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Is the size for a push up bra same as your usual bra?

There are a lot of women and girls who often get confused about what size of push up bra they should shop for. Should the size of the push up bra be the same as their usual bra or do they have to go for a size up? If you’re under this confusion too, this blog is exactly what you need to right now as we try to break some myths and answer your queries. But before that, let’s understand what push up bras are, what types are they available in, who should wear them, and more.


What is Push Up Bra?

Push up bras are designed to lift your breasts and make them look fuller. Their underwires are embedded in such a manner that your breasts are pushed towards the centre, creating that naturally gorgeous cleavage.


Who Should Wear Push Up Bras?

Anyone who wants to boost the appearance of their breasts can opt for push-up bras. Your size or body shape cannot and should not stop you from wearing push-up bras in any manner. However, you might want to consider about the structure and style of push-up bras to ensure that you make the best purchase as per your fit and form.


What are The Levels of Push-Up Bras?

1. Level 1: These bras gently lift your breasts, making them appear fuller. These work best for women with full or semi-full breasts.

2. Level 2: These bras provide a moderate lift to your breasts, adding about one cup size to your original breast size. They work best for women with semi-full breasts.

3. Level 3: These bras are best for women who have smaller cup size and crave the appearance of bigger breasts. They add about two cup sizes to your original bust size, making them look voluminous.


What Size should be Selected When Buying Push-Up Bras?

Now, coming back to the size, the answer is that the size remains same in case of push-up bras as your usual bras. You don’t have to go for a size up as brands craft them carefully considering your original size. Just because they add a cup size or two doesn’t imply that you have to go for a size or two up. All you have to do is stay true to size by measuring your bust size accurately.


How to Measure The Size of Push Up Bra?

The procedure to measure the size of push-up bras remains similar to other bras. All you have to do is measure the band size and cup size to ensure the perfect fit. Refer to our bra size chart to understand how to get the measurements right.



Push-up bras are one of the investments you can make for underfashion wardrobe. So, give your breasts the defined shape while staying true to your size with push-up bras available at Clovia.

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What Happened to the Push-Up Bra?

When I first started wearing bras as a pre-teen in the late aughts, the idea of wearing anything other than a push-up bra was unimaginable. At the time, a still-dominant Victoria’s Secret seemed to be channeling most of its advertising budget into promoting the coveted “Bombshell Bra,” a stiff, foam contraption that promised to “add two cup sizes” to its wearer’s chest, and the brand had also launched a successful swimwear line hawking underwire bikini tops so heavily padded that you had to physically squeeze the water out of them after exiting the pool. It was uncomfortable, sure, but not nearly as uncomfortable as the idea of your breasts sitting anywhere near where god and nature intended them to be. If your tits weren’t hoisted up and squeezed together at all times via a contraption of hooks, wires and heavy padding, you might as well just admit you’d given up on your appearance entirely. 

It was the last gasp of a cultural fixation on big breasts, specifically of the obviously fake, cartoonishly large variety that seemed all but mandatory for the Playmates who helmed the Playboy empire throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, before the brand entered a decade of decline peppered with multiple overhauls and rebrands. I’d grown up watching Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends and their matching sets of D-cups bounce around the Playboy Mansion on the E! reality show, The Girls Next Door, and I remember reading somewhere that then-girlfriend Holly Madison had maxed out three credit cards at age 18 to buy her first set of implants. I couldn’t wait until the day I, too, could celebrate reaching legal adulthood by going into massive credit card debt for a brand new pair of obviously fake tits. Until then, however, at least I had my push-up bras. 

Fortunately, before I had a chance to destroy my credit, a major cultural shift had taken place. By the time I turned 18 in the mid-2010s, E! had swapped Playboy balloon tits for Kardashian butts, and the burgeoning age of the ass gradually pushed boobs to the back burner. The bralette gained popularity, as did bralessness, and Victoria’s Secret had begun the descent into an increasingly rapid decline that would see the once powerful brand hit rock-bottom by the end of the decade. Meanwhile, attitudes toward breasts themselves shifted so dramatically that having a pronounced sexual interest in them somehow became synonymous with ignorance and a certain brand of rural conservatism, all of which saw the push-up bra rapidly pivot from a must-have undergarment to a dated, almost comical relic of a bygone era of women’s fashion and sexuality. 

I haven’t owned a push-up bra since high school, and it’s been at least two years since I’ve purchased any kind of bra at all. In retrospect, this change seems to have happened overnight: one day our tits were pushed up to our ears and I couldn’t imagine them being anywhere else, the next they rested unobtrusively in unlined lace bralettes, or simply unencumbered by any kind of undergarment at all. But what really happened to the push-up bra, and will that ultra-padded boulder holster ever rise once more from the ashes of the dated era of pushed-up, airbrushed, one-size-fits-all sexuality it represented?

The rise of the push-up bra

The push-up bra has various origin stories spanning multiple decades. Some trace its origins back to the “bust supporters” and “improvers” of the Victorian era; others consider Fredrick Mellinger, of Frederick’s of Hollywood, the father of the push-up bra, and still others claim the push-up bra as we know it today didn’t appear until the 1960s, when Canadian designer Louise Poirier created the iconic Wonderbra.

“In fashion, it can be difficult to assess who was the first person to invent something, especially when a product becomes ubiquitous or when several companies develop an idea around the same time,” says Cora Harrington, founder and editor in chief of The Lingerie Addict and author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie

What most lingerie experts and historians agree on, however, is that the biggest push-up bra boom in recent memory took hold in the last decade of the 20th century. “I’d say its peak was probably the 1990s when Baywatch was popular and stars like Pam Anderson started to normalize ‘breast implant boobs’ and those perfectly round breasts became the desirable shape,” says Jené Luciani Sena, bestselling author of The Bra Book and creator of The GemBra. Inspired by the growing popularity of the Anderson silhouette, “breast augmentations were booming,” says Luciani Sena, and those that couldn’t or didn’t go the surgical route relied on temporary augmentation via heavy padding and underwire instead. 

By 1994, Wonderbra’s infamous “Hello Boys” billboard starring Eva Herzigova cemented the push-up bra’s status as a must-have undergarment, becoming one of the most iconic ads of all time in the process. It didn’t take long for Victoria’s Secret to latch onto the trend, quickly pivoting to the “all push-up bras, all the time” marketing position, as Harrington puts it, upon which the brand built the bombshell aesthetic that would carry Victoria’s Secret through its 2000s heyday.

What’s pushed up must come down

By the mid-2010s, however, Victoria’s Secret had entered a period of decline that would increase rapidly throughout the rest of the decade, and so had the pushed-up, blown-out, pin-up Barbie version of female sexuality on which the brand had built its crumbling empire.  

The last time the now-defunct Victoria’s Secret Angels walked the runway at the also-defunct Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2018, the brand was already facing a slew of problems that would only intensify in the coming years, including declining sales, controversial comments from then-Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek and competition from other retailers who had taken the hint and adopted more inclusive product lines and marketing strategies. But the real problem, as Jess Cartner-Morley wrote for The Guardian at the time, was that Victoria’s Secret was “selling the wrong kind of cleavage.” Bralettes and bralessness had been gaining popularity for years at that point, but when the Angels took what would be their last strut down the doomed Victoria’s Secret runway that year, they were still rocking ample, pushed-up cleavage — a sure sign that the brand had failed to evolve from its increasingly dated “bombshell” aesthetic and the narrow, exclusive version of beauty it represented.

“The turning point for the push-up bra came in the mid-2010s,” says fashion historian Caroline Elenowitz-Hess, citing the backlash to Victoria’s Secret’s disastrous 2014 “Perfect Body” campaign as “a clear indication that Victoria’s Secret’s monolithic beauty standard, and the push-up bra that played an important part in supporting it, was on its way out.”

While, as Harrington notes, “it’s worth remembering that all trends are cyclical and it’s entirely normal for bralettes and, subsequently, unlined bras to emerge as a response to decades of popularity of the push-up bra,” the garment’s decline seems to reflect not just changing styles, but changing attitudes. “We begin to see bralettes emerge as a developing trend around 2013/2014, which is also the beginning of Victoria’s Secret’s precipitous decline,” says Harrington. That timing hardly seems coincidental. 

“Although shifts in silhouette are often cyclical, I do think that the decline of the push-up bra is connected to a rejection of the narrow beauty standard which held that push-up bras were often meant to ‘correct’ perceived inadequacies,” says Elenowitz-Hess. “The limited culture of beauty illustrated by the Victoria’s Secret Angels — and echoed in the wider culture of the 1990s and early 2000s — made it clear that the push-up bra would ‘fix’ what nature had gotten wrong, and make the wearer desirable to a male partner.”

The simultaneous rise of social media played a role as well. The growing popularity of online platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and personal lingerie blogs gave rise to the body positive movement that directly opposed the version of prescriptive female beauty and male-gazey sexuality the push-up bra embodied. The rising influence of these online communities “highlighted a breadth of beauty ideals and subcultures and a growing acceptance of a variety of gender expressions, while also offering a platform for complaints against brands seen as exclusionary,” says Elenowitz-Hess.

Shifting notions of gender also informed the movement toward less exaggerated cleavage. “The decline in the push-up bra most notably reflects a change in attitude towards identity and the multitude of bodies that wear bras,” says Kadian Gosler, a PhD candidate in fashion and wearable technology, visiting practitioner at London College of Fashion and lingerie designer. “Bra wearers are not just cis-women but also trans-women and non-binaries. With this shift, we see a willingness and openness to accept the various identities and bodies that wear bras.” Gone is the “perfectly rounded, full, lifted and youthful” aesthetic long promoted as the ideal and rooted in a narrow, female-specific image of breasts and bra-wearers. Now, says Gosler, “We see smaller brands supporting this with older models, trans models and men modeling lingerie.” Even Victoria’s Secret, however too little or late they may be, is finally trying to catch up with the times, introducing the more size- and gender-inclusive “VS Collective” in place of its fallen Angels. 

Does anyone even care about boobs anymore?

It’s also worth noting that the decline of the push-up bra coincided with a waning interest in breasts altogether. While it’s hard to argue breasts themselves ever go out of fashion — sure, different kinds of cleavage and silhouettes have gone in and out of style for as long as there have been breasts and fashion, but tits themselves are always en vogue, no? — 2010s culture saw the bust replaced as the sexual focus of the female body by a southern rival: the ass.

The rise of the ass can be attributed to — or is at least reflective of — many cultural influences: the Kardashians, mainstream appropriation of Black culture, and even, perhaps, the growing shift toward gender neutrality. After all, breasts — particularly of the perfectly round, pushed-up variety — had long been associated with cis-womanhood, but everyone has an ass. 

By the mid-2010s, Kim Kardashian and her famous backside had become the most iconic sex symbol of her time, Nikki Minaj was invoking Sir Mix-a-Lot in her own iconic ode to ample asses, and any lingering taboos around anal sex were well on their way to extinction. 

Meanwhile, the big butts of the 2010s quickly eclipsed the cleavage that dominated the previous decades. By 2017, new data from Pornhub charting a decline in boob-related searches prompted a flurry of editorials declaring a then-still-relevant millennial generation was no longer interested in tits at all. In recent years, multiple celebrities have reportedly had their implants removed, and as Luciani Sena notes, those who are still opting for surgical enhancement today are typically pursuing more natural, tear-drop shapes, rather than the massive round globes that filled chests throughout the ’90s and 2000s.

Again, whether or not people will ever truly turn their backs on boobs remains up for debate, but as Miles Klee noted for Mel Magazine last year, breasts seem to have fallen out of fashion to the extent that any publicly displayed preference for them has taken on unsavory, perhaps surprisingly political connotations.

Whether or not breasts themselves will ever lose their sex appeal behind closed doors, the message in recent years has been clear: ass is in, tits are out — but no longer in the literal sense. 

Is there a future for the push-up bra?

Of course, trends are cyclical, and we are currently in the midst of an early-aughts revival. In recent years, various fashions from the ‘90s and early 2000s have made or at least threatened to make comebacks, from whale tails and low-rise jeans to scrunchies and butterfly tops. If even Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez can pull off a revival, might we be on the precipice of a great push-up bra renaissance? 

“I think almost everything makes a comeback at some point, if for no other reason than there are few things which are truly ‘new’ in intimate apparel,” says Harrington.

“The push-up bra will certainly return. All trends do, even in the lingerie world,” echoes Gosler. After all, she adds, “The push-up bra was not to blame for its downfall, but what it represented.” New generations of bra wearers, perhaps in the next 30 to 40 years, per Gosler’s estimate, may no longer see the push-up bra as the tawdry vestige of dated, unrealistic beauty standards with which often braless breast-owners of today currently associate the garment. 

Elenowitz-Hess, for her part, doesn’t think it will take nearly that long for the push-up bra to find itself back in fashion’s good graces. “I definitely believe that the push-up bra will return as a mainstream trend,” she tells InsideHook, “and the embrace of ‘Y2K’ styles by Gen Z suggests that it may be sooner rather than later.”

Gen Z’s early-aughts romanticizing aside, bra-wearers may find themselves eventually gravitating back towards the push-up bra simply because there was a reason people wanted to lift their breasts in the first place. As Luciani Sena puts it, “There are some women who just feel sexier with bigger or more boosted breasts. No one likes sagging or admitting they’re aging!”

Of course, whenever the push-up bra does make its seemingly inevitable return to the forefront of lingerie fashion, it may take a slightly different form. “The next iteration of the padded or push-up bra may not look the same,” says Harrington. “After all, the Frederick’s push-up bra of the 1940s looked different from the Victoria’s Secret bra of the 2000s — but everything that goes around comes around.”

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12 Best Push-Up Bras 2021 — Cute, Best-Reviewed Push-Up Bras

Now that we’re spending more time at home, comfy bralettes have seemingly taken over the bra industry. But there’s no shame at all in wearing styles that give you a little extra somethin’ (even if we are stepping out less). Whether you’re looking to go up a cup size (or two!) or you want a bra that has more subtle padding, there’s a push-up out there that fits your preferences.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best push-up bras the internet has to offer—all in a variety of styles and cup sizes, so your boobs can feel supported and you can show off some major cleavage if that’s what you’re into. Lacey, T-shirt, balconette—we’ve got it all listed here (plus, there’s even a top-rated boob tape you’ve gotta try if you’re looking to go braless but still want that lift). So go ahead and have your pick of the best push-up bras on the market.

Oh, and P.S. If you’re looking for the best bandeau bras, we’ve gotcha covered there, too.

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Best Strapless

Ultimate Push-Up Strapless Bra

barenecessities. com


  • Supportive underwire
  • Silicone band prevents slips
Notable 5-star review:

This is the best strapless bra that I have found and I am naturally busty. My boobs are heavy, and sleepy, and this bra holds them up, makes them look good (no more flattened uni-boob), doesn’t fall down at all!!!!

Best Wireless

The All-Day No-Wire Push-Up

  • Wireless
  • Has a wide range of sizes
  • Comfortable material
  • Seams on cups
  • Only comes in two shades
Notable 5-star review:

This bra is super comfortable and puts my girls right where I like them. I am a 36C and feel the bra is true to size. The material is super soft too. It gives the feeling of an underwire push-up without the uncomfortable wire digging in. It’s not super padded, which I like because I have more wide-set breasts and like when a push-up centers and lifts without adding too much volume. So it’s perfect for me!

Best T-Shirt

Diamond Net Plunge T-Shirt Bra

Curvy Couture


  • Subtle push-up pads
  • Adjustable straps
  • Inclusive sizing
Notable 5-star review:

This quickly became my everyday bra. It is so comfortable and provides just the right amount of push up. The material is very high quality. I can definitely see myself purchasing more!

Best Lace

Courtesy of Cosabella

Never Say Never Sexie Push Up Bra



  • Soft lace
  • Removable padding
  • Adjustable strap
  • Some reviewers say it runs small
  • One reviewer says the wire popped out
Notable 5-star review:

Cute and it makes me look cute. This push-up brings my girls closer together which I love. I give credit to the front clasp, which much better for pushups than back closures. Super comfortable and easy to wear.

Best Lightly-Lined

Courtesy of Harper Wilde

The Boost

Harper Wilde


  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Easy to fold and store
  • One reviewer says the straps are itchy
Notable 5-star review:

These bras are a new favourite. This is my first time ordering bras online, but thought I’d give it a go since I could always return them if they didn’t work out…and it paid off! I’m a true 34A and the fit is perfect. The push-up style is a real “boost” without feeling excessively padded. I love the front-adjusting straps (eureka!), and the J-hook is a game-changer for me as bra straps are constantly slipping off my shoulders. I definitely recommend this brand!

Best Seamless

Courtesy of Bloomingdales’d Push-Up Bra

b.tempt’d by Wacoal


  • Supportive without the wire
  • Adjustable straps
  • Converts to halter
  • Fabric might irritate sensitive skin
Notable 5-star review:

This bra deserves 5 stars. ..I found a bra that I can wear all day long without the urge to take it off as soon as I get home! I highly recommend others to try.

Best Graduated-Padding

Bump It Up Underwire Push-Up Bra

On Gossamer


  • Only one hook to secure bra
Notable 5-star review:

This bra is pretty and gives great support, without going overboard on the padding. It gives just the right amount of shaping to tees and sweaters and looks very natural. I have worn this style for many years and have not had any problems with the mesh band stretching out.

Best Mesh

Courtesy of ThirdLove

24/7™ Classic Uplift Plunge Bra

thirdlove. com


  • Comfortable
  • Tagless (no scratching)
  • Some reviewers say the straps slide down
Notable 5-star review:

I am in love the bra—fits perfectly and is exactly what I needed and wanted throughout my years of searching for the right bra. Words cannot explain how much I love this bra. Thank You ThirdLove.

Best Natural Lift

Push Up Lace Trim Bra

  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Some reviewers say it runs small
Notable 5-star review:

After a couple of months of searching for just the right amount of lift, this was perfect! It has details that make you feel pretty, fits great, and washes up well, keeping it’s shape (don’t put it in the dryer!). It looks terrific under all types of clothes, from tees to sweaters. This is my go-to!

Best Balconette

Savage Not Sorry Microfiber Low-Cut Balconette Bra

Savage x Fenty


  • Affordable
  • Comfy, molded cups
  • Some reviewers say it runs small
Notable 5-star review:

I’m a nursing mama and I wanted something that wasn’t a nursing bra and felt sexy and comfortable. This is it. I was worried it wasn’t going to fit or would pinch and poke—but nope, not at all! Loving this bra. My chest hasn’t felt this perky since pre-baby.

Best Convertible Strap

Infinite Possibilities Convertible Underwire Bra



  • Straps can convert 6 different ways
  • Deep plunge
Notable 5-star review:

Loving this bra! I haven’t been very successful in finding convertible bras that fit well…until now! Not only is the quality great, the fit is perfect. They were right in saying that this fits better on a full bust. I’ve tried the different combos, I bought this specifically for racerback and am pleased that there isn’t a gap in the cup when I covert to the criss cross. And, bonus, bought this on sale! Definitely recommend.

Best Adhesive

Booby Tape

  • Once it’s in place, it’s tough to adjust
Notable 5-star review:

This has solved all my problems with wearing low-cut items. Even with days of scorching heat it, held up to perfection!!

Reviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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9 Guidelines to Keep in Mind While Buying a Push Up Bra


Know your push up bra

Push up bras are the ‘uncrowned brassiere’ of a woman’s closet. They personify passion and are synonymous with ‘sexy’. They sit around in women’s drawers like prized possessions. Looking for a rounded uplift to your bust? Want to highlight your cleavage? You got it! Push up bras set the tone on how you feel about yourself adding a youthful appeal giving you the lush ‘oomph’ you desire!

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about push up bras. From what they are, when to use, who can wear to how they work and why it is a must-have in your wardrobe. Let’s hop on!

What is a push up bra?

Source: Google

What is push up bra and what does it mean? Push up bra meaning lies in its utility. A push up bra naturally enhances a woman’s bust by pushing the breast tissues inwards creating a cleavage
effect. It uses support enhancers such as foam pads embedded within the bra cups. These pads rest at the bottom, angled to the sides, ‘pushing’ your bust inwards to give you a rounded look. This way, your cleavage is more prominent and your breasts appear full and intact.

So, how does a push up bra work? These pads rest at the bottom, angled to the sides, ‘pushing’ your bust inwards to give you a rounded look. This way, your cleavage is more prominent and your breasts appear full and intact. So, push up bra benefits you by providing you cleavage and a fuller look. There are a variety of push up bras based on the padding, material and the result intended (like, if you want a lift or enlargement, more of which we’ll cover in this guide).

2. why push up bra

No matter what they (the salespeople desperately trying to sell) tell you, push up bra benefits can be summarized in three points–

  • Boosts your cleavage without compromising comfort when worn right.
  • Gives your bust a lift.
  • Goes with about anything: T-shirts or plunging tops, you can wear your push up bra to complement almost anything. Given the vast number of choices, you can find the appropriate push-up bra for any outfit. We’ll discuss more on that in the following sections.

Apart from the advantages of push up bra listed above, you need to keep in mind that any bra you wear should be comfortable and provide the shape or lift, giving you the look you desire. If a push up bra gives you the look you’re aiming for, then simply go ahead and wear it.

You need to keep in mind that any bra you wear should be comfortable and provide the shape or lift, giving you the look you’re aiming for. If a push up bra gives you the look you desire, then simply go ahead and wear it.

Also, we recommend that especially when you go for a push up bra, you might consider wearing a cup size higher than your usual size depending on the push up level. That’s because the foam enhancer that pushes your bust towards the middle, takes up extra volume and needs more room to fit inside your bra without your breasts spilling out.

3. Types of push up bra

Based on the thickness of the padding

Based on the thickness of the padding, push up bras come in three different ‘levels’. The term ‘level’ refers to the extent of lift a push up bra gives your busts. More the level, the higher the padding. Higher the padding, the better your cleavage.

Level 1:

Go for a level 1 push up bra if you prefer a gentle, natural lift to your bust. About One-third of the bra is padded, and wearing this usually adds a half-cup size to your bust.

Who would benefit the most: You would find Level 1 push up bra apt if you have a full or semi-full bust. With a relaxed hold and a slight bump, this will offer you a subtle lift without attracting unwanted attention.

Level 2:

Level 2 push up bras add that bit of extra ‘oomph’ to your busts by further emphasizing your cleavage. The padding in this bra covers the base of your bust, finishing just below the nipple.

Who would benefit the most: With a better hold and a sturdier grip, the Level 2 push up bra is ideal for women with slightly smaller busts, say a B or a C cup. This bra sculpts the bust, spotlighting your cleavage, giving a rounder appeal.

Level 3:

Level 3 push up bras are the real bomb. Usually referred to as ‘explosive’ bras, these push up bras have twice the lift of a Level 1 push up bra, increasing your cup by two sizes. The padding covers three-fourths of the bra giving women with smaller breasts the divine chance to wear low-cut tops and flaunt their cleavage.

Who would benefit the most: Level 3 is a blessing for smaller cupped women as it gives them a much fuller look and does an exceptional job at drawing a better cleavage. Women with fuller breasts– Please stay away from this as this might induce an extreme level of discomfort.

Push up Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Best suited for Full or semi-full bust Slightly smaller bust, especially if you have gaps in between your breasts Small bust
Function Gentle, natural lift Better lift and support Fuller/rounder look, better cleavage
Size increase by Ideal for D cups. Sometimes for B and C cup B and C cups Only for A and B cups. Sometimes C cup

Based on the Style:

Alright, here’s the thing you need to know– There are so, so many varieties of push up bras, that trying to classify them based on their style is pretty much– pointless. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t acquaint yourself with the various styles this versatile bra has to offer.

Still, based on their popularity, here are the most happening and fashionable push up bras you need to try at least once:

Strapless Push up Bra

Say goodbye to shoulder straps! This bra is well suited if your outfit demands you to get rid of bra straps. You need not worry about going strapless because support comes from the band. You can finally wear your favourite off-shoulder outfits without having to ditch your bras. Strapless push up bras is not meant for women with bigger busts since it causes quad boob effect and your breasts to spill out of the cups.

Plunge push up bras

Planning on wearing that low cut top or V-cut shirt? Then go for a plunge bra without any second thought. These bras have cups seated deep between your cleavage with short wiring in the front-bottom. Plunge is the most sought after neckline that pair with push up bras like a charm. Its low cut feature enhances your cleavage and outlines your bust. Women with loose breast tissue should be wary of plunge bras as their breasts may not receive the support they need.

T-shirt push up bras

Want a greater coverage without missing out on the benefits of a push up bra? T-shirt push up bras are what you need to consider. You can wear it under a tee as the neckline of the cup is not shown through your tight-fitting T-shirts because of it’s extra coverage. This gives you a smoother look without any undulations on your t-shirt.

Wireless push up bra

If you find underwires uncomfortable, this bra is perfect for you. Wire-free options are becoming popular with advances in technology. The benefits of going wire-free can be baked into a push up bra to give a moulded appearance. The cups are moulded in a way that it can serve the purpose of wired bras with the durability of a push up bra.

Bridal push up bra

Say goodbye to shoulder straps! This bra is well suited if your outfit demands you to get rid of bra straps. You need not worry about going strapless because support comes from the band. You can finally wear your favourite off-shoulder outfits without having to ditch your bras. Strapless push up bras are not meant for women with bigger busts since it causes quad boob effect and your breasts to spill out of the cups.

Fancy back push up bra

Bored with ordinary and looking for a change of taste? Fancy back push up bras are for you! These push up bras, apart from showing off your cleavage, lets you flaunt your back. With a style that’s never out of its place, fancy back push up bras are a must-try.


Who can wear a push up bra?

Push up bras suit most women. Still, you should be aware of push up bra side effects. Push up bras don’t suit women with wide-set breasts, as in when your breasts have a noticeable gap between them. How much gap? If you have a gap that is 3 fingers (or more) wide, a push up bra is not suitable for you. From what we’ve observed, about 10 percent of women fall under this category. Apart from the nature of your breasts, push up bra is well suited for small or large bust women.

  • Women with smaller busts can wear this as it gives them a fuller look. Those with bigger busts wear this to gain a nice lift.
  • Women already with fuller breasts enjoy the extra support the padding provides.
  • For smaller breasts, this bra is a saviour as it gives a prominent cleavage and enhances the bust shape. If worn properly, it can increase your bust size by up to two cups.

But the major reason why push up bras deserve all the attention is– small or large-busted, it can create the cleavage and lift one wants based on the level of padding.

Nature of breasts The relevance of Push up bra
Smaller breasts Helps to attain a fuller look by pushing the breasts inwards
Fuller breasts Gives a prominent cleavage and a gentle lift

5. Push up bras vs other bras

Push up bra vs Everyday bras:

Push up bra vs everyday bra or Push up bra vs regular bra or Push up bra vs normal bra, it’s all the same. Everyday/ Regular/ Normal bras are usually seamed or moulded with no padding and underwires. Whereas, push up bras have three different levels of padding. Push up bras give a smooth finish and rounded look, eliminating seam lines that otherwise might have been visible through your outfit.

On the other hand, everyday bras give you a perky finish, tending to flatten your chest to the bust. The functionality of an everyday bra is to mould and support, whereas a push up bra pushes the breasts upward and inwards. That, plus the support.

Push up bra vs. Padded bra:

Both have pads, so what’s the difference between padded bra and push up bra? It’s the functionality. Pads in standard padded bras increase the volume of your bust. The pads in push up bras push your breasts inwards and a little higher. This provides a lift making your ‘twin-mountains’ appear fuller. To break it down, the only stark difference between a padded bra and a push up bra would be– A push up bra enhances cleavage while padded bras make your chest ‘look’ bigger. Push up bras are padded bras with the additional ‘push’. Push up bras have padding and as well as give you the cleavage.

Push up bras vs Sports bras:

Sports bras plug this one huge functional hole left by push up bras– the ease of doing physical activity. That’s right. We strongly advise you against wearing a push up bra for any kind of sport, unless it’s card or board games with friends or family. Remember–push up bra and physical activity don’t go with each other. So, whether it’s yoga, jogging or cycling, it’s a sports bra you need. That’s because sports bras give you the support, something that is not the prime goal of a push up bra. The padding in the push up bras may be a source of serious discomfort when you exercise or jump around for long hours in the name of sport.

Push up bra vs. Nursing bra:

Nursing bras serve a very specific purpose– to enable lactating women to breastfeed infants without having to detach the bra from their bust. This bra is a huge hit among breastfeeding moms especially because this bra comes with removable flaps that can be unfastened from the cups. This allows women to access their nipples single-handedly (literally).

New moms, please stay away from push up bras. Why? Because in lactating women, the heaviness of the bust is bound to cause discomfort as the push up padding tends to push the bust upwards. Also, the padding in a push up bra is heavy, and any moisture from the leakage of breast milk for long hours can cause discomfort.

Push up bra vs. T-shirt bra:

The first thing that’s supposed to come to your mind when you think of T-shirt bras is– ‘Seamless’. T-shirt bras are worn under T-shirts (duh, obviously). When you wear a normal bra, the bra lines are visible through the T-shirt. With T-shirt bras, no texture lines or bumps are visible through the tee. T-shirt bras make sure you have an even look with a smooth finish over your body. Wearing a push up bra under a T-shirt is a great idea when you’d like to highlight your cleavage in a low neckline T-shirt. Otherwise, it may cause your breasts to jiggle, causing discomfort when you perform daily activities.

Push up bra vs. Demi bra:

Love low-cut tops? If that’s the case, then Demi bras are perfect for you! ‘Demi’ denotes half, which means that the bras don’t provide full coverage. In fact, push up bras have more coverage than a demi. Demi bras cover one inch above your nipple and its tilt finish clads your breasts in a way that enhances cleavage.

So when it comes to demi bra vs push up bra, remember– demi bras are push up bras without the ‘push’.

6. How to choose the right push up bra?

While wearing bras, comfort is the first priority. There is no point in huffing and puffing in a push up bra if it creates unnecessary pressure on your chest and you aren’t able to even breathe properly while sitting throughout your day. Keeping in mind the push up bra side effects we mentioned earlier, here are some useful pointers which you need to run past by:

Things to look out for in a push up bra:


Keep away from oversized or undersized cups. This requires your wisdom to know what is the right size for you. Set apart a minute or two for finding the right bra size. Believe me, swinging between cup sizes, confusing over a 32B or a C is the last thing you’d want. In case of doubt can use an online bra calculator to put your cup size doubts to rest.


Choosing the right padding: Heavy padding won’t necessarily guarantee you more comfort. It doesn’t work that way. There are 3 different levels of padding available. Choose one based on your bust size and outfit. From what we’ve observed, here’s the general trend of a particular level of a push up corresponding to the cup size.


Level Cup size recommended Cup size NOT recommended
Level 1 Ideal for D cups. Sometimes for B and C cup as per personal preference.
Level 2 B and C cups
Level 3 Only for A and B cups. Sometimes C cup D or DD cups


Check for chafing: Bra chafing occurs when a certain part of bra fabric repeatedly rubs against your skin. It’s usually the straps rubbing against your shoulders. This happens in padded and wired bras as they have tighter stitches than an everyday moulded bra. And since most push up bras are padded as well as wired, they are prone to chafing. Apart from the shoulder, bra chafing occurs around the bra band region under the breasts and around the nipple region.


Check for poky underwires: Different bras have different underwires. Sometimes
the wires beneath the cup have a loose end that might stick out. That part that sticks out, pokes your skin and causes discomfort. Feel your finger against wired cups before wearing a bra to ensure there is nothing poky.

Choosing the right size and fit:

It takes a well-fitted bra to make a huge difference in how good you feel in your outfit. Keeping that in mind, fitting matters, a lot. After all, what’s the point of wearing your ‘dream bra’, if the
size doesn’t suit your body?

What is my push up bra size?

To get the best result out of a push up bra, you need to determine your correct bra size. I mean, you can’t afford ruining your outfit that you bought after so many trials. You can start by measuring your bust size and then determining your cup size.

Knowing your band size: You need to measure your chest. To find out, you need to take a measuring tape and wind it around yourself underneath your bust. Make sure to measure after you’ve exhaled because that’s the proper way to
do so. Round it off to the nearest even number. Suppose you get a 28.3, round it off to 29 and so on. You’re smart, so you get it.

Next, Bust size: To find the appropriate cup size, wrap the measuring tape over the highest part of the bust, over the nipples. Don’t hold the tape either too tight or too loose. Round off the measurement to the nearest inch if
it’s not a whole number. Suppose you get a 31, make it 32 (not 30).

Now, to find the cup size, use the secret (hush hush) formula,

Cup size = (Bust size – Band size)

Every inch difference will denote a cup size. A difference of 1 inch denotes A, a difference of 2 inch denotes B and so on. Use the table below for reference.

Difference (Bust size- Band size) in inches Cup size
1″ A
2″ B
3″ C
4″ D
5″ DD

You’re all set! Now write down the band size. And against it, write down the cup size. Tada! You have your bra size.

Have a look at the chart below for reference.

Choosing the right material:

Fabric options are many, but choosing the right fabric goes a long way to complement your outfit.

  • Cotton: Usually cotton is the go-to option. We don’t blame you for the heaps of comfort it provides to your silhouette because that’s our favourite too. It also provides breathable comfort and support.
  • Nylon & Polyamide: These bras fare quite well in push up bras as they last longer and mould the cups well. Nylon and Polyamide have the added benefit of stretchability. The fabric stretches way more than any other fabric and retains its shape over a longer period of wear and tear.
  • Lace & Mesh: If you’re looking for something sensual you might want to opt for a lace, mesh, or a combination of the two for their alluring charm. With the perfect balance between support and sensuality, these push up bras are timeless.

So better consider the pros and cons of each fabric. If you’re shopping for lingerie online filter them by the type of material so that you have all options laid out in front of you.

7. How to wear a push up bra?

Wearing a push up bra is like wearing any other bra. There is no huff and puff involved. It’s the usual drill. If you are well aware on how to wear a push up bra then you can directly skip to the checkpointers on wearing a push up bra.


Put your arms through the shoulder straps and then position your bra cups on your bust.


Next, make sure your breasts sit comfortably in the bra cups. You might have to bend forward a little till your breasts are snug.


Okay, no more bending. Now, stand erect and reach out for the bra band on your back. See if you can grasp the hook with your fingers and try fastening it. Ensure that the bra band is on level. Sometimes, while fastening it in a hurry, the bra band plays tricks ending up either too low or too high.


Done with the back? Phew. Now the shoulders. Keep adjusting your shoulder straps till they sit flat on your shoulder blades. Make it neither too loose, nor too tight.


After you’re done, make the final adjustments for the look and feel that suits you.

Checkpointers on wearing a push up bra:

    • Checking if you have a quad-boob effect: Quad boob occurs when the top rim of your bra cup cuts into the breast tissue. This leads to your breast squeezed up on top of your bra, lumping in a way that makes every boob of yours appear as two. If this happens to you, chances are that you are wearing a smaller cup size than required. Either that or you’re wearing a bra style that doesn’t suit your body type.
    • Checking for bulge on the sides. This happens when you put on a smaller cup size.
    • Making sure padding isn’t higher than desired: This occurs when the level of padding is too high for a given cup size. Ensure the right padding based on your bust size. Refer to the padding level chart and see how much padding is right for your cup size.
    • Making sure that the band is straight on the back: Your band may ride up on the back due to the volume of the bust and the push up padding. Make sure that doesn’t happen by ensuring the right band size. After wearing a bra check if the band follows a straight line on your back without any bend.
    • Avoiding straps cutting into your shoulder: Shoulder straps in a push bra tend to dig in harder than normal bras. If your shoulder straps are digging in, you need to go a cup size bigger. It’s the job of the band (and not shoulder straps) to hold your bust in the right place. Shoulder straps must rest comfortably. Adjust for the proper fit.
  • Avoiding wearing it for long periods of time: From what we’ve observed, we advise you to wear a push up bra for not more than 12 hours at a stretch. This makes sense since the push up padding works against gravity to push your bust upwards. As a result, there is pressure on the lower breast tissues.

8. Purchasing your first push up bra!

Alright, by now you know what push up bras mean and took a deep dive into various types and styles. It’s time you adorn one! You must have either tried one already or looking to explore push up bras. If it’s your first, we’re glad we met you at the right time. It’s never too late to dive in and tease your body with something new and alluring.

If you have already found out the best push up bra that suits your needs as we mentioned above, then we can’t be more pleased. We’re happy for you. But, there is always room to experiment. Just because you’re used to something need not mean it’s the most comforting. You may never know how uncomfortable you felt in the first place until you try on something better. Shyaway is one of the popular push up bra brands in India and we’d like to help you find a better push up bra. It’s a promise.

And we’d like to help you find a better push up bra. It’s a promise.

You need to keep in mind the size and material considerations we stated earlier. Apart from what you choose to wear, you might also want to know the ‘why’ or the occasion you choose to wear. Is it comfort you’re aiming for? Or is it a sexy oomph you’re looking for? Or even better, is it a bit of both?

No matter what, we have one for every occasion, one for every mood. Because here at Shyaway, we have the lingerie that listens to your body even if you don’t.

9. Common myths about push up bras (debunked)

1. Were push up bras created to attract men?

Funny how guys think everything women wear is to soothe their eyes. Though you might not be entirely wrong about it (it might work for you, who knows?), it’s wrong to assume that push up bras are made by brands to attract men. Push up bras are just another type of bra that you wear to enhance your shape under a particular style of dress or top. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s all about providing you the lift you need and the volume you desire.

2. Do push up bras make you compromise on comfort?

It is a misconception that push up bras sculpt the ‘perfect’ bust at the cost of discomfort. After all, no pain, no gain right? But, this isn’t always the case.

Push up bras are available in both small and large sizes. It all depends on how well you know your body.Some push-up bras get the job done very well, others, not-so-much. If you keep in mind the shape and size guidelines we mentioned earlier, then rest assured, everything (in this case, your breasts) will fall into place. Speaking of comfort, push up bras suit you based on your bust placement. If you have wide-set breasts, wherein, your breasts are about three fingers apart, then push up bras are a no-no. Wearing a push up bra despite having a noticeable gap between your breasts is not recommended.

3. Are push up bras only meant for smaller bust women?

Bra buffs might tell you that push up bras are for women who have smaller bust so that their breasts appear big. While that is true, push up bras are not constrained to smaller women. To be real honest with you, women with fuller breasts opt for push up bra because it provides the shape. While Level 3 push up bras serve smaller busted women to make them appear 2 cup sizes bigger, Level 1 push up bra can give women with fuller busts the much-needed lift without altering their normal cup size.

4. Do push up bras only give cleavage?

While showing off your cleavage may sound enticing in thought, you won’t believe the staggering number of women who are least bothered about cleavage. They just want to breathe easier and feel comfortable. Though attaining cleavage may sound like a ‘win’ for you, there are many added perks of push up bras like lift and shape enhancement. There are tons of push up bra styles to choose from. While some give you cleavage, others, like we mentioned above, provide you a lift, shape enhancement making sure you’re high on ‘oomph’.

5. Are push up bras meant for everyday use?

Many brands suggest that push up bras are suitable for daily use to push more sales, but that’s not the case. They might say something like– “You don’t need a special occasion but need to feel special every day”. They preach that wearing push up bra boosts your confidence every day and you wouldn’t be feeling special if you don’t wear them.

No, thank you.

Many women don’t prefer wearing push up bras every day. It sure does go with a variety of outfits, so if you plan on wearing it every day make sure you consider the comfort based on the outfit. After all, it’s your body, your rules. If you are wondering which type of bra is best for daily use you should opt for an everyday bra.

The Great Padded Bra Debate:. To Push-up or Not to Push-up? That is… | by Marissa Hastings | Your Breast Self

Appears on Your Breast Self

To Push-up or Not to Push-up? That is the Question . . . Or Is It??

Are you someone who won’t leave the house unless you’re wearing a push-up bra? Or do you hate the idea of wearing a bra with any sort of padding in it? This can be a polarizing question for many women, especially with the rise of the body positivity movement in the last few years. However, even if you reject the feathers and lace “very sexy push-up” look, it doesn’t mean that you have to go completely au natural. The issue is not black and white. It shouldn’t be a question of “is padding good or bad?”, but of “do I feel good when I wear this?” Simply stated, it’s not a question of what you wear, but why you wear it.

How I See It

For me, it’s about preservation. Yes, preservation. As a small-breasted woman, my breasts are dainty, and shirts can sometimes flatten or camouflage my natural shape. So when I’m selecting a bra, my main criteria is that the bra should preserve my shape underneath my clothing.

It’s not about trying to be something that I am not. It’s not about covering, camouflaging, or fixing what I have. If this was my motive, I would wear an extreme push up bra that promised a 2x cup increase, or I would opt for plastic surgery. For me, it’s simply about preserving the integrity of what I have, and creating a shape that I like and that works well with my clothes. For that reason, I choose to wear slightly lined bras with natural-looking padding.

You have that favorite pair of jeans that accentuates your butt and makes it look extra perky, right? Well how is the type of bra you wear any different? In my view, it’s not.

The Extremist View

In general, I have trouble with extreme stances. Yoyo diets, work hard/play hard mentalities — it’s all very hard to sustain and justify. In the case of body image, if you subscribe to the point of view that in order to be fully authentic and self-accepting you shouldn’t enhance anything about your body, that technically rules out all forms of makeup, hair dye, tattoos, tanning, etc. As you can see, this is not what most of us want or intend.

Enhancement is a tricky word because its connotation changes depending on the circumstances. In the makeup world, “enhance” simply refers to accentuating your features. But in the realm of plastic surgery, “enhance” means surgical alteration. For this reason, the term “enhancing your bust” can get a bad rep from body love enthusiasts, and I believe this negative view trickles down to the push-up bra.

I prefer the phrase “accentuating your natural figure” — it sounds less extreme. I don’t want my figure to disappear under clothes, so I choose to wear a bra with natural looking push-up or padding that accentuates my natural shape in outfits. Just like those of you who use a belt to accentuate a cinched in waist and hourglass proportion, I use bras with slight padding to accentuate my shape and help my shirts lay better. That’s all. In fact, this is why I change up my bra depending on which shirt I’m wearing. It comes down to functionality and figure-flattering forms, not superficiality.

We should have fun playing with our appearance, as long as we’re doing it for the right reasons. It’s an “I choose” versus an “I should” question. “I choose to do this because I respect my body” versus “I should or have to do this because I am ashamed of my body.” This can be tricky to navigate, so here are some things to consider to help you determine if you’re approaching it with the right lens.

Self Assessment & Reflection

  1. Pretend that you went on a trip and forgot to bring your padded bra, how would you feel? If the answer is panicked, then that might be a sign that you’re unhealthily attached to the sense of security your bra gives you.
  2. How do you feel when you take off your push-up bra or wear a swimsuit with less shaping? Do you feel embarrassed? Do you worry that your “exposed” breasts look drastically different than your covered breasts? If your answer is yes, it could mean that your push-up bra is the band-aid approach you’re taking to feel better about your underlying shame and insecurity. It may make you feel better temporarily, but it’s not addressing the underlying problem — your shame. I only mention this because I’ve been in your shoes. Shame can be a tough problem to tackle, but awareness of shame is the first step to overcoming it. With courage and knowledge you can move beyond it. Take a look at my story.
  3. Who are you wearing your padded bra for? Do you choose to wear it because you prefer the look, or do you feel that you have to wear it in order to feel good about yourself with men or around other women? If you consider others’ opinions before you put on your bra, it’s a sign that you could be unhealthily comparing yourself to others.


Hopefully thinking through these questions helps shed light on your approach to body image. It can be tough to reconcile a desire for authenticity and acceptance with a desire to look your best, but you will always be on the right track if you go back to the why. Are you doing this because you want to, or because you feel that you have to? Are your motives rooted in self love or in shame? When you love and accept your body, you should feel empowered to play with it, adorn it with beautiful things, and accentuate its loveliness. You shouldn’t feel guilty or superficial for doing this. However, if you don’t cultivate that self love first, no amount of exterior alteration is going to help you feel fully confident or empowered. It has to start within you.

What do you think? If you enjoyed this or think others may benefit from seeing this, please hit that heart button below. It would mean a lot to me and it really helps other people see the story. Thanks for reading 🙂

Connect Deeper

If these ideas resonated with you, please send me a comment or subscribe to my personal blog, Your Breast Self. I share style and body-love advice for small-breasted women.

Best Push-Up Bras For Every Breast Shape and Size: Best Bras 2021

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

While we love our boobs the way they are, we also know it’s totally normal to crave extra cleavage now and again. While some people are built with naturally close together breasts, others need a bit of help to achieve the pushed-up appearance. Thankfully, push-up bras exist for that exact reason. While people with any breast shape will see a difference from wearing a push-up bra, those with smaller and/or wider-set breasts will notice the biggest change in appearance.

Of course, to achieve the best and most comfortable cleavage, it helps to know which bra is best. With that in mind, we’re here to guide you through the best push-up bras for every breast size and shape with the help of a few of the industry’s top lingerie founders. Which is all to say, your perfect push-up bra awaits you, below.

Why should you use a push-up bra?

While cleavage is the first thing that comes to mind with push-up bras, ThirdLove co-founder and CCO, Ra’el Cohen, says it’s about support, too. “Push-up bras offer padding that helps breasts of any size feel supported and secure throughout the day while providing additional comfort,” she shares, noting that, in her mind, the perfect push-up bra should enhance your natural shape, and provide flexibility with the choice of removable foam inserts. That way, you can transition between a push-up bra and T-shirt bra without having to buy a second one.

What’s the best way to find the best push-up bra for your breast shape?

When looking for a push-up bra, Journelle co-CEO Sapna Palep says that it’s important to remember a few key things to find the best fit. “Firstly, it’s best to look for an underwire-style bra,” she says. “This is going to give you the correct support around your ribcage and also support the cups for some volume and lift.”

In addition to buying an underwire bra, she says to find one with molded, padded cups that add anywhere from a half-size to an additional cup, as they will help to enhance your natural curves, rather than create the appearance of super-obvious, slapped-on padding—and they’ll be more comfortable than bras that add multiple cups (though, those are available should a customer want that). Additionally, she says to look for a push-up bra with adjustable straps and a hook and eye closure. “That way you can form the bra to your body for a customizable fit,” she says.

As for the cup shape, that’s entirely up to personal preference. If you want more coverage, she says you may want to go with a demi bra, whereas those who crave a bit less coverage may prefer a plunge.

Best push-up bra for small breasts:

Cosabella Never Say Never Luckie Push Up Bra

Palep recommends this Cosabella plunge underwire push-up bra for the way it evenly lifts breasts and makes the most of your natural shape. And, since it has removable padding, you can adjust it to your preference.

Best plus-size push-up bra:

Cosabella Pret A Porter Curvy V Bralette

On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a plus-sized bust, Palep says that you can get away with a wireless bralette, so long as the shape is just right. She loves Cosabella’s Pret A Porter Curvy V Bralette, which supports up to a 40H. Though it’s made without underwire, the bralette features a wider band (complete with five hook-and-eye closures) and supportive power mesh lining in the cups, which together offer plenty of support to add a little extra oomph to breasts that have no problem with cleavage.

Best strapless push-up bra:

Calvin Klein Women’s Naked Glamour Strapless Push Up Bra

Palep recommends finding a smooth push-up bra (as opposed to a lace one), as it’s less likely to show lines along your bust. This is especially important since strapless bras of all kinds have the potential to slip down and slice into the top or middle of your breast, creating an obvious lump beneath your clothes. In addition to finding a smooth strapless push-up, it helps to opt for one with a non-slip band, to avoid the fashion faux pas at all costs.

Best push-up T-shirt bra:

Victoria’s Secret The T-Shirt Perfect Shape Push-Up Bra

If you prefer the comfort of T-shirt bras above all else but are looking for a touch more oomph, Palep says to look for a lightly padded push-up bra.

Best plunging push-up bra:

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Add-2-cups Shine Strap Push-up Bra

Palep says that a plunge push-up bra is your best bet if you plan to pair it with a low-cut top or dress. That way the cups and band won’t be visible at the neckline.

Best push-up sports bra:

Victoria’s Secret Incredible Essential Unlined Plunge Bra

If you’re looking for lift while working out but don’t want to wear padding while sweating, it’s all about finding a bra that will lift your boobs up and together. The Victoria’s Secret Incredible Unlined Plunge Bra is my personal favorite sports bra and it does just that. It’s buttery soft but creates lift to avoid making your bust look like a shelf while working out.

Best wireless push-up bra:

Aerie Real Power Wireless Push Up Be Free Lace Bra

Not a fan of underwire? Good news: You can still enjoy the perks of a push-up without the discomfort of wire. This new Aerie bra proves it. Made with molded cups, a lace overlay, and front rose gold hardware to pull your breasts together, you can expect noticeable lift without any obvious discomfort.

Best push-up bra with removable padding:

ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Uplift Plunge Bra

In addition to being transitional—meaning you can remove the padding—Cohen says that this bra is especially beneficial for asymmetric breasts. “The Uplift Plunge bra is an elevated take on the traditional push-up bra, with a V-neckline that emphasizes your cleavage while giving you a zero-gap fit,” she says. “With removable inserts, the bra allows for an extra push up if you want it.”

Best convertible push-up bra:

Fleur du Mal Fuller Cup Top Stitch Convertible Bra

Balconette bras are renowned for their supportive lift and the head-turning cleavage they create—and that’s without any padding at all. Add padding to the mix and you have yourself a bust that’s sure to stand out. Balconette bras look best with square and sweetheart necklines, so keep that in mind when thinking of adding one to your lingerie drawer.

After Years of Going Braless, One Vogue Writer Reconsiders the Push-Up Bra

I haven’t worn a push-up bra since high school. But here I am, a decade later, wearing one at my desk. I have been tasked with test-driving all kinds of bras, from the comfortably wireless to the daintily lace-trimmed to that magical boob-picker-upper: the push-up. The contraption, padded like a stiff memory foam pillow, has the gravity-defying ability to lift and squeeze my breasts together as if I were going to eat breakfast off of them. The bra makes me feel like I’m in an embarrassing straightjacket, and that maybe I could poke an eye out with these things. Things. In other words, my body feels foreign; my chest now belongs in an ’80s-era Penthouse hanging in some 14-year-old boy’s room.

Wearing the push-up bra became sort of a running joke in the office. My boobs were annoyingly perkified, severely enthusiastic, and forever looking upward as if God would come down and bless them himself. And be gone that gaping canyon in between them! I now had cleavage like I was cosplaying a buxom Western saloon floozy or a dirndl-wearing German beer hall babe. At one point, I showed my coworker my new pushed-up breasts, and she gasped, not because I bared my body in a corporate setting, a flagrant HR violation, but because they reminded her of something. “I had those!” she said. “High school boobs!”

High school boobs. Just saying that phrase brings back growing pains. And it will forever be associated with the push-up bra—so much so that just wearing this porntastic, top-drawer piece gives me a tinge of PTSD. High school boobs were aspirational breasts. Popular tits. Cool girl knockers. They were everything I was not. Instead, I was (and still am) perpetually flat-chested, which was something I was bullied mercilessly for in middle school and high school. To counter it, I wore padded push-up bras with the straps hanging out of Hollister tank tops to let everyone know that, yes, I had boobs. I was a woman! The world wasn’t flat and neither was I, and I’d do anything to prove it. I’d stuff these bras. I’d put socks inside of the inserts, and when I got smarter (or more desperate), I’d double up on inserts. I was bullied for that too!

Eventually, I stopped wearing bras altogether, as if I were quitting smoking cold turkey. In my mid-20s, after I had slowly learned to embrace the smallness of my boobs, I woke up one day and realized that I didn’t want—or need—to wear a bra. I like my chest to feel the fresh, breezy air and car exhaust of New York City. I like them out and in the open—joyously free. Plus, tossing my bra was a proverbial “jokes on you” to the testosterone-jacked idiots I went to school with. I looked great! I felt great! I looked better without a bra than I ever did wearing that suffocating, body-binding thingamajig.

When I got home after my push-up bra experiment, I chucked it. I thought about burning it like a ’60s-era feminist, not because I believed so strongly in rebelling against the patriarchy—yada yada—but because I hated the cartoonish ice-cream scoop aesthetic of it. Maybe I’d tuck it away in my drawer and bring it out for next Halloween for when I really do cosplay as a buxom Western saloon floozy! My mother, a perpetually braless icon in her own right, offered some practical advice and said that she read on a Facebook post that I could use the cup as a makeshift medical mask. Great.

I was about to swear off bra wearing for good when the market editor passed off two bras to me to test out: one with wire and another sans wire. Too scarred from the wire of the push-up bra, which I did indeed try, I gravitated toward the wireless incarnation. The bra was a butter-soft piece of fabric that wasn’t meant to violently lift my breasts, but rather to cradle them like a newborn baby. A bralette. I wore the bra all day, and in fact, I actually forgot I was wearing it. At night, I even fell asleep in it. It was a dream for me, and my boobs.

Here, the best 11 comfortable, deliciously soft bras to buy now.

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Bust (cm) 60 64 68 72 76 80 80
Waist (cm) 54 57 60 63 66 66 66

Clothes, boys 7-13 years old

The size thirty 32 34 36 38 40 40
Russian size 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years 11 years 12 years 13 years
Height (cm) 122 128 134 140 146 152 158
Bust (cm) 60 64 68 72 76 80 80
Waist (cm) 54 57 60 63 66 69 69

Baby Clothing

The size 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months 18 months 24 months
Height (cm) 62 68 74 80 86 92
Bust (cm) 40 44 44 48 48 52

Shoes, children 1-3 years old

Shoe size 17 eighteen 19 twenty 21 22
Foot length, mm 105 110 115 125 130 135
Insole length is approximate (depends on shoe model) 110 115 120 130 135 140

Shoes, children 3-7 years old

Shoe size 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 thirty
Foot length, mm 145 150 155 165 170 175 185 190
Insole length is approximate (depends on shoe model) 150 155 160 170 175 180 190 195

Shoes, children 7-13 years old

Shoe size 31 32 33 34 35 36 37
Foot length, mm 195 205 210 215 225 230 235
Insole length is approximate (depends on shoe model) 200 210 215 220 230 235 240


Socks size 18-20 20-22
Foot length, cm 18-20 20-22
Actual shoe size (feet) 29-31 32-34


Push-up bra versus regular bra Underwear was originally designed to protect vulnerable parts of the body from external forces.Over time, the design of the lingerie has also evolved, which by

Push-up bra versus regular bra

The underwear was originally developed to protect vulnerable parts of the body from external forces. Over time, the design of the underwear has also evolved, which has served not only to provide protection and support, but also to shape the body and give it a more desirable shape. Bras and push-up bras are two such garments that have evolved over time and gained immense popularity among women, not only as an auxiliary garment, but also as a beauty enhancement.

What is a push-up bra?

The push up bra is a bra design that features extra padding on the underside of the cup, which in turn pushes the breasts upward for extra support. This design, using padded corner cups, allows the chest to be lifted against gravity and set towards the middle of the chest, thereby giving the body a firmer shape. Push-up bras are also useful for shaping and rounding breasts while increasing the visibility of the cleavage.A push-up bra is a half cup bra.

These types of bras are recommended for women with smaller breasts as they help the breasts to achieve fuller shape by sliding up and together, providing support underneath, creating the illusion of an increase in cup size. Push-up bras can also be helpful for women with larger breasts, as the extra padding under the cup provides additional support for heavier breasts as well as shape the body.

What is a regular bra?

A regular bra is what might be called a bra, women’s underwear worn to support the breast.In addition to support, the bra will also shape the body, thereby giving it a firmer look. A regular bra is usually full cup, made of lightweight fabrics such as cotton, and is often trimmed with lace or other materials to enhance its appearance. It provides maximum breast support by covering the entire breast.

Bras are worn for both comfort and appearance, but generally a regular bra is worn for functional purposes. Support and bounce reduction will be the highest priority in a regular bra, while ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer.Regular bras can be worn under loose-fitting clothing for everyday wear.

Push-up bra versus regular bra

While sometimes the two types of bra are not very different from each other, there are several important factors that come into play when choosing the bra that best suits your needs.

• Push-up bra with padding. A regular bra has no padding.

• Push-up bra pushes breasts up and together, creating the appearance of an enlarged cleavage.A regular bra simply provides support and comfort to its wearer.

• Push-up bra has a half cup. Regular bras usually have a full cup that covers the entire breast.

• Push-up bras usually have underwire for added support, but not regular bras.

How to choose a push-up bra: differences for a figure

Women cannot always wear a blouse, top or dress with a deep neckline. This requires a large breast size.Unfortunately, nature has not rewarded all women with large volumes. Without doing plastic surgery and without rubbing any means into the skin, you can visually enlarge and learn how to choose a push-up bra.

Push-up mechanism

Translated from English, the name is translated as “push up”. Such underwear makes the mammary gland more voluminous, and the neckline is seductive. This effect is achieved by raising the bust or correcting its shape. Keeps the mammary gland in a cup, sewn-in or removable pad.The liner is made of different materials: fabric, plastic and even iron. The side of the cup is slightly open, which creates a hollow.

Types of push-up

All bras with a “lifting” effect can be divided into several groups:

  1. The bra has a soft cup, and the insert practically does not lift the breast;
  2. The model has removable earbuds that can be worn at will;
  3. A gel insert is sewn into the bra, which significantly raises the mammary gland.

For everyday wear, you can buy a bra with foam cups.It is soft, comfortable in it, it can be worn under any T-shirt or top made of thin material.

Models with removable inserts should be worn with clothing with a large or deep neckline. The advantage of such linen is in the pockets where you can put or remove the liners. The inserts can be purchased separately in the size you want.

Silicone filled bras are more popular among swimwear, but are also found among bras. This filler does not get wet. It is convenient to wear them on the beach when a woman is embarrassed about her small size and wears only one-piece swimsuits.

Breast-correcting models are more popular among those with small breasts. The inserts are made of foam. Such underwear gives the required shape to the curves.

Tips for choosing

For women who buy such underwear for the first time, you need to heed a number of tips. If you plan to wear a bra daily, then it is better to choose models made from natural fabrics that drain moisture well and provide free air penetration.For fickle wear and donning for a celebration, you can buy what you like without paying attention to the fabric.

If you need to adjust the shape and volume of the mammary gland for different clothes, then you need to choose a bra with removable liners and retainers. With their help, you can tighten or remove the cups from each other.

To make the chest more voluminous, the neckline looks good in a dress, it is better to buy a bra with four padded inserts. It is recommended to wear underwear with a silicone back under an open dress, and seamless patterns are bought under a tight outfit.

What to look for when choosing

Push-up models are various. Among them you can find bras with inserts and underwire and without underwire. The bones keep the desired shape of the breast well and raise it higher. Bras without bones also hold the mammary gland, but practically do not lift it, only give it a beautiful shape.

Depending on the model, the straps can have different widths. It should be remembered that thin shoulder straps are almost invisible under a weightless blouse or flowing dress.Wide straps hold large breasts and evenly distribute the load. Good straps are in transforming models that can be worn under almost any outfit. When choosing lingerie, great importance should be attached to quality. Low-quality bras can ruin the shape of your breasts over time. They dig into the skin and rub, so it is recommended to buy push-up bras only from trusted brands.

Push-up: harmful or beneficial

These models make the breasts visually attractive and help to lift the breasts of women with a large size.Doctors cannot answer whether it is useful or harmful. Some believe that the muscles atrophy with the constant support of the underwear, since they do not support the weight. Some doctors suggest that the pressure of underwear can lead to cancer and if you wear such a bra for more than 12 hours, then the risk of developing breast cancer increases more than a hundred times. According to doctors, it should be worn no more than two hours a day. Others are sure that if the model and size are selected correctly, then this will not be harmful to health.


Before buying, you need to take a measurement under the bust and measure the protruding points. From the obtained measurement under the breast, the volume in centimeters of the mammary glands themselves is taken away. If the difference is 2.5 centimeters, then you can try on the model with cup A. If the difference is 5 centimeters, then most likely it is cup B, etc. When fitting, the underwear should sit on the chest, not interfere with breathing, but not too much free. A bra is always tried on before buying, as breasts can change shape.

If a woman uses only push-up, then a pair of lace models is bought, about four everyday bras for constant wear. When trying on, they fasten the linen on the last hooks, since the tape stretches over time. In this case, two fingers should pass under it. The correct size is checked as follows: in the bra you need to tilt, raise your arms, etc. The bra should not slip.


It is important to consider what material the linen is made of.The fabric should absorb perspiration. The material should be good for air permeability. Lace is graceful and pretty, but ill-suited for everyday wear. It is best to choose a bra for permanent wear that is made of cotton or viscose, you can take a closer look at silk models. Synthetic lace underwear is recommended for special occasions.

Lingerie color

Black is the color chosen by most women, in addition, it is versatile and visually reduces breasts.Blue is similar to black, but it is better for blondes to choose it. White is as versatile as black and will suit any skin and hair. It is recommended to be worn by women with a small size, because it additionally visually enlarges the breasts. Beige models should not be taken by blondes. Red and purple models work well for any type. They also visually increase the size, but you need to wear them only if the woman has ideal forms. Green shades are most effective on red-haired girls.

Push up – what is it? Sexuality or health

Many girls (especially in adolescence) are completing due to the fact that they have a small breast size. In fact, this is quite normal, the body is undone as it should. However, girls want to be liked by guys.

One of the main criteria for female beauty today is breast volume. And you can increase it in various ways.You should not resort to surgical intervention until the age of 35 (feeding children changes the shape of the breast) if the breast has not been injured. There is an easier way to solve the problem – a Push-up bra.

Breast correction principle

By and large, outwardly a push-up bra does not differ from an ordinary one in almost nothing. However, if you look at it in more detail, then on the inside of the cup you can find special lining.

Naturally, the choice of material is provided for the comfort of the girl who will wear this bra.The following options are used today:

  • silicone;
  • expanded polystyrene, etc.

The essence is to visually add volume to the breasts. Moreover, the filler (the Push-up itself) is placed inside the cup, and not outside for a reason. First, a bra with such a lining should not give out anything outwardly.

Secondly, the bra should give the breasts the most attractive shape.

Since a woman’s breast is made up of adipose tissue, it can change shape quite simply.Push-up supports it not only from below, but also from the sides. As a result, the visible part of the breast (in clothes) rises, visually making the volume significantly larger.

How harmful is it to wear a push-up?

In fact, such a wardrobe item is not useful. The fact is that if the bra is chosen in violation of the recommendations (one size smaller), then this will lead to excessive squeezing of the breast.

As a result, the blood supply can be disrupted, which, of course, is very harmful (especially when it comes to nursing mothers).

Some girls are generally irresponsible about their own health. They naively believe that if you choose a bra size or slightly smaller, then the breast will be visually attractive.

This is partly true. But such attractiveness can come out with significant harm to health.

See also:

The video will tell you in detail whether it is worth wearing a push-up in principle:

How to visually enlarge the bust without push-up and silicone inserts | Dr. Bra

There is a very simple and safe way to make your breasts appear larger in a regular bra (not push-up).This technique is recommended by professional bra fitters when trying on any bra.

The technique is called “Scoop & Swoop” in English. Unfortunately, we could not find an official Russian translation of this name, and we do not want to offer our own. But the essence of the technique lies in the fact that the breast must be scooped up and completely inserted into the cups, as if filling them with the mass of the breast, which turned out to be outside the cups in the armpit area. As a result, you will get the following effect:

As you can see, the bra on the left and on the right is the same, but the breasts on the right seem larger due to the fact that they are more intelligently “packed” into cups.

If you are just putting on a bra, fastening the belt and adjusting the cups to fit your chest, then most often the bra will sit like in the photo on the left. This is due to the fact that breast tissue can be located outside the cup, in the armpit area. By scooping up this fabric with your hands and directing it into the cups, you will achieve the effect in the photo on the right.

Let’s look at one more example. Before the “Scoop & Swoop” technique:

From this angle you can see that there is a small gap between the cup and the chest.But after pulling all the breast tissue into the cup, the breast is already sitting more tightly:

How to use the “Scoop & Swoop” technique

1. Put on the bra

2. Tilt the body forward 90 degrees so that your back is parallel to the floor. If it is difficult, then it is enough to bend 45 degrees.

3. With your left hand, pull the bra belt and the cup from the left side

4. With your right hand, scoop up the entire mass of your left breast and pull it from the armpits towards the center of the chest.Then close the cup so that the entire mass is inside

5. Repeat this on the other side

For clarity, it is best to watch the video demonstrating the “Scoop & Swoop” technique:

Please note that after scooping up the breast in the cup, your bra may no longer fit you. In this case, it is worth taking a larger cup and possibly a smaller belt volume. How to determine if the cup and belt are sitting correctly, you can read in our article “The Bra-Fitting Formula: 6 Tips for Trying on a Bra”.

Also, after using this technique, you may need to tighten the straps so that the mass that you scooped up does not come out back. This point is well emphasized in another video about the “Scoop & Swoop” technique from “The Little Bra Company”:

As you can see, this technique is applicable not only for girls with large breasts, but also for those with small breasts. Another video from Korean bra fitters will surely convince you of this:

If you find it difficult to bend forward, you can do it while standing in an upright position, as shown in the video from “CurvyKate”:

In this video it is also shown that after applying the “Scoop & Swoop” technique, the breasts may not fit into the cup, creating a “quarter breast” effect.In this case, it is recommended to change the size of the bra, but perhaps the problem is not in the size, but you just need to distribute the scooped breasts more evenly in the cups. To do this, you need to slide your fingers between the cups and the chest from the center towards the armpits. This is recommended for girls with large breasts. Watch another video to see what we mean:

The “Scoop & Swoop” technique is very simple and even useful. Due to the massaging movements, you “revitalize” your mammary gland and all its tissues, and your breasts look rounder and tighter.But keep in mind that this technique will only work if you are wearing the correct bra. How to determine your correct size, read the article “A simple but sure way to determine the size of your bra.”

For inspiration, see some more before and after photos of this technique.

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