Boxing birthday gifts: 10 Best Gifts for Boxers Reviewed & Rated in 2021


Unique Gift Ideas For Boxing Fans & Boxers (Just The Best Gifts!)

Finding the right gift for boxers and fans of boxing can be a true act of love.  The “sweet science” attracts a certain type of personality.  We call it the “Type D” personality – determined, disciplined, dedicated and driven. Fighters also have pride. Pride in what they have accomplished. The boxing ring helps shape that pride.

Here are some gift ideas for boxers that embody the Type D personality, combined with a healthy dose of Pride:

Gift Idea #1. Choose One of the Best Boxing Books

Here are a few boxing books that any fan is sure to appreciate:

Macho Time (Hardcover Gift Edition)

“In yet another skillful excavation of a dazzling Latino champion, Christian Giudice…follows Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho from his embattled childhood in Spanish Harlem, to the heights of his electrifying yet too-brief stardom and onto his abject end by hail of gunfire in a carful of cocaine. It is a compelling journey.”―Mark Kram Jr., author of Smokin’ Joe: The Life of Joe Frazier

Buy It On Amazon >>
Bundini: Don’t Believe The Hype

“Mr. Snyder writes lyrically, and his research appears to be impeccable: It’s hard to imagine that anyone has slipped through his interview net…When Bundini died―in September 1987, at age 59―Ali was abroad and unable to attend the funeral, but he sent flowers with a card that read: ‘You made me the greatest.’ Many members of the boxing fraternity, George Foreman and Larry Holmes included, think that Ali wasn’t exaggerating. Mr. Snyder’s affecting portrait will convince the rest of us as well.”―Gordon Marino, Wall Street Journal

Buy It On Amazon >>
Hamilcar Noir Books

Hamilcar Noir is “Hard-Hitting True Crime” that blends boxing and true crime, featuring riveting stories captured in high-quality prose, with cover art inspired by classic pulp novels. Prices range from $9.99 to $10.99.

Find Hamilcar Noir on Amazon Here

Gift Idea # 2. Amanda Kelley Art

Amanda Kelley is one of the best boxing fine artists in the world. Not an exaggeration. Until recently, Amanda only did paintings on a commission basis. She now has her own online store where any boxing fan would be thrilled to get one of her products as a gift!

Check out this killer face mask with an original painting of the legendary Roberto Duran!

Amanda Kelley Art original Roberto Duran Face Mask >>

Joe Goosen – “You Gotta F*cking Get Inside On Him Now!”

Here is a sketch (available on a t-shirt or pullover hoodie) of Amanda’s favorite moment in boxing –  Trainer Joe Goosen telling Diego Corrales to let it all go vs. José Luis Castillo in the 10th round of their first meeting:

Check out the art of this legendary Joe Goosen moment  >>

Gift Idea #3. Prizefight Irish Whiskey

Prizefight is an Irish whiskey, distilled at West Cork Distillery and aged in barrels sourced from Tamworth Distilling in New Hampshire, USA. The rye barrel maturation adds some subtle mint and herb notes, giving the whiskey a fresh and lively character.

Buy Online at Celtic Whiskey Shop >>


(They do ship to the U.S.)

Gift Idea #4. Boxing Flask

Closely related to the Prizefight Whiskey gift idea at the top of this list, a flask with boxing imagery and mottoes (or personalized inscriptions) is another idea for someone who enjoys their brown liquids.

Search for a variety of boxing flasks on Amazon >>


Gift Idea #5. Rare Boxing Books

Boxing fans are a passionate breed.  And many are voracious readers – check out the crazy list of books this fan has read (scroll down the forum thread a bit).   If your boxing fan likes a good read, and deserves something special for their bookshelf, look for rare and out of print boxing books.

  • Champions Off Guard, by William Inglis – find it, if it’s not already sold, at

Gift Idea #6. Boxing Pendants & Jewelry

The phrase “wear it with pride” never had so much meaning as when a boxer wears his or her dedication and drive proudly.

Muhammad Ali Boxing Pendant (Etsy)


Gift Idea #7. Custom Personalized Fighting Trunks (shorts)

Personalized boxing trunks can be the perfect way to pull together your boxer’s unique personality and interests. Even if your fighter might not wear their personalized shorts when training, or even at fight time, this gift is the perfect item that can be hung proudly in their own personal training cave.

Personalize your own trunks at Boxxer World >>

Gift Idea #8. Collectible Boxing Figurines

(Bob Pace has been bringing the heat since 1974!  Bob, is one of the OG memorabilia experts.) There are many high-quality collectible boxing figurines that embody the spirit of discipline and determination.  Whether it’s a historical figure from the the rich boxing lore, or a symbolic figure, this is a great gift to show them that you’ve thought about who they are as a person.

Ali vs Liston II Collectible FigurineJake LaMotta Collectible Figurine
See these figurines & more boxing memorabilia at Bob Pace Boxing >>

Gift Idea #9. Coffee Table Picture Book

At the Fights: Inside the World of Professional Boxing by Howard Schatz.

Excerpt from Amazon description:  

Schatz takes on the ultimate theater of sport and physique in At the Fights. Schatz has entrenched himself in the world of boxing, photographing and interviewing the game’s biggest stars and newest players as well as managers, trainers, promoters, club fighters and many others. In 256 oversized pages, Schatz’s remarkably powerful images are paired with insightful commentary to provide a truly unique look into the sport. As promoter Lou DiBella tells Schatz, “Boxing is a sport in its purest, most basic form. No sport is more theatrical, dramatic or real.” At the Fights beautifully captures all of those aspects in a striking, deluxe package that includes introductory comments by HBO commentator Jim Lampley.

Gift Idea #10. Title Brand Boxing Gifts

One of the most prolific brands in boxing, Title has earned the right to have it’s own catalog of Title gifts and novelties.

Take a look at these gift items and more at TITLE >>

Gift Idea #11. Slone Art Paintings & Drawings

Artist Richard T. Slone’s boxing art has captured the attention of the boxing world and collectors around the globe.

Holyfield vs. Tyson, by artist Richard T. Slone

Richard T. Slone is a multi-award winning painter who has emerged as one of the most intriguing and sought after young artists working today. Known mostly for his entertainment and sports art, his works are appreciated and collected throughout the world.

Richard pursued an offer to become a boxer under the guidance of late boxing great Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Slone went to America and fought under Frazier’s guidance until Slone’s love for art forced him from the boxing canvas onto the stretched artist canvas upon an easel.

Richard’s art has become a much sought after item with notable collectors. His work has graced the covers of numerous publications, including RING Magazine, a boxing publication that dates back to 1922. His work has been used by many companies and advertising agencies, including sporting juggernaut Everlast. For 18 years, Slone has served as the official artist to the International Boxing Hall of Fame, located in Canastota, New York.

Gift Idea #12. Boxing Memorabilia

There are a ton of great places on the Internet to find boxing memorabilia, but Heavyweight Collectibles is one of the best. Their categories include Boxing autographs, books, gloves, pinbacks & medals, postcards, posters, programs, statues & figurines, vintage tickets, and vintage boxing photos.

Hearns – Thomas “Hitman” Hearns & Iran “The Blade” Barkley – Oversized Autographed Photo


Gift Idea #13. Boxing Training Equipment

Maybe you know someone who keeps hinting that they want some new equipment? Or, you could ask some subtle questions and see if any of these training items might be on their gift wish list…

Boxing Gifts For Boxers and Boxing Fans: WBCME

Have you got a boxing enthusiast that you need to buy a special boxing gift for? Or maybe it’s your sparring partners or boxing coach’s birthday.

Take a look at these gift ideas to cover big birthday gifts to stocking fillers.

From hardcore to funny, see what boxing gifts are available.

1. WBC Championship Belt Dog Collar

Any boxers around? Oh no, we mean like the dog. An awesome gift idea for boxing lovers who love their dogs.

See Range of WBC Dog Collars: S-XL Sizes

2.  A Classic Boxing Film

Add some epic fight scenes and inspirational boxing stories your boxing enthusiast’s collection. There are a range of boxing films that capture the fierceness and passion of the sweet science.

3. A Boxing Glove Clock

Is your time up for picking your christmas gifts. If they are a fan of the legendary Cleto Reyes gloves and need to be on time for boxing training, this Cleto Reyes Clock gift idea comes in red, yellow, blue and white!

4. An Autograph Boxing Glove

See this exact replica of the Cleto Reyes contest glove, ideal boxing gift for collecting autographs of world champions. What colour would they go for: red, white, silver or gold! Maybe some tickets for the next match too?

Official White Cleto Reyes Autograph Glove

5. Cleto Reyes Boxing Clothes

Fill up your boxers wardrobe with one of their favourite brands. From baseball caps to fitted t-shirts.

Red Logo Cleto reyes CapWhite Cleto Reyes Logo T-shirt

6. WBC Branded Clothes

A few boxing gifts worthy of a champion’s wardrobe. Gift the look of a boxer pro without World Champion T-shirt.

7. Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Is your boxing enthusiast about looking to compete? Give them the boxing gift of a lifetime and surprise them with handmade, iconic leather boxing gloves from Cleto Reyes.

Give them the gift of ‘The Puncher’s Glove’.

Cleto Reyes Contest Gloves

Traditional Blue Lace Safetec Contest Gloves

Cleto Reyes Sparring Gloves

Yellow Cleto Reyes Sparring Gloves

8. Cleto Reyes Headguard

Nothing like the gift of safety. Pick their favourite colour and headguard style with boxing kit worthy of the ring.

Green Cleto Reyes Rounded Headguard

9. World Boxing Council Gold Plated Championship Belt

The last but not least. The ultimate gift for the ultimate boxing fan.

A piece of limited edition piece of memorabilia, just like those won by the heralded Champions of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

WBC Gold Plated Championship Belt

26 Epic Boxing Gifts for Boxers and Boxing Fans

On the hunt for an amazing gift for the boxer in your life, but have no idea what the sport is all about? You don’t need to be a boxing expert to give them an awesome present!

Don’t worry – I’ve compiled the best gifts you can give a boxer or boxing fan so YOU don’t have to do the research.

This list is categorized into four groups to make the search easier: boxing gloves, boxing gifts for boxers, gifts for boxing fans, and gifts for kids.

The 5 Best Boxing Gloves

1. GINGPAI Boxing Gloves

Having trusty gloves is essential for all boxers. These GINGPAI boxing gloves offer the protection and comfort they need in the ring.

Plus, built-in air vents will keep their hands dry and clean throughout their training.

2. Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves

These all-in-one gloves are suitable for sparring, bag work, and even Thai boxing (aka, Muay Thai). Its multi-layered foam offers excellent shock absorption and impact resistance that will protect them and their coach.

These TRIDEER gloves are suitable for men, women, and children.

3. Sanabul Easter Egg Boxing Gloves

Achieve a chic and feminine look even in the ring with these Sanabul gloves that are made especially for female boxers!

These fun pastel-colored gloves will be an eye-catcher in the gym. They come in coral, ice blue, lavender, and mint.

4. Liberlupus Boxing Gloves

If you’re looking for leather boxing gloves on a budget, then these Liberlupus gloves are for you! They’re made from synthetic PU leather for better flexibility and surface abrasion.

Plus, each glove has a hook and loop closure that’s great for wrist support and protection.

5. Venum Contender 2.0 Boxing Gloves

These Venum gloves don’t just look cool, they also do the job of securing hands incredibly well. The gloves are made with high-density foam and a large velcro enclosure for added safety. They’re solid gloves that are worth the investment.

11 Gifts for Boxers

6. Boxing Trunks

The things that you must consider before buying boxer shorts are quality, features, and visuals.

Boxing shorts should be made from high-quality materials, have impeccable stitching, include breathable panels, and look bad-ass. These boxing shorts check all of these requirements!

7. Nike Women’s Compression Shorts

Give your giftee confidence as she fights in the ring with these stylish compression shorts. They’re comfy and snug, and will make a great addition to their workout clothes.

8. Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope

Boxing training isn’t all about sparring, jabs, and hooks. Other forms of exercise are also recommended to enhance boxing skills. For example, jumping rope promotes timing and rhythm.

This jump rope is also ropeless, so it’s portable and more convenient for your giftee to take anywhere they train!

9. Free Standing Boxing Bag

Got no time for the gym? No worries since this free-standing boxing bag will help them perfect their punching skill even at home!

This Hicient punching bag is also adjustable to match a boxer’s height.

10. Punching Mitts

Punching mitts are considered to be essential training equipment because they reduce the impact from punches, which means boxers can train for longer periods of time.

They’re also versatile and can be used in other sports like karate, muay Thai, and kickboxing.

11. Boxing Handwraps

Aside from boxing gloves, hand wraps are also non-negotiable. These prevent hand and wrist injuries from occurring, which are common in the sport. Save the boxer in your life from pain by giving them these highly durable boxing wraps.

12. Adidas Boxing Shoes

Wearing improper shoes for training causes a lot of foot problems such as calluses, blisters, and bunions. Your giftee won’t have these issues if they use proper boxing shoes such as these Adidas training shoes.

These unisex boxing shoes also come in pink, white, and gray.

13. Sports Headband

Stray hair is annoying and distracting, especially when hands are stuck inside boxing gloves. These sports headbands will keep their hair in place as they box so they stay focused on the match.

14. Duffel Bag

Give the boxer in your life a nice duffel bag to keep all their boxing gear, clothes, and other essentials in one safe place.

It’s made from 100% polyester and has a 10″ adjustable shoulder strap to perfectly fit the preference of your giftee.

15. Microfiber Towel

This is the perfect gym towel since it’s compact, absorbent, and convenient. Each towel includes a reusable pouch with a matching clip that attaches the towel to their bag.

16. Half Gallon Water Bottle

Make sure they have a water bottle to replenish all the fluids they lose after a training session. This 74-ounce water jug will keep them hydrated and healthy all day. It also includes a practical sleeve with a strap and pockets!

6 Gifts for Boxing Fans

17. Boxing 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

Photo Credit: iGiftsAndCards

Send this intricate boxing 3D greeting card to make any occasion more memorable. This 6×8 inch card features a boxing scene complete with a ring, boxers, and a cheering crowd and comes with an envelope and protective cello clear bag.

18. Boxing Gloves Neon Sign

Photo Credit: Elmarto

Light up their home gym, man cave, or bedroom with this cool boxing gloves neon sign! You can also personalize this gift by picking the neon and backing colors from white, green, and yellow.

19. Boxing Vinyl Clock

Do they always lose track of time whenever they watch a boxing match? Or do they miss the biggest fights because they’re always late? This boxing vinyl clock will help them keep track of time and also acts as great decor.


Boxing: A Cultural History by Kasia Boddy

This book gives a fresh and interesting take on the cultural history of boxing. The boxing fan in your life will understand the complexities of the sport even more after reading this highly-acclaimed book.

21. “Do Not Disturb, I’m Watching Boxing” Socks

Save them from all the “shh-ing” when their favorite boxer comes on with these witty socks. These comfy socks are also non-slip thanks to the non-slip printing at the bottom of the socks.

22. Boxing Gloves Pendant Necklace

Who says that boxing can’t be glamorous and elegant, too?

They’ll rock any outfit with this beautiful boxing gloves necklace that will also allow them to show their love for boxing everywhere they go. Aside from gold, there are also black and silver pendants to choose from.

4 Boxing Gifts for Kids

23. Superheroes Boxing Training Gloves

Not all superheroes wear capes – some of them wear boxing gloves! Channel the inner hero in your child with these cool boxing training gloves. It’s an awesome toy and costume for an aspiring little boxer.

24. Interactive Boxing Game

Kids and adults alike will have a blast playing with this interactive boxing game. It features three built-in play modes that are not only enjoyable but will also improve players’ boxing skills.

Plus, it’s a fun way to workout and bond with others!

25. CHAMPS Reflex Ball

Train the little boxer in your life with this boxing reflex ball. This will improve their reaction speed as well as their hand and eye coordination.

It’s a fun and great way to enhance their boxing skills at a young age.

26. Hanging Kids Punching Bag

Your giftee can practice their punching skills anytime they want with this hanging punching bag.

Made from durable and quality materials, this product will be a piece of handy training equipment. Aside from boxing, it’s also suitable for karate, MMA, and taekwondo.

Wrapping Up The Most Epic Boxing Gifts

Whether you want to give a practical gift for the boxer in your life or a convenient gift to a boxing fan that will make every match enjoyable, this list has all the items and ideas you’re looking for!

What do you think is the best boxing gift on the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Looking for more athletic gift ideas? Check out this post about the best soccer gifts!

The Greatest Boxing Birthday Gifts Sport Fans Fanatics * Kickboxer


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Christmas Cartoon Decompression Toy Sports Equipment Boxing Birthday Gift Avengers Mingliang Childrens Spider-man Boxing Gloves Set Boxing Sports & Outdoors

Mingliang Children’s Spider-man Boxing Gloves Set, Christmas Cartoon Decompression Toy Sports Equipment Boxing Birthday Gift Avengers: Kitchen & Home. Shop at for Mingliang Children’s Spider-man Boxing Gloves Set, Christmas Cartoon Decompression Toy Sports Equipment Boxing Birthday Gift Avengers : Kitchen & Home.. ★ [Ability Training]: Mastery, interest training, senses, listening, suitable for boxing, training, bag making work or sparring. 。 ★ [Parent-Child Interaction]: This product is suitable for parent-child communication and enhances the relationship between children and parents. It is an interactive toy. 。 ★ [Protection effect]: Heavy shock absorption device can withstand the biggest impact. Attached thumb for protection and safety. 。 ★ [Scope of Application]: Ideal for home decoration, gift or as part of personal art collection. Large decoration for living room, bedroom, corridor, bathroom, interior decoration, exterior, interior, exterior, office. 。 ★ [Perfect Gift]: Not only a good gift for children, but also can effectively help children improve their boxing skills. Birthday, holiday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. 。 Specifications:。Name: Spider-Man Boxing Suit for Children。Size: 3 * 8 * 8cm。Product composition: boxing suit。Main material: PVC。Suitable age: 3 years old and above。Function: Decompression。Packaging: color box。Category: Under 4。color: red。Product announcements。Due to the cooler and warmer colors of the display and the camera’s white balance, there will be slight color differences between the colors of the physical and photographic displays. 。 。 。

Christmas Cartoon Decompression Toy Sports Equipment Boxing Birthday Gift Avengers Mingliang Childrens Spider-man Boxing Gloves Set

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Savage Boxing & Fitness

Savage Boxing & Fitness now does birthday parties!!

We are the perfect place for kids of all ages to celebrate their birthday with fun and athletic activities!

Parties are two hours long and include theme and age appropriate activities (see themes below!), party decorations, all paper products and utensils,

and our unique Savage piñata experience!! We don’t hit a piñata with a stick here – we punch it!!!

You provide the food and cake, or choose to have Savage provide it all!

Not into boxing? Choose one of our football, basketball or “classic games” themed parties instead!

Multiple packages and add-ons available starting at just $399!! Add-ons include a Nerf War complete with a Nerf War Battlefield, a special one-on-one boxing session for the birthday kid,

a personalized birthday video and more! Find out specific details below the videos!

We’re currently offering special pricing, so contact us to plan your child’s best birthday party today!


[email protected]

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Party Themes


Boxing is our specialty, and our boxing-themed parties are a knockout! You and your party attendees will train with a former professional boxer and learn how to jab, throw a straight, slip a punch, deliver a knockout hook and more. Plus you’ll get a chance to work the bag or mitts and put what you learned to the test. See if you have what it takes to become the next Floyd Mayweather and book a Savage Boxing Party today!


Not into boxing? Book one of our football-themed parties instead! You and your party attendees will see who grabs the win in a game of flag football, put your throwing arm to the test in a target challenge, and test your overall football fitness in our skills challenge! See if you can be named the MVP of your party!


Is a game of hoops more your speed? No problem, we’ve got you covered with our basketball-themed parties! Play a mini-court game, have a side-by-side shoot out, or take place in the skills challenge and see if can ball with the top players like Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant!

Classic Party Games

If sports isn’t your thing but you still want to have an awesome party and have someone else do all the planning, book one of our classic birthday parties! We’ll play timeless games like Balloon Bust (no hands!), Pass The Parcel (a cooler version of Hot Potato with a prize!), Bucket Toss, Tug Of War, Red Light Green Light, a Scavenger Hunt, Obstacle Course, Water Balloon Toss (when the weather is nice!) and more!

Nerf War

Just want to have a Nerf war party without any boxing, football, etc? No problem! Choose our Nerf War party and spend a full hour playing with Nerf guns – you’ll go through a series of target practices and then see who has the skills to dominate the battlefield.

* In addition to these party themes, we will do our best to accommodate a “secondary” party theme too – like Spiderman, Unicorns, Camouflage, etc. Who doesn’t love a Batman Boxing party or a Moana Basketball party?

** Got a specific theme in mind that you don’t see above? Let us know and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Party Pricing

Lightweight Birthday Party Package Rates

A Lightweight Birthday Party Package includes a two-hour party with theme-appropriate activities, party decorations, a unique Savage piñata punching experience, plates, cups, napkins, silverware, and a party favor for all children attending the party.


You provide the

food / cake

Savage provides the

food / cake for the kids

Savage provides the food/cake

for kids and adults too

Up to 10 Kids




Up to 20 Kids




Middleweight Birthday Party Package Rates

A Middleweight Birthday Party Package includes everything the Lightweight Package includes, plus a 30-minute Nerf War complete with a Nerf War Battlefield, multiple styles of guns, and endless ammunition!


You provide the

food / cake

Savage provides the

food / cake for the kids

Savage provides the food/cake

for kids and adults too

Up to 10 Kids




Up to 20 Kids




Heavyweight Birthday Party Package Rates

A Heavyweight Birthday Party Package includes everything the Lightweight and Middleweight Packages includes, plus a special one-on-one thirty-minute instructional session with a former professional boxer for the birthday kid! The session will take place before the party, starting forty-five minutes prior to the party start time.


You provide the

food / cake

Savage provides the

food / cake for the kids

Savage provides the food/cake

for kids and adults too

Up to 10 Kids




Up to 20 Kids





*Special requests may be met on a case-by-case basis at an additional cost

Al-La-Carte Party Add-Ons

One-On-One Boxing Session

Want to do the special one-on-one thirty-minute instructional boxing session with a former professional boxer for the birthday kid but don’t want a Nerf war? Add it onto the Lightweight Birthday Party Package for just $50!

Savage Boxing Wraps

Want to send all the kids home with a special party gift? Purchase a pair of Savage boxing wraps for each child for just $5 per pair – that’s 50% off the regular price! Choose from five different colors!

Picture Session

Who can resist a good photo op?? Choose to add on a fun picture session complete with Polaroid pictures, a photo backdrop, and props for only $40!

Special Airwalker Character Balloon

Is your child a big fan of a certain character? Add on an awesome jumbo airwalker balloon to make it feel like that character is at the party for just $25.

(This add-on depends on availability)

Themed Candy Delights

Satisfy your sweet tooth with tasty goodies that match your party theme! Mix and match sweets like chocolate lollipops, cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate covered rice krispies and more – and they’re all available in milk or white chocolate! Add a large tray of candy delights for just $45!

Digital Party Invitations

What’s a party without an invitation? Invite all your child’s friends with our customized digital Savage Boxing & Fitness party invite! You give us the details and we’ll customize it just for you to send out to all your invitees for only $10.

Birthday Party Video

Want to relive the memories of your child’s birthday party over and over again? We will film the entire birthday party, and the one-on-one session if applicable, and deliver you a fully edited video of the experience for $200.

Extra Half Hour of Party Time

Want some more time for your Nerf War, boxing lessons, or for just having fun? Extend your partying time by thirty minutes for only $99!

Reviews, Top Picks & Guide 2021

How to Choose The Best 4 Year Old Boy Toys in 2021?

In the current market, there are many types of products with different characters from various brands. Choosing Best 4 Year Old Boy Toys is not easy; so how do you know which product is ideal for you? 


Obviously, price is a deciding factor when you make a purchase. We provide you with the function of checking price history and receiving pricing table through email, making it easier for you to make a decision. 

The price of the products can change over time according to the manufacturers’ discount campaign.


In this article, we select the best quality products from brands: Toyly, Random House Books for Young Readers, LEGO, Laradola, FREE TO FLY, MITCIEN, ORRENTE, Toyk, Soyee, KKONES, FUN LITTLE TOYS, Palotix, Fundia, Motoworx, zoye, iHaHa, Selieve, iPlay, iLearn, HUWAIREN, MOBIUS Toys, O3, HONGID, CUKU, UNGLINGA, Officygnet.

Product ranking sometimes cannot help you select out the best one for you; it should only be used for reference. The product ranking will be based on H Score with many criteria through customers’ experience and our experts’ options. 

What is H Score and is it reliable?

H Score is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. It from 0 to 10 are automatically scored by our AI Consumer Report tool based upon the data collected. This score has no relationship or impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites.

H Score is programmed using many mathematical formulas and our algorithm based on data which is collected from the internet by H Boot.

Take the article Best 4 Year Old Boy Toys in 2021 for example, H Boot analyzes and evaluates:

  • 26 products

  • 101,130 reviews from many sources on the internet on the topic Best 4 Year Old Boy Toys (including reputable newspapers as well as discussions on forums and social networks)

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  • Based on the list of brands which discusses on the topic Best 4 Year Old Boy Toys

About Returns Policies

We are a media site. We do not buy or sell products. 

For each type of product you buy and the service you use, there are different return and exchange policies.

In case the product is not suitable or has quality problems, please visit here


In the article Best 4 Year Old Boy Toys reviews of 2021, we have used and consulted information from the following sources:







No. 104700155 – souvenirs, gifts in Almaty – Market

About product Description from the seller

Beauty box is a profitable set of care products packed in a beautiful gift box.Our boxes contain miniatures of luxury Korean products. A good opportunity to try everything at once, paying a small amount for a large set. After all, you must agree: if you buy an expensive cream or serum, but it does not fit, it will be a shame. But the funds you like can be safely purchased later in full at full cost and be sure that the purchase will not disappoint.
Beauty box – a magic box with cosmetics and beauty gadgets can be an excellent gift for a friend, mother, sister, colleague or teacher, in general, any lady.Sometimes we do not know the preferences of the gifted person, but with a beauty box, you can not be afraid – many different products are hidden inside. The beauty box is still a non-trivial, beautifully designed surprise gift against the background of all the others. A beauty box is like a kinder surprise for adult girls.
Gift beauty box includes:
1) Roller massager and scraper for face and neck skin made of natural stones (at choice: rose quartz, jade, obsidian, tiger’s eye, amethyst and rhinestone),
2) Premium set from of the Korean brand,
3) Cloth mask of the Korean production – up to 3 pieces,
4) Bandage for fixing hair – OMG! (in various colors),
5) Box of Raffaello chocolates (series about Love!),
6) Gift wrapping in a box and a bag.

A win-win gift for Valentine’s Day, March 8 or Birthday.

Prices for boxes from 15000 tenge

Delivery across Almaty is free!

from 25 August 2021

Increase the number of views and sell faster

In hot Send to “TOP”

90,000 DIY holiday boxing – “CatchCoupon”

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be difficult.That is why gift boxes are an excellent solution that will delight anyone, because filling such a box, you can choose exactly what suits a particular person.

Boxes are good as a gift for any holiday – New Year, birthday, March 8 or any other holiday.

Gift box is not a simple gift, it is a surprise, a languishing anticipation, pleasant emotions that are lacking in everyday life.

How to make a DIY gift box

• Choose a gift theme. The topic can be a holiday for which boxing or the interests of a person is going. There are also universal options that will delight anyone:

• For example, when collecting a box for a woman, put in a tea composition, chocolate, handmade soap, something from cosmetics, a cute mug or T-shirt.

• For a man, also put a tea composition, but already paired with a thermo mug for a car, and from accessories add a pair of original socks.

• Put toys, creative kits, and a salt bath bomb in the children’s box with sweets – a delight for children of all ages.

• Great for boxing – biscuits, gingerbread or cakes. Even if you don’t know the recipient well, you can’t go wrong with the gift.

• Select the container for the gift set. You can take a craft box, basket, large jar, bucket, or any other container that can hold whatever you choose for the contents.

• Decorate the box. You can decorate the box with wrapping paper, confetti, ribbons, paper fillers or mini garlands.

Here are some examples of themed gift sets:

You can see more examples here.

The box assembly process is quite simple:

• Place wrapping paper or filler in the box

• Arrange presents beautifully

• Decorate the box with cute little things.For example, a New Year’s box can be decorated with dried fruit wedges, pine cones, caramel canes, or sprigs of live spruce.

We hope you find our ideas useful. If you want to discuss or add something, we are waiting for you in the comments!

fourteen 0 90,000 Fancy birthday gifts | Blog about quests, leisure and entertainment in Yekaterinburg

8 unusual birthday gifts that everyone will love

So, what would be so interesting to give? What did I give you last time? Hmm, what did the others give him? What if he already has it? What if he doesn’t like it? If you have such thoughts, then you know exactly how difficult it can be to choose a birthday present for a friend, relative or colleague.You always want to give something original and interesting. Therefore, the Adventure team has prepared a selection of 8 unusual birthday gifts especially for you. You can definitely please even those birthday people who are difficult to surprise. Go!

Indeed, the case when a gift will suit any person! After all, the filling of the box can be selected individually. When ordering a box, the age, gender, hobbies of the birthday person and the amount you want to spend are specified.After that, you get various options for filling the gift box. These can be sweets, gadgets, toys, or many other interesting gizmos. And for those who like surprises, you can order secret boxing. Then neither you, let alone the recipient of the surprise, will know what is inside until you open the box. Boxing will be a pleasant surprise for any birthday.

If your friend or relative spends any free week on a new trip, then the scratch map of the world will appeal to him.After the next trip, it is enough to simply erase the top layer from the desired country on the map. After that, it will be clearly visible which part of the world has not yet been conquered. It is convenient to think about new trips or make plans to take over the planet. The world map can be an unusual gift, both for a birthday and for the New Year. And even more ideas for New Year’s gifts, you can find in our article “Unusual gifts for the New Year”.

Probably everyone has a friend who dreams of painting, but does not have sufficient artistic skills.And with such a wonderful picture, everyone can feel like a real artist! A great birthday present will be a set for stick art. You just need to paint the canvas in the brightest colors and remove a special film. A wonderful work of authorship will open under it.

Wooden, metal, handmade, collectible – unusual badges with your author’s inscription or picture can be a nice addition to a birthday present.The icon with the hero of your favorite cartoon or with your friend’s catchphrase will definitely please the birthday boy.

The human brain is designed in such a way that the most unusual and vivid events remain in the memory for a lifetime. If you want the birthday boy to remember exactly your surprise, then give him an unforgettable experience on his birthday. How? Give him a certificate for the quest! In Yekaterinburg you will find a huge number of quests for every taste, we offer you familiarize yourself with some of them …The adventure will not leave anyone indifferent. And you can choose a ticket to the emotion factory here …

An unusual little thing for those who cannot imagine their home without plants. Levitating flower pot. He appears to be under the spell of Wingardium Leviosa. Such a plant will become a designer highlight of any interior.

Something that no sweet tooth will refuse.Your own apparatus for making cotton candy, or a whole chocolate fountain! Such gadgets do not take up much space, and endless access to your favorite sweets will provide complete delight. The main thing is to make sure that nothing sticks together 🙂

It is difficult enough to find a perfume as a gift for someone. You need to know his tastes, preferences, or at least your favorite brand. But there is a perfume that you can give to anyone. Maybe the scent of wet asphalt will suit your friend, or your mother will appreciate the scent of the great modernists? Extravagant personalities can be offered the aroma of a tomato or an earthworm.Quite unusual, isn’t it?

Do not forget about the presentation of the presentation. The original packaging can make even the simplest gift unusual. You can present a small gift in a huge box and arrange a small quest to open it. Or decorate the box with fresh flowers and plants – it doesn’t look like usually and tasteful. You can see ideas for gifts for the New Year in our article “Unusual gifts for the New Year” …And a sincere postcard made with your own hands will leave the warmest impressions of your surprise.

It was a selection of unusual gifts from “Adventure”. We hope that you have found something interesting here and will please your friends and family in the near future.

Give cool gifts!

See you at “Adventure” 🙂

December 25, 20180:00

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90,000 what can you put in a box? How to beautifully pack a gift for a man and a woman? Gift wrapping

If you do not know what to give a loved one or colleague for the holiday, then pay attention to the boxes with ready-made gifts.There are special gift boxes for men, women and children with different content. You can choose a ready-made option, or you can purchase a beautiful box and fill it yourself. Everyone, without exception, will like such an original gift. Let’s take a look at some interesting ideas for what to put in a box.

For men

The filling of the gift boxes can be anything you like. For example, you can choose a set for a hunter or a fishing enthusiast.Or opt for a box that is designed for a business person or a traveler. Today, you can easily find all sorts of ready-made options, as they say, for every taste and wallet. It can be boxing for an elderly person or a young man.

But you can also make such a gift box yourself. The main thing is to choose the right packaging, arrange everything you need beautifully and arrange the gift in an unusual way. Then the presentations collected by your own hands will definitely pleasantly surprise the recipients.

Men, unlike women, do not pay much attention to packaging. But for a man to be pleased to receive a gift, the box must be made in a strict and laconic style. Choose dark cardboard options. A compact wooden box or a small suitcase with a handle is fine. And what should be inside the box depends on who the present is for. It is important to take into account the characteristics of the age, profession and hobbies of the recipient.

For an elderly man, you can fill the box with practical and useful gifts. A warm scarf or a pair of gloves can be stowed nicely at the bottom of the box. Then put a pack of good tea, a jar of fragrant jam and a jar of healthy honey.

In addition, you can add more chocolate or cookies to the present. Such prefabricated gifts will please any grandfather.

For a business man who spends most of his time in the office, you can also collect a practical gift .For example, this is a diary in a stylish leather cover, a nice pen in a case, a personalized money clip in a beautiful box, an original business card holder, and so on.

The car enthusiast will definitely appreciate the gift box, which will contain all the necessary accessories for his car. For example, this is a phone stand, a universal charger for a gadget, a comfortable car pillow and a thermo mug.

In addition, you can assemble a special set that will be appreciated by the coffee lover of any age. The gift box should contain a personalized mug, a can of aromatic coffee and chocolate. The same set can be assembled for a tea lover. And chocolate can be replaced with delicious cookies or unusual jam.

Every man will definitely appreciate the box, which will include not only a can of beer, but also a variety of snacks, nuts and chips. And for a movie connoisseur, you can fill the box with the following: popcorn, a can of your favorite drink, chips and a disc with a selection of your favorite films. A lover of a healthy lifestyle will definitely appreciate the box, which will include a sports bottle, an expander, a personalized T-shirt, fitness bars and so on.

A man who often goes hunting or fishing will definitely appreciate a practical gift. To do this, put a folding knife, a thermo mug or folding glass, a flask, a folding spoon and a fork into the box. In addition, the present can be supplemented with other useful accessories, for example, a waterproof torch, multitool or pocket navigator.

For women

For women, you can choose a box in a bright or delicate shade.The shape of the box can be anything you like. Round or heart-shaped gift boxes look great. In addition, you can give a woman a gift in an original box in the form of a house with transparent windows. Or you should choose a spacious wooden box, in which you can then store various little things.

It is quite possible to independently assemble cosmetic set for a woman. But only if you know exactly what kind of creams she uses, and which product is exactly right for her.Such a gift box can easily be assembled by a caring daughter for a mother or a best friend. In addition, you can put in the box an aroma lamp, a set of essential oils and a CD with her favorite tunes.

If you are afraid not to guess with the choice of cosmetics or creams, it is better to fill the box with something neutral. For example, you can put handmade soap, aromatic oils, bath bombs, bottles with sea salt in a gift box.And you can supplement the present with a small terry towel.

A woman will be pleased to receive a gift box , which is filled with interesting items for decoration or interior decoration . For example, these are beautiful candlesticks and handmade candles.Original porcelain souvenirs or feng shui figurines.

The needlewoman will appreciate the practical set, which will include all the necessary accessories. For example, this can be a special kit for embroidery with beads or for creating pictures with sequins. If a woman loves to knit, then she will be glad to receive a set of yarns of various colors as a present.

No woman will refuse a pleasant and tasty surprise. As a filling, you can choose a variety of chocolates or exclusive handmade chocolate, healthy marmalade, marshmallows and unusual cookies – for example, you can choose a delicate almond or original one with a fortune note inside.

You can prepare a pleasant surprise for your friend or colleague yourself. If you know how to cook, you can make your own muffins, mini muffins, gingerbread or curly cookies.

You can pack homemade cakes in compact boxes and hand them to colleagues and friends for the holiday.

A set for a lover of tea or coffee – a classic gift for any woman . These can be classic teas, herbal or exotic varieties. As a pleasant addition to a particular drink, you can put jars of unusual jam or honey. It can be cream honey or some rare honey, such as cornflower blue, raspberry, blueberry, or even lemon balm.You can choose the classic version of jam, preserves, or opt for exotic options.

Look for kiwi and banana jam, chocolate covered cherries or pine cone jam. This type of gift box is perfect for a woman of any age.

For children and adolescents

For small children, you need to choose a bright and unusual option.Children will be pleased to receive a gift not in an ordinary box, but, for example, in a bright chest. Or it can be a soft box lined with a special fabric, and the lid is fastened with buttons. In addition, it is quite possible to find unusual boxes in the form of houses, fruits or even famous cartoon characters. It is better to choose a box that the child can then use to store toys and their little things.

A gift box for a girl can be filled with her favorite sweets, beautiful accessories in the form of hairpins and elastic bands.You can also put a small doll or stuffed toy.

The boy will be delighted to receive a chest filled with chocolate coins and small cars.

If you want to give your child only sweets, then this can also be done in an original way. For example, you can buy several boxes of iced chocolate pills, unpack them and pour them into one compact jar.

Glue the words “Sweet Dream”, “Sweet Tooth Dream” or “Mood Sweets” on the jar. You can take several jars and fill them with various sweets. For example, it can be marshmallows, gummies and cookies in the form of figurines. It will be much more interesting for a child to open such jars of sweets than just the usual packages. In addition, you can make a variety of cake pops yourself and put them in a box.

If you want to present a gift for a teenager in some original way, then be sure to use a stylish modern box . The main gift, for example, a gadget, can be placed in the center, and the rest of the space can be filled with a variety of sweets, snacks or even tangerines.

A gift box for a teenager can be filled with useful accessories. For example, this is a wireless computer mouse, compact speakers, a flash drive, stylish headphones, and so on. The content can be anything you like, the main thing is to take into account the individual characteristics and preferences of each teenager.

Tips and Tricks

Finally, we have a few more useful tips that will definitely come in handy.Since the gift box is filled with a wide variety of items, and many of them are fragile, care should be taken to ensure that all the gifts reach the recipient safe and sound. In addition, the gift box with decorative filling looks much more interesting and spectacular. Which filler to choose depends on what and to whom you are giving.

It is easy to find special paper filler in gift shops, but other materials can be used as well. For example, paper shavings, wood shavings, or even straw are perfect for a man’s gift.

Corrugated shavings or palm fibers are also excellent fillers. This option is suitable for both male and female presentation. In the event that the gift is intended for the New Year’s celebration, then you can lay out the bottom of the box with tinsel. And for women, you can do something more original. For example, fill the bottom of the box with flower petals.

If you are giving a child or teenager one gift that will take up the entire main space in the box, then you can use a variety of caramels as a filler.The present will look very original, and everyone will like such a delicious filler.

See below for details.

90,000 What to give a guy as a keepsake – 20 ideas for memorable gifts

What to give a guy to remind of me – this question is asked by almost every girl before parting with her beloved.It is worth giving preference to small, but pleasant and useful gizmos that do not depend on the season, occasion or other variable factors.

Presenting an umbrella or a scarf to a man is a good idea, but not for a memento – the period when a loved one will use such things is too short. Gadgets should not be gifted either – they tend to become outdated and break down. What to give a guy so that he doesn’t forget? Here are some original ideas.

Memorable things

A gift to a man as a keepsake from a woman can be a sheer trinket, but it is better if it combines practicality and a touch of sentimentality at the same time.

Stylish accessories : pendant with the sign of the zodiac or a cross, a tie clip, silverware, a wristwatch.

Personalized presents : a pen, an engraved teaspoon, a mug with a photo or name, a pillow with a picture of lovers, cufflinks with initials, a flash drive, an external battery.

Gadgets : Genuine USB stick, searchable keychain, wireless computer mouse, waterproof USB speaker, wireless headset or sports headphones.

Useful gizmos : covers for electronic devices, case for glasses, housekeeper, sleep mask.

Household trivia : original loose leaf teapot, interesting drink opener / corkscrew, whiskey stones, copper-bottomed turk, hand grinder for coffee beans, LED light for shower head.

Romantic gifts

You can give a guy as a keepsake a little thing that will excite memories of a pleasant event that connects a couple.Such a commemorative present can be made to order or purchased ready-made.

Paired presents : gloves for lovers, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts in the same style, bathrobes or pajamas with pajamas with embroidery, a blanket for lovers with sleeves, key rings with each other’s names.

Paired tattoos – the most daring idea that you can give a man as a keepsake. It doesn’t have to be each other’s names: a key and a lock, a tree and an owl, halves of a heart.The image can be quite small – on the phalanx of the finger or ankle.

Gifts-confessions : a photo album with joint photos, a positive notepad with warm words on each page, a table lamp with a heart-shaped base, a portrait of lovers, an electronic photo frame with a gallery of pictures of a couple, a beautiful jar with romantic notes.

Memorable experiences : joint parachute jump, river rafting, hike, romantic evening for two or a trip to the spa, cinema or concert.A dream come true – for example, a day on karting or an extreme driving lesson – without fail together.

DIY gift : painting by numbers, painted together, jointly created flip-flop portrait, model car or other equipment that the couple put together.

An interesting idea – planting a tree sapling with a guy in a park where couples often walk: the plant will become a symbol of love and will remind the couple of the strength of their feelings for many years.

Practical everyday gifts

If you do not know what to give a guy before leaving as a souvenir, choose high-quality things for everyday use.Such a present will constantly catch the eye of a man and remind him of his beloved.

Leather goods : wallet, document purse, business card holder, trouser belt, men’s leather bracelet, purse or belt bag.

Business gifts : quality fountain pen, leather-bound diary, designer document case.

“Warm” gifts : thermo mug, thermos bottle, heated lunchbox, home pajamas.

Home devices : laptop stand with cooler, humidifier or air ionizer, home weather station.

Travel presents: quality suitcase, pillow under your head, shoe care set in a stylish case.

Smoking accessories : USB powered lighter, unusual ashtray, smoking pipe, hookah, inlaid cigar guillotine, cigarette case.

Hobby-related presentations : self-setting fishing rod, waterproof equipment, a set for making fish soup in nature – for a fisherman, a rare item for a collector, an apron with a cheerful inscription, a set for barbecue, a professional chef’s knife, a set of exotic spices – for a lover to cook.

Games : chess, checkers, handmade backgammon made of wood or metal, alcohol roulette, poker set, table games: monopoly, loto, mafia.

Car accessories : trunk organizer, tool kit in a road format, video recorder, radar detector, parking sensors, car refrigerator, covers with massage effect, warming cover for the driver’s seat, adapter for the back of the seat for correct posture, anti-glare glasses for the driver.

Our selection: 20 memorable gifts for a guy

Poster “Where it all began”

A poster in the form of a fragment of a map, on which the place of the first date is marked, will definitely not let the guy forget about where it all began.And such a mark on the map can become a symbolic start on your road of life together.

Price 590 rubles.



A magnet with a joint photo is an excellent souvenir for a man. Approaching the refrigerator to make himself already bored sausage sandwiches or cook dumplings, the guy will fondly remember his beloved, and especially her delicious pies or chops. And the guests of this bachelor apartment, having seen a photo of a couple in love, will keep in mind that the owner’s heart is busy.

Price 290 rubles.


Personalized thermostat

A man’s feelings will remain as warm as his favorite drink in such a thermo glass. A special technology allows you to keep the temperature of the drink for several hours. He will certainly remember you on a cold day, warming himself with hot tea or coffee.

Price 590 rubles.


Engraved Pen

Girls often don’t know what to give a guy as a keepsake for the army, so that they don’t forget.After all, you can take a very small set of personal items for service. The list of allowed items includes stationery. A stylish pen will definitely come in handy for a conscript soldier, because he will write letters to family and friends, despite communicating on the phone. A commemorative inscription will add personality to the gift. You can also give a pen to a student leaving for another city.

Price 380 rubles.


Paired rings

A man who loves jewelry will be happy with an original ring.Such an accessory emphasizes the individuality of the guy and will remind him of his beloved. This is a very personal gift that is given only to a truly close and dear person. Even if this is not a wedding ring, but such a thing can be interpreted as a hint of readiness for a serious relationship.

Price 1180 rub.


Photo display

A mug with a unique design is a universal gift for a long memory for your beloved man, which combines practicality and romance.There are many design options: a photograph of your beloved, tender words, a meme with a meaning that only two can understand … The main thing is that the image reminds of your beloved, then not a day will pass without thinking about her. In addition, you can gift a pack of his favorite tea or coffee.

Price 414 rubles.


Lovers’ lock

Did you know that the tradition of hanging a padlock, symbolizing the inextricable union of two hearts in love, appeared thanks to the book of the Italian writer Federico Moccia “Three meters above the sky”? The place where you fasten your own lock will be memorable for both.

Price 190 rubles.



An accessory that is needed every day is a wonderful keepsake for a man on his birthday. The engraving on the belt buckle will make this simple wardrobe unique. Such a gift will not only be memorable, but also become an element of the image.

Price 990 rubles.

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Personal USB stick

Modern life can no longer be imagined without electronic media.Almost everyone needs a USB drive to study and work. To make this practical thing always remind of you, you can give the guy a flash drive with the owner’s name printed on it.

Price 1089-2189 rubles.


Keychain multitool

Having received such a memorable gift, the guy in any difficult situation will remember the giver with gratitude. The practicality and functionality of the keychain can hardly be overestimated – the most necessary tools will always be at hand.

Price 390 rubles.



If you give your beloved a photobook with the chronology of your relationship, then it will remind him of the bright events lived together. The first date, a walk in the park, a trip to your parents, a joint vacation … It is pleasant to remember such important moments when you are away from your beloved, waiting for her return. Who knows, maybe this memorable album will become a valuable family heirloom that grandchildren will look at with interest?

Price 990 rubles.


Keychain with natural stone

Keychain is an ideal option for an inexpensive but memorable birthday present for your boyfriend. He will catch the owner’s eye several times a day, and even a man who is not prone to sentimentality will certainly not lose him. A cute pendant for house keys subtly hints at how great it would be to live together and start building a cozy family nest.

Price 190 rubles.


Personalized car thermo mug

A thermo mug for a car is a wonderful souvenir for a guy who spends a lot of time behind the wheel and does not have time to drink tea at home.While enjoying a fragrant drink on the road, he will think with gratitude of his beloved girl, whose feelings are warmed even at a distance. This practical gift can be made memorable and personalized by engraving.

Price 1190 rubles.


Lighter engraved

For a man who smokes, such a gift will become an original accessory. But even if the young man is an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, you can still give the guy a lighter as a souvenir.To make a fire, light the way, light candles at a romantic dinner, elegantly striking a lighter – it will certainly come in handy for him and will remind you of you thanks to the name inscription.

Price 690 rubles.


“Antipunyl Forte”

You can “seize” a bad mood with something tasty, or you can “chew” with chewing gum. Such an original gift will always improve a man’s mood in sad moments and leave a memory of the one who gave it.

Price 150 rubles.


Digital Photo Frame

Creative use of the digital photo frame will make waiting for the meeting more enjoyable and exciting. Having previously thrown joint photographs onto a flash drive, the girl will invisibly be next to her beloved all the time of separation. And if you approach the preparation of a gift creatively, then you can record several video messages that will need to be watched a day, a week and a month after the breakup.

Price 2490 rubles.


Personalized tea

A cup of aromatic herbal tea will give a man warm memories of you. And such a gift will be remembered not only by its exceptional taste, but also by a personal inscription on the packaging.

Price 729 rub.


Matching T-shirts

Paired T-shirts are suitable not only for walks or photo shoots. One thing will give pleasant memories to the girl, the other should be given to the man as a keepsake when parting.Putting it on, the guy will involuntarily remember his soul mate. A torn quote about love, photographs of each other, ying and yang symbols – these images make a T-shirt not just a regular part of everyday wardrobe, but a gift with meaning.

Price 1499 rub.


Named Powerbank

Often, a discharged mobile phone at the wrong time can become a serious problem. A man will certainly appreciate the external battery presented as a gift.

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