.

          With simple movements, they can be locked at the desired height. These curtains have a special fabric that repels dust and moisture. You can choose a material or model with varying degrees of light transmission. Here are some of the more popular ones.

          Atlanta’s catalog of roller blinds contains a huge number of fabrics of various shades and patterns.
          Finding the perfect combination of curtains for your interior is easy.It is here that you can buy excellent quality roller blinds that will delight the eye.

          order free measurement
          Measurements and installation free of charge!
          Order Roller blinds on the website
          Get a 6% discount.

          How we work:

          You send an application
          from the site

          Our manager will call you,
          and clarify all the information

          Our specialist
          will make measurements and
          will show catalogs of

          We install at a convenient time for you

          Still have questions?

          Send a request and our manager
          will contact you during business hours!
          Free consultation

          Company COMFORT

          Cornices – functional interior elements designed for window decoration, room zoning.
          There are many types of cornices, differing in design and decorative properties.
          At the choice of retail and wholesale customers “COMFORT” offers curtain rods of its own production, as well as products of the world’s leading manufacturers.

          Eaves with an electric drive have long been an integral part of the interiors of country houses and luxury apartments.Modern electric cornices are completely silent, consume a minimum of electricity and are easy to operate.

          The company “UYUT” offers a rich collection of blinds that perform light-protective and decorative functions.
          The range of light protection blinds is constantly updated.

          These are the so-called roller blinds.The name “roller blinds” has come into use.
          They carry out decorative and light-protective functions.

          The images applied to the surface of roller blinds can be very diverse.

          Prints crisp and rich with the latest thermal transfer technology. This technology ensures that colors are resistant to sunlight, fabrics do not fade, paints do not crumble or fade over time.

          Possessing smooth and soft lines, pleated curtains create coziness in the room. Reliability, functionality and ease of management are their distinctive features. Pleated curtains are often chosen for windows with complex shapes.

          Window mosquito nets are an effective, harmless and easiest way to isolate rooms from any insects without the use of chemicals.

          It is an economical protection against dust, poplar fluff, leaf fall, drops during rain, hail and accidental foreign objects in the form of cigarette butts or other debris.

          Door mosquito nets – an effective, harmless and easiest way to isolate rooms from any insects without the use of chemicals.

          In addition, it is protection against dust, poplar fluff, leaf fall, drops during rain, hail and accidental foreign objects.

          Roller blinds for plastic windows: built-in, for a sash, double-glazed window

          Regardless of whether it is summer, winter, day or night on the street, the house requires protection from prying eyes. The variety of choice of different curtains in the textile market is incredibly high. Are you looking for aesthetic and practical products? Learn more about roller blinds.

          The growing popularity of roller blinds is due to its ease of installation and operation, as well as a decent appearance

          What are roller blinds for windows?

          Solid fabric material without folds, gathers.There are two types: open, closed. When the system is open, they fall freely, do not stretch along the side lines. A weighting weight is fixed at the bottom of the material. Allows the canvas to stretch without wrinkling.

          Roller blind, open type, manually operated in the form of a chain

          Closed (cassette) have a box, guides. The first is horizontally attached to the window frame and hides the roller. A curtain is wrapped around it. The guides are fixed vertically on the sash.Ensures a smooth curtain structure.

          Cassette roller blind with side guides

          The color of the protective box can be matched to the plastic frame

          The complete set of closed, open systems includes chain mechanisms (rope, chain). With their help, the height of the curtain on the window opening is adjusted. Includes a retainer. You can completely lower, raise the material. Fix at the required height.

          Closed roller blind with spring mechanism

          A different device makes it possible to select the most appropriate options for different types of windows.

          How to choose the right roller blinds for plastic windows?

          Do you buy finished products at retail? Check out a few nuances.

          • How the windows work. Sliding, standard. When sliding, one sash will run over the other. Makes it impossible to attach to the frame. Standard means there are two kinds of component parts. The first are motionless, deaf. For such, you can choose any kind of curtains. The second ones change their position in space to “open”, “closed”, “airing”.So that in any position of the sash the fabric does not sag, it is tightly stretched, you should choose a closed system.

          A roller blind of an open design can be fixed to any window, but it will hang on the movable sash

          A curtain with side rails fits snugly against the sash and provides full protection from sunlight

          Additional information: all types of fastening will be discussed in detail in the continuation of the article.

          • Are you choosing a curtain with opening mechanisms and want to attach it to the frame? You need to choose the right size.Important! When the window will open, the roller should not rest against the slope. Otherwise, it will not work properly until the end, while scratching the slope itself.

            Measuring the size of cassette roller blinds

          • Available in single and double versions.
          • Some models are equipped with an electric drive. You can control it with the remote control, wall switch. Very similar to a simple switch. Has the necessary function buttons.

            Remote controlled blinds are often used on large windows or where access is difficult.

          Roller blinds for windows, installation methods

          Comes disassembled.Before installation, check the presence of the components. Assemble. It is extremely simple. The roll mechanism with fabric material is drowned on one side by a chain mechanism. On the other hand, with a decorative tip. Brackets, box, guides, clamps go separately. The complete set depends on the selected model.

          The device of an open roller blind

          Open, closed systems are similar in assembly and installation methods. They have several significant differences.

          Mounting on tape

          How to install curtains on double-glazed windows? Only the glass is closed.The window frame is not affected. Construction double-sided tape is suitable. Before the process itself, the surface is degreased. Ordinary acetone is used.

          1. Marks of attachment points are made.
          2. We glue the scotch tape on the glass unit.
          3. Peel off the protective film from the second side.
          4. Smoothly fasten the roller curtain.

          Sequence of installation of the curtain on double-sided tape

          The method is quite reliable and durable. There is a definite plus.When changing the curtain, there will be no marks on the glass. When installing on a window sash, the described method is used with double-sided tape.

          Self-tapping screws

          The methods discussed earlier don’t seem robust enough? Apply self-tapping screws.

          Tools required:

          • Plastic brackets.
          • Self-tapping screws.
          • Drill, screwdriver.
          • Level.

          The procedure for installing the curtain on self-tapping screws

          First, we outline the places for drilling.We use the level. The hand may tremble – the fabric will hang crooked. The level will eliminate such a nuisance. We fasten the brackets. We put on a roll of canvas. After such manipulations, you can be sure that the mechanism will not move out or skew. Minus – after dismantling, holes will remain on the window frame.

          On brackets

          Are the holes unwanted? Manufacturers offer clip fasteners. Put on over the sash. Fixed with clamps. The thickness is small. Will not interfere with normal operation.The method is suitable for moving parts.

          Installation of curtains with fishing line on hinged plastic brackets

          Clips-springs. U-shaped. The shoulders are slightly shifted towards each other. Due to this, they are pulled tightly onto the sash.

          Pay attention! With all these fasteners, it should be borne in mind that the components should not interfere with the window mechanisms. We talked about the correct measurement of the width. One more point – the handle on the moving parts should work normally.


          The set for such curtains for plastic windows includes corner fittings.Can be fixed with self-tapping screws. They are mounted both on the side and on the upper parts of the opening.

          Mounting options for roller blinds

          It is better to mark out using a level. Screw in the fasteners clearly in the corners. Feature – the entire window area is completely closed.

          Angle brackets are used for wall and ceiling fixing

          Installation of closed systems

          Possible on frame only. Additionally, the installation of a box, guides is required. The box is attached to the roller with short self-tapping screws.Decorative plugs are put on top. Guides can be of two types: aluminum strips, strings. In the first case, they are installed using scotch tape. We considered the principle of working with construction tape in the previous block of the article. The peculiarity is that they should be clearly parallel, tightly in contact with the window surface. Otherwise, the curtain simply won’t work. For string guides, the kit must have special fasteners for tension. Screwed down at the bottom of the window.The fabric shaft has functional hooks into which the string is inserted.

          Installation of cassette blinds with side guides

          Additional information. For roof windows, only closed-plan mechanisms are suitable. Since they are constantly under a steep slope, it will be impossible to ensure the practical use of the blade without guides.

          Double curtains – installation features, main differences

          They differ from single ones in that two roller mechanisms with blades are located on one mount under each other.This type of curtain can completely replace boring tulle, night curtains. One fabric can be translucent, it is good to transmit light, heat. The second is heavy, dense. The peculiarity of the installation is that the mass of such a structure is much higher than that of a standard single one.

          Double roller blinds with spring mechanism

          Installation takes place only on self-tapping screws. The double brackets are like a right angle. They are screwed into the opening, on the wall above the window or directly to the ceiling. Then the assembled kit is screwed on.Plugs are installed. This type of product cannot be performed in a closed system.

          On the bracket of such curtains there are two shafts with woven fabrics

          Do you have a problem with the text version of the instruction? Go to the internet. There you will find visual videos with a detailed step-by-step story.

          Examples of using different variations in the interior

          A variety of colors, combinations of fabrics, installation methods makes it possible to integrate roller blinds into absolutely any interior.Let’s consider the most popular options:

          • Roman. A distinctive feature – they do not wind on the shaft, they are collected in wide folds.

            A bright, custom-designed roman shade to fit into almost any interior

          • Pleated. Unlike Roman folds, folds are small and frequent. Outwardly, they very much resemble blinds.

            Pleated blinds are indispensable for decorating arched windows

          • Day – night. In turn, transparent and dense stripes on one surface.Combining daytime and nighttime curtains provide an optimal amount of light in the apartment.

            Curtains “Day-Night” can completely cover the window, rise to the very top or partially shade the room

          • Blackout. Absolutely light-proof fabric. The reverse side is white. Helps repel heat. The special design “night city” is made of this fabric. Using a laser installation, slits are applied to the fabric, imitating the look of night cities and skyscrapers.Start traveling the world from the comfort of your home!

            Thick fabric curtains will be appropriate in a bedroom with windows facing east if you don’t like waking up at sunrise

          • Application of photo printing on polyester. Cartoon characters for the nursery, own photos for the bedrooms, newspaper clipping for the living room. Modern technologies make it possible to cope with any complexity of the drawing. It all depends solely on imagination.

            The curtain with photo printing will be an original decorative element

          • Various patterns and structures are applied.You can make them an extension of all the decorative elements of the room. Or highlight it with a bright spot against the background of the entire room.
          • Can cover niches, mezzanines. They will replace banal curtains, doors, sashes. The functionality is much higher. More convenient in daily household use.

          Not only artificially created polyester, blackout, organza are used. Natural fabrics are popular: linen, cotton, silk, wool.

          Curtains made from natural fabrics are well suited for the nursery

          Suitable for bedrooms, halls, children’s rooms.Made exclusively from non-allergenic materials. The indisputable advantages include:

          • Durability.
          • Easy maintenance.
          • Easy to use.

          For the manufacture of roll barriers, wood is used. More often bamboo. The principles of the device and operation are similar to those described earlier. Suitable for interior design with “natural” notes.

          Bamboo curtains are completely non-fading and resistant to external influences

          • They are inferior to fabric in the following indicators.
          • Make a lot of noise when the wind blows.
          • Less dust resistant.
          • Significantly heavier.

          Video: How to cut a roller blind?

          Roller blinds in the interior – examples in the photo


          CurtainsTypes of flexible curtain rods: aluminum and plastic


          CurtainsSizes and types of ceiling curtains: mounting methods

          Blinds in the toilet behind the toilet – sanitary blinds

          Hello dear readers, and today I will tell you about the types of blinds that can be installed in the toilet by closing the plumbing pipes behind the toilet, or in another similar situation.I will try to make the article as illustrated with photos and videos. Consider blinds that can be used to close pipes in the toilet and ready-made in stores, and those that are made to order. I will write the article based on my many years of experience in the production of blinds, and at the end of the article you can read the reviews of the owners of blinds in the toilet behind the toilet .

          Roller blinds

          Blinds for toilet

          Blinds for toilet , this is one of the budget solutions for hiding plumbing pipes in the bathroom.There are a lot of options for roller blinds for toilet . You can install not only free-hanging systems, but also cassette ones, with a box and guides. It can be purchased either ready-made or made to order by contacting the manufacturer.

          To order will be more expensive, and ready-made cheaper. But here, most likely, you will need to work with your own hands, since the product will certainly be mounted in the opening, on the vertical wall of the standard layout of the toilet room.You need to choose the curtains a little more in width than necessary, and then the shaft for winding the fabric and in the lower part of the plumb line of the fabric were drunk in the upper part. It is also necessary to cut the fabric along the entire height and re-glue it.

          You can also buy a canvas with an already applied image that you like, or order a curtain with your specific picture.

          The control of the sanitary roller blind can be chain, PIM (spring inertial mechanism) or automatic. The latter option, of course, to install in the toilet will be in most cases impractical.But it is quite possible to think about PIM, in this case you will not have a loose control circuit, which can be very convenient.

          • Versions:
          • Free hanging
          • Cassette
          • Tissue
          • Fabrics with photo printing
          • Chain operated
          • With spring
          • Automatic

          A separate article has been written about all types of roller blinds in detail and you can go to it by clicking the button for details.

          More information …

          Pictures of roller blinds for toilet

          Vertical blinds

          Vertical blinds for toilet

          Vertical blinds for toilet are another cheap solution for concealing plumbing lines. But they are installed quite rarely, for the reason that the blinds consist of many narrow slats, which can touch the pipes or other obstacles, which deteriorates the appearance.Yes, and such a property as the rotation of the lamellas around its axis is not at all necessary for a toilet.

          Yes, and the name vertical blinds does not come from the shape of the whole product, but in the toilet, the product is often located exactly vertically, but from the location of the lamellas. The lamellas on the cornice hang from top to bottom – vertically .

          • Versions:
          • Tissue
          • Plastic
          • Aluminum
          • Fabrics with photo printing
          • Chain operated
          • Automatic

          More details…

          Horizontal blinds

          Horizontal blinds

          Horizontal sanitary blinds – in the toilet they are located vertically, but the lamellas on them are narrow strips, of which the blinds are arranged horizontally, hence the name – horizontal blinds.

          Horizontal sanitary blinds for the toilet with plastic slats can be purchased ready-made, but it would be safer to order aluminum blinds.The fact is that cheap plastic blinds are quite brittle. The lamellas break with a slight application of force.

          Also an inexpensive option for hiding sewer pipes in the room where the toilet is.

          • Versions:
          • Plastic
          • Aluminum
          • With picture
          • Manual
          • Automatic

          More information …

          Roller shutter

          Toilet roller shutters

          Toilet roller shutters – in my opinion, this is the most correct type of blinds.There are no special design requirements for them, but the strength and aesthetic properties are perfect for this case. The roller shutter curtain is rolled into a roll, which is installed under the ceiling and closed with a box. In addition, the roller shutter profiles run along side guides, which betrays the rigidity of the structure and it is, as it were, one with the design of the sanitary room.

          Roller shutters for toilet blinds to hide the sewer pipe can be purchased ready-made or made to order.It is also possible to purchase such blinds with a print of some beautiful image.

          • Versions:
          • Plastic
          • Aluminum
          • With picture
          • Manual PIM
          • Automatic

          More information …

          Reviews for blinds in the toilet

          Dear friends, only high-quality reviews, comments or questions on the topic are accepted.Unsubstantial reviews, advertisements, spam and “cries of the heart” are removed mercilessly! I am listening to you … just say the same …

          Roller blinds, types and advantages

          Roller blinds are increasingly seen in fashionable interiors created by professional designers. These original designs fit perfectly into modern styles, have maximum practicality, worthy of aesthetic indicators. Systems can be purchased in the store, make an individual order for production.Many craftsmen make, using a photo, step-by-step instructions, roller blinds with their own hands.

          Roller shutter design

          The design of roller blinds is simple. The glass surface is covered by a sheet, which, if necessary, rises, twists into a roll. The functioning of the system is provided by:

          • shaft,
          • guides,
          • lower rail,
          • control mechanism.

          In the photo of roller blinds you can see how they work.The blade is attached to a shaft onto which it is wound when lifted. A placket fixed at the bottom edge tightens the fabric. It is inserted into the guides located on the sides of the structure. When the chain is moved, the shaft rotates, the curtain is lifted.

          Principle of operation of roller blinds

          The canvas can be provided with the desired position, adjust the intensity of natural light. In the unfolded position, the curtain completely covers the glazing, when rolled up it is a small roll.Products differ in length, shaft thickness, materials from which the canvases are made.

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          Closed roll structures

          In addition to standard open systems, manufacturers offer closed designs. The structure of these models is similar to the traditional analogue. The roller shutter also contains: a shaft, a canvas, a control mechanism, a lower bar. The difference between the system is the U-shaped guides, the box in which the rolled roll is placed.

          Closed structures have certain advantages.They are:

          • camouflage a rolled-up shade;
          • provide a tight fit to the glass;
          • eliminates sagging when the sash is open.

          Closed roll structures

          Open and closed systems can cover the entire window or can be mounted on separate sashes.

          back to contents ↑

          Types of control mechanisms

          Control of the movement of the web, setting the desired position can be carried out by several types of mechanisms:

          • chain,
          • spring,
          • electric.

          The simplest option is a chain that slides over the toothed end of the shaft. The advantages of such devices are minimal cost and maintainability. In addition, the chain can be installed on either side, which will provide maximum convenience for the left-handed user.

          Chain control mechanism

          Easy control is provided by a spring system. It automatically sets the desired position of the web.Spring structures can be up to 1.5 meters wide, allowing you to select models for a standard window. The disadvantage of this control mechanism is the gradual weakening of the springs during operation.

          Spring control system

          Installation of an electric motor allows you to adjust the position of the shade using the drive. These designs are characterized by maximum convenience. Moreover, their manufacture is not particularly difficult.

          Roller blinds with electric motor

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          Canvas materials

          In the photo of roller blinds in the interior, you can see several types of materials. In the manufacture of canvases for structures are used:

          • wooden planks;
          • textiles;
          • bamboo material.

          All the main indicators of curtains depend on the type of material. Light transmission determines the purpose of the product.Depending on this parameter, roll systems can function as thick curtains or light tulle.

          The material is the fundamental factor in the selection. The variety of models with textile fabrics allows you to accurately select curtains for a specific interior. Wooden roll systems add warmth and comfort to the atmosphere, harmoniously complement country and classics. Light original bamboo designs are used in exotic designs, eco style.

          Wooden roller blinds will add warmth and comfort to the atmosphere

          The resistance of the system to external conditions and the specificity of operation depend on the type of canvas.Considering the photo of roller blinds in the kitchen, you should pay attention to designs with canvases made of artificial materials. Wood, natural textiles can prematurely lose their aesthetic and functional properties due to difficult operating conditions and regular washing.

          Roller blinds made of artificial materials are suitable for the kitchen

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          Wood and bamboo roller blinds

          Models made of wood, bamboo are in high demand now.The use of natural materials in the interior is now one of the main fashion trends. Users are also attracted by the environmental safety of products, their ability to provide full comfort.

          The advantages of wooden curtains are:

          • reliable sun protection;
          • unique texture of the material;
          • perfect combination with furniture items, floor coverings.

          Bamboo roller blinds match perfectly with furniture

          Wooden elements undergo a special treatment with impregnations that protect against the negative effects of moisture, dry air, UV rays.This ensures the products have a long service life.

          The advantage of bamboo canvases is the minimum weight, which allows the structure to be fixed on any window. Exotic design allows you to add original notes to the interior, makes it possible to create a fashionable, interesting design. Bamboo easily, without loss, endures any climatic tests.

          Bamboo roller blinds can be fixed to any window

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          Various types of textiles in roller blinds

          Any kind of textiles can be used in the manufacture of roll-up window systems.It can be cotton, linen, synthetic materials. The design with a transparent, translucent canvas perfectly diffuses light, creates comfort in the daytime. If you need to protect yourself from natural light and ensure privacy, you can install systems with canvases made of dense fabrics.

          Roller blinds with thick fabrics

          The specific design of roller shutters allows them to be combined with sliding curtains.This makes it possible to create original combinations, to provide maximum comfort in the room. The best options will help you choose a photo of roller blinds in the interior of the kitchen, nursery, bedroom, living room.

          Combination roller blinds with sliding curtains

          In addition to traditional textiles, fabrics are used in the production of roll structures:

          • dimout,
          • blackout,
          • day-night.

          The special structure of the dimout allows the material to reduce the intensity of sunlight, while eliminating heat loss, and maintaining the temperature in the room.These specific properties of the canvases ensured them high popularity in the design of winter gardens, greenhouses, and terraces.

          Roller blinds reduce the intensity of sunlight

          In the interiors of modern houses, apartments, the innovative blackout material is increasingly used. It creates a reliable barrier to light, provides complete darkness even on a sunny afternoon. Roller shutters with such canvases will be an excellent option for a bedroom, nursery.The constructions will create ideal conditions for a good rest in the daytime, evening, morning hours.

          Blackout curtains create a reliable barrier to light

          The zebra roller blinds day night look original and unusual in the interior. In the canvas, transparent, opaque stripes alternate. You can adjust the required intensity of natural light penetration and a comfortable atmosphere by moving these parts, decreasing, increasing the area of ​​the transparent canvas.

          Roller blinds “day-night”

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          Main advantages of roll systems

          The high popularity of the designs was formed due to their undeniable advantages. These curtains:

          • are available in an extensive range;
          • provide ease of use;
          • fit perfectly into modern interiors;
          • do not affect the usable area;
          • do not interfere with the ventilation of the room;
          • easy to clean;
          • are inexpensive;
          • retain their qualities for several years.

          Roller blinds fit perfectly into modern interiors

          The variety of models allows you to make the best choice for any interior. If you need to arrange each sash separately, you can see a photo of mini roller blinds. There are design options for interesting ideas for decorating the entire window with roller shutters. In addition to textile, wood, bamboo models, the assortment includes practical systems with PVC canvases, two-layer coatings with anti-reflective, heat-insulating effect, etc.

          The laconic nature of roller blinds makes them an excellent option for modern styles. However, even for classic designs, you can choose suitable models in them. Models made of wood and high-quality textiles fit well into them.

          Classic style interior roller blinds

          These structures can be mounted on various frames. You can see on the Internet photos of roller blinds on plastic windows, wooden, aluminum base.An extensive lineup, including systems with different mounts, makes it possible to choose the option correctly.

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          Types, installation features

          In the modern assortment there are roller blinds models for all windows. You can choose a convenient way of assembling structures, fix the system:

          • with self-tapping screws;
          • double-sided assembly tape;
          • on special hooks;
          • on hanger mounts.

          The choice depends on the type of frame, curtain model.Open types are universal structures, they can be mounted on different types of frames. Hanger mounts are not suitable for all bases. Before choosing a system, you should look at a photo of roller blinds on plastic windows, aluminum, wooden frames.

          Roller blinds with an open structure can be attached to any frame

          These structures differ in types, dimensions, weight. Small models designed for sash decoration are mounted directly to its edging.Window covering systems can be fixed to the wall. If this is a wooden model, a structure with a heavy, dense fabric, a voluminous box, a solid shaft, it is worth considering the option of mounting to the ceiling.

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          Good reasons to use roller blinds

          Rolled window designs have several features. You can use their specifics to solve several important problems. These types of window decorations are the best choice if:

          • Traditional curtains are inconvenient;
          • it is necessary to save usable floor space;
          • requires maximum protection from sunlight;
          • it is necessary to provide the apartment with privacy;
          • cost savings are an important factor.

          Roller blinds save room space

          It is inexpedient to hang ordinary curtains in the bathroom, toilet. Bulky structures with cornices will create a certain inconvenience. Photos of mini roller blinds allow you to make sure of their maximum compactness, corresponding to the specifics of these premises. This quality makes roll-up systems an excellent option for a small apartment. The curtains located on the shutters not only do not occupy the area of ​​the room, but also allow you to use the window sill for practical purposes.

          Compact roller blinds mini

          Cloths of roll structures adhere tightly to glass. Installation of models with dense materials, blackout guarantees a reliable screening of sunlight, makes full morning, afternoon sleep, home theater viewing. This specificity of the systems made them especially popular among the residents of the first floors. They provide privacy, exclude viewing from the street.

          Numerous photos of roller blinds in the interior provide an opportunity to verify the attractiveness of this design.Meanwhile, this design will take much less money than traditional curtains. When buying standard curtains, you have to pay for the material, the area of ​​which is twice the size of the window. This is necessary to create beautiful folds, wall hangings.

          Airy combination of roller blinds and tulle

          There is another reason to buy roll-up systems. In some cases, blackout curtains do not fit into the interior, make it heavier, create a feeling of congestion.You can only hang light tulle, which will provide the proper comfort. With protection from natural light, dense curtains placed on the sashes will cope. Photos of mini roller blinds with tulle can be viewed on design sites.

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          Technical highlights selection of roller blinds

          A large, modern assortment of these window designs provides the user with complete freedom of choice. Any window can be decorated with these systems. The model range has options:

          • standard;
          • enlarged;
          • uni and mini.

          The standard model is used to decorate windows in bedrooms, kitchens, children’s rooms, living rooms. If you need to arrange panoramic glazing, you can buy or order enlarged structures. But it should be borne in mind that a window whose width exceeds 3 meters, it is advisable to arrange with two systems. By order of the master, they can make a system up to 6 meters. However, in this case, there is a risk of the shaft sagging, since it is fixed only at the extreme points.

          Uni and mini models are very popular, they leave the window sill free, thanks to the fastening on the window sashes.The uni system is directly inserted into the frame opening, the mini is fixed on the sash frame.

          Mini roller blinds leave the window sill free

          Standard designs provide for an overhead shaft lifting the web. You can see such roller blinds in the photo in the interior of the kitchen, living room, nursery, bedroom. However, they have one significant drawback. On the first floors, this design does not allow for privacy when lifting the canvas.Some manufacturers offer bottom shaft systems in which the shade is not raised, but lowered to allow natural light to flow. There are also complex designs with two canvases. One of them moves up and the other moves down.

          Roller blinds with two leaves

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          Aesthetic nuances of choosing a model

          The modern consumer is practically unlimited in the choice of material, shade, type of decor of roll structures.Finding the perfect model for a specific interior is not difficult. In order for the window design to be flawless, you need to be guided by several criteria:

          • curtains for practical use;
          • by the specifics of window decoration;
          • dominant shades in the interior;
          • general design style.

          If the roll system is to become an obstacle to natural light, it will be used to regulate its intensity, a structure with a dense canvas is needed.To scatter the sun’s rays, to provide a cozy atmosphere, translucent, tulle models are installed. If you wish to provide both functions, you can mount zebra roller blinds day night.

          Translucent roller blinds diffuse the sun’s rays

          Rolled and traditional curtains can be used in window decoration at the same time. In this case, it is also necessary to decide what practical function the roller shutter will perform.It is easy to create harmonious combinations from dense curtains and translucent roll systems, light tulle and dense fabrics on the sashes.

          Curtains in any interior have an important decorative function. Roll-up models are no exception. The choice of color, plain or printed canvases is carried out according to the same rules as when buying ordinary curtains. The shade should be in harmony with textile decor, furniture, wall decoration. Cold, warm colors are selected taking into account the cardinal point on which the room is located.

          Roller blinds should be combined with textiles and furniture

          In traditional curtains, design style can be clearly expressed through cut, texture, cornice pattern. Roll systems are laconic, which makes them versatile. You can view photos of roller blinds on the Internet, determine the best option for your interior.

          There are certain style guidelines that are used in the selection.For example, in high-tech, plain canvases with a glossy structure can look good. Curtains with ornaments made of solid fabrics successfully fit into the classics. Romantic floral, plant patterns look harmoniously in provence. Country music can be complemented by wooden blinds, an original interior will help create bamboo, etc.

          Romantic roller blinds with floral patterns

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          Specificity of blinds roller blind

          The degree of light penetration in the room depends on the type of canvas, its density, structure.This factor is fundamental in determining the suitability of a curtain for a practical purpose. In the creation of systems, transparent, translucent, opaque materials are used. The network contains many photos of roller blinds in the interior with different types of canvases. However, the type of textiles is not the only indicator of the practicality of these curtains.

          PVC cloths, blackout fabric are not susceptible to sunlight. They do not require additional processing to give the proper strength and durability.Ordinary textiles require special impregnation. Otherwise, the curtains will quickly fade, wear out ahead of time, create difficulties in leaving.

          Blackout roller blinds do not require special impregnation

          Manufacturers in the manufacture of structures use special materials that have undergone processing that gives additional properties:

          • UV resistance;
          • dirt-repellent;
          • water repellent.

          You can see these materials in the photo of roller blinds for the kitchen, nursery, etc. Caring for such products does not require much time, effort, stains of any origin can be easily removed from them with detergents. Models retain their original appearance for several years.

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          Installation of roller blinds

          Installation of a standard design is carried out by many owners on their own, without the involvement of specialists. You can see how the roller blind is attached to the plastic window in the photo on the Internet.Installation of the structure includes several manipulations:

          • checking the symmetry of the gap between the curtain fabric and the window;
          • marking the locations of fasteners;
          • Fixing the cornice on the vertical bar with self-tapping screws;
          • Installation of covers on the block, check of operation;
          • degreasing of guides gluing points, their fastening;
          • installation of the limiter;
          • Installation of the control mechanism locking device;
          • closing the box, final inspection.

          Installing a standard roller blind

          Careful installation of the structure will provide convenient operation of the system, long service life. You can look at the photo of roller blinds in the kitchen, in the living room, showing in detail the installation process of different models, study the nuances of installation on the wall, ceiling.

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          Self-production of roller blinds

          Not all consumers are satisfied with the assortment offered in stores.Curtains are the most important element of the interior. Even in a wide variety of modern models, you may not find an option that exactly matches in shade, structure, size. It will help you create a roller blind with your own hands, step by step instructions, the photo is on the resources on the network.

          You can make your own roller blind

          At the initial stage, you should start preparing consumables, tools:

          • web material,
          • wooden blocks,
          • screws (hooks and rings),
          • centimeter tape,
          • scissors,
          • sewing accessories.

          Prepare the required materials

          Before buying the material, you should look through the photo of roller blinds in the interior of the kitchen, nursery, living room to find the best option. It is advisable to give preference to a two-layer construction. It will have the proper strength, will provide the attractiveness of the window decor from the inside and outside.

          Two-layer construction will have the required strength

          After stitching the fabric, it is necessary to make the top and bottom along the pocket for laying the planks.After installing the wooden elements, they must be fixed. For this, ring screws are used. A cord is threaded through them, which will ensure the movement of the canvas.

          Hook screws will help to fix the roll structure on the plastic window. In addition to the hardware intended for hanging the system, you will need to install another hook screw. It is mounted on the side of the frame. The cord is wound on it in the process of lifting the web.

          Ready-made roller blinds

          This is the simplest roll-type curtain design.If you need to create a more complex version of the system, competently establish the control process in it, you need to carefully study the photo, step-by-step instructions for roller blinds with your own hands. Detailed, understandable manuals are available on many specialized Internet resources.

          Fastening the finished roller blind to the window

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          Additional recommendations for the selection and design of roller blinds

          The correct choice of curtains is important for creating comfort and attractiveness of the interior.If you want to create an original and harmonious interior, you can use the advice of experienced designers:

          • Try decorating your hi-tech decor with zebra roller blinds day night. This design fits perfectly into this direction and complements the decor well.
          • If the room lacks natural light, is located in the east, north, shaded by trees, take advantage of the unique capabilities of Burn-out curtains. These are designs with translucent canvases.A scorched drawing provides them with a stylish, extraordinary look. The decor does not interfere with the penetration of natural light, creates a comfortable atmosphere in the room that is conducive to relaxation.

          Roller blinds Burn-out with translucent canvases

          • In the design of thick curtains made of PVC, polyester, blackout, use photo printing. It is ideal for a unique design. On an individual order, specialists can apply any image: landscape, abstraction, personal photo, etc.
          • When choosing a roll system for decorating a newborn’s room, preference is given to dense materials that provide a comfortable environment for a day’s sleep. Blackout is a great option. It not only does not let light through, but also drowns out street noises.

          Blackout roller blinds for a comfortable daytime sleep of the child

          • In a preschooler’s room, it is better to install a system with a medium density canvas to ensure sufficient natural light, to simplify the process of waking up in the morning.Bright colors are welcome in the children’s room.

          Careful study of the photos of roller blinds prepared by professional designers, following their recommendations will help to decorate a house, an apartment with comfortable beautiful designs, create maximum comfort, and ensure full compliance with modern fashion trends.

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          Photo gallery – roller blind

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          Author: Mikhail Bond


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          Blinds and roll curtains in Karaganda of all types in 72 hours

          Blinds – fashionable curtains with a trendy design

          Stylish and laconic window decor appeared relatively recently, but quickly became popular in offices, apartments, shops and private houses. Blinds on the windows will emphasize any room design, close the room from prying eyes and become an obstacle to ultraviolet rays. Cheap products have become an excellent alternative to classic curtains.For a successful purchase of blinds in Karaganda, you should know how the products differ and how to choose them.

          A variety of blinds from the manufacturer

          Blinds decorate bedrooms, halls, kitchens and other rooms of apartments and houses. Correctly selected material and style of the product guarantees a graceful appearance of the window. Types of trend curtains:

          1. Horizontal – are lamellas connected with a special thread. On one side of the structure there is a mechanism by which the height of the curtain and the angle of inclination of the slats are adjusted.There are wooden, bamboo, metal and plastic blinds. The latter are unpretentious in care and are inexpensive, which explains their popularity.
          2. Vertical – slats are wider than horizontal models. Multi-textured roller blinds allow you to combine different materials and create unique window blinds. The fabric used to make the curtains is impregnated with a special agent, which makes them less likely to get dirty.

          Roman and pleated blinds also belong to vertical products.They have no slats, the structure is a solid sheet, in the second version the material is corrugated. The day-night window system (zebra) consists of two fabrics that alternate with stripes. The different density of textiles allows you to regulate the flow of sunlight. You can buy the product on the website.

          Popular materials for blinds in Karaganda

          Natural decorative elements are in fashion due to environmental friendliness. Such blinds are made of jute, bamboo, larch, mahogany and rosewood, coarse calico and other species.The price depends on the material and size of the blinds. Fabric roller blinds are made from textiles of different densities, for example, blackout fabric will create almost complete darkness on a bright sunny day. A variety of colors of roller blinds will help you choose a product for any room interior. Plastic and aluminum are easy to clean from dust and dirt, they are in demand in the kitchen or bathroom.

          Protective rollers – part of the home security system. They are made from durable metal profiles. The purpose of such blinds is to prevent break-in and damage to the window.The curtains increase the noise and heat insulation of the room, which improves the comfort of the home. Aluminum shutters keep dust out and can be easily cleaned from dirt. This is a great alternative to window bars. You can order the product in the “” company.

          Important points before buying

          Before purchasing blinds in Karaganda, you need to make measurements. Without them, it is impossible to correctly select the product so that it looks harmonious on the window frame. If you do not know how to do this, the specialists of ‘roll “will help you to correctly make all sizes under the blinds.

          When buying blinds for plastic windows, the main plus is that there is no need to wait for the production of a decorative element. A wide range of colors and styles of roller shutters allows you to choose a suitable option.

          It is worth choosing curtains for the kitchen made of materials that can be easily cleaned of dirt. During cooking, steam, grease and odors are released into the air, which will certainly remain on the lamellas or are absorbed into the fabric. roll-curtainskz presents products that will complement the interior of any room.

          Day-night systems are suitable for the bedroom, as well as blinds made of dense textiles. They will protect from the bright sun in the morning and the light of the moon at night, which will ensure a restful sleep. It is worth paying attention to external blinds made of durable alloys, which increase noise insulation. The installation should be done by the master, because they have the necessary equipment and tools.

          Buy blinds for windows with roll-curtains kz in Karaganda

          The online store offers stylish curtains that will become a highlight of the interior.On the site you can buy blinds in Karaganda, as well as order blinds according to your own preferences. Quality products from the manufacturer are accompanied by a 12-month warranty.

          The color spectrum is presented in the catalog, and you can calculate the cost online. The good reputation of the company is confirmed by the reviews, in the gallery you can visually familiarize yourself with the results of our work.

          You can pay for your order in cash through the terminal, using the “kaspi qr” service, and we also provide installments at the cash desk of any bank.Delivery is carried out by a carrier company in Karaganda and other cities of Kazakhstan. We cooperate with almost all logistics companies. Blinds will provide reliable protection from ultraviolet radiation and bright light, as well as complement the appearance of the window.

          Modern roller blinds for windows are a great alternative to various types of classic blinds and blinds. Due to their antistatic properties, they do not accumulate dust, ease of installation and an inexpensive price, they took first place in demand in the market of sun-protection systems in Karaganda.

          Roller blinds systems, fabrics and their features

          Open type roller blinds. Systems of this type are a shaft with a web, which, using a chain mechanism, under the influence of the lower tensioner beam, is lowered and raised to a predetermined position. They are a budget option for sun protection, their prices are much lower than for closed systems. In order to prevent the fabric from sagging when the window is open for ventilation, you can purchase a fabric roller blind with various options for lower fixation.The dimensions of open-type systems differ, depending on the overlapping area of ​​the window opening. Roller blinds for installation directly on the sash of the window differ in smaller dimensions, compared to those that are mounted on the wall or ceiling.

          Closed roller blinds. Closed systems, or, as they are also called, cassette roller blinds for plastic windows, have a cassette or box that covers a roller with a cloth. Along the edges of the glazing bead, flat or U-shaped guides are glued, which do not allow the fabric to sag when the window is open for ventilation.The cassette covering the shaft with the fabric protects it from dust, which significantly increases the service life of the product and the presentation of the fabric. The edges of the web closed by the guides are not exposed to external influences. It is possible to purchase roller blinds of this type to order in several versions, differing in the method of installation, dimensions and types of control. The mechanism of cassette systems visually looks like a single whole with the window opening and is not striking.

          In the production of roller blinds, we use certified fabrics from the leaders of European textiles, which have several layers of protection.They have antistatic properties (do not fall with dust) and do not fade under direct exposure to sunlight. All fabrics have European certificates of quality and environmental safety. According to the degree of light transmission, fabrics for roller blinds are divided into four main categories:

          Transparent fabrics – perfectly diffuse sunlight, but not dense enough to protect from the gaze of passers-by in the evening. Therefore, they are used, as a rule, in conjunction with curtains and curtains.In a modern interior, a roller blind with such a fabric mainly performs a purely decorative function.
          Dimout (Dim-out) – translucent fabrics for roller blinds, the task of which is to partially transmit sunlight, but at the same time reflect heat. They are suitable for shading living rooms or office premises, and are also widely used for equipping winter gardens and mini-greenhouses.
          Roller blinds Black-out (Black-out) – multi-layer, opaque specialized fabrics, the task of which is to completely block the path of sunlight.The perfect solution for children’s rooms, bedrooms, home theater rooms and conference rooms. Maximum functionality is achieved in combination with closed systems.
          Fabric roller blinds Day-night are made of a special fabric that alternates between horizontal transparent and opaque stripes. The sunlight penetrating into the room is controlled by the displacement of the transparent stripes relative to the opaque ones.

          Buy roller blinds in Karaganda, in the online store “roll-curtains kz”, this means:

          not only get competent advice and purchase a quality product, but also order the possibility of installing roller blinds on plastic windows by professional specialists of our company …And also:

          • mechanisms ( 29 pcs.) And fabrics ( 618 pcs.) Of the European manufacturer
          • Free Measurement and delivery of roller blinds in Karaganda
          • 2 years warranty for mechanisms and post-warranty service
          • work experience of our masters at least 5 years
          • any form of payment (cash, bank transfer)
          • production time for roller blinds 2-6 days
          • departure of the master outside Karaganda within a radius of 50 km
          • inexpensive the price of roller blinds

          Ukrainian online store of roller blinds “roll-curtains kz” makes it possible to choose and purchase products for any, even the most extraordinary interior.No matter what material your window is of, our designers will help you choose the solution that is ideal for your room: in the kitchen, in the living room, bedroom or loggia (balcony). You can buy roller blinds in Karaganda, region or other cities of Ukraine by phone +7 777 582 92 73, filling out the online master call form or visiting our curtain salon.


          Our store is pleased to offer you products at promotional prices. Order roller blinds online right now and get a 5% discount.Also, our company provides another opportunity to buy cheap roller blinds – every tenth product in the order is a gift!

          Rolled curtains price. How to make a miscalculation yourself

          To miscalculate, you need to go to the catalog and click on the photo of the fabric you like. In the window that opens, you can independently calculate the cost for various types of systems and examine the texture of the fabric in close-up. The prices for roller blinds indicated in our catalog are actual and true.

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