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Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas Under $5 | Bulk Office Gifts & Under $5

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25 Cool, Actually Useful Gift Ideas For Men For Under $25

If you’re like most people, you spend the bulk of your holiday shopping budget buying gifts for family and loved ones, leaving little else for friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances.  Fortunately, there’s an awesome selection of cool gifts that sit right along the affordable end of the spectrum.  If you’re looking for some cool gift ideas for men, here are some we rounded up for you to make Christmas shopping a little easier.

1. Rothco Venturer Travel Portfolio Bag

This small stash bag may look like an oversized wallet, but you’ll be surprised at the amount of things a guy can find it useful for. With plenty of pockets, enough size to hold a 7-inch tablet, and impressively rugged construction, it’s the kind of bag you never thought you needed – until the first time you ended up using one and never stopped.

2. Epiphany Outdoor Weatherproof Fire Starting Kit

Outdoor enthusiasts know how important having a good fire will be to their quality of life during camping. This kit ensures big fires can get started easily, regardless of whether the skies are clear or sending heavy rains down your way. It comes with a flint-and-rod set for creating hot sparks, an eight-pack of waterproof fuses, and the V3 Pocket Bellow, a clever collapsible tube that you can use to blow air into a newly-started fire while staying a safe distance away from it.

3. J. Fold Black Roadster Slimfold Wallet

A J. Fold wallet at less than half the usual price? You only get the choice of one color of one model, but it exists.    Made from 100 percent leather, this slim billfold comes with a large cash pocket, eight card slots, and two extra compartments for keeping receipts and random items, along with the stylish design and straightforward function associated with the outfit.

Update: Sadly, the sale is done. If you still want the wallet, though, here’s the link at the regular price.

4. Toaster Buddies Stainless Steel Basket

Many guys hate to cook. Few, however, are too lazy to use a toaster. So why not use a pop-up toaster to pseudo-cook your food? That’s the idea behind this clever steel basket that’s sized to fit into the bread slot of most conventional pop-up toasters. Put those chicken fingers inside the basket, insert it into the toaster, and keep it there until done. We have no idea how the food will taste, but it sure will cook.

Buy Now – $19.95

5. Professional Pry Tool Repair Kit

For the guy that loves to mess with his electronic gadgets, this eight-piece professional pry tool repair kit will get him everything he needs to open smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics without nicking, scratching, or damaging them. No, it doesn’t mean he can actually fix that gadget he promised to repair for you last Christmas, but, at least, he can open it now.

6. Double Barrel Insulated Mug

Styled to look like a miniature beer barrel, this stein replacement is made using two layers of premium 304 stainless steel, giving it insulating properties that will keep any beer cold for much longer than ordinary mugs. A handle ensures you can keep a secure grip the entire time you finish up that 17-ounce serving of delicious suds, whether you’re buzzing, tipsy, or nearing the absolute threshold before you black out. Of course, it also works with hot coffee, complete with a lid and a sliding cover on the drinking hole. Did we say it looks like a beer barrel?

7. Pocket Shot

This is not the slingshot you played with as a kid. Instead, it’s a highly-capable hunting tool that can send tiny stones, steel shots, and even arrows flying at speeds of up to 350 feet per second. Whether you’re giving it to someone who enjoys hunting small game, shooting bottles in the backyard, or hurling projectiles at anything in sight like every man in the world, this compact, circular slingshot will be sure to give them many hours of fun (and, yes, maybe some accidents, too).

The Pocket Shot
  • Includes a Pocket Shot orange with black pouch and PRO pouch.

8. CRKT Squid Knife

This tactical-inspired folding knife is compact enough to carry everyday while large enough to obliterate most any common tasks, whether it’s opening packaging, cutting rope, or slicing the gigantic burger you’re having for lunch. It features a wide blade with a drop point style, a deep pocket clip to keep it secure while in your pocket, and friction grooves on the blade to guarantee a perfect grip, along with a frame lock for added safety.

9. AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand

The perfect gift for that guy who can’t seem to survive without his favorite pair of headphones nearby, this stand should give him a place to set it down every time he comes home and fires up the speakers instead. Or decides to talk to someone for a change. Either way, it’s a nice addition to help tidy up any desk, all while adding a decorative element that’s well worth more than its affordable price.

10. Corkcicle Arctican

A stainless steel koozie, this double-walled sleeve will keep your 12-oz cans three times colder for three times longer than most conventional sleeves, so you can nurse that drink as long as you want without having to end up sipping on a warm puddle just as you’re getting your bearings. Even better, you can hold your drink the entire time without getting your palms all clammy.

11. Wolverine Under-the-Desk Holster

For the friend who likes guns, this holster lets him keep a pistol conveniently under the tabletop, so he can fire at a thug who is threatening his life, well before the ill-intentioned hooligan can react. Yes, just like in the movies. For those who live a less-adventurous existence, the holster should also make a decent storage space for a squirt gun, a Nerf pistol, or a remote, so you can quickly turn on the TV in your home office as soon as the game you’ve been waiting all day for actually starts.

Update: In case that one’s out of stock, you can opt for any of these other options.

12. Sriracha 2 Go

Some people just can’t have a satisfying meal without pairing it with their favorite hot sauce. Problem is, a bottle of Huy Fong’s vaunted condiment isn’t exactly a compulsory staple in every restaurant, fast food, or food truck you visit. These tiny, keychain-sized bottles make it easy for fans of the rooster sauce to carry a small supply for their on-the-go food adventures.

13. Bialetti Espresso Maker

You don’t need an espresso machine to make a halfway decent cup of strong ground coffee. All you need is this affordable, three-cup moka pot whose design has remained the same in the 82 years people have been using it to make espresso on the stove top. Boasting an extraction ratio that’s on par with most conventional espresso machines, it’s the kind of simple but utterly useful gift that any coffee-obsessed friend is going to appreciate.

14. Blackout Bands

Wearing an eye mask is a great way to block out light when you’re trying to catch some sleep on a plane. If you don’t want to look like you brought your wife’s bedroom supplies with you on the road, though, these Blackout Bands offer an alternative. While they look like sunglasses, they function like eye masks, blocking out 98 percent of the light to make it easy to drift asleep. Even better, the lenses come with UV protection, so you can use it in place of a pair of shades when sunbathing and still keep your eyes duly protected.

15. Carry On Cocktail Kit

A great gift for the frequent-flyer who travels on a coach budget, this tin can contains enough ingredients to make two full servings of their favorite cocktail. That way, they can sip on the same mixes the well-heeled travelers on first class do, all while slumming it with the rest of humanity out where leg room isn’t aplenty. Just ask the stewardess for a glass and a tiny bottle of whatever liquor is required.

16. Bacon Soap

It’s been a few years since bacon soap made its debut and, since that time, people have refined their bacon-scented soap products into ever more fascinating concoctions. This one from Outlaw Soaps just might be the pinnacle, bringing a big bar of soap that looks like a large pile of delicious bacon and smells completely like one.  Of course, it cleans like regular soap, so you won’t end up smelling like bacon grease throughout the rest of the day.

17. Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100

While it’s far from the best trimmer in the world, this ultra-affordable powered clipper comes with five attachments for trimming, combing, and styling everything from your beard to your sideburns to the hair in your nose. It features 100 percent water-resistant operation, 18 length settings, and just the right performance to make regular shaving a very comfortable affair.

18. PS4 Charging Station

For the guy whose Playstation stands as the most important gadget in his life, this dedicated charging station allows you to funnel power to two controllers at a time, so you can keep them charged while letting your game console cool down after a marathon 48 hours of play. Yeah, you need to reconsider your life choices. Or rather, your “friend” (you know, the one getting this as a gift) needs to. Either way, this is a godsend to anyone who spends an inordinate amount of time on their game console.

19. Pizza Scissors

A pair of scissors with an integrated pizza tray, it’s the pizza cutter you never knew you wanted. Seriously. Instead of slicing the entire pizza and retrieving a slice, you simply cut whatever portion you deem necessary to satiate your grumbling stomach and lift up the scissor to automatically pick up the freshly-cut slice. And, yes, you can use this to cut pizza slices in any shape you like. Pizza fingers? Brilliant. Gun-shaped pizza with a convenient crust handle? Yes, please.

20. Bucket Boss Mug Boss

There are few things lamer than giving someone a mug as a gift. There are also few things more affordable for someone holiday-shopping on a budget. What to do? Dress the mugs up in this affordable sleeve to turn them into killer desk organizers, with integrated dividers, eight exterior pockets, and sturdy high-denier nylon construction. It fits any conventional 10-ounce mug.

21. Fitsok ISW Trail Cuff Socks

Socks usually make for a lazy gift, but give the right pair to the right person and you’ll have made one of the best gifts of the season. Take this three-pack of Fitsok’s trail-running socks, which uses a merino wool mix to deliver superior moisture movement and odor-repellence, with a light cushion to prevent blistering and encourage prolonged performance. Obviously, this is for the guy who runs trails, but will probably work for anyone who can appreciate the value of performance socks during rigorous activity.

22. Tool Bottle Opener

There are few things more ubiquitous than a bottle opener. As such, it doesn’t really make for a fun gift. We can, of course, make an exception for these bottle openers, which come in the likeness of classic hand tools that won’t look out of place when dropped in a toolbox or hung in the garage. Each one, by the way, is hand-forged in cast iron by artisans from the Toyama region of Japan, giving it a level of craftsmanship that’s probably unnecessary for a tool that pries the cap off of bottles, but should be much appreciated all the same.

Update: Sadly, this line appears to have been discontinued. Alternatively, you can pick up any of these similarly-awesome alternatives below.

Wrench Bottle Opener from Force Designs

23. Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

Many guys enjoy a night cap. Whether it’s a glass of beer or a double shot of bourbon, a cold hit of liquor offers a soothing way to get yourself ready for eight hours of rest. Or three hours of tossing and turning, plus five hours of actual sleep. Either way, there’s a good chance that nightcap is best enjoyed with a large blob of spherical-shaped ice, which you can make using this two-set from Tovolo. This one, by the way, uses a stackable design that lets you push it to a corner of the freezer, allowing it to take up a minimal amount space.

24. Bondic

Described as “the world’s first liquid plastic welder,” this DIY repair tool can bond plastic, wood, and metal with a hold that’s more powerful than the strongest glue. Even better, you can take as much time as you need to line them up exactly the way you like, since the solution won’t harden until you blast it with the accompanying UV LED for four seconds. Oh yeah, the solution hardens into plastic, allowing you to sand and file it to get a smooth finish on any repaired objects, making for a seriously powerful handyman tool to keep around.

25. Hydro Flask 18-oz Travel Mug

This travel mug’s double-wall vacuum insulation can keep your morning coffee warm for up to six hours straight, so you can keep sipping on that same batch of coffee you brewed up this morning well before lunch break. No more wasted coffee and no more having to drink lukewarm coffee because you hate to waste it. Even better, it works equally well with cold drinks, keeping that beer, soda, or ice-cold water at chilled temperatures for up to 24 hours at a time.


26 Best Gifts Under $5

amazon, etsy

We get it: holiday shopping can be expensive. And while we want to get our loved ones something worthwhile, we often have a budget we need to stick to. Well, in case you didn’t know, a big price tag doesn’t always mean better. Affordable but thoughtful gifts really do exist, and we have a list of cool Christmas gifts under $5 to prove it.

Yep, the following 25 gifts all cost under $5, and they include personalized presents that are practical and unique. We found beautiful Etsy gifts, gifts for cool teens, and even some funny gag gifts too.

If you enjoyed these cheap Christmas gifts and want even more ideas, we also have budget-friendly ideas under $10, under $20, and under $30. You’ll find that these affordable Christmas gifts make inexpensive stocking stuffers for everyone on your list, too.

FYI: Certain items may be shipped later this year due to the pandemic. You can check here for all shipping deadlines to ensure your item arrives in time for the holidays.

For more Christmas ideas, check out the Good Housekeeping 2020 Holiday Guide for holiday decor ideas, Christmas games and activities, holiday recipes, and popular gift ideas.

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For Her

Geometric Triangle Hair Clip

“I’ve Got This” Notepad

Carson Dellosa Education amazon.com


Cute desk decor and stationery can be motivating. She’ll appreciate this notepad that keeps her goals and accomplishments all in one spot.

Bohemia Beaded Bracelet

Men and women can appreciate a good piece of arm candy. These particular cords wrap around the wrist with colorful and unique beads.

Lip Balm Gift Set

Everyone knows you have a different lip balm for your house, car, and purse. This five-pack means you’ll always be prepared. (Split up the set and each tube is under $2!)

Color Block Photo Holder

WoodenObjectsCo etsy.com


A meaningful photo is a great gift, but put it on a photo stand to make it the perfect present.

Stainless Steel Straws

More and more people are looking to use reusable straws but don’t know where to get them. This pack comes with two straight straws, two bent, one cleaning brush, and a pouch to keep everything in.

Mountain Lake Art Print

NonilyStudio etsy.com


Heart Cork Coasters

Kate Aspen amazon.com


This way, the kids won’t have a reason not use a coaster next time. These are cute and minimal and make a great family gift. 

Luxurious Whipped Body Butter

NiyaButter etsy.com


This beauty gift comes in a variety of sizes and scents, including Sun Peach, Lavender Moon, and Jasmine Rose. 

Personalized Gift for Cheap

Initial Leaf Bracelet wankehandmade etsy. com


You can get away with scoring a personalized present for cheap by finding something special with your friend’s initial on it. This gold plated bracelet comes with a dainty leaf for a minimalist look.

Scalp Massager

Okay, maybe you can’t gift him a spa day. Instead, these head massagers will be just as appreciated and might give the family a little laugh.

Floral Initial Tote Bag

PersonalizedbyQueen etsy.com


Bridesmaid gifts can get pricey, especially when you have a few of them. These totes are simple in style but have the right amount of design to make it feel special.

Personalized Unscented Candles

Sugarlilycollection etsy.com


You can also gift away some cute candles with your loved ones’ names printed in beautiful script. 

Inexpensive Gift for Her

Name Shot Glasses PerfectGift4U etsy.com


For these shot glasses, you can make your own decisions on font style and color. It’s a cute way to to celebrate anytime of the year! 

Personalized Crayon Names

HoneyLavenderBows etsy.com


Each crayon boasts beautiful marbled crayon and measures approximately 1-inch thick.

Aluminum Water Bottle

321 STRONG amazon.com


Help him take his first step towards sustainability with this bottle designed to keep your water cool and trees untouched.  It also comes in blue, red, and white.


Multi-purpose Bottle Opener BELURSUS amazon.com


He doesn’t have to just be a beer lover to enjoy this gift. The bottle opener also acts as a screw driver, saw blade, and can opener all-in-one.


Unicorn Lippy Pal Lip Balm Lip Smacker amazon.com


These adorable lip balms smell delicious and keep her lips soft and shiny. You can also choose other fun characters, from bunnies to foxes and kittens.

Silicone Face Mask Brush Set

In case you were thinking of gifting her a Best of Beauty face scrub, throw in these silicone brushes reviewers swear by.

I’m Real Lavender Sheet Mask

TONYMOLY amazon.com


In as little as 2o minutes, enriched lavender essences hydrate your skin for a healthy, plumped look.

Cuban Link Chain Bracelet

This gold-plated bracelet can be enjoyed by anyone! Its luminous finish makes it look worth so much more.

Shoot for the Moon Beaded Bookmark

Because e-readers aren’t for everyone. Gift your favorite bookworm this inspiration marker, and they’ll think of you every time they flip a page. 

Vintage Suitcase Luggage Tag

Kate Aspen amazon.com


Ideal for the jetsetter in your life who has their next big trip planned for 2020, the vintage-inspired tag is super unique, which helps when they’re picking up their luggage from baggage claim.  

Michelle Obama Quote Wall Art

True words from a true queen can be downloaded instantly. Just don’t forget to put it in a pretty frame before you wrap it.

Sewers’ Gift Print

HouseHoldWords etsy.com


If a new sewing machine isn’t within budget, this printable still shows how much you commemorate her craft.

For Toddlers

Stack Up Cup Toys The First Years amazon.com


These stacking cups are BPA, lead, and phthalates-free. They also have numbers on the bottom to help your favorite toddler get started with counting. 

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30 best gifts under $5

Best gifts under $5 (Photo: LEGO / Bicycle)

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

When it comes to giving gifts, it’s really the thought that counts and not how much you spend. And you can get a completely thoughtful gift for less than $5. Depending on who you’re shopping for, these would make nice add-ons, stocking stuffers, or a white elephant gift, if you’re on a budget. 

Here at Reviewed, we’ve tested all sorts of products at a variety of price points, so we know when something is just a budget buy and not a cheap throwaway gift. Below, you’ll find 30 gifts under $5 that your recipient won’t throw away.

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1. For the one who needs a spa day: TonyMoly face masks

Best gifts under $5: TonyMoly Face Masks (Photo: Tonymoly)

Getting a face mask (for your skin) is always a nice treat, making it the perfect inexpensive gift. People are obsessed with the TonyMoly sheet masks, which are available in a ton of different “flavors” like avocado, coconut, and aloe.

Get the TonyMoly I’m Real Olive Radiance Mask Sheet at Amazon for $3

2. For the baker: Brown Sugar Bear

Best gifts under $5: Brown Sugar Bear (Photo: Brown Sugar Softeners)

If your recipient is a baker or likes a scoop of brown sugar in their oatmeal, they might get frustrated when their brown sugar gets hard and usable. But this adorable clay teddy bear might just solve that problem. Simply soak it in water for 20 minutes and place it in brown sugar to keep it soft for months. Reviewers even use it to loosen up hard clumps of sugar, too.

Get the Brown Sugar Bear at Bed Bath and Beyond for $3.99

3. For the one with tricks: Yo-Yo

Best gifts under $5: Yo-Yo (Photo: Duncan Imperial)

Yo-yos are a classic—though sometimes frustrating—toy. But it’s always a nice, inexpensive thing to throw, especially if they would be type of the person to try to master a few tricks. These ones from Duncan Imperial are a solid yo-yo option and come in several color options.

Get the Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo at Amazon for $4.99

4. For the one who has AirPods: AirPods case cover

Best gifts under $5: AirPods case cover (Photo: Hamile)

If your recipient has Apple AirPods (or is getting a pair this year), then they might be nervous about accidentally misplacing these small and expensive ‘buds. But a carrying case they can attach their AirPods to their keys or belt loops might calm their woes. With more than 18,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, people love this silicone case and say it doesn’t rip and that it makes them feel more secure. It’s also available in several color options. 

Get the Hamile Compatible with AirPods Case at Amazon for $4.99

5. For the person who colors outside the lines: An adult coloring book

Best gifts under $5: “Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book” (Photo: CreateSpace / Getty / pixelfit)

Coloring isn’t just for kids—adults can get in on the fun, too. Sasha O’Hara’s “Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book” is full of 21 single-sided adult color pages full of sassy and amusing sayings like “Home is where the vodka is” and “Suck it up, buttercup.” The paperback coloring book, which has a 4.6-star rating out of 13,000 Amazon reviews, includes moderate to hard images like animals, people, fairies, and more.

Get “Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book” at Amazon for $4.99

6. For the one with a cast iron skillet: Lodge Pan Scraper

Best gifts under $5: Lodge Pan Scraper (Photo: Lodge)

Cleaning a cast iron skillet can be tricky. You don’t want to wash off the seasoning that makes cooking with cast iron so great, but you also don’t want to leave food crusted on the pan. That’s where these pan scrapers from Lodge come in. The polycarbonate scrapers easily remove gunk without leaving any scratches behind, which is why reviewers love them and your cast iron lover will, too.

Get the Lodge Pan Scraper, 2-Pack at Bed Bath & Beyond for $2.99


 For the one who loves games: Playing cards

Best gifts under $5: Playing cards (Photo: Bicycle)

A deck of cards is an easy way to get everyone socializing, which is why it’s the perfect small gift. Everyone needs a deck of cards, whether they play solitaire by themselves, poker with their buddies, or Go Fish with their grandkids. These ones from Bicycle are highly rated and are available in several prints like dragons, unicorns, and more.

Get the Bicycle Playing Cards at Amazon for $4.99

8. For the one who has issues with jars: Prepworks Jar Openers

Gifts under $5: Prepworks Jar Openers (Photo: Prepworks)

We can all use help opening stubborn jars—some of us more than others (looking at your giftee). This jar opener set comes with three different shapes that are designed to work with different sized jars. For example, the teal square-shaped gripper is ideal for larger jars, but the red cone-shaped grip works better on smaller bottles. Reviewers warn that they feel a little thin, but this also helps you get a tight grip on jar lids.

Get the Progressive Jar Grips, Set of 3 at Bed Bath and Beyond for $3.99

9. For the one who needs to use their hands: Slinky

Best gifts under $5: Slinky (Photo: Slinky)

You can’t go wrong with giving someone the iconic Slinky. This simple stretchy toy is fun for kids of all ages, especially when they’re attempting to make it walk down the stairs. It has lived up to the test of time and is a classic toy everyone should experience.

Get the Slinky at Amazon for $3.89

10. For the lipstick lover: Wet-n-Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick

Best gifts under $5: Wet-n-Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick (Photo: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar)

Matte lipsticks are all the rage, but Reviewed found that you don’t have to break the bank to rock the style. If your giftee loves makeup, the Wet-n-Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick held up as the best in our testing and is under $5 to boot. We tested the bargain brand out and found it to be a smooth lip color that comfortably lasts all day.

Get the Wet-n-Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick at Amazon for $4.98

11. For your best friend: A pair of matching Lucky Fortune bracelets

Best gifts under $5: Lucky Fortune Blind Collectible Bracelets (Photo: WowWee)

Whether you want to show some love to your best friend or are shopping for the tween in your life, these matching bracelets make for a budget-friendly gift. These fun and colorful bracelets are hidden inside of two fortune cookies, along with a propitious paper fortune. 

Get the WowWee Lucky Fortune Blind Collectible Bracelets at Amazon for $4.99

12. For the one with chapped lips: Carmex Classic Lip Balm

Best gifts under $5: Carmex Classic Lip Balm (Photo: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar)

During the winter, dry lips are inevitable, making a good chapstick more than necessary. Though it’s not the sexiest lip balm out there, one of our writers swears by Carmex because it’s both moisturizing and healing. It’ll be an especially useful thing to toss in anyone’s gift bag.

Get the Carmex Classic Lip Balm, 2 Pack at Amazon for $4.48

13. For the one who drinks non-dairy milk: Nut Milk Bag

Best gifts under $5: Nut Milk Bag (Photo: Bed Bath and Beyond / Getty Images)

It might seem like a wacky gift to give, but anyone who has been thinking about making their own nut milk will appreciate this nut milk bag. All they have to do is blend their nut of choice with some water and squeeze out the excess liquid using this special bag. Plus, it can be used similarly to a cheesecloth, making it useful beyond non-dairy milk and they can experience with more unique milk like pistachio.

Get the Nut Milk Bag at Bed Bath and Beyond for $2.99

14. For the glam one: Funky hair clips

Best gifts under $5: Funky hair clips (Photo: SOSUO)

Sometimes bobby pins don’t cut it to upgrade your day-two hair. These funky triangle clips will help your giftee pin back their hair in a more stylish way. Reviewers say they don’t hold too much hair, but the end result is still gorgeous.

Get the Minimalist Geometric Triangle Hair Clip at Amazon for $4.95

15. For the reader: A bookmark

Best gifts under $5: Bookmark (Photo: Inc. Peter Pauper Press)

Any avid reader would love a fresh bookmark to keep their place as they dive into their next novel. With more than 2,500 reviews and a 4.7-star rating, Amazon reviewers love this coffee themed one. Despite being inexpensive, reviewers say it’s quite sturdy and that they love the elegance of the beaded tassel.  

Get the Coffee & Books Beaded Bookmark at Amazon for $2.95

16. For the one who needs a helping hand: Multipurpose Silver Beer Bottle Opener

Best gifts under $5: Multipurpose Silver Beer Bottle Opener (Photo: BELURSUS)

A bottle opener, a saw, a screwdriver, a ruler: this small multitool has 11 different tools in one small square. Despite costing less than $5, reviewers claim it performs all tasks super well and can easily be stored in a wallet. It’s the perfect little gift for any wilderness survivalist.

Get the Multipurpose Silver Beer Bottle Opener at Amazon for $4.99

17. For the one who likes to create: LEGO Classic Blue Bricks Starter Set

Best gifts under $5: LEGO Classic Blue Bricks Starter Set (Photo: LEGO)

Anyone with an imagination loves the endless possibilities that come with building with LEGOS. This starter kit features 52 blue bricks to create a blue whale, a train, and a robot before diving into their own creations.

Get the LEGO Classic Blue Bricks Starter Set at Amazon for $4.93

18. For the artsy one: Double Header Calligraphy Marker

Best gifts under $5: Double Header Calligraphy Marker (Photo: ProFolio by Itoya)

Have a friend who wants to try their hand at calligraphy? You can get them started with this double header marker, which has one side for thick lines and another for thinner ones. Reviewers love that it doesn’t bleed and creates precise, bold lines that are perfect for lettering.

Get the Double Header Calligraphy Marker at Amazon for $4.69

19. For the one with a brown thumb: A fake succulent plant

Best gifts under $5: A fake succulent plant (Photo: Svenee)

I have a confession: I’ve managed to kill every succulent I’ve ever owned. If your recipient is anything like me then they’ll appreciate a fake succulent that will never wilt away. Reviewers love how realistic it looks and that it fits in with most decor styles.

Get the Svenee Mini Artificial Plant at Amazon for $4.28

20. For the beauty lover: Exfoliating gloves

Best gifts under $5: Exfoliating gloves (Photo: Urbana)

Similar to dry brush, exfoliating gloves can do wonders for your skin. Daily use can help improve circulation, unclog pores, and remove dry skin, which any beauty and skincare lover will appreciate. These gloves work similarly to an exfoliating washcloth but are much easier to use, and more than 2,000 Amazon reviewers say they work wonders.

Get the Urbana Exfoliating Gloves at Amazon for $4.99

21. For the one with a diffuser: Essential oils

Best gifts under $5: Essential oils (Photo: Eternal Essence Oils)

If your recipient already owns and loves an essential oil diffuser, then they’ll appreciate some new oil scents to run all day long. This one has a woody and floral scent that is perfect to have during the winter season.

Get the Warm Rustic Woods Premium Grade Fragrance Oils at Amazon for $2.95

22. For the one who brings the vibes: Wood Incense Stick Holder

Best gifts under $5: Wooden Incense Holder (Photo: Incense Garden)

If your giftee prefers burning incense for both the smell and the aesthetic, then they’ll like this stylish wood holder. It’s highly rated for being stylish and catching most of the burnt incense bits. Plus, it’s so inexpensive that you can throw in some incense sticks, as well. 

Get the Wood Incense Stick Holder at Amazon for $3.95

23. For the one who skips hair washes: Dove Care Dry Shampoo

Best gifts under $5: Dove Care Dry Shampoo (Photo: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar)

As we spend more time at home, we tend to wash our hair less (or is that just me?). You can help your recipient revitalize an oily scalp with some dry shampoo. Dove makes the best dry shampoo we’ve ever tested and it actually made our strands look like we showered. It comes in a mini can that your giftee can always have on them.

Get the Dove Care Between Washes Dry Shampoo at Amazon for $4.88

24. For the one with cold hands: HotHands Super Warmers

Best gifts under $5: HotHands Super Warmer (Photo: HotHands)

If your recipient is always complaining about how cold their hands are, then gloves alone aren’t going to cut it. They need a boost—like some HotHands Super Warmers. They’re air-activated and can be used on hands and feet. Your giftee will appreciate having these on hand when they’re in a freezing pinch.

Get the HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmers, 3 Pack at Amazon for $1.97

25. For the home chef: Mini Glass Measuring Cup

Best gifts under $5: Mini Glass Measuring Cup (Photo: Bed Bath and Beyond)

Some recipes call for a very small amount of a certain ingredient that can be hard to measure out even with the proper measuring spoon. This measuring cup looks like a shot glass but has lines that mark teaspoons and tablespoons and is ideal for measuring liquids more accurately. Any chef or baker would love this little gift.

Get the Mini Glass Measuring Cup at Bed Bath and Beyond for $3.99

26. For the handy one: Smith’s 2-Step Knife Sharpener

Best gifts under $5: Smith’s 2-Step Knife Sharpener (Photo: Smith’s)

This pocket-sized knife sharpener is ideal for any chef or fisherman. It has nearly 6,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating for being non-slip and having a coarse and fine sharpen option. Reviewers love that this sharpener doesn’t take up too much space and gets the job done well.

Get the Smith’s 2-Step Knife Sharpener at Amazon for $3.98

27. For the one who misses the nail salon: Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Best gifts under $5: Sally Hansen Nail Polish (Photo: Sally Hansen)

While many of us haven’t been to a nail salon in months because of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean they have to skip out on pretty nails. This polish from Sally Hansen is plant-based and vegan, meaning even your eco-conscious giftee will love it. It comes it several color options and reviewers say that the color appears bright and only requires two coats.

Get the Sally Hansen Vegan Nail Polish at Amazon for $4.50

28. For the vino: Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers

Best gifts under $5: Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers (Photo: Vacu Vin)

Oftentimes a bottle of wine will lose it’s flavor a few days after opening, but these vacuum sealing wine stoppers will ensure your giftee’s bottle will stay fresh for up to a week. Each stopper has a pump that removes air the wine bottle. Pretty neat, right? Reviewers say they’ve seen a big improvement in their wine after using these stoppers.

Get the Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers at Amazon for $4.99

29. For the toddler: Stack Up Cup Toys

Best gifts under $5: Stack Up Cup Toys (Photo: The First Years)

It’s rare for a toy to have 40,000 reviews on Amazon, but that’s just how popular these stack cups are. They’re super simple, but parents rave that they keep their toddlers entertained for hours. Any baby in your life will love stacking, chewing on, and banging these plastic cups.

Get the The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys at Amazon for $4.99

30. For the makeup lover: Small Makeup Blending Sponges

Best gifts under $5: Small Makeup Blending Sponges (Photo: Ulta)

Makeup spongers are a must-have for blending and contouring, and you don’t have to spend too much on a great one. Ulta shoppers are big fans of these ones and say they’re great for blending foundation, specifically. Any makeup wearer would use these for sure.

Get the Small Makeup Blending Sponges, 2 Pack at Ulta for $4.99

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We have already written about what to give for the long-awaited December holiday to mom, friend, grandmother, sister. But is it possible to ignore the beloved man under the chimes?

Certificate for massage

A gift for a guy for the New Year from a girl is a sacrament that cheers up both of them. She is glad that she was able to buy something very necessary and useful, and he is happy that he has another pair of socks, a set of underwear and a shower gel plus shampoo gift set, etc.Just kidding!

Banal gifts have already bored everyone for a long time. What about a massage certificate? These are not just a few health sessions, but pleasant emotions that will be remembered by your significant other for a long time.

Massage for men is a way to quickly restore lost vitality. Photo: pixabay.com

You can add a softening body balm to the certificate – the New Year’s apricot aroma will enhance the impression of the massage, and the light texture will protect the skin from the aggressive effects of the external environment.

Photo session for two

Yes, not all men like to be photographed. Some of the pro’s camera will not even fit a cannon shot. But can you cheat? And along with a certificate for a photo shoot, give a beard oil (if any) or a cream-gel for and after shave.

Everything to make the New Year’s shots gorgeous! By the way, experts advise buying care products in eco-markets, where there is a large selection of hypoallergenic organic products.

New Year’s footage will remain in memory for a long time. Photo: From personal archive / Dmitry Lebedintsev

Electric shaver

It is not a problem to buy an electric shaver for a man in Yekaterinburg today. The miracle machine is offered by almost every brand of the mass market. The male device for combating stubble is a good New Year’s gift for those who are tired of injuring their skin during daily shaving.

Well, what is the New Year without surprises? Pack your electric shaver so that there is room in the box for a natural vitamin F lotion that instantly moisturizes your skin and protects it from irritation.

After shaving and grooming, men feel much more confident. Photo: pixabay.com

Choosing a New Year’s gift for your beloved boyfriend or husband is not as easy as it seems. But we hope that you will like our ideas and implement them in the best possible way.

“What to give?”: What gift a man will be surprised at on February 23

Defender of the Fatherland Day is a holiday that requires gifts, but not as desirable as for the New Year or Birthday. But the current stereotypical gifts have already become the reason for numerous memes.For the most unusual gift ideas for February 23, read the material.

Congratulations from the “general” and an excursion on a nuclear submarine or how to surprise a child

Giving cars as a gift for February 23 to a boy is tantamount to a surprise in the form of shaving foam for a man. A useful gift, but familiar. To surprise a child, you need to focus on spending time together. For example, for a young son, it can be a congratulation from a “general”, an excursion in a nuclear submarine, or a flight by plane to 6 places of the Vov battle.

A day in the barracks and shooting in a war film – the best gifts for teenagers

Gadgets – their main hobbies – will be a good gift for a teenager. But you can also be creative – organize a day in the barracks, shooting a war film, which will be released on May 9; donate virtual reality glasses for combat, or arrange an interview with Yuri Dud.

Performance at a concert and a trip to a brewery in Germany for middle-aged men

A mature man had to suffer with the idea for a gift.Since he was already receiving shaving razors, socks and shower gel. However, he will definitely be surprised if a woman prepares for him a trip to Germany to a brewery, a flight into space on a rocket, ride a tank or rent it. Also, a man will be stunned if a woman arranges for him to perform with a Tatar or Russian pop star at a concert dedicated to February 23.

A conversation about life with Cord and a meeting with Petrosyan: how to please a man over 40

For older men, more serious gifts are needed.For example, a Swiss super-shovel, which has all the necessary tackle, a meeting with Yevgeny Petrosyan, or a conversation about life with Sergei Shnur. Another option for a gift would be a ticket to the place of hostilities – to Syria.

“February 23 – a test of how a woman sees a man in her chosen one”

It is necessary to congratulate men on Defender of the Fatherland Day, regardless of age and whether he served or not. This opinion is shared by Ramil Garifullin, Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogical Psychology of the Institute of Psychology and Education of the Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences.

“It is necessary to congratulate men on the holiday. This is part of the educational program that forms a person’s values ​​and attitudes. Congratulations on February 23 are in many ways different, for example, from birthday greetings, where people simply rejoice at birth, ”the psychologist emphasized.

According to him, congratulations are also important even within the school format. Since it reminds boys to be the protectors of their home, family and fatherland, that is their duty. Therefore, mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends should remind their men about this.

“It must be admitted that many holidays are a test of relationships between loved ones. For example, the new year is a test for the closeness of a relationship. If a guy meets a girl on New Year’s, it shows how close their relationship is. On February 23, this is also a test, only it concerns how a woman assesses him as a man, ”he commented.

But Garifullin does not think that this holiday is just a “men’s day” or an alternative to International Women’s Day.

“We need a gender complex and a duty to the country to enhance the significance of the holiday,” said the psychologist.

“Will you congratulate?”: Kazan citizens about their attitude to the holiday

The opinions of Kazan citizens about congratulations on February 23 were divided into three. Some believe that the day is a holiday of the Soviet army, others do not recognize the congratulations of all men or “did not serve – did not deserve”, and still others perceive it as just a men’s day.

KGASU student Albina Galimzyanova does not consider this holiday only for military men or soldiers.“You cannot congratulate those who served. We don’t know why he didn’t join the army. What if he has health problems? Therefore, it is better to congratulate everyone, ”she commented.

It is a tradition in Russia to give gifts to all men on February 23rd. They congratulate the boys in kindergarten, in schools, at the institute and at work – this is a kind of alternative to International Women’s Day, taxi driver Anton Ivanov believes.

“It is now indecent not to congratulate a relative, colleague or child on this day.Now the holiday of the Soviet army has turned into a man’s day, ”he said.

The most categorical opinion was expressed by a student of KSMU Ezhe Mubarakshina. In her opinion, this is the day of the Soviet army, which has nothing to do with modern history.

“Congratulating all men on the Defender of the Fatherland Day is not for me. After all, many did not serve and did not defend the country. And if you think about it, it’s strange to congratulate a person on the fact that he has a set of XY, and not XX, ”she said.

“Two versions of the appearance of the holiday”

For 100 years, Russia has celebrated Defender of the Fatherland Day.There are two versions of its appearance. Sergey Ionenko, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of KFU, spoke about the appearance of the holiday in the country.

“On January 10, 1919, the chairman of the Supreme Military Inspectorate of the Red Army, Nikolai Podvoisky, appealed to the All-Russian Central Executive Committee presidium with a proposal to celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of the Decree on the creation of the Workers ‘and Peasants’ Red Army (Red Army),” Ionenko commented.

According to his idea, the holiday was to be celebrated on January 28th. But the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee considered his appeal only on January 29.The Moscow Soviet appreciated the idea and decided to combine the celebration of the anniversary of the Red Army with the “Day of the Red Gift” (collection of gifts for the Red Army), which was scheduled for February 17, 1919. The holiday was decided to be held on the day off – the 23rd. Due to the civil war, the holiday was not celebrated in 1920 and 1921.

There is also another version of the appearance of this holiday, only it differs in not truthfulness. In 1938, at the suggestion of Joseph Stalin, it began to be asserted that on February 23, 1919, the Red Guard troops defeated parts of Kaiser’s Germany near Pskov.

“This was a gross exaggeration. The Red Army was born in difficult conditions of the final collapse of the old army, and it was a scattered detachment, so there was no need to expect major victories from it. The German offensive on March 3, 1918 was actually stopped by the Brest Peace, signed by the Soviet government with a coalition of countries led by Germany, ”said the historian.

After the collapse of the USSR, in modern Russia, according to the historian, the official celebration of the October Revolution was canceled.In its history, the holiday has changed its name several times.

So, at first it was called the “Day of the Red Army”, since 1946 – “Day of the Soviet Army”, from 1949 to 1992 – “Day of the Soviet Army and Navy”. After the collapse of the USSR, Russia traditionally congratulates men on this day.

90 000 For those who are in search: a selection of uncommon gifts for February 23

Sometimes the search for a worthy gift for February 23 leads to a dead end. This happens especially often among couples who have just started dating, when you still do not know the person so well and are afraid to make a mistake with the choice of a sign of attention, and among those who have been together for a long time.Here the situation is somewhat different. A mug with a cool print is in the kitchen, a wallet, expensive alcohol and a stylish tie, the defender of the family already has, and giving shaving foam and socks is not comme il faut. The editorial board of the MK in Kuzbass newspaper has compiled a list of non-trivial gifts that will delight your man on February 23rd.

To make it easier to navigate the complex and multilevel world of male interests, it is worth dividing gifts into several categories.

Universal gifts for boys, young men and men

This category includes those gifts that are suitable for almost every man, regardless of age:

Photo: unsplash.com

Technique. This can be an original flash drive with an unusual design or engraving. A good option for those looking for a small budget. The price of the model will vary from the number of gigabytes. Hard drive, if your man is addicted to games, movies, photographs, or has long complained about a computer or laptop that runs out of storage space. Powerbank is a relevant option in order to always stay in touch with your loved one.You can also donate a laptop cooling system or headphones so your man can enjoy his favorite songs. A computer mouse and a rug, smart watches, wristbands, a vacuum cleaner for the keyboard – all this will also delight a young (no matter, mind or body) person and leave pleasant memories of the holiday in his heart.

Photo: unsplash.com

Clothes. February 23 – the end of winter. Therefore, a good solution for Siberian weather would be a gift in the form of a warm hat, a knitted scarf (you can knit it with your own hands, even if you have never knitted anything, relying on patterns from the Internet) or a warm sweater with a cool print.

Photo: unsplash.com

Accessories. It can be a new case for a smartphone, a bracelet with a romantic or personalized engraving, a brush for cleaning a car if a male driver.

Photo: unsplash.com

Games. We are all small children and love to play. Representatives of the stronger sex are especially fond of playing.As they say, the first 40 years of a man’s childhood are the most difficult. Therefore, the game will be a great gift for February 23rd. Perhaps the partner has long been talking about a new video game, which he still hesitates to buy on Steam, or a cool joystick for the console. It’s not just video games that work. Board games are a great way to have fun together and get to know each other better. For couples who are not afraid of experiments and are open enough to each other, you can try erotic games. The man will also be pleased with a trip to the quest, a certificate for playing paintball and other active games.

Photo: unsplash.com

Leaving. Taking care of yourself is the prerogative of not only women, but also men. And a gift in the form of a set of men’s care products (shower gel without SLS, hair balm, salt or bath foam with the scent your protector likes) can help with this. February 23 is a good reason to give your chosen one perfume or eau de toilette. If a man loves to visit a bathhouse, a bath towel with embroidered initials will be a pleasant gift, warming not only the body, but also the soul.

The next category is DIY gifts.

Photo: pixabay.com

It can be a homemade soap for a festive or interesting theme for your particular man, a themed cake or a romantic dinner. Knitted hat, sweater or scarf as mentioned above. An original pillow or bedding set, sewn by hand. You can also give a safe book on February 23rd, in which you can hide something.True, you will have to spoil some copy of the printed matter at hand.

Craftswomen who can paint can give a man his portrait in a graphic or pictorial style. You can custom (make unique) a T-shirt, jeans or jacket for your lover. Or paint his guitar with characters from your favorite movies or video games (be careful! First you need to ask permission, so that later, if something happens, you don’t get hit on the head with the same guitar). In a word, “Dear, I have accomplished a feat for you!”

Gifts of interest.

Photo: unsplash.com

If your man plays sports, you can give him new comfortable trainers, a gym bag or backpack, a fitness bottle for water or sports supplements, and a gym membership.

Sound amplifiers, new strings for guitars, original picks or cases for storing instruments are suitable for musicians. If a man is fond of painting, give him paints, an easel or graphic tablet, new canvases, brushes.Books or exclusive prints. The list of gifts here is very extensive, it all depends on the hobbies of your chosen one.

Romantic gifts.

Photo: unsplash.com

These are gifts that will express your feelings. Bank “101 reasons why I love you” will be an uncommon gift. You need to write 101 notes in advance, in which you explain why you love the chosen one. Every day a man should draw out one note.A subscription for a joint visit to a spa or massage, or maybe a relaxing DIY massage, horseback riding, a Love Story photo session will also be a great gift.

Give emotions

Photo: unsplash.com

Gifts that evoke sincere emotions are gifts that will be remembered for a lifetime. If you give your man a ticket to a concert of his favorite band or a game of an adored sports team, a parachute jump, or a joint time for an unusual master class, he will definitely not forget this.

The events held on holidays in Kemerovo will help to make an unforgettable gift for your beloved.

  • Have you ever listened to something unusual together? February 23 at the State Philharmonic of Kuzbass named after BT Shtokolov at 12:00 there will be a concert “When I was little …” with the participation of the Governor’s Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments and the Literary Theater “Slovo”. Nostalgic and funny compositions performed by Russian folk instruments and perky jokes can give you unusual impressions and new emotions.
  • Don’t like folk music? At 17:00 a chamber orchestra will play at the State Philharmonic. Immerse yourself in vintage “Sunny 30s”. Fill yourself with joyful anticipation of a brighter future.
  • Fans of rock music in the Ultimatum Rock Bar will be able to “come off” at the solo concert of the Kemerovo punk rock group “Thursday-Fish Day”, which will wait for visitors on February 23 at 20:00.
  • Working together on a potter’s wheel has been proven to be extraordinarily sensual and sexy.Ceramic workshop “KerAnnikA” is ready to organize a “date for a potter’s wheel” for you. A master class “Abstract painting with acrylics” from the same workshop will help you create an unusual picture with your own hands.

In a word, Want to please your man? Please! But you should know that the banal “you are my best” he will of course accept condescendingly. But deep down, like a big child, there will be a surprise.

90,000 23 gift ideas for men on February 23

If you are still puzzling over the idea of ​​gifts for colleagues or loved ones for February 23, then read a selection of gifts for every taste and wallet from Typical Moscow.

  1. Flash drive
    Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you need to give something to your colleagues at work, especially if you have a male team.
  2. Antistress toys
    Also suitable for gifts to colleagues. They are cheap, and with nervous work, a necessary thing
  3. Hand soap in the form of a pistol / grenade, etc.
    February 23 – Defender of the Fatherland Day, and defenders must be able to handle weapons.
  4. Apron
    It’s no secret that men cook meat very well; for those who like to arrange a barbecue, there are very comfortable aprons.
  5. Mini games for home or office
    For example, home golf. An interesting, and most importantly, a funny gift.
  6. Thermos
  7. Especially useful for those who like long walks.
  8. Flask
    You can find flasks with gags or a set: flask and lighter.
  9. Powerbank
    In today’s world, there is too much going on and gadgets run out of power quickly. Therefore, powerbank is already practically an integral part of our life and one of the most necessary things
  10. Socks
    Yes, that’s theirs.Now there are so many interesting and funny views. Socks become not just a piece of clothing, but a full-fledged accessory that complements the whole image.
  11. Lunch box
    A very useful thing for people who are always on the go or working in the office. You can choose a very beautiful, and most importantly functional and safe when heated.
  12. Tripod / lens kit for phone.
    A good gift for photography lovers and Instagram fans.
  13. Set of games for the console / gamepad
    All men are children at heart and love to play video games.
  14. Table hockey / soccer
    Another idea of ​​what to play. A great gift if you like to get together often in a large company or to the office for all colleagues.
  15. Headphones
    Even if you already have headphones, this gadget will never be useless. Firstly, they often break down, and secondly, they are often forgotten, and so it will be possible to store them both at home and at work
  16. Machine / ship / helicopter on the control panel.
    Particularly suitable for all kinds of racing enthusiasts or fathers with children.
  17. Fitness bracelet
    It is now fashionable to monitor your health, and such a device as a fitness bracelet will help you with this.
  18. 3D pen
    A man should be able to build and craft. Technologies do not stand still and with the help of a 3D pen you can make a lot of interesting things.
  19. Tool set
    Still, you can’t go without classic tools. Many men dream of their garage with a bunch of all kinds of screwdrivers, drills, etc. in addition, this is always a useful gift, but if you do not understand anything about them, then you should choose together with a male representative.
  20. Action Camera
    A great gift for fans of extreme sports or travel. You can shoot anything and not be afraid that something will happen to the camera.
  21. Quadrocopter
    If a camera is not yet built into it, then in conjunction with the previous gift it will help you take unforgettable photos, explore the area and simply delight lovers of different technology.
  22. Man’s bag
    A practical gift, it will be good if you wear office clothes all the time.
  23. Shoes
    All women love to buy their own shoes, but why not please a man and buy him a pair of nice shoes or cool sneakers ?!
  24. Hair and beard grooming kit / barbershop
    Today men look after themselves sometimes even more often than girls, especially if they have a beard or a trendy haircut. If you have such an acquaintance, then a beard set will be a win-win option.

Show more 90,000 What to give a man on February 23: originality or classic?

15 original ideas for a gift by February 23 from the residents of Krasnodar.

On the eve of February 23, we asked men what original gifts they would be pleased to receive, and women – what they consider to be an original gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day. And neither the first nor the second named neither socks, nor deodorants, nor shaving foam. If you still do not know what to give a man – use ideas.

What gift would I consider original on February 23? I don’t even know what to say. Maybe extreme? Well, if I, for example, were given a helicopter flight or a parachute jump, I would be surprised.Yes, I think skydiving is the best option for a creative gift.

Men have always been earners. They love hunting and fishing. Not all, but my husband for sure. For several years he has been dreaming of getting out and going fishing. In my case, a fishing kit is the perfect gift.

Personally, I cannot live without music. I think everyone has a favorite singer or a favorite band. But not everyone can afford to buy concert tickets.I would be surprised if they gave me tickets to my favorite rock band.

I think it would be creative to give a gym membership to a man who likes to lie on the couch and watch football. Just imagine his facial expression at the sight of such a gift. And if you get one for yourself, then the motivation to walk together will be much more. I think we all need to play sports. Why not start on February 23rd?

That year my wife gave me a dog for this holiday.It was very unexpected on her part. I always dreamed of a faithful friend, and here, with the wording “Now we will have another defender in our house,” she gives it to me. It was very gratifying. Looking at my dog, I think: “How good that there is such a holiday, and how lucky I am with my wife!”

I have seen many times how they give bathrobes and slippers for the holidays. And the idea of ​​pajamas was born in my head. I think this is an original gift, especially if it comes with embroidery. Let’s say, with initials, or in some interesting color.For 23 February can be ordered in khaki. At the very least, such a gift would be very unusual.

In general, I love board games. I think that many men are also fond of them. I would like to receive a chess or checkers board as a gift.

If your man loves football, then I think he will be surprised by the presented tickets for the match. Yes, you can buy them any day and go to football anytime, but we’re talking about regular tickets.But if you buy VIP tickets, then any man will be grateful to you for it.

The best gift is a book. It is easy for her to surprise a person. There are a huge number of books on a variety of topics. A fascinating specimen can be found for each person. I think this is an original gift, because books never go out of style.

Every morning we start with coffee. So why not gift a whole set of your favorite coffee or tea to your man? Starting a new day, he will always remember you and your gift.Well, if he already has one, then rare or collection alcohol is also suitable.

The best gift is a handmade one. Making a statuette or painting especially for a person is a very difficult job.

On February 23, I want to give my boyfriend a cartoon. Many people donate pictures, and this is already boring, but it is the caricature that is a playful form. In my opinion, this is a very creative and funny gift.

On this holiday you can go with friends and have fun. For example, play paintball. If I had the opportunity to receive such emotions as a gift, it would be nice.

I used to love to play sports. I began to devote less time to my favorite pastime because of work. But if I had the opportunity to do it at home, I would continue to this day. I think it is original in honor of such a holiday to receive a truly masculine gift, for example, dumbbells or a simulator.

I love entertaining games. As a child, he dreamed of table football like in films. And now I would be glad to have a bowling certificate, for example.

The poll was conducted by Maria Plotnikova

The Kuban 24 Internet portal asked the men what kind of food they dreamed about when they served in the army and offered a simple festive dinner by February 23rd.

TourStat made a rating of the most courageous cities in Russia and the CIS, Krasnodar entered the top ten of the list.

90,000 50 fresh ideas from 100 rubles to infinity

Whatever is happening in the world, the New Year will happen to us, regardless of external events. And although this year was not easy, we certainly will not miss the holiday! And where there is a holiday, there will always be a place for gifts. Big and small, tasty and healthy, expensive and not very expensive, under a tree or under a pillow.

We have made a selection of gifts for all your family, friends and acquaintances. The review is conventionally divided into several categories, but in reality this is just an unobtrusive hint.You can easily swap them with the expectation of excellent results. Because giving gifts is as pleasant as receiving.

Gifts for him

Panties, socks and eau de toilette? No, not that! Let’s get creative and not be trivial to men of any age.

A gift for a guy for the New Year

When choosing a gift for a loved one, first of all, take into account his tastes and hobbies. If your boyfriend loves coffee, that’s perfect! You can give him elite beans, a coffee grinder, a set of cool spices, or even a small home coffee machine.However, not everyone likes a coffee machine … But an ordinary coffee maker is inexpensive (from 970 ₽), and does not require any consumables.

A person who loves listening to music will enjoy a good speaker or headphones. The gambler will be delighted with any gift associated with his hobby (T-shirt, mug, funny figurine), and if you give a special gaming chair or a disc with a long-awaited toy, then there will be no limit to happiness. A book lover will thank you for the e-reader, and a handy boyfriend will appreciate the quality set of tools.

If a guy is an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, he will always be glad to have good vitamins, nutritional supplements and even protein (from 1300 ₽ for 900 g). Perhaps he will also be delighted with beautiful stylish dumbbells, a yoga mat, a balance board or a smartwatch with numerous functions for athletes.

And almost all boys from 0 to infinity love toys with a remote control. So a small drone with the ability to shoot video is a blow below the belt (in a good way, of course!).

A present for her husband for the New Year

It is more difficult to please a husband than a boyfriend: you have shared coffee makers, dumbbells and even tools for a long time. This is the most vulnerable category of loved ones, who most often get socks and shaving cream, so we tried very hard to find some really useful options.

If the husband is a bonded person from the office and continues to work, despite all the quarantine measures, give him a lunch box (from 695 ₽).Let your loved one be warmed by delicious homemade food even away from home!

To amuse gentle male pride, present your beloved with a chocolate crown. And if you really want to remind him of the unfinished repair, let the tools also be chocolate for a change (from 160 ₽).

More serious gifts include things related to the husband’s hobbies – something for a car, fishing, sports, a long-awaited board game, a book or a cool notebook.

A present for a father or grandfather for the New Year

An adult is almost always able to appreciate a gift that contains excellent tea (from 200 ₽) or a fragrant balm (from 420 ₽). Plus, older men will never give up on a good widescreen TV! Many will be happy with a new phone, tablet or laptop – looking at photos of children and grandchildren at their leisure, learning all the news and just watching TV shows.

A present for a friend for the New Year

For a dear friend … you understand! Close friends need to give something really good, but not necessarily expensive. A funny T-shirt with an inscription, a thermos (2200 ₽) or a bottle for brewing tea, a Turk (from 1180 ₽).

New Year’s present for the chef

With the boss, as with the boyfriend, the main thing is not to be too smart. Give something that will definitely be in demand and will not lie in the closet. Forget ridiculous figurines and other interior decorations.Better to put really expensive coffee in your gift basket. For example, the famous “Jamaica” from the “Blue Mountain” (from 3780 ₽) or elite tea. If you are not sure what will please you more, use the clever option “Gift Card”. In general, this option always helps out, to be honest, not only with the bosses.

A present for a colleague for the New Year

You can’t find enough expensive gifts for all your colleagues, but those closest to you want to do something nice. And sometimes it is also necessary (if you are the owner of a company, for example).To make this cute little thing memorable for a long time and delight you for more than one year, you can choose tea in a New Year’s ball (from 150 ₽) or in a beautiful tin box (from 170 ₽).

A gift for the boy for the New Year

Children are the most ideal category for choosing a gift. Here you have to try very hard to make a mistake. We can’t go wrong!

If you want to really surprise your child, put a mug on wheels (from 600 ₽) under the Christmas tree – delight is guaranteed! And in a mug you can put, for example, a chocolate on a stick (from 44 ₽).Or put next to a whole box with sweet gifts (from 85 ₽). If you are against sweets in the children’s diet, remember that the classics are always in price: a constructor (from 200 ₽), a typewriter (from 150 ₽) or a real robot (from 2415 ₽) – let the child believe that Santa Claus can perform desires!

Gifts for her

Women of all ages love beautiful and tasty things – that’s what we’ll focus on! But, of course, we will only choose what will definitely win the lady’s heart, and will not become another useless nonsense in the house.

A gift for a girl for the New Year

It is not difficult to please your girlfriend, it is easier to buy gifts only for children. Firstly, you already know her tastes and hobbies, and secondly, people in love generally enjoy every little thing from their soulmates. But here it is better to show sensitivity and imagination.

If your girlfriend has a sweet tooth, try giving her not the usual box of chocolates, but healthy sweets: nuts and berries in a festive package (from 144 ₽), sugar-free apple candy (from 120 ₽), exotic fruits and really amazing chocolate (from 255 ₽ ).Such a gift will be remembered for a long time and will cause admiration: after all, you not only please your beloved, but also take care of her beauty and health!

The coffee lover will be pleasantly surprised by the expensive branded syrup (from 280 ₽), and the tea lover will be pleasantly surprised by the super-healthy and delicious, like fresh cookies, buckwheat Ku Qiao (from 190 ₽). It is so good in itself that it does not require additional desserts at all (this is important if your girlfriend refuses sweets in favor of a figure!).

It is worth giving serious cosmetics only if you know the skin type of your girl well, but if not, it is better to buy a Korean-made universal product (from 85 ₽).

New Year’s gift for his wife

The wife is the person you know best. Or you think you know. But this does not mean that it will be easier for her to choose a gift. Giving her sweets is a dangerous decision! The wife can get angry (especially if she is on a diet). Therefore, it is better to do your best to highlight its beauty. For example, consider premium detox teas (from Rs 950) or signing up for cool yoga / fitness classes at home. Better yet, collect a complete set of beauty products for your wife, based on her skin type and needs.But this is aerobatics!

Take a closer look at her life and appreciate how much time the woman she loves spends on dishes, cleaning and other things. Maybe a robotic vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, vertical steamer, or food processor will be your absolute victory and the obvious solution to its “I’m running out of time” problem.

And, of course, a hobby! Do not forget that a woman is not only beauty and comfort in the house, but also the whole world inside another person… Books, yarn, tools for what you love – all this is very important for the soul and inner joy.

New Year’s present for mom or grandmother

Mom, like dad, will appreciate a beautiful set of favorite teas (from 600 ₽) or a stylish wooden stand for storing them (she can also put spices there – from 645 ₽). By the way, she will probably like Korean cosmetics too! But even more reliable will be … a beautiful and high-quality saucepan (from 700 ₽)! If you want to give a gift for the soul, and not for the body or business, give your mom a hard drive with a collection of her favorite films.

Let the grandmother’s gift contain a good set of honey (from 330 ₽), urbech (from 200 ₽) and a cute porcelain figurine (from 569 ₽). A tonometer and a beautiful case for glasses are essential items for an elderly person who will definitely come to the yard.

A gift for a friend for the New Year

We give our beloved girlfriend something cozy and cute – a house with tea (from 655 ₽), a set of unusual jam (from 360 ₽) or a stack of stylish canvas bags for storing everything from children’s toys to tea (from 144 ₽).

Gift for the woman-chef

If your boss doesn’t shy away from desserts, present her with oriental sweets (from 513 ₽) – it’s unusual, beautiful and stylish. If she is inclined to a healthy diet, please her with a teapot for Chinese tea (from 490 ₽).

Gift to a colleague

To make your beloved colleague enjoyable, it is not at all necessary to buy something very expensive – you can simply buy something spiritual. For example, a small set of tea (from 100 ₽), a candlestick (from 70 ₽) or… plaid! What could be more beautiful than wrapping yourself in soft plush in cold winter?

Gift for a girl

A small baby can be presented with a bright and beautiful rattle, Alilo bunny or a developing rug (from 1600 ₽).

If you want to make a present for an older girl, try to choose something that develops her creativity and is interesting at the same time. It can be a coloring kit, a diamond mosaic, or a very beautiful and delicate plasticine that will suit even the smallest (from 350 ₽).

For a neat and thrifty girl, the most magical gift will be a classic porcelain doll (from 3312 ₽), and if you just go to visit and need a small present, a funny origami chocolate is perfect.

Universal gifts for the New Year

Sometimes it is very difficult to understand what exactly will please a loved one. Fortunately, there is a short list of essential gifts for this occasion that you will surely hit the bull’s eye if you buy them.

Almost everything that we have written about in this article can be bought at TEA.RU. In the comments add your win-win ideas to make the article even more useful!

“What to give a man”?

Sports souvenirs are a worthy gift for a man.

Buying an elegant and memorable gift for a man is not an easy task.Now mass souvenirs have flooded the market, and in order to make the right choice, you need to spend a lot of time searching. Fortunately, SILVERDOM offers a variety of sports-themed products for men, all in one place. It is now easy to buy a worthy souvenir for a man without big expenses. We have our own production, and you purchase jewelry-level author’s works, such as bells or badges, at the best price.

Sports souvenirs can be traditional in design, but original in execution.They convey the high sense of selfless dedication to the cause, the atmosphere of a well-deserved triumph. Such gifts instill confidence in themselves, are a source of pride and a distinctive sign of belonging to the community of real men.

Everything that is associated with hard work in the name of a goal, sports paraphernalia and the spirit of victory are the key male values. Therefore, high-quality sports symbols are a must and win-win gift for those who value honor and will above all, and who also know how to truly celebrate success.

We produce miniature souvenirs dedicated to sports and its individual types: these are key rings, badges and Olympic paraphernalia. Such things will always be kept with great care, as they are made with great skill. Sophisticated designs and bright hand-applied enamel make these accessories part of a lifestyle and personal style. These souvenirs are already becoming rarities.

SILVERDOM sports key rings are dedicated to various popular sports in singles and team sports.

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