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Love Never Fails — Brandon Heath


Love Never Fails (Brandon Heath cover)

“Love Never Fails” by Brandon Heath, 2009

This song, I think, echoes the message of the video I posted on Valentine’s Day- love on a universal level. And I think that’s important.

It describes everything that love is–including things we often forget. If love is a subject you’ve been struggling with lately, use this as a reminder of what love really means, and there there is always love, no matter what. We might not always see it, but it’s there.

That’s my dad, singing with me; or me singing with him. It’s a song he chose for us to sing at my grandma’s memorial service, because she was a very nurturing person, and the message of this song is something that would’ve meant a lot to her.

And hopefully, it means a lot to you. Sometimes we don’t believe it when we hear the phrase “life is short.” But it’s true. Life’s too short not to make the most of love and the people you love. Sadly, love is often forgotten, especially in anger or hate. So I hope this helps us all remember to respond always with love.

That’s what matters.


Love is not proud

Love does not boast

Love after all

Matters the most

Love does not run

Love does not hide

Love does not keep

Locked inside

Love is the river that flows through

Love never fails you

Love will sustain

Love will provide

Love will not cease

At the end of time

Love will protect

Love always hopes

Love still believes

When you don’t

Love is the arms that are holding you

Love never fails you

When my heart won’t make a sound

When I can’t turn back around

When the sky is falling down

Nothing is greater than this

Greater than this

Love is right here

Love is alive

Love is the way

The truth the life

Love is the river than flows through

Love is the arms that are holding you

Love is the place you will fly to

Love never fails you

The Time I Met Brandon Heath

Note: I may earn money or products from the companies, products, or links mentioned in this post.

Seven years ago I worked at one of the largest Christian bookstores in Florida. It was privately owned and it was one the best jobs I’ve ever had.

Because it was a Christian bookstore, we had a lot of customers who we’d get to know pretty well. Some people came in everyday to eat at the cafe, some people came in just to talk to someone because they were lonely, and many had stories to share.

One such customer has stuck in my mind more than anyone else. It probably was because it was the day that Brandon Heath was coming to sing at the store. Now, if you don’t know anything about Brandon Heath, he is a Christian contemporary singer and songwriter and he writes some of the most beautiful songs.

I was working in the music section that day just doing the usual. I put out new music, organized the CDs, and helped customers. Then this man came in. He seemed to be looking for something in particular, so I went over to see if I could help him.

He told me that his wife had recently died and he was looking for something special to play at her funeral. I helped him search for something appropriate and when I turned around he had tears in his eyes. He started to tell me about their life together, and what his wife was like. He told me how he felt so alone now and how he wasn’t sure where his life would go now that she was gone.

We talked for over an hour and I tried to encourage him as best I could. I could see that he just needed someone to talk to. He was hurting.

After he left, it was my turn to work lunch in the cafe. We were expecting some big crowds since Brandon Heath was coming and extra help was going to be needed.

The crowds started to come in and the store was packed full, but Brandon Heath was late. No one was sure what was going on except that someone had seen he was talking to someone outside the store. Everyone waited and waited and finally about 45 minutes later than he was supposed to go on, Brandon Heath started.

He apologized for being late, and started to explain why. As he was coming into the store, the man who had recently lost his wife had been walking out. He had stopped to talk with him, hear his story, and encourage him.

Then Brandon Heath started to tell the same story that the man had told me earlier that morning. How the his wife had died, how they had been married so many years, and how he didn’t know what he was going to do next.

Most of the crowd was in tears that day, but especially me. I could not believe that Brandon Heath had stopped and taken time out of his day to help this man, even when it meant being late to his own show. I cried for the man who had lost his wife and I cried for the incredible love that was shown to him that day.

Brandon Heath went on to say that he usually didn’t start with this particular song, but today in honor of that man and his wife he would sing this song:

Love is not proud, love does not boast
Love after all matters the most
Love does not run, love does not hide
Love does not keep locked inside

Love is a river that flows through
Love never fails you

Love will sustain, love will provide
Love will not cease at the end of time
And love will protect, love always hopes
And love still believes when you don’t

Love is the arms that are holding you
Love never fails you

When my heart won’t make a sound
When I can’t turn back around
When the sky is falling down
Nothing is greater than this, greater than this

‘Cause love is right here, love is alive
Love is the way, the truth, the life
Love is the river that flows through
Love is the arms that are holding you

And love is the place you will fly to
Love never fails you

I actually never got to talk to Brandon Heath in person, but he did sign one of my CDs. If I had though, I would have told him how much his testimony of love meant to me. I knew how much that man was hurting and I knew he needed that encouragement.

I’m so thankful for God’s love that never fails. I’m thankful for the small amount of people out there who still show that kind of love to me and to others around us every day. Love never fails, and what are YOU going to do to show that to someone today?

Brandon Heath: Love Never Fails

Top 10 Christian Songs for Weddings

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

~ Matthew 19:6

Wedding day is an exciting day for the groom and the bride, for their friends and for their loved ones. Preparations are made in advance, the time and place are set, invitations are sent and so on. It’s a day to look forward to. It’s a day of celebrating life’s beauty and God’s goodness as well.

So, with that, I have compiled the Top 10 Christian for Weddings (not in particular order) . They are the popular and common songs we hear during wedding ceremonies. These songs also good for married couples who are celebrating their anniversaries or who simply want to sing a song for their spouses – it will strengthen the bond of marriage.

When God Made You by Newsong ft. Natalie Grant

This song testifies that God is the best matchmaker in the universe. “He must have heard every prayer I’ve been praying because He knew everything I would need”. Yes, God hears our prayers more so, when it’s about our mate, and in so many cases, His answers are totally different from what we ask for but without a doubt, it’s still the BEST.


God Bless the Broken Road by Selah

We can get lost along the road of ‘true love’ because of our own hearts. We get broken, we endure the pain of heartaches, we bear the scars, but what’s profound about this song is that those who broke our hearts are just “Northern Stars pointing me on my way into your loving arms”.


I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman

“Love is not a place to come and go as we please”. Indeed, marriage is a sacred covenant sanctified by God no matter what the circumstances surrounding the wedding ceremony. As long as it took place, as long as vows were exchanged, God sanctified the marriage. So, it should be respected and no man (or woman) should separate it.


You are the Love of My Life  by Darlene Zschech ft. Ron Kenoly

This song is a love song for the Lord but it has been sung in weddings so I included it here. This goes to show that far above the love the the couple share with each other is a greater love by God. He is the one that bonds and strengthens the marriage.


When I Say I do by Matthew West

When I hear this song, I always remember 1 Corinthians Chapter 13, the Chapter of Love. There is no other man that exemplifies love but Jesus Christ.


The Day Before You by Matthew West

The dream of every single is to find their God-appointed mate one day. Jaci Velasquez had made promise to God and to herself  to wait for the one God has prepared for her. This song also attests that sometimes we can go astray from the path because of the unhealthy desires of the heart but God is good nevertheless. He will keep us from stumbling.


The Marriage Prayer by John Waller

This is the ultimate song about marriage. Marriage should be like what Paul described in Ephesians 5:33 “each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband”. This song is a prayer and guess what? God honors prayers such as this, He will surely answer.

So, that’s the Top 10 Christian Songs for Weddings. I pray you have enjoyed listening to them. If you have some weddings songs to suggest, or any comments you want to get through to me, please comment on below. Thanks and God bless us all!

NewSong, Brandon Heath present Arise tour on Good Friday at Trine

Looking ahead to the celebration of the risen Savior on Easter Sunday, Christian music fans can join acclaimed artists NewSong and Brandon Heath for the Arise 2020 Tour on Good Friday at the Trine University campus.

The Arise 2020 Tour featuring NewSong and Brandon Heath will make a stop at the T. Furth Center for Performing Arts Friday, April 10. The concert begins at 8 p.m., with doors opening one hour prior.

Tickets, priced from $15-$30, go on sale at 10 a.m. Jan. 31 at

The tour, based on NewSong’s Easter classic “Arise My Love,” will be a night of worship featuring some of the band’s greatest hits. Heath is excited to join the tour and will perform some of his top singles, including “Jesus in Disguise,” “Love Never Fails,” “I’m Not Who I Was” and “Give Me Your Eyes.”

Founders and hosts of Christian music’s largest annual tour, the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, NewSong has released more than 20 albums over their 30 years together as a band. The group’s accolades include 20 No. 1 Christian radio singles, a No. 1 mainstream adult contemporary hit, a Grammy Award nomination and induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. One of the most beloved bands in Christian music, NewSong’s discography includes, in addition to “Arise, My Love,” defining songs such as “The Christmas Shoes,” “Rescue” and “The Same God.

A Nashville native, Heath quickly won the hearts of listeners when he released his major label debut in 2006. With four No. 1 singles to his credit, including the RIAA Platinum-certified “Give Me Your Eyes,” the singer has garnered five Grammy nominations, an American Music Award nod and an Emmy Award. In addition, he’s earned eight Dove Awards, including two consecutive Male Vocalist honors (2009, 2010) and a win for Song of the Year (“Give Me Your Eyes”). He’s also been recognized as a top lyricist in his field with numerous songwriting accolades, including being named BMI’s 2014 Songwriter of the Year.

For more information, visit

Photos: Top, NewSong. At right, Brandon Heath.

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Love never fails (Brandon Heath)

Love is not
love does not boast,
love after all
matters the most.
Love does not run,
love does not hide,
love does not keep
locked inside.

Love is the river that flows through,
love never fails you.

Love will sustain,

love will provide,
love will not cease
at the end of time.
Love will protect,
love always hopes,
love still believes
when you don’t.

Love is the arms

that are
holding you,
love never fails you.

When my heart

won’t make
a sound,
when I can’t turn back around,
when the sky is falling down,
nothing is greater than this,
greater than this.

‘Cause love is right here,
love is alive,
love is the way,
the truth, the life.

Love is the river that flows through,
love is the arms

that are
holding you,

love is the place you will fly to,
love never fails you.

El amor no es orgulloso,
el amor no es jactancioso,
el amor después de todo
es lo que más importa.
El amor no corre,
el amor no se esconde,
el amor no se mantiene
encerrado en el interior.

El amor es el río que fluye por él,
el amor nunca te falla.

El amor te sostendrá,
el amor te proveerá,
el amor no lo cesará
al final del tiempo.
El amor te protegerá,
el amor todo lo espera,
el amor sigue creyendo

cuando tú ya no lo haces.

El amor son los brazos

que te están abrazando,
el amor nunca te falla.

Cuando mi corazón

no haga ningún sonido,
cuando no pueda dar marcha atrás,
cuando el cielo se esté cayendo,
nada es más grande que esto,
más grande que esto.

Porque el amor está aquí,
el amor está vivo,
el amor es el camino,
la verdad, la vida.

El amor es el río que fluye por él,
el amor son los brazos

que te están abrazando,

el amor es el lugar al que volarás.

el amor nunca te falla.

90,000 There are unwritten rules in the NBA. Those who violate them – hate – Lantern – Blogs

A short course for those who want to play in the NBA and not look ignorant.


NBA is a miracle. It is not surprising that she manages to be both a whole universe with all the available entertainment, and a chamber theater, where they are guided by the rules that are not written anywhere that make up “basketball etiquette.”

All these rules seem to be available to anyone who more or less follows the league.But for some reason, only not to the competitors themselves: they are regularly forgotten and prefer small benefits to the ideal of gentlemanly behavior. Moreover, some stubbornly walk on the rake of universal censure: Jamal Murray, for example, has been in the league for the third year, but he constantly creates some kind of game in the endings and listens to instructions from rivals and veterans of his own team.

As in real life, some radical democratic elements advocate a departure from any restrictions that are not spelled out by law.The future US Vice President Steve Kerr does not hide that he is waging a war against unspoken rules and everything that interferes with freedom of expression. But even the absolute majority in the House of Representatives does not give him a sufficient basis to eradicate half a century of foundations – for many they are spelled out at the genetic level.

As in real life, the only factor that really influences unwritten ethics is time.

Some of the rules have lost their relevance. For example, Phil Jackson once said that coaches are obliged to take a time-aight in a situation when an opponent scores six unanswered points in a row.In a league where a 20-point gap is regularly recouped in a quarter, this no longer works.

Some of the rules were so important that they were legitimized. For example, earlier it was considered bad manners to “roll up” under the throwers, but irresponsible citizens in dreams of a big victory forgot about ethics: Zaza Pachulia neutralized Kawai Lenard with such a maneuver in the West Finals, and Jalen Rose almost neutralized Kobe Bryant in the 2000 finals. Now Bruce Bowen’s favorite trick is being punished officially.

Some of the rules were so egregious that they were reversed. For example, before it was possible to be on the penalty line indefinitely – instead of preparing for the throw, figures like Karl Malone also managed to recite a poem there. Since last season, the league has decided to fight against all recognized conventions and limited the time to ten seconds. And before that I came across only Dwight Howard.

Some of the rules have changed due to fashion. For example, in the 40-50s, throws from above were perceived as a real insult.And those who allowed themselves such meanness (well, that is, on the contrary, the height), on the parquet was waiting for a leg carefully placed under the ankle. The aggressive nature of the dunks has not gone anywhere, but now they are not called to a duel because of them – humanity still has some relative progress.

Especially for Murray, it is still worth talking about the basics that make up the NBA gentleman’s code. As in real life, ethical standards are even more important than what the law dictates.

• The judges do not give a run, so as not to spoil the beautiful moments

And not even very pretty.

The official explanation says that the referees often cannot keep track of both the top of the basketball player and the way he moves his legs down there. But few people believe in him: running has long become such an organic part of the NBA that even Shaq no longer laughs at them.

As Dostoevsky would say, if rules spoil beauty, fuck those rules.

• You can talk during pauses on the site, but only by wrapping yourself in a towel or lifting your T-shirt so that your lips are not read in the broadcast

• One minute timeout lasts more than two minutes

The longer the pause, the more advertising.

The nominal length of matches has not changed since the league was founded. The actual one is not comparable.

The protractedness of the games is constantly discussed, but a seemingly simple problem remains insoluble: the super-accurate stopwatches of the NBA referees slow down in timeouts.Money is also magic.

• There are no disqualifications in finals

Nobody wants one of the teams to gain an artificial advantage. The league does not need this, the fans do not need this, the participants who want to show that they are really stronger do not need this.

Kevin McHale nearly killed Kurt Rambis. Everything is fine.

Three Rollins bit Danny Ainge. This is how it should be.

Dennis Rodman provoked everyone and your grandma. And he deserved only approval.

Maurice Lucas and Daryl Dawkins have a full-blown boxing match. And only added a series of interest.

Naturally, the unspoken rule can be circumvented in an exceptional situation: you know, when LeBron James is involved, when it smells like a non-royal takeaway 1-4, when you need to teach a lesson to those who began to allow themselves too much.

• You cannot shoot in the last seconds – you must let the time expire

The code of the league assumes relaxation in the endings of meetings, where everything is decided: usually players allow time to expire and do not attack exponentially.

Since the rule is unspoken and is rather conditional, everyone interprets it differently and this leads to conflict situations. So, last year, Sean Livingston did not want to be considered an extra loss due to the expiration of time for the attack, and threw the ball – which did not like Tristan Thompson. The angry Cleveland center made a scandal and was even removed, but did not deserve sympathy: the charisma of the left-wing radical Steve Kerr convinced everyone that such norms were a relic of a passing era.

But there are also more unambiguous cases.

For example, Damian Lillard, Evan Turner and Tyric Evans have tried to improve stats by taking advantage of the fact that no one else wants to resist them.

And what Caron Butler wanted, no one still knows. The Clippers forward at the end of the crushing match rolled up to Jonas Valanciunas and, tempting him with his heels, dragged the ball and ran to the rim. The moment is so epic that they did not even condemn it.

• If someone caught courage, then let him roll until he misses

Everyone played the NBA Jam – everyone knows how cool it is to be on fire.

• A star can only have a maximum speed

The main rule of the NBA: the star is not the one who takes the team to the final, provides more than half of the points according to the “goal + pass” system, or at least gives an average triple-double. A star is one who earns like a star, that is, receives the maximum contract.

It is so deeply embedded in everyone’s minds that any deviations induce a revolt of consciousness.

The “Big Trio” from “Hit” donated salaries to gather a worthy team around.This only turned against them even more.

Kevin Durant shrank money to sign Igudala and Livingston. The noble gesture only strengthened his reputation as a “snake.”

There is no need to talk about DeMarcus Cousins. He agreed to 5 million – stuck a metaphorical knife in the back of the Golden State haters and turned it there.

• Judges do not whistle violations at the “poster”

• If someone wants to bet through you, it is better to run away

This technique was phenomenally mastered by LeBron James: on the court he always performs the functions of a belayer (formally), and therefore often has to run up from the weak side and interfere with the opponent at the last moment.Such a role is fraught with the fact that you can get into the highlights not at all the way you would like, and therefore the King gracefully leaves the frame and prefers not to advertise his presence. When everything goes to a dunk, this is really the smartest strategy: you won’t get justice from the judges, the haters will savor the moment for many years, and the dunk is just two points.

If the best NBA player does this, then others should not be ashamed.

There are also the wrong basketball players, like Rudy Gobert, who are not intimidated by the fate of Sean Bradley, but they are clearly in the minority.

• The first draft number must immediately start at the start

• Players from the second round do not play in their debut season

• At the end of the second round, the Europeans must be chosen

• Players specially fill statistics – it’s not a shame

Statistics are the backbone of basketball and an important pillar when signing a new agreement.

Therefore, players are not just interested in their numbers – they are obsessed with them.Most of them know what’s going on in the protocol. There are, however, and thugs who do not remember that they ever missed. And those who have problems with eidetic memory do not hesitate to approach the judges’ table and show unhappy curiosity.

Russell Westbrook is no exception.

Statistic tips were awarded to all stars, from Chamberlain to Jordan.

And the interest in numbers is not something shameful: if someone lacks a pass or selection for beautiful numbers, then the coaches will hold them in the game more than they should, and the partners will try to support them.

(Unless, of course, they are in the tank, like Felicio, who prevented Wade from completing the triple-double).

There are many ways to show concern for statistics.

So, experienced snipers know that if the ball is in your hands in the last seconds of any quarter, except for the last, then you need to wait for the siren, and only then make a throw. Nobody wants to spoil the percentage of three-pointers, and so you just – oh, did not have time.

So, you can demolish your partner and take away the selection from him, if you need it more.You have a contract season, you are center, you are a veteran, after all: get out of here, my rebound!

This is fine I’m sure

– Big Doncic Energy (@KirkSeriousFace) November 3, 2018

So, if you are a charismatic leader who is adored by everyone who enters into a minimal contract with you, then crush you with authority. Cast all your charm on the shaggy center and explain that if he pushes everyone under the shield and gives the rebounds to you, then the triple-double hype will benefit him too.

• Just don’t make it too obvious – it’s a shame

At the same time, the frenzied pursuit of triple-doubles in the style of Ricky Davis remains something indecent.

Statistics, she is like a woman: she needs to be achieved persistently, but outwardly to portray indifference, but there is no need to boil at all.

• After the free throws, it is imperative to hit your partner on five.

Among the three main versions of the hi-five ritual, there are two basketball versions.

According to the first (considered fictional), the greeting goes back to Laymot Slits, who played for Murray State in the early 80s. As he allegedly told, he learned this version from his father, who served in Vietnam in a company called “Five”: therefore, when colleagues visited their home, they always greeted each other with the words: “Hi, five.”

According to the second, the rite was born in the Louisville team in the late 70s and was initiated by Derek Smith. These “cardinals” were called “dunk doctors,” and the hi-five emphasized the vertical nature of their game.The first time in a high-five basketball match was in the 1980s final, when Willie Brown pushed Kiki Vandeweghe through and immediately received five sausages from Smith. Derek played for many years in the NBA and worked in the league as a coach, but it was the “hi-five” that he considered the main contribution to the history of mankind.

Since then, “five” has been an integral part of basketball. It is strange that until now no one counts how many, on average, players exchange spanks per match – perhaps this also somehow affects the result.

In the most concentrated form, the element is presented when breaking free throws. Regardless of whether the ball hits the net or not, the teammates must greet the one on the line.

If this does not happen, he will have to serve himself.

Since all this is very important.

• The same when going to the bench

In such situations, you need to be very careful: there are no trifles here, and any miscalculation can lead to a subsequent exchange from the club.

• You need to help your partner to stand up

NBA players never stand up by themselves. And not because they are too tall and cannot do it.

Help in such moments is a kind of psychological exercise to develop team spirit. In the first leg for the Lakers, LeBron James taught his young partners all the time: “You don’t have to get up yourself. Wait for your partners to reach out to you. ”

Therefore, any opposite situations are interpreted as irrefutable proof that something is wrong with the team.

• No need to help your opponent to get up and receive help from him

A stern man Brandon Jennings set up the team spirit in another way: he did not allow partners to lend a helping hand to rivals who fell on the floor. In addition to preliminary lectures and condemnation in the press, the defender also resorted to manual control: so he took Willie Hernangomez and forcibly removed from Hollis-Jefferson.

Old school coaches praised this gesture as creating the right fighting atmosphere.

Brandon Jennings has no love for the Knicks ’opponents.

– SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) November 10, 2016

• It is necessary to stand up for partners in fights

Another difficult question that has not been officially discussed in any way.

On the one hand, there are no fights in the NBA. Therefore, any conflict has not led to anything serious for a long time.

On the other hand, there are fights in the NBA (well, or inclinations to fights).And you need to at least imitate what kind of help a partner got into trouble.

These two poles define the only possible behavior. If you overdo it with help, then you can find yourself in the position of Brandon Ingram, beating everyone and nobody. If you show indifference to the episode, then the teammate may be offended, as Nick Young took offense at the Lakers, who ignored the seriousness of his position in the clash with the entire Phoenix five.

Charles Barkley formed the ideal of behavior long ago.Under the pretext that you are separating the fighters, you need to grab the opponent while your partner blunts him.

Although later you will also have to make excuses.

• Declarers do not throw in from behind the front

This rule proved particularly painful for Christian Leitner’s Duke partners. The shitty center often threw the ball somewhere to the side so that the point guard had to tense up – this was how he tested their inner core and loyalty to the leader.

• The center jumps for the starting controversial, even if there are more jumpy forwards

• Star veterans do not fight for offensive rebounds, do not defend against opposing snipers, do not press or pass screens from above

Such things are not particularly hidden: they are all on the surface. The season is very long, and experienced players often give themselves a favor (or get it from understanding coaches).

The strangest and most funny thing about this is that they often warn their opponents: for example, they say that they will not go for the rebound, and if they indicate pressure, they specifically say that this is done on the instructions of the coach and they just want it to look normal on video “.

• Three-point must be celebrated with special gestures

Three-pointers have long lost the exclusivity of an exploding bomb that they had thirty years ago. The league is moving towards the fact that long-range shots will be half of all attempts made by the teams.

In this case, only the statistics change, but not the attitude towards the throws. Significant three-pointers – not only decisive ones, but game-setting ones, or turning points, or unimaginable ones, or successful ones, or just ordinary three-pointers – are still accompanied by special ceremonies.Instead of primitive gestures (three fingers placed on the head, or “three-point glasses” around the eyes), more complex variations are proposed. Some Golden State players have to be creative in these matters and read the classics.

• During a stoppage of play, the ball sent by the opponent must be prevented from falling into your ring.

Once upon a time, swiping the ball after the whistle seemed to be one of the typical features of Kevin Garnett’s game. A formidable forward can crawl on the floor, work with his elbows in the paint, tease rivals with a thrash shot, bring a partner to tears or push out on the court – so one habit that does not quite meet the norms is more, one less …

Now that young KG fans have been joining the league for almost 15 years now, and the level of fundamental hostility seems to be growing, goltendings after the whistle can be seen more and more often performed by all sorts of guys.A simple, but proven effective way to knock an opponent off the track and impose his will on him, albeit in a meaningless episode, has already ceased to be considered something out of the ordinary and has become the norm.

This pattern is even more amusing, since it has long been known that some of KJ’s clever rivals (well, like Kobe) used this addictiveness of his and intentionally threw and threw him so that he would get more tired by the end of matches.

• If you are sitting in the front row, do not click your beak

• If you made a crossover – immediately throw

The episode definitely hits the highlights of the day, but it’s somehow stupid to share fame with partners.After crossovers, nobody ever gives a gear.

• Judges do not whistle crossover violations

Hand jerks, jogging or technical marriage are powerless over beauty.

• Bankshots are thrown only in exceptional situations

The most exceptional case is called Tim Duncan. In their last season, the Spurs center threw 53 such throws – already when he almost acquired the luggage of a typical retiree: a gray beard, an aquarium and oversized clothes (and, wait, he always had that).53 shots from the backboard is the best achievement of the past year and belongs to CJ McCollum.

Without Duncan, the shield roll dies.

Although there is also a conspiracy theory on this score (it is for any account): supposedly the alloy from which the shields are made has changed over the years, and the rebound has become stronger and more unpredictable.

Which naturally brings us to the next point.

• If there is a draft, rub your hands on the mold, take talcum powder, change your shoes.Equipment is always to blame

Vet move here by Vince Carter
Always wipe your hands on your shorts after hitting the side of the backboard with a 3. Make sure they know and cant blame you.

– Rob Perez (@WorldWideWob) October 25, 2018

• In trash talk, you cannot mention family and resort to homophobic insults

Thrashtock is perhaps the most heavily regulated area in basketball. Moreover, it is regulated behind the scenes.

The first rule of trash talk is that you can’t discuss trash after the game. Whatever is said, you cannot complain.

No one knows if Garnett actually congratulated Duncan on Mother’s Day and told Carmelo that his wife tasted like Honey Nat Chirios.

Charlie Villanueva is one of those who broke this rule when he said that Garnett called him “cancer patient.”

Although the indignation of the Pistons player is understandable, even the fans of the club did not appreciate his slander.

The second rule of trash talk is that you cannot mention family in trash talk.

A rule that is not available to LeBron James.

Any NBA player knows that you can only get offended when your family members are affected. No one was surprised that Duncan carried a grudge against Garnett for life, and Anthony scoured the tunnels in search of a rival.

But everything else is permissible.

James justified his behavior in the episode with Green by calling him “bitch.”Which made even Clay Thompson extremely funny.

The third rule of trash talk is that you must not resort to homophobic insults in trash talk.

The f-word, which NBA basketball players love, fell out of use thanks to the league’s persistence. The two most famous cases of its use are the 100 thousand fine, which Kobe paid, and the Rajon Rondo scandal, after which Bill Kennedy confessed to being gay.

The fourth rule of thrash talk is that no technical ones are given for thrash talk.

The fifth rule of thrash talk is that you have no right to thrash if you do not go to the site.

This does not apply to the kings of thrashtok: Garnett managed to be useful even from the bench, when Noah teased him without the help of his elbows.

But in other cases it looks ridiculous: something like Kendrick Perkins splayed under Steph Curry.

The sixth rule of thrash current – you can’t thrash Michael, Kobe and Reggie Miller.

Anyone who watched the trinity made the unequivocal conclusion that talking to them would further complicate matters.Coaches dragged newcomers and those who did not understand this away from Jordan, smart people like Shane Battier began to publicly say that they could not do anything against Bryant, and Spike Lee was declared the main reason for the defeat from Indiana and was forbidden to go to Indianapolis (he I went anyway, but now I was silent).

The seventh rule of trash talk is that you don’t have to violate your personal space: touch someone else’s head, stick your licked finger in your ear, poke your non-licked finger in the face

• Do not throw the ball in the head

It is difficult to substantiate the thesis that friendship between players is harmful to the league.

And yet there is one area where this is too noticeable: when fighting for outgoing balls, they now try not to hit the head or between the legs: play by play, and such techniques are a thing of the past and are manifested only in exceptional situations.

But Danny Ainge had such a good hit once upon a time.

• Do not step over a fallen opponent

Nuance known since ancient times. Allen Iverson lost the final with no options, but won a moral victory, asserting himself over Tyrone Liu.

It was no coincidence that LeBron James did not change the trajectory and flew exactly over Draymond Green in the final series. The reaction was so predictable that Charles Barkley considered it absolutely justified and without any punishment.

There is nothing more humiliating on the court than being between your opponent’s legs.

“This is the worst thing: you should never step over anyone,” said Pat Riley. – It’s like peeing on an opponent.This is something that no one will ever tolerate. Did LeBron Green deliberately provoke? Did he say to himself: “I will step over him now, and perhaps he will hit me between my legs, and perhaps he will be disqualified”? I would not be surprised: he knew perfectly well what he was doing. He’s very smart. It reminded me of the episode when Kevin McHale took down Kurt Rambis. ”

• The referees do not whistle in the last minutes for non-obvious violations

In general, they don’t whistle even for obvious violations. Victor Oladipo did not know this and whined all summer that he had been robbed of his victory in the fifth match of the series with Cleveland.

The League ruled that LeBron’s block had been made in violation, but hardly anyone got any better.

• If you grab the ball when you hit it, the referees will forgive you one time delay, the second one will already whistle a warning

Officially, the first violation of the team is a warning, the second and subsequent ones are a techie.

In fact, for the first time, especially in the first half, any player is forgiven, an official warning with a signal to the table is given only the second time.

• Do not touch the arbiter during complaints, this is the border between communication and techie

You cannot touch the arbitrators according to the rules – just like complaining or swearing. But if you just whine, then in 99% no one looks at you, as soon as they barely touched the referee, even by accident – that’s it, techie.

• If there is an important ending and you have no timeouts left, the referees will ignore your request for a timeout

David Blatt once tried to ruin LeBron’s career, but nothing worked.The episode eventually became an organic part of the “Chicago” combination.

• The star will be exchanged for the team he wants

An unspoken rule that never works.

The stereotype says that the NBA is a league of players, where the players rule everything: they decide which team they should go to and which one they shouldn’t, organize promotions in training, threaten not to show up for medical examinations and riot on social networks.

Stars do list, threaten, demand, remind, play and don’t play.As if such a rule exists.

In fact: Lenard wanted to play in California – was sent to the North, Irving chose between San Antonio and New York – ended up in Boston, Paul George wanted to go to the Lakers – went to Oklahoma.

• If the club has agreed to exchange picks on the day of the draft, they cannot back down

On the day of the draft, pick exchanges are frozen: clubs choose players for other teams under their picks, and only then the exchange is announced.

Between the choice for another team and the official announcement of the exchange, negotiations for compensation often continue, but there has never been information about the breakdown of such negotiations (although, according to rumors, Miami was ready to exchange Beasley in 2008, but someone framed Riley).

Once a player is chosen, the club is forced to fulfill its obligations.

• You cannot take as the head coach someone who once went on a demotion from coach to assistant

There have been seven exceptions in recent years.

Terry Stots and Dwayne Casey shoot at the expense of Dallas’ triumph. A victory that is considered very coaching.

Jay Triano has successfully driven the Phoenix to the first draft pick.

Maurice Cheeks had a hand in the eternal devastation at Detroit.

Now here Larry Drew has bargained for a place in chief in Cleveland only in order to keep the peak of his team.

Alvin Gentry periodically makes local breakthroughs with the Pelicans, but all the way he balances between retirement and the title of honorary physical education instructor.

A step back – as an admission of defectiveness.

• If someone has lost a shoe, it should be thrown away

The opponent was left without a sneaker.

Yes: desperate desire to throw her away.

Yes: a formal reason, because someone can get injured because of a sneaker.

It all adds up.

• Players of the starting five must not be on the floor at “+20”

What do NBA players and drunks have in common? Everyone in the NBA is also obsessed with respect.

In the theater they whisper: “What to say, when there is nothing to talk about.” In the NBA, in any incomprehensible situation, you can talk about respect and disrespect, these are yin and yang, which are so pleasant to juggle.Like loneliness, it’s an almost endless topic.

So, when the best players are on the court with a big difference in the score, this is a hint of disrespect, that they want to humiliate the opponent not only.

If the subject of such an action is someone with a sensitive psyche, then it may end badly. As the Knicks coach, Isaiah Thomas saw disrespect in everything and tried to provoke a fight first with the Spurs, then with Indiana and finally with Denver. He did the latter so well that after that the fights in the NBA disappeared, and no one ever kept their starters on the floor in such situations.

Not without exceptions like Tom Thibodeau. The Minnesota coach lives by his own rules and refuses to see the connection between playing time and injury point-blank.

• The NBA doesn’t tell the truth about their height

The most popular cases are polarities.

Small players always overestimate their height – sometimes on their own, sometimes they do it for them. JJ Barea’s height, for example, is 178 centimeters, but he is registered as all six feet – 183 centimeters. The same situation was at one time with Allen Iverson.Trey Young freaked out at all: he had seen enough of Panchenko’s bullying and wrote himself 188 centimeters – apparently, he came to measure in 10-centimeter platforms.

“Big” is often underestimated – most often on purpose. Garnett and Durant have always been very sensitive to every inch and have denied being seven footers throughout their careers. There was no specific reason, but traditionally it is customary to think that they were afraid of being transferred to the position of the fourth or fifth numbers. Now it’s hard to understand – once under the ring it was very painful and physically hard.

It is also known that LeBron James decided never to measure height again after outgrowing Jordan.

Why the league allows all this to be done is one of the main mysteries.

• If you are a beginner, it means that everything is to blame

Jabari blaming Wendell for his horrific lob pass 🙃

– Tyler Pleiss (@Tyler_Pleiss) November 8, 2018

The giver is to blame, but not in situations where the pass is addressed to a beginner.Beginners should be quiet and agree with everything.

• Respect for someone else’s space in the dressing room

The players do not have such large lockers as they seem, and they are very careful about their personal space.

“You can’t go into someone else’s box and take something from there just because you don’t have it,” Austin Rivers said. “If you don’t have your own lotion or deodorant, don’t come to me for them.

The newcomers are very poorly organized. They scatter everything on the floor, pigs everywhere.

I had a newbie in Los Angeles. He loved to scatter everything so much that his panties ended up in someone’s chair. The guys just got pissed off. They told him: “Bro, so that this no longer happens. Stick your shit in your closet. ”

• Observe hygiene

There are sometimes players in the NBA who despise showers and deodorants. The problem is quite common, but such originals are quickly re-educated.

“Shit like that comes up all the time,” said Markieff Morris.“We had a newcomer at Phoenix who said,“ I don’t use deodorants. ” I’m like, “What, what, what, what, ###, do you mean?

You need to respect those around you. Hygiene is an important part of our profession. It’s not very pleasant to defend against someone that stinks. So I had to explain to him that he is causing us inconvenience. ”

“We had such a case on the team,” said one NBA veteran, “when the guys were taking bird baths. “Bird bath” is when you sprinkle a little water and run away.We have guys playing healthy there – you can’t take a “bird bath” and be clean.

I had to buy sets with deodorants, shampoos and put them on the table by the locker of the guy who smelled especially. I was able to make him be cleaner with one trick, I always said to him: “The girls love it.” It worked”.

• You need to follow the dress code

It is not only what the players appear in before the matches that matter. What they wear in the locker room also matters.

“We had a guy who wore yellow panties like bikinis,” said one veteran. – In the style of “Borat”. All the guys told him: “No, man, this kind of thing is not allowed here. Buy yourself normal panties. ” When I saw him behind him, I could not believe that this was happening at all. Tin “.

• Do not wear the sneakers of those you are going to play against

Everyone knows the legends about Michael Jordan and draws conclusions. As you know, once Kendall Gill ran after him and tried to be daring, but the great cut him off with one phrase: “You can’t talk to me, since you play in my sneakers.”

In the NBA, many play in the name models of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George, but they always try to wear something different when meeting them in person.

This is the rule.

• It is necessary to watch the nails

• You cannot tell team secrets to journalists

The rule seems to be obvious, but even here there are exceptions.

During the 2011 finals, Dallas changed their starting line-up with JJ Barea.

Rick Carlisle wanted this to come as a surprise to everyone. It is clear that for the rivals. But the same for the journalists: he was afraid that they would get to the bottom of Stevenson, who had lost his place in the start, would irritate Barea and spoil the atmosphere.

Despite the precautions, news ceased to be news long before the game. Because Trelawney Jason Terry couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

• Everyone should be a novice

If you do not respect your elders and do not fulfill your direct duties – running after donuts and other food, carrying bags and not forgetting your pink backpack, then your comrades will definitely do everything so that the beginner’s memory never fails in the future.

It will be forbidden to eat. What happened to Darius Morris.

Pour hot sauce into the sleeping man’s mouth – Michael Redd didn’t like that at one time.

Tied up, sent under an ice shower and left there until the next training session – now they don’t do that, but the “bad guys” at the Pistons were brought up that way.

Popcorn into his car. As happened to poor Jason Thompson.

Poor Patrick O’Bryant.

Poor Marshawn Brooks.

Or peanuts – such was the fate of Hassan Whiteside’s car.

Or they will correct the spelling of the surname on the shirt.

A newcomer “Jazz” (his name remains unknown) once joked about how many throws Malone makes before the games. As a result, he not only had to carry Karl’s bag, but also turn off the lights for him before going to bed and make the bed.

Joaquim Noah also joked badly – he poured water on Ben Wallace when he was being massaged.Then the newcomer was looking for his car for a long time, which the center hid from the presumptuous bully.

And if anything, you can just mordas.

• There is no need to show off in the endings of won matches

For some reason, the losers usually take it hard.

• And no need to show off at all

This infuriates even the judges, who will figure out what to punish.

• If a player has promised to subscribe with a specific team, he must do so

In the first week of July, players can negotiate with clubs, although official signings are only possible from the second week.

This pause has never caused any problems: an adult is usually able to choose a team where he would like to play next, and not change his mind at least until the start of training camp.

Over the past few years, however, we have already seen three exceptions, each funny in its own way.

Deandre Jordan provoked emoji mayhem when he suddenly decided not to move to Dallas. His partners in the Clippers barricaded themselves at the center and forced him to stay against the promise previously made to Mark Cuban.

Nemanja Bjelica was supposed to stretch the defense in Philadelphia, but felt that he was somehow not promised money. Fencing with family problems, he refused the promise, then thought about moving to Europe and, finally, found money, and a roof, and an attractive role with Vlada Divac.

Yogi Ferell announces that he will remain with Dallas. And on the same day I heard a lot of bewildered exclamations both at my own expense and at the expense of my agent: all analysts in the world agreed that he had sold a lot.A few days later, the defender became a Sacramento player, where he was offered more.

• Do not grab onto personal belongings, even if the judge does not see

• Always pay card debts and do not chase other people’s women

Axiom says 99 percent of all conflicts in the NBA are about women and cards.

The most famous story about a woman is the march of Matt Barnes, who covered 150 kilometers to chase Derek Fisher.Fischer just developed a rapport with Barnes’ ex-wife.

The most famous card story is the debt of Gilbert Arenas. “Agent Zero” did not shell out and, word for word, provoked a duel on real pistols in the locker room of “Washington”.

• Used condoms must be flushed down the toilet

In addition to advice from officials, agents and club executives, NBA players also receive advice from porn stars.

Chief among them: all women dream of flying from an NBA player, so you need to keep your vigilance and used condoms.

• You cannot throw free throws “from under your skirt”

Out-of-the-skirt penalties in America are called “grandmother’s style” penalties.

For some reason, professional players think that it is much more shameful to shoot like a girl than to show the percentage of hits from free throws worse than girls. And Shaquille, and Deandre Jordan, and Howard all said out loud that being a problem for their own teams is much more pleasant than publicly shaming.

Chinanu Onuaku brings back the NBA throwing tradition, but to most, he looks like Marilyn Manson attending the Tatler debutante ball.

• You cannot record the revelations of partners on the phone

D’Angelo Russell is already giving advice.

The young video expert recorded Nick Young’s observations of his turbulent life, leaked valuable data to the network and became an outcast in his own team for a while. Thanks to his efforts, in five minutes Young’s wife, female rapper Iggy Azalea, decided to remain single for life.

Do you want to take on this?

• Beating partners and rivals on the butt is possible only under certain conditions

A couple of years ago, Cousins ​​and Embiid were too glad to see each other and could not give in in anything, including patting someone else’s ass.

Patting it is a noumenal phenomenon.

However, in this context, the question was raised of where is the norm.

The Expert Council determined that:

1. It is okay to slap each other on the butt, it is a sign of reward for good actions.

2. In this case, the rule must be adjusted more stringently:

– only partners, not rivals, can slap on the ass;

– such things can only happen on the court, but not in the locker room;

– one cotton at a time is enough, no more.

3. The best ass patting in NBA history is the 2010 meeting between Grant Hill and Reggie Evans.

• Serious people celebrate moments with bump and fist bumps

No one knows who invented the “fist bump”, or who first used it in the NBA, but it is known that the popularizer and basketball mastermind of this ritual was Fred Carter, who ran for Baltimore and Philadelphia in the 70s. or, as he said about himself, was “the best player in the worst team in history.”

Fred Carter was known in the league as a Mad Dog (one of the hundred and fifty-one Mad Dogs who appeared in the NBA), so when he was once again captured by a sharp rush of testosterone, he began to “fist-bump” others. Carter considered this gesture very “masculine” and believed that it emphasized the individual connection between team members much better than “hi-fi”.

Then the tradition was continued by another famous native from the street grounds, Earl Monroe, and another product of African American culture became an integral part of the NBA.

“Chest bump” (or chest greeting) has a rather mysterious origin. It seems that elements of it were found in the dances of the Tanzanian tribe Watutsi (no allusion to CSKA), but they became part of mass culture thanks to the Muppet Show (the dolls had to somehow celebrate each other) and Michael Jackson.

Well, then this one.

John Starks would know about it.

The Knicks of the mid-90s are one of the most hated teams in league history. Tired of Showtime, Pat Riley was the pioneer of worker-peasant basketball: unlike the Bad Boys, the Knicks had absolutely no attractive and graceful backline players, and their whole game was reduced to endless plowing and intimidation of the opponent …The symbol of that team was the “Chest-Bump”, introduced into use by a belligerent defender who is experiencing problems with his overflowing energy.

Perhaps, “bump-bump” and remained the main legacy of that eerie team. And they tried to forget about the founders of the tradition as soon as possible.

• The ball doesn’t lie!

Photo: Stockman

What’s the Distinction Between Google Video YouTube – Media

Ed Sheeran Perfect (Official Music Video)

Video taken from the channel: Ed Sheeran

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal (Official Video)

Show Description

The short film for Michael Jackson’s “” Smooth Criminal ”” was the centerpiece of the feature film Moonwalker, and featured the debut of Michael’s iconic “” anti-gravity lean.”” Inspired in part by Fred Astaire’s “” Girl Hunt Ballet ”” dance number in the film The Band Wagon, “” Smooth Criminal ”” was named Best Video at the BRIT Awards, Broadcast Film Critics Association and the People’s Choice Awards ..
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Written and Composed by Michael Jackson.
Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions.
Co-Produced by Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc ..
From the album Bad, released August 31, 1987.
Released as a single October 21, 1988.
Director: Colin Chilvers.
Primary Production Location: Los Angeles, California.
Michael Jackson’s short film for “” Smooth Criminal ”” was the sixth of nine short films produced for recordings from Bad, one of the best selling albums of all time.The “” Smooth Criminal ”” single hit No. 1 in Spain and The Netherlands and reached the Top 10 in the UnitedStates, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland. In the United States, “” Smooth Criminal ”” reached the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100-the sixth single from Bad to do so-as well as Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play and Hot R & B / Hip-Hop Singles charts ..
In addition to being a standalone short film, “” Smooth Criminal ”” became the centerpiece of Michael’s most ambitious film project at the time, Moonwalker, a feature-length film that was released theatrically in various countries outside of the United States.In the “” Smooth Criminal ”” portion of the film, Michael and his friends face off against the notorious drug lord Mr. Big (Joe Pesci) and attempt to foil his plot to get the children of the world hooked on drugs-but of course, in the end, Michael defeats the villain ..
The musical portion of “” Smooth Criminal ”” takes place in the magical “” Club ’30s, ”” where Michael instructed his friends to meet him. While Katie (Kellie Parker), Zeke (Brandon Adams) and Sean (Sean Lennon) find the club to belong abandoned, Club ’30s springs to life when Michael shows up, wearing a blue and white pinstripe suit and fedora….
As the kids watch through the window, Michael flips a coin into the jukebox and leads the club patrons through a dazzling performance to “” Smooth Criminal. ”” Here, Michael shows off updated versions of his signature dance moves. He also debuts one of his most iconic dance moves: the “” anti-gravity lean, ”” a seemingly impossible move ..
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HD footage shows new angle of blast that rocked Beirut, Lebanon

Video taken from the channel: The Sun

Michael Jackson Beat It (Official Video)

Video taken from the channel: Michael Jackson

Most Popular Website (1996-2019) | Google Vs Yahoo, Facebook Vs YouTube

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The Difference Between Ranking on Google vs YouTube | Neil Patel

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Love and Doves (comedy, directed by Vladimir Menshov, 1984)

Show Description

Watch our films on the website https: // kino-mosfilm.rf.
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Comedy by Vladimir Menshov “Love and Doves”.
A timber industry worker has a wife, Nadia, three children and a dovecote. For the first time in his life, he is on a tour to the south. There, a naive village simpleton meets the femme fatale Raisa Zakharovna and … returns from vacation not to his village, but to the house of a new acquaintance. A new life begins for him, in which there are many incomprehensible and interesting things, but there is no home where Nadia, children and pigeons stayed ….
Interesting fragments:
0:00 The beginning of the film.
17:55 Mikard’s infarction.
47:45 Letter.
53:00 Don’t hold it, let it go.
1:19:45 I’m not going.
Director: Menshov Vladimir.
Screenwriter: Gurkin Vladimir.
Composer: Valentin Levashov.
Operator: Nevsky Yuri.
Production designer: Yasyukevich Felix.
Cast: Gurchenko Lyudmila, Doroshina Nina, Mikhailov Alexander, Yursky Sergey, Lyakh Igor, Tenyakova Natalya, Lisovskaya Yanina, Sizonenko Lada

Video taken from the channel: Mosfilm Cinema Concern

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So let’s see what exactly is the difference between Public, Private and Unlisted Videos. Public Video. The name is self-explanatory. Videos on YouTube TV, YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, and YouTube Gaming apps; Content within the video player (i.e., in cards, or end screens) Videos in email or push notifications; Videos that play in the background tab (no visible impression) Videos whose thumbnails are less than 50% visible and / or visible for less than one second.

A subtitle or closed caption file contains the text of what is said in the video. It also contains time codes for when each line of text should be displayed. Some files also include position and style info, which is especially useful for deaf or hard of hearing viewers. See what file formats YouTube supports below. YouTube has expanded to offer so many different premium subscription services that it can be hard to tell them all apart.

If you like the basic YouTube platform but.

List of related literature:

One is that the visitor can browse videos based on content and popularity.

from Mental Health and Mental Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being [3 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being
by Len Sperry
ABC-CLIO , 2015

Figure 12-18 gives you an idea of ​​the differences: The Google Video player is slightly smaller and its lower-right Google Video button has only one option, which is to go to the Google Video site.

from Google Apps: The Missing Manual: The Missing Manual
by Nancy Conner
O’Reilly Media, 2008

The more videos that are watched, the more adverts that are seen, and the more money Google makes.

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Through its YouTube subsidiary, Google applies search principles to short video clips; in one month of 2007, YouTube claimed 71 million viewers scattered across millions of videos varying from homemade “user-generated content” to professionally produced programming (Donohue 2007).

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For a time after the acquisition YouTube, the two sites existing more or less in parallel, with Google encouraging viewers to upload their videos to both sites.

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YouTube videos tend to rank highly in Google searches (perhaps because Google owns YouTube!), Whilst most other online video content does not.

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Google TV would originally be included in devices such as Blu-ray players, and eventually in television sets, which would presumably give users instant access to the millions of high-quality YouTube channels that Eric Schmidt envisioned — all paid for, certainly, by a video equivalent of AdWords …

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Some videos lead a specific category, whereas others are peripheral …

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The first using categorising videos labels (called tags), which are filled in by the user who uploads them.

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Owned by Google (the company paid $ 1.65 billion for it, less than a year after it launched), YouTube is a video-sharing network that is equally influential in search engine optimization (SEO).

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Mainly about music, well and a little about everything else – LiveJournal
Greetings to all! Have you forgotten that I have a blog? To be honest, I myself have forgotten a little about him.But it’s time to improve. So, thanks to those who come here not for the first time. And, undoubtedly, I am glad to see new readers here.

So, let’s get to the point. I decided here to make a small educational program on the most notable music albums that came out in incomplete 2016. No, this is not really a summary of the best albums of the year. I will traditionally publish my personal top at the beginning of 2017. This publication aims to acquaint the reader with the most remarkable discs of the current year. Again, remarkable purely from my point of view, because some albums that seem significant to many listeners will not be mentioned in this material due to the fact that they are not particularly interesting to me.And the reviews themselves will not be only laudatory, because, again, this is not the top of the best albums. Well, enough extra words, get to the point.

Panic! at the Disco – Death of a Bachelor

Do you know how it is? You listen to dozens of albums all day, and everything seems to be fine, but one day you come across a record that completely blows your brains out, in the good sense of the word. No, this is not the latest Panic album! at the Disco, and the very first was “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out”.The band’s debut album became a real revelation for me in due time. The energy, which was filled to the brim with the record, acted on me like a drug. Even now I am afraid to include “A Fever”, because I know for sure that I will invariably shake my head in ecstasy until I finish listening to the longplay to the end. Returning to the last, already the fifth disc “Death of a Bachelor”, we can safely say that it is she who is the real heir to the first album. But, on the other hand, this is the first album of the collective, which left me rather indifferent.Let me explain why.

Creative way Panic! at the Disco can be called one of the toughest in the music industry. Each album corresponds to a certain milestone in the history of the band. The first disc “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” is a real bomb, recorded by hitherto unknown guys from the American provinces and really blew up the music world. The sound at the intersection of indie rock, pop-punk, post-punk-rivival and emo-pop opened up a fairly wide audience of fans for the band.But already in the second disc “Pretty. Odd “the guys decided to” disown “the sound of the first album, wanting to create something fundamentally new – both in sound and in mood. In contrast to the vigorous and “protesting” A Fever, the second LP turned out to be more “peaceful”. Here the psychedelic and baroque-pop heritage of the great The Beach Boys has affected. Therefore, the second album was immersed in a kind of sunny retro atmosphere. Critics and fans alike were ambivalent about this turn, but generally appreciated the longplay favorably.

But after the success of two albums, the band suddenly lost half of their line-up: guitarists John Walker and main songwriter Ryan Ross left the band. Remaining drummer Spencer Smith and vocalist Brandon Urie found themselves in a quandary. Brandon Urie had to take on the songwriting responsibilities. And since starting from scratch is difficult, Uri tried to create something similar to the work of Ross (mostly a sample of the first album). This is how the material for the third album “Vices & Virtues” appeared.Yes, it can be accused of being somewhat secondary, hence the mixed reviews from critics and less commercial success than previous albums. But you need to get into the position of Uri, who did not give up and kept the group, having recorded a very good LP. In the sound of the record, one way or another, one could feel the fresh spirit of a new stage of creativity, but there was also a barely perceptible note of light sadness, which is explained by a difficult period for the collective.

But by the time of the recording of the fourth album, Brandon Urie is completely alone in the group.It was decided to keep the name of the group, and Uri, in fact, became the personification of the collective in a single person. But for Uri, the man-orchestra, this task was within his power. Now completely free from the band’s legacy, Brandon is recording a completely fresh and independent sounding album, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! In fact, the disc is in its spirit a full-fledged solo album that Uri could have released under his own name, but released on behalf of the group. This is evidenced by the personal character of the lyrics and bold experiments with a sound that has gone far from the usual punk rock towards electronics and R’n’b.The result is a perfect cocktail of juicy and positive sound. The album was also commercially successful, repeating the success of the second disc, hitting the second line of the Billboard 200.

But in the fifth disc “Death of a Bachelor” Brandon, apparently, decided to return to his roots again and record some kind of generalization of the creative path – an album , which would have absorbed all the best and varied that the group has created over the four previous records. But, on the other hand, the previous albums were interesting because they reflected each specific stage and therefore sounded whole.Against this background, the fifth disc looks like a not entirely successful hodgepodge, which seems to contain all the necessary ingredients, but lacks the depth of taste. But not only did Uri rely on the group’s previous work – he tried to fit the longplay into a certain general musical context. For example, according to him, when creating the disc, he relied on the work of Queen and Frank Sinatra. That is, the album is at the same time the quintessence of the band’s creativity, the quintessence of pop-punk / emo-pop direction and the quintessence of all world music as such.Ask, where is the individuality? And there is no her, friends. “Death of a Bachelor” was, in particular, very similar to the last two albums of the main colleagues in the shop Fall Out Boy. And if earlier Panic! at the Disco favorably distinguished themselves from their colleagues, now they abandoned all authenticity and completely surrendered themselves to the power of the intra-genre mainstream.

Yes, I must admit that the album begins with a very cool and catchy little piece “Victorious”, in which one can clearly feel allusions to Grigov’s “In the Cave of the Mountain King”.But, unfortunately, the rest of the works from the disc do not support the tone set by the opening single. They seem to be trying to be loud and energetic as before, but they do not leave a pleasant aftertaste. Against this background, only swinging “Crazy = Genius” and lyrical “Impossible Year” can please, in which the legacy of Sinatra is most clearly felt. The single “La Devotee”, which is close in rhythm to post-punk rivival, is also quite good, but it also lacks something. The rest of the tracks do not remain in memory at all.

One way or another, “Death of a Bachelor” became the first album of the band to conquer the American Billboard 200. In the British album chart, the longplay reached number 4. In my opinion, this is not the worst album that just lacked integrity. Let’s see what will happen next. In the meantime, only 6.5 points out of 10.

Rihanna – Anti

Honestly, I have already buried Rihanna for myself as an artist, because after the excellent album “Good Girl Gone Bad”, which remains the best in the singer’s discography, Rea’s work has clearly gone downhill.Therefore, when undertaking to listen to her new album “Anti”, I did not hope for anything at all and did it purely for the sake of a tick, but … unexpectedly I was pleasantly surprised. But first things first.

The 2007 album “Good Girl Gone Bad” became a turning point in Rihanna’s work. A young Barbados singer, recording simple and pleasant reggae songs, suddenly finds herself on the world stage and finds herself in the hands of the most famous producers, including the famous Timothy Mosley, aka Timbaland.Their forces create a record that should fix Ri on the world musical Olympus. This is how Good Girl Gone Bad is born – the quintessence of the R’n’b mainstream of that time. The title of the album also seems to speak for itself: a young innocent girl turns into an experienced and hardened artist.

But then something went wrong: the good girl became too “bad”. The famous scandal with Chris Brown clearly played an important role here. In general, Ri took on the image of a kind of cheeky girl in the world of music: alcohol, tattoos, strange hairstyles … Personally, I was sorry to see how the singer frankly ruins her beauty.Although, many will clearly disagree with me. Like, “the new images have their own beauty …” and so on. However, I digress a little.

Musically, this “deterioration” was also felt very clearly. But the reason is not only in Ri’s personal creative development. The fact is that after 2007, namely, closer to 2011, R’n’b itself began to decline. Perhaps the reason for this decline lies in the arrival of a large number of electronic producers in the genre, primarily Diplo, who brought elements of such directions as mumbaton, trap and dubstep to R’n’b.The usual melodiousness of musical parts is gone: in its place came electronic gash, to which it is very convenient to dance twerk. This tendency is very clearly seen in all R’n’b-albums of this period (well, the work of Nicki Minaj is the apogee of the genre’s degradation). Aside from this trend, such pillars of R’n’b as Rihanna and Beyoncé did not remain at that time. But if Beyoncé, in fact, limited herself to the single “Run the World (Girls)”, then the crisis of the genre about Ri’s work was wider.

The album “Rated R” was released in the “pre-crisis” period, but it turned out to be much more boring than its predecessor. “Loud” was already teetering on the edge, although it could still please with some good things. But “Talk That Talk” came out as a rather weak album, if you do not take into account the magnificent “We Found Love”, written by maestro Calvin Harris, and a couple of other tracks. The next disc, “Unapologetic”, also did not really save the day. There were more electronic works, frankly, and the singles were rather boring.For example, the famous track “Diamonds” by Sia, which many consider one of the best in Rihanna’s work, I personally find it very boring. Although, it must be admitted, it was he who glorified Sia in many ways as a songwriter and opened the way for her to successful solo work.

It should also be noted that Rihanna has always been more a single artist than an album artist. This is evidenced by the results of cumulative sales for Rea’s entire career: more than 30 million albums sold and more than 100 million singles sold.We can say that all the singer’s albums after “Good Girl Gone Bad” followed the pattern of “a couple of commercial singles + the rest of the songs to the heap.” Therefore, after the frankly passing singles “American Oxygen” and “Bitch Better Have My Money” and the more or less tolerable “Work”, there was no hope for the best (yes, there was also the gorgeous “FourFiveSeconds”, but Paul McCartney saved the situation there).

But in January of this year, the singer suddenly surprised everyone by releasing without any announcement a new album called “Anti”.The most interesting thing is that of all the singles that preceded the album, only “Work” was included in the LP. The rest of the album, as it were, deliberately deviated from the traditional commercial scheme (perhaps that is why the tracklist did not include a single work by Sia that could become potential hits). On the contrary, the disc gravitated towards the “concept album” format, acting as a complete and complete piece of musical art. There were no previous “flashy” works or “twerk soundtracks” here.”Anti” is a full-fledged and high-quality work of an adult artist. This is an album for calm and thoughtful listening, showing Rihanna’s true potential. But he does not slip into despondency, as is often the case with concept albums. On the contrary, the longplay refers the listener both to the best times in Rea’s work, and to the legacy of rhythm and blues in general, in particular to the work of Etta James.

Of course, one can suspect that with this album Rea decided to repeat the maneuver of Beyoncé, who in 2013 also released a disc named after herself without any announcement (and this year Bey herself repeated her own trick, but more on that later).Longplay “Beyoncé” similarly challenged the mainstream, returning the listener to the best examples of R’n’b. But B’s record can rightfully be called a genius. And this is not only my personal opinion. This is evidenced by the warm reception of the audience and the deafening success with critics. Ri’s record in this regard caused a much more controversial reaction. In addition, wanting to surpass her colleague, Ri did not just release her album without any announcement: at first, the disc could be downloaded completely free of charge from the Tidal streaming service, which was used by millions of listeners.That is why the physical sales of the LP came out relatively low – 500 thousand copies versus 3 million copies of the single “Work” sold in the United States alone. But, one way or another, it is difficult to reproach “Anti” with a passing character, so the album gets 8 points out of 10 from me. This is real art. Is real art supposed to be measured in money?

Sia – This is Acting

As they say, listen to Sia’s new album and imagine how Rihanna’s new album might sound.Yes, it is widely known that the singer’s album consists of the tracks that she wrote for other performers, including Rihanna, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Shakira and Katy Perry, but which, for one reason or another, are so armed with the work of an Australian and did not take. But this is good, because, in my opinion, no one is capable of performing Sia’s work better than she herself. The only work, which is really a pity, is the track “Alive”, recorded in collaboration with Adele, but which Adele herself refused at the last moment.And in vain – the track would organically fit into her album “25” and would be nice to diversify the rather monotonous rhythm of the disc.

But, one way or another, the longplay “This is Acting”, which has become the seventh in the career of an Australian singer, there are not enough stars from the sky. The previous album “1000 Forms of Fear”, which brought Sea long-awaited fame not only as a songwriter, but also as a performer, received a huge number of awards and shot the real Internet hit “Chandelier”, was utterly, if not two heads higher than this year’s record.Whatever one may say, the longplay “1000 Forms of Fear” really managed to become a truly fresh phenomenon in the world of music, firmly fixing the star of the Australian singer in the world music horizon. And the concept with wigs and the video “Chandelier” with the young dancer Maddie Ziegler provided a good media resonance, raising Sia almost to the rank of a popular meme.

But, unfortunately, in her new disc “This is Acting” Sia does not even try to invent something new, wanting to leave on the old yeast.From the album and blows secondary. And this secondary is manifested in everything: in the songs themselves, imprisoned for other performers, but devoid of individuality (again, in “1000 Forms of Fear” there is a very good feeling of “personal” nesting in the album), and in the poor well-worn girl Maddie, who continue to be used in almost all clips, and in a series of images with wigs, where more and more incomprehensible faces begin to appear every time. Actually about the music: more than half of the songs on the album are frank prodigies.About the same as Rihanna sinned at one time, but grew wiser in time. Among the good songs it is worth noting the opening track “Bird Set Free”, the aforementioned work “Alive”, which became a lead single, but still would have looked better performed by Adele, and the little thing “Footprints” with a characteristic cue, which gives the feeling that Timbaland ran somewhere nearby. And finally, the most powerful work from the record, I consider the track “Unstoppable”, which sounds powerful and emotional, like all works with “1000 Forms of Fear”.It’s a pity that it was just a promotion and not a lead single. Although, this did not prevent him from gaining great popularity, in particular, among Russian listeners. But the checkpoint “Cheap Thrills” by no means pulls on the role of a single and sounds exactly like “cheap”.

So, instead of trying to export on old chips, it would be better if the toiler Sia took a sabbatical. I hope that at least now she will change her mind and draw the right conclusions. Or in general: let him return to indie pop. It worked great, and indie pop is always in trend.I think many people would be glad to hear such material from her. In the meantime, only 6.5 points out of 10 for an openly conveyor album.

Eric Prydz – Opus

If you wake me up in the middle of the night and ask who is the best DJ and producer in the history of electronic music, I will automatically answer: “Eric Prydz!” Although I don’t know, no one has ever woken me up with such a question. But this does not negate the truth of my answer.

Eric is a real genius, a living legend, a classic of Swedish progressive house.A man who forever changed electronic music, but at the same time never changed himself and his style. While the entire EDM world is going through far from the best times, Eric Prydz does not bend to trends and often remains the only bright spot at major festivals among DJs playing monotonous, similar to one another big room sets. Eric Prydz is a musician with a capital letter, for whom the music itself has always come first.

A full-fledged album is what music lovers have been waiting for from Eric for a long time.Although, by and large, Pridzu’s album was not so necessary and necessary, because he made a name for himself a long time ago. Still, the album is a kind of obligatory milestone in the work of any musician, so that it seems the most complete and successful. Another question is whether Prydz was late with the disc and it would not have been more logical to release it at least five years ago? May be. But, thank God, the producer has matured at least by 2016.

In order to warm up the audience before the release of his debut album, in 2015 Eric released three EPs under the moniker Pryda, which consisted of previously unreleased works.The most powerful and closest to a full-fledged album was the third EP “Pryda 10 Vol III”, which included as many as 12 tracks, some of which have been playing in DJ sets since 2005.

The debut album “Opus”, released directly under the name of the producer, in fact, is also a kind of hodgepodge, which includes both completely fresh tracks and already released singles and works that were spinning in sets. And which hodgepodge turned out to be more successful – “Opus” or “Pryda 10 Vol III” – you can argue.But a work released under a direct DJ name automatically gets more hype. Is she worth this hype? Definitely worth it!

In my opinion, Eric tried to create an album that would immediately enter the golden fund of electronic music, or, as I said earlier, would fit into a certain general musical context. Longplay does not try to swim only within the framework of the modern musical layer: it is full of references to the world heritage of electronic music. For example, “Black Dyce” and “Moody Mondays” clearly refer the listener to synth pioneers Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk.And this is not surprising, because the work of these groups at one time influenced Eric’s decision to make music. And “Eclipse” takes us to the classics of electronic soundtracks – Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder. Although, what certainly cannot be blamed for the work of Eric Prydes is that it is excessively mainstream: it has always been sufficiently retrospective. The material that Eric puts out now, in fact, continues the glorious traditions of house music of the early 2000s, and that, in turn, drew inspiration from the music of the disco era.

Most of the tracks on the album are just that solid house sound that we are used to hearing from Eric. “Liam”, “Collider”, “Som Sas”, “Last Dragon”, “Floj” will definitely appeal to all fans of Prydz’s work, and not only them. The unexpected collaboration of the Swedish producer with Rob Swire, the frontman of the cult Pendulum (who seemed to have promised a new album, but so far fell silent) is pleasantly surprising: the track “Breathe”, although a little atypical for Eric, certainly deserves attention and a place in the list of the best electronic tracks of the year.And, of course, the album includes the gorgeous singles “Every Day”, “Liberate” and “Generate”, released in 2012, 2014 and 2015, respectively, and managed to be loved by all fans. The final work in the tracklist of the disc is another previously released single “Opus”, which, in fact, gave the name to the entire longplay. And if by itself it always seemed to me a little too long, then as a kind of apotheosis of the album it sounds very organic.

What is the bottom line? Yes, if desired, Prydz can be blamed for the fact that for his debut album he could have picked up a little more “fat” material, that the hodgepodge of the tracks came out a little chaotic and bland, that it was better to release the album in 2010, include the sensational “ Proper Education ”and“ Pjanoo ”and hope to get into the top ten of the UK Albums Chart, not just 23rd, as it is now.Although … to hell! Eric once again showed everyone that he didn’t care about your mainstream. He does what he loves. 9 points out of 10 to him for that!

M83 – Junk

But if in Eric’s album all references to the music of the past seem quite organic and do not stand out from the general vector of the Swedish producer’s work, then the new disc of another famous electronic musician – Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez, the ideological inspirer of the M83 project – and is completely mired in retrospective wilds.

Project M83, which started in 2001 as an electro-pop shoe group, is now similar to Panic! at the Disco, in fact, “shrank” to a single face – multi-instrumentalist Anthony Gonzalez. No, one way or another, the project is a kind of group of musicians, but, be that as it may, the main role in all this action is played directly by Gonzalez himself. Having released five studio albums, the project, thanks to the sixth disc “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” of 2011, finally gains the long-awaited worldwide fame.The longplay owes its success to the super popular single “Midnight City”, which quickly became a favorite song of all hipst schoolgirls (and to which, by the way, the aforementioned Eric Prydz played a very cool remix). “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” hits all sorts of charts for the best albums of the year, has received favorable reviews from music critics and even received a nomination for the 2013 Grammy in the category “Best Alternative Album”. Thus, the M83 becomes a real discovery for many, although within the framework of its own creativity, the project simply continues the right course.M83’s works are very easily recognizable due to the characteristic synth used in many tracks of the project, and usually in singles. It is worth listening to the aforementioned hit “Midnight City” or the piece “Claudia Lewis” from the same album “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”, or the 2008 single “Kim & Jessie”, or the 2005 work “Don’t Save Us from the Flames ”, and you will understand what it is about.

But in the new album of 2016 “Junk” Anthony Gonzalez decides to deliberately move away from the usual course and the usual sound that has been maintained over several albums.There are, apparently, several reasons for this. Firstly, the actual disintegration of the group and the departure from the project, among others, of Anthony’s brother and the main co-author of the collective’s works, Ian Gonzalez. Perhaps it was he who supported the characteristic sound. Secondly, great worldwide success and recognition, as it were, opened up a lot of freedom of action for Anthony. If earlier he slowly and consistently climbed the musical Olympus, now – he is already on the Olympus, and you can do whatever your heart desires. The departure of the former members also opened up a lot of creative freedom.

According to Anthony himself, when creating a new album, he was inspired by television shows of the 80s. But apparently, the TV show alone was not enough here, because the album relays to us the entire Western pop culture of the 80s. And if the previous albums of the project are atmospheric inditronics with elements of ambient and shoegaze, then “Junk” is a combination of funk, synth-pop, and all the pop music of the 80s, which experienced a strong electronic influence from synthesizers and dramas that came to the music industry. -machines with a characteristic hi-NRG-rhythm.

The lead single “Do It, Try It”, which preceded the album, unfortunately gave a somewhat erroneous idea of ​​the forthcoming disc. Why “Unfortunately”? Because if the whole album was done in this way, it would be really great. “Do It, Try It” is a catchy Daft Punk thing: a solid French house with funk and new disco elements. The synth arrangement and bright keyboards quickly sink into consciousness, making you want to listen to the track a few more times. But, again, “unfortunately”, the lead single remained the brightest spot on the released album “Junk”.Of course, it is worth noting another single, “Go!” “Go!” – this is a pleasant to the ear new disco: melodic, but not so groovy. And then this downward trend in the degree continues. Next comes the pacified Walkway Blues, followed by Bibi the Dog, which pleases with an introduction, but not at all happy with the continuation: a completely strange vocal part, ideally suited for the French version of the TV show Good Night, Kids! The rest of the album’s material sounds somehow “soundtrack”, in particular – “Moon Crystal” and “Tension”: the first will go for the opening credits of the television series of the 70s, the second – for the final credits.Works by “Laser Gun” and “Atlantique Sud”, in which, as in “Go!” and “Bibi the Dog”, soloed by the French vocalist Mai Lan, are trying to send the listener somewhere into the early work of Mylène Farmer. Two more or less large collaborations – “For the Kids” with Susanne Sundfør and “Time Wind” with Beck – seem to try to stand out from the general background, but also immerse themselves in the retrospective soundtrack sound. Well, the final “Sunday Night 1987” kind of brings a fat line under the whole album, taking us to the early works of Sting or Whitney Houston (whether there are female vocals, of course), and ideally fits the final scene of some American romantic comedy, where the lover the couple makes a long and passionate kiss against the backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge.

In general, to be honest, it is rather difficult to give an unambiguous assessment of the Junk LP. On the one hand, this is a rather interesting experiment that clearly stands out against the background of all the music released today, quite a successful retro adaptation, which does not smell like kitsch, but, on the other hand, the album is a little fixated on itself: it flirts too much with a huge layer of culture 80s, trying to grab everything at once, but at the same time he himself remains rather empty. After all, the main feature of a real work of art is that it always goes beyond itself.The same previous LP “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” clearly left behind a certain cultural heritage in modern music. But the album “Junk”, trying to parasitize on the cultural heritage of the past, is engaged in only retransmission, but leaves nothing behind. Therefore, it receives only 7 points out of 10.

Beyoncé – Lemonade

May the fans forgive me, but in my review I can not get away from the concept of constant comparison of Rihanna and Beyoncé.But it just so happened that two singers occupied approximately the same niche in the musical horizon, and no matter what one of the girls does, you automatically compare it with the second. Moreover, the fan base somehow secretly divided into two irreconcilable camps, between which serious holivars take place on social networks (it is worth reading the comments on Shady Music Facts and see how fans of the “opposing” sides mercilessly throw mud at each other and the singers themselves). In my opinion, participation in such “battles” is sheer stupidity and the lot of narrow-minded people (however, this is a topic for a separate conversation).But it just so happened that I was always on the side of Beyoncé. She has always attracted me much more as a singer. Bee has always released a lot more quality material, was more thoughtful about the production of albums, and did not grab random trends like Ree (I already wrote about this above). As for her private life, even here Beyoncé has always remained a model of a decent girl and a faithful wife, in contrast to Rihanna, who has gone all out. And as a girl, to be honest, I always liked B much more, but Ri’s experiments with her appearance somehow did not add much to her attractiveness in my eyes.However, let’s return directly to music.

With her maneuver with the release of an album without any announcement, Beyoncé at one time blew up the public. But the point here was far from just the way the record was released. The Beyoncé LP itself was a very rare phenomenon for R’n’b music – a “concept album”. Yes, for indie and especially psychedelic rock this is quite an ordinary thing, but for R’n’b, especially within the framework of the work of such an eminent singer as Beyoncé, this is really an extraordinary phenomenon.

Basically, what is a concept album? – The answer is simple: an album subordinated to a single concept. That is, not just a random set of songs with a couple of commercial hits, but a deliberate sequence of tracks permeated with a common theme.

Album “Beyoncé” is a very personal album (it is not for nothing that it is named after the singer): a disc about the role of a strong woman in the world of show business, and in the world as a whole. Conceptuality is also supported by the fact that Bee decided to make her album “visual”, i.e.That is, a clip was shot for each work from the disc. And most importantly, the album in some way challenged the mainstream of the time. Yes, I agree, “Beyoncé” cannot be called absolutely “independent” and “non-mainstream”, but a well-chosen company of producers and artists (and Jay-Z always knew how to choose a decent team for his wife’s records), which, in particular, included Timbaland, Justin Tiberlake and Pharrell Williams were able to partially “return 2007” when R’n’b was still “cake”. Surpass the singer’s best album “I Am… Sasha Fierce “, of course, did not work out, but” Beyoncé “came out certainly more interesting than the previous disc” 4 “, which just suffered a little from commerce, but was still good (in contrast to the same works by Rihanna during the” crisis “period ).

The unexpected release maneuver is too good not to be repeated. Do you agree? So, after Rea managed to take advantage of this trick, Beyoncé herself again surprises the public by suddenly releasing a new, already sixth LP for herself, called “Lemonade”.But if “Beyoncé” is still successfully balancing on the verge of conceptuality and commerce, then “Lemonade” decides to go into conceptuality with its head. And here the concept of “indie” in its original meaning of “independent” comes in handy. By its atmosphere, the disc goes somewhere in the habitat of Radiohead, leaving only small hints of soul and almost no hints of R’n’b in the form we are used to. You will not hear really bright songs on the disc (although there were plenty of them on the Beyoncé album – take, for example, “Pretty Hurts” and “Jealous”).But, again, the lack of potential hits did not prevent Rihanna’s “Anti” album from sounding whole and attractive. Lemonade is frankly boring.

The album is more or less saved by collaborations, which, by the way, cannot be called “non-mainstream”. For example, the collaboration with The Weeknd called “6 Inch” or the track “Freedom”, where the old school master Kendrick Lamar saves the situation, sounds quite catchy against the background of the entire disc. A really unexpected moment is the song “Don’t Hurt Yourself” – a partner with Jack White, the leader of the cult The White Stripes, with the help of which the track plunges into the proper atmosphere of garage rock.But all the same, these efforts are not enough to somehow shake the monotonous rhythm of the record.

Yes, here I read the material from “The Village” about what the contents of the album are woven from. Not only is this a more thoughtful visualization compared to the previous experience of the “visual” album, but also B – both in the content of the lyrics and in the video sequence – raises much more serious problems than on the previous disc. Personal experiences become even deeper, plus – the themes of support and struggle for the rights of the African American population are added to them.This is all good, of course, but, you know, this is not a reason to go into musical despondency. The same greats James Brown and Michael Jackson were active in supporting African Americans, while continuing to make truly emotional music. Apparently, the atmosphere of the album was more influenced by the personal and family crisis in Beyoncé’s life. But since Bee herself talks about overcoming the crisis, then perhaps in the next album we will again hear the revelations of a strong woman, performed in our favorite emotional manner.In the meantime, boring “Lemonade” by no means pulls on the role of a manifesto. And, as much as I love Beyoncé, Rihanna’s work “Anti” is in fact much stronger. And my beloved Beyonce gets from me only 7 points out of 10.

That’s all for now. Thanks to everyone who read this material to the end (plus sign to your karma). Let me remind you that this is only the first part of my review. A little later there will be a second one. However, some albums require separate publications. Plus, the coming October promises to be very rich for the current releases.So I promise to publish more often. And I wish you wonderful thoughts in your head and great music in your headphones. Good luck!

Raven (1994) – MY-HIT

Pasha_Kolbasin • 11.12.2020 at 16:12 • Positive

Favorite movie about true love … And not only …

I will say right away – this is one of my favorite films in general. Therefore, I will forgive in advance if you feel “subjectivism” somewhere in my review. I am on purpose.

To begin with, this is the first motion picture that I have seen in a cinema on a big screen.Then I was a boy of 5-6 years, and “The Raven” frightened me a little with its mysticism, but I really liked the action component of the film. Spectacular shootouts, well-organized chases and fights – what else did the kid need at that distant time? Now I have grown up and have revisited this masterpiece one more time.

The original source of this creation is the comic strip. Accordingly, the “comics” is felt in the film itself. This also applies to the dialogues of the characters. Someone has complaints about them, although for me they are quite appropriate.The picture was shot in gray, dark colors, here you will not see sunlight. All this gloomy atmosphere, as it were, reflects all the inner, mental state of the protagonist. He is heartbroken at the loss of a loved one. His love turned out to be so pure and real that he returned from the afterlife to avenge her …

The protagonist is great. Blessed memory of Brandon Lee. He looked so organic on the screen. I was able to feel his feelings, his pain with every fiber of my soul.

The main antagonist.Very charismatic. Played perfectly. Something like a vampire, a la Dracula. It was in my childhood that he scared me the most with his atrocities.

The film also features a kind, honest cop. The girl with character is the friend of the protagonist. The extravagant villain is the sister of the main enemy. He also has a colorful and tall assistant, his right hand. And, finally, four thugs, in fact, because of whom this whole story began. All characters are distinctive and memorable.Everything is in its place.

Bottom line. For me, first of all, this film is about high feelings. Here it is well shown what a person is capable of for their sake. No melodrama beats her. I highly recommend it for viewing.

10 out of 10

Mystery_girl_ • 09/25/2020 at 20:09 • Positive

“The rain can’t last forever …”

Overall impression: The gothic story of retribution is made exclusively in dark shades. It becomes gloomy and eerie from the narration, which plunges into the absolute night! The night of a spooky holiday Halloween.A gang of rapists and murderers, breaking into the house of a young couple, brutally dealt with rock musician Eric (Brandon Lee) and his fiancée Shelley (Sofia Shinas). A year later, Eric Draven gets out of the grave and goes in search of the killers. Is he human? Or a Raven eager for retribution?

The hero’s motivation is clear. The thirst for revenge not so much for himself as for his beloved reveals in him a superhero power. He did not just rise from the dead in pursuit of his goals, he must punish evil at any cost. At first, the antagonist of the picture is blurred, and evil here has a collective image: a gang of hooligans, careless upbringing, drugs.But closer to the final, the outlines of the collective image are transformed into one line, and the main villain rises in front of the audience, he, of course, appears earlier, but the main solo is highlighted at the end of the plot, which is important! Since there is a thread of history from the beginning, the climax, the denouement, there is a reinforced development of actions. The script in films prioritizes, captivating the viewer more and more.

To some extent, this is a superhero movie, since the story of its creation is rooted in comics.The plot was born in the head of author James O’Barr 3 years after his beloved died in a car accident. Then for another seven years the book lay on the table until it found its publisher. When it finally appeared in stores, it immediately became a bestseller! It is understandable, the plot, though tragic, is interesting. And later, the director of the film Alex Proyas, inspired by the dramatic story, realized his project. It is worth noting that “The Raven” is a cult movie, not necessarily everyone should like it, but it definitely finds its audience of admirers.Paying attention to the film, you notice that the cast is not a strong point here, however, everyone cope with their roles and there are no complaints.

Definitely a strong side of the story, emotions, contrasting with each other, create paired combinations: love – pain; evil is good; happiness is trouble, etc.

Of course, the picture is not only known for a sad and eerie plot, it was the last role of actor Brandon Lee. In one of the scenes where the main character is shot from a pistol, the bullet stuck in the barrel was not noticed by the members of the film crew and flew out when fired with a blank cartridge.Brandon was wounded in the stomach and died 12 hours later. Brandon died seventeen days before his own wedding. He and his fiancée Eliza Hutton were already engaged and were about to get married. It was a shock for everyone, the shooting had to be postponed, the creators of the project thought about closing it. The unfinished scenes of the film were edited using computer technology by superimposing Brandon Lee’s face on the body of the stunt double. By the way, from the very beginning, the film was haunted by failures: a hurricane that damaged expensive equipment, injuries to workers on the site, etc.It’s like an evil fate … As you understand, not only the plot smelled of tragedy …

The film is dedicated to Brandon Lee and Eliza Hutton …

10 out of 10

Ambenderath • 08/07/2020 at 00:08 • Neutral

The rain cannot go on forever – no, “this” can!

“The Raven” is a film that Arthas advised me to watch, personally praising him. Going to the checkpoint, what to check in general “what, yes how”, I saw the following: “Cult film”, everyone sees in it “something mysterious.”I decided to look at the “cult”,

Roughly speaking, I have never seen a more primitive film in my life …

Dead, but revived for the sake of fighting evil, the protagonist knows how to fly, shoots with perfect accuracy, throws blades, and even left unarmed, he will probably be able to spit to death of any enemy. Very interesting, will he be able to destroy (noble revenge) a gang of bandits?

By the way about the bandits. In the film, they exist solely to kill and “sow evil.”They have no human features. Good, bad – any (the emerging text “First”, “Second” looks especially funny). Cut out a figurine of a villain from cardboard and paint over it with a black marker from head to toe – your villain will not be more primitive than any of the main character’s opponents and all of them put together. Dialogues are meaningless and unnatural, negative characters yell stupidly, positive ones utter thoughtful, pretentious and meaningless phrases.

Oh yes, this is what I had to feel and put in my head for deep reflection: “Houses are burning, people are dying, but true love lives forever …”

And here is the catchphrase from the film, which will not be ashamed to use in a conversation “It can’t rain forever.”(Depth of mind, I immediately feel the drama and lyrical shudders).

Separately: Brandon Lee was injured while filming, leading to his death. The footage with this accident was destroyed .. Well, sorry for the man, he died young, he could have continued to act in films … This does not add cultishness to a typical film.

The only thing, while watching, I sometimes felt the atmosphere of an autumn night and fresh weather after a rain.

3-4 out of 10

Man_in_The_Bunny_Suit • 29.05.2020 at 10:05 • Positive

A Witness of Truth needs to continue his battle

The Raven is a film full of mysteries, depths and subtle art. Either this is Revelation, or the authors were well aware of what they were writing. It does not interfere.

The film catches on in an unusual way of storytelling and revealing its theme. The angel of death and the dead warrior, whom he brought back into the world to suppress injustice at the appointed hour. History is suggestive and instructive on how to be immortal.Be the winner in the fight against evil. The longer you think about it, you find more clues in the little things of the film.

But it was not for nothing that the main character said:

“There are no trifles.”


Speaking of the character: he was not introduced superficially – the thoughts in his head are readable. He looks attractive, and from his look and actions it is clear why he put on such a “mask”. Largely also thanks to the actor himself, who played him. Rest in peace …

8 out of 10

Alexander Chugreev • 15.05.2020 at 00:05 • Positive

In memory of Brandon Lee.

Wednesday 31 March 1993. For some, this is an ordinary weekday, but for others it is a tragedy. Yes, a tragedy, because it was on this day that the son of the great Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, was killed on the set. Yes, yes, he was killed not by a hitman, nor by the Yakuza, nor by the Russian mafia, but by actor Michael Massy in an accident. The plug stuck in the pistol flew out when fired with a blank cartridge and thereby killed him. The rising star of action films that we will never see again has gone out.However, despite the tragedy that happened on the set, director Alex Proyas finished the film with dignity, where his stunt double Chad Stahelski acted instead of Brandon Lee. [/ I Well, let’s move on to the film itself.

Actor play.

In this film, it was demonstrated by all the actors at a tremendous level. Nobody overestimates, nobody grimaces or twitches. I would like to mention three main characters:

Eric Draven (Brandon Lee). A simple musician who rose from the grave to avenge the villains for his death and the death of his beloved.In my opinion, the character turned out to be very colorful and unpredictable. This is no military or policeman, armed to the teeth, where it is immediately clear that all the bad ones will go to the next world and therefore this character leaves some intrigue.

Top Dollar (Michael Wincott). The very embodiment of evil, recklessness and hatred. These words can be called this character, because you see him and understand that nothing good will happen next, but there will only be death, murder and lawlessness.

Sergeant Albrich (Ernie Hudson).This is perhaps the standard of a good and honest police officer, for whom the law and the honor of a police uniform are higher than money. Be like him, we in the police defeated corruption for sure in a couple of years.


She’s amazing, really. It is there, albeit a little, but still I was pleased to hear the so-called guitar rock from Eric Draven.

The plot atmosphere.

Regarding the atmosphere, I want to say that it was transmitted at a high level and everything was filmed as it should. If you think about it like that, Raven opened up the genre of the so-called “gothic action” for me, where the dark and gloomy atmosphere does not change the whole film.Summing up, I want to note that the 15 million dollars of the budget were not spent in vain and I would like to say a huge thank you to Alex Proyas, who, despite the horror that he went through, made the film and thereby put a fat point in the acting career of Brandon Lee. And at the end of this review, I want to say to myself two things that I have recommended the film for viewing, and that Brandon Lee, so that he rests in peace and that the Earth rests with him, you have worthily left us. Well, the film itself gets its well-deserved

10 out of 10

ru.shara • 02/15/2020 at 23:02 • Positive

I want to watch the film while standing. A gothic comic book elevated to the level of a masterpiece and a real tragedy thanks to the amazing talent of Brandon Lee.

It seems to me that Brandon could not reveal himself for so long, because he himself and other filmmakers subconsciously expected that he would continue his father’s work, that is, he would become an action movie actor. And Brandon from the very beginning was, above all, an excellent dramatic actor. See what an incredibly expressive, sensual face he has, how many emotions he conveys without words.Moreover, a dazzling handsome man. And a terrific fight director and martial artist. And yet the most important thing is the acting data. Brandon needed dramatic roles, characters to play, and not just perform stunts in front of the camera. What a pity that he could not find himself for a long time, and the only role worthy of his talent turned out to be the last.

Critic Sergei Kudryavtsev wrote in 1995 that it is difficult to treat “posthumous work” “only according to the laws of art”, but “the manner declared in The Crow is sometimes supplanted by fiction and mysticism of the worst kind”.Now, after a while, it sounds so naive. “According to the laws of art”, the leading actor played brilliantly. And he created one of the most memorable images in world cinema. Therefore, it is not the first generation of viewers who watch the film, dropping their jaw to the floor with admiration.

You can both envy and sympathize with the director Alex Proyas. “The Raven” was his debut, and he managed to pull out the shooting with super-efforts. Now it is difficult to imagine that initially the film was intended to be shot as a musical with Michael Jackson.”The Raven” has become a classic, but the director has not yet managed to repeat his own success. Thank you very much to the entire filming team for bringing the work to the end. Writers and stunt double Chad Stahelski were able to rework the material so that the scenes shot without Brandon fit into the big picture.

The rest of the actors are quite organic, although none of them later played anything noticeable. I would also like to note the stylish “gothic-punk” costumes and decorations. The entire movie was shot at night – a great solution. It seems to me that some ideas from The Crow have migrated to other mystical action films, for example, the action of Another World also takes place only at night, while Celine has the same stylish leather clothes, and the same gothic black bangs covers her face.Music, in my opinion, is not the most memorable, but pleasant. I will never forget the moment where a fiery line draws a silhouette of a raven on the ground, and a gentle female voice sings. This moment was on the news when Brandon Lee’s death was reported.

shadowarch – 5542 • 06/09/2019 at 23:06 • Negative

Throughout my youth and half of my youth, I only heard about how great, unsurpassed and cults this very “Raven” is. Seriously, in half of the ads in Dark City magazine, which regularly read every metalhead at that time, the advertisers, and especially the ads, confessed their love for the gothic avenger Brandon.But it just so happened that my interest in cinema was very low at that time, and then I did not have to be convinced of the cult of the film.

I had to now.

So what?

And the fact that I have never seen a more primitive film in my life. Even Asylum’s works like “Superaligator against the Mesozoic cockroach” can usually boast of a more twisted and intriguing plot, as well as more interesting characters (including the cockroach and alligator themselves) than this one-celled masterpiece.Dead, but revived for the sake of fighting evil, the protagonist knows how to fly, shoots with perfect accuracy, throws blades, and even left unarmed, he will probably be able to spit to death of any enemy. Add to this that he is also invulnerable to any weapon, and at the end we have an intrigue equal to yesterday’s match between the national teams of Russia and San Marino. Ah, can unkillable death in the flesh be able to hit a couple of bandits? Interesting, right?

Yes, bandits. The bandits here exist solely to kill and sow evil.Everything. They have no human features. Good, bad – whatever. Cut out a figurine of a villain from cardboard and paint over it with a black marker from head to toe – your villain will not be more primitive than any of the main character’s opponents and all of them put together. Burn this figurine in the ashtray – and you will not get less emotions than the unfortunate spectator of “The Crow”, forced for an hour and a half to watch Brandon Lee incinerate his villainous figures.

Maybe the movie (since it was so quoted by readers of a metal magazine) at least has a nice heavy soundtrack? No, bummer here too.All in all. Just for the sake of cult status, I overestimate to 3/10. And God forbid me from such “masterpieces” …

Fozzy • 04/14/2019 at 21:04 • Positive

Love is immortal

By analogy with the film Dracula by Bram Stoker, I also decided to revise the half of the ninetieth classics of the first years – the film “The Raven” in the title role with the son of the legendary Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee. The now deceased, unfortunately, and who knows if the film would have received such popularity and Brandon himself, if not for the death of Brandon, so this film is remembered primarily because of Brandon’s tragedy, but that is – that is, since his character became cult, especially on Halloween and the release of the film, finished after his death, brought a huge box office success.In the Halloween plot, a gang of murderers infiltrates the home of a young couple, Eric and Shelley, and kills them, while brutally raping Eric’s bride (Brandon Lee). A year later, he rises from the grave and goes in search of the killers in order to take revenge on them. But is this Eric, who he was before, or was his soul shaved off immortality and made it possible to avenge what he had done, or was his soul unable to find peace?

A dark, violent movie reveals the deep meaning of the film, namely that love can continue to live after death.Also taking into account the date of filming, the film still looks impressive to this day. The musical accompaniment is very decent. And Brandon himself coped well with his role, and the makeup gave him more brutality and emotions were conveyed well.

The Raven is a quality thriller starring the immortal Brandon Lee.

8 of 10

LonelyThrowBack • 02/15/2019 at 14:02 • Neutral

A dark knight with a tragic past

The picture is made in dark colors, referring the viewer to Detective Comics.The staging of the scenes and the camera work create a noir atmosphere, and given the fact that the fate befell the leading actor, the viewing was already overshadowed. Brandon Lee – Bruce Lee’s son – died after filming from a fake bullet (is there any point in replacing them if it’s still a dangerous weapon?) feeling.

The plot takes us to the death of a couple in love – so at once from the first frames.Murder in the style of pictures of the last century – more insanity, more rudeness and violence from the bad guys – and we have a dramatic basis that serves as a motive for further moving the plot. For refueling, the plot adds a child who was familiar to another couple who had gone into the world. The script immediately makes it clear that the city, mired in vices, can no longer be saved from crime, so the bad guys calmly carry out illegal activities without the intervention of the police. The cliché is that all cops are stupid except for one detective who is well placed to connect the law with Raven’s revenge.Next on the list is mystic. Rise from the grave immediately refers to the “Evil Dead” Sam Raimi, while the main character is at a crossroads. And this crossroads is a mystery to the viewer, because it is impossible to determine who is in front of us: a man or an infernal? We remove logic, we attribute fantasy, a motive for good deeds, and we have a ready-made personality walking the bloody path on the list of villains. The film picks up steam when the avian avenger finds its first victim, albeit in a clichéd manner, but Brandon Lee in his make-up image instilled fear on the villains.White makeup made it possible to compare him with Heath Ledger’s Joker – he could not resist, sorry.

The hero receives development through interaction with the previously mentioned child. Finding enemies is one thing, but justifying your actions in the eyes of a detective and a child is completely different. Cruising on the rooftops of a city with not very good graphics, the Raven personifies the devil … the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. The reaction of gang members who did the wrong thing with a couple in love is predictable. The awareness of who is in front of them in the last period of life has a pleasant effect on viewing, that is, the feelings that should be in a cornered beast are conveyed.With bloody reprisals, the Ravens reach the boss of their resurrected mission, but an excellent plot stroke comes into play, which will not leave anyone indifferent – strength and invulnerability were given to the hero for revenge on the murderers, and the one who gave the order was not there, the deal with the otherworldly creature ended. the devil closed the contract. This is where the fun begins when you realize that you need to complete this story. There is no immortality, the sensitivity to pain is activated. The finale, although predictable, is still finished, as it should, so that there is no open plot and a pledge for the sequel.But the song did not last long, they are already thinking about restarting – the flywheel of the remakes is merciless. There are no new ideas, so they take up the classics – “modernize”.

zombion • 02/04/2019 at 23:02 • Positive

My cinema!

If two are supposed to be together, it is impossible to separate them!


Now, citizen Alex Proyas is going through far from the best times, with his unclear “Gods of Egypt”. And in those distant 90s, the old man managed to produce two wonderful films at once.And if someone may disagree about the cult of the “Dark City”, then there are no questions at all about the “Crow”.

A tremendous success and insane interest from moviegoers. Finding something more cult in the cinema of the 90s is clearly a failure. Proyas, shooting a picture based on old comics by James O’Barr, drove himself into history. Like Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee’s son), the actor died tragically on the set of the film. The films were being completed without his participation.

Many people are still spreading rumors that there is footage with the real murder of Brandon.Don’t listen, this is all complete nonsense (they were burned). “The Raven” is a real holiday for connoisseurs of dark cinema. Cold, dark, heartbreaking. Cinema for romantics. A movie about a crow who once saw injustice and decided to take revenge.

Brandon is watching you from the screen, and you have a lump in your throat. Only 28 years old! “The Raven” is a gothic action dash drama. Revenge is different, of course. Director Proyas’ revenge is overwhelmingly painful. Someone writes, like you need to forget about Brandon, appreciate the movie without real.Tell it to my heart. I am not objective, I admit.

Brandon himself was eager for this film. He wanted him. Do you understand? The actor desperately wanted “The Crow” in his filmography. This is not just some kind of another movie about a freak who painted his face and gutted gangsters. No. Drip deeper. And you will find the message, you will find the truth – love is stronger than death.

All these sequels, which got out on the wave of the popularity of the original, are a pale shadow (with Perez still back and forth, but still). No one could compete with Proyas’s painting.Agree, there is some kind of attractive melancholy in her. This raven that follows Brandon. I don’t know, I ended up watching with tears in my eyes …

Good movie. It can’t rain forever. Eternal memory to you, Brandon!


In addition to Brandon, there are a huge number of famous actors in the film – from Michael Wincott to Tony Todd (and even Bai Ling is here, going crazy).

8 of 10

Telegram channel Fantastic Shabolda – fantasticcinemawhore

Sorry, you were wrong of the century, Dunsany. Hello everyone, I am emerging from the alarming atmosphere of weekdays, so today we have the last post from the marathon “Filming” Dangerous Liaisons “for every taste”.

So, three film adaptations, in which the action of the novel was transferred to the XX century and other conditions of sexual freedom.

1. Film “Dangerous Liaisons” 1959 directed by Roger Vadim. The local Marquise de Merteuil (Juliette) and Valmont became husband and wife practicing an open relationship, and Valmont plays romances quite openly, but Juliette carefully hides her lovers so as not to be considered a fallen woman.Cecile is in a secret relationship with Dunsany (he, by the way, became a scientist abruptly) even before his engagement and will simply tell his parents that he wants to marry a poor student, and not an important American diplomat, and Mrs. Tourwell acquired offspring from her legal husband.

On the plus side: of course, the meanings of the relationship between the Marquise and the Viscount have changed a lot, now they are rather cynics tired of the scheme of their marriage, afraid of real intimacy, but do not dare to change the state of affairs. So the film becomes an exploration of a recently emerging trend in a free European society: can such a relationship be sincere and bring happiness.All this, of course, makes the film a very graceful and topical interpretation of the original novel on the release date (and maybe even now).

Of the minuses: due to the change in semantic load, Juliette Merteuil does not look like a negative character at all, Valmont definitely evokes more negativity here – he lies to everyone in cold blood and without torment (and to the beloved Marianne Tourvel, and Juliette who is trying for his well-being), and his feelings cause a lot of doubts. In view of what the one-sided dumping of all the blame and the physical revenge against Juliette at the end of the film makes you no less indignant – in fact, why on earth is she alone in this story becoming evil in the flesh?

Worth watching, but prepare to disagree with the ending.

2. Serial film “Dangerous Liaisons” 2003 – starring, among other things, Catherine Deneuve (Marquis de Merteuil) and Rupert Everett (Valmont).

Beautiful, drawn-out, weakly tied to the realities of French society in the 60s, but Catherine Deneuve’s costumes from Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The Marquise in this adaptation became the owner of a charitable foundation, and Valmont became a libertine photographer, which, however, did not change the essence of the characters themselves too much.Rupert Everett is perhaps very good in the role of a viscount, but I have questions for Catherine Deneuve: it seems that she was simply told to be beautiful, so the emotions of her heroine remain unchanged in about any shot.

This adaptation also boasts of the most annoying Cecile-Danseny pair, thanks in large part to Lily Sobieski’s notable overexposure and the same epic underplay by Tedi Papavrami – they found each other to piss off the audience.

It is worth watching for the sake of (see.above) costumes of Catherine Deneuve and the local Valmont, but prepare to get bored.

3. Well, the film, which, in my personal opinion, at the same time brilliantly reworked the source code and monstrously simplified it: the very Cruel Intentions of 1999 with Sarah Michelle Gellar as the Mertey bitch, Reese Witherspoon as a la Madame Tourvel and nauseating Ryan Phillip as Valmont.

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