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Fondant Basics | Satin Ice

Getting Started

Below are some common questions that come about when working with fondant. Before you get started here are some of the most helpful hints to keep in mind as you work:

  • Make sure your surface, tools and hands are clean and dry 
  • Avoid sticking to worksurface with shortening, cornstarch or powdered sugar 
  • Wrap and seal fondant that’s not in use so it doesn’t dry out! 
  • Work fast to keep fondant pliable 
  • Knead the fondant, it will become softer and more pliable as you knead it 
  • After use, store fondant at room temperature (but put chocolate in the fridge)
  • Roll out to about 1/8” thick for covering
  • If covering a cake, use a firm cake mix (like pound cake)

How much fondant do I need?

The amount of fondant needed will vary based on the size of your project.

 Please see our helpful guide. 

How long should I knead the fondant?

Kneading is the most important step to successfully using the fondant. As they are worked, both fondant and gum paste become more elastic and pliable. For best results, knead in small portions until the fondant is soft and pliable and then combine. If you are using large amounts, store each portion of kneaded fondant in plastic wrap. Watch a helpful demonstration by Ron Ben-Israel.

Can I knead my fondant in a mixer with the kneading attachment?

Yes, both fondant and gum paste can be kneaded with the dough hook on a mechanical mixer, although we recommend using your hands for more control and tempering of the product. When using a mixer it is possible to over knead and add too much air to the product.

What type of rolling pin works best for rolling out my fondant?

You can use whatever rolling pin you are comfortable with, although we recommend rolling pins without handles. To get fondant thin, it is a little difficult when using a rolling pin with handles, because the pressure tends to be stronger on the edges. This causes the sides of the fondant become thinner than the middle. The whole secret of success to making fondant thin all the way through, especially in the middle, is to push and pull from the center so that there is consistency throughout. 

What is the proper thickness to roll out the fondant?

The proper thickness for covering a cake is about 1/8”.

How do I steam my finished cake?

Cake Artists use this technique to add a nice shiny finish to their cakes, in addition to removing any residue from dusting powder while working. To do this at home, make sure to cover your steamer opening with a cloth and rubber band to prevent steam from ‘spitting.’ 

How to prevent imperfections when sheeting?

When preparing fondant for the sheeter there are three steps to follow.

First, knead the fondant to the proper consistency. Then roll the fondant into a perfect ball. Make sure there are no folds in the fondant ball. Last, flatten the ball with your hands. Now your fondant is ready to run through the sheeter. This process is extremely important, because any imperfections in the fondant will be amplified by the sheeter and can lead to product cracking.

Can I add color to the fondant?

When possible, it’s best to mix pre-colored fondant to achieve a specific color, as color additives can potentially alter the fondants consistency. If you are going use a colorant to achieve a specific hue, we recommend using a gel color. Wear disposable gloves to avoid staining of your hands. Begin by kneading the fondant and then break up your fondant into four balls. Dip a toothpick in the bottle of color and rub it onto one of your fondant balls. Knead the color thoroughly into the fondant until it is completely mixed. Repeat the color process for the remaining three balls.

When you are finished coloring each part, knead each of the parts back into one ball. 

Can I add something to the fondant to make it act like your Gum Paste?

Yes. If you wish to have our fondant behave more like gum paste, you can add Tylose or CMC powder (cellulose gum or gum tragacanth). Add the powder to the fondant in small amounts (approximately 1 – 1.5 teaspoons per pound) and knead thoroughly into the fondant with each addition until you have achieved the consistency of gum paste. Watch tutorials by our pro’s: Ron Ben-Israel and Betty Van Norstrand both demonstrate this technique.

For more helpful hints watch our Learn The Basics series on Youtube:

Candy Bucket Cake Recipe | Food Network Kitchen

Deselect All

Cooking spray

2 18 . 25-ounce boxes spice cake mix

8 large eggs

2 cups buttermilk

2/3 cup vegetable oil

2 16 -ounce tubs vanilla frosting

Orange gel food coloring, for tinting

Cornstarch, for dusting

12 ounces orange rolled fondant (available at craft stores)

1/2 cup dark chocolate frosting

2 long black licorice strings

Snack-size candy, for topping

The Secrets of Success When Working with Rolled Fondant

When rolling out fondant do so on a silicone mat. Lightly grease the mat and roll the fondant to 1/8” 3 cm. it is not recommended to use cornstarch/cornflower or powdered sugar/icing sugar. This makes the fondant too dry causing rips and tears or an elephant skin appearance.

1. To prepare cakes for fondant, ice with buttercream. Cover the cake with the full coating of buttercream (1.4”) not a crumb coat. Buttercream should be smooth and the cake should not be visible.

2. Place the cake in the refrigerator to cool until the buttercream is firm.

3. Knead the fondant well being careful not to incorporate air bubbles (lightly grease your hands with shortening). When the fondant is soft, pliable with a little warmth to it, place in a plastic bag and keep the bag sealed until ready to use.

4. Using the Ateco 19” white nylon rolling pin, gently roll out the fondant onto the Ateco fondant silicone mat until it is level. Working from the middle outwards, gently push and pull, sliding the rolling pin gently but firmly over the surface of the fondant, gently stretching it from the center to the edges. Do not press too hard creating indentations or the rolling pin will not slide easily.

5. Continue stretching the fondant by sliding and rolling up-and-down and across until the fondant is approximately 1/8 of an inch thin.

6. If you don’t have the correct shape add fondant to the edges to patch. Because you have not used cornstarch or powdered sugar, the fondant will join easily without leaving a seam.

7. Remove the cake from the refrigerator, place on the table and lift the silicone mat with the fondant attached. The fondant will not slide off the mat. With fondant slide down, flip the fondant and the mat over the cake. Carefully peel the mat from the fondant leaving the fondant draped over the cake. The mat will peel away from the fondant easily without tearing.

8. Use a thin, soft, dry sponge to mold the fondant to the shape of the cake, working around the cake smoothing it down inch by inch. Gently stretch the fondant open when molding it to the cake to prevent creases. Trim the excess from the cake. The excess fondant has not been contaminated with cornstarch or icing sugar, therefore, can be replaced in the plastic bag and bucket.

9. Put the cake back into the fridge until you are ready to decorate it. You will notice that a small amount of condensation may form on the cake. Do not be concerned, as the condensation will give fondant a nice sheen and will keep it soft and palatable.

10. Most people do not like to eat thick fondant. Customer satisfaction is of utmost important and if the fondant is being peeled off the cake and left on the plate, it is an indication that the fondant is too thick and heavy and does not want to be eaten.

11. The SAI method of covering the cake with thin fondant will please your customers as they will not have to chew their frosting, it will also save you money!

Covering cake dummy with fondant:

1. Attach dummy to cake board.

2. Roll out the fondant slightly thicker then you would if you were covering a cake.

3. Spread a thin layer of shortening over the surface of the fondant.

4. Pick up the mat, with the fondant attached and flip over the cake dummy. Applying fondant to cake

5. Gently peel the mat away from the fondant. Fondant mat on cake

6. The shortening on the fondant will be underneath and act as the glue to adhere the fondant to the Styrofoam dummy.

7. Mold the fondant to the shape of the dummy using a soft dry sponge.

8. Trim off excess.

9. Knead the remaining fondant and store in a sealed container.

10. The quicker one works with fondant the easier it becomes to handle!

11. After sponging the fondant to mold to the cake dummy, use two cake smoothers to finish off the sides.

Borders with cutters:

1. Mix 50% gum paste with 50% fondant. This gives an excellent consistency for decorating the sides and top of the cake.

2. When making borders remember to keep them thin and delicate. It is not attractive or palatable when the decorative work on a cake is thick and heavy.

3. After rolling your 50-50 thinly, release the paste from the board. Lightly dust with cornstarch, and then quickly wipe off any residual cornstarch so that the paste releases without stretching.

4. Carefully attach to the cake using a small amount of water placed on the border not the cake.

Bucket & Spade Cake Recipe

To build up the cake…

  1. Bake three 6″ (15cm) sponges in whatever flavour you prefer and stack them up. Using a 4″ (10cm) disc as a guide, cut down on a slant from top to base all the way round, so the top sponge is 4″ Dia. at the top and the bottom sponge is 6″ Dia. at the base.
  2. Secure one of the supporting rods to the central hole in the base plate of the kit with the locking nut and cap off the other holes.
  3. Lower the smallest sponge over the rod, narrowest side down, and top with a layer of buttercream.
  4. Repeat with the two larger sponges, smaller side down, to create your bucket shape.
  5. Add the angled ‘corner’ rod to the top of the supporting rod.
  6. Cover the whole cake with a layer of buttercream and smooth off.
  7. Roll out light blue fondant icing to 3-4 mm thick, wrap around your bucket cake and trim off any excess.
  8. Add a strip of the same colour fondant at the top of the ‘bucket’ to make the rim, then attach the other rod to the angled piece.

To make the spade…

  1. To make the shaft of the spade, mould a cylinder of red icing approx. 2cm Dia. and 13cm long. Insert a bamboo skewer through the length of the icing, leaving approx. 2cm of the skewer exposed at one end, and enough of the skewer at the other end to fit from the corner of the angled rod to the end of the top rod.
  2. Slot the skewer inside the rod and smooth the bottom of the red icing over the end of the top rod.
  3. Roll out two blade-shaped pieces of red icing to make the spade’s blade. Attach one to the underside of the exposed supporting rod above the angled piece.
  4. Attach the other piece to the top side of the rod and smooth together.
  5. Cut out two long, thin triangles of red icing to make the sides of the blade, and a cylinder to act as the handle. Attach the triangles to either side of the blade with the base nearest the shaft.
  6. Attach the handle to the top end of the shaft, using the end of the skewer to hold it in place.
  7. Using a palette knife, cover the exposed, angled part of the supporting rod with buttercream and spread a little buttercream onto the bottom of the blade.
  8. Sprinkle soft brown sugar over the blade, supporting rod and top of the cake to create the sand.

Finish off your seaside masterpiece by adding another strip of red icing to create the bucket handle, a scattering of ‘sand’ around the base of the bucket and a few shells.

SmartFlex White Velvet Sugarpaste Fondant 250g

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How to Panel – Sugar Geek Show

This week we’re going to show you an easier way to cover a double barrel cake in fondant. If you’ve ever tried to drape a double barrel you know exactly what we’re talking about. If you have never attempted a double barrel cake or are thinking, “what the heck is a double barrel cake?”, we show you exactly how to do one in our Double Barrel Blog Post.

In order to drape a double barrel, you have to roll out a huge amount of fondant into a huge piece to fit the cake. Working with a piece that size is no easy task. Then say you do miraculously get the fondant onto the cake unharmed, the cake is so tall that the fondant really has a long way to fall and often times the weight of it causes tearing quicker then you can do anything about it. After learning the paneling method I will never drape another double barrel cake again, or a square one either for that matter.

Step 1

Roll out a small piece of fondant large enough to cover the top of your cake with a little to spare. Liz is covering a 6″ cake so she rolls the piece out to about an 8″ circle.

Step 2

Place the fondant onto some parchment and place in the freezer for 5 minutes to chill. This will make it much easier to cut a nice clean edge.

Step 3

Meanwhile, roll out a piece of fondant wide enough to wrap around your cake and tall enough to cover it with a little to spare. Use a ruler to measure and cut your fondant into a rectangle the correct size for your cake. Make sure the bottom of your panel is nice and straight for the bottom of the cake. Liz’s cake is 8″ tall and 6″ wide so she is cutting her piece approximately 10″ tall and 19″ wide.

Step 5

Transfer this fondant to a piece of parchment to place in the freezer to chill for 5 minutes as well.

Step 6

Take the first piece of fondant out of the freezer and place it on top of your cake and smooth it down. Using a super sharp, super clean razor blade cut off the excess fondant to the exact size of your cake top.

Step 7

Take your other piece of fondant out of the freezer. It should be very stiff and easy to pick up without distorting or drooping. Wrap the piece around your cake making sure to press it firmly against the cake sticking it to the buttercream all the way around.

Step 8

Use a fondant smoother to smooth your fondant to perfection.

Step 9

Again with your clean and sharp razor blade cut the fondant where the two ends overlap. Cut a nice straight line through BOTH pieces of fondant.

Step 10

Remove the cut fondant being sure to pull back the overlapped end and remove the cut piece from underneath.

Push the panel ends together, the ends should line up perfectly giving you a nice straight seam.

Step 11

Take your clean, sharp razor blade once again and keeping it flat on top of your cake, cut off the excess fondant from the top.

Step 12

Use a smoother to push the seam together and smooth it until its unnoticeable.

And just like that you have a perfectly paneled cake! A beautiful double barrel with sharp, clean edges, zero tears and zero tears.

Have you tried both methods of covering a cake in fondant? Which do you prefer? Some people use the paneling method all the time. It really is about finding what works best for you! We’re here to give you as many options as possible so you can figure it out.

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Erica’s Sweet Tooth » Popcorn Bucket Cake

posted by Erica on January 17, 2011

Award season is here! I watched parts of the Golden Globes last night, and couldn’t help but gawk at all the gorgeousness stuffed in one room. Unfortunately for them, none of those women have probably indulged in a piece of cake for months, so as much I as I envy them at times, I could never give up my sweet tooth! And with that, I bring you this Popcorn Cake. And no, not a cake made of real popcorn, but a cake fashioned to look a lot like a bucket of popcorn. Not perfect, but if you squint really hard, you might just smell some butter.

My friend Kristen is quite a fondant-extraordinaire and for her birthday we embarked on this cake making adventure together. We baked the cake in the giant Wilton cupcake pan I also used for my birthday last year, and used cake mix and canned frosting so we could focus more on the decorating and less on the baking. While the cake was in the oven, we worked on making the popcorn out of mini-marshmallows, an idea inspired by popcorn cupcakes in the book Hello, Cupcake. You simply cut one mini marshmallow in thirds, make a 3 leaf clover arrangement with the pieces, and glue a whole mini marshmallow on top with frosting. Instead of buying a pack of pastel mini-marshmallows and picking out the yellow ones, we painted some yellow with a mixture of yellow food coloring and water. But I suggest using vodka so that the liquid dries faster, because some of our “kernels” got pretty soggy. Plus if you’re making this for a party for adults, it’ll be that much more fun 🙂

Kristen made the fondant herself — it’s really not that hard and it’ll save you tons of money as fondant is, in my opinion, wayyy overpriced in craft stores. Not to mention it tastes 100x better than store-bought because it’s mainly a combination of powdered sugar and marshmallows. We got a little lazy with the red fondant by the end, and could have rolled it out thinner to make it lay smoother on the underlying white, but we still got the overall look we were going for. For the best results, alternate white and red strips, rather than red strips on top of a white background so that the stripes are completely flush with each other. But for the sake of time, we just wrapped the base in white and slapped some red stripes on it. Kristen and I had a lot of fun making this cake, and I think it would be a huge hit for your Oscar party next month 🙂

Popcorn Bucket Cake

For the cake:
1 box cake mix
2 cans of frostingFor the fondant:
1/4 cup butter, at room temperature
1, 16 oz package of mini marshmallows
4 tbsp water
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 lbs powdered sugar

For the “popcorn”:
1, 16 oz bag of mini marshmallows
1/4 cup vodka + few drops of yellow food coloring

– The night before you plan on building the cake, make the fondant by first placing the marshmallows in a large microwave-safe bowl, and microwave for 45 seconds to start melting them.
– Stir the water and vanilla into the hot marshmallows until smooth.
– Add the sugar slowly and beat together until the dough is well combined but sticky. Reserve 1 cup of sugar for kneading.
– Using the butter to grease your hands, sprinkle the fondant with powdered sugar and begin kneading the sticky dough for 5-10 minutes. This should help make the dough more pliable and no longer sticky.
– Divide the fondant so that 2/3 is set aside to stay white, and take 1/3 of it to dye red. Add the food coloring onto the ball of fondant and knead it until the color is uniform. I would recommend wearing latex gloves for this part to avoid dying your fingers. Also keep in mind that the color will deepen overnight, so your red will get darker if you’re worried it’s too pink.
– Form the white and red fondant into 2 separate balls, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight.

– The next day, prepare and bake the cake in a giant cupcake pan according to the package’s instructions.
– While the cake is baking and cooling, work on making the popcorn. Cut one mini marshmallow into thirds and arrange the 3 pieces like a 3-leaf clover. Use a dab of frosting to attach a whole mini marshmallow to the top of the clover, and set aside to dry. You’ll need a lot of them, but once you get into a groove (especially if you have a helper) it’s not so bad.
– Mix together the vodka and yellow food coloring in a small bowl and use a paintbrush to paint half of the popcorns yellow. Don’t paint the whole thing — just give a few accent brush strokes to each and leave some of them white to create some contrast.
– Roll out the fondant so that it is about 1/4″ thick and cut stripes of either both the red and white, or just the red.
– Once the cake is cooled, start by frosting the bottom half of the cake first. You can either cover the entire bottom in white fondant and glue the red stripes on top of it, or make red and white stripes of fondant and attach them next to each other. Use frosting to securely attach the fondant to the cake, or to the fondant underneath.
– Pipe a thick layer of frosting on top of the bottom layer, and place the top layer on top.
– Frost the top layer once it’s placed, and start attaching the popcorn kernels — you may or may not need extra frosting to attach them. Try to overlap them and alternate yellow and white to create a natural looking pile of popcorn.


SBS Language | #Isolation: ears in lipstick, a camera in a bag and a bucket on the head

Russian Antihandric flashmob #Isolation and a Facebook group of the same name appeared on March 30 and gained immense popularity and popular love. About 600 thousand people have already joined the group.

Participants make cosplay (or replicas) of famous paintings and sculptures using only what they have at home in self-isolation. That is, no models and specially purchased props.

Queen Ulrika Eleanor.Photo: Maria Kigel


From the special effects – only the ability to “multiply” yourself or family members for greater mass.

“This is the only thing for which we allow the use of Photoshop,” said the creator of the group Ekaterina Brudnaya-Chelyadinova in an interview with SBS Russian. “One woman multiplied her daughter for Degas, another multiplied herself for a choir of four singers.

The imagination of the participants is off the charts. To create the effect of oil painting or watercolor painting, some of them take pictures through oiled glass, others put a bag over the lens.

“The work of the mind is activated in isolation, because you have nowhere to go, you have to get out on the spot,” explains Ekaterina.

Katerina Brudnaya-Chelyadinova

It all started when Ekaterina, a photographer and employee of Mail.ru Group, took a portrait of her husband in the image of Van Gogh.

“It was a portrait of Van Gogh wearing a straw hat. A husband was used as a model, props – we found a hat. And I remembered that I had a vigorous red hair dye somewhere.We put on his beard, put on lipstick on his lips and put on pink lipstick on his ear, too, to make it look like the colors in the picture, ” she says. “They shot it very quickly, because I was afraid that the paint would remain on his cheeks, and he would walk, even at home, but red.

First cosplay flash mob #Isolation. Vincent Van Gogh. Self-portrait in a straw hat. Photo: Ekaterina Brudnaya-Chelyadinova


She posted the photo on Facebook and invited her friends to make their own cosplays.Together with friends, a lot of people responded, and isolation grew into a group, to which 10 thousand people signed up in three days. Now it is monitored around the clock by 14 moderators from Russia, the USA and New Zealand, the number of participants has long exceeded half a million, and the posts are in the tens of thousands.

In the top by the number of publications – “Black Square” and stories and girls. “We have five popular girls: with an ermine, a pearl earring, apples, absinthe and Alyonushka,” says Ekaterina.

According to her, pre-moderation is necessary to ensure that all participants are on an equal footing, do not use old, pre-prepared pictures, do not swear and follow the group’s rules.

Marc Chagall. Above the city. Photo: Evgeny Gurevich

“You have only a 95-year-old mother at home, like one of our readers – here she is taking pictures of her mother in an incredible way, so cool – she collects 60 thousand likes each”.

“Staying inside the painting”

One of the active participants in the flash mob, photographer Varya Shetzel, takes pictures for Izoizolyatsiya almost every morning.Varya takes an hour and a half to prepare one cosplay.

“I seem to interact with the pictures, and I like it – to convey the nuances, to be inside,” she shared with SBS Russian and compared participation in a flash mob with acting.

Varya shoots herself: “I make a scene, then I press the button – and I have 10 seconds to sit down and take the desired pose. It also turns out to be physical education, because I run back and forth. ”

She says that when choosing a picture for a cosplay, it is not only the artist’s manner and the ability to find the necessary props that are important to her, but also the expression on the model’s face.

“For example, I did a“ portrait of a girl ”by Petrus Christus. There, the girl does not look like me at all, but I really liked her expression on her face. She has a hat, for which I took a bucket, wrapped it in a children’s shoe bag, and put it on her head, ”says Varya.

For a replica of the blue dress, she wore a similar shade of a robe and sewed a towel to it to convey the piping.

If the model has makeup, Varya tries to recreate it as well.

I probably haven’t done so much makeup in my whole life as this month.

Moreover, if the model in the picture sits in profile, it is enough for Vara to paint up only one eye. So, with one made-up eye, she is surprised and finds herself in the mirror by the end of the day.

Varya adds that her participation in Izoizolyatsia allowed her as a photographer to open a new area in which she will work after the end of quarantine, and also presented friends and creative partners with whom she has already conceived new projects.

Collage: Varya Shetzel

“Izoizolyatsiya” is supported by commercial companies, publishing houses, film companies and hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who like the drive that appeared thanks to the flash mob.An e-book with the works of the participants has already been released, the group has a YouTube channel, a documentary is being filmed about it, and thematic contests are being held as part of the flash mob. For example, works with plots related to the Arctic or using LEGO.

“We also hope to make a big album, which will be mostly about cosplays, and an art critic will write us the lyrics, and users will tell us how personal stories against the backdrop of the pandemic brought them exactly to the work that turned out”.

Decorative cosmetics | Blogger a-l-e-n-k-a on SPLETNIK.RU 16 August 2015

In the laboratory, cosmetic products are created in manual mode and in small portions.

After approval, the product goes into production.

From the warehouse, the components required according to the recipe go to further production in different ways.

This is how shadows are made, for example.All components are poured into the boiler in the required proportion, thoroughly mixed with binders, fragrances and left for pressing.

These bags contain ready-made mixes of shadows, blush, powder.

Here the shadow mix is ​​pressed into small inserts. These small washers will later be assembled into a set of eyeshadows in several shades.

The operator monitors that the molds are filled with powder, levels the level “under the knife” and lowers the press.

The pressed shadow must withstand a fall from a 20-centimeter height, if chips appear, cracks or falls out of shape – into rejection.

There is an even larger press machine that makes larger products.

Honestly, it is not very clear why the seemingly huge press can handle only four portions of powder at the same time. They say this requires a lot of effort, so the size of the machine is justified.

Other components are fed to the cooking compartment. They brew the same shadows, eyeliners, mascaras and, of course, lipstick. Lipstick is generally considered to be one of the most difficult products. It is brewed for about three hours in huge cauldrons. At the heart of the lipstick is a pre-cooked bulk.

Bulk is the base of any lipstick. Roughly speaking, this is lipstick before the addition of dyes and fragrances. It contains vegetable oils, beeswax and dozens of other components.

The bulk is cut into pieces and melted. Later, dyes, mother-of-pearl, and fragrances are added to it.

Everything is poured into the boiler, gets in the way, heats up, and so on.

Mascara takes the longest to cook – about nine hours.

The finished lipstick in a heated state has a thick but liquid consistency, therefore it is poured down the pipe into buckets. There, it cools down, hardens and waits for the queue at the filling line.

In a bucket there are about two or three norms of the volume of lipstick that, according to popular beliefs, a man eats during his life)

Here’s our lipstick.It is reheated to 60-80 degrees and is ready for matrix filling. Inside each matrix are lipstick-shaped cavities.

Lipstick fills them in a couple of seconds and goes along a conveyor belt to cool down into a tunnel refrigerator.

After that, the rod is shot with compressed air into a previously prepared row of caps.

The length of the lipstick is the same, but the opening level of the cap is different, so the height of the product is also different.

Next, the lipstick enters under a stream of hot air (this is a decoration for shine) and undergoes control by the human eye, which, with the help of a magnifying glass, looks for cracks, chips, scratches in the lipstick.

The pencil case will be screwed in automatically.

It remains to close the cap and stick the sticker

Ink is packaged automatically and manually (the assortment is too wide for automation).

The thick product inside the containers is under pressure.

And this is a foundation

UNNV – I Miss Your Beauty So Much Lyrics

[Lyrics “I miss your beauty so much”]

[Verse 1: Anq]
I miss something – your probably beauty
Bucket of water
Music and smoke from the hut, what a beauty
If we are not happy with you, if you leave wounds
If voices from the bath, if I look with you
I’m kind of strange, data loss in my head
Nothing I don’t remember, but you didn’t kill me
I was killed by beauty, well, fields with water
Burned, young lad
I don’t feel pain, I don’t see beauty
Busy with beauty that blows off the roof
As a volcano I breathe, the parachute did not open in childhood
What for shit it creeps into my soul, I cherish it
Pockets are torn from shit, and I’m sitting dragging
I’m still looking for a job, well, let it
Smoke, goose, I don’t hang out in clubs for a long time
This beauty catches up with sadness
What will happen, if i don’t wake up tomorrow?
Where is the east, there is the essence, let the sadness press
In the morning I see the sunset, in the evenings I can’t blink
Dust is my spirit, you are my patient
Friend, buy a subscription for the feeling of hellish torment

[Chorus: Marik Marakesh]
Lips in lipstick, cabbage soup is smeared
I miss your beauty so much
Let everyone be perfect, but definitely not you
I miss your beauty so much
The end of the world is close, but my pussy is close to me
I miss your beauty so much
With a simple wave of a stick, shit into flowers
Me Your beauty is so lacking

[Verse 2: MarikMarakesh]
Look at the wheel and there are a lot of spokes in it
Yes, there are dancers without eggs in your circle
I woke up from fear that I quit smoking
In this movie, actors, actors but without faces
There is a suicide club
Love is a plague
For many, this word is not worth fucking
For many, this is a word for the good of oneself
For many, this is a bitch that has toughly thrown up
A dream burns like a bright star
As if I were flying away, like a fairy I’m beyond the seas
But where without you, the head smolders in the ashes
La-la-la-la, rightfully for all the cases, got the bodies
Velodrome in a circle, fuck
Why is she black, this beauty of yours
Vasya, check – here, you can get stuck
Mozart and Beethoven stir up Bach ba-ba-bang
Let everything get stuck, but it will grab at once
And give a fuck than smell, it’s better to burn out than to fade away

[Chorus: MarikMarakesh in
, smeared cabbage soup
I miss your beauty so much
Let everyone be perfect, but definitely not you
I miss your beauty so much
The end of the world is close, but I don’t care about your cunt
I miss your beauty so much
With a simple wave of a stick, shit into flowers
I miss your beauty so much

[Verse 3: Crash]
Free as the sky, devoted to their path
Dressed in the armor of God, there are no scum among ours
We just love to live in ecstasy
Far from the world deep and far from your dirt
I am not I will step there, why will I go, I will come to I know
I’m losing you, I’m finding, I’m silent incessantly
I want to be what I’ve already become
But my body is shaking and my soul is kinder
I know my meanings and desires
My love you are addiction
Hello hospital, I am a slow suicide
Che needs to drink in order not to sleep?
There are pale faces on scraps of paper
Set fire to the dawn, pharmacy, 21st century, buy fashionable rockets
And here I am melting on the go, smeared in delirium
I am steaming a blizzard, let me go, the exit staircase
A pipette gently smolders a branch
The walls are saturated with voices murdered eyes
I hear my lines breathe from above
I eat away anger like foam
Time has become tomorrow there will be something again, someone somewhere is waiting for something
Each has its own concern
Do not feed your soul, I am not in corrals
Criticism of steel Worship the fuck with the fence
Crash at the microphone like the first time
I please anyone, fuck the pedestal and it’s not enough even if there’s a lot
My head didn’t buy or sell

Shelf life for powder and lipstick

Not all consumers know that even good cosmetics are very spoils quickly

With the arrival of spring-red, you always want something new. In a positive mood, we are thinking about a new dress, hairstyle. Grandiose plans, fresh ideas ripen in my head. With a change in wardrobe, image and life in general – it’s understandable. But we forget about some trifles, and not trivial ones, but directly related to health, in the hustle and bustle. We are talking about cosmetics – the most feminine theme. Who, if not her, is responsible for beauty? However, we often choose cosmetics, guided only by its low price. By the way, in what century did you clean up your cosmetic bag? Sometimes the hand will not turn to send your favorite shadows that never end to the trash can.But their expiration date has long expired. And then the cosmetics begin to work not for the good of health, moving away from their main aesthetic task. It’s sad that it’s all our own fault!

Responsible and, therefore, correct

With today’s abundance of cosmetic offers, you can choose a lot and for a long time. All decorative cosmetics world manufacturers are divided into elite (Christian Dior, Chanel), middle class (Yves Rocher, Pupa) and mass (L’oreal, Max Factor, Revlon, Avon).

The first rule is – avoid cosmetics without a date of manufacture. Cosmetics from unknown companies are a common causative agent of allergies. It would be very useful to consult a makeup artist. Find out for sure what’s best for you. To have less storage problems, do not stock up on cosmetics for future use and in large containers!

All makeup depends on the quality of the foundation. Modern foundations necessarily contain sun filters, moisturizers and vitamins. You can’t spare money for shadows.Experts comment: everything that you bring to your eyes must only be of excellent quality. In addition, expensive eyeshadows have a softer texture, last longer and do not roll off. In order to avoid the same notorious allergic reaction, mascara must be chosen very carefully. There are high-quality and economy-class mascaras, which, according to the instructions, will twist, lengthen the eyelashes, and increase the volume. You can save a little on blush, since they are applied over foundation and powder.

With lipstick, everything is a little different.Do not be tempted to buy too cheap, because lipstick not only decorates, but also cares for the lips. The quality lipstick contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, vitamins. Not too greasy and dry, it is soft and easy to apply, the surface is smooth and the shaft is strong. Lipstick can be almost odorless or with a slight aroma of jasmine, strawberry, raspberry and cherry. Vanillin and saccharin give it a taste.

The type of cosmetics will not always reveal its harmfulness

As the famous cosmetologist said, the main mistake of most women is that they use the same cosmetics for too long.In a word, harmful, because it is overdue. But, as a rule, all cosmetic products become unusable after six months.

So, a compact powder with a wet sheen is just a warm spot for bacteria. But we continue to persistently hide unnecessary tubes-bottles in the closet – maybe they will be needed later. As a result of strict revision, 15 of 25 different cosmetics items may well be unusable. Therefore, feel free to get rid of anything that has changed color or smell.

It is better not to experiment on your own skin, but to buy a new product.Even if there are no visible signs of deterioration, the expiration date is still exhausted.

Famous perfumery and cosmetic companies (for example, OPI and Chanel) do not save not only on beautiful, but also on high-quality packaging of their cosmetic products: brushes, brushes, sponges. With regular cleaning, they can make cosmetics long-lived.

When buying, do not bypass the seller-consultant, who will reveal both the advantages and storage conditions of the selected funds. Trying to save money, do not forget about the main thing: cheap cosmetics will cost your face dearly.

Changing of the guard

Expiry dates, of course, only apply to products containing preservatives, tested both by various tests and by the consumers themselves. Alas, wholesome organic cosmetics without preservatives are much more curtailed.

– Mascara is waiting for renewal every three months. At each opening and closing, bacteria inevitably enter the tube along with the brush. Unlike expired mascara, high-quality mascara lays down evenly, without turning into lumps.

– Eye cream is suitable for six months to a year. And if suddenly the cream changed its consistency and smell earlier than the deadline, especially out of sight.

– As for powder, compact eyeshadow and blush, they are the longest lasting (up to three years). All friable products are stored for a long time due to the lack of moisture, which prevents microbes from multiplying.

– Liquid foundation feels great throughout the year. When you smell fat, stop communicating with her immediately.

– Creamy blush will also last for a year. Like a liquid foundation, blush is high in pigment and stays fresh for a long time.

– Lipstick will faithfully last no more than a year. If you have not guessed right with the color, do not hope that you will like it in a couple of years. Better please your friend. Lipstick should not be too fragrant – this is not a sweet treat. Its instability (less than an hour) also speaks of its low quality. You can check the lipstick by cutting off the top layer. If a strong smell of wax hits your nose, then it’s time to throw it away.But the shelf life of pencils for eyes and lips does not matter. Every time you sharpen your pencil, you get rid of the dirt.

– Nail polish does not tolerate yellowing. A high-quality one will withstand a couple of years, and a cheap one will dry out in a month.

– The moisturizer can be used safely for a year. Just watch for color, consistency and odor changes. Body creams are generally applicable for up to two years. The old cream will not harm, but will become less effective over time. The accumulated milk for the body can be re-qualified – for the legs.

Hygienic lipstick – Gosstandart

Hygienic lipstick – a cosmetic product, one of the varieties of lipstick. Can be used by women, men, children, and can also be used for cats and dogs. Designed to protect the delicate skin of the lips from the adverse effects of the environment – frosty and dirty air, chapping, the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Has a healing effect and protects lips from viral infections. Hygienic lipsticks fit well on the lips, giving them a natural shine, they can also have different fragrances, they usually do not contain dyes or have subtle shades.

Hygienic lipstick, with all its popularity and indispensability, is a fairly young cosmetic product. Its industrial production began in the late 19th century – Dr. Charles Brownie Fleet from Virginia, USA, invented and began to sell the first chapstick called ChapStick. It resembled a candle without a wick, wrapped in foil, and did not have a revolutionary success until the more successful followers of the doctor took up the business – by the middle of the twentieth century, an entire corporation had grown on the basis of ChapStick, and consumers appreciated the convenience of a lip balm in the form of a solid cylinder.


There are no sweat glands in the skin of the lips, there are very few sebaceous glands, this makes the lips almost always dry, and their moisture is provided only by saliva. If your lips are often dry and chapped, lipstick can help relieve discomfort and discomfort. The ingredients used to make the hygienic lipstick provide hydration, nourishment and protection of the lips from the harmful effects of the environment. Their main task is to form a protective film on the lips, which prevents the loss of moisture, helps moisturize the lips and nourish them.The addition of various natural ingredients can improve the quality and properties of the hygienic lipstick.


The lipstick contains moisturizing and fatty components, vitamins, as well as filters that protect lips from excess ultraviolet rays, and the extracts from medicinal plants included in the composition will help not only avoid chapping and cracks, but also heal cracks that have already formed.

  • Vitamin E – Smoothes wrinkles around the lips and slows down the aging process of the skin.
  • Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C – Anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
  • Vitamin A – Softens and nourishes the skin of the lips.
  • Azulene – has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, has moisturizing properties. It is a prophylactic agent against cheilitis.
  • Beeswax – prevents dehydration of the thin, delicate skin of the lips, creates a protective coating, increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
  • Honey – Refreshes and protects the lips from drying out.
  • Jojoba oil – rich in amino acids (protein), has anti-inflammatory properties. Fights redness and skin inflammation.
  • Chamomile, calendula – Nourish and moisturize the skin, protecting it from harmful environmental factors.
  • Apricot and Castor Oils – Moisturize, soften and nourish the lips.
  • Aloe Vera – Has a broad spectrum of action. It has a wound healing, regenerating, emollient, moisturizing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Squalene – Has a softening, antioxidant effect. It penetrates well into the skin, serves as a carrier of active ingredients, including vitamins A and E, which are also part of the lipstick.
  • Icelandic moss – Anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antimicrobial. Contains many trace elements, vitamins B12 and C.
  • Cocoa Butter – Protects lips from moisture loss by nourishing them.
  • Lanolin – Creates a thin film on the surface of the lips, gives the lips elasticity and smoothness, softens them.
  • Allantoin – Has a moisturizing effect.
  • UV filters – Protect lips from sun damage.

If the lipstick contains paraffin and petroleum jelly refined products, occlusion is possible. These compounds lead to occlusion on the surface of the lips, water cannot evaporate and at the same time the skin does not breathe. Lipsticks containing wax are used to maintain normal lipid-water balance. In the manufacture of hygienic lipsticks, not only beeswax is used, but also natural Candelilla and Carnauba waxes, which are also called “plant tears”.

Unwanted components

Hygienic lipsticks with the following ingredients are best avoided:

  • Silicone oil is a standard ingredient added to many cosmetic products, including make-up, hygienic and care lip balms to increase the shelf life and durability of the color pigment. The problem is that silicone oil, due to its structure, covers the surface of the lips with a kind of dense film, which simply prevents the skin from absorbing nourishing, moisturizing and other useful additives.
  • Salicylic acid is an excellent acne fighter, but it is not desirable in everyday lip care. Makes them peel and peel.
  • Menthol, camphor and phenol – on the one hand, these ingredients and substances containing them, in the composition of hygienic lipstick, give a pleasant sensation of freshness, smoothness and sexual swelling of the lips. But at the same time, they dry out the sensitive skin of the mouth, creating a vicious circle – you have to reapply chapstick over and over again because it makes you uncomfortable.If you like chill, choose a chapstick with peppermint oil, it’s safe.
  • Perfume additives – usually go “in company” with alcohol, which degreases and dehydrates the skin.


There are the following varieties of this cosmetic product:

  • Hygienic lipstick with UV filter. It should be used in summer or in areas with high solar activity (such as ski resorts).
  • Nourishing lipstick. This lipstick is best used in winter.
  • Moisturizing Lipstick. Suitable for summer, in winter, when using it, lips may crack, as the lipstick will be absorbed too quickly.
  • Antiherpetic lipstick. It has a softening and antiseptic effect, as well as high antiviral activity and can be used to prevent and protect against viral infection.
  • Hygienic lipstick – balm.Some companies produce products that combine the properties of lip balm and hygienic lipstick. The composition of such a product may contain sesame oil, babassu oil, vitamins E and A, which prevent dry and chapped lips.


The manufacturing steps of the hygienic lipstick include:

  • Checking raw materials for quality indicators (for cosmetics, strict safety parameters are imposed, the final product must meet these requirements)
  • Dosing, melting, mixing of components (using special equipment and conditions)
  • Vacuum treatment of the mass (getting rid of bubbles in the lipstick)
  • Crystallization of the mixture (takes two days)
  • Melting
  • Shaping (dividing the total mass of lipstick into pieces, giving them the necessary shape)
  • Packaging (placing lipstick in a plastic case familiar to us)

Use and storage

Regular hygienic lipstick should be applied every time before going outside.You can also apply it in the evening before going to bed, then during the night the vitamins and other useful components contained in the lipstick are absorbed into the skin of the lips.

Antiherpetic lipstick should be applied as a treatment every 2-3 hours 3-4 days in a row.

If the purchased package has a shelf life of 3 years, then this only applies to new unopened lipstick. After the start of using the lipstick for its intended purpose, the processes of reproduction of bacteria begin in it, so the lipstick can be used for a maximum of 3 months.

They will not be allowed on board with toothpaste and lipstick – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Such amendments to the legislation on ensuring transport security were signed by the head of state this week, and all articles of this law will gradually come into force no later than three months later.

So what will not be allowed to the airport, railway station and bus, we asked the Deputy Head of Rostransnadzor Vladimir Chertok, who came to the “RG” on the “Hot Line”. Until April 1, as RG has already written, there are stricter than usual rules for hand luggage that can be taken on board.Even one hundred milliliter bottles of liquid will not be allowed into the salon, toothpaste and lipstick can also end up in the trash can if they are not checked in. By the way, the US intelligence services warned their airlines flying to and from Russia about the dangers of using explosives hidden in tubes of toothpaste on board.

But medicines and baby food are not banned. What “RG” wrote on January 24, 2014. Today we continue our conversation.

Vladimir Borisovich, do you need to prove your right to transport medicine?

Vladimir Chertok: If the medicine is traditional and in the amount necessary for the flight time, and you assume that this will not raise any suspicions from the checking inspector, then you do not need to worry.If this is some kind of specific medicine or its non-standard volume, then it is still better to take a doctor’s certificate with you that it has been prescribed for you.

There are people who fly only with hand luggage. If they have found a thing that is prohibited for the salon, will they have to part with it? And then what?

Vladimir Chertok: There are two options. The first is to draw up an act of seizure, and then all your belongings that are prohibited from flying will be kept at the airport for some time.The second option is to check in your baggage. But when the passenger is in a hurry, the situation for him is “semi-desperate”. There may not be time for the registration of the act. That is why airlines are obliged to warn passengers in advance about the rules of transportation. It is forbidden, let me remind you, to transport explosives, gas cylinders, flammable liquids, corrosive, dirty objects. And not only by plane, but also by bus, subway, train. And besides safety, we are also talking about the culture of the passenger.

Sergei Mayorov from Moscow is worried about transporting food for an infant.Please tell me what to do? The juices that are offered on planes are for adults, not for children!

Vladimir Chertok: The rules for the transportation of medicines, food for dieters and children have not changed. As they were, they remain.

That is, you can take baby food with you in your carry-on baggage. But in the amount necessary for the flight. There is no milliliter limit. The inspector knows the duration of your flight and suggests the amount that is needed.The decision is made directly during the pre-flight security check. Not at the entrance to the station building, but at pre-flight inspection.

It turns out that in Russia there are more stringent requirements for hand luggage, because only here passengers complain that they were not allowed to take shampoo into the cabin?

Vladimir Chertok: The requirements for hand luggage are the same at almost all airports in the world. All countries are guided by international standards in this area.

Your shampoo with a volume of more than 100 milliliters will be taken away at any international airport.The list of items and substances prohibited for transportation is standard. Except for the period when there is information about a particular threat. By the way, the restrictions that are in effect now are also for a short period of mass transportation of people in certain directions.

Hello, Vladimir Borisovich. My name is Tatiana, I am from Moscow. I would like to know if it is necessary to give “bubbles” with liquid for transportation in hand luggage for preliminary chemical analysis at the airport?

Vladimir Chertok: If these drugs are drugs, then there are no restrictions on them.Of course, in the required volume for the flight. It is not necessary to hand over liquids for preliminary chemical analysis.

But if the inspector is suspicious of the “carry-on baggage” during pre-flight inspection, he has the right to ask the passenger to present it for analysis. For this, the aviation security service at the airport has various technical means. There are hazardous vapor detectors and other equipment. The check can be carried out quite quickly, and this is included in the mandatory requirements for large airports.

At airports where the volume of traffic is small, for example, one flight per day, can they check “the old fashioned way” and carry-on luggage and luggage?

Vladimir Chertok: A passenger can ask for a check, but it is not always short-term. It should be noted that world practice shows that it is easier for a passenger to leave an item at the airport. If there is any suspicion that the liquid is dangerous, for example flammable, then other rules come into play.Personal search of a passenger may be introduced. They take him away, re-inspect him and all his belongings. Time passes, and he needs to fly away. It is better to decide in advance for yourself and check in problem items in your luggage.

Question from Rostov-on-Don: “Why are there very strict restrictions on the carriage of things in hand luggage, but you can take a lot in your luggage? Is your luggage not checked?”

Vladimir Chertok: All airports have special technical means of control, including baggage.

Suitcases undergo multistage control. Such an algorithm for checking baggage allows you not to restrain the main flow of passengers. You have checked in your luggage, it moves on a conveyor belt, passes all possible introscopes, scanners. And if the technician finds something suspicious, then such baggage is subject to inspection by the security personnel. And the passenger may be summoned and asked to leave the part of the baggage prohibited for carriage on the ground.

Interesting question from Krasnoyarsk.”I am a hunter with great experience. In the spring I am invited to the Krasnoyarsk Territory to shoot wolves. Have the rules for transporting firearms changed. What if they refuse to accept the barrel even in a sealed case?”

Vladimir Chertok: Weapons on board the aircraft should not be in the passenger compartment.

On large aircraft, the passenger is obliged to hand over the gun to the security service before the flight, which puts it in a special box and takes it to the aircraft’s luggage compartment.The small aircraft also has storage space for such potentially hazardous cargo in flight.

A call from Roman, from the Moscow Region: do you also need to check in lighters now?

Vladimir Chertok: Of course, in luggage, this was provided for by the previous rules. That is, nothing has changed.

The lighter contains flammable liquid. It doesn’t matter if there is a hundred milliliters of liquid in it or not. You have a medium that can ignite something, and it is dangerous in flight.

Is it possible to just taste the water during the check and remove the suspicion of the check. Take the same medicines. Or will this verification method fail?

Vladimir Chertok: This will probably be incorrect. You should not count on such a verification method, it is not provided for by the rules.

It turns out that you are offering the inspector to take responsibility. He is also a man, especially since he understands perfectly well that if something happens, he will be criminally liable.

90,000 suitable for whom, photo. We will learn how to choose beige lipstick

Let’s try to figure out who suits the beige lipstick and how to choose it. After all, this color seems boring at first, but on the lips it can look just great!

It should be noted right away that nude lipstick and beige are different categories of lipsticks. Any lipstick of a natural shade can be nude. Beige is a light tone with the obligatory dominance of brown.

General rules for choosing a lipstick color

Who would have thought that choosing a lipstick color is similar to the analysis of the economic activity of an enterprise.Likewise, there are many factors to consider. Namely:

  1. Tint for skin, eyes and hair.
  2. Contrast of appearance.
  3. Tooth color and shape.
  4. Clothing style.
  5. Lip shape and size.
  6. Properties of the lipstick itself.
  7. Age and color type.
  8. Time of day.
  9. Lighting.

Beige lipstick shades

This color can have the following shades:

  1. Gray beige.
  2. Neutral.
  3. Lilac beige.
  4. Pink beige.
  5. Brown beige.
  6. Peach beige.
  7. Yellow-beige.
  8. Green beige.
  9. Orange beige.

Of course, the names of lipsticks contain more delicious and imaginative descriptions: caramel, peach. Beige lipstick can also be found among the nude ones with the description “flesh”, “natural”, “natural”. Green and beige lipstick is a huge rarity, but such a tone called Shroom can be found, for example, in Lime Crime in the Velvetines series.A very original shade that can look amazingly soft and warm on girls of the autumn color type and seem ridiculous swampy greenish on any others.

Lipstick and skin color: general rules for selection

All shades should be selected taking into account the skin tone, however, nude lipsticks are the most demanding in this regard. If the classic red color will make almost any skin lighter and more aristocratic, then there simply does not exist a universal one.

Beige lipstick suits any skin and hair color, if, of course, you choose the right shade.What’s not easy – beige is considered capricious. Many bloggers have found their ideal beige or nude color exclusively through numerous and not always cheap tests.

It is important to consider not only the skin tone, but also the undertones. Undertones are the radiance that adds personality to the complexion. This nuance can be out of harmony with the chosen shade of lipstick, even if it matches the main color. The subtone is more difficult to determine, but it is possible: the veins in the wrists should be examined. If they are lilac or bluish, then the undertone is cold, if greenish, then warm.If you find it difficult to say whether they are warm or cold, then your option is neutral, you are lucky, you can have a variety of shades in your arsenal of beige lipsticks, duochroms will look especially interesting, for example, beige with a silver shimmer.

In general, beige lipstick is much less common for Europeans than for dark-skinned or tanned women, however, you can use the negative effect, that is, choose a beige lipstick not to match your lips, but much darker.

Beige and skin color

Consider in which range of beige shades girls with different skin colors should look for their color.

  • Very light skin. This is also called porcelain. Beige shades are not recommended, except perhaps very light and translucent. A full beige on such delicate skin can look rough and dirty. It is advisable to choose light beige pink or dusty pink.
  • Girls with very light, but not white skin should also pay attention to beige with a touch of pink. And also lilac or peach, depending on whether the skin tone is warm or cold.
  • Olive leather is considered neutral. Almost everything suits such girls. Of course, beige should be more intense than the previous two categories. It is worth paying attention to the caramel and apricot-beige shades.
  • Medium skin color – in this case, shades of caramel, beige and lilac are suitable.
  • Dark skin – shades of milk chocolate or latte.

Lipstick finish

Texture is important. An illiterate choice of texture can “kill” even the most successful shade.

So, the finish could be:

  1. Glossy.
  2. Matt.
  3. Wet.
  4. Translucent.
  5. Pearl.

A matte finish is rarely recommended in beige, although it looks amazing on plump lips. But if the lips are thin, it is still better to use a lipstick with gloss. Matte beige lipstick is able to completely “kill” thin lips, making them completely invisible, while gloss will add much needed volume.

Pearl beige is very beautiful, but it requires well-prepared lips and a perfectly smooth face, otherwise it will accentuate all wrinkles and strengthen them.

Choosing a lipstick depending on age

General rules for choosing a lipstick depending on age:

  1. For young girls – light and gentle.
  2. Juicy for young women.
  3. For mature women – rich matte.

Beige lipstick is no exception. Despite the fact that this color is unambiguously light and neutral, it can be delicate, glossy, saturated, matte, contrasting, etc.

Bright and dark colors in age-related makeup are chosen with great care.But the natural palette is a “must-have”, the restrained nobility of beige shades smooths out wrinkles, makes the face fresher, lighter and more graceful. The only exception is mother-of-pearl and shades that are lighter than skin tone. The color is selected as close to natural as possible, only more saturated, preferably with a slight damp shine. Matte deep beige tones in aging makeup can accentuate wrinkles.

Color type

It is known that in the West the color typing system for the seasons is considered outdated.Color type is an individual question! However, now we will take this system as a basis, focusing on which, any woman can choose a suitable shade of beige or at least choose the direction of search.


Classic spring is, in a few words, an impression of tenderness, brightness and warmth. Color nuances of skin and hair – golden, peach. Eye color – bright, transparent, clean. The skin usually tans easily, acquiring a beautiful golden tint. But it can be tender, fresh, light, while still feeling warmth.

In this case, golden-beige shades, cream are suitable.


Summer is coolness, tenderness, semitones, smokiness. The shade of hair, even if it is very light hair, is so appreciated today as ash. Eye color can be quite saturated, but not contrasting. And it doesn’t matter if it is gray eyes, green or hazel, you feel muffledness, restraint. There are also contrasting and non-contrasting summer. The first type has more sharpness in colors (although not of the same kind as winter).

Depending on the nuances, lilac-beige lipstick tones, beige-pink, cocoa, any smoky shades of beige, coffee with milk may be suitable.


These are warm shades, but in a completely different style than in spring. Autumn is warm tones, but more mature, heavy, sensual. Spring is associated with lightness and freshness, autumn is copper, bronze, earth, dead leaves. Even if the eyes are light, for example blue, they are saturated, like the piercing sky of golden autumn. There may be a yellow rim along the iris, giving the blue color a special shade.Peach nuances can be felt in skin tones, but this tone goes into a dark yellowness.

Beige lipstick in this case is golden beige, brown beige, cinnamon.


As a rule, it is easiest to identify her (in contrast to the elusive summer), because winter girls are very bright. The colors are cold, contrasting. At the same time, you should not think that hair can only be black or bleached. Any cold and clean brown hair shades combined with a bright and cold skin tone, bright clear eye color is also winter.The skin can be olive – this skin color is also cold.

As a rule, bright shades are recommended for women of the winter type, but beige lipstick can be a good option if you choose between sand and neutral colors.

How to choose a shade

If it is not possible to purchase a tester and try it directly on the lips, you can focus on:

  1. Testers in stores.
  2. Reviews.

There are several important points to keep in mind:

  1. Under artificial lighting (in a store), the impression of the color changes quite dramatically.If the light is cold (in most stores), it most distorts the cool shades: beige-lilac, beige-pink. If the light is warm, then you should be even more careful – it can distort the beige color beyond recognition, especially if it is warm golden-cinnamon tones.
  2. Reviews on the internet take time. Alas, modern digital technology does not allow to reproduce color on the screen with maximum accuracy. Again: everyone has different monitor settings, the authors of the reviews shoot in different lighting, demonstrate on their lips, which are also different for everyone.In any case, this is a good way to find the right shade, only you need to look through as many reviews as possible and read the descriptions of the authors – they can be quite accurate.

No lipsticks that are too light

A distinction should be made between shade and saturation. Let’s see what mistakes will cost too much.

Too dark beige will look extremely unfortunate on women of the Scandinavian type.

Too light “putty” shades under the skin are appropriate on the catwalk, in life evoke associations with zombies or simply give the face a sickly tired look.However, a lipstick that is one tone lighter than skin can look very beautiful, provided that the makeup as a whole is made with high quality (perfect complexion, careful contouring, plump expressive lips).

Perfect beige for dark skin

Each lipstick described below, beige or close to beige, has earned recognition from customers.

Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner in Candy K is a very pleasant beige brown with a subtle pink tint. Looks alive, natural, despite the fact that the finish is matte.Firmness is excellent, lasts all day. It is worth noting that it will appear nude only on very dark or tanned skin, on lighter girls – this is a full-fledged mauve color. Perfect beige lipstick! The photo can be seen above, the model with greenish hair on her lips has this particular brand and shade.

For very light skin

As mentioned above, it is almost impossible for girls with very light cold skin to choose a really good beige color. Even neutral beige on them goes red and looks like a stranger.However, there are options for them too, for example MAC Lipstick Matte Viva Glam II – a creamy beige and pink lipstick with a very good balance. It is a classic beige with a subtle touch of warm pink. The finish is not glossy or matte, it creates a natural velvety feeling, lips look alive, sensual and very delicate.

Medium beige

Maybelline NY Color Elixir №720 Nude illusion is a caramel-beige liquid lipstick with an intense moist shine. It has a clear warm shade, it will be very good for the spring color type.

Tom Ford Lip Color Vanilla Suede – the name of the shade translates as “vanilla suede”. It is a warm peach beige with a golden shimmer. Looks great on tanned skin, but is picky about the condition of the lips: if there are peeling or deep wrinkles, it will mercilessly emphasize them.

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