Browhaus eyebrow resurrection: Brow Resurrection | Semi Permanent Eyebrow Embroidery

Browhaus Eyebrow Resurrection Claims to Be Better Than Microblading

  • Insider’s Emily Christian headed to Browhaus in New York City to try its Brow Resurrection treatment.
  • Browhaus says its take on microblading gives brows a naturally full appearance.
  • Emily got natural-looking results that help her save time on makeup in the morning.
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Following is a transcript of the video. 

Emily Christian: Hey, guys, I’m Emily, and these are my eyebrows. Basically, I think they’re a little bit thin, a little short, just generally kind of underwhelming, so today, I’m going to somewhere called Browhaus in New York City to get what they call a Brow Resurrection. Now, that’s kind of like microblading, but they use their own technique. So, I had microblading about two years ago. It’s since faded, but I thought the results were a little bit more like I had colored in my brows than that I just had natural, awesome eyebrows.

I’m hoping that, today, the Brow Resurrection gives me really natural-looking results that kind of allow me to wake up in the morning and go. So, let’s go check it out. What sets Browhaus’ technique apart from traditional microblading?

Aysha Awasthy: We make sure that your skin should not be cut. It should not bleed so much. We do the strokes on the surface of the skin. It looks like very, very fine line. Very precise. You are going to see mirror, and you are going to say, “Oh, it looks like ombré look, 3D look.” You know?

Emily: When I got microblading the first time, two years ago, to me, it looked like I had one just thick brow. It didn’t…I couldn’t see those individual strokes. It just looked like one colored-in eyebrow.

Aysha: Our strokes, even two years later, you can see. I’m going to draw your eyebrows with black pencil first, measure everything, and if you say “OK, now my shape is good, I like this shape,” then it will be numbed after, like, 20, 25 minutes. I’m going to show you the color, and you tell me how you feel about it. In the beginning, it will be that dark. After two weeks, it’s going to fade off, and the real color, you’re going to see this. So, you know the middle part, this part? It always, little bit, it hurts little bit.

Emily: It hurts a little bit? Aysha: Only this part, like, middle part.

Emily: OK, all right.

Aysha: But it won’t be that bad, but yeah, you’re going to feel little bit…

Emily: I can handle it.

Aysha: unpleasant feeling.

Emily: I’m brave.

[Aysha laughing]

Emily: Did it happen?

Aysha: Did it hurt?

Emily: No, I felt nothing.


Oh, OK.

Emily: [sighs] OK, I feel relieved.

[Aysha laughs]

Emily: Browhaus technicians perfect their signature stroke method to follow individual hairs. To my untrained eye, the motions look similar to microblading, but let’s take a closer look. Their stroke method is perfectly customized to follow individual hairs. It takes years for technicians at Browhaus to learn to do this. On the left is my first microblading experience. Watching it back, I can tell that the strokes are repetitive and follow a pattern. On the right is my brow therapist’s technique. The strokes are just a little more randomized, cutting just the very surface of the skin to achieve a line that mimics my hair pattern. The tool used at Browhaus is made with ultrafine multi-pin needles. These needles, paired with the signature embroidery technique, create a softer result compared to the thick parallel lines of my first treatment. My first microblading experience felt heavy-handed. It really stung while it was happening, and looking back at the video, I was bleeding way more than I thought. Here, you can see we’re just scratching the surface of the skin, and I’m hardly bleeding at all.

The full resurrection took about two hours. The heated bed and blanket made it fly by, and I kind of drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, my brows were finally done. Whoa! Oh, my gosh! Are you kidding me? This looks so good. It looks like real hairs on my eyebrow. When you were talking about that 3D effect, it really looks like that. I’ve never seen my face framed like that. That’s incredible. It really…it looks like hairs! This looks nothing like when I got microblading done the first time. It’s night and day. I can see, even from this distance, all those little fine lines and the strokes. Last time I had microblading, it was just, like, one thick…. This is incredible. I had 10 days of healing ahead before I could see final results. As long as I didn’t get my eyebrows wet or scratch them, they would eventually scab and fade to a natural color. I really like it. Oh, you got that? I’m just…. [laughing] It has been about a month since I’ve had my brows resurrected, and, wow, I love them! At first, they were this really dark, kind of alarming color, but they’ve faded to this very natural color that I absolutely love.
I can really see those individual strokes that they told me about, and the shape honestly suits me perfectly. The only thing I will say is that the healing process was not pretty. I forgot that’s what I did not like about the first time I got microblading. It’s very uncomfortable. It was itchy; it was peeling. I was not supposed to get them wet. So, I was supposed to put plastic wrap on my eyebrows, but I didn’t have plastic wrap, so instead, I duct-taped a Ziploc bag to my forehead. It was a dark time. Compared to my first microblading experience, the healing process, while it still sucked, honestly, was definitely a little bit smoother. My first time with microblading, the eyebrows kind of peeled off in these big chunks, like, leaving patches in my eyebrows where there was no ink, but this time, they kind of faded nicely, and even though they were peeling, it kind of came off in a way that just made them fade to natural instead of just being patchy all over my face. I’m going to have to wait two full years to really see how these hold up.
They’re supposed to last for two years if you go in for touch-ups and things like that. I’ve read a bunch of reviews online just to see what people’s experiences look like, and it seems like, for other people, their brows really do hold up, especially when they’re going in routinely for touch-ups. I can only speak right now to my experience just right after my appointment and a month later. I can’t tell you how these are going to be in two years, obviously. If you’re someone like me, who wasn’t super thrilled with their first experience microblading, I will say this is definitely a step up. It looks not like my brows are super overdone. It just looks like I have good eyebrows. So if you’re someone who’s looking to invest in great eyebrows, I would say this treatment is for you, because it’s definitely an elevated step up on microblading. That’s so awesome! I love it. Thank you so much. I really love it.

Aysha: Thank you.

Emily: Bag to my forehead.

Whoa, God! OK. [laughing]

Celebrification 101: My First Experience with Browhaus’ Eyebrow Resurrection

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Looking to try out Browhaus’ Eyebrow Resurrection? Find out more about it with this review.

Pictures by Clea B. Blog.

There were moments in my life when I tried to pull-off an Alicia Keys (barefaced anywhere, every day) due to my best friend’s challenge. I was half-hearted, but I still did it! I tried being confidently beautiful barefaced.

However, for someone like me who has thin brows (close to no hair strokes), pulling off an Alicia Keys was not suggested. I would often tell my best friend that Alicia isn’t really all about empowerment because she has perfect features and a great set of eyebrows and lashes. Hence, my barefaced beauty was just a phase. I could leave out the blush-on, lipstick, etc., but I could never do so without the eyebrow pencil. Sorry, I might be a bad exemplar of the no-no make-up/love natural movement.

However, I appreciate humanity’s gifts of technology, invention, and creativity, and that’s what I’m indulging in for now.

Despite the huge importance I have set upon my eyebrows, I have never learned the art of doing it. My visual artist friend would even tell me that I have no artist sensibilities because every time we see each other, there would always be something wrong with my kilay.

Hence, I’m very fortunate to be given a chance by the country’s premiere brow and lash salon, Browhaus, to experience their Browhaus Eyebrow Resurrection! The semipermanent eyebrow process will create hair-like strands that look natural. Browhaus believes that every brow is unique and should be based on a little bit of art, geometry, and architecture. If you’re eyeing on booking with them but want more info, better read on.

Browhaus’ Eyebrow Ressurection: The Procedure

My bare face before the brow resurrection; I almost have no brows,

Upon entering the salon, I was greeted with friendly smiles from the girls of Browhaus. I introduced myself, and they explained the process and let me sign a waiver to make sure that I was in my perfect state before doing the procedure and meeting the therapist who would resurrect or actually create my nonexistent eyebrows.

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The questionnaire consists of a checklist of several health conditions you might be having that can be detrimental to the procedure or vice versa. These include allergies, pregnancy, current medications, skin conditions, and other health and skin concerns. If you have any of these conditions, then you better wait before going for the procedure as they can affect its aftermath.

with the super talented and pretty brow architect, Miss Eds

After this, I finally met miss Eds, the therapist who did my brows. I would call her a brow architect as she is very keen on examining my face and in doing those intricate strands. She’s the first Brow Resurrection therapist who was trained under Browhaus Philippines. Aside from that, she told me that she was trained for 3 years for this. She’s like the master guru, so lucky me!

Miss Eds and Miss Monique of Browhaus told me that each of us has to have our own unique set of eyebrows and it should be based on our face, eyes, and hair color. Miss Eds examined my entire face for a few minutes and decided that I should go for a Full brow resurrection, among the 3 others (Classic, Soft, Ombre) to choose from.

There were several colors to choose from, and Miss Eds mixed three different colors: dark brown, light brown, and taupe for my eyebrows. As for the brow shape, I knew that a slight arch works on my face and Miss Eds completely agreed with me.

It’s still your final call which to choose for your BR type, color, and arch because the brow architect will let you check and approve. However, given Miss Eds’ expertise, I completely entrusted my brows to her. After everything was settled, she drew the Full BR eyebrows using a pencil first.

Browhaus uses organic ink for the color, so our skin and the entire body is completely safe from harmful chemicals.

Miss Eds applied numbing cream on my eyebrows and left it for 20 minutes so the procedure wouldn’t hurt.

Leaving on the numbing cream

After 20 minutes, it was time for the real Browhaus’ Eyebrow Resurrection procedure. Miss Eds ensured me that Browhaus uses brand new, sealed, and sterilized multi-pins for every customer. They dispose of it afterward.

The entire session was pain-free! It helped that miss Eds would reapply the numbing cream after several minutes.

She also reapplied more color after the microblading was finished so that the color would stick more, especially since they’re using organic ink.

The procedure took just about 45 minutes, plus the 20 minutes of leaving on the numbing cream.

Now, here’s me wearing happy–brows!

Browhaus’ Eyebrow Ressurection: AFTER-EFFECT and AFTERCARE

After Browhaus’ Eyebrow Resurrection procedure, my brows appeared to be way darker than they’re supposed to be, but this is normal. They said that the final desired output would be visible after a month.

They gave me 2 aftercare products infused with vitamins and minerals. The Build is a post-treatment serum to repair and regenerate skin cells. The other one is called Fix, which is an anti-scarring balm.

It’s was a BIG NO-NO to wet my brows 7-10 days after the procedure. It was hard at first, and I couldn’t find a way to cover up my brows while showering. Miss Eds suggested a plastic cap for the eyebrows that can be bought at Mercury drug, but the 4 branches I visited here in Davao didn’t have any, so I gave up. I was cautious not to wet my eyebrows and thankfully, I survived it. I cleaned my forehead using cotton and micellar water.

I didn’t feel anything concerning for the first few days except for a little bit of itchiness, which is very typical, so I just applied the aftercare products.

It’s been a week since I had the Browhaus’ Eyebrow Resurrection procedure and this is how my eyebrows look like now:

Just after waking up

I think they’re perfect! I’ll give you an update after a month and after three months because I’m supposed to revisit them for a retunement.

Browhaus’ Eyebrow Resurrection Semipermanent Brows will usually last for a year.

Now I can finally pull off a bare face anywhere with this! Thank you, Browhaus!❤

If you have questions, ask away on the comment box below.

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Browhaus Locations:

Singapore-New York-London-Kuala Lumpur-Shanghai-Jakarta-Manila


2F Serendra Bonifacio High St.
Bonifacio Global City Taguig
Store Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM
Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM
T: +632 9010597
M: +63 917 5771352

4F Greenbelt 5
Phase 2 Legaspi Street,
Ayala Center Makati
Store Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM
Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM
T: + 632 5013998

Browhaus Lucky Chinatown
Fs 417& 418 Lucky Chinatown,
Reina Regente St. cor Dela Reina St. ,
Binondo, Manila
Operating Hours :
Sunday to Saturday
10am to 10pm

Browhaus Abreeza – Davao
3W, 3rd floor, Abreeza Corporate center,
JP Laurel, Bajada, Davao city
Operating Hours :
Sunday to Saturday
10am to 9pm

Browhaus Mega Fashion Hall
Unit 501-505 Building D
Mega Fashion Hall SM Megamall
EDSA cor Julio Vargas St. Mandaluyon City
0917 8477929
Operating Hours :
Sunday to Saturday
10am to 10pm

Browhaus Powerplant Mall
P1 Level Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Center Brgy Poblacion
Makati City
T 8053633
M 09176598351

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Browhaus: Brow Resurrection Review + Promotion!

It is said that eyes are windows to the soul, and that makes our eyebrows just as important – A pair of well-defined and perfectly shaped eyebrows are critical for a groomed and polished appearance.

I know a lot of girls face similar brow issues as I do – My brows are sparse and not as full or defined as I’d like them to be.

I usually spend so much time drawing in my brows daily with a variety of brow products from brow powder, brow liner to brow mascara, until Browhaus saved the day with its semi-permanent solution – Brow Resurrection. Getting semi-permanent brows done will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for yourself!

Browhaus, the experts in semi-permanent will design the perfect brows that suit your face 😀

Browhaus has come up with a comprehensive menu for natural-looking semi-permanent brows. You’ll get a personal “Brow Print”, a digitised consultation that your skin, brow type and desired results are considered to obtain the brow design that suits you.

There used to be only BR Define and BR Natural, but now, you can pick from four different kinds of Brow Resurrection:

BR Classic (formerly known as BR Define)
For a Natural, Bold, Defined and Strong look $1200 

BR Soft (formerly known as BR Natural)
For a Natural, Light and Soft Look $1500 

BR Full (new)
For a Natural and Full Look $1800

BR Ombre (new)
For a Natural, Full Look with a Gradient base effect $2000

I was deciding between BR Full or BR Ombre, but after some consultation with the brow experts at Browhaus, I decided to go for BR Ombre, recommended for ladies who prefer to draw in their brows. The gradient base creates the effect of “drawn” brows, which sounded ideal for me 🙂

Brow Resurrection creates realistic hair strands from root to tip to give you perfect brows! Unique only to Browhaus, this treatment uses an advance embroidery technique to create natural-looking strokes, resulting in a finer finish compared to other semi-permanent brow treatments that simply weave in parallel hair strands.

Ready for my BR Ombre procedure!

Numbing cream being applied before the procedure! The actual process of brow resurrection took around 2 hours or slightly lesser, and was relatively painless.

Before and After Brow Resurrection Ombre – I love the natural and full look created by Tody, my brow therapist at Browhaus Plaza Singapura!

Expect a bit of scabbing and some time for your brows to heal – Get the “Aftercare System” that’s sold separately at $160.50 to help your brows heal well so that the effects of Brow Resurrection last the longest!

One week after my Brow Resurrection Ombre – Love the effects of BR Ombre and how natural my brows look!

I no longer have to spend time drawing in my brows in the mornings – What a life saver!

I highly recommend Brow Resurrection to solve all of your brow woes 😉

Special Promotion! 

Get Brow Resurrection Classic at $850 with FOC BR Kit.

Quote “YINA” to be entitled. 

*Promotion valid till 31 July 2017.

*New BR customers only. 

*Not applicable for master specialists.

For more information on Brow Resurrection, visit Browhaus’s website here!

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We Tried Browhaus’ Brow Lamination For Full, Fluffy, And Natural-Looking Eyebrows

As the cliché goes, eyes are the windows to your soul, and if so, brows are mightily important to enhance those dreamy peepers. I’m a passionate believer in a pair of good brows, beyond them just being window drapes for our faces. Ever since my clueless teen years when I first got them plucked in preparation for prom, I’ve always noticed the difference neat, groomed brows make, whether it’s the subtle way they frame your face, or how they can perfect a makeup look.

It just so happens that thick, fluffy brows are in, not unlike the ones sported by celebrities Emilia Clarke and Kaia Gerber — and if those God-gifted, natural-looking brows are what you’re after, enter the hottest brow treatment in town: brow lamination.

Kaia Gerber, courtesy of @ash_kholm.

What is Brow Lamination?

Popular in the US and UK, brow lamination is basically a perming treatment for your brows, one that restructures brow hairs into a set shape, for an extended period of time. The look? Full, slicked-up brows that look thicker, yet natural.


Homegrown brand Browhaus offers this service here, and tells us that the service is ideal to mask small gaps between the brows. Unlike Brow Resurrection, the beauty parlour’s other popular procedure, think of this like a perm, or a brow lift — it lifts, sets, and styles your brows, with effects that last up to four weeks. Commonly seen as a non-invasive alternative to microblading, this one doesn’t break into the surface of your skin, which means zero downtime as well.

With the service gaining in popularity, I had to try it for myself — with some pretty amazing results. Read on for a rundown of my entire 60-min procedure:

The Process Before — unstyled, no product.

Before the procedure began, there was a quick consultation to determine if my eyebrows were suitable for the procedure. To achieve the ideal results of brow lamination, you’ll need to have a decent amount of brow hairs to begin with. For those with very sparse brows, or with bigger gaps in their brows, you might be more suited for Brow Resurrection.

I’ve always had pretty thick brows, so yes, I qualified. My key concern though, would be that my brows were too full, which, when brushed up, would create a frighteningly harsh effect. However, my brow therapist assured me that there was nothing to worry about — the look was natural and feathery, while she will also tweeze and cut my brow hairs after, if necessary.

Step #1: Lift
Applying the perming cream.

We first start off with  a perming cream, one that’s applied with a q-tip then left on for up to 6 minutes. What the cream does is to soften the brow hairs, so that they can be brushed and styled into shape later. Similar to a hair perm, the cream breaks bonds in the hair for that restructuring process. I was also told that the perming cream will have a slight tingling sensation, depending on the sensitivity of your skin — I didn’t feel any itchiness or discomfort in the slightest though.

My brows were brushed into place.

This was also when my brow hairs were brushed upwards, both to fill in the small gaps in between, as well as create a defined arch shape. Once the cream was applied, a clear plastic wrap was placed over my brows to allow the solution to penetrate.

Step #2: Set

Once my brows were in place, a neutralising cream was applied. This helps keep them in that desired full position, and “sets” the shape of the brows.

Step #3: Style
Tweezing + brow tint.

For this session, I opted for optional Brow Tint and Tweezing services as well, to tame any unruly hairs. My brows were therefore plucked to achieve a natural-looking arch, followed by a subtle brow tint that helped create a slightly fuller, feathery effect. The difference for the tint was very subtle, but the shaping definitely helped my brows look more polished and well-groomed. After that, my therapist went in with Browhaus’ Undercoat Lash & Brow Conditioner to nourish and condition my brows.

the finished look!
After the brow lamination procedure. Slight skin redness from the tweezing.

Immediate thoughts: I love it! The effect was instant, and I was very pleased with how feathery my brows looked after, without looking too thick too, as I had feared. Compared to how my brows were like before, my new set was visibly fuller with all those small gaps in between completely filled. They also look more polished and defined, though with a nice feathery effect at the front portion for a very natural look. Other than some slight skin redness from the tweezing, I could leave the beauty parlour and carry about the rest of my day. Best thing is — I did not need to use any (pigmented) brow product to keep them this way. For the next couple of weeks, all I had to do to style my brows was to go over them with a spoolie.


As mentioned, a typical brow lamination should last up to four weeks. There are also some after-care tips to take note of, namely, to wait 24 hours before exercising intensively, putting on brow makeup, or letting the brows come in contact with water, in any way.

Using a lash conditioner also helps the effects last longer, and I was advised to use the Undercoat Lash & Brow Conditioner both morning and evening. The brush applicator helps  style the brows too — go over them in one direction and sweep them up for a dramatic effect, or angle the spoolie and follow your natural brow arch for a more subtle finish.

Compare — BEFORE (left) vs AFTER (right).

Overall Impressions Photo taken a week after.

Uh, Instagram brows much? I absolutely love the effect, and was low-key boasting to all my friends after my brow lamination treatment — hopefully not in a narcissistic way though. I just couldn’t get enough of how my brows look so full and defined from just a simple perming procedure, and how natural-looking that effect was too. Literally: #iwokeuplikethis. Instead of obsessing over my brows with a brow pencil, for the first week at least, I could roll out of my bed with my brows looking this on fleek.

Some things I noted though: my brows did look a bit flatter from the side, which makes sense as the brow hairs are now “optimised” to fill up sparse spaces. That said, they still look awesome in pictures, totally indiscernible. They also felt more stiff than I was used to, and for the first few days, I was very careful about washing my face, making sure that water, my cleanser, or any other skincare product won’t be touching my brows. I did feel like I could afford to be less careful though, especially since the skin closest to the brows felt more dry than usual.

The after-care was as easy as promised, but you do have to be diligent about brushing your hairs with the brow conditioner daily — I certainly was since I wanted the brow lamination effects to last as long as possible. After about 1.5 weeks, my brow hairs started to turn up slightly unruly when I woke up, perhaps due to my shifting about when I sleep. Still, all I had to do was go over them with a spoolie to spring them back in place — this keeps them nice and neat for the rest of the day. I’m currently about three weeks in, and can still say that they’re still looking as fine as ever!


Browhaus’ Brow Lamination is available at all Browhaus outlets. 

Brow Lamination:​ $120 per session
Brow Lamination + Colour Tweak (Brow Tint) + Tweezing:​ $160 per session

First trial promotion: $48 per session (including Tinting and Tweezing). Purchase trial on Beauty Emporium. Terms and Conditions apply. Promotion ends 31 December 2020.

Browhaus’ Undercoat Lash & Brow Conditioner, $65 for 8ml, available at all Browhaus outlets and via ​​.



Browhaus Brow Resurrection Review + Before & After Photos

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

Instead of continuing to simply be obsessed with model Cara Delevingne‘s brows and working on my own years-long journey to plump mine up from thinnish to medium at best, I decided to partake in Browhaus’ brow resurrection service ($925; lasts up to two years) to get a semi-permanent mark of Delevingne-iation. Here’s why the service is officially the new lash extensions. I guarantee you it’ll be the next big beauty thing.

My brow history: A high school pic of my friend Angela and me. My brows are SO far apart (that’s actually how they grow naturally) and very thin. Why? Because Drew Barrymore’s were in ‘Mad Love,’ which came out 2 years prior. I wish I had a TIME MACHINE to tell myself not to do this to my brows.

Just one day prior to my Browhaus appointment, I was lucky enough to attend a NARS Cosmetics event where brow maestro Maribeth Madron gave me a shape I adore. My brows have always been far apart and a little on the thin side. Of course, post-brow resurrection people seem to have a revisionist history of my brows including my own mother who keeps saying, “Oh, you’ve always had your father’s brows.” Nope. P.S. My father’s brows are so robust that the first thing I do when I get to my parents’ house in the Philadelphia suburbs is sit him down and cut them for him. Okay? I only wish I really had his brows and didn’t have to essentially have them tattooed on.

Before and after! Left: my natural, unenhanced brows right before the service. Please excuse my puffiness, this was the Friday of the Boston bombing/Cambridge shooting/Watertown situation and I slept approximately one hour the night before. Middle: Just after the service. Super dark, but great shape. Right: A week later, perfect brows with ZERO pencil, gel, nothing.

The brow resurrection service takes about 2-3 hours and is mostly painless. First, you do a consultation, at which the brows are drawn in with small, simulated hair strokes with a black pencil and shaped until you are happy with the results. The semi-permanent procedure includes a “stamping tool” which creates scratches made into the skin’s surface to create detailed and natural looking “hairs” that are then filled in with the vegetable-based dye. It’s like a tattoo, though I cannot confirm or deny whether it’s more painful as I have no tattoos. Tattoos are not my scene, but tattooing on brow hairs to make mine look more robust in the name of beauty? Sign me UP, obviously. You then get a tune-up between 1 and 2 months of the treatment to perfect your brows to your liking.

With Aly, Marina and Dina at Marina‘s wedding two weeks post-resurrection.

I left with very dark brows with a phenomenal shape, thanks to Morgan, who did my resurrection. They lightened up a bit over the course of the next few days and were about 30% lighter overall (as Morgan had said they would be) a week later. They hurt a bit the first day or two, but as they healed (and I used the Browhaus Build and Fix aftercare products the salon recommends) they mostly just itched. The healing process wasn’t too dramatic and I absolutely love the results. I feel much more “done” without makeup on and can finally skip the whole brow part of my makeup regimen, which was actually pretty lengthy what with pencil, brushing and then setting with brow gel.

There are also three unexpected bonuses of my Brow Resurrection.
1. I can wear less eye makeup.
2. I can finally wear nude lipstick–I feel like a Kardashian! My new brows give my face a focal point, so nude lips don’t wash me out.
3. I can wear my hair half-up and feel polished.

I cannot explain this, but just know that I love it. Get involved with your own brow resurrection at Brow Haus, 56 Spring Street, New York. Browhaus is also offering a 15% discount when you book your brow resurrection appointment through the salon’s Twitter feed, @BrowhausNYC. I’m also giving away ten free brow shaping treatments, so follow me on Twitter (@Glambr) for details on how to enter.

Tell me in the comments: Is brow resurrection something you’d be game to try?

Disclosure: Service was provided by Browhaus for editorial consideration.   

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4 Women Get Brow Makeovers By Browhaus And Share Their Stories

It’s common knowledge that well-shaped brows frame and balance the face. But more than that, your brows are also indicators of your emotions. Your brows tell people if you’re surprised, sad or angry. So it’s important not to take your brows for granted.

It doesn’t matter if your brows are sparse and patchy, been over-tweezed or have faded with age, the good news is that you can face the world with confidence once again thanks to Browhaus and its Brow Resurrection services, because everyone deserves perfect brows.

Not convinced? These four #BrowhausReady winners share their brow stories.


Tried: Brow Resurrection Classic
Likes: A fitness enthusiast who likes judo, boxing and hitting the gym.
Brow woes: Sparse and uneven brows — the right brow is more arched than the left.
Biggest Brow Fear: A frequent brow powder user, Gladys worries that her powdered brows will not withstand her intense workouts.
#BrowhausReady: Natural looking brows that perfectly frame the face, Gladys no longer worries about “disappearing brows” after every gym session.


Tried: Brow Resurrection Soft
Likes: Painting, chilling at the beach, interacting with people and doing volunteer work.
Brow woes: Sparse and inconsistent brows.
Biggest brow fear: Non-existent brows when she’s out in the sun.
#BrowhausReady: No more worrying about getting the shape right and consistent, Phyllis’ new brows shaves time off her morning routine so she’s got more time to enjoy life.

Jia Hui

Tried: Brow Resurrection Full
Likes: A content strategist who enjoys swimming on the weekends.
Brow woes: Unkempt brows.
Biggest brow fear: Not looking her best in front of the camera due to messy brows, which is an integral part of her job.
#BrowhausReady: Perfectly defined confidence-boosting brows that allow Jia Hui to be camera-ready in a jiffy.

Hui En

Tried: Brow Resurrection Ombre
Likes: An active individual who loves to dance, paint and do outdoor water sports.
Brow woes: Faint and sparse brows.
Biggest brow fear: Thinks she looks like a ‘gremlin’ with her hardly-there brows, especially when she’s doing water sports.
#BrowhausReady: No more worrying about “disappearing brows” and feeling self-conscious with customised brows that shape the face.

Brow Wow

The key to Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection is in its special micro-blading technique that creates natural-looking strokes, mimicking the strands of brow hair. Using 100 percent vegetable dyes, the result is a finer finish compared to other semi-permanent brow services, with life-like strands of hair for full, natural looking brows that look like you were born with it.

More importantly, Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection is completely safe and hygienic. Each tool comes individually sealed, sterilised and is then disposed of after every session. In addition, every Browhaus therapist undergoes a strict four to eight-week training programme at the Browhaus Training School. And to date, Browhaus has resurrected more than 150,000 brows globally.

For brows on fleek, there are four different Brow Resurrection treatments to choose from:
• Classic — A defined brow look
• Soft — A soft, natural look
• Full — A full brow look
• Ombre — A full brow look with a gradient base

Whether you want to go bold or prefer something more natural, Browhaus is here for you. After all, why be ordinary when you can be an original?

Want to find out more? Visit https://www. to discover more real-life #BrowhausReady stories or simply sign up for a slot to try it for yourself.

For a limited time, enjoy a Browhaus Brow Resurrection trial at only $300. Terms & Conditions apply.*
*Valid for new Brow Resurrection customers only.
*Valid till 31 July 2019 and for a one-time redemption only.
*Not applicable for online bookings.
*Does not come with tune-up sessions.
*Not applicable for Master Specialist bookings.
*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other on-going discount, vouchers or promotions.


Getting Your Best Brows With Microblading

With such emphasis on hair-removal, especially once the weather turns warm, it can be quite frustrating for some who wished they’d had more hair in certain places…like your eyebrows. Bold, bushy brows have had their spokesmodels throughout the decades—Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn, Brooke Shields, Madonna—and now Hailee Steinfeld, Priyanka Chopra, and Lily Collins have us sweating some real brow landscaping. But what do you do when your garden refuses to grow? Sure, you could grab a brow pencil, brow powder, brow mascara, or brow gel—but what if  you don’t really know what to do with your arches? Maybe you want to change their shape? Even ’em out? It’s just so time-consuming to perfect your brows, and don’t get us started on mid-day brow smudging. So embarrassing.

There is, however, another road to perfect arches: eyebrow tattoos. Hear us out: Browhaus, a brow and lash-centric salon, offers the Brow Resurrection procedure, a semi-permanent makeup option to make your brows look naturally filled-in and shaped to perfection—all without the fuss of half a dozen products. Of course, they’re not the only ones offering brow tattoos, but they were one of the first, so we decided to try it out.

First of all, don’t be scared to commit: It’s called Brow Resurrection because it’ll only last you two years–long enough that you don’t have to worry about having to pencil your brows every morning for a long time, but brief enough that if you decide to change your style or you experience any growth spurts with age, you can certainly change your brows along with them. If you’ve never had a tattoo before, there’s nothing to stress about. And if you have, there’s even less. Here’s how it works:

The first part is a brow consultation where you meet with a certified “brow architect” who will draw on the brows you desire with pencil so you can see how the results will look and you can tweak as you please. A numbing cream is applied afterwards once you’re happy with the shape, and left to marinate for 20 minutes. Then your brow architect will gently remove that, and using a micro-blade with about 14 teeny pin points, will proceed to gently scratch a vegetable-based ink into your eyebrows, following the traced shape. Since the blades are so tiny, they appear just like hairline strokes. Once you’re done, a protective balm that’s enriched with vitamins A, D and lanolin is applied.


But does it hurt? Surprisingly, not at all. The numbing cream is serious stuff. It feels a tiny bit just like you’re getting your brows tweezed—a sensation we can all relate to. Your brow area will be a bit sensitive and for some maybe a bit red right after the procedure (which takes about an hour and a half), but you can pretty much go about your day afterwards. The recovery period is discreet, too. Browhaus offers a couple aftercare products: Build, a post-treatment serum with growth factors to help regenerate and heal the skin (and prevent infection), and Fix, a protective balm that’s enriched with lanolin and vitamins which also “waterproofs” your eyebrows with its petroleum-like consistency. Speaking of which, the trickiest part about semi-permanent makeup on your face is that you can’t let it have prolonged contact with water for a week. So, washing your face is a bit of an ordeal, and showering is a little tricky.

You may notice some flaking as your brow skin naturally scabs and heals, leaving a slightly lighter line than was initially there. Browhaus offers a complimentary tune-up about three months after your Resurrection procedure so your brow architect can fill in any areas that didn’t take as well or any faded bits. Anyone who’s gotten a tattoo will know that it’s itchy as hell when it’s healing, but you can’t scratch it because you could remove the ink along with the scab! Face-pickers, steel yourselves!

In the end, it’s a painless procedure that gives you natural-looking full and shaped eyebrows for two years—pretty neat, huh? Only catch is that it’s not exactly cheap. Well tattoos never are, but resurrecting your brows can cost just under a grand at Browhaus. It may be steep (start saving up your acorns now!) but the results are really impressive. And if you break it down by cost-per-wear, it’s about $1.26 a day for perfect brows two years straight. That’s less than you probably spend on your morning coffee.

90,000 Ways to “resurrect” eyebrows | DOANN

Beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows are always “in trend”. Unfortunately, in the race for fashion, many women “plucked” their eyebrows and faced a serious problem – the eyebrows simply stopped growing. Therefore, every day you have to draw your eyebrows, and spend a lot of time on it.

What to do, and how to restore its former beauty, correct the “mistakes of youth”?

The problem of wide eyebrows is corrected with the help of a good master, giving them the correct shape.Ugly plucked eyebrows will grow back, and you can safely experiment further. And even the issues of illiterate tattooing are solved: after eliminating the mistakes made when applying a tattoo with a laser, the eyebrows calmly grow back.

And how about eyebrows, which for one reason or another do not grow back.

How to restore eyebrows? The main thing is not to panic! Even plucked eyebrows can be brought back to life in most cases. Of course, this will take some time, but if all the recommendations are followed, the effect will definitely be there!

“Native” eyebrows are always better than drawn ones.You can use special cosmetics, and you can also folk. However, all remedies are good if they are helpful.

Castor oil . This method is the most popular. You can use it both for eyebrows and for too short and thin eyelashes. Unless, of course, there is an allergy. The essence of the method is simple: the oil should be applied to the growth line with an ordinary cotton swab and rubbed into the skin for about 1-1.5 minutes. After 1 hour, remove the remaining oil with a cotton pad.

It is recommended to carry out the procedure before bedtime. After 2 weeks, you will be able to evaluate the first results.

The main advantage is the minimum investment and simplicity of the method.

Note: Castor oil can be substituted with peach seed oil if desired.

Almond oil. Provides elasticity and shine to eyebrows, prolongs their “life cycle”. A pleasant product without a pungent odor. The scheme of use is the same.

Burdock oil. This “product” has everything you need to keep your hair healthy. Ideally! However, it is very difficult to rinse off and has a specific odor.

Jojoba oil . The action of this multifaceted tool is to nourish, moisturize and restore the structure of the eyebrows quite quickly.

Grape seed oil. As a general rule, it is recommended to use it after coloring the eyebrows. The oil is absorbed instantly, but the smell may not be to everyone’s liking.

Avocado oil. Also an excellent product that cosmetologists often recommend to bring eyebrows back to life. The product enhances hair growth, strengthens them, and promotes further recovery.

Carrot juice . In this case, the mask is made from freshly squeezed juice.

We need 2 tablespoons of juice and a couple of drops (no more!) Retinol (pharmacy vitamin A). Mix the ingredients and apply on brows for 25 minutes. Remove the remaining juice with a regular lotion. Repeat every 2 days.

Advanced Lash . An excellent German product (ready-made) that allows you to restore thickness to your eyebrows.

Italian product Foltene . It is applied on top of the usual color cosmetics and provides a quick improvement in the overall condition of the hair.

Safe and hypoallergenic American drug Adonia BrowRevive . It is applied twice a day, the course is 20 days.

Pharmacy (ready-made) tincture of calendula .You can make it yourself if you have the time. We do compresses twice a week for 20 minutes, after which we wash off and apply a nourishing cream.

Note: the tincture is based on alcohol, therefore, drops from the compress should not drain, and the application of fatty cream after the procedure is mandatory!

There are, of course, many more ways to bring your eyebrows back to life. The main thing is not to overdo it (beware of contraindications and strictly follow the instructions).

It is recommended to consult with a specialist before embarking on traditional methods.

Taking care of your eyebrows is as natural today as brushing your teeth in the morning. But in order for the eyebrows to grow thick and healthy (and generally grow), certain rules must be followed.

If you have no experience – contact a specialist.

Frequent “accidental” plucking of eyebrows with trembling hands causes them to fall out.

After professional eyebrow shaping, maintain the created shape by regularly removing excess regrown hairs.

After each hair removal procedure, lubricate redness with a thick layer of cream.

Make regular eyebrow masks. Once a week, heat the oil mixture in a water bath (olive, vegetable + castor oil) and apply compresses for 10 minutes.

Do not touch the hairs that grow below the main brow line so that they do not grow or the brow line does not go down.

Apply castor oil every day before bed and massage for 3-5 minutes with a soft brush.

Finger massage should also be done every evening: first with point movements, then with light tingling, and then vibrating.

Brushing of the eyebrows should always take place exclusively along the growth line – only from the nose to the temples.

Do not use cheap cosmetics and products that have expired. “It’s a pity to throw it away”, then it will not be reflected on the face in the best way.

When washing off makeup before going to bed, do not forget about eyebrows!

After the mask, always remove any residual oil. Otherwise, the pores will clog, and the growth of the eyebrows will slow down.

Already after 3-4 weeks of full eyebrow care, you can see the result.

Remember the golden rule “do no harm”, and do not forget to take time for yourself, your beloved.

BrowXenna henna for eyebrows – Brown

Refill sachet is a convenient package that will allow you to store a supply of BROWXENNA® henna for eyebrows at the workplace. After opening from the sachet, henna must be poured into a bottle.

Henna for eyebrows BROWXENNA® is the first henna specially developed for coloring eyebrows. Coloring lasts up to 14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hairs.Henna BROWXENNA® has unique properties. Thanks to natural dyes – plants of lawsonium and indigofer, henna adds tone to the eyebrows. Amla, shakakai, hibiscus and tea tree that are part of the composition enhance the effect of coloring, give the hairs additional nutrition and hydration. BROWXENNA® henna staining can cover old permanent makeup.

In the palette of henna for eyebrows BROWXENNA® – 12 shades that can be used both in pure form and mixed with each other.

For artisans who often do the staining procedure, it is convenient to use BROWXENNA® in a bottle.The nose of the bottle allows you to accurately dose the amount of henna, the product is consumed economically. In addition, the narrow spout prevents air from entering the bottle. This keeps the beneficial properties of henna longer. One bottle of BROWXENNA® henna is enough for an average of 100 treatments.

Brown hair # 107 Dark earth.

Deep black-brown color. One of the darkest colors on the palette. For bright girls who prefer maximum color.


1.Cleanse the eyebrow area with micellar water. Prepare your brows for coloring with BROWXENNA® Deep Cleansing Shampoo. Rinse off the shampoo with BROWXENNA® Two-Phase Fixative Toner.

2. In a non-metallic container, mix the coloring compound (the amount of the composition is equivalent to 2 grains of rice) with 4-8 drops of BROWXENNA® mineral solution. Mix the resulting composition thoroughly. Add a mineral solution or coloring agent if necessary to obtain the consistency of soy sauce.

3. Apply the coloring composition with a brush in a thin layer, without spots and gaps, stretching the color strictly according to the desired shape. Pay attention to the symmetry and clarity of the lines. Apply BROWXENNA® Coloring Compound for a rich and even result. in several layers. Be sure to wait until the previous coat is completely dry (≈1–3 minutes) before applying the next one.

4. After the last layer is completely dry (≈ 5-10 minutes), moisten the composition and remove from the eyebrows with a cotton pad moistened with BROWXENNA® two-phase fixative tonic.To obtain a more intense coloring result, the application time of the composition on the eyebrows can be up to 25 minutes from the moment the first layer is applied.


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Glossy Gold set, limited edition Glossy Gold, Nikk Nole


The limited edition Glossy Gold is designed as an exclusive line of exclusive products that breathed a new philosophy into the process of creating perfect eyebrows.GG style eyebrows are not just about shapes, lines and color. These are shimmering textures and sparkling gold, delightful bottles and natural ingredients, unique formulas and traditional benefits of SPA cosmetics.

The Glossy Gold line is versatile and suitable for restoring the natural beauty of eyebrows and eyelashes in the salon and at home. The high concentration of active ingredients is able to revive lifeless hairs and fill the skin in the eye area with a captivating radiance.

Premium series from Nikk Mole and Lyudmila Klimenko offers a revolutionary concept for the profession of an eyebrow artist and for home eyebrow care.

Moisturize, nourish and restore eyebrows and eyelashes, even during coloring and correction procedures. Recreating natural appeal is more important than drawing a flawless outline.

Skin cleansing is the first step towards beauty and health. Flower water GG gently cleanses the skin and helps to increase its susceptibility to all procedures and the effects of other cosmetic and health products. The wonderful aroma of flower extracts acts on the body according to the principle of aromatherapy.

  • deep cleansing of the skin

Mechanical peeling of the eyebrow area with brushes before coloring is not the most pleasant sensation. But the skin needs to be prepared before applying pigment or caring cosmetics. Scrub GG on a natural basis gently removes dead skin cells and fills it with valuable trace elements and vitamins.

GG Hydrogel Patches provide optimal hydration for the eye area.After a thorough two-phase cleansing, the skin needs powerful hydration in order to restore its natural water balance before coloring. The patches are also ideal as an aid to combat the signs of fatigue, the effects of a sleepless night and loss of skin firmness.

  • building the ideal shape when painting

Brow Paste GG is a paste with a satin texture that will allow you to demonstrate the designed shape of the brow applying a coloring mixture.And with mineral pigments shimmering with millions of gold particles, you will do it in a bewitchingly beautiful way. An inspiring ritual that cannot be forgotten!

  • effective care

Bestseller of the repair line Glossy Gold – Oil GG , which precious drops contain nutrients for skin, eyelashes and eyebrows. It is designed to complete the coloring procedure and for systemic work with problem eyebrows and eyelashes.The oil is effective both when combined with other products in the series, and when used individually for regular use.

The Glossy Gold collection are products created for those who dream of being at the top of the brow industry.

Brezhnev’s eyebrows on Putin’s face

The old dictator Brezhnev is cautiously watching the growth of the pre-election ratings of the opposition leader Sakharov. Sakharov on a marginal TV channel gives an interview to Pozner and boldly throws accusations of cannibalism in the face of Brezhnev.The cunning political strategist Suslov, a Chechen by birth, persuades Brezhnev to start a small victorious war in Afghanistan for the rating, and the ecumenical spiritual father Nikodim – to allow union with the Catholics, but Brezhnev himself dreams of a quiet rich old age with his mistress on a small island in Germany, and for oysters more.

There is probably a conflict of interest here, because I myself had a book in which Putin shoots the White House and storms Grozny on the night after the Olympics – the genre is about the same as that of Belkovsky, and this is how I should be with him? I swear – it is clear, competition, I will praise – it will certainly turn out haughtily, also nothing good.In general, it’s probably normal that I like my story more than Belkovsky’s story: he, unlike me, had to invent impossible things (alternative elections, alternative television, even with Posner), but I didn’t have to. But it’s not that. Putting scenes from our realities in the scenery of other eras is an interesting activity in any case, and Belkovsky’s experience with Brezhnev-Putin is a good experience, a good game, all the more good since Putin, dreaming of a rich old age abroad, and not at all about an empire, it was Belkovsky who invented at one time, and who, if not him, is now to joke about it.And yet – Belkovsky understands: even a successful joke is risky to joke on more than a hundred pages, therefore the text about Brezhnev (Belkovsky calls him a story) is just limited to a hundred pages, and the rest of the place in the book is occupied by a play about Gaidar five years ago, about the same genre of political fanfiction, a very harsh statement about Russian “systemic liberals”.

The play about Gaidar is an evil Belkovsky. The story about Brezhnev-Putin is kind and therefore more charming.The book itself is good not because it is easier to explain Putin in Brezhnev’s logic, but on the contrary – we have Soviet knowledge lying like a dead weight, and it would be great to figure out where to put it.

Once again, I will refer to my personal experience: when I wrote Gorby Dream, there were many real historical details – Kirilenko’s brain atrophy, the galoshes of the same Suslov, Grishin pulling the half-dead Chernenko out from under the droppers in order to record a video with him as if they were voting together in an election.To write about this, I did not need to consult any historical sources – we do not go into the archive when we need to recall a quote from “Brother-2” or from “The Master and Margarita”. There are things that you know by heart. Among these things, as a rule, there is a lot of rubbish (some old advertising slogans, or pop songs, or stupid movies), but those who grew up in the eighties, among the rubbish, have such a complete body of knowledge about the Brezhnev era. Now you can’t explain this to anyone, but at the penultimate (until they were allowed to scold Lenin) Gorbachev’s stage, Brezhnev and Stalin were the main, along with living politicians and stars, media heroes of that time, that is, every day in some newspaper or magazine another an investigation with dramatic details of historical events or just the life of the dead leaders.His attending physician Chazov wrote about Brezhnev (Gorbachev will make him Minister of Health, and the Zodchie group will have the song Doctor Chazov and Marshal Yazov; Chazov, of course, is one of Belkovsky’s heroes), retired ministers, referents and members of the Politburo were interviewed , everyone repented and raced about telling something sensational – while hunting Brezhnev stood with a gun on a tower, and the huntsmen released wild boars that had been caught in advance under his sight; The Ministry of the Aviation Industry developed a ladder with an escalator for Brezhnev, but failed, but they put the escalator on the platform of the Mausoleum, because Brezhnev could not climb the stairs on his own; Brezhnev had problems with speech due to a stroke, but he himself thought it was a matter of his teeth, and constantly ordered new false jaws for himself, and all to no avail; Doctors forbade Brezhnev to smoke, and he forced everyone who was nearby to smoke next to him and blow smoke in his face.There are literally thousands of such details, we do not know as much about Putin as we remember about Brezhnev. People who were born in the year of his death are already over thirty, and some other stupid video like “Brezhnev reads Pasternak” is gaining millions of views – who is watching it? We are watching.

Knowledge about Brezhnev is the most important part of the cultural code of modern Russians, and what to do with this knowledge is generally incomprehensible. According to the now accepted rules, Brezhnev should be proud – a glorious past, as we love, and a serially ideal biography: he really fought at the front, was responsible for the space industry in the Central Committee just at the time of the satellite and Gagarin, and then Gagarin golden stars presented, ruled over Kazakhstan and Moldova, that is, a real imperial, and even from the East of Ukraine, which is also important in a sense.He was a world player, he shared the world with the Obamas of his time, he waged hybrid wars in different parts of the planet, the Olympics, again, whatever – strictly speaking, this is for him, not Prince Vladimir, according to his mind it would be necessary to erect monuments now, that ideal, to which Putin’s Russia is striving – after all, he is Brezhnev’s first of all, there is no other. And, probably, the only thing that protects today’s Russia from the recognition of Brezhnev is the laughter of contemporaries, which is still stronger than anything else.

It is believed that the stability of power in Russia is ensured by its sacredness, and Brezhnev, of course, with sacredness was not all right, this is his problem.Is it possible to desacralize Putin by drawing Brezhnev’s eyebrows to his face? Probably. In general, in this sense, Putin is convenient, he is a sketch man – both Stalin’s mustache and Khrushchev’s bald head suit him, why not suit his eyebrows. Another thing is that the current Putin is no longer even Brezhnev, this is Chernenko, and looking for eyebrows on his face is an outdated fun, it’s time to look for a big birthmark on the forehead of one of the courtiers.

Stanislav Belkovsky. Sylt. – M .: AST, 2015.352 p.(Anhedonia. Danishevsky’s project)

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Plague Doctor “- Articles on KinoPoisk

At the Comic Con Russia held in Moscow, the publishing house Bubble presented the long-awaited full-length film adaptation of its comics about Major Igor Grom. Fans have been waiting for this event for three years: producer Artem Gabrelyanov and the creative team first made a short film, then a teaser for the upcoming film, and finally announced the shooting of a feature film. Its partners in Russia are Yandex.Studio and KinoPoisk HD, where after the film’s release, its exclusive online premiere will take place.

Team of the film at Comic Con Russia / Photo: Helen Nelidova for KinoPoisk

First, briefly about the plot of the film. Police Major Igor Grom is known throughout St. Petersburg for his punchy character and irreconcilable position in relation to criminals of all stripes. Incredible strength, analytical mind and incorruptibility make Major Thunder the ideal police officer. But everything changes dramatically with the appearance of a masked man – the Plague Doctor. Announcing that his city is “sick with the plague of lawlessness”, he is taken for “treatment”, killing people who at one time escaped punishment thanks to money and high status.Society is agitated. The police are powerless. For the first time Igor is faced with difficulties in the investigation, on the results of which the fate of the entire city may depend.

Exclusive fragments from the shooting of the film shown at Comic Con Russia:

The feature film “Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor” will differ significantly not only from the short film, but also from the comics themselves. Recall that the first issue of Major Thunder was published by Bubble Comics 7 years ago (October 8, 2012), and Artem Gabrelyanov was the screenwriter for most of the issues.The action took place in an alternative Petersburg, where the super-principled police major Igor Grom dealt with criminals. “The Plague Doctor” was the first story in which Thunder investigates the case of the serial killer of the same name. During the investigation, he meets the journalist Yulia Pchelkina, whom he rescues from the bandits. The plague doctor, who dealt with corrupt officials and businessmen, eventually began to be liked by readers much more than Igor Grom, so in further issues he was made a completely notorious maniac.In December 2016, with the release of the 50th issue, the series was closed, but in 2017 the story of the major was continued “Igor Grom”. It tells about the fate of the character after he ceased to be a police major.

On the set of the film

“Both the teaser and the short film will have nothing to do with the full-length film,” says producer Artem Gabrelyanov. – We can say that this is not a canon. This is how we warmed up, warmed up ”. Therefore, an almost completely new team is working on the picture, including the director, actors and cameraman Maxim Zhukov.A young actor Oleg Chugunov, whom we saw in the teaser, remained in the project – his character succumbed to the influence of the Plague Doctor. For the film, the role of Chugunov was expanded, and the hero was given a name – Alexey Makarov. For the comic book universe, this is a new character, and what he will be doing in the film has not yet been reported.

The film was directed by Oleg Trofim, who is responsible for the musical blockbuster “Ice”. Users are already worried that the characters will sing, and Trofim himself jokes that he is filming a musical. Seriously speaking, the music in the film, of course, will be, but only as a percussion soundtrack.The director assures that the project interested him with a cool script for an entertaining movie: “It will be a live attraction with a bunch of interesting characters. The guys tried to show most of the comic book universe, and they formed a very interesting ringing form. ”

Artem Gabrelyanov, Olga Filipuk, Oleg Trofim, Lyubov Aksenova and Mikhail Evlanov / Photo: Helen Nelidova for KinoPoisk

Major Grom: The Plague Doctor will be the first Russian film based on comics, also Russian. “We are deliberately moving away from any Americanism, even comic-book films and, obviously, a Western genre,” explains Trofim.- We try to reveal everything of ours here – soul, characters, music. We are trying to do it in Russian, so that at Comic-Con in San Diego, American viewers will not see a copy of their films, but something original. It is clear that butting with Hollywood studios in terms of the volume of special effects is pointless. But the characters, characters, their motivation and conflicts – what is really important and what we hope to be doing great. ”

Igor Grom will be played by the actor of the Alexandrinsky Theater Tikhon Zhiznevsky. He himself got used to romantic roles and was very surprised when he was chosen to play a brutal character.“I told them right away: ‘Guys, are you serious? I’m all so curly! “- Zhiznevsky laughs. – But then we began to work on the image, and when my appearance changed, then, I see, it really turned out to be such an incredible fierce dude who smashes and crumbles everything around. ”

Tikhon Zhiznevsky / Photo: Helen Nelidova for KinoPoisk

By changing his appearance, the actor means not only getting rid of curls and a stern look from under his brows, which he has already trained to show on camera, but also the famous eyebrows of Major Thunder.In the film, small changes await them: together with the makeup artist Igor Boyko, it was decided to abandon the eyebrows in the form of lightning, which is spelled out in the comics. On a living person, it looked unrealistic. Therefore, Thunder will have a scar next to one of his eyebrows, thin and beautiful.

Zhiznevsky on the set has already acquired a couple of exotic injuries. So, during one of Thunder’s runs, the actor tore the back of his thigh. “I also nearly broke my arm because I decided to go through the truck.In the story, the truck slows down, and Thunder enters it. The first take seemed unconvincing to me, I asked to repeat the scene, but did not calculate the speed and crashed into the truck. I directly felt my astral body moving inside the van! Thank God that everything worked out. But they decided to take the first take into work anyway – I suffered in vain!

Oleg Trofim and Tikhon Zhiznevsky / Photo: Press Service of Comic Con Russia

In his character, Tikhon likes the fact that he is imperfect. “It’s good that he is not entirely positive – rude, does not trust anyone and is struggling with this throughout the film.That is, we say that if you are a superhero, it doesn’t mean that you are a wonderful person at the same time ”. In the comics about Thunder themselves, he likes the moment when the major loses all his loved ones and remains alone, and even when he runs naked through the mazes. It is not yet known whether this episode will be in the film.

Zhiznevsky realizes what a huge responsibility he has. Therefore, in order to get used to the role, he met with a real police major, asked him about his work, and together they corrected Thunder’s lines to make them look more believable.

The rest of the casting looks like this:

Alexander Seteikin will play Grom’s partner, Dmitry Dubin, relations with whom will also undergo slight changes, will become more partner and bilateral: the heroes both need each other.

The journalist Yulia Pchelkina, the main female character, will be played by Lyubov Aksenova, who asked that her character “be a lot” in the film. “I like that the heroine is kind, curious and courageous,” the actress comments. She read the comics about Thunder, and she also liked the hero because he is not an exclusively positive character.Aksenova will make her Pchelkina a girl with her own position, worthy of Major Thunder.

Lyubov Aksenova and Tikhon Zhiznevsky / Photo: Helen Nelidova for KinoPoisk

Sergey Goroshko will play the creator of the Vmeste social network, millionaire Sergei Razumovsky. The filmmakers thought that it was for this role that they would have to look for an actor for a very long time, but when they saw Goroshko (and this was the third or fourth casting meeting), they immediately chose him. The film’s creative producer Roman Kotkov assures that this character will be different from the comics, and given the information that the actor for the role of the Plague Doctor will be announced later, this is clearly not Razumovsky.

Oleg Volkov, Razumovsky’s bodyguard, will be played by Dmitry Chebotarev, who was immediately chosen for the role. Dmitry is already reading the fan pages of Major Thunder with might and main and drawing ideas and inspiration from there.

Dmitry Chebotarev and Tikhon Zhiznevsky / Photo: Press Service of Comic Con Russia

Evgeny Strelkov, one of the secondary villains of the comic book, will be played by Mikhail Evlanov. He had to shave his head for the role, which was significantly rewritten for the film. Alexey Maklakov will appear in the image of Fyodor Prokopenko, the chief of Major Grom.And in the role of the leader of the gang in masks, the players from the cartoon “Puck! Puck! ”, Illuminated in a short meter, the star of“ Real Boys ”and“ Elok ”Anton Bogdanov will appear.

At Comic Con they promised that the legendary joke about shawarma from the first issues will appear in the film, and after the credits there will be two scenes that will pretty much surprise the viewer.

After the release of the teaser, the creators of the picture received many comments. In particular, viewers saw in the Plague Doctor, who posts exposing videos on YouTube, a resemblance to opposition politician Alexei Navalny.As a result, it was decided to remove the entire political component from the film. “But the story remained just as poignant,” says Gabrelyanov. “The main problem we are considering is the lawlessness of the rich, who can get away from the law with the help of money.” At the same time, Oleg Trofim is sure that the picture will still be accused of propaganda by both the opposition and pro-government structures, because our society today is incredibly polar. “But in the film we are just trying to figure out who the hero of our time is today, what he wants and what heroism is for society and for a person in particular.”

The film team is watching a video from the shooting / Photo: Helen Nelidova for KinoPoisk

A new technology of 360-degree circular shooting was specially developed for shooting short films. Artem Gabrelyanov promises that in full meter this technology will be more perfect. “What we showed three years ago is technically outdated. Therefore, we have modified the old design, and what you see will just blow your mind. ” Oleg Trofim confirms that the same frantic dynamics awaits us in full motion: “It is not easy to do in a large picture for two and a half hours, but we are working hard to ensure that each scene does not leave the viewer indifferent.”

Yandex.Studio and KinoPoisk HD became Russian partners of the film. “We see a great interest of the audience in films and TV series based on foreign comic universes,” says Olga Filipuk, General Director of Yandex.Studio. – And we believe that Major Grom: The Plague Doctor has every chance to launch a similar large cinematic universe in Russia. Therefore, we take this film to our house. We will actively support it, and after the theatrical release we will exclusively show it on the network. ”

Oleg Trofim, Tikhon Zhiznevsky, Artem Gabrelyanov and Olga Filipuk / Photo: Helen Nelidova for KinoPoisk …So that there is not a single person who does not know about the “Major of Thunder”. To make it impossible to go out into the street and not hear about the film. And I am sure that we will achieve this with the help of all Yandex services. I want a courier to bring you food, and Major Thunder is in any box. To talk about Major Thunder in the taxi. So that the couriers run around with the logo of the picture. We have a lot of different ideas – the promotional campaign will be powerful! ”

Photo: Press Service of Comic Con Russia

Filming continues in St. Petersburg, from where the team arrived at Comic Con Russia.In St. Petersburg, the Gromovites managed to make a noise, putting the local press on their ears: “Our cars are turning over, something is burning all the time, everyone is running. Every day there is a cataclysm in the city center, ”jokes Oleg Trofim. The shooting period will last throughout November, then post-production will begin. The rental date of “Major Thunder” has not yet been disclosed.

“I want the population of this city to understand architecture not only as“ eyebrow architecture ”

An exhibition of an architectural couple – FREYDINA and KULAGINA has opened in Omsk.

On the eve, the first architectural exhibition of Oleg FREYDIN and Olga KULAGINA was held in the “Art of Omsk” museum. The architects presented their works for 40 years of professional activity, as well as for the quarter-century work of the “RIM Architectural Studio” created by them.

– Everyone who is present here, this exhibition is not for you. We made it, firstly, for ourselves, because all objects are forgotten … Several objects today I remembered what I was doing. Secondly, I want the population of this city not only to understand architecture as “the architecture of eyebrows” – as Oleg Mikhailovich saw the ad here… After all, architecture is a serious art, making a house yourself is wrong. We do for you, – Olga KULAGINA greeted the guests .

Friends and colleagues of the creative architectural couple came to congratulate the heroes of the occasion. President of the City Project Tatiana STOLBOVA made good wishes for the “resurrection” of architectural art and the appearance of valuable customers.

– This is an extraordinary couple. So they never lied in their work, – the beginning of STOLBOVA.- They do not give in to any influence, because they clearly know what they are trying to achieve. I wish you only health. And now I don’t have the optimism that the previous speaker had, because today we are in a “blockage”, and, in principle, no one needs it. Today we do not have worthy customers who will appreciate and love architecture, as Oleg and Olga love it.

The exposition includes about a hundred projects of Omsk architects – in urbanism, town planning, building architecture, interior design, etc.Including – many works by KULAGINA and FREYDIN, awarded at all-Russian and regional competitions.

– Today is a holiday, because this exhibition presents a very high quality, good, high architecture. This is a rarity for Omsk. We can say that in terms of level and quality these are the best objects that are being created, – architect Nikita SHALMIN shared his opinion.

Responding to his colleague’s congratulations, Oleg FREYDIN recalled the story of moving to Omsk after graduating from the Novosibirsk Institute of Architecture:

– 40 years ago Nikita Petrovich and I got off at the Lenina Square bus stop.There was a thaw here, and in Novosibirsk it was -25, which is November 20, 1978. And I say: Petrovich, Europe!

Olga KULAGINA remembered with a smile her first impression of her arrival: in the same year, at the same stop “Lenin Square”, they were already met by forty degrees of frost.

That evening the museum became a cozy haven for Omsk architects, it was here that colleagues, friends and comrades, as at a meeting with classmates, shared their opinions, recalled their creative successes and simply talked about the difficult fate of architecture – one of the main “puzzles” in construction industry.

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