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Buy an Inexpensive Bed Pillow for Fiberfill

Cheaper stuffing. I went to by some stuffing for some pillows I was making and was shocked at the price. Then I saw some regular bed pillows with polyester filling that were 1/2 the price of bagged stuffing. It worked just fine. The pillow stuffing actually was in a roll and made it each to use. Plus now you have extra material! You could even sew the pillow in half and cut and have two pillow forms cheaper than buying the forms.

By Betty from St. Louis, MO

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Archive: Buy an Inexpensive Bed Pillow for Fiberfill

I recently needed some fiberfill for a pillow I was making. I was amazed at the price of the prepackaged stuffing. Instead of purchasing it, I bought an inexpensive bed pillow that was only $2.50. Not only was it cheaper, but there is enough for more than one pillow.

By Rachel’s Mom from Wilkesboro, NC


Buy Inexpensive Bed Pillow for Fiberfill

I sew a lot and always need it too and do the same thing. And best of all as you need it from the fabric case it stores better than those clear plastic the other fills come in and after my fabric case is empty I sew a casing around the top part and add a pull string and it becomes a laundry bag or storage bag for toys trips in car etc. (04/29/2009)

By Julie

Buy an Inexpensive Bed Pillow for Fiberfill

That is a great idea! I will certainly do that for my next project requiring fiberfill! Thanks for sharing. (04/29/2009)

By GeorgiaBulldogsFan

Buy an Inexpensive Bed Pillow for Fiberfill

Better yet, buy new pillow for yourself and use old pillow for the fiberfill. (04/29/2009)

By Wisgal

Buy an Inexpensive Bed Pillow for Fiberfill

Another one that gets just a bit better. In MI, Walmart sells the body pillows for $10, every day price. When the bag of polyfill is around $3, and the body pillow is 4 times the size of the polyfill bag. It’s a winning deal! (05/01/2009)

By michelle

Buy an Inexpensive Bed Pillow for Fiberfill

Last year at Christmas, Walmart had fiberfill as fake snow and it was the same as in the craft department.

But after Christmas, I got it for 75%off. It was only fifty cents. I got 15 bags. I plan to use it for pillows for gifts this year. (06/15/2009)

By Jane Clifton

10 Types of Pillow Stuffing: Which One Is The Best?

Down, memory foam, latex, feathers, there are too many pillow stuffing options out there. Which one is the best? It’s hard to tell. Each one of them has a set of unique features and a few downsides of using them, which makes the picking choice difficult. While there are a lot of different filling options, it’s often reassuring that there are also a lot of adjustable options.

Pillow stuffing helps determine how a pillow feels and whether it’s comfortable or not. Every filling feels different and not every type of filling will work with everyone. That means that you’ll already need to experience a certain type of stuffing to know whether it’s right for you or not.

Keep in mind that while they are all feature-rich, their drawbacks may not be as attractive to you.

10 Top Types of Pillow Stuffing

Even if you haven’t experienced all types of different pillows, this list will help you determine which pillow stuffing works the best for your needs. Pillow stuffing is also important because it determines the comfort level for people with different needs and requirements.

For example, if you sweat a lot during sleep, you need a pillow with good cooling technology. Also, pillow stuffing works for different sleeping positions and other preferences.

1. Down Pillow Stuffing

Image Source: Terry Cralle

Adjustable: Yes

Price: $$$

The fluffiest and softest layer of the feather is called down, and it’s an ideal filling for pillows, mattress toppers, mattress pads, and different kinds of bedding. Natural down is much better than the synthetic one and is more durable than other options.

A lot of people confuse down pillows with the regular feather stuffing, but they’re quite different. The Down layer is fluffier compared to the feathers. Additionally, the stuffing is chunkier and larger compared to the normal feathers. It’s important to be choosing pure down feathers and not the combination of two, as that doesn’t give away the same effect.

Of course, you won’t always be able to find a 100% down pillow. However, the best relation between down and feathers should be 75% to 25% down concerning feathers.


  • They are lightweight and thus more comfortable.
  • They are durable and have a lifespan of well over 15 years if treated properly
  • The feel of the pillow is luxurious and moldable enough to adjust it to your needs.
  • Adequate temperature regulation properties.

Drawbacks: Although it has better temperature regulating properties, it can still trap a lot of heat in the summer. Additionally, it’s quite expensive so it may not be the best option for everyone.


Our best lover Libero Pillow from matouk. com.

2. Feather Pillow Stuffing

Image Source: Terry Cralle

Adjustable: Mostly not

Price: $

If you’re extremely restricted on budget and need an option that will just work, feather pillows are abundant on the market and fairly affordable. However, they’re far from the best option.

Feathers wear off too fast, leaving the pillow either too saggy or degraded. Also, the feathers after a while start to pop out, making a mess in your bedrooms.

They were a popular option in the past when other materials were way more expensive than they are today. However, the loss of loft and the constant need for fluffing sparked the demand for down pillows and other materials such as memory foam.

Some pricier feather pillows include small clusters of down to improve durability, but that’s far from the effect that pure down pillows create. Also, because they are more affordable than other options, it’s unlikely that you’ll find an adjustable option.


  • Lightweight, similarly like the down stuffing.
  • Easy to mold up and shape the way you like, making them cuddly.
  • They’re more affordable than down options.

Drawbacks: There are some notable drawbacks such as lack of proper support, heating, hard to clean and maintain and they often give away an unpleasant smell after a few years of use. They’re less durable than down.

Recommendations: Our best lover Puredown 2 Pack White Goose Feather Pillows

3. Polyester Fiberfill Pillow Stuffing

Image Source: Terry Cralle

Adjustable: Yes

Price: $

Aside from the polyester fiberfill, this type of stuffing is also known as poly-fil, as well as a down alternative. People who like the fill of down stuffing, are vegans and need a more affordable down-like option also call it a down alternative. Pol-fil pillow stuffing has a more approachable price and can be used on a great variety of pillows.

It’s also relatively adjustable.

Although it still can’t be washed due to synthetic material, polyester fiberfill options make it much easier to clean and use on various applications. However, due to their high-maintenance, the quality decays quickly. They will easily lose shape and the comfort they had when they were bought and require fluffing.


  • The pillow stuffing represents a great value for the price, while more suitable for vegans.
  • Hypoallergenic in the sense that those allergic to feather and down won’t feel discomfort
  • Among the cheapest options, there are.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain, unlike the down pillows.

Drawbacks:: Everything that is cheap also wears off relatively fast. With that in mind, the alternative down fibers wears off easily, leading to loss of the original shape and the need to re-fluff. It can sag and lose its firmness which is bad for back and side sleepers.

Finally, it can lead to sleeping hotter than with other pillow options.

Recommendations: Our best lover Mybecca

4. Memory Foam Pillow Stuffing

Image Source: Terry Cralle

Adjustable: Yes

Price: $$

Memory foam is the most popular material for pillow stuffing. You can find it in two shapes. Block or shredded memory foam. The block foam is just wrapped in a pillowcase and shipped as a product. On the other hand, shredded memory foam is adjustable, makes a better contouring experience, and is overall more comfortable and plushy.

Memory foam pillows are made out of polyurethane as well as other synthetic chemicals. It’s made so that it’s pressure and heat activated so when you lay your head in bed, the contouring and snuggling technology will activate, conforming to the shape of your head and making you feel comfortable.

However, now and then they can end up sinking. That’s why memory foam that is shredded is better because you can adjust the firmness and thickness of the pillow. In addition to that, it’s important to note that the memory foam filling can cause unpleasant odor associated with the process of off-gassing, while also providing sweaty and hot night if there’s no gel-infused foam.


  • Amazing pressure relief and comfort
  • Contours to the shape of your head and neck to maximize comfort.
  • Is less likely to sink compared to other pillow stuffing.
  • Great support regardless of the sleeping position you lay on.

Drawbacks:: Many people are turned off by the unpleasant odors that are a result of off-gassing of the volatile materials. They may occasionally sink too much, yet their biggest flaw is the fact it heats up easily and leads to hot flashes and sweating during the night.

Recommendations: Our best lover TEMPUR-Cloud® Breeze Dual Cooling™ Pillow


Buckwheat Pillow Filling Image Source: Terry Cralle

Adjustable: Yes

Price: $$

Buckwheat pillows have grown extremely popular over the last decades. They are made using the buckwheat hull shells. The pillows originally came from Japan, where they were used for a long time. On average it can take up to 10-12 pounds of buckwheat hulls to fill one pillow.

Buckwheat is a great temperature regulator, which makes it a popular pick among people who sleep hot and sweaty and don’t want to use down or memory foam. The buckwheat filling also naturally conforms to the sleeper’s head and helps them sleep comfortably and peacefully. They are firm, thick, and balanced, but perhaps less cuddly than other options.

Another thing that we like about buckwheat is that they are durable, and can last a lot of years, if not several decades.

However, they’re less prominent on the market due to more affordable options. Another downfall of using this type of pillows is that they are heavy and can make disturbing noise as they collide and move inside the pillow shell. That can lead to discomfort and difficulty staying asleep if you’re a light sleeper.

Given they’re less snuggly than other options, they may be too firm for some sleepers and with that cause discomfort for some type of sleepers.


  • Extremely durable, can last up to a few decades or a lifetime.
  • The hulls are distributed in a way that allows more breathability
  • There’s a lot of support in terms of comfort
  • Ideal for those who prefer high firmness

Drawbacks:: Noise is one of the key drawbacks that turns a lot of light sleepers away. They may also be too firm to sleep on, especially because they are heavier than other options.

Recommendations: Our best lover Hullo Buckwheat Pillow

6. Kapok Pillow Stuffing

Image Source: Terry Cralle

Adjustable: Mostly

Price: $

Another name for Kapok stuffing is Ceiba Pendandra, which is a tropical tree located in Mexico. They are used for a variety of things, but you may mostly find it in pillows. They are similar to the cotton filling so it’s soft

Manufacturers who make Kapok pillows often refer to this magnificent and soft material as silk cotton because it’s gentle and silky. One pillow stuffing can consist of hundreds of different seeds. If you don’t want to use polyester or down for your pillow stuffing, this is the best option.

For those who are looking for organic and natural options, Kapok is 100% natural and organic. Additionally, this is great for people who are suffering from certain allergies as there are absolutely no toxic materials. Lastly, those who enjoy soft and plushy sleeping surface may get better rest.

The bad sides include that it is prone to lumps. A more worrisome downside is that Kapok material is flammable, so you don’t want to keep it close to the fire. Lastly, they are not so moldable like other types of pillow despite them being quite huggable. Nevertheless, they’re great for all types of sleepers.


  • Organic and natural, completely free of toxic and volatile chemicals.
  • Environmentally-conscious
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Soft, silky, and snuggly.

Drawbacks:: It’s hard to keep them in their original shape as they are not moldable. Additionally, they represent a fire hazard.

Recommendations: Our best lover BeanProducts Kapok Sleep Pillows with 100% Organic Cotton Fabric

7. Cotton Pillow Stuffing

Image Source: Terry Cralle

Adjustable: Yes

Price: $$

Cotton is a material you won’t always readily see, but there’s a reason why most of the bedding is made out of cotton. It’s available everywhere, especially when it comes to 100% natural and organic shape. That also makes it a vegan-friendly and environmentally-conscious option.

Sometimes, however, it can be found together with shredded memory foam and polyester, which adds the contouring technology to its use. It’s soft, gentle, and snuggles to lay on. Additionally, it’s quite easy to sleep with it too.

Being an organic option, cotton is also hypoallergenic so you and your family won’t have to worry about bacteria, mold, and dust mites. It’s a more popular option than poly-fil but you may rarely see it as a standalone option.

Cotton is breathable, and with that, a great temperature regulator. You won’t have to worry about trapped heat or waking up during the night with hot flashes. It’s designed so that pillow would optimize your night rest and prevent you from waking up multiple times per night.

Related: Percale vs Cotton: The Secret Of a Good Night’s Sleep


  • One of the most eco-friendly options for a pillow stuffing
  • Natural and organic, which makes it more vegan-friendly.
  • Amazing temperature regulator, no sweating.
  • Snuggly, silky, and comfortable to sleep on
  • Great for people with allergies

Drawbacks:: The filling will occasionally lump together, and cause the pillow to sink in. That may make it more comfortable to sleep on if you’re a side sleeper. Also, you may need to replace the filling every then and now.

Recommendations: Our best lover James Hotel Quality Polyester Medium Support Pillow

8. Latex Pillow Filling

Image Source: Terry Cralle

Adjustable: Yes

Price: $$$

Latex pillows are extremely popular, but also quite expensive, especially if they’re made out of natural or organic latex. Latex is quite hard to extract, and the most popular option includes the Talalay latex that is more breathable.

Similar to memory foam, latex foam can also be found in a block or shredded, which makes the pillow easy to adjust to your individual needs. They offer amazing support regardless of your sleeping position and will reduce migraines while allowing the coolest and most comfortable night rest.

If you’re looking for a more adjustable, and moldable option, you should pick the shredded latex. Additionally, it makes the pillow more snuggly and softer to sleep cool.

Latex is also a more vegan-friendly option, especially if you’re using shredded, 100% organic latex. Unlike synthetic pillow fillings, natural latex is also more breathable. A lot of pillows offer the so-called open-cell design, so that the air is easier to exchange, and you won’t end up fully awake, tossing and turning around.

Also, latex pillows can be quite pricy, so they’re not the best option for people who are right on the budget.


  • More eco-conscious compared to other designs.
  • Organic and 100% naturally made, although synthetic options are also abundant.
  • The open-cell design makes it more breathable
  • Soft and silky feel, while also being snuggly.

Drawbacks:: Some may think that it’s too soft, so it’s not always the best option for side sleepers. Also, they are quite expensive and for that price, you could easily get two pillows of some other type with nearly as much comfort.

Recommendations: Our best lover Shredded Natural Latex Pillow from 

9. Wool Pillow Stuffing

Image Source: Terry Cralle

Adjustable: Yes

Price: $$

Whether it’s cold winter or scorching hot summer, the wool pillow has got you covered. It’s somewhere in the midrange pricing level and usually comes back with other materials to improve comfort and feel. It can be found in different types of pillows and produce great insulation for the winter months.

Similarly, it’s a breathable material, so during the summer it’d cool you down and give you a breezy night’s rest. However, you won’t find it often in the market. Over time, wool tends to get lumpy and sag, which is not good in the long run when it comes to durability.


  • It’s a great insulation for the winter months
  • Breathable and cool for hot and humid nights.
  • It’s naturally hypoallergenic
  • No toxic and volatile materials.

Drawbacks:: Not the most moldable material, so you likely won’t be able to shape it with ease, unless it’s also accompanied by some other, more moldable material. It’s not vegan-friendly and it can sag over time.

Recommendations: Our best lover

10. Honorable Mention: Microbeads Pillow Stuffing

Image Source: Terry Cralle

This is another synthetic material, not so commonly found on the market. It’s a more affordable, yet similar alternative to the buckwheat pillow filling we mentioned earlier. They are more breathable because the microbeads inside the pillow make air circulation easier. They are also a moldable alternative to many other options.

However, the bad outweighs the good. They’re not environmentally-conscious, and they tend to get lumpy and eventually flatten out. Still, if you want a breathable pillow that feels similar to buckwheat, this is a good option to consider.


  • They can mimic buckwheat
  • More affordable than other options
  • More breathable so you won’t sweat during the night.

Drawbacks: They can be made out of shady materials and produce off-gassing. Additionally, they are not so durable, so the pillow could flatten out over time.

Recommendations: Our best lover Cushie Pillows

Which Pillow Stuffing to Pick?

No option can fit all your needs. Any of them can be either too lumpy for you, too hot, or expensive. When picking the right pillow stuffing, you need to focus on purpose and how you can benefit from it. The softest, most comfortable, and adjustable options include latex and cotton. If you’re not bothered by noise, buckwheat stuffing is great too.

Still, if you’re restricted on money, memory foam pillows works like charm, as long as the pillow in itself uses gel infused beads.

The most budget-friendly option certainly includes feather pillow stuffing, but with new stuffing options emerging, it’s rarely found and used.

Other two materials you may also like but not in the list:

10 everyday alternatives to toy stuffing

Run out of stuffing for a toy or ornament? Created an amigurumi cutie or maybe you’ve sewn a pin cushion but are running short on stuffing, Elizabeth Bagwell suggests some creative stuffing solutions.

I may be the only knitter who has accidentally donated their bag of toy stuffing to a charity shop the day they were trying to finish gifts and move house (we were moving house, I feel that’s explanation enough for the madness) but I doubt I’m the only one who has had that last-minute-gift panic and cast around for something else to use. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Old tights or socks

Nylons work great, but woolly ones will do too. They should be clean, obviously, and you’ll probably want to cut the elastic hem off the top. They’re machine washable, the dye doesn’t leak (not after a billion washes) and it’s a good way to upcycle ones with a ladder in.

Pro tip: Chop the tights up to stuff small areas or smooth out lumps.

2. Worn out t-shirts or jumpers

Again, these should be clean. The material tends to be thicker, so you’ll probably want to cut the material into small pieces before using it as stuffing.

3. Tissues or tissue paper

Not machine washable, but a lightweight solution for ornaments. Stuff the object quite densely, as otherwise it can be difficult to reshape it if it gets squashed. Brightly coloured tissue paper can show through pale yarns, and is notorious for spreading dye around if it gets at all wet. Printer paper or letter paper is clean and white, but tends to be too thick to be effective.

4. Newspaper

A frugal alternative to tissue paper, with many of the same problems. Bear in mind that newspaper ink does spread itself around – you don’t want to put a dark fingerprint on a white snowman.

5. Plastic bags

The really thin ones from supermarkets are best. Cut off any lumpy bits, and chop the bags up into manageable pieces. The stuffing will be lightweight and washable. The dye shouldn’t run, either. However, the object will crackle if squeezed.

Pro tip: Plastic bag stuffing is not recommended for toys for small children or animals, as if they manage to tear open the toy, they’ll discover a whole collection of choking and/or suffocation hazards to play with.

6. Packing materials

Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, bits of foam… all the things companies send you along with whatever you ordered can be used to fill up an ornament. They’re best for the centre of larger objects though, as they tend to have awkward corners. Stuff small areas with other materials, and use these found objects to fill up the bulky middle.

Pro tip: Also not recommended for small children or animals, for the obvious reasons.

7. Toy stuffing from another toy

It might seem a bit heartless to chop up ted, but if you’ve got a stuffed toy that’s really no longer useful, you can reclaim its stuffing. The contents might need a wash though, and older toys may not have stuffing that meets modern safety standards, if that’s a concern.

8. The filling from a pillow

Another bit of upcycling. I strongly recommend washing the pillow before cutting it open if you want the stuffing clean. Artificial fibres are preferable to feathers, unless you’re making a cushion.

Pro tip: Hypoallergenic pillows are a good source of hypoallergenic stuffing. That said, most toy stuffing is acrylic so the yarn is more likely to be an issue.

9. Yarn

Always a last resort for me! For small objects, like mini Christmas tree ornaments, a few meters of yarn can be enough to give it some shape. It can be a great way to use up unknittable scraps, but it’s hard to poke into the right place.

Pro tip: Make sure the stuffing is at least as washable as the yarn on the outside.

10. Fleece or spinning fiber

Prepared spinning fiber has similar properties to commercial toy stuffing. Can be a good use for leftovers you don’t want to spin although, toys may smell of sheep, which some love and others hate. Cats tend to enjoy the effect!

Discover more toy patterns

300g 10.6oz Polyester Fiber Fill Ranking TOP7 Stuffing Pillow Filli Polyfill

300g 10.6oz Polyester Fiber Fill Ranking TOP7 Stuffing Pillow Filli Polyfill

300g 10.6oz Polyester Fiber Fill Ranking TOP7 Stuffing Pillow Filli Polyfill 300g 10.6oz Polyester Fiber Fill Ranking TOP7 Stuffing Pillow Filli Polyfill $11 300g/10.6oz Polyester Fiber Fill, Polyfill Stuffing Pillow Filli Arts, Crafts Sewing Sewing Sewing Notions Supplies $11 300g/10.6oz Polyester Fiber Fill, Polyfill Stuffing Pillow Filli Arts, Crafts Sewing Sewing Sewing Notions Supplies Polyester,Polyfill,Fiber,Stuffing,300g/10.6oz,Pillow,Filli,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Sewing , Sewing Notions Supplies,,/hamiltonian580121.html,$11,Fill, Polyester,Polyfill,Fiber,Stuffing,300g/10.6oz,Pillow,Filli,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Sewing , Sewing Notions Supplies,pulsehospitaljammu. com,/hamiltonian580121.html,$11,Fill,


300g/10.6oz Polyester Fiber Fill, Polyfill Stuffing Pillow Filli

  • Premium Fiber Fill: 300g/10.6oz polyester fiberfill, fine and dense fiber, not nearly as lumpy, high resilience and easy to stuff.
  • Soft and Fluffy: Made from good quality new materials, super soft and it will not be deformed even if it is machine-washed.
  • Worked Great: It has excellent support and hardness for toys, compact and has a larger fiber space, not lint flying, full of shape.
  • Easy to Use: This is easy to work with if you are stuffing your own pillow or stuffed animals, you can fill the it as much as needed.
  • Wide Application: Use for all types of craft and home decor projects, such as stuffing plush toys, pillows, back cushions, DIY fillings, cotton quilts, pet nests, home textiles, etc.

300g/10.6oz Polyester Fiber Fill, Polyfill Stuffing Pillow Filli

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Decorative polyester The Beatles Yellow Submarine pillow cover + pillow stuffing


MidWest Quiet Time e’Sensuals Reversible Polyfill Pillow w/ synthetic Sheepskin and Embossed Paw Print/ Bone Design, Round


Thomas Collection Navy Velvet Luxury Accent Pillow, Solid Navy Decorative Throw Pillow, Double Sided Navy Pillow, INCLUDES POLYFILL INSERT, Made in USA, 15004


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Thomas Collection Black White Chinchilla Faux Fur Throw Pillow, Black Chinchilla Fur, Black White Chinchilla Throw Pillow, Fur Pillow, INCLUDES POLYFILL INSERT, Handmade in USA, 17432


100% Bulk White Goose Down Fill Stuffing – 12 LB – By Dream Solutions Brand- Make Your Own Pillow, Pillow Filling Stuffing, Comforter Filling, Down Jacket Repair Stuffing and Much More


Thomas Collection Decorative Stripe Throw Pillow, Light Green Brown Yellow Orange Gray Cream Tan Stripe Pillow, Zig Zag Chevron Designer Pillow, INCLUDES POLYFILL INSERT, Handmade in US, 11042


Snoozer Upper Body Pillow in White (Polyfill Synthetic Down)


Polyfill Stuffing 100% Polyester Fiber White, 1 Bag, 12-Ounce


Thomas Collection Silver Metallic Luxury Throw Pillow, Larry Laslo Ivory Scale Modern Decorative Pillow, INCLUDES POLYFILL INSERT, Made in USA, 11370


Royal Damask Throw Pillow with Stuffing | Modern Chic Home Decor Collection (18″ x 18″)

39. 99

Irish Green Damask Throw Pillow with Stuffing | Modern Chic Home Decor Collection (18″ x 18″)


Snoozer Body Pillow Snoozer Full Body Pillow -Polyfill Cluster fiber


Bridge Flag Art Truck Pillow Cover with Stuffing – Sofa Pillow Home Decor Cushion Pillow – Decorative Pillowcase Throw Pillow Cover for Livingroom and Bed/Chair/Couch – 18″x18″ with


House and Truck Art Tree Printed Pillow Cover with Stuffing – Sofa Pillow Home Decor Cushion Pillow – Decorative Pillowcase Throw Pillow Cover for Livingroom and Bed/Chair/Couch – 18″x


Red Parrot Truck Art Pillow Cover with Stuffing – Sofa Pillow Home Decor Cushion Pillow – Decorative Pillowcase Throw Pillow Cover for Livingroom and Bed/Chair/Couch – 18″x18″ with Vivid Colors


Seat Cushion Round Fruit Design pillow covers decorative pillow stuffing Sofa Bed Throw Pillow #Kiwi


Seat Cushion Round Fruit Design pillow covers decorative pillow stuffing Sofa Bed Throw Pillow #Watermelon

10. 99

Seat Cushion Round Fruit Design pillow covers decorative pillow stuffing Sofa Bed Throw Pillow #Orange


Pillow Stuffing Feather Pillow Neck Protecting Health Pillow,Standard Size,1Pcs(Standard 02)


“FLOUR SACK” Throw Pillow 1930’s Era Style LIGHT CRUST FLOUR, KANSAS GIRL FLOUR, SUNBEAM, & BAKER’S CHOICE FLOUR Fabric Throw Pillow (Just Add Stuffing)


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You got to know when to fold ’em … How to make your bed

Slipping into a well-made bed is a reward at the end of a long day.

But many of us give more thought to constructing a great sandwich than to layering the right components for a bed that is comfy and cozy, that looks stylish and inviting — and that doesn’t have the sheets all scrunched up at the bottom.

Yes, some people seem to be able to fall asleep on anything. “But most of us need a comfortable setup, and bedding is so important in getting a good night’s sleep,’’ said Keith Cushner, product expert at “If you are uncomfortable, you just won’t sleep well.’’

We asked three experts — a bedding designer, a cleaning expert, and an interior designer — to weigh in on setting up and maintaining a stylish, comfortable bed.

The basics

Do you know how to make your bed? Melissa Homer, chief cleaning officer at MaidPro, offered the following tips to help you get your sheets, pillows, and blankets just right.

Start with the fitted sheet, hooking the pockets as far as they will go over each corner of the mattress, beginning in the most difficult corner to reach if the bed is pushed against walls. Then lay out the top sheet — if you still use one — with the patterned/finished side facing down, because it will give things a more finished look when you fold back the sheet.

If you like to add blankets, lay them on top of the sheet, then fold back the top of the sheet 6 to 8 inches and tuck it tightly under the mattress on three sides. Spread your comforter, duvet, or bedspread over the bed and smooth it out.

Put pillows in pillowcases and fluff and smooth them. If you just have sleeping pillows, place them flat at the top of the bed. If you have decorative pillows, place the sleeping pillows upright and layer the decorative pillows in front, from largest to smallest, in a symmetrical, centered pattern.

Homer said you can get away with washing sheets twice a month — unless you are someone who sweats a lot, eats in bed, or has pets. In that case, go for weekly washing. “Modern detergents are designed to get you excellent results in cold water, but the ideal temperature is warm,’’ she said. Always read the washing instructions before you buy. “If you have … pets or children, do not buy anything for your bed that can’t go into the washing machine,’’ Homer said.

Spring for new mattress covers when you get a new mattress or if yours show signs of wear. “It’s the number one step to make sure your investment lasts as long as possible,’’ Homer said. Find one that protects against bedbugs, allergens, vomit, spills from drinking or snacking in bed, and child accidents. She recommends encasement covers, which shield the mattress. “They used to be rubbery and noisy, but now they feel like nothing,’’ she said. She likes the SureGuard mattress encasement ($49.97 for queen-size beds, Amazon) for both mattress and box spring. (Yes, it’s a good idea to also cover your box spring if you have one.)

Wash poly-fill pillows every six to 12 months, Homer said, and use dryer balls. “Dryer balls gently whack into the bedding as it tumbles, breaking apart clumps of down and stuffing, so they dry fluffy instead of lumpy,’’ she said. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning for memory foam, down, and other specialty pillows, because some can be only spot-cleaned. Don’t forget to wash pillow protectors, too, Homer said, such as waterproof ones by SureGuard ($27.97 a pair, Amazon).

If you struggle with a messy bed every morning and love tightly tucked sheets, Homer suggested using mattress suspenders (RayTour bedsheet straps $9.96, Amazon), which clip under your mattress and can anchor multiple layers of bedding at once.

Fun fact: You don’t have to make your bed as soon as you get up. In fact, it’s better not to. “Turn down your bed in the morning, and make your bed after breakfast,’’ Homer said. “Give your bed a chance to air out. Open your blinds for the sunshine to come in.’’ Let moisture from sweat dry out. “This will reduce allergens and dust mite colonies and won’t make your bed into a breeding ground for things that don’t make it smell so fresh,’’ she added.

Bedding building blocks

“It’s so important that people spend the time and energy to think about how to create and invest in a comfortable sleep experience,’’ said Ariel Kaye, founder and chief executive of Parachute, maker of stylish sheets, quilts, duvet covers, and other bedroom essentials. “You will spend a third of your life in bed.’’

After a mattress, pillows are the most important element in building a dreamy place to sleep. There are many varieties, including down, down alternative, memory foam, polyfill, and buckwheat. Some unzip, so you can adjust the level of fill to your comfort level. Many pillows are marked for firmness, density, or “loft.’’ Standard-size bed pillows (20 by 26 inches) are the typical choice; for a king-size bed, you might want a longer pillow (20 by 36 inches).

Kaye said she is a “maximalist’’ and likes to have one medium pillow and one firm. “Then I can layer them depending on what position I end up sleeping in,’’ she said. Side sleepers usually like a firmer and higher style to help them take the strain off their head, neck, and back. Stomach sleepers might prefer a thinner version. “A super-plump pillow forces a stomach sleeper’s head into a pinched angle,’’ Kaye said. She likes to add 26-inch European square pillows either in front of or behind sleeping pillows. “They add a nice polished look and are functional for reading, watching TV, or working in bed,’’ she said.

Start with two sets of sheets, so you have one for the bed while the other is in the wash. Kaye likes the classic choice, percale, which she said has “more of a cool-hand feel.’’ The Parachute line also includes brushed cotton, which feels “worn in like a T-shirt’’; a smooth sateen with a warmer feel; and linen, which is heavier but still breathable. Kaye said thread counts are often just marketing gimmicks. “Anything over 400 is really not necessary’’ she said.

Styling a well-dressed bed

Dressing up your bed is a lot like dressing up yourself, said Melissa Sanabria, founder of D.C. design firm Sanabria & Co. Layering is key. The price of layers adds up, though, so when you choose bedding, you may have to start with the basics, then add decorative elements, such as throws, shams, and quilts, over time.

“When I was a broke college student, I always invested in the best sheets I could afford, as that is the first layer that touches your skin,’’ Sanabria said. For the top layer, she prefers duvets, which can be changed up with new covers. She recommends neutrals such as white or tan for duvets or blankets, and she adds various colors and textures with accessories.

When it comes to pillows, don’t go overboard. On a queen-size bed, Sanabria starts with two sleeping pillows, then two pillows with coordinating shams. Add two decorative square pillows, such as Crate and Barrel’s Eyelash pillow covers ($29.95) or West Elm’s Cotton Linen & Velvet Corners cover ($42.50). Buy pillow inserts that are at least 1 inch larger than the covers, so you get a really full look, she said.

Sanabria recommended finishing the top of the bed with a “nice, long, skinny lumbar pillow’’ that you center between the two decorative square pillows.

“The lumbar pillow gives you some visual interest and is also good if you are reading and need additional support. I use mine a lot to prop up my computer,’’ Sanabria said. She likes this Hearth & Hand color-block version from Target ($29. 99) or the Icelandic shorn sheepskin pillow from CB2 ($139).

The final touch is a blanket, bedspread, or quilt for the foot of the bed. Avoid ones that are marked “throw,’’ because they will be too small and won’t drape across the entire end of the bed, Sanabria said, or even cover your feet when you pull it up to take a nap.

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polyfill stuffing near me

Tie each one around the rubber band. Glass beads for weighting 13. Each time I used it, they low end sounded smoother to me. I inherited this lot of about 100 bags of poly-fill suitable for stuffing toys or pillows. 2007-2013 GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado Extended cab dual ported sub enclosure. 5″ x 4.5″. Cut fabric. PAYMENT and SHIPPING. A Christmas tree is a favorite holiday decoration, stirring old memories as new ones are made. 99 $11.95 $11.95. The most competitive foam supplier on the market. Each piece is made of two flat panels that are joined together and lightly stuffed. The armscye oval was measured and ovals sewn on by hand. 4. Minni. Sometimes the stuffing inside shifts and compresses to such a degree that portions of the body are rendered rather limp and hollow. Stuff as you go: To make stuffing your soft toy easier, a handy hint is to stuff as you go, joining small sections at the same time will help to ensure that you can get the stuffing into all of the nooks and crannies. Where it is an assorted product, we cannot guarantee which design will be available. I just use regular old polyfil from WalMart to stuff everything. Bring softness and volume to any project with Easyrest Polyester Easyfill. The couch’s filling, though, is just as important as its looks. I also added more stuffing to the back pillows. i do apologize for not taking pic yet. It can lower Q by as much as 0.2. Scrap Dacron Fiberfill 12″ x 12″ x 60″ $13. 3 fiberglass enclosure for a single 12, and I am using polyfill to try and make up for the small amount of volume. wal-mart has 10-15lb boxes of really nice loose polyfill/fiberfill stuffing. ( original fiberglass, commonly available pink fiberglass, and they later Poly fill ), and what they prefer and why. Shop Cotton Upholstery Batting Fabric for $50.25 per bundle at OnlineFabricStore. First of all. To add color and comfort to your couch, you can use our pillow forms, which come in a huge assortment of shapes and sizes. The Poly fill Synthetic Fiber, fabricated by us, comes with a range of 40-360 GSM and can be customized as per the needs of the clients. At this point you can either fiddle with the glue gun to close the nose, or you can sew it shut so that it makes a … 3. Double check that the long center seam is positioned on the inside of the loop, if not, flip it right side out. polyfill (for stuffing the ears) white 1-inch wide plastic headband Tools. Thank you for welcoming me to Mycotopia, though I have been lurking these forums, gathering info for my own pursuits, for years. Please correct me if I’m wrong. 5.00 out of 5. When he decides something else is on his radar screen, with stuffing, it’s usually too late, because he is stealth…despite the bell around his neck. It also has 4 braces spaced out about 7.5″ apart. Foam Cut to Size. Batting fills up cushion edges for a soft, rounded appearance and can be the difference between a cushion looking like a pad or like a soft resting place. It is soft, durable, and often has an invisible scrim. I just added poly fil to my soundbar, holy hell, what a difference. PlanetJunes realistic owl collection of crochet patterns allow me to make a range of May 7, 2018 – A realistic crochet interpretation of a snowy owl – one that fits in your hand! Yarn (Tapestry) Needle, scissors, measuring tape. Finally, zip your cushions back up or sew them back together, then put them back on your sofa. Note: This does not fit 2007 Old Classic Body Style. Hi all, I’m building 6 of my own subwoofers and have questions about stuffing. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Winston Porter Part #: W001604600 on this page.3 is the largest it can be physically. We also offer a cut service. 589 Central Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Toll Free: 888-268-8664 Toll Free Fax: 800-626-8866 [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Toll Free: 888-268-8664 Toll Free Fax: 800-626-8866 [email protected] Turn the sleeve from step 1 right side out, and stuff with polyfill. Close the other end of the sleeve with a rubber band. Birders can then watch the birds claim nesting material to learn where nests are located for fun viewing, even if the birdhouse isn’t a favorite location. A realistic crocheted Snoopy and Woodstock from Peanuts, designed and hand-made by me with the amigurumi technique. You can simply wrap the yarn around the hook a few times and hold it in place with your thumb and forefinger while you stuff the head. Unfortunately, time and improper care both create clumps in the inner material, making the bedding lumpy in some areas and too thin in others. Poly-Fil box stuffing? Fairfield Poly-Fil Poly-Pellets Weighted Stuffing Beads for Crafts, 6 lbs. We’re only at the year and a half mark together… and it looks like this… but I’m going to teach you how to stuff your sofa!. – I recently constreucted a new box out of 3/4 MDF for my Rockford Fosgate Stage One Subs. Polyfill is a better material for stuffing a sealed box due to its compressibility. It does have effect on the sound when you use it and when you dont. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Organic cotton refers to … That sounds like a great idea too! Your support helps secure a future for birds at risk. Sound Off Audio specializes in manufacturing quality speaker boxes Made in the USA for public and wholesale at affordable prices. Notes. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company … The pellets are perfect for filling the insides of your many projects. Full Silicon Dolls And Reborn For Sale Near Me. Our shredded foam can be used in throw pillows, cushions, patio furniture, cushion backs and many other applications. The stuffing taken out when dismantling the love seat/settee appears to be in pretty good shape and am also wondering if I can or should re use it. I have used polyfill several times on sealed boxes. 4.90 out of 5. Polyfill works a bit, but not as well as fiberglass or foam. I just added poly fil to my soundbar, holy hell, what a difference. $11.49 Promotions. Citric suggested this most excellent idea. The down side was that, while in the scrum, people would point to me, say “He’s got a pillow mace… Get him!” and I’d be bent over by a storm of flailing pillows. Find Audubon Near You. – Polyfill stuffing and tufted sleep surface offer a comfy place to rest – Non-slip bottom helps keep bed in place on hardwood, tile and other slick flooring – Ideal for pups who enjoy curling up to sleep – All beds are machine washable. We carry mattresses, toppers, seats, cushions, sound proofing and deadening foams, memory foam pillows, eggcrate and … 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. Choose from 100% down fill, down and feather blends, polyester stuffing in both small and large quantities, and kapok filling. Save 8%. Been a while now, but think my 6700 gallon pool took 48-72 hours to clean up and it was a dull green beforehand. 11. Be careful to not accidentally sew your loop shut. We stock foam in yellow, pink ,pink, blue, grey and rebonded foam sheets in all the popular sizes, from 3mm- 100mm. Lots of wrong answers here. This white 50/50 poly/cotton lining is perfect for all types of pillow stuffing except down/feathers. Foam & Fillings. I dont know the science behind it and cant speak on anything but sealed boxes. Try this nifty draft stopper repurposing long socks, or this one using old pillowcases. Take control of unwanted speaker vibrations with our stock of Acousta-Stuf polyfill fiber fill, multi-layer acoustic sound damping foam, and absorption coating paintable damping materials. Pack the Poly-fil in like you’re stuffing … 3/4″ thick on the rest. Dimensions – each heart measures approx. Kristin Vierra is a Hobbs Batting customer, business owner and a recent award winner for her quilt “A Quilter’s Garden” at the IQA (International Quilt Association) #QuiltFestival, She won the Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry. Make sure that the last stitch you crocheted is secure on your hook while you are doing this or the stitches might unravel. This fabric comes folded at 55″ (140 cm) on the roll, and is 110″ wide (279 cm) when unfolded. This resilient and soft hollow filling is ideal for plush toys, cushions, general craft an Love Simple says: May 31, 2019 at 2:01 PM. With more than 500k custom products made, we specialize in custom cushions, pillows and drapes. Previous Next Click here PUPPBUDD Pet Dog Bed for Medium Dogs(XXL-Large for Large Dogs),Dog Bed with Machine Washable Comfortable and Safety for Medium and Large Dogs Or Multiple ☀COMFORT AND SECURITY: The medium dog bed’s raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and […] The key to a successful mono is passive FAE. Turn right-sides out. Pillows are an essential (and easy) crowning touch to nearly any bed. 40% max is the correct box increase with fiberglass. 300g/10.6oz Polyester Fiber Fill, Polyfill Stuffing Pillow Filling Stuffing Cushion Filling, Batting High Resilience Fill Fiber, Stuffing for Stuffed Animals/DIY Crafts (White) 4.1 out of 5 stars 5. 8 reviews of Eurofab “I haven’t actually used any of their services but it is a pretty nice store. San Jose,CA. Hanging or setting these and other nesting materials near promising nesting sites, including birdhouses, can encourage birds to build their nests nearby. I make sure to trim my seams near the nose very close, and to fraycheck just at that spot, … Get it as soon as Mon, Jun 7. When stuffing a teddy bear, you must be careful not to overstuff it. Item # D006093S Online Only . The Best Sofa Cushion Filling. Polyfill stuffing-typically sold in … For upholstery arms, backing and … CHALLENGE: Polyfill is the alternative so the challenge is to go back to a natural toy and doll stuffing option. LaTiffanie Jackson says. £4.20 /kilo Select options; Duck Feather Filling. They could be a single source of pattern that brings about some life to the room. How have you guys stuffed your soundbar? You’ll also need a little polyfill stuffing, some ribbon and a bit of yarn (optional). Alternatively, wrap quilt batting around cushions that have pillow-like stuffing to give them more body. Get it as soon as Tue, May 4. They always have excellent window displays to lure you in. Shop Pillow Perfect Baja Linen Lime 2-Piece 19-in x 19-in Green 100% T-Spun Polyester Oblong Indoor Decorative Pillow in the Throw Pillows department at Lowe’ I thought just replacing the OEM speakers was huge, stuffing that soundbar was almost like I had a cheap sound system! Premium Polyester Fiberfill is absolutely the best performing fiberfill for pillows, dolls, stuffed toys and crafts. Polyfill stuffing was inserted between the cardboard skeleton and the canvas form, like some kind of puffy polyester flesh, to pad the relevant regions. Re: New Curt Campbell Design! Create weighted items and plush crafts with Poly-Pellets Stuffing Beads! Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Shooting Bag Fillers are small beads that provide many benefits over ordinary shooting bag fill materials. With our variety of stuffing, you’ll add the finishing touches to many projects. Wiring, Electrical and Installation Help Enclosure Design & Construction Help Car Audio Build Logs Contact me. Rated 5 out of 5 by Catt from Ecelent quality I used this to make a rag doll. and had a … What to use for couch stuffing To re-stuff seat cushions, you should use high-density foam . Polyfill stuffing; Poly pellets /polybeads (or use small beans if you don’t intend to wash this doll, ever) … fresh laundry, the smell of salt air near the beach where I used to live, making lists, anything round (like heads) and the quiet evenings sitting … Gauge – 9 sts x 9 rows = 2″ sq using sc. Pet Store. To remedy this situation the stuffed animal will need to be restuffed. $11.49 Product Actions. Explore the Network. Only 1 available and it’s in 6 people’s carts. The Poly fill Fiber, manufactured by us, is widely used by home furnishings manufacturers for filling, stuffing and interlining. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. My stuffing was R-19 pink stuff covering a couple of the cabinet walls. Add to cart options. 150g Polyfill Stuffing Fiber Fill, White Premium Fiber Fill, High Resilience Fill Fiber, Recycled Polyester Fiber, Stuffing for Stuffed Animals, Pillow Filler. the fiberfill/polyfill stuffing i get comes from local department store as well. 95. $12.95 $ 12. We provide both regular shredded foam and shredded memory foam. It offers a superior resiliency, smooth consistency, and will not bunch. Save 20% with code 20MADEBYYOU See Details Valid Online. I believe there are a lot of “sad sofas” out there. Its not extremely comprehensive however. Then, I shoved the other end of the hanger into the shoe piece (through the stuffing). Large size has a removable, machine … You want to start by stuffing your polyfill properly. Type 700 rigid glass and bonded cotton are fine for lining a cab, but polyfill tends to be better for stuffing. … polyfill stuffing or even old towels and blankets. Of course, you can use any sheet of foam, but you don’t have much space inside the cushion cover, and regular foam doesn’t give much cushion per-inch. Shop our Memorial Day Flash Sale! It took me all of one day but I washed the cushion covers, steam cleaned the arms and back. It really helped when re-stuffing its 2 1/2 ft legs! I’ve thought of repurposed items like dryer lint and plastic bags, which may work for personal items I … To me it seems, if you have the water constantly filtering through the resin, it would keep stripping the calcium out of the water until there is nothing left. stuffing inside using polyfill, but the observed sound reproduction did not seem too “right” to me- I thought it was resonating too much (like booming) at low freqs. How much polyfill is too much? 3. When you buy a Winston Porter Tomah Come and Sit with Me Indoor/Outdoor Lumbar Pillow online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. Choose from hundreds of fabrics, including Sunbrella and Robert Allen. I recommend purchasing a bag of polyester fiberfill to use as stuffing. hot glue gun and glue sticks … Snip the seam allowance from the outside edge to just near the sewing line all around the ear. I was considering switching to micropore tape for the GE holes on my mono tubs instead of stuffing polyfill … Imagine having your baby’s picture made for Christmas in this crocheted green ruffled dress set, EATON 10EF1 NSNP. So my advice to you is: if you make your own pillow mace and take it to a pillow fight, be prepared to accept the consequences of becoming the center of attention. Postcode: CHECK We can only provide an estimate of stock availability. Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Shooting Bag Fillers are small beads that provide many benefits over ordinary shooting bag fill materials. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly and non-toxic alternatives to popular art supplies and craft supplies. SHOP NOW. You want it to be heavy enough to stay in place when using, so choosing the right filler is a must. Mindi says. Get latest & updated polyfill fiber prices in Gurugram for your buying requirement. Replacing the filler in the cushions is an effective way to rejuvenate the piece. Crafters have made Poly-Fil the best selling polyester fiberfill in America. Quilt Wadding. Of course, you can use any sheet of foam, but you don’t have much space inside the cushion cover, and regular foam doesn’t give much cushion per-inch. The Bear Factory Stuffing Machines. In a real water softener, the water would only be sifted through the resin once. What to use for couch stuffing To re-stuff seat cushions, you should use high-density foam . I was just wondering if stuffing a bunch of polyfill in a waterproof bag and putting in my front doors could give me a better mid bass response. If necessary, you can contact me for a complete care guide. To me the most important thing to remember about stuffing a softie is that it is a slow process. The quantity of polyfill stuffing used in the vent is 12 grams. Poly-Fil Stuffing – 20 Ounce Bag. Learn how to stuff a basic sewn animal with Poly-fil brand fiber fill from Fairfield If you want to check out the concept for cheap and easy use rice crispies while not near as effective as perlite you will be surprised and youe speakers will be snap crackle pop approved. Taking out my trusty fabric glue, I applied some glue along the inside of the top edges of the shoe fabric, and pressed the shoe to the leg. Date published: 2021-05-24. SHOP NOW. I let it run an extra 24 hours after that and capped it good then. I will bring polyfill stuffing, yarn, extra yarn needles, glue guns, sticks and pumpkin stems as well as some Halloween / autumn embellishments to add. On the right side we move to the left from near to far. It seems to me that the point of stuffing the sound bar is to isolate the left/right speakers.. depending on the music.. you can end up with one speaker essentially damping the other speaker when they are in the same air space. Even if you use a quality thread and decent stitches, you are still in danger of overstuffing the bear and ripping the seams. Down Filling The cabinet has 1.5″ thick front baffle and top. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Polyester Fiber, Polyester fiberfill, Poly Fiber across India. When it comes to bedding, upholstery and furniture manufacturing, Racatex is your supplier of choice. Make the nose: Take a small circular piece of felt in a skin tone for the nose of your gnome. Polyfill less. If you are using sheets of felt, you’ll need one of each color to make one ornament. The Poly-fil® Weighted blanket insert can be used right out of the package, or you can make a DIY custom cover using the Free instructions included in every package. A bonded 100% polyester cushion wrap designed to help keep cushions plump and protected. Take 1-2 month (3 max) With track number; I use box; Once I receive your payment ,your order will be shipped within 3 work days * Please note that there may be delays due to international quarantine I am not responsible for this £5.50 /kilo Select options; Hollow Fibre Filling. Find here Polyester Fiber, Polyester fiberfill manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Fill Material: Polyester/Polyfill; Closure Type: Zipper; Insert Included: Yes; The corners are flat seems it required more stuffing and the background color is light brown.Its nowhere near white /blue .its does have grey shades however. I’d like to find an alternative to polyfil but all I’m finding is really expensive, so much so that I couldn’t price my things to sell if I used them. It can take as long, or longer, to stuff properly than it can to cut and sew the body together. 2″ piece of cardboard for making pom poms (or pom pom maker). Tags: alternative stuffing, amigurumis, fiberfill, materials, polyfill, stuffing. Make sure your guests feel at home by … Organic cotton stuffing is a bit pricier than corn and soy fiber fills, but it’s by far the greenest option out there. I thought just replacing the OEM speakers was huge, stuffing that soundbar was almost like I had a cheap sound system! Step 6. Sold by the yard (1 yard = 0.91 m) or roll. When you’re shopping for a sofa, the color and style grab your attention first. Whether you need polyester stuffing for stuffed toys or down and feather fill for couch cushions, you’ll find it here. If you have the 2007 Extended Cab, please check to see if you have the new or old body style. Whether the filling is down, a down alternative or other material, a daily shake-down quickly realigns you comforter’s stuffing to keep it feeling plush and cozy. It is reasonably priced and lots in a bag . I say STOCK UP! Cushion Filling. 3.6 out of 5 stars 5. Product line includes PVC-free vinyl, non-toxic paints, natural fibers, recycled textiles, and more for your primitive art, fine art, upcycled kids crafts, and DIY projects. In fact, they can make sitting on the couch a torturous experience for both you and your guests. Celtic knots are a design that are near and dear to my man due to his part-Irish ancestry. COMPLETE RANGE OF FABRIC AND CRAFT DYES View our full catalogue. This cutie pie reborn Tayla was born today Tuesday March 30 at 3:23 pm .reborned by me +6. Students will need to bring size 6 or 7 straight or circular needles, scissors, a yarn needle if they have one. Foam-slabs of 24” x 76”, ½” to 5” thick, sold per slab or by linear inch. The Bear Factory is proud to release our own stuffing machine line after 14 years of experience in the field. Our ethylene-based acoustical barrier products, often in conjunction with acoustical absorbers, are utilized in the automotive, heavy truck, and building materials industries in various applications for noise reduction. hopefully i’ll … I inherited this lot of about 100 bags of poly-fill suitable for stuffing toys or pillows. I am using 1.2 lbs of polyfill, and th Polyfill for stuffing 13. Make sure to pull them as tight as possible, to create the ridges in the pumpkin. home depot carries the rest like fiberglass,wool,foam,ect…and all that fun stuff. A unique process explodes the special blend of 100% polyester fibers creating an extraordinary resilience that maintains its integrity through countless launderings. I would like to open a thread and have people discuss their opinions,experiences with different types of stuffing. Perfect for refilling, topping up & stuffing. How have you guys stuffed your soundbar? 9) Once the headpiece is dry, you can then begin attaching the detailing (the head straps and the tentacles). Push the polyfill stuffing in through the opening at the bottom of the teddy bear’s head. Measure and mark a 7 inch by 4 yard strip of fabric. If I could give a Zero I would. We suggest mounting a piece of screening material over both sides of the vent to hold the stuffing in place. Grab a large amount of Poly-fil and begin to shove it up inside the cushion, making sure to position it behind any foam or pillow that may already be in the cushion. Used for the trending Cloud Walls and Cloud Ceilings that are seen on social media. The quantity of polyfill stuffing used in the vent is 12 grams. Polyfill or other stuffing material. Add to Cart. Organic Cotton Stuffing. You move from near to far. Most disappointing though? When you buy a Winston Porter Tomah Come and Sit with Me Indoor/Outdoor Lumbar Pillow online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. … Stand-Up Pouches for Sale near me Bulk & Wholesale, It’s sure to be cherished for years to come and is perfect as a Mother’s Day gift. Here at IT’S SEW PERFECT PROMOTIONS (ISPP) we provide quality printing, graphics and much more to our clients in the Tampa Bay Area and beyond.Our highly experienced team of Apparel Decorator and Designers are here to help you along the way to get your project done efficiently and with the highest quality and professionalism you’re looking for. Features. We suggest mounting a piece of screening material over both sides of the vent to hold the stuffing in place. You can simply wrap the yarn around the hook a few times and hold it in place with your thumb and forefinger while you stuff the head. tonite i’m gonna take out the fibreglass insulation in my pipe and try the 1354 voigt pipes with some polyfill stuffing. They were then sewed to a strip of black fabric that was in turn sewed to the headpiece. Page 1 of 1. Shop our Memorial Day Flash Sale! The bass waves slow a bit. If you get swept away in the excitement of seeing the finished product you run the risk of messing it up entirely. Through out 2018 we’ve spent countless hours designing, reconfiguring and product testing with customers, to create a truly unique stuffing machine product line unlike the industry has every seen. Even if you live in the tropics you can bring a realistic touch of the North Pole indoors by decorating your tree with faux snow. Placing the fill behind the existing cushion will help to keep everything looking smooth. Therefore, you can stuff the head of the teddy bear firmly, while leaving a little room in the body of the teddy bear. Better minds than mine would need to address the strengths/liabilities of foam lining vs. polyfill stuffing. Zip ties 15 . What is Become an Audubon Member. Find the top polyfill fiber dealers, traders, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers & suppliers in Gurugram, Haryana. I’ve already put in brand new strapping and sewed the springs in to the strapping as well as tying in the tops of the springs as they were roiginally (8 way) and tacked in the burlap covering. Read More; Buckwheat Filling. Poly-Fil Stuffing – 20 Ounce Bag. Chemical-free and easy to cut with scissors or a knife. Kapok is a down alternative that’s natural and hypoallergenic. But, results do show some trends worthy of further study.What brought me … When making one for yourself, one of the most important things for you to consider is the pincushion stuffing. Poly-fil ® Weighted Blanket Insert is the Quick & Easy way to create a customized weighted blanket. From my understanding, polyfill is used primarily in sealed cabinets for exactly that purpose, but ported cabinets should just be lined with dampening material and no polyfill. Containers to mix paints 11.body for the reborn aprox: $25 plus shipping 12. Then, if your cushions have loose stuffing, add polyester fiberfill and distribute it evenly with your hands to plump up the cushions. No more tedious weighing and measuring. Here’s a list of some of the more popular ones, their pros and cons, and where you can find them. Fill bean bags, DIY cushions & more with fiber fill, poly-fil, polyester blend & cotton fiber fill. Foam Type. Shred your stuffing: Before you stuff your bear, shred the lumps of hobby fill into smaller pieces to separate all of the fibres. Near field measurements showed actual tuning to be a hair under 30Hz even with the driver and port consuming some of that gross volume. (Actually does not make sense since the original PORTED monitor only has a 2.0 cuft volume ) But; seems “stuffing” is required, especially since I”d like to make the box smaller Lots of reviews on polyfill, fiberglass, denim insulation and others. Crafted from pure optic polyester fibre, this hollowfibre filling is easy to use and suitable for toys and cushions. The stick that comes in the bag is a bonus that helps me push the stuffing in when I have projects like the 4 foot Bengal Tiger I re-stuffed. The tentacles were made by creating hollow tubes of fabric and stuffing them with polyfill with the help of a knitting needle. Find 25 listings related to Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company in Hickory on Reply. Poly-Fil ® products are two component, simple, reliable and ECONOMICAL liquid Poly-Urethanes. Polyfill’s objective is to prevent noise intrusion with our acoustical barrier solutions. Poly-Fil ® is developed for converting air filled tires into a urethane solid rubber filled tire to maximize vehicle operating efficiency and to minimize downtime associated with flat tires.. but i just bought some pillows that were on sale and i ripped out the fiberfill stuffing. Pin, then sew together near the hemmed edge with a ⅛ inch seam. If you are using 72″ wide felt, well … Rated 5 out of 5 by Moira28 from This is great for toy making Love this product for stuffing my knitted toys. have you tried using stuffing from inside old pillows?

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90,000 New. Outerwear on the Internet auction

Branded men’s jacket from the premium brand Redskins! ORIGINAL! REDUCED PRICE BEFORE PURCHASING!

POLYFILL (Polyfill) – a new generation insulation!

Polyfill insulation is one of the best synthetic heat-insulating fillers for sports outerwear.

This is a modern breathable material that has a number of advantages over traditional holofiber. This filler is a development of the latest generation, clothes based on it have been produced for only a few years. . To give a canvas made of artificial fibers the best qualities of heaters made from natural materials, this was the task of the creators of the polyfill. It is perfectly ventilated , does not allow moisture to pass through, keeps warm well and weighs practically nothing – the jacket is incredibly light and compact (the jacket comes with a travel bag for the jacket, as in the last photo …)!

Available p. L for 48-50 size and p. XL for size 50-52.

Color as in the photo, dark blue!

An amazing quality thing ….


Also available size M for 46 size –


– shoulder distance from seam to seam / in a straight line / – 48 cm.

-distance at chest level / half-girth /, measured immediately under the sleeves – 59-60 cm.

– along the sleeve from the seam of the shoulder to the bottom of the sleeve – 68 cm.

– the length of the jacket from the seam of the collar to the bottom – 66 cm

Barcode on the cardboard tag: 3605684918817

We hammer the barcode on the check site barcode –

The program writes: The barcode is genuine! Country of origin: France .

POLYFILL (Polyfill) – insulation of the last generation, clothes based on it have been produced for only a few years.

Polyfill is especially popular in Scandinavian countries, where residents need reliable protection during cold and windy winters. It is no coincidence that the first jackets and coats with such filling were produced by a Finnish company. The special properties of polyfill make it possible to make not only beautiful, but also very practical products from it. Clothing retains heat well, is not blown out, does not get wet from rain and snow.

But apart from these useful properties, polyfill has an important feature. It is able to act as a reliable barrier to water, cold and wind, absolutely not interfering with normal air exchange – breathing of human skin.In other words, the polyfill filler has membrane properties. Vapors from the body through the Polyfill layer are freely discharged to the outside, but cold air cannot penetrate through it. This gives a feeling of comfort at any temperature. If it is important for you to what negative ambient temperature the warmth will remain in outerwear or sportswear, you can safely choose things with Polyfill filling. Even a small layer perfectly protects against severe frosts down to -30 degrees.

Improved characteristics of polyfill insulation are associated with its unique composition.This is an innovative material, in the manufacture of which the achievements of nanotechnology are applied. Synthetic threads are given a special springy shape. Then a natural latex-based compound is applied to the polyester fibers. It significantly increases their elasticity, reduces hygroscopicity. The fiber impregnated with latex glue is securely held together, trapping air in the smallest pores. The volumetric filling Polyfil does not cake, does not crumple, it never penetrates through the layers of the lining and the top of the product.The elasticity of the fibers is such that, after compression, the polyfill very quickly regains its desired shape. All this leads to the fact that any product with such a filler retains its original appearance for a very long time.

Alpine skiing suits, insulated trousers, clothes for snowboards and other extreme winter sports, leading manufacturers complete with this type of insulation. A very lightweight material that does not restrict movement at all gives the products increased ergonomics.

So, Polyfill is a new high-performance synthetic material with increased compression resistance, good ventilation and excellent thermal insulation properties.Lightweight, warm and durable, it is breathable and does not absorb moisture. Polyfill is intended for clothing used in active sports and leisure, requiring extra flexibility and better stretch.

products with this filler do not cause allergies;

The polyfill is hygienic, easy to wash, microorganisms do not multiply in it;

it allows the body to “breathe”;

Polyfill perfectly preserves the microclimate of the body, this insulation is used even in the manufacture of products for newborns;


The French company Redskins was founded by Serge Aboujedid together with Michael Szynkier in Marseille in 1984.The company quickly gained popularity in the European market due to the high quality of the materials used, especially leather, as well as the originality of the models of leather jackets. For more than a quarter of a century, Redskins has been producing several collections of leather and textiles per year. Restrained elegance combined with modern trends give the brand’s clothing a recognizable charm and style. The basis and pride of the collection are leather jackets. The face of the company Redskins is the famous Hollywood actor David Duchovny.The company is currently based in Paris. Offices and production are located here. Clothes Redskins are worn by such famous people as Bill Clinton, Celine Dion, Anastacia, Lionel Richie, Gerard Depardieu, Mickey Rourke and many others.

How to choose a winter overalls – 7 responses to Babyblog

Now on the market there is a huge number of children’s winter overalls, children’s jackets and, of course, a wide variety of insulation. Sometimes it is difficult for parents, even with experience, to decide what kind of insulation is ideal for their baby.After all, those heaters that are good for children under 1 year old are not suitable for older children. Why? We will try to answer this question.

A few words from history. Once upon a time natural fur and synthetic winterizer were considered the main heaters, but time passes, and the industry does not stand still. Experience has shown that jackets and overalls made of dense padding polyester quickly deteriorate: they crumple during washing, do not heat, and the body does not breathe in them, but fogs up. The synthetic winterizer does not conduct air well and retains heat poorly.

The sintepon was replaced by holofiber, thinsulate, fibertech, tech-polyfill … What to prefer?

The advantage of synthetic insulation is that they are hypoallergenic, microorganisms (mites, etc.) do not start in them, and clothes with various “fibers” (“fiber” is translated as “fiber”) better keep warm, shape, do not deform from washes and does not let cold air inside.

So, let’s deal with heaters.

First Rule

The basic rule is that the children’s winter overalls are correctly selected for their height.Each brand has its own sizes. Some children’s winter overalls are larger, others are made to size. Therefore, just tell the seller the real height of the child and tell me with what length margin you would like to see the jumpsuit. Some parents prefer to take a winter overalls for 2 winters, more often for the second winter the semi-overalls will be small, but there are manufacturers that make adjustable straps on semi-overalls, large cuffs, and cuffs and Velcro on jackets. In this case, it is necessary that the fabric on the inside of the trousers is the same as on the trousers themselves, this is necessary so that the fabric does not rub.So, first – the real growth of the child will be able to give a complete picture of what kind of baby jumpsuit to offer you!

The issue of length margin should be given special attention. Babies grow especially quickly between one and four years of age, so don’t buy one-size-fits-all baby jumpsuits. This is especially true for those parents who like to buy jumpsuits in the summer or even at the previous spring sales. If in August the baby jumpsuit is a little too big for your child, then you risk outgrowing it in December-January and go in search of a new one.Try to choose a baby jumpsuit so that by the beginning of winter the stock in length would be at least 3-4 cm.Remember that winter in our country lasts at least 5-6 months, and during this time your baby can increase in height from 3 to 6 centimeters

Second rule

Seeing the new, unfamiliar name of the insulation on the label of the baby overalls, do not rush!

The manufacturer, trying to capture the attention of the consumer, comes up with its own (trade) names for heaters.

Consider the label on your jacket or overalls. Do not be surprised if you see the inscription: “insulation – 100% polyester”. And where, do you understand, is that “fiberskin”, or “polyfiber” or “tech-polyfill”?

Almost any synthetic insulation is made of polyester fibers. Thus, on the label you will read what the material for the insulation is made of, and more detailed instructions or a sales assistant should tell you what the insulation itself is called, what technology it is made of, and what this technology gives.Products of reputable companies have a special booklet, where all materials are described in detail and their qualities are indicated.

Third rule

80% of children’s colds are not to blame for immunity, but for parents who do not know how to dress a child. For example, a baby who often has colds should never be wrapped up, and it is absolutely forbidden to wear thick hats and tie tight scarves.

No salesperson will be able to explain to you whether your child will freeze in just such clothes.All new generation synthetic winter overalls for children’s winter overalls work according to the same principle: they retain heat well. Ask for an indication of the permissible temperature (up to -10 °, -20 ° or up to -40 °).

Fourth rule

Remember that it is not the insulation that heats, but the air in its cavities. The lighter the fibers, the more cavities there are inside, the lower the temperature at which these baby clothes can be used. The best thermal insulator is air.

The label on a real down jacket should say “down”.This means that inside is exactly the down – eider, swan or goose. 100% “down” is quite rare. Most often they add feathers to it and write “feather”. If the label says “cotton” – in front of you is not a down jacket, but just a jacket with a lining. The inscription “wool” indicates that there is woolen batting inside this jacket, and the word “polyester” or “waltern” denotes a synthetic winterizer or its modern varieties.

And now some information about heaters.



The synthetic winterizer is divided into two types: old (dense) and new (hollow).Both are made from polyester fibers. Fibers are bonded together thermally. Previously, the synthetic winterizer was laid in parallel layers. Because of this, it had very low rates of heat conservation and moisture conductivity. Now a dense synthetic winterizer (thick, glue) is used only in cheap products. In the new synthetic winterizer, the fibers are not glued, but rather hold to each other with the help of silicone needles. Such insulation is more durable, does not lose its shape. But nevertheless, the synthetic winterizer continues to yield to modern heaters for winter children’s clothing.After exposure to sweat and washing, it loses up to half its thickness. And it is not suitable for a cold winter – maximum, for temperatures up to -10 °.

Care of clothes for children with padding polyester: wash at 30 ° C using only soft powders that do not contain bleaching agents; do not soak or bleach.

Pluses of the new padding polyester:

– well suited for demi-season children’s clothing

Cons of the new padding polyester:

– after washing loses thickness

– not suitable for cold winter

HolloFibr, HolloFiber, HolloSoft and other Hollo-consonant names – usually belong to products of unknown Chinese, Korean and other companies.All of them are lavsan fibers of different thickness and different specific gravity. As the name implies, there should be a cavity inside the fiber, but it is quite possible that it will not be there. Nobody guarantees the quality of these heaters.


– a small price for baby overalls

Cons of the new padding polyester:

– commonly used down to -25 °

– there may be a low-quality insulation, it may not have a certificate for children’s clothing


It is considered one of the best insulation materials at the moment, in terms of its heat-saving properties it is equal to down.Consists of very thin fibers that perfectly retain heat, overalls and jackets with thinsulite are light, thin and warm. It does not deform when washing, it is able to warm in severe frosts, provided that the person moves, preferably actively. Clothes on thinsulite are sewn for athletes, oil workers, climbers, but, of course, it is also used as a heater in children’s winter overalls. Usually clothes on Thinsuleit are not cheap. Permissible temperature range for thinsulate: up to -30 °.

Care of clothes for children with thinsulate: machine wash with spin at 40 °.

Thinsulate pluses:

– retains heat well (up to – 30 °.)

– Children’s jackets and overalls, light and thin

– does not deform when washing

– hypoallergenic

Thinsulate Cons:

– high price of a jacket or overalls

Tech-polyfill, isosoft …

Synthetic insulation made from fibers in the form of balls, springs, etc. Balls, spirals or springs do not communicate with each other and contain cavities, so the product keeps its shape well.Children’s winter clothing with holofiber, fibertek, tech-polyfill is not very expensive, it turns out an optimal ratio of price and quality: for a small price you buy a good children’s overalls that can withstand frosts down to -35 °.

It makes no sense to compare children’s clothes on isosoft or holofiber: they have almost the same characteristics in terms of keeping warm. Gusti – kids overalls with tech-polyfil insulation.

Caring for children’s clothes with synthetic insulation: machine wash with spin at 40 °.

Pluses of tech-polyfill, isosoft:

– keep warm well (-35 °.)

– does not deform when washing

– hypoallergenic


– relatively high price of baby overalls


Goose down

Pure down (100%) is rare. Lightweight, durable, it withstands severe frosts, restores its shape after creasing. The down of waterfowl has a natural lubricant, it does not allow moisture to be absorbed.The best eiderdown, then goose down. Children’s clothing with duck down is the cheapest, but it is not designed for frost. A children’s jacket or overalls, correctly sewn and lined with natural down, weighs no more than half a kilogram and can easily be folded into a standard plastic bag. Unfortunately, down is a highly allergenic material, an ideal breeding ground for mites. Down-filled children’s clothing takes a long time to dry. If you buy a down jumpsuit (envelope) for the Ural winter, remember that an active child on the street will definitely be hot in it at temperatures above -15 °.

Care of children’s downy clothes: overalls or jackets should be washed less often. We recommend washing in a gentle program without bleach at a temperature of 30 °. Machine washable. After washing, immediately dry and “break” the pockets with fluff so that it does not fall off. Cannot be ironed. It is only recommended to tumble dry for several hours at low temperatures.

Down pluses:

– Lightweight overalls or jackets for children

Down cons:

– temperature range of socks from -15 ° and below

– down allergenic

– ticks, etc. can start.

– clothes dry for a long time and only in a dryer, during normal drying an unpleasant odor appears


or the so-called sheepskin. Very durable, wear-resistant material. Microbes do not like wool, so it is considered a hypoallergenic insulation, especially for newborns. Perfectly retains heat down to -25 °. It happens that the baby jumpsuit is equipped with a removable lining made of sheep wool, which is convenient for suspicious parents who think that the child is cold.The lining allows you to turn the jumpsuit into a demi-season version. Overalls with sheepskin, due to their considerable weight, are now produced mainly only for children under one year old, when using a stroller

Caring for baby clothes with wool: clothes with sheepskin can be deformed from washing, so it is better to take them to dry cleaning.

Wool pluses:

– hypoallergenic

– retains heat well up to – 25 °

– well suited for children who sleep in strollers on the street

Cons of wool:

– very voluminous overalls, mobile children are uncomfortable

– heavy

Membrane overalls

Membrane overalls have become popular now.These are overalls with good insulation, the upper fabric is covered with a thin membrane that protects against any moisture and allows air to circulate well inside (vapor permeability), thus the child remains warm in almost all weather conditions. At temperatures below -10 °, you must wear a special “underwear” made of fleece or natural wool, and the underwear must contain synthetics.

Overalls with “polyester” filling and with inserts from Cordura fabric and Teflon impregnation are considered universal.(This is just about Gusti clothes: polyester, teflon, cordura). We have already considered the advantages of synthetic insulation, it remains to clarify that Cordura is a durable waterproof fabric (inserted into places where increased wear resistance is needed – knees, butt, bottom of trousers), and Teflon® is a fabric treatment for the same, so that the overalls do not get wet in the snow, not in the rain.

Membrane overalls care is not easy:

Do not use washing powders with bleach or other aggressive substances.They clog the pores (pore membranes) and destroy the membrane! You cannot use a machine spinning – the membrane does not like this! You cannot use all kinds of dry cleaners and bleaches – otherwise you can forget about the membrane right away, and just throw out your jacket or trousers! Do not iron – the synthetic fabric of the upper will melt and damage the membrane! Can be hand washed with special detergents for membrane fabrics (NIKWAX). Can be left to dry in a conventional dryer. You can even apply DWR to a dry product from a spray can.I would like to note that DWR – impregnation should be applied only to clean things, since when applying impregnation to a dirty material, you will not achieve an effect, but simply throw your money down the drain. Special detergents must have an inscription on the packaging – allowed for membrane fabrics!

Membrane pluses:

– manufactured with good modern insulation

Membrane cons:

– an additional “underwear” is required, underwear containing synthetics, and this greatly increases the cost of the overalls

– difficult to clean (washing only with special powders)

– suitable only for active, mobile children

In general, dear parents, the choice is yours.Remember that you are not buying a children’s winter overalls for yourself, but for a baby who should be comfortable and warm.

Heaters for children’s clothing polyfill insulation reviews

Start here Winter overalls (fabrics, fillers, linings). Detailed analysis!

Down – a mixture of down and feathers of waterfowl. Usually the ratio is not less than 70 down / 30 feathers.

Fill Power is the ratio of the volume occupied by the down to its weight. The higher this indicator, the less fluff is needed for insulation and the better the ratio of retained heat to weight becomes.

The best down is considered to be European goose down, such special breeds as Italian, Rhine, Lindovskaya, Vistines, Hungarian, North German. To a large extent, the quality of the down is influenced by the natural conditions of poultry keeping. For example, for this reason, fluff made in China is poorly spoken of.

Down poorly removes vapors and therefore “breathes” very badly, in this regard, it is not recommended to use down products with serious physical exertion and / or at insufficiently low temperatures.Vapors from the body will moisturize the fluff, and getting wet will lead to a loss of thermal insulation properties.

Down clothes are absolutely inapplicable in high humidity conditions.

Natural wool. A mixture of polyester and wool makes it possible to increase the windproof properties of the product, preserve the thermal insulation properties of the product when wet, and also accelerate the drying process of the product.

Advantages and disadvantages of natural wool:
Advantages of : excellent thermal insulation properties – there is nothing warmer than a woolen sweater or woolen blanket! It “breathes” well, creating unique thermal comfort.
Disadvantages : When wet, it becomes heavy and completely stops heating (dries for a long time), poor windproof properties. Not always pleasant tactile properties – pricks!

Sheepskin is a very durable, wear-resistant material. Microbes do not like wool, so it is considered a hypoallergenic insulation. Perfectly retains heat up to – 25 °. It happens that the jumpsuit is equipped with a removable lining made of sheep wool, it allows you to turn the jumpsuit into a demi-season version.Overalls with sheepskin, due to their considerable weight, are now produced mainly only for children under one year old. Care: clothes with sheepskin can be deformed from washing, so it is better to take them to dry cleaning.

Alpaca wool – wool of a mammal from the genus Lamalpaca, slightly wavy, silky-shiny;
Angora wool – Angora rabbit wool, in yarn it is combined with woolen, cotton, silk thread;
Camel hair – wool from light to dark brown, both fine and coarse, its color and thickness depend on the age of the camel.As a rule, camel hair is not dyed; Kashmir wool – wool of Indian and Iranian Kashmir goats, very thin, long, with a silky sheen;
Llama wool – South American llama wool, strong, long, natural color ranging from light to dark brown; merino wool – beautiful fluffy fine wool of a merino sheep;
Mohair wool – wool of angora goats, which are bred in Spain, Asia Minor, South America, fluffy, long, soft, thin, with a silky sheen, fluffy curled, natural color – white.

Holofiber . Nonwoven fabric of the “Holofiber” trademark consists of hollow polyester fibers, twisted in the form of springs. The structure of the holofiber is practically similar to the structure of the synthetic winterizer, however, the fibers of the synthetic winterizer are not hollow, but filled. Due to the hollowness of the fibers, holofiber provides better thermal insulation and less caking. Holofiber provides beautiful shapes, the possibility of long-term operation, is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, does not absorb moisture and odors, does not support combustion.This is achieved thanks to the spiral shape of the hair (a kind of spiral spring), which allows the product to maintain its shape and easily recover.

Synthetic insulation (Holofiber, Fiberskin, Fibertech, Polyfiber), made from fibers in the form of balls, springs, etc. Balls, spirals or springs do not communicate with each other and contain cavities, so the product keeps its shape well. Clothes with holofiber or fiberteck are not very expensive, the price / quality ratio is obtained: for a small price you buy a good overalls that can withstand frosts down to -25 °.Thin fibers retain volume, do not absorb moisture, breathe. Manufacturers, most often, indicate in the instructions for the product: “ insulation – polyester 100% ” (very rarely specify which one: holofiber, fiberskin, fibertech, polyfiber or other).

Isosoft and holofiber: they have almost the same characteristics in terms of keeping warm. Isosoft is better …

It happens that manufacturers use a combination of different insulation or a combination of insulation and membrane, this allows them to register the trade name of a “new” insulation.In terms of its properties, it will still differ little from the known ones. Care instructions: Machine wash at 40 °.

Sintepon is divided into two types: old (dense) and new (hollow). Both are made from polyester fibers. Fibers are bonded together thermally. Previously, the synthetic winterizer was laid in parallel layers. Because of this, it had very low rates of heat conservation and moisture conductivity. Now a dense synthetic winterizer (thick, glue) is used only in cheap products.In the new synthetic winterizer, the fibers are not glued, but rather hold to each other with the help of silicone needles. Such insulation is more durable, does not lose its shape. Still, the synthetic winterizer continues to yield to modern insulation (isosoft, for example).

Minuses : after exposure to sweat and washing, it loses up to half its thickness, it is not suitable for cold winter – maximum, for temperatures up to -10 °. Therefore, it is better to buy overalls based on padding polyester for the demi-season. Care: wash at 30 ° C using only soft powders that do not contain bleaching agents; do not soak or bleach.

Sintepon can have a density from 50 to 600 gr. per square meter, can be made using different technologies and be voluminous or not. One layer of padding polyester or several can be used in clothes. For example, for children’s winter jackets, three layers of 100g / m2 are often used, i.e. TOTAL: 300 g / m2

100 g – this is autumn / spring – from about 0 … + 5 and up to + 15 …; 150 g is an all-season – from -10 to +3 approximately. This is standard data!

Hollophane is made of highly crimped hollow fibers held together by a bicomponent (low-melting) fiber.It is used as insulation for all types of outerwear, bedding, sleeping bags. Hollophane, in comparison with sintekron, has a higher thermal resistance and easily restores volume upon compression. Hollophane is made from both conventional hollow fibers and silicone treated fibers. Siliconized hollophane is used primarily in bedding and sleeping bags. The cloth is produced with a density of 100 – 350 g / sq.m.

Sintekron (sintepon) – made of polyester fibers bonded with bicomponent (low-melting) fiber.Sintekron is used as an insulating pad for outerwear, sports jackets, sleeping accessories, as well as in the furniture industry. The cloth is produced with a density of 60 – 350 g / sq.m.

Shersticron – thermally bonded insulation containing natural wool. Designed for use in clothing, blankets, sleeping bags. Optimal for sewing products used in extreme climatic conditions. Insulation wool wool combines the positive properties of modern polyester fibers (elasticity, volume, lightness) and natural wool with its high heat-shielding and hygienic properties.It has been proven not only by science, but also by life that an important feature of wool products is the ability to improve their heat-shielding properties at low temperatures and in the wind. The natural and ecological properties of wool are unique, as well as its beneficial effect on the human body.

Batting . It is used as insulation in outerwear and household products, as well as in the furniture industry. The raw material for the batting is regenerated fiber obtained from woolen and semi-woolen fabric and knitted scraps.The proportion of wool fiber can vary from 30% to 70%. Density from 200g to 400g.

Synthepukh , camphor (fiber) – filler, used in the manufacture of toys, blankets and upholstered furniture. Synthetic fluff is a hollow, highly crimped fiber in the form of a spring. Intertwining with each other, these fibers form an elastic structure. Synthetic fluff, in contrast to fillers such as foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, batting, is more resistant to stress and better restores volume after compression.The fiber can be treated with silicone. Thanks to this, synthetic fluff does not get lost, does not cake and retains its shape well. Camphare, in contrast to synthetic fluff, is a fiber mechanically twisted into “balls”. Such a filler retains its shape even better than synthetic fluff. In addition, the use of camphor fiber guarantees material savings in comparison with synthetic fluff when sewing products of the same volume.

3M Thinsulate ® – very soft, light, warm.Not too high resistance to compression, may be good for clothes and shoes, but absolutely not suitable for sleeping bags, which are in compression most of the time.

FREUDENBERG – in comparison with synthetic winterizer: due to higher quality fibers, it actively resists deformation and restores its shape much better. Due to a more perfect production process, it has a more discharged structure and an arrangement of fibers at an angle close to 45 degrees.Has an affordable price, the necessary quality certificates, incl. and European.

Polarguard ® 3D is a synthetic material that is very lightweight, hypoallergenic, compact and perfectly retains its volume after compression. 100% polyester, hollow fibers inside. It practically does not absorb moisture and retains its volume and thermal characteristics.

Polyfill (Polyfill) is a new high-performance synthetic material with increased compression resistance, good ventilation, and excellent thermal insulation properties.Lightweight, warm and durable, it is breathable and does not absorb moisture. Polyfill is designed for active sports and leisure wear that requires flexibility and stretch.

Polarguard ® Delta – very soft, good compression tolerance, small transport volume, great for sleeping bags. Quite expensive.

Primaloft ® One And SL is a synthetic microfiber insulation that has all the physical and thermal properties of down.A material that can retain heat even better than down and other synthetic insulation, with its small volume.

Primaloft © – lightweight and warm, it is strong, resistant to compression, breathable and does not absorb moisture.

Primaloft Sport © is used in the manufacture of clothing designed for extreme conditions.
Primaloft One © is used as insulation for urban and outdoor clothing.

Primaloft © litter allows moisture to evaporate.Its microscopic air layers are too small for moisture to penetrate, but large enough to release evaporation from the inside. The filler recovers its volume better than other materials, even after repeated washing and drying. It can be strongly compressed, after which this material fully returns to its original volume.
A small volume of Primaloft © is sufficient to store human heat.

Thermic Micro (developed by Mountain Hardwear) – synthetic insulation, warm but light, soft and delicate to the touch.Made of short microfiber fibers glued together and twisted in a random pattern. This structure eliminates cold points, increases the thermal properties of the product, and allows you to achieve excellent compression results, with a faster recovery process.

Thermolite ® by DuPont (INVISTA):
Thermolite® EXTREME – the warmest in the Thermolite ® range, strong, resilient, withstands compression well and restores volume after compression.
Thermolite® EXTRA – a more budget option, the best combination of weight, volume and price.

Thermolite Plus is specially developed by Dupont for warm weather clothing. 80% recycled polyester. It is a specially shaped interwoven hollow fiber.

– High softness of the insulation
– Continues to heat when wet
– High mechanical resistance
– Unchanged performance after a large number of washes
– Hypoallergenic
– Can be washed / machine dried

Thermore ® (thermo) – a fabric that provides thermal insulation, specially designed to protect against the cold.

THERMORE is hidden inside the garment, between the outer fabric and the lining, so it and its effect cannot be seen. Consists of six thin layers that create an air gap that maintains the natural temperature balance.

Very soft, thanks to the patented spatial contraction, guarantees thermal protection even in very delicate items. It is used in the creation of extra-class clothing for skiing and mountaineering. In most cases, the outer fabric is water and dirt repellent.Provides a comfortable temperature regime, regardless of the weather.

• THERMORE is a soft and breathable material for protection from the cold

• THERMORE means lightness: with very low weight, it has high thermal insulation.

The THERMORE line has many different types of material:

THERMORE TMK Thanks to the multi-layer material, THERMORE TMK allows you to maintain a constant body temperature, while guaranteeing maximum comfort.

THERMORE T37 The latest technology used in the creation of this material allows, depending on the outside temperature, to change the degree of thermal protection. When the outside temperature decreases, the material shrinks more tightly and thus better retains heat, and when the outside temperature rises, vice versa.

THERMORE OPERA Using revolutionary modular technology to create THERMORE OPERA perfectly protects against cold due to the different density of the material, which further increases thermal insulation.

THERMORE NRG exclusive material structure with a spring effect. THERMORE NRG fibers are arranged vertically and behave like real springs, creating a so-called “air cushion” around the body. THERMORE NRG contains up to 98% air by volume.

THERMORE DISCOVERY DUAL (DVD) This type of material is intended for people who prefer warm and light clothing, because thanks to the special DISCOVERY DUAL technology, the material takes up a minimum of space.

Thinsulate is considered one of the best insulation materials at the moment, in terms of its thermosaving properties it is equal to down. Consists of very thin fibers that perfectly retain heat, overalls and jackets with thinsulite are light, thin and warm. Does not deform during washing, it is able to warm in severe frosts. Clothes on thinsulite are sewn for athletes, oil workers, climbers. Usually clothes on Thinsuleit are not cheap. Permissible temperature range for thinsulate: up to -30 °.Care instructions: Machine wash at 40 °.

Read more about Thinsulate here HEATER TINSULATE

Insulation ISOSOFT more details here INSULATION ISOSOFT

Heater Fibertek more details here Heater Fibertek

insulation 80, 100, 120, 180, 220 or 300 gr. what temperature and weather.

Last time I talked about the difference between natural and synthetic insulation, and today, as I promised, I will tell you how to choose the right amount of insulation.

How many grams of insulation should be in winter clothes? How to determine how warm a thing is in front of you and in what weather it can be worn? Let’s figure it out.

Most manufacturers of outerwear, in addition to the temperature regime, also indicate the amount of insulation used in grams. This amount means how many grams a square meter of insulation will weigh. This information is rarely indicated on the labels, but it is always in the manufacturer’s catalogs and we always write about the amount of insulation in the product cards.So, you found out how many grams of insulation are in a particular thing. Now we determine in what weather it is best to wear it:

Up to 100 grams of insulation

Clothes for cold spring and autumn. These things can be worn down to 0 degrees with a warm intermediate layer. Examples:

140-180 grams of insulation

Clothes for the off-season and warm winter. This is the amount of insulation used by brands that produce clothing in the “sports winter” category, for example Didriksons, Lassie, Molo, Reima.Such clothing assumes compliance with the principle of layering and is suitable for active children as a winter option. Toddlers and not very active children can wear such things up to a maximum of -10 degrees. Examples:

200-250 grams of insulation

In our assortment, such a quantity of insulation is offered by the brands Luhta and Icepeak. Such clothes are suitable for the winter (up to -25 degrees) for children from 2 years old, and the smallest can comfortably walk in such things up to -15 degrees.

280-330 grams of insulation

Very warm clothes down to -30 degrees.This is produced by Kerry, Gusti, Deux par Deux, Huppa, Kisu. Kids can wear such things from 0 degrees on a thin blouse, and active children will be hot at temperatures above -5 degrees.

Please note that the amount of insulation is indicated for jackets and overalls, and in trousers, 1.5 / 2 less insulation is always used for the same temperature regime. For example, children’s winter overalls Kerry contain 330g of insulation, and in winter sets Kerry in a jacket 330g, and in trousers 160g of insulation.

What else to look for in order not to freeze:

  • It is better to put on an additional jacket than switch to warmer clothes ahead of time, because a sweating child will freeze much faster.
  • Clothes can be additionally insulated with a fleece or fur lining, which is equivalent to 40-60 grams of insulation.
  • Choose clothes made of durable, windproof fabric, because if the child is penetrated by the wind, no insulation will save you.

And at the end I will answer a frequent question: are there things with insulation 110, 150, 270, 320, 340, 350, 400 grams? I have not seen the listed numbers in the brands represented in Dinomam. In principle, I have not seen numbers over 330 grams) The most common are: 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 240, 260, 300 and 330 grams. In any case, when defining warmth, be guided by the gradations in this article.

Even more useful articles about children’s clothing and footwear – in our encyclopedia

Enjoy your walks!

Best wishes, Marina

Mother of 4 overalls testers,

choose the best products for Dinomam.RU!

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90,000 Heaters for jackets. Which filler should you choose?

Contents of the article:

It is very important to have a really warm winter twist in your wardrobe. Certain requirements are imposed on it – reliable protection from wind, cold, moisture, practicality, beautiful appearance.There are many different models on the market that differ in length, cut, design, insulation. It is the inner filling that is responsible for how warm you will be, how natural moisture will be removed. Therefore, this issue should be given special attention. What is the best insulation for a jacket?


Before synthetic materials appeared on the market, it was down that was the standard for insulating winter jackets. To date, the most optimal analogue of down is Holosoft.A jacket for the winter with such a heater will be lightweight and have excellent thermal insulation properties. This insulation will not accumulate water and allows the body to breathe, as it is able to pass air. If it is crumpled strongly or washed, it takes on the same shape. If we talk about the indicators “price-quality”, then this option is considered average.

Varieties of insulation for winter clothing

Many manufacturers use synthetic fillings for winter jackets.Thanks to this, production becomes cheaper, and the product becomes lighter. In terms of properties, such heaters can be on a par with natural options and even surpass them. It is worth considering in more detail what kind of insulation there are for jackets.

If you want to buy a man’s jacket with high-quality insulation, then follow the link!

✔️ Sintepon

This material, used in winter jackets, is considered the cheapest. It is made by mixing synthetic fibers under high temperatures.The material is available in terms of price, but sometimes it may not provide the necessary protection in the event of strong winds, severe cold. There is a risk that the material will collapse into lumps after several washings, and this will negatively affect the thermal characteristics of the padding polyester.

✔️ Polyester

Made from polyester fiber. If we compare all heaters, then polyester has an average weight, dense structure. Also, the material is known for excellent wear resistance, so a product made from it will serve for quite a long time.It can be used not only for winter jackets, but also for autumn and spring products.

✔️ Fluff

Which winter jacket fillings were considered the best?

Before synthetic materials appeared on the market, it was down that was the standard for insulating winter jackets. The material perfectly retains heat, provides comfort and convenience while walking. But compared to other fillers, it has a lot of weight.

Washing clothes made from down will take longer to dry as they absorb moisture well.The product must be carefully looked after. After a while, lumps may form, and the heat will be worse retained.

✔️ Holofiber

What filling in jackets was called an excellent analogue of natural down?

Holofiber, here synthetic fibers can look like small balls or spirals. A jacket for the winter with such a heater will be lightweight and have excellent thermal insulation properties.

Holofiber will not accumulate water and allows the body to breathe, as it is able to pass air. If it is crumpled strongly or washed, it takes on the same shape. If we talk about the indicators “price-quality”, then this option is considered average.

✔️ Isosoft

This material is membrane, analog of the previous insulation. In terms of characteristics, it is similar to holofiber, but more expensive in cost.

What insulation for a winter jacket is better and how does it differ?

Membrane products are able to withstand any impact of wind, very low temperatures.The material does not absorb moisture, so it will not get wet even with high humidity.

✔️ Thermofinn

This insulation appeared quite a long time ago and has no analogues yet. During production, biological fiber is used, which is distinguished by water-repellent, thermal insulation properties. Thermofinn jackets will be lightweight, they are often worn by climbers and tourists.

What kind of weather is such a heater in a jacket relevant for?

It is suitable for absolutely different winter weather.

✔️ Hollophane

For winter jackets, this type of filler has recently begun to be used. We are talking about those products that are worn on a daily basis. Contains hollophane polyester fibers, so its properties can resemble thinsulate. A springy structure is noted here. The jackets can be used when the temperatures are low. The material is capable of evaporating water.

✔️ Synthepukh

Which jacket filling is best?

Synthetic fluff is able to breathe and resembles fluff in structure.However, only synthetic fibers are taken for its manufacture. The elements of the wardrobe, insulated with padding polyester, do not absorb harmful substances, fungus, dust, because they do not react with the external environment. The material can be washed, it dries quickly, and there is also an air permeability behind it. Known for its high wear resistance, it is often used to create jackets designed for connoisseurs of outdoor activities.

✔️ Thinsulate

What is the warmest filling for a winter jacket?

If we talk about synthetic insulation, then this option is considered one of the best.It is polyester with a silicone structure. The fibers here are twisted into separate spirals, and there is an air gap around them. This ensures good thermal insulation performance. Thinsulate jackets are lightweight. No lumps form during wear.

From the very beginning, a similar version of the insulation was used in the production of jackets for astronauts, but today it is relevant for tourist equipment, everyday clothes. The only drawback is high thermal insulation.If the winter is too warm, the body can overheat.

How to choose a quality insulation for a winter jacket?

When choosing a jacket for the winter period, it is important not only to consider which filling is best for a winter jacket, but also the quality of the product itself.

When buying, study the following parameters:

  • Weight. Jacket for the winter should be light, the maximum figure is 0.6 kg. Otherwise, it will be difficult to wash and store. If the clothes are heavy, then the shape and volume remain worse;
  • Sewing technology. It is important to understand how the filler is distributed throughout the product. There should be no bruises, unevenness, lumps. If a jacket is not quilted in front of the consumer, then the insulation can move. But here it is important that it does not leave the “package”. The seams must be of high quality and securely hold the filler inside the product;
  • External material. For winter outerwear, this factor is very important, because it directly affects the performance of the product. Different types of fabrics can be used, mixed options can be present.As for artificial analogs, they are more durable and can perfectly serve in conditions where high humidity is noted.

It is also important to pay attention to gender, because for children, men and women, you need to select different options for insulation.

✔️ For women

A winter jacket should be comfortable, warm and beautifully emphasizing the figure. Usually, manufacturers use more airy, lighter materials that are able to guarantee high thermal insulation properties.

What are the fillers for women’s jackets?

This is in most cases holofiber, synthetic winterizer, natural fluff. Such models will look beautiful, they are light and dense enough. These materials can also be attached in different ways to the jacket at the manufacturing stage. Therefore, the assortment of outerwear for women is quite diverse.

On the market you can find models where there are inserts made of artificial, natural fur. Leather fittings can also be made.This does not affect product qualities such as reliability and durability. But it makes the jacket more attractive.

✔️ For men

Men’s options for winter jackets should be durable and durable.

What are the types of insulation for men’s jackets?

Usually synthetic materials are used for them, and the down jackets themselves are made from natural down. As for artificial seals, it is worth considering materials such as thinsulate, holofiber.They are known for their lightness and ability to keep warm, keep it warm. It is very important to consider a man’s hobbies.

If he likes to spend time actively, play sports, walk, walk, then it is better to buy a winter jacket that can withstand cold winds and low temperatures. For a man, accessories are important, but insulation is one of the most important aspects. The most important thing is that the jacket is comfortable and comfortable to wear.

✔️ For children

Winter outerwear for children should be distinguished by durability, strength, warmth.

What kind of insulation should be in a child’s winter cot?

If they are preschoolers, schoolchildren can buy products with polyester or synthetic winterizer filling. After all, children grow up quickly. At the same time, elastic bands (belt, sleeves) should be present on jackets so that wind or snow does not fall under the clothes.

If we talk about external material, then it is worth considering a fabric that has increased strength and does not allow moisture to pass through. Children spend a lot of time on the street.

If we take into account the youngest children, then they are recommended to take a down jacket. It will weigh more, restrict some movement, but such products enable the body to breathe and allow air to pass through. It is not recommended to buy models with a lot of fittings and inserts.

The best heaters in the price-quality ratio

Which jacket insulation is better for the winter?

Innovative technologies make it possible to create new insulation materials that combine the best consumer qualities.Among them it is worth highlighting Thermoloft and Holosoft.

✔️ Hollowsoft

It was developed according to a new technology that is popular in Europe and the USA. The insulation is of high quality.

The main feature is that the fibers used cannot migrate, the possibility of deformation of the layers during cutting is completely excluded. This option can be used to fill puffy jackets that resemble down jackets in appearance, while the products do not weigh down the figure with additional volume.

Which insulation to choose for a jacket for a cold season?

The jacket, insulated by Holosoft, will serve for a long time, while the heat-insulating properties of the material will be preserved. During use, Holosoft will not roll, deform.

✔️ Thermoloft

This is an artificial material made from siliconized microfiber. It is quite voluminous, soft, pleasant to the touch, lightweight.In addition, it quickly regains its shape after washing.

Which insulation is warmer for jackets?

When it comes to Termoloft filler, its main advantages should be highlighted:

  • can act as a protective layer;
  • provides air circulation;
  • can maintain high temperature regulation;
  • it is possible to create certain combinations of different fibers;
  • is not susceptible to moisture;
  • is lightweight.

Features of insulation Thermoloft:

  • increased hypoallergenicity, hygiene. Thanks to synthetic fiber, dust mites, fungus, mold do not appear in the material;
  • is breathable. These jackets are lightweight, almost weightless. The products are able to accept the configuration of the body;
  • material is very pleasant to the body. By touching the jacket, you can feel the silky texture and softness. The filler has good heat-shielding properties.Compared to other heaters, this option retains heat better by 40%.

And what is important, the Termoloft filler will serve for a long time. The maximum performance in terms of wear resistance and strength is ensured through the use of modern equipment and innovative technologies.

Still not sure which insulation to choose a winter jacket with?

The best insulation for jackets – Results!

Holosoft and Thermoloft are the best fillers in terms of price-quality ratio.

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