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BeautyJoint.Com, Inc. is an authorized USA distributor of the following brands only.  All other brands BeautyJoint.Com, Inc. sells are legally obtained from USA or legally imported from international distributors.  For any and all brands NOT listed below, BeautyJoint.Com, Inc. IS NOT an authorized distributor.

Absolute, Ardell, Beauty Creations, Beauty Treats, Blossom, Body Drench, by apple, Bye Bye Blemish, Cherimoya, Cherry Blossom, China Glaze, CITY COLOR, Clubman, Coty, Cover Girl, DUO, e.l.f., EcoTools, Fran Wilson, GiGi, Godefroy, GOODAL, Gypsy Lashes, HASK, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, ibd, IZME, Jerome Russell, Jordana, Kana, Khan, KleanColor, L.A. Colors, L.A. Girl, LA Splash, Manic Panic, Miss Adoro, Nabi, Nail Tek, Nicka K, NYC, OCC, Okalan, Physicians Formula, ProLinc, Profusion, Rashell, Real Techniques, Rimmel London, Rosebud Perfume Company, Royal and Langnickel, RUDE, Sally Hansen, Seche, STUDIO BASICS, Supernail, Surgi, The Balm, The Wet Brush, Tweezerman, West Bay, Wet N Wild, Wonder


Blossom, Cherimoya, Cherry Blossom, Fran Wilson, GiGi, Godefroy, GOODAL, Gypsy Lashes, HASK, ibd, Jordana, Kana, Khan, LA Splash, Manic Panic, Milani, Nabi, NYC, OCC, ProLinc, Rashell, Rosebud Perfume Company, Royal and Langnickel, STUDIO BASICS

Please answer the following questions to be considered for an approval to our wholesale program.   Your response to these questions will help us determine your approval and discount price tier.  Minimum $300 purchase amount is required for our tier 1 wholesale pricing.  Higher discount price tier requires greater minimum purchase amount. ***PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE SOLELY LOOKING FOR PRICE LISTS AS WE DO NOT PUBLICLY TRADE THIS INFORMATION***


  • Can mix and match any brand / products on our website (pack purchase may be required)
  • Ability to see the discounted prices and total before checkout
  • Additional payment options via Money Gram, Western Union, or Bank Wire Transfer if needed
  • Shipping available worldwide – will accommodate any special shipping requirements
  • Fast processing time of 2-4 business days

To apply, copy and paste the following questions to your email program and reply back your answers to [email protected]

Once we reviews your answers, you will be notified by our decision by email.  Until then, please be patient all applications will be answered.


  1. You must be already registered in BeautyJoint.com, what is your account email address?
  2. Do you sell online or offline or both?
  3. Are you Amazon FBA seller?
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  5. What country do you mainly sell or want to sell in?
  6. What is your current monthly sales in equivalent US dollar amount?
  7. How much do you estimate you will buy from BeautyJoint.Com for any one purchase?
  8. If approved, how soon will you make your first purchase from us?
  9. How often do you plan or estimate you will buy from BeautyJoint.Com?
  10. How do you plan to pay for your purchase?
  11. What brands / product are most interested in buying?
  12. Who is your current supplier and why do you want to change?
  13. Is there any brands would you like to see in BeautyJoint.com that we currently don’t offer?
  14. How did you hear about us?
  15. Do you want to add any comment or concerns?

Wholesale Terms
Due to the nature of this program, all sales are final and we do not accept returns or exchanges.   Your account may be reverted back to regular account due to inactivity.  Not eligible for United States Free Shipping program. 

**Special Notice to UK based wholesalers regarding BEAUTY21 / LA GIRL / LA COLORS brands** 

All Beauty21 branded LA Girl and LA Colors items are NOT eligible for wholesale sale and shipment to the following countries.  If you are a wholesaler and purchase from these brands, item will be deleted from your order and will be credit back to your account.  Any repeated attempts to bypass this restriction may lead to termination of your wholesale account.  Please contact the exclusive distributor of the respective countries for resale purchases.

L.A. Colors: Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Repub li c, Ecuad or, Guatemala, India , Mex ico, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, U.K., Uruguay , Venezuela , Vietnam.

L.A. Girl: Boli via, Canada, Chile, China, Colomb ia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic,  Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Finland, France, Guatemala, India , Indones ia, Ireland , Mexico, New Zeala nd, Niger ia , Panama, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway , Phili ppin es, South Africa, Spain , Sweden, U. K., Vietnam.

**Special Notice to international wholesalers regarding MARKWINS / WET N WILD / PHYSICIANS FORMULA brands** 

All Markwins branded Wet N Wild and Physician’s Formula items are NOT eligible for wholesale sale and shipment outside of USA.  If you are an international wholesaler and purchase from these brands, item will be deleted from your order and will be credit back to your account.  Any repeated attempts to bypass this restriction may lead to termination of your wholesale account.  Please contact the local exclusive distributor in your country for resale purchases.

Wholesale Bulk Cosmetics for Resale & Retail

Welcome to All Time Trading’s amazing collection of a wholesale cosmetics. We have carefully selected the best quality cosmetics for resale so you can stock your store with makeup, hair products, perfumes, and body sprays that your customers will love.
This is your chance to buy cosmetics in bulk some of the best-known brand names in cosmetics and beauty products at incredibly low discounted prices. Low-cost Revlon cosmetics and L’Oréal beauty products at wholesale prices are just two of the amazing bargains that you could pick up today, so take a good look around the full range of discounted wholesale cosmetics for resale and start saving now.
If you are looking to create a stunning display of our wholesale cosmetics for resale, then take a look at our wonderful range of discount cosmetic displays. We have lip gloss retail displays, lipstick displays, blushes and bronzer displays, and they are all available to you at low wholesale prices.

All Time Trading is the best wholesale supplier of cosmetics for resale products and whatever type of cosmetics you need for your store we’ve got you covered. You can save big money on every purchase you make at All Time Trading, and our minimum purchase is just one single case.
Our range of bulk cosmetics includes carded cosmetics, nail polish, makeup cases, loose cosmetics and lip gloss too. From the cosmetics basics to the luxury beauty items, you won’t find such high-quality cosmetics products at such low wholesale prices anywhere else.

Whether you own a cosmetics store, a general store, or pharmacy, there will always be high demand for top quality, low priced cosmetics, and beauty products, so get the best deals of wholesale lip gloss, bath products, and beauty products from the best online wholesaler around.
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Cosmetics for Resale

Welcome to the Alltimetrading.com wonderful collection of cosmetics. In this section of our online wholesale store, you will find a huge variety of low-cost bulk loose cosmetics, many of them in their own retail display cases.
Our range of cosmetics contains a wide range of low-cost cosmetics that your customers will love and at these low discounted prices, you can’t fail to make a good margin and still be able to offer the lowest priced cosmetics in town!

The All Time Trading wholesale cosmetics range includes a full range of bulk lipsticks and some wonderful makeup bags and pouches at low wholesale prices.
The ladies love lipstick and with our wide range of loose lipsticks at low wholesale prices, they will have plenty of new colors and new styles to try. We have some wonderful matte lipstick displays with 60 colors of glossy lipstick in compact tube travel cases, some amazing lipstick juicy crayons, and dazzling shimmer lipsticks in display boxes, and that’s just the start! Every kind of low cost bulk loose cosmetics imaginable are available at Alltimetrading.com and it is all available to you at unbelievably low wholesale prices.
In addition to our wholesale cosmetics for resale, you will also find some great wholesale deals on makeup bags and makeup pouches in this section too.  We have some lovely cheap wholesale fabric cosmetic bags in display boxes, some great cases of assorted 3 piece beauty bags in assorted styles, and some cute kid’s Disney pouches at low wholesale prices too.

While you are here looking at our massive range of wholesale cosmetics at low discounted prices, don’t forget to check out our full range of cosmetics for resale and wholesale beauty products. If you buy your wholesale makeup stock from All Time Trading you can save big money on your purchases of bulk bath and body products, perfumes, body sprays and colognes too.

Alltimetrading.com is the number one wholesaler for loose makeup products, cosmetics, and all the everyday products that people love. The minimum purchase is just a single case and, if you spend more than $499.99, delivery is free!
Give your customers the widest possible choice in low-cost lipsticks and value makeup cases and pouches. Order your selection of the best quality cosmetics at discounted prices and we’ll have your order with you in next to no time at all!

Wholesale Health Beauty Products | Bulk Orders |Supermarket Distributors

Supermarket Distributors of America
Leaders in Health & Beauty Care Supplies

Wholesale Bulk Distributors

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Distributors of General Merchandise

Wholesale Health and Beauty Care
College Stores – Supermarkets

Supermarket Distributors of America Home

Leaders in Health Beauty Care Supplies.
We have over 60 years experience in the Distribution of wholesale health and beauty care. We offer prompt service and speedy distribution across the USA and Abroad.

SDA Home

Health & Beauty Care Catalog

Each category of our Health & Beauty Care Distribution catalog holds all of the top Health Beauty and Wellness Products at the best prices. SDA wants to save you thousands of dollars per year!

Health & Beauty Full Catalog

What is Special About our Wholesale Products Business?

Over sixty years of service to Drug stores, Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Country Clubs, Colleges, and a variety of other retail establishments.

Information on SDA

Wholesale Skincare Products and Acne Treatment Supplies

Our popular Acne Treatment Products contain wholesale skin products and acne treatments such as Neutrogena Acne oil-free wash, Galderma’s Cetaphil cleanser. Clearasil creams, Aveenobar, Stridex, Clean and Clear gel.

Acne Products

Antacids Relieve Heartburn Symptoms

Antacids for people with chronic heartburn. SDA stocks a large assortment of Antacids. Prilosec, Pepto Bismol, Alka Seltzer, Tums, Pepcid and Zantac are just a few of the antacids we distribute. Pepto Bismol Maximum Strength Liquid 8.oz can prevent heartburn. Its gentle formula ensures eliminating the 5-symptoms that follow the most spicy meals.

Buy Antacids Online

Baby Care Products

We have all the Baby needs for your children, from Johnson & Johnson baby bath, wholesale baby lotion, wholesale baby oil, wholesale baby wash, and wholesale baby powder, to Balmex, A&D, and Desitin ointments for diaper rash. We carry all of your wholesale shampoo and wholesale baby supplies. NUK Baby Products. We carry many brands such as Munchkin Baby, Dr.Brown’s and Dr. Bronner Baby Accessories.

Baby Shampoo in Bulk

Eveready and Duracell Batteries

When it comes to batteries, have we got the best deals for you! If you think that Duracell batteries are the best choice, we can give you super pricing on every one of their products. From Duracell Coppertop AA, AAA, C, D, 9volt, and Ultra batteries, to Eveready AA & AAA batteries.This is an important category to view and stock up on.

Buy Wholesale Battery Products

Cold Liquids Suppliers

You can treat all those cold symptoms with a vast assortment of cold liquids from Robitussin to Tylenol Cold. There also are generic cold products available that are equivalent to all the major name brands. Many find it easy to take these products in a liquid form especially for children.

Cold Liquids

Cold Tablets Wholesalers

Many of our liquid cold products are sold in tablet or caplet form. They relieve your cold and flu symptoms just as well as the liquid. Many do not like the taste of medicine and prefer it in tablet form. Instant Allergy Relief with Claritin Products

Cold Tablets

Cotton Swabs, Q-Tips and Facial Tissues

If you need a Q-tip cotton swab to clean your ears, or maybe a safety swab to care for your infant.
We carry cotton balls and cotton rounds, to wipe your make-up off, It’s all here. Just look in our cotton-needs category.

Cotton Products

Cough Drops & Lozenges in Bulk

We carry many varieties of cough drops for you to choose from. There’s a cough drop for when you have that cough that won’t quit like Halls or Pine Bros, which come in a variety of flavors. To soothe a sore throat you can use Luden’s or Ricola, which is a natural herb throat and cough drop.

Cough Drops & Lozenges

Denture Adhesives and Denture Cleansers

Have you had dental work and you need some denture products? If so, check out our selection of the most popular solutions such as Efferdent & Polident cleaners, Fixodent & Poligrip adhesives.

Denture Care Products

Deodorants & Antiperspirants

Do you work out, or just work hard every day, and need that deodorant or anti-perspirant control. Well, we’ve got the world of choices for you! The tops brands like Axe, Brut, Dove, Degree, Lady SpeedStick, Mennen Speed Stick, Mitchem, Gillette, OldSpice, RightGuard, Series, and Secret are in stock, just to keep you from sweating all day! You’ll smell fresh and clean.

Deodorants     Axe     Speed Stick     Old Spice

Depilatory Products

If your a women who doesn’t like to get cut shaving your legs, or other areas of your body, then try Nair, Veet, or Jolen products to remove that hair easily and pain free!

Depilatory Products

Distributors of Weight Scales – Digital Scales

For those that are conscious about their weight we supply Taylor scales. There are digital scales and also the regular dial types. We also carry scales that displays body fat and kitchen scales to weigh the amount of food accurately for those of us on a diet.

Digital Weight Scales

Eye Care – Eye Drops

Like many people today, contacts are a way of life. We have all the Bausch & Lomb, Alcon eye care products you need to keep your eyes moist and clean. Rinse your contacts and wash out your eyes. Our selection of Visine and Clear Eyes products will “keep the red out” and make your eyes feel good.

Ear Plugs – Eye Drops – Nasal Spray Products

Face & Wholesale Body, Skin-Care and Face Creams

Many people have dry, sensitive or damaged skin and need to care for it in different ways. Pamper your skin with Aveeno, Curel, Cetaphil, Eucerin, Jergens, Keri, Lubriderm, Nivea, Neutrogena, Noxzema, Olay, Ponds, Palmers, St.Ives, Suave & vaseline Intensive Care lotions, creams, and cleansers. Whether your skin needs aloe, cocoa butter, vitamins A, B, c, E, or other vitamins & minerals to repair it’s beauty, you will find the one you need.

Face Creams Hand & Body Lotions

First-Aid – Band-Aids – Gauze Pads

For all those accidents that happen throughout the year in your home, with your children, or at work, we have a first Aid category that can treat your condition. From Johnson & Johnson Bandaids, tapes, gauze pads, to Bacitracin, Cortizone-10, Cortaid, Alcohol, Peroxide, Neosporin, Anbesol, Bactine, Benadryl, Caladyrl, Digital Thermometers, Epsom Salts & First-Aid Kits to travel with, you will be well protected visiting this section of our catalog.


Foot Care Products – Dr. Scholls

Exercising, whether in a club, or at home, gives your feet a workout. Make them feel better with Desenex, Tinactin, Goldbond, Dr. Scholls & Lotrimin foot products. Get rid of the itching, tired, smelly feet, and remove undesirable calluses and corns. Make those sneakers or shoes more comfortable with a Dr. Scholls gel or cushion insole.

Foot Care Products

General Merchandise for Colleges, Hotels and Convenience Stores

Purell Hand Sanitizers, Liquid Soaps, Towelettes, Lens Cleaners, Personal Care Products, Shaving Supplies, First Aid Kits, OTC Medicines, Sewing Kits, Shower Caps and Petroleum Jelly.

General Merchandise – College Supplies

Hair Conditioners and Mousse

If you need some more body or shine in your hair, then check out our Hair Conditioner selection. Whether you like Pantene, Fructis, Dove, Flex, or Vo5 to give you the bounce your hair needs, the many choices we have are sure to make you smile.

Hair Conditioners

Wholesale Hair Gels

If you like to act like Elvis, or just grease-up your hair, we’ve got the styling gel for you. Use Dep, LA Looks, Studio-Line, Fructis, Nexus and Pantene gels to give you that special look!

Hair Gels

Headache Pain Relief and Arthritis Products

Got a migraine? Too much stress at the office? Try some Advil, Tylenol, Excedrin, or Aleve for your headache and pain relief. We even have Bayer, Bufferin, Anacin, and all the other varieties of name brand and generic Health Beauty Products you like.

Headache and Pain

Housewares and Household Products

From pet supplies to household items. Sda carries candles, paper goods, mouse traps, strainers and so much more.

Housewares & GM Full Catalog

Lip Products for Cracked and Dry Lips

Do you have chapped, cracked, or dry lips? Just check out our Lip Products category and find Chapstick, Blistex, Carmex, Softlips, and other top lip care choices. Your lips will look beautiful in no time!

Lip Products

Mouthwash and Rinses for Germ Free Fresh Breath

Tired of having bad breath? Going on a new date? It only takes a minute to rinse that bad breath away with our selection of mouthwashes. Whether you like Listerine, Scope, Plax, Act, Crest, Toms, or a cheaper generic version, you will have fresh breath in no time!

Mouthwash and Rinses

Pantene Shampoo

Just went to the beach and you’ve got sand in your hair? Go to our shampoo category to find that perfect Shampoo solution to clean hair. You will only find the top brand names are in our wholesale catalog. Choose from Pantene, Fructis, wholesale Head & Shoulders, PertPlus, Suave, Vo5, Dove, Flex, Finesse, and many other choices that will do the job!

Pantene Shampoo Conditioners

Stop Smoking Aids

Quitting Smoking is not an easy task. There are many over-the-counter alternatives. Some common product options are nicotine lozenges, patches and gum to help you stop smoking.

Quit Smoking Aids Wholesale

Razors and Razor Blades

For the man or women that wants the best possible shave, you must have a Gillette product on your mind. Whether you need Mach4, Fusion, Daisy, Goodnews, Venus, or Sensor razor blades or refills, it’s all in our catalog at fantastic pricing. If you need an inexpensive disposable for a trip, try the Bic shavers in sensitive or lady’s. We even have all the Schick choices too.

Razors and Razor Blade Products

Feminine Care and Sanitary Needs

For women in need of our feminine care products, you want the top brand name tampons and maxi pads to help you out. That’s why we carry a full variety of Tampax, Playtex, OB, Stayfree, Always, and Kotex products.

Sanitary Needs – Feminine Care Products

Sun Tan – Sun Screen

Worried about getting burned? Have you already got a sunburn? Do you want to cook in the sun? We can provide you with the Coppertone, Solarcaine, Banana Boat, or Neutrogena products that will give you the protection you need or desire.

Suntan Lotions & Catalog


If you care about your teeth, then you will visit our Toothbrushes category to find the Oral-b, Crest, Colgate, or Reach products to keep your teeth pearly white. Don’t forget to buy the Oral-B Glide floss if you care about your gums. SDA supplies toothbrushes in bulk quantities.

Buy Toothbrush Products

Vicks Nyquil Dayquil for Colds and Flu

Try Vicks NyQuil Cold and Flu nighttime relief that contains 16 liquicaps to provide relief from some of the most common symptoms of cold and flu. It keeps cough, runny nose, sneezing, body aches and fever from developing and interfering with your sleep. Now you can enjoy a full-night’s sleep without worrying about your health! On days when you feel down and out, you should rely on the fast-acting relief provided by Vicks’ Dayquil Cold and Flu 8 oz. Its alcohol-free formula is non-sleep-inducing and, thus, perfect for those mornings when you are down with a cold, but have to show up someplace important. It relieves you of flu-like symptoms – headache, fever, sore throat, nasal congestion and cough so that you feel rejuvenated, every day!

Vicks Nyquil Dayquil

Vitamins Bulk Distributors

Eating the right foods and taking vitamins, multivitamins and supplements are some of the way to improve your life. At SDA we have One a Day, Centrum, Emergen-c, Sundown and Nature’s Bounty vitamins.

Vitamins Multivitamins Supplements Wholesale

Additional Product Categories

We have all the hottest brands direct from the manufacturer, Bar Soaps and Wholesale Body Washes, we have all the hottest brands that you love. From Wholesale Axe and Old Spice, to St. Ives and Olay, we carry what ever you use everyday! Keeping your shoes in tip shop shape is a KIWI job! We have every Kiwi product to clean, wax, and shine any shoes, boots, or sneakers you own. We even have a variety of laces in many sizes too. In our Ethnic Wholesale Hair Care section, we carry a top selection of relaxer kits, shampoos, conditioners, and hair care products & scalp products to make your hair look & feel great! From Dax, UltraSheen, Lets Jam, Softsheen, Ambi, Bluemagic, Dark & Lovely hair colors, Hollywood products, Isoplus, Lusters Pink oil, Magic Shave, and Motions products, we’ve got you covered! Health and Beauty Products Distributors – Wholesale Hair Accessories During the summer, with all the heat and humidity, using some Aquanet, Rave, or White-Rain hair spray will keep your hair looking great. You can find it all in our Hair Spray category along with many other brands. We also handle a variety of wholesale general merchandise products that come in handy and are priced way below the competition. From coloring books, Crayola crayons, Bic lighters, Bicycle Poker cards, JVC vhs tapes, Krazy Glue, to Playtex Handsaver Gloves, sewing kits, Scotch Tape, and Wet Ones wipes, you’re bound to find a few things that you need. Have you not been getting enough fiber in your system lately, or have your meals backed you up? The remedy for you can be found in our laxative Category. You’ll find Exlax, Fleet, Imodium, Metamucil, Kaopectate, and Prep-H to make you feel better. Sick of going to the store and paying $5-10 or more for hair brush? Paying $2-4 for a comb? Do not hesitate to check out our Wholesale Hair Accessories selection. All out hairbrushes are top quality made, but will only cost you $1-2, and our combs are all under $1. You will save big-time with these deals! If you’re a women who likes to color your hair, then stop in our Hair-Color section and check out the shades we carry. Whether you like Loreal’s Preference, Garnier Nutrisse, Clairol’s Nice&Easy, or Revlon’s Colorsilk, we’ve got the color for you. If you’re a man that is considering changing your gray hair back to your youthful hair color, try the men’s hair color choices of “Just For Men”. You can even color your sideburns, mustache, or beard too! Choosing the right shave cream or gel is important to keep your face smooth and shave comfortably. If you love the foam, then chose Barbasol, Foamy or Noxzema. If you like the lather of a gel, then go for Edge, Fusion, Series, or Skintimate for the care of your face. Are you an AquaVelva man? Do you remember the Clubman products from you barbershop? Maybe you go for Brut, Mennen Skin-Bracer, or Old-Spice? Whichever is your choice, you can buy them all in our After-Shave & Cologne category. Are you having trouble sleeping or staying awake? Try one of the sedatives or awakeners we carry to get the rest you need, or the energy to study for that all-important test. Tylenol PM, Excedrin PM, Advil PM, etc. will help you sleep, while Vivarin & Nodoz will keep you up all night if you like. If you are on the go, and travel around a lot, check out our travel size toiletries & trial-size selection. We have a variety of items that will cover you while you are far from home. From Scope, Crest, Colgate, Edge, Pantene, Lubriderm & Right Guard, you can travel lightly and have the best choices on the go.

Health and Beauty Products Distributors – Wholesale Hair Accessories

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Health & Beauty Products Distributors

Wholesale Cosmetic and cheap make-up online

Welcome Wholesale-Cosmetic.


Wholesale Cosmetics and cheap make-up in United Kingdom. In our online store you can find quantities of cosmetic products, many colours and types of Nail Polishes, coverage and smooth Foundations, Rich texture of EyeShadows, different types of EyeLiner, long-lasting Mascara, Blusher, Lip Balm, silky soft Lipsticks, a lot of Make-up Accessories, Nail Care products and Pedicure Tools.

Beauty4britain is online beauty wholesaler based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Specialising in the supply of cosmetics and skincare products to market traders, party planners a wide variety of retailers and gifts to everyone. We will provide you best customer service and we offer a reliable and effective Delivery service.

Beauty Tips and Articles

5 quick beauty tips for perfect looks

Spoiled manicure, smeared lipstick, frizzy hair – we all know these everyday beauty dramas that spoil our otherwise perfect vision.

There are several tricks that can save you from the embarrassing moments when you arrive at a meeting or just to work and it turns out that something in your look is not quite right…


4 beauty products before going to bed

We all know that in order to be beautiful we have to provide ourselves with enough sleep. We need sleep not just to rest but because this is the time our skin regenerates.

When we get less than a 7 hours of sleep per night, the next morning the dark shadows under the eyes are our biggest problem, not to mention the fact that our skin loses its natural blush…


5 golden rules for daytime makeup

Choosing our daytime makeup can be a difficult task.

Most of us use it to conceal the imperfections, to emphasize our strong features, and to look better at work. However choosing the wrong colors or textures and applying cosmetics that are wrong for our skin, can have the opposite effect making us look tired, older and sometimes even out of place.


7 beauty mistakes that can ruin a photo

We all know that our phones’ image filters can make wonders with our photos but there are things that even they cannot hide. Avoid the following mistakes if you want to look flawless in the photo.

Not using a makeup base…


Small tricks for perfect manicure

Our nails and hands are the parts of the body that are constantly exposed to the environment threats. That’s why it’s not surprising that they need special care.

During the winter the cold and the wind make our skin dry which can lead to having problems with the cuticles and the nails.


When to buy cheap cosmetics

Our nails and hands are the parts of the body that are constantly exposed to the environment threats. That’s why it’s not surprising that they need special care.

During the winter the cold and the wind make our skin dry which can lead to having problems with the cuticles and the nails.


Health And Beauty Products Online

Health & Beauty Products Online at Great Price!

Bulkwholesale.com.au helps you find the basic health and beauty products online at an honest, affordable price. Here, we have a collection of travel size grooming and cleansing essentials that you can carry around easily in your trips. The most noteworthy products that we have here are:

Herbal Hair Shampoo:

The herbal hair shampoos are becoming one of the most demanding products as they are free of chemicals and parabens. The constant use of a herbal shampoo is able to significantly improve the appearance of the hair, without putting the health of our hair at risk, by exposing it to harmful chemical substances.

Black Nitrile Gloves and Aluminium Foils:

The black nitrile gloves have recently gained huge popularity. Their durability and resistance against dust accumulation have increased their worth in different sectors. In hairdressing salons also, they are highly preferred for the comfort and convenience they provide to its user while working.

Aluminium foil has been a staple in our kitchens due to its ability to retain heat and its durability, but now they are widely used in hair styling industry as well due to their remarkable benefits like:

  • Perfect for preserving the products that we apply over hair, without letting any contact with other reactive agents from our environment.
  • Ideal for hot massages.
  • We can reuse it without any issue.

Beauty San Make-up Sanitiser:

People do not know how harmful it can be to our health and our skin if the make-up products and brushes are not clean. That’s why it is important to not just clean the brushes and make-up essentials but to also maintain good hygiene alongside. However, if you are wondering how to achieve that, we have got the answer. At Bulkwholesale.com.au, we have good make-up sanitisers that destroy bacteria and cleanse all the make-up products without harming them.

Hand and Body Soaps:

To maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness, hand and body soaps are one of the must-essentials in everyday life. At Bulkwholesale.com.au, you will find a good collection of soaps and other health and beauty products at wholesale price with free shipping, so that your beauty routine does not face any setback. We offer dermatologically tested genuine bath and body care range which are gentle on skin and easy on your pocket.

Apart from the above-mentioned health and beauty products, Bulkwholesale.com.au also offers shaving kit, dental kit, bath amenities, etc. online with fast shipping facilities. Also, for special discounts and seasonal offers on health and beauty products online, don’t forget to keep following our official website or subscribe to our newsletters to know about all our amazing deals right away.

At Bulkwholesale.com.au, we sell only genuine and good quality products. If you require any kind of assistance or aid in picking up the right health and beauty products in wholesale in Melbourne, Sydney or Victoria, visit us online at www.bulkwholesale.com.au.

Natural Wholesale Beauty Products: Start Re-selling Online

More and more online retailers are re-selling natural wholesale beauty products with increasingly high profit margins. This is due to the increasing demand for natural and chemical free products. Consumers used to think organic and natural beauty products were not as effective as chemical-based ones. But those days are over. Nowadays, they see that all-natural beauty products are just as effective as chemical-based ones. And they’re healthier too. 

In this blog post, I will discuss why you should sell natural beauty products online using the dropshipping method.

Why Are Natural Beauty Products So Popular?

Natural beauty products have exploded in popularity among online shoppers because:

  • They’re more eco-friendly. Conventionally produced beauty products frequently have a long list of chemical ingredients, many of which have negative consequences for the environment. 
  • They’re free from harmful ingredients.  conventionally produced beauty products, you’ll see a long list of artificial colors, chemicals, fillers, preservatives, and synthetic detergents. Many of these have negative side effects. On the other hand, natural beauty products use natural sources for these ingredients.
  • They’re just as effective as other products. For years the conventional wisdom held that natural beauty and skincare products were too weak and could not compete with conventional, chemical-based items. This is definitely not true!
  • They’re not causing long-term damage. Chemical-based beauty and skincare products are full of harsh and abrasive ingredients. As a result, there’s a lot of speculation that they’ll end up doing serious damage if used for an extended period of time.

Re-selling Wholesale Natural Beauty Products is a Great Source of Extra Income

Today, a lot of entrepreneurs are looking to earn extra income. Home-based businesses are perfect for that. As they do not take many hours a day, selling beauty products online can be a great side job.

All you need to do is create an e-commerce store and choose a wholesale supplier of natural beauty products. As an entrepreneur and online business owner, you should educate your potential customers about the harmful effects of such chemicals and let them decide if you want to buy your natural products.

Also, if you convey enough information about these chemicals and attend to your customers’ concerns and needs individually, you may earn a loyal customer base, who will not go anywhere but your online store to but their natural personal care products.

Why Choose the Dropshipping Method

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method. It is a great e-commerce solution if you want to minimize the inventory risk. Online retailers who dropship do not have to stock the products themselves. After finding their dropship suppliers, retailers basically import the products they want to sell into their e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce.

With this method, the retailer can buy beauty products at real wholesale prices.  Then, they can re-sell them at much higher retail prices. But here is the trick: you do not actually have to buy the products. At least, not until your customer purchases them from you! Once you get an order from a customer, your dropshipping supplier will ship the product directly to the customer. So, with dropshipping, you definitely save time and money on handling shipping and inventory.

5 Top Natural Beauty Products to Dropship

Now let’s go over some of the best-selling natural beauty and skincare products that you can offer to potential customers. All these wholesale beauty products can be found on GreendropShip.

1. Alba Botanica Sea Lettuce Cleansing Milk

This natural skin care product is a unique and detergent-free cleanser that’s made with sea lettuce, aloe vera, and almond oil. It gently wipes away make-up and any impurities without irritating or damaging delicate skin for a clean, vibrant complexion. Plus, the aloe and shea butter give the skin extra protection and moisturize it until it feels rejuvenated. It also contains a proprietary Marine Complex that’s rich in minerals to detoxify and stimulate cell regeneration.

This is an exceptionally popular product – it’s designated as Amazon’s Choice and is a top-rated and best-selling item on LuckyVitamin, Swanson Health Products, and Amazon.

  • More balanced, uniform, and even complexion.
  • Frothy cleanser freshens and brightens skin.
  • 100% vegetarian ingredients.
  • No animal testing.
  • No parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.
  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • Detergent-free

2. Derma E: Firming Serum

This is another natural and organic face cleanser. The formula contains skin-firming DMAE as well as antioxidants like Alpha Lipoic Acid and C-Ester. Plus, the cleanser is also made with calming Lemon Grass, Chamomile, and natural astringents like Horsetail and Horse Chestnut. That means it’s tough on dirt and grime but easy on your face, especially if the skin is sensitive.

Finally, It is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten-free, GMO-free.

This product is a big seller – it’s a highly-rated bestseller on Amazon, Vitacost, Walgreens, iHerb, and Walmart.

  • 100% natural and made with Botanical Extracts
  • pH-Balanced
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Lanolin-free
  • GMO-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% vegan

3. Giovanni: Facial Cleansing Towelettes – D:tox System 

This bag of 30 towelettes is specially formulated to help detoxify your skin and revitalizing a tired-looking face. Plus, it’s made with natural ingredients, including volcanic ash as well as acai and goji berries. 

The volcanic ash acts as gentle but effective exfoliator to pull away damaged skin. The acai and goji berries are super-antioxidants that help combat damaging free radicals.

Designated as Amazon’s Choice and is a top-rated bestseller on Vitamin Shoppe, Vitacost, and Walmart. 

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist & Clinically Tested
  • Ophthalmologist Tested & Non-Comedogenic 
  • Citrus extracts aid in refining skin’s texture
  • Cucumber extract soothes and hydrates
  • Antioxidants help combat skin-damaging free radicals
  • Ultra-soft to comfortably remove makeup & mascara

4. NooTrees: Skin Wipes

These skin wipes are specifically designed to slow down aging. Using NooTree’s proprietary Eco-dot technology, they can be used for intense moisturizing anytime or anywhere. Just consider them your own personal, mobile spa!

They’re also full of nourishing vitamins and fatty acids to give your skin a vibrant, healthy, and radiant look. Plus, because they provide incredible, sustained moisture, they help delay the onset of wrinkles and crow’s feet.

These are designated as Amazon’s Choice and are also highly rated bestsellers on VitaCost, Walgreens, CVS, and Vitamin Shoppe.

  • Made from sustainable sources
  • 100% biodegradable bamboo
  • BPA-free
  • 100% renewable raw material
  • Vitamins A and E

5. Earth Science: Face Clarifying Herbal Astringent

This product is specially formulated for oily skin and complexions. That way, it helps to combat the oil buildup without stripping the skin of its necessary moisture and causing more breakouts. This astringent is best used as the second or third step in a comprehensive facial regimen, following washing and scrubbing, respectively.

It effectively removes soap residue, trapped oil, and dead skin while refreshing and toning. It also prepares the skin to be more receptive to further treatment without disturbing its natural moisture balance. Extracts of witch hazel, sage, rosemary, horsetail, cucumber, sea kelp, and peppermint provide gentle astringency.

This is an Amazon’s Choice product and is also a top-rated bestseller on WalMart, Swanson Health Products, and Rite Aid.

  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free
  • pH of 4.0
  • Vegan

Sign up for a membership on GreendropShip and start dropshipping all the natural beauty products above and much more! You can also view our product catalog to find out more about all types of natural products you can sell online. 


Wholesale & Bulk Skin Care & Hair Care Products

In the skin and hair care private label industry, there is not only an opportunity to brand retail products, but you can often buy larger volumes in bulk-sized containers.  This is often referred to as “wholesale” or “bulk” and there are advantages associated with purchasing products in these larger sizes.

Reduced Cost – When you buy wholesale private label skin care or hair care products, you experience the lowest pricing possible.  That is because the product goes directly from the manufacturer to you.  There is reduced handling, reduced packaging and usually a reduced shipping cost.   You can then package and label the product yourself if needed.

Flexibility – When you order in bulk, you have the option of either filling your back bar or your retail shelves when you need it.  You will have product on hand and can re-stock as you use it – and there will be less worry about running out or rush orders.

Low Retail Quantities – Private label companies have Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) for their retail products.  And even when the MOQs are as low as 12 units, sometimes it’s still more than what you need on your shelf.  When you buy wholesale private label skin care products or hair care products, you can fill as few retail products as you need and fill them on demand.  It is also possible for you to custom fragrance the product in small batches for your clients, creating a unique scent experience.

Our Wholesale & Bulk Natural Skin Care Products

All of our products are available in bulk. Our products are all-natural, made from high-quality ingredients, and are cruelty free. Furthermore, our products can be tailored to your clientele with our customizable scents, such as Almond, China Rain, Black Orchid and many more. Our wholesale organic private label skin care products include:

  • Facial cleansers
  • Makeup removers
  • Age Defying products
  • Environmental Defense products
  • Peptide cremes
  • Eye treatments
  • Facial masques
  • Facial scrubs
  • Potent serums
  • Facial mists
  • And more!

Our Wholesale & Bulk Hair Care Products

Like our skin care products, all of our hair care products are cruelty free, are made from natural ingredients, and can be customized with different scents. Our bulk hair care products include:

  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Styling gels
  • Styling creams
  • Smoothing serums
  • Masques
  • Hot oil treatments
  • Leave in treatments
  • And more!

Working with Pravada for Your Wholesale & Bulk Product Needs

At Pravada, we are here to do as much or as little as you need.  We are a full-service private label skin and hair care company and we can help you through the development of your products from picking packaging, selecting products and fragrances to designing your logo and label.  In addition, you can also purchase wholesale and experience savings and flexibility as you create your uniquely branded private label line.  Email us at [email protected] and one of our Project Consultants can help you get started.

Price List – Information

To download the wholesale price list of the AllKosmetika store, you need to register, and then click on the “download price list in XLSX” button in the left block “Price list” on this page or on any page of the catalog. We also draw your attention to the fact that after registration you can view all prices and place orders directly on the site (how to do this, see the section “How to place an order?”).

Ordering cosmetics in bulk according to price list

AllKosmetika Price List.ru has a nested tree structure due to the large number of brands and products. Therefore, if you have any difficulties or questions when viewing or ordering from the price list, read our small instruction:

Important: to display the price list correctly, use only Microsoft Excel on your computer. Other programs, for example, mobile versions of Excel, Open Office, browser versions of Excel, etc. may display the price list incorrectly.

1. To view the price list, use the “Pros” and “Cons” buttons, which collapse / expand the current level or the current structure of the price list:

2. The price list is built according to the following scheme: Country of production of cosmetics -> Brand – > Brand series (if any) -> Brand line (if any) -> Product list. In the photo below we have expanded the country “Russia” and see a list of its brands:

3. Now we expanded the Beauty Cafe brand to the level of series:

4.Let’s expand, for example, the “Gels” series to the list of products and see that each product has an article, barcode, name, weight / volume (depending on the type of product) and seven price columns that depend on the total purchase amount. The availability is unfortunately not shown at the moment.

5. In order to place an order, you need to put in the “Order” column the required quantity of products in the corresponding lines. In this case, the total amount for this product will be calculated according to the first price column:

6.At the end of the price list, the total order amount (“Total”) is calculated. The total amount of the order is also counted in the first column. This amount is used by our manager after receiving a price list from you to assign you the price column, which includes the order amount. For example, in this case, column # 1 will be assigned to us (up to 15 tr.).

Everything, you can safely send the price list to our mail [email protected] Our managers will handle the processing and invoice you.

Best regards, wholesale supplier of cosmetics
All Cosmetics Company, AllKosmetika.ru
Tel .: +7 (499) 340-72-79
E-mail: [email protected]

Professional cosmetics WHOLESALE Moscow – ilorai.ru

In the iLorai Professional store you can buy professional cosmetics from leading manufacturers of the beauty industry at minimal prices. The large assortment includes:

  • Body, face, hair care products;
  • Hair and eyebrow dyes;
  • Materials for manicure and nail extension;
  • Various equipment;
  • Power tools: hair dryers, hair and beard clippers, sterilizers, paraffin baths and much more;
  • Consumables to create a stylish look;

All products we offer are of high quality.You can order the best professional hair cosmetics at cheap prices. Orders are accepted online and executed as soon as possible

For beauty industry professionals

The sale of goods is carried out for those who work in the field of beauty: hairdressers, stylists, makeup artists, cosmetologists. Each specialist, having entered the catalog of an online store, will definitely find high-quality and really effective cosmetics for the face, body, hair and reliable equipment for their work.

The manufacturer’s professional cosmetics website offers everything you need to equip a beauty salon.

For everyone

Our inexpensive online store of professional cosmetics is open to anyone looking for a wide range of home care products. Do you need a 100% effective cream, shampoo, balm, varnish, hair dye, personal care accessories? You can buy all this on very favorable terms.

Pros of Buying at iLorai Professional Store

  • The main advantage that you get when purchasing professional cosmetics wholesale, equipment, accessories, electrical appliances in our store is the best prices.This becomes possible due to the fact that the store is in direct contact with manufacturers of cosmetics and equipment. This makes the presented products available to every customer.
  • The website contains prices for wholesale buyers. An organization, an individual entrepreneur, and a private customer can make a purchase from us.
  • We purchase all means and equipment, consumables only from well-known, proven manufacturers who have been working in the market of goods for the beauty industry for a long time.Among them are professional cosmetics of such brands as Kapous, Aravia, Zinger, Staleks, The Saem and others.

A large assortment allows you to fully purchase everything you need for professional and home use, and not waste time looking for goods.

Fast shipping

Now you know where you can buy professional cosmetics in bulk in Moscow. We offer various payment methods and optimal delivery conditions throughout Russia.Information about this is contained in the corresponding section of the site.

Perfumes (perfumes) wholesale at low prices in Moscow

The online perfume shop moskva (Moskva.market) is an enviable, regularly expanded assortment, sold at fair prices. In the electronic catalog you will find a large number of items, including branded perfumes and cosmetics, bags and watches, jewelry and toys, useful accessories and much more. For a quick search for a particular product, you can use the convenient sorting of the products presented.

Comfortable shopping for reasonable money!
Taking advantage of the opportunity to buy goods on Moscow.market, you choose goods of impeccable quality supplied by trusted manufacturers. In addition, shopping with us is profitable. We regularly arrange sales, offering our clients interesting promotions and discounts!

Our experts are responsible for choosing products for subsequent sale on the site. Thanks to direct cooperation with brands, we are ready to offer inexpensive products of impeccable quality.

Convenient ordering
To make a purchase on our website, just send the product to the virtual basket and fill out the form offered by the system. We will promptly contact you to clarify the details of the order, organize the delivery of goods to any region of the Russian Federation. There are several convenient options for paying for the goods!

Advantages of shopping in perfumery. Moscow (Moscow.market):
Make purchases without leaving the walls of your home – you can place an order using a computer or smartphone in just a few clicks;
You can get advice at any time – just contact us in any convenient way;
Goods are sold at reasonable prices;
Discounts and promotions!

Thank you for choosing us


Online store

perfume opt.Moscow (Moscow.market)

specializes in the wholesale of perfumes, cosmetics and other body care products from world famous brands. Our catalog contains perfumes from leading brands, designed for men and women who are used to choosing the best for themselves. Every resident of Russia can become our client! Regardless of whether he wants to open his own perfume shop, or wants to purchase several new perfume and cosmetic products for personal use!

Our company works closely with renowned manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumery.By purchasing perfumes, eau de toilette, cosmetics, car fragrances and related products in bulk directly from manufacturers. This allowed us to reduce prices for all products presented in our catalog. And here you can buy perfume wholesale at very low cost!

In our online store you can buy both mass-market cosmetics and luxury brand perfumes. Both original bottles and testers are available.Thanks to this, you can always inexpensively purchase any fragrance you like from us.

We are focused on long-term cooperation with our customers. That is why we offer them not only low prices for all products, but also regular updating of the assortment. Our catalog contains fragrances from the latest collections of leading brands. That will allow everyone to buy inexpensive cosmetics and perfumes from new collections.

Buy perfume in bulk in the online perfumeopt store.Moscow (Moscow.market)

is profitable also because we have developed a flexible system of discounts for our regular customers. Thanks to this, they will be able to purchase elite eau de toilette, perfumes, colognes, lipsticks, glosses and other goods even cheaper! And for wholesale buyers who place orders for large amounts, we offer free shipping throughout Russia and other pleasant bonuses!

The main goal of our online store is to satisfy the wishes of all our customers.Therefore, we offer Russians not only wholesale prices for the entire perfume, but also a wide range, as well as exemplary service. Each of our clients, regardless of the purchase amount, will be served attentively, quickly and politely. That is why shopping at Parfumoptom.com is not only profitable, but also very convenient!

perfumeopt.Moscow (Moscow.market)

– a company specializing in the wholesale trade of perfumes, cosmetics and perfumes.We offer a wide range of perfumery wholesale from leading manufacturers from Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Poland and other countries. The catalog contains products for both sexes who prefer high quality products. Anyone can buy perfume wholesale from us, regardless of the purpose of the purchase. This could be business development or group purchases. We regularly replenish our assortment with trendy products. Among the novelties of perfumery and cosmetic products, you will surely find the one that suits you according to your taste preferences and budget.

Perfumery wholesale
Our online store is an experienced company that works closely with manufacturers whose products have been tested by thousands of buyers. Buying wholesale perfume, eau de toilette, all kinds of cosmetic products from us, you give preference to a company that works for the benefit of customers, striving to make any wishes come true! By the way, you can buy perfumes in bulk from us at reasonable prices, and the desired product is always waiting for you at the company’s warehouse – you don’t have to wait for weeks for the delivery of the desired item.

The online store offers cosmetics of the budget and premium segment, perfumes that can surprise you with the persistence of unique aromas. We offer to buy perfume wholesale in full size or test format! Thanks to the large selection, you will find a trendy fragrance at a low price with us!

If you are looking for a reliable wholesale supplier of perfumes, we are ready to offer you the most favorable terms of cooperation. We offer wholesalers low prices, constant discounts, as well as prompt delivery carried out by trusted transport companies.

Perfume wholesale with fast delivery
It has never been so easy to buy perfume in bulk! To do this, just visit catalog

perfumeopt.Moscow (Moscow.market)

suitable product, put it in the basket and place an order by filling out a simple form. Soon our specialist will contact you to confirm the order, answer your questions, agree on the form of payment and delivery method. Customers who buy perfumes in bulk can count on pleasant discounts and lucrative offers for the subsequent purchase of cosmetics, perfumes and other products.

High-quality perfume wholesale for demanding customers
We offer our customers a wide range of perfumery wholesale. Testers are in great demand and are an excellent tool for increasing sales. Test vials are capable of performing several functions:
Having presented a tester to a customer as a gift, you can count on him to return to your store as soon as possible. He is 90% likely to make a purchase at your outlet, and also recommend you to friends and acquaintances;
Testers make the selection of full size perfumes much easier.After evaluating the fragrances, the buyer can make an unmistakable choice in favor of a more expensive solution.

Full-size bottles are also in demand. We offer perfumes in bulk from manufacturers from Poland, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey. Perfumery is made on modern production lines from high quality components, bottled in beautiful containers and packed in presentable boxes. Perfumes have a high level of durability, and their aromas conquer from the first breath!

Buy perfume wholesale in perfume opt.Moscow (Moskva.market) The main task of our company is to strive to meet the most stringent customer requirements. We guarantee not only fast delivery and affordable prices, but also professional service. Every customer will be served at a high level!

When buying licensed perfumes at a reasonable cost, many buyers believe that they are receiving a fake, low-quality product. In fact, by opting for quality-certified copies, you can be sure that you will become the owner of products that are manufactured in factories using high quality ingredients.

Today we offer to buy perfumes and perfume samples produced at the best factories in the UAE, Poland, Turkey and other countries. It is here that the production lines operate, which offer copies of famous fragrances, which are no different from the original, including notes of smell, persistence, packaging design.

Very persistent, rich, sexy aromas will be a welcome present for fans of inexpensive but high-quality perfumery.In our online store there is a wide range of perfumes in bulk, which you can buy with fast delivery in Moscow and other cities of the country. At the same time, the reasonable cost of production will become an indisputable advantage.

Licensed perfumery is a great opportunity for collectors who want to collect the maximum number of bottles that are relevant to a particular collection. With us, even the strictest consumer will be able to pick up options for aromas that make the image refined, light and unique.The branded online store will delight you with truly high-quality, elegant, durable perfumery, which is sold at competitive prices.

Licensed copies – your chance to touch the beauty!
Our store was created especially for people who cannot afford to pay an impressive amount for a bottle of perfume. A wide variety, flexible pricing policy and high-quality service will make it possible to purchase several desired fragrances without spending a lot of money.By purchasing certified products, you become the owner of a persistent product, which is almost impossible to distinguish from the original. High-quality replicas of perfumes are revealed in the same way as the original, so those around you will not even guess that you are not using the original.

Our perfumery is an excellent replacement for original perfumes!
Perfumes made in the UAE, Turkey, Poland are produced with strict adherence to technology, and therefore you should not think that a licensed copy is a low-grade product.Some fragrances may be less persistent than the original, but at the same time, you get a great opportunity to touch the world of exclusive fragrances from world famous brands. Now everyone who does not have a high income can smell great aromas.

If you put a certified copy bottle in front of you and the original container, you will hardly find any difference. Everything is identical here, including the form factor and packaging materials, smell, volume and other details.Only safe components are used in fragrances, products are bottled in strong bottles with reliable dispensers, packed in boxes with high-quality printing. You will not have to pay more, which is especially important for wholesale buyers and those who like to have several types of perfumes in stock.

Perfume samples
Also in our store there is a wide range of perfume samples. They are presented in various volumes, allowing you to appreciate all the benefits of a particular scent.

Wholesale perfume samples perform the following functions:
If you purchase goods for your own store, perfume samples will be an excellent tool when conducting an advertising campaign. Not a single buyer will refuse to receive as a gift or buy a small bottle of the desired perfume for a symbolic amount.
Wholesale perfume samples, which you can buy from us at a low price, are represented by popular fragrances, to which many women and men are not indifferent.The products are relevant for those who prefer to exude a new aroma every day!
Mini perfume – an opportunity to “taste” a new fragrance. Thanks to this opportunity, you are guaranteed to be able to choose the option that suits you, in order to buy a full-size bottle afterwards, the contents of which will be used with pleasure!

Why is the price low?
Many consumers, looking closely at copies of perfumes, cannot understand why the cost of products that meet international standards is much lower than the original, because the quality is almost identical.This happens for the following reasons:
A manufacturing company usually has a small factory, which is equipped with quality equipment. At the same time, the salary of the staff is not at a high, but at an average level;
Leading perfume brands make large mark-ups “per brand”, while the cost of the main product is much lower than the suggested price. Licensed perfumery does not include a “per brand” markup.

Differences in non-original packaging
A person who is not a connoisseur of perfumery at first glance will not find the difference between the original and the copy.But there are still small features, for example, small roughness or scratches. This is due to the fact that manufacturers use less expensive materials to create bottles and packaging. But the content always remains consistently high quality. The entire production process is carefully monitored and tested.

You can buy high-quality perfumes from well-known manufacturers in our online store. A wide range and affordable prices will allow you to buy perfumes in bulk on the most favorable terms! We will provide professional advice, prompt shipment and delivery of goods throughout the country.We offer special conditions for cooperation and favorable discounts to wholesale customers!

The best perfumery at wholesale prices on the best conditions

Natural cosmetics wholesale

Dear potential buyers, we are glad to welcome you!

Our main profile is exactly wholesales of high-quality natural cosmetics and natural products for household non-chemicals and eco-products for the home. Our clients are retail and online stores of healthy food, Ayurveda; natural cosmetics boutiques, pharmacies, beauty salons, etc.d.

For them, we offer the most convenient service and conditions with fast shipment of goods.

The BIO PLUS company is the official distributor of all brands presented on the site, and not only. Request a wholesale price list from us to see the full range.

Why do wholesalers like to work with us? Because:

1. You buy cosmetics at prices and on the terms of the manufacturer.

2. You are confident in the quality of products and the absence of counterfeits.After all, we would only buy directly and directly from production. Our director personally communicates with the owners of manufacturing companies.

3. You save time and money on delivery by purchasing products from different brands in one place. After all, we are located in Moscow, and most of the factories are far from Moscow.

4. We take great care in packaging and delivery of products. We pack tightly and securely – there are many glass bottles in the assortment. In the cold season, we send orders in compliance with the temperature regime in order to avoid spoilage of the products.

5. We have a large warehouse to accommodate many wholesale customers. Therefore, in stock a large number of each item of goods.

6. We add only natural and quality brands to our assortment.

7. If you find a manufacturing defect, we promptly contact the suppliers and change the product to a quality one

8. You can always get advice on any product as well as select the range of the best selling products for your business.We periodically conduct master classes for wholesale customers.

9. You can order trial lots or individual items from the catalog.

If you are interested in a reliable supplier of natural cosmetics and eco-products, please contact us by phone or request a call back – we will call you back.

Be healthy, be happy!

Wholesale Department:

+7 926 092 84 77

+7 499 391 10 34

e-mail: bioplusinfo @ gmail.com, [email protected]

Here you can download product presentations, photographs and other promotional materials


Health and beauty products

Cosmetic products are an important shopping category. The beauty and health of all family members directly depend on its quality. For different purposes, manufacturers offer special products, among which everyone will find products suitable for him.

Types of cosmetics

  • Hygienic: soap, oral care products, shaving accessories, feminine hygiene products, deodorants.
  • For face: cleansers, masks, creams, scrubs and peels, serums and emulsions, lip balms, eyebrow and eyelash dyes, cosmetic tools.
  • For body: gels, bath and shower foams, scrubs, body wraps, moisturizers, nourishing and depilatory creams, massagers, sunscreens and sprays.
  • For hair: shampoos, balms and masks, oils and serums, combs, curlers, scissors, styling products, paints and accessories to them.
  • Cosmetic products for children for bathing, moisturizing the skin, as well as safe decorative cosmetics for girls.
  • Home first-aid kit: pill boxes, food supplements, heating pads and compresses, diagnostic tests, oxygen cartridges, contact lenses, home appliances, rehabilitation devices, pharmaceutical series medical cosmetics, orthopedic goods.
  • Everything for make-up: decorative cosmetics and tools for its application.
  • Aromatherapy: incense, essential oils, phytopillows and rollers, aroma lamps and candles.
  • Everything for manicure and pedicure: tools, equipment, varnishes, accessories for design.
  • Perfumes: for men, women, children.

Gift sets are very popular – beautiful packaging, interesting shapes, pleasant aromas.Also pay attention to cosmetic bags and organizers for easy storage.

You can also buy cosmetics with delivery from a warehouse across the Russian Federation and the CIS (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Minsk, Astana, etc.). If you have any questions, call 8-800-234-1000 and get a free consultation from our specialists.

Natural cosmetics wholesale Moscow

5 + 1 interesting facts about the store Love Organic ru:

1.Our store features natural cosmetics, organic hygiene products and eco-friendly home products from all over the world. The main countries-suppliers of products for us are Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Thailand and India .

2. All products in our store are thoroughly tested for quality before they go on sale. Each product presented in our store has been certified. We work only with trusted suppliers and do not accept offers to our e-mail from time to time “to buy a batch of goods inexpensively, directly from the container.”

3. Our goal is to promote natural personal care , organic personal care products and ecological home products. Natural products are what modern moms and caring dads use. We want to make environmentally friendly products as affordable as possible, help with the choice and deliver the necessary goods to each family with maximum convenience. We, in turn, try to conduct our business as safely as possible for nature and our environment.For example, in the production of our branded bags, we add a special substance that helps the bags to decompose within 1 – 2 years from the date of production.

4. Our principle is to work “for a long time” , to bring benefit and joy to our clients, and not “make money quickly”. If for some reason you did not like or did not fit the product you bought from us, we will be happy to replace it with another one or refund your money without any questions.

5. As of March 2021, we have 1 store-warehouse on m.Krylatskoe, st. Autumn building 23, 6th floor , where goods are stored and the bulk of orders are collected.

+1. We are adding one more item due to numerous requests from customers. We have upgraded to a better package of parcels – now we carefully pack every item that may have been damaged during transit. We pack all bottles, fragile items and so on in a film that prevents damage during transportation.

Continue shopping!

Korean cosmetics wholesale

About the store

Sakuracos-opt.com – online store of Korean cosmetics wholesale. We offer you low prices and a huge range of choices among Korean brands.

Sakuracos is your reliable partner and supplier of Korean cosmetics. With us your business will become profitable and successful.

Here you can buy popular brands such as Tony Moly, Holika Holika, Missha, Secret Key, TheFaceShop, Etude House, Innisfree, Nature Republic, Deoproce with a big discount.

Sakuracos-opt.com – Shop Korean cosmetics wholesale.We offer low prices and a huge range to choose among Korean brands.

Sakuracos – Your reliable partner and supplier of the Korean cosmetics.We us your business will be profitable and successful.

Here you can buy popular brands such as Tony Moly, Holika Holika, Missha, Secret Key, TheFaceShop, Etude House, Innisfree, Nature Republic, Deoproce at a deep discount.

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