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10 Best Brush Tip Markers Reviewed & Rated in 2021

No artist should go without the best brush tip markers. It’s indispensable in your art repertoire because you can’t go wrong with the effect that paintbrush markers bring to the table. Many good marker brands offer paint brush markers, so when shopping for one out there, you might find yourself overwhelmed with your sheer number of options. But don’t worry because I am here to help you find the best brush markers that will help you produce your best art.

We will talk about the top-rated brush markers out there and what they can offer you as well as some tips on how you can identify the right ones for your needs.

Best Brush Tip Marker Reviews

1. Arteza Real Brush Tip Pens

This brand has always been a go-to brand for me when it comes to regular markers. Not surprisingly, their brush tip marker sets are also good. I went for this one because it comes with more than 40 colors, which is something I like because I prefer marker sets where I can choose from a lot of colors.

I like that there are a lot of good earth-tone and neutral colors included in this set. Some sets only include lots of rainbow colors, so it’s a good set to have if you prefer neutrals and earth tones for making landscapes and whatnot.

I used watercolor paper for these pens and I can say that they do lay down on paper smoothly. I think they are best used on this type of paper but mixed media is good as well. You can try experimenting on the kind of paper that will work best for this.

On its own, the colors are very vibrant and vivid. They don’t really need a lot of coaxing to deliver ink. The markers have a good flow. However, you can also dip them in water to get that watercolor effect. The ink thins out that way and they become more blendable.

I don’t think you need to keep on adding water. It works fine as it is. Although I am not very experienced when it comes to using brush tipped markers, they are comparatively easy to use. I think it’s because the brush tips are long and flexible. They are quite easy to control, not too soft and pliant. There is still some stiffness in it that is similar to that of a regular marker, so if you are used to this kind of stiffness, you will find these markers easy to use.

Another good thing about these markers is the size of the brush tips. I think they are just right if you also need them to fill in colors. The brush tips have good coverage. They are quite durable as well. I did not experience fraying, which is an annoying habit of brushes. With these, the brush fibers stayed in place.

One thing I don’t like about this is that you need to work quickly. It would help if you blended it fast because once the color is set, it won’t budge anymore. It’s hard to lift even if you mix it with a bit of water. On the other hand, because it is easy to dry up, you won’t have to wait too long to add a second layer or to use another color.


  • Easy to blend water-based ink
  • Flexible tips
  • Durable brush nibs
  • Vibrant color choices
  • Can be dipped in water
  • Affordable


  • Once the ink dries up, the color can’t be lifted

I recommend this brush marker to beginners and intermediate artists. The color selection is good and it comes with excellent ink quality and durable brush tips. All in all, it’s a good buy.

2. Ohuhu Art Markers Dual Tips Coloring Brush Fineliner Color Pens

Dual tip markers are not uncommon. They’re everywhere. However, many markers only come with a chisel tip and a fine tip, not a brush tip, which is why this is a good find. This cone comes with a brush tip and a fine tip.

I like the flexibility of the brush tip. I was able to use it without problems. It goes where I want it to go. My only problem with this is that the brush tips are not as durable as I would have wanted them. After a few uses, they start showing signs of wear and tear. I guess this is the reason why they included replacement tips.

This set comes with 3 spare brush tips and 2 fine liner tips. I would say that although they are not the most durable, the spare ones make up for this downside. At least I still have extras in case the brush tips wear out faster than expected.

These brush tip markers come with 60 different colors of markers, all of them properly labeled. I like that it comes with a label so I can easily match with their corresponding caps. The color selection is diverse as well. If you are just starting out, you will find these color options sufficient. There are primary and complementary colors that you can use to make your drawings pop out.

It does blend easily. I do find that even with minimal effort, it can still be blended. It also doesn’t get streaky because it has a good drying time. It dries up easily, so you don’t have to worry about getting the ink all over your hands.

I do find that some colors are more opaque than others. It’s not very consistent, so you might find yourself wondering why other markers look brighter and others look more vivid.

These markers also come with a cylindrical carrying case that is compact and easy to bring anywhere. Whenever I need to bring the entire set, I can just pop that in my bag.

It doesn’t take up so much space like the square carrying cases. Since everything is color coded, you can easily find the color that you like.


  • Dual tips
  • Comes with replacement tips
  • Lots of good color choices
  • Nice cylindrical carrying case
  • Color coded for easier organization
  • Doesn’t smudge


  • Marker tips tend to fray
  • Color consistency and opacity are not uniform

The verdict of this Ohuhu brush markers review? Get it. The extensive selection of colors in this marker make this a great value for your money. If you are a beginner and you want to make the most out of your budget, this can be an ideal buy for you.

3. Crayola Brush & Detail Dual Tip Markers

This brand doesn’t make crayons and regular markers, they also make good markers, particularly this one with its dual tips. One side is a brush tip and the other side is an ultra fine tip.

One set of these markers with brush tips include 16 markers. Each side of the marker has a different color, so you are getting 32 complementary colors.

I think this is both good and bad because you can’t use the same color for the tip that you want. For instance, if you like to use a dark orange color but you want it in the ultra fine tip. However, the dark orange color is only available on the brush tip. This limits what you can do with your art. It would have been better if both tips have the same colors and they just added more markers.

On the other hand, there are a lot of good colors incorporated in this. I can always adjust and use the complementary colors on the ultra fine tip to achieve the look that I want. If you are a bit finicky though and prefer brush tips to complete your artwork, you might not find this ideal.

As for its brush tips, I like how lush it is. It has good coverage. However, it’s not very sturdy. It has a tendency to fray, which is why I would suggest just using the brush tips lightly.

Please don’t put too much pressure on it. You can get a lot of control over it anyway since it is a firmer kind of brush.

These markers come in a sturdy tin case as well. I like how slim the case is. It can fit in the back pockets of my bag and can also easily slide in plastic envelopes together with my art papers.

The ink flow is good. I haven’t had issues with the markers clogging up or expelling a big glob of ink. They lay down on paper smoothly with very little resistance. The ink also doesn’t emit a strong odor, which I find good because I can share this with other people who might be more sensitive to marker smells.


  • Firmer brush tips for better control
  • Nice and sturdy tin case
  • Great for calligraphy
  • Nibs have a good coverage
  • Vivid colors


  • Some of the colors are too similar with each other
  • Not the most durable tips

I think these are really good markers if you are on a budget.

I just don’t think the design with the complementary colors are good for the more experienced artists but if you are not very fickle about the tips that you are using, you might find these markers ideal.

4. Sharpie 1810704 Permanent Markers

If you are looking for a reliable Sharpie brush tip marker, look no further because these permanent markers are a great option for you. This set comes with 12 markers boasting of beautiful and vivid rainbow colors. You can opt for these markers instead of just getting started in building your brush tip marker collection. They won’t disappoint.

First, I would like to comment on how good the thickness of these markers are. They are thicker than the previous ones. I like this level of thickness because they are easier to grip. That makes them easier to use for long hours of drawing or lettering. Because the barrel is thick, this marker is also easier for children to use.

The design of the markers is very user and child-friendly. It’s easy to match the caps with the barrel. It doesn’t have a complex number coding system. I also like that it has a clip that you can use to attach the marker to objects like books or your journal. The clip also stops the marker from rolling over.

These markers are true to color. All of them are vivid and pigmented. I do like how well they initially lay down on paper. It’s very smooth with very little resistance. The ink just flows out. However, you need to be a little more careful because the nibs tend to dry out. After some time, the ink might not flow quite as well, especially when doing upstrokes. You will have to put more pressure on your upstrokes to get the same level of ink flow.

On the other hand, I like how the ink stays put and doesn’t become runny even when you put a little bit of water on it. The ink is actually water-resistant. It can be used not just on paper but on other mediums as well such as glass and plastic. I have tried using it on wood and the ink is still as vivid as when you use it on paper.

Another gripe I have about these markers though is their strong and pungent odor. If you are working in an enclosed space with poor ventilation, the scent will really get to you so I would suggest using these in an open area. Open your windows as well to make sure you don’t get a headache from using them.


  • Water-resistant ink
  • Vibrant colors
  • Thicker barrel
  • Ink doesn’t fade easily
  • Flexible brush nibs


  • Tips tend to dry out faster
  • Emits a strong odor

If you are looking for thick cheap brush tip markers that do what they promise to do, you will not be disappointed with these ones. They are easy to use and they have straightforward features that even beginner users will find ideal.

5. Copic Ciao Premium Artist Markers

I’ve always loved Copic markers because of their quality that is unparalleled by other marker brands. Sure, they are more expensive but if you are a true and serious artist and you just want to create the best art, you are better off investing in these markers rather than buying cheap markers that will only last for a short time.

I love this particular set of artist markers because of the color selection. There are 72 color options in this set, perfect for those who want to get more options and more range. There are a lot of colors that close in the shade with each other, so it’s perfect for achieving more dimension and for creating gradient artworks. There are also a lot of good flesh tones, so if you like drawing humans, you will like this set.

All the colors are true to color. I have never encountered a color that looks different from its barrel and cap. I don’t have to swatch the colors on a paper and keep on referring to that. The barrels are also clearly labeled, so you can easily see what color you are using and match it with the right cap.

The ink lays down smoothly on paper. It dispenses just the right amount of ink so that you can still spread and blend it easily. I would say this is the best brush tip permanent marker out there for blending. It blends so smoothly, it’s just so fun to use.

These are dual tip markers as well. You can use the brush tip or the broad nib to get the look that you want.

One thing that sets this marker apart from the other marker sets is its replaceable nibs. The nibs are durable but when it wears out, it can be replaced with a new one instead of buying a new set. It also has refillable ink, so if you run out on ink, you can just buy a refill and still be able to use the same markers.

I like the flexibility of the brush tips. They are just somewhere in the middle. However, I do think it has a bit of a learning curve. If you are a beginner, you might need to practice using these brush tips a lot before you start feeling more comfortable in using them.

These markers come with a clear case. Since it is see-through, you can easily spot the color you want instead of rummaging through the case to find what you like. I just don’t like that there is nothing that prevents the markers from rolling off the table.


  • Good selection of colors
  • Vivid and true to color
  • Great for more experienced artists
  • Brush tips are flexible
  • Replaceable nibs
  • Comes with a sturdy case


  • They easily roll
  • Quite expensive

If you are looking for cheap markers, these are not the ones for you. However, if you are serious about buying the best brush tip permanent marker, these should be a good option.

6. Prismacolor 17773302 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers

If there is a brand of brush markers that will give the expensive Copic markers a run for their money, it would be this one. I have tried both and I can say that the quality is at par. The difference in quality is negligible, and even if you are a beginner, you will be hard-pressed to find anything bad to say about these markers.

First of all, these markers are truly exceptional. You can tell right off the bat that they are well-made. They will arrive in a sturdy carrying case that can also be used as a stand. Each marker is ensconced in individual slots, so it is much easier to segregate them and organize them per color that you prefer. This also makes it easier to find the colors that you are looking for.

These markers are unlike anything I have tried before because it is dye-based rather than water-based. Because it is dye-based, the colors tend to be more vivid and vibrant. They also tend to have a creamier texture compared to their water-based counterparts. You can still dip them in water though if you prefer to thin it out a little.

The set comes with 48 markers. Three of them are black. I was a bit disappointed with this because I would have preferred there to be fewer black markers and more colored ones but that’s just my preference. Others might find this ideal.

I do like how saturated the markers are. They glide smoothly on paper and they blend so well. It takes minimal effort.

The nibs are easy to control. It goes where I want it to go. Even after many uses, the nibs are still intact. They don’t fray easily even with the colors that I use a lot.

I just wish that they would change the cap design. These are very tough to remove. You will really need to use your arm muscles to remove the cap.


  • Vivid dye-based ink
  • More saturated than others
  • Can be blended easily
  • Nibs can last for a long time
  • Easy to organize
  • Tips feel smooth against paper


  • The cap is difficult to remove
  • Includes 3 black markers

If you are not yet ready to commit to Copic markers, these are some ideal alternatives. I would say get these markers if you are looking for markers that can last you for a long time and can help you achieve beautiful artworks.

7. Tombow Pen Dual Brush Tip Markers

My quest for more affordable brush markers led me to these. I haven’t heard of this brand before so I definitely needed to try it. I don’t regret buying it because it was actually quite cheap for the colors you are getting and it’s a decent pen that can compete with the more expensive ones. It’s nowhere in the league of Copic or Prismacolor though so make sure you manage your expectations.

What I do like about these markers is the ink quality. It’s very smooth and it adheres and lays down on paper easily without very little streaking and with nonexistent smudging. I like how fluid everything goes.

These are dual tips as well. One side is a brush tip and the other is a fine tip. Aside from coloring, I have used these for calligraphy. One thing I can tell you is that the brush nib is more on the soft side. If you are a beginner just learning to use brush markers, you might find yourself struggling to use this. It takes a bit of practice before you can get used to it, especially since it is softer.

On the other hand, strokes are perfect. It has a good coverage and every stroke is solid and thick. It’s just great for filling in colors. I also like that it doesn’t emit an unwanted odor, thanks to its non toxic properties.

The ink quality will give you that watercolor-like effect. You can also try dipping it in water to thin the ink a little bit and get a more rustic or a softer look to your art.

I do find that the nibs are not very durable. I expected that from something as cheap as this one. It starts losing shape and fraying after some time, although I think it’s really more of a manufacturing issue. You can contact their customer service if you have issues with pens. They can replace your set with a better one.

I also like how easy the ink is to blend. It’s very forgiving and it doesn’t just clump up. It gives you plenty of time to work those colors.


  • Excellent ink quality
  • Good coverage and thick strokes
  • Good customer service
  • Can achieve that watercolor-like effect
  • Easy to blend


  • Has a high learning curve
  • A little too soft
  • Not very durable nibs

If you are just starting out and unsure if brush markers are for you, give these a try. They are less expensive and there are a lot of good color options to choose from.

8. Aen Art Dual Markers Brush Pen

I honestly didn’t have a lot of lofty expectations with these brush pens but they surprised me. The nibs initially feel dry but after some time, they start letting out a good stream of ink. It’s just the right level of ink so that you can still have plenty of time to work and blend your colors.

I like the selection of colors in this marker set. There were a lot of good earth tones and dark colors that I know would be in heavy rotation in my coloring repertoire. If you like metallic hues, there are also a lot of options in this set. So far, I haven’t gone through all of them yet. They seem to be holding up well. If you like hours of drawing and coloring, you will like these markers.

The brush tips are quite flexible. They are not very stiff but they are not very soft either. If you are a professional, you might not like the brush tips. However, they should work for beginners and intermediate users. Even children will have fun using these markers.

They are not very difficult to use. The cap can be removed quickly and placed back with a small click so that way, you know it’s sealed tightly.

The brush tips have good coverage. If you angle it correctly, it can give up to 6mm of coverage. It’s also quite long, so that I can use it for calligraphy.

These markers won’t fail you because they won’t leak or smudge. There is also no detectable scent to them, which is what I like about these markers. I don’t particularly appreciate sniffing the chemical scent of markers.

There is a little bit of fraying after some time but I think it doesn’t really affect the nibs. However, that can be a problem if you are an avid artist.


  • Lots of good earth tones and shades
  • Good color selection
  • Decent ink quality
  • Flexible brush tips
  • Easy to use


  • There is a bit of fraying after using it for some time

Get these markers if you are on a budget and you want high quality markers that you can enjoy using for coloring, calligraphy, drawing and many other purposes.

9. Caliart Alcohol Brush Tip Markers

This is a good brand if you are looking for something mid-range. It’s not very expensive but not too cheap either. The quality is also at par with other more expensive brush markers.

What I like most about these markers is the way they are presented. They really look like professional markers. You would be proud to showcase these markers to other people. I also like the shape of the barrels. They are very easy to hold, so if you have arthritis in your hands, you will like these ones.

Unlike other markers that come with a brush tip and a fine tip, this one comes with a chisel tip. Some people might like this ad others might not. I think chisel tips really come in handy when feeling in colors.

I haven’t tried using a little bit of water for the brush tips to get the watercolor effect but I reckon there should be no problems doing that. The ink is very saturated and pigmented. It looks vivid on paper. It also doesn’t fade to a lighter color once it dries up.

There are a lot of color options in this set. It even includes a blending pen that you can use to spread the ink and to get it to your desired shade. I like that it doesn’t emit a strong odor and that it is safe even for children to use.

These markers come with a carrying case. It’s a zip case made from nylon material, so it’s not the best out there. If you like a soft case, you will like this one.


  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Comes with an easy-to-bring carrying case
  • Ergonomic barrel design
  • Comes with a chisel tip
  • Pigmented colors


  • Some might not like the chisel tip

This affordable brush marker set is a good option for budding artists. If you are also looking for a gift to a loved one who is into coloring, this would make a good gift idea.

10. Soucolor Dual Tip Brush Markers Pens

These markers won’t break the bank. They are inexpensive but they can still provide you with the ink quality that you can find in more expensive marker brands. It is a value for your money because it has a lot of ink capacity. You won’t run out of ink any time soon.

These are dual tip markers like the others in this list. One side is a brush tip and the other is a fine tip. The fine tip is really a small tip that can be used for adding small details to your drawing. I also like using it for signing.

I like how vibrant the colors are. They are very pig meted and the ink dries up quickly. You can still blend it easily, especially if you add a little bit of water. It is a water-based formula though so expect it to be a little runny. You can use these markers in enclosed spaces because they don’t emit a strong chemical odor.

I do think it needs to have more variations in colors. I wish there were more earth tones instead of rainbow colors. However, if you are into rainbow colors, you will love this marker set.

The set also comes with replacements for the nibs. In case the nibs wear out, you can simply replace them rather than buying an entire new set.


  • Cheap markers
  • Quality comparable to expensive brands
  • Lays down smoothly on paper
  • Comes with nib replacements
  • Durable nibs


  • Not a lot of variations to the colors

These are a value for your money. The ink quality is very good and you can get a lot of perks such as the replaceable nibs. Overall, beginners and intermediate users will be happy with this product. If you like to do calligraphy work, you will also enjoy using these markers.

What to Look for When Buying Brush Tip Markers

Buying paint brush tip markers doesn’t have to be rocket science. When buying, make sure you choose based on the following criteria:

Brush Tip Quality

Brush markers are going to be different from that of regular markers because the tips are made from fibers rather than felt, which is the case for regular markers. Find out what materials are used for the tips. Most markers would come with nylon brush hairs that are soft enough to have that flexible tip but durable enough to last or a long time. Nylon brush tips are also easier to use, which makes them very user-friendly.

You can also find more expensive brush markers that make use of natural hair bristles. They are more expensive because the materials are harder to source. They are usually made from animal furs like weasel or sable. They are better when it comes to how close the output is to real brushes, so if you like the outcome of brushes and want the same when using brush markers, go for them.

Aside from the material, also check the size and shape of the tips. Does the tip gently taper to create a point or is it more on the thicker side? This is important because that will tell you what kind of art you can do.

Felt tips are the cheapest ones and the ones that are easiest to use because of they are the closest to the consistency of markers. However, they won’t create that rustic look made by synthetic or natural tips.

Color Choices

These marker sets come with different colors of markers. Which one you should choose depends on what you need to make art. You can find sets that only have basic colors while there are those with more color options.

Determine what colors you will use most in your artworks. There are sets today that have a comprehensive array of colors to choose from, so make sure you consider spending more money on these ones.


These markers are going to vary in pigmentation and vividness. Some of the marker brands out there might have a more muted color formula while others might have more striking, more vivid colors. You should check out the reviews and see which marker brands produce highly vivid markers that will transfer on paper easily and create the watercolor-like effect you are going for.

Size and Shape of the Markers

I’m talking about the barrel of the pens. Brush markers are already trickier to use because the nibs tend to be more flexible. Make sure the rest of the pen won’t give you a hard time. Look for those that come with a slim barrel shape that is easier to hold, even when you are coloring or extended periods of time. The barrel should be ergonomic, so you won’t have a hard time angling the tips to your preferences.


Many marker sets come with a blending pen. It is a colorless pen that you use to smudge the ink and get it to your desired level of application. Check to see if the ink has good blending capabilities, which means it shouldn’t smear and should blend seamlessly with other colors without creating visible lines and divisions.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is a Brush Marker?

A brush marker is a kind of marker with brush tips similar to that of paint brushes. They are designed to mimic the functionality and purpose of paint brushes but not with the same mess that paint brushes have. With paint brushes, you still have to set up paint and water. With these brush markers, all you need to do is the marker and you can start doing your art. It can be used anytime and anywhere with no need for water. These markers usually come with natural hair, synthetic or felt tips.

How Does it Work?

They work the same way as markers and pes. You just open the cap and start using it. Let the brush tips glide on the surface of the paper. Angle the pen so that you can get the effect you want.

These sets usually come with a blending brush, so you can use this colorless brush to smudge the ink and spread it out or dull it out to create the look that you want. Let the ink dry up or immediately put another color on top of it if you want that gradient effect or you prefer mixing colors.

Some people also like spraying the surface of papers lightly with a thin mist of water using a spray bottle; then applying the paint brush to get more watercolor-like effect. This also allows them to thin the ink and enable them to spread it even more.

Who Is This For?

These markers are for artists who like more versatility in their art. It can be for young or older people, beginners or professionals. Children can enjoy using it just as much as adults. It can also be for those in the design industry.

I personally like to use these markers when I’m on the go because I don’t need to bring the usual watercolor set-up. If you are just like me and you can’t be bothered with bringing all your painting essentials, get yourself some good brush markers.

What are the Different Types of Brush Markers?

These brush markers can be differentiated in terms of type of tips. The types you can find out there are natural hair, synthetic and felt brush tips. As mentioned earlier, natural hair is the best because it closely resembles high quality paint brushes. They create the most painting-like effect. Synthetic brushes are right in the middle, giving the flexibility and ease of use that beginners and intermediate users will like. Felt brush tips are the cheapest but not as fine in quality as the other two.

There are also different sizes of brush nibs. You can find these brush markers with fine, medium and broad tips. The fine tips are very thin and small, great for creating lines. The medium tips are ideal for coloring, Calligraphy, drawing and many other basic and advanced art purposes. The broad tips are ideal for filling in colors.

Why Do You Need Brush Tip Markers?

Many people like to work with paint brushes because it’s an easier tool to use when creating beautiful artwork, especially when it comes to landscape drawings. You need these brush tip markers to add more versatility to your art collection. With brush tip markers, you can do a lot of things, not just drawings. They can be used for calligraphy as well. Some people even use them for journaling purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Most Trusted Brush Tip Marker Brands?

There are a myriad of trusted brush marker brands out there. You can’t go wrong with affordable brands like Arteza and Ohuhu. They also make some of the best markers out there. There are also other recognizable names such as Crayola and Sharpie. Prismacolor is another brand to watch out for. They make markers that have the same quality as more expensive brands like Copic.

What Do You Do with Brush Tip Markers?

Brush markers can be used as an alternative to a painting set-up. Rather than buy paint brushes and prepare paints and water, you can just use brush markers instead. The brush tips of these markers mimic the effect of paintbrushes, so you can use them for water coloring or painting.

How to Write With Brush Markers?

First, allow the ink of the marker to flow to the tips. With some marker brands, you might need to give it a bit of a nudge by blotting it out on a piece of paper first. Start writing the marker on the paper you plan on using. Just glide the brush tips like how you would use a paintbrush. The difference is that you hold it like a regular pen or marker rather than holding the tips, which people will do with a paintbrush.

These markers come with a blending tool, so you can use that to blend the ink and spread it as desired. Let it dry up.

Another technique you would want to try is to spray a light mist of water on the paper first and then apply the brush marker. Spread the ink using the blending tool. This will help create a watercolor-like consistency to your drawings.

How to Blend Brush Markers?

Use the blending tool. Once you have applied the ink on paper, use the blending tool to spread it out. Keep on blending until you have achieved the effect that you want.

Where to Buy?

These markers are easy to find in stores. You can buy them from Target or Walmart. There are also many available marker brands at Home Depot. If you can’t find what you are looking for in these physical stores, you can always go to Amazon to find a more extensive selection.

How to Care and Clean?

Make sure to keep the cap closed all the time to prevent the ink from drying out. If the nibs have dried out, you can try soaking it a bit in alcohol to get the ink flowing again. Also dip a cotton ball in alcohol and use that to clean the barrel in case it gets dirty. Some of the ink might go there and will make the marker look dirty and old. Just wipe it clean with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and you are great to go.


Finding the best brush tip markers can be easy if you know what you want. Identify your needs first, especially when it comes to size of nibs and color options. But keep on trying different marker brands. They are not all the same. You just might find a less popular brand of marker that is more suitable to your art style. It really boils down to personal preference.

Ohuhu Watercolor Brush Markers, 20-Count

Creating smooth watercolor effects on a piece of paper or canvas has all sorts of calming effects and can bring simple peace and joy to the artist. Cleaning up at the end, however, can be a messy ordeal that is noticeably less soothing than the act of painting. Watercolor markers offer a chance to replicate all the brush strokes and paint effects of watercolor painting, but they come in a basic marker that has a cap on it. Use the watercolor markers to make detailed lines and create drawings that have more precision than your standard watercolor paintbrush can offer, then put the caps back on your markers and toss them into your bag for the easiest cleanup you can imagine.

There is one big distinction that actually separates watercolor markers from traditional watercolor paints. Watercolor markers are actually full of dye and not the usual pigment that makes up the color of watercolor paints, according to Amy Markham, artist, art teacher and creator of Starling, a podcast dedicated to helping artists develop depth in their creative practice.

“Most watercolor markers on the market are not actually watercolor at all, although they can create a similar effect,” Markham points out. “Watercolor paint is pigment-based, where watercolor markers are dye-based.”

Each style of watercolor paint has its benefits, but the watercolor markers steal the show when it comes to fine details and vibrancy that the combination of watercolor pencils and paint can achieve. The two mediums of dye and pigment cannot necessarily be used together without thought, says Markham.

“Both are capable of creating interesting effects but only pigment-based ones can really be used along with traditional watercolor paints. If you want to use the dye-based markers with watercolor paint, it should only be used on top of the paint to detail and glaze,” Markham adds. “They should never be used under watercolor paint as it will not mix well.”

Watercolor markers, sometimes referred to as brush pens, have a soft tip that mimics a fine tip paintbrush. This tip is fed the wet color from within, but it behaves very similarly to a fine paintbrush when you begin using it. The easiest way to use them is to draw in the lines and colors where you want them and then come back with a bit of water on a clean brush to blend the fine lines down and create the style you imagine when you think of watercolor paintings. There is a useful water brush that comes with some sets that can be filled with clean water at the beginning of your session and used to blend colors without adding any further dye or pigment to them. With this handy water brush, you might not even need to have a cup of water on hand while making your watercolor painting — one less spilling hazard!

To add even more convenience to your artistic endeavors, there are kits that have dual tips on each marker. One end is a very fine tip that will help make highly detailed and precise lines in your work, which is no easy feat when using a traditional brush. The other end of the marker is a broader tip that helps fill in large swaths of color when you need it to. This combination of tips makes the markers highly versatile, which can be a great selling point for someone who is thinking of making this hobby as low-fuss as possible.

Even though they use a water-based dye instead of pigmentation, watercolor markers can still vary in their vibrancy of color, just like a pigmented paint does. The price of a set of watercolor markers is often related to how rich and colorful the dyes used are.

Consider a set of watercolor markers that actually uses pigment for its color. The set typically has dual-tip markers, which are a real treat to paint with, and vibrant pigment-based colors on the inside. This means that the paint coming from these markers can actually blend naturally with other watercolor paints on your paper or canvas. This set is a highly useful tool in fine-tuning the details within a watercolor painting while still allowing the different colors to mix nicely with each other.

Real Brush Pens – Set of 96

  • Flexible Brush Tip – The nylon brush tip allows you to create thin, precise lines with the fine tip and thick, bold lines when light pressure is applied
  • For a Variety of Projects – Blendable ink that’s ideal for coloring, sketching, drawing, watercolor painting, calligraphy and more
  • Use Wet or Dry – Use the pens as they are for a bolder application or produce watercolor effects by adding water to blend and layer colors
  • AP Certified Non-Toxic – The water-based ink is certified non-toxic and suitable for artists of all levels
  • QR Code Included – Scan QR Code to access techniques and tips on how to get the most out of your Real Brush Pens


Enjoy the wide range of colors within these 96 Real Brush Pens and its versatile use as a watercolor tool when producing a variety of vibrant artwork. The flexible nylon brush tip allows you to apply a painterly touch to all of your pieces. Use the very tip of the nib with a light hand to create precise lines. If you’re looking to create more heavy-handed strokes, apply pressure as you sketch or color to create bold lines. Draw varied line weights and produce eye-catching color combinations to create interest in your pieces.


No need to use a water cup; these pens offer the same blendability as watercolors without the typical mess. Sketch your piece directly onto watercolor paper and blend the colors with just a little bit of water. Try wet-on-wet techniques like washes or glazing, or dry techniques like dry brushing. You can even sprinkle salt onto your pieces when they’re wet to create one-of-a-kind textures in the pigment. Use the included water brush pen or opt for paintbrushes dipped in water to blend away any harsh lines or create gradients.


Producing phenomenal paintings without even touching a paint brush is now a possibility thanks to our professional-grade Real Brush Pens set of 96. This extensive set features a wide range of vibrant and sombre colors to use to create paintings that impress. These watercolor marker pens make an incredible gift and addition to any artist’s collection, making them the perfect holiday or birthday present.

Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens 36 Count Set only $11.89 (reg. $19.99) ::

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Each pen has a brush tip for shading and coloring and a 0.4 mm fine point tip for outlining, writing and detailed work. They are great for hand lettering, sketching, coloring, calligraphy, school planners, journals, crafts, calendars and more.

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Writing Instruments Sale

BIC, Paper Mate, Sharpie and Uni-ball writing products are on sale up to 69% off at Amazon right now!

You’ll find super deals on various ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, gel pens, highlighters, dry erase markers, retractable pens, correction tape and more!

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Emergency Weather Radio Deal

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This emergency radio can be charged by the solar panel, the hand crank or by Micro USB. It can also be used as a power bank for recharging cell phones and more. This compact emergency and weather radio would be great to have while camping, backpacking, hiking, boating and traveling.

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Amazon Free Trials & Membership Deals

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More On This

Take Your Art To The Next Level With Watercolor Brush Pens – ColorIt

You’ve sharpened your pencils to tiny stubs. You’ve colored mandala after mandala with your gel pens. Your markers have been used and abused…but in the best way.

In short: you’ve mastered all of these art materials and are now looking for a way to take your coloring to the next level.

You know what you should try next? Watercolor brush pens.

Watercolor brush pens have the versatility of traditional watercolor packed into one easy-to-carry body. These pens allow you to use techniques that you never really get to play with using the typical alcohol-based markers or gel pens: dreamy blending, color washes, gradients and soft ombres— you name it, watercolor brush pens can probably do it.

They’re also great if you’re into crafts; watercolor brush pens allow you to create unique styles like dainty florals and hand lettering that can be used to make cards, invitations and art prints.

On top of that, they can be used for adult coloring books, too.

Are you ready to take your art to the next level? We know you’re excited to embark on a new coloring journey, so let’s start!


Have you ever tried working with traditional watercolors, only to find that they can be a bit messy? You have to have all these tubes, various types of brushes and water all around your desk or workspace. It’s not the easiest set-up, especially if you like to color on the go.

Watercolor brush pens solve this problem by putting the best qualities of traditional watercolors into one neat brush pen.

Using water-soluble dye-based ink, watercolor brush pens can create a lot of interesting effects by using just a few drops of water. The versatile brush tips allow you to play around with different strokes and styles— all you gotta do is add or lessen the pressure you put on the pen. This makes watercolor brush pens mediums for modern calligraphy and hand-lettering.

The best part is that you can do all this without having to clean up such a huge mess afterward! Since they’re water-based, these pens don’t leave stains and are usually odor-free. All you have to do is put their caps back on, and you’re done.

You can do so many things with brush pens that it’s pretty safe to say that they’ve got the best of both worlds.

Now, if you find them a bit intimidating, don’t worry— that’s normal. The truth is they’re actually very easy to use. With a bit of practice, controlling these pens will be a breeze, and you’ll be making some cool artworks and designs of your own in no time.

You can follow these basic guidelines to start:

Check out your palette! Take a good look at your brush pen babies— aren’t they pretty? But don’t just gush about them; take this time to observe and organize your palette. It’s usually helpful to put similar colors close to each other as they’re usually the ones that blend well when combined.

Make sure you’re using the right kind of paper. Water-based ink can eat through ordinary printer paper, so make sure you’re using thick and smooth watercolor paper to achieve the best results.

Watercolor brush pens use water-based ink, so keep a little glass of water beside you as you work. When you dip the brush tips in water, you’ll dilute the ink which produces lighter shades. Remember: the longer you dip the brush tip in water, the lighter the outcome. Play around with water until you become familiar with its effect on your brush pens. This will be very useful when you’re making color washes and shading.

Shading and layering. Blend colors by laying one shade on top of another. Work from light to dark tones. You can also mix and match: play around with your markers and know which colors work best when combined.

Creating ombre effects. You can also touch or rub two marker tips together to create gradient or ombre effects. Select colors within the same family to get best results for this technique. Make sure that one pen has a darker shade than the other. Apply the darker brush tip to the lighter one. You know you’re ready to apply when the lighter pen has absorbed some of the darker ink. You should get a pretty dark-to-light gradient effect.

Get the hang of the brush tip. The brush tip is pretty versatile: it’s capable of making a variety of strokes depending on the amount of pressure you apply. If you create strokes with minimal pressure, you’ll get thin lines— this is great for when you’re working on details. To cover larger areas and to produce thicker strokes, hold your brush pen at around 30 degrees and apply more pressure. Practice doing thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes. You’ll be using this technique a lot when you’re doing hand lettering and calligraphy.

Don’t forget to “clean” your brush tips out after blending them together. Dip them in water and lay strokes on a scrap piece of paper until the markers go back to their original color.

Now that you’ve practiced and played around a bit, it’s time for the fun part: making art with your watercolor brush pens. We’ve gathered some of the best tutorials around to help you improve your brush pen technique.

Get your brush pens ready; this is going to be a whole lot of fun!


Making Textures with Watercolor Brush Pens

One of the best things about using watercolor brush pens is that you can make a variety of textures. Since these pens are waterbased, you can easily get away with a whole range of styles— from solid tones to abstract color washes.

The tutorial above shows how to make at least 3 texture styles with your brush pens. Aside from brush pens, the tutorial also uses ordinary household items like clear, plastic baggies to create an intricate gouache-like effect.

Another nifty tool used in this tutorial is a water brush. This simple tool makes blending smoother and easier, so make sure to have them around when you’re coloring!


How To Use A Colorless Blender

Colorless blenders baffle a lot of newbie colorists. Blenders often come in most brush pen sets, but only a few colorists actually know how to use them.

Just what do these things do?

Colorless blenders can actually work some magic…if you know how to use them the right way. Check out the tutorial above to learn how to use these unique coloring tools to their full potential.


Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering

Admit it: you have a Pinterest board full of hand-lettered quotes and calligraphy.

We’re guilty of having dozens of those, too! Hand lettering and calligraphy are easy to make with brush pens. You can use your hand-lettered designs to come up with a bunch of creative projects: greeting cards, place settings during weddings and events, invites, stickers, art prints, labels— the list can go on!

Jumpstart this fantastic hobby by picking up a couple of things from this super-informative tutorial. Don’t worry, the concepts are explained so easily, you can get them in no time.

Work on your upstrokes and downstrokes. Make sure to apply minimal pressure when going up, and push a bit harder as you make your way down. This takes a bit of practice, but once you’ve got that down pat, the rest of lettering should come easy.


How To Make Dainty Florals

Another great thing about watercolor brush pens is that they’re the perfect medium to create dainty floral designs. You can make anything from a bouquet of roses to falling cherry blossoms to intricate, crawling vines.

The tutorial shows you just how easy it is to create a rose bouquet with a single brush pen and a water brush. If you don’t have a water brush, don’t worry, you can still make perfect roses. The trick is to work with really light shades first, so make sure you dip your brush pens in water before applying. You can fill in the shadows later along the way.

You can use these floral designs together with calligraphy to create unique crafts and artwork. You can also add them to your daily bullet journal as headers and page borders. Whatever you use them for, these floral designs add character to your work, so make sure to practice as often as you can!


Can You Use Watercolor Brush Pens For Adult Coloring Books?

We bet you’ve asked this question a dozen of times. Can you use watercolor brush pens for your adult coloring books? The answer is a resounding yes!

Watercolor brush pens work great on coloring books, as long as your books have thick pages, like ColorIt. Work from light to dark shades and use a midtone pen to blend all these colors together. Brush pens are a lot of fun because you can use them to cover broad areas and do intricate details at the same time.

You can also use a substance like gesso to make your coloring pages thicker. This way you can have more fun with color washes and other cool effects!


Watercolor brush pens are very low-maintenance. Unlike markers or gel pens, they hardly need any special treatment or storage rules.

The only thing that you need to remember is to keep your brush pen caps tightly shut, so they don’t dry out.

Most watercolor brush pens are also self-cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about the tips staining after use. Just make sure to apply just the right amount of pressure when using your brush pens, so their bristles keep their nice and straight shape for a long time.


Watercolor brush pens are some of the best art mediums to work with. They’re a bit tricky at first, but don’t be intimidated. With a bit of practice and the right materials, you can create a lot of beautiful masterpieces with these pens.

Make sure to choose waterbased brush pens with great quality. It also helps if they’re refillable; you can have more fun and more value for your money at the same time.

Don’t forget to find time to practice your watercolor brush pen skills. Let us know if these tutorials worked for you, and don’t forget share stories of your coloring journey in the comments below.

Have fun with your brush pens and as always, free your creativity!

How to Use Brush Pens and Hand Lettering Tutorial

Brush pens are great tools for beginning and advanced crafters/artists alike! Brush pens are versatile tools that are great for hand lettering and can be used as watercolors with a water brush. In this tutorial, we’ll look at two different sets of brush pens and compare how they both work with water brushes as well as on two different types of paper.


Paper to use with Brush Pens

Use good quality printer paper (at least 24 lb) to practice hand lettering with your brush pens. For hand lettering, bristol paper works best because of its smooth surface. Pitt pens work best on bristol paper and give you a nice, even look to the letters compared to the Prismacolor Scholar pens. For blending Pitt Pens, it’s best to use bristol paper because you can layer the colors right on top of each other. Water is not recommended for bristol paper because it warps the paper and does not allow for the full blending that watercolor paper provides.

Pitt Pen versus Prismacolor Scholar on bristol paper

Watercolor paper has a rough texture that can dull the tip of your pen, and is not recommended for writing or for direct blending. Watercolor paper works best for using the water brushes to give your pens a watercolor look. You can apply the ink directly with the water brush for a watercolor effect. This technique works with both Pitt Pens and Prismacolor Scholar, however, the Prismacolor scholar will give you much brighter colors. You can also add the Prismacolor pens straight to the watercolor paper and then go over the top with the brush pen to blend. This cannot be done with the Pitt Pens which are waterproof.

Pitt Pen versus Prismacolor Scholar on watercolor paper

How to Use Brush Pens for Hand Lettering

Using a brush pen for hand lettering is a terrific way to add a personal touch to cards, envelopes, place cards, and artwork. There are three methods you can use: writing directly onto the surface, coloring in hand-drawn letters, and using a water brush for a watercolor look. It’s a good idea to practice first. A great tip for starting out is to hold the pen as close to the tip as possible for the most control and best results and to practice your strokes.

Tip: Hold the pen as close to the tip as possible for best control. Practice heavy, broad strokes using the side of the pen for the downstroke.

Generally, when hand lettering, you want to apply the most pressure on the downstroke as you press the side of the brush tip into the paper. For the upstroke, you want to apply very light pressure as you draw a thin line using the tip of the brush pen.

Use lighter pressure and the tip of the pen on the upstroke.

It’s helpful to print out some practice sheets. You can create your own by opening up a word document, selecting a brush script or handwritten font and typing out the alphabet, some words or a favorite quote. Then make sure the font color is set to the lightest gray possible and print.

Creating your own practice sheets is an easy way to practice hand lettering techniques.

You can use your brush pens straight onto the printer paper, following the grey letters as a guide. Thinner fonts work best with Pitt Pens and thicker fonts work best with Prismacolor Scholar pens. Once you’re done, you can also use these as art prints to frame and hang on your walls!

Use your practice sheets to practice hand lettering.

After some practice, begin lettering straight onto the bristol paper. It’s a good idea to use a ruler and pencil in some very light guidelines that you can use to line up your words (the lines can be erased later).

Practicing different fonts with different brush pens

It’s best to use smooth paper such as bristol paper, printer paper, or cardstock when you use your brush pen for hand lettering. These papers work well for both Pitt Pens and Prismacolor Scholar.

How to Use Brush Pens for Watercolor

You can apply the brush pens as watercolors using a water brush. Just color with the pen onto a paint palette or other plastic surface and pick up the color directly with your water brush (just like you would with a regular watercolor set). Apply to the watercolor paper just as you would paint with watercolors.

Apply the ink from the brush pen onto your palette. Use the water brush to pick up the ink.

To achieve darker colors, wait until an area has dried and apply more ink on top. When adding more color to your palette with the brush pen, be sure that the palette is completely dry before adding more color. Dipping your brush pen into water would ruin the tip and might make it unusable again.

Color in hand-drawn letters with a brush pen to create a faux, hand-lettered watercolor look.

You can create a faux watercolor hand-lettering piece in a few simple steps! Print out a quote just like you did with the practice sheets (using a script or handwriting font in very light grey).

Tape transfer paper face down on watercolor paper. Tape the printed quote on top.

Place a sheet of transfer paper carbon-side down onto the watercolor paper and tape to keep in place. Be careful not to lean on the paper or move it too much, as you will leave smudge marks on your watercolor paper. Then, tape your printed quote on top of the transfer paper. Use a sharpened pencil to outline all of the words of your quote.

Trace around the words with pencil. Lift up transfer paper to reveal your quote.

Remove the transfer paper and use the water brush to color in each letter. You can leave a little bit of water in between each color to allow the colors to blend naturally (just be sure to use two colors that blend well and are not on opposite ends of the color wheel, or you will make brown/muddy colors). Or you can let each color dry and leave a little bit of space in between to color in later, to avoid any unintentional blending. I used the small Royal Langnickel brush for the larger words and the Sakura Koi Water Brush (round #2 small) for the smaller words.

Fill in the letters with the water brush. Use different size brushes for different widths.

You can color on top of watercolor paper with the Prismacolor Scholar pens and blend with a water brush or use the water brush to create letters using the watercolor method. Pitt Pens blend well on watercolor paper, just without water.

Different ways of using brush pens on watercolor paper

Quick Comparison: Pitt Pen vs Prismacolor Scholar

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to use a brush pen and that you are inspired to try out some of these fun and easy techniques!

What’s That Pen? Honest Pen Review Series – Amanda Arneill

Everyone has that one, (technically) non-essential spending habit that they cringe at the thought of having to add up how much that habit has cost them over time. For you, it might be your daily cup of coffee at your local coffee spot, a monthly subscription service, or indulging in those shiny, tempting knick knacks in the checkout line. For me – it’s pens. I cannot even begin to add up the cost of this pen habit over time (nor do I want to!). But I can tell you that some of that money was definitely wasted, and some of it was incredibly well spent. So I wanted to start this new, honest pen review video series for you called “What’s That Pen?”.

My hope for this honest pen review series is that you don’t waste your money and can buy the perfect pen for your needs, preferences and specific projects.

For these reviews, I will be using this comprehensive pen review worksheet. You can find your own free copy of this printable worksheet right here. I will also be uploading the completed worksheet for each pen in reviews below.

I will be regularly updating new pen reviews and adding them to this post. Just click on the pen name below to jump to a particular honest pen review. There will be a lot…probably an embarrassing number. So be sure to check back regularly or subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you will know when a new pen review is posted!

Now let’s get “write” to the point!

xo Amanda

PS – If you’re looking to find the perfect paper click here! And to find the perfect pen storage just click here!

src=”” alt=”Get quick, honest pen reviews for all your creative needs from Amanda Arneill of Find your perfect pen!”


Products mentioned: Crayola Brush & Detail Dual-Tip Markers | HP Premium 32 Paper | Superfine Smooth Cardstock

Products mentioned: Edding 1340 Brush Pens

Products mentioned: MozArt Supplies Single Brush Pens

Products mentioned: Kuretake Zig Brushable Markers (they also regularly go on sale at Blick)

Products mentioned: Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pens

Products mentioned: Sharpie Brush Pens (it also comes without the case for a few dollars cheaper)

Products mentioned: Prismacolor Scholar Brush Markers (they also regularly go on sale at Blick) | HP Premium 32 Paper | Superfine Smooth Cardstock

Products mentioned: Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers | Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip | Beyond Basics & Black Online Power Course | Strathmore Mixed Media Paper 11×14 (400 Series) | Strathmore Mixed Media Paper 11×14 (300 Series) | HP Premium 32 Paper

Products mentioned (that I do not recommend for brush lettering): GC QUILL Dual Tip Brush Pens | AJRL Dual Tip Brush Marker Pen Set | Marvy Uchida Brush Markers

Products mentioned: Pentel Arts Sign Pen Brush Flexible Point 12 Pack | Ecoline Liquid Watercolors

Products mentioned: Camlin Kokuyo Brush Pens | | Strathmore Mixed Media Paper 11×14 (400 Series) | Strathmore Mixed Media Paper 11×14 (300 Series) | HP Premium 32 Paper

Products mentioned: Marvy Uchida Le Plume II Brush Markers (In this video I was using the “Brights” 12 Pack)

Products mentioned: Tombow ABT Pro Alcohol-Based Markers | Rhodia Paper Pad | Strathmore Marker Paper | Strathmore Bristol Paper | HP Premium 32 Paper | Incy Alphabet Free YouTube Lettering Series

Products mentioned: Molotow Aqua Color Brush Pens | L’Aquarelle Canson Héritage Watercolor Block | Molotow 1mm Aqua Squeeze Pen

Products mentioned: Sakura Pigma Brush Tip Color Set (Blick also has the 6-pack for a great price)

Products mentioned: Hobby Lobby Twin Tip Brush Markers | HP Premium 32 Paper | Superfine Smooth Cardstock

Products mentioned: Zebra Funwari Fude Colored Brush Pens

Products mentioned: Manuscript Callicreative Duotips Brush Markers

Click here to find the Karin Brushmarker PRO Tutorial Series!

Products mentioned: Karin Brushmarker PRO Mega Box | Molotow 1mm Aqua Squeeze Pen

Products mentioned: Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Brush Pens

Products mentioned: STABILO pen 68 brush

Products mentioned: Pentel Arts Sign Pen Brush Flexible Point New Colors | Pentel Arts Sign Pen Brush Flexible Point 12 Pack (Original Colors)

Products mentioned: Faber-Castell Pitt Artis Brush Pens (also available on Blick) | HP Premium 32 Paper | Superfine Smooth Cardstock | Rhodia Paper Pads

Products mentioned: Artline Stix Brush Markers | STABILO Trio Scribbe Coloring Felt-Tip Pen | Prismacolor Scholar Brush Tip Markers

Products mentioned: Monami Plus Pen 3000 | Full Recommended Supply List

Products mentioned: Sakura Pigma Professional Brush Pens 3 Pack

Products mentioned: Marvy Uchida ColorIn Brush Markers (Brights Set, Pastel Set and Natural Set), Comprehensive “What’s That Pen?” Cheatsheet

Products Mentioned: Staedtler Double-Ended Watercolor Brush Pens | Canson XL Series Watercolor Pad (Amazon, Blick) | L’Aquarelle Canson Héritage Watercolor Block Cold Press (Amazon, Blick)

Products Mentioned: Pilot Enso Watercolor Brush Pens (also available on Blick) | Canson XL Series Watercolor Pad (Amazon, Blick) | L’Aquarelle Canson Héritage Watercolor Block Cold Press (Amazon, Blick)

Products Mentioned: DOMS Brush Pens | Canson XL Series Watercolor Pad (Amazon, Blick) | L’Aquarelle Canson Héritage Watercolor Block Cold Press (Amazon, Blick)

Products Mentioned: Staedtler Double-Ended Lettering Pens

Products Mentioned: Ohuhu Water-Based Dual-Tip Art Markers, 60 Pack

Products Mentioned: BIC Kids Visaquarelle Coloring Pens

Products Mentioned: Royal Talens Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Brush Pens (Amazon, Blick) | Canson XL Series Watercolor Pad (Amazon, Blick) | L’Aquarelle Canson Héritage Watercolor Block Cold Press (Amazon, Blick)

Products Mentioned: Caran d’Ache Fibralo Brush Pens (Amazon, Blick)

Products Mentioned: Chromatek Watercolor Brush Pens | Canson XL Series Watercolor Pad (Amazon, Blick) | L’Aquarelle Canson Héritage Watercolor Block Cold Press (Amazon, Blick)

90,000 60+ Highlighter brushes for Photoshop

Markers – you’ve probably used them at some point in your life. Well, they are now easily available in Photoshop as well. If you are into illustration and design, you should know and agree that marker brushes are important and very useful. Photoshop marker brushes exist in a huge number.

We browsed the internet and found the best for you. These 60+ brushes are available in high definition and fully customizable.

How to use brushes in Photoshop, we told in the Instructions “How to install brushes in Photoshop”.

Textured Marker Brush

This distinctive textured Photoshop Marker brush is designed with a variety of marker colors. With a brush, you can paint, highlight or create a texture or even a background.

Format: .abr

Quantity: 1

File Size: 25 KB


Deadbeat Photoshop Marker Brushes

If you want your marker in Photoshop to become a brush, this set is for you.Now your lines will be authentic, and no one will say that you drew them “with numbers”.

Format: .abr

Quantity: 16

File size: 3 MB


Dave’s Marker and Inkpen Brushes

Variants of brushes with ink and marker. The characteristic saturation and texturing, and the thickness and slope – the settings in the editor!

Format: .abr

Quantity: 7

File size: 2 MB


Marker Pen Brushes

A set of high quality marker brushes for Adobe Photoshop.You can really create interesting effects with them and use them for different projects.

Format : .abr

Quantity: 26

File size : 13 MB


Curled Marker Lines Brushes

A set of lines from … a felt-tip pen. If you press harder with the pen on the graphics tablet, you get a marker line. If there is no tablet, the properties of the brushes in Photoshop will help you in setting.

Format: .abr

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TOUCHNEW 30/40/60/80 Soft brushes Markers Pen set sketch brush Alcohol-based markers manga markers Drawing animation handicrafts

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5 October 06, 2019

4 July 22, 2020

5 July 25, 2020

5 July 30, 2020

Everything is fine, they write great, they do not flow.

5 July 16, 2020

Satisfied. Recommend to seller. Some gifts are included. Bright colours. Soft

5 July 15, 2020

4 June 18, 2020

The colors are good, but the markers float. I hope this is just the first time. Otherwise, you need to be careful with the drawing. Above the 131st, blue color, you can see that there are clear borders at the marker, of course I bought them more expensive (artist’s whist). Incredibly fast delivery!

5 June 23, 2020

Very good, although it takes a long time for delivery due to problems with the goods, but everything is in order.

5 02 June 2020

Markers are super! Very beautiful colors, fit exactly. The seller immediately sent the package, put the presents! The order arrived quickly, in 10 days. Thanks!!! Recommend!

5 07 June 2020

Well packed, colors match.

5 11 May 2020

Good markers. Dispatched the next day. They came to Moscow in 20 days. A couple of them leaked a little, but not critical. As a gift, the seller put 4 liners and 2 gel blue pens. Many thanks!

5 15 May 2020

Fast delivery.Markers without damage and no flaws. Very well filled. The brush tip is very comfortable. In the photo, drawings and coloring are made on printer paper (thin). Slightly spread, but this is normal for thin paper. Good markers are suitable for thicker paper from 160 gr. I bought a body set, the colors are nice, I like it. Buy, you will not regret it. I am 100% happy with everything. Recommend. Special THANKS to the seller.

5 May 28, 2020

This is quite high quality and I am satisfied with it.The only thing is that they spray a little ink when I first opened them, besides the fact that they are great. The feathers are quite flexible, but not as strong as those of the cops.

5 01 January 1970

Everything is super! Thanks a lot! Fast, high quality! It is a pity that one marker dripped and a blue gift liner, even smeared his hands, but it doesn’t matter!

5 02 June 2020

Surprisingly, it was supposed to arrive on June 7, but 3 were brought by courier. The markers themselves are good, the brushes are comfortable, but there is a little problem that everyone has already written…Many markers pierce, and when you open them, they splatter, which is not good, since at this rate, the marker will quickly run out. And it’s not bad at all, I like it)

3 June 11, 2020

markers came quickly enough, a month before Transbaikalia. Markers in a special bag. 29 markers came in, not 30. But, put down a black gel pen. When first opened, most markers will spray paint in all directions and the brush will foam. The colors do not correspond to the declared ones.

5 June 15, 2020

Fast delivery, markers are all good, nothing leaked, everything is in excellent condition.I am pleased! Thanks to the seller 🙂

4 June 25, 2020

some leaked out. soiled everything that was nearby and the cases themselves are soiled. colors are good. Some have such curved tips

5 08 July 2020

I ordered flesh-colored markers, came quickly, ahead of schedule. In general, common Chinese markers. The plastic is cheap, but the body is comfortable. The nib is quite bouncy, although some brush tips bristle. Some markers are overflowing but do not flow outside the brush.However, there can be problems when painting a small area with a pen. it is better to use the tip of the chisel for this, it is rather thin on the edges. Only 2 markers have the same color plus or minus, so coloring is required. Light-colored markers lightly smear the liner. 97 color diffuses into several shades within one fragment. Also, a gray stripe on 2 markers on the chisel side, the rest on the side of the hand. Similar marker colors are blended on both marker paper and regular printer paper.Thin marker paper cannot handle the amount of ink, is worried. The smell of ink is not harsh. These are the first impressions. I’m glad that I ordered a small set for testing. I will supplement the review after I work normally with them

Gift set “Unknown Van Gogh. (Sketchbook” Van Gogh “+ markers-brushes)”

Product description “Gift set” Unknown Van Gogh. (Sketchbook “Van Gogh” + markers-brushes) “”:
About the book:

This book is an illustrated story about Van Gogh’s stay in the asylum (asylum for the mentally ill) Saint-Paul-de-Mausole near the city of Saint-Remy de Provence in southeastern France.The artist came here after he cut off his ear – such a terrible episode ended his joint work with Paul Gauguin. Van Gogh lived in the hospital for 374 days – from May 8, 1889 to May 16, 1890. Here the master has created a series of masterpieces – cypresses, wheat fields, olive groves and sunsets. The artist wrote little about this secluded place in letters to his brother, so the book is valuable for describing previously unknown details of life and work.
Martin Bailey is one of the few modern Van Gogh specialists who managed to visit the clinic and see with his own eyes where the artist lived.And the photographs taken by the author are the first color photographs of the clinic in the literature about Van Gogh. The author talks about the peculiarities of the paintings painted by Van Gogh in this place, connects them with biographical facts and the peculiarities of the artist’s work.
Also recently it became known that the first drawing of “Starry Night” (created by Van Gogh for his family, in order to share his favorite work as soon as possible) was kept in Russia for a long time. Martin Bailey saw the drawing and dedicated one of the chapters of the book to its history.

Sketchbook “Vincent Van Gogh”, tv.per., 96 pages, 240x200mm
Suddenly you visited the muse of creativity and wanted to draw something? Open your drawing pad, it will become your guide to the world of inspiration and fantasy. Become the new Van Gogh, Chagall, Kandinsky and create your own masterpieces. A good mood will be ensured, and the hardcover will make the creation process comfortable in any place. Capture your ideas and impressions in the form of sketches, sketches. You can paint on thick paper using any technique, from watercolors to graphics. This sketchbook is part of the “Claude Monet” collection from the ARTE brand.You can complement it with other accessories in the same style. ARTE stationery accessories will surround you with beauty at the workplace, create a special atmosphere of calm and harmony, no matter how tense the situation around.

Karin Deco Brush Metallic marker, 28Z2
The Polish brand Karin brush markers are produced on the basis of the latest technologies. They are equipped with a Japanese heavy-duty and flexible nylon tip that is extremely durable and easily responds to changes in pressure and direction of travel.The nib spreads ink evenly with varying pressures for an even print color. This makes the markers ideal for drawing, calligraphy and lettering.
– Markers contain 2.4 ml of non-toxic metallic pigment paint and provide excellent coverage on both black and white surfaces. After drying, metallized paint is resistant to abrasion, as well as light and water resistant on surfaces such as paper, wood, ceramics, glass, metal, plastic.
– “Liquid Ink” technology allows you to use the paint at 100% (to the last drop), does not change the color intensity during the service life and control the amount of paint supplied to the brush.This makes them twice as effective as traditional tampon markers.
– Optimum weight and size body fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to create even strokes without interruption or smudges.
– Visual control of ink levels.
– Practical clip easily attaches marker to album or pocket.
– Markers are available in 10 metallic colors that blend perfectly to create new shades and tonal transitions.
– KARIN Decobrush Metallic markers should be stored horizontally and not exposed to strong sunlight or excessive temperature.
The price is for 1 marker.
Assorted colors.
ATTENTION! The appearance and color of the product may differ from that shown on the website!

Karin Deco Brush Metallic marker, 28Z2
The Polish brand Karin brush markers are produced on the basis of the latest technologies. They are equipped with a Japanese heavy-duty and flexible nylon tip that is extremely durable and easily responds to changes in pressure and direction of travel. The nib spreads ink evenly with varying pressures for an even print color.This makes the markers ideal for drawing, calligraphy and lettering.
– Markers contain 2.4 ml of non-toxic metallic pigment paint and provide excellent coverage on both black and white surfaces. After drying, metallized paint is resistant to abrasion, as well as light and water resistant on surfaces such as paper, wood, ceramics, glass, metal, plastic.
– “Liquid Ink” technology allows you to use the paint at 100% (to the last drop), does not change the color intensity during the service life and control the amount of paint supplied to the brush.This makes them twice as effective as traditional tampon markers.
– Optimum weight and size body fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to create even strokes without interruption or smudges.
– Visual control of ink levels.
– Practical clip easily attaches marker to album or pocket.
– Markers are available in 10 metallic colors that blend perfectly to create new shades and tonal transitions.
– KARIN Decobrush Metallic markers should be stored horizontally and not exposed to strong sunlight or excessive temperature.
The price is for 1 marker.
Assorted colors.
ATTENTION! The appearance and color of the product may differ from that shown on the website!

Karin Deco Brush Metallic marker, 28Z2
The Polish brand Karin brush markers are produced on the basis of the latest technologies. They are equipped with a Japanese heavy-duty and flexible nylon tip that is extremely durable and easily responds to changes in pressure and direction of travel. The nib spreads ink evenly with varying pressures for an even print color.This makes the markers ideal for drawing, calligraphy and lettering.
– Markers contain 2.4 ml of non-toxic metallic pigment paint and provide excellent coverage on both black and white surfaces. After drying, metallized paint is resistant to abrasion, as well as light and water resistant on surfaces such as paper, wood, ceramics, glass, metal, plastic.
– “Liquid Ink” technology allows you to use the paint at 100% (to the last drop), does not change the color intensity during the service life and control the amount of paint supplied to the brush.This makes them twice as effective as traditional tampon markers.
– Optimum weight and size body fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to create even strokes without interruption or smudges.
– Visual control of ink levels.
– Practical clip easily attaches marker to album or pocket.
– Markers are available in 10 metallic colors that blend perfectly to create new shades and tonal transitions.
– KARIN Decobrush Metallic markers should be stored horizontally and not exposed to strong sunlight or excessive temperature.
The price is for 1 marker.
Assorted colors.
ATTENTION! The appearance and color of the product may differ from that shown on the website!

Box for sets, 40x30x6IMT
Size: 40x30x6 cm.

The color of the box may differ from the one presented on the website.

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