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While you may be getting married, you are never too old to embrace the joys of Disney and what better way to show off your Disney love than with a Disney bridal shower! With just a few touches and decorations, you could easily have your guests thinking they stepped into an Alice and Wonderland tea party, or a Beauty and the Beast buffet, so here are our listings of 46 Disney Bridal Shower Ideas, to help you along the way.

If you want more help organizing your shower, check out our bridal shower expense tracker, planning checklist, and even our guide to bridal shower etiquette!

Disney Bridal Shower: Decorations

1. Chalkboard Welcome

A simple chalkboard sign* is an easy welcome that you can outfit with little Disney-style doodles! Even the most inexperienced artists can add a tiara or mickey ears on top of letters to add a Disneyfied spin!


Be Our Guest Sign

Invite your guests into your party with a Beauty and the Beast-themed greeting!

3. Enchanted Furniture

A simple, yet effective idea, especially for parties with child guests, you can add faces to various furnishings in your house to give the rooms an enchanting aura.

4. Tangled-Themed Garland

Take your guests to the kingdom of Corona, with a fun sunburst garland design, perfect for fans of Disney’s Tangled

5. Teapots & Tea Cups

Set out some fancy teapots and teacups, and you can effortlessly emulate an Alice in Wonderland tea party, or the enchanted characters of Beauty and the Beast

6. Poofy Princess Garland

Throwing up some paper pom poms* strewn together with string, or twine, in the colors of your favorite Disney characters, you can subtly call back to your theme while keeping up with a tasteful decorative style. 


Flynn Rider Style Wanted Poster

This is a more DIY option, but a viable one for those with artistic skill! Just simply find a wanted poster template and add a sketch of your future spouse or your guests in the frame. It can be a fun nod to Disney’s Tangled,  while also giving your guests something to talk about!

8. Enchanted Red Roses

Decorate your home with magically strewn red roses to remind your guests of the enchanted Beauty and the Beast flower!

9. Magic Lilies 

You can even intersperse the aforementioned roses with yellow lilies to tie in the magic flower from Tangled

10. Ariel’s Thingamabobs

Fill a small chest* with an assortment of corkscrews, A perfect addition to any party where wine is sure to be flowing. With a simple sign labeling these items “Thingamabobs,” you can easily incorporate a small touch of The Little Mermaid!

11. Inflatable Princess Guests

Though this idea might seem a tad childish, it doesn’t make it any less fun! By simply inflating some princess-shaped balloons*, your guests will be in company with the princesses, a touch that is sure to delight and amuse your guests.  

12. Princess Themed Streamers

Similar to the curtains, as well as the garland, simply spreading some streamers throughout your venue in princess-themed colors is a nice subtle touch to your festivities. 

13. Playing Card Wreath

Make a DIY wreath with a mix of red and black playing cards (the Queen of Hearts at the top of course) as a fun, yet a subtle nod to Alice in Wonderland. Or better yet, use cards depicting the actual characters!

If you want help keeping your shower within budget, take a look at our list of cheap bridal shower ideas!

Disney Bridal Shower: Food Ideas

14. The Grey Stuff

Any Disney fan worth their snuff knows about the notoriously delicious “grey stuff,” so why not try to give it a go to impress your guests with your own take on the famous dish!

15. Tiana’s Beignets

Ordering beignets* from a bakery, or trying your hand at a recipe from any old cookbook is a delightful and undoubtedly yummy way to incorporate The Princess and the Frog into your Disney-themed soiree!


Fairy Godmother Wand Crispy Treats

Make your own or simply cut star shapes* into pre-packaged marshmallow crispy treats, and use small wooden kebab or popsicle sticks to make fun little fairy godmother wand treats for all your guests!

17. Wonderland Tea Time

Set out the fixings for a tea party, fit with an old Mad Hatter hat to tie in the maniacal magic of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

18. Pixie Dust

Set out a jar of pixy stix* and label their pixie dust to take your guests to Neverland! (Or, in other words, let them overindulge in its sugary sweetness!) 

19. Queen of Hearts Tarts

Serve the guests small, yet delectable heart-shaped tarts* in remembrance of the evil, yet iconic, Queen of Hearts!

20. Gaston’s Cinnamon Buns

Let your guests feel cozy and warm as if they have just walked into Gaston’s Tavern, with some delicious cinnamon buns, topped with some scrumptious icing (much like you would find in the theme parks). This can be achieved with ultimately any cinnamon bun recipe, or the prepackaged items, just be sure to label and give Gaston the credit. 

21. Mickey Cake Pops

Source: Etsy

You can easily purchase these delicious treats pre-made, or you can make them yourself! Just add little mickey ears to your cake pops* by dipping the top half in melted chocolate, and then inserting two of the unmelted chocolate melts as little mouse ears! It is sure to not only be a crowd-pleaser but an adorable one at that. 

22. Shell Cookies

Having a delicious platter of purple shell-shaped cookies is a simple, yet effective incorporation of The Little Mermaid into your party’s menu. You can also achieve this same effect by baking madeleine’s*, and while these little cakes might be a bit more work, they make up for it with their sweet flavor. 

23. Enchanted Forest Berries

Another easy, and healthy snack option: set out a platter of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, and decorate them with an image of Princess Aurora, or Snow White, or simply label them “Enchanted Forest Berries” to give the snack a magical spin!


Tangled Skillet of (Your Choice!) Dip

Set out a cast-iron skillet* to commemorate the iconic scenes from Tangled. You can fill this skillet with any dip or dish of your choice, but our go-to would be an artichoke. 

25. Finger Sandwiches

Not necessarily integral to the Disney theme, finger sandwiches are a crowd-pleaser, and would not be misplaced alongside the French delicacies of Beauty and the Beast, or the tea-time snacks of Alice in Wonderland.

26. Wishing Well Water

Label your water pitcher as “wishing well water” to give your refreshment a Snow White twist. 

Disney Bridal Shower: Party Favors

27. Princess Tiaras

Make everyone a princess with take-home tiaras*! And for an even better time, hand them out at the beginning of the shower to gussy up your guests.

28. Magical Teaspoons

This is an excellent favor, especially if you decide to tie in Alice in Wonderland themes, but gifting your guests with their very own teaspoons* is an elegant and thoughtful gesture that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  

29. To-Go Cookie Bags

Bake your guest some Disney-themed cookies to take home in little baggies!

30. Princess Themed Soaps

If you make your own soap, or you want to start, you could have your guests leave with a truly memorable gift by crafting princess-themed soaps! These could be princess-themed by their scent or simply their color, it’s open to you to decide!

31. Key Bottle Openers

Give your guests a practical favor by sending them each off with a Mickey Bottle Opener*! It not only incorporates the Disney theme, but it is a favor they could be using for years to come. 

Not just looking for favors, but gifts for the bride themselves? Take a look at some of our favorite bridal shower gift ideas!

Disney Bridal Shower: Games and Activities

32. Floating Lanterns

Give each of your guests, or each pair of guests, a floating lantern* to release into the water (because the sky could be a potential fire hazard) to commemorate your upcoming nuptials (and that amazing scene in Tangled).

33. Keep Your Ring Game

Give each of your guests plastic rings*, or leave out a bowl at your party’s entrance. Each time a player says “bride” or “wedding” their ring must be taken. Whoever collects the most rings by the end of the party wins! 

34. Disney Movie Marathon

Have your Disney movie collection* playing in the background throughout the party! Aimless guests might wander by and get themselves caught up in the movie’s magic and its nice background noise that effortlessly fits with the theme. 

35. Photo Props

Set up some curtains and a disposable camera, as well as some Disney photo props*, and help your guests make memories for years to come. 

36. Movie Quotes Quiz

Make your own Disney-style movie quote quiz and challenge your guests to test their Disney knowledge.

You can also check out some of our favorite bridal shower game ideas, and add your own Disney spin!

Disney Bridal Shower: Party Supplies


Princess Flatware and Wands

Add a magical twist to your flatware! Not only does this combo avoid the pitfalls of basic plastic utensils, but it equips each of your guests with a built-in party favor.

38. Minnie Cupcake Toppers

If you are tired of scouring for Disney-themed recipes, simply adding a Disney topper* is a simple yet effective way to incorporate your theme into any type of cake you might prefer.

39. Mismatched Tea Party Plates

Channel the artistic chaos of Alice in Wonderland, by serving your guests on a mismatched, yet classy set of tea plates. Not only are these dishes ornate, but they are a stylish nod to the classic Disney film.

Source: Unsplash

40. Cinderella’s Carriage Napkins

Even the simplest of touches can remind your guests of your magical day coming up, so why not tie in the theme of your happily ever after with these classy Cinderella carriage napkins.

Source: Etsy


Fancy (Plastic) Classicware

Finally, if you are interested in adding a touch of class to your guests’ experience but not spending an absurd amount of money, consider using plastic glasses*! Going plastic doesn’t have to be tacky, not when there are elegant designs like these that can ‘wow’ your guests without the bank-breaking cost.

Disney Bridal Shower: Invitations

42. Be Our Guest

Appeal to your friends and family with the classic Beauty and the Beast song in this invitation idea, it’s a fun and notable way to inform them not only of the theme but of what is sure to be a memorable bridal shower. 

Source: Etsy

43. Once Upon a Time

Inform your guests of the magical event with a “Once Upon a Time” theme!

Source: Etsy

44. Castle Invitations

Go with a classy, and minimalist design* with this beautiful castle option. 

45. Mickey & Minnie Design

Or you could celebrate the original Disney couple with a Mickey and Minnie theme.

Source: Etsy

46. Tale As Old As Time

What tells the story of love better than the phrase “Tale As Old As Time?”  This iconic song is guaranteed to tug at your guests’ heartstrings and get them in the Disney spirit.

Source: Etsy


Planning a bridal shower is a stressful endeavor, and while a Disney bridal shower should be nothing but fun and nostalgia, any feat of party planning can take its toll. Hopefully, some of these Disney bridal shower ideas will help you on your way to planning a shower your guests will never forget. If you feel that a Disney bridal shower is not for you, however, take a look at some of our other bridal shower theme ideas!

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How to Throw a Bridal Shower on a Budget

Between impressive floral arches and customized sugar cookies, throwing a picture-perfect bridal shower aimed at being a social media showstopper can be pricey., a website that compares the cost of services, reports that a typical bridal shower can run from $15 to $40 per person for a luncheon or party in a private room at a mid-range restaurant. If you’re going all out with an elaborate bridal shower, you could be talking $40 to $150 or more (gasp!) per person. Even a small, elaborate bridal shower (think 15 guests) could cost between $600 and $2,250—and that’s before invitations, decorations and cake.

The good news is you can actually honor the bride and your budget at the same time. A bridal shower with simple refreshments at the host’s home, for example, can cost $10 to $15 or less per person, according to CostHelper. com. You just need to employ some creative tips for budget bridal showers to make the event more affordable.

What is the best way to plan a bridal shower on a budget? Follow these six tips as you prepare to shower the bride, and there’s a good chance you’ll have more fun and less financial stress:

1. Zero in on important goals

Before you even begin to plan a bridal shower on a budget, you need to know the goals upfront so you can understand where you should be investing your time and money. Sit down with the bride (or, if it’s a surprise, consult a friend or family member of the betrothed) and establish expectations and a budget to match.

Personal finance coach Emma Leigh Geiser shares her starting tip for budget bridal showers: “Plan an event that honors who the bride truly is and what you can provide, without sacrificing your financial well-being.”

Geiser, who helps women in their 20s and 30s with personal financial challenges, recommends learning what the bride envisions for her celebration and which traditions are most important to her. Be upfront about how much you can realistically afford to spend on the bridal shower, Geiser says. And don’t be shy about saying the bridal shower is your gift to the bride.

If the bride’s priority is to have her bridal shower at a high-priced restaurant, find creative ways to lower other costs to still plan a bridal shower on a budget. Bring your own cake to the venue, for example, exclude alcohol from the menu or keep the guest list small. If the bride is a foodie and wants guests to dine on gourmet dishes, you could spend most of the budget on a favorite caterer, but then consider hosting the event at someone’s home and doing minimal decor so budget isn’t needed elsewhere.

2. Delegate tasks

If you’re wondering how to throw a bridal shower on a budget, know that you don’t have to foot the entire cost of the party yourself. Consider co-hosting with the rest of the bridal party or one of the bride’s family members, or delegating specific tasks to willing volunteers.

When personal finance blogger Becky Beach had her bridal shower, catering was delegated to her sister-in-law. “She knows how to throw a bridal shower on a budget,” Beach says. Deputized to handle the food, her sister-in-law served inexpensive bites purchased from a wholesale club, including sausage-roll appetizers, crab cakes, apple crisp tartlets and cream puffs. (With this lineup, who needs a main meal?!)

Assigning smaller purchases to other bridesmaids and close family members is a good tip for budget bridal showers because it can make the overall cost of the event much more manageable for the host. For example, if you delegate tasks or items that cost $30 each to six people, you’ll save $180. Some popular responsibilities to dole out include:

  • Appetizers
  • Dessert
  • Drinks
  • Invitations
  • Favors
  • Games
  • Prizes for games

3. Let the theme choose you

You don’t have to necessarily come up with a theme first. Among the tips for budget bridal showers is to take inventory of what props or decorations are available to you for free. Do you know someone who threw a bridal shower and has leftover decor or favors? Perhaps a friend’s home decor items will fit the bill—like globes and vintage-inspired items, which can be transformed into an exotic travel theme.

Even store clearance items can be repurposed to help dictate your theme’s direction. For example, a home decor or craft store might have steeply discounted artwork. The trick is to look past the art and focus on the frame, Beach says. Can you replace the artwork with a picture of the happy couple? Maybe you can remove the glass altogether, glue twine to the back and use it for hanging wedding wishes from the guests.

Learning how to throw a bridal shower on a budget becomes easier if you’re able to snag off-season items from a party or outdoor store—such as tiki lamps or beach house decorations—which could make for a wonderful fall island or Hawaiian theme.

When planning a bridal shower on a budget, don’t forget to ask friends and family members if you can borrow other party items, such as cake stands, vases and tablecloths. They might even have unopened gifts or stationery sets that you can use as prizes for games.

4. Do the invitations, games and decorations for less

Sending out mid-range traditional invitations by mail can cost $3 to $4 per guest, according to data from Invitation costs can add up quickly when you are trying to plan a bridal shower on a budget.

If you’re open to skipping snail mail, you can leverage online invitation services that allow you to create your own designs and send to however many guests you’d like for free, Geiser says. You can easily save around $100 on invitations for a guest list of 30 by going the route of a free online invite. Some services may provide you templates to choose from, or they may include advertisements, but they do the trick nicely.

If you’re wondering how to throw a bridal shower on a budget and still keep guests entertained, search online for bridal shower games that can be printed for free or a nominal cost. You could also go the DIY route if you’re so inclined. For example, have guests try to guess what is in the bride’s purse—it’s even more fun if the bride doesn’t know this game will be played.

As far as decorating goes, focus your efforts on one area that will make the biggest impression. If the bridal shower is hosted in someone’s home, go all out decorating only one room. If the bridal shower is at a venue, like a restaurant, work on fancying up only one wall. Whether at a home or a venue, this area can serve as the focal point of the event and give the bride and guests the perfect spot for photos.

5. Make low-cost venues work

When you’re planning a bridal shower on a budget, opt for a low-cost venue that has built-in unique characteristics. “Choose a space that is its own fantastic backdrop,” Geiser says. She recommends a house with natural light and great landscaping in order to cut down on decorating costs.

Hosting the party at a bride’s friend’s or family member’s home is ideal, since it would be free. “We all know at least one person who has a killer house; ask them if they wouldn’t mind hosting,” Geiser says. (Be sure to preview the site in advance of the bridal shower.) Another good choice: Apartment buildings and condos often have clubhouses or event rooms that can be used for free or rented for a nominal fee. See if any of your bride’s family or friends have access to these areas.

Other local resources can serve as low-cost venues when you’re working on how to throw a bridal shower on a budget. A park, for example, might have a nice garden or even an indoor space that could be used. Research your town’s online municipal pages for tips on how to secure local venues. Some sites might require a nominal fee, early bookings or have other restrictions, so work on booking a space as soon as you have a bridal shower date in mind.

6. Cut food costs by keeping things simple

Whether you are hosting the bridal shower at a restaurant or at someone’s home, schedule a morning brunch or appetizers and salads in the late afternoon when guests are in-between meals. Breakfast dishes, such as an egg casserole or French toast bake, can often cost less to make than a meat-centered entree, Beach adds.

If you are in charge of preparing food, stick with quick and easy options as a tip for budget bridal showers. “You don’t have to cook and create everything yourself,” Beach says. “There are so many beautifully crafted hors d’oeuvres you can get prepackaged.”

If you are hosting the bridal shower at a restaurant, ask if they offer a buffet option instead of sit-down catering: Choosing a buffet meal is typically about 30 to 50 percent cheaper than a sit-down meal, according to Eventective, which helps you find venues and event services.

If you’ve got your heart set on sit-down dining, narrow down the menu options in advance. You or the restaurant can make a simple printout of a few entree choices and not share full menus with guests. (Adding the bride’s name to the top of a personalized menu is also a nice touch.) In addition to being a tip for budget bridal showers, this strategy can also streamline the ordering and serving process so you have more time for games and opening gifts. Win-win!

Keep track of the expenses when planning a bridal shower on a budget

You can master how to throw a bridal shower on a budget if you determine the guest-of-honor’s goals from the start. Another tip to remember when you plan a bridal shower on a budget is to track your expenses throughout the planning and hosting process to make sure you’re staying on budget.

If you are splitting costs with friends and family, remember to get reimbursed—preferably before the event, so you don’t have to worry about tracking people down to talk about business while celebrating.

As Geiser says, “What actually makes the event are the attendees, the conversation and the fun you create as a group celebrating the bride.”

20 Clever and Affordable Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

If you’re tasked with planning a bridal shower, chances are you’re pretty close with the bride-to-be. First and foremost, make it about her. Would she prefer a classic afternoon tea or a non-traditional afternoon at a brewery? Let her personality guide your direction and theme. Then, dress it to the nines with these inexpensive and easy bridal shower decoration ideas.

1. Create a Balloon Arch

Balloons are one of the cheapest and most effective bridal shower decoration ideas, since they take up a lot of visual space. With a few extra hands from the wedding party and a low-temperature glue gun, it’s pretty light work.

If you don’t want to splurge on the glue gun, this DIY option uses fishing wire instead. A helium tank or pump will help, or simply enlist extra lung power from friends. Select balloons in a few colors to match your palette.

2. Make a Candy Table

Create a beautiful and delicious candy bar by ordering bulk sweets in your party color palette. (Search your color and “bulk candy” on Amazon for some affordable options.) Then, place them on pretty paper plates or in glass vases. Have everyone in the bridal party bring a few vases they have on hand, or pick up a few different sizes at your local dollar store. The result does double duty as a cute decoration and easy bridal shower favors.

3. Collect Assorted China

If you’re hosting a bridal shower brunch or afternoon tea party, scour local thrift shops for mismatched china and tea sets. Mix them throughout your tables for an eclectic and adorable vintage aesthetic. Pinkies up!

4. Light Some Candles

There’s nothing more flattering than the soft glow of candlelight. Pick up some cheap votives and tea lights at your local dollar store and scatter them around your tables. If you’re hosting at a venue, give them a call first. Chances are they will have candles and votives on hand.

5. Let Them Eat Cake

Cake stands turn your dessert table into a beautiful display. Ask the bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom to bring any cake stands they have on hand. There’s a good chance more than a few will have one at home. Then, pile on cupcakes, cookies, or tea sandwiches at varying heights.

6. Put a Ring On It

You can purchase a lifetime supply of these adorable ring cake toppers on Amazon for a few dollars. But don’t limit them to cupcakes. Use them as toothpicks to hold together sandwiches, stick in tiny tarts for added sparkle, or create a donut diamond ring.

7. Stage a Photo Wall

Is your bestie a savvy Instagrammer? Pick up a metallic foil fringe curtain at your local party supply store to create an easy photo wall. Bonus points for a few silly props to make it a complete photo booth. If you’re also planning a bachelorette party, you can use the curtain for that bash as well.

8. String Balloon Letters

Save on the helium tank and string balloon letters to some twine for a custom banner. Find letter balloons at your local party store or Dollar Tree.

9. Add a Photo Display

Borrow your favorite photo stand to include print-outs of the bride- and groom-to-be. Or, include old family photos of parents and grandparents on their wedding day for a nostalgic touch.

10. Hang a Rustic Banner

For a shabby-chic aesthetic, use scrap fabric, burlap, or tissue paper to create a rustic tassel banner. Drape in uneven lengths to complete the effortless look. If the party is outdoors, cafe lights are the perfect finishing touch.

11. Design a Simple Centerpiece

Keep floral centerpieces simple and enlist the help of lots of filler. Call your local grocery store to find out when they receive shipments, so you can get the best picks of the day.

Pick up plenty of baby’s breath and eucalyptus greenery for a full effect, then add a few roses or accent flowers. Think outside the box for the vases. Vintage pitchers, antique bottles, and the ever-classic Mason jars create a boho look.

12. Don’t Sleep on the Streamers

Nope, streamers aren’t limited to kids’ birthday parties. Hang them across the ceiling for a totally grown-up effect. Leave plenty of slack to create a colorful canopy.

12. Decorate a Rustic Ladder

Decorate a simple ladder with some faux flowers and Mr. & Mrs. decor. Leave as-is for a simple decoration or use the rungs to display photos or favors.

13. Print Pretty Place Cards

Use a free printable website to create beautiful place cards for names or table numbers. Shop your local party supply store for simple stands that let the art steal the show.

14. Stage a Bar Area

A vintage desk, bar cart, or banquette table is the perfect host for your custom bar. Set out a few different types of bubbly or liquor along with mixers and pretty garnishes.

For a bridal brunch, pick up a few juices to make an adorable mimosa bar. If you’re going with a specific bridal shower theme, this is the perfect opportunity to drive it home. For example, create a spicy margarita bar for a fun fiesta.

15. Craft a Custom Banner

Head to the craft store and pick up some triangular pennants, twine, and stick-on letters. Or, cut custom shapes yourself from card stock. (Use an Exacto knife and ruler if you aren’t handy with scissors.)

Attach a letter to each flag to spell a custom message to your bride-to-be. If you have good handwriting, you can draw on letters yourself. Get creative with the message. For example, if you’re hosting a nautical-themed party, write “Ashley Ties The Knot!”

16. Decorate a Dress Form

For fashionista friends, a vintage dress form makes one of the best bridal shower decoration ideas. Dress it up in ribbons and flowers to complement your party aesthetic.

17. Make Mini Donut Displays

You don’t need to splurge on an expensive donut wall installation for a fun bridal shower decoration idea. Go the DIY route with a few mini ones for the same effect. Take the backing out of large photo frames for the stand, and then attach pegs with wood glue. You can also purchase a donut display on Etsy if you aren’t too crafty.

18. Style Your Beverages

Create Instagram-friendly drinks by cleaning out old jam jars and tying a twine bow around the neck. Complete the look with paper straws in your party colorway.

19. Build a Bookworm Backdrop

If the bride-to-be is a self-proclaimed bookworm, embrace her hobby with this easy DIY banner. Rip pages out of an old book (shop the dollar bin at a used bookstore) and cut into the shape of simple pennants. Use Scotch tape to attach to a long piece of ribbon.

20. Include Colorful Macarons

Macarons are arguably one of the prettiest desserts. Double yours as decoration by picking some up in your party color palette. For a cheaper hack, shop frozen macarons at Trader Joe’s and let them defrost on shower day. Add a few French flags and you have an instant Parisian themed bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas for the Savvy Party Planner

Between hiring a caterer and purchasing a bridal shower gift, planning a wedding shower can be expensive. Thankfully, the decorations don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet.

Pick your favorite bridal shower decoration ideas from our list, then head to your local dollar store or party supply shop for everything you need. The bride-to-be will be blown away and have a day to always remember.

Bridal Shower Etiquette and Expectations for 2021

Your best girlfriend is on her way to the alter, and as a part of the bride’s inner circle you’re filled with excitement. Along with that excitement, you now have a handful of roles and responsibilities before the big day. You know there’s no better way to honor your favorite bride-to-be than with a successful celebration. So, now is the time to brush up on your bridal shower etiquette. You can use our bridal shower etiquette guide to stay up to date with bridal shower trends, traditions, bridal shower gifts, and etiquette tips.

Whether you’re a first time maid of honor, an excited mother of the bride or the bride-to-be herself, our step-by-step etiquette guide for throwing a bridal shower will leave you prepared to celebrate. This event allows the bride to take a break from the lengthy wedding planning process, let off some steam, and enjoy herself. Whether your bride has a traditional wedding or simple elopement, your bride deserves the best bridal shower possible. Read our complete bridal shower etiquette guide from start to finish or quickly find the answer to any of your bridal shower questions below:

What is a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is a celebration in honor of the bride-to-be that takes place before the wedding. Traditionally, the bridal shower celebration serves as an opportunity for guests to “shower” the bride with gifts. It’s important to know that there are no strict rules when it comes to planning the event. A bridal shower theme that embraces the bride-to-be’s unique personality and tastes is perfect. Despite rising trends and styles, many women are erring on the side of tradition and sticking to the classic bridal shower set-up. This consists of a ladies-only daytime event that honors the bride-to-be.

Who Throws the Bridal Shower?

These days, just about anyone can throw the bridal shower. However, the event is usually hosted by the maid-of-honor, bridesmaids, or the bride or groom’s mother. It’s also not uncommon for co-workers to host bridal showers. Because of this, brides regularly celebrate with more than one bridal shower. 

Traditionally, it was the maid of honor’s duty to host the bridal shower while the bridesmaids helped out with all of the planning. This is because it was bad etiquette for anyone related to the bride to host the shower. People used to believe it looked like the family was asking for gifts. However, don’t be too worried about this faux pas anymore. Regardless of who’s planning, bridal shower gifts are an expected part of the shower.

Before gifts are opened and the event comes to life, it’s important to keep open communication line between everyone involved in the planning process. This includes the bride-to-be. This way everyone’s on the same page throughout the planning. 

Bridal Shower Planning Tips for The Host:

  • Start your planning early. Consider using an organizational planner to keep track of details like your favorite bridal shower party game.
  • If the shower isn’t a surprise, make sure that you consult with the bride-to-be. This allows everyone to align on what the event will be all about.
  • Try to keep open communication between everyone involved with the planning so you don’t step on anyone’s toes.
  • Set a budget for the shower ahead of time so you don’t overspend.
  • Get everyone who wants to be involved in the planning process together and discuss expectations for the celebration. You can also assign roles and duties.

Who Pays for The Bridal Shower?

Typically, whoever is hosting the bridal shower will pay for the celebration. It’s poor etiquette to ask shower guests to contribute to the costs of the shower, so avoid doing so. If you are taking on the task of hosting the bridal shower, but are worried about financial obligations you can ask to share the responsibilities and costs with other members of the bridal party. If that’s not an option, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of budget-friendly ways to host a shower. Create a celebration that focuses on the bride-to-be rather than an extravagant bridal tea party soiree. Rest assured that you can host a successful shower that the bride will love without breaking the bank and sacrificing this special milestone.

How to Plan a Bridal Shower?

The best way to plan a bridal shower is to stay organized. Use our general checklist below to help you with all of your party planning to-do’s:

  1. Discuss event ideas with the bride-to-be and other shower planners.  
  2. Select a date that works for the bride and her loved ones.
  3. Compile a guest list of her closest family and friends.
  4. Establish a budget and check with the bridal party on contributions.
  5. Pick a bridal shower theme.
  6. Assign tasks for everyone involved in the planning.
  7. Determine the bridal shower venue.
  8. Pick out your bridal shower invitations.
  9. Send out invitations.
  10. Find decorations, special menu items, shower games and activities and other important shower supplies.
  11. Shop, prepare, confirm arrangements and run any last minute errands.
  12. Set up for the shower with your bridal party.
  13. Buy a gift, write a bridal shower card, and pick out what to wear.
  14. Enjoy yourself!

3. Enjoy Your Coffee In Photo Coffee Mugs

As we continue to live in a world with COVID, it’s best to keep ourselves at a safe distance away from one another. With socially distancing, it can pose some challenges that are easily resolvable with a few quick and easy tips. Safely celebrate your bridal party with your friends and family as a toast to the future Mrs.

Socially Distant Outdoor Bridal Party

Keeping your bridal party outdoors in the open air is a great way to celebrate bridal shower. This will allow for your guests to roam around freely without having to bump into one another, all the while keeping socially distant. In addition, you can implement a rule that has all your bridal party guests with face coverings and masks on. Creating personalized face masks with your bridal party theme will be a great party favor gift you can give to your guests to remember your bridal party by.

Throw a Virtual Bridal Shower Party

Invite all your friends to a virtual bridal shower party that can be held anywhere around the world. Through virtual bridal showers you can have all your loved ones in one video room, catching up with one another about different things in their life. This will not only be safe but a great way to get in touch with family and friends who live out of town. Create a different activities you can play over video chat to get your virtual bridal shower fun and exciting.

  • Virtual Charades – Have the group on mute while one person acts out the charades word, once the group figures out the word they can unmute and answer the question.
  • Virtual Pictionary – Using the same concept as virtual charades, pictionary just needs simple household items such as a marker and a piece of paper.
  • Virtual 20 Questions For The Future Mrs. – This is the time to ask all the questions you have for the bride, whether it’s about her, her spouse, or anything else in her life.
  • Virtual Bingo – Have your friends and family create their own bingo board and the winner will be able to get a prize. Create a personalized gift prize that will be everyone’s motivation to win.
  • Bridal Trivia – Find out which of your friends and family knows you the best. Create some trivia questions that will be fun to answer and get to know how much your loved ones know about you.

Who to Invite to a Bridal Shower?

You should invite all of the important women in the bride’s life to celebrate with her at her bridal shower. This includes but is not limited to, bridesmaids, relatives, close friends of the bride and of course, the bride and groom’s mothers. Don’t feel as though you need to invite every woman who is attending the wedding. The shower serves as a more intimate gathering for the bride and her close friends and family. However, if the wedding is an especially small affair, you can invite guests who are not attending the wedding but that the bride would still like to celebrate with.

Instead of creating the guest list from scratch, the best place to start is to ask the bride. Before sending out those gorgeous foil stamped invitations, make sure to cross reference with the bride to assure that you aren’t overlooking anyone. If some of the guests live out of town and most likely won’t be able to make it to the shower, you should still send an invitation. This lets them know they weren’t forgotten. As you are creating the guest list, keep in mind that men usually aren’t invited to the bridal shower. However, it’s ok to include male guests if you’re hosting a co-ed wedding shower for the couple.  

When to Have a Bridal Shower?

The best time to have a bridal shower is on average between three months to two weeks before the bride’s wedding day. Keep in mind that the most important factor in selecting a date is what works best for the bride and all her VIP guests. Selecting the perfect date is all about finding the sweet spot between the engagement bash and the big day. Planning the event right after he pops the question can seem premature. On the other hand, planning the shower too close to the wedding day becomes hectic. Since the bride likely spend a lot of time selecting her wedding date, you too should take care selecting her bridal shower date.

You’ll also want to consider how far some of the guests may have to travel for the shower. If a handful of the attendees are making a trip out for the occasion, keep that in mind. After all, you wouldn’t want to pick a date for the bridal shower that none of your guests are able to attend. 

Where to Host a Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers can be hosted almost anywhere, but they normally take place at the host’s home, a restaurant, banquet hall, or outdoor location. Other locations for bridal showers usually revolve around a planned activity. Typical activities include a pottery class, wine tasting party, a cooking class, and more. No matter which bridal shower venue location you pick, you’ll want to consider a few important factors before making your final decision.

Make sure the bridal shower venue you select will be able to accommodate the guest list. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a formal cocktail party, there should be room to fit everyone comfortably. Second, you should make sure that the venue has space for any planned games and activities. Finally, don’t forget that the host is usually the one who is in charge of picking up the bill. So if you do decide to host the shower at a restaurant, spa, or other location you’ll want to take added costs into consideration.

What do You do at a Bridal Shower?

Most bridal shower guests spend time mingling, eating, playing games, and honoring the bride-to-be. As a guest, you’ll want to remember the celebration is all about the bride and her special day ahead, so most activities during the day will reflect this. Specific activities for a bridal shower include:

  • Bridal Shower Games: These games include things like Two truths and a Lie, Wedding Jeopardy, and more.
  • Gifts: A big part of the party is spent watching the guest of honor open gifts for her and her fiancé. Traditionally, the guests will sit around the bride-to-be as she opens each of her gifts one by one. While she is opening the gifts, the maid of honor or a member of the bridal party will keep a list of each of the gifts opened and whom they were from. This is so the bride can easily send out her bridal shower thank-you cards after the event.
  • Food and Drinks: There always food and drinks at a bridal shower. For some inspiration, check out our list of cocktail themes and must-haves.
  • Cake: Let them have cake! And check out these bridal shower cake ideas to spark your creativity.
  • Other Activities: A bridal shower can have as many unique activities as the host can think of. As long as the bride and her guests are having fun, don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

How Long Do Bridal Showers Usually Last?

Bridal showers typically last 2-4 hours and are not considered an all-day event. Although, depending on the type of shower you are hosting the time can vary. Most showers will either take place in the morning and serve as a brunch, or in the afternoon served with lunch or finger foods. The length of the event will also depend on how many bridal shower games and activities you have planned. It may end earlier depending on how quickly the bride opens her gifts or it may linger on with conversation among guests. As the host, you will be able to designate the times on the bridal shower invitations and set the tone for the beginning of the event to the end.

How to Word a Bridal Shower Invitation?

Bridal shower invitations include some very essential details and set the tone for the shower. When you’re creating the invites you’ll want to use clear language and include only essential information to avoid confusing guests. There’s plenty of planning decisions to make before you’re able to create your unique invites. You’ll need to know the who, what, when, where, and how of the event. Plus, having a bridal shower theme picked out with a certain style, color and theme makes selecting your invitations easier.

For more information check out our extensive bridal shower invitation wording guide.

When to Send Out Bridal Shower Invitations?

Bridal shower invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks before the event. This time frame gives guests plenty of time to mark their calendars, plan for the shower, and make arrangements if need be. This timeline is especially good for those guests that may be traveling to attend the shower. It also gives everyone else plenty of time to plan. You’ll also want to make sure the bridal shower invitations go out after the wedding invitations are sent.

Knowing What to Wear to a Bridal Shower?

When it comes to what to wear to a bridal shower you should choose an outfit based on the host’s suggested dress code. Most bridal shower dress codes allow for many different options. However, there are a few factors you should consider before making your bridal bash outfit selection.

If there is one rule you should follow when dressing for a bridal shower, it is to avoid the color white. Just as the bride is the only one in white on her wedding day, she may want to celebrate this tradition at the events leading up to her big day as well. If the host or shower invitation doesn’t indicate a certain dress code, your best bet is to add a little color to your ensemble. Pastel hues and floral patterned dresses are very popular options. But don’t forget to dress for the weather. 

Take the following into consideration when trying to decide what to wear to a bridal shower:

  • Consider the time of day the bridal shower will be taking place.
  • Think about the bridal shower venue.
  • Consider the bride’s personality and taste. Her shower will be a reflection of all the things she enjoys and this can be a great source of inspiration.
  • Does the shower invitation allude to a certain theme for the shower? This is a great place to find some outfit inspiration.
  • Inquire with the other bridal shower attendees. Asking other guests of the bridal shower for outfit ideas is the perfect way to avoid a wardrobe faux pas.

What to Write in a Bridal Shower Card?

A message from the heart is the perfect way to congratulate the bride and make her feel special before her big day. Use your bridal shower card as an opportunity to share your love for the bride and usher her into a new and exciting life chapter. Whether your greeting includes well-wishes, a funny story, or quotes, a well crafted message means the world to a bride. If you are looking for inspiration, take a peek at our more detailed guide on what to write in a bridal shower card.

With all your planning in place, make sure that you take the time to enjoy yourself and celebrate with the guest of honor. Take this moment to pause from picking out the wedding programs and have some fun. 

Closing Thoughts

Use these tips to celebrate your bride in style with the best shower possible. As the bridal shower goes on, the bride will always remember these moments before her special day. Incorporating these bridal shower etiquette and expectations will make her bridal shower memorable and over the top.

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Bridal Shower Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Whether you’re planning a low-key at-home celebration or a fancy brunch, we’re here to help. We’ve got bridal shower ideas galore. From party favors to themes and more, these cheap and easy ideas will make your next shower a success!

We love parties around here. Showers. Gatherings. Fiestas. Luaus. Mingles. You name it, we’re there. And nine times out of ten, we’re helping plan the celebration. So, we’re here to tell you that you CAN throw an incredible party that is elegant, memorable, fun, easy, cute, AND affordable.

*Note: When you click the links in this post, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Today we’re going to share a few of our best pointers so you can plan a bridal shower on a budget in less than two hours. That includes food-prep time. Are you intrigued yet? Let’s get to it, party people!


Okay, the most important part of any party is the food, so let’s start there! Too many people blow through their whole budget just buying food for their party. We’re here to tell you that’s not necessary! We have an entire post devoted to feeding a crowd, so definitely check that out. In a hurry? Here are some quick pointers:

  • Consider the Timing – People tend to eat more at night, so if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a sit-down meal, consider hosting your party earlier in the day. Breakfast/brunch foods are super cheap to prepare, or you can hold your party between meal times and serve fun snacks instead!
  • Opt for DIY Instead of Catering – You don’t need to hire a caterer to wow your guests! Let’s say you opt to host a brunch shower. Well, there are SO many super impressive casseroles and dishes you can throw together in a matter of minutes. These french toast sticks, for example, are foolproof, cheap, and delicious. These egg muffin cups are great, too.
  • Plan Your Menu Around Sales – Plan to buy your food about one week in advance, and consult the sales flyers before you stock up. If sausage, for example, is BOGO, then a sausage egg casserole might be the way to go! Is watermelon on sale? Make a fruit salad. You get the idea, right?
  • Buy in Bulk – When it makes sense, buying in bulk can save you a TON. Especially when you’re planning to feed a crowd. Check out our tips for shopping at Costco!
  • Let Your Guests Help – People always ask, “what can I bring?” Give them an assignment! Have each guest bring a side or dessert.

Now that you know how to save money on food, let’s talk about the decor! Any good shower needs a theme, and we’ve got some fun ideas to share.


Parties are MUCH easier to plan if you choose a theme. And let’s face it, they’re more fun that way, too! Here are some easy bridal shower “theme” ideas:

  • “Birds of a Feather” – Picture this: Robin’s egg blue with tan/brown accents would be gorgeous. You could make these cheap and easy nest necklaces as party favors. This is a fun theme for a couples shower!
  • Dress Their New Nest” Ask guests to bring a gift that will help the couple furnish or decorate their new home.
  • Lingerie Luncheon – Deck out your space with lace, serve food and snacks in sassy martini glasses, and plan games with a PG-13 “honeymoon” vibe, if you catch our drift.
  • Classic Bride-to-Be – You can’t go wrong with this classic, timeless, cutesy theme. You can cut your napkins to look like wedding dresses, string pearls from lamps and lights, and decorate the table with white tulle, flowers, and confetti.
  • Alphabet – Assign each guest a letter from the bride’s name, and have them bring a gift that starts with their letter. This one is fun and easy to pull off, and you could take the decor in a million different directions!
  • Luau – If the bride-to-be is headed somewhere tropical for their honeymoon, carry that theme through in her shower. You can go to town on the decor and ask guests to bring beach towels, swimwear, hats, and other beach-themed gifts.

Pro Tip: Elevate your party with a color palette!  The uniformity makes it look like you put a ton of thought and planning into it. Play up your theme when you choose the colors. When in doubt, Tiffany blue and gold are perfect for a bridal shower!


Once you choose a theme and colors, the decor is the easy (and fun) part. Here are some tips that will help you save money on bridal shower decorations:

  • Opt for E-vites – Paper invitations + postage = a whole heck of a lot of money. Save yourself time and cash by sending a cute email invite instead! Check out Paperless Post for SO many cute options that will fit your theme.
  • Keep Things Simple – Look, we all aspire to throw Pinterest perfect parties, but here’s the truth. People who throw those kinda celebrations tend to spend TONS of money, hours working on details that the average guest won’t even notice, and stress themselves out in the process. Do yourself a favor and keep it simple! Focus on making memories, not Instagram posts. And make it personal. Remember, the party is about the bride, not a showcase for your party-planning skills!
  • Buy Plain Plates/Cups/Napkins – While you’re on a Costco run, buy plain white plates, cups, napkins, etc. The themed cutlery and paper products are WAY too expensive. Save your money for flowers or other decorations that will make a bigger impact.
  • Stock Up on Reusable Decorations -Save time AND money! We keep a bin of generic party decorations in the garage. Some things never go out of style, so if you see candles, cake stands, tablecloths, greenery, silk flowers, streamers, or the like on sale, buy them! And check out this post for money-saving tips at Michaels. Use that coupon to stock up on party supplies!
  • Use Cheap Filler Decor – Buy your balloons, streamers, etc., at The Dollar Tree! No one will even know.

The moral of the story? Try to stick with things you can use again and again and again. If you must spend, spend your dough on larger decor statement pieces that you can use again in the future.


Giving your guests a little party favor or two is a nice touch! Here are some cheap, easy ways to send your shower attendees off with a little love:

  • DIY Take-Home Boxes/ Gift Boxes – Head to the Dollar Store and go to town! Set a $2-$3 budget for each gift bag and see what fun treasures you can find. Attach a handwritten note to each gift for a nice touch!
  • Lotions or Soaps – Make your own soap or stock up in the bargain bins!
  • Candy Bags – Enough said, right? When in doubt, reach for the chocolate!
  • Mini Loaves of Bread – Homemade baked goods are always a win. Try this easy banana bread recipe.

You don’t have to pay much (or do much) for take-home gifts. Even $1 per person goes a long way, so don’t stress yourself out on the party favors! It really is the thought that counts. Keep it classy, keep it cheap, and keep it EASY.


When it comes to party games, people either love ’em or hate ‘me. We think they’re important! Conversation at parties/showers can be awkward for some people, especially if it’s a shower with mixed groups of friends where not everyone knows each other. Plus, for someone who shows up alone to a party, it can really suck. Having a game breaks the ice, gets people talking (and laughing), and lets you get to know each other better…especially the bride!

Looking for some and easy games to play? Here are a few ideas:

  • Finish the Story – Give every guest an index card and a pen. Have everyone number their card based on their seating order, so the first person is #1, the second person is #2, and so on. Person #1 starts a fictional story about the bride and groom. Then they pass their card to person #2, who reads it, then continues the story where they left off…but on their card. Person #2 then passes their card to person #3, and they continue with the story on their card., and so on and so on. The catch? You can ONLY read the card of the person in front of you. So person #3 can’t read what person #1’s card said. In the end, you have the bride read everyone’s cards in order. It’s hilarious!
  • Quiz the Bride – Ask the groom questions before the shower: How they met, what his first impression was of her, when he knew he wanted to marry her, his favorite thing about her, her favorite body part, the one thing he can’t wait to throw away of hers when they get married, etc. Ask the bride the same questions and see if she can match his answers.
  • Toilet Paper Wedding Dress –Break the room into teams and give each group a roll of toilet paper and a two-minute time limit. Each team”bride” and everyone else has to make a wedding dress using only the toilet paper and a roll of tape. The real bride-to-be then judges and picks the best dress.

Pretty fun, right? And so stinking easy! Now, onto the party favors.


So there you go! Just a few ideas that will help you throw a bridal bash to remember. We hope these tips help!

Do you have advice to share? We’d love to hear all about your best bridal shower ideas, so leave a comment below.

Looking for more party planning advice?

Party on!

Venues and Spaces Near Indy

Are you looking for the best place to host a bridal shower in Indianapolis? Where’s the best location for a baby shower? We’ve put together a list of the best Indy area baby shower spots for you. No matter your budget, style, or side of town, check out this list of ten baby shower locations that you probably haven’t thought of! If we missed your favorite spot, let us know [email protected]

Do you need some ideas for a baby shower during the pandemic? We have some great ideas for socially distant baby showers during COVID-19.

Indy Loop Baby Shower & Bridal Shower Locations

PunchBowl Social 

120 South Meridian Street, Indianapolis
Prices vary based on space reserved.
Not your average baby shower! Punch Bowl Social is perfect for the young at heart mom-to-be and her friends. Reserve a table for a meal and then play at available areas, or book a VIP bowling lane, a karaoke room or shuffle board table and play the day away. Bonus: You don’t even have to search for the punch recipe, they’ve got you covered!

Auto Vault 

705 North Illinois Street, Indianapolis
Rates starting at $500 per event.
Auto Vault is perfect for a couple’s shower. Located in a historic downtown building the Auto Vault is an unexpected shower spot with the feel of a men’s club. Featuring a game room, a party room, and a dining area surrounded by classic automobiles, even guests who have never met will be sure to have something to talk about.
| Info |


Cake Bake Shop

6515 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis

The Cake Bake Shop has a group room that is full of lovely decor. The decadent food and world-famous cake is undeniably worth every penny, but the ambience will help your create an event your guests will never forget. With cocktails like the Snowberry, a champagne drink with glitter, the small details pack a big punch!
| Video | Info |

Just Pop In!

6406 Cornell Ave, Indianapolis

This beautiful space on the upper level of the Broad Ripple Just Pop In! location features classy, comfortable decor, a private bar and a private restroom.
| Video | Info |

Sullivan Hardware and Garden – Garden House Venue

6955 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN

Sullivan Hardware is a gorgeous place to visit during the peak of planting season, and what an incredible setting for your special event. The Garden House is a versatile space that offers natural beauty and tons of light.
| Info |

Other Notable Locations

Gallery Pastry Shop

1101 E 54th Street, Indianapolis

Peacewater Winery

747 N College Ave Ste B, Indianapolis

Liter House

Offers two private dining areas.

North Side of Indy Baby Shower Locations

Woody’s Library Cafe

40 East Main Street, Carmel
Prices start at only the cost of food and drinks.
Originally Carmel’s Public Library, Woody’s was built in 1913 and operated as a library into the 1970s. Today it is a Carmel mainstay and cozy dining favorite. The Carnegie dining room can hold up to 8 and has no additional charge beyond food and beverages purchased, perfect for an intimate shower, and groups of up to 60 can be accommodated in other areas. The full restaurant menu is available or personalized menus can be created for sit-down meals. Woody’s also offers a more casual social gathering with Hors d’oeuvre stations.
| Info |

Smith House

444 Lafayette Road, Noblesville
Prices starting at $200
The Smith House is perfect for the upscale shower. Groups of up to 50 can be hosted in the house while groups up to 250 can enjoy the backyard space. The in-house event planner and designer, Madeline Lewis Designs LLC can tailor the event to perfectly suit the expecting mom and her guests.

| Info |

South Side of Indy Baby Shower Locations

Craft + Cork 

3115 Meridian Parke Suite G, Greenwood
Prices starting at $10 per person.
Forego the cheesy party games and get creative at Craft + Cork. This adorable Greenwood spot has everything you need for any craft you can think of. Check out their online gallery and request a craft that each guest can take home, or create something together for the new addition (custom nursery alphabet, anyone?!). For a private event of 15 people of more contact Craft+Cork for details.
| Info|

East Side of Indy Baby Shower Locations

Scarlet Lane Brewing Company

7724 Depot Street, McCordsville
Reserved space for $250 (partially refundable)
This one is perfect for the un-shower or a couple’s event. Scarlet Lane Brewing offers a casual atmosphere inside the taproom and a patio and game area outside. Grab a few pints and a bite to eat, celebrate the new addition, and head home with a growler. Contact SLB to arrange your private event.
| Info |

West Side of Indy Baby Shower Locations

Trader’s Point Creamery

9101 Moore Road, Zionsville
Use event contact form on website to inquire about pricing.
For understated style, Trader’s Point Creamery is the perfect choice. The Loft Restaurant, The Roost, The Red Barn, and The Garden Lawn and Deck all have beautiful event spaces available to tailor to the style of the mom-to-be. Indulge in their home-made ice cream, enjoy the fresh breeze on the farm, and allow your group to relax and enjoy each other’s company.
| Info |

uPaint Pottery Studio 

1820 East Main Street, Plainfield (More locations in Greenwood and Noblesville)
Prices starting at a $50 deposit which goes towards the event total.
The uPaint Pottery Studio locations offer crafty groups a place to celebrate together without spending a fortune on food and beverages. Reserve the space, bring in your own treats, and each guest can create their own craft or work together to create a keepsake for the new mom. uPaint offers pottery to paint and also sun-catchers and other glass designs. Contact them to find the perfect project for your shower.
| Info |

Add To My Planner 0 90,000 How was Kendall Jenner’s girlfriend Bella Hadid’s wedding Lauren Perez

Creative consultant, strategist and entrepreneur Lauren Perez met David Walzer, CEO and Managing Partner of Electric Feel Entertainment, in New York City. In 2014, she went there to visit her best friend Maria. Both David and Maria then lived in New York, and the friend, of course, wanted to introduce Lauren to David. “In short, after one fun evening spent together, David asked Maria if I was free,” Lauren recalls.”It was not the right moment for a relationship, but for the next several years we kept in touch.”

In 2018, David somehow happened to be at the same dinner with Lauren’s brother Joseph. “It was he who saw the potential spark here and strongly recommended David to ask me out,” says Lauren. “David has been in love with me for a long time, so Joseph’s approval only gave him confidence. It’s nice to know that David enlisted the support of my loved ones – my best friend and brother – even before our first date.There is something special about it. A bit old-fashioned, but I like it. ”

In December 2019, Lauren and David arrived in New York again, this time for their friends’ wedding. “I didn’t wait for the offer, I didn’t even think about it, although for myself I decided long ago that I wanted to marry him,” Lauren recalls. – The morning after the celebration, we woke up in a Mercer hotel room with a slight hangover, and suddenly David takes out a diamond ring, kneels down on one knee and begins to tease me: “Have you decided that I am offering you my hand and heart?” I answered: “No, but you have eight months for this.This is enough for you to gather your strength. And I will stop worrying about when the question will finally be asked. ” At the same second, David kissed me on the cheek, discreetly put the wedding ring on the right half of the pillow and asked me to look around. Seeing the small box, I still could not believe what was happening and told him that the joke was not funny at all. But when I opened the box, and there is this beautiful ring, I burst into tears. So much so that David had to ask me again what was the answer.Of course I said yes! ”

Three months later, a pandemic broke out, exactly as the bride and groom were about to begin planning the ceremony. In the end, they decided to wait a year to see what happened next. In total, the guys rescheduled the wedding at least three times. “We also had some problems with suppliers and deadlines,” says Lauren. “We sent out the invitations just two months before the ceremony.”

The date November 11, 2021 was chosen as the final date.For help in organizing, the couple turned to David’s sister Meredith Falk, who works for Gldn Events Co. “Meredith is amazing, but the process was still pretty intense,” says Lauren. – This is the first experience of planning something in my life, and it taught me a lot. My favorite part is, of course, buying the dress and everything about the choice of details. I enjoyed developing the design of the wedding merch with my brother, discussing various small ideas with David and the organizers – from flowers to decorations and lights. “

Although Lauren went looking for a dress with anticipation, initially she had no idea what she wanted. “But I knew perfectly well what I didn’t want. Entering Vera Wong’s salon, I felt some confusion. The consultant asked me, “What do you want?” And I answered: “I want everything to be simple, but special.” I want to feel like a real bride and enjoy this moment, just so that the dress does not enter the room ahead of me. ”

The winning dress gave Lauren that very feeling – “I’m a bride, a princess, but most importantly, I am me”.When the question of the dress was closed, it was time to deal with the jewelry – for this the bride turned to Jackie Ayesha. I went to Jackie’s office and measured a whole mountain of everything under the supervision of her team. They helped me find jewelry for the entire wedding weekend. Mary Phillips was in charge of the bride’s makeup. “Mary is just a dream,” Lauren admits, “one of the bridesmaids knew that I was looking for the best masters for my special day, and she helped arrange everything.”

David got a Prada suit (made personally for him).The bridesmaids dressed up in matching Bec and Bridge dresses. “Beck, Bridgett, and I have been working hard on the particular color scheme, which is based on one of their key brand models,” says Lauren. “I really like the final result.”

The ceremony was held in Miami Beach right on the beach under a canopy, the backdrop for the action was the endless ocean. To ensure safety, each guest had to send a document confirming vaccination in advance and be tested for coronavirus on the eve of the event.The testing point was organized right at the hotel.

“David and I are both Jews, so we had a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony: we took vows under the chuppah, our parents wrapped us in a tallit – a symbol of unity, – and we also beat glasses,” says Lauren. – We carefully calculated the timing – the guests arrived exactly at sunset, so that during the ceremony the sun went down the horizon. It all started with breathing meditation with our rabbi. David and I were just the two of us, which is absolutely great.We literally radiated love. I remember standing under the chuppah, looking at my future husband, and the feeling that there is only us and no one else does not leave me. I could hear our friends crying with joy, I felt their joy for us, but I myself was not at all nervous. I was not scared. I looked David straight in the eye, was ready to become his wife. ”

The weather turned out to be cloudy, so after the ceremony the newlyweds together with the guests decided to move to the Ocean Grill restaurant of the Setai hotel. “Everything worked out great – the official part was over and the party began.We are incredibly lucky as some of our guest friends are also some of the best DJs on the planet – DJ Pedro, Zach Bia, Daniel Chetrit and Dza. Needless to say, the dances followed immediately and did not stop for a moment. ”

After the first dances and speeches, Lauren returned to the room to change her image (right before Fat Joe’s surprise performance). The second outfit is a custom-made Vivienne Westwood dress and custom Nike Air Force One sneakers. “It’s only been a week, and I’m still in seventh heaven,” Lauren breaks into a smile.- Nobody ever warns about a “happy hangover”, but it is strong. I miss every moment so much! It was the best weekend of my life. I married my best friend – what could be more beautiful? ”

Take a look at the stunning wedding photos with commentary from the bride in the gallery below.

AntiStress, massage and beauty salon in Novosibirsk on the Gagarinskaya metro station – reviews, address, phone number, photos – Flamp

Hello blumens. Thank you for sharing your observations and comments with us 🙏🏻 Price changes in 2021 began in June and are being carried out gradually in all directions; hairdressing salon, massage and spa, cosmetology and nail service.Changes in prices have been observed for more than 1.5 years in the entire market of consumables, we made a decision …

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Hello blumens. Thank you for sharing your observations and comments with us 🙏🏻 Price changes in 2021 began in June and are being carried out gradually in all directions; hairdressing salon, massage and spa, cosmetology and nail service. Changes in prices have been observed for more than 1.5 years in the entire market of consumables, we decided to raise the cost of services by 5-7% to maintain the quality of service.

Our spa programs do offer a herbal barrel or mini sauna. We do not exclude that there is a category of people for whom it is contraindicated and we propose to replace it with a different service. In the client’s questionnaire, at the initial meeting, there is a mandatory item about the features of the state of health, all information is stored in the client’s personal card. There is also an alternative – to create a spa program on an individual request. There were guests who simply do not like baths).

The purpose of the phyto-barrel is to warm up the body and it is really hot in it, so the room has an open doorway and fresh air flows freely, but we took into account the remark, we will think about how we can improve the air supply to the room with cedar phyto-barrels.Our specialists are always nearby and carefully monitor the client’s condition.

The aim of the current promotion is to acquaint our clients with the directions of the salon, in which they have not yet been with a 20% discount. The terms of the promotions are spelled out on all paper models. Perhaps the administrator could not convey the information correctly and there was a misunderstanding. We conducted additional training with the administrator, sorted out this issue. We thank you for your indifferent attitude to the life of our salon and the improvement of the level of service.We hope for a mutual, pleasant and long-term relationship. See you at Antistress.

90,000 What helps Nikolai the Wonderworker. Testimonies of Miracles

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes.

St. Nicholas of Mirliki, or as he is also called, Nicholas the Wonderworker, is one of the most revered Christian saints. Thousands of people around the world turn to him with prayers every day, and many of them leave testimonies of how Nicholas the Wonderworker helped in solving their most difficult and difficult problems.

But how exactly, when, to whom, and in what way does this amazing saint help? We can learn about this from his life, as well as from numerous testimonies of miracles that he performed after his earthly death.

Nicholas the Wonderworker helps travelers

Since ancient times, Nicholas the Wonderworker has been considered the patron saint of travelers and, first of all, sailors. In his life, a case is described: while still a very young man, Saint Nicholas went to study in Alexandria.During the trip on the ship, a tragedy struck: one of the sailors died, falling off the mast. Saint Nicholas began to pray sincerely for him, and to everyone’s amazement the Lord performed a miracle – he resurrected the unfortunate sailor.

Over the past centuries, sailors have collected a lot of evidence of how Nikolai the Wonderworker helps. But overland travelers also turn to the saint in their prayers. Even if you just leave home in the morning and you have a long way to go, it will not be superfluous to pray a short prayer to the saint for a successful journey and return home.

Nicholas the Wonderworker helps to get married

This one story from the life of St. Nicholas is terrible in essence, but with a happy ending. A certain poor man, the father of three daughters, had no money for his dowry, despaired of marrying them off and, in order to somehow feed his family, decided to sell the girls to a brothel. Upon learning of this, Bishop Nicholas did not ask God for miraculous help, but decided that this time he should help himself, to the best of his human strength. At night he secretly went to the poor man’s house and planted his own savings on him.They did not immediately find out about the disinterested act of the city bishop, and that was by chance – the saint did not want to tell anyone about what had happened.

In memory of this act, young girls today pray to Nicholas the Wonderworker and ask for his protection and help in starting a family. They believe that the saint helps them walk the path of salvation, including through a good family life.

There are many testimonies of how Saint Nicholas helps various people from all over the world in their search for love and family happiness.

Patron saint of prisoners and unjustly convicted

Another incident from the life of Nicholas the Wonderworker is reflected in the famous painting by Ivan Repin: the saint suddenly appeared on the square during the execution of three convicted prisoners of the city prison and literally grabbed the executioner by the hand, who was already drawing his sword. No one dared to argue with the respected church bishop, the execution was postponed, and soon they found evidence of the innocence of the convicts. The Lord revealed to Saint Nicholas the true circumstances of the case in advance, so that the saint would help the prisoners and prevent the unjust execution.

Since then and until now, Nicholas the Wonderworker helps all unrighteously condemned. However, those prisoners who know that they have received the punishment deservedly also often turn to him with a request for intercession before God. And Nicholas the Wonderworker helps everyone, because the highest Christian virtue, for which this saint has always been famous, is the ability to forgive even those who have stumbled on the path of life.

Icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker helps an unbeliever

And this story happened many years after the earthly death of Saint Nicholas, in the 1920s in the Chinese city of Harbin.In early spring, a local fisherman set out for the river. The weather was already warm and suddenly the ice broke, and the unfortunate fisherman found himself in the cold spring water. He felt himself being sucked into the depths and realized that he was dying. At the last moment, the fisherman remembered the mysterious icon-image that Russian emigrants had hung at the city station. “Old man of the station, help, save me!” – he begged and immediately lost consciousness. The fisherman woke up already on the shore, far from the water. This case was recalled in his book by the famous pop singer of the first half of the 20th century, Alexander Vertinsky.

Vertinsky writes that later that Chinese man converted to Orthodoxy, and some of his fellow countrymen followed his example.

Saint Nicholas helps everyone

And what can I do, you ask, if my request does not answer any of the above cases, can I really not count on the help of St. Nicholas? No, this is not at all the case. Unfortunately, today, even among Christian believers, stereotypes often persist: one saint is prayed exclusively for a toothache, another for academic success, and a third for health.But this attitude is more like magic than faith. The saints are beginning to be treated in the same way as the pagan gods were once treated, endowing each of them with a kind of “specialization.”

Christianity is above such conventions. And although believers often ask Saint Nicholas for help on sea voyages, and Saint Panteleimon about the health of loved ones – this is only a tradition and convention, and not at all a rule.

Remembering the power of the prayer of St. Nicholas, you can ask him for any help, ask any question and your voice will be heard.

How does Saint Nicholas help?

This question is obvious to believers, but it is often asked by those who are far from the Church. Indeed: how exactly and under what circumstances can one count on the help of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker?

It is important to remember here how Nikolai performed his miracles during his lifetime. As a deeply religious person, the saint had an amazing talent: his prayers were truly sincere addresses to God, and therefore the Lord never left them unanswered.And, of course, having left our world and united with God, Saint Nicholas did not lose, but only strengthened this connection. Therefore, turning to him in our prayers, we can ask him for intercession before God for us.

Saints are often called “intercessors,” that is, supplicants speaking with the Creator on our behalf. But it is also important to understand that asking them for intercession before the Almighty is not a mechanical spell. If the adherents of witchcraft conduct a kind of bargaining with the dark forces (“I sacrifice you – you help me”, “I give you my soul and devotion – you are my success in business”), then prayers to the saints are something completely different.It is rather a confidential appeal to a loved one, in the hope of his support and understanding. The Church teaches us that prayers never go unanswered. If help in our affairs does not harm us, the Lord, through the prayer of Nicholas the Wonderworker and other saints, will not deny us our requests, but we must also learn to ask sincerely, without guile and the desire to deceive.

So if you are ready to talk with God and his great saint – Nicholas the Wonderworker, just read a prayer, and if possible, attach to the saint’s icon and believe that the Lord will not leave you alone with your difficulties!

O All-Holy Nicholas, the most splendid Lord, our warm intercessor, and everywhere in sorrow a quick helper! Help me, a sinner and sad one in this present life, pray to the Lord God for granting me forgiveness of all my sins that have sinned greatly from my youth, in all my life, in deed, word, thought and all my feelings; and at the end of my soul, help the accursed one, pray the Lord God, all creatures of the Sourer, to deliver me from airy ordeals and eternal torment: may I always glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and your merciful intercession, now and forever and forever.Amen.

How Saint Nicholas Helps: Living Testimonies

Hieromonk Dimitri Pershin: One euro of last hope

In the early 1990s, my friends got into trouble. The travel agency went bankrupt and the whole family and the child were stuck in Cyprus. Not that church-going Christians. Father – and not at all baptized, and mother only celebrated Easter. But when it presses, everyone turns to Heaven. So they, passing by some church, asked their son to put a candle on the last euro in front of the image of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.Themselves did not even go – they were ashamed. When we returned to the hotel, it turned out that of the whole group it was their accommodation and air tickets that had been paid for. The announcement of this came at those moments of their timid request for help. It cannot be said that after that they became earnest prayer-books. A genuine miracle is not intrusive. But they preserve a grateful memory of the saint who did not abandon them in trouble. And this memory grows through the years, albeit still rare, but serious participation in the Sacraments of his Church.

Priest Nikolay Petrov,

Cleric of the Church of St. Dimitry, the first city hospital in Moscow, teacher of the St. Dimitry School of Sisters of Mercy and St. Dimitry Secondary School,Moscow

I, bearing the name of this great saint, often turn to him, for example, leaving my home and my family, with the following prayer “Father Nicholas, stay here instead of me”, that is, I entrust my relatives to his cover, and while faith was not put to shame.

You can, of course, use your own words to address a specific need. Like, for example, nun Tikhona from the Orenburg monastery, who, being still an unbaptized Jew, somehow began to drown while bathing and shouted: “Russian God, Nikolai, save me and I will become a Christian” (she even thought that the saint is God, seeing his veneration among the Russians).And another time, when she lost an important bill of exchange from her father, and the whole family had to suffer, she decided to go drowning herself, and even prayed like this: “Oh, Nikolai, saint, you could write the bill, and I would certainly be baptized! But where can you write a bill! It is impossible and I have to die. ” And suddenly there was a new bill in her hand …

Priest John Omelyanchuk,

Rector of the Church of the Holy Martyr Hermogen, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Wonderworker in Zyuzin, g.Moscow

I know two priests, brothers. Saint Nicholas helped them many times. Once the elder brother-priest with his wife and the younger brother (at that time not yet a priest) were on a missionary campaign in the Kenozersky National Park. They were ferried by boat to the other side to erect a commemorative veneration cross on the site of the former monastery. Suddenly we got into a thunderstorm and a storm, and sail for about 12 km! In the middle of the lake, they realized that a solid wall was moving on them.They began to sing the troparion to St. Nicholas “The Rule of Faith and the Image of Meekness …” and suddenly they saw that this wall was no longer in front of them, but behind them. The local residents, who were waiting on the shore, were sure that they would not return and went home. In the village on the shore of the lake, a storm knocked down pillars, tore off roofs. And they returned, safe and sound, after the installation of the cross.

Svetlana Gadzhinskaya,

Permanent contributor to the Foma magazine

For me, St. Nicholas is now the patron saint of our family.And once, almost twenty years ago, I generally knew little about St. Nicholas. I just really wanted to make friends with other Orthodox students from the university where I studied (I was just starting to go to church then, I was eager to keep not only the Great, but also other posts, dreamed of marriage, but so that everything would be arranged according to the commandments). And finally, on December 19, on the day of memory of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, I was invited to a meeting of believing students. That Sunday evening we gathered, read the akathist to the saint (for the first time and made a lot of mistakes, I was embarrassed), and then a conversation began on a spiritual topic, which went on peacefully and sincerely until I switched to politics.Because that year, December 19 was election day. All the boys were actively involved in the discussion, which was started by Alexey, the future husband. Of course, I remember him from that first meeting – how enthusiastically I was proving something, while eating all the sandwiches.

A couple of years later, shortly before the wedding, I suddenly had an idea to break out into the temple on May 22 – after all, the memory of Nicholas the Wonderworker. Before that, I barely had time to get on big holidays and there was not even a thought about praying to the saint on “his” day. But at the last moment she changed her mind: she was in a hurry to help Alexei, and decided not to risk it so as not to be late.And at a gas station I had an accident – the truck began to turn around and did not see my little car. At first there was a question: how so? On the holiday of the patron saint of travelers? Then I was seized with horror: if I got out of the car a few seconds earlier, and I myself could be in the place of the crumpled mirror. And now I am sitting in anticipation of the traffic police, there is nowhere to rush, I read the prayer book and thank St. Nicholas for teaching and enlightening.

When we were discussing the honeymoon plan, the main idea was the same: if we are going to Europe, then we must certainly get to St. Nicholas.On the spot, it turned out to be a difficult task, without knowing the language and a small amount of money, we almost stayed overnight on the street, and when we got to the temple, we found it locked. Of course, I burst into tears, went to the sea, and there we heard our native speech – a group of pilgrims from Ukraine quickly consoled us, saying that they were going to a Russian church. The priest wrote a special note for a “benevolent” assistant in a Catholic church (then not everyone was sympathetic to Orthodox pilgrims), which will reveal to us.For many years I have kept this note as a memory of the miracles that accompany those who love Nicholas the Wonderworker.

A few years later my friends gave me a restored icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. This is how the first ancient icon appeared in the home iconostasis. And I was not surprised that it was exactly like that.

Our native temple is the temple of Alexander Nevsky at MGIMO. Its construction, the very idea of ​​which seemed to us fantastic, unattainable, lasted for many years. To begin with, they built a “temporary” wooden church, and when it was finally erected, it was consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas.We live nearby and come there often.

Recently, the relics of Nicholas the Wonderworker were brought to Moscow, and from the first day I began to look for an opportunity to collect all the children (I did not want to deprive anyone of this joy) and get into the queue. But the end of the school year, illness, bustle and everyday life in the capital did not let us in, but in the end a miracle happened: on the penultimate day we managed to get there all together. At that moment I didn’t even know what to pray for – I just thanked!

All the years of marriage – especially in the days of the memory of Nicholas the Wonderworker – I try to pray to him, but less often with a request, and more with gratitude for everything: for a happy marriage, for keeping us on our numerous travels across Russia and preventing me from falling asleep at the wheel, and in many other situations.Of course, I will soon ask for the marriage of daughters and good wives of my sons – time flies. But his run is not so terrible when there is such a devoted, reliable friend among the saints nearby – Nicholas the Wonderworker.



reader of Foma magazine

The whole family returned by car from the trip. We drove 1200 km. and here, for 100 km. antifreeze flows from the engine to the house! I addressed the truckers on the radio – silence on the air … Once again – silence… It’s time to turn with prayer to St. Nicholas! And right there, after the very first post-prayer address to the long-range broadcast, I get a response. They put us in tow and take us home without asking for money! Isn’t it a miracle!

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December 19, 2017: Nicholas the Wonderworker

Dream Interpretation Director 😴 dreamed of why does the Director dream in a dream?

The dream in which the director appears often promises success.Initiative, activity and professionalism will help the dreamer quickly reach career heights. But, depending on the details of the plot, its meaning may vary.

The director from work, who appeared in a dream, foreshadows possible troubles at work due to conflicts with colleagues. Try to be more delicate in communication, and quarrels can be avoided.

If the director in the dream is also your immediate supervisor and boss, a difficult situation may arise at work, the solution of which will bring the sleeping person additional earnings and increase his authority among colleagues.

Which director did you dream about?

What is the dream of the former director ▼

When a former director is dreaming, problems that have been ignored by the dreamer in the past will soon make themselves felt. Now it will be even more difficult to solve them, but show fortitude and try to cope with the troubles this time.

A conversation with a former director personifies the sleeper’s self-doubt. This trait not only prevents you from being realized, but also upsets your family and friends.Take up self-improvement: learn new skills, improve old ones, then confidence will increase.

The principal of the school is dreaming ▼

Seeing a school principal in a dream is often a sign of problems with children. For childless dreamers, such a plot foreshadows troubles at work, which, however, are easy to overcome.

Director of the enterprise in a dream ▼

If you dreamed about how you are talking to the director of the enterprise, the excitement that has beset you lately is unfounded.Try to calm yourself down, otherwise anxiety will bring you real problems.

What is the dream of another director ▼

The dream book warns: another director who has appeared at work is a call to action. Throw away indecision: passivity will not help you achieve professional success.

CEO dreamed ▼

Seeing a CEO in a dream is often a sign of career advancement. It is also possible to change jobs and move to a more prestigious, highly paid position.

Dreaming of a woman director ▼

If a girl dreamed of a female director, the dreamer probably thinks that she is losing to other women in everything. Believe me, there are no real grounds for these thoughts: love yourself and people will be drawn to you.

What did the director do in his sleep?

The director smiles in his sleep ▼

A dream where the director smiles warns of impending problems at work. Most likely, management is unhappy with your disregard for responsibilities.Pull yourself together, despite fatigue and stress, otherwise you risk being fired.

Why dream, how the director hugs ▼

When you dream that the director is hugging you, a bright period is expected. The likelihood of the fulfillment of an old cherished desire is high. It will bring you great joy and energize for a long time.

I dreamed that the director gave money ▼

Dream Interpretation warns: if the director gave money, the financial stability of the sleeping person is in jeopardy.Try not to waste money on expensive and unnecessary things, buy only what you need, otherwise wastefulness will badly affect your budget.

What actions did you perform in relation to the director in a dream?

Dreams about talking to the director ▼

The interpretation of the dream about a conversation with the director depends on the emotions experienced by the dreamer. If there is tension in the conversation, it is likely that the sleeper is experiencing daily stress. Take time to rest, otherwise, problems with the nervous system will arise.

A conversation with a director in which you laugh reflects hope for the best. You are probably disappointed with your own professional activities, but remain optimistic. As a result, all problems will be resolved, you just have to make an effort.

Run away from the director in a dream ▼

If you dreamed that you were running away from the director, such a vision reflects a reluctance to take responsibility. This behavior can lead to trouble both in your career and in your personal life.

90,000 Crimea. August 2 – 18, 2017.189

Partenit is good, but ready to live only in Alupka. Layering images is difficult. The impression burns like a red-hot coal on the raw skins of everyday perception. Ordinary does not stand, the hole is deeper each time. Torment, but also pleasure. Do I agree to endure? How does the pain from the perception of this particular place, feeling, phrase fill the soul with sweetness? The line: “We were talking about a new magazine / We drank vodka and ate barbecue …”, the book “The Man Who Laughs”, the sunny peak of Ai-Petri and the pine tree on the sandy slope are bitter-pleasant? Year after year, decade after decade, the same thing burns and gets boring, just want to see the crown of the summit and brown needles on the yellow sand again and again? Someone “burns” the impression of the brook and the great grief when the stream dries up? And the sea? And the ocean? Someone is shaking with emotion, recalling the sixties of the last century, while someone else’s pleasure moves in the swamp of despair from the portrait of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev? A person is solid if he has found permanent beacons of embers.Look silly only those who do not have “beacons”, burning, suffering, grabbing at one hot pebble, then at another. In the end, he notes: the soul is burned in many places. The draft of death whistles, carrying the soaked gauze of spirit to hell. In order not to go mad, one must hold on to one pain and one pleasure. This is the rule for both the weak and the strong. He flung himself open to meet a thousand books, views, images – went off the rails. Enjoyed Partenit, the restless sea, lapping near the shores – that’s enough.Return to the Vorontsov Palace, do not be tempted in vain. I visited Chersonesos Tauride once – be afraid of repetitions. Better tune in to the St. George Monastery, Cape Fiolent, Inkerman. Don’t get carried away with ancient stones. Silenok will not be enough to carry a multi-ton load in the chest.
Let’s go with D.Z. to Partenit, but I have fear. We get to the rest house from the side of the parking lot, we go down to the sea along a wide, winding road. The park is unnaturally licked, magnificent. Here are the golden horses at the turn. The sculptures were donated, I remember, by some Italian sculptor.Fountain – could not help but stay. Cherry plum attacked from the branches, ripe, yellow. A little higher is the anthill. Large red ants with difficulty move the berry darkened from the juice to their dwelling. They rest against the ground with their front legs, and push the ball with their hind legs. There is complete silence under the pine trees hanging over the path. Only water gurgles. Slightly lower, in wooden boxes, are miniature pines with dark dense needles. The coast is steep, rocky, the paths laid along it are florid. Here and there there are cozy flower beds, sculptural groups.The gray weeping willow touches the ground with its flexible branches. A high retaining wall, under which a bronze Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev sits on a bronze bench. The sculpture is good, the Stalinist exposer (and the sculptor gave him a solid sprout) has the frightening face of a monster clown. There is something similar between Stephen King’s novel “It” and the innocent-terrible appearance of the General Secretary. A wide strip of flat beach has been reclaimed for a luxury resort property owned by the Russian President’s Property Management Department. We have almost finished reconstructing the area above it.In the middle is a statue of Poseidon. Partenit is dangerous because of its hypertrophied eclecticism. Yellow Italian horses, olive grove, Khrushchev, Poseidon, light gray pebble beach, sixties style hulls. To the right is a restaurant. White curtains sway on the open veranda. The tavern is buried in flowers. Agave “shot” into the sky with an inflorescence of ten meters long. The plant allows itself an amazing flowering trick only once every several decades. While D.Z. makes orders, strolls along the shore. In the deepening gloom, the smell of flowers intoxicates.The sea is gray, as smooth as a mirror.
We talk about strong and weak impressions over a hearty supper.

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