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How To Curl The Body Wave Hair?

Friday, March 20, 2020 1:42:17 AM America/New_York

I think one of the reasons why people like to wear body wave hair is hair plasticity. Body wave human hair has a popular big S shape, it is produced keeping the original characteristics, durable, long lifespan, and the string ability of hair plasticity. That is to say, you can curl the body wave hair to any popular wavy human hairstyles you like. Then how to curl the body wave weave hair? This is the topic this blog will introduce.

In the beauty market, the real human hair is recognized as the perfect accessory, more and more beautiful women are hurry on the road to find the best and affordable human hairstyles for them. Among all of the various 100% human hairstyles, the body wave weave human hairstyle has become the common choice. This is not only because of the comfortable and suitable capability but also because people’s demands for human hair is growing.

They are no longer want to find the high-quality human hair wig, what they even want to buy is a human hair texture with the strong plasticity. In the modern world, they will also feel boring with the changeless hairstyle, they also want to change their human hair to different popular styles to meet their different holiday or personal demands. Hence, the Brazilian body wave hair is the best choice for them.

If we looking from the appearance, the body wave hairstyles have a popular and big “S” around the entire hair body, bring people a feeling of fashion and sedation, this hairstyle will suitable for any people with different characters. If we talking from the features, the body wave human hair wig has the strong ability of restyling. It can be styled to any popular human hairstyles, such as the curly human hair, natural wave hair, straight human hair, kinky human hair, loose wave human hair, and other customized human hairstyles. We think nobody will not like the Peruvian body wave hair with such unique features.

Now, we will introduce how to curl the body wave hair.


※ How to curl the body wave hair by hair rollers

※ How to curl the body wave hair by a curling iron

※ How to curl the body wave hair by a flat iron

※ Tips on curling the body wave hair

How to curl the body wave hair by hair rollers

Using the hair rollers is a good way to have voluminous curls without using heat on your hair extensions. When you want to curl your body wave hair by hair rollers, you should do the below steps one by one:

* Spraying a little setting mist on your hair, if you have done this yesterday, you can wet your body wave hair bundles make your hair in the good condition. Please note the setting mist can’t too much, too much will make your body wave hair with closure tangle.

* Using the hair roller take a section of body wave human hair, one at a time, don’t let the hair roller next to your face. Until the entire body wave human hair was taken by the hair roller. Please also remember the bigger the section of hair, the wider the curls will be.

* You can wait an hour or go to sleep with your hair rollers, this depends on the time you have.

* One by one, gently take out your rollers by lifting the clasp, then rolling them down, away from your face.

* After doing so, your curling hair may looks too tight and glossy. You can loosen them with your fingers through your hair from roots to ends and shake them out.

* The next is the daily caring work of the body wave hair sew-in.

How to curl the body wave hair by a curling iron

Using a curling iron is a fast way to curly the body wave weave hair. But this method needs you to pay more attention to the heat of the curling iron.

* Start from a section of the body wave hair extensions from your nape, clap the end of the section hair into the barrel of your curling iron and your hair upwards. Turn away your face.

* Make sure the temperature of the hair curling iron doesn’t go above 120C-180C to ensure no damage is done to the hair. 

* Hold the curl about 10-20 seconds, then release the hair.

* Repeat this action to other sections of your body wave long hair, until your entire hair is curled well.

* Use your fingers to loosen and comb your hair, in order to make a cute and fashionable style.

* The next is the daily caring work of the body wave hair sew-in.

How to curl the body wave hair by a flat iron

This is the method the hairdresser usually use to your hair.

* Start from the small section body wave hair bundles at the base of your neck.

* Clampdown near the roots and fold the body wave weave human hair over the top of the iron, sliding along your hair to the end.

* Remember to rotate the flat iron during the process, since this is the important step that will give you lovely curls!

* Then repeat this process until your entire hair is full of curls.

* As long as your hair is full of curls, then comb your body wave transparent lace front wig with your fingers, upset the curls, make the curls not looking so neat and tight, loose curls will give your the feeling of full of charming.

Tips on curling the body wave hair

The body wave weave human hair can be curled, colored as long as you can use the right method. But we still want to list some tips about curling the body wave hair to help you will not bring any damage to the Brazilian body wave hair during your curling.

Buying high-quality body wave human hair is the first important thing. Only the human hair quality is good, then the body wave hairstyles can bear the heat or non-heat styling. So when you are going to buy the body wave human hair wig that can be restyled, what you should consider first is the quality nor the cost.

Don’t over-curling to your best body wave hair, over-time styling will damage the cuticle of the Peruvian body wave hair, your body wave hair bundles may become shedding and tangle.

If you are not confident with your curling skill, going to a professional barbershop is essential, you can pay the right cost to get the lovely curls you like.

Do you have other problems about how to curl the body wave hair? Welcome to Dsoarhair to exchange the valuable suggestions on curling the body wave hair.

4 Best Body Wave Hair Extensions of 2021 According to Hairstylists

Here’s the thing: There are so many types of hair extensions in the world that it’s a borderline headache to figure out which ones are truly The Best. But as anyone who’s scrolled through IG for extension inspo has definitely already noticed, body wave hair remains one of the most sought-after styles. It makes sense, too—body waves are

cute, versatile, and basically a year-round staple. And if you’ve been considering trying them for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, Latoya Boothe, owner of Honey Salon Harlem in New York City, weighs in on everything you need to know about the style, including the installation, maintenance, and so much more.

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What is body wave hair?

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You probably guessed it from the name, but Boothe says body wave hair is defined by its soft, loose curl pattern. The beauty of body wave extensions, says Boothe, is how easy and versatile they are. And while

body waves are especially great for anyone wanting an easy, everyday look with minimal styling time—that doesn’t mean you don’t have the option to style it whenever you want to. If your body wave hair is made of human hair (i.e., 100 percent REMY human hair, not synthetic), Boothe says you can easily blow it out for a sleeker, straighter look or run a curling wand through it for a tighter, more defined style.

“Even if your hair isn’t ‘done,’ you’ll still have some nice shape and wave in your hair

—and whether you wash it, curl it, or do anything to it, body wave hair still keeps its form,” says Boothe. Body wave hair—like all hair extensions—come in a variety of forms, including clip-ins and sew-ins, and can be made with synthetic hair (which is more affordable, but can’t be heat-styled) or human hair (which is pricier, but more natural looking and resistant to damage).

The best body wave hair extensions

best body wave hair on amazon

Amella Hair Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair

best tape-in body wave hair

Glam Seamless Natural Black Beach Wave Tape-In

best virgin body wave hair

Mayvenn Virgin Malaysian Body Wave Bundle

best clip-in body wave hair

Urbeauty Body Wave Remy Clip In Hair Extensions

How do you install body wave hair?

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Welp, that’s totally up to you and your preferences. Boothe says clip-ins are great for anyone in need of a temporary style (think: weddings, birthdays, special events), and since they’re re-usable, you can hang on to them and wear ’em whenever you like. But clients in need of something more permanent should consider getting sew-in body wave extensions, says Boothe, which can last up to eight weeks.

With sew-ins, your stylist first braids your natural hair into cornrows and then attaches the extensions onto your braids with a needle and thread—the process definitely takes longer than clip-in extensions (think: three to six hours) but the result is usually super natural-looking. Another plus with sew-ins? They’re a protective style, which means they’re great for giving your natural hair a break from heat styling, excessive brushing, and product buildup. At the end of the day though, only you know what body wave extensions are going to be best (and, okay, maaaybe your hairstylist—who’s always a good person to consult before you decide anything).

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How do you wash body wave hair?

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If you’re working with clip-in extensions, there’s no need to wash your body wave hair regularly (since the hair isn’t attached directly to your scalp, there’s way less room for oil and buildup). When you feel like your extensions do need a wash, use a tiny dollop of sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, rinse well, and gently pat dry.

Sew-in body wave hair should be washed every two weeks or so, says Boothe. If you have the time, it’s not a bad idea to head back to your salon for a professional wash, but if you’d rather do it at home, you’ll need a super-gentle sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. BTW: Boothe says the most important thing is to make sure your body wave hair completely dries. She suggests using a blow dryer on your scalp, since leaving any damp spots can actually lead to irritation and mildew (yes, really—you could start growing mold).

4 best sulfate-free shampoos

Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Curl Quenching Shampoo

Design Essentials Honey Creme Conditioning Shampoo

Adwoa Beauty Baomint Moisturizing Shampoo

Jane Carter Solution Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo

The final word

If you’re looking for a cute hair-extension style with loads of versatility, you can’t really go wrong with body wave hair. Start by figuring out what type of extensions you want (remember: clip-in or sew-in) and then book an appointment with a pro who can walk you through your best options for installation, maintenance, and more. And, hey, who knows—maybe you’ll roll into 2021 with a brand-new look.

Ruby Buddemeyer Ruby was the beauty editor at Cosmopolitan, where she covered beauty across print and digital.

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Premium Grade Brazilian Hair Weave Body Wave Natural Color 1Pcs/lot

Q 1: Why the colors of hair extensions don`t seems exactly as the pictures show or description says?
A : Different monitor have different displays. For natural hair, the same color number may have a little color difference. Virgin hair can be bleached and dyed.
Q 2: Why my hair extension is different from the hair on the head of model?
A : Different ways of styling can achieve different looks even if it’s the same hair texture. Model pictures showing on our web are for your reference only.
Q 3: Why are my hair extensions getting tangle?
A: Your Hair Extensions can tangle due to dryness, oil & dirt build-up, salt water, chlorine and not combing ( wide tooth comb ) out your hair daily, etc. Make sure to wash & condition your hair at least once a week,twice a week is better. Use hydrating drops or consult your stylist for more help.Too much heat or process will also lead to dryness and thus tangle.
Q 4: Why are my hair extensions getting shedding?
A: A little shedding during the first combings or washes is very normal. Please always seal the weft if you cut it for installation. And never scratch the hair hard.Tangling will also lead to shedding.A wide-toothed comb will be suggested to detangle your hair. While combing, start from the tips and gradually work your way up. Curly hair should not be combed when it is dry or without any conditioner on. Please gently run your fingers through the hair to disentangle it. You may need to use a small amount of detangler spray before attempting this.
Too much heat and process will also cause dryness and hair breakage. 

Q 5: Can the hair be dyed and permed?
A: Virgin hair can be dyed, permed and flat-ironed. The control of temperature of flat iron as well as the choosing of bleaches and colorants, time of process, etc. should be conducted professionally. Otherwise the hair could get damaged easily. Curls could get a bit looser after process. You could also use tools like flexi rods, curling iron, straightner,etc. to help restyle and maintain your hair texture.
Q 6: How to measure our hair?
A: The LENGTH here means the stretched length of raw material. For curly and wavy hair, It should be stretched to straight when you measure the length.
Q 7: Why is there a smell on the hair?
Hair will get disinfected and shampooed in our factory. Then some hair oil will be applied on it before packaging. Usually the smell will fade away after washing and deep conditioning.

Wavy & Curly Human Hair Blend Weave

Wavy & Curly Human Hair Blend Weave | Divatress

64 products found:

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Zury Sis Naturali Star Human Hair Mix Clip-On 9 Weave – Curly 14″


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Zury Sis Naturali Star Human Hair Mix Clip-On 9 Weave – Kinky 14″


Bobbi Boss Miss Origin Human Hair Blend One Pack Solution Weave – Natural French Wave


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Zury Sis Naturali Star Human Hair Mix Clip-On 9 Weave – Curly


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Zury Sis Naturali Star Human Hair Mix Clip-On 9 Weave – Coily


Shake-N-Go Organique Multi-Length + 4″ x 4″ Lace Closure MasterMix Weave – Body Wave 4PCS (18″/20″/22″ )


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Shake-N-Go Organique Multi-Length + 4″ x 4″ Lace Closure MasterMix Weave – Body Wave 4PCS (14″/16″/18″)


Shake-N-Go Organique MasterMix Weave – Bali Wave 4PCS


. ..

Sensationnel Boutique Bundles Human Hair Blend 3pc Weave + 4″ x 4″ Lace Closure – Body Wave


Sensationnel Boutique Bundles Human Hair Blend 3pc Weave + 4″ x 4″ Lace Closure – Deep


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Bobbi Boss Miss Origin Human Hair Blend One Pack Solution Weave – Natural Jerry Curl


Bobbi Boss Miss Origin Human Hair Blend One Pack Solution Weave – Natural Beach Curl


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Shake-N-Go Organique MasterMix Lace Closure – Maui Curl 16″


Sensationnel Boutique Bundle Human Hair Blend Weave – Soft Bohemian 9″ 6pcs


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Sensationnel Boutique Bundle Human Hair Blend Weave – Disco Curl 9″ 6pcs


Sensationnel Boutique Bundle Human Hair Blend Weave – Loose Deep 9″ 6pcs


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Shake-N-Go Organique MasterMix Synthetic Weave – Maui Curl 3PCS


Sensationnel Human Hair Blend Boutique Bundles Weave – Loose Body


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Sensationnel Human Hair Blend Boutique Bundles Weave – French Wave


Mane Concept Human Hair Blend Mega Brazilian Weave – Sassy Wave


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Mane Concept Human Hair Blend Mega Brazilian Weave – Mega Body


Mane Concept Human Hair Blend Mega Brazilian Weave – New Wave


Nadula Middle Part Body Wave Closure with 3 Bundles Hair Weave 100% Virgin Human Hair

Nadula Middle Part Body Wave Closure with 3 Bundles Hair Weave 100% Virgin Human Hair | Nadula

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Nadula 4×0.75 Inch Lace Part Closure Middle Part Body Wave Closure with 3 Bundles Hair Weave 100% Virgin Human Hair

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Number of packages 4pcs/pack
Product Name Body Wave Virgin Hair Weave 3 Bundles With Lace Closure Nadula Best Virgin Human Hair
Hair Length 8-26 Inch
Hair Type Brazilian Human Hair, Indian Human Hair, Malaysian Human Hair, Peruvian Human Hair
Hair Weight 95-100g/pc+30-40g closure
Lace Size 4*4*0. 75 Inch T Part Lace Closure
Hair Weft Machine Double Weft
Hair Quality 100% virgin hair, tangle free, no shedding, soft & bouncy.
Characteristics Virgin hair acts naturally, shed free and comprises of thick & strong strands,not easy to break.
Shipment Free shipping 3-7 business day to U.S, overnight express only to U.S 2-3 business day; Free shipping 7-12 days to Europe & Canada;
Payment Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Escrow, T/T
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How to Curl Body Wave Peruvian Hair Weave Bundles?

How to get Body wave peruvian hair weave bundles?After a period of time, the curl of the Peruvian body wave hair you bought may not so obvious and know how to curl your body wave Peruvian hair may be make it easier to maintain its curl pattern and always look beautiful. Curls look flawless on all hair types, colors, and lengths, but the wrong washing measure may cause damage to your hair and making the curl of your Peruvian body wave hair bundles not so obvious.So know how to curl your body wave Peruvian hair may be make it easier to maintain its curl pattern and always look beautiful.

Superior quality Peruvian body wave hair available

Uyasi hair use 100% unprocessed human hair to produce superior quality Peruvian body wave hair for you. The body wave hair of Uyasi hair mall gives a very sexy and exotic look so it is very welcomed by customers. The Peruvian hair texture blends well with African-American relaxed hair textures.

Braiding for Natural Waves

Braid damp hair into two pigtails. Part your hair down the middle and braid the two sections tightly, then fasten the ends with a hair tie or rubber band.For a more natural look, use your fingers to gently pull the braids apart, loosening them slightly.For looser-looking waves, try using one single braid down the back rather than braiding two parts. For tighter curls, separate your real virgin hair into three or four sections and braid each one. For thick hair, you may need to separate your hair into more than four sections.

Hair rollers application

Using hair rollers or curls is a great way to get voluminous curls without using heat on your hair extensions. The bigger the section of hair, the wider the curls; so make sure you determine what kind of style you wish to have before beginning. Wrap your hair around the hair rollers and set using a hair spray. You can wait an hour or sleep with the rollers in depending on the time you have. Gently remove the rollers and use a bit of hairspray again to set your style.

Creating Twist Curls

Comb and part your hair. Separate the two sides.Twist one half of your hair until it is tightly twisted. Use a small clip to pin the twist on top of your head. If you don’t have pins, hair ties may work. Repeat to the same side.You can also tuck the twist into a wraparound cloth headband to secure it. Wait for your hair to dry. This will take anywhere between 4 to 6 hours, or even overnight.

Curling Iron application

To curl hair weave, the most common way is to use a curling iron. While you curling your hair weft, be sure that the iron temperature is not over 120°C-180°C to make sure it will do no damage to your hair weaves. Start with a strand of hair wave, clap you hair ends into the curling iron barrel and make sure your hair weave upwards. Keep it for like 10 to 20 seconds and then let go. Do this process repeatedly till you finish the whole hair weave. Then use your finger to style and adjust it.

Using Hair Rollers

Using hair rollers or curls is a great way to get voluminous curls without using heat on your hair extensions. The bigger the section of hair, the wider the curls;so make sure you determine what kind of style you wish to have before beginning. Wrap your Peruvian bundle hair around the hair rollers and set using a hairspray.You can wait an hour or sleep with the rollers in depending on the time you have. Gently remove the rollers and use a bit of hairspray again to set your style.

Flat iron application

Hair stylists usually use Flat iron to curl hair. To do it yourself, you can begin with a strand of your hair wavy. Press your hair from the roots and fold your hair weave over the top of the Flat iron, sliding along your hair to the end. Be sure to rotate the Flat iron, this is an very important step, for it will give curls to your hair. After the iron go through your hair weave, you can use your finger to define and wrapping your hair strands in the same direction with the curls.

There are lots of different curly and wavy styles and hair weave tips for different hair types and face shapes. First, you need to choose the right haircut then you can have the beaut.Then you can curl your hair weaving no matter what type it is.Or not,if you want to get full, bouncy curls directly,just come to Uyasi hair.

Whether you are looking for straight indian hair, wavy, deep wave malaysian hair, or curly virgin Brazilian hair, know that you can always count on the hair extensions, hair weaves, and lace closures offered by Uyasi. Get in touch with us today to try our products and see just how much changing up your hairstyle can change your looks and affect your confidence positively! We look forward to helping you achieve a more stylish and beautiful you.

Body Wave Weave |

Body Wave Weave

Buy Quality Body Wave Weave made from the Best 100% Human Hair. Look Fabulous in our Body Wave Bundles in Brazilian, Indian and Malaysian. Choose your favorite Hair with Closure or without in Short, Long and Medium lengths. Shop Now!

The Best Hair Extensions

We have high quality body wave hair in several color variations and lengths. Our body wave bundles are top quality virgin hair and can be easily heat styled to suit your needs. Dye and bleach our virgin hair to your requirements. Our high quality body wave weave hair is easy to manage and will last a long time with good care.

Top Quality Body Wave Weave

If you are looking for quality Body Wave Weave, we have it. This Body Wave human hair is from 100% pure virgin human hair and is long lasting. These Body Wave Hair Bundles are double-wefted to prevent shedding and cuticle aligned to prevent tangling. Our Body Wave Weave Hair is all natural and can be curled, straightened and styled to your liking.

If you are looking for quality hair bundles, choose from our collection. Go ahead! Browse our body wave hair. We carry Brazilian Body Wave, Peruvian Body Wave, Malaysian Body Wave, Indian Body Wave and Brazilian Body Wave Hair in Remy Grade. This body wave human hair is available in several lengths and is 100% human hair body wave hair weave. As you browse through our selection, you will notice that this hair weave is available in different sized bundle lots from 1 bundle to 4 bundles and also body wave bundles with closure. Body wave hair is one of the more popular hair types which are purchased. This hair is soft, flowing and easy to manage. If you prefer not to heat style this hair, the waves will stay for the life of the hair with proper care. Our standard body wave bundles are natural color (1B). All of our hair is heat treated and sanitized to ensure that you get fresh hair bundles every time. Although our standard bundles are natural color, we also offer bundles which are pre-colored. Some of our stocked colored body wave weave includes #1 (Jet Black), #2 (Black Brown), #4 (Dark Brown), #33 (Auburn), Burgundy, 99J, #27 (Blonde) and #613 (Blonde). You can buy these shades in either solid color or ombre shades. We also stock the ombre shade 1B/4/27 which is natural black at the weft, brown at the mid-shaft and blonde at the ends. You can always request for us to create custom color variations to suit your specific needs. Our body wave hair is very versatile and can be styled in different ways depending on your needs. Our hair bundles can be paired and matched with our lace frontals and our lace closures to allow you to have a complete style. We have body wave weaves with matching 4×4 closure, matching 13×4 closure or matching 360 frontal. Maintenance is easy. If you find that your hair is looking a bit frizzy, just use a light spray of water and apply a little leave in conditioner to revive the natural waves. When the hair has buildup, you need to wash it with a moisturizing shampoo and apply a light spray of leave in conditioner after you have towel blotted the hair. We also carry remy body wave. This hair is of high quality and can be bleached and dyed to your liking. This hair is also soft and manageable and is available in different bundle lots in 1 bundle,2 bundles, 3 bundles and 4 bundles. You can also buy this hair with and without lace closure or lace frontal. Our body wave human hair is available from 8 inch to 30 inch with 10 inch to 28 inch being the most regularly in-stock lengths.

How to install this hair

This hair can be installed easily. You can install it as a sew in or if you prefer as a bonded hairstyle with hair glue. A sew in will of course last longer as hair bond can tend to loosen after a while and release from its sealed position. Whichever installation you choose, you need to ensure that you create a solid base upon which to install your hair tracks. Usually, most people start with a base of corn rows which can be either your own hair or your own hair reinforced with braiding hair such as kanekalon braids. Some like to sew the weave directly on cornrows which others like to place a mesh or a mesh wig cap over the corn rows to allow for sewing in areas where the cornrows may have too much space between them. With a mesh covering, the hair will last longer as cornrows will loosen as you real hair grows out, making the base less solid. On the other hand, bonding is method which is commonly used for quick weaves. It is faster to complete and the hair will not stay on as long but you would be able to achieve the same hairstyle nevertheless. The process however is simple. You just place the glue on the hair tracks apply it where you want to place it on your head. Prior to placing glued on tracks, hair should always be properly protected with a stocking cap and/or protective solution to ensure that none of the hair bond sticks onto your real hair as this can cause damage when removing the hair weave.

Ordering Body Wave Bundles

We offer body wave bundles in several lengths and hair types including Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian and Brazilian Body Wave hair with our most popular type being the Brazilian body wave bundles followed by our Peruvian Body Wave. This hair is easy to maintain and style. You can comb the hair and hot curl it with your favorite heat styling tool. These hair extensions are 100% virgin human hair and are constructed to prevent shedding. This curly hair has cascading waves which last all day and the wave pattern is an S formation. When you are ready to put in your order, if you already have an account you can simply login your account. If you are trying to find the tracking information for your order, you can check the status of your order by logging into your account. Also login your account to check your order history or to check the detail information of a current or prior order. To track order, just enter order number and click submit.

90,000 Hair braiding, braiding in beauty salons EGO Since ancient times, a braid on women’s hair has been considered a symbol of beauty. Today hair braiding is also a popular trend and is gaining more and more female fans.

You can, of course, get your hair done at home. However, the most safe option is to braid the salon with the help of a professional master who knows various techniques and is able to create a hairstyle of any complexity. A braid is a versatile and practical way to style your hair, which can be used for both everyday and dressy looks.Let’s look at what weaving options can be used for curls of different lengths.

Weaving on long hair

Owners of long hair were the most fortunate. On such hair, you can perform the maximum number of hairstyles, and especially those that are not suitable for short and medium length hair. This is a weaving of 4-5 strands or a snake, openwork braids, a classic braid-waterfall, a French waterfall on a gathered tail, braid-plait, Greek braid, “fish tail” and others.These hairstyles look beautiful with woven ribbons, decorative flowers and other embellishments, which adds extraordinary solemnity to the image.

Medium length braiding

Any of our beauty salons can offer braiding on medium-length curls in several interesting options:
  • French braid is an excellent hairstyle for every day and for special occasions, which lasts a long time on such hair. If you braid 2 pigtails from the temples to the back of the head, this styling will hold well even without styling products.
  • A braid framing loose strands – gives the image of tenderness and romance.
  • Spikelet – a comfortable and beautiful daily hairstyle in which the hair does not fall apart and the bangs do not go into the eyes. To add originality to such a braid, it can be braided from the bottom up.
  • Half-hair – a stylish version of everyday styling, when only curls are woven into the braid in the direction of hair growth, and the curls on the other side remain unused.

Braiding options for short hair

Unusual and beautiful weaves are also available for those with short hair. To keep the styling well, you should use different fixing methods: varnishes or styling foams, hairpins, etc. So, you can make the following hairstyles:
  • French Falls – straight or diagonal;
  • rim – two braids are braided at the temples and directed towards each other;
  • if there is an elongated bang, you can make a side parting, braid the bangs to one side and fix it with small hairpins or hairpins;
  • If there are no bangs on short hair, the front side strands can be braided vertically like a French braid.

Specialists of the EGO beauty studio will perform professional braiding for hair of any length. You will get a beautiful original hairstyle that will not only appeal to you, but will also cause a stream of sincere compliments from others.

You can get acquainted with our services in the “Services” section

You can sign up for braiding hair in EGO salons by phone:

EGO beauty salon on Dolgoozernaya
  • Address: Dolgoozernaya st. , house 33, building 1
  • +7 (812) 652-05-05

EGO beauty salon on Bogatyrsky

  • Address: Bogatyrsky pr., 32 (entrance from the yard)
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short hair medium hair long hair
Model streak 500 500 500
Creative haircut 600 600 800
Hair trimming (one cut) 300 300 300
Bangs Correction 100 100 100
Children’s haircut up to 7 years old 400 400 400
Seniors (haircut up to 12 hours) 300 300 300
Hot scissors trim 600 600 600
Hair cutting with hot scissors 1200 1200 1300
Hot scissors bangs correction 500 500 500
Hair Polishing 800 1000 1200
Laying without preparations 400 600 800
Styling 100 150 200
Hairstyle 1000 1300 1500
Rehearsal of the formal hairstyle 600 600 600
Braiding 200 300 400
Afro-braids 3000 4000
Curls 700 800 900


One-tone dyeing 1300+ drug 1600+ drug 2000+ preparation
Roots (2-3 cm) in one tone 1000 + drug 1000 + drug 1000 + drug
Lighting and tinting 2000 + drug 2200 + drug 2400 + drug
Dual technology 1400+ preparation 1500+ drug 1600+ drug
Biolage (complex staining) 1700+ drug 1900+ drug 2400+ drug
Shatush (complex staining) 1800+ preparation 2000+ preparation 2500+ drug
Ombre (complex staining) 1900+ drug 2100+ drug 2600+ drug
Air touch original (complex painting) 2000+ preparation 2200+ drug 2700+ drug


Roots (on foil) 1300 + drug 1300 + drug 1300 + drug
Hair (on foil) 1700 + preparation 1900 + drug 2400 + drug


Multicolor highlights 1900 + drug 2100 + drug 2600 + drug


Complex (head wash with professional shampoo and conditioner + massage) 100
Scalp scrubbing 400
Blow dry 200 250 300
Keratin reduction (mask) 400 450 500
Sweet shine (care) 400 500 600
Shielding 600 650 700


Perm 900 + preparation 1200 + drug 1500 + drug
Root volume 1800+ preparation 1800+ preparation 1800+ preparation
Bio-curling NIAGARA 1300 + drug 1600 + drug 1900 + drug


Keratin Straightening Bangs 500 + drug 600 + preparation 700 + preparation
Keratin hair straightening 1500 + drug 2000 + drug 3000 + drug
Molecular cocktail 400 + preparation 450 + drug 500 + drug
Iron-pull 400 600 800

EYELASH EXTENSION (registration by tel. )

Classic extension 600
Extension 1.5 D 750
Extension 2 D 800
Extension 2.5 D 900
Extension 3 D 1000
Eyelash Removal 200

Weaving of braids and braids of any complexity, Mayakovskaya, photos, reviews, prices.

Come to our beauty salon to braid braids is an easy way to look elegant, fashionable and original

Braiding in various versions has firmly entered modern fashion since Russian and Western celebrities, including Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton , Rihanna and many others, began to pose with this hairstyle in front of cameras at social events.

Stylists of the Mayak salon will perform braiding of any complexity , making your image stylish and extraordinary! It doesn’t matter which braid weaving option you choose: a French braid, a “fishtail” or Afro-braids – our masters will fulfill any of your wishes. Look at the photos of haircuts from braids, made by the professionals of our salon – this is the best proof that even Hollywood stars can envy the braids that we know how to do. There is another photo in the “Our works” tab!

A master of braids will be happy to make a wonderful hairstyle for hair of any length : braiding for medium hair, braiding for long hair, braiding openwork braids and braiding a French braid – this is so feminine, suitable for a woman of any age and with any type of appearance.

By the way, if you want to look irresistible not only on holidays, but also every day, we suggest making a permanent permanent lip or eye makeup! If you want to have an elegant and original hairstyle , then you don’t have to get a haircut or change the style, although, of course, this is also beautiful – you can braid your hair instead! Our craftsmen can also perform braids for medium hair – in order to get a beautiful braid, you do not need to have long curls.

Braiding is beautiful, fashionable, practical, because the hairstyle can last up to two days!

“Mayak” beauty salon in Moscow, this is the place where experienced stylists work! You can verify this by reading the reviews on our website. We are located in the 1st minute of walking from the station. m. Mayakovskaya, five minutes from the station. m. “Tverskaya” and 7 minutes from the station. m. “Pushkinskaya”.

Sign up for braiding in the salon “Lighthouse” and become the owner of a fashionable hairstyle! Prices for braiding are affordable!

Braiding in Moscow – inexpensive, high quality, amazingly beautiful? Yes, in the Mayak beauty salon! We weave braids of any kind: Afro-braids, French braids, a spikelet, a fishtail braid, flower braids, an evening hairstyle from braids and even a business hairstyle from braids – all this is affordable and stylish, try it.

Inexpensive braids, braiding on hair of medium length or long – reviews of these hairstyles made in our salon are only good!

Curved body into curls of hair, deviates from the hair

9065 1pc per carton in pvc bag


Indian hair 100%, Chinese hair, Indian hair, Russian hair, Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair .

All colors available


Straight, body wave, deep wave, natural wave, Italian wave, French curls, wave of water, Yaki…


50gram, 100gram, 150gram…


Delivery time

depends on 7 -21days quantity

Braid hairstyle for every day

For a long time, the hairstyle has been an indispensable element of the complete female image.A romantic hairstyle will help you to look gentle and slightly playful.

Women’s mysterious beauty is especially emphasized by all kinds of weaving in combination with soft curls-waves. Affectionate female curls disturb the hearts of millions of men, and braids concisely complete the image. Cascading curls framed by openwork or tight braids speak of shyness and tenderness of a girl’s nature.

The hairstyle looks especially elegant, slightly opening the neck area, because since ancient times it was this area of ​​the female body that was considered the most exciting and sensual.

It is possible that many girls have already tried to create a French braid in various variations, which looks very beautiful and makes the image unique. However, such a hairstyle can be significantly refreshed and more stylish by adding a little more clutter and volume by curling with a curling iron or iron.

For the spring season, there will be a fashionable French-style braid, braided at the top of the head, and the rest of the hair is curled in waves and loose at the shoulders. Performing such a hairstyle is quite easy and simple with your own hands.

MK hairstyles with French braid

Hairstyle lesson from Alka Khrustalek

1. First, divide the hair with partings into four zones: parietal, two occipital and lower. Twist into bunches so that one section does not interfere with the other.

2. This is how everyone looks from behind.

3. Start braiding the hair in the left occipital region. We braid a regular French braid with a one-sided pick-up. With us, grabs come only from above.We braid the ends of the hair into a regular braid.

4. In the same way as in step 3, create the braid on the right.

5. When finished braiding, secure both braids with a hair tie. This is the bottom layer of the hairstyle.

6. Now proceed to the next section of hair. Divide the parietal area into 2 parts.

7. We collect the upper parts of the hair on the left and right in a similar braiding.

At the very end, polish the hairstyle for better hold. For a more elegant look, you can decorate the braids with decorative hairpins or rhinestones on a spring.

Finish the look with a light curl of loose strands, or create a weave on already curled curls.

That’s it! In a short period of time, a luxurious and very stylish French braid on your head is ready.You can be sure of your charm and attractiveness!

Hair styling in Donetsk – Hairdressing

  • Hair styling

    Beauty salon Hameleon in Donetsk offers you modern ways hair styling for all occasions. Today, professionals have access to a whole arsenal of diverse means – fixing and modeling, curling and straightening curls, with which you can work real miracles.In just a couple of minutes, the master of the beauty salon Hameleon is able to create an image with any character and mood, using all possible design options and secrets of hairdressing.

    The most popular, affordable and fastest way to create a spectacular hairstyle is hair styling with a hairdryer. This versatile tool assumes the easiest styling on medium hair, allows you to work with strands of any thickness and structure, create a light, careless “chaos” on your head or style the curls in an elegant design, giving them the perfect shape.A multifunctional tool in the hands of a master allows you to achieve a spectacular volume on thin strands and tidy up hard hair using mousses, foams, change the direction of movement, air flow temperature, technique and techniques for working with individual strands. silhouette of the hairstyle, stretch the strands in the form of a soft wave, make the transitions and accents of the haircut more pronounced and clear.

  • Festive Hairstyle

    To create an evening hairstyle that suits you, with the help of the masters of our salon in Donetsk is a whole creative process, because there are many variations from chic curls to smoothly combed extravagant hairstyles.Our experts will help you create a festive look, taking into account all the features of your appearance, as well as your outfit. Low hairstyle with curls, romantic with a curl or braiding, hairstyles with fresh flowers, as well as with all kinds of accessories will not leave anyone indifferent. Professional hair styling is a great way to become incredibly attractive!

    We offer our clients only the best and newest methods in art evening and wedding hairstyles .

  • Braiding

    Braided hairstyles are undeniable classics. Braids braided in different ways fit perfectly into any look from business to wedding. Braids are relevant for both young girls and older women.

    Braids almost never go out of style. Weaving braids allows not only to create a feminine romantic image in a short time, but also easily hides hair imperfections and focuses on their advantages. In addition, such a hairstyle always looks appropriate and neat. It will emphasize your character and give your appearance a special personality.

    Hameleon beauty salon in Donetsk is ready to pleasantly surprise even the most demanding clients! Our stylists are proficient in all modern braiding techniques.This means that they can implement any option you like.

  • 90,000 How to weave braids for long hair?

    Hairstyles with braids are an incredibly stylish and graceful solution. They always look very impressive. Also important is their ability to maintain their shape throughout the day.A huge number of ways to weave braids allows you to choose the appropriate option for any situation: going to the office, to a party, with friends. Such hairstyles can be done on their own without resorting to the help of specialists.

    Weaving braids for long hair: performance features

    Braids on long hair are always beautiful and effective. In addition, the owners of such enviable curls can afford absolutely all types of weaving. A braid is the best option for taking care of long hair and giving it a well-groomed look.

    Weaving braids for long hair is a rather laborious process. It takes a lot of time and patience. To achieve the desired result, you should take into account the following nuances:

    1. When weaving braids, long-haired beauties are advised to use at least three strands.
    2. Comb your hair with a massage brush as thoroughly as possible before braiding. Long curls get tangled much more, and therefore require more careful preparation. If you neglect this rule, the pigtail will look sloppy and less magnificent.
    3. If your hair is not only long, but also unruly, slightly dampen it with water or apply a special spray / gel.
    4. For additional volume, you need to slightly tighten the side strands.
    5. Secure the excess strands with elastic bands. Dissolve them gradually when you need to include the curl in the weaving. This will greatly simplify the entire process.
    6. Watch the ends of the curls. Each strand, no matter how many of them, needs to be brought to the end. This need is explained by the fact that during braiding, long curls get confused.
    7. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Any braid on long hair looks great.
    8. The finished braid can be twisted and received a flower or an air bunch.

    Be careful! Try to optimally adjust the tension. If you braid long hair too loosely, it will loose its shape very quickly under the influence of its own weight. Tightening the curls more than they should, you risk paying off with a headache.

    Beautiful braids for long hair: Photo instructions

    Weaving fishnet braids for long hair: a step-by-step guide

    This type of braiding looks extraordinarily beautiful on long hair. This model hairstyle is perfect for special occasions and daily outings:

    1. Moisturize hair. Wet the strands with water or apply a little mousse specially – this will make it more convenient for you to braid the braid and the hairstyle will last for a longer period.
    2. Take a massage brush and comb your hair gently
    3. Separate three strands at the crown.
    4. Bind 1-2 as in a normal braid. Don’t over tighten.
    5. Now carefully pull the thin loops out of the outer strands. Part this hair evenly on both sides of the braid.
    6. Finish the braid using the same technique.
    7. Use small elastic bands, preferably matching the hair color, to secure the ends of the strands. Disguise them gently with your hair.
    8. The finished braid can be twisted and received an openwork flower or an airy bunch.

    Openwork weaving is a creative process. There are several options for braids:

    • Pigtail-caterpillar: made by forming links from curls as in a chain;
    • nautical knot: macrame weaving technique, four strands are used;
    • eyelet: the curls are pulled on one side only, forming lace loops along the entire length.

    To make your hairstyle even more festive and effective, you can add jewelry to the braids or weave ribbons of different colors.

    Don’t forget! In order to understand the details of weaving and understand the principle of creating a pigtail, it is better to first try to make a hairstyle not on yourself, but on someone else.

    Weaving fishnet braids for long hair: Video instruction

    French braid for long hair: step by step instructions

    This type of braid is distinguished by its weaving technique.It is led from the top of the head, and not classically – from the bundle.

    1. Take the top section of the curls and divide them into 3 sections.
    2. The strand on the right is placed on the middle one and complemented with hair from a free bun.
    3. The left side is picked up and also transferred over the central one and a curl is added to it.
    4. The action continues until all the hair has been braided into the braid or until it reaches the desired length.
    5. Finish it with either a regular pigtail or a tail.

    Make sure the strands are equal. If you are braiding a thick braid, do not tighten the curls. For a neat braid, you need to take smaller strands, and make the tension stronger. You can make your hairstyle casual and weave more freely.

    If the standard French weave is boring, experiment with the rest of its types. So, you can braid the back braid. She looks interesting and adds volume to the hairstyle.

    The beginning of weaving is standard – a section of hair is taken from the top of the head and distributed into 3 parts:

    1. The right strand is placed between the rest, but not on top, but below.
    2. Pick up the left and in the same way hold under the center.
    3. The next strand from the volume is connected to the right one, and then placed under the middle one.
    4. More hair is added to the left strand and again passed under the middle one.
    5. Actions are repeated until the braid is braided.

    French Reverse Braid for Long Hair: Video Instruction

    Braid Weaving Ideas: Video Tutorials

    10 simple hairstyles with braids for long hair

    Braid with elastic bands for long hair

    Rihanna’s braid for long hair

    Greek braid wreath

    Braids for long hair: Reviews of readers

    Anna Vinogradova, Petrozavodsk, 28 years old. I love doing something interesting with my hair. I did not know about some of the nuances before, I had to suffer for a long time with a haircut. Now the braids are graceful and neat. It looks very impressive.

    Alena Fedko, Zhitomir, 19 years old . I’m not a fan of braids and difficult hairstyles at all, but it looks impressive. I might even try to build something like that. Although I’m not sure what will happen the first time.

    Inna Frolovskaya, Moscow, 30 years old. All this, of course, is great, but if you want a beautiful hairstyle, you cannot do without a trip to the hairdresser.It is impossible to braid this yourself, no matter how detailed the instructions are. This is only in the pictures, everything is perfect. In reality, the result is more deplorable. I tried it myself a couple of times – only time killed. As a result, I just pinned my hair.

    Victoria Rybnik, Kursk, 24 years old. Looks great! I just love doing these hairstyles. She braided a French braid at the prom herself – it looked great. And it’s not at all hard to do it. Especially according to the instructions.

    Svetlana Degtyarenko, Yekaterinburg, 22 years old. I tried to make an openwork braid – it worked! Yes, it took a lot of time (perhaps out of habit – I haven’t done this before), but the result is worth it! Very comfortable and beautiful. And then I was already tortured to figure out how to pin up my hair. I have them long and thick – that’s another combination.

    Irina Leontyeva, Krasnoarmeysk, 32 years old. Made such a braid to work – everyone was delighted.

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