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🤵 National Bosses Day in 2021 (October 16th): Facts, Traditions, History

They are the ones who control most of us for five days a week, nine hours a day. They are the bosses and even for them there is a day in the calendar that we should observe once in a year.

When is National Bosses day in м and what is the reason for it? Read on!


It is widely believed that the idea of the celebration belongs to the United States. The majority of the websites claim that the American woman – Mrs. Haroski – from Chicago was the first one to hold the event in the further end of the 50’s. In the same year, she registered the holiday in the local administrative body. Whether it was her or not, but it was that exactly proposal that was later heard by the official from the state of Illinois who, in his turn, made the date known to the whole country.

The date wasn’t chosen accidentally. The woman worked at the office of her father which birthday happened to fall just on the same date. Interestingly, the observance grew much in popularity and in several years entered Australia, India, South Africa, Russia and other countries.


What does National Bosses Day mean? It means appreciating your employer and saying them thanks for the work they perform. It is a laborious one, indeed.

The main idea is about the employees congratulating their supervisor and being grateful for their kindness and honesty during the year. The holiday calls upon everyone to remember how difficult the lot of the boss is as on their shoulders there is a great responsibility for the whole company, for every act of the employees’, for the words that they speak on the negotiations with the partners and clients, for the well-being of the stuff. The profession requires the maximum of the response, constant energy, and time. Besides, no matter what the working environment is, the manager is ought to be a human, at first.

However, there is an opposite point of view that states about the unfairness of the holiday. It is like – their earning is much higher, what’s the point in giving more presents? Whether this one is correct or not, it’s up to individual themselves.

The boss is the person who plays an important role in the life and career of every employee. They might be respected, looked at as an exemplary model of a businessman. They also might be scared of and hated. The contacts with the supervisor have an effect on the salary of the workers. Even the most qualified one would not be content with the numbers on his bank account if the relationships with the board are rather harsh.

When is International Bosses Day 2021, you’re asking?

For whatever reason, the word itself – the boss – have negative associations. As if the good, understanding and loyal bosses have never existed. In fact, there is an interesting classification of the supervisors.

Boss the thunderer – they are always in the move and concerns related to the company’s business. As a result, their nerves are tense and the smallest mistake from the employee entails the swirl of the negative emotions. In a word, they look for the ways to let out the steam breaking out from the inside. With time, it is taken as the ordinary thing. The employees are afraid of this kind of the supervisor yet not always respect them.

Boss the monarch – they create at the working place the illusion of the royal court, with everything that it implies: the intrigues and conspiracy. They can send to prison or pardon. They have the close ones, the servants, the guardians, the enemies, and the folks. Depending on the role the employee plays in this performance, the attitude towards the monarch forms. The range is rather wide – from love to hatred.

Boss the Lord – contrary to the various people surrounding the monarch, this one has the slaves. That is the opinion of the person about their employees. The slaves are good to deal with – they can be underpaid, or paid irregularly, asked to stay for the overnight shift. If someone does not like anything, they could be pointed at the door with the farewell phrase «there are thousands of these like you».

But there are the pleasant types of the bosses, of course. For example, boss the wonderful – they are both the generous ruler, fair commander, and the forgiving father. They would not make even the smallest comment to the employee because of the personal disliking and would not let themselves to dress them down in public. The workers are encouraged to address them for advice.

Boss the friend – they can be characterized by the motto «they achieved everything that they have on their own». They are competent in their field, widely informed about the responsibilities and the rights of the employees. There is no pressure, only the encouragement and the business development. It is the ideal of the supervisor, in a sense, and it does exist.

Regardless of what day World Bosses Day in 2021 falls on, think of this issue, whether you estimate your employer properly?


The relationships between the boss and the employee are always a crucial topic. For someone, it runs smoothly, in the atmosphere of the absolute friendliness, for the other, it is a sort of the moral pain to see the face of the boss daily. The different characters, aspirations, achievements, goals, sympathies – all of these points could be the reason for the discord. What are the ways of getting on the speaking terms with your boss again?

First, it is respect. In fact, it is the most important step on the way to the success in every affair. Then, it is the expectations. The boss expects you to be reliable, competent, and punctual, of course. Tell them only the good news: if you are always there with the problem, you would be considered as a problem too, sooner or later. But at the same time, be active. Take part in the meetings, gatherings, seminars, and tell your opinion. Follow the dress code – the accuracy is your everything. Flatter them from time to time – they are humans, too. Don’t gossip about your supervisor, someone would let them in and you would be let out on the street. Don’t compare the previous boss with the real one – nothing would change but you are able to get some negative points to your career karma.

What is the date of National Bosses Day 2021? It takes place on October 16th.


You’re thinking of how to celebrate? Give out the congratulating cards and small presents to your boss, of course! And tell them, for the whole day, what a wonderful employer they are and the excellent person.

But there are still some rules about the gifts. Don’t present the too expensive things. It would be much better to give the card or the box of chocolate as it would not look like the act of the flattery. Besides, by making the expensive present you put them in the embarrassing situation. They would think that they owe you. And you get the new pain about what the next present would be like. The cheaper might not work and you would have to go up the scale. Be conscious enough about the price of the present.

Catch their attention by the creativeness of the present. First, it would demonstrate the creativity of your character and, second, add some points to your role as an employee. The profession of the manager is a prestigious one yet the level of the job takes much more responsibility and tolerance than the level of the employee.

International Bosses Day Facts

  • The holiday is also known under the names of Boss’s Day and National Boss Day.

Mark in the calendar, when is Bosses Day in 2021, and prepare a bit for one of the most important dates that praise our beloved supervisors!


Commentary: A list of top 50 worst bosses would be welcomed by customers and employees


Glassdoor already has a list of the best 50 CEOs but maybe a list of the 50 worst has found its time, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.

Woman speaking to a colleague in the office. (Photo: Unsplash/Mimi Thian)

(Updated: )


LONDON: Earlier this month, a British chief executive had an email run-in with one of his customers that left the woman gobsmacked.

This man is not a famous grouch, like Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary, who once said the idea the customer was always right was “horses***”.



Nor does he make news like James Watt, co-founder of the craft beer group, BrewDog, who last week vowed to listen and learn after dozens of ex-staff wrote an open letter claiming the company was rife with “toxic attitudes” and had a “rotten culture”.

His name is James Price and he runs an outfit he founded called Everything Genetic, which is one of the Covid test providers the UK government lists for arriving travellers who need to prove they can safely leave quarantine. 

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The email dust-up began when a friend of mine who had flown into London from abroad wrote to ask him for a refund because the test results she had ordered from his firm had failed to turn up at the expected time.

Mr Price wrote back to say that as far as he could tell, his company had stuck to its advertised turnaround times and if he paid a refund there would be no test result.

My friend, fearing this meant she would be trapped at home even longer, protested vigorously.


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She said she needed the result and a refund would encourage customer loyalty, to which Mr Price told her bluntly: “We’d rather have return customers that understand what they purchase.”

He eventually relented when shown what one of his staff had told her about when her results would be ready. Conceding she had been given incorrect customer service information, he offered both the refund and her test results, but it was too late. 

My friend, a former senior manager, said she found his attitude so belittling she would never use his firm again.


Mr Price told me later he was sorry for any poor service, including his responses to customer complaints, which would now be handled by others in the company.

But he came to mind last week when an annual list of “top CEOs” came out, this time from Glassdoor, the career site where employees can post anonymous reviews of their companies.

The list ranked bosses in the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany over the 12 troubled months up to May this year, using an internal rating system that measures the quality, quantity and consistency of reviews. 

Among its more notable findings: Microsoft’s Satya Nadella made it on to every country’s list except France, which takes some doing, according to Glassdoor.

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg failed to make it to the list of top 100 US chief executives for the first time since the rankings started in 2013, when he was rated number one, which is also quite a feat.

Other CEOs who made it on to three countries’ lists were Salesforce’s Marc Benioff; Morgan Stanley’s James Gorman and Airbus’ Guillaume Faury.


This is all interesting, as were the reasons employees gave for rating these bosses so highly. They didn’t just provide decent pay, good benefits and career progression, many also got points for offering flexible or remote working.

Working from home (Photo: Unsplash/Annie Spratt)

This is all good to know. Yet the experience of my friend was a reminder that it might also be good to have a reliable list of the worst CEOs.

Wouldn’t that offer a more useful guide for potential employees, customers and investors, especially when it comes to smaller, less scrutinised companies?

I know a few people have attempted such things over the years, but no one with the heft of Glassdoor. When I asked the site if it had ever considered such a list, a spokesman said it had not. “We prefer to look at best practice and those that are doing well.”

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He pointed out CEOs get a Glassdoor rating based on cumulative reviews — as opposed to one for the most recent year — and these can be instructive.

Ryanair’s O’Leary scores just 43 per cent, well below the site’s average CEO rating of 73 per cent. BrewDog’s Watt comes in at just 52 per cent.

That is all very well, but if the site ever comes up with an annual ranking of the worst CEOs, I know I won’t be the only one eager to read it.

A domestic worker takes on her Singaporean boss—and wins

THE CASE should have been thrown out. The police investigation was botched. The accuser’s testimony was riddled with inconsistencies. But on March 20th last year Parti Liyani, an Indonesian maid accused by her Singaporean employer of attempted theft, was convicted and sentenced to 26 months in jail. That is where she would be now, were it not for her successful appeal to the High Court—a rare feat for a foreign domestic worker. On September 4th she was acquitted by Justice Chan Seng Onn, whose ruling declared her employer’s motive for filing charges “improper” and reminded the lower-court judge “that an accused person is presumed innocent” until proven otherwise.

Listen to this story

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The ordeal began in 2016, when Ms Liyani was summarily sacked by Karl Liew, the son of Liew Mun Leong, her employer and a powerful figure in business who, among other things, was chairman of the state-owned Changi Airport Group. Ms Liyani threatened to inform the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) that the Liew family had broken the terms of her contract by having her regularly clean Karl’s home and office. She was escorted from the premises before she could finish packing. The next day the Liews claimed that they found $50,000-worth of their stuff in Ms Liyani’s boxes.

The police issued a warrant for Ms Liyani’s arrest, but did not visit the scene of the crime for over a month and did not seize the evidence for more than a year. The trial judge disregarded such irregularities and imposed a greater burden of proof on the defendant than on the plaintiffs, according to Justice Chan. He ruled that the prosecution “failed to dispel the reasonable doubt raised by the defence”, who argued that the Liews framed Ms Liyani to stop her from reporting them to the MOM.

The police, the MOM and the attorney-general’s chambers are reviewing their handling of the case. On September 10th the elder Mr Liew resigned from his public posts. That will be small comfort to the 260,000 foreign domestic workers in Singapore. A quarter of those assisted over the past three years by HOME, a charity, say they have been illegally deployed. But most do not know their rights, rely on the goodwill of their employers to remain in the country and cannot afford legal fees. Those who do complain sometimes face retribution. It is “a known defensive measure”, Ms Liyani’s lawyer said in court, for employers to try to silence aggrieved maids with false accusations. Ms Liyani knows that all too well. She has been out of work since she was fired by the Liews. ■

This article appeared in the Asia section of the print edition under the headline “Aggrieved Parti”

Administrative Professionals Day: An Opportunity to Say Thank You

Before there was an Administrative Professionals Day, there was a National Secretaries Day, created in 1952. We’ve come a long way since then, and so have the job and celebration.

This day of recognition has gone through several makeovers to reflect changing administrative titles and responsibilities in the modern workforce. While its moniker has changed, the purpose of Administrative Professionals Day remains the same: to celebrate and shed light on administrative professionals’ devoted, valued work.

With remote and hybrid teams becoming part of the new normal, recognizing the efforts of your support staff is more important than it’s ever been. At most companies, administrative professionals have been the glue for the teams they support, tackling new challenges and exhibiting grace under pressure while helping employees stay connected, engaged and productive during the pandemic.

Are there team members you’d like to honor? Even with many employees working remotely, there are still ways to celebrate the administrative professionals you regularly work with. The International Association of Administrative Professionals, one of the original sponsors of Administrative Professionals Day, offers a listing of events to celebrate your support team. Every year, this day of recognition falls on the Wednesday of the last full week of April. Mark these dates on your calendar:

  • 2021: April 21
  • 2022: April 27
  • 2023: April 26

In some companies, Administrative Professionals Week is devoted to celebrating the office’s treasured administrative staff. Considering the amount of work that they do, it’s no wonder that many managers and employees alike feel these colleagues merit so much recognition.

The value of administrative professionals

Administrative roles are incredibly diverse — and these professionals often go above and beyond their regular duties.


Administrative professionals provide real benefit to the people they support and the organization at large, and their work should not go unnoticed. And given the important role many administrative staff play in assisting their teams in today’s business environment, they deserve their time in the spotlight more than ever.

Sharing appreciation on Administrative Professionals Day and beyond

If you’re looking for ways to honor your support staff, going the traditional route and sending a gift card is still a solid choice. If you’re searching for a more unique way of showing your appreciation while working remotely, try one of these ideas:

A kind word — A thank-you can go a long way, but don’t leave it at that. Let your administrative staff know how their work has helped you or the department. Share praise from happy clients, celebrate achievements and recognize your staff publicly by acknowledging their contributions with peers. An even nicer touch is a verbal commendation followed by a thank-you card or e-card. Administrative professionals can keep these accolades, reminding them of how much they are appreciated.

Rest and relaxation — Administrative professionals work hard, and it can be difficult to find personal time to unwind. Give them some flexibility to log off early to recharge. Or if extra time off isn’t feasible, consider a gift card so they can treat themselves to something they enjoy.

New opportunities — Show your administrative team members that you’re invested in their future by offering new professional challenges and opportunities. If they are interested, ask them to oversee a project or encourage them to consider joining a mentorship program. A gesture like this will show that you value a staff member’s contributions and career growth and have confidence in their skills and abilities.

Professional development — Offer reimbursement for professional organization memberships or online courses. Administrative professionals are eager to learn and expand their skills, and they need to stay abreast of the latest technologies and best practices in their field. When you encourage employees to grow in their careers, the result benefits the entire team.

Hardworking staff members will likely appreciate any act of gratitude, no matter how big or small. Even if you’re working with a limited budget, you can make an administrative professional’s day.

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International Women’s Day: Durablinds boss stronger after betrayal, gender inequality, Latest Singapore News

She knew she would face many challenges when she made the career switch in 2001 to interior design and entered the male-dominated industry of home and furnishing solutions after a decade in the service industry.

But Ms Ong Shu Hwai, the managing director of local home expansion specialist Durablinds, could not foresee that she would end up suing her former business partner.

Back in 2010, Ms Ong recognised the rising needs in Singapore to utilise “unusable” balcony space at home and saw the opportunity to bring Glass Curtains, a Spanish brand of sliding glass panels, into Singapore.


She recalled being called “little girl” by construction workers on-site when she first started, and being overlooked because many have “the general perception that females don’t like to get their hands dirty and don’t understand dimensions or what is needed of construction”.

She eventually managed to win the workers over by gaining their trust with quality plans.

However, she felt she was still never a part of the “boys’ club”.

Ms Ong, 46, told The New Paper: “(My former business partner) is a typical contractor boss with a lot of ‘brothers’. They would go for smoke breaks, pubs and drinking sessions. .. but I’m just different.”

Eventually, as sales of Glass Curtains grew, he decided that Ms Ong was “not a fit for him”, and wanted her to sell the products to him at cost for him to resell under a different branding, which she refused.

The harassment carried on for a few months until she eventually managed to end the partnership after a legal battle, but not without losing $100,000 in legal and administrative costs.

Despite the struggle, Ms Ong never considered backing down.

In 2015, she got back on her feet and set up her own company to continue the sale of Glass Curtains here and in the Asia-Pacific market.

Then in 2017, she founded Durablinds and introduced Ziptrak, the original track-guided blinds from Australia, to Singapore.

Although she believes “things would have been a lot easier” if she was a man, she still embraces her identity as an entrepreneur in this industry and encourages others in her position to “be brave”.

Ms Ong, who has a six-year-old son, said: “It is okay and natural for us to feel intimidated and unsure. Overcome this with intense curiosity, accumulate knowledge and persevere with your innate feminine gift of empathy, negotiation and influence.

“As a woman holding this important role, I can embrace my feminine power to be soft and firm at the same time. To have the tenacity to tolerate yet have the wits to take a strong position on what matters to me – which are successful relationships.”

NYLON’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018: All The Horrible Bosses

Horrible bosses are a dime a dozen, and there’s no way you can escape from them. We’re not just talking about one terrible day at work, but actually having to report to someone who makes you want to take sick leave for the rest of your life.

We’re thanking our lords that Boss’s Day is not an occupational holiday which requires gifts, but most workplaces celebrate the upcoming holiday – Christmas. It’s only the most festive (and giving) season, after all. Whether it’s to show your appreciation (???) or because you have to thanks to that “Secret Santa Tradition”, there will come a time where you need to gift your boss a present.

We’re sure that you don’t want to give your horrible boss a good gift out of sheer spite, but you want to avoid coming off as distasteful. If you’ve clicked on this gift guide, you must be pretty desperate, so here are 13 terribly passive-aggressive gift ideas for the worst boss ever.



Available at

Extra fine glitter to make your boss all sparkly as he disappears in a poof of (your) happiness. If you’re feeling extra angsty, they have a spring-loaded glitter bomb too. And god bless your boss if he thinks this is a happy occasion.


Available at Kinokuniya book stores

Every hustler has a shelf full of self-improvement books because a wise man once said Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do”. Or they just really need some help with interpersonal relationships and have no idea where to turn to.


Available at all Daiso stores

It’s time for your boss to reflect on himself,” you tell yourself as you watch your boss exclaim that he’s been looking for a decent portable mirror all this while. At least you only spent $2 on it. One day, we hope that you’ll get the courage to tell your boss your actual thoughts.


Available at

If you speak the passive-aggressive language, this Chill Pill Stress Toy is the perfect gift for your superior who’s totally a Louis Litt…since he’s Litt up all the time. If you don’t watch Suits, we’re referring to an irrational boss ruled by his/her emotions (who also takes mud baths and loves his cat a little too much).


Available at Decathlon stores

Originally made for observing nature or bird-watching, this pair of binoculars works in many ways. Compact and lightweight, this is a great gift for a boss who can’t seem to make good judgement and wise decisions. Hopefully, with this, your boss can make more farsighted moves. This item’s cheeky, underlying meaning is all in good-natured fun.


Available at Amazon

Got a boss who is away from the office 99% of the time, so much so that you don’t even remember how he/she looks like? Well, with this heated seat cushion, at least there will be something to warm your boss’ office chair.


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Bad bosses aren’t necessarily bad people, but they do make work challenging for the people around them. Tame your terrible office tyrant and his/her nitpicking with a classic white noise sound machine to drown out the noise in the office. Not only does it make a great gift for your boss, but it’s also a gift that your other colleagues will thank you for.


Available at

A’s for success! You can tell them that as you and your colleagues snigger away at this witty paperweight that perfectly describes your boss — he probably won’t get it anyway. 


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When are they not? Guess you’ll have to cover your boss… again, while they’re out at some pristine beach sipping on piña coladas. Just remember not to roll your eyes when you see the pic on Instagram.


Available at naiise

Doesn’t this look aesthetic? Your boss would probably be really pleased to receive this, until he or she starts assembling it, that is. The point is to sadistically revel in putting them through the slow, debilitating torture of this 341-pieces puzzle, until completing it only yields a mildly satisfying whoop.


Available at

It’s the mug that never spills! If you have a boss that flips over the littlest of things or if he/she is someone who’s easily triggered, you’ve found the perfect gift. No matter how many times your boss gets tilted during the day, these mighty mugs are able to withstand the strongest of winds. Forget about getting him/her that extra cuppa and continue spilling the tea on something else instead.


Available at your nearest Starbucks or at Amazon

What’s the point of drinking coffee if it doesn’t keep you awake and make you feel energised? Yes, there is no point at all — that is exactly why this will be the perfect gift for your horrible boss. Let them drink a cup of decaf coffee in the morning and hopefully they’ll be kinder and mostly just asleep throughout the day.

13. MUJI UMBRELLA, $24.90

Available at Muji retail stores

Just because they’ve got dark clouds over their heads wherever they go… But it’s not such a bad gift, they can actually use it when the weather’s as grey as them.

For all those items with the ‘WIN’ labels, we’re giving them away in our massive holiday gift guide GIVEAWAY — head over to our Facebook page and Instagram page daily to take part in our contests. 

More of NYLON’s Holiday Gift Guides, coming soon — stay tuned! Click here to see our full list of gift guides.

10 Girl Bosses Who Can Give You Career Inspiration

Women have been shaping various industries, from finance and tech to health and the arts. In honour of International Women’s Day, we celebrate their achievements and successes that serve as a career inspiration to us. These remarkable Singaporean women have overcome male-dominated fields to rise in a league of their own.

Read about how these girl bosses broke through gender barriers to make a difference. May these stories help inspire you in your career and find #JobsThatMatter. 

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Halima Yacob

This list would not be complete without mentioning Halimah Yacob, Singapore’s first female Malay president. Her ascent in the political arena has also been preceded by many firsts: she was the first Speaker of the Singapore Parliament in 2013, as well as the first Malay woman to be elected to the Parliament in 2001. Known for her humble and down-to-earth nature, the President grew up in poverty and was granted a MUIS scholarship, studying law and graduating with honours at the University of Singapore in 1978. A working mother of five, she has always championed the welfare of women and workers.

Image source:


Vivian Lim

A 2019 Obama Leader in the Asia-Pacific Program and TEDx Singapore’s lead curator, Vivian Lim is the founder of Women in Asia, a region-wide platform that is centred on building communities and inspiring social good by bridging cultural and gender differences. Women in Asia uncovers hidden stories of women around Asia and launches initiatives such as creative programmes and networking circles for female PMETs.

Image source:




Angelene Chan

Angelene Chan is the CEO of DP Architects, one of Singapore’s five major architectural firms and the world’s 12th largest architectural company with over 1,000 employees and 15 offices worldwide. Under her leadership, Chan has handled numerous award-winning projects such as the Dubai Mall and the Resorts World Sentosa. Chan was named the President’s Design Award Designer of the Year in 2018, the first female architect to be given the honor.

Image source:




Ren Yung Ho

Taking after her parents who founded luxury resort group Banyan Tree Holdings, Ren Yung Ho breathes new life into the business as the vice president of Brand HQ, the unit that handles brand development, alignment, and strategy, as well as the head of the group’s spa and retail units. A London School of Economics graduate, Ren Yung continues her family’s streak of sustainability in her own clothing brand, Matter, which highlights artisanal collaborations and sustainable practices.

Image source:



Christel Quek

Christel Quek is the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Bolt Global, merging technology, media and financial services– Bolt Global operates an interactive multimedia platform eco-system called BOLT+, and BOLT X, a multi-blockchain wallet. Before starting her own company, Quek honed her digital marketing expertise with stints in Samsung Asia and Twitter.

Image source:




Rachel Lim

Rachel Lim is the founder of Love, Bonito, the famous Singaporean retail brand offering chic, accessible fashion to Asian women. The style maven dropped out of her final year at university to start the business. She was 21 years old. When her family was hit by the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, she paid off her bond to the government with her mother’s savings. Now, Love, Bonito is a multimillion-dollar enterprise, operating across Asia and worldwide, and Lim is one of Southeast Asia’s most successful female start-up entrepreneurs.

Image source:



Ankiti Bose

Ankiti Bose is the CEO of Zilingo, one of Southeast Asia’s largest fashion and e-commerce platforms with headquarters in Singapore, housing small retail brands from the region. Bose thought of the concept while on holiday in Bangkok shopping at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Today, the start-up is reaching near-unicorn status and is valued at almost US$ 1 billion.

Image source:




Roshni Mahtani

Roshni Mahtani is the Group CEO of Tickled Media, a highly successful online publisher of popular platforms such as The Asian Parent, Asian Money Guide, Her Style Asia, and Nonilo, primarily focused towards women and together reach over 12 million readers in over 11 countries. A former babysitter and journalist in New York City, Mahtani’s aim to create a safe space for parents with an Asian perspective has grown into plans to launch its own baby and maternity products.

Image source:



Huili Guo

Dr. Huili Guo is an Independent Fellow at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore’s Department of Biological Science.

Aside from her achievements in the academe, Dr. Guo is an advocate for women in science, being an ambassador for the Singapore Committee for UN Women’s STEM programme. Guo also received the L’Oreal Singapore for Women in Science National Fellowship in 2014, and the Young Scientist Award in 2016.

Image source:


Raeesah Khan

At 27 years old, Raeesah Khan is currently the youngest member of parliament. The millennial MP studied economics and marketing at Murdoch University. She later founded the Reyna Movement in 2016, an organisation dedicated to uplifting marginalised women and children through community engagement and upskilling programs.

Image source:




This International Women’s Day, we hope these successful and extraordinary women have inspired you to pursue #JobsThatMatter to you. JobStreet’s Career Resources Hub contains expert insights on job fulfilment and other helpful career advice, so you can find passion and purpose in your own career.


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SEEK is a diverse group of companies, comprising a strong portfolio of online employment, educational, commercial and volunteer businesses. SEEK has a global presence (including Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, South-East Asia, Brazil and Mexico), with exposure to over 2.9 billion people and approximately 27 per cent of global GDP. SEEK makes a positive contribution to people’s lives on a global scale. SEEK is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, where it is a top 100 company and has been listed in the Top 20 Most Innovative Companies by Forbes.





90,000 Boss Day. October 16, 2021. Calendar of holidays.

Boss Day

Who knows where this holiday came from? Boss Day originated in the United States at the beginning of this century, and is now popular in many countries around the world. In 1962, the Governor of Illinois officially approved this holiday, and the date for it was October 16. We learned about it relatively recently. Of course, it is too early to call it a tradition, but the future of this red date is very promising.Such a fertile opportunity to remind the management of its existence will be missed only by an ardent opponent of their own career growth. On this day, you need to remember that your boss is not only a high salary and the ability to give orders, but also hard work without rest, increased responsibility for every spoken word, for every step, for the well-being of all employees and subordinates, risk and constant hassle, as well as pressure, gastritis and hemorrhoids.

In essence, each of us is better off for the boss arriving in good health, calm and energetic, ready to solve any problems and overcome any obstacles. It is also important for him to feel the support of the team, and this can be emphasized with an elegant gift dedicated to Boss Day.

What can you give your boss? It is generally accepted that the boss should be well versed in drinks, so a bottle of good cognac, fine wine or whiskey will be an unmistakable gift. And even if your boss really knows absolutely nothing about drinks, he will never show you this.

In the USA, for example, it is customary to hand over gift sets: baskets with various original and tasty little things.We should also adopt this tradition. It greatly facilitates the situation with the choice of a suitable gift and opens up boundless scope for our imagination. A notepad, a fountain pen, a pack of good tea, a photo frame, a lighter, a keychain, a book, a desk clock or a bell to call a secretary, and so on. All of this can be put in a bowl, vase, wicker basket, or just on a tray.

In addition, on Boss Day, it is customary to sing praise songs of your own composition to the boss, in which the hero of the occasion is given a flattering but well-deserved characterization.

Despite the fact that for Russians this holiday is still relatively new, and some have not even heard of its existence, every year it enjoys more and more popularity. On this day, every employee of a company or organization tries to pay attention to his immediate superiors.

90,000 International Boss Day – Celebration

International Boss Day, also known as International Chef’s Day, is celebrated annually on October 16. A boss is an important person in any organization.This person not only commands, but also bears responsibility for the team and the correctness of the work performed by subordinates. If the chef builds the work process correctly, the team spirit will be significantly strengthened and labor productivity will increase.

The leaders also have a professional holiday, on which everyone is supposed to remember that being a chef is not an easy duty. For a good boss, this is work without rest, responsibility for the actions and well-being of subordinates.

Holiday history

This event was initiated by the American secretary.Miss Haroski held this position in the company of her own father. The moment came when she thought that the leader should also have a professional holiday.

The girl decided to register it with the US Chamber of Commerce, and her initiative soon received universal support. It later became official in the United States, facilitated by Illinois Governor Otto Karner. The date was also chosen for a reason, it was on October 16 that the girl’s father was born.

The initial idea of ​​the celebration was to demonstrate a good attitude of employees to the manager.When the holiday took root among the Americans, it appeared in other countries. Now it is actively celebrated in Europe, Australia, Canada and South Africa. This is not strange, because in Western countries, where democratic traditions are strong, quite correct relations have developed between leaders and subordinates.

In the CIS countries, it is also celebrated, although they attach somewhat less importance than foreign colleagues. On this day, people are used to remembering that being able to lead is also not only a profession, but also an art.We are talking about work without rest, responsibility for all steps and words, as well as for the well-being of people who are under his authority.

The art of celebration

At this time, people in leadership positions are congratulated. Subordinates give them presents and express their gratitude for the fact that the boss was fair during the past year. Various festive events are held, most often they are corporate parties.

This holiday is an occasion to remember that a chef is not only a leader, but a simple person who has achieved a responsible post.Usually on such a day, employees buy souvenirs in stores, trying to find a gift that will be as original as possible.

A card with warm words addressed to the chef is considered an obligatory attribute of the holiday. Subordinates also make not only creative presentations, but also arrange funny pranks. It is very important that both the boss and his lower-ranking colleagues remain happy with the celebration.

Boss Day 2020 – what date is the Day of the Chef and his traditions

Day of the Boss 2020 – what date is the Day of the Chef and his traditions / Photo pixabaycom

Boss Day is a holiday originally from America. It is also called Chef’s Day or Leader’s Day, whichever you prefer.

Moreover, it was not invented by some important organization, trade unions or associations – but by a simple American Patricia Base Harosky. But her idea of ​​giving congratulations on Boss Day every year on a certain day was to the liking of all states. And then it took root in other countries.

Boss Day is always celebrated on the same date – October 16. So Ukraine celebrates Chef’s Day 2020 on Friday (which is a holiday in itself in many offices).

Original congratulations on Chef’s Day and Boss’s Day – prose in your own words, funny poems, short SMS, beautiful cards and pictures – read in the material Chef’s Day and Boss’s Day 2020 – wishes and cards: how to stylishly congratulate your boss.

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Boss Day – Traditions

On Boss Day, congratulations are usually given to all managers – from heads of departments to CEOs and board members.Someone gives congratulations on Boss Day in their own words, and someone drops off for beautiful cards with Chef’s Day.

In the West, on such an occasion, the official dress code is often canceled for one day and strict rules of conduct are relaxed. That is, you can put on to work not just Friday jeans and a comfortable jacket, but a funny suit to surprise your boss. Although funny poems for Director’s Day are still more popular in our country.

Boss Day: Greetings-Cards

  • Boss Day – Congratulations in Pictures and Postcards Social Networks

  • Boss Day – Congratulations in Pictures and Postcards Social Networks

    Boss Day – congratulations in pictures and postcards Social networks

  • Boss Day – congratulations in pictures and postcards Social networks

  • Boss Day – congratulations in pictures and postcards Social networks

  • Boss Day – congratulations in pictures and postcards Social Network

  • Boss Day – congratulations in pictures and postcards Social Network

  • Boss Day – congratulations in pictures and postcards Social networks

  • Boss Day – congratulations in pictures and postcards Social networks

What is Boss Day?

Boss Day, also called National Boss Day or Boss Day, is a holiday that has been around since the 1950s.It is designed to help bridge the interpersonal gap between managers and employees through opportunities for assessment. Small tokens can be left to business owners as part of the celebration, although managers and executives can also receive gifts. This day is celebrated all over the world by those who want to recognize it.

The origins of the holiday can be traced back to its registration by an American in 1958. As an employee, she set out to strengthen the relationship between her boss and colleagues.The goal of officially recognizing the “boss’s” contribution was to create the conditions for more productive and happier work. The US Chamber of Commerce recognizes October 16 as Boss Day every year, according to Patricia Bays Haroski, secretary in charge of registration. In 1962, this day was officially proclaimed by the Governor of Illinois by the name of Otto Kerner.

In line with Haroski’s intention, the holiday provides workers with an opportunity to improve relationships with their employers. Recognition for the role of the person in charge of running the business is encouraged, and bosses usually acknowledge good faith.Formal or informal celebrations give bosses the opportunity to interact with workers, while enjoying the holidays lays the foundation for heart-to-heart interactions.

Employees can celebrate this day in different ways. Gifts and knickknacks such as cards, flowers, and gift certificates can be given to superiors as a token of appreciation. A simple wish from the boss is also acceptable and can be a suitable alternative to purchasing tangible items, especially if employees work for a non-profit organization.Lunches are a common way to celebrate, and employees usually pay the bill.

While Boss Day can be a way to celebrate business owners, those in the lower ranks can also be recognized. For example, executives and managers are often the focus of attention on this day. Generally, anyone in charge of other people’s operations or work life can feel important.

Although initially considered an American peculiarity, other places in the world such as India, Australia and South Africa have been celebrated as Boss Day celebrations.It is also known that England celebrated this day unofficially. The worldwide acceptance of this holiday can be an unwritten confirmation of the growing importance of the relationship between bosses and employees.


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Francesco Cali was shot outside his home in Staten Island, New York. The Gambino family, which he allegedly led, is one of the five largest Italian-American mafia clans in the region.

Francesco Cali

(Photo: Egan-Chin, Debbie / NY Daily News / Getty Images)

In New York, 53-year-old Francesco Cali, aka Franky Boy, was shot dead.Reuters and Fox News, referring to the police, call him a bandit and the alleged leader of one of the largest mafia clans in New York – the Gambino family.

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NBC News notes that the police continue to clarify the circumstances of the incident, law enforcement officers are looking for the perpetrator of the crime. There have been no arrests since the murder of Kali.

Anti-Mafia operation completed in the United States: 127 people arrested

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In 2008, Cali was among 62 people arrested on racketeering charges, according to the New York Daily News.He later pleaded guilty to conspiracy to extortion. In this case, Kali served a 16-month prison sentence. In 2015, according to the publication, he led the Gambino clan, replacing 68-year-old Domenico Cefalu. Since then, Kali, as the newspaper points out, was considered a “unifying figure” in the family. He is credited with bringing in new “Italian gangsters” and boosting the heroin and oxycodone trade.

October 16 – Boss Day

Every time it comes time to publish new materials on the site about holidays and calendar events, we strive to remind our readers that creating holidays is a very simple undertaking.Anyone who wants to attract new customers to their business or create their own image can build a whole chain of events with a festive component. This is how Boss Day was created.

Patricia Bays Harosky worked for her father as a secretary in 1958. The daughter loved her dad and part-time boss. The girl felt that not all employees of the company shared her feelings. Therefore, she registered the date of Boss Day with the US Chamber of Commerce and thus created a precedent when, once a year, all subordinates can express respect and gratitude to the leader for all his shortcomings and so on.You never know who has any relationship with the boss.
Celebrating boss day is easy. Perhaps a postcard or a small souvenir that will be pleasant to the boss will be enough, but we advise everyone to invite the boss to a nearby bar or tasting room, if there is one nearby. By the way, the addresses where you can hold wine tasting are on our website (database of wineries with tasting rooms).
By holding such an event, you make the date of Boss Day unforgettable and unusual than a banal gift or congratulation.With a specific holiday, the team can achieve other goals. The first is to endear the boss, someone can get a promotion, someone a bonus, and so on, Second, to make a small holiday for everyone, when none of their employees can take time off home on “urgent” matters, well, how all will congratulate the chief, but he will not. Third, do something nice to the person who commands you, because not all bosses are bad.
Recommended: Human Resources Managers, Event Managers, Any Career Employee, Bar and Tasting Room Managers.

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