Burgundy corduroy suit: Men’s Notch Lapel Velvet Burgundy CORDUROY SUIT


Men’s Notch Lapel Velvet Burgundy CORDUROY SUIT


Select Your Size58R38 Short Jacket+32 Waist Adjustable 28to34)(Height: 5’4”to5’7”)(Neck 15-16.5)S-M)40 Short Jacket+34 Waist Adjust 30to36)(Height: 5’4”to5’7”)(Neck 15.5-17)M 42 Short Jacket+36 Waist Adjust 32to38)(Height: 5’4”to5’7”)(Neck 16-17.5:L44 Short Jacket+38 Waist Adjust 34to40)(Height: 5’4”to5’7”)(Neck 16.5-18:XL46 Short Jacket+40 Waist Adjust 36to42)(Height: 5’4”to5’7”)(Neck 17-18.5:XL36 Regular Jacket+30 Waist Adjustable 26to32)Height: 5’7″-6′)(Neck: 14.5-16:S)38 Regular Jacket+32 Waist Adjustable 28to34)(Height: 5’7”to6)(Neck 15-16.5:S-M40 Regular Jacket+34 Waist Adjust 30to36)Height: 5’7″-6′)(Neck 15.5-17:M42 Regular Jacket+36 Waist Pants Adjust 32to38)(Height: 5’7″-6′)(Neck 16-17.5:L-XL)44 Regular Jacket+38 Waist Adjust 34to40)(Height: 5’7″-6′)(Neck 16.5-18:L-XL46 Regular Jacket+40 Waist Adjust 36to42)(Height: 5’7″-6′)(Neck 17-18.5:Xl48 Regular Jacket+42 Waist Adjust 38to44)Height: 5’7″-6′)(Neck 17. 5-19:Xl-XXL50 Regular Jacket+44 Waist Adjust 40to46)Height: 5’7″-6′)(Neck 18-19.5XXL-XXXL52 Regular Jacket+46 Waist Adjust 42to48)Height: 5’7″-6′)(Neck 18.5-20:XXL-XXXL 54 Regular Jacket+48 Waist Adjust 44to50)Height: 5’7″-6′)Neck 19-20.5:XXXL-XXXXL56 Regular Jacket+50 Waist Adjust 46to52)Height: 5’7″-6′)Neck 19.5-21:XXXL-XXXXL 40 Long + 34 Waist (Adjustable 2″ Larger & 4″ Smaller) 42 Long + 36 Waist (Adjustable 2″ Larger & 4″ Smaller) 44 Long Jacket+38 Waist Adjust 34 to 40)(Height:6-6.4″)(Neck 17.0-18.5:XL-XXL) 46 Long Jacket+40 Waist Adjust 36 to 42)(Height:6-6.4″)(Neck 17.0-18.5:XL-XXL) 48 Long Jacket+42 Waist Adjust 38 to 44)(Height:6-6.4″)(Neck 17.5-19.0:XXL-XXXL)50 Long Jacket+44 Waist Adjust 40 to 46)(Height:6-6.4″)(Neck 18-19.5:XXL-XXXL)52 Long Jacket+46 Waist Adjust 42 to 48)(Height:6″-6.4″)(Neck 18.5-20:XXL-XXXL)54 Long Jacket+48 Waist Adjust 44 to 50)(Height:6″-6.4″)(Neck 19-20.5:XXXL-XXXXL)56 Long Jacket+50 Waist Adjust 46 to 52)(Height:6″-6.4″)(Neck 19-21:XXXL-XXXXL)
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  • Notch Lapel
  • Material: Velvet
  • Blazer Sportcoat + Slacks
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Single Breasted
  • One Chest Pocket
  • Product#J30062
  • Why you pay Rental when you can buy Mens Outlet Online
  • Perfect For Wedding and Prom and Business and Your Formal Event!
  • Discounted Cheap Priced 2020 Style

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Olive-green corduroy suit – from Ettore de Cesare – Permanent Style

You know when you think you’re not part of a trend, and then see everyone wearing the same thing? As a clothing snob that likes to think he’s different to everyone else, it’s very annoying.

I had admired Michael Hill’s green-corduroy suit – and more importantly perhaps, the way he wore it – for several years.

So 18 months ago, while in Naples seeing Ettore de Cesare, I asked him to make me one.

I had been extremely impressed by the first jacket Ettore made for me (a navy hopsack) but a couple of the style things weren’t right, most obviously the length.

My fault, probably, but in the interests of this site I do like to see what a tailor will do as their default style, before trying to change it too much.

Then as soon as I received the suit, two months ago, I began to see green corduroy everywhere.

Trunk with De Bonne Facture has pieces in it; Drake’s with Capalbio has a collab jacket in it. It doesn’t help that corduroy itself is having a bit of a fashion moment, and this dark green is one of the three or four colours you’d make tailoring in.

Never mind. I was confident I hadn’t opted for cord out of a desire to be fashionable.

After all, I’d admired Mike’s for years, and the honey-coloured cord suits I have from Pirozzi in Naples and Anderson & Sheppard have been consistently worn and loved.

In fact that A&S one is six-years-old now – and the subject of one of my favourite photos from Pitti back in 2013, with Luca Rubinacci, eating a dripping, nut-encrusted ice cream.

I have also found corduroy to be very versatile in that time – as the best example of what I called a ‘three-way’ suit.

Such a suit, which can be worn as a separate jacket, separate trousers or all together, usually works best in casual materials, and cord is the best.

This green can certainly work in that regard. Indeed, I’ve already set aside some more to make a second pair of trousers.

The fit from Ettore was very good again. Unpadded shoulders that nonetheless sit very cleanly all the way along their length.

Nice suppression through the waist, with just a little extra room for corduroy (given it has no natural stretch). And the jacket 3cm longer than my first one.

The only thing I might change is having a slightly wider sleeve.

I’ve never quite understood why guys think a skinny sleeve looks more flattering or manly than a large one. It’s not going to make you look thin if you’re fat, or muscly if you’re skinny.

The slimness with my sleeve is marginal, however, and it does have the happy but unintended effect of adding extra wrinkles to the elbows.

This is what you want with corduroy. It looks best as it ages.

The cloth is 501281 from Scabal, 380g or 13.5oz in weight.

That’s relatively heavy for cord, but it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Certainly fine for everything but high summer in England.

The colour was the crucial thing though – that deep, muted olive-green. I looked through lots of other bunches trying to find tit in the right wale and without stretch.

The only other candidate I found was Dark Olive 304 from the T1 bunch at Brisbane Moss. But I marginally preferred to the colour of the Scabal.

I’ll wear this cord suit mostly with other matte, casual materials.

So suede shoes, knitted ties, button-down shirts. The refined geography teacher – elevated by the cut of the suit, the waist of the shoe and so on.

Here it is worn with my button-down shirt in the Lighter Denim fabric, a knitted-wool tie from Hermes that I like for its slightly unusual knit pattern, and a burnt-orange silk handkerchief from Ralph Lauren.

A grey tie here is quiet, and makes a nice supporting partner for stronger colours, like that orange. A navy tie looks great too, but is stronger and doesn’t provide the same support.

The burgundy socks from Bresciani I also find are a nice compliment to the green, although overall perhaps there is then a little too much colour going on.

Maybe green socks would have been better, unless I lost the handkerchief.

The suit bag is from Rubinacci and the umbrella Michel Heurtault.

The shoes are from Philippe Atienza in Paris – his new bespoke-made ready-to-wear line.

Given I don’t go to Paris often, this was a nice way to try Philippe’s shoes, and the fit is very good apart from a little too much fullness across the vamp.

I like the elongated, round-toed last. It has a definite French pointiness to it, but less pronounced than Berluti or Corthay.

The brass aglets on the end of the laces are made by Philippe himself, in a vintage machine he has in the atelier. More on that collection of machinery here.

Photography: Jamie Ferguson

Many Styles, Colors And Sizes, Corduroy Suits for Men


The mens corduroy suit is a cool choice to give you a warm feeling in the winter. Sticking with this mens corduroy suit provide you with a classy and elegant warm look. Wearing this corduroy suit mens outfit with matched accessories looks so clear and perfect. A corduroy suit mens outfit is a great piece that you can try during this winter season. The Corduroy suits for men are a little expensive but it is surely a worthy investment. The corduroy suits for men are very stylish and comes with unique patterns and designs. This corduroy suit jacket is available in different shades and designs that can be chosen according to the seasons. Wearing this mens corduroy suit makes the mens look cute in the attire. Opting for the Ralph Lauren corduroy suit in black gives you a sharp yet standard look in evening attire. The Ralph Lauren mens suit in any color pairs well with neutrals. You can accessorize your outfit with matching elements to complete the look. If you are aiming for a formal look, you can go with mens 3 piece suit. The finest choice when cold weather starts is the mens corduroy suits. If you are stepping out for formal work, ensure your corduroy suit mens outfit is clear and properly styled. For a less street style kind of appearance, pick the unlined mens corduroy suit jacket. This choice will give you the best less street style and clean modern appeal as well. While buying the mens corduroy jacket suit, ensure that the material is properly lined. Also, make sure the same type of fabric is used to construct the suit pants. Choosing the thinner cords and the lighter cloth allows you to wear the garment perfectly in an informal work setting. There are a few ways to wear trousers and the brooks brother’s boys corduroy suit without making any mistakes in style. Pairing the mens corduroy suits with a pair of jeans is a great way to change your style from simple to modern. Neutral colors always work well with the brooks brother’s boys corduroy suit. If you are looking for a fashionable look, stick the mens corduroy suits in colors beige, brown, and blue. This corduroy mens suit allows you to wear different colors that you do not normally wear. Feel free to wear shades of reds, violets, greens, and navy. These shades will really look best on all casual winter occasions.

Opting for brown trousers is the safest and moderate alternative to usual colors. While some people considered this combination a bit old-fashioned, but you will get to know that this pairing is one of the current season trends. You do not overlook the versions beige and navy blue of corduroy suit. If you looking for a perfect outfit to wear for a casual Friday, team your corduroy suit with corduroy trousers and a button-down shirt. Stick to the pair of blue socks instead of the usual black one for a touch of color in your ensemble. Wearing the slim fit trousers that are narrower and make you look standard, complete the look with a pair of leather shoes. Corduroy trousers give a statement style if you have done it in the right way. It is always good to try mix and match combinations in the trousers. Wearing something that matches well and compliments the style of your entire outfit doesn’t look out of place. Selecting the mens corduroy suits in the darker shades of blue, brown, and green gives an extraordinary stunning appearance. Wearing the brown mens suit is absolutely the most versatile and appropriate for a casual office.

You can also do the experiment and get creative looks in the mens corduroy suits. Well, the interesting thing while buying the mens corduroy suit is the fabric. Choosing the right fabric looks visually very rich and pretty. You should be careful while pairing the trouser with a corduroy suit. Combining the trousers with boots or sneakers make you look smart and charming. You can take the corduroy mens suit to rock in the show. The corduroy mens suit is definitely good casual wear over the other garments in your wardrobe. But you need to make sure you picked the right one. When wearing the mens corduroy suit, keep the accessories simple and let the corduroy suit be the main attraction. Trousers or pants are the safest and most classic way to dress up in corduroy. Wearing a crew neck or turtleneck sweater over your corduroy suit will always work, especially if worn in the winter season. In this case, both the fabrics will have a similar thickness to tackle the cool weather, and this will helps to balance the upper half of your body with the lower half. As for the hue, do not hesitate to choose the usual grey or black. And after all, if you are wearing the mens corduroy suit what you want is that your pants or trousers get noticed.

The mens corduroy dress suits with a pair of pleated pants give you a more formal look. These pleated dress pants also make you look tall and slim. So, if you want to look slim on your occasion, then it is the best idea to wear pleated dress pants. For some energetic look, wear a corduroy wool suit with a nice dress shirt and a lka dot tie. Sticking to the plaid patterned suit or dress shirt will be the winning choice for the special look. For a dressy look, wear the mens wool suit with a black wool turtleneck. To have a smart and casual touch, introduce flat front pants to the equation. For a fun look, you can choose a floral dress shirt. The mens corduroy wool suit can give you a strong and powerful look when paired with standard elements. For a rich look, you can wear a lepeled corduroy suit with a paisley necktie. Add a pocket square and French cuff to add a touch of class.

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Cheap Mens Corduroy Suit, find Mens Corduroy Suit deals on line at Alibaba.com

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Corduroy Guide – How To Wear It,What Cords To Buy & More

Often considered the poor man’s substitute for velvet, corduroy is actually a very wonderful fabric that is made from cotton which is woven to lie parallel to each other, so it forms individual cords that almost appear to be separate and attached. Soft and yet durable, it’s a variation of velvet that’s easy to maintain and clean and still keeps its shape relatively well. Made from cotton or a cotton blend, it’s very popular for hunting apparel, trousers, jackets, suits and other cool-weather attire due to its warmth. Today’s guide is all about this wonderful material and how you can use it in men’s apparel.

The History of Corduroy

In order to understand the history of corduroy, you must first understand its parent: Fustian. It is an umbrella term for thick cotton fabrics including moleskins and corduroys.

It was first woven in Norwich, England during the reign of Edward VI, and used for jackets in the 15 century. Originally dating back as far as 200 AD, it was initially woven in Fustat, a small city near Cairo, in Egypt. At the time, Fustat was a bustling marketplace and one that was known for its use of cotton and later its exportation of cotton throughout much of Europe.

Velvet is very similar to Corduroy

Fustian as Outdoor Apparel in the 19th Century

It was during the 18th century that London tailors began to adapt the textile as an option for outdoor apparel in the cooler climate. The goal was to create the perfect form of fustian that would dry quickly from the rain and provide warmth in the winter months. For hunters and gatherers, the new fabric was ideal as it was comfortable, provided protection from the elements, and offered them an easy, maintenance-free alternative to their previous clothing.

Black Corduroy With Tan Boots

How Corduroy Got Its Name

In the past, silk used to be rather expensive and velvet was only made of silk, yet Corduroy is generally woven from cotton.

Cour du Roi

Some claim the origins of ‘Corduroy’ come from the French ‘Cour du Roi’ meaning ‘Court of the king’.

Of course, the king wore clothes made out of fine silk fabrics and so did the aristocrats at court. However, the King’s servants did not get silk but rather less expensive cotton hunting outfits. Corduroy is also woven like velvet, except the pile picks are bound by the warp, which creates the straight lines.

These are probably some of the reasons corduroy is  also referred to as the velvet of the poor.

Wes Anderson in Medium Wale Corduroy Suit with flap pockets

Corde du Roi

Some also claim the name was derived from the French “Corde du Roi” which means as much as ‘Cloth of the King’. Considering that cotton was not the fabric of kings, it seems less likely that this was in fact the origin of Corduroy.

Cord Duroy

Others think the word  was derived from the English word cord and duroy was an adaptation of durable. Of course we will never know at what point in time Fustian was renamed Corduroy, but the first explanation seems more plausible.

A lively gentleman in a blue corduroy suit

Corduroy in the 20th Century

As formal wear took off throughout much of Victorian England, corduroy went from being the country gent’s textile of choice to the working-class fabric for uniforms.

During the beginning of the 20th century, it became popular among Parisian intellectuals for trousers and jackets.

By the 1930s it was also utilized for Alpine hiking clothing and by the 1960s The Beatles popularized it when they wore Corduroy suits.

Corduroy Jacket from the 1970s

The Beatles Saved The Corduroy Industry

Up until then, most corduroys were worn by students and school-boys, workers, and farmers, and as such the industry was in a constant decline. The Beatles made corduroy fashionable again. In 1965, the President of the Board of Trade even claimed that The Beatles “saved the British corduroy industry”.

In the U.S. corduroy became popular with Ivy League students in Princeton and Dartmouth in 1957, and it went on to become an Ivy Style wardrobe staple.

Throughout the seventies, eighties, and nineties Corduroy was still present but it had its ups and downs.

Today, corduroy suits or blazers are often associated with professors, who pair it with tweed, or people who are into the British Country Gentleman Style. Since velvet is almost exclusively made of cotton or cotton blends and not silk anymore, corduroy can no longer be considered to be inferior to velvet and so it is not a surprise to see that men sometimes prefer if over velvet. Corduroy has no doubt set itself apart as its own,unique textile for the modern gentleman.

Tan corduroys with cordovan boots

What Corduroy Items Should You Buy? Pants, Suits and Maybe More

What’s unique about corduroy is that it tends to trend and go in and out of style in short bursts. Somehow, it never dies though, and just remains comatose for a brief time before re-emerging.

While corduroy upholstery on furniture was popular, it’s rare to find a sofa these days that’s not pre-owned in someone’s basement or a grandparent’s living room and covered with plastic. However, classic staples such as hunting jackets remain popular decade after decade because they keep you warm and last.

If your goal is to build a classic and timeless wardrobe, Corduroy an excellent addition for pants, jackets, vests and suits. A pair of pants should be a part of every modern gentleman’s fall-winter wardrobe, with the suit being the next upgrade once you have your basic suit needs covered. If you are into the outdoors, you definitely want to look into hunting jackets.

Because of its stiffness, corduroy works better off the rack than other garments; however, if you want the proper fit, there is no way around bespoke.

Vibrant corduroy jacket adds texture and dimension

Corduroy Colors

The most versatile colors include brown, tan, olive, khaki, sand, black and navy. However, you can also find more vibrant colors such as red, burgundy mustard yellow, and bright green. Our advice is to purchase only colors you are comfortable wearing, disregarding the current fashion trends.

One of the latest trends is pigment-dyed corduroy in various colors that are both vibrant and dull. The dye is applied to the surface of the textile prior to it being cut and sewn. Over time,  pigment-dyed color will fade, especially when washed, and eventually even the most vibrant of colors will appear vintage and soft.

If you do purchase vibrant corduroy clothing, it’s wise to dry-clean only and not wash it at home. If you have a suit, clean both items at the same time, because otherwise your pants may not look like your jacket.

The astute gentleman in his corduroy blazer

Corduroy Details & Characteristic

Due to its outdoor heritage, corduroy jackets are usually on the casual side featuring center vents, patch pockets, and throat latches … but of course, you can also find them with side vents and flap pockets. While velvet is often used for smoking jackets and alternative dinner jackets, corduroy is usually used for blazers, suits, trousers and vests.

Because of its tight weave, it is rather warm as long as it remains dry. At the same time, it doesn’t drape as beautifully as heavy wool fabrics. So if you are prone to overheating, corduroy is probably not the best choice for you.

Medium Wale Corduroy

The Corduroy Wale

Corduroy is generally measured by what’s referred to as the ‘Wale’ of the cord, which is the number of ridges found in the item per inch. The term comes from the actual name of those ribs or cords that are called ‘Wales.’ The lower the wale number, the thicker the wales will be. The wale count is a rather large range and unlike other grades that often offer just a handful of choices, corduroy comes in everything from 1.5 all the way up to 21. However, in most cases the most desirable wale number is somewhere between 10 and 12.

Fine Wale Corduroy

Ideally, wider wale counts should be reserved for items below the waist, whereas a finer wale number can be chosen for items such as jackets and suits. Ultimately of course you pick what you like.

Tabby Back Corduroy

Genoa Back vs. Tabby Back

The backside of corduroy can either look and feel similar to the front with a twill back (Genoa Back) or it can have a plain back, which is known as Tabby Back. Higher quality corduroys are tightly woven and usually feature a Genoa Back although there are generally exceptions to the rule.

A modern corduroy suit by astuteattire

Corduroy Blazers & Sport Coats

Let’s say you buy a corduroy suit: you can also wear them them as separates with just the jackets or pants. In fact, you will greatly increase the opportunities of wearing corduroy when you wear either a jacket or pants. If you are still in the early days of building a wardrobe, it is probably wiser to invest in a corduroy jacket rather than a full suit because you can combine it more easily.

Vintage Corduroy

Vintage Corduroy can come in unusual colors such as gunmetal in very fine or wide wale cord. The jackets from the 50s and 60s can easily be worn today, while the styles from the 70s and 80s look quite dated. Therefore, stick with timeless shapes unless you are going to a Halloween party.

A casual fall outfit using corduroy for warmth and texture


Corduroy is one of those textiles that one tends to love or hate. For many, this love/hate relationship can be item specific.

Some men may love the idea of a corduroy jacket but despise the thought of wearing corduroy pants.

For others, corduroy is a simple yes or no to all items. In any case, corduroy has its stigma as a somewhat dated fabric and yet it is a great addition to any modern gentleman’s winter wardrobe, at least in doses. What are your thoughts on corduroy? Do you have an appreciation and respect for it?

This guide was written by Sven Raphael Schneider & J.A. Shapira

How to Wear Corduroy in More Ways This Winter

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jan 9 2020

Trying to figure out how to wear corduroy in the cold weather months can feel confusing. I get it! Is it too cozy for work? Am I going to make that zhush-zhush-zhush sound all day? I’m here to tell you; don’t fret! Discovering all the ways to wear a corduroy blazer, corduroy trousers, and more will turbo boost your fall and winter wardrobe. 

Let’s get this out of the way now:

Is corduroy in style?

Yes! Corduroy will never go out of style.

Apart from its warmth, the great thing about corduroy is that it looks good in so many different kinds of wardrobes. Just think. It’s at home in the closets of school teachers, beatniks, and even children’s book characters – what other cold weather material is such a style mainstay?

And really, what’s not to love about this fabric? It’s durable, soft to the touch, and super easy to wipe off any spills from lunch because of its tight weave.

What is corduroy?

What can we say about corduroy that it doesn’t already say about itself?

Sorry. Corduroy joke.

But truly, corduroy is the loudest and proudest textile in the non-jeans family. Its refusal to stay silent, whether you’re walking into a room wearing pants made of the material, or simply adjusting in your seat donned in a sport coat made from the stuff, corduroy will unapologetically announce its presence.

As a lover of loud jangly necklaces, I’m all for for stocking your closet with pieces that makes you feel a little like a one-man band. Moreover, I like that cords are comfortable, durable, and versatile..that last one being dependent on the texture of the material itself.

Should you be taking some kind of test on this later: corduroy’s vertical ribs are called wales (from the Anglo-Saxon walu, which means “to mark with stripes”). The more ribs per inch, the louder the noise gets when it all rubs together.

What kind of texture you go for will affect the formality of what you’re wearing – wales packed more tightly together will look good in a suit, and appear almost like velvet, whereas wales that are more loosely grouped will give off that more traditional, “English duke at his weekend country estate” vibe.

Here are all the ways you’ll find in this article on how to wear corduroy:

  • how to wear a corduroy blazer
  • how to wear a corduroy jacket
  • how to wear a corduroy shirt
  • how to wear a corduroy pants
  • how to wear a corduroy suit
  • how to wear a corduroy hat

Phew! Let’s begin, shall we?!

What to wear with a corduroy blazer

Channeling your inner college professor has never been so stylish (or cozy). Ensuring a corduroy blazer looks modern is as easy as locating your favorite chinos and adding a pop of color through a sweater or cardigan. Thin ribbed corduroy is ideal for nearly any professional setting, whether you’re running around campus or presenting at the office, especially in the cold days of fall and winter.

If you’re worried about looking too dated, keep your corduroy blazer to a slim fit and natural shoulder for a current take on a classic style. Ready for this style challenge? We’ll go ahead and calculate your grade now: A+.

SG Says: Doesn’t this look like an outfit for a spy masquerading as a college professor? I think it’s the boot. And the Archer-esque turtleneck. Keep your secret identity under wraps, and by “under wraps” I obviously mean under this corduroy blazer.

SG Says: Use one of the secondary colors in a plaid shirt to find the right color of chinos. Then, keep the rest of the outfit neutral.

SG Says: You can carry pastels through fall and into winter when they’re on thicker fabrics, like this sweater that looks cozy af.

SG Says: Channel your prep school days with all the classics separates in their go-t0 colors. Ooh, don’t forget to add a bit of shine and pattern with accessories.

SG Says: Want to dress your corduroy blazer down? No problem. Opt for a white tee with a bit of graphic detail, and choose complementary colors for the rest of the outfit.

Okay, a few last tips on styling a corduroy blazer:

  • Avoid too thick of a corduroy when wearing corduroy to the office or more dressy events – a super-thick ribbing in your corduroy blazer generally makes the overall look feel more casual.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures when wearing a corduroy blazer by pairing yours with a woven belt, chunky sweater, or knit tie.
  • You can dress your corduroy blazer down by wearing it over a fine-gauge hoodie or lightweight henley.
  • The most common issue with a well-loved corduroy blazer is showing wear in the elbows. The fix? Grab a retro-style jacket with elbow patches or have some sewn in to get the look and preserve your jacket. Here’s a DIY!

> Step up your style with more ways to wear a breton shirt, statement bomber and Chelsea boots

What to wear with corduroy trousers

Like sweaters for your legs, corduroy trousers are indeed a cold weather wardrobe essential.

SG Says: Everyone at SG HQ loves a good pair of corduroy trousers, like those from Todd Snyder above, for guys. They fit and feel like a modern pair of dress pants, or even just a really nice pair of chinos.

Wear yours with a crewneck sweater and chelsea boots or a nice lace-up boot for a comfortable-yet-elegant office or date outfit.

SG Says: Another corduroy trousers outfit, perfect for the office. Can’t go wrong with a patch pocket unconstrcuted sport coat like the one above (here’s one we like that’s similar from Bonobos).

What to wear with a corduroy shirt

A corduroy shirt, whether a thick work shirt or a full on shirt jacket (or “shacket”) is a great way to layer once the temperature starts dropping. In early fall, wear it as your outerwear. In the winter, wear it under your actual outerwear.

SG Says: Because why should your legs have all the fun? Outfit your torso in a corduroy shirt like this Everlane number above (which has unfortunately sold out!).

What to wear with corduroy pants

You can’t go wrong with a 5-pocket pair of corduroy pants this fall and winter. In a classic khaki hue, you’ll think you’re just wearing regular ol’ chinos, which is kind of the point. Some guys think cords are too “out there” for their personal style, but a pair that fits and feels like jeans will have you thinking otherwise.

SG Says: You don’t have to count out other bright colors or textures with the rest of your look when wearing bolder-colored corduroy pants – in fact, piling on more visually interesting pieces is encouraged.

Try wearing your cords with a chambray shirt and textured chukka boots for a look that’s eye-catching, but still casual.

Wear corduroy pants like jeans!

SG Says: Here’s what you need to know about 5-pocket pants; you’ll feel like you’re wearing jeans, even if you’re actually dressed up a bit more. Say, in twill, or the corduroy above (both from J.Crew). This is your entry-level corduroy pant situation. Very hard to mess up, I promise.

Dress them down with sneakers and a sport shirt, or add a little flair with boots and a sweater.

Wear colorful corduroy!

SG Says: Like I said, you can pretend your corduroy pants are just…regular pants by scooping up a pair in a standard hue like khaki or grey. But. BUT! You could also branch out with a pair in a rich jewel tone that is just so fall I can’t even stand it. Like what, exactly? Well, you could go with a burgundy like the Polo Ralph Lauren pair above. Greens are great. So are cords in the golden yellow (some might say mustard) hue that seems to be popping up everywhere this season (you can find my favorite sweaters in the color here).

The takeaway? If you’ve already got one pair of cords in a more traditional color, a new pair in a warm hue could be the perfect complement for your fall and winter wardrobe.

SG Says: Since you’re starting your outfit with an iconic corduroy pant, capitalize on texture with leather details like a vintage baseball cap and leather chukka boots. Don’t shy away from patterns in this look – instead, go the gingham route and layer a burgundy striped sweater to add even more visual depth.

What to wear with a corduroy jacket

SG Says: The key to this look? Simplicity. Jeans. A solid-colored tee. And a corduroy trucker jacket. Hard to f*ck it up, which is a good thing.

> See more ways to wear your favorites, like a turtleneck sweater, denim jacket, and lace-up boots

How to wear a corduroy suit

via Pinterest, Suitsupply

SG Says: Now, I admit this is an advanced style move. If you’ve already covered your suiting basics (namely, a charcoal and a navy suit), and you actually enjoy wearing suits, why not have some fun? A corduroy suit, whether you go for a festive red or green, or a more vibe-y brown, you’ll definitely stand out in a crowd.

How to wear corduroy shoes

SG Says: Don’t expect to wear them everyday, but a pair of fall-colored slip-ons in corduroy could make for a fun dose of somethin’ special in your cold weather outfit. Obviously dressier shoes are usually leather or suede, so this footwear won’t be formal. The look above would be perfect for a Saturday afternoon spent with your lady, or out at the bars with your buds.

Best colors for corduroy

Don’t limit yourself! Corduroy presents a great opportunity to add more brightness to the grey days of winter, so don’t shy away from brighter colors in your corduroy clothes. If there ever were a material made just for winter it would be corduroy, so don’t be afraid to mix it up with your color rotation.

For instance, a plush pair of corduroy pants in earth tones like grey or taupe would look awesome on you. So would a shirt jacket in a bolder color like mustard or burgundy. Either way, you’ll look equally cozy and classic.

When to stop wearing corduroy:

When it gets too warm outside!

Seriously, you can wear cords as soon as the leaves start changing color in the fall, and only (reluctantly!) tuck ’em away when the last snow has melted and flowers are starting to sprout in the spring.

The whole in-between time? Prime corduroy season.

How to wear more corduroy

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Corduroy Suits, Trousers, & Other Garments

What Is Corduroy?

When men think of corduroy, they often think of pants they were forced to wear as school children along with turtleneck jerseys and Coke bottle glasses.

With this association, it’s no surprise that lots of men don’t take too kindly to corduroy, which is unfortunate. It happens to be a great cold-weather fabric whose ridges give it a lot of visual interest.

Corduroy is essentially a ridged form of velvet, which places it in the cotton category. A thicker material, it’s best suited to fall and winter wear, as it would be much too heavy for any warm weather applications. Furthermore, its appearance is quite casual and works best on country-inspired clothing.

The common claim as to the etymology of the word “corduroy” is that it’s an English corruption of the French phrase corde du roi, meaning “cord of the King.” This is actually false. The word is derived from the words cord and duroy, the latter of which was a coarse woolen made in 18th-century England.

In a nutshell, corduroy is a durable cloth that looks like numerous cords have been stitched together close to each other in parallel.

Historically, corduroy was utilized for British country clothing and achieved a great degree of popularity in the 1970’s.

What Is “Wale”?

No discussion of corduroy can be had without mentioning wale. The term “wale” refers to the size of each individual cord and can be further analyzed to refer to the number of ridges (cords) per inch on a given corduroy garment. The lower the wale number, the bigger the cords, and vice-versa.

The average wale is somewhere between 10 and 12. Wide wale corduroys are typically limited to very casual trousers, and finer wale cords are found on above-the-waist garments: sport coats, waistcoats, and shirts.

Different Types Of Corduroy

Not all cords are created equal. The most common types are listed below.

Bedford Cord

Named after Bedford, England, Bedford Cord is itself a misnomer: it’s not actually corduroy, but rather a durable fabric that resembles corduroy. It’s woven to have faint lengthwise ridges but lacks the weft yarns that make for true corduroy.

trousers made with this material are often referred to as “Bedford cords.”

Elephant Cord

Elephant cord refers to any corduroy with a very wide wale. Such fabric will typically be only used for trousers, but furniture may also be upholstered in such corduroy.


The polar opposite of elephant cord, pincord is to corduroy what pindots are to dots: an extremely small-scale version of the base pattern. Pincords make for excellent velvet substitutes and could theoretically work for smoking jackets to the untrained eye.

How & When To Wear Corduroy

Corduroy is, in fact, a very handsome fabric when it’s not paired with a cotton turtleneck and a haircut your mother gave you. Below we enumerate some of the best ways to wear corduroy.


A corduroy suit is a rare find and will likely require a custom tailor to acquire (they’re typically not sold off the rack), but it’s quite handsome nonetheless. It’s a casual suit, so we don’t recommend wearing one of these to a sartorially conservative office, at least not if you’re going to be client-facing.

However, if you have an affinity for suits and are looking for an easy way to keep the chill at bay, a corduroy suit is a great option. Go for one with patch pockets to hammer home the casual vibe, and be sure to go with a thick cuff (turn up) at the pant hem.

In fact, we’ve gathered a few excellent specimens, which you can peruse below!

Sport Coats

A corduroy sport coat is undoubtedly the easiest way to wear corduroy and look awesome doing it. In a simple earth tone like brown, forest green, or burgundy, it’s a very handsome complement to denim or cavalry twill pants. The casualness of it allows you to pair chunky sweaters with it just as easily as you can a simple button-down shirt.

Our sport jacket guide has much more information on sport coats if you’re curious to learn more.


Also referred to as “corduroys” or just “cords,” corduroy pants, unlike suits, are actually quite common in menswear stores. They’re an excellent denim alternative in cold weather when thin chinos will leave you freezing, and they look great with tweed sport coats, which tend to be a bit hairier and more casual than other sport jackets.

Generally, we recommend a medium-wale corduroy trouser, as this is the most versatile cord from a body type perspective. Bigger men can get away with elephant cords, but we suggest that small-framed men steer clear of these wide-waled numbers.

If you don’t know what your body type is but would like to determine it (and we highly recommend that you do), our body type guide will help in in just a few minutes.

Waistcoats & Hats

Corduroy waistcoats & hats are the last items on the list that really see any play on the menswear scene. An odd waistcoat made of corduroy is a handsome way to add a layer of warmth to a casual outfit. if you go this route, we suggest a more casual single-breasted vest, though a double-breasted one will get you extra style points based on rarity alone.

Corduroy is a great material for hats, flat caps in particular. The material is warm, and since we lose most of our body heat through our heads, it makes sense to cover our domes with a thick, warm material.

Colors Found In Corduroy

As its heritage is in casual, British country clothing, it makes sense that corduroy is most at home in Earth tones: browns, tans, greens, blues, burgundy, and other such colors. This isn’t to say that other colors don’t exist; it’s perfectly normal to see a black corduroy sport coat or midnight blue corduroy trousers, of course.

Just don’t expect to find a lavender corduroy suit as easily as you’d find that same color in, say, linen.

Best Corduroy Suits To Buy Online

As mentioned above, we’ve gathered a few of our favourite made-to-measure corduroy suits to buy online. They are listed in no particular order of preference but each provide an insight into the fabric’s characteristics.

  1. Indochino Olive Corduroy Suit
  2. Indochino Tan Corduroy Suit
  3. Hockerty Blue Corduroy Suit
  4. Hockerty Brown Corduroy Suit

You can use the menu above to jump ahead or scroll down to discover them all.

90,000 with what to wear, 98 photos and stylish combinations of clothes

Such a wardrobe item as a men’s corduroy jacket is practical and allows you to create an elegant and stylish look. Corduroy has a pleasant texture and appearance. Therefore, products made from such fabric can be worn in any situation, but all the details of the image should be chosen correctly. It should be borne in mind that corduroy visually increases the proportions of the figure, but with the right choice of all the details, such clothing gives solidity to the image.This version of clothing is presented in a wide variety and therefore it is necessary to determine the style of the kit, take into account the simple rules of combinations and decor of clothing.

Selection of model and combinations

Men should wear a corduroy jacket in cool weather, as the fabric is very dense and provides comfort. At the same time, you cannot wear such clothes over a knitted sweater or other similar wardrobe item. This is due to the fact that in this case the jacket will visually increase the proportions of the figure very much.Therefore, it is important to preliminarily determine the style of the image, the color scheme of the set of clothes, the setting in which it is planned to most often wear a corduroy men’s jacket. A careful approach is the key to creating a stylish look.


There is a wide variety of corduroy garments. A double-breasted jacket can be of any color, and you can also wear a sports type of clothing. In each case, it is necessary to carefully choose the color, texture of the material and take into account the features of the decor. For example, for a business look, you can create a spectacular combination of a dark gray formal corduroy product, black dress pants, a light shirt and laconic shoes.In an informal style, you can wear a wide variety of clothing and accessories.

Classic models of clothing do not differ in special decor. Sports models can have patch pockets, rivets or a stand-up collar. For going to a club or a party, a model with one slot, which can have contrasting stitching or colored inserts, is suitable. Different clothing options require the right choice. In this case, it is important to take into account the decor of the product, which can be anything.

Stylish jacket can be used to create various combinations.The most effective are the following:

  • Light shirt, navy blue jeans and brown blazer in sporty style can be worn with reddish or black boots;
  • A dark brown blazer, lighter trousers and a white striped shirt and burgundy tie create a set in a business style;
  • Black or blue jeans are easy to complement with a T-shirt and jacket of any color. At the same time, shoes are selected depending on the style of clothing;
  • Dark blue corduroy jacket, white shirt, black dress pants and shoes, tie or bow tie – this combination is optimal for festive and evening events;
  • Beige chinos, white and brown plaid shirt and dark gray men’s blazer can be worn with boots, topsides, loafers or dress shoes.

When choosing a combination, you must define the style of the image. Then the appropriate elements are selected, but the color scheme of the set of clothes plays an important role. At the same time, a jacket is the basis, and trousers, shoes and accessories are an addition to such a wardrobe item. Thanks to the correct combination of all the details, the image will be stylish, effective and solid.

Elegant yet slightly casual, the look is easy to create with a classic corduroy cut.At the same time, such a wardrobe item should be worn with a white T-shirt, chinos or plain classic jeans. When creating a set, it is necessary to select a jacket in such a way that its color is slightly darker than trousers, but contrasting combinations are also effective. In any case, you need to take into account the texture of the material, which may be different.

Men can wear a corduroy jacket in a variety of situations. Such a wardrobe item is versatile, practical and comfortable.Clothing allows you to create any image and emphasize style, solidity and presentability. Elegant, classic, casual, sporty and casual outfits with a corduroy jacket are relevant in any season. At the same time, the clothes are quite practical, which provides comfort. The harmonious combination of shades of shoes, outerwear, trousers and accessories emphasizes the image of a modern man. At the same time, every detail of the set is especially important and therefore it is necessary to first determine with what and in what situation a corduroy jacket can be worn.

What to wear with a velvet jacket

Velvet products are full-fledged representatives of modern fashion, and men’s and women’s velvet jackets are the most striking of them. Rich and rich in red, green or blue, these pieces form the basis of this year’s trendy men’s and women’s wardrobe. Originality, delicate style approach and color sophistication make this item of clothing an undoubted hit if it is correctly combined with other components of the wardrobe.

Daring and sophisticated “dictator” of fashion

Re-entered fashion a couple of years ago, this material is distinguished by sophistication and audacity. Regardless of what it will be worn with, it may not require additional decoration and decoration. If a women’s velvet jacket is chosen correctly, it is so luxurious in itself that against this background any decorative details will look poorer. A festive event, a romantic walk, a club get-together or a party is a great opportunity to show off in bright velvet clothes.Do you need to highlight your extraordinary qualities and originality? A stylish velvet blazer is what it takes! At the same time, these products should be washed with special delicacy.

There should not be a lot of velvet, as well as accessories to it, otherwise the appearance will be overloaded. And if the required balance is maintained, then the versatile velvet jacket will perfectly fit into your casual:

  • at work;
  • in the format of a romantic dinner;
  • at home;
  • in an office interior;
  • at a corporate party;
  • for friendly gatherings.

This year’s design developments are based on the extravagance of the described item – both male and female, and in the latter case, there are even more options available. The unexpected colors are recommended, up to the avant-garde – mint, orange, red, lemon, blue and green. The classic is a black velvet jacket, as well as beige and gray.

We build a harmonious ensemble

A well-chosen color scheme favorably distinguishes the velvet jacket from the total mass of clothes, unobtrusively testifying to the impeccable taste and bright personality of the owner.In the feminine version of the product, one should pay attention to the possibilities offered by the velvet jacket, re-interpreting the basic idea of ​​the fabric. It is a wonderful combination of subtle adventurousness with unobtrusive theatricality, fashion and classical traditions. In cool weather, it is recommended to wear it under a plain, white, black or beige blouse.

Wear it with a pair of trousers every day. And more democratic additions will ideally fit into a harmonious ensemble – these are:

  • cotton shirt;
  • Cotton or wool blend trousers;
  • Classic or trendy jeans.

The combination of a red velvet jacket with a white or light lemon shirt and trendy jeans looks great. A black fitted tee is a good option. In such an ensemble, it is ideal to appear at a bright event – a party, open-air or social gathering.

The color of burgundy goes well with light-colored trousers and adds sophistication, lightness and warmth to the image of its owner. The rich color of the top is well set off by a light or dark turtleneck, which can be replaced by a shirt and complemented by a tie or silk scarf in a breast pocket.

The same top, but in blue, is optimal for everyday wear. A shirt (white, blue or light gray), as well as straight black trousers, are in perfect harmony with him. This option is good in an office format.

But for a date or a friendly meeting, the classic dark blue jeans will be the best addition.

The green top gives the perfect range for jeans or trousers – mint, dark gray or black. Combinations of beige, orange, white and yellow are also good, T-shirts are welcome.But if other things can be sent to the wash with a clear conscience, then it is absolutely not recommended to wash a velvet jacket.

Impeccable taste and personality

Velvet, especially red and green, blue and black, has been a symbol of success and wealth since the Middle Ages. In products made of this fabric, courtiers flaunted. For Russia, red velvet is an indispensable companion of royal-level outfits. This material adorned the throne, all kinds of robes, as well as men’s and women’s dresses of empresses and kings.The richness of the fabric speaks for itself. A simple cut is enough to demonstrate the “royal” individuality and “courtly” sophistication of the product.

A jacket made of velvet – blue, as well as other colors, is best worn with items of the opposite texture. But complex textured fabrics “weigh down” the ensemble and make it old-fashioned. Bright jackets are good with neutral tones on the bottom, and bright and juicy tones will suit the black top. The “business” trousers, displaced from the fashionable line, are optimally replaced by jeans of a classic dark color.This option can be worn in a work format with a plain shirt and matching tie. One has only to try once, including the women’s version of the jacket, and you will immediately understand how favorably such an original solution distinguishes you in the gray mass of the dress code.

Even a simple T-shirt in combination with a blue velvet jacket of a classic cut and “serious” jeans turns out to be quite justified “street elegance” – slightly casual and therefore even sexier.The democratic style will be good for casual for every day. And going out in a velvet jacket is a truly win-win choice: a red top made of “royal” fabric plus formal trousers and a dazzling white shirt. If you decide and put on a men’s velvet tuxedo jacket, you will automatically find yourself in the center of attention of others.

Do not wash! Features of care

“Royal” fabric and personal care requires appropriate. The complex texture of velvet does not imply the expediency of washing it like other things.The most optimal would be to wash it, resorting to the services of a professional dry-cleaner.

But it is still necessary, if not to wash the product, then at least get rid of the annoying stain on the sleeve. Dampen a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub off the stain until it disappears. If in some place the fabric is glazed, we process it by wiping this area with a brush moistened with an aqueous solution of ammonia.

fashion trends, more than 50 photos!

Today, the burgundy color is popular both in the interior and in clothes.Designers offer many combinations using burgundy. And what can we say about the costumes? After all, this is a win-win option. You don’t have to figure out what to wear, what skirt or trousers to choose.

Each lady chooses an outfit for her style, whether it be sports, business or evening. Consider which women’s burgundy suits are in trend, which accessories and shoes to choose.

Popular styles

Among the trendy styles, designers offer a large number of suits with trousers for every day.The model is in demand as the trousers are comfortable and stylish. Add a blazer, jacket or vest and your look is elegant. The components of the kit must be suitable for the type of figure. Straight, tapered and cropped cut are in fashion.

An outfit with a high-waisted skirt and a midi length is designed for a special occasion. This outfit is worn with crop tops that accentuate the waist. For a business event, complement your look with a classic blazer.

In the summer, the designers took care of the clients and came up with sets with shorts.Comfortable and practical to wear, especially in hot weather. Girls with a slender figure are advised to pay attention to lace models that will add femininity and sophistication to their appearance. For fatal ladies, jackets and blinkers made of leather are intended – it looks spectacular.

If you want to wear something light and free, stylists suggest choosing summer tracksuits. This is a practical option for a walk or a visit to the gym. In warm weather, they wear T-shirts and cropped tops, and for the autumn-winter season, warm sweatshirts and sweaters are designed.

Designers have not bypassed fashionistas with curvaceous shapes, creating fashionable suits with a corrective effect. Such styles hide flaws, while emphasizing the advantages of the figure. Skirts are preferable just above or below the knees, jackets – below the thigh length, which will visually make the silhouette thinner.

Pajama-style clothes are called popular this season. This includes tops with straps made of velvet or silk, trimmed with lace, and loose-fitting trousers.


Most often, when buying clothes, girls choose things that need a reason, and they take models for every day less seriously.And this is a mistake, because every day you want to look stylish. Therefore, pay attention to T-shirts, bodysuits and trousers that fit into the basic wardrobe. Use them to complement your favorite outfit to complete the look.

The chosen outfit should fit well to the figure, emphasizing all the advantages. Basic elements will fit into any style. So, a burgundy set looks harmoniously with a white bodysuit and dark shoes.

To create a casual look, modern women of fashion prefer to buy a pair of sets – trouser and sports type.The choice of shade and material depends on the season. A burgundy tracksuit will set you apart from the crowd both on the street and in the gym. Complement the outfit with sneakers, sneakers, fashionable boat shoes.

How to create an evening bow

What is required for a stylish evening look? If before the answer to this question was a dress, now it is not. Nowadays, girls give preference to comfort and convenience. Therefore, designers have released a large number of costumes designed for a holiday or a gala reception.

Distinctive features of evening models:

  • high-quality and expensive fabrics;
  • saturated shades;
  • finishing in the form of openwork inserts, frills, ribbons.

A short lace or satin top is worn under a jacket or jacket. Complete your look with shoes, heeled sandals and catchy accessories.

Daring women of fashion wear a burgundy set on a naked body. This option is suitable for parties and informal meetings. Show off your boldness with stiletto heels and an original handbag.

What to wear in the office

The attire for work must comply with the dress code. But no one forbade looking feminine in a suit. Fitted styles, cropped trousers, elegant accessories are suitable for this. A strict two-piece and three-piece suit looks universally.

This season stylists are advised to take a closer look at models with a skirt. The muted burgundy palette and classic shoes will emphasize confidence and impeccable taste.

To diversify your business wardrobe, buy a suit in a cage or striped.It can be worn separately, supplemented with basic things. Shoes in black or pastel shades with stable heels will complete the bow.

If the dress code is not strict, look for suits with shorts. This set is suitable for women of fashion with a slender figure, high or medium height. Complete the outfit with concise shoes and a medium bag or backpack.

Shoes and accessories

Regardless of the occasion, buy several pairs of shoes that work well with the suits.A burgundy trouser suit is combined with white sneakers or gray pumps. For evening walks, take a small backpack to match your shoes.

Bordeaux attracts attention, therefore it is recommended to select details in discreet shades. Add a few handbags and clutches to the collection of accessories. Universal colors are preferred: beige, white, brown, black.

Consider personal preference when choosing accessories. Some women like pearl necklaces while others like thin pendant chains.Both look elegant with burgundy clothing.

Don’t forget about berets and hats. Dark products without decor are in trend. In cold weather, complement the look with a scarf or scarf and gloves in a basic or contrasting tone.

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