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500+ wall decor styles that will blow your mind

When it comes to filling your space with wall decor, you’ve really got to tap into whatever speaks to you. Art is so personal; the pieces you choose to feature in your home are a true reflection of who you are and the experiences you’ve amassed in your lifetime. Think about the type of art that evokes some sort of emotion deep inside you. That’s the direction you should take when choosing art for your home.

Perhaps you love to travel to far-off lands or you enjoy being one with nature. Maybe your ideal day out is spent at a modern art gallery or your soul gathers speed when surrounded by inspirational quotes. We’ve got what feels like a billion and one masterpieces in any colour of the rainbow so you can fill your space with ultimate style.

Our high quality canvases are artfully created to add just the right touch to your decor. Many pieces feature hand-applied details for added texture, depth and a one-of-a-kind feel. With special effects like encaustic treatments, palette knife embellishments and foil accents, each piece has a unique look as if it had stepped out of a high-end gallery.

Offering a wide selection of expertly framed pieces, and wall decor including printed art, three-dimensional works and shadow boxes, we deliver high impact, ready to hang wall decor that’s affordable and on-trend, yet timeless. Another way to make a bold statement on your walls is with a stylish mirror. Big or small, round, square or rectangular, rustic or glam, there’s a mirror for any taste. Displayed over a console table in an entryway, in lieu of a medicine cabinet in a powder room or above a fireplace, mirrors are a striking way to fill a wall with something eye-catching and useful.

And now, time to throw a little love at wallpaper. Before you get the wrong idea, we’re not talking about your grandma’s wallpaper. Today’s versions are modern and chic and are really all the rage in interior decorating. We offer a wide range of contemporary patterns in sophisticated, neutral hues that enhance the look of your space rather than compete with it. From geometric patterns to nature-inspired prints, there’s an easy-to-install wall covering that’s perfect for your decor.

To sum it all up, if you searched “Wall Decor Canada” and wound up here, it’s because we mean business when it comes to unique art, mirrors and wallpaper for your home. Get shopping and, in just a little while, you’ll be able to step back to see how your once-bare space has become a thing of beauty.

Modern Decor & Pillows for Your Home – Canadian Designed

You know that no room is finished without eye-catching pieces like vases, sculptures, decorative pillows, faux florals and branches. Flip through any design magazine and you’ll notice that each page features unique ways of displaying decorative objects. It’s a great way to create a visual statement on a bookshelf, coffee table or console. Take a look at our artfully arranged vignettes and let them inspire how you’ll express yourself in your own space. Have fun creating displays that you can switch up to match your mood and the changing seasons.

Whether it’s a subtle glow or full on light your room is craving, you’ll find a wide variety of illuminating items like candles, lamps and ceiling lights to brighten up even the darkest corners of any space. Fire up a candle for a little romantic ambiance, set up a table lamp near a sofa to create a cozy reading spot, turn on a desk lamp and get down to business or switch on your overhead lights to whisk together dinner in style. With so many options, shopping for your lighting with us is a bright idea!

Now that your home is on its way to magazine-worthiness, you’ll need to keep it tidy and visit-ready. Our offering of practical yet great-looking baskets, hampers and storage bins are as functional as they are fashionable. Use them to corral the things of life that you don’t necessarily want to see out in plain view, but need to have nearby on the daily.

We’ve really got it all. Explore our site or visit us in store to discover the endless options available to make your home the gorgeous place it deserves to be.

It should never be hard work to make your house a home. Because your decor is a true reflection of your personality, we’ve made it a snap for you to find all the things you need to make it as stylish as can be. From living rooms to kitchens, nurseries to bedrooms, home offices to bathrooms and more, you’ll fall in love with our offering of high quality, on-trend decor at amazing prices.

Whether you’re looking for that special finishing touch for a room, or decorating your entire home from scratch, we’re sure you’ll find everything you’re after (and probably a few things you never knew you needed!).

Need some ideas to get started? Take a look at our beautifully photographed interiors. Organized into carefully curated collections, it’s never been easier to fill your home with style. Find a theme that best suits your taste and embrace it to its fullest. If you see a room that speaks to you, recreate it in your own space. Just pick and choose the things that suit your room and you’re done.

60+ Curtain Styles |

Curtains have a fantastic way of finishing off the look of any room. They not only add colour, texture, and interest to your decor, they also work hard to provide privacy, insulation and filter light.
But don’t let our many curtain choices intimidate you. Considering just a few factors can help you figure out your best options.

Think about what you need your curtains to do for you. If it’s privacy you’re after but don’t need total darkness, try a lightweight fabric that will keep peering eyes out but let sunlight in. If you want them for their insulating capabilities, go for a heavier weight fabric with thermal properties. If you want your room to be darker than dark, check out our wide variety of blackout curtains.

To create a relaxed look, hang the curtain in light shades and natural textures. Airy, casual fabrics like linen, cotton and sheers will move with the breeze to impart a fuss-free attitude in any room. For a more classic or formal effect, heavier weight curtains made with velvet or jacquard prints will up the luxury factor in your interior. Layer curtain with a double rod to further enhance the opulence and increase styling opportunities.

So how do you hang them? The smallest misstep in hanging curtains can take the final look from likes to yikes! Choosing the right length for your room and hanging them properly is essential, so always take measurements before you buy any curtains.

Available in a variety of lengths, we’ve got options to fit standard windows, rooms with very high ceilings and everything in between.

If you have short or average ceilings, make things look taller by hanging your curtains high. Even just half a foot will draw the eye vertically and elongate the room’s appearance.

A decorators’ rule of thumb is that curtains are their most stylish when they are long enough to puddle ever so slightly on the floor or at least graze it. In higher-traffic rooms where your floors are likely to be mess magnets, you might want to have your curtains not touch the floor at all. If your windows are small, it’s perfectly acceptable to have the bottoms of your curtains hit the windowsill.

If your room doesn’t get a lot of light, buy a curtain rod that’s quite a bit wider than your window frame so that when your curtains are pushed back, they won’t get in the way of Mr. Sun and you’ll still get a polished look. This is also a great trick for window treatments that are strictly decorative.

With these pro tips and all the choices you could ever need, it’ll be simple to create your own wow in every room of the house.

What are the various drop effects for curtains?
There are 3 possible styles when it comes to curtain length:
  • The floating style: Let your curtains hang a maximum of 1” above the floor.
  • The kissing style: Have your curtains barely make contact with the ground.
  • The puddle style: Add drama to your space by letting the curtains gently pool on the floor.

What widths do curtains come in?

Curtains come in 52”, 53” and 54” widths. Make sure to measure your window before purchasing in order to get enough curtains. When selecting sheers, get 4 times the width of the window. For panel and blackout styles, you’ll want to go with twice the total width of the window.

How far below the window should curtains hang?

Curtains should hang as low as possible in order to make the window appear taller. For best results, hang the rod as high as possible and ensure curtains are no shorter than 1” off the ground. This technique tricks the eye, making the ceiling appear higher and, as a result, the entire room look bigger.

How do I hang curtains?

Hang curtains by first measuring the space you’d like between the window and the tip of the rod, which should be between 4 and 10 inches, symmetrical on both sides. Then, drill into the wall and screw your rod hardware before putting your curtains on the rod and hanging everything on the brackets.

How fast will I get my curtains?

Montreal-area customers should get their curtains within 2 to 3 business days, while residents of other Canadian urban centers should receive theirs within 3 to 7 days. We also ship to rural areas in 7 to 14 business days. Please note that delivery times vary by location and are subject to change. Free shipping to your local store is also offered.

Sale – Fill Your Home with Style for Less

By offering a seemingly endless variety of items at lower prices, you’re able to get the best deals on everything you need to make your house a home. Our selection of sale merchandise includes furniture, window treatments, decor and more for every room of the house. That means your kids’ and baby’s rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room (and any room!) will be the most stylish they can be, all while staying on budget.

Whether they’re for babies, big or small kids or full-grown adults, bedrooms deserve to be decorated to the max. When you’re able to fill their rooms with the furniture, bedding, pillows, curtains, storage solutions, decorative items and more that suit the comfort and style needs of the person who sleeps there, you’re sure to create a space that ‘s a true reflection of their personalities.

For the kitchen and dining room, our reduced prices on tables, chairs, barstools, buffets and more will allow you to furnish these spaces without breaking the bank. We also offer serve ware, dishes, coasters and placemats for less. Shopping with us is a great way to add all the finishing touches to your everyday eating or fancy dining experiences.

Whether you’ve got a living room, a den or a man cave, you’ve probably spent some serious cash setting up your entertainment system. TVs, gaming consoles and audio equipment all come with a hefty price tag, so it’s great when the pieces you add to the room are budget-friendly. If you’ve come here looking for furniture, rugs, storage, art, deco items and more to finish off the look of your space, you’ve made a good choice! You’ll find plenty of things to make it the most welcoming and stylish room in the house!

For the bathroom, you’ll flip at the assortment of towels, shower curtains, bath mats, decor and accessories up for grabs at lower prices. When you get in on great savings, it’s easy to set your washroom or powder room up for style that’s as fashionable as it is functional. While you’re at it, take advantage of our sale pricing to stock your linen closet. You can never have enough towels!

Have fun exploring our sale section. If you see something that grabs your attention, snap it up while you can, because you never know how long it’ll be available. You’ll surely find everything you’re looking for and most likely a whole bunch of things you never knew you needed. There are always new deals to discover, so remember to check back often. Happy bargain hunting!

OSF Digital Acquires Relation1 to Strengthen Marketing Cloud Expertise in North America

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QUEBEC CITY, June 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OSF Digital, a leading provider of commerce solutions and digital transformation services to B2B and B2C companies worldwide, announces the acquisition of Relation1. OSF has acquired Relation1 as part of a global effort to strengthen its Marketing Cloud capabilities in North America. The terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

OSF Digital, a Salesforce Expert Navigator in the B2C Commerce, B2B Commerce, Consumer Goods, and Retail categories, is focused on becoming the go-to digital commerce transformation partner to brands globally. The firm’s deep industry expertise enables it to identify a client’s unique requirements and launch innovative commerce solutions dedicated to specific markets and industry verticals. This expertise was useful in 2020 when OSF launched more than 20 out-of-the-box, industry-specific solutions and commerce accelerators to help brands around the world begin selling online fast to overcome pandemic-related challenges. OSF has more than 1,000 employees and 40 offices worldwide. Its customers include some of the world’s biggest brands: L’Oréal Canada, Ubisoft, Bouclair, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Geox, Kal Tire, Markwins Beauty, Stonewall Kitchen, Lush Handmade Cosmetics, Domaine Chandon, Urban Barn and many more.

Relation1 has an impressive depth of expertise and a proven consultative approach to solving complex technical challenges and delivering high-performance, cost-effective Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions. With offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City, Canada, Relation1 is a recognized expert in Salesforce Marketing Cloud services with an already established client base in the region, including Home Hardware, Aeroplan, Le Groupe Jean Coutu (PJC), Canada Goose, and Lowe’s Canada.

Recognizing the value of their combined capabilities, OSF has recently acquired Relation1. The acquisition positions OSF Digital as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud expert and a tech-leading, connected commerce partner which will contribute to providing a true digital transformation to their clients. Relation1’s existing clients will now have access to OSF’s extensive suite of multi-cloud, B2B and B2C commerce solutions.

“Relation1’s Marketing Cloud proficiency, experience and relationships with leading brands complement our goals and offerings, which help B2B and B2C companies launch or enhance their digital strategies. With this acquisition, we’ve advanced our Marketing Cloud capabilities and, as a result, strengthened our position as a leading digital transformation partner,” said Gerard (Gerry) Szatvanyi, CEO of OSF Digital.

“Relation1 shares OSF’s relentless pursuit of increased innovation within the commerce industry. By joining forces with OSF, we can strengthen and expand our Marketing Cloud services to a global level and we can benefit from new delivery capabilities to expand our clients’ Salesforce footprint beyond Marketing Cloud. Our team is excited to join OSF and looks forward to the favourable results that will follow this acquisition for our customers as well as for our employees,” said Normand Bélisle, CEO of Relation1.

The integrated OSF and Relation1 team will help clients with end-to-end cloud transformation, from initial strategy and road mapping through to designing the architecture, migrating and implementing applications, and ongoing monitoring and support. These joint capabilities are essential given the greatest value from cloud is in enabling clients to achieve their business goals.

About OSF Digital

OSF Digital is a leading global commerce and digital transformation company, with expertise in enterprise connected commerce, order management solutions, storefront management services, commerce consulting, and cloud application development. With proficiency in B2C and B2B commerce and experience in helping businesses leverage commerce, marketing, sales, and service solutions, OSF seamlessly guides companies throughout their entire digital transformation journey. OSF Digital is a trusted Salesforce Consulting Partner since 2010, being awarded by Salesforce numerous times for advancing the commerce industry. As a global company with local presence in North America, Latin America, APAC, and EMEA, the company ensures efficient delivery in all time zones and markets. HSBC and BDC are OSF Digital’s financial partners, and Delta-v Capital is an investor. For more information about OSF Digital, visit:

All trademarks and trade names mentioned herein are the properties of their respective holders and hereby acknowledged.

Media contact:Iulia [email protected](888)-548-4344

Source: OSF Digital

16 best blackout curtains to stay cool and comfortable

While the summer sun is great for a day outside, it can pose an issue if you’re trying to get some rest or stay cool. Thankfully, blackout curtains are a simple solution to those irritating problems.

According to Dr. Daniel Barone, a neurologist at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian, one of the easiest things you can do to get better shut-eye is to make sure the room is dark.

“We’re designed to be sleeping when the sky is dark,” he told TODAY. “You want the room to be as dark as possible without it being dangerous,” he added. To achieve a dark room, he recommends using blackout curtains — curtains that block out light to help you sleep through the night.

Their benefits go beyond the bedroom. Blackout curtains are designed to reflect the majority of UV rays that hits it, reducing unwanted solar heat from entering your home.

We searched for bestselling and top-rated blackout curtain options available online. From Amazon to Bed Bath and Beyond, this list will help you find the perfect set of blackout curtains for your home.

Bestselling blackout curtains


AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Curtains

These AmazonBasics curtains have over 29,000 verified ratings and a 4.5-star average. They’re designed to fit on any standard or decorative rod, and they’re made with 100% polyester. The two-panel pack also comes with velcro strips to tie the curtains.

2. Nicetown Blackout Drapes

Available in over two dozen color options, these blackout drapes from Nicetown are designed to match the decor in any room in your home. Each package comes with two panels, and the silver grommets make them easy to install.

3. Nicetown Double Layer Blackout Curtain Panels

Block out every bit of sunlight with these double-layered curtain panels. While they’re crafted to make your room pitch black, the brand also claims that they can reduce noise from outside.

4. BGment Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains

Each BGment curtain panel has six metal grommets that make hanging easy. They’re designed to block out over 85% of sunlight and they’re insulated with high-density yarn for insulation.

5. Aquazolax French Door Blackout Curtains

If you have French doors leading to your bedroom, you can still experience total darkness with these blackout window coverings. They come in 11 colors and include velcro ties that will let some light into the room while giving you privacy.

6. Mainstays Energy Efficient Single Curtain Panel

Save money on your energy bill with these energy-efficient curtains. They’re designed to reduce outside noise, block light and help your home stay cooler in the summer.

7. Eclipse Kenley Solid Color Blackout Single Curtain

These solid blackout curtains are just as practical as they are stylish. Available in five mature colors, the thick polyester texture helps block plenty of light from the sun.

8. Sun Zero Kylee Energy Efficient Curtain Panel

If you live in a loud area, these curtains may help you get a better night’s sleep. They’re made with thick, woven material that’s designed to reduce noise and block light.

9. Brockham Solid Blackout Grommet Curtain Panels

Add an elegant touch to any room with these blackout curtains from Wayfair. Crafted with 100% polyester, they have a transparent top layer and a solid blackout layer on the back.

10. Clontarf Geometric Room Darkening Curtain Panels

These thermally-insulated curtains are made to reduce external noise and energy lost through your windows. Plus, they’re available in seven cool geometric patterns!

11. Solid Blackout Thermal Grommet Curtain Panels

These blackout curtains have a modern design that can go with nearly any home decor. The triple-weave fabric blocks out sunlight while providing a sophisticated design to any room.

12. Darcy 84-inch Blackout Curtain Panel

These finely-woven panels combine utility and style. The blackout curtains are machine-washable and have top grommets that make them easy to install.

13. Quinn 84-Inch Grommet Top Blackout Curtain Panel

Maintain privacy and complete darkness with these polyester curtains. The texture of the material is designed to absorb heat, which helps keep your room temperature-controlled during the heat of the summer.

14. Quinn Geo Blackout Window Curtain Panel

Need to add some decor to an otherwise basic room? These geometric curtains will bring some excitement to your home while keeping it cool and dark.

15. Plaza Grommet-Top Lined Blackout Curtain

The Plaza curtains have an elegant, shiny look made from 100% woven polyester while the grommets have a distressed bronze finish.

16. Wallace Blackout Grommet-Top Curtain

This single panel curtain is machine-washable and easy to hang. It comes in eight colors and five lengths to fit any size window.

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This article was originally published on June 4, 2018.

NP Market Council Association and the System Operator have issued an information booklet on the capacity of new generating facilities

Moscow. May 11, 2016. The NP Market Council Association and the System Operator have issued a joint information booklet on the competitive selection of capacity at new generating facilities (KOM NG).

The information booklet in the form of questions and answers contains information on the conditions of participation, the rules and terms of the KOM NG required by potential selection participants.

By decision of the Government of Russia, KOM NG will be held on June 30, 2016 in order to prevent a shortage of electricity and capacity in certain areas of the Unified Energy System. It is necessary to select 450 MW of generation for construction in the South-West region of the Kuban energy system with a deadline for supplying capacity to the wholesale market from 01.01.2019

Information about the Association:

Association “Non-commercial partnership Market Council for the organization of an efficient system of wholesale and retail trade in electrical energy and capacity” (Association “NP Market Council”) was established in accordance with the Federal Law “On Electric Power Industry”.

The main goal of the Association is to ensure the functioning of the commercial infrastructure of the wholesale electricity and capacity market (WECM).

NP Market Council Association participates in the preparation of rules for the wholesale and retail electricity and capacity markets; develops and approves the Agreement on joining the wholesale market trading system and the wholesale market regulations, maintains the register of wholesale market entities, resolves disputes in the market, as well as controls compliance by the wholesale market participants with the wholesale market rules.

In accordance with the legislation, all subjects of the wholesale market must become members of the Association.

Media Relations Department

tel. 7 495 967 05 08, ext. 87-13

Geotextile Litex – Vtor-Kom JSC


Geotextile Litex, STO 21506643. 01-2018 – flat water-permeable synthetic nonwoven material in contact with soil or other media used in construction

  • areal density 150-600 g / m2
  • web width 2-6 m

To make an application: [email protected]

Or contact us by phone: +7 (351) 729-96-91


  • favorable price-quality ratio;
  • environmentally friendly material;
  • is not susceptible to decay, the formation of fungi, mold;
  • resistant to destruction by insects or rodents;
  • UV resistant.


  • for the arrangement of parking lots, paths with paving slabs, playgrounds and sports grounds, flower beds, alpine slides and other landscape works;
  • as a dividing layer in the construction and reconstruction of conventional roads (not expressways) and temporary roads;
  • during roofing works to protect the waterproofing of the roof from damage, to separate the drainage and heat-insulating layers;
  • for the installation of foundation drainage systems and drainage pipes;
  • for the construction of artificial reservoirs and pools to protect the waterproofing membrane;
  • as a covering material for protecting plants from low temperatures and sunburn in winter;
  • for arranging storage areas for bulk building materials, crushed stone, sand, expanded clay, etc. , landscape works, accomplishment.


Indicator name

Surface density, g / m2
150 200 250 300

Thickness of geotextile at a load of 2 kPa, mm *





Tensile strength, N / 5cm (kN / m), not less:

– in the longitudinal direction

– in the transverse direction

130 (2.6)

130 (2.6)

210 (4.2)

210 (4.2)

280 (5.6)

280 (5.6)

350 (7.0)

350 (7.0)

Elongation at maximum load,%, not more:

– in the longitudinal direction

– in the transverse direction









Roughness in mass on segments measuring (10 × 10) cm,%, not more than


Filtration coefficient at a pressure of 2. 0 kPa, m / day, not less than


Pore size, μm




* Material thickness depends on the degree of heat treatment of the web

Indicator name

Surface density, g / m2
350 400 450 500 600

Thickness of geotextile at a load of 2kPa, mm *






Tensile strength, N / 5cm (kN / m), not less:

– in the longitudinal direction

– in the transverse direction

420 (8.4)

420 (8. 4)

550 (11.0)

550 (11.0)

600 (12.0)

600 (12.0)

650 (13.0)

650 (13.0)

750 (15.0)

750 (15.0)

Elongation at maximum load,%, not more:

– in the longitudinal direction

– in the transverse direction











4 Roughness in mass on segments measuring (10 × 10) cm,%, not more than


Filtration coefficient at a pressure of 2.0 kPa, m / day, not less than


Pore size, μm


* Material thickness depends on the degree of heat treatment of the web


New Level: “Atlas of Better Life” for Level Group

Let us remind you that Level Group is one of the leaders in the Moscow development market. The company’s business philosophy combines rational perfectionism, a practical approach to pricing and modern methods of working in the market. The company’s portfolio of projects includes a Wall Street class A business center, 3 business-class club houses Level Kutuzovsky, Level Paveletskaya and Level Donskoy, the only complex of the capital on the coastline of two Level Streshnevo rivers and the most popular comfort-class residential complex in the east of Moscow – Level Amur. The company has implemented 8 projects, 4 of which have already been commissioned.

The main task for the SmartHeart team was to create a booklet that will truly distinguish the project from competitors, because, as a rule, when a client is looking for housing, he considers several options and collects materials about products, which then pile up at home or lie in the back seat of a car. Therefore, in order for the booklet for the apartment complex Level Streshnevo to become noticeable, SmartHeart specialists decided to make it as unlike the booklet as possible.

Location is a geographical concept. That is why the specialists did not start making a booklet according to the canons of the development genre, but looked at the client’s life through the prism of the region’s geography. This is how the idea of ​​creating the “Atlas of a Better Life” appeared, which allows you to see your daily life in the Pokrovsky-Streshnevo area in detail and from different angles.

In addition to the non-standard idea of ​​the atlas format, while working with the client, it was also decided to use an unusual form factor.Thus, the booklet consists of two parts: a guide to the North-West region of Moscow, which is compact enough to carry with you, and the Atlas of a Better Life, which presents the new business class apartment complex Level Streshnevo with all its advantages. Thus, by diving as much as possible into the specifics of the location, the client falls in love with the geographical advantages of the area and begins to be proud and appreciate the new home.

The idea that formed the basis of the booklet became the general one for all POS-materials of the project.The SmartHeart team has made the most valuable product that reveals in detail all the advantages and advantageously builds Level Streshnevo from competitors.

DELTA®-KOM-BAND K 15 sealing strip PSUL


Storage period 2 years

Registers a unique identification code that is used to generate statistics on how the visitor uses the website.


Retention period 1 day

Used by Google Analytics to limit the request rate


Retention period 1 day

Registers a unique identification code that is used to generate statistics on how the visitor uses the website.


Storage period 1 day

Used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of requests


Storage period 1 day

Registers a unique identification code that is used by the visitor to generate statistics Web site.


Storage period 30 seconds

This cookie is used by Google Analytics.It is used for anonymous accounting of elements that I click (“click”) on a particular page of the site.


Retention period 1 minute

Used by Google Tag Manager to manage the loading of the Google Analytics script tag.


Retention period 1 year

Used by Yandex, saves the date of the user’s first site session.


Retention period 2 days

Used by Yandex, determines whether a user has ad blockers.


Retention period 1 year

Used by Yandex for identifying site users.


Retention period 30 minutes

Used by Yandex, allows Session Replay to function correctly.


Storage period 10 years

Used with

Used for identifying site users.


Retention period Session

Usage with .

Session ID


Storage period 1 year

Use with

Used for identifying site users.


Storage period 1 year

Used with

Used to distinguish users.


Retention period 1 year

Usage with

Collects information on visitor behavior on multiple websites. This information is used on the website in order to optimize the relevance of the advertisement.

School of future managers | FEMSiT OmGPU

For students in grades 10-11 planning to connect their lives with:

  • economies;
  • 90,075 by management;
  • jurisprudence;
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • 90,075 Advertising and PR

    We invite schoolchildren to master the basics of management, to work with the best coaches on the formation of leadership qualities.

    The curriculum is dynamic, rich and interesting: the analysis of working business cases from the world’s top entrepreneurs alternates with interesting thematic games, and practical exercises allow you to quickly master the basic management tools and learn how to apply them.

    An effective manager is a person who knows how to manage himself and ignite and lead others. And we are ready to teach schoolchildren the skills of competent management.

    Preparation for successful university entrance

    The program provides for the preparation of schoolchildren for the federal Olympiad (III level) “Tournament of future managers” in social studies (No. 91 from the List of Olympiads).

    Winners and awardees of the Olympiad are awarded the highest score (100 points) in social studies when entering the economic and legal areas of training of all universities in our country (subject to passing the USE in social studies by at least 75 points).

    The Olympiad is held by the State University of Management (Moscow) in two stages: extramural and full-time stage. The correspondence stage is held on-line on the website of the Olympiad. The full-time stage is held in Moscow on the basis of the State University of Management and in Omsk on the basis of the Faculty of Economics, Management, Service and Tourism of the Omsk State Pedagogical University.

    Official website of the Olympiad:

    Classes on Saturdays at 15-00. First lesson on November 15, 2017.

    We invite everyone!

    It will be informative and interesting!

    Address: Omsk, st. International, 6, room. 302. Tel .: 23-37-42. E-mail: [email protected]

    Advertising brochure

    List of Federal Olympiads for the 2017-18 academic year

    LLC “BUKLET SV”, Moscow INN 7725402020, OGRN 5177746152062

    Paid taxes and fees

    Information about the amounts of taxes, fees and insurance premiums paid by LLC “BUKLET SV” (except for import taxes goods in the EurAsEC) as of 2019-12-31

    Insurance and other contributions for compulsory pension insurance credited to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

    Income tax

    144 609. 00

    Value Added Tax


    Booklet “EGYPT”

    V the cost of the cruise includes three meals a day: light breakfast and dinner, and more high-calorie lunch consisting of national spicy dishes.

    1 day Rest at the hotel, visit to the Water Park.

    2 day Beginning of the Nile cruise. Early departure from Hurghada and transfer to Luxor (about 4 hours). Tour of Luxor. On the west bank of the Nile inspection “Cities of the Dead” (Valley of the Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Colossi Memnon). Accommodation on the ship.
    3 day Excursion in Luxor – the ancient city of Thebes. On the eastern bank of the Nile, inspection of the “City of the Living” (ancient Egyptian temples: Luxor and Karnak).Departure for the city of Edfu. After noon program to the Temple of Edfu (in carts). Temple dedicated to God Mount Falcon the most preserved throughout Egypt. Departure to the city of Kom Ombo.
    Day 4 Excursion program in the city of Kom Ombo (walking). The temple is located near the settlement of Kom Ombo. This temple has an unusual structure (double temple). One part is dedicated to the falcon god Haroeris, the other to the crocodile god Sobeck. Departure to Aswan.

    5 day In the morning sightseeing of Aswan (Aswan Dam, Botanical Island, skating on the Nile on feluccas, Unfinished obelisk).

    6 day End of the Nile cruise, departure to Cairo (by camel). Contemplation famous pyramids.

    7 day Sightseeing tour of Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

    8 day Excursion around the famous Alexandria, swimming in the Mediterranean.

    9 – 10 days You are on your own.


    Completed by student
    7th grade
    Smirnova Galina,
    Smirnova Yu.N.


    Egypt is an amazing country, which is famous for its rich heritage and numerous attractions, is the birthplace of ancient civilizations.

    Luxor is an old and beautiful city located along both sides of the Nile. It is known as “the largest open-air museum”. It is important to note that excavations of ancient monuments continue to be carried out here architecture. Since ancient times, the city has been divided into two parts: the east bank of the Nile Is the city of the living, Karnak with the greatest temple in the world and the famous Luxor temple Amun-Ra, which is larger than any temple in the world. It could fit Roman St Peter’s and London St Paul’s Cathedral together taken). Memorial tombs were built on the western bank – this is the city of the dead.

    Temple of Hatshepsut – the only one in the history of Egypt Pharaoh women.

    Colossi of Memnon.
    The idea of ​​the sculptural composition is to capture the image of deceased pharaoh, keep him calm, express wealth

    and the greatness of the ruler.Originally, the Colossi of Memnon played the role of entrance to the Memorial Temple of Amenhotep, guarding it. These huge figures represent the great ruler of Egypt – Amenhotep III. He sits on a throne, facing east, towards the rising the sun. The figures of two women are carved at his feet, and his hands are peacefully folded on his knees. One of the women, Tia, was his wife, the other was his mother, whose name was Mutemuya. The image of the god of the Nile – Hapi, is still preserved on the side panels.
    For three and a half thousand years, the Colossi of Memnon have been silently sitting on their stone pedestals.However, a devastating earthquake in 27 BC. severely damaged the northern figure. And the annual floods are very noticeable damaged the bases of the pedestals.

    Valley Kings is a stunning necropolis-amphitheater, located half underground. The path to the tombs of the majestic pharaohs, and their 64 graves, passes through underground tunnels, go through which you can only walk.

    It not every tourist can do it due to poor ventilation in the premises.However however, do not miss the opportunity and see the famous tomb Pharaoh Tutankhamun, which has been preserved almost in its original form to the present day. Touch the sarco-phage of an ancient Egyptian beauty Nefertiti.

    Kom Ombo, that is, “the house of Sebek”, god-crocodile, who was revered in the pre-dynastic period. Kom Ombo appeared during the heyday of trade on the routes between the Red Sea and the valley Nile. One of the most important trade items were African elephants, which were used in the army of the Ptolemies as a labor force.
    In Kom Ombo there are the majestic ruins of a temple (2nd – 1st centuries BC), built by the Ptolemaic dynasty. The layout of this temple is considered the only one of a kind: in fact, it is a double temple formed from two adjacent temples and is dedicated simultaneously to two gods: Sebek, the god of fertility, who was also considered the creator of the Universe, and Horus (Horu), the falcon-head older brother Osiris, the sun god of war. Therefore, the temple has two sanctuaries. Sanctuary of Horus is located in the northern part of the temple, and the sanctuary of Sebek is in the southern.Most the reliefs were made under Ptolemy XII (80-58 BC). Temple bas-reliefs depict the cleansing of this ruler by the temple deities. On the walls of the temple you can also see amazingly accurate reproduction of medical tools.

    Cairo is the capital of Egypt, which is the largest city in Africa. IN Cairo is home to approximately fifteen million people. The city represents interest for tourists, since three cultures are intertwined in it, namely Christian, Ancient Egyptian, Muslim.In addition, in Cairo there is numerous sights of different eras. Preserved in Cairo Citadel of the XII century AD, Coptic churches.

    Alexandria ranks second in the largest after Cairo. The city is located in the Nile River delta on the coast Mediterranean Sea. For several years, Alexandria was the capital Egypt. It is here that one can note the intertwining of Greek, Ancient Egyptian, and also Roman cultures. Main attractions: layout Lighthouse (exact copy), Roman amphitheater, building of the Alexandria library, The main mosque, the Shoutman’s Palace.IN nowadays Alexandria is not only a famous resort, but also a port.


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