Blue fountain pen ink cartridges: The Best Blue Fountain Pen Inks

Blue Ink Comparison: Finding the Best True Blue Fountain Pen Ink

In today’s ink comparison, we’ll be comparing four traditional blue inks popular amongst fountain pen users. Get a better look at the four inks in today’s ink comparison and then watch the ink comparison video.

Four Traditional Blue Inks: Popular Blue Fountain Pen Inks

  1. Lamy Blue
  2. 3 Oysters Delicious Blue
  3. Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue
  4. Namiki Blue

Other Products and Supplies We Used During Today’s Ink Comparison:

For today’s ink comparison, we used a J. Herbin Spiral Glass Dip Pen in Sand along with a Clairefontaine Triomphe notebook. We also kept a Dee Charles Pen Wipe nearby to cover our bases.

The Top Performing Blue Inks from Today’s Ink Comparison:

We know that the “best” blue fountain pen ink choice is going to depend on several different factors, including the pen you’re using, the project you’re approaching, your writing style, and your personal preferences. But we think we’ve covered the major bases with the following details pulled from a few simple tests: writing sample, dry test, and water test. Each ink sampled shows an ink splat followed by a writing sample. The dry test follows. For the dry test, we wrote out 1, 2, 3…Dry Test, waited 3 seconds, and then ran a dry cotton swab over the writing. You can see the results in the video. For the water test, we wrote out 10, 9, 8…water test, waited 10 seconds, and then ran a wet cotton swab over the writing. You can see these results in the video as well.

Which Blue Ink Dried the Fastest?

The fastest drying ink out of today’s chosen blue fountain pen inks was 3 Oysters Delicious Blue ink. Here are the results of the dry time test in order from fastest dry time to slowest:

  • 3 Oysters Delicious Blue fountain pen ink (6-7 seconds)
  • Lamy Blue fountain pen ink (8-9 seconds)
  • Pelikan 4001 Blue fountain pen ink (9-10 seconds)
  • Namiki Blue fountain pen ink (about 10 seconds)

Which Blue Ink Had the Most Shading & Sheen?

3 Oysters appeared to show the most shading and sheen with shades from vibrant turquoise all the way through to so dark blue it’s almost black. However, both Pelikan 4001 Blue and Namiki Blue also had great shading and sheen possibilities with Namiki showing slightly more variation than the Pelikan 4001. The Lamy Blue, while not as drastic as the other inks featured in this comparison, did show a bit of shading, but little to no sheen was evident.

Which Blue Ink Was the Most Water Resistant?

According to our results, Namiki Blue was the most water resistant of the four inks in this ink comparison. However, none of the inks featured today are waterproof inks. We chose Namiki Blue fountain pen ink as the winner of today’s Most Water Resistant Blue ink award because the writing was the most legible (and showed the least amount of distortion) after the water test.

Which Ink Comes at the Best Price? *

Today’s inks in order from lowest price to highest price: Lamy Blue (50 ml bottle), Namiki Blue (60 ml bottle), Pelikan 4001 (30 ml bottle), and 3 Oysters Delicious Blue (38 ml). Typically, we’ll follow our lowest to highest price list of inks with a Best Value list showing which is the best price considering the size of the ink bottle and the current pricing, but today’s Best Value list matched the Low to High Price list, so we’ll just move on. (And just to be clear – Lamy and Namiki are VERY close in price per ml, so while we technically awarded Lamy Blue both the Lowest Price Blue Ink and the Best Value Blue Ink award for today’s ink comparison, Namiki is just as good a deal when it comes right down to it).

*Actual prices are not listed in the ink comparisons since they may vary depending on sale pricing, manufacturer price changes, etc. But you can always find the current discounted pricing on your favorite inks at

Check back often for full ink reviews (weekly along with an ink giveaway) and our new ink comparisons! And, as always, find your favorite pens and inks at

Ink cartridges blue Cartridges and ink bottles


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Ink extender

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An extender for flexographic and other ink compositions and inks using such extender where potato starch serves as the ink carrier and an emulsion resin. The use of potato starch provides for a readily available, cost effective, substantial and environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum and soy based resins.

Hybrid Ink offers an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use ink that provides unsurpassed performance and eliminates the need for additives. It exhibits good water resistance once dried. This makes it a highly versatile multi-purpose screen printing ink that is much safer for the printer and much friendlier to the environment.HP Instant Ink cartridge. Replace one or both ink cartridges as indicated by the printer control panel. Turn on the printer. Make sure to load the printer with plain, white paper. Gently grasp the handles on either side of the printer, then raise the ink cartridge access door until it locks into place.

Under Ink Tools >Pens choose Pen. To change the ink color and stroke width, point to the color and width (0.35mm – 0.5mm) you want. On the touch screen, begin writing or drawing. Highlight text. Under Ink Tools, on the Pens tab, click Highlighter, and then pick a highlight color. Point and drag your pen or finger over the text that you want to …

Under Ink Tools >Pens choose Pen. To change the ink color and stroke width, point to the color and width (0.35mm – 0.5mm) you want. On the touch screen, begin writing or drawing. Highlight text. Under Ink Tools, on the Pens tab, click Highlighter, and then pick a highlight color. Point and drag your pen or finger over the text that you want to …

We stock many different brands of extenders and sealers such as; Krylon, Tim Holtz, Dulux, Copic & Jacquard Pinata amongst lots of Alcohol Ink art supplies. The Krylon Spray Paints Australia Kamar Varnish and the Krylon UV Clear in Matte and Gloss are perfect products for sealing and protecting your Alcohol Ink and


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  • Matisse Ink Extender is used with Matisse Inks to dilute the colours. While Matisse Inks may be thinned with water, thinning with water alone will lower the amount of acrylic binder present, weakening the ink’s water resistance. Adding Ink Extender (up to 25%) to the water ensures the binding qualities of the ink colours are retained. 45 ml


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A Comparison of Blue Fountain Pen Inks

Black and blue are the two ink colors that are commonly used in fountain pens for everyday writing, and most people use blue inks for business and professional purposes. Blue is my ‘go to’ ink, and I have more than 30 bottles of blue fountain pen inks, but not all blue inks are the same. I have a few favorites, and I categorized them into three categories: Regular/Standard Blue, Dark Blue/Blue-Black, and Turquoise.


This category has the widest selection of blue inks, including the basic and true blue inks. Some blue inks in this category have green and red undertones, but the ones I included here are the true, vivid blues. These ink colors can be used everyday in business and and legal documents, in note taking, and even journaling.
J. Herbin Éclat de Saphir is a vivid, bright blue ink with excellent flow and lubrication. It’s a wet ink, and shades well, especially in broad or stub nibs. Éclat de Saphir is a beautiful, bright blue even after it dries on paper. It doesn’t stain the pens I’ve filled with it, and is easy to wash off.
J. Herbin Éclat de Saphir

American Blue is my favorite Private Reserve blue ink. It is bright, saturated, and has excellent flow. Shading is best in broad and stub nibs, where I occasionally see a distinct red sheen. American Blue is a well behaved saturated ink, and does not stain or clog my pens. My PR bottle is a fast dry ink, and it dries really fast!
Private Reserve American Blue (Fast Dry)

I have Noodler’s Baystate Blue, and I love its bright color, but I am more drawn to the depth and richness of Noodler’s Blue. It’s a saturated blue ink, and takes longer than most inks to dry. I usually use it on my broad-nibbed pens.
Noodler’s Blue


Whenever I want to try a different ink color that’s still blue, I go through my box of blue-black inks. They are still blue, but darker, and yet lighter than black. I use blue-black inks to sign documents, and in note taking at the office.
Noodler’s Midnight Blue and Bad Belted Kingfisher (BBK) were my first blue-black inks. I prefer BBK because of its depth, shading, and lubrication. It’s a saturated ink, smooth, and a true blue-black ink that doesn’t become teal after it dries. The only downside to this ink is its drying time. It takes a while to dry, around 20-25 seconds, especially when it’s used on a wide nib. It also takes a while to wash off.
Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher

Pelikan Blue-Black is my favorite blue-black. It’s from Pelikan’s 4001 ink series, and a dry ink, so I use it mostly in broad and stub nibs. It’s very expressive, turning grayish blue from dark blue, and the shading is simply awesome. It doesn’t feather or bleed on thin paper, and dries fast.
Pelikan 4001 Blue Black

My bottle of 1670 Bleu Ocean came from this ink’s first batch. It doesn’t have the additional gold flecks, and I like it that way. Most people avoid this ink because it is heavily saturated, but I love its deep, dark blue color, and my Lamy Al Star Ocean Blue is always inked with it. The pens I filled with this ink wrote smoothly, and Bleu Ocean dries faster than its older sibling Rouge Hematite, which is a notoriously slow drying ink.
J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean


When I was a fountain pen newbie, my first ink love was Waterman South Sea Blue, a turquoise ink. It has been discontinued several years ago, and I have found a few turquoise inks in place of South Sea Blue. While turquoise inks are lovely, I use them more for journaling.
Bleu Pervenche is my introduction to J. Herbin inks. It is a lovely turquoise ink, with subtle hints of green. Bleu Pervenche has excellent flow and lubrication, shades well, dries fast, and easy to wash off.
J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche
Pelikan 4001 Turquoise is a bit darker than J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche, but has the same hints of green. It has nice shading, excellent flow, and dries fast (around 10 seconds). Although it’s a light blue ink, it becomes a bit darker when it has dried.
Pelikan 4001 Turquoise

Below is a photo of the ink swatches on a page.

These inks are my favorite blue inks. They are the most behaved, easy-to-maintain-in-pens inks, they do not clog nor stain my pens. The pens in my EDC are always filled with one or two of them.

I got these inks from different stores at different times, but in Manila, they are available at Scribe Writing Essentials. For availability and prices, contact Scribe through their website, or visit their stores in Eastwood Mall, Shangri La Plaza Mall, Glorietta 5, SM Aura, and SM Megamall.

Fountain pen cartridge Replacement Pilot blue (12 per pack)

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Art. 1109786

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  • Trademark: Pilot
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  • Ink color: blue
  • Bottle material: plastic
  • Nesting scheme: 12
  • Cartridge length: No
  • Country of origin: Japan
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1950384 PARKER | Parker Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Blue

Consumable type ink cartridges
Colour blue
Peculiarities for all Parker fountain pens
Equipment in the package – 5 cartridges
Country of origin France

Parker Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Blue Reviews

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Cartridges and their types | Encyclopedia of pens

The fountain pen cartridge is a cylindrical plastic ampoule. There is ink inside the cartridge. On the one hand, the cartridge has a blind end, on the other – a specific flange (depending on the manufacturer), which is put on the needle or other part of the fountain pen feeder.

Comparison of cartridges and some converters in terms of ink volume.

Locking mechanisms

1. A thin membrane is molded in a mold along with the entire cartridge (ink is poured through the blind end of the cartridge). When the cartridge is inserted into the handle, the pen feeder needle literally pushes this membrane, it partially breaks off from the cartridge body and is bent inside the cartridge.That’s it, the ink flows freely to the feeder and then to the pen.

2. Inside the cartridge working flange there are two annular protrusions, inside of which a small ball is placed, which locks the ink in the cartridge until the feeder needle pushes this ball into the cartridge. The ball then moves freely inside the cartridge, while stirring the ink and preventing them from sticking to the walls due to surface tension. The balls in these cartridges are made of plastic and sometimes metal.


The main difference between the cartridges is their different physical dimensions and, most importantly, the shape of their working flange.

Many manufacturers make money on the sale of not only pens, but also cartridges. Accordingly, many of them develop their own standard of cartridges for their pens, it is clear why.

Taken from

1. The most common standard is the so-called international (international) .The name is unofficial, precisely because many manufacturers in Europe, USA, India, China produce pens specifically for this standard and produce cartridges of this standard. Among them: Waterman, MontBlanc, Pelikan, Kaweco, Diplomat, Bexley, Rotring, Platignum (UK), Montegrappa, Omas, Danitrio, ACME, Caran d’Ache, Diamine, Monteverde, Schmidt, Visconti.

The most common variety is short international cartridges, and they are most often found in office supply stores and even supermarkets like Auchan.

2. The next popular standard is Parker . Parker standard cartridges are available in 2 lengths – regular and short.

In addition to its main capacity, each cartridge has a dedicated backup system. As soon as the ink supply in the main compartment is depleted, while the need to write is still there, the cartridge easily “comes back to life”: you just need to lightly press the end of the cartridge or knock on it, and a miniature reserve container at the end of the cartridge will immediately open, the ink from which will allow you write about 4 more pages of text.

Also the Parker standard is used in Lamy pens. But the shape of the back of some Lamy pens does not allow the use of regular Parker cartridges, only short ones. Sold everywhere, for example here.

Lamy calls its cartridge standard the LT10 (or T10) code.

3. The company Sheaffer has its own standard of cartridges. Many of the Sheaffer cartridge pens can be used with International standard cartridges (usually short). And, although they “sit” only on the feeder needle of the Sheaffer pen, not resting on the entire width of the cartridge, as in the original Sheaffer cartridges, they hold very well.

4. The American company Cross produces handles under its own corporate standard. The stepped shape of the cartridge working side successfully counteracts attempts to use cartridges from other manufacturers.

5. Company Pilot produces cartridges of its own format.In addition, Pentel manufactures Pilot standard cartridges.

Pilot also produces special shortened cartridges for its mini pens that differ in size from the main Pilot cartridges.

6. Cartridges of the company Platinum differ from other manufacturers not only by their own standard, but also by the fact that the locking ball is made of metal. And when the cartridge is empty, the knock of the ball lets the owner know that it needs to be replaced.

7. Company Sailor keeps up with its Big Three comrades in Japan and develops pens to its own cartridge standard.


Cartridge diameters

  • Montblanc – 3.0 mm
  • Waterman – 2.5mm
  • Parker – 3.5 mm
  • Platinum – 3.8mm (3.75)
  • Sheaffer – 3.25mm
  • Graf von Faber Castell – 3.5 mm
  • Schneider – 3.25 mm

To summarize, it is worth adding that all of the above applies not only to cartridges, but also to converters for fountain pens. They also have something to say.


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Refillable ink cartridges for HP Designjet 510 (Compatible with HP 82) with chips, 4 x 69 ml

Refillable ink cartridges Re-DJ510 are 100% compatible with the HP Designjet 510 Large Format Printer. Made of transparent durable plastic, refilled through the top opening, each cartridge is equipped with a stainless steel mesh ink filter.

How to refill the HP Designjet 510 shut-off valve – video

Refill shut-off valve Re-DJ510 with chips are fully ready for operation after refilling with ink for HP 510. Attention: do not start the printer with empty cartridges, this may damage the shut-off control chips (not under warranty happening)!

The set includes 4 refillable HP 82 analog cartridges (blue, magenta, yellow, black): CH565 (black), C4911A (cyan) C4912A (magenta), C4913A (yellow) with installed chips, supplied without ink.The volume of inkwells No. 82 is 69 ml each.

Shut-off valves work only as a set! Installing separate refillable cartridges together with the originals will lead to a sharp deterioration in quality or even the impossibility of further printing. Insert the ENTIRE slam-shut device into the printer before starting. Do 1-2 nozzle cleanings, print a nozzle test.

The printer may warn you that an “unknown cartridge” is installed that contains non-HP ink. Agree or ignore the warning.

Non-resettable chips installed without reuse lock (unlimited number of times). After working out the amount of ink similar to the capacity of the original cartridges (according to the ink flow meter inside the chip), the printer will display a warning. You should agree with the warning and thus disable tracking the ink level. Further, the state of ink in the PZK / CISS should be monitored only visually (the amount of ink will not be displayed).

Chips in DesignJet printers are vulnerable due to dual ink control – by the counter in the chips (after the end of the counter, you can use the cartridges and then agree to the warnings that appear) and by the sensor for the presence of ink in the print head.If you insert empty cartridges, skip refueling, or use low-quality ink, a sensor error can damage the chips, so carefully monitor the status of the shut-off / CISS.

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The manufacturer may slightly change the appearance, weight, dimensions and configuration of the product (without affecting the target functionality of the product). In some cases, we do not have time to reflect such changes by changing the image and description on the site.We recommend checking the availability of mandatory characteristics when purchasing.

Attention: the printer manufacturer does not support the warranty when using non-original consumables. All products on our website are non-original consumables, unless otherwise indicated in the description.

Pachomius left a review on and gave a rating of 5 out of 5

Recently I decided to switch to PZK. Originals have become too expensive. The kit includes instructions for refueling, which greatly simplifies the task.Long-term testing of these cartridges did not reveal any serious flaws. The store pleases with the quality of goods and service at the level.

Amadis left a review on and gave a rating of 5 out of 5

For a long time there was a thought to abandon the regular purchase of originals, so it is very fortunate that I stumbled upon MuchInk. For office printing it is the most, there are no complaints about the quality. I like how they print. Thanks a lot for the great service!

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