Bottle living: Dave Gahan – Bottle Living (2003, CDr)


Insulated Bottle – Live Happy – Botanical Collection

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An insulated stainless steel bottle with bamboo on lid. Features an all-over floral design with “Live Happy” sentiment. Holds 25 Oz. Keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Hand wash only. BPA free.


Dimensions: 25 oz., 2.75″ Diameter x 11.25″

Material: Stainless Steel, Bamboo

UPC: 190134062668

Artist: Annie Quigley

Product Text: LIVE HAPPY

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Ferm Living Fein bottle opener

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How Bottle Service at The Living Room Washington Works [2021 GUIDE]

How Bottle Service and Table Service Work at The Living Room Washington [2021 GUIDE]

The Living Room is located at 1008 Vermont Ave NW

For most events, The Living Room in Washington offer bottle service, also known as table service or VIP table, in order to get into the venue and have a reserved section inside the venue. Here’s what you need to know about booking bottle service for The Living Room:

General Guidelines

Here are the most important things to know about reserving bottle service for The Living Room:

  • Booking bottle service at The Living Room is the best way to get the full VIP experience
  • The Living Room tables should be booked in advance to get the best available location
  • The Living Room’s typical business hours are 10 PM – 3:30 AM Wed – Sat
  • Bottle service is guaranteed entry – unlike guest list or general admission
  • If you need to prepay for your table reservation, we recommend that you use a credit card or payment method that matches your full name. This will avoid any possible problems at The Living Room when they verify your table reservation.

Pro Tip! Always try to book bottle service as early as possible – table prices are known to go up when the event date is near.

Book Bottle Service

Rather talk to someone? Call us: 415-735-6716

FAQ about Bottle Service and Table Service at The Living Room

Table service is the best way to fully experience The Living Room Washington

Still looking for more information about booking bottle service and table service for The Living Room? No problem, we compiled the most frequently asked questions about it right here:

What is bottle service exactly?

Bottle Service, also known as Table Service, can be confusing and tricky to new customers who have never done it before. Don’t fret – we have you covered.

Bottle service is the ultimate experience at The Living Room

Bottle service (synonymous with “getting a table”) is essentially a way for you to get your own private section at a nightclub, so you have a place to sit, drink, and have a great time with your friends and others. In order to secure bottle service, you do have to pay significantly more money than you would for just general admission (you are usually shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollars).

It’s not for everyone, but we highly recommend doing it at The Living Room at least once in your life.

Where and how do I book bottle service for The Living Room?

Using Discotech, you can easily find the event you’re looking for and reserve bottle service.

  1. Head over to the The Living Room events section and choose the proper date and event you want to reserve a table.
  2. Look for the Bottle Service section:
  • If you see a list of available tables, click on the table price that interests you
  • If you don’t see any available tables, click on the “Submit Request” button
  • Fill up the required information and our bottle service specialists will take care of the rest!
  • Let’s talk! If you rather talk to someone about your bottle service options, reach out to our bottle service specialists: 415-735-6716

    How many bottles should we get?

    On average, you’ll probably want to get 1 bottle for every 5-6 people, depending on how much you drink. Keep in mind – you’ll probably need more if you plan on inviting anyone to your table!

    What is the average table price at The Living Room?

    The table prices at The Living Room range between $450 to $900.

    The average table at The Living Room will cost around $600. On most events, with a budget of $600, you will be able to reserve the table Library Table for up to 15 guests.

    How much should we expect to pay per person?

    On average, you should expect to spend around $40 per person if you are a group of 15 guests. Keep in mind that this number does not include taxes, fees or tips.

    What is the cheapest or most affordable table at The Living Room?

    The cheapest table option at The Living Room is the $450 Pit Table for up to 15 guests.

    What is the best or most expensive table at The Living Room?

    The best table option at The Living Room is the $900 Library Table for up to 15 guests.

    What is “minimum spend” when it comes to bottle service?

    For bottle service reservations, a minimum spend is the amount of money you need to spend on alcohol and/or food in order to reserve your table for free. For example, if it says $1k min spend, you will need to spend $1000 on alcohol (usually 2-3 bottles) in order to get your table for free.

    The table is NOT a separate purchase. Your final spend will be determined by the amount of tax/tip/venue fees added on to your minimum spend (anywhere from 20-38% depending on the venue).

    Can I order individual drinks instead of bottles to hit my minimum spend?

    Unfortunately, most nightclubs require that you order at least one bottle in order to reserve the table, and only then can you order a la carte cocktails / shots / beers after that bottle.

    Does The Living Room have a bottle menu available?

    Yes, these are the latest bottle menus from The Living Room:

    Keep in mind that bottle menus at The Living Room are subject to change. Special events and holidays may also have different menus available.

    Does The Living Room have a floor plan? Can I see the table locations?

    Yes, these are the latest floor plans from The Living Room:

    In order to get the best available table locations, please reserve your table at The Living Room as soon as possible.

    What alcohol brands are available for bottle service at The Living Room?

    The Living Room has many types of alcohol bottles available: Vodka (Grey Goose), Whiskey (Jameson), Tequila (Patron), Gin, Rum, as well as various types of champagne.

    What champagne brands are available for bottle service at The Living Room?

    Save Water, Drink Champagne

    For those of you looking to pop a little bubbly – don’t worry. .. The Living Room has an extensive champagne list available! You’ll find everything from Perrier-Jouet, Krug Grand, Veuve, and Moet, to Dom Perignon and Cristal Rosé.

    What are free mixers? What are the mixers available?

    Bottle service at The Living Room includes free standard mixers, including orange juice, cranberry juice, soda water, various sodas, as well as garnishes. Water bottles are available but must be purchased.

    Extra mixers such as Red Bulls and other energy drinks or premium mixers can be purchased as well.

    Do I still need to go to the bar to order?

    Absolutely not! Don’t worry – you don’t need to wait in line to order a drink.

    One of the biggest benefits of booking bottle service is avoiding the bar altogether. You can order drinks directly from your table with the help of your waitress.

    The Living Room offers bottle service on certain nights

    Is there a separate line for bottle service? Where do I go when I arrive?

    There is a separate and faster line for bottle service groups to get into The Living Room. Once you show up with your group, proceed to the proper line, and drop your name to a staff member. Be sure to tell them that you have a table. They will take care of you and you will get your expedited entry.

    Can I choose a specific table number or location?

    The Living Room does NOT allow reserving for the exact table number from their floor plans / table maps to be selected and secured prior to your party’s arrival.

    Your assigned table will be the best available table within the tier or section you reserved at the time when you arrive. If you want better placement, you can either:

    • Show up early (e.g. within 30 minutes of the opening time) when there will be more open table inventory in your tier
    • Raise your minimum spend in order to get a specific or preferred table assignment

    What is the dress code if I book bottle service?

    The dress code at The Living Room is Strict.

    Guys can wear nice jeans and a form fitting plain t-shirt or a nice button down shirt. Girls can wear jeans or a comfortable but stylish dress if they prefer. Of course guys and girls can never go wrong with dressing up even more – there is no such thing as overdressing when it comes to clubs.

    For more in-depth details about the dress code, check out our dress code guide.

    Should I use a promoter to book bottle service for me?

    We highly recommend that you use Discotech to book a table reservation at The Living Room. This way, you’ll always get the best price, comprehensive information, and reliable service.

    By going through us, your reservation is highly prioritized and gets sent to the top decision maker at each venue, whom we have a longstanding partnership with already. You also have clear check-in instructions on what to do when you arrive.

    When you book through us, you also get nearly 24/7 access to our help line to answer all your questions and to check the status of your reservation.

    Book Table Service

    Rather talk to someone? Call us: 415-735-6716

    Bottle service information on this page is strictly used for informational purposes only. Appropriate attire is required for admission. The venue reserves the right to deny admission.

    We’re Not Too Far Away from Living on Plastic Bottle Island – swaggr socks

    It sounds like something out of a bad comedy but the sad truth is this is for real. Plastic bottle island could be our home one day, and judging by how things are going, it won’t be very long until we are there. 

    Every year the number of plastic items that end up in the ocean and onto our beaches increases by the billions. It is estimated that three percent of global annual plastic waste enters the ocean annually. And did you know there is currently an island of plastic floating in the ocean that is THE SIZE OF TEXAS? 

    In 2010, we were at approximately 8 million tons of plastic being dumped into the water and killing the life inside. This number just keeps going up as more is produced and not enough reused or recycled. So what do we do? The best thing is to continue to educate yourself on what can be recycled, what can be reused, and what companies you can support that are making cleaner waves.

    Which Plastics Are Recyclable?

    Plastic’s recyclability depends on the structure of polymers within the item itself. Some polymers will not break down under mechanical or thermal stress, therefore making them non-recyclable. 

    Plastics that are recyclable:

    • Plastic bottles.
    • Containers for milk, cleaning agents, shampoo, and bleach.

    Plastics that are not or often not recyclable:

    • Plastic piping, vinyl flooring, cable insulation, automobile parts (often not due to chemical properties).
    • Bottle lids, food tubs, housewares (often not, check local recycling).
    • Plastic bags & food wrapping.
    • Food takeaway containers, plastic cutlery, egg trays.
    • Water cooler bottles, baby cups, fiberglass.

    If you use a lot of the items underneath the non-recyclable section, try to find glass or reusable replacements for those items. Otherwise, they will be chucked in the landfill or contaminate other recyclable items, and will only pollute our earth further. 

    Alternatively, you can find ways to reuse some of these nonrecyclable materials in other ways. There are a lot of creative options for reusing plastic at home and companies are starting to crop up to assist with this critical area as well.

    Plastic Bottles Take Forever to Break Down

    For those of you who are recycling your plastic bottles, thank you. But please do consider reusable water cups instead. The more we can reduce the use the better. One plastic bottle takes 450 YEARS to decompose. Think about how many of the non-recycled plastic bottles that means are just sitting in our soil and bodies of water.

    Studies show that macroplastics float around for decades and end up in offshore regions years later. Even if we stopped ocean plastic waste this year, macroplastics would still exist in our surface waters for many decades to come. 

    What You Can Do

    Keep educating yourself and reducing the amount of plastic you use. More importantly, plastic waste entering our waterways must be stopped. Individuals can contribute to this cause by supporting companies, like swaggr, who are committed to taking this waste and using it in a new and productive way. 
    To learn more about how you can lend a hand to those trying to remove plastic from our oceans, check out The Ocean Cleanup here. swaggr makes extremely comfortable socks, but our main goal is to reduce plastic waste and keep our planet from becoming plastic bottle island. Click here to learn more about us and what we do.

    Infinity bottle tips from master blenders

    Anyone with a whisky collection of half-a-dozen bottles or more has them. The dregs. The last lonely couple of drams languishing at the bottom of the bottle, saved for the rainy day that never comes or neglected in favour of new whiskies straight off the shelves. The dilemma is clear: finish them off to justify that new purchase, or let them sit there, oxidising in all that empty space?

    Actually, there is a third option – take some of your dregs and mix them together, creating your own ‘house blend’ which is 100% unique to your taste. Then, once another whisky is opened, add some of that one too.

    While master blenders hone their craft to a fine art, you don’t need years of nosing under your belt to create your own infinity bottle. Just keep adding new drams of whisky as you get them. The interesting thing about this experiment is your new house blend changes over time. The end result is a bottle that may never empty, a living bottle that changes and grows as you do.

    But how to get started, and make sure your new blend isn’t a disaster? Scotland’s master blenders have spent decades perfecting their craft, so who better to ask for advice on creating a successful infinity blend at home?

    Decanter or bottle?

    When choosing a container for your house blend, a decanter seems like the obvious choice in which to vat your whiskies – it can be as big or as small as you like, depending on how grand your experiments are going to be. However, decanters can tarnish a whisky’s taste if you’re not careful.

    ‘Decanters work for short-term storage, but you may find you lose some of the more volatile flavours and aromas over time,’ says Kirsteen Campbell, master blender for the Famous Grouse and Cutty Sark. ‘Comparatively, any glass bottle with a good seal will work well.’

    Many decanters use stoppers that simply rest on top of the bottle, rather than creating an airtight seal. This means that the whisky will dull as the livelier compounds evaporate more easily. If you’re after maximum flavour and aroma and intend to keep your infinity bottle around for some time, you’re better off recycling your favourite empty bottle instead.

    However, a bottle may not be big enough to accommodate your eventual blending ambitions, at which point you will need to upgrade to a larger container, such as a demijohn.

    In order to mitigate against any potential flavour losses, keep your blend properly sealed and about 80% full at all times to avoid too much oxidisation. If it gets below this level, just top it up with another dram. Vintage decanters may look gorgeous, but be wary of choosing a leaded crystal vessel, as lead might leech into the liquid.

    Once you have your container ready, apply a blank label to the back to keep track of what’s been poured into it, or keep a notebook nearby. When you hit upon a blend you like, you can save the recipe, allowing you to fine-tune or recreate it in the future. You can then leave the infinity bottle to keep evolving and developing new flavours.  

    Flavour profile

    Some infinity bottlers just add their odds and ends into the bottle with the aim of creating a curiosity, while others set out with a specific flavour profile in mind. Which is the right approach for you?

    ‘I would suggest that you have an idea in your head of what you want to create,’ says Rachel Barrie, master blender for BenRiach and GlenDronach. ‘Imagine what you want it to taste like, or the occasion or the balance you’re aiming for.

    ‘You have to know your senses and work with them. Nose individual whiskies and take tasting notes. Write down the three top notes and give it an intensity rating and a quality ranking, and then you can analyse how much you want to put in.’

    Sandy Hyslop, director of blending at Chivas Brothers, adds: ‘In my head, I’ve got a picture of where I want to be before I start. It’s almost like a checklist inside your head. A bit of fruitiness in there, a bit of orchard fruit, a wee bit of cinnamon… There’s a whole palette of flavours I’m trying to bring together to make the final product.’

    Although mixing drams at random could lead to an amazing discovery, it’s more likely to end up very chaotic, with disparate flavours clashing together instead of creating something more than the sum of its parts.

    If you’re not sure of a starting-point, begin by choosing a base whisky you know you enjoy, list three top notes – as Barrie recommends – and drop in small amounts of whiskies that share some of those top notes. Chances are that you’ll like the end result.

    Shelf raider: Sacrificing a dram of old or rare whisky could add much-needed depth to an infinity blend

    Base whisky

    Many blends have a single whisky at its heart that makes up the majority of the recipe. If you’re not sure where to start, Barrie recommends using a fruity Speyside malt such as BenRiach or Glenlivet as the base, ensuring that it comprises about 60-70% of your initial blend.

    ‘A good Speyside malt is always at the heart of a good blend,’ says Barrie. ‘It’s got the fruit, the malt, it can hold flavours and bind them all together. A bit like cooking.’ 

    If you’re after a softer, rounder base that can handle a variety of malt being thrown at it as you empty your dregs, Hyslop recommends choosing a grain whisky. ‘I’d be looking at different types of malt whisky and then start playing about with different levels of grain mixed in each, to try and get something I feel is a good balance,’ he says.

    Whether you choose malt or grain as a starting-point, it can then be modified with different whiskies that add certain characteristics, according to your own personal taste. Rich, Sherried whiskies such as Tamdhu or Dalmore can provide heavy, fruity notes, while light, citrusy and floral whiskies, such as Auchentoshan or Miltonduff, can impart lighter top notes. Experiment with different whiskies as time goes on.

    Adding peated whisky

    Peat monsters and Sherry bombs are a blender’s salt and pepper, but be careful not to be too liberal. ‘There are no rules about keeping peated and non-peated whiskies separate,’ says Campbell. ‘It’s all about experimenting until you create a well-balanced whisky that you enjoy.’

    Hyslop agrees: ‘Sherry and Islay whiskies are two very potent ingredients and only need to top a blend to get an effect. If I was looking to bring a blend together that had a nuance of Islay in it, I would form the blend without the Islay and then teaspoon it in, until I got it to the level I was happy with.

    The best method is trial and error – add incrementally and taste as you go. You can always add more if you’re after a whisky with a stronger flavour. In order to do this safely, without compromising the rest of the blend, Hyslop separates a small measure of his infinity bottle as a control to experiment with, so he’s not making a big batch of something he doesn’t like.

    Record the amount of peat you’ve teaspooned into the sample and nose it against your original unpeated blend. Once you’re happy with the taste, simply scale the dose up appropriately and ‘season’ the rest of the bottle.

    Recipe book: Keep records of which whiskies you’ve added so that you can recreate your blend

    Adding non-Scotch

    Just because you’re a Scotch drinker doesn’t mean you’re monogamous – you’re likely to have emptying bottles of Bourbon or rye, or even an experimental Irish whiskey matured in chestnut. Should you add the last drops of these bottles to your blend? It’s all down to personal choice, but Barrie warns against getting too carried away.  

    ‘I would choose not to mix a Bourbon or rye whiskey with Scotch,’ she says. ‘They’re such distinctive characters in their own right, you’re doing them a disservice by blending them.’

    Barrie notes that adding Bourbon or rye whiskey directly into a blend can overpower the subtleties of Scotch because of their strong wood notes. Similar to adding too much peat, if you’re not careful you’ll end up drinking something that tastes overwhelmingly like Bourbon.

    If you’re after a sweeter, woody whisky, she recommends dropping in a Scotch whisky aged in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks to create those flavours in a more balanced fashion.

    ‘This is the tricky bit,’ agrees Campbell, referring to fine-tuning individual flavours. ‘Often, you’ll be surprised by the blend two or more whiskies create, so it’s a case of experimenting until you get the balance right.’

    ‘Wasting’ older whiskies

    The older whiskies get, the more sacrosanct they become, according to common belief. Surely you’ll want to enjoy the really old stuff on its own, as it was intended, rather than blend it away? Think again, says Barrie. ‘You might want to mix something really nice with something quite old,’ she says. ‘For example, the majority of your blend might be a 10-year-old, with a couple of percent of something really old to balance it out and give it a longer finish.’

    There’s nothing untouchable about older whiskies – Hyslop regularly creates blended whiskies for Royal Salute including malts matured for up to 55 years. If you can stand to let a small dram or two of a 30-year-old go, it could add some much-needed depth and complexity to your living blend, and because a trace of your old whisky will live forever in your infinity bottle, you’ll be tasting it long after the rest of the original bottle has gone.

    Small and mighty: Even the smallest drams will have an effect on your infinity blend’s flavour


    The very nature of an infinity bottle means that there’s a degree of consistency involved. In small, sometimes infinitesimal amounts, traces of every dram ever poured into it remain in the liquid. If you’re only adding a dram at a time of the whiskies you like, you’re likely to be creating a fairly consistent whisky you can enjoy on a regular basis.   

    ‘I have a little blend that I mix up at home to my own recipe,’ says Hyslop. ‘I never let that bottle get less than half-full. I always top that bottle back up, so there’s a level of continuity and consistency in the product.’

    This is where the label comes in. By keeping track of what you’ve added (and the volumes of it) you’ll be able to maintain that degree of consistency. Once you’ve hit on a combination you like, you can go back through all your previous pours and ensure that you stick to those guidelines.

    Ready to drink

    Before giving the final verdict on your blending expertise, let the liquid sit for a couple of days after you’re done adding whisky. This, according to Barrie, allows ‘the different components time to get to know each other and marry’.

    Whisky is comprised of delicate flavours, and sipping straight after mixing might give you the impression that the whole experiment was a failure. Wait a few days; let it settle. If your house blend isn’t to your taste after that, you can either choose to wait a bit longer for those flavours and aromas to marry further, or tweak the recipe further. Happy blending!

    Liquidated Glassets: The Beauty is in the Bottle

    Meet more of Alexandria’s makers and crafters in the November edition of Alexandria Living Magazine — subscribe here!

    Many of life’s special moments are celebrated with a strong drink — but what happens to all those empty bottles after the last drop of wine or liquor is finished?

    For some of us, there’s an empty bottle sitting at home collecting dust, whether it’s a bottle of champagne from your engagement or a bottle of spirits from a memorable vacation that you just can’t bring yourself to throw in the recycling bin.

    That’s where Rebecca Ingram, founder of Liquidated Glassets, can help. Ingram cuts and repurposes bottles into something functional while still retaining the beauty of the original keepsake.

    (Video by Sara Dingmann)

    Ingram’s business idea began with a Pinterest fail. “There was this hack that you could wrap this string dipped in nail polish remover, light it on fire and dunk it in cold water and it would cut the bottle. That did not work,” she said with a laugh.

    Later, she purchased a bottle cutter that allowed her to cut round bottles straight across, but this was not enough for Ingram.

    Ingram said that she does not consider herself artistic but has always liked to solve problems and fiddle with things.

    “I’m from Kentucky and I drink bourbon and whiskey and these bottles are beautiful and I want to be able to cut them,” said Ingram.

    She began to experiment and soon she found a way to cut bottles of all shapes and sizes. She quickly realized she had found a niche that nobody else was doing at the time and that there might be a larger market for her work.

    In 2018, a friend suggested that she sign up for Art on the Avenue, a multicultural arts and music festival held every October in the Del Ray neighborhood. (This year, Art on the Avenue went virtual.) The show’s deadline forced Ingram to come up with a business name and website, as well as start making enough products to sell. Another friend who is a writer and Alexandria resident, Claire Henline, came up with the clever name Liquidated Glassets.

    After the festival, Ingram said that her business slowed down. As a full-time soldier in the Army and a mom, she simply did not have the time and energy to devote to promoting it. Unlike many small business, the COVID-19 pandemic created a boost for Liquidated Glassets. Suddenly, Ingram found herself working from home with more free time to focus on her art.

    Over the past few months, business has really taken off. Friends and neighbors who know what she does will leave empty bottles on her front porch. She has received so many orders that she has an eight-week lead time.

    Ingram’s favorite bottle to work with is Blanton’s Bourbon bottles due to their unique design, horse toppers and beautiful labels, which she has figured out how to reverse and even customize. Cigar ashtrays (or spoon rests for those who like to cook!) made from Blanton’s bottles or other liquor bottles have been one of her most popular items.

    In addition to ashtrays, Ingram also makes bowls, drinking glasses, vases and other items. With all of the donated bottles Ingram receives, there is no need for customers to provide their own bottles.

    For those who have bottles with sentimental value, Ingram is happy to work with customers to design their own personal piece. One of her favorite experiences was working with a local man on a wine decanter his wife had bought for him years ago that had broken. Ingram was able to cut off the cracked neck and create a beautiful and useful piece for him to treasure.

    If you had asked Ingram what her plans for Liquidated Glassets were prior to COVID-19, she would have answered that it was a fun hobby. Now, she hopes to turn it into her retirement plan after the Army.

    Ingram’s pieces make thoughtful gifts for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. If you are considering ordering for the holidays, keep in mind that Liquidated Glassets currently has a lengthy production time. 

    Visit the Liquidated Glassets Etsy shop at

    90,000 A person involved in the “Moscow case” living in Lithuania: threw an empty bottle towards the National Guard – could not look at the brutal beatings

    As a result of that action, the Russian security forces opened criminal cases against 28 people. Unofficially, this process was called the “Moscow case”, and one of its defendants is Aydar. Sentences for summer rallies are being handed down in Russian courts at the present time. The Moskovskoe Delo attracted a lot of attention from the press and the public.As a result of the rising wave, it was possible to achieve the release of several arrested persons, others were found guilty and received a suspended sentence or a fine, and still others were sent to serve real sentences for a “crime” that did not exist.

    Aidar was a little more fortunate in this sense. After more than a month in custody in a Moscow pre-trial detention center, the measure of restraint was changed to a recognizance not to leave the place. And a month later, being in the status of a suspect, he left Russia and ended up in Lithuania, where he is awaiting a decision on his application for political asylum.Russia after Aydar’s “escape” put him on the wanted list. We talked with Aydar about his past, evolution of views, political activities, events of that fateful day, life in Lithuania and future plans.

    – They mainly write about you in the context of the “Moscow case” and it was from this summer that your name became widely known. But few people know about your past years, so let’s go back a little. Briefly tell us your biography.

    Well, I was born in Ufa (Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia – ed.). He lived most of his life there. I graduated from school, participated in Olympiads and received diplomas, wrote the Unified State Exam (Unified State Exam – Ed. ) Well and this allowed me to enter MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology – Ed.), Which I did after school. Well, and accordingly, in 2011 he moved to the city of Dolgoprudny and lived there for 4 years. Then he moved to a hostel in Moscow. After graduating from MIPT, I stayed to live in Moscow. I am a programmer by profession and I started working in this industry, while studying in parallel, after the third year.At the same time, I focused on work. Well, after receiving my master’s degree, I continued to work in the same area.

    – The “Moscow case” is undoubtedly political. And since you are his figurant, it means that politics does not pass by you either. Was she interested in you during your school and student years?

    I was interested in politics in the sense that, for example, at school I read about what was happening in Russia. I knew what political parties and main political leaders were, both opposition and not.Well, that is, I had some interest, but it did not go into active activity, I was not a member of any party or movement, I was not an adherent of any of the politicians. In general, at school I had rather conservative views. And from the height of today, it is both funny and unpleasant to remember. For example, such things as “Stalinism is our everything” and so on were inherent in me. Also in high school, I was homophobic. And already from the first years of the institute my views strongly evolved towards liberalism.I realized that the same LGBT people do not bother me in any way, and they are the same people like me, with the same rights.

    Aydar Gubaidulin

    © DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

    – How did you drift from radical to liberal views, and what contributed to this?

    I can’t say for sure. Probably the fact that in the I-II course I started playing a game that reproduces parliamentary debates. There was such a get-together with fairly liberal views and probably this played a role.Well, it also helped a lot to understand many issues, the preparation of arguments when developing a position for playing a debate and an in-depth study of various cases within this framework.

    In addition to all this, I have never been religious, but considered myself a believer: I was not an adherent of Islam, although I am a Tatar, but I thought that there were some higher powers. Gradually I moved away from this point of view, became an atheist and began to read various popular science and scientific books. Then I realized that the scientific view of the world is the most rational and fair.

    – And when did your interest in politics turn into a practical plane?

    Well, as I said, I was not an activist until recently. When there were rallies for fair elections on Bolotnaya Square in 2011-2012, I already lived in the Moscow region, but it all passed me by. My first rally was “He’s not Dimon for you” in 2017 (a protest in Moscow after the release of an anti-corruption film-investigation by politician Alexei Navalny about Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev – ed.), and before that I watched almost every investigation by Navalny. After the first action, I already tried not to miss large rallies. It was the first time for me then, and I saw live how the police and the National Guard treated people, which made me very angry. Then I realized that it was necessary to go out into the street.

    – Were there other politicians besides Navalny who riveted your attention?

    I knew about Nemtsov, heard about Khodorkovsky, about Kasparov, but I sympathized most of all with Navalny.Probably because he created such more youthful and interesting content. Now, by the way, the point of view that I do not want to be an adherent of any particular politician prevails again.

    – Going out to peaceful street actions, did you understand how this could turn out for you and were you mentally prepared for it?

    As I have already said, the rallies on Bolotnaya Square and the “Bolotnoye Deal” that followed, passed me by. It is clear that I heard about detentions at rallies, but it seemed to me that they always ended in administrative cases, fines and arrests for several days. For this I was ready.

    There is another interesting point here. I believe that despite all the illegal actions of the Russian Guard, the protesters themselves are often to blame for the detentions. It is clear that there are such egregious cases as with Pavel Ustinov (a Russian actor, severely detained at one of the rallies and subjected to criminal prosecution. Ustinov was waiting for his acquaintance, with whom he had an appointment at the metro station. However, the police took him for a participant rally – ed.), but usually in the event of an escalation of the situation, there is always the opportunity to go to a safer place, unless, of course, you have the task of screwing up. You need to try to control your emotions and take care of your own safety. I have always been a reserved person. I understood that when a convoy of the Russian Guard is coming at you, it is pointless to fight, and if you do something, then there will be bad consequences for you. And this strategy usually worked for me.

    – But nevertheless, it failed.The summer of 2019 has come and you found yourself involved in a criminal case initiated following the rally on July 27. The reason for your arrest was that you threw a plastic bottle in the direction of an employee of the Russian Guard. Tell me what happened then?

    In September 2019, elections to the Moscow City Duma were due to take place, which received close attention after almost all independent candidates were denied registration. After that, people began to go out to rallies.On July 20, there was an agreed meeting on Sakharov Avenue, and I was there.

    On July 27, there was an uncoordinated meeting near the Moscow City Hall, where, in fact, everything happened. At about 2 pm I arrived at the center. At the exit of the metro, they looked at my things and, as I understood, they checked many young people. Then, on the way out of the metro, a policeman approached me and asked for my documents. I showed it, and since I had a Moscow residence permit, there were no complaints against me. In the absence of a Moscow residence permit, I would have probably been detained, since the news said that paid extras from the provinces were brought to Moscow.Indeed, many students who did not have their documents with them were detained when exiting the metro.

    Then I went to the city hall, the approaches to which were closed. People eventually gathered in Stoleshnikov Lane, and I spent the next few hours there. There were a lot of people there, they behaved absolutely peacefully, occasionally chanting some slogans. That is, there were no mass riots, about which Article 212 of the Criminal Code speaks. After some time, apparently, the police and Rosgvardia received an order, and people began to press and detain.The column of the National Guard pushed them back to Bolshaya Dmitrovka, after which it “split” the crowd into several parts. The protesters walked in small groups along the streets of Moscow, I with one of them moved towards Trubnaya Square. So we walked for a while and when we reached the Lubyanka, we did not decide where to go next, and stayed here.

    A few minutes later, the National Guards led one of the detainees past me, and Boris Kantorovich, whom I knew, was in their way. Perhaps the officers thought that he wanted to take the detainee away from them, and attacked him with truncheons, along the way “ransacking” a couple more people.Moreover, they beat him with such force that one of the Rosguards broke the club on Kantorovich’s back. It looked very wild and angered the people around. They started shouting, throwing plastic bottles at the policemen out of emotion, trying to drag the National Guard away from the beaten. In general, this episode was significant. 8 criminal cases were opened for him, including one against me.

    I remember that then there was a terrible feeling of powerlessness. Two feelings fought in me at once.On the one hand, you understand that if you even make some movement towards employees, you can easily go to jail. On the other hand, you understand that you can’t just stand there and watch. And so I couldn’t find anything better than to succumb to emotional outbursts – I took an empty plastic bottle and threw it away. Although she did not hit anyone, nevertheless, immediately after the throw, I thought that I should not have done this.

    – But, as I understand it, you were not detained at that action and there were no complaints from the law enforcement agencies for this episode then.

    Yes, I even took part in the procession on August 3rd. They came to my house only in the evening of August 8th. They started ringing and knocking the door shouting “It’s the police, open it!” For me, as for a person to whom the police had never knocked on the house before, it was a shock. “My heart sank into my heels,” I sat motionless and thought about what to do. I understood that since it was the police, it was not good. Moreover, it was after 22:00, and investigative actions at night are carried out only in emergency cases.Then I did not know about it, otherwise I would not let them in until 6 in the morning. They knocked for 5 minutes, after which I opened it. An investigator, operatives and attesting witnesses entered the apartment and, in fact, a search began. As a result, all equipment was withdrawn from me, which was never returned.

    – Tell us a little about the pre-trial detention center. What is your first day in it and how true are the layman’s ideas about the order that prevails there?

    First, you are taken to a temporary detention center, where personal belongings, laces and so on are confiscated.I was alone in a three-bed cell. The conditions are far from being sugar. There was some kind of dirty, tumbled mattress, a pillow with incomprehensible stains. I put on the disposable sheet they gave me and tried to fall asleep, but I couldn’t. Then two more people were brought into the cell under other articles. We talked and tried to sleep. The next day in the morning there was breakfast, the food there is surprisingly good – like a regular business lunch in some canteen.

    On the second day there was a trial on the basis of restraint and I was sent to a pre-trial detention center.There they constantly changed my cameras. I don’t know if it happened by chance or it was some kind of tactics by the administration of the detention center. The inmates were also constantly changing. There was a man among them who seemed suspicious to me, although it is not clear what they wanted to achieve by this. Then a man who had previously served time for murder and robbery was hooked up to me. At the same time, the communication turned out to be quite pleasant. He told many stories about pre-trial detention centers and colonies, he said that there was nothing to be afraid of, because the same people were sitting there.The culture of AUE (a system of concepts and hierarchy, which, according to many people, exists in prisons – ed.) May exist in colonies, but you are not obliged to adhere to it. But in many respects, of course, everything depends on the particular isolator and colony. In general, I did not have any special problems in the pre-trial detention center, probably also in many respects because there was close attention to my case, but the food in the pre-trial detention center is much worse than in the temporary detention facility. In general, you will not die of hunger with this food, but you will significantly “plant” health if you sit on it for a long time.

    One of the things that also caused discomfort was the absence of a shower. He relied only once a week and it is very difficult, especially for me. I have such a feature of the body that I sweat a lot and in ordinary life I went to the shower every day, or even 2 times a day.

    – What did you prepare yourself for in the pre-trial detention center, and was there any support from the outside?

    Well, in general, in every situation I try to assess all the risks. The worst outcome in my case was to get 3 years in prison, and I prepared myself for this.It’s just psychologically easier, and if a more favorable outcome suddenly occurs, then this is already good. That is, there are no such mood swings depending on the outcome. Well, the support, of course, was felt. If my cellmates did not receive letters from anyone, they brought me almost 10 letters every day. And this causes some kind of interest and respect for you from the prisoners. Plus, the administration knows that your fate is closely watched and also begins to behave differently.

    – Was the release a surprise for you?

    Of course.On September 18, I was brought to court and prepared for the usual trial. But suddenly the prosecutor requests the return of the case to the prosecutor’s office. It was a pleasant surprise for everyone.

    – Did you make the decision to leave Russia immediately after your release?

    I had no intention of leaving at all. My lawyers thought the case would be closed within 2-3 weeks. But, as time later showed, this did not happen. The investigation simply changed the charge. If initially I had an attempt on violence, then later they reformulated it as “the threat of violence.”That is, they still wanted to bring the case to court. Initially, I wanted to wait for the case to go to court and only then leave. Still, there was some hope that it would be closed after all. But on October 14, 4 new defendants in this case were detained, and in the evening of the same day, Konstantin Kotov was sentenced to 4 years in prison (for participating in 3 single pickets – ed.). And that was the “last straw” when making a decision for me.

    – I don’t know how much you can disclose these details, but if you can, I would like to know how, being under recognizance not to leave, you managed to cross the border?

    I think there is a database of those who are on the federal wanted list, but people who are under subscription or under house arrest are probably not so thoroughly checked.I cannot reveal more details, but in general I managed to leave Russia and find myself in Lithuania.

    – Why did you choose exactly Lithuania?

    There were several options. It’s just that the people who helped me said that everything is easier in Lithuania, the process is streamlined and there won’t be any special problems.

    Aydar Gubaidulin

    © DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

    – How do you like Lithuania in general?

    Before that, I had lived for almost 8 years in a much larger Moscow with a population of 14 million.Therefore, when you find yourself after that in a city with a population of 500,000 people, it is always a stark contrast. I got used to the Moscow rhythm, to traffic jams, to the number of people, and when I found myself in Vilnius, it was unusual for me. But now he has somehow settled down, got used to it, he began to walk more slowly. Another point that caught my eye as a smoker is the prices of cigarettes and gasoline. The urge to quit smoking immediately arose (laughs). It’s also unusual that everything in supermarkets is in Lithuanian. Although, I can distinguish sausage from kefir, so this is not a big problem.

    – What is your social circle now here?

    Well, I don’t know much about the Lithuanians themselves. I managed to get to know some Russians who, like me, had previously left Russia. While I’m here in this environment.

    I read your interview to Kommersant, which came out when you had already left Russia, but did not disclose where you were in communication with the media. In it you said that you are in one of the European countries, which is your temporary point of residence.And in subsequent interviews, when you have already revealed that you are in Lithuania, you said that you would spend some time in Lithuania, maybe a year, or maybe several years. In this regard, I would like to ask, after all, your plans are connected with Lithuania or are you going to leave? And why has your position changed so much that you are going to stay here for a longer period than was announced to Kommersant?

    Well, what I said to Kommersant, there are certain reasons for this, which I will not talk about.But for the next at least a year or two, I’m going to spend here. I hope that I will get political asylum and work. Now I am looking for a job (at the time of the release of the material, Aydar found a remote part-time job in the field of IT – ed.). In my free time I help those who stayed in Moscow, primarily those involved in the “Moscow case”. There is an initiative group “Prisoners 212”, which I help with the site.

    Hopefully, there will be no more defendants in this case. However, be that as it may, I do not intend to leave human rights activities in my spare time from work.

    Nursing bottle

    Since 2003, by decision of the government, in Germany when buying disposable plastic bottles and cans – for beer, mineral water and carbonated drinks – the buyer must pay a security deposit. For each non-recyclable container, the buyer pays an additional 25 euro cents, which are returned when an empty plastic bottle or can is returned to the store. Thus, the FRG authorities are fighting against environmental pollution.For comparison: the mortgage value of a glass beer bottle is only 8 euro cents.

    Since the German government introduced this regulation in 2003, collecting empty bottles and cans has become an important source of additional income for many of Germany’s low-income people.

    In the Zufelde family from Erfurt, capital of the federal state of Thuringia, the phrase “money lying underfoot” is often pronounced, and in the most literal sense. Living on social security, Michael and Monica Zufelde, as well as their son Scott, earn extra money by collecting and handing over empty containers.The geography of their activities is limited to the city center. Father and son act as earners of empty bottles and cans. Riding their bicycles through the streets of ancient Erfurt, they themselves sometimes turn to the townspeople for empty containers. Seeing a group of young people drinking beer on the street, Michael Zufelde asks: “Are the bottles already empty? Can I pick them up?” But not every attempt to get containers from strangers brings success. Scott Zufelde sadly says:

    – When we ask passers-by if it is possible to pick up empty bottles, the reaction is completely different.Sometimes people perceive our requests as some kind of harassment.

    To make it easier to find containers, Michael Zufelde always takes a pocket flashlight with him and shines it into a street urn before putting his hand in there:

    I am often called a beggar, an antisocial type, a vagabond

    – You shouldn’t stick your hands in an urn for trash, not knowing what exactly is in it. If there is something liquid, flowing inside, such as mayonnaise or sauce, then, of course, I pass by.

    If the father is calm about this kind of activity, then the son, Scott Zufelde, sometimes gets embarrassed when he looks for empty bottles on the street. However, the desire to raise money for a driver’s license prevails over the feeling of shame:

    – When peers see me doing this, it becomes somehow unpleasant. Often they call me a beggar, an asocial type, a tramp.

    The Zufelde family has been collecting and handing over bottles for several years. From three to ten euros a day comes out. Many Erfurt residents know this pair of cyclists well and therefore do not throw containers in street trash cans, but put them next to them.It is common for schoolchildren to throw away plastic juice and soda bottles at lunchtime after school. And in the evening, Michael and Scott Zufelde come across mostly glass containers from under the beer.

    The mother of the family, Monica , sorts the bottles and then hands them over to the store. It was her in the family who first came up with the idea to earn money on empty containers:

    – After we hand over the bottles to the supermarket, we have at least some pocket money. You can buy something from clothing or books, magazines.Collecting containers is the only source of additional income for us, an increase in social benefits.

    There are cases when representatives of social departments in different cities of Germany cut benefits to collectors of empty bottles, considering this occupation as a normal work activity. Sociologist Jörg Fischer from the University of Jena doubts the lawfulness of such actions of officials:

    – Sometimes the recipients of social assistance collecting bottles tell us that their benefits are being cut.People are forced to keep receipts for the returned containers and submit them at the end of the month to the social department. I think that such a position of officials has no basis, because those who collect containers do not enter into any labor relations with anyone, from my point of view.

    The Zufelde family from Erfurt, thanks to the return of empty bottles, can now afford something that other recipients of social benefits who do not have an extra job cannot afford – in particular, a tourist trip to the neighboring Czech Republic.However, according to Michael Zufelde, the competition between container collectors has increased lately, and it becomes more difficult every day to find empty bottles, especially plastic ones, which are priced at 25 euro cents.

    Memory of the sun living in a bottle

    A couple of years ago, amber or orange wines were practically unknown to Russian wine connoisseurs, although they became popular in Europe for a long time and were even proclaimed the drink of the year according to The Independent a couple of years ago.Today we also begin to rejoice at his presence on the shelves and in wine lists, but not often yet.

    Calling unusual white wines “orange” was invented by David Harvey, a wine importer from Great Britain, in order to emphasize their unusual style and make them stand out from other wines. There are also local names, for example, Italian orange wines, mainly from Pinot Grigio, are called Ramato, which translates as “red”.

    What is their uniqueness and why are they so in demand (and not only by wine geeks) and where to find them?

    In Russia, dry biodynamic wines from white grape varieties aged on pulp (and often with seeds and ridges) are also called orange.Doesn’t it look like anything?

    Qvevri wines are made in exactly the same way, but the Italians were the first to glorify orange wines. More precisely one Italian. Although the name is not very Italian – Joshko Gravner (the farm is located in Oslavia, which is located in the province of Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border with Slovenia, the winemaker’s family got into the border zone between the countries), but in Italy itself he is called Francesco. because during his youth, a law was passed prohibiting the use of foreign names for children.

    Yoshko is one of the main heroes of Italian winemaking, anyone who studies oenology is immersed in the study of the topic of wine, at least heard of him. But it is not so easy to taste Gravner wines: the production is limited, participation in exhibitions is not provided, in order to buy – you still have to look. Yes, and the figure of Yoshko immediately became iconic, but since he communicates with the press without much enthusiasm, much of his activity was speculated and overgrown with myths.

    But those who have managed to taste its amber are often simply amazed at its depth, uniqueness, and character.Imagine a rich wine, even dense, from white grapes, in which, like in red, you can feel powerful tannins, a slightly viscous rancieu aftertaste, nutty-floral, like sherry, but at the same time not losing minerality and acidity, pleasantly refreshing. And the color is literally amazing: deep amber, as if exuding warmth from the sun, with shades of honey, copper and dull gold.

    If we discard the romantic halo, then all this is lignin, it is taken from grape seeds, like everything contained in wine, this effect can be easily decomposed into chemical components.The technology of making white wines without combing and infusion on pulp in amphorae has been known in Ancient Greece and Georgia for several thousand years. In Slovenia, this method of production was also known, but in the traditionally more common was aging in oak. Experiments with ceramic amphoras were repeatedly carried out in Italy, in a word Gravner once made the public look again at the wisdom of the ancients and a new trend appeared.

    Yoshko Gravner considers Georgian wine to be alive.When people were just starting to make their first wines, of course, they did not talk much about various technologies, but even then they understood the most important thing in wine, emphasized the most important. Gravner considers it his duty to use the type of amphorae as close as possible to that time – qvevri, using only local autochthons (riballa jalla, basically, very reminiscent of Kakhetian varieties) and making sure to macerate the skin.

    Today, many producers all over the world are keen on amber amber, however, the most common Georgian wines produced by the Kakhetian method, you can always find them on the shelves of our boutiques.

    We can say that the trend towards amber is a return to the traditions of wine production, for this they are loved in Western countries, for which the prefix “bio” is not just the absence of pesticides and the limitation of sulfur dioxide, but a whole philosophy, a piece of culture in glass.

    How to venerate the Bottle correctly ›Novaya Gazeta in St. Petersburg

    There is more going on in New Holland than restoration: the island is once again becoming a place of power that generates life-giving energy for the city.

    Three years ago, when we talked about this project, which already struck at the start with its delicate approach to heritage, it was scary to think ahead: how not to be deceived in our expectations. Now, perhaps, you can exhale. Not only linden trees have taken root, carefully planted along the canal, but also civilized business, showing a seemingly impossible miracle: so that the monuments are intact, and the investor does not starve, and the meanings come into our lives, and not disappear. How unique is this experience and is it only billionaires who can handle it?

    Fate of Resident

    After the “Forge” and “The Commandant’s House”, already living a full-blooded life, it was time to uncork the “Bottle” – a former military prison, so named because of its shape, which resembles a neck.It was erected according to the project of Alexander Staubert in a record two years (unrest in the army and the uprising of the Decembrists caused an acute need for new prisons among the authorities). The same time was required for the creative team of New Holland to turn the prison into a unique space for free people.

    Since 1856, within these walls there were sewing, rigging, carpentry and other workshops, a temporary hospital, and a gymnastics team. After the reconstruction of 1863, the Naval Department’s military correctional prison created here is recognized as the first in Russia, built on the basis of the correct penitentiary system adopted in the best prisons of European states.Only single cells, 195 in number. Working in the workshops, the prisoners mastered different professions and were paid for their work.

    “Bottle” after the completion of the restoration

    View of the “Bottle” in the early 1980s

    The restored “Bottle” was also filled with people of various professions, but without any coercion, opening their own cafes, a wine-glass with author’s liqueurs, designer showrooms and creative laboratories. There was a place for an excellent bookshop with art albums and illustrated art publications, a comic book store, a boxing club, prima Diana Vishneva’s studio (yoga, modern dance, ballet), a barbershop, beauty salons and others.

    The residents were selected carefully – analyzing who has their own audience and is able to attract their fans here. “I wanted not just to gather brands, but a team of like-minded people, interesting people who will be just as worried about the success of our business as a whole, as we do,” explains creative director Roxana Shatunovskaya.

    The value is in authenticity

    The headquarters of the “NG” team will occupy the newly formed fourth floor – in the course of the transformations “Bottle” acquired additional space under the roof.

    At the same time, the attic floor did not crawl out of its historical dimensions, and the skylight windows are almost invisible from the side, because they are laid clearly in the plane of the roof.

    The inner space of the courtyard, disregarding common practice, did not overlap. “What for? – John Mann, the head of the information policy of the investor company, is surprised. “In my opinion, it’s fine the way it is.”

    Yard “Bottle” // Photo: / newhollandsp

    The central space of the courtyard was occupied by a wooden round stage (on the opening day, the Bolshoi Theater youth opera troupe performed on it, and the next evening the stage turned into a dance floor with free master classes in boogie-woogie and lindy-hop), along the perimeter there were summer terraces of the cafe- tenants; in winter they want to open a New Year’s bazaar in the yard.

    Lighting – 40 narrow transparent tubes in ferrous metal clips along the plane of the courtyard walls.In the design of the interiors (with its own style for each of the floors), cast iron, brass, wood, metlakh floor tiles were used. The design of the Bottle, as well as of the first two restored objects, was carried out by the architectural bureau of Lyubov Leontyeva.

    Inside the “Bottle” – design solution for the decoration of the 3rd floor


    The head of the KGIOP Sergey Makarov, who attended the opening of this facility, made his own assessment: “New Holland can serve as an example of how to restore architectural monuments.There is no more effective team in working with such historical complexes in our city ”.

    Liberty Island

    With the opening of the Bottle, one more impressive piece of the territory of the once closed island was made available to visitors, including a section of the embankment from the Moika side: they equipped a pier, laid lawns resistant to trampling.

    There is someone to trample – in the first two seasons of the Summer in New Holland project alone, the island was visited by over 700 thousand people, and it is allowed to walk on the lawns here.And not only walk, but also wallow, jump and dance.

    The main thing that the unique NG team gave the city is something more than the restoration of historical buildings: it is an island of freedom, a territory of culture. Including the culture of business, culture of attitudes towards people, heritage, environment.

    Here you find refuge from the aggression, falsehood and vulgarity advancing on all fronts. There is enough air to breathe freely.And, perhaps, nowhere else you will find so many beautiful faces per square meter – whether they are guests or those who create this priceless atmosphere. Thanks to what and how they do, the island again becomes the place of power that it once was – a real one, generating living energy. Where they do not stupidly “make money”, but create and bring joy, help to find the happiness of creativity, knowledge, development.

    Looking into the light of “Mayak” ( educational center for children and adolescents, working on the basis of the British system aimed at unleashing human potential ), you only regret that you yourself grew up long ago.Here you have an animation school under the auspices of Konstantin Bronzit and Mikhail Shishkin, and comprehension of the skill of a theatrical artist, and Zhenya Isaeva and Masha Nebesina gushing with ideas – just give them the child, and he will begin to design binoculars for watching birds, make mechanical postcards or flying houses , or even a “newspaper for high-quality espionage” or something else wonderful-stupid that happens to them on the Day of useless knowledge.


    Envious adults also have something to please themselves – open training in petanque, yoga on the pontoon of the inner water area, there are exhibitions, there is an open lecture hall, a silent movie can happen on the concert venue accompanied by the musical improvisation of Vladimir Volkov, and for those who want to learn English there is a conversation club with tabletop and communication games, screening of films in the original language.If you want to do nothing at all, go to the herb garden and bury your nose in thyme or lavender.

    Many classes, master classes, and lectures are free of charge, but donations are welcome to help long-time trustworthy charitable organizations (Advita, Anton is nearby).

    What is a resource for a creative person and a burden for a lazy person

    They say that the environment forms a person. “New” asked John Mann to describe the portrait of a person formed by the environment that is being created on the island by his colleagues.

    – If he starts to bypass all our cafes and restaurants where they cook so deliciously, a very fat man will form, – John tried to laugh it off. – Although not a fact, because only healthy food is offered there, no nasty semi-finished products. In addition, he can, without leaving the building of the same “Bottle”, go in for sports. Moving around the island, he can learn to draw, photograph, make a movie, move beautifully, dance, dress with taste … In general, the environment we create forms an active, creative, versatile person – what is defined by the English expression “Renaissance man”.And our efforts, of course, are aimed at maximizing the preservation of the special atmosphere of this unique island with its architecture, because the spirit of a place is no less a form of a person. We try to preserve the authenticity as much as possible – for example, when we were restoring the same “Bottle”, where the walls in some places required reworking, we used only old bricks.

    – Our investors usually insist that restoration is unprofitable. It is more profitable to demolish and build something new or radically rebuild.

    – But then you will have Moscow! I myself live in Moscow, and this attitude constantly infuriates me there. Here the building is old, even if it does not have the status of a monument, but they still see that it is beautiful, it has an interesting history of its own, it must be preserved. And they will demolish everything or leave only the facade, to which they will attach something huge in the back, against such a background the small historical facades look like orphans.

    – Restoration is expensive. Although, I think, our businessmen are exaggerating when they talk about its unprofitableness.It would be more correct to say – it does not allow you to get excess profits. In the West, according to European experts, a project with a profit of 15 percent or more is considered attractive …

    – Well, yes, but here – at least a hundred. And so that it pays off not in ten years, but in two years. This is the case not only in St. Petersburg, but everywhere in Russia. But I hope that life will show which approach is smarter. And I don’t think it’s hard for business to invest in the restoration of the city’s historical monuments. After all, it is beneficial to everyone – when some urban area comes to life, an attractive space is created, where something new starts to work and develop.

    – They will object to you: only billionaires like Abramovich can afford such stories. After all, the project for New Holland is more of a social, image-oriented project; we are not talking about the return on investment?

    – There is, of course, a special story. The line between cultural, social and commercial is difficult to draw. It probably lies somewhere in the middle. At the start, the investment project was estimated at 12 billion, we have already invested half of this amount. But there are three more objects in turn, much larger and more complex than the three commissioned.There is no need to talk about payback yet. But we make money on tenants, and from this we can direct additional money for restoration. I think the problem is that people who say that – they say that restoration is an unprofitable business – simply do not understand how to earn money. Now, if I had some kind of old mansion and I would like to do business there, then first of all I would try to promote some ideas, starting from the basic value of this object: look, this is a mansion of some Solovyov, with its secrets and stories, and here there are some rare architectural authentic details, which you can hardly find anywhere … and so on.We need creative ideas, it attracts people, tenants, money.

    John Mann // Photo:

    – In your opinion, how seriously can cultural heritage be considered as a resource for the development of St. Petersburg, comparable to mineral deposits for other regions? There is such a statement in the document adopted by the city government, but our business is inclined to assess it as demagogic.

    – Of course, this is a resource.If wisely, be creative. Petersburg is the main city in Russia in terms of its attractiveness for tourists. And you can make good money on tourism – just like Khanty-Mansiysk makes money on oil. And the more authenticity is preserved, the better the monuments are restored, the more they attract those who want to see them.

    – What would need to be changed to make restoration projects and the tactful adaptation of monuments attractive to business?

    – Of course, everyone wants tax breaks.

    – And besides that?

    – We did not have any problems, because the city is interested in this project.

    “We have established good relations with both KGIOP and the Investment Committee, all issues are resolved in a working order. But in order to have more such projects in St. Petersburg, you need to work with everyone the way you do with us. ”

    It would also be nice to make a full-fledged catalog of the proposed objects, with a full description of all data, their history, technical condition, existing problems and with the study of possible use cases.I personally do not know how many historical buildings in the city that can be rented, on what terms. In order for a product to be attractive, it must be offered competently.

    Human Factor

    Here a colleague joined our conversation, who was interested in whether the inhabitants of the surrounding houses complained about the noise when concerts are held on the island, and added:

    – And an elite house with very expensive apartments is being built nearby. There may be problems.

    – We already have neighbors – those who live in old houses on the other side, – our interlocutor recalled. – And yes, I have already expressed to my colleagues several ideas on how to work with this – to meet, invite, make friends …

    “Oh, there will be special neighbors, influential ones, including high-ranking officials,” the young lady warned.

    – Do you mean to say that they are more important than these ordinary people? – John was surprised. – I do not think so. It doesn’t matter to me how much money someone has, it is important that we are neighbors.And you have to live with them the way you live with your neighbors in your house. Here I often have many guests, I like to cook (this is my hobby), to treat everyone, and sometimes about thirty people gather. Downstairs neighbors are naturally unhappy when our party drags on past midnight. What am I doing? I come to warn in advance and apologize for any possible concern, bring a bottle of good wine … Somehow humanly and here you need to build relationships, come up with something pleasant for neighbors, try to minimize possible inconveniences.

    “On the contrary, on the embankment of the Admiralty Canal, my friend lives, her family settled in this house even before the revolution,” I recalled my story. – And she very painfully perceived the changes taking place in New Holland, when, under the previous “investor”, historical buildings were destroyed and all the poplars were cut down, which her father, the writer Oleg Bazunov, spoke of as native creatures in his books. At first there was no trust in you either, the attitude slowly began to change when she saw the rows of lindens planted out.Concerts just don’t bother her very much – she says she is reconciled by a good repertoire. But there would be some kind of pop music – I would kill!


    – I would have killed them myself! John laughs. – We have really good music – both classics, and indie rock bands, and other curious directions. Our St. Petersburg team makes me happy in this, they always know how to find the most interesting, they generate great ideas. And I am convinced that this is the key to success in the first place.It’s not money that decides everything, but people.

    P. S. About the problem of preserving monuments of industrial architecture, whose fate is not so happy, we will tell in the following publications.

    The project was funded by a grant from St. Petersburg.

    Fanfic “The memory of the sun living in a bottle”, PG Fanfiction archive

    Title: “The memory of the sun living in a bottle”
    Author: Juno
    Beta / Gamma: olala, windwingswrites
    Illustration author: windwingswrites
    Rating: PG
    Peyring: SS / YY
    Genre: Romance, Humor
    Size: mini
    Refusal: The author does not extract financial benefits from the written
    Abstract: We parted for a long time with fairy tales, replacing them easily with wine and paints.
    Comments: Happy New Year to the Dragon League! Thanks to you, the outgoing year will be remembered for a glorious battle.

    Many thanks to my wonderful beta scales. Without your help, it would be a completely different story. It is extremely pleasant to work with you.

    And thanks to the author of the illustration for the phenomenal precision and skill.
    Status: Completed

    Download fanfic in “doc” format:
    Juno-Pamyat-solnca-zhivuschaya-v-butylke-PG.doc [928.5 Kb] (Downloads: 173)

    It was an ordinary gray London evening. A fire was burning hot in the fireplace of a small apartment. Why transfer wood when there is central heating? – you ask. Such was the quirk of the landlady. Most of her acquaintances had no idea about central heating, as well as about other benefits of modern civilization, and often even feared them. No, these gentlemen are by no means Mormons or Papuans from New Guinea. Although you can hardly meet them on the street just like that – you walk on the wrong streets, I can assure you.

    And what about the fireplace? It burned, as it should, and even with the fire of the usual color for you and me. Imagine that there are green flashes of flame in this fireplace, but not today. They have been ordered to move here today. Some would say the fireplace is locked.

    Who is this? – hurry up to ask you. Oh, how with your curiosity you remind me of the landlady! Imagine she’s a witch. Yes, the real one. Unless she flies naked out of the window on a broomstick – she just doesn’t like brooms as a means of transportation.You vainly expect that otherwise it will match your ideals of witch beauty. She does not have red hair, her eyes are not green, and there is no mysterious devilry in them, and it is not in her customs to be naked in public. This short, angular girl with a shock of tangled curls, strongly resembling a crow’s nest, looked at the world with large brown eyes from under her thick, slightly overhanging eyebrows and, it seemed, even in her sleep, did not part with her books – what a broom there is.

    Having learned about the world of magic, she was surprised at its customs.If the almost limitless possibilities of magic performed with a wand fascinated her, then the use of pens instead of pencils and ballpoint pens, constantly striving to curl up unlined parchments – instead of notebook sheets, shitting and pecking owls – instead of the post of England (I generally keep quiet about the Internet) pretty annoyed her and brought some inconvenience. But, as you know, a person gets used to everything.

    So Hermione, and that was the name of the witch, got used to dividing people into magicians and Muggles who do not own magic, learned about the painful conceit of pureblood wizards, those who had no unclean blood in their family, learned to deftly write mountains of parchment, competing in this art with a quick-writing pen and never sinned against the rules of the English language, or against the truth.She had become accustomed to the slave existence of house elves and forgot the stories about the proud and freedom-loving children of the forest, at the whim of Muggle storytellers called the same. Hermione was not a fan of fantasy and did not take such literature seriously, but in vain. The name can influence a person and his fate. Call someone a nonentity all the time, and who knows, over time he himself will be convinced of this. After all, at least it would be strange to hear: “Elrond is a bad elf!” You involuntarily wonder what is wrong with you, the owner of the proud, sonorous name “Elrond”?

    After settling in the school of magic and wizardry, Hermione stopped reading fairy tales altogether.They seem stupid and useless when what is happening around is stronger than other people’s inventions excites fantasy. But, as it turned out, miracles were fraught with mortal dangers – the magical world had its own monsters, and they did not always walk on four legs. Fairy tale and reality intertwined in a wild cocktail of blood, death and fear. And, even being among the winners, the early matured Hermione was no longer able to admire the world of magic as before. The Order of Merlin could not return friends, the screams of the jubilant magicians on the streets did not drown out nightmares, peaceful everyday life did not weaned sleep with half an eye and with a wand at the ready – at least not right away.

    The heroine of the war was hired to serve in the Ministry with a creak, and only because they did not want to destroy the shaky public confidence with a scandal in the press, which would certainly have happened. During the year of her wanderings, Hermione got used to acting and, it seems, by inertia continued to fight with anything: with sleepy bureaucrats, with the undead Death Eaters, with the ruin of Hogwarts, with the powerlessness of small magical peoples, with the gnomes in Nora’s garden, with her dislike for Ronald … she’s worse than anything else. No, she did not leave him right in front of the altar and was not humiliated by finding him with another on the eve of the wedding.Too much these two have gone through together to stop respecting each other. It’s just not fate – they couldn’t have a life together, only meetings on weekends in bars and at a party, sad gatherings for the anniversary of the victory and rare letters with an owl on the occasion.

    So Hermione ended up here – at this point in time and space, where we find her now. She sits alone in her small apartment. A beloved pet, a ball of red hair with a flattened muzzle and large, intelligent eyes, rubs at her feet.His mistress apathetically sips red wine from a deep glass and pays absolutely no attention to the cat’s requests. The red-haired rascal has no choice but to go hunting, abandoning attempts to beg a delicacy from the hostess.

    Hermione wondered how she had become a hostage to her habits. In the morning, throwing an unbreakable alarm clock desperately squealing some kind of cheerful dregs from the nightstand, she crawled out of bed to finally wake up in the shower.Hastily dried with the help of magic and without even trying to comb her hair, trudged to the kitchen to brew coffee on the stove. It had to be cooked in the usual, Muggle way, otherwise, as in the case of the potion, it turned out to be worthless slop. In this regard, Professor Snape was remembered every now and then: he could also suddenly boil and try to touch – you will lose all points and you will remain to scrub boilers until gray hairs, so that even small houses will feel sorry for you.

    After coffee, I no longer wanted to think about the deceased. All that was left was to put on her everyday robes and, having dressed, move along the fireplace net to the Ministry, where through the corridors crowded with employees to get into her office, which Hermione shared with a dozen more colleagues, whose tables were separated by low partitions, creating the illusion of personal space.

    Working hours usually did not bring news worthy of attention and discussion. And the solemn confrontation between the minute and hour hands at six in the evening was perceived by Hermione as a true holiday – so would a titan rejoice, throwing off the heavy burden of universal boredom and stupefying routine.

    Still not happy, but already more cheerful, Hermione went first to the store to replenish food supplies and pamper herself with something. She liked to do it herself, rather than ordering through the delivery service.It took a little time, but it allowed me to distract myself, walk between the rows of shelves, walk home with shopping bags. Hermione never ceased to marvel at how quickly wizards get lazy: first they are allowed to use fireplaces, then they are taught to fly on brooms, and to top it all off, most are licensed to apparatus and no longer bother with physical activity. And why should they? There are potions that lower cholesterol levels, enchantments that hide imperfections in appearance, and much, much more.The beauty industry thrives in the wizarding world as well as in the Muggle world.

    However, Hermione did not like to swallow potions without a real need, hated preening, hated straightening her hair or styling it, and simply could not stand intellectual stagnation. It seemed that her mind, without real tasks, rusted and lost the ability to think logically. With what longing she recalled the dashing times of solving puzzles that blocked the path to the philosopher’s stone, or finding out the species of the monster that turned the living into stone! At such moments, I did not want to think about the dangers that lay in wait then and do not exist now.Her lively mind just craved food, and received only a dose of wine and fell asleep until the next evening.

    One outlet, in addition to tasting alcohol, Hermione still found for herself. This was her secret, although not particularly tremulously guarded, as evidence multiplied and filled the apartment. When alcohol clouded her mind, Hermione opened a “third eye”, as Trelawney would call it, because this is how she herself made the vast majority of her predictions. The new look helped to create canvases using magic paints and ordinary brushes.The next morning, Hermione’s awakened mind could not look at these masterpieces without a shudder, but her creative “I” did not despair and realized itself at the first opportunity.

    Our witch was not a drunkard. The next day, she did not have puffy, reddened eyes, did not smell of alcohol, and did not show wine stains on her clothes. In general, libations were of a purely cultural, tasting nature and happened a couple of times a week. Muggle wines were perfect for these purposes.Of course, Hermione would not have been able to discern all the subtle notes of the bouquet, but she liked to imagine the regions where grapes were grown, people picking bunches of berries and preparing a drink, cases in which they could uncork a bottle. Yes, perhaps, it was at this moment that her creative “I” began to wake up, and the cold mind, for which she was always famous, gradually turned off.


    Today she remembered Professor Snape not early in the morning, but late in the evening. Many would attribute him to the number of people who should not be remembered at night.So Hermione suddenly got scared of the deceased for some reason and took a long sip from her glass, no longer worrying about pleasing her taste buds. She ate little today, so alcohol quickly hit her head.

    Drunk, as you know, the sea is knee-deep and Snape himself is on the shoulder. Hermione grew bolder, wondered why she, silly, was frightened and plunged into reflections on the future masterpiece, forgive Merlin, painting. And thoughts, like restless rebels, all returned to Snape. “So good, hic, man,” Hermione reasoned lazily, “and without a portrait.Ay-ay-ay, it’s not good. I simply have to correct this historical injustice. ”

    Without hesitation, she dipped the tip of her wand in black paint and dabbed resolutely across the prepared canvas. So, with a generous stroke, the professor acquired a prominent nose. Perhaps, even during his lifetime, he could not boast of such a nose, or he could not be ashamed. But Snape died long ago, and he could not curse Hermione, and no one else would have stopped her.

    Further frowned eyebrows and eyes narrowed to slits appeared by themselves.It was amazingly convenient to draw a mouth with a thread with a stick. Over the tow hair on both sides of the face, I had to try pretty hard: Hermione methodically smeared black paint on the canvas – Malevich himself would have envied. The artist grunted contentedly, having surveyed the resulting portrait, and began sketching the silhouette of the frock coat, then carefully traced button after button. She looked at them, it seems, countless times when she did not dare to look the professor in the face. As a result, the number of buttons displayed on the canvas was twice the scale of the tragedy.The fingertips protruding from under the long cuffs were good for her too, but certainly not in the same way as the buttons.

    The only thing left to do is to outline the chair, the corner of the work table and, perhaps, enough. Asceticism – that was the whole professor. Wiping away a tear, the moved Hermione wiped her wand with a rag lying next to her and took a sip of wine – the work was not over yet. Now it’s the turn of the rest of the colors.

    The palette was chosen to be discreet. The noble – read, deathly – pallor remained with the drawn professor, the coat became like a square of the same Malevich, except perhaps with buttons, the armchair acquired a dirty brown upholstery that did not differ much in color from the table.

    In general, the interior in the portrait did not have much significance. According to Hermione, the main thing was the similarity. It was not possible to compare the masterpiece with the original, because over time, the thunderstorm of the Hogwarts youth turned to dust and would not even have been able to turn over in the grave, but the artist did not need comparisons. She even winced at how realistically the frowning and lips of Snape, once again revealed to the world, were just like alive. It seems that you look a little more, and he arches an eyebrow mockingly and hisses something – it doesn’t matter what exactly, but s-s-scary.Hermione hiccuped loudly, shocked by her talent, and curtains the portrait with a piece of cloth to avoid punishment.


    Had she known what would happen that day, she probably would have given up alcohol altogether in order to keep a clear mind in such a difficult moment for her. She still did not have a penchant for predictions, so the unexpected guest surprised her, so surprised her … Hermione goggled her eyes in shock, threw her fingers into her glass, sprinkled the ghost, and when it resolutely did not want to disappear and only snorted indignantly, she moistened herself forehead and temples, trying to wake up from a dream, which, for sure, she just saw.Nothing helped – the guest continued to stand, hanging over her as a frightening black-and-white hulk.

    Hermione suddenly longed to be an impressionable young lady or, at worst, Lavender Brown, to take and collapse into a swoon. Consciousness did not want to get lost, it just screamed desperately that this could not be, because it could not be, but what’s the point?

    Looking at the alien with wide eyes became physically uncomfortable, and Hermione narrowed them down, immediately starting to think feverishly.First of all, as the owner of the apartment, she inquired:

    – Who are you? – Then, without a pause, the second logical question followed: – And what are you doing here?

    – Well, well, well. And why am I not surprised? – A painfully familiar voice sounded, as if Nagini did not encroach on his velvety. – That the mistress, that her cat are stubborn creatures. How did you do it, Miss Ask-Me?

    – Just ask yourself, but I have no idea what you are talking about. Let me answer my questions – you are in my house, after all!

    – So, you can break into my house without asking, right? – the ghost hoisted, as though alive.

    Hermione suddenly felt like poking her finger at him like a child – alive, huh? The nose was closest to her face, but it was really scary to grab onto it.

    – I did not break in anywhere. What are you saying? You confused me with someone, – muttered the shy Hermione, like a shield, exposing a half-empty glass in front of her.

    Her mind tried to reach out to her clouded mind and recall how she, removing the curtain from the portrait of Snape in order to refresh her impressions in a masochistic impulse, was surprised to notice on the drawn table the edge of parchment or a carelessly thrown feather, and on the back of the chair she found a dark spot a couple of times that looked like a cloak thrown off.But neither then nor now did it seem significant.

    – But your cat is difficult to confuse with someone. What manticore is he dragging to my house for? – The pointing pale finger jabbed at Kosolapus, who was watching the people with interest.

    Was her own pet involved in a conspiracy against her sanity? Sometimes it seemed to her that Kosolapus was showing an increased interest even for such a curious cat in a picture leaning against the wall, but who, fluffy ones, would disassemble them? And several times the flat-faced cunning man was caught even in mysterious disappearances: he looks like in front of a portrait, smears his tail over the frame, purrs … lo and behold! – but he’s gone.Did you sneak into a dark corner for an unwary mouse? McGonagall knows him. It was she who, once sorting through the firewhiskey, claimed that cats are able to travel between worlds! But this does not fit into any gate. Hermione, of course, knew that if she drank too much, she could see double, but to disappear right in front of her eyes ?! Crookshanks had never been seen in the ability to Apparate before – even his Knezzly ancestors were not able to do that. But they knew how to hunt, and when Hermione looked over the shoulder of a completely opaque ghost, she saw a vivid confirmation of this – before her eyes, a mouse’s tail disappeared in the cat’s mouth.

    “Not for manticore, but for mice,” she reasoned sensibly.

    – Are you kidding me? The man hissed. – How did he manage to get through, – then he jabbed his finger at the portrait of its owner, – through THIS?

    – What, really? Hermione asked with childlike spontaneity.

    If she bought a portrait or received it as a gift, if she knew that it was magical, then she would have found some reasonable explanation for such a miracle. Knowing that the so-called window was her handiwork, she did not even try to guess how someone could get out of it.She was more interested in the thought of how much the ghost still resembles her portrait … or does the portrait look like a ghost? … or a ghost like the deceased? No, really, wine was definitely superfluous today.

    – Krivda. Tell me also that you are not on purpose, ”the former professor mimicked her.

    “And I don’t …” Hermione whispered willingly, then came to her senses and clarified. – What am I not on purpose?

    – Manticrab in your bed, don’t pretend to be an idiot!

    “Professor Snape complimented me.” She broke into a stupid smile.

    The guest, it seems, just now noticed the state of the owner of the apartment, spat and went away.

    The removal process Hermione offendedly blinked, because at that moment she yawned sweetly. And when she saw that no one else was hanging annoyingly over her, she hurried to convince herself that she had dreamed everything, and it was only on a yawn that the dream was interrupted. Satisfied with herself, she nodded, finished the remaining wine on the bottom – and when did it just end? I didn’t taste it in a dream… – I went to get some sleep in a comfortable bed.

    In the morning Hermione remembered the events of the previous evening and soberly could hardly believe in the reality of what had happened. The thoughts of the brainwashers who had settled in her apartment crept into her mind – they had been buzzing all over her ears with Luna Lovegood during her school years. But even the wildest idea demanded confirmation, but how to decide on this without the support of good old wine?


    – I’m here, and you get drunk again.

    – First of all, I don’t get drunk, I taste. Second, you’re here because I’m drunk.

    – What are you talking about? Tasting to the drunkenness and dead Snape before your eyes? Not comme il faut.

    – You are actually the only Snape who flickers before my eyes. No, like all decent dead, to appear to their relatives in the family castle, ugh, a wreck in the Spinners’ blind alley, creak floorboards at night, jingle flasks in the kitchen, howl in a duet with the wind and the surrounding dogs.

    – What a wonderfully colorful life, that is, you are offering me an afterlife! Agree, or what? – Hermione was smart enough not to succumb to the temptation and not believe.“But I guess I like being drunken Gryffindors better.

    – Outrageous discrimination on faculty grounds!

    – Can’t you live without revolutions?

    – There is nothing revolutionary about being outraged by the remnants of youth. Notice my youth. Yours is long gone, and you are all like a child. Gryffindor, Slytherin … Yes, even Hufflepuff! What the hell is the difference? We are adults.

    – Even so?

    – Yes, that’s right.

    – Yes, I see you have matured since our last meeting, – he looked with pleasure at her from the ends of wildly bristling hair springs to ridiculous house slippers with bunny ears and, it seems, was pleased.

    Indignant at the insolent inspection, Hermione wrapped her robe better.

    – But you have not changed at all.

    – Well, it’s nice to hear a compliment on my youthful appearance.

    – I didn’t mean it!

    – Completeness, Granger. No need to be ashamed of your honesty, – devils danced in his eyes, no worse than Dumbledore had once.

    – And you Slytherins only know how to offend.

    “Well, well,” Snape shook his head with mock disapproval.- Someone recently advocated impartiality of judgments. You have become easy to pass the lines, Granger.

    – Maybe you started to pass, but I am still young and full of strength.

    – Are you running into a compliment?

    – Your compliments are worse than insults. Please dismiss.

    – If you don’t want to, it’s up to you.

    And he turned to leave.

    – Hey, where are you going?

    His eyes flashed slyly.

    – Into your portrait. Where else?


    – No, I’m still wondering what you are drinking?

    Snape transfigured the first thing he saw into a glass, poured some wine, and began to carefully examine the drink.First, he peered into the liquid beating against the walls. Deciding something, he nodded with satisfaction. Then he inhaled the scent of the wine intently, closing his eyes. Finally, he took a small sip and rolled it across his tongue.

    – France, Bordeaux. On the walls of the glass there is a purple hue, which is quite symbolic in your case – you have always mixed Ravenclaw blue with the rich ruby ​​color of Gryffindor. The aroma contains notes of vanilla and freshly toasted bread. The aftertaste is the same. Spicy, rich.Not bad. **

    – Oh, Professor, do you know about Muggle wine? I thought wizards only knew firewhiskeys. Butter beer can be ignored – even children are given it.

    – After my death, I had a lot of free time.


    After the death of Severus Snape, life was not so good. He would be lying if he said he hoped for the best. He had long forgotten how to hope. I just woke up in the morning and went to fulfill the duty I had taken on myself many years ago.After death, the days began only a little differently: now he went to live and took on this responsibility recently, so he had not yet got the hang of it properly.

    Death began exactly according to plan – with the bite of a vile snake. Then it was only necessary to wait until the ubiquitous Potter and his comrades left the house and did not hesitate to overturn the second part of the antidote into themselves. In theory, the plan looked promising; in practice, the fainting from blood loss confused the cards a little. Still Potter screwed up here too! Couldn’t have cleaned up earlier? No, he stared like a fairground clown.

    If something wet hadn’t poked his face and tickled his nose, this would probably be the death of Severus. But the stubborn creature, fortunately, did not even think to give up, and as a result, the dying man sneezed and woke up from a pain in his throat, staring dazedly around him. A demanding meow was heard nearby! yes, so capricious, as if it was not a tattered cat with matted, dirty black hair that spoke, but Narcissa Malfoy herself.

    But Severus didn’t care. The wild desire to live mobilized all hidden and even non-existent resources.The antidote poured down the throat of its creator and promised to be not the last potion he brewed.

    After a while, Severus had the strength to move and even take a sitting position. Having found a stick on the dirty floor, he felt himself ready to carry out plan B. The first and so far the only point in it was the need to live on. As far as possible from here.

    The spy learns first of all to cover his tracks or does not learn anything anymore, since there is no second chance after Avada.Severus decided to stage the Shrieking Hut’s spontaneous combustion, allegedly from a spark from a stray spell, and then get out of here with multiple apparatuses. As soon as he was about to leave the premises in accordance with fire safety rules, he heard “meow”. It turned out that the small creature was still sitting next to a pool of blood and looked expectantly at the resurrected one. Severus even fancied that the cat sarcastically raised an eyebrow – well, what are you going to do? kebab of cat meat on the coals?

    Severus has never had a maniacal penchant for slaughter.I did not like cats and others like them – yes. But tying the jar to the tail (eh, McGonagall would be fine …), kicking if you got under your feet, and even more so frying it alive – this, excuse me, is not for the potions master. He could only see his master – that is who did not complain of a sick fantasy.

    Frowning eyebrows and a formidable “Get out!” the cat was not impressed. He was not afraid of the approaching person, he lifted his head and repeated his insolent “meow”. Here’s the attack! I had to take it by the scruff of the neck – at least not to pick up fleas! – endure unpleasantly sharp claws, pricked even through layers of clothing, and take them out of the house.Beyond the threshold, the cat resolutely did not want to unhook, and there was no strength, no time, or desire to fight him. Let it sit – you can drop it along the way.

    The hut worked well, burned brightly and without sound – just right. Apparatuses were more difficult, and he had a fair amount of blood loss. Having somehow got out to the continent, Severus found himself in some French village and fell into the first shed that came across, since it was on the outskirts and was clearly abandoned.

    Life went on slowly but surely.I had to start from scratch – no name, no funds, no home. The initial capital was a magic wand, a potion master’s gift and a bright head. The cat, which turned out to be black after washing, did not want to leave, dragged its tail after Severus and, as if sensing apparatuses a mile away, clung to his trouser leg in advance. So the Prince finally had a pet.


    Hermione has rarely remembered her pet recently. He constantly disappeared somewhere, and other thoughts occupied her.

    Something strange was happening to Hermione. Of course, every Wednesday and Saturday night, when you meet the weirdness right in your living room, it’s hard to remain a pillar of normality. Inevitably, you will cease to be surprised at anything. But something else was unexpected – it became a ritual. The wine was now chosen with great care, with an underlying desire to surprise. The topics of conversation were thought out in advance, although then the rehearsed impromptu flew down the tail of the Nyuhler from one caustic phrase of the interlocutor, but that was no longer important.Nothing seemed to matter since the minute the Weasley Wizards’ chewing gum ticked by after the arrival of the guest. The evening turned into one delightful moment of verbal battle.

    But evening came when he did not come. Hermione shouldn’t have waited, pretending to just read in the armchair by the fireplace. I shouldn’t have uncorked the specially bought wine. In vain I stared at an ineptly drawn portrait. I didn’t get drunk in vain – maybe at least I would have fallen asleep.

    It was already late at night, when the contents of an unusable bottle went down the drain, a glass, only half emptied, was lying on the floor in a small heap of fragments, and next to it, with a curtained face to the wall, stood the guilty magic portrait.Always unsure of her assessments, Hermione found it difficult to confess. But when a Muggle book, which they had discussed the day before, appeared on the table in the office of a portrait of Snape, and a bottle of of its Bordeaux, accidentally grabbed, appeared in the corner, everything would have become obvious to the first Cro-Magnon magician who painted the first magical image of a galloping bull in the caves of the Iberian Peninsula.

    No more wine has been bought since then.


    – Miss Granger, you haven’t come across such a black one here …

    – You? No, I didn’t.Every time I’m going to catch you, you disappear somewhere.

    – Don’t talk nonsense. I ask if you have seen this …

    “I have not seen any“ such ”, only this one,” and she pointed her finger at the portrait.

    – Hmm, I have long wanted to ask: why did you decide that I am in the portrait?

    – I drew it myself. Should I not know who is depicted there?

    – But it doesn’t look like it!

    – This is how I see you. Say thank you that it is not a black square, but a black rectangle with a nose and other family features.

    – Yes, I see. They didn’t even forget the buttons.

    – So who were you looking for? – Hermione hastened to get away from the delicate topic of buttons.

    – You see, he is black …

    For some reason, the question seemed uncomfortable for Snape, and the girl could not miss the opportunity to hook her former teacher:

    – We have already found out that. To look at you, so the choice of colors is not surprising.

    – Will you let me finish or not ?!

    – Silence, silent, – Hermione depicted a charming pantomime with the fastening of an imaginary zipper on her mouth.

    – I’m looking for. Black. Cat. Snape said clearly, by the word.

    – Maybe a redhead will suit you? He already got me. Will you take it?

    – Why do I need such a bogeyman? And even redhead!

    – Oh, are you allergic to paint? You probably have black sheets as well, ”Hermione said thoughtfully.

    – You drank too much and you are talking too much, – hissed an indignant Snape, as if the guess turned out to be correct, and it touched him to the depths of his black soul.

    – Well, then I won’t say too much and I won’t tell you where your black cat is, – Hermione said, enthusiastically examining her nails.Yes, paints are not the best choice for a manicure …

    – What kind of cat is it? I have a cat, a normal black CAT, – Snape was indignant.

    – There was a cat – there was a cat. Kittens will appear soon. What, in fact, does not suit you?

    – Merlin, you are insane. And you want to drive me crazy. Snape sat down wearily on a knee-legged stool and dropped his head into his hands.

    – Allow me! Who else is driving anyone here? You began to appear to me, like a demon from the underworld, well, at least not in your underwear, scold for nothing, criticize my paintings, whip my wine … I hope you don’t kick at least poor little Crookshanks in your own hell, when he comes to you for mice comes.What do you feel sorry for mice for him? Is it a shame for your relatives? Or is the entire magical population of Britain mistaken to think you are an oversized bat? Did you know that after your glorious death, comics appeared about you – yeah, I see a familiar word. So, you are Bat-Snape! The mask on your face is replaced by black circles under the eyes from lack of sleep – you are not spared even in a fairy tale – the Lord taught you to fly, it remains only to fantasize that you are able to do good deeds not by someone else’s orders, but for so simple. Can you imagine what a nightmare ?!

    – What are you …

    – … I’m not making it up, – snapped Hermione.

    “Sleep, this is a bad dream,” Snape muttered. – It really is a nightmare. Hear, Granger, you are a walking nightmare.

    – I’m not the one who drew those comics!

    – How do I know that you didn’t invent everything, that you didn’t draw them? This is – this is you na-ri-so-va-li, – the man said the last word with a special poison. – How do I know that you have not set out to poison my afterlife as well? – he already openly mocked her.

    – I’ve had enough of this booth. You are not dead, but very much even alive, it is just disgusting, how much you are more alive than all the living.And I didn’t paint any windows. I wanted to correct a historical injustice. Don’t, don’t laugh now – I didn’t finish. I admit, I got drunk then – in a different state I don’t paint – and suddenly I thought: it’s not fair that a good person doesn’t have a portrait. No, still laugh, you fool! As a fool. A good man – ha and again ha! And then my house turned into a crazy one, even though the walls are not yellow, they have long been painted. Strange things were happening to and around your portrait. The apogee was your appearance here.I really started drinking more than necessary – even when it was no longer fit, I drank. Just because I was frankly, stupidly scared. I was afraid that I had finally really lost my mind in this loneliness, amid the disgusting daub that crowned your portrait, I was afraid that I would be locked up in the Mungos next to the Longbottoms, and I hate – you hear? – I hate hospitals, – Hermione burst into tears with some hopeless, terrible despair, covering her face with her palms. She would no longer be able to squeeze out words from herself, she would silently listen to everything that was said to her, no matter how insulted.But more than enough has been said.

    Snape stared at this broken woman in shock and disbelief. He no longer saw the absurd student, I would get bored with an outstretched hand. He was shocked at how blind he was. Why? Why didn’t you notice this earlier? To drag around to her so much, and not ask yourself: why, you old donkey, why are you bringing her up at all? But because it did not work out. I got a tough nut to crack. She snarled, teased, repulsed blow after blow and … amused, delighted, intrigued – now you can already admit this, at least to yourself.I wanted, I really wanted not to win, not to outwit, not to hurt, but for once to be defeated by a delightful young woman who, no doubt, will have mercy, give her hand to get up, carefully dust off his coat, never ceasing to smile victoriously and … maybe, just maybe, hug and … no! This is pure madness.

    While the painful revelations blew the professor’s brain, Hermione almost calmed down and somehow managed to pull herself together. She blotted her eyes with the first rag she came across, blew her nose loudly, not noticing that she had left a stain of black paint on her nose.She drew herself up proudly, lifted her chin and rapped out:

    – Get out of my house. Get your cat and get out. You can send kittens through (here she twisted her lips contemptuously) a portrait. I won’t let the clubfoot come to you anymore, you don’t have to worry. Then I will burn the canvases, anyway I have been planning to do it for a long time. I will forget that I saw you alive and well, and I will not say a word to anyone that such a scoundrel is still poisoning our world with his existence. Well! (If she stood, she would certainly stamp her foot).What are you waiting for? What are you looking at?

    An involuntary sob escaped her, threatening to repeat the tantrum.

    – U-bi-paradise! – She said syllables, chasing every sound so that, Merlin don’t let her voice fail again.

    Snape, probably for the first time in his life, was so confused that he did not know what to do. One thing he knew for sure: he shouldn’t leave, he shouldn’t leave her now, when she was so upset and it was not known what she might decide on. No, she would not have done anything to herself, of course not, what nonsense.But what if he does some irreparable stupidity? After all, the most awful stupid things are done by the smartest people and then the hardest to put up with it.

    And how can he live now without these evenings? Without her? Of course he didn’t fall in love! What nonsense! In his old age and in a former student. But what if … no, it is better not to think, so that even a thought does not frighten off hope.

    – Your nose is dirty. Let me help.

    Snape took a piece of cloth from her hands, rubbed her nose with a clean end, gently supporting her chin and looking intently into her eyes, as if trying to hypnotize.And she obediently did not look away, did not break away, did not pull away. I waited. I no longer tried to predict his actions, because she despaired of understanding this intolerable, terrible person who does not give her life. She could not find peace either with him or without him, she did not even dream of happiness. But at least it was not boring with him, with him the blood boiled in my veins – from anger. Of course, out of anger. From what else? With him, she felt alive.

    Well, let him call him names. Let him speak maliciously. Is it a pity, or what? Let it appear without knocking or even through the door.Even in black and pale. But after the wine his cheeks turn slightly pink and his eyes shine. But he comes and talks to her. But alive.

    The paint was over, but Snape was in no hurry to let go of her chin. Still looking at her with the same bewitching look, he quietly asked:

    – Is that really a cat?


    “Of course, a cat, you stupid person” – thought Kosolapus then.

    These two never ceased to amaze him. It all started with the hostess. She drank strange blood, although there was never a murdered mouse nearby – the cat knew it for sure.And how big is the sacrifice needed to drain so much blood? The swill smelled strange, too. It must have gone out. From this smell, Kosolapus always wanted to sneeze, so after a memorable time he did not climb into the bottle again.

    Then this strange flat man was smeared on something rough, like his tongue. Anxiety arose in the soul of Crookshanks when the instincts of the Knezzling ancestors suggested that scribbling was not as easy as others. As if an invisible thread stretched from here into the depths, in the very place of the square contraption where the flat man stood.As a loyal protector of his mistress, Kosolapus simply had to check where the path leads and what kind of guests to expect now.

    Of course, one could scratch the black face and everything else, triumphantly mark the remains of both the square misunderstanding and the magic channel. However, Crookshanks preferred to learn about all options before chopping off the ends. Suddenly the loophole would be useful to him. The population of mice in the vicinity of his dwelling and the mistress quickly degenerated, and the small creatures became too fearful and nervous, which, apparently, did not eat well and were disgustingly bony.There was a problem of finding new hunting grounds, and, who knows, this hook-nosed freak could be the key to them.

    On the other side was an ordinary room. There was a smell of herbs in the air (in the bouquet – oh tigers! – there were even notes of valerian!) And something else, but, most importantly, it smelled of mice and … a cat. Kosolapus, of course, met with the inhabitants of the house: some took a bite with pleasure, on the other he began to actively establish contact, otherwise his hearty supper would have cried with mouse tears of happiness.As it happens, he adjusted himself to a natural result and, in general, was not very upset when he found out that he would become a father. He spent the future mother of his kittens in the same way that he always came himself, and no longer wanted to let go of himself.

    The fact that her master came for her did not surprise him either. After all, he appeared constantly. Kosolapus felt how the hostess rejoiced at the arrival of an uninvited guest. She didn’t even meet her friends so willingly, but on the contrary, she was in a hurry to send them off if it was the same – of them – evening.

    And Kosolapus was pleased. He was going to become a family cat, and it remains to be seen how things would have turned out with the owners. Who would agree to keep them, and who would dare to give up their pet? A tough choice for both humans and cats. But if the owners could get along, as their pets got along, everything would have turned out as well as possible.

    When the scandal broke out, Kosolapus really wanted to cover his ears with his paws – it’s hard to hear the pain and despair in the voice of his beloved mistress. He stroked his wife soothingly with his tail and waited tensely … to hear such nonsense in the end! No, these people will never be smarter than cats.They play games with the passion of idle kittens chasing a sunbeam, forgetting who controls the nimble reflection, and are still surprised that they are caught in their own trap.

    However, Kosolapus not in vain put his sly red eye on a little girl who had a nest on her head, where delicious chicks could well be found. He immediately noticed her then, many years ago, sitting in a cage, where he, proud knizly, had put him … Crookshanks no longer remembered who that insignificant person was.His grown up girl became a clever girl. And now the red-haired dad, calm for his cat’s future, watched with pleasure as the passions subsided, and the people … also subsided. And they talked quietly, and sometimes rubbed their noses. That evening, the flat man no longer allowed the black one to come to him. He stood in the corner, forgotten and covered with the black cloak of the alien. Kosolapus was even a little sorry for the flat man: he never saw the owners (and Kosolapus did not even doubt that he now had two of them) leaving the room, holding hands.


    * The title is based on the quote: “Wine is the memory of the sun, living in a bottle.” (Evgeny Khankin)

    ** Snape tastes and describes real-life wine – Chateau Brane-Cantenac (Margaux)

    ~ End ~

    Plastic recycling Henkel

    Product and packaging design presents an opportunity for companies producing goods in mass consumption (such as Henkel), reduce carbon emissions and help protect the climate through the use of recycled plastics.The problem is that there is not enough high quality recycled material on the market. There are systems, such as yellow waste bins, in which consumers can put used packaging, thereby returning it to the recycling cycle, but empty packaging is often sorted incorrectly. In addition, not all countries have the required recycling system, which means that a lot of plastic waste is sent to landfills. Two other factors play an important role. Recycling plastics to a high quality standard is a complex process that is more costly than making new material from fossil fuels.In addition, not every plastic container can be subjected to this process, but this is a problem Henkel intends to solve.

    Henkel is working with a number of different partners to support the circular economy of so-called “waste after product use”. In partnership with packaging manufacturers, we focus our efforts on closing the recycling cycle with smart, recyclable packaging designs and recycled plastics and bio-based materials.This new packaging concept reduces waste and its impact on the environment. Henkel also partners with a variety of companies and initiatives that are working to improve recycling infrastructure to promote a circular economy – for example, supporting recycling practices in developing countries.

    Our goal is to make all Henkel packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.As of the end of 2019, this figure was 85%.

    Circular economy as a benchmark

    According to the Atlas of Plastics 2019, published by the German non-profit organizations Heinrich Böll Stiftung and BUND, more than 400 million tons of plastic are consumed annually around the world, and this figure continues to grow. Less than a quarter of this plastic is recycled. Making high quality recycled plastics from mixed plastics waste is still more challenging than collecting homogeneous material through beverage collection machines.When recycling plastic, all types of containers are initially collected in one place, for example, in yellow waste bins, and then sorted by type of material and recycled into plastic. The contamination and different colors present in the discarded materials pose particular difficulties, and dark plastics are extremely problematic because the recycled material cannot be used to make light-colored packaging.

    In addition to aesthetic constraints, such as color, there are also quality constraints that can complicate recycling or reduce efficiency.Contaminants such as the ingress of foreign materials negatively affect quality and increase recycling costs. Consequently, recycled materials must meet a number of key safety, efficiency and quality requirements – which in turn require innovative solutions.

    In cooperation with packaging manufacturer ALPLA, Henkel produced its first bottles from chemically recycled plastics in 2019. This process allows plastic mixtures to be recycled that would otherwise not be part of a high quality material.The pilot project is part of the ChemCycling project launched by the chemical group BASF and represents an important step towards sustainable packaging as it complements the mechanical recycling of used plastics.

    Hangovers live in a stranger: how not to go crazy in an apartment with an alcoholic | Articles

    In the Stavropol Territory, a seemingly domestic crime occurred – a son killed a drunken father in the kitchen. The peculiarity of the situation in the motive – the showdown began because of the claims of the alleged killer to the deceased about his immoral lifestyle and drunkenness.Such information of accounts between relatives is not uncommon in the country. Living with a marginal person for years in the same apartment is an ordeal. Izvestia figured out what was going on with the psyche of native brawlers and how to get rid of the neighborhood with a drunken threat in a legal way.

    Behind this typical scenario of violence within the family, which does not negate the entire horror of what is happening, there is a terrible social problem – an unbearable life with an alcoholic. By no means all drinkers are quiet drinkers.Alcoholics sooner or later begin to invade the space of their loved ones. They begin to bring companies home, forcing their loved ones to somehow share their lifestyle. Some, against their will, begin to drink for the company, accept the rules of the tyrant. Others, on the contrary, begin a struggle that, as in the case of the Stavropol Territory, may end in tragedy.

    Photo: Depositphotos / belchonock

    The crime was committed in the Demino farm in the Shpakovsky district of the Stavropol Territory on the night of February 15.The 28-year-old son began to complain about eternal binges to his 57-year-old father. It came to a fight in which the young man defeated his relative. The head of the family died from the inflicted beatings.

    Such crimes, alas, are not uncommon. A tragedy similar to two peas broke out in Omsk five years ago. As reported by Channel 5, the 37-year-old man, who then visited the scene and watched the process, grew up with his alcoholic father, but he never shared his lifestyle.He endured bullying together with his mother. Everyone at the entrance knew about the family trouble and silently sympathized with the mother and son – the deceased made fights day and night. The son, having matured, tried to influence his father, but in vain. Unable to withstand the next trick of his father, the son, in a fit of rage, beat him great.

    “I thought it would be okay. It’s my mistake that I didn’t call an ambulance. He wheezed, but breathed. I thought it was snoring in a dream, ”said the wife of the deceased. She told the investigation that her husband provoked his son every day with his behavior.Nevertheless, the law prescribes severe punishment for causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death.

    Conflict with an alcoholic through the eyes of a psychologist

    The personality of a person suffering from alcohol addiction changes according to the principle “the further, the worse,” said criminal psychologist Viktor Lyutykh.

    “Psychiatrists note that at the beginning of the disease, the characterological characteristics of a person become more acute, he becomes, as it were, a caricature of himself. For example, if a person was easily hurt, then with the development of the disease, he begins to flare up with or without.If he was distinguished by demonstrativeness, then the illness makes him a hysteric, making loud deeds in public, and so on. Later, with the development of the disease, personality degradation occurs: a person loses self-criticism, his intellectual capabilities are significantly reduced, he ceases to comply with moral norms, ”the specialist outlines the portrait of a family tyrant-alcoholic.

    The indignation of others around the actions of an alcoholic is understandable: a person is outwardly healthy, with a head, arms and legs, but behaves inadequately, does not react to words.However, those who try to fix him by persuasion do not always understand that the developing disease over time deprives him of the ability to critically assess his condition and change his behavior, says the source of Izvestia. Therefore, persuasion-threats, effective for normal people, are often useless in relation to addicts.

    Photo: Global Look Press / Olga Kravets

    The life of people under the same roof with an alcoholic is hard and dangerous.

    “It is a constant stress that is physically and mentally exhausting.The surrounding people develop psychological defenses, both successful and not very successful (for example, they also start drinking). There may be a persistent feeling of hopelessness, helplessness. Development of emotional instability, increased irritability, impulsivity and other disorders is possible. Relatives and friends often experience conflicting feelings: on the one hand, love and pity, on the other, disgust and hatred. Over time, the latter begin to prevail. Someone close to him continues to try to save, someone stops fighting.And someone commits actions similar to those that happened in the Stavropol Territory, ”says Lyutykh.

    It so happens that an alcoholic beats and insults a loved one for a long time and systematically, and after another insult, the victim cannot stand it and attacks the offender. If this is proven in the course of the investigation, then the accused has the right to count on the leniency of the court.

    “Sometimes such actions of a victim can be qualified as an act of violence (murder or harm to health) committed in a state of passion, and entail a significant mitigation of punishment.The so-called cumulative (accumulated) affect, in particular, is characterized by: long-term accumulation of emotional tension, the subjective suddenness of an “affective explosion” in response to another trick, a narrowing of consciousness and the inability to control one’s actions (during the “explosion”), as well as physical and mental exhaustion (after the “explosion”) “, – explains the expert.

    Alcoholism is a family disease

    Statistics of damage from alcoholism in the country, alas, are not as thorough as we would like.There is only an abstract figure indicating the amount of alcohol consumed in Russia, the volume of sales, and data on persons officially registered in drug treatment clinics. And although these values ​​make one think about the problem, the real picture is much more frightening.

    Part of the truthful data about the trouble is hidden behind scattered figures – in reports of numerous accidents with injured and killed on the roads when the culprit was drunk; behind thousands of fires caused by an alcoholic sleeping with a cigarette; for unmotivated murders in a drunken shop and many other facts.Including many, many suicides. Moreover, both alcoholics and their relatives, who at some point cannot find the strength to live in fear, commit suicide.

    Photo: Depositphotos / Ondrooo

    A person chooses his own path, but this does not give him the right to cripple the life of his neighbor. This is so, but the suffering from the use of alcohol by a person is primarily experienced by normal people from his environment. According to psychologists’ estimates, this game involves on average up to 16 people (!).Some cover up an alcoholic at work, others save him from trouble every time, others bring up, still others feed him, pay his debts, etc.

    It is very difficult for people who are not indifferent to the fate of an alcoholic to get off this carousel, especially to those closest to the patient. Alexandra, the daughter and wife of alcoholics, was convinced of this and agreed to tell her story to Izvestia. She, by her own admission, managed to escape from the deepest depression, to fill her family life with meaning – in the Al-Anon community for relatives of alcoholics.

    “Since childhood, I have lived in fear of my dad’s return from work. This fear was on a physical level. Father was most often brought home by car, he smelled of alcohol mixed with engine oil. I even developed an unaccountable gag reflex to this “bouquet”. Not only did he smelt badly, their scandal with his mother always began, ”Alexandra tells about her childhood.

    She, by her own example, revealed a number of features of the alcoholic’s family.

    “Alcoholism is when everyone is silent.Nobody understands that this is a disease, that there are essentially no guilty persons. They are always looking for someone extreme, someone to blame. Resentment for the current conflict is always taken out on someone. The loved ones of an alcoholic are always lonely. I had no one to talk to. Once again, drawing attention to yourself was fraught. There was an illusion in my head that I could fix something. I curried out good grades in school so as not to attract negative attention to myself. It seemed that then there would be a quieter atmosphere at home, ” says Alexandra.All these ideas turned out to be delusions. Alcoholism is a disease of isolation, she says.

    “Guests disappeared from our house very quickly. Mom was constantly worried about her father, and at some point she forbade her acquaintances to be brought to the apartment. My classmates could not come to me. Sometimes the friends would come in, but they had to run away before their father came home ”, – says the interlocutor of Izvestia. These actions were dictated by the unwillingness to wash dirty linen in public.

    Photo: Global Look Press / imagebroker / Michaela Begsteiger

    This practice is destructive, Alexandra believes, as it fenders people off from help.

    “There was no one to even talk about what was boiling over, and these are 2-3 scandals every week. There was a family taboo, ”she says.

    She recalls how she poured a bottle of vodka, found at her father’s, into the sink, believing that the enemy is inside.

    “The scandal was terrible, my mother got it.I tried to intercede, but no one heard me in the heat. It was a lifelong lesson for me – to deal with the investigation, it is pointless to take alcohol away from the addict ”, – recalls Alexandra.

    The attempts that her mother made to discourage her father from using turned out to be senseless – admonitions, promises, scandals and tears – all this turned out to be a waste of time and effort. The man continued to drink. Out of despair, Alexandra’s mother even added some drugs to food, alcohol, graduated from psychics courses in order to influence the head of the family.It’s all wasted. Even the placement of the man (with his consent) into rehabilitation did not help – he was discharged from there two weeks later.

    In order to escape from her home hell, Alexandra quickly married.

    “I gave myself vows that I would never make a mother’s mistake. But … quite naturally, I turned out to be the wife of an alcoholic, ”the girl continues.

    Constant self-pity, closeness to friends – this has been the case for several years of family life. On top of that, the husband began to raise his hand against Alexandra, which even her father did not allow.

    “I was still in the illusion that with my calls and actions I would help him. She took him by the hand to get a job, cleared up financial problems. At some point, I had an idea that the problem is in me, in my attitude to what is happening, ”says the girl.

    At that moment, the interlocutor admits, she did not want to live, a deep depression came. “I thought if I was gone, who would the child stay with? This gave the strength to go forward then, ”she says.

    A well-known psychiatrist-narcologist, a leading specialist in the field of family psychology Valentina Moskalenko, whom the girl turned to, advised in her particular case to go to self-help groups.

    Photo: Depositphotos / belchonock

    “I did not immediately follow her advice, I confess. The turning point was a conversation with a man who had not seen me for three years. A friend said to her face: “What have you become? You’re all in fear. “She was right, she didn’t even want to buy a little dress, for example. Only an infinite sense of fear, ”, she says. For hours Alexandra tormented herself with the thought that, for example, her husband had been killed, she drew the likely consequences of what had not yet happened. After a decisive conversation with her friend, Sasha came to a self-help community for relatives of alcoholics. There she was warmly greeted by those who understood her completely and completely.

    “Neither my best friend, nor even my mother understood me as the people there did.When they talked about themselves, about their experiences, it seemed that they were talking about me. They told me at the end, if you want, come to us again. And they didn’t ask for anything in return. So I continued to go to these groups, ”the girl says.

    One of the main recommendations that Alexandra received while attending the meetings was to give the alcoholic back his responsibility for his actions. “Loved ones play the role of crutches for a sick person. But sometimes you need to let him fall, make a mistake and face the consequences himself, ”the girl explains the essence of the approach.Alexandra followed the recommendations of other members of the community, and the situation in her family began to change. No, her husband did not stop drinking alcohol, alas. And nevertheless, he became more responsible.

    “At some point I found the strength in myself and set him a number of conditions. And, oddly enough, he agreed to them. For 2.5 years our apartment has been a territory of sobriety. Neither I nor my son saw him drunk all this time. If he wants to use, he goes to his friends, out of town, anywhere.He became close to his son, with whom he had not communicated at all before – it turns out that he can be entrusted with the child with the confidence that he will not get drunk. It seems to me that he saw that I began to change myself, and reached out for me, ”says Alexandra.

    Personal file of each

    The problem of a particular person’s painful addiction to alcohol is much more complicated from the point of view of its solution than the same drug addiction. Because it stands at the junction of a person’s personal freedoms and the rights of other citizens to a quiet life.

    “The law does not prohibit a person today to drink alcohol in excessive quantities. Although it is in this connection that people often complain to us. But, in essence, we are unarmed against drunkards. It is clear that if he appears on the street in a state of intoxication or drinks alcohol, it is possible to bring him to administrative responsibility. And in the apartment – it is impossible. But even if it were possible, the problem still cannot be solved by protocols, ”a metropolitan district police officer with many years of experience shared his experience with Izvestia.

    Photo: Global Look Press / CHROMORANGE / Bilderbox

    “Previously, the institution of medical and labor dispensaries was a rather effective tool. The mentor also talked about how it was not difficult to send a family drunkard there. This is not possible today. As well as compulsory treatment for alcoholism. Several years ago, a similar practice began in relation to drug addicts – by a court decision, instead of a term in a colony, they are obliged to undergo a rehabilitation course.It is difficult to judge the effectiveness of such a measure. But this is at least something. With alcohol, the situation is stalemate in this regard, ”says the policeman. According to him, the lack of legal instruments pushes the district police officer, who sincerely wants to help people who are in captivity with drunken madmen, to use not entirely legitimate methods.

    “Wives who are financially dependent on an alcoholic husband often turn. Several times it was possible to influence such aggressors with threats that their behavior in everyday life would be reported at the place of work.Although such a measure has not been provided for by law for a long time. It is more difficult when older people complain about their older children. There is only one tool – preventive conversation. Someone may be frightened of only one form of a policeman, while someone cares about everything. It is almost impossible to force such people to embark on the path of correction at the age of 40–45. It is good if parents start to sound the alarm and openly communicate with the district police officer when a person is just starting to get involved in drinking – in adolescence. In this case, you can fight for a person, correct the situation.But, of course, each case is different, ” says the police officer.

    It is possible to isolate a brawler from society, according to him, only for committing a serious crime.



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