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Made from Polymer TPU   Water & dust-proof   Carry 2- 7 keys    Car key ready    No more key jingles  Stainless steel hardware




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Buy Orbitkey 2.0 Bottle Opener in Singapore & Malaysia

Features of the Active Key Organiser

? ?

Made from Polymer TPU???Water & dust-proof? ?Carry 2- 7 keys? ? Car key ready? ? No more key jingles? Stainless steel hardware




(1) Eliminate Key Scratches

Orbitkey’s soft band material envelopes the teeth of your keys ? preventing it from scratching your other treasured belongings in your pocket.



(2) Premium Quality Construction

Quality is the heart of the OrbitKey.

The OrbitKey band is made of either handcrafted cushioned leather or a durable tightly woven/dust-resistant TPU polymer (Active range).

Its award winning securing mechanism is highly adaptable and made of durable stainless steel.

Hold 7-8 keys without coming loose.




(3) No Key Jingle

The OrbitKey is silent as a pin drop!

Not that we recommend dropping pins into your pocket.



(4) Car Key Attachable

The OrbitKey comes with a D-ring. Attach your car keys to it.



(5) Everyday Tools Available As Add-Ons

Option to include:

  • a?6-in-1 multi-tool, which includes a bottle opener
  • a?8/16GB thumbdrive?to make important documents portable
  • a?travel kit, to remove and store SIM cards overseas
  • a?nail file and mirror, for on the go touch-ups



(6) Beautiful Male & Female Designs

The Orbitkey 2.0 comes in male and female oriented designs.

Distinctive or elegant, you’ll find your perfect piece.

25 Best Gifts For Wine Lovers

For some people, wine is more than just a beverage—it’s a way of life. We all know that one person who loves nothing more than exploring local vineyards, attending wine tastings and cracking open a bottle of vino at dinner. And while you might not be able to keep up with their vast wine knowledge, you can get them an amazing gift this holiday season.  

This set of Wild Child Wines comes with eight small bottles of less-traditional wines, including an … [+] oaky tempranillo, intense souzao and fruity grenache.

In Good Taste

The best gifts for wine lovers strike the perfect balance between thoughtful and functional, helping to elevate and celebrate their favorite pastime. To help you knock it out of the park with the wine connoisseur on your list, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best wine gadgets, services and accessories. Whether the person you’re shopping for is just starting their wine journey or has been vacationing in Napa for decades, here’s a list of top-tier gifts that are sure to please any wine lover on your list.

A Popular Wine Subscription Service

Vinebox is the perfect gift for anyone who loves trying new wines. This quarterly subscription service sends single servings of nine different wines each season, allowing customers to taste varieties from different regions and discover new trending wine styles. After tasting, Vinebox sends credits to purchase full-size bottles of your new favorites.

An Insulator For Keeping Wine At The Perfect Temperature

Keep wine or bubbly chilled for hours in this insulated canister by VinGlacé. It’s made from double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel and features an adjustable top. All you have to do is unscrew the top, insert a chilled bottle of wine and start sipping.

A Wine-Making Kit For Delicious Homemade Vino

Test your wine-making skills this holiday season with this convenient wine-making kit. Ideal for beginners, the kit comes with everything you need to make a gallon of Cabernet Sauvignon, including a glass carboy, funnel and yeast additives. 

A Cult-Favorite Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This bestselling electric wine-bottle opener is perfect for parties or everyday home use. It’s cordless and features a simple push-button operation and even comes with a foil cutter. Plus, the rechargeable model can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge.

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A Pack Of Wine Stoppers For Unbeatable Freshness

These single-use stoppers help to keep wine fresh for longer—in fact, they can keep wine in peak condition for up to a few months. They’re made from a special material that absorbs oxygen to prevent wine from going stale, and the stoppers come in packs of four or 10. It would be a great stocking stuffer for anyone who likes to savor their wine.

An Adorable On-The-Go Wine Glass

Enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of wine anywhere with this adorable to-go tumbler. It’s made from durable glass and wrapped in a layer of silicone for added protection, and it can hold up to 15 ounces. The tumbler is topped with a tightly sealed lid with a sliding tab for drinking and comes in a range of pretty colors, including several fun terrazzo patterns. 

A Wine Holder…For Their Shower

For the person who loves to sip on a glass of wine in the bathtub, this little caddy is the ultimate gift. It suction cups to the wall of your shower, and not only does it have a built-in wine glass holder but it’s also a Bluetooth speaker. The cute device will play music from your phone, and it even has a built-in microphone so you can make calls with it. 

An Array Of ‘Wild’ Wines For Adventurous Drinkers

These outside-the-box wines are sure to impress even the most discerning wine lovers. The set comes with eight small bottles of less-traditional wines, including an oaky tempranillo, intense souzao, and fruity grenache. It’s the perfect lineup for an at-home wine tasting or just to enjoy with dinner.

Wine-Scented Candles In Repurposed Bottles

A pretty candle is always a great holiday gift, but it’s even better when it’s a handmade candle from Rewined. These pieces are handcrafted in South Carolina and designed to evoke the aroma of your favorite wine with subtle notes of fragrance. The soy candles are also poured in recycled wine bottles, making them both beautiful and eco-friendly.

The Perfect Cheese To Pair With Red Wine

Wine and cheese are a classic pairing, and this collection of exquisite cheeses is perfect for anyone who likes red wine. It comes with more than a pound of cheese, including an aged gruyere, manchego and blue cheese, as well as other finger foods like chocolate-covered almonds and flatbread. The collection is designed to feed five to seven people, and everything pairs perfectly with a bottle of red wine.

An Insulated Travel Tote To Take On Picnics

For the person who shows up to every event with a bottle of wine in tow, this insulated travel tote will make their job much easier, keeping wine at the perfect temperature during transit. The stately bag is made from a waxed cotton canvas and has leatherette straps. Plus, it comes in two sizes, allowing you to easily carry two or three bottles at a time. 

An Incredibly Sleek Dual-Zone Wine Fridge

Wine is best enjoyed at the perfect temperature, which just so happens to be different for red and white varieties. Luckily, this sleek countertop wine fridge has two compartments with individual temperature controls, allowing reds and whites to be stored separately. It can hold up to 12 standard-sized wine bottles, and the tinted double doors give you a peek at the varietals waiting inside.

A Wine Guide Pretty Enough To Be A Coffee Table Book

If you’re wondering whether this book is any good, Wine Folly won a James Beard award—a huge honor in the culinary world. The hardcover guide is attractive enough to use as decor on a coffee table, but it’s also an amazing educational resource on all things wine, including types of grapes and wines, wine labeling and classification, food pairings and much more.

Special Wine Glasses That Enhance Tasting Notes

These wine glasses have an eye-catching shape, but the design isn’t just for aesthetic appeal. The Winewings collection from Riedel features flat-bottomed glasses that increase the surface area of the wine, which increases the rate of evaporation and produces a more distinct aroma. This set of four includes special glasses for Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, making it ideal for wine-lovers who frequently host at-home tastings.

A High-End Wine Preservation System

Wine loses its freshness when exposed to air for too long and for those who typically only drink one glass of wine at a time, a preservation system can make a world of difference. This unique system actually inserts a needle through the cork to pressurize the bottle, allowing you to pour a glass without ever removing the stopper. The cork naturally reseals itself when the clamp is removed, keeping the wine fresh for weeks or months. 

Pretty Stones To Keep White Wine Cool

Say goodbye to ice cubes watering down not-quite-chilled wine. These pretty fluorite spheres are designed to be used in glasses of white wine, and they’ll keep your drink cool for hours without diluting it. The stones can be kept in the freezer until needed, and you can wash and reuse them endlessly.  

Luxe Wine Charms With Colorful Gems

Wine charms are ideal for anyone who regularly hosts parties, as they allow everyone to keep track of their drink. These gem wine charms are sure to earn compliments, as each one features a brightly colored glass stone with an enamel halo. The charms come in a pack of six, and they’re mounted on gold rings that can be popped onto the stem of a wine glass. 

A Travel-Friendly Wine Bottle And Cup Set


BrüMate Winesulator + 2 Uncork’d XL Wine Tumblers With Lids


Whether you’re heading out on a picnic or watching the sunset on the beach, this three-piece set will ensure your wine is safe and sound. It includes an insulated wine bottle that holds a full bottle of wine and will keep your drink cool for up to 24 hours, as well as two matching wine tumblers. The durable construction is ideal for any glass-free location.

A Hand-Blown Glass Decanter For Serving 

This hand-blown decanter is sure to be the star of any bar cart. It has a chic asymmetrical spout that allows for smooth pouring and it can easily accommodate a full 750-ml bottle of wine. Paired with a set of nice wine glasses, it would be a wonderful gift for your favorite host. 

A Wine Tour Of France In A Puzzle

If a trip to France isn’t in the cards, this puzzle is the next best thing. The intricate design highlights all of the country’s wine-producing regions and grape varieties, as curated by real wine sommeliers. Its colorful design is hand illustrated and the puzzle is every bit as informational as it is entertaining. 

A Professional-Grade Champagne Stopper

For those who like to indulge in the occasional breakfast mimosa, a champagne stopper is a useful item to have in the kitchen. This chrome-plated stopper clamps tightly onto a bottle of sparkling wine, providing just the right amount of pressure to preserve the beverage’s signature bubbles. And just like that: no more wasted champagne. 

A Stylish Coaster To Protect The Table

A sweating wine bottle can leave a discolored ring on a wooden table, which is where this wine coaster comes in handy. The beautiful handmade pewter disc is the perfect size to rest a bottle of wine, and it has cork on the bottom to prevent any scratches on the surface below. Its curved edges make it an attractive piece to display on the table, and it will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

A Top-Rated Cookbook Based On Wine Pairings

Wine and good food go hand-in-hand, and this cookbook offers a plethora of recipes that will pair perfectly with all sorts of wine. It features a collection of 75 recipes inspired by different types of wine, as well as an explanation of why the pairing works well together and recommendations for specific brands. 

A Caddy For Wine, Glasses And Snacks

Perfect for holiday gatherings, this wine caddy has space for two bottles of wine and four stemmed wine glasses, and it comes with four ceramic dishes that can be used to serve cheese, crackers and other snacks. The design is crafted from mango wood and wrought iron and it comes with a removable second tier in case you want to use it solely as a serving tray.  

A Spray-On Stain Remover—Because Spills Happen

Even the most experienced connoisseurs spill their drink now and then, which is why a bottle of Wine Away is a must-have for every wine enthusiast. This special stain remover works incredibly well on both fresh and dried wine spots and it leaves a fresh citrus scent behind. 

Protective Singapore Dining Table Bottle Opener Online Customization Products

Using Singapore Bottle Opener can protect table surfaces from harmful heat, moisture and water. This Singapore bottle opener available on can benefit both homes and restaurants for more savings. Most of these products are made with thicker materials that help insulate the table from heat and are waterproof to keep spills and stains out.

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description, our review with photos, tips

Universal Park in Singapore (Universal Studios Singapore) is a theme park inspired by the films and cartoons of the Universal film company. The park was built in three years and opened in 2010 on Sentosa Island.We spent almost the whole day in Universal Park, and in this article, a detailed description of the amusement park and attractions in it, our review with a photo, tips for visiting the park and practical information: how much does it cost to enter, where to buy tickets, opening hours, how to get to Universal Studio . ..

About Sentosa Island itself, read the detailed article:

– Sentosa Island in Singapore: what to see and do, entertainment, beaches, hotels and prices

Near the entrance to Universal Park in Singapore

Universal Park in Singapore: the territory of the park

The territory of the Universal Park is divided into seven thematic zones:

  • Hollywood
  • New York
  • Sci-Fi City)
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Lost World
  • Far Far Away
  • Madagascar

Each zone is decorated in the appropriate style, the territory contains themed attractions , cafes, souvenir shops, various shows are held.Near each attraction there is an information board with information about the restrictions on this attraction, what height children are allowed (in Singapore, as in many other Asian countries, children in the parks are divided not by age, but by height) and, most importantly, the approximate time waiting in line!

The park is divided into thematic zones The most important information is the waiting time in the queue 🙂

When entering the park, be sure to take a map so as not to miss something interesting 🙂 Interactive map of Universal Studio Singapore is here.

I’ll tell you about the main attractions of the park and our review of those that I managed to ride 🙂 By the way, it is forbidden to take pictures and video on most of the rides.

Universal Park in Singapore: attractions and our review about them


When entering the park, we immediately find ourselves in Hollywood, on the street, which is a copy of the famous Hollywood Boulevard. Themed shops and cafes are located on both sides of the boulevard. By the way, if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet, then it’s time to go to Starbucks for a cup of delicious cappuccino 🙂

We go into the park and find ourselves in Hollywood! Somewhere in Hollywood 🙂 Walking along the street Alley of stars

After passing Hollywood we go out to the square from which you can go to the right or left 🙂 I read on the Internet that it is better to go around the park clockwise and we decided so and do, so we went to the left, to the Madagascar zone.This was a mistake, I’ll explain why later.

We run into a square with a fountain. Where to go next: right or left? 🙂


In the Madagascar zone, everything is designed based on the cartoon of the same name. There are two attractions here:

  • A Crate Adventure – boat rafting on the river
  • King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Around – this is a children’s carousel – animals go in a circle 🙂

King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Around – this is it A carousel from childhood Entrance to the attraction A Crate Adventure

We, of course, did not know what A Crate Adventure was, and so on.because the queue for this attraction was not decided to go for it. The attraction consists in the fact that people are seated in a boat that slowly floats in the dark through the jungle, and animals from all sides are having fun – the heroes of the cartoon Madagascar.

Here on such a boat we slowly and calmly sail along the river Music is playing and animals from the cartoon Madagascar are dancing around

Conclusion: A Crate Adventure is a children’s attraction, adults will not be interested, if there is little time for Universal Park, then you can skip it.

When leaving the attraction, a shop where you can buy a soft toy, cup, T-shirt or other souvenirs with animals from Madagascar.

On the territory there are also big shops with souvenirs and such stalls Beasts of Madagascar 🙂

After leaving Madagascar and seeing that if you go clockwise, then the next thematic zone will be Far Far Away or Far Away, where we don’t need at all 🙂, we decided to go to the opposite direction to the most popular rides: Transformers, Roller coaster and The Mummy.We quickly ran through the Hollywood zone, we will return there later, and a city of science fiction awaits us, a city of the future – Sci-Fi City.

Sci-Fi City

Sci-Fi City is the city of the future, the city of information technology and science fiction. There are four attractions:

  • Transformers – an attraction based on the movie Transformers
  • Accelerator – such yellow “space” booths that rotate in a circle with acceleration
  • Blue slide Battlestar Galactica CYLON
  • Red slide Battlestar Galactica HUMAN

Enter the territory Sci-Fi City


First thing we went to the Transformers. Passing through the huge empty halls, it seemed to us that we would quickly ride on this attraction, but in fact, everything turned out to be not so rosy: we passed from hall to hall and finally rested on the end of a long line, and then, in the crowd, the transitions from one premises in another, but the beginning of the attraction was not visible …

The queue passes through the rooms with decorations stylized as a base from the film of the same name, TVs hang on the walls, showing a video, each room has its own new video.While they were passing the room, they managed to watch the video three times. We stood in line and thought that the attraction would be very interesting 🙂

We go to the Transformers attraction The Transformers attraction is as follows: you sit in a capsule car (it can accommodate 20-30 people), before boarding, you are given special glasses (like in cinemas with 3D), the capsule closes, the car moves and away we go … everything is like in a movie: you fly with a huge speed among skyscrapers, you crash into them, around the transforming robots, you can feel the heat from the fire, strong wind, spin the car, throw it in all directions and at the very end you fly down at full speed and it seems that you are about to crash on the asphalt. All of this is done like a 5D movie (I’m not even sure that in fact the car we were sitting in was moving), but very realistic! I like it!

We sit down in such a capsule car, put on glasses, buckle up and away we go!

There are always long queues to the Transformers attraction: we entered at 10:40, left at 11:50, because the attraction itself takes 5-10 minutes, it turns out that we stood in line for an hour.

When leaving, you can take a picture with Transforemr 🙂


We decided not to go to the Accelerator attraction, I feel sick, and Lesha did not want to wait 20 minutes, that is how much the waiting information board showed.

Attraction Accelerator. Photo from the official website

Roller coaster

The two huge roller coasters Cylon and Human are considered the largest roller coasters in Asia. I don’t ride such rides, so Lesha went alone, but he didn’t manage to ride during the day – the waiting time on each of them showed 90 minutes! But the second attempt turned out to be more successful: after lunch, the queue for the slides was not so big, on Human (red slide) on the scoreboard it showed something in the region of 30 minutes, but in fact it turned out faster. The queue on the Cylon was about 90 minutes. We didn’t have the patience to stand in line so much.

Here they are a terrible, awful, high roller coaster! Well, they are closer. Do not completely fit into the frame

If you go to these slides, then before entering you need to hand over all your things to the storage room (or give all the bags, backpacks, cameras to those who are afraid to ride and remain waiting at the bottom), they will also ask you at the attraction itself put on the shelf everything that can fall out of your pockets: glasses, change, phones, etc. etc.p.

Entrance to the red slide and a warning that all small things cannot be carried on the slide

These two roller coasters are probably the most exciting rides in Universal Park – the red slide (Human) is simpler, it does not overturn and the chairs ride on the rails (seat suspension from below), and on the blue slide (Cylon), seat suspension from above, i.e. they swing freely, and also turn over on their hinges.

Children below 125 cm are not allowed on these attractions.

Ancient Egypt

After the city of the future, we are greeted by ancient Egypt with huge statues of mummies.There are two attractions:

  • Revenge of the Mummy – or simply Mummy
  • Treasure Hunters – a ride in jeep cars across the desert.


We’re going to the Mummy ride. On the scoreboard near the entrance, the waiting time showed about 10 minutes, so we decided that now we will take a quick ride on one of the most interesting rides in Universal Park in Singapore, but that was not the case … At the entrance, the girl said that we need to leave things in the storage room. Let’s go look for a storage room.There were a lot of people in the nearest storage room, we moved a little further and left our things there. Luggage storage in the park is small lockers, the first 40 minutes of storage is free (the free storage time varies depending on the waiting time at the nearest attractions ), and then you have to pay. In order to close the camera, you need to enter the code – date of birth and select a color. The main thing is not to forget what we entered 🙂 It’s funny, we left all things, including money (!) And documents, and then, standing in line for the Mummy ride, I thought: if we don’t meet the allotted free 40 minutes, how will we pay , after all, all the money and cards were handed over to the locker 🙂 But we finished and safely took our bags 🙂

Having safely handed over our things, we went to the Mumiya attraction.We stood in line a little more than we were promised on the scoreboard – about twenty minutes. Tourists are put in open wagons and he drives off into complete darkness. And then the fun begins: not only do you ride a roller coaster with strong acceleration and hard braking, but also in complete darkness, and from time to time mummies attack you, the fire burns, it is cold, then hot. In general, the sensations are still the same. I won’t say that it was scary, but everyone shouted, including me. I was wildly seasick on this ride and I only wanted one thing – to get out into the air.

Lesha’s review: I liked the Mummy ride more than the Transformers, less animation and more slides. Although the slides were not very good either. It reminded me of a descent in a pipe in a water park.

At the entrance to ancient Egypt, we are greeted by mummies, and these two black statues guard the entrance to the attraction

Jeep ride

The next attraction we saw were cars – jeeps driving on rails in the field. The waiting time on the scoreboard showed about 60 minutes. We looked through the fence at this attraction and realized that we did not need it 🙂 In fact, this is a calm children’s attraction: you are driving yourself slowly in a jeep across ancient Egypt, and there are different animals around: either zebras or anacondas.Surprisingly, the waiting time for this attraction was always long, even at least 40 minutes in the evening.

The Treasure Hunters ride looks like this. Treasure Hunters is a quiet ride, suitable for children

Lost World

This area is inspired by the two films Jurassic Park and Water World. Attractions:

  • Canopy Flyer – flying over the park at a bird’s eye view
  • Dino-Soaring is a children’s carousel, cabins in the form of a mysterious bird Pteranodon slowly ride in a circle
  • Amber Rock Climb – climbing wall
  • Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure – rafting on round rafts on the river among dinosaurs
  • Live show Waterworld

After ancient Egypt we go to the Jurassic Park Here we are greeted by dinosaurs

Canopy Flyer

Our next attraction was the Canopy Flyer – a ride on a cart at a bird’s eye view.The cart is suspended from the top of the rails, sit in the chair in which you are fully fastened, your legs dangle. We also stood there for about 15-20 minutes. The attraction turned out to be not very interesting, only in one place acceleration was felt a little.

The entrance to the Canopy Flyer This is how the flight goes And a little closer

We did not go to the Dino-Soaring children’s carousel and the climbing wall.

Dino-Soaring carousel – photo from the official site Climbing wall You can try climbing the wall.I once tried it in Kiev a hundred years ago – somehow I didn’t really like it 🙂

Rafting down the river or Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

a dinosaur will jump out, then a bucket of water will pour over your head, then a waterfall will appear and you will suddenly start falling somewhere with a stream of water 🙂

There was a queue on the scoreboard for 50 minutes, but in reality everything went faster and we managed it in 30 minutes. While standing in line, you can learn facts about dinosaurs and buy a raincoat from the vending machine (5 SGD), i.e.because the posters inform you that you can get so wet on this attraction 🙂

We did not buy raincoats and did not hand over bags / cameras to the storage room. While we were swimming in one place, only a little water fell on us, but our feet were all in the water. If you came to the park in ordinary shoes, and not in flip flops, then after riding this attraction, it will be very inconvenient to walk in the park. I was in flip flops, I’m fine, even having fun 🙂 but Lesha in sneakers and long trousers – then his legs were uncomfortable despite the heat.And people also put bags on the floor of the vessel on which we were sailing, and then they had to very quickly pull these bags out of the water. In general, it’s fun and wet, but don’t expect anything beyond natural.

Entrance to the attraction Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure The waiting time is 50 minutes! But in fact, it turned out less While standing in line there is a chance to buy a raincoat in the machine 🙂 There are many people who want to ride this attraction Landing in such round things And a swim begins on the river, while the vessel is spinning, it is thrown from side to side At the end you fall from a small waterfall 🙂

Show Water World

This show is based on the action movie “Water World”. Stunning scenery, stunts, special effects – the show will appeal to both adults and children.

The Waterworld Show at Universal Park in Singapore takes place twice a day at 13:30 and 16:45. We did not have time for the first, went to the second. In fact, I recommend going to this show in the afternoon, in order to wait out the peak of the influx of people and crowds on the rides, and to relax a little, and in the late afternoon the queues become smaller and you can ride the slides normally.

Schedule of the show Water World

We arrived about ten minutes before the start of the show.Most of the central sectors were occupied. The middle rows were almost all occupied. But the blue benches in the first rows were free. We settled there, because we did not know what the catch was 🙂

At the beginning of the performance, the actors began to entertain the audience by pouring water on those sitting on these blue benches. We didn’t get much (although after the performance I noticed that my shorts were not just denim, but with burgundy spots. It turned out that this is my favorite handbag got wet and began to paint things!), But our Indian neighbor got it in full program – he was wet from head to toe! But that was not all, during the performance, when we were riding water bikes around the arena, we were pretty drenched.

After the show, we read the inscriptions that were on the benches in different colors, it honestly says: blue benches – you will be wet, green – maybe spray, burgundy – dry sector. I liked the Water World show. The only thing was inconvenient to take a photo, tk. water flew on us and all the equipment had to be removed, I took only a few photos and shot a piece of video on an old phone.

If you don’t want to get wet, don’t sit on the blue benches! 🙂Show water worldShow water world

Watch the video – a small excerpt from the show, it was not possible to shoot the whole show due to the possibility of wetting the equipmentI recommend visiting the park and seeing the show for yourself Water World 🙂

Park infrastructure

I have already told about the park’s attractions, now a few words about the park’s infrastructure. There are many clean free toilets, fountains with drinking water, souvenir shops and cafes on the territory. Mainly, of course, fast food in the park.But we saw a small food court in the Jurassic Park area where people were eating soup.

We had a snack of some hot dogs and cola, although it would be better to take burgers in an American-style cafe near the entrance.

Prices are high, small snack (hot dog, fries, cola) – 14 SGD per person. I wrote about the prices in Singapore here. By the way, if you wish, you can leave the park (just do not forget to put the re-entry stamp at the exit) and dine in numerous cafes-restaurants on the square. But it seems to me that there is so little time to spend it on lunch at a restaurant.

There are many cafes in the park – fast foods We decided to have a snack with hot dogs and fries This is my snack in the park. Hoddog with potatoes and cola – 14 Singapore dollars

Of course, cards are accepted everywhere, even in ice cream stalls 🙂

There is free Wi-Fi in the park, but the signal is not very good.

Universal Park in Singapore: our review and advice

Before the trip, I read different reviews about Universal Park in Singapore: many compared it to a park from Universal Studios in the USA and the comparison was not in favor of Singapore.But since Universal Studios Singapore, like Singapore itself, has been a dream of mine for many years 🙂 then, of course, I couldn’t not visit it! Yes, I have not been to America, I can only compare with amusement parks in Hong Kong and Nha Trang 🙂 Our opinion about Universal Singapore with Lesha did not coincide.

Lesha’s review: if we compare Universal Park in Singapore with other amusement parks, I still liked this park less than Ocean Park in Hong Kong or Port Aventura in Salou in Spain. There are very few adult rides worthwhile.

My review: and I liked the Universal Studios Singapore park, in such theme parks, where everything is based on films, I have not yet been, and the Mummy and Transformers rides were a revelation for me. Yes, there are few rides here specifically for riding, but I feel sick, I cannot ride on all swing-roundabouts, so entertainment at Universal was enough for me. In general, while my favorite park is Wimperl in Nha Trang: there is a sleigh, a water park, a dolphinarium, an oceanarium, and a huge pavilion with slot machines 🙂

Our general review about attractions: if we talk about attractions and shows in Universal Park , then the most in descending order:

  • Large roller coaster (red and blue)
  • Mummy
  • Transformers
  • Show water world
  • Show Lights, Camera, Action
  • Rafting in Jurassic Park
  • Canopy Flyer

The rest can be safely skipped (if you are without children). Therefore, the recommendation to go around the park clockwise is not entirely clear to me, because walking in a circle in this direction first you find yourself in the Madagascar zone, then in the children’s part – the Kingdom, then the Lost World, and only then to the most interesting attractions: Mummy, Slides and Transformers. I would advise the first thing after the opening of the park to run on the slides or Transformers, and then the Mummy and everything else.

There are always a lot of people in Universal Park, I advise you to visit the park on a weekday and not during school holidays.We were on Friday and still there were crowds walking in the park, no, not so – CROWDS, having a rest 🙂 By the way, after 4-5 pm there were significantly fewer people. The most influx during the day, hours from 11-12 to 15-16.

I walk in the park and I like everything here 🙂

How long does it take to visit Universal Park?

We spent seven and a half hours in the amusement park , for which we were wildly tired. Of these, only 20-30 minutes were spent on a snack.

I know that people manage to run through the park in 3-4 hours.If you are short on time, then be sure to buy an express pass:

  • Universal Express (a ticket that gives the right to skip the queue once for each of the attractions)
  • Universal Express Unlimited (gives the right to as many times as you like without queues for attractions)

Priority entrance to the park without a queue express passes do not give. About their cost and where to buy below in the article.

Also on some rides (I know for sure that on Mumiyu and Transformer) single riders can go without queue (more precisely, in a separate fast queue), i.e.That is, those who ride one at a time.

By the way, if it suddenly rains, the outdoor attractions will not work.

Just a photo from the park. It seems that there are no people, in fact, everyone is standing in line for attractions 🙂

Tickets to Universal Park in Singapore

Ticket prices to the park:

  • 81 SGD adult ticket
  • 61 SGD child ticket (4-12 years old )
  • 43 SGD for seniors (over 60 years old)

Cost of express passes:

  • Universal Express from 40 SGD
  • Universal Express Unlimited from 70 SGD

Where to buy tickets to the park Universal and Express passes

Tickets at Universal Studios Singapore can be bought:

  • at the ticket offices in front of the park entrance (there may be queues!)
  • in advance on the official website of the park (sometimes when buying tickets online there are various promotions, for example, when paying with a Mastercard, a 5-15 discount %)
  • on various sites, for example, I bought here, and tickets cost us not 81 SGD, but 77 SGD.

Electronic tickets purchased on the website I indicated, unlike electronic tickets to the Singapore Zoo and the greenhouse greenhouses in the Gardens by the Bay, do not need to be exchanged for regular tickets . With an electronic ticket, you must immediately go to the entrance to the park.

Express passes can be bought at the ticket offices in front of the park entrance or in in the park itself ! It is very convenient because You can go to Universal Park, estimate the waiting time for the attractions you need using the information board, and then decide whether to buy a ticket to skip the line or not.

Park entrance queue Park entrance 🙂

Universal Studios Singapore opening hours

The park is open daily from 10 am. But the closing time of the park can vary: the standard Universal Park closes at 19:00, but on weekends, during school holidays, on holidays it can work until 20:00 and even later! You can check the opening hours of Universal Studio on the official website.

I advise you to come a little earlier than 10 am to take the queue at the entrance and after opening immediately run to the attractions you are interested in.And you can take a photo later 🙂

Universal Park Singapore: how to get there

As I said, Universal Singapore is located on Sentosa Island, so you need to get to Sentosa Island, and this can be done at:

  • Monorail
  • Cable car
  • On foot
  • By taxi

Read more about how to get to Sentosa in this article.

You have reached Sentosa, now you need to find the amusement park itself.The main landmark is a spinning globe labeled Universal Studios.

You will recognize the entrance to Universal Park by this globe. It is always crowded and noisy here

If you get there:

  • By monorail – Waterfront Station
  • On the cable car to Sentosa, get off at the terminal, and then either on foot or on one of the free buses
  • If you came to the island on foot on a pedestrian bridge, then just follow the signs almost immediately and there will be an entrance to Universal Park.

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