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The Bravery gets a new modern-chic makeover after moving to its new premises at Amoy Street | The Peak Singapore

Airy yet intimate, casual yet chic, The Bravery has been a mainstay in the café scene for several years – seven, to be exact. The café recently bade farewell to its home in Lavender Street and moved to a two-storey conservation shophouse in the trendy Amoy Street neighbourhood, an area known for its hip restaurants and bars.

Its second incarnation now sports a whole new look – even the shopfront, whose clean lines and cool neutrals are a marked departure from its predecessor’s colour-blocked windows. From within, warm lights and an equally modern-chic interior beckons diners.

Once inside, you’re greeted with the aroma of freshly-ground coffee beans wafting from the coffee bar taking centrestage on the first floor. Here, you have your pick of seating options: grab a barstool at the counter for a quick bite, take a seat at one of the emperador marble tables for lunch, or head upstairs for a more intimate group gathering.

Awash in pastels and light wood, the space is warm and welcoming any time of the day.

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One of the advantages of moving to a two-storey restored shophouse is the increase in space, and The Bravery now can seat a total of forty. In addition to the coffee bar and kitchen, the space is also home to their in-house bakery, which serves up fresh, piping hot bread and other confectionery on a daily basis – a must-try for breakfast and pastry lovers.

It’s not just the space that’s been expanded and upgraded: the menu is bigger and better too. At the head of the kitchen is Sous Chef Melvin Lam, whose savoury creations have made The Bravery a popular destination for brunch. Crowd favourites include Steak and Eggs, which features grass-fed striploin served with sunny-side-up eggs and sourdough toast fresh from the bakery upstairs, and ‘Shrooms Toast, a medley of sauteed mushrooms and confit portobello on the same house-baked sourdough toast.

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Coffee lovers will have much to look forward to as well. Helming the coffee bar is award-winning Head Barista Marvyn Tan, whose signatures like the Lavender Latte and new creations such as Hojicha Milk and Dirty Matcha are sure to delight many a coffee lover’s tastebuds.

Whether it’s for a quick pick-me-up or a lazy weekend brunch with friends, it’s clear why The Bravery is a hot favourite among café lovers – and it looks like it’s set to stay that way for several more years to come.

The Bravery is located at 50 Amoy Street. For more information, please visit

This article was originally published in Home & Decor.

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Muslim-Owned Cafe With Seafood Alfredo And Breakfast Steak

The Bravery in Telok Ayer

My experiences with The Bravery date back to several years ago, when I was still a student, digging into their banana ricotta pancakes at their old location in Lavender. Recently, this Muslim-owned cafe has relocated to a new home in Telok Ayer, with a slew of all-day eats and in-house bakes. Hearing about this news, I headed down with a colleague, eager to see what they’d bring to the table this time.

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Food at The Bravery

The Bravery has a breakfast menu, available all-day from Tuesdays to Thursdays, and until 3pm through Fridays to Sundays. We started our meal with one of the breakfast items—Steak & Eggs ($23+). This comes with a 200g grass-fed striploin, sourdough, sunny side-up eggs, and a side salad.

I had my reservations about the meat, as it appeared overcooked, lacking that true blood-red centre I associate a perfect medium rare with. To my surprise, it was juicy, tender, and slightly chewy in parts marbled with fat. The seasoning used here also helped bring out the butteriness of the beef.

I liked that the eggs here were well-seasoned, a nice touch by the cafe. They were also cooked to the right doneness, with bright orange yolks that oozed and seeped into the sourdough underneath.

On the flipside, I’m not a fan of the house-made sourdough, as it was too chewy, with a crust I found too hard for my liking.

We moved on to their lunch menu, available from 11am until 6pm on Tuesdays to Thursdays, and 3pm on Fridays and the weekends. From this, we tried the Seafood Alfredo ($20+). Here, twirls of spaghetti are dressed in cream and crustacean oil, then topped with tiger prawns, clams, and ikura spheres.

The cream was light, garlicky, and peppery, clinging to the al dente spaghetti with ease. While the flavour from crustacean oil was curiously absent, the quality of the seafood used more than made up for it, lending an umami note to the dish.

Every ingredient was fresh, from the succulent tiger prawns, and plump clams, to the ikura pearls that popped with sweet brine in my mouth.

The last of our savouries was the Cod En Papilotte ($39+), reminiscent of a Canto-style fish dish, with cod fillet baked in a ginger soy broth, served with a vegetable medley and ikura pearls.

Here, the sprinkles of black pepper brought a piquant spark to the gingery broth. The fennel within also lent a mild earthiness to the otherwise light gravy.

It was a delight to fork through the warm, buttery folds of the codfish—an indicator that it’s cooked just right. The fish was fresh as well, sporting a natural sweetness, enhanced by the gingery, peppery notes of the broth.

This codfish also comes with a bowl of furikake-topped rice, the perfect carb to soak up all that gravy. I thought that the furikake was a nice touch, as its saltiness paired well with the savoury-sweet flavours of the fish. If there’s anything that’d keep me from ordering this dish again, it would be the hefty price tag.

To complement the savouries, we tried a couple of their sweets, made at their in-house bakery. First up to bat was the Gateau Au Chocolat ($6.90+), layered with nuts, chocolate sponge, and chocolate mousse. This was decadent at first bite, but the rich cocoa flavour quickly gave out to a cloying sweetness. I liked the nuts peppered within though, as they provided some crunch.

We finished off with their Lemon Meringue Pie ($6.90+), which sees lemon custard and torched meringue atop a tart base. Sadly for me, I didn’t enjoy the texture of this meringue. It was a little too sweet for me, and I felt that there was too much of it. The custard fared better, as it was well-balanced in flavour, falling right between sweet and tart.

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Ambience at The Bravery

I absolutely adored the interiors of this light-flooded, two-storeyed cafe, with its palette of light wood, periwinkle purples, and emerald greens. They could afford to amp up the air-conditioning though, as the space felt rather stuffy, especially in the 2pm heat.

Location-wise, The Bravery is extremely convenient to get to, only taking a four minute-walk from Telok Ayer MRT Station.

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The verdict

Desserts aside, the food at The Bravery largely exceeded my expectations, made better by their sunlight-dappled interiors and central location. I can definitely see myself coming back with a couple of gal pals, basking in the golden hour light, and just chilling over good eats. With that, if you’re looking for a new cafe worth dining at, head down to The Bravery.

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Address: 50 Amoy Street, Singapore 069876
Opening hours: Tue-Thur 8am to 6pm, Fri-Sun 8am to 9pm
Tel: 9388 2973
The Bravery is not a halal-certified eatery, but is Muslim-owned.

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Photos taken by Gladys Lim.
This was a media tasting at The Bravery.

The Bravery Review: Muslim-Owned Cafe With Seafood Alfredo And Breakfast Steak



– Steak was juicy
– Seafood Alfredo was delicious

– Desserts tasted too sweet
– The cafe felt stuffy

Recommended dishes: Steak & Eggs ($23+), Seafood Alfredo ($20+)

Opening hours: Tue-Thur 8am to 6pm, Fri-Sun 8am to 9pm

Address: 50 Amoy Street, Singapore 069876

The Bravery – Muslim-Owned Brunch Café Reopens With Pancakes At Amoy Street, Opens From 8AM – DanielFoodDiary.


Long-time café hoppers would have been familiar with The Bravery – a Muslim-owned brunch café which has been around since 2013 at Horne Road in the Jalan Besar area.

Following their lease expiry, the café has found a new home at Amoy Street, a short walk from Telok Ayer or Tanjong Pagar MRT stations.

It is a stone’s throw from familiar F&B neighbours along the same stretch of road like LUNA, Dumpling Darlings, Chengdu Restaurant and Chi Chi Dining.

The new space is a drastic change from its rustic predecessor.

Now it is a two-storied shop house with first floor featuring its modern chic coffee bar, with its second level washed with clean pretty pastel-coloured interior and retaining some of its iconic hanging lights feature.

They use a coffee blend of beans from Allpress Espresso which boasts slight fruity acidity and chocolatey tones, followed by a smooth aftertaste.

The coffee is available in 6oz and 8oz Black ($4. 50/$5), White ($5.50/$6), and Mocha ($6/$6.50).

Also making a comeback is their signature Lavender Latte ($6/$6.50), scented with faint gentle lavender concoction together with a shot of espresso.

For those who prefer something floral, this may be worth your shot.

From the brunch menu, they serve hearty options like Wholesome Breakfast ($23), Nova Cheese Toast ($14), Smoked Duck Aglio Olio ($14) and Rosemary Chicken Breast ($14).

I had the Pancake Stacks ($14) which came with fluffy stacks of pancakes decorated with mixed berries, berry compote, cream cheese and maple syrup.

The texture of the pancakes was also on point – moist and balanced and I could easily finish most of it without feeling jelak (overwhelmingly rich).

I also managed to takeaway some of their petite-sized Hazelnut Brownies which appealed to my taste buds.

It was chocolatey and fudgy, yet not cloyingly sweet which I could easily finish a few at a go.

Only to regret the calorie count later. Welcome back, The Bravery!

The Bravery
50 Amoy Street, Singapore 069876
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Tues – Thurs) 8am – 9pm (Fri – Sun), Closed Mon

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* Written by Lewis Tan @juicyfingers, a self-proclaimed coffee addict. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.

[SG EATS] The Bravery- Muslim-owned Restaurant Reopens At Amoy Street

My last visit to The Bravery was at their previous location at Horne Road. Oh boy! Time flies! and they are reopen the new location at Amoy Street. The Muslim-owned restaurant is now located at a two-storey conservation shophouse along the Amoy Street neighbourhood. The first floor is where you can get your coffee fix and a variety of seating formats caters to different interactions whole the second storey houses The Bravery’s in-house bakery, which churns out fresh breads and baked goods daily. The Bravery opens from 8:00AM onwards offering breakfast selection that includes the crowd-favourite Steak & Eggs S$23.00++, Nova Cheese Toast S$16.00++, Shrooms Toast S$16.00++and more. But I did not have the chance to try their breakfast menu during my visit this time round.

Nevertheless, I tried some of their dinner dishes during the visit recently. Here’s what I had that night.
Crab Cake S$16.00++

Homemade jumbo lump crab cake with garlic aioli and mesclun. The garlic aioli elevates the flavour of the dish.

Gambas Al Ajillo S$16.00++

The tiger prawns are slow poached in a pool of garlic oil with peppers. Classic tapas to kick start our dinner.

Cod en Papillote S$33.00++Cod fillet baked in a paper bag with fennel, seasonal greens, herns, microgreens, and soy broth to keep the fish tender and moist. Look at the thickness of the cod fillet!Shiok! Healthy and flavourful way to enjoy this dish.

Pure Blood Wagyu Deckle (200g) S$58.00++

Featuring 2GR pure blood wagyu MS9 Deckle done in medium rare that are served with celeriac puree, roasted greens and beef jus. You can request your steak doneness and this dish is well-executed especially the umami flavour from the wagyu.

Lastly, we had Gateau au Chocolat and Nutella Tiramisu S$6.90++ per slice each. I personally enjoyed the rich, creamy chocolate cake while my friend prefer tiramisu cake. If you are not a fan of chocolate, go for their light and refreshing tiramisu cake for a sweet note.

As for the drinks, we tried the Hojicha Milk and Lavendar Latte from S$6.00++.

The Bravery
Address: 50 Amoy Street,
Singapore 069876
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday 8:00AM-6:00PM
Friday – Sunday 8:00AM-9:00PM
(Closed on Monday)

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The Bravery: Lavender’s new café contender

PUBLISHED November 13th, 2013 01:44 am | UPDATED January 20th, 2016 09:08 am

Living just around the corner, I was particularly excited to hear news of The Bravery opening up at 66 Horne Road not that long ago. Over the past year or so, the Lavender/Jalan Besar area has been experiencing something of an renaissance and more and more cool cafes and eateries are opening up in this industrial area. See our 10 New Cafes You Need to Know About and Jalan Besar Goes Cafe Crazy features as proof!

With a rather cool shop frontage and no signage, just make sure you aim for the ‘golden door’ to enter The Bravery. Inside you will find a chic, funky yet simple designed feel. And just like the owners of their other cafe The Plain in Tanjong Pagar there’s a mix of interesting seating. Personally, we are fans of the massive round communal table.

Food and drink-wise, it’s pretty simple but yummy fare. Coffee is of course excellent as expected, and the food menu offers a solid selection sandwiches, cakes and brunch items like pancakes, eggs on toast etc. From my three visits so far, I’d definitely recommend the

Poached Eggs on Toast, and be sure to add in some smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese…and whatever else you fancy. It all comes served on full plate with wholesome, nutty bread. This will fill up even those with a large appetite.

Prices here are super affordable so a full blown brunch with drinks will probably only set you back $20 per person. Not too shabby! Unlike its neighbouring café Chye Seng Huat Hardware, The Bravery doesn’t look industrial, metallic or try too hard to be shiny and slick. It is what it should be, a friendly, simple neighbourhood café where patrons feel welcome and relaxed.


The Bravery Café is located at 66 Horne Rd, Singapore 209073.

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Founder & Director

Alex is our Chief Nomad and City Nomads founder. When not rambling his way around Singapore on discovery-mode, he likes to hang out with friends, cook, make experimental cocktails and attempt handstands during yoga.

Set Lunch at The Bravery Cafe (Closed)

The owners of The Bravery Cafe are quite brave. The cafe was one of the first to be located in Horne Road, when it was a rather unfashionable area. You can’t really tell that it is a cafe from the outside save that “Bravery” is painted on one of the pillars. The facade is made of perspex panels and there is no obvious door. You have to guess which one of the panels functions as a door. The decor inside is as basic as it gets. The furniture, if you could call it that, look makeshift or salvaged from schools’ technical workshops. They currently have a weekday set lunch priced at just $12.90. They advertised the set lunch with a chalk board – which is not placed just outside the cafe but across the road, leaning on a tree.


Inside The Bravery Cafe, the large concrete bar dominates. A horse sits on the large communal table in the centre. That horse, some dangling strings of lights and a few vases with flowers are the only attempts to mitigate the severe distress look of the place. There are benches, stools and a variety of chairs. Some of the seats are not the most comfortable.

The place was probably intended to be a cafe for coffee and desserts but they have added brunch items like salad, eggs, wraps and sandwiches to the menu. They have attractively priced weekday set lunches and have just added dinner service on Friday and Saturday evenings.

We dropped by The Bravery Cafe to have their set lunch. At $12.90 nett, the set consisted of a soup, a main with salad and a cold beverage.

Unlike their interior, their food and drinks looked attractive. The tomato soup was rich and had a nice consistency. We thought it was tasty but a tad too salty. The Thai Milk Tea was a tad too sweet.

The main was pan-fried fillet of snapper. The fish was well fried – just-cooked-through. It was clean tasting and had flaky and moist meat. The slightly zesty sauce made the dish enjoyable.

We also ordered a piece of Carrot Cake ($7) as well as a cappuccino and flat white ($4.60 each). The cake was moist and not too sweet and quite delectable. The coffee was very good – smooth with a slightly bitter-sweet chocolatey taste.

Overall, we thought the food was not bad and we really liked their coffee.

Notwithstanding the location and look of The Bravery Cafe, it has proven to be quite popular – especially with those who think the place has “really cool vibes” and those who like their free wifi. Fortune favours the brave – it helps if the brave also serves good coffee.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs   

The Bravery Cafe
66 Horne Road
Singapore 209073

Tel : +65 9388 2973

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed-Thus : 9 am to 6 pm
Fri  – 9 am to 10 pm
Sat – 8 amto 10 pm
Sun 8 am : to 7 pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Nearby MRT Station: Lavender

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[Cafe hopping in Singapore] The Bravery Cafe (Jalan Besar)

You might totally miss The Bravery cafe even if you are staring it right at the face. Located along Horne Road ( opposite Jalan Besar Stadium), this cafe is signless and has tinted ( almost opaque) windows when you looked in from outside. It’s almost ‘hidden’ among the row of shops. 

 If I didn’t know better, I would definitely not dare to step into up and pushed that door.  

However once you step in everything is bright and there’s nothing mysterious. 

Take a breather and sit down and have your cuppa.

The industrial decor is down- to-earth right down to the bare minimal. 

Nothing fanciful but very laid-back and relaxed. 

Here’s the order for the day:

Lavender latte $5.50

Absolutely love the fragrant cup of latte which goes down easy and smooth without being overly sweet.

And from the Sugar App, we got a delicious S’mores Tart $6. 50  (original price) at a very good price. You should really download Sugar App for fantastic offers by merchants and the latest updates on food!~~ 

Filled with chocolate fanache and topped with toasted marshmallows, this is an enjoyable tart to tuck into. The sweetness was just nice and not too overwhelming but a tad dry though.

Cappuccino $4.50

This was thick and aromatic and good to go to start your day off on a bright note.

Added on 2 fried eggs $3.

Salmon Sandwich $14.

This very simple sandwich is really something you can prepare at home unfortunately. Spread with cream cheese, cucumber, chives and salmon between multigrain bread slight toasted for a light crisp. Though alright in taste, but not worthy and way too easy for the price.

Pancakes Stack $15

3 thick slices of soft mashy pancakes with way too much honey syrup for my liking, resulting in over sweetness. Due to the abundance of the syrup, the pancake became really soggy within minutes. Topped with Bananas, ricotta cheese and pistachios this was mediocre at best. 

Are there any other better selections at The Bravery? Understand the menu is the same all day, but could there be better things other than the coffees?

If you need a drink or a quiet place to chill this might be your choice.
 Free Wifi is available too and it’s super cosy, food wise however, not much of an impression.

66 Horne road

Opening: 9am-7pm

6225 4387 

closed on Tuesday

Sentosa Island – Unique Singapore

The famous resort area of ​​Singapore, which contains more than 30 attractions and places for recreation. Beaches, attractions for all ages, restaurants, spas, luxury resort hotels, an aquarium, wax museum, 3D cinemas, observation tower, the first Universal Studios amusement park in Southeast Asia, and the simply amazing laser and music show Wings of time.

You can get to know and love this island only by taking a leisurely stroll around. Moreover, Sentosa is one large fragrant tropical park. It is best to start the walk from the Tiger Skytower observation deck, which is located on the territory of the Imbiah Lookout station. The 131m high tower offers beautiful views of the sea and the integrated Resorts World Sentosa.

Singapore Cable Car

One of the most challenging ways to get to the island is to take the cable car. The cabins are completely transparent, which helps to enjoy the panoramic view of the bay, the fragrant greenery of the island, ships and skyscrapers.The organizers made sure that during the trip your children feel like real superheroes floating in the air. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or Green Lantern are waiting for them today. One has only to put on masks and a costume – and now you are one of them and rapidly fly through the air towards the entertainment island. Each booth thematically corresponds to one of the superheroes and is decorated with certain symbols. You can go on a super trip from Harbor Front Tower Two or from the terminus on Mount Faber.

Walk on Sentosa Boardwalk


Sentosa Boardwalk is a purpose-built pedestrian walking bridge equipped with moving walkways. The bridge, sheltered from the rain and beautifully decorated, connects Sentosa Island with Singapore Island at the Harbor Front and VivoCity shopping centers. While walking along the Sentosa Boardwalk, it is common to watch giant cruise ships entering the port.On the way, you will come across small cafes where you can have a delicious snack. Such is the non-trivial and at the same time picturesque way to get to the entertainment island.

Beach holiday on Sentosa

Palawan beach is famous for the observation deck, which is considered the southernmost point of continental Asia. Palawan is a truly quiet family beach with many eateries and small shops.

Siloso beach is a paradise for lovers of active recreation and entertainment.Young people gather to play beach volleyball, dance at parties. The girls happily share the latest news and show their new fashionable bikinis to their girlfriends. You can try kayaking, cycling or rollerblading. Those who come to Siloso know for sure that it is intended for a bright and sporty holiday.

Tanjong beach is perfect for romantics and couples in love. A calm place away from the bustling city will give you a beautiful sea view and a pleasant evening breeze.Many Singaporeans and expats like to come here with their families and even with their dogs to play enough beach games and swim in the warm sea.

Port of Lost Wonder

Palawan Beach has the first and so far the only kids’ club of its kind, designed for the age group from 3 to 12 years old, with many water slides, picnic areas and cafes where you can dine with the whole family.

Wings of Time Fountain Laser Show

An epic and magical open-air evening show. A stunning beauty and scale multi-sensory extravaganza of lights, water, light, laser and 3D projections with musical accompaniment. Wings of Time tells a story of friendship and courage, very instructive and beautifully designed. No one will remain indifferent: neither adults nor children. Fascinating and epochal in size spectacle!

iFly Singapore Attraction

Modern free flight simulator. There is no bad weather or airplanes here, at any time you can take off and soar at the height of a five-story building. A great chance for all adventure seekers to challenge themselves. The adrenaline rush is like a parachute jump, only without the potential risks.

Trick Eye Museum

Everyone, without exception, loves magic tricks, but what if the trick is that there is no focus? Through the use of optical illusions, three-dimensional paintings on the surfaces of museum walls, floors and ceilings come to life. To step inside the painting and be part of Van Gogh’s painting, saddle a giant turtle, or suddenly realize that you are hanging upside down – everything is possible. Prepare your lens for shooting, there is something to capture as a keepsake.

Singapore Symbol – The Merlion

What is needed to safeguard the prosperity of Singapore? Perhaps a mythical creature, namely the legendary Merlion.Half lion, half fish, he has guarded the city for many years. According to legend, Merlion fought against the raging elements on Sentosa Island for many days and was able to tame the winds. Today, many sculptures are erected in his honor on the island, and a 37-meter statue rises on Sentosa. It is also an observation deck offering a delightful view of the sea, beaches and ships in the roadstead.

Attraction Skyline Luge Sentosa

One of the most popular entertainment on the island. Lovers of speed can “fly” over the island on a funicular, and then go off the mountain track on a special sled. Who among us did not like sledding as a child? There is no such thing! Just imagine that you are on the longest toboggan slide you could only dream of, more than 1 km long. Moreover, you can ride not only during the day, but also in the moonlight, when the paths are highlighted with special lights, which fascinates and gives the jungle mysticism and mystery. The only thing we must warn about is that children at least 85 cm and accompanied by adults can ride on the lift, and children below 110 cm are not allowed to drive the sled on their own.

Marina Bay Singapore rooftop pool how to get there

Pool at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

One of Singapore’s most touted attractions is the rooftop pool at the five-star Marina Bay Sands Skypark.

  1. Amazing architecture of the hotel →
  2. How to get to the Marina Bay Sands pool →
  3. Marina Bay Sands on the map of Singapore →

million dollars is stupid. What is it about? An extraordinary swimming pool under the sky with a stunning panorama of the metropolis, located on the roof of the modern hotel Marina Bay Sands Skypark – the best five-star hotel in Singapore .

Amazing Hotel Architecture

The aforementioned hotel itself looks unusual – it is a complex of three towers, on the roof of which a huge ship is located. The spectacle is simply unforgettable, the building looks as if the boat is held on three peaks of the waves. It is on this ship that a recreation area with a swimming pool is arranged, attracting millions of tourists every year.What’s special about it?

The pool itself is 150 meters long on the roof of Marina Bay Sands Skypark – this is already unusual, because from there you can see a breathtaking panorama of a modern city. But the beauty of a swimming pool in Singapore is not only that. During the construction of the hotel, the architects implemented a truly interesting idea – the water in the pool seems to merge with the horizon, and it seems to people floating in it that tons of water will now rush into the city from a great height.

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This visual effect was created due to the fact that the sides of the pool are slightly below the water level.Even lower there is a water collector, where, in fact, the water from the pool is poured. Then it goes through cleaning and heats up to come back again. Thanks to the constant circulation of water, the visual effect of the smooth surface, merged with the horizon, and comfortable conditions for vacationers are created.

There is no need to worry about the safety of vacationers – even if a person turns out to be “overboard”, nothing threatens him, except for a couple of scratches.

How to get to Marina Bay Sands pool?

Swimming pool at Marina Bay Sands at sunset

Want to see and remember Singapore like this? Take you to the pool under heaven!

The rooftop pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, the highest in the world, is a tourist’s fairy tale. Hundreds of plants and palms have found their place right here, under the heavens. And how do you like the idea of ​​swimming at a height of 200 meters, on the roof of the hotel? It is difficult to find a traveler willing to give up such an opportunity. Unfortunately, the entrance to the pool area is strictly controlled. Only guests of the aforementioned hotel can be included.

For the rest of those wishing to at least look at this architectural wonder, there is an observation deck, the entrance to which is paid.

The most modest room in the Marina Bay Sands Skypark hotel will cost about 450 US dollars.For those traveling with friends, there is an option to book a triple room. Its cost is slightly higher than a double, but in the end it will cost less for each of your friends to stay in it. How can you miss the opportunity to visit such an amazing landmark of Singapore, swim at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level and see the city from a bird’s eye view?

Low prices Moscow-Singapore for the year ahead:

Marina Bay Sands on the map of Singapore

[mapsmarker marker = “172”]

infinity pool | Singapore Things to Do and Do


  • We will be limiting the capacity of our Infinity Pool in accordance with government regulations for safe disposal.
  • Please note that the children’s pool will be closed until further notice.

Imagine swimming in the world’s largest panoramic rooftop pool and looking down at the sparkling city from 57 levels above …. More info

After your swim, sunbathe on a luxurious sun lounger by the pool or relax in the shade palm trees with a glass of champagne in hand.

Snacks and drinks

A selection of snacks and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) is available by the pool from 7:00 to 22:00 daily.

Poolside breakfast menu
Poolside menu


Towels and sun loungers are provided for your poolside enjoyment. Swimwear and suncare products are available at the SkyPark Gift Shop.


CÉ LA VI at Marina Bay Sands – Singapore Rooftop Bar

  • 57th Floor
  • Infinity Pool
  • Magical 360 Views
  • Lounge Day and Night Club

If you need to accommodate a rooftop bar somewhere, why not do it on top of one of the most famous and expensive buildings in the world? Like CÈ LA VI Singapore, located at 200 meters above sea level , in the famous Marina Bay Sands area.

No wonder the view of from here is simply breathtaking. stretches from the ocean, over the skyline and Marina Bay, and over the best rooftop pool in Singapore.

CÈ LA VI Singapore is a large and impressive establishment and certainly one of the best rooftop bars in Singapore and even in the world. Divided into two parts. . Here you will find a restaurant and sky bar on one side (overlooking the ocean / gardens by the bay) and a sky deck and club lounge on the other (overlooking the skyline / Marina Bay).


Play with accessories on the roof

20% off – use code “Rooftop”

A Luxurious surroundings throughout , with indoor and outdoor seating, a terrace with large red parasols, dining tables, comfortable sofas and bar stools right at the edge …

CÈ LA VI Restaurant offers fantastic contemporary Asian cuisine for lunch and dinner, set or à la carte.The Sky Bar and Club Lounge also offer several different snacks, but the main attraction here is well-prepared and great signature cocktails. Like “Once Upon a Thai” or “Botanist 57”.

Open 9016 daily from noon to late , almost any time – great time to visit the rooftop bar CÈ LA VI. Choose between a romantic dinner in a restaurant (advance booking highly recommended), or join the crowd and enjoy the lounge atmosphere as you try to catch an amazing sunset.

Or visit later at night when Club Lounge turns into one of Singapore’s most popular nightlife venues , with live DJs and a friendly crowd dancing late into the night.

Tip 1: For a dip in the largest and steepest rooftop infinity pool in the world, book at least one night at the iconic Marina Bay Sands. This is a unique event in life, and as a bonus, you will be just a short lift ride from CÈ LA VI and two other rooftop bars and restaurants on the 57th floor: Spago and LAVO.

Tip 2: Instead of visiting the Sky Park Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands, head towards CÈ LA VI. The views are just as good and you can enjoy delicious drinks and food at the same time.


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1 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018971

Monday: 12.00-03.00
Tuesday: 12.00 – 03.00
Wednesday: 12.00 – 05.00
Thursday: 12.00 – 04.00
Friday: 90.00 Saturday: 11.00 – 05.00
Sunday: 11.00 – 03.00

Singapore Skyline, Marina Bay Gardens by the Bay and Ocean

Daytime: Casual
Nighttime: Elegant3-902 More details


How I made my way to the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool in Singapore

(Last updated: February 24, 2020)

Oh my god, I really did it. I got access to the Marina Bay Sands pool … without staying there. But I just want to let you know that I am not going to tell you how to get into the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool . .. I will tell you how I did it I . I don’t recommend anyone wading into the Marina Bay Sands Pool, but I want to tell you a pretty hilarious story.

Anyway, I made my way into the longest and most coveted infinity pool in the world on the rooftop of the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. It was sketchy, exciting and probably one of my most proud (maybe needless to say “ proud… let’s say… ridiculous? ”) Achievements to date.

Photos from this famous infinity pool I’ve seen all over the place – it rules Pinterest and often makes its way to popular Instagram pages. I knew I needed somehow, somehow … and didn’t really feel like paying more than $ 300 a night there when I was still spending money on a $ 30 hostel.So, I decided to sneak … and I was determined.

Rule # 1: Explore if you can.

I did all sorts of googling at the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool, in my dark little hostel bed a few nights before my mission. It turns out that a lot of people want to know if there is a way to sneak into one of the best luxury hotels in Singapore!

There were several threads about this on Reddit, travel advisor, etc. – everyone pretty much said you need to be a guest to get inside.Some said that you could try dividing the price of a room by 10 people, some said that security has increased over the past few years.

I found some good leads on the Internet. One guy on YouTube said that he jumped in an elevator with several guests to the 48th floor and went up the fire escape the rest of the way and he spat it right out onto the pool deck. It was over a year and a half ago, so I was skeptical. But that was good to know.

Another guy shot a video, literally walking by an indifferent girl sitting at the entrance to the pool, and told her that he was someone famous. She asked if he had a room key and just looked at him with embarrassment as he walked by. If that was the way to unblock the entrance, I would be golden.

On a budget like me, but want to see the city? Try the Singaporean pub crawl!

Reddit says it will be really hard, but the best chance would be tower 2. Good to know. It was also said that there are several restaurants and bars on the same level as the pool. Solid knowledge.

The night before I was about to try to get inside, I watched the laser show the hotel puts on every evening (I know … the laser show every night. What is Singapore?)

I looked at a luxury hotel that looked like a transformer and a cruise ship, with a rooftop pool deck and a low hum heard from several hundred meters. I tried to figure out which part of the roof is which – I knew that there is also an observation deck that we simpletons have to pay to get up to, and I had to make sure I went to the right point.

I saw palm trees, which somehow grew on the roof of this metal frame of the mechanism, swayed in the wind, and the lighting on its towers slowly changed color against the background of the night sky. Soon …. it will all be mine. Muahahaha. I hoped.

Light shows every night … is this Disneyland? This is Marina Bay Sands – the pool is on the upper deck!

Rule # 2: Always have a plan.

Maybe multiple backups.

I went back to the hostel.Moving away from the Marina Bay Sands hotel and what I saw on the internet, I formulated several plans and ordered them based on how screwed up I was and how difficult it would be to move on to the next if one of them didn’t. t work.

The first option – be ready to make friends.

Maybe I can find a bar or food court in the hotel mall. I could even try the hotel bar next to the pool. I could strike up a conversation with people anywhere in the hotel.Who knows. A lot of people stay at a hotel for one or two nights to swim in the pool – maybe I can find some tourists or something and incite their pity by going broke and wanting to cross it off my wishlist. I know that you can invite guests … so maybe it will work.

Next Option – I would try the fire escape method. If it didn’t work, no harm, no foul. “Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t going to come up here.Where is the observation deck? If something goes wrong with this, I would like to pretend to be stupid.

Next option – Try to come in … somehow. I have formulated several “stories”.

  1. The current blunt approach. I literally just tried to get in, and if they stopped me, I acted as if I didn’t know I would not be allowed in.
  2. Put on my bathing suit and maybe find a hotel towel somewhere – maybe if I visited several floors of the rooms first.I walked up and acted like I was inside. Maybe I could wet my hair a little. I would act like I forgot something inside and was really exhausted, or I would point out where my parents or boyfriend were or something.
  3. Look super trendy in pretty clothes and sunglasses and walk in like this damn place belongs to me. I thought – if the entrance was the same as in the video that I saw, and the attendant was as indifferent as that, everything could be fine.Or am I just looking good and smiling? This is bad? I have formulated a few additional stories if asked. Like – my husband (laughs, as if) is inside with my key, or to furiously look into my bag and look very upset, not being able to find him and try to talk to me, or be confused and say that I only that I checked in and left my key in my room – and turn around and go to a different plan or try a different entrance.

Right – those were some hard thoughts and it was the night before my big day as I made my way into the MArina Bay Sands infinity pool.I slept on it (and honestly dreamed about it) and woke up ready to go.

After a few morning adventures – including tasting the famous Singapore Sling at the bar where it was invented to give me a little courage (the most expensive drink I’ve ever bought. Not worth it …) exploring the perfectly groomed ” Gardens by the Bay, with avatar trees and sky domes, and grabbing Japanese noodles at the hotel’s food court, I was ready to go.

It looks like all these “meeting people” can be difficult.I was practically the only non-Asian wherever I went and I didn’t know who spoke English or not. I decided to leave my options open, but I started focusing more on the fire escape option.

But before doing anything, I wanted to make sure I had a little background information. I decided to go to the hotel and wander around a bit first – look at the maps, if there are any, maybe floor plans. I had to evaluate everything first.

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Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center. A fucking river flows through it.

Rule # 3: First, assess the situation as best you can.

I went to the hotel. It was pretty damn cool. I looked around. The map really was not visible. Cameras were everywhere . I decided, maybe I’ll jump into the elevator first and see what floors everything is on – the pool, restaurants, rooms, etc. Maybe I’ll take a walk and pick a fake room number. Look for towels. Feel this place.

After walking a little around the hotel, being very at ease, I saw several guests queuing up at the Tower 1 elevator. This was my chance.

I thought I was going to the floor, take a walk, see what the room numbers are, and see what the guests are doing. I climbed as high as possible, reached the end of the corridor and checked for fire escapes. I had a whole day and a lot of time.

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I walked nonchalantly among the people getting into the elevator and came back.People scanned their key cards before clicking on their floors – 22, 28, 31. Some clicked 55, 56 and 57 – spa and pool floors. I wasn’t ready for this yet!

It is important to be discreet and always act as if you belong. I pretended that someone had already pinned me to the floor, and leaned on the railing behind. As it went up, the elevator stopped at several levels. People went out and people went in – and most of these people went to the pool.

Everyone who entered the ascending elevator wore beautiful white robes and little white slippers.To be honest, almost everyone was. They were carrying towels, bags and sunglasses, I think, ready to go to the Marin Bay Sands pool … This can’t be a spa, can it? Most of them clicked on the 57th floor. Anyway, the cogs in my head started spinning … I thought to myself: “I need to take one of these robes.”

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Rule # 4: Do your best to look like the people you are going to.

It may be a tongue twister, but it is.If you merge, you are golden. Hanging around is much more likely to be caught, noticed, or at least paid more attention to.

If everyone entering the Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool deck were wearing robes … I would be damn good at getting myself one of them. Can I befriend someone who has stayed there, ask them to borrow? If I could find friendly people maybe. Will I be able to find someone wandering the corridors? Potentially.We would have seen.

The highest floor the elevator was pushed to was 31, so I walked out after the guy who actually pushed it and tried to casually turn in the opposite direction. I walked down the corridor, which was 70 meters long.

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There was a maid’s cart in the hallway. There was no one around.

I walked past the cart. It was in front of a closed door. I continued to walk to the end of the corridor with thoughts . .. I noticed an emergency staircase and a bathroom.I could have tried to climb the stairs, but … this was my chance.

I turned and walked back to the maid’s cart with a cold face, but the nervousness was building in my throat. There was not a soul around.

Am I really going to do this ?! Was I going to steal a robe? Well, rather borrow. I would return this.

He was getting closer and closer.

I had no intention of doing this. It was too much.

I paused.The door was completely closed. I noticed little white slippers worn by people in the elevator.

Well, it doesn’t hurt to just see if they have robes….

I looked out from the other side of the cart. Here they are.

In a strange sudden rush of courage and bravery, contrary to everything that the moral half of my intuition told me, I grabbed the robe faster than the speed of light and before I knew it, I quickly walked back down the hallway in slight disbelief.

My God. My God.

I closed the bathroom door behind me, opened my eyes wide and took a deep breath. What did I do?

I just got my robe.

Then I remembered why I came. I was about to sneak into the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool. Here’s what I did. I was tuned in.

I took off my touring clothes, put on my chic black bathing suit, put on my robe and nicely tied its fancy white sash around my waist.I looked at myself in the mirror and encouraged myself.

If I was going to fail, at least I was going to look good doing it. Or, uh, convenient. In this robe.

Purpose: infinity pool. (Seriously, look at all those robes!)

Rule # 5: Make up a story and stick to it.

I braced myself, put on the damn-not-I-belong-here-and-has-the-super-rich-and-trendy face I could, and walked back down the hall, cold as a cucumber…. I was a guest of the hotel and was going to swim in the pool. I even wore a robe to prove it.

All morning some stories were spinning in my head, but I was determined to use the story with the wallet.

I would go there and first assess the situation (Repeat Rule # 3 as many times as necessary and) and check the situation at the entrance. I had no idea how it would be, but my original story was that I accidentally left my wallet in the pool. Naturally, my key had to be inside.

This is where my acting skills will manifest. I will be really exhausted leaving the pool terrace…. HM…. About 20 minutes ago, I went into my room (one of the ones I had chosen on the 31st floor) and realized that I did not have a wallet.

I thought I left him in the bathroom (I should have found the closest one, hoping the signs would be visible) in the closet if they asked.

I was going to be so exhausted that I was just going to walk past the people guarding the entrance in a hurry for my precious wallet.

If they tried to go with me, I would just improvise and find the closest bathroom, make the stall I was in, look into it, and, not finding it, I would apologize and decide that she would just be at me a pool bag that I would look in my room again.

Save money on numerous attractions with the Singapore City Card! It retails for £ 90,017. If that fails, I could try a different tower, or a different plan – perhaps go back to the fire escape, friends options, or a different story at a different entrance.

If I succeed and I can get through the gate … I would really go to the bathroom (the farthest one), wait, lie down for a while, assess the situation again (rule # 3 … most important) and then enjoy.

I walked into the elevator and dialed 57 with a fair amount of pleasure. I was ready.

Repeat rule number 3 as many times as necessary (!)

I got off the elevator and followed the signs to the pool deck. I went outside … and here it is. A respected, famous, beautiful, sparkling, luxurious pool.I was finally going to try to sneak into the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool. Hopefully I can do it, or at least make a good story out of it.

In any case, let’s return to the assessment of the situation. I saw two or three small entrance doors that you can go through on the way to an amusement park or to a sports game. People in the same white clothes, like me (😉), came up to them, scanned their key cards, and two small transparent the doors were thrown open so they could enter the pool.

Hmm. Actual doors. Shit. After that YouTube video that I watched, they’ve been updated a lot.

I walked past the doors, saw them a little. I walked over to admire the absolutely incredible views of the gardens by the bay and the dozens of boats waiting in the harbor, and I thought about my plan of attack. Many people entered and left this small gate, constantly holding it open while several people scanned their key cards. … There was a younger guy in a T-shirt on one side, and a smaller girl on the other.The pool deck stretched several hundred meters behind them.

Rule # 6: Pick the person who looks like they care the least.

There are always workers who, frankly, don’t give a damn. Try to find these types. Choose a young guy who’s just a towel, not an older, formal-looking guy in a fancy blue shirt that looks like a manager. Choose an old guy who doesn’t speak English very well, not a security guard. Obviously.

In this situation, you don’t have much choice – it all depends on which input you are using. The entrance I was closest to definitely looked believable. There were no others nearby.

I sat for a while by the cleanest glass window, sorting out my plan and enjoying the view and the softness of my white robe. I decided I would go see a younger guy in a T-shirt and sunglasses. The longer I waited, the more nervous I got, so I took a deep breath, got into character, and walked back to the little sliding doors.

The view I was looking at when preparing for action.

Rule # 7: Look like you know what you are doing, people who actually do but think they don’t.

I paused a little further for a minute, waiting for the entry point. There were many guests coming in and out, and there were several gates, so there was a lot of traffic and commotion. I saw several people walking towards one of the gates. This was my moment.

I entered my very best “God, I could have lost my wallet” image, which honestly is not that difficult for me because I leave things everywhere and all the time.Unfortunately, this little raging panic is all too familiar to me … so hopefully I was believable.

I ran past the gate after several guests, straight to the guy in the polo. The first mission to go through the gates was at least completed (I honestly don’t remember exactly how I did it because my adrenaline levels soared, but that’s it, I think they stay open for a few more seconds).

Furious and frustrated, I barely looked at this guy and didn’t stop moving towards the pool deck as I spoke.

“I think I left my wallet in the bathroom,” I said, breathing heavily, continuing to move forward, looking very alarmed and pointing in the general direction where we hoped the bathrooms were.

The next exchange was so fast and almost simultaneously.

When I said something like, “I need to go and see if there is more,” he said something like, “and your keycard is … inside?”

I nodded and kept moving and talking, trying to look very panicked (at least I was hoping).By this point, I was already a few feet away from the guy. I was on a mission to get my damn wallet. How it would be … if you really lost it.

“I’ll pick it up … I need to check … I’ll be right back! I’m going to show you … I just understand. Some or all of these words flew out of my mouth, and I kept pointing, walking and nodding to the guy. To be honest, he looked very worried too. And just very confused. I don’t think he knew how to deal with a girl who was clearly on a mission — she seemed to know what she was doing.I was about to pick up my wallet and will be right back to show my key card. Yeah.

As soon as it became clear that he had received the message, I turned my head and looked across the pool deck for bathrooms. The guy shuffled next to me for about 3 seconds, until I muttered another reassurance that I would be back when I found him, and continued panicky shuffling across the deck in my robe, shaking my hands as I walked. I never looked back, fearing it would be obvious that I was checking to see if he was following me.I tried to look like I completely knew what I was doing and didn’t need help – like I was clearly just going back to the bathroom where I left my wallet. If he had followed me, I would have gone back to the “seek and not found” plan and left. Nothing special.

I walked … and walked … and walked. Excitement grew within me, but I didn’t dare to take the worrying expression off my face until I was far enough away. I passed one long section of the pool … and another. The pool deck was curved, so I probably never saw this entrance, which was far away at one end.

There were no steps after me … he did not go.

HE DIDN’T FOLLOW !! I was in…. was i inside ?!

I slowed down my steps and breathing. Suddenly reality caught up with me.

I did it. I made my way to the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool. I’ve been here. I looked at the view. My God , kind. Skyscrapers for miles, with a pristine transparent infinity pool in the foreground stretching hundreds of meters. That was incredible.

Is it still worth finding a bathroom just in case? Should I hide a little? Should I start swimming right away and take some photos in case I get caught? Should I just hide?

Rule # 7: Don’t draw attention to yourself. Be invisible.

I wasn’t sure which step to take … but he certainly wasn’t standing in the middle of the boardwalk and looked half dazed and half aroused, probably with the remnants of my fake panic still on my face.

I went to the nearest chair and put my things. I lay down on it and took off my robe. I decided to just … sunbathe for a while. You know, I would lie low on a chair, throwing a robe over my head, as people probably do when they sunbathe. If Mr. Polo came to look for, check or interrogate me, I would be in hiding. Under my robe. On the chair.

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I don’t know; it seemed like a workable plan. If enough time has passed since I ran in, maybe this guy will forget about me, think I found my wallet, or maybe switch shifts. I didn’t know what kind of security they had there … if they had a radio, if they were reporting something like that, if they had cameras. I knew they had cameras. A ton of different possible situations flashed through my head … I knew they were unlikely and that they probably wouldn’t even notice me after that, but I wanted to be careful.

I thought now would be a good time to relax a little, so I did.

My heart was still beating hard. I leaned back in my chair, starting to relax. I looked out from behind my robe that was on my head, you know, blocking out the sun. I watched and contemplated the view for a full 15 minutes, feeling very happy, proud and successful, with a slight tinge of anxiety, but still feeling pretty confident.

Damn it.

I lay on the bottom for a little more, not taking my eyes off the man in the polo. I forgot what he looked like to be completely honest and I really don’t think he gave a damn. That’s why I chose him. Rule # 6. I slowly started to go out slightly, thinking that I was probably in a clear place. I saw another chair right at the edge of the pool and walked over to it, stealing a towel that someone had left while I was on it. “Probably, because of this, I can have a fair amount of problems,” I thought.

worth it.

Rule # 8: Enjoy the fruits of your labor. (And take tons of photos)

Having gathered myself on that pool chair a little longer, I decided to free myself completely to enjoy the space, but mostly only at this end of the pool deck. I took pictures with my DSLR and Go Pro ( my phone was still lost or you guys would have got about 12,000 shots) and took some self-timer shots until a kind Argentine couple next to me offered to do some for me. #solotravelprobs

I swam in small circles, leaned over the edge and stared at the view of the entire harbor and downtown (and what looked like a floating soccer field), smiled a lot and giggled to myself, looked at the polo, and again stared at the view. I made friends with some of the guests and the waiter asked several times if I wanted anything. I politely declined, fearing that they would want to charge my room, but that still made me feel rather unusual.

Not sure where to start? Take a welcome tour of Singapore to get to know the city!

There’s a football field down there. Floats in the middle of the bay. How are you doing.

Happy, happy, happy girl.

How I really felt my achievement, but could not seem anywhere but under water …The day was cold, so I pressed myself against the stream of water for a while, feeling very happy with my life.

I decided it would be a sin not to stay at sunset, so I sat comfortably in another chair for a while, taking time-lapse footage of the sunset, which fell ideally just behind the skyscrapers of the city center.

Nice warm jacuzzi 🙂

Loving life


When in doubt, get the pinky out!

That’s it! For a while, I was rather afraid to get out of here, seeing you use your card in both directions.Long story short, I ended up walking towards the drone exit from the gate down some stairs and asking the old man if I could get out as my “boyfriend” (ha) took my key bag. Without hesitation, he opened it to me, and I became golden. Safe and sound. I dropped my robe next to another maid’s cart and hit the road.

“So this is how you do it,” I thought, “This is how you can get into the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands.”

Well, that’s how I did it.

I’m not sure if this could have been done if I was not alone, or without a few successful hits along with my very specific and important 8 rules 😉 But let’s not forget one more important unofficial rule:

Rule No.
9: Things you can get arrested for make better stories.

Now I’m not sure what the consequences would be if I got caught and what kind of trouble I might get into, but I know it was worth the story and the experience I got in the pool. And as long as you stick to the 8 rules, you can’t go wrong … in most cases.

Of course you can call me lucky, stupid, or brave. You can call me an idiot, or you can call me crazy. Or you can call me Kimpo-call, that works too.

I stayed at the Five Foot way hotel!

Want to swim in the pool, but not stupid enough to sneak in like me? Then perhaps you should really book a night at Marina Bay Sands.To be honest, this is what I would recommend.


This post was not meant to boast or to inspire others to do what I did. In fact, I don’t recommend anyone try it. The consequences in Singapore can be serious. This post was written to entertain my readers through my ridiculous experience, which I consider to be a damn good story. If you don’t think this is a good story, I don’t want to read your spiteful comments (all blocked for viewing) and feel free to leave my blog.In the end, IT JUST IN THE POOL I BATHED; I didn’t steal jewelry from the damned White House. Chill out 😀

That’s it, peace and love, people! Oh yeah, here are some more pictures of me in the pool.

Obvi had to be photographed in my beautiful robe.

Victory has never felt sooooo good.



Top 5 Hotel Rooftop Pools in Singapore (2020 UPDATE)

Published: January 9, 2020

High altitude and breathtaking skyline views

Singapore is one of the best countries in the world for rooftop pools. The typical Singapore hotel rooftop pool is set at high altitude and offers breathtaking skyline views.

It is very popular to search for “Singapore rooftop pool”, so we decided to compile a list of 5 of our favorite swimming spots with views of this amazing city.

As is often the case, most rooftop pools in Singapore are exclusively for hotel guests and are not open to the public.This means you have to pay the price of your hotel stay in order to use the pools, but when you see the list below, you are most likely thinking, as we do, it’s worth it!

If you’re looking for cooler, more public spaces with views in Singapore (with or without a rooftop pool), check out our complete guide to the best rooftop bars in Singapore.

Here is our list of the best rooftop pools in Singapore.

Welcome to a hidden oasis right on one of Asia’s most famous shopping streets, Orchard Road.This is where the Jen Orchardgateway “hides” a huge rooftop terrace and one of the finest rooftop infinity pools in Singapore.

Stretching almost from end to end, with an abundance of greenery, bamboo huts and stylish sun loungers, this is truly the perfect place to relax and harmony in the ever-bustling city. Since the locations are also a little outside the very central parts, the view of almost all of Singapore.

This 47 meter long Singapore rooftop pool is truly something special.For complete relaxation, you can also book a massage in one of the poolside cabins. The infinity pool is usually reserved for hotel guests only, but pool parties are occasionally held open to the public.

Address: 277 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238858

Availability: Pool only available to hotel guests

Sunrise: Best Time: 6:55 am to 7:15 am,

Sunset: Best time: 6.50-19.20

Bar: Open to the Public

Location: Level 19

Book your stay

Singapore’s modern, large and luxurious rooftop pool located on the rooftop of the fantastic and trendy 5-star Fullerton Bay Hotel. Despite the rather low height (only 8 floors), the terrace offers a very good view of the Marina Bay and the skyscrapers in the city center.

Entering the terrace feels like you are in a beach club or roof garden. A very beautiful and lush environment surrounds the terrace and rooftop pool. It’s a great feeling.

Excellent Singaporean rooftop pool, accessible only to hotel guests and not to the public. But as an outsider, you can still relax by the pool at the Lantern Rooftop Bar, which you will find more information about here.

Address: 80 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049326

Availability: Pool only available to hotel guests

Bar: Open to the public

Location: Level 8

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We have partnered with Christopher Cloos to offer affordable, inspirational sunglasses.

This is a super-luxurious Singapore rooftop pool located in The Westin Singapore in the financial district. The infinity pool offers magical views of the skyscraper rooftops and the ocean. Not as famous as the number 1 rooftop pool on this list (and not as big), but almost as good.

The atmosphere is calm and harmonious, and here it is best to relax in a sun lounger with a view in front of your eyes and a drink in hand. The rooftop pool, located on the 32nd floor, speaks for itself…

Whether you are looking for a rooftop pool in a Singapore hotel or a rooftop pool in a Singapore hotel, you are sure to find this fantastic rooftop pool. Exclusive to guests staying at The Westin, therefore not available to the public.

Address: 12 Marina View, Tower 2 Asia Square, Singapore 018961

Availability: Hotel guests only

Hours of Operation: Daily 6:00 to 22:00

Location: Level 35

Useful information: Children under 12 years of age must be under adult supervision at all times.

Book your stay

Luxurious and intimate rooftop infinity pool in Singapore, located on the rooftop of the fashionable boutique Naumi Hotel. Not the largest in the area, but still a beautiful rooftop pool in Singapore not to be missed.

Location in the Bugis area, with many trendy bars and restaurants nearby and slightly outside the city center, creating a stunning skyline view with all the skyscrapers in the background.

This is a boutique hotel not very well known among tourists. This is the perfect Singaporean infinity pool to relax in a harmonious atmosphere. Since the pool is closed to the public, this means an added exclusivity for hotel guests.

Address: 41 Seah St, Singapore 188396

Availability: Hotel guests only

Hours of Operation: Daily 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Bar Hours: Bar Open Sunday Thu from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Fri and Sat from 5:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Book your stay

One of the coolest and most famous infinity pools in the world and by far the most famous rooftop pool in Singapore . ..A large and luxurious pool sprawling across three buildings at Marina Bay Sands, with stunning skyline views.

Here you can take some really cool pool edge photos, definitely Instagram worthy. It is the tallest infinity pool in the world and the finest rooftop pool in Singapore. If the pool seems to be getting crowded, relax in one of the rooftop jacuzzis at the other end of the terrace and admire the gardens by the bay and the hundreds of freighters in the ocean.

You must be a guest of the hotel to use the pool, but there are also several bars and restaurants. Thus, although the pool is closed to the public, many other rooftop areas are open.

More information on the rooftop bar of Marina Bay Sands CÈ LA VI can be found here.

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore

Availability: Hotel guests only

Hours of Operation: Daily 6:00 am to 11:00 pm

Towels included: Yes

Location: Level 57

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The journey started here

Our minibus gave a start. Something hit him hard. But the speed was too fast to stop. We continued to rush. We were constantly thrown up, I pressed firmly against the handrail. Everyone was noticeably nervous, another blow, and we fell out of the way, there is a roof in front of us. The car finally loses control and we take off from a height of nine floors.Adrenaline in my blood, at this moment I feel a free fall. During the fall, the front of the car tilted so that the inevitable approach of asphalt could be seen. Everything in the body froze. But literally at the last moment, one of the transformers intercepted us and threw us further … “You have coped with the task!” It was just virtual reality, very effective and realistic.

Now everything is in real life. Before us, the last defenders of the water base are fighting the attacking bandits. There is a firefight, a man, caught fire from napalm, flies from a height into the water.The base is attacked with machine guns and rocket launchers. One of the heroes falls off a cliff and hangs on one hand. The pirate kicks him so that he finally breaks loose. Attackers on scooters break through to the base, breaking through obstacles, one of the men clings to the scooter with a rope and tries to repel the attack on water skis, but breaks against the wall. A military plane is flying to help, they are preparing a rocket launcher to shoot down the plane! Real explosions from rockets and grenades are everywhere.

When the show was over, everyone gave a standing ovation.It was a real stunt show.

Oh yes, Singapore knows how to impress! But back to the beginning of this segment of our trip. The hour-long flight lasted twice. At first we were not allowed to take off, and then land) Fortunately, we had to circle over the cool islands of Indonesia, at a low altitude. The plane repeated three identical circles, each time flying through a rain cloud. When we noticed how the same landscapes were repeated behind the porthole, we even began to chat on the same topics in a circle three times.Singapore differed from the rest of Asia in the sheer scale of its chic. This city vaguely resembles Dubai, but is very different in an advantageous way. First, everything is green and there is no desert at all. Secondly, the transport system is more transparent. This is a very unique combination of one of the most advanced megacities in the world and at the same time, parks, trees and other vegetation are constantly on the way. We liked Singapore right from the airport. The entire airport is covered with a thick solid carpet. There are vases of sweets at the border control.It was so touching. Further on, a kinetic rain awaited us.

These are large metal droplets that move synchronously, quickly, but very gracefully in the vertical plane, depicting waves and similar figures. Everything seems to be quite simple, but the eyes are drawn to him like a magnet. The issue of cash and transport passes was resolved in the nearest stall. The guy explained everything and sold us the passes. Somehow everything went smoothly from the very beginning. But the unmanned metro quickly brought us back to reality.The heart of the machine is cold. While boarding the train, Dasha and I were separated by glass carriage doors. From my side, even the choral sound rang out “Ooooo”. The tourists sitting in the subway divided into my position. From Dasha’s side, the guy from Benladesh was very upset that we did not get on the same train. Since the doors did not let in sound, we had about five seconds to make gestures among ourselves about our future plans. As we agreed, I got off at the next stop and waited for the train with Dasha. The train doors open along with the platform doors.That is, if I stand in the same place where I left, then Dasha in the next train will be exactly in the same place. Everything seemed to be clear until the train arrived without Dasha. Having entered the train, the carriages of which have no partitions, I understood the depth of the problem. Either Dasha is in another place on the train, or she is not here. And what to do in this case, or jump out back, or go and look for the cars. I had about 2 seconds to think before the doors were closed. I jumped back out. The train full of people left.I stood at a loss. All means of communication were in Dasha’s backpack, including the address of the hotel. It was about five minutes before the next train and it was necessary to collect thoughts of what to do next. The next train arrives. Dasha stands clearly on my door. At the same time, she boarded the next train. Now there is still an unresolved issue. Whence a full train of people came from between two neighboring stations. In fact, now I already understand, it was just a ghost train. And I was very lucky that I jumped out of it.

On the way to the hotel, we encountered quite ordinary streets. You can’t say that this is one of the most advanced cities. Although, in fact, every centimeter cannot be brought to futurism. At the beginning of the story, I mentioned that the authorities are intensely fighting prostitution. The struggle is so intense that every 20 meters someone sells a batch of Viagra, prostitutes are constantly catching their earnings, and a brothel was located opposite our hotel. Women with numbers languidly waited for their stallions. I thought that Viagra can only be photographed clandestinely, but the surprised seller even allowed a photo to be taken with a flash.They decided to shoot the prostitutes on the video without a flash. But alas, when the camera was ready, the women were “on assignment.” But perhaps we were just so lucky with the street of the hotel, we have not seen this on other streets. But all the same we were amused by this whole fact. The most important moment was waiting for us, it was necessary to have dinner. From the stories of bloggers, I heard how expensive everything is here. Especially as one guy said in an interview that coffee costs $ 4. We found ourselves a more comfortable street, open-air restaurant. The cook showed with a finger that we want two servings of different noodles with some marvelous-looking meat and adjika.The cook cut our meat into pieces with scissors, put our portions on paper, paper on a tray and said a rather mysterious number. Dasha concluded that this clearly meant S $ 40 ($ 28). I hoped for luck and gave him 4 SGD ($ 2.8).

The cook happily thanked us and directed us to sit down. We sat in shock that in a rather touristy area of ​​Singapore, we eat very tasty large portions for 2.8 US dollars. Something, but eating here is definitely not expensive.The most important thing is to find these very open cafes. Adjika Singapore is very similar to the one that our grandmothers do. Later, we also ordered for 0.8 SGD (0.6 $) a spiced tea with milk, similar to what we constantly drank in Malaysia. A local resident shared the meal with us, who was interested in talking with tourists about how business is flourishing abroad. One of the most interesting things to do abroad is going to supermarkets. You can always buy a delicious curiosity there. Immediately, the trip was remembered by the meeting of the guys who spoke a very understandable language among themselves.Moreover, we could not understand what exactly this Slavic language was. The guys were from Lviv))) I really wanted to see the city center as soon as possible, but it was already around 22:00. Someone suggested to us that the metro runs here until one o’clock in the morning. Having learned that we had about three more hours, we hurried to the unmanned train for walking. Vzhuh!

And we are at one of the central stations. Everything was really pompous and unusual. Some expensive sports cars drove in front of us.The skyscrapers inside were full of greenery, fountains, bridges, passages and lights. As if each skyscraper was trying to surpass the neighboring one in scope. Walking around the city was really impressive. And the real emotions began when our new tablet sat down, and the old power bank did not fit. The main thing is that we remember the nearest metro station to the hotel. Yes, and at the hotel were once when things were thrown. Wandering aimlessly, we got to the bridge in the form of DNA.

Stunning views of the business center itself opened from the bridge.But the most beautiful thing in Singapore is the views of the artificial trees in one of the gardens. We already see them, they are far away, but the very fact, we saw them with our own eyes. It’s a pity not to add them to today’s night route. After admiring the views of the skyscrapers, we took the metro to the hotel. The Singapore subway is not very complicated and confusing, but getting on the wrong side or on the wrong line was an integral part of our trips. Finding the hotel a second time was not easy without GPS. But the benefit of prostitutes does not change their location. And you can get to prostitutes as a reference point.Another monster lived in the sewer near our metro and pointed it threateningly from the depths.

Every evening, on our way home, we bought a drink made from some strange fruit at the local market. Once I even came across juice from dirty socks. In any case, the taste was similar. The introductory part with the country is over, tomorrow you can go to the outback. At two o’clock in the morning, impressed by the metropolis, we went to bed.


Early in the morning I watched my sausage cut into pieces with scissors and graciously hand out my dish.Yes, this restaurant is without scissors as without hands! While we ate, the cook defrosted the meat, simply pouring water from a hose that glass and streamed further along the ground. Another great Singaporean meal.

Now you need a hotel with Wi-Fi to call a taxi. While Dasha was calling a taxi, I decided to ask where their toilet was. The answer really puzzled me “What kind of business do you want to do?”. At first I got into a stupor, then I suggested that this could be an analogue of the question “Big or small”. But even in this formulation, you need to know the correct answers. I clarified whether we are really talking about a toilet. The receptionist nodded in the affirmative and named the answer options “Small business or big business”. They just had different lobby toilets for different occasions. At this time, our uber arrived and we went out of town. Dense forests grew along the tracks. This is probably the greenest metropolis in the world. One of the world’s best zoos received us very warmly.

Rather, there were two zoos.One is aquatic, the other is classic. Both had to be visited before closing. But for this you have to skip some shows. Of course, we are used to visiting everything and everywhere and not missing anything, but we could not devote more than two days to traveling to the future. But, fortunately, the elephant show, which we have seen 6 times already, could be safely skipped in favor of the second zoo. Behind the entrance to the zoo monkeys were happily frolicking, birds were flying, and under the bridge lay a hefty crocodile and waited for someone to fall.

All 2530 animals were waiting for us.The zoo is really non-standard. It was built on the site of the jungle, while preserving the vegetation. I was most impressed by the first zone. From behind the bushes there were growls of different intonations, behind the bushes … real dinosaurs!

They were practically alive, mobile and growling menacingly. Or whatever is the name of the sound that dinosaurs make. Just a year ago, we saw live mermaids in the Canaries, and here are dinosaurs!

Electric locomotives ply through the territory in a chain.It was possible to get hooked at the nearest stop and go to the following zones. Although the size of the zoo made it possible to get around everything on foot, even riding on such a train was a separate entertainment.

It was like a jungle safari. The drivers happily gave advice on what activities, at what time it is better to be in time.

One of the entertainment was feeding the animals. At the indicated time, the animals were fed every five minutes in different enclosures. That is, you just need to follow a certain route in order to observe all this.Filtered drinking water throughout the hot zoo was free, but you had to buy a one-time bottle. Or come with your own.

We now have a bottle in memory of Singapore. The day was so hot that if the water was paid, I would have to open a bank loan. Meanwhile, everyone started to move towards the arena for the snake show. During the show, the host asked the question “Who is afraid of snakes?” All the attendees were very brave and brave. Dasha was honest.The presenter indicated with a gesture to Dasha who raised her hand and beckoned with a gesture to the stage. At such moments, the main thing is to keep the camera ready. A tourist sitting next to me praised my camera. Apparently, she was also looking for a compact pseudo-mirror. Dasha stood facing the audience, the presenter took out a small snake and gave it to Dasha. The whole hall was silent, alarmed and surprised exclamations swept through the rows. Something was definitely going on that Dasha did not know. It was clear to Dasha that the audience was unlikely to be so worried about some half-meter snake.In fact, behind Dasha’s back, four men carried out a huge fat snake. Dasha was also given a part of the snake. After such snake therapy, Dasha is no longer afraid of snakes.

There was also a memorable aviary with birds and bats. The mouse chewed on the watermelon so appetizing that we ourselves got hungry and went to dinner. In fact, you can safely spend the whole day in the zoo. The number of zones with animals is still infinite)

The second zoo was nearby. It was located on a lake and was dedicated to aquatic animals and activities.First, we sailed on a boat. The zones of the first zoo were located in such a way that when you sail on a boat, you get the impression that animals are walking in the wild. If you do not know about the presence of the first zoo, you will remain amazed at the density of animals in the wild jungle. The water zoo differed from the first in a more measured and calm atmosphere. There was no need to rush here already. After a 20-minute walk on the lake, a mini-show with different birds and reptiles awaited us. The show was about ten people.The bottom line was that they took out different animals and allowed them to be touched, stroked, or even seated them at all.

One proud bird even left marks on my hand. At the end, they brought out something completely healthy, fluffy, loving and lazy.

After the show we went to the area with monkeys. In general, it is worth noting that monkeys are everywhere on this trip, both on the streets and in zoos. Sometimes I myself wanted to be a monkey and not bother with all sorts of garbage like robots.Oddly enough, but even meeting monkeys for the hundredth time, you begin to be enchanted to watch them. They are all so different and cute. The next area was a large oceanarium. At the entrance above a transparent tunnel in the water, otters were waiting for us, frolicking like children.

Consider that the unscheduled otter show has been watched. The three of them really played with enthusiasm. In the aquarium itself, giants of manatees were waiting for us. It was still an hour before the feeding time. During this time, one could just go to the forest to the pandas.These were the first pandas we saw in life.

I will say one thing, they are just as gorgeous as in the pictures. Nearby in the cafe, Pao’s steam cakes were served in the form of pandas.

When it was time to move the monkeys and manatees to feed, it started to rain. Before it turned into a whole natural disaster, we barely had time to slip under the shed. When there was no rain, we did not even notice that there was always a cover above the main paths of the park in case of rain or sun.Lilo so that the energy of the elements was felt in the air. It was real natural power. Through the wall of rain, it was not visible what was tens of meters away. Feeding monkeys due to the rain was canceled. Apparently monkeys do not eat in the rain. It’s good that the manatees were already in the water. A man with cabbage came down to feed them.

Apparently he was very brave, or the manatees were just vegetarians. Why eat cabbage if such a delicious Asian has entered the water?But oddly enough, these giants limited themselves to vegetable snacks. The rains here are massive, but short-lived. After the feedings, the weather was already dry. The zoos were closed and all the tourists took the bus. The peacock has also finished her shift. He made his way through the zones and walked proudly across the road to the bus. The peacock did not fit in our bus. The main thing is as to the zoo, Google showed that three buses were needed. And back it turns out to be possible on one. But on the other hand, it’s good that we saved time in the morning. We got off the bus, obviously in an expensive area.But even here it took us less than five minutes to find a cafe in which we ate at a very affordable price. A bit more expensive than breakfast, but not expensive at all. To be honest, the second week it was difficult to eat Asian food. Although it is really tasty, you can still feel the long-term habit of Ukrainian food. Then we headed for the central station, where at 20:00 hours there should be a show of singing fountains. While we were on the subway, it was the girl who googled the schedule for us. But there was one problem.A short shower came back to watch this show too. Lilo is epic again. There is a large mall near the observation deck. You can just hang out there, waiting for the rain. As far as this city was not modern, only buckets saved from leaking roofs. High tech! We still had time before the fountain show and we walked up the escalators in the hope of finding something interesting. But apart from endless carpets and empty business halls, there was nothing on the upper floors. The first show was canceled due to rain. It was hoped that there would be a show at 21:30.We had another hour and a half.

Gardens by the Bay

Meanwhile, the downpour turned into drizzling rain. I had an original idea to walk to a park with Singapore futuristic trees. The route was through open country, over bridges and terraces through skyscrapers. Dasha did not strongly support this idea, but nevertheless we went. Although the route was actually over rooftops, palm trees grew everywhere. Singapore is a country of strict laws, from time to time you wonder if we are breaking any law.As soon as we got to the park with trees, all the trees went out sharply. Dasha and I automatically raised our hands, preparing to surrender to the Singapore authorities for such a late invasion of this beautiful park. Somewhere from the treetops came a voice in English “We have prepared this evening show for you, enjoy!”.

And then the romance in the air exceeded all limits. Music began to play throughout the park, and the trees synchronously changed their lights to the beat. The melodies were of different rhythms, some calm romantic, others fast and energetic.It felt like everything was not for real. Everything was somehow perfectly beautiful and comfortable, like a pleasant dream. The show lasted 20 minutes.

Against the backdrop of the park stood the famous Singapore hotel with an endless swimming pool on the roof. Dasha suggested that if a person in this place is to prove that he is on another planet, then it is very easy to believe in it. The show ended and it started raining.

We have to run to the mall again. Surprisingly, the show fit neatly between the two showers.Having reached the breakwater, we found that the camera cover had been lost. I returned once more to the park in search of the cap. Since the lid was in the bag, the search was doomed to failure. The time for the second attempt at the fountain show was approaching.

The downpour subsided as ordered and the show began. An amazing fact, but the technique of the fountains is not much better than the Vinnitsa ones. But the show was staged much better than ours. The atmosphere was great. When it started to rain again, only true connoisseurs of art remained.For today, our program has been completed. We got to the hotel without much incident.

We had another full day. It was necessary to approach planning wisely. There is Sentosa entertainment island in Singapore. It was clear that the second day should be devoted to Sentosa. But even there it is necessary to decide. Part of the island is occupied by the Universal Park. The rest are various establishments and attractions. Our choice fell on Universal.

Universal Park

The most important thing was not to get into the long queues.According to reviews on the Internet, you can stand in queues for more than an hour for one attraction. You can buy a priority ticket and be the first everywhere. But then you can get into the equally long lines of those who bought a priority ticket. On the other hand, I didn’t want to waste a priceless day in Singapore on a bunch of queues. But I didn’t want to miss one of the world’s four parks. We did the following. We came to see the size of the entrance queue. The size simply horrified us. The ticket price was biting too.The priority ticket cost an order of magnitude more and could change its price depending on the congestion of the park. Today the priority ticket price was regular (+ $ 20 to the cost of the admission ticket). I decided to take a chance, but with priority tickets. We made the right decision. The maximum time in line we had 5 minutes

One of the attractions was only on the principle of a general queue. Having lost 40 minutes there, we realized how good it is that we have priority passes. An additional bonus was the promotion from the mastercard for those who buy double tickets with a priority pass.We got a 10% discount plus $ 4 coupons for food + small gifts. As a result, the trip to Universal cost us $ 180 for two. The park consists of different zones – Transformers, Egypt, Jurassic Park, Shrek Kingdom “Far far away”, Madagascar, Hollywood, New York.

Shows are held in all zones according to the schedule, themed attractions and restaurants in style are built. Transformers and the water show I described at the beginning of this story. Of the zones in terms of atmosphere, I liked the kingdom of Shrek most of all.

There were the most themed pieces on the territory. The entourage was so real, as if you really got into a real kingdom. In fact, transformers and a water show are already what it is worth going to this park for. But there were also very memorable Spielberg Special Effects zones and a zone with many lights, which fell into the Guinness Book of Records.

We were in a film studio with Spielberg Effects. The director’s voice was telling which special effects should be applied.Initially, it was a river with the city in the background. As the special effects grew, a storm began, which grew into a real element. Doors fell off their hinges, buildings collapsed. The end of the world was happening on the landing in front of us. So realistic that even the place where we stood came under the distribution. At some point, the director’s voice said: “Cut, return everything to its original position!” Everything that collapsed began to fall back into place, breakdowns and breakdowns were restored by themselves.

The pavilion with thousands of light bulbs was very cozy.There was a feeling that you find yourself in a child’s dreamland. Walking along the decorative luminous streets, you enjoy classical music.

Even with our priority tickets, we managed to attend the last scheduled show just before closing.

It is impossible to visit all the attractions and shows of the park even once a day.

The transformer ride impressed me so much that I skipped one of the shows in the kingdom of Shrek in favor of another visit to the transformers.And I was so impressed the first time that I could not part with the 3d glasses, forgetting that they were in my hands.

Water show. This show in our rating took the second place after “House of dancing water” in Macau.

I will not spoil the rest of the zones. But I can say with confidence that everyone will find for themselves in Universal something that is guaranteed to impress him. We dined at a Chinese restaurant, which combined all the chic and pathos of expensive restaurants.Everything seems to be simple, but at the same time, at the time of the meal, you are clearly not in Singapore, but far, far away in China.

We recommend Universal to visit all tourists. Of course, I would like to say that the park charged us with a positive, but in fact, in pursuit of everything, we ran so much in a day that after the park we barely had enough strength to get to McDonald’s. Eat non-Asian food with bliss. Since the second week of the trip is over and I had to take breaks from Asian cuisine at times.After McDuck, we crawled to the crane show.

We had another hour before the show, the whole hour we sat on a bench resting after the amusement park. The giant mechanical crane show is probably the heart of the country. Cranes, probably, make their way straight to the heart.

This is a romantic show about the love of birds. The show is completely free. During this time we had a rest and were ready to conquer new heights. We wanted to get to the park again for the tree show. But they faced an unsolvable task in the metro.The circular branch did not connect at all in one place. The station with the park was on our branch, but in order to quickly get to it, it was easier to change the other two branches. The change of branches did not work out the first time and obviously more branches were involved than necessary. We got so confused in their subway that it seemed as impossible to get to the goal as to finish the polytechnic when I entered the first year. We did not get to the show, but nevertheless the trees were still beautiful. There was no shower now, no rush.You could enjoy the park to the fullest.

And I have a suspicion that this park looks so cool in the evening. Due to the backlight. If we move to live in Singapore, we will spend every evening in this park. In general, I associate Singapore with this place now. There was also a large artificial whirlpool-fountain near the mall. The water flowed down to the underground floor, where it flowed into an artificial river, along which gondoliers with tourists swam. When we once again came to admire the whirlpool, all the tourists began to point their fingers to the center.A guy ran up to us and tried to explain that we should do this too. At first I thought that I should jump there. But the guy, scared that I was about to jump (although I was not going to), quickly began to explain that he only needed our fingers in the center. When we finally realized what we were asking for and pointed to the center of the whirlpool, another guy took a photo and a whole bunch of guys got on their bicycles and drove on. It looks like their quest had a task to make everyone point to the center of the top. Well, the time has come to say goodbye to the evening city.There will be a return plane tomorrow morning. Here we did what we did last time 4 years ago in Istanbul. We threw coins into the water to return.

There are many countries and it is irrational to return to each when the whole world is in the plans. But Singapore really conquered us so much in two days that we will definitely return there. For the first time Dasha said that this is the country in which she would like to live. On this trip, I first said the same thing during a trip about Malaysia.

In the morning we had a couple of hours to walk in our own neighborhood, then we left this cool and endlessly interesting city. It is a pity that we had only two days, at least three, and preferably four. Singapore, we will be back. Perhaps not soon, but wait for us!

And again to Langkawi

It was still the first half of the day. Our plane again landed over the green island clusters. I would review this landing over and over again. The beauty behind the portholes.The sunny island received us for the third time. The officer looked puzzled at the number of Malaysian stamps over the past two weeks. He then reached for the stamp, then turned the pages again, checking that everything was correct. We ourselves had a doubt whether it was possible to wander back and forth so often. Finally, the guy pushed us into the third entry into the country. The taxi driver happily clarified the first day, whether we were in Langkawi, but we were already here as our own. We quickly checked into the hotel and had lunch at an Indian restaurant. Nostalgia struck for India.Without wasting time, we again went to the same Seven Wells waterfall. We planned to visit another, but the taxi drivers warned that the second one is not full now. We had the hope that the taxi driver would take us to the very top, but alas. Again it was necessary to overcome the mountain on foot. We were even encouraged by the oncoming tourists, someone simply said that it was not far away, someone called the remaining distance in meters.

The resting woman, seeing me, happily announced that there were still four minutes.It was hot, but I knew that cool baths awaited us and we could squeeze out as much as possible from ourselves. And in general, this is the penultimate day of the trip, which is already saving energy. An interesting fact, on the way, we discovered the intermediate level of the waterfall, where most of the tourists were hanging out. But it was much simpler there. But you could see the entire height of the waterfall. We got to the top. Climbing into my favorite natural bath above the cliff, I looked into the distance and thought. I thought that this was the first country in which I would like to live.Dasha, having bathed, basked in the sun. I rarely freeze in the water, I wanted to sit in this river for eternity. And just look into the distance. I knew that in Kiev now I might have to look for a new job, it would be necessary to solve a bunch of issues. And here everything is so serene. If you plunge into the water with your head, then in general, as if all thoughts disappeared. These waters were like magic. The yellow sun illuminated the green forests. Sounds of exotic birds and insects intertwined around. A herd of monkeys came running in search of something to steal from tourists.I even half-jokingly offered to hand over the return tickets and buy tickets so that the parents would bring the child here from Kiev to us. Although the time in the waterfall seemed to have stopped, the sun began to disappear behind the jungle groves again. Almost all the tourists had already left, and we all sat and enjoyed this summer day in the middle of winter. Having reached the taxi stop, we drove to the central tourist area of ​​the island. On the way, we passed such a beautiful sunset that we asked the driver to stop and wait for us for about 10 minutes.The driver happily went to chat with the drivers of other taxis who stopped, and we enjoyed the last sunset in Langkawi.

For a stop, the driver did not even demand an additional payment from us. Probably, this is a common thing here when sunsets. Then there was a walk along the night embankment.

On the last day our flights started at 17:00. This was enough to fully visit the last planned place – Tanjung Rhu Beach.

The one on which a week and a half ago our weather did not work out.It took about 40 minutes by taxi. Today the weather was perfect for the beach. And the beach itself in the sunlight turned out to be very beautiful with beautiful water. True, the current was constantly drifting here. We got used to the local atmosphere so much that we calmly left our bag with a camera and a tablet on the shore among the locals and went for a walk along the long coastline. I even stepped on a sharp shell at the end) Later, tourists were brought to the beach from one of the excursions. The guys from Ukraine were very surprised that we made it to the beach on our own.To come back again, I had to leave a coin. But in order to come back for sure, I left my “golden” card on the island. It’s time to go back and say goodbye to the country. This was followed by a chain of three flights, which took 21.5 hours on the way. A nice addition to the trip was the New Year’s concert at the airport. I didn’t even know that there are concerts at the airports themselves. Against the background of the dancers, a video of the colorful places of Malaysia was playing in a circle. It was nice to know that we have visited many places during this trip.During the second, longest flight, we flew in the direction of the night and it was night outside the window for 11 hours in a row. During the transfer in Istanbul, we were waiting for traditional tastings of Turkish delight.


This 16 day trip was easy to get around. She was also the most exotic, most magical and romantic. I was very impressed with the openness and honesty of the Malays. They are always positive, but at the same time they do not show joy as actively as residents of neighboring countries.But during communication, you feel how positive people are. In this country, everything is always planned in the best possible way, and wishes just come true within an hour. This trip seemed to include the best moments from our other Asian travels. Everything for which we fell in love with Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives and Hong Kong was also here. It was the main trip of the fifth season of travel and it took first place in our overall ranking. Whenever we will definitely return to Malaysia and visit the other half of the country.This was our best trip!

Route details and costs

Open your eyes wider and throw away the guidebooks. A text that makes you want to go to Singapore

“This is a lion city that will swallow you and tame you. My personal terra nova, the romance with which will never end “, – Ekaterina Tikhankova gives out all the fishing spots of Singapore, secret codes and her own life hacks (including the bar employee password that allows you to go to the 62nd floor of the hotel (the same one with a swimming pool on the roof) …Before the trip, this text must be re-read at least twice – and it is best to always have it at hand and use it as a guide.

Singaporean mentality

The paradox of the city: on the streets you can meet people of any nationality, except Singaporeans. Well, there are Singaporeans too, but the number of Chinese, Indians and Malays is much higher. In addition, the Chinese, who are here in abundance, are very intrusive and curious people: they will constantly ask you to take a picture with them, which at first will be very pleasing to vanity, but then turn into a natural disaster.They will also overwhelm you with a bunch of questions, the main of which will be: “Russia? Rush? ” Throwing this many times repeated words in your face will be considered his duty by almost every Chinese. Indians are not so shameless. They are tan, wrapped in colorful fabrics, sparkling ornaments, and generally quite nice guys. The Malays are constantly smiling. People from all over the world are exploring Singapore and you with interest.

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Nobody runs anywhere, life seems unhurried and simple.The system of numerous and high fines ensures absolute order and safety. Singapore provides all the conditions for a healthy lifestyle: a one-time ticket to the pool with unlimited number of hours costs $ 1-1.5 SGD ($ 1 SGD = $ 0.70 USD), prices for a pack of cigarettes start at $ 12, and a bottle of wine will cost an average of $ 20 … And the only thing that can undermine your health is the ubiquitous air conditioners that spin the blades in the subway, in the temple, and, probably, even in Singapore hell.


Food: How not to waste all your money on chili crab

Sing is a city that loves money, so going to local cafes and restaurants will make your wallet lose a lot of weight.But this place is full of my adored food courts! These are real gastro-oasis, where you can experience the whole palette of Asian cuisine. These are autonomous cities within the city, they are tasty and cheap (from $ 2.5 SGD), portions are usually large, and the choice is huge. It’s useless to look for McDonald’s and other international fast food on Singaporean food courts, here you need to take incredible chicken rice, rice noodle, fresh juice and other Far Eastern joys. Anyone who has set foot on Singapore land is obliged to try its main gastroporn symbol: chili crab or blackpepper crab with bans buns.It is unrealistically tasty and spicy, and you can feel like Merlion, throwing splashes of sauce in all directions (below I will tell you what kind of animal it is).



True, the chili crab will not be waiting for you at every food court, sometimes finding it for reasonable money will be a quest. Be sure to try laxa – a soup with coconut milk and kaya-toast (kaya is a substance made from coconut and butter, a little strange for my taste, but where else will there be a chance to taste it?).As in any corner of Asia, here you can buy durian, beautiful and terrible, steeped in legends. Well, the local must drink is the Singapore Sling alcohol cocktail, which, although it is the hallmark of the city, is somehow difficult to find in it. True, I won’t call him divinely beautiful, but I can’t lie to my friends when they ask the sacramental: “Did you drink or did not drink?”

Cultural program: gardens with supertrees and the same rooftop pool

Singapore is a place where time is always short.It is multifaceted, like a faceted glass, and is always half or completely full. I recommend starting your acquaintance with the city from the famous Gardens by the Bay. This is a park of 18 giant steel trees, entwined with living vegetation, accumulating rainwater and recycling solar energy.


Entrance to the park is free, every evening at 20:00 you can enjoy an unforgettable show of “dancing” trees. A walk through themed gardens gives peace of mind: Indian, Chinese, Malay, Colonial, Heritage.You really are going to lose a lot if you don’t look into the last one and find the Singaporean Infant. This is a huge seven-ton sculpture of a child, miraculously hovering in the air, among the greenery, against the backdrop of skyscrapers.


From such a sight, goose bumps on your body will dance rumba.
From gardens with supertrees, you can take an escalator straight up to the architectural marvel of Marina Bay Sands. The fame of its endless pool, located on the 57th floor, thunders all over the world, swimming there is a divine pleasure, but available only to hotel guests (the cheapest room for the coming dates is $ 360 for two).


However, add the leisurely promenade along the upper terrace to your to-do list, which leads past the Lotus Museum and into the hotel shopping center. I advise you to refuse the pleasure of admiring the city spread out at your feet from the hotel gondola roof: the spectacle is not cheap, and I will also provide you with an excellent free (with a bit of luck) alternative. The inside of the hotel is also full of various wonders. You can walk there in search of the millionaire (s) of your dreams, take a walk in the famous shops or have free tea, coffee, juices in the casino.After enjoying the coolness of the hotel, move onto the street along the bridge in the form of a DNA molecule, stretching between the famous Singapore Flyer and the football field overhanging the water.


Near the Esplanade Theater, which resembles a durian fruit, taste the most delicious CoNutink coconut ice cream in town. You will cross the last obstacle – the Jubilee Bridge – and here you are already standing next to the owner of the city of Merlion. This mythical creature is a hybrid of “singa”, which translates from Malay as lion and fish.Merlion stands directly opposite Marina and insolently spits at her with a stream of water, the only one in town free from her spell.


Do not forget about the temples of Singapore: “A miracle can wait around any turn”

Ethnic districts of the city must be visited: Chinatown with the Temple of the Sacred Tooth of Buddha and a Hindu temple with statues of cows. There is also Little India with three beautiful temples and one terrible one. And also the Arab quarter with a white and green mosque, spicy smells and music in the style of the TV series “Clone”.In general, the temples of Singapore are arranged according to the principle of complete fusion (to marry the incompatible – why not): here you will find angels, mermaids, zodiac signs, pentagrams, live fish in a well, air conditioners, elevators, TVs, beer and shrimps.


I swear I saw it all personally. What a sin to conceal, and I drank beer with the community in the temple, and in the ritual of farewell to the god of war I lit up. But such a chain of events led to this that, forgive me, but you are so unlikely to be so lucky. But don’t worry, take a walk along Orchard Road, where many shops and bars with consumption are concentrated.Snacking on street food near the ION Center is a ritual no worse than breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Make a wish at the Fountain of Wealth, included for its size in the Guinness Book of Records. But the wealth in this universe is not easy to get: in the evening, when the fountain is decorated with lighting, you will have to fight with giant jets of water to get to the heart of the structure.


At 8:00 pm or 9:30 pm, become a grain of sand in the crowd thirsty for spectacle: sit right on the steps in front of the Marina Bay shopping center to disconnect from reality for 15 minutes with a laser show over the water surface.


Get to know the wildlife at the Mandai Open Zoo, where you can share a meal with an orangutan for a fee. Or just open your eyes wider, throw all the guidebooks to hell, and let your intuition guide you: the temples are scattered here like mushrooms after rain, the sculptures dazzle in the eyes, and a miracle can wait at any turn.

Next – to the beach: Sentosa Island as a Singapore Bounty

And now it’s time to tell you a little secret: Merline is not alone in these places: the first, as already mentioned, stands opposite the Marina, the second is located on Sentosa Island.This variegated green corner is something like a huge summer cottage, where not only tourists but also locals come to forget about the technical delights and enjoy the natural ones. You can get here by an embankment bridge, on a monorail, or – the most luxurious option – by a cable car with transparent cabins (the cost of an adult ticket is $ 26, a child ticket is $ 15).
Finally, you find yourself at the sea.


However, let your imagination be in no hurry to draw pictures of a secluded paradise with crystal water: in fact, you will have to share the sea with the ships in the roadstead.The purity of the water, of course, raises a question, but the local views are certainly beautiful. Disembarking from the free Sentosa Express, you will find yourself at a real crossroads in front of the beach signs. There are three of them, and they are completely different!

Tanien Beach, located in the most secluded part of the coast, is calm and romantic, it is the ideal place for a couple in love. On Palawan Beach, which occupies the central part of the coastal strip, there is a steep rope bridge, from which I twice tried to fall. Photos on the bridge are simply gorgeous, like a poster for “The Lost World”.The bridge leads to a small island, which is the closest point to the equator in Asia. On the same island, you will find a super photogenic horizontal palm tree – the star of Instagram.


Well, the Siloso beach is suitable for all fans of beach volleyball, parties and parties. This is where you, having drunk for courage, can conquer the Flying Trapeze attraction or go even further and burrow into the MegaZip amusement park, where you can experience the state of free flight, rappel, bungee jumping and generally check your vestibular apparatus.


For those who love amusement parks

In addition to beaches, Sentosa Island lures tourists with the world-famous Universal Studios amusement park, which turns all adults into laughing children. Roller coaster, Mummy Dungeon, Transformers Battle, Shrek Castle, Jurassic Park, absolutely amazing Waterworld show where actors will perform stunts beyond good and evil – it definitely costs $ 74 SGD (ticket price for children under 12 years old – $ 56, for people over 60 – $ 36).


Another day you can visit the crazy Adventure Cove Waterpark (ticket price – $ 38), but if you have enough adrenaline in Universal, the world’s largest S.E.A. Aquarium (fun for an amateur, I was not very happy for my $ 38). If you do not mind the money, you can look into Dolphin Island for an interactive with dolphins (prices range from $ 60 to $ 400). If you are interested in several items from this list at once, tickets will be cheaper.


In addition, here you will find the Museum of Optical Illusions, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, unusual shops and various cafes, you can climb the Merlion tower and look at the city from a height of 37 meters: in the open mouth and on the head of a giant observation platforms were created (ticket – $ 12).

With the onset of darkness, move towards the embankment, where at 21.00 on the platform in the middle of the water, two huge taps will turn into dancing birds to a tantalizing melody, it is this spectacle that really touches, causes tears and is then remembered with trepidation.Show in front of Marina Bay and next to it did not stand, as for me. If you suddenly got a taste and are not averse to watching another show (albeit for $ 18), the Wings of Time show is shown on Siloso Beach at 19:40 and 20:40. But all the same, my one love is dancing taps: thinner and more tremulous.


Singapore Nightlife

The first thing you need to know is that you were either lucky to be born a girl or not – every Wednesday the city’s best establishments open their doors for girls and give them discounts on drinks and food.

And second, the heart of Singapore nightlife is the insane Clarke Quay. Numerous clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants and inexpensive eateries are scattered here, tourists from all over the world wander here, missing their native cuisine. Here you can get drunk with new friends, meet the man or woman of your dreams, or lose your documents. You can get shot into the sky at the G-Max Reverse Bungy, or you can get a free ride on the party bus. Anything can happen here.The most tear-off club on the waterfront is the three-story Attica, where girls are sometimes served free cocktails. Nice and always full of party people Zouk with its unreal space interior. Another great hangout spot in the city is the Bang Bang Club at the Pan Pacific Hotel at 7 Raffles Boulevard. Great music here and foreigners from all over the world.


Well, while in Singapore, be sure to check out one of the roof top bars. The most famous of these is CE LA VI, located inside Marina Bay.The place is not that very funny, and not cheap, but the panorama from it is amazing, there is a paid observation deck and the notorious infinity pool nearby.


If you ask the security guard, you can take a couple of pictures by the pool to the envy of all your friends. Admission is free for hotel guests, girls are freely admitted on Wednesdays, but hotel cards are not always checked, so your main task is to get hold of a guest card to make the elevator move.And with a certain amount of luck, you will sneak into this holiday of life for free.

And to make the enemies burst with envy, visit 1 Altitude – this is already the 62nd floor, which means that you will climb higher than Marina. Admission to this iconic place costs $ 35 (one cocktail is included), but you can go without paying on the list in the name of Abigail (oh, thanks, cute bar guard, whose name has sunk into oblivion).


As you can see, Singapore, although a small state, knows how to pamper a tourist. I wish you to see this personally and love him as much as I do!

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Prose: Russian classical prose: Singapore: Vsevolod Krestovsky: read online


Singapore archipelago.- Pile constructions. – Port and roadstead. – From port to city. – The nature of urban buildings. – signboards. – Living on a canapé. – Chinese holiday in honor of the Evil Spirit. – Reception and home altar in a Chinese dwelling. – Russian ladies in Singapore. – Walk around the city. – Hotel Lorne and its concert hall. – An artistic family. – How did you find your supper. – Vaunted individual comfort. – Morning street life in Singapore. – The pig is held in high esteem. – Chinese masons on the construction. – Two Buddhist pagodas. – The Siamese regent with the family and their costumes.- Raffals square. – Mosque on Kampomglan. – Palace of the Singapore Rajah. – Malay weapons. – Coconut milk. – Tobacco and manufactory shops in the Andean rows. – Chinese mats. – Singaporean population. – Cathedral. – Crockett and his lovers. – English soldiers of the local garrison. – “Return” Russian passengers. – Country gardens. – Botanical Garden. – A Chinese haberdashery trader. – Brooches, earrings and bracelets as talismans. – Russian cuisine at the Lorne Hotel. – Sino-Malay Theater.- The content of the play we saw. – Singaporean high society on an evening walk. – “Cream” and “scum”. – English military band. – Hindu politician.

Continuation of August 8th.

Half past three in the afternoon. We come to Singapore. There is no more than an hour and a half left. The earth is already visible to the left, and to the right, and in front. The low-lying, hilly shores in some places are completely covered with forests. Opposite the 1st bakan, in the distance, on the coast of Singapore, first of all, a high round hill catches the eye with the yellowness of its clay-sand talus.He is completely naked, like a skull, but at the very crown of his head a close group of very tall coconuts rises: from a distance, like a forelock on the top of a bald head. Ahead on the right, at the edge of a group of small islands, a slender column of a lighthouse, up to 105 feet high, stands white on a separate rock. The Salat Sinki Passage, along which we are now following, is furnished on beams and reefs with anchored bucks-beacons, where lanterns are lit at night. On both sides of the passage are scattered picturesque groups of charming little islets, each of which, like a curly hat, is covered with clumps of luxurious vegetation.Like bouquets and baskets of flowers, they move out of the calm waters to meet us. Between them there are absolutely miniature ones, no more than ten steps in diameter. And how good these dense thickets of sago palms, patches and coconuts, mixed up with rattan and different pea-boils, are for them! .. There are also some other trees, similar in their foliage to our European species. Greens are extremely fresh and colorful everywhere. On some islands, individual hills turn green, in a kind of mounds, covered only with grass (sometimes the whole island consists only of such a mound), but at the same time, wreaths are thrown at their feet: they are so magnificently surrounded by a border of all kinds of tropical thickets, shrubs and trees.In some places one can see rocky blocks of pink granite on the islands among the greenery, and on the slopes of the hills on the left, between dense groves, there are some kind of plantations, where the plantings are laid out in regular rows.

The water has taken on a light green color, as in the Gulf of Smyrna, and the sea, which now looks more like a lake, is becoming more and more lively: every now and then we come across local boats with wicker striped sails, scurrying in different directions between the islets. Here and there on fragile little shuttles dark bronze Malays fish, and on the shallows and banks they just wander knee-deep in water, swarming there for some business and as if looking for something.In the distance, on the very horizon, on the right, several tall trees are seen in a special group, under which the soil is not at all noticeable, as if they were rising straight out of the water. This is again a very effective refractive effect.

We stopped for a minute to take a pilot, and we go further. Pinkish cliffs on the islands come across more and more often: they consist of sandy, weathered granite. Here, at the very coast of one of these islets, at the entrance to the port, a white needle sticks out, like an obelisk, and on it is a plaque with a clear black inscription “Port Border”.The entrance is very narrow, so the two ships here, perhaps, will not separate. It is protected by an old and absolutely insignificant earthen battery, on which there are no guns. The western part of the port is very narrow and goes like a canal between the Singapore coast on the left and islets on the right side, where aucaria grow on the hills and areas of pink scraps, replacing our Christmas trees here. All these islets are the same our Finnish skerries, only with tropical vegetation. On them, from behind the greenery, European benglows look out friendly under tiled and shingled roofs, with cozy verandas, green blinds and canvas awnings.But right there you can see living samples of pile structures. This is Tangong-roo, a whole Malay village, with several dozen huts, with sheds, shops and even a tavern and zucchini, built right in the water, on rather thin piles. The buildings are elongated in a certain order, so that they form something like water streets and alleys. The construction usually proceeds in such a way that at low tide, logs, mostly palm trees, burned and tarred from below, are driven into the silt soil of the seabed. They are driven in in regular rows, with known intervals from each other, throughout the entire area that is supposed to be occupied for the future structure, and then, for connection, longitudinal and transverse crossbars are put on their upper ends, on which they lay in dense rows, first poles, and then boards, and attach them to the rungs with nails or wooden spikes.Thus, at a height of three to five arshins above the water level, a plank platform is obtained, where the very hut is already being built with a two- or four-slope, rather high roof, sometimes with an outer gallery like a veranda. The corner and middle foundations, along which the frame of the hut is being established, are driven into the ground along with the piles, twice exceeding the latter in length. The walls and the roof are sheathed over the frame with palm or reed mats, and the walls are sometimes coated with clay and plastered outside with lime.From the doors of the hut, a ladder always descends to the water, where next to it the master’s canoes and light boats are tied to the piles, which at night climb on ropes up to the platform. Here, in the port itself, there are two such pile villages, and in both live fishermen, porters, port porters, people who catch and sell shells, crabs, snails, and the like people who interrupt for a piece of bread or live by day labor. actually at the port.

At half past four, we left the narrow canal into a more spacious part of the port, from where we can see the wide roadstead, and by four o’clock in the afternoon we had moored at the pier itself, at a distance of less than ten fathoms from the coast, coming close to it with the left side.This pier, in the form of a pile overpass, stretches as a wide platform for several hundred steps in front of the huge coal storage depots: it is so large that several large steamers can be loaded with coal along its side at once.

The Singapore raid is one of the most extensive in the world. On its southern side, at a distance of about ten miles, one can see the vegetated shores of the large islands of Battama and Bintanga, and behind them, already at a very significant distance, the summits of Sumatra are slightly blue.

We were just approaching the pier, when we were already surrounded by a whole flotilla of Malay boats with gable mats and miniature shuttles, hollowed out of a solid log of mahogany, in shape exactly the same as in Aden, and in them naked Malaysians shouted and splashed with water just like there the Arab girls, before we had time to moor, several wide scows with bales of some goods were already stuck to the starboard side, which the Pei-Ho was supposed to accept for transportation to one of the ports of the Far East passing by.Each such scow was very skillfully driven only by two naked Chinese, who, standing at the stern, rowed together from the helm with one large and long oar and did it so skillfully that such a seemingly awkward vessel went ahead of them, maneuvered between other boats and made the proper turns quickly and dexterously.

Several Europeans in white helmets and a crowd of half-naked bronze and black people of different nationalities in bright and colorful rags instead of clothes were waiting for “Pei-Ho” at the pier.Further, on the shore, there were several cabs, like small oblong stagecoaches with a through double roof and with blinds instead of glass.

The local governor’s adjutant immediately appeared to our admiral with greetings on behalf of his superior, the Dutch consul, who at the same time fulfills the duties of the Russian consul, the commanders of our military ships standing in the local roadstead: Lieutenant-Commanders Alekseev (“Africa”) and Lomen (“Bully”), as well as Lieutenant-Commander Postelnikov, escorting naval cargoes on the ship “Malaga” chartered by us, and the commander of the 2nd East Siberian Rifle Battalion, Colonel Florensky.SS Lesovsky received everyone very kindly and, having dismissed the English officer and the Dutch consul, invited the Russians to stay on the Pei-Ho to dine with them.

We were about to go to the city at once, but we were delayed by the fuss with the laundresses, whose role here is played by Malay and Chinese men. At Pei-Ho we do not undertake to wash the linen of passengers, and therefore we always have to use stops at adjacent ports for this, where they wash hastily and badly, and in addition they confuse your things with strangers.Waiting for my turn to hand over my bundle of linen to the Malay laundress, I stood on the deck and inevitably watched the procedure for the Chinese coolies carrying coal into our holds. A Chinese contractor sat at a small table by the gangway leading from the wharf to the coal warehouse and noted in his book every basket of coal carried on a yoke by two naked coolies. Before him stood a braid filled with copper cents. Each pair of coolies, returning from the steamer with an empty basket, stopped for a minute in front of the table and received a cent from the contractor from hand to hand, and then went to the warehouse for a new load.All this was done quickly and dexterously, without the slightest confusion, hustle and bustle. The whirling movement of the coolies from the warehouse to the steamer and from the steamer to the warehouse was performed as something well-learned, with automatic precision, reminiscent of the emerging ducks in a well-known children’s toy. But what a disgusting smell of some mixture of coconut oil with castor oil and garlic with patchouli is established in the surrounding atmosphere! .. This is the characteristic smell of the Chinese, which brought with them the coolies working in the sweat of their brows.

We set off for the city in the afternoon, when it was already dark. Passing several wooden huts and barracks nestled near coal warehouses, we turned onto the highway that runs along the coast, past the piles of a Malay village. Then the highway enters a swampy forest and there it goes in places by a dam, framed by drainage ditches. But how the practical genius of the Englishman, who spares no money for the sake of benefit and comfort, is immediately reflected! Not only is the highway excellent in itself, it is also lit by gas lanterns along its entire length, and especially in the place where it passes through the wasteland of the swampy forest.The forest was followed by gardens, plantations, summer cottages on small hills and a Chinese cemetery with its horseshoe-shaped graves. But finally the city. You enter directly into the main street, which cuts through the whole of Singapore in a long avenue in a northeastern direction and bears several names: first, to the bridge on the canal, it is called Southbridge, then Cathedral Avenue, then Victoria Queen, and I don’t know further names. This street, however, is far from shining with the elegance of its buildings – at least in the Southbridge area, houses, in most cases, although stone, but without any architectural style: but in each of them, of course, a mercantile-industrial character is reflected.The buildings are not tall and are distinguished by a remarkable monotony of construction: they are all one and a half storey, that is, above the lower floor, where only shops and craft establishments are located under the invariable covered gallery, there is a superstructure half the height of the lower floor, which serves as a living room. This superstructure certainly has its own small veranda, where from under the mat curtains, some pillows, colorful blankets and various household and toilet accessories always stick out. There are several houses of a European character, usually two-story, but again, do not look for any style in their stocky, stocky, solid architecture: they are built without fancy and without taste, but solid, solid, forever and look, as if English Bulldogs with a fat nape.All Singapore buildings in general are covered with tiles. Chinese signs, written from top to bottom in gold and black letters, on elongated red, yellow, black and green boards or on sheets of tin and lacquered cardboard, swinging from under the shop sheds like ribbons on the street. In the same way, paper Chinese lanterns of various shapes, burning in front of the entrances to the shops, serve as signs. Everywhere there is gas lighting, and on the canal there is even a kind of illumination: there, in boats covered with mats, a whole population of natives lives, which cannot yet be counted among the absolute poor, since each of them has “his own house”, his own property, in the form of a covered boat. serving as a permanent residence for the whole family.There are even miniature flower gardens and vegetable gardens on the roofs of some boats. There is usually a hearth on the bow or stern, on which food is cooked, and these bonfires, together with boat lanterns suspended at the entrance under the mat roofs, give the canal a peculiar, animatedly moving illumination every evening.

Arriving in the city, we were just in time for a big public holiday in Chinatown. This day the yellow-skinned “sons of heaven” devote to the propitiation of the “Evil Spirit” and please him with all sorts of delicacies, smoking and music, if only he did not do them any particularly big dirty tricks during the year, can not do, but the “sons of heaven” for this no longer pretend to him.The entire Chinatown was flooded with various illumination lights. Here were burning candles and lamps, bowls and scales, lampions and glass colored balls, paper lanterns and chandeliers from different-sized lanterns and even whole lanterns, real monsters, with dragons painted on them: the Chinese were mixed with Europeanism, including gas stars, bouquets and monograms in the form of Chinese letters. Large bonfires of dry reeds and palm leaves were immediately burned. In some places, along the sidewalks, this material for fires lay in whole ridges for several dozen steps, and often such ridges were deliberately set on fire, so that it seemed as if the whole side of the street was on fire, and one can only wonder how, in fact, not a single fire happened.

In addition to the illumination of the “Evil Spirit”, a huge feast was also arranged. Every Chinese, both rich and poor, as far as possible, certainly prepared some food, sweets and wine for this day, arranged them more beautifully on dishes and wickerwork, decorated with flowers, small flags and candles made of vegetable wax, and then took everything it’s in the pagoda. There, around the temple and along the streets surrounding its fence, the bonza [57] had already set up long rows of wide tables in advance, on which all the dishes delivered to the pagoda were very beautifully placed in a certain order.Above the tables hung lamps and groups of various colored lanterns on wires, as well as chandeliers and solar lamps with balls on the tables. The corners and center of each table were decorated with pyramidal structures made of sweet cakes. Some of these structures were in the shape of a cone, others were cylinders, and still others were in the form of huge wide-bodied bottles with a long, gradually tapering neck and widening, like a musical trumpet, the mouth, and all these pyramids, cones, cylinders and bottles were entwined with ribbon garlands, strewn with mirrored sequins, studded with triangular small flags and smoldering sticks of the sacred smoke, illuminated with many candles made of multi-colored wax.In addition, flower garlands and colorful flags of various sizes were included in the decoration of tables, balconies, windows and doors, as an independent decoration. Among the dishes, fried pigs and huge pork hams, the skin of which was distinguished by a bright crimson color, took a special place of honor, which gave them a beautiful and especially tasty appearance. Then the dishes were flaunted with excellently fried chickens and chickens, pheasants, ducks, turkeys and geese, and next to them stood heaps of round loaves of wheat and rice bread, pies, donuts and gorgeous cakes decorated with sugar patterns and paper flowers, just like our Easter women and Easter cakes.Finally, fruits and fruits served as a considerable decoration of the tables, between which pineapples, baobabs, mangosteen, orangpatans, sugarcane, tangerines, huge oranges, almost a child’s head, chestnuts and bananas played an outstanding role: in general, fruits and vegetables were combined here whatever the local flora produces. And what does it not produce! Every dish of food and every basket of fruits or vegetables was certainly decorated with natural and artificial flowers, triangular small flags and burning candles.In general, all this very much resembles our Easter tables at church fences in anticipation of consecration, only here it appears in a more massive form. Rockets, fountains of fire, wheels, sparklers and thousands of crackers and crackers were immediately launched in different places. In one place, Chinese shadows are shown, which silhouettes are carved artistically and quite naturally; in another – a puppet theater, just like our “parsley”; in the third – clowns and jugglers amaze the crowd of spectators with their agility of hands and acrobatic dexterity.All these performances are accompanied by deafening music. The melody of flutes and guitars is not only disassembled, but also impossible to hear, since it is drowned out by the sounds of gongs, tam-tams, rattles and some large metal pans. The combination of the sounds of all these instruments comes out really hellish, tearing the human ear, and therefore, probably, the Chinese “Evil Spirit” should like it.

Crowds of Chinese people walked decorously along the illuminated streets and along tables, admiring their delicacies and decorations, with fathers and mothers often dragging small children on their shoulders and behind their backs.A cheerful festive talk was buzzing over the crowd, but she behaved in the highest degree with dignity and decency: cordiality and simply childish delight in a brilliant spectacle shone on the cheerful faces. And wonderful, in all this countless crowd (they say that the Chinese population of Singapore reaches two hundred thousand souls) we did not meet a single drunk. True, there were some who went for a walk, and even then there were not very many, but there were no such people who, as they say, did not knit a bast – positively not a single one.

After midnight, the feast was to begin, and all these rich offerings went to the benefit of the poor, who ate them well for the health of the “Evil Spirit”.Of course, numerous bonzes, ministers of Chinese temples, did not forget themselves, but there are also many poor people in Singapore, since every coolie who lives by day labor has every reason to classify himself as a poor. By the morning everything had already been eaten, the decorations had been disassembled by amateurs “as a keepsake”, the flags and lanterns had been removed, the tables had been removed, and the streets with the sunrise took their usual form.

During the holiday, the doors of all Chinese dwellings were wide open: whoever wants to come in. The reception rooms are lit with tea, various sweets, rice cakes, cigars and a special device, small copper hookahs – for guests, and perhaps for the “Evil Spirit”.Wanting to take a look at the interior of the Chinese dwelling, we stopped for a minute in front of the entrance of one of them. There was no one in the room: probably the hosts had gone to the party. The doors of the entrance doors did not go up to the upper, but only up to half of the side jambs: they were of mahogany and magnificently decorated with openwork carving, somewhat reminiscent, in general, of the Royal Doors of some of our iconostases. At the wall opposite the entrance, there was a home altar, which was an oblong narrow table with the side edges of the table top curled upwards.The legs, drawers and shelves at the bottom were carved with gilding and covered with red and black lacquer. Above the table hung on the wall an image of some Chinese god, painted in chalk on a large and wide sheet of paper: on top and on the sides it was draped like a canopy with scarlet cloth with images of dragons, birds, flowers and butterflies embroidered on it in silk and gold. The same embroidered shroud lay on the table, descending from it by six inches. The upper part of the drapery was still decorated with some kind of cardboard, in the form of oblong hearts made of gold paper, with sparkles, mirrors and peacock feathers.All this has the meaning of some kind of talismans. From under them hung long silk tassels with mother-of-pearl amulets and specially folded strips of pieces of paper with traces of prayers and spells. Deer antlers, this symbol of power and strength common to the entire east, crowned the upper edge of the drapery, from under which the Chinese god looked at you as if from a niche. In front of him on the table stood a pewter sacrificial incense burner of a beautiful and characteristic shape, crowned with a plastic image of a “Korean lion” (more, however, similar to a lapdog dog), with a tail trembling on spiral springs and an apple in its paw, and on the sides of this incense burner – a pair pewter candlesticks in the form of some symbolic sign from the Chinese alphabet and in them smoking candles, tied in beautiful bundles, in the form of thin and long cones, decorated with purple and gold paper.In addition to these objects, there were two more Chinese vases with flowers on the altar, a small copper brazier filled with white ash, and a porcelain bowl with rice as a sacrifice to God. Long scrolls of red and white paper hung on spools on the side walls. On some of them, some sayings of an edifying and philosophical nature were depicted in golden letters, and on others – picturesque scenes from some kind of novel with an explanatory text. Several wide, straight, low-backed chairs along the same side walls, and a square table in the middle of the room, lined with treats, complemented the ambiance of this grand reception area.The floor was covered with clean mats of very fine work.

Having looked enough at the original decoration of this dwelling, we went to the best of the local hotels, the Europe Hotel, to occupy our rooms for the night. The recommendation of this hotel, written in Russian, we received at the pier from the agent, who presented it to us on a special sheet, signed by the entire society of army and ground officers from the Rossiya volunteer. In the common room, where a billiard, a reading room, an information desk and an extensive buffet of soft and strong drinks are arranged, we unexpectedly found a large Russian society: there were sailors from “Africa” ​​and “Bully”, artillerymen, engineers and riflemen from “Malaga”, and To complete the pleasant surprise, there were many Russian ladies who traveled with their husbands-officers through Singapore to Khabarovka and other places in the Primorsky region.What a country, you think, this mother Russia! To get from one end of it to the other “the fastest and most convenient way”, you need to go around half of the universe, go down to the equator and climb almost to the Arctic Circle. Only having experienced this whole path by experience, you begin to feel what kind of mass it is –

Possession of the Russian Tsar.
In which the sun does not set.

And nothing, not only the ladies are going, but also the little guys are taking with them.

After spending about an hour on the veranda of the hotel in conversation with familiar sailors and officers from the “Malaga”, we set off with our little company to wander around Singapore. It was ten o’clock in the evening. A walk along tropical alleys, in the moonlight and evening coolness, when a light breeze blows from the sea, is what a delight! How beautiful the city cathedral seemed to us in the moonlight with its Gothic bell tower on a vast lawn, white courthouse and theater buildings, an obelisk and a monument with a bronze figure of an elephant, a high chain bridge on the canal and a wide view of the roadstead with black masses of ocean ships sleeping on it in the distance … We turned onto Coleman Street, opposite the Cathedral Square, and suddenly we hear the sounds of music and see the entrance to the garden illuminated by a pair of lanterns.We read the sign: “Hotel Lorne. Concert Hall”. We go to take a look. What? The entrance is free. The hall, lit by several wall lamps, and in it are scattered about three dozen light tables with marble boards, around which, with cigars in their teeth, a group of English, German, Dutch and other “captins”, fittings, sit on beech chairs for beer and absinthe with soda , compradors, merchants, clerks and clerks and several visitors to that social template, from meeting with which you are never saved anywhere, but by which it is most difficult to determine the real nationality and occupation of a given subject: the devil only knows, either French, or Swiss, or Greek or Italian, or even Jew, and the latter is almost always the most probable, as soon as you look a little more closely at him and catch in his face that special, innate “Semitic nerve”, which is sometimes very successfully hidden by him the owner under the cosmopolitan veneer of a pan-European mask.At the end of the hall, a stage was set up for a “home” stage with painted curtains and an old piano stood on the side of them, and in the middle there were five music stands, on which five noble sons of Israel “z Brody chi z Radzivilov” with nervous gestures and antics “played” on “violins and bottles “something Jewish-Hungarian. When they finished with thin applause and the Chinese coolie in a white robe removed the chairs and music stands after them, then a sad looking thin German came out onto the stage and sat down at the piano, and then his plump, elderly wife, in a neckline and with a whipped hairpiece with roses, swam out and squealed, to our surprise, in Russian the romance “Kiss me to death.”After her came a boy of about twelve, dressed in a woman’s dress with a train, and sang “Arrow”. Then the German himself got up from behind the piano and recited some verses in German; then the same boy, but already dressed up in a Jewish lapserdak and a yarmulke with side-locks, jumped onto the stage with his little sister and they danced the so-called “Jewish dance”, which you have probably seen more than once on the stage of various fairgrounds in Russia … Obviously, all this was done for us, Russians, in order to “pay a compliment” to us (God knows why, but this is the umpteenth time we notice that for all our modesty, wherever we appear, we are now recognized as Russians) …All that remained was to thank them for their kindness in a few shillings, which, of course, we did. But where did all these “arrows” and “kiss” in Singapore come from? According to the certificate, it turned out that the artist is of a dull look, in some way our compatriot. He is a Riga German, kept somewhere in Jakobstadt or Fellin an amusement cafe-shantan, went bankrupt and set off with his whole family on an “artistic journey” around the world, until he finally found himself in Singapore. Things are going badly for him, of course, the concert earnings are barely enough for a snack, and what will he live with tomorrow, where he will be the day after tomorrow and when he returns to Riga, and whether he will return, this is still “dark water on the cloud” for him.

It was not yet eleven o’clock when we returned to the European Hotel, somewhat hungry. We turn to the buffet, can you give us some cold appetizer?

– You can’t.

– Why is that?

– The time has already passed: they only give us until ten o’clock in the evening, and now the kitchen is closed.

– But you still have any sandwiches, bread, cheese, ham in your buffet?

– Oh, of course.

– And, therefore, it is not difficult to get them out of the buffet.

– Not the slightest.

– So get it, please.

– Impossible. This violates the accepted order.

What can you do against such pedantry! And I want to eat. So we thought, and decided: let us give it up for luck at the “Lorne Hotel”, maybe we’ll get it there. And what? They really got it, and with what a pleasant surprise: it turned out that the owner speaks good Russian. He brought us to a special dining room and asked in advance to be not particularly picky about dinner, since he did not expect guests, and what he is rich, so he is glad to be at our service.Served us cold beef stew and pineapple dessert and two bottles of Norwegian beer. The dinner came out in a purely family way, because the owner himself, his wife and sister-in-law sat down at the table with us. We started talking. He told us about himself that his surname was Berkovits, that he was born in Ugric Rus, a Slav, an Austrian subject, lived for several years on commercial affairs in the Podolsk province and in Odessa, and therefore quite understands how annoying it must be for a Russian person not to receive because of the stupid dinners here when he is hungry.An hour and a half at the table passed with us very pleasantly, and when it came to reckoning, the owner announced that nothing follows from us, that we are his guests and he is very glad if he could share his family table with us. All our protests led to nothing, and the only thing he finally agreed to make up on because of our insistence was that we pay the buffet for beer. Not wanting to remain in debt, we ordered him lunch for tomorrow at six o’clock in the afternoon, but so that at this dinner he and his family were our guest.Berkovits accepted the invitation and volunteered to cook dinner in Russian.

– You are probably already tired of the French and English table. Do you want, – he suggested, – I will cook you lazy cabbage soup, fried pies with beef filling, boiled fish and chicken in Polish?

Russian lunch in Singapore – what is better and what is even more unexpected! We, of course, expressed our consent and already in advance, so to speak, mentally anticipated the upcoming gastronomic pampering.

We returned to the hotel “Europe” at about one in the morning and almost made ourselves an unpleasant story.This hotel occupies an entire vast quarter and consists of several separate buildings and houses, connected by covered galleries and located among flower beds and gardens, which gives this whole hotel a very cozy and pleasant character. The common room was already empty, but the chief clerk, a German, was still sitting at the bureau by the lamp, settling the day’s accounts. He told us that we would find the keys to our rooms at the battlefield, which is located at our building on the lower gallery. Indeed, it was at the indicated place that we found a servant, a Chinese, asleep on a wicker sofa, who, after a long awakening, finally got to his feet, but only to mutter some kind of Chinese curse and fall back into his place.Novosilsky again began to push him aside, and this time the angry “son of heaven”, jumping to his feet, pounced on us with rude curses in English. We tried in vain to explain to him that we are the guests here, that such and such numbers are occupied with us, and that we demand keys from them. In response, he sent us to hell and announced that he did not have any keys and that we would not dare to disturb him any more. The impossibly insolent tone of this man, apparently, beat us to challenge us to the so-called “insult by action,” and it was really difficult to resist the temptation to pull him out with a stick.We refrained, however, and went with a complaint to the clerk, inviting him to intervene in the matter. The German went with us, and it was only thanks to his personal intervention that we finally managed to get into our rooms.

“This scoundrel, of course, will be driven out tomorrow,” the clerk announced to us, apologizing. – But what do you want to do! This is almost all the servants in the local hotels, and this is a direct result of the attitude of the local English judges to their case.

We honestly expressed our bewilderment, where could there be judges.But it turned out that it was very, very “and”. The point is, as the clerk explained to us, that these judges have two measures of justice: one for the British and the other for foreigners. If a similar story happened to an Englishman, the judge would certainly have sentenced the Chinese combatant to prison and would acquit the Englishman even if the latter had beaten him: the battle, in any case, would be guilty and punished, if you know what it is like to punish an Englishman ! But history gets a completely different turn when a foreigner appears in the place of an Englishman.As an example, a clerk told us a recent incident with a French passing by who was sailing on one of the Messageries Maritimes to Saigon on some urgent business. Just like us, he stayed for one day in the same hotel and, just like us, a Chinese bellboy servant made him rude for some reason. He did not refrain and, in his impetuosity, pulled him across the face with a whip twice. The fight, screaming and crying, scratching his face to the point of blood, immediately rushed to the policeman to draw up a protocol, and two or three other fights, the same Chinese, were witnesses, and the protocol was immediately handed over to the judge for trial.The judge at the same hour ordered the Frenchman through the police with a recognizance not to leave and squandered him in anticipation of the investigation of the case for a whole week, and during the investigation he decided that he had sentenced the Frenchman for personal insult to pay five pounds for a personal insult and for breaking the silence in a public place to arrest for one day … And thus, the poor Frenchman, having lost his place on the steamer, had to take a new ticket to Saigon and pay a fine to the Chinese, stay for a whole week in a hotel, be late to his destination, and finally endure the offense of prison arrest.This whole story, except for the loss of time and other things, cost him over a thousand francs. Know what it means to offend an English citizen! In such a cheap way, English judges gain popularity between the natives and the Chinese and at the same time practically teach them the difference between what it means to deal with an Englishman and what a foreigner. Therefore, not a single Chinese will ever dare to offend the most vile Englishman and willingly climbs to insult a foreigner in order to be beaten and receives a very profitable reward for that.All these fights know this thing very well – and here’s the reason why I just can’t get along with the local hotel servant. In any case, the fight is not at a loss: they will drive him out of this hotel today, he, as an English speaker, will be accepted to the same place in another today, and, of course, at the first opportunity, he will try to earn himself a profitable fine with the same trick. from a foreigner.

So much for the vaunted English justice! But one cannot fail to notice that in this the judges have their own system, by virtue of which they clearly try to shade in the eyes of the native a sharp difference between the meaning of the Englishman and the rest of humanity.

We found our rooms very spacious. The windows were without glass, the floors were covered with mats, there was a Mustiker under the bed, a screen in front of the door, and lizards on the walls and ceiling, in a word, everything is as it should be in a “decent” hotel in the Far East.

August 9th.

They wake us up at six o’clock in the morning. Again this awful pile of milk instead of tea! And how can the British drink such an abomination and even praise it! .. We proceed to the morning toilet – again the trouble: the complete absence of devices for a single wash.Instead of a wash cabinet with a pedal, just a bowl with a jug is placed on the floor and handle it as you know. Here is the vaunted English comfort, and even in the best hotel! However, we somehow coped with this difficulty with mutual assistance to each other. We are going to the port, on the Pei-Ho, to find out if there are any orders for today. The weather is fine, not hot, the streets are already watered and the shops are open. Trade and handicraft activities are in a hurry to use the clock, while there is still no agonizing heat. The stalls with vegetables and fresh, dried and dried fish are already being besieged by housewives and working people.The Chinese, squatting on the street in the shade, hastily eat rice, fish and roots; Chinese barbers also show their art in the air over the luxurious long braids of the “sons of heaven”, wash them, comb and braid them with a tourniquet. It was the hour of the low tide, and the residential boats in the canals were now a spectacle of miserable helplessness: many of them lay sideways on the bare muddy and fetid bottom, waiting for the arrival of water, and, of course, the flower beds with gardeners on their mat roofs took an unnatural slope. position.The traffic on the streets is getting more and more. A yellow omnibus with a completely naked yellow-skinned charioteer on the box is rolling on a pair of ponies; here they are dragging some big fish and heavy bunches of bananas; the cart creaked, filled with a pile of pineapples; here they are bringing someone a new coffin, Chinese, hollowed out of a whole block of mahogany and perfectly polished; dragging on rockers some kind of black quivering jelly in large hemispherical cups; two coolies very carefully carry a fattened black Chinese pig with a stupid snout and pendulous ears, like a frog dog, and how else are they! On the shafts, in a special cage, woven of bamboo rags, where the shadow above it was deliberately made of fresh banana leaves, and they carried it out, what do you think, why? For a walk, get some fresh air.Are you smiling incredulously? And yet, this is really true. Here, Chinese pigs are looked after much more than people, and their life, one must think, is much more free than many and many thousands of these same coolies. A pig taken out for a morning walk undoubtedly belongs to some wealthy Chinese merchant, and since the Chinese love pork and hams most of all, rich people for their table purposely fatten the best selected pigs, giving them every comfort until that fateful hour when the chef’s knife will finish off the happy existence of a groomed animal.But this existence is not without thorns. In order for the pig to eat itself as much fat as possible, it is completely deprived of movement, braiding the whole bamboo cage and leaving only its snout free: but then they not only feed and water the dump, and not only take it out for a walk, but also wash it. and they scratch, and even hire a little boy to blow a fan at her when she begins to show signs of languor from the stuffiness and heat.

A brick house is being built: the building has already been brought up to the second floor, and how uniquely simple is the Chinese method of delivering bricks to the second floor.One worker downstairs throws a brick up, and the other, standing at the edge of the wall, vividly catches it with his hands and hands it over to the third, who is already putting the bricks in a certain order – that’s all, instead of burdening himself with the delivery on his own back up the stairs. And what a wonderful skill: having become interested in this balancing act, we stopped here for a minute, during which at least fifty bricks were thrown in this way, and not one of them flew past the hands of the upper man.This work is proceeding not only deftly, but extremely quickly, so that the third person only has time to pick up!

On Southbridge Street, there are two Buddhist pagodas side by side, surrounded by high stone fences. Above the entrance of one of them, there are two slender rectangular thin towers of thirteen low floors, with a pair of small, pigeon-like windows on each floor on each front and with an openwork stone lattice over the covered gate. Both towers are crowned with pear-shaped domes with longitudinal grooves.The next pagoda also stands inside the courtyard, separated from the street by a stone fence, on the crest of which are hung at equal distances statues of several lying cows with their heads raised. Above the main gate of this temple rises a wide flat tower of three floors with various statues and columns in the Indian style. Its roof is crowned with a longitudinal ridge in the form of five wide spears, enclosed between a pair of giant cow horns. We entered the courtyard of this last pagoda, which was a rather wide one-story building, surrounded on all sides by a covered gallery and divided inside by transverse balustrades and columns into three parts.On the pediment that adorns the main entrance of the pagoda, there are various stone statues, among which the central figure in particular attracted our attention. She represents a woman, as if coming from a flower cup of a lotus: her legs cannot be seen, her figure is cut off at the lower edge of her loins and clothed in vestments, her hands are raised to the height of her face and her palms are extended outward, a cover is thrown over her head. From the womb of this woman comes a baby sitting on a lotus with arms outstretched to bless the whole world.It would be very curious to look at the internal structure and decorations of the pagoda, but, unfortunately, the bonza, who met us in the courtyard and spoke very fluently in English, announced that the entrance was inaccessible, and instead offered to open the chapel located on the same courtyard, where we can freely contemplate the statues of some Buddhist “spirits” and “holy ascetics.” But these were roughly carved from stumps of wood and, in addition, preppy figures, generously painted with blue, ocher, cinnabar and yarrow, touched here and there with leaf gilding.If they have an interest in antiquity, then that is also largely disturbed by the latest underpainting. In addition, these idols stood haphazardly, without any suitable setting, which would at least in the least remind of their religious significance and the religious feeling of their guardians. This chapel is more like a storeroom for all temple rubbish, and, probably, this is its purpose in reality. While we were looking at the idols, the bonza brought out of the temple a frying pan filled with very pure white ash, in which lay some pink flowers, and affably gave each of us one flower: “from the Buddha.”In return, we gave him two shillings “for Buddha.” He was very pleased and with low bows accompanied us to the street.

Brick sidewalks with gutters at the edge reach the very end of the city, and the highway continues on and on, branching in different directions between plantations and benglou throughout the island, and runs in places like a dam along ditches and swampy dams. It looks like everything, both earth and rubble of an iron-reddish color and is always watered in moderation, so that in the huge city and its environs on the most remote streets there is not the slightest dust or dirt.Now we are approaching Tangong-roo, and here I accidentally drew attention to a Malay coffee house on stilts, where on the platform in boxes filled with earth there is a flower garden, in which, among tropical flowers, orange-red heads are nodding and our northern “marigolds” yes marigolds “, involuntarily reminded me of my homeland …

We had just arrived on our steamer, when the Siamese regent [58] with his three wives came after us. He himself wore a blue cloth jacket over a colorful woolen skirt, and his wives wore Chinese brocade kurmas (a kind of long sleeved sweaters with wide sleeves) over wide trousers of blue, crimson and yellow satin.Two of these wives were already quite old women, although it is said that one of them is only thirty, and the other twenty-seven years old; but the third looked quite a girl of about fourteen, but both the old and the young were not at all distinguished by their beauty. They were accompanied by some very fat Siamese rentier [59] with his even thicker wife, who arrived in a beautiful European carriage. They came just out of curiosity and asked the captain to show them the whole structure of our ship. He, of course, gladly complied with this request and instructed the commissioner to be their guide.

We learned that our admiral and his wife had been invited to dinner with the Singapore governor today and that there were no special orders for this day, and therefore after breakfast we immediately returned to the city.

On the beautiful Raffals-square, in the middle of which there is a charming garden with a fountain, surrounded by a beautiful cast-iron lattice on a granite base, there are the best stone houses in Singapore on two or even three floors, built very solidly in the colonial style, with arcades, balconies and verandas.It also houses the best European stores, where you ask for whatever you want, from ship ropes and hoof ointment to Brussels lace and baby nipples, inclusive. MA Poggio took us to one of these shops under the Katz Brothers firm, and, according to an old acquaintance, asked the owner to supply us with a good Malay dragoman who knew enough English to be a city guide. Mr. Katz willingly complied with this request and gave us a clever fellow from his native artel men, with whom, without wasting time, we set off in a carriage somewhere to the ends of the world, to a remote Malay quarter to buy Malay weapons.But first we turned into Campomglan Street to look at a Muslim mosque. This building, standing in the middle of an open courtyard behind a through fence, represents a very strange combination in one whole of architectural styles that have nothing in common. It is completely square and, as usual, is surrounded on all sides by a covered gallery, on stone foundations with Romanesque pilasters. This gallery has one Greek portico on each facade, which rests on the columns of the Doric order.The gables of the porticoes are dotted with beautiful script of Arabic texts, and the three-tiered scaly roof, with snub-nosed squares and rows of spherical teeth on the lateral longitudinal edges, has a purely Chinese character. The white-stone minaret stands separately in the form of a six-sided three-tier tower, surrounded by a light balustrade along the two lower tiers and topped with a pointed roof like a Chinese hat, which sits on several wooden supports, forming a through gazebo beneath it, from where the muezzin calls the faithful to prayer at regular hours.Please understand this mixture of elements of Romanesque and Greek with Arabic and Chinese! But the English builder, who “created” the project of this mosque, for some reason finds that it is so necessary and that he has managed to wittily combine the incongruous. However, the British in their colonial buildings (at least in those that we have seen so far) are generally not distinguished by special elegance of taste and endurance of any style, except for what they call “colonial style” …

On the long journey to the Malay end of the city, they showed us only one “attraction”, the present abode of the Singaporean Rajah, which the British gave the name “palace”, probably in mockery.Outside, it is a very nondescript, even a poor house with a wooden fence and some outbuildings. There were no other “sights”, and we finally arrived safely in the Malay unit, where the dragoman stopped our cab in front of the weapons workshops.

Malay craftsmen produce only edged weapons, mainly daggers, and then swords and spears. They weld iron with layers of specially prepared wire and, having hardened the blade, for the most part do not polish it, but leave it in its original form, with a layered cavernous surface.This is done as if so that if such a rough-bumpy blade is drunk with poison, then the poison remains in its wells and caves forever, while it is easy to remove it from a polished surface. The weapons of the Malays in general, and daggers in particular, are distinguished by the originality of their forms. The most commonly used of these is the form of a serpentine curving blade, which is sometimes seen in the form of a fiery sword in some religious images; the other, fish-shaped, represents double-curved blades, so that in the first half of the blade, starting from the wide base (tail), they smoothly and gradually taper in the form of curved arcs towards the middle, and then in the form of convex arcs (fish sides) just as smoothly and gradually expand to its second half and from there descend to the end of the point, as it were, to the nose.The handles of daggers made of wood and bone are generally inconvenient in that they are unnaturally curved and short, so that perhaps a boy, but by no means an adult, can quite fit the hand. However, there are also copper handles (exclusively for daggers), which represent a deep arc with an internal bridge: this latter, in fact, serves as a handle, and the purpose of the arc itself is to protect the hand. The Malaysian scabbard is used not only for swords and daggers, but is worn in the form of a wooden sheath and on spears.They are usually made of camphor wood with widened ingots for the lower part of the hilt, they are quite beautiful in appearance, always perfectly polished and are often decorated with horn or bone nuts, hooks and tips.

As soon as we entered the workshop, which, as usual, was completely open from the street, a crowd of gawkers and onlookers immediately ran into it, who immediately began to intervene in the bargaining and give their advice, some to us, others to the master-master, so that immediately they formed like two parties: one for us, the other against; one praises, the other hait weapons and calls us to other workshops; one convinces the owner to yield, the other persuades him not to let a penny go and scolds him even for asking him cheaply, you knock down the price of the goods.A dispute begins, a hubbub, swearing among themselves, almost a fight and, in any case, a big obstacle to bargaining. The owner had already sold us two spears and two daggers, but then suddenly refuses the money, takes all the things back and, apologizing, announces that he has changed his mind that it is too cheap, so cheap that he is even ashamed of the kind people who for this they laugh at him and call him a simpleton. All that was left was to spit and leave. But when he saw that we were not jokingly leaving his workshop and were ready to leave, then that very minute he rushed after us and gave in, scolding all the same “kind people” who, they say, only confuse, without knowing why, and knock them off confused by an honest man.Obviously, all this is nothing more than very naive huckster’s tricks and tricks, but they can annoy an unfamiliar person and, in any case, completely uselessly make you waste your time on unnecessary conversations.

On the way back, to quench our thirst, we stopped at one of the vegetable shops and asked for coconut milk. We were given a choice of several young green nuts and, having pierced a peephole in one of them, they poured a full glass of crystal clear and cold water out of it, which tasted somewhat like cow’s milk with a slight, but not disgusting, specific flavor of coconut.Drinking this is extremely refreshing and quenches thirst for a long time.

We went to the Indian shopping arcade, where most of the tobacco and exchange shops are also sheltered. In tobacco, in the foreground, Malay cherutts appear, as well as local small cigars, then you will immediately find different varieties of the so-called Turkish and Japanese tobaccos (the latter are in a magnificent finest crumb) and Russian Laferma cigarettes, specially sent to India under a special parcel post, on the stamp which depicts an elephant.Grated snuff is also sold here, which, however, is used by many natives not for sniffing, but for laying under the tongue or on the cheek. In Indian shops, a mixture of European and native goods is everywhere, but Manchester chintz and generally English fabrics prevail over Indian ones, which, according to the local merchants, every year are declining more and more, not withstanding, like manual work, the English machine competition. and the time is not far off when all these indigenous mussels, grenadines, brocade and cashmere will go into the realm of legends.In one of these shops, where, among other things, various turning, carved and inlaid things were exhibited, I asked for an oblong box for women’s gloves. They answer that there are no such people, they all came out, but would you like toilet boxes made of black and sandal wood. There was nothing to do, I had to buy a toilet, which I still intended for a gift in my distant homeland, and it really was a magnificent little thing, all in the smallest inlays, stars and dots, surrounded by ivory borders.But as soon as they wrapped it up for me, the seller suddenly pulled out from behind the counter more than a dozen of exactly the same glove boxes as I asked.

– How did you say that you do not have such !?

“It was a small misunderstanding,” the salesman replied with an apologetic but sly smile. – But is it all the same? Since you have already bought a toilet, what you should buy in addition a glove! Moreover, it is so good and so cheap.

This, apparently, was again a huckster’s trick to make you buy more, and this time the merchant’s calculation was fully justified: out of a faint-heartedness for fine things, I was tempted and bought another box.

We were looking for Indian copper-chased utensils with inlays and carvings, but did not find them anywhere, but we bought very thin Chinese mats, which are most comfortable as a bedding, in tropical countries, where mattresses heated during a hot day do not cool down and to nights, and these mats are so soft, tender and so well cool the body weary from the heat.

The whole of Singapore, this is essentially a huge bazaar, with the exception of suburban European Benglou, there is not a single house where the ground floor is not completely occupied by shops.But, apart from a few European and Indian merchants, all trade is in the hands of the newcomer Chinese. The Malays hardly do it at all: they are farmers, fishermen, laborers and artisans, but in all these branches of labor, Chinese coolies are becoming more and more dangerous competitors for them every year. I have already said that there are about 200,000 Chinese souls here, and there are only 500 settled Europeans, not counting the troops! gymnasium, court, theater, club, in a word, complete improvement on a European foot.But do not think that it cost even one kopeck to the English pocket: all this is arranged with the tax-based funds of the local population. What kind of press is used to squeeze these funds, do not ask about that, but the fact is obvious: for the sake of their own comfort, the British know how to widely apply them to business.

Returning from the bazaar, we stopped by to look at the interior of the cathedral, but we found only one feature in it, namely punk, which, during the service, acts on the rows of benches to provide the worshipers with refreshing coolness.In all its internal structure and in architectural decorations, this temple is the most ordinary building in the Anglogical style. Neither in terms of carving, nor in terms of statues, nor in painting, nor in colored windows, in a word, in anything he does not give anything that would be especially worth paying attention to: all this is, perhaps, good, but good for some in the most colorless, mediocre formulaic way, as if all this was imprinted with the stamp of smug solid mediocrity: a lot of comfort, but not a drop of inspiration.

On the lawn in front of the cathedral, in the very sun, there is a tennis game, which amateurs come out in special costumes: flesh-colored sweatshirts, white pantaloons and a crimson silk belt in the form of a scarf woven with a fine mesh, with long tassels. For the soldiers of the local garrison, this game is something of a compulsory activity, since they are taken to it in teams, in helmets, and it is conducted under the supervision of officers. While one of the soldiers was playing, their comrades, who had been released to the city after classes, were walking right there along the alley, in light Scottish hats, with cigars in their teeth and with a cane in their hand.They are dressed very cleanly, even dapper: when they meet with officers, they salute them, not without pleasant grace, more as if by acquaintance than by duty. Apparently, they are very preoccupied with themselves, with their dandy attire, in general with their “particularity”, as our scribes say, and in their manners they try to behave quite gentlemen, but with all this they lack something military – a “military bone” no, the “vein” of the military is not enough. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but at least that was my first impression when looking at them, which did not change afterwards.

We arrive at the Lorne Hotel, where we unexpectedly find several passengers from the “Nizhny Novgorod” returning from the Primorsky Region and the Ussuriysky Territory to Russia. We met, of course.

– What’s new? – we ask.

– Nothing, – they answer. – Everything is all right. You have to ask about the news. – You are, so to speak, at the source.

– We don’t know anything yet.

– Well, we are even less so.

– But what about the Chinese? At the border, how?

– No way, the old way.No change is noticeable.

– Are they preparing for war?

– Who is this? The Chinese? .. Why? – There will be no war, just look – everything will be all right! Neither them, nor us to fight there is not handy yet, and there is no calculation. Or is it out of boredom in St. Petersburg to create a war?

So this is the conviction of the people driving from the spot. They don’t even believe in the possibility of a war between Russia and China. “Everything, they say, and so it will go well.” Such a calm confidence somewhat disappointed and cooled our expectations … But what, as a result, it will still turn out (at least for me) a very interesting trip to the countries of the Far East.

At half past four in the afternoon, when the heat had subsided somewhat, they brought us a pre-ordered landau to go to the Botanical Garden, where for some reason they are not allowed in ordinary cabs during the day, but in the evening it is possible. So, at least, they announced to us this morning in the European hotel, by the way, therefore, they offered us their landau at our service.

The road goes there all the time in country gardens, among which you can see European benglou, Chinese fanzas and small huts, sometimes running out onto the highway itself, which in this section is also perfectly contained, always moderately watered and illuminated by gas lanterns in the evenings.The stone bridges on it, erected above the drainage pipes, are distinguished by a very solid structure, the side ditches are filled with clean transparent water and, communicating with many side irrigation ditches and with special cisterns (which you notice right there, somewhat to the side), are part of the whole irrigation network spreading over all adjacent gardens and plantations. To the right, because of the greenery, one can see on a small hill the vast governor’s house with columns, belvederes, wide balconies, terraces and with numerous services – a whole palace necessary “for impressiveness” and maintaining the English “prestige” among the natives, for the pittance of which he and lined up.The hedge of the gardens is mainly a graceful, light, feathery mimosa that does not tolerate any touch, even of rain and wind. Thousands of all kinds of palms, root leaves and other tropical giants rise up from behind its bushes. Ferns and fan palms are especially good. The branches of the latter do not form a cap or a panicle, like all other types of palm trees, but a flat, vertically placed half-disk on the top of the trunk, resembling a loose ordinary fan. Often, from behind the hedges, branches of various fruit trees hang down to the road, burdened with ripe and ripening fruits.So, you see here orangpotans, oranges and tangerines, mantu in the form of huge yellow plums, the fruits of the fragrant pandanus, similar to pine cones, weighing from four to eight pounds and reminiscent of our hazelnuts, fig trees, baobabs, mangosteen … About bananas, coconuts and the Arecs, not to mention, there are masses of them here. But here is a beautiful tree – this is a sago palm, the crowns of which are even more luxurious than that of a coconut, and the trunk is very massive. Sago is mined from its core, and in Singapore, it is said, more than thirty factories are engaged in the processing of this product.Here are the pepper plantations, where the plant is, in appearance, an ordinary ivy, like our hops, around the stamens, planted in regular rows in the beds, interspersed with bananas, which are deliberately bred on pepper plantations to provide the pepper bindweed with shade and moisture. Nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and vanilla trees also fill the gardens with giant paulowia, aruacaria, ebony, sandalwood and guttatuban. But all this luxury of the vegetable kingdom cannot be enumerated!…

The path to the Botanical Garden is not close, and while you pass it, you will have time to admire the tropical fauna in plenty. But, alas, instead of clean air, you are constantly forced to breathe a disgusting smoke spread by dung, which is purposely burned in gardens in order to get rid of mosquitoes and mosquitoes. There are so many of these unbearable air biters of all kinds and kinds that without dung burning from them in the evening there would be no life. Therefore, of two evils, one has to choose the lesser and almost suffocate from the acrid smoke, which sometimes, like fog, spreads like fog along the lowlands of the gardens, under the trees.

There is little to say about the Botanical Garden itself. It is very extensive and famous for the fact that it unites in itself absolutely all representatives of the vegetation of tropical Asia and the islands of the East India and Japanese archipelago. However, as an exception or, rather, as a rarity, there are also several trees of more temperate and even northern latitudes, such as spruce, cedar, larch and others, which are especially looked after here – just like we have exotic plants. There was, they say, at one time, and our birch, but could not withstand the climate, withered.The garden is laid out in the English style, like a park, combining vast lawns with flower beds and curbs and wide meadows with individual clusters of various shrubs and tree groves, cut by winding paths and shady avenues for riding and in carriages. Here this whimsical-luxurious tropical flora was forced by the English scientists gardeners to throw off all the unbridledness of its wild growth and free development, which constitute its main charm and artistic beauty in the Indian forests and jungles, and pedantically subordinated it to the well-known “regime”, trimmed something, here and there they cleaned it up, cut it down, then carnated it, and in general forced the savage to get acquainted with English, somewhat scrupulous cleanliness and sophisticated neatness.But even in this form, placed as if “under the rank”, classified according to families, genera and species and depicting the decoration of the park in the English style, this flora is still charming. But a botanist who would like to study the vegetation of southern and insular Asia in full detail will find here everything he needs at once, and this, of course, is the undoubted merit of the founders of the garden to science. In the garden there is also a poultry house with several specimens of rare and elegant birds; but in general, for local ornithology, it could have collected much more interesting and diverse individuals.Now many sections of the house are completely empty.

There were few people walking in the garden, and even more of the passing foreign guests, including several Russian ladies from Malaga and Nizhny Novgorod, as well as a Siamese resident with his wives and retinue. As for the local Europeans, they hardly walk here at this time of the day; we, at least, met only one tilbury with some three-field gentleman who swallowed an arshin, who rolled his black, ape-like dwarf groom, and one landau, in the depths of which an entire English family with representatives and representatives of three, if not four generations …On the other hand, from the native public here several large Chinese traders swept past us, apparently flaunting their magnificent phaetons and carriages. The European public gathers here much later, already in the afternoon, at nine o’clock in the evening, to breathe in the evening coolness with the sounds of a military orchestra. By this time, we intend to return here, but for now we are in a hurry to the Lorne Hotel, where Russian cabbage soup and other delights of domestic cuisine await us.

Until lunchtime we settled down in Lorne on the veranda overlooking the street front garden, and here I met for the first time the type of small Chinese merchant who carries his entire shop on a hand tray and in a shoulder box.But he doesn’t have something in this shop! He completely reminded me of those nimble liquid peddlers of our western land without acquaintance with whom not a single traveler who stopped at the post station or in the “eezdny house” can manage. The only difference is that the Chinese of this variety are not as intrusive as liquid ones, and behave more solidly, with great dignity. Of all the sorts of things the Chinese had laid out in front of us, the one that attracted the most attention was the pre-original parure, which consisted of a brooch, earrings and a bracelet.The first three were made of claws, and the last one was a series of tiger teeth set in gold, delicate filigree work with a light enamel pattern. There were also key rings and medallions, also made of tiger claws, and another ring of shark teeth, which, to be fair to them, in their shape and amazingly delicate white enamel, are not only beautiful, but even, one might say, graceful and, being connected in one common chain with light gold links, they really make up a very good decoration.But what a peculiar, purely Chinese fantasy – to use such items for women’s attire! However, according to the merchant’s explanation, they all have a meaning as talismans that protect against dangerous encounters with bad people and predatory animals and give those who carry them an extra dose of courage.

Finally, the loud bangs of the gong sounded in the front garden, serving in the local hotels with the usual call for guests and subscribers for a table d’hote (to the table), and we went, like yesterday, to a special stop room together with the owners of the Lorne Hotel.Lazy cabbage soup and liver-stuffed pies, and chickens, and everything else turned out just fine, as if we really were complacent at the table not in Singapore, but somewhere in our homeland.

After lunch we went to the Sino-Malay Theater, where a troupe consisting of Chinese and Malay artists gives mixed performances. We were charged a dollar for the entrance – one cannot say that it was especially cheap, but this is taking into account the fact that we are “European tourists”, and the indigenous public only pays a few cents for a seat.The theater is located inside some kind of courtyard, where you have to make your way through narrow alleyways, passing which you directly come across a Chinese buffet with soft drinks and strong drinks, fruits, sweets, fried pies and completely European “sandwiches” with ham. The theater itself is an open shed, without side walls, one half of which is occupied by the stage, and the other by places for spectators. The stage is arranged in a very peculiar way, with side wings, in the form of a horseshoe, facing the audience with a recess.The wings and side decorations are not required, and if necessary, a small screen is placed in front of the back wall, on which is painted what is required in the course of the play: a house, a garden, a forest, a sea, a sky with clouds, fiery hell, and the like. This serves as a backdrop by which the audience knows where the action is taking place. There is one curtain door at both ends of the back wall that leads to the restrooms. The actors usually enter and leave these doors during the performance. The stage and auditorium are illuminated by lamps without glass domes suspended from the ceiling and on poles, where coconut oil is burning.The musicians, in the number of five or six people, are placed along the back wall, on the stage, and if necessary, with their instruments, take a direct part in the very course of the play, like actors. The auditorium is divided into three sections: the first is located on an elevated stage opposite the stage, where we have “seats behind the chairs.” These are the most expensive seats available to the “select” indigenous public. From this stage up to the foot of the stage, there is a narrow passage in the middle, dividing the hall into two lateral halves, where on each side there is one plank tribune, which are lined with rows of benches and descend with an inclined plane towards the stage.They correspond to our parterre, with the left side being for men, and the right side for women and children. Finally, the last seats are arranged outside the theater parallel to the side wings of the stage, and here is the realm of exclusively “gray”, or the “cheapest” audience, which always takes a lively part in the play, loudly expressing their approval or censure to the actors, but not how actors, namely as the heroes of the play, who have earned her sympathy or antipathy by their actions.In the first case, oranges and sweets often fly onto the stage, and in the latter, orange and melon peels, banana and mangosteen peels and nut peels. The same audience often enters into private conversations with the actors, asking them for explanations of this or that action and giving their advice on how, in their opinion, the hero should act in this or that case. In the narrow aisle, sellers of fresh water, cigars and fruits, who are sent from the buffet, are pacing from time to time.

The costumes and make-up of the artists are very eccentric: whitewash, carmine, red lead and soot are in great use for painting the face, as well as hemp tow and horsehair for beards, mustaches and wigs.Often, the nature of the make-up reminds of our circus clowns: those made up with devils put bull horns and tails on themselves and smear the whole body with red lead or soot, and good spirits are portrayed by whitewashed and rouged children in blue and white robes. Women’s roles are played exclusively by men, and usually handsome boys of about fifteen are chosen for the premiere wives. The costumes are very rich and are made of the most expensive materials: satin, woven with lush bouquets and dragons, brocade and velvet, embroidered with gold and sparkles.The nature of the costumes is either national-Chinese, or fantastic, in the same way that you can see in Chinese pictures, depicting romantic or battle scenes and the adventures of their mythical demigods and heroes. The increased expressiveness of facial expressions, postures and movements is usually exaggerated to the point that it falls into a caricature, especially in moments of tragic situations. But this is only in our European opinion: the natives admire them in the most serious way. Some kind of opera was going on with us, the plot of which, as far as it could be understood from the action itself, was that a young foreign prince was in love with a princess, with whom an evil sorcerer was in love at the same time, preventing their marriage with the help of the dark forces of hell …But young lovers are patronized by good geniuses, and when evil spirits, summoned by the wizard to the stage in the amount of a dozen red and black devils, having listened to his orders, are ready to start all sorts of tricks against the young prince, guardian angels and patrons of lovers appear from another door and enter with them in a dispute, which soon takes on a very heated character. Devils with wooden swords and two-horned spears, like our grips, rush in a crowd at two patron geniuses, who at this moment are drawing some mysterious sign in the air with their wands – and a dozen small children from six to twelve years old run out onto the stage, having in the hands of flower garlands and white horsehair wafers, which are used by bonzes in Buddhist worship.These guys portray the role of good spirits and surround two patron geniuses. Then the host stands against the host and a warlike ballet begins, depicting the battle of evil spirits with good ones. The evil ones, in the most impossible militant-pathetic and fencing poses, attack the good ones with their grips, and the good ones brush them off with flailing flowers and tails of flower garlands and, finally, defeat the evil ones. The latter, grimacing, as if in writhing horror, run from the stage, escorted by the children, who beat them on the back with their flies and garlands.So, for the first time, virtue and love triumph, and patron geniuses, weary of struggle, go to indulge in sweet sleep. But the ingenuity of an evil wizard is not asleep, who summons the chief chief of evil spirits to his secret council. This latter has one side of the body red, the other black, instead of hair, a long golden mane, horns and claws are also golden, and even the tail is gilded. The magician is set with the thought to divert the attention of the guardian geniuses from the couple in love, so that the easier it is to kidnap the prince in love and take possession of the princess.For this, in consultation with the chief chief of the devils, it was decided to send all sorts of misfortunes to the whole country, the fight against which would completely occupy the patron geniuses, and in view of the need to save humanity from a common disaster, would force them to divert their attention, at least temporarily, from the personal destinies of the couple in love. To this end, the golden-maned devil sends to earth, first, a terrible thunderstorm. A screen is placed in front of the back wall, depicting the sky with swirling clouds and lightning. At the same time, the host of devils again runs onto the stage and raises the most terrible fuss: they run around like crazy, twirl, grimace, tumbling, floundering among themselves and generally make a kind of mess in the universe.To depict a thunderstorm, a terrible noise and crackle rises. Some of the devils pound that there is urine in gongs, tam-tams, drums, beat the board against the board, crackle rattles and shake tin sheets, while others produce flashes of fire with sandarak powder [60]. It means thunder and lightning. A thunderstorm ignites a terrible fire. To do this, paper houses are brought onto the stage and they are set on fire with a sandarak flash. Viewers should understand that this is the capital city and the palace on fire, where the princess lives with her lover.The second calamity is the flooding and eruption of the fire-breathing mountain. Two screens are brought onto the stage: on one a rough sea, on the other a volcano. To enhance the experience, one of the devils stands behind the last screen and sets fire to an effervescent fireworks fountain: thousands of sparks pour onto the stage, and the devils, holding hands, begin to tremble and jump. This means an earthquake. While one half of the devils performs all these actions, the other is in a hurry to change backstage into the costumes of ordinary people and reappears already in the role of civilians, ruined and dejected by all the misadventures that have happened.Peaceful citizens, with gestures of grief and despair, cry out to heaven for help, and then guardian geniuses with a host of good spirits appear on the stage and begin to heal the wounds and sorrows of suffering humanity: some are given money, others are given fruit, and others are supplied with clothing. For me, it remains only not entirely clear whether these are really good people, real representatives of suffering humanity, or devils pretending to be such in order to better cheat beneficent geniuses. In any case, these latter are so carried away by their good deed that they do not notice how a couple in love appears on the stage.The prince and princess are exhausted from suffering and fatigue and fall asleep at the end of the right wing of the stage, while good geniuses scatter their good deeds on the left. Taking advantage of this, the evil wizard with the golden-maned devil quietly sneak up to the sleeping couple and first kidnap the sleepy prince, whom the devil is taking, probably into the underworld; then they return for the princess and are already taking her sleepy into their arms, when suddenly good geniuses, by the way, who have already managed to satisfy humanity, noticed this maneuver of a wizard and an evil spirit.They imperiously block their path and fight for the sleeping princess. The host of evil spirits appears again, and the audience enjoys a new warlike ballet. One of the guardian geniuses enters into single combat with the golden-maned devil. Both are holding long Chinese reeds, which you can again see in the heroic Chinese pictures. Each opponent holds his reed with both hands like a balancer and takes different poses with it. A fencing dance begins, depicting a duel.The end, of course, is that a good genius conquers an evil one and asks him where he has done the unfortunate prince. Meanwhile, the unfortunate princess is in despair that her lover has disappeared, and does not know what to do. Good geniuses console her and report that her prince is alive and well, but that an evil spirit has hidden him in some distant country, where the princess must go in search of him if she wants to get him back. The princess, of course, wishes and immediately equips herself on the road: her confidante, who finally found her mistress after all the pogroms carried out in the universe by evil spirits, goes with her.A screen is brought onto the stage, depicting a river with flowering banks and Chinese boats, and in the middle of the proscenium, two chairs are placed one after the other: the one in front with the usual one, and the back one with a high back, to which an oar is tied. It means a boat. The breeder, guided by good spirits, climbs onto the back chair, sits on its back and begins to play with the oar. The princess sat in the front chair, and the confidante at her feet. One of the musicians approaches and gives the confidante a four-stringed flat-round mandolin, with the sounds of which she should entertain the yearning princess.So, the pilgrims, guided by good geniuses, set out on a long voyage, during which the helmsman in the back chair tirelessly jiggles his oar, imitating rowing. The swimming really comes out too long, so we even got bored listening to the sad princess sing an endless song to the soft accompaniment of mandolin and other strings. Fortunately, the gongs and tam-tams do not participate in this accompaniment, and this circumstance, combined with the duration of the singing, helped me not only to catch, but also to remember the motive of the princess’s aria.No doubt you will be surprised when I tell you that it is very reminiscent of the well-known Russian song: “Along Piterskaya, along Tverskaya-Yamskaya along the road.” If you sing the first two tribes of this song instead of a major in a minor tone, and the last two sing in exactly the same way as they are sung in our song, then it will be a completely accurate reproduction of the Chinese aria. The young actor, who portrayed the princess, quite successfully faked his high falsetto to a woman’s voice, and listening to him, I could not understand for a long time why I fancied something familiar in his aria, but what exactly was I at first, despite all my efforts , could not remember in any way.Yes, and it is surprising, in fact, that such a strange combination as a Chinese aria and a Russian song near Moscow could immediately come to mind, and even where – in Singapore! Finally I remembered, and, not trusting myself, began to listen attentively: is this really so, am I not mistaken? But no, the similarity of the motive is undeniable. Yes, and not only to me it seemed so: when I asked my companions if this melody reminds them of our “Along the St. Petersburg”, they agreed, which really does. I note this as a curiosity.

How, however, the adventures of the beautiful princess ended, I do not know, because the disgusting smell of Chinese tobacco, in spite of all our patience, finally smoked us out of the theater.

The Chinese smoke almost everyone in the theater, and even some women, partly using Manila and Singaporean cigars, and most of them pipe and pocket hookah; but the trouble is that they smoke their own local, very coarse tobacco, and, in addition, flavored with mutton lard (candle) and opium solution.You can imagine what flavor comes out of this!

It was already ten o’clock in the evening, so it was just time for the Botanical Gardens to look at the high society of Singaporean society.

We went in two carriages, and I got into the last one together with A. P. Novosilsky. The Malay cab driver soon lagged behind the leading crew and, probably, we didn’t tell him clearly where to go, only he took us to the wrong place at all. While talking, we did not notice how we found ourselves somewhere outside the city, in a swampy lowland, near the cylindrical reservoirs of a gas plant, where swamp fumes immediately engulfed us with rotten dampness.To avoid the fever, it only remained to get out of here as soon as possible, and fortunately our driver, this time quite clearly understanding my companion, safely delivered us after about half an hour to the Botanical Garden.

Here the whole society was already assembled. Among the vast velvety lawn on a green hillock, a circle of musicians of a military orchestra sat by the music stands. At the foot of the hillock, on a circular path, crowded their own carriages, exclusively landauses and carriages, in which sat smart ladies and respectable gentlemen – husbands and uncles.The carriages, which stopped at a distance, were unharnessed, and their squat ponies calmly grazed themselves on the lawn, while the drivers, squatting behind the carriages in their special circle, enthusiastically indulged in a game of even and odd on Chinese chohi. Apart from these cabbies, none of the native “gray” public is allowed here, since the British generally do not like to interfere with the natives anywhere, even with people of the higher castes and European educated people; and cabbies only get in here because they are hired for the evening by the British.However, a couple of fat Siamese and three or four Chinese merchants were present here in their own carriages.

“Pure”, that is, European, the audience walked in a circle in front of their “own” carriages. There were almost exclusively men here, except for the passing Russians, French and Dutch women. Englishwomen, on the other hand, sat only in carriages, and while the passing ladies walked in ordinary gray suits, these were positively en pleine toilette, in light grenadine, cambric and muslin dresses of white and pale colors, with lace, manches courtes, with bouquets on the chest and in hands, barely covered with air caps.In keeping with the climate, the local ladies wear even the lightest garments during the day, but always with col montant and long sleeves, through which, however, their shoulders and arms are quite visible; for dinner, they change their clothes, and the neckline and short sleeves are considered obligatory, and in this last dress they remain for the whole evening and go for a walk, taking with them in the carriage, in case of dampness, a cashmere shawl or some more substantial cape … Poor women! Imagine that among the permanent inhabitants of Singapore whom we have seen during this day, I have not met a single fresh, healthy face! And not only European women, but even their children amaze you with their sickly appearance.

These are all sluggish, anemic, drunken faces with a yellowish and greenish tinge, bony shoulders, match-shaped figures, in a word, what we aptly call “dead”. The reason for this, of course, is the climate, to which, with very rare exceptions, northern women cannot get used to, and then there is this swampy, low-lying, feverish area.

A pleasant exception to the general rule this time was only the appearance of the wife of the Dutch consul: but also because this person had recently settled in Singapore.And it becomes all the more pity looking at her when you think that not later than a year later, this fresh woman blooming with health and youth, in all likelihood, will face the common fate of the local European women. Only women who were born of European parents in Singapore itself and who grew up in it are no longer so susceptible to the influence of the climate, and others even tolerate it quite well. It is quite insensitive only for native women and mestizo.

The male audience, walking in a circle on foot, had a mixed character: there were dress coats with white ties, and black dressing tones, and white flannel jackets, and already quite democratic jackets.For all these costumes, you could almost accurately determine to which stratum of society their owners belong, from “cream” to “scum”. There were also more senior officials of the administration, and large merchants, and consuls with their secretaries, and officers of the local garrison, walking in unbuttoned uniform jackets made of red cloth with gold braids and in red caps without weapons. It’s all the cream. Then comes the “milk” in the form of various commissioners, clerks, technicians, petty officials, clerks, pilots, captains and the like, and finally the jacket “scum” portrayed by various individual commission agents, free sailors, brokers, lackeys without a place, cooks, retired soldiers who remained forever in Singapore, and those vague personalities that you most often meet near taverns and hotels.But to be fair, it was all extremely decorous and even prim, although a light afternoon bouquet of brandy, sherry and port was not noticeably floating in the air. The British, as you know, do not change their island habits at any latitude, due to which they die in a significant proportion, like flies. But that doesn’t hold them back. The “cream” kept completely separate, not mingling with the plebs, and for the most part remained near the carriages, politely chatting with the ladies. All this promenade took place in bright moonlight.The musicians, in red uniforms and black tight-fitting trousers, played almost exclusively pieces of the English repertoire, some of a very serious character, while others were accompanied by a part and choral singing. As a feature of this orchestra, it can be noted that among its instruments (brass and woodwind) there was also a contrabass, but why only one contrabass, I really don’t know. This orchestra, they say, plays here three times a week from nine o’clock in the evening to eleven.

On the way back, A.P. Novosilsky to one of the Indian shops he knew, where he had recently ordered a silk hammock (mesh bed), which they had promised to prepare for him in the evening. The owner, a respectable gray-bearded Hindu, greeted us very kindly and, apologizing that the hammock had not yet been brought from the workshop, asked us to wait until they ran after him, and invited us to a special back room at the store, which served as his office and intimate reception area. Gently shaking hands with both, he sat us down on beech chairs and began to add cold lemonade with hookah and Manila cigars.The local Hindu and Chinese merchants more or less know English, and this one spoke it completely fluently, and therefore he and Andrei Pavlovich, as with an old acquaintance, struck up a very lively conversation, which soon assumed, as it seemed to me, a tone of some kind of mystery , at least, the owner began to speak more quietly than in an undertone, but very expressively, as if trying to convince his interlocutor of something. But since I do not speak English, my cigar was much more interesting to me, on the white ash of which I concentrated my attention for the time being.About twenty minutes later they came from the store to say that the hammock had been brought, and we parted with the hospitable owner.

– There are eccentrics in this world! Do you know what he was talking to me about? – Andrei Pavlovich turned to me with a smile as we drove on. – Imagine, no more, no less, as waiting for the coming of the Russians!

– Where is it? I asked.

– Yes, everyone here, to India! It began with the fact that he asks me: is it true that we are concentrating a very strong squadron in Vladivostok, as they say in their newspapers.I say: true. “Well, really,” he says, “are you really against the Chinese?” Yes, I say, just in case. “All in all, why do you want to fight China? The Chinese are not your enemies, you have much more serious enemies here, and we are all convinced that you are preparing against China only in this way, for the sake of appearance, but in fact for something completely different.” I replied that the types of government were unknown to me, and that if they were ordered, we would fight against anyone. “Well, this is so! This is another matter! .. But in any case,” he says, “will you have a war now or later, but only, in our opinion, it would not hurt you to constantly keep a strong squadron in Vladivostok.”That is, for what? – I ask him. “And for the solution of the Eastern question.” I confess to you, this unexpected mention of the Eastern question somewhat puzzled me. Look, perhaps, what a politician you have found! But still, I think it is interesting to know how he understands this, and I ask: where are we going to solve it here? “And here,” he says, “in Singapore.” That’s it, once! .. I even goggled at him. And he told me: “Do not be amazed,” he says, “there would be a hunt, but it’s quite possible,” and began to develop his thought.“Imagine,” he says, “that you have a strong squadron in Vladivostok and five to six thousand airborne troops. Five, six, or whatever it takes, you can always hire large transport steamers, if necessary, in San Francisco or Japan. It is only thirteen days’ journey from Vladivostok to Singapore. At the very beginning of the war, under the cover of your squadron, you throw these five to six thousand airborne troops into Singapore, which, in essence, is not protected by anything. There are landing sites here and they are very convenient, we know them.The plan is, of course, bold, but not impossible. And then what? The British, of course, will get out of their way, but they will try to collect twenty, thirty thousand ground troops in order, in turn, to force the landing on Singapore. It is very possible that they will succeed, and they will throw your squad into the sea, let’s take the worst chance. But, in any case, while it still happens, at least three or four months will pass, in which the British will assemble their 20-30 thousandth corps (in England, this is not so easy to do), but for now they will transport it to Singapore, it will take another one and a half or two months, and therefore, in total, from five to six months.But at this time, by occupying Singapore, you will finally slaughter the entire British transport trade. After all, Singapore is the central hub of all sea trade routes between Europe, Africa and India, on the one hand, and West America, Australia and the Far East, on the other hand, and you cannot pass by this hub. After all, not a single English “merchant” will go to sea: English goods will be blown up on only one high freight and insurance premiums, and most importantly, that during this time all freight from English hands will pass into the hands of the German, French and other merchant fleets, yes and the Chinese and the Japanese will use something.And once the trade has found a new transport for itself, it will not return to the old one. An example is not far to go: the same North America. Remember what her commercial fleet was before the internecine war and what it is now! Yes, a blow to Singapore is a blow to the heart, and we think that you alone will be able to deliver it someday. But for this you need to be strong in Vladivostok. “What can you say to that?

– Are you asking me that? – I responded to Novosilsky’s question.

– Yes, even though you, perhaps.

– Well, I will say that this is a very bold and, perhaps, playful Indian fantasy.

– Fantasy, yes. Fantasy, of course. But I do not take it from the serious side as a strategic project. The most interesting thing for me here is to see what kind of “fantasies” are being played out in the head of their Indians and in what direction. And do you know what I’ll tell you, ”added Andrei Pavlovich,“ this is not the first time I have had to swim in these waters and face these people. With this merchant, for example, we are old friends, and I have quite a few others of the same kind in different ports.Well, so this is what: in all of them there is a strange, incomprehensible belief for me that salvation will come to them from the North. Where and when it arose, where it began and how it spread throughout Asia, this is an inexplicable mystery to me. But the fact is that the belief in some semi-mythical “White Tsar” who should come from the north with the “fair-haired people” and proclaim salvation to them, this belief, this aspiration comes to a kind of messianism. There is something spontaneous in him … And we ourselves do not even suspect how strong we are morally in India by this spontaneous faith in us of its peoples! This is where the “fantasy” of my Singaporean friend is important to me.

At two o’clock in the morning we returned to the “Pei-Ho”, where only by that time a Malay laundress had brought our linen. Tired of all the impressions of the day, I rushed to my bunk with delight, but the intolerable work of the steam winch, taking cargo from the harbor scows into the hold, kept me awake until dawn.

90,000 7 unusual toilets in restaurants around the world

7 unusual toilets in restaurants around the world

November 19 – World Toilet Day.Such a holiday was proclaimed in 2002 at an international conference in Singapore dedicated to the problems of toilets. We won’t tell you how to celebrate it, but we will show you the most unusual toilet rooms in restaurants in the world. Enjoy watching 🙂

Bar 89 (New York, USA)

If you are in New York, go straight to Bar 89, order a few drinks for courage, and only then go to the toilet. Confused by transparent doors and walls? They are not always like this. When a visitor enters the booth, the door changes color, so that the person inside is not visible.The technology, they say, has not failed yet.

R-bar (Brighton, UK)

The urinals in the R-bar in the form of lips painted with bright red lipstick are very pretty. But Virgin Atlantic, which ordered similar Kisses urinals from a Dutch company, had to remove them – for some reason, visitors complained.

Olde Hansa (Tallinn, Estonia)

The Olde Hansa restaurant in Tallinn is very popular. This is understandable: candles on wooden tables instead of electric lamps, old music, waiters in medieval clothes, pottery – for the sake of such a restaurant it is worth going to Estonia.And what a toilet there is – the real Middle Ages!

Escape Bar (Colchester, UK)

There are video screens above the urinals in the English bar Escape. Only movie heroes or news anchors watch from there, but girls (sometimes even boys) who comment on what they saw. It’s a pity, you can’t choose the hero you like – they appear in random order.

Sketch (London, UK)

Not a toilet, but space! In the British restaurant Sketch, you feel like a galactic invader or an alien.4 egg-shaped booths for men, the rest for women, and in the center is a large wash basin. Well, that’s interesting.

Three Sisters (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

One of the most sinister toilets in the world is located in an ordinary-looking Dutch pub called The Three Sisters. It’s not scary to go into it, but to do what you came for is very even. Just look at those sharp fangs …

Dolce & Gabbana Gold (Milan, Italy)

Everything shines and sparkles in the closet of the Milanese restaurant Dolce & Gabbana Gold: gold-framed mirrors, baths decorated with gold bamboo, mirrored trays, in each booth there is a plasma panel.So it’s definitely worth a look into the Dolce & Gabbana Gold toilet if you suddenly find yourself passing through Italy.

And here are some more strange restaurant toilets:


90,000 Once upon a time. Everyone who is looking for inspiration – here. Singapore | by Colors of Kat

In childhood, it is so easy to believe the imagination, but growing up, you lose this ability, you become more practical and begin not so much to trust fantasies as to test them.The magic is forgotten. And yet, within each of us, there is still a hope for a journey into the world of miracles that we dreamed about as children.

So we, believing only fantasies, but mustering the determination to check, went to meet the alluring warm color and humid tropical gardens, in which, as the elves say, trees of incredible beauty grow, from whose crowns magic music can be heard at night …

So this tale begins.

When we are asked: “Tell us, how are you in Singapore? What is he? What did you like the most? ” In response, it is impossible to find words to describe the impressions that you breathe throughout the journey.There are only flashes of color and sensation in my head. Everything is too different, but not like in China or Africa, where you are rather struck by cultural differences and the external dissimilarity of people and nature. Everything is different here. You are transported for centuries ahead and look into the future, where the world is finally living, creating.
Still, we’ll try.

Day one. A riot of colors.

Color: deep green, moist green, pale pink, bright yellow, neon purple, red.

Arriving in Singapore, the first thing we went to the Botanical Gardens.If you are traveling light, take the metro from the airport to Botanic Gardens station. The entrance to the garden itself is free. The only place where you will be charged a small fee is the entrance to the Orchid Garden:
* adults – S $ 5,
* students, visitors over 60 years old – S $ 1, (with you have a certificate in any language)
* children under 12 years old – is free.

Map of the Botanical Garden from the official site

The garden is about 2 km long, but located on hills and full of winding paths that everyone wants to bypass, so you can walk along it for a long time, 2-3 hours should definitely be laid.

When you get inside, the first thing that catches your eye is the well-groomed and unceasing care. Cleanliness and comfort not only for visitors, but also for living creatures walking freely with you.

Handsome rooster

The garden is divided into thematic parts, each of which carries a certain idea, carefully implemented in practice. Be it the Ginger Garden or the Garden of Evolution.

A path along one of the thematic parts, so as not to harm the plants under your feet.

It is quite easy to navigate, there are signs and places for rest everywhere, there are fountains with water and benches for the lost traveler.

A riot of greenery and flowers. Around the size of our sparrow, bugs fly around, very important, from their appearance it is clear that they definitely have no time to be distracted.

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