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DIY: How to Make Midori Travelers Notebook Inserts

When you have a Midori Traveler’s Notebook, you need inserts to write and draw in. Lots and lots of inserts! And if you’re a stationery nerd, you just want to make your own and see what you can create. So that’s what I’ve done! Let me teach you how to make your own traveler’s notebook inserts from a spare sketchbook or dot grid paper pad. This will be a step-by-step DIY guide for cheap & creative inserts with lots of photos along the way.

I have been using a Midori-like Traveler’s Notebook for several months now and I love it! For those who haven’t heard of this, it’s basically a leather notebook cover with a system of elastic bands inside the spine where you are able to arrange paper notebook inserts inside. Over the years, I’ve heard several creative professionals mention they use the system for brainstorming, brain-dumping, commonplace books, bullet journaling, planners and anything under the sun that needs to be captured on paper. So I started investigating my options. Let’s jump in and learn how to make traveler’s notebook inserts, shall we?

Disclaimer: This tutorial contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase using one of the links below, I will receive a small commission from that purchase at no additional cost to you. These small affiliate commissions help to support my ability to purchase additional products and share reviews with you. No part of this tutorial was sponsored by a brand or third party company. All opinions are my own.

First you need a cover – Traveler’s Notebook Cover Options

Besides the notebook cover, you need inserts (paper notebooks that fit inside the leather notebook cover). I can buy name brand Midori inserts, but they are a bit pricey and not readily available to me locally. So I’ve been playing with my art supplies to make a few of my own. Want to see how I did it?

How to Make Traveler’s Notebook Dot Grid Inserts

I am a former scrapbooker (or is that one of those things were if you were once a scrapbooker, you’re always a scrapbooker?).  But what this means is that I’ve got a LOT of paper supplies still hanging around. I am a stationery nerd, after all. I grabbed a few sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock – kraft paper colored – and my X-Acto knife, bone folder, and ruler. Then I needed paper. I found a great sketch notebook at TJ Maxx recently and the paper inside is a heavy art paper with a dot-grid printed in light gray. But if you’re not as paper-obsessed as I am and don’t have dozens of random blank notebooks just lying around, you could always pick up a Rhodia Dot Pad and deconstruct it for this project.

Here are the steps…

  1. Fold scrapbook cardstock sheet in half – set aside
  2. Cut the pages out of the sketchbook – you’ll need 12 pages
  3. Fold 12 sheets of dot grid paper in half
  4. Stack folded sheets together and add the scrapbook cardstock sheet as the cover
  5. Secure the spine with staples (or if you prefer, you can stitch it using this method of bookbinding using thread)
  6. Measure the height and width you need to fit your traveler’s notebook cover
  7. Trim off the excess edges of your notebook insert
  8. Done!


Here are the details with photos

  • Cut the pages out of the sketchbook – you’ll need 12 pages

If you’re using a recycled sketchbook, like I am, then you’ll need to cut the pages out of the notebook using a craft knife and metal ruler. In the picture below you’ll see I’m using a standard metal ruler. Those things can be dangerous when using a craft knife … so you might want to get a safety ruler that will guard your fingers against any knife-slippage-mishaps. Youch!

Use your craft knife and a metal ruler to cut the pages out of an existing dot-grid notebook


  • Fold 12 sheets of dot grid paper in half

Once you have all your pages out of the recycled sketchbook, you’ll need to fold them in half. If you’re using a dot grid paper, it doesn’t matter which way you fold. But if you’re using a lined page, make sure you fold it so your lines are going in the correct direction once your book is assembled. (I’m not admitting to anything, I’m just telling you to pay attention – sometimes stationery nerds don’t watch every detail. hehe)  To get a strong, crisp fold, I use a bone folder but any rigid straight edge will work (like the back of a butter knife).

Fold your individual pages, stack them together, then staple the spine


  • Stack folded sheets together and add the scrapbook cardstock sheet as the cover

I like the craft paper cardstock that I’m using in the photos here, but you can use whatever you have on hand. If you’re like me, you’ve got a huge supply of scrapbook cardstock in a million different colors and patterns. One of my favorite brands is K & Company. Right now I’m working out of a beautiful page of double-sided cardstock called Jubilee Designer Cardstock.

K&Company Jubilee Cardstock is my current favorite scrapbook paper to use in making my own notebooks.


  • Secure the spine with staples

I usually just use a stapler for this part, but you’re free to get creative and do a stitched binding method. This video by Sea Lemon is really good and she walks you through how to do saddle stitch with thread. But I’m a bit lazy and need immediate gratification (true confessions!) and prefer to use a stapler. In the pictures, you’ll see my old Sparco brand long-reach stapler. This worked for me for a while but it has its limits.  You can only staple about 10-12 pages before it starts to jam up. Then I discovered the PaperPro Long Reach Stapler and fell in love – and it can staple up to 30 pages at once!

Could you indulge me for a moment of stapler-obsession?  Not only do I have the long reach version for making my own notebooks, but I also have the PaperPro Executive that sits on my desk at work, the PaperPro Compact size that I use at home …  and even the ultra-tiny Nano PaperPro stapler that fits in my pencil case. I guess maybe I’m a PaperPro fangirl. I should get them all together for a family portrait or something. Oh boy… this is getting embarrassing.

OK – moving on. Staple the spine. Use whatever stapler you want to use, but you know which one I love.

  • Trim off the excess in both height and width

Regular Midori inserts measure 8.25″ x 4.33″ if you’re using the traditional traveler’s size cover.  But there are dozens of different size traveler’s notebooks nowadays, so make sure you check which size your notebook holds and trim accordingly. This step takes patience and a steady hand. Again, I recommend you use a safety ruler and a super sharp X-Acto Craft Knife. Don’t try to cut through the entire book at once, just take it bit-by-bit and make several passes until you’re all the way through the stack.

Be VERY careful with this step. Go slow and use just enough pressure to cut through a few sheets of paper at a time. If you want a much safer and easier way to cut the edge of your book, you might want to invest in a heavy-duty paper trimmer with a safety paper clamp. This is one that comes highly recommend: Giantex Heavy-Duty Guillotine Trimmer

Go slow and take it little by little until you’ve cut off the excess edge of your traveler’s notebook insert


These are the 3 inserts I’ve made in just the past couple of days. The yellow one is being used as part of a decluttering challenge I’m part of for the year – I’m using it to keep track of the stuff I get rid of. I just used some cute washi tape and an inspirational quote card to decorate the front.

When I first got my travelers notebook, I expected to use it as a simple way to capture task and shopping lists, brain dumps and a bit of brainstorming. But I’ve found that I am using it for a lot more than just that. I’ve started a little art journal that’s got a bit of “smashbooking” twist to it (I’ll show it to you in a future post). I’d like to make an insert with watercolor paper too – I bet it’d be fun to use my little watercolor set since it’s so portable.

Supply List

Show me yours!

Are you part of the Travelers Notebook community? I’d love to see yours… not just your inserts (homemade or not), but also your leather notebook. You know what I mean. They’re like candy for the soul! So please share.


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An Introduction to the Midori Traveler’s Notebook (part one) – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

The Midori Traveler’s Notebook is legendary but, to me at least, quite intimidating. It’s quite pricy to get into and there is an overwhelming number of options. I’ve spent quite a long time looking at it all from afar, not quite knowing where to begin. Then a month or so ago the rather wonderful Journal Shop were kind enough to send me a starter pack for me to try and to write about. In an effort to help people who were in my situation to decide if the Traveler’s Notebook is for them and, if so, know where to start, here is the first of a three part guide.

This first part is an introduction to the basic system and the cover. Part two will cover refills and part three will dip a toe ever so slightly into the vast array of accessories.

At it’s most basic, the Midori Traveler’s Notebook is a simple leather cover with an elastic band to hold notebooks inside, an elastic band to hold it closed and a thread to mark your page (like the ribbon you get in many notebooks). There are two sizes, the standard size (that I have) which is 12cm by 22cm (about as tall as an A5 notebook but a few centimetres slimmer) and the smaller pocket size which is 10cm by 13.5cm.

The cover itself is very high quality. The leather, which is available in dark brown or black (with other options sometimes available as special editions), is thick and durable. The only mark on it is a simply stamped ‘Midori Made in Thailand’.

Midori Notebooks are meant to be used and the leather ages beautifully (and quickly) as it picks up scuffs and scratches. This isn’t the solution you are looking for if you like your notebooks to remain in pristine condition.

When you buy a cover you will also receive a coloured elastic band (actually two, one as a spare) that is held in place with a knot inside the centre of the back cover. This band wraps around the cover to hold it closed.

You also get a cotton carry case, which is just a simple (though lovely) bag, not something I’ve found useful, and a plain paper refill. I’ll write about the refill in part two but what you need to know for now is that it’s held in place with an elastic band that’s threaded through the spine of the back cover and held tight with a tin fastener.

The band has two loops inside the cover and so will hold two refills. You can buy additional bands, called [connecting bands][connecting] and use them to hold up to three refills in each loop, making for a rather bulging six refills if you’re feeling ambitious. (Chris Davis of the wonderful Davis Leatherworks has put together this great guide about how to do this with his fantastic Field Notes covers.)

What you have, then, at its most basic, is a very high quality leather cover that will hold up to six refills. The refills are a proprietary size but the Midori Traveler’s Notebook is so popular there are many non-Midori options. Check back soon to find out all about the standard range of Midori refills.

You can read Part Two, all about the refills, here.

Thank you so much to The Journal Shop for sending me all this stuff to use, keep and write about. They are a great shop with excellent customer service and they have a huge range of Midori products. I’ve tried not to let their generosity influence my views.

Midori MD Notebook Review – Fountain Pen Love

I have long been a fan of Midori paper. I’ve used it for journaling, writing letters and for doodling and have always enjoyed writing on it. This notebook is no different. Its design is very clean and simple and it handles fountain pen ink very well. You should note, though, that if you’re used to using other notebooks a Midori notebook might seem a little different to you when you first see it.

This is how the Midori MD notebook will look when you purchase it.

First Impressions

When you first remove the Midori MD notebook from its packaging, the first thing that strikes you is the exposed spine of the notebook. Midori leaves the spine of the notebook exposed, which gives it a minimalist and slightly unfinished look. Once you get used to it you’ll barely notice it, but it can be a little surprising at first. Once you move past that, you’ll notice some of the other things that came with the notebook, specifically the paraffin paper cover and the label stickers. The notebook has a very clean feel with its all-white design.

The cover is clean and simple. The spine of this notebook might take a bit of getting used to.

The Details

Let’s take a look at the Midori MD notebook and see what it’s all about:

  • Pages: 176 (88 sheets)
  • Paper Weight: 68gsm?
  • Binding: Stitch
  • Page Style: Lined (7mm), Grid (5mm), Blank
  • Size: A4, A5, A6, B6

Ink-handling characteristics (A table with the following properties can be found at the bottom of this post)

  • Sheen: High
  • Shading: Medium
  • Bleeding: Very Low
  • Ghosting: Medium
  • Feathering: Very Low
  • Dry Time: Medium

Other features

  • Page marker
  • Label stickers
  • Cream paper
  • Paraffin paper cover

The Midori MD logo is the only embellishment added to the cover. Here you can see where the page ribbon was added to the notebook. Here is some additional information found on the paper notebook wrapper.

Actual Use

While a Midori MD notebook might look simple, it is full of features. Whereas many notebooks start with the first page as soon as you open the cover, the Midori MD has a cover page where you can write your contact info, notebook title or anything else that you’d like. You can also use the included sticker if you prefer instead of writing directly on the cover page.

The cover page allows you to add some personal information.

Each notebook has a stitch binding which allows it to lay flat while in use. In my experience, this actually works and the notebook will immediately lay flat with little to no “encouragement”. This is partly due to the fact that there isn’t really a cover and also due to the higher number of small signatures. It also has a single ribbon page marker, which is helpful for keeping track of your progress in the notebook. I mentioned that the notebook comes with a thin paraffin cover. You can choose to keep this on the notebook or remove it. Because the cover is an ivory-colored card stock, it will probably show dirt and wear more than other notebooks, so having an included option for cover protection is a nice feature. Since the cover is basically a blank slate, you might also choose to decorate it with drawings or stickers.

Many small signatures allow the notebook to easily lay flat. The page marker ribbon is thin and fine. The paraffin cover adds a bit of protection to the notebook.

Writing on this paper is a wonderful experience. As Midori describes it, their paper “has the perfect balance between smoothness and a little resistance, ensuring comfort and making writing a pleasure.” For anyone who enjoys a little feedback while they write, this paper may very well become a favorite. The grid pattern is printed on this paper in a light blue-green color. It doesn’t really interfere with writing or look intrusive, mainly because of the open box design (it is not a true grid, as the vertical lines don’t connect with each horizontal line above).

You can see the grid pattern used in the Midori MD notebook.

As for feathering or bleeding, this paper is excellent and I haven’t experienced any of either one so far. While it has a medium amount of ghosting, writing on both sides of a page should not be a problem for most people.

Midori MD Paper test – front: This paper has some shading and relatively fast dry times. Midori MD Paper Test – Back: While ghosting is medium, most people would be able to use the back of a sheet.

This paper also shows a good amount of shading and sheen, which is very surprising for how much quicker inks dry on it compared to other papers with similar amounts of sheen. All of the different inks I have used with it look very good. The cream color of the paper is light enough that it does not drastically change the appearance of the ink.


Midori MD notebooks are very fountain pen friendly and are not very difficult to find. While they don’t show as much sheen as Tomoe River paper, they do show as much as many other high-sheen paper options. Midori MD notebooks are probably one of the most well-rounded options available today thanks to their features, great ink-handling capabilities and decent dry times. Regardless of your needs, you’ll have a hard time finding a better notebook than a Midori MD.

Interested in trying this paper before buying a notebook? Head over to my shop and pick up a paper sample pack.

If you’d like a bit more information about how I test papers and notebooks, I wrote an article about my paper rating system.

Midori MD Notebook Review

  • Sheen (higher is better)
  • Shading (higher is better)
  • Bleeding (higher is better)
  • Ghosting (higher is better)
  • Feathering (higher is better)
  • Dry Time (higher is better)

Fountain Pen Love Overall Rating

Pros: Minimalist design, wonderful paper with great sheen and decent dry times
Cons: Design may not appeal to everyone, no color options
Value Rating: 3.71 Stars, Cost per A5 sheet: $0.11
Who this notebook is for: Anyone looking for a well-rounded notebook that will show off their inks
Upgrade to this notebook from: Leuchtturm1917 Softcover notebook
Upgrade from this notebook to: Graphilo notebook

Avail midori notebook on AliExpress.

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You’ll find official stores for brand names alongside small independent discount sellers, all of whom offer quick shipping and reliable, as well as convenient and safe, payment methods, no matter how much you choose to spend.

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Midori vs Fauxdori (September Leather)

Three years ago, my first time to hear and bought a Midori Traveler’s Notebook, then about one year ago I started making Traveler’s Notebook and selling them on Amazon, and today I am going to write a post to compare the Midori and the fauxdori I made.

1. Packaging

The packagings are similar with kraft paper box.

Midori’s box with elastic closure, and September Leather’s with sticker label.

Both with a linen bag, instruction paper, and spare elastic.

2. Style

The obvious difference is, Midori’s has a lead sealing and a small elastic bookmark, while September Leather’s has a small leather piece that could protect the cover.

Midori’s elastic closure comes out of the back while September Leather’s comes out of the spine.

Inside the cover, Midori’s elastic was tied with a knot, which may cause interference when writing; September Leather’s elastics were fixed with metal pieces which let the notebook lays flat.

3. Insert

The Midori TN comes with one insert, September Leather TN comes with 3 inserts.

The notebook inserts are the same size, 21x11cm, with kraft paper cover.

Both inserts are stapled.

The Midori’s insert is blank pages (refill 003), September Leather’s are mixed with blank, lined and grid pages.

Midori’s insert is little thinner with white paper, while September Leather’s inserts are thicker with cream paper.

Both papers are in high quality, no bleeding or ghosting.

4. Leather Cover

The covers are made of genuine (full grain) cowhide leather, marks easily and ages beautifully. 

The Midori’s cover is 0.5mm taller, and its rough side is very smooth to the touch.

The Midori’s cover is thicker and its edges were burnished. 

5. Price

Both traveler’s notebooks are available on, the price for Midori TN is US$32.00, and September Leather’s is US$19.99. Midori’s has a good review amount while September Leather’s has a good average review score.(~by June 24, 2017)


Have to say, Midori Traveler’s Notebook has the best quality, it should always the first choice for traveler’s notebook lover. But, if you are a beginner and not sure if you like this system, a cheaper yet high-quality fauxdori (such as September Leather’s Traveler’s Notebook) would be a better choice.

Pictures & Review – Midori MD Grid Notebook in A5

New notebook day! I’m excited about this new Midori MD grid notebook in A5 that I bought. Here are a few pictures and a review.

Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Buy the Midori MD Grid Notebook >

About the Midori MD Grid Notebook

The brand

Midori is a quite famous Japanese stationery brand. It’s classified by most fountain pen & notebook enthusiasts as one of the best high-quality stationery brands out there along with Leuchtturm1917 and Rhodia.

Especially in regards to how it handles fountain pen inks. Their products are also sold at a reasonable price (which is always great!).

Midori MD grid notebook in A5

Design & Style

The design and the style of the Midori MD grid notebook is very minimalistic, beautiful and highly functional. It reminds me a lot about the Muji brand (which is another one of my favorit Japanese stationery brands).

The outside of the notebook comes covered with a rice-paper sheet (love that). Rice-paper is a super thin, half translucent paper. It feels and looks very delicate, faint, and soft. It’s beautiful. And on top of that rice-paper sheet, there’s another cover in bright blue thick paper. This cover is decorated with very pretty and authentic handwriting in both Japanese and English, as well as hand-drawn sketches.

The sketches and handwriting is printed both on the outside of the cover, as well as on the inner pages. See the image below for sketches and handwriting inside of the Midori MD grid notebook.

Buy the Midori MD Grid Notebook >

Cute handmade sketches & instructions inside the Midori notebook


You can see that they’ve put thought and effort into functionality. The notebook comes with multiple stickers that can be used for keeping in place both the bookmark tassel, as well as to mark the cover of the book after you’ve finished it. The binding of the book is also of high-quality and the notebook can be opened flat, which is super important for me.

Paper Quality

The Midori notebooks are very well known for their superb paper quality. Both for the scratchiness when writing, as well as for how it handles fountain pen ink.

I can personally attest to that the paper quality is great. I’ve added some photos below. You can see that there is some slight ghosting, but nothing too bad. I personally enjoy ghosting though, so that’s not a problem at me at all. I think ghosting on a page gives the book a “soul”/charm, in the same way as used old books have a certain charm to them.

  • Picture of Midori notebook grid
  • Midori MD grid notebook in A5

You might also be interested in: The 4 best high-quality faux leather notebooks 2020

Here’s an example of how a page of the notebook looks like with handwriting on it. (The pen I used is one of my newest and most favorite Muji pens!)

Midori grid notebook

Thanks for reading!

Midori notebook, standard size, vintage travel notebook, user-friendly design, original portable travel notebook | blank notebook | notebook blankblank cover notebook

Product Information

Product characteristics

  • Brand name:
  • Origin:
  • Model number:
    Standard / pocket
  • standard:
    115mm * 222mm
  • pocket:
    100mm * 178mm
  • Cover Material:
    Faux leather
  • Cover Hardness:
    Soft copybook
  • Use:
    Travel Journal
  • Inner Pages:
    64 Sheets

Product Description

customer reviews ()

No feedback

NORRATH Kawaii Travel Book – “My Midori style travel book.How to create your own glider sheets »

I bought my Midori-style glider-organizer at the Aliexpress site. For a long time I looked closely at him, whether it was worth taking or continuing to use my favorite glider on the rings, but I convinced myself that as a road option, it would be very useful to me, which means that the acquisition has a place to be.

The original Midori Traveler’s notebooks were invented by the Japanese. They look like a narrow long notebook with an elastic band. Blocks of sheets are used for records.As the name suggests, the notebook was invented to help travelers.

The size of my notebook is 11 x 20.5 cm

The cover is made of thick cardboard on the outside (the manufacturer claims that it is artificial leather) with a multi-colored blurred palette and inscriptions, and inside it is something like velvet paper.

Five holes were made along the “spine” and grommets were inserted through which elastic bands were passed to secure notebook blocks for notes.

The notebook was supplied with an envelope, a pocket and two notebooks of 32 sheets


Cardboard pocket and envelope on one sheet, which is threaded with a fastening elastic.

One notebook with ruled sheets, the second with alternating sheets: small cell, time planning pages and a list. Also, on the sheets there is a place for notes, travel information (travel book) and notes about weather conditions.

Notebooks are stitched with threads, there is no title page, the sheets are yellowish, not thin, but translucent (I think this fact will not confuse anyone). The cover of the notebook is made of the same type of cardboard as the pocket envelope. Page size 10×19.5 cm

Now about my filling of the glider with digressions and boasts

Since they are not recorded, I really need it.Not all diary formats can be put in your purse. My main home format A5, for example, I would not under any circumstances have flooded on myself. So the small size of the travelbook is convenient, because it can always be at hand.

Diary A5

I make the content for the glider in Excel. I measure the sheets and adjust the format of the pages, outlining their boundaries … and went to create all sorts of plates, add drawings, different shapes.

Day of the girl-girl)

week and day

Type of spread for a month in Excel

Then I bring the sheets to double-sided printing.

After the sheets are printed, I check if everything is printed as it should and see if the size is correct. If everything succeeds, I take scissors and cut off everything unnecessary.If I’m too lazy with scissors, I cut with a cutter.

I don’t have a scoring board, so I just fold the sheets in half and pass them well with a ruler.

I connect the sheets together, after which I will have to remove the protruding part a little. With this I have trouble. I always do everything wrong. Everything turns out crooked. It is recommended to do this with a clerical knife and a metal ruler. I think that everything will work out for you)

After bringing the sheets to one size, you can stitch the sheets, fasten them with staples, or you can simply push them through an elastic band without fastening anything.

This is what the notebook looked like before the changes

plump, as I said, crooked edges

In general, nothing special.

Of course, all these pages could be drawn by hand and I was very confused. But it brings me unspeakable pleasure, and therefore, the hedgehogs cried, injected, but continued to eat the cactus

Why Midori is convenient:

Convenient travel format

The diary can be made from thick cardboard, artificial leather or felt and elastic.Therefore, the format may vary.

No hole punch is required for securing sheets, and staples with a stapler are not required. You can simply fold a piece of paper in half and thread it through the rubber bands.

Additional sheet elastic can be attached.

What is not convenient:

Sheet format. When you print sheets yourself, you need to adjust the contents of the sheet to fit the size of the notebook. When in a regular A5 glider we simply cut them in half.

If you want to make various pages in one notebook, you will have to tinker and first sketch out the plan, which sheets will be located where.Like this photo:

sketched the plan

One part of the month is located on the title of the third sheet, and the second part is on the back of the sixth sheet. This is so that after printing, you can simply put the sheets together and just bend them in the middle, otherwise you will have to invent something, stitch the sheets, for example (I have a hard time with this)

At the moment I use a notebook as a diary. When the trip is coming, I’ll come up with some pieces of paper and be sure to take it with me)

This is how my printed pages look like.unfortunately, I didn’t get a color printer

Black and white

Waste-free production. Cut pieces are used for shopping list and other needs

And sample filling

Do I recommend this travel book? Perhaps yes. The price doesn’t bite;And the most important thing is that the eternal leaves are not scattered around the apartment and in the bag))

Happy shopping to everyone. Create your mood.

Reference to a notebook on rings, my gliders are also there)

Saratov scrap club: What is midori?

Hi Hi!

Not so long ago, my article about midori notebooks was published on our blog. You can read it here.

But today, when our notebook project began, I decided to remind you a little about what midori notebooks, or TN-gliders, are.

So, what is midori – midori is a paperback notebook format, under which, with the help of rubber bands, several notebooks are collected. They are also called traveler’s notebooks. Because such notebooks are easy and simple, you can take your son-in-law with you on any trip …

As for the name, the name “Midori” is patented, so the craftsmen come up with their own name for this travel notebook and if you poke around, you can easily find such names as:





The cover of such a notebook can be made from:

– leather / suede

-leather substitute / binding leatherette / artificial suede

– felt

– fabrics

– laminated sheets

The notebook itself consists of a cover, internal notebooks and an elastic band with which these notebooks are attached inside.The elastic bands are usually round, hat-like.

With one extra rubber band, you can easily insert two additional notebooks. The minimum number of notebooks inside the notebook is one, the maximum … As you like. I saw on the net up to a dozen notebooks under one cover.

Closes such a pad with an elastic band, which is usually inserted in the middle of the spine

But! you can also attach the elastic on the back of the cover (as they do on passport covers or on document folders)

The spine of the notebook itself can also be sealed with an additional layer of leatherette.

The manufacturers themselves do not process the holes for elastic bands in thick leatherette or leather. In a thin leather cover or in a fabric cover – eyelets are inserted.

Why such a notebook can be useful if you do not plan to go somewhere in the near future ?!

Firstly, it is a stylish and fashionable type of notebooks now.

Secondly, it’s just convenient

Thirdly, this notebook can be used as a creative album, diary, planner…

You will find tons of ideas on Pinterest if you score

Traveler’s Notebook

Most of the links will lead you to Instagram, there in general a lot of things can be found by the corresponding hashtag. The girls keep notebooks such as mini-albums, working with sketches and new collections.

We do not limit you in any way. You can make such a notebook as a notepad for notes, for example, or as a basis for your future album ….

I also advise you to watch Yana’s MK to understand how to make a Midori notebook.

That’s all for today.

I hope now you understand what a traveler’s notebook is and you will join us! Indeed, in a friendly company, making such a necessary, stylish and fashionable traveller’s notebook is doubly more interesting, more fun and, to hide, sometimes faster)))

We are looking forward to your work!

Traveler’s notebook as a business

I want to tell you about a handicraft niche that I discovered quite by accident.I just walked through Etsy and found a fantastic number of sales of real (not virtual) goods – more than 33 thousand in a year and a half of trading (!)

More precisely, in 17 months of sales, the owner of this store ( sold 33,571 units of her product (that’s 1974 units per month, or 66 sales per day!)

And what is this girl selling that in just over a year she earned about 100 thousand dollars? (I took the average price of her product – $ 6 – and calculated the approximate profit from the sale at $ 3 – this is how the needlewomen determine the price approximately).

These are inserts for the traveler’s notebooks.

It turns out that the entire West has recently become addicted to popular travel notebooks. One of which is called Midori Traveler’s Notebook (they say it comes from Japan itself):

Probably, as usual, some celebrity bought this notebook and posted her selfie with it on Instagram. And it suddenly became fashionable. And everyone began to buy this notebook and take selfies with it and even upload their video on Youtube (search, you will find a lot of videos on this topic).

Either the demand developed gradually, through the efforts of simple bloggers (I found the first mention of midori traveler’s notebook on the Western Internet in 2008.

See how the trends of relevant search queries have evolved:

Thanks to the Japanese midori notebook (“midori notebook” – the blue line on the chart above), people began to generally be interested in such a product category as “travelers notebook” (red line on the chart).

We bought notebooks, wrote them down, and then realized: but there are no inserts! We began to search for them on the Internet (on the graph there is a yellow line, which begins its ascent in the spring of 2015)

The young designer Christina Noh also did not have them (she was also a fan of the Japanese Midori notebook and also glorified it on her Youtube channel, and even communicated with other fans of these notebooks in the midori community on the Internet). But unlike other ordinary consumers, Christina knew how to make earbuds for herself – she also worked in a design firm.

She just took and printed (and cut) them for herself:

This is just 20 sheets of colored paper and one sheet of kraft paper, folded in half and fastened with a stapler (even from the photo you can see that this is not typographic, but manual work).

At the same time, Christina decided to help other fans of Midori’s notebooks and opened her store for them on Etsy.

And if at first she had enough time for blogging and creating drawings (she sold at a rate of 200 inserts per month), today she no longer has time for this – she sells at a rate of 3000 inserts for notebooks per month (this is about 9000 dollars of profit).

If you decide to follow this determined girl’s example, take a look at how and what she sells (she sells colored inserts, all sizes, including coloring inserts). She shoots and uploads videos of her inserts to Youtube (her channel is She has accounts on all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr).

That is, the girl is very active on the Internet – and this has brought such fantastic results.

The secrets of her success are not only in her activity.

1. She immediately chose the brand name for her store on Etsy – Yellow Paper House. This is understandable for English-speaking users, and they easily link to this store on the Internet.

2. This store specializes in inserts for travelers’ notebooks. This helps even more to promote the brand (because it is fully associated with inserts for such notebooks).

3. After reading the reviews of bloggers on the Internet for this store, I realized that they like, first of all, the variety of designs presented, the variety of colors and sizes, the quality of performance and the price.

4. Sales are helped by bloggers’ fashion to love their own everyday life – in text, pictures and videos – they tell what things they use; remove purchased inserts from all angles and positions, further promoting the Yellow Paper House brand and its products.

And a successful girl is working, indeed, from home (look at her Instagram – – and you will see it in separate photos). Here is her workplace:

Scrolling through the photo further, you can see her other equipment (a scanner and, in my opinion, a plotter).But to make notebook liners, you first need a cutter to create rounded corners:

Will you buy similar inserts from Russians? There will be. I found one of our compatriots from St. Petersburg, he sells them quite successfully (not as fast as an American girl, but not bad either: he has 439 sales in 9 months):

(In my opinion, the photos of our compatriot’s goods are faded and darkened – I would not take an example from them.)

So if you are friendly with graphic programs, buy colored paper, a cutter – and you can also start making money on inserts in travel notebooks.

Make it better, brighter, more diverse, more creative. Specialize in one thing, so that your brand finds its place in the blogs of Western bloggers. And then you can expect much more sales than 50 units per month.

How to make a notebook | Evgeny Tarasov’s blog

Before, I was constantly changing notebooks.I was tired of the design, the dimensions turned out to be inconvenient, I wanted to start from scratch with half-written notebooks. On the internet, I came across a traveler’s notebook and realized that this is my perfect notebook. In this article I will tell you how the Japanese notebook differs from others and how to make it yourself.

Perfect notebook

Midori Traveler’s Notebook is a Japanese notebook that is especially loved by travelers and designers. The book has a simple design: a leather base, an elastic band and two notebook blocks inside.The skin, worn over time, gives a special charm, bringing to mind the diaries of travelers from past centuries.

Ergonomics of a notebook at height. There is a lot of space for notes, but the book itself can easily fit in a jacket pocket. She is not afraid of a large number of photographs from which other notebooks stop closing. Actually, that is why travelers appreciate it, postcards, tickets and passports can easily fit inside, there is even an opportunity to make a separate pocket for storage.

The main advantage is the ease of repair and replacement of blocks for specific tasks. Block for notes, sketches, diary, planner and even a mini-photo album in one notebook. Needless to say, Midori is completely devoid of such a flaw as first-leaf fear syndrome. Stationery maniacs will love it.

DIY notebook

There are two ways to create a notebook. The first one is simple and expensive, buy leather and cut the cover out of it. This method is closer to the original with all its advantages.The second way is to make the cover out of cardboard covered with fabric. Such a notebook is less effective, but cheaper and more humane in relation to animals. I chose the second option.

Tools and materials

  • Rule
  • Stationery knife
  • Fabric scissors
  • Rubber glue
  • Glue “Moment Crystal”
  • Hat elastic (1 meter)
  • A4 cardboard sheets 230 g / m2 (4 pcs.)
  • Sheet of pastel paper (1 pc.)
  • Notebooks for blocks

Making a cover

The cover needs a flexible base, I used 4 sheets of 230 g / m2 brochure cardboard glued together.

Cut 4 sheets to a size of 24 x 21 cm and glue with “Crystal Moment”. Bend the structure slightly in the middle on each layer, otherwise it may crack.

Now cut the fabric to a size of 27 x 24 cm and apply rubber glue to the cardboard backing. Spread the adhesive thoroughly evenly and let it dry to prevent it from seeping through the fabric.

Place the fabric on a table and glue the base, smoothing out any unevenness. The edges of the fabric should protrude 1.5 cm on each side.They should also be glued by bending to the inside of the cover.

To hide the edges, “Instantly” glue another leaflet – the flyleaf. For the endpaper, use pastel paper of the desired color or the same cardstock for the brochure.

Notebook size: 12 x 21.5 cm for the leather version and 12 x 21 cm for the cardboard.

Cut out notebook blocks

The block is made from a notebook or sketchbook. Use a metal ruler and a utility knife to trim off excess edges.

From the beginning of the block, measure 11 cm, substitute a ruler and gradually draw with a knife along the sheets. Do not place your body weight on your hand with a ruler and do not put pressure on the knife. To get smooth edges of the block, the movements must be smooth.

If you need a block cover, use cardboard or heavy paper. Fold the cover and place the notebook block inside with the staple staples removed. Punch additional holes with an awl and replace the staples by connecting the cover and notebook.The block cover can also be sewn with threads.

We fix elastic bands

Using an awl, make five holes in the cover. The first is done 3 cm centered from the right edge of the cover. This eraser closes the notebook.

The remaining four are made along the spine and are needed to attach the notebook blocks. Space 1 cm from the bottom and top edges of the cover and 1.5 cm for each pair of holes.

One elastic band is used to attach the notebook blocks.Slide it into the cover as shown in the illustration above and install both blocks. The blocks open in the middle and are threaded into loops. Then the elastic is pulled tight and tied with a simple knot.

The size of the notebook block: 11 x 20.5 or 21 cm.


As decoration-bookmarks, I chose two medallions, which are sold in any store with incense and esoteric souvenirs. The bookmark is made of a thin rope or elastic band 42 cm long.Decorations are knitted at both ends and thrown between the blocks.

Where to Buy the Real Midori

Show what happened

The perfect notebook is ready, send pictures of notebooks made according to this instruction and I will post them along with links to your blog.

Plantain: Notebooks

Difficult today
imagine a modern person who can do without a mobile phone and
computer. Electronic newspapers are about to supplant classic paper, and
smartphones will replace not only desktop computers, but also laptops.But even with
this, in any bag there is enough space for the most classic attribute – a notebook.
It has undeniable advantages – never in a notebook
the battery “dies” and in it (by a strange coincidence)
you can write with pens of different colors and even with a pencil :-).

Almost all of today’s achievements of mankind in life, business and
the Internet were first materialized in a simple notebook or notebook.
And the notebooks of outstanding people are becoming almost the only one
a source of material for writing a biography.

Have you ever
the thought that it would be nice to have time to do more things in a day? Want not to be afraid
forget something important? It’s very simple – you need a notebook. You can
argue that you are a “clerical maniac” and all sorts of notebooks you have a pond
a dime a dozen, but nothing has changed in life and there is no more money. Or: you already
tried to keep a notebook and keep regular notes in it, but each time they
this venture.

The answer is also simple – you didn’t have the notebooks in which you want to write.Remember Mitrofanushka
from the play “The Minor” by Fonvizin. He was asked: “door” is
noun or adjective? Mitrofanushka replied that it depends on what
a door. If the one that stands, propped up against the wall, then it is “noun”,
since it simply exists, and if the one that stands in the doorway, then
“adjective” because it is attached to its place.

To keep the notebook
“adjective”, you need to write in it. And in order to write in it, in it
you have to want to write, i.e. notepad should
make you want to write in it
at least a few lines.You cannot force yourself to write with an effort of will and still not
will help – the result will be very short-term. Willpower is valuable, but
a finite resource to be conserved.

You need a decent
a tool that can take a vacant place in your bag for a long time. Called
he is a Plantain.

Legend of the Plantain.

The plantain leaf, a plant that grows abundantly along the roads, was taken as the symbol of the Plantain brand. For travelers, plantain grass was a real salvation as a hemostatic and anti-inflammatory agent (in particular, against insect bites), relieving pain from sunburn and swelling of feet rubbed with shoes.
Plantain notebook will be the traveler’s salvation when keeping travel notes. As often happened that

  • I want to capture the moment of experience,
  • sketch the silhouette,
  • save an entrance ticket to the theater museum or a receipt from a famous store / restaurant / cafe as a souvenir,
  • you need to rewrite the schedule of departures / departures / arrivals
  • or a quick sketch before you forget the brilliant idea that just came to your head, but there is nowhere to go?

A piece of paper lying around in your pocket is usually a very bad way out of a situation.

Why Plantain?

All notebooks Plantain
created using natural leather, cut out, stitched and
collected by hand. The texture of leather gives a special charm to notebooks. Frequent
using it gives it a more shabby and lively look. Therefore, each notebook
is unique and has its own “scars”, wrinkles and color irregularities, which more than attracts fans of individuality.

  • The flexibility of the notebook allows you to put it in any bag without fear
    wrinkle the cover or break the binding.It has no protruding metal
    parts that can catch on something in the bag and tear.
  • On the other hand,
    the cover is quite tough and easy to write on.
  • Replacement notebooks are easy to change as you write.
  • Especially for fans of writing with an ink pen : when making notebooks I use
    paper that I personally tested in the laboratory for the quality of gluing and
    resistance to spreading / leakage of ink.
  • Securing elastic grips the notebook tightly, preventing
    fall out of its contents.You can also hold a handle under the elastic band so that
    was always at hand.
  • The size of a notebook is comparable to the size of airline tickets. In it you can
    carry cards, documents, business cards, postcards, photographs: all this fits under
    cover. In other words, the Plantain notebook can be used as a travel

In addition, it is convenient as a working tool for thinking and taking notes,
allowing you to quickly write down the idea that came to mind. Compactness and convenient
the notebook format allows you not to think about whether there is a place for it in
bag or folder.

Each notebook exists in a single copy : as in the world there are no 2 absolutely identical people, and there are no 2 identical notebooks Plantain.

Technical details of the design of notebooks Plantain .

I make notebooks using several technologies. It is:

  • Narrow Midori Traveler’s Notebooks, notebook size 21×11
  • fan-bound notebooks;
  • notebooks, sewn from separate notebooks, like ordinary books.

1) narrow format notebooks
Midori Traveler’s Notebook
the size of notebooks is 21×11 cm. These are the most frequently ordered notebooks, although by
The size of the notebook can be any size you want. Notebook cover:
one piece of dense genuine leather, 3 mm thick.

– Block format for records: any, at the request of the customer.

– Writing block cover: design cardboard 300 g / m2 or
craft cardboard.

– Note paper: 40 sheets, 80 g / m2, most often “Ivory” color, but can be any available.

– Bookmark – a cord with painted wooden beads at the ends, or
leather cord with metal pendant.

A notebook is usually completed with two notebooks that are attached
under an elastic band. Two notebooks can be inserted under the cover at the same time.

This is the design pad. Notebooks
replaceable, i.e. they can be independently changed as they
end, or replace one of the notebooks with weekly / monthly planning.
And the leather cover will remain the same.Over time, as it wears out,
noble scuffs will appear, which will give your notebook
special charm.

Additionally, under the cover, you can insert files for business cards and a tab with
envelopes for all kinds of paper stuff. The envelopes are made of transparent tracing paper
high density, so you can always see what is in the envelope.

If you have special requests, for example, you need a different size of the note
books, more notebook pages, paper color or leather cover
a different color – I will take them into account.

2) Notebook, sewn with medieval codex sewing Separate notebooks,
which can be very thick, each sewn separately and then sewn to
leather cover with thick polyester thread so that the notebook will withstand long-term use until all 100+ pages are used. In this case, the skin is thinner and softer than in the previous version. Bookmark – leather
cord with a metal suspension at the end.

3) Stitched pad . The block is sewn from separate notebooks 8-12
sheets in each (as in ordinary books), so that the notebook easily remains
open (this is of particular importance for those who like to draw in notebooks).It is attached to the cover with gauze, so that the notebook has a strong
design. In such notebooks, stitched
manually capturing the spine of the paper block. Optional on the back
the flyleaf has a large pocket for business cards, notes and other flat trifles,
which is usually kept in a notepad. Bookmark-lasso – required.

If you need a notebook urgently, for example, as a gift for your beloved husband / wife,
friend / friend or colleague, there are always several ready-made, of which you can
choose. Believe me, they will appreciate your
a gift that will remind the donor of
for many years.I also take orders for something more

And if it so happened that you do not like to write, get yourself
“Plantain”, so that it even just was. You will get a lot of pleasant
sensations from “just hold in your hands” and “smell the skin”.

On the Photos page, you can familiarize yourself with notebooks made using these technologies and choose your favorite. Any customer will not be left without attention.

To order a notebook, at click here .

Traveler’s Blue Regular Notebook Pack 01 by Midori. Online catalog. Galerie 46

Leather, paper

14 x 21 cm

Pack 01:
Starter kit – box, cotton bag, leather cover, elastic band for adjusting, notebook (003 Blank Notebook )
Block of Point Paper (64 pages), Undated Weekly (64 pages)

Traveler’s Notebook has a leather sleeve that ages and becomes more comfortable over time.Write in it just like that when you want, what you feel or what you think in a cafe that you dropped by while traveling or during your lunch break at work. Keep a diary, plan the days, weeks, months and years. The perfect notebook for travel and any other business! Each leather case is handcrafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s northern city. It attracts with its simplicity; roughly cut leather and elastic band with metal clasp. The internal notebook is made in Japan and features the original Designphil MD paper, designed for maximum writing comfort.
Interior can be modified with notepad replaceable blocks. After a long time of use, when the quality of the skin changes, and the moments remain in your memory, this notebook will become more valuable to you than ever. Note how easy it is to carry this notebook in your hand. This size makes it easy to store maps and tickets that you collect while traveling. So why stay at home? Try to travel with this notebook in hand. Carry a notebook in your daily life, writing down the most important things and tasks.

Simple design so you can customize it however you want.

Starter kit / Regular Size
Together with the standard size notebook you will receive: cotton bag for storage, leather cover in blue, blank notebook, elastic band for adjustment.
A notebook of this size is similar to the A5 size, except that it is thinner in width.

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