Blackout curtains big w: Home Valances 36 W x 18 L Thermal Insulated Blackout Valance Curtain Big Flourishing Bohemian Poppies on The Antique Background Graphic Design Kitchen Curtain Valance Burnt Orange White


Home Valances 36 W x 18 L Thermal Insulated Blackout Valance Curtain Big Flourishing Bohemian Poppies on The Antique Background Graphic Design Kitchen Curtain Valance Burnt Orange White

Curtain Big Flourishing Bohemian Poppies on The Antique Background Graphic Design Kitchen Curtain Valance Burnt Orange White 36 W x 18 L Thermal Insulated Blackout Valance, Burnt Orange White : Home,Kitchen Curtain Valance, Big Flourishing Bohemian Poppies on The Antique Background Graphic Design, 36″ W x 18″ L Thermal Insulated Blackout Valance Curtain,Affordable prices,Effortless Shopping,First-class shop, customer First., 36 W x 18 L Thermal Insulated Blackout Valance Curtain Big Flourishing Bohemian Poppies on The Antique Background Graphic Design Kitchen Curtain Valance Burnt Orange White, Poppies on The Antique Background Graphic Design Kitchen Curtain Valance Burnt Orange White 36 W x 18 L Thermal Insulated Blackout Valance Curtain Big Flourishing Bohemian.

Burnt Orange White, Burnt Orange White : Home, laundry room, Room Use: Kitchen; Bedroom; Living room; Dining room, our valances will balance the temperature of your room while providing privacy.

Burnt Orange White : Home, Kitchen Curtain Valance, Crafted of 100% polyester in a slight sheen finish, PATTERN & STYLE: Kitchen Curtain Valance. Big Flourishing Bohemian Poppies on The Antique Background Graphic Design. bathroom, Its rod pocket header easily slides over your preferred curtain rod, 1 Rod pocket window valance panel per package, while its straight hem and accent stitching lend a tailored touch, for effortless installation, Header Type: Rod pocket, Big Flourishing Bohemian Poppies on The Antique Background Graphic Design. Material: Polyester, Product Details, 36″W x 18″L Thermal Insulated Blackout Valance Curtain. Perfect to cover the upper window of your kitchen, which can block out most unwanted sunlight. this valance features an all over 3D Modern printed pattern making it the perfect addition to any room, with water temperature at about 86°F, Material: Blackout valance is made from 100% high quality polyester fabric, HEADER TYPE: 3” rod pocket slides easily onto your curtain rod for quick installation.
Features, not included, Multi-Functions: Window valance has Super heavy blackout, Description, Chic and versatile, this valance can be machine washed and tumble dried as needed, Kitchen Curtain Valance, Do not tumble dry or bleach, The short curtain is the most user-friendly decorative hanging options. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine washable, Iron at low temperatures, this valance showcases a Moroccan tile-inspired trellis motif, Protects you and your family from UV rays. Cleaning Method: Machine wash, Bring a pop of pattern to your window with this room darkening window valance. 36′ W x 18′ L Thermal Insulated Blackout Valance Curtain, 36″ W x 18″ L Thermal Insulated Blackout Valance Curtain, Big Flourishing Bohemian Poppies on the Antique Background Graphic Design.

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Everything You Need To Know About Your Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains have been around for decades and are still a popular type of curtain inside the home. They are often used in dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens, as the curtain type allows for more privacy while still letting in some natural light. Still, despite their popularity, a lot of customers have questions when it comes to sheer curtains. If you would like some of these frequently asked questions answered, be sure to read through our overview below.

Where To Buy Sheer Curtains?

There are plenty of sheer curtains available these days; this includes a lovely range of sheer curtains available at Spotlight. Our sheer curtains are made from the finest sheer fabric, guaranteeing you quality as well as affordability.

What Are Semi Sheer Curtains?

A semi sheer curtain is a specific type of curtain that allows for the maximum amount of light to enter your home. While it does provide less privacy than regular sheer curtains, it does allow more natural light inside your home. Most semi sheer fabrics are made from a loose woven linen.

How To Measure Sheer Curtains?

Whether you use curtain rods or tracks inside your home, most curtains will require two to three times the fabric to provide a proper drape and fullness. Therefore, taking the measurements for your sheer curtains in the right manner becomes even more important.

To measure the width for your sheer curtains, always measure the outer frame of your window and add at least fifteen centimetres on either side; this means you will take the width of your window and add a total of thirty centimetres to get the exact width for your curtains.

If you wish to know the length of your curtain, there are three different methods you can use. Firstly, you can measure from the top of the rod or track to just above the windowsill. You can also choose to let it hang just over the window sill, simply add fifteen centimetres to the length between rod and windowsill. If you prefer to have your sheer curtains reaching to the floor, measure from the top of the rod to the floor and subtract fifteen centimetres.

How To Hang Sheer Curtains With Drapes?

Some homeowners prefer layering windows when it comes to sheer curtains and drapes; this means they prefer a combination of sheer curtain and heavier drapes. Of course, there are many ways to hang sheer curtains with drapes.

Curtain Rods – One of the ways to hang curtains and drapes together is to use a curtain rod as well as a track. The track will be on the inside of your window and holds onto the sheer curtain. The rod on the other hand will hold onto your heavier drapes.

Curtain Types – When combining sheer curtains and drapes, be sure to consider the type of curtains you are trying to layer. For example, you may come across tab top curtains, top rod pockets, pencil pleat, and other types of curtains to combine. In most cases, you will be looking for a combination of tab top and eyelet curtains.

Getting More Privacy From Your Semi-Sheer Curtains

Many people are concerned that people on the outside can see inside when it gets dark. The problem with semi sheer curtains is that they do provide less privacy than other sheer fabrics. That being said, they should provide sufficient privacy at night. However, if you are still concerned, there are some additional things to be done.

Blackout Curtains – If you are worried about having sheer curtains in a room where privacy is required, blackout curtains could be an option. Blackout curtains are made from fabric that do not only block out all light, but also a fabric that guarantees total privacy.

Living Room – You can hang sheer curtains in the living room, but you may need some drapes on top to guarantee more privacy.  It is a simple yet effective combination.

Dining Room – Dining room curtains are usually elegant. So, if you choose a combination of drapes and curtains, always make sure your drapes have an elegant pattern or design. When choosing a design or pattern, do not forget to incorporate the interior design of your dining room. While you could choose a different colour or pattern compared to the interior design of your dining room, drapes must always complement that design in some way.

Additional Window Treatments – There are a variety of window treatments that can guarantee better privacy. It is often a good idea to experiment with available options to get the one that works best. You could choose a combination of sheer curtains and drapes, but you could also choose heavy drapes and blinds for better light control. It all comes down to the designs you prefer.

How to Hang Curtains On A Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are not just popular among kids, many adolescents and adults also prefer bunk beds over simple beds. Some like them just because they are fun, others have more practical reasons like convenience and privacy. There are many ways to make bunk beds look cute. This article discusses how to increase privacy by hanging curtains on bunk beds. Make sure to take a look at our ultimate list of bunk bed accessories and how to make bunk beds more sturdy as well.

To hang curtains on a bunk bed follow these steps: take measurements for your curtain rods, get curtains that match your decor goals, attach hooks to the bunk bed, install the curtain rod, then install the curtains.  

We’ll go into more detail below in the rest of the article. 

As kids grow older they begin to want a sleeping space that they can call entirely their own and which has some degree of privacy. Instead of making your kids share a bed, giving them a bunk bed is a much more suitable option. While the two levels of the bunk bed provide some degree of privacy and freedom of space, there is another thing you can do to increase privacy: hang curtains on your bunk bed.

Hanging curtains on your bunk bed is also useful if you are sharing a dorm room with someone or you just want to give your bunk bed the feeling of a canopy bed. You can choose to hang curtains on one of the levels or both levels. The method used for hanging curtains on a bunk bed can vary depending upon the structure and material of the bunk bed and the type of curtains you are using.

For detailed instructions from a bunk bed manufacturer, take a look at these instructions from Max & Lily showing how to attach bunk bed curtains to their bunk beds. Also, if you’re not worried about privacy as much, take a look at our step-by-step guide to hanging sheers on your canopy bed and our canopy bed scarf guide too.

Built-in bunk beds with curtains. Image Source: Decoist.

Step 1. Take Measurements to Determine the Length of the Bunk Bed Curtains and the Curtain Rod 

The first step is to take measurements for how long your curtain rod will be. Curtain rod measurement will vary according to the width of the bunk bed. The same measurement will help you decide the width of your curtains. The width of the curtain is always more than that of the rod to allow for the folds in the curtain. The more folds you want, the more you will have to increase the width of the curtain.

These bunk bed curtains from Amazon are great for a twin sized frame. The front panel measures 75″ L x 33″ H and the side panel measures 38.5″ L x 33″ H. Some ready-made curtains like these ones don’t need a curtain rod and simply use velcro adhesive.

The next step is to take measurements for the length of the curtains. If you are getting ready-made curtains then the measurement taken by you should match the length of the ready-made curtains. However, if you are just buying unstitched fabric for the curtain, make sure that its length is about two feet longer than the desired length of the curtain. This will allow sufficient fabric for the process of hemming.

Step 2. Get Curtains Whose Fabric Meets Your Purpose

Once you have taken all the measurements, it is time to get curtains. The fabric you choose for the curtains depends on the purpose you want to use the curtains for. If you want to have curtains for privacy, you might want to pick a thick fabric for the curtains or ready-made curtains made of some thick fabric.

If you want to use curtains for decorative purposes, you should go for a lightweight fabric that allows you to see through it. This will give a dreamy look to the room. There are various online sellers from which you can buy curtains; some companies can even prepare customized curtains for you. While buying curtains make sure that they are what you want and that they will provide good value for your money.

Here are some medium thickness, polyester, bunk bed curtains from Amazon that balance durability with style.

Step 3. Attach Curtain Rod Hooks of Good Quality 

Once you have acquired the curtains, you will need something to hang them from, and here comes the role of hooks and rods. Buy some good quality curtain rod hooks and attach them firmly on to the bunk bed just below the upper bunk.

In most cases, you will have to drill holes in the bunk bed to attach the hooks. Make sure you buy the hooks that have a tightening system to hold the curtain rod firmly and to keep it from moving.

Here are some curtain rod hooks on Amazon that you can use to hang your curtain rods.

Step 4. Install the Curtain Rod

Having attached the hooks firmly to the bunk bed it is time to install the rod. To install the curtain rod into the curtain rod hooks, start by sliding it into the rod hole of one of the hooks and push it towards the other so that the rod is held by the hooks. Do NOT tighten the screws that are meant to keep the curtain rods in place.

(Alternative) Some curtains like these ones from amazon use a string instead of a curtain rod to simplify the installation. 

Step 5. Hang Curtains on the Bunk Bed

Take one side of the rod out of one of the hooks while the other side is loosely held by the other hook. Slide in the curtain(s) on the rod and insert the rod back into the hook. Now you can adjust the position of the curtained rod to center it.

Once it is properly positioned, use the tightening system of the hooks to hold the rod securely in place. Enjoy your bunk bed with increased privacy.

Please note that some curtains come with hooks that allow them to be hanged by an already fixed rod. You can go for the option that you find more convenient.

Reasons to Hang Curtains on a Bunk Bed

Reasons to hang curtains on a bunk bed include (among others) providing more privacy, a dark environment for sleeping, a quick tidy look for the room, or a particular decor for a bed such as a castle (which is especially fun for children).

Curtains on a Bunk Bed Increase Privacy

The issue of privacy may not come up with two kids sharing a room. But when two adolescent siblings or adult roommates are sharing a bunk bed, they are very likely to want a private sleeping space. This can be achieved by hanging curtains around the bunk bed (as an example of how curtains provide a sense of privacy see Ikea’s cozy curtain design). 

Curtains Block Light to help you Sleep in a Dark Environment

If two people sharing a bunk bed have different sleeping preferences, it can also be a reason to hang curtains. For example, if one of the sleepers is afraid to sleep in the dark and the other prefers a dark environment, the problem can be solved for both of them one of them hangs a curtain around his/her bunk to block light.

Bunk Bed Curtains Separate You from Your Clutter at Night

Curtains not only give a sense of privacy but also define the boundaries of the sleeping space. No matter how cluttered your room is, drawing you bunk bed curtains will allow you to cut yourself out of the clutter in your room and allow yourself a space that feels comfortable to sleep in. 

Hanging Curtains on a Bunk Bed Creates a Dreamy Effect Using Fairy Lights and See-Through Curtains

You can also hang curtains around your bunk bed to create a dreamy effect in your room. Using some curtains of a light see-through fabric paired with some fairy lights can transform the whole look of your room and make your bunk bed look magical.

This upper bunk bed curtain gives a dreamy look and comes with fluorescent stars! Image from Amazon.  

Curtains Can Add a Pop of Color to the Room

If your room has plain white walls and looks too basic and your bunk bed is also no different, you can spice things up by adding brightly colored curtains on your bunk bed. This will make your room look more lively. 

Curtains on your Your Children’s Bunk Bed Can Give them an Illusion of a Little Sleeping Castle

Kids love to have places to hide and places they can use for their pretend play. You can use brick-printed curtains and hang it on your kids’ bunk bed to give it an illusion of a castle. 

Curtains help Make the Room Look Cleaner without much hassle

With a busy routine, waking up every day and making your bed can be a hassle. Hanging curtains on the bunk bed can solve this problem. All you have to do is to draw the curtains of your bunk bed and voila, your room looks clean. Both lazy and busy people will like this idea.

How to Hang Curtains on a Metal Bunk Bed vs. a Wooden Bunk Bed?


Curtains on a metal bunk bed tend to use suction hooks to keep the curtain up. Image Source: AILY. Curtains on a wooden bunk bed can be drilled into the frame. Image Source: Decoredo. 

To hang curtains on metal bunk beds vs. wooden bunk beds you follow almost the same method, except that you may need a different drill tip. You could also simply use suction cups or adhesive to install curtains on metal bunk beds.

Metal is much more challenging to drill hooks into, so you will need a different drill tip to drill holes into wood vs. metal. 

Another challenge for metal bunk beds is that they tend to have a lot of rounded surfaces. So, adding hooks to these rounded surfaces is more challenging than flat wooden surfaces.

If you are using curtains that come with suction cups and do not require the use of curtain rods, you might want to make sure that the surface of your bunk bed is smooth. Suction cups cling better to smooth surfaces like metal bunk beds or polished wood. Crude or rough wood doesn’t work well with suction hooks. Here are some suction cup hooks from Amazon.

Tips to Hang Bunk Bed Curtains on the Top Bunk

We have previously discussed how to hang a curtain around the lower bunk of the bed. Some people prefer to make their top bunk private as well. For example, two college students sharing a dorm will both want their beds to have privacy.

To hang bunk bed curtains on the top bunk, you can install the rod on the ceiling, use a ready-made bunk bed canopy, fix screw-in bed risers on top of the bunk bed posts or buy a bunk bed with an enclosed structure.

However, hanging curtains to cover the upper bunk can sometimes seem tricky. This is because the bed structure normally does not go high enough to provide a place to install the curtain rod. In such a case, the alternative is to install the rod on the roof and hang curtains on it. Here’s a ceiling curtain track that you can use with beds.

You can also, alternatively, buy a ready-made bunk bed canopy that matches the size of your bed and keep it on the upper bunk. It will give you complete privacy. 

Another creative hack is to use screw-in bed risers on top of the bunk bed posts to turn your upper bunk into a four-poster bed. You can then connect all four posts with a thick wire and use that wire to hang some lightweight curtains. Here’s a ready-made top bunk curtain that uses thick wire from Amazon.

Yet another option is to get a bunk bed with an enclosed structure. This will eliminate the need for hanging curtains altogether. Bunk beds that are shaped like houses and castles often have enclosed structures.

A bunk bed with a ready-made, enclosed, upper bunk. Image Source: Amazon. 



A private upper bunk with a bunk bed canopy that you can buy ready-made. Image Source: Amazon. 



Examples of Easy-to-Install Bunk Bed Curtains

The following are some examples of some very easy-to-install curtains that you can use on your bunk bed.

Product name and link Description of why these bunk-bed curtains are easy to install Price
Dormitory Bunk Bed Curtains Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these curtains are very easy to install because the curtain rings are already installed in the curtains. You just have to slide them onto the rod. ~$59.99
Lush Decor Blush Riley Curtain   These beautiful curtains are perfect for a girl’s dorm room bunk bed to create a feminine look. They are easy to install as the fabric is hemmed from the top in a way that it can be easily slid onto the rod. ~$42.99
Portable Blackout Curtains for Bunk Beds  These blackout curtains are great if you like to sleep in the dark. They are also the easiest to install as they come with suction cups attached to them. You can remove and put up these curtains any time you want without going through much hassle. ~$25.99

Note: If you are unable to find curtains that are the right length for your bunk bed, you can always trim them from the bottom and hem the ends or glue some decorative lace at the end to give the curtains a nice finish.

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16 best blackout curtains to stay cool and comfortable

While the summer sun is great for a day outside, it can pose an issue if you’re trying to get some rest or stay cool. Thankfully, blackout curtains are a simple solution to those irritating problems.

According to Dr. Daniel Barone, a neurologist at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian, one of the easiest things you can do to get better shut-eye is to make sure the room is dark.

“We’re designed to be sleeping when the sky is dark,” he told TODAY. “You want the room to be as dark as possible without it being dangerous,” he added. To achieve a dark room, he recommends using blackout curtains — curtains that block out light to help you sleep through the night.

Their benefits go beyond the bedroom. Blackout curtains are designed to reflect the majority of UV rays that hits it, reducing unwanted solar heat from entering your home.

We searched for bestselling and top-rated blackout curtain options available online. From Amazon to Bed Bath and Beyond, this list will help you find the perfect set of blackout curtains for your home.

Bestselling blackout curtains

1. AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Curtains

These AmazonBasics curtains have over 29,000 verified ratings and a 4.5-star average. They’re designed to fit on any standard or decorative rod, and they’re made with 100% polyester. The two-panel pack also comes with velcro strips to tie the curtains.

2. Nicetown Blackout Drapes

Available in over two dozen color options, these blackout drapes from Nicetown are designed to match the decor in any room in your home. Each package comes with two panels, and the silver grommets make them easy to install.

3. Nicetown Double Layer Blackout Curtain Panels

Block out every bit of sunlight with these double-layered curtain panels. While they’re crafted to make your room pitch black, the brand also claims that they can reduce noise from outside.

4. BGment Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains

Each BGment curtain panel has six metal grommets that make hanging easy. They’re designed to block out over 85% of sunlight and they’re insulated with high-density yarn for insulation.

5. Aquazolax French Door Blackout Curtains

If you have French doors leading to your bedroom, you can still experience total darkness with these blackout window coverings. They come in 11 colors and include velcro ties that will let some light into the room while giving you privacy.

6. Mainstays Energy Efficient Single Curtain Panel

Save money on your energy bill with these energy-efficient curtains. They’re designed to reduce outside noise, block light and help your home stay cooler in the summer.

7. Eclipse Kenley Solid Color Blackout Single Curtain

These solid blackout curtains are just as practical as they are stylish. Available in five mature colors, the thick polyester texture helps block plenty of light from the sun.

8. Sun Zero Kylee Energy Efficient Curtain Panel

If you live in a loud area, these curtains may help you get a better night’s sleep. They’re made with thick, woven material that’s designed to reduce noise and block light.

9. Brockham Solid Blackout Grommet Curtain Panels

Add an elegant touch to any room with these blackout curtains from Wayfair. Crafted with 100% polyester, they have a transparent top layer and a solid blackout layer on the back.

10. Clontarf Geometric Room Darkening Curtain Panels

These thermally-insulated curtains are made to reduce external noise and energy lost through your windows. Plus, they’re available in seven cool geometric patterns!


Solid Blackout Thermal Grommet Curtain Panels

These blackout curtains have a modern design that can go with nearly any home decor. The triple-weave fabric blocks out sunlight while providing a sophisticated design to any room.

12. Darcy 84-inch Blackout Curtain Panel

These finely-woven panels combine utility and style. The blackout curtains are machine-washable and have top grommets that make them easy to install.

13. Quinn 84-Inch Grommet Top Blackout Curtain Panel

Maintain privacy and complete darkness with these polyester curtains. The texture of the material is designed to absorb heat, which helps keep your room temperature-controlled during the heat of the summer.

14. Quinn Geo Blackout Window Curtain Panel

Need to add some decor to an otherwise basic room? These geometric curtains will bring some excitement to your home while keeping it cool and dark.

15. Plaza Grommet-Top Lined Blackout Curtain

The Plaza curtains have an elegant, shiny look made from 100% woven polyester while the grommets have a distressed bronze finish.

16. Wallace Blackout Grommet-Top Curtain

This single panel curtain is machine-washable and easy to hang. It comes in eight colors and five lengths to fit any size window.

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This article was originally published on June 4, 2018.

Garmin Venu Sq is on sale for $130

We may receive commission from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

What a beauty. It can display thousands of watch faces (pick your favorite), and it’s water-resistant, to boot. (Photo: Amazon)

You don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to find value in a smartwatch with health metrics. Take Garmin’s sleek Venu Sq fitness-focused smartwatch: It can play music, pay your bill at a store or restaurant, alert you with notifications from your phone — and also track your workouts and give you feedback about your heart rate and pulse ox. In other words, it’s about fitness, sure, but also a whole lot more. It makes your life better, from morning till night (and even through the night).

Originally $200, Garmin’s Venu Sq is now just $130. This is the lowest price we’ve seen for this popular smartwatch. Now’s the time to grab one — so you can take advantage of the sale and be ready to hit the ground running (or walking fast) when your New Year’s Resolutions come calling. 

You’ll get free shipping on this item, but if you happen to have Amazon Prime you’ll get so much more. Like the ability to stream music from Amazon on your new smartwatch, plus discounts at Whole Foods and all sorts of other perks. If you’re not yet a Prime member you can start a free free 30-day trial here.

No need to pull out your phone to stay up on texts. Just peek at your wrist. (Photo: Amazon)

$130 $200 at Amazon

The Venu Sq comes in orchid (above), slate, silver, and white. It features a 1.3 inch water-resistant touchscreen with a crisp color display. It has a sleep monitor and heart rate monitor and helps you keep track of health metrics from heart rate to hydration to sleep quality. With more than 20 preloaded sports apps — running, cycling, swimming and golf, to name a few — it enables you to easily create your own workouts via the Garmin Connect app. 

When paired with a smartphone, the Venu Sq can also provide you with call, text or social media notifications right on your wrist. It even has safety and tracking features that can send your location to designated contacts (good for emergencies).

Story continues

With a strong focus on fitness, this watch sparks enthusiasm in reviewers looking for help on the exercise front. One five-star reviewer said they were “astonished at the breadth and depth of the information this watch provides…In addition to a wide selection of activities to monitor, the information on the general state of health and quality of sleep is impressive and useful.” 

A second reviewer echoed this sentiment and says, “. ..I find the heart rate tracker to be super accurate.” A shopper who purchased the device for medical reasons says they particularly appreciate that “the watch does continuous heart rate monitoring… I can also alert my emergency contacts and send them my location if I need to.”

Others appreciate the communication notifications. This reviewer said the Venu Sq “probably has more features than I will ever use but I love the things I can do on it… Email notifications; I can tell when my phone is ringing somewhere else in the house… and I can see my text messages coming through.” Another reviewer pointed out that the watch “Allows me to see phone notifications (that I want to see, and I can shut off those I don’t), and quickly dismiss incoming robocalls.”

The Garmin Venu Sq is on sale for $70 off in all four colors. Choose a watch face to match your style. (Photo: Amazon)

Fans of the sleek smartwatch also like the ease of use; this reviewer says “It was easy to set up and sync with my Android phone and my healthcare platform. And the face is large and easy to read.” And this happy shopper, a personal trainer and triathlete, bottom lines it: “I’ve been a Garmin fan for years – their devices last a long time and they’re the best at fitness tracking. Beautiful screen, easy to navigate and set up.”

$130 $200 at Amazon

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TV deals:

  • Insignia NS-24DF310NA21 24-inch HD Fire TV, $100 (was $170),

  • Samsung 85-Inch AU8000 Series 4K Smart TV, $1,498 (was $2,200),

  • TCL 40-inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV, $230 (was $350),

  • Hisense 75A6G 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV, $710 (was $950),

  • Samsung 75-Inch Class QLED Q70A Series 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV, $1,498 (was $2,300),

Headphones and earbud deals:

  • Fluance RT80 Classic High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player, $190 (was $200), amazon. com

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  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, $100 (was $150),

  • Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Earbuds, $171 (was $209),

  • Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, $100 (was $200),

  • Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones, $177 (was $250),

Video game deals:

  • MSI GS75 Stealth Gaming Laptop, $1,349 (was $1,749),

  • NEO: The World Ends with You (PlayStation 4), $40 (was $60),

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  • Marvel’s Avengers for PlayStation 4, $20 (was $40),

  • Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory (PlayStation 4), $25 (was $50),

Smart home deals:

Vacuum deals:

  • Shark Rotator ZU632, $329 (was $380), amazon. com

  • Eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac, $140 (was $240),

  • Trifo Robot Vacuum, $499 (was $749),

  • Shark AV993 IQ Robot Vacuum, $360 (was $380),

  • iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum, $245 (was $269),

Fashion deals:

Kitchen deals:

Beauty deals:

Bedding deals:

  • Bedsure Fleece Blanket Twin Blanket in Black, $22 (was $27),

  • Shark HE601 Air Purifier, $300 (was $450),

  • Lemomo Grey Blackout Curtains, $35 (was $44),

  • Bedsure Satin Pillowcases Standard Set of 2, $9 (was $13),

  • Y-Stop Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing, $28 with on-page coupon (was $40),

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7 best blackout curtains of 2021, according to experts

While the days are getting shorter as the weather gets colder, Daylight Saving Time will shortly come to an end, which means more sunlight earlier in the morning. Blackout curtains can be a priceless investment for anyone trying to get some uninterrupted sleep in the morning. Instead of allowing the sun to shine through, these window treatments can block up to 99 percent of light, keeping the room dark and protected from daytime brightness and allowing you to snooze.

In general, blackout curtains are an ideal choice for bedrooms, nurseries, home theaters or any room in the house where you want to limit exposure to natural light. The term blackout curtain often refers to drapes made of a double-lined, tightly woven fabric designed to block out light completely, explained Beth Halpern Brown of Beth Brown Interiors, an interior designer and home decor expert in Atlanta. However, there are other benefits besides keeping the morning sun out of your eyes, including :

  • Absorbing outside noises
  • Insulating the room from drafts or heat
  • Protecting furniture and decor throughout the room from ultraviolet rays, which cause fading

How to shop for blackout curtains

Brown explained that what makes for the “perfect” blackout curtains for your room depends on various elements, including their fabric, required maintenance, style and your price point. “It’s important to think about how these curtains are being used and where they’ll be located in the home to evaluate what works best and what makes sense for your long-term lifestyle needs,” she said.

But it’s also important to read the fine print before making your final purchase to avoid potential disappointment. “Be sure that you see the word ‘blackout’ in the description as opposed to room darkening or light filtering,” said Susan Peters, owner and interior designer for 9108 Designs. “These other two options may not block as much of the light from your room.”

Best drapery style

Blackout curtains come in a variety of drapery styles, including:

  • Grommet: rings or holes in the fabric that the curtain rod goes through
  • Ring: Fabric panels that hang from rings at the top attached either by clips or smaller grommets.
  • Single-rod pocket: A channel is sewn into the fabric that allows the curtain rod to slide through.
  • Fabric loop: As the name suggests, small loops of fabric are sewn to the top of the panel for the curtain rod.

“Using draperies with rings is much more user-friendly, and if you want blackout lined drapes, you will likely open and close them every day,” said Pamela O’Brien, principal interior designer at Pamela Hope Designs. “Rod pockets and grommets are more difficult to open and close while rings glide along a rod easily.” She also notes that with blackout lining, drapery can be rather heavy so sewn-in or at least pinned-in rings are best.

Curtain sizing

Blackout curtains function best when they minimize light leaks, obviously, explained Lesley Myrick, owner and principal designer at Lesley Myrick Interior Design and a former project manager at a couture drapery workroom. “So look for curtains that are wider than your windows when closed and also higher than your windows,” she said. “This extra coverage outside of the actual windowpane will help create a true blackout feel.”

Blackout curtain fabric versus liners

Although some curtain panels are made from blackout fabric, Myrick noted, she’s found the best results come from curtains with built-in blackout liners. “Because blackout-lined curtains are made with more fabric, they’re heavier — which means that proper drapery hardware to handle the weight is essential,” she said.

However, you can also opt to buy a specific liner made to completely block out light. “This is accomplished through a coating that’s applied to the fabric and blocks the little pores in the weave,” added Brown. “This material is thick and offers thermal insulation benefits, blocks out noise and creates ultimate privacy.”


Best blackout curtains to shop in 2021

There are countless blackout curtain options on the market across styles and price points. The experts we consulted recommended a few standouts for quality, performance and style.

Best blackout curtains overall: West Elm

West Elm Fair Trade Blackout Curtain

Available in three different sizes, these simple 100-percent polyester curtains with pole pockets can be hung on their own or layered behind a more festive material to make them blackout. Sometimes you just need a straightforward, effective, and tried and true choice, explained Brown. “This selection accomplishes all of your needs for a beautifully designed blackout curtain that’s still reasonably priced,” she said. “This dense drape blocks light, absorbs noise and insulates against heat and cold. By blocking sunlight, it also protects curtains, rugs and furniture from fading.

Best affordable blackout curtains: Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains with Grommets

Instead of a stiff liner, these 100-percent polyester blackout curtains are made of a triple-weave fabric and feature two panels, as well as 1.5-inch grommets. They are also machine-washable, come with Velcro ties to pull them back and are made in an Oeko-TEX standard factory. “This is a super economical choice that ships quickly and comes in a multitude of colors and patterns,” said Brown. “Given the fabric type, they do a nice job of blocking outside noise and insulating rooms for energy efficiency.” Plus, with their reasonable price point and range of styles, she noted that they’re an ideal choice for rooms that change often, like kids’ rooms, playrooms or those who are renting.

Best high-end blackout curtains: The Shade Store

Ripple Fold Drapery

For buyers looking to spend a bit more on their drapes and curtains, Brown explained that The Shade Store is a great resource to customize the exact type of blackout curtain for any room in your home. “With over eight drapery styles and more than 650 fabric materials, you can basically create whatever type of blackout curtain you have in mind,” she said. However, “given its focus on customization, The Shade Store will cost more than your average home goods or big box retailer stores.”

Best style blackout curtains: PBteen

The Emily & Meritt Studded Blackout Curtain

Bring an edgy feel to your room with these pure cotton canvas woven curtains complete with delicate gold stud trim and pole pockets. They require dry cleaning only and are available individually or in a set of two — and come in three colors. “These studded blackout curtains are insanely chic,” said Myrick. “They’d bring a little edge and polish to a room.”

And Peters agrees with PBteen’s combination of quality and design details. “Don’t let the ‘teen’ part fool you, this curtain is appropriate for all ages,” she added. “Pottery Barn across the board makes some amazing blackout curtains.”

Best blackout curtains for the bedroom: NICETOWN

NICETOWN Blackout Curtain Panels

For your bedroom, these thermal insulated drapes will block up to 99 percent of light, according to the brand. Available in 24 fade-resistant colors and ten sizes, these wrinkle-free blackout curtains come with two panels per package to accommodate various styles and window sizes. Plus, more than 60,300 reviewers on Amazon have given these machine-washable curtains a 4.7-star average rating.

Best blackout curtains for kids rooms: Pottery Barn Kids

Evelyn Linen Blend Ruffle Bottom Blackout Curtain

Many of the experts we consulted agree that Pottery Barn Kids offers adorable blackout curtain options for a nursery or child’s room. “They have really set a high bar for the style of blackout curtains by selling an abundance of unique, stylish curtains in various colors,” said Peters. One of her favorites is this cotton weave curtain with four-in-one top treatment so you can pick from pole pocket, belt loop, clip rings or drapery rings depending on the look you want. “The ruffles add some beautiful detail to the bottom of these girly curtains.” However, if you’d like something more gender-neutral, they are also available with just a simple pleat design.

Best blackout curtain liner: Rose Home Fashion

Rose Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Liner Panel

A creative way to bring both function and unique style to your windows is using a blackout curtain liner under your regular curtain. “With this feature, you can buy any curtains that fit your style and pair them with a blackout curtain or blackout curtain liner,” said Peters. This insulating blackout liner comes with two panels and drapery rings, is machine washable and blocks out up to 99 percent of light, according to the brand.


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90,000 designer tips on the color, variety and style of curtains in the interior

Competent design of windows in the sleeping area is not only a decorative question, but also a practical one. To understand how to choose curtains for the bedroom, consider their varieties, materials, functions and design. What curtains will not only please the eye, but also help you sleep, you will find out in this article.

Curtains in the bedroom: purpose and fabrics

The bedroom is the place in the house where it is especially important to create an atmosphere of tranquility, harmony and tranquility.After all, a good rest gives strength and good mood for the whole day.

Combined window decoration with roman shades and linen curtains

Depending on the location of your bedroom and the windows in it, you can conditionally divide the purpose of the curtains into decorative and functional.

Decorative purposes

If the bedroom windows face the garden, open space and do not require complete isolation from prying eyes, the textile on the windows can serve exclusively decorative purposes.Airy translucent fabrics will decorate the window opening and add lightness to the interior.

White curtains on the windows of a bright bedroom emphasize the beauty of the windows and the view from them

Materials for decorative curtains:

  • Tulle: translucent mesh fabric, often patterned or laced. Tulle curtains are familiar to us for their classic combination with heavier curtains. Now tulle is relevant as an independent material and is often combined with blinds or roller blinds.
  • Cotton: a natural, tactilely pleasant material, among its undoubted advantages are hypoallergenicity and a variety of colors. The density of cotton curtains can be different, their ability to transmit light depends on it. Cotton materials with synthetic impurities are more convenient to care for – they fade less in the sun and do not shrink during washing.
  • Organza: A lightweight yet durable translucent fabric in silk, polyester or viscose. Organza drapes effectively, gently diffuses light and creates a hazy effect in the room. It is worth canceling the large assortment of organza shades.
  • Linen: another eco-friendly material, it can have different levels of transparency, it is good for air permeability. Linen is suitable not only for curtains, but also for roman blinds, roller blinds and vertical blinds. The disadvantage of natural flax is that it crumples too much and is hard to smoothen.

Silk and satin: glossy fabrics suitable for spacious rooms and classic interiors. Satin, like a synthetic material, is more durable and easier to clean.Silk requires attention; to protect such curtains from fading, it is better to use a lining.

Airy tulle in a bright bedroom of powdery shades lets in a lot of sunlight

Functional purposes

The main practical purpose of curtains in the bedroom is blackout. If you prefer to sleep in complete darkness, it is better to choose a dense material that does not allow light to pass through. Another function of window textiles is especially relevant in large cities, where houses are often located close to each other, or the view from the windows leaves much to be desired.

It is about creating a private environment and an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom.

Blackout Roman shades in combination with curtains darken the room well

Blackout materials

  • Blackout: synthetic multilayer curtain-type fabrics, very dense and easy to use. This material completely absorbs light, thanks to the acrylic coating from the inside, and also increases sound insulation. Blackout curtains keep their shape well and are easy to clean.
  • Dimout: similar to blackout, but its dimming ability is slightly lower – 80-90%.
  • Velor, velvet, corduroy: heavy, high density fabrics. These curtains provide good protection from the sun, but are not suitable for every interior.
  • Tapestry: A jacquard woven fabric that is suitable not only for window decoration, but also for furniture. Most often, tapestry depicts natural motives.
  • Taffeta: a noble fabric with a glossy sheen, both natural and synthetic. Due to its rigidity, taffeta drapes well into tight folds. It is important to remember that such curtains wrinkle easily and shrink when washed.

Important: The ability to darken the room does not depend on the color of the curtains! This is influenced by the type of material and its density!

Varieties of curtains for the bedroom

Along with the choice of fabric for your needs, you should think about the model of curtains, since the properties of the material directly affect their style.

Classic curtains are straight, most often long fabrics. Any of the materials listed above will work for them. There are a lot of ways to decorate curtains, depending on the texture and color, they are suitable for a variety of interior styles from classic to minimalism.

Classic gray floor-to-ceiling curtains complement the modern bedroom interior

Austrian and French curtains are more whimsical and romantic, they consist of fabric draped with folds.

Airy French curtains on the large window of the blue and white bedroom create a romantic mood

Roman blinds have a great advantage – they are compact. This type of window textile is perfect for small spaces, does not steal space and at the same time looks impressive.

Compact blue Roman shades do not take up space in a small bedroom

Roller blinds in their properties resemble Roman ones, but they are even more laconic.There is a wide range of materials and colors for rolls, they can also perform the function of blackout – complete blackout.

Bamboo roller blinds – a good option for country-style interiors

Japanese curtains are fabric panels that can be moved. This design is suitable for large windows as well as floor-to-ceiling windows. With the help of such curtains, you can perform unusual zoning indoors.

Translucent Japanese curtains are in harmony with the minimalism of the interior

Combined options are most relevant for decorating bedroom windows. So, the practical function of darkening can be performed by Roman or roller blinds, and tulle or light long curtains will complement them decoratively.

Bedroom in beige tones with large windows, decorated in a combined way

Curtains and interiors

Curtains play many roles in the interior of the bedroom, as in any room. It is important to remember that a window is a large element; it can often occupy a large part of the wall. The overall impression of the whole room depends on what emphasis will be placed on it.Correctly selected curtains do not eat up the space, they are in harmony with the interior and decorate it.

Size and characteristics of the room

Often the bedroom is not very large. In this case, it is better to refuse from too voluminous and heavy curtains so as not to overload the interior in a small bedroom. A large number of decorative elements complicate care, dust accumulates on lambrequins and elaborate draperies, which does not contribute to a pleasant sleep.

We also advise you to think about what exactly you want to emphasize in the interior and what to hide.If the windows are beautiful in themselves, and the view behind them is pleasing to the eye, you can safely choose calm and not too bright curtains.

Roman shades on the huge bedroom windows in the Scandinavian style do not hide their beauty

Conversely, more complex, interesting textiles will divert attention from unsightly moments. By the way, spectacular curtains can become the main accent in the interior, if the rest of the design is laconic or too simple.

There are batteries under the windows in almost every house.You can not hide the stylish radiator and even include it in the interior as a decorative element. To hide ugly batteries, long curtains or tulle will do.

Light beige curtains adorn the large bedroom window and the original radiator

Another nuance is the width of the window sill. If it is larger than the standard, floor curtains will look out of place. In this situation, Roman or roller blinds will be a good solution.

Idea: Beauty is in the details! To make standard plastic windows look more expensive and more modern, replace the black glazing bead seal with a white one when ordering.The difference will be obvious!

White window with combined curtains looks particularly stylish without black rubber seals

Interior style

Interior style in the bedroom, of course, dictates the design of all its elements, and curtains are no exception.

Admirers of the classics will like long curtains made of heavy, dense fabrics: velor, tapestry, jacquard, taffeta. If the room allows, use decor – lambrequins, hooks, brushes. It is appropriate to select curtains to match the color of the walls and other textiles.

Classic curtains with luxurious decor in the form of tassels and lambrequins emphasize the classic interior

French or Austrian curtains are also suitable for a rich interior; they add romanticism and a touch of luxury.

Romantic curtains with lace tulle decorate a light classic interior

Lush curtains on the windows of the spacious bedroom complement the rich decoration of the room

The modern interior, on the other hand, dictates laconicism.It can be plain curtains in combination with blackout roller blinds or discreet Roman blinds that do not attract attention. The same tips apply to Scandinavian style. Laconic doesn’t mean boring! The play of shades and textures of fabric, unobtrusive draperies, stylish design of the cornice will add zest to minimalism.

Soft pastel curtains on the huge windows of a laconic bedroom look stylish

Country and Provence styles – relaxed and cozy. If your bedroom has the spirit of country life, light curtains made from natural fabrics, cotton or linen will suit it.You can use a delicate floral pattern, check or strip.

Provence style bedroom with floral print and ruffles.

5 tips for choosing curtains for a bedroom in any interior:

  • Curtains of the same tone with wallpaper look boring, it is better if they are lighter or darker.
  • Support the pattern on the curtains in textiles: order a bedspread or decorative pillows.
  • White, black and dark gray curtains are universal – they do not affect the rest of the interior and do not give parasitic shades on walls and furniture.
  • The horizontal print on the curtains visually makes the wall wider, the horizontal print, on the contrary, pulls it up. Consider this depending on the proportions of your bedroom.
  • You can play with the pattern on the curtains not only with similar textiles, but also with other decor: vases, flower pots, lampshades on lamps or sconces. This is easy to do if the pattern is geometric, classic or floral. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Spectacular blue textiles in the bedroom harmonize the room and echo the pattern on the wallpaper

Powdery pink curtains match the bedspread and bedroom background colors

Hint: When renovating, keep wallpaper pieces or wall paint in your bedroom. When you go after the curtains, take them with you – this will help to more accurately determine how the colors combine with each other. The photo can distort the shades, which will lead to errors in the choice of fabric.

Color solution

First of all, the choice of color for curtains in the bedroom depends on the overall color of the room. Since color can affect the psychological state of a person, calm, muted and pastel shades are preferable.

Curtains in the country style bedroom look discreet and emphasize natural materials

Too bright, flashy colors (red, orange, bright blue) excite and do not contribute to relaxation.Warm colors (beige, brown, coffee, sand) will add coziness to the interior, cold (mint, pale blue, light green) will bring freshness.

Deep and rich shades (burgundy, cherry, emerald) are more suitable for spacious rooms, as they visually reduce the space. Window textiles in light colors will decorate a small bedroom.

Deep blue curtains complement the rest of the spacious bedroom fabric

If the color of the curtains contrasts strongly with the rest of the interior, they will attract attention.This can be a deliberate decision when you need to focus on the window area. It is important that the chosen shade of the fabric looks good both in daylight and in artificial light.

White and gray colors are considered neutral, but an overabundance of white does not always evoke pleasant associations – the feeling of sterility and “inanimate” space can worsen sleep. Black curtains, oddly enough, are able to successfully complement the modern interior and are well suited for the bedroom.

Dark curtains in a modern interior add intimacy to the bedroom

Of course, every year there are new trends in curtain design, including color.It is worth paying attention to them, but not blindly following. The main thing is that the atmosphere of the bedroom should evoke pleasant emotions in you and give you a good rest.

Idea: It is easy to change the mood in the bedroom by changing the curtains according to the season. Get a couple of sets – summer and winter, they can differ in the density of the fabric, color or print. Such a change will not be difficult and will allow you to update the interior at no extra cost.

Current trends and anti-trends

Whether or not to follow textile fashion, choosing curtains for the bedroom, is up to you.But it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the latest design innovations. The trends suggested by designers inspire you to look at window decoration from a different angle and get fresh ideas.

Natural-style curtains highlight the country-style interior with a high wooden ceiling

Textured curtains made of natural fabric in combination with Roman blinds

Trend Antitrend
Natural fabrics with pronounced texture and imperfections Low quality synthetic fabric with faux sheen4
Laconic design: straight curtains, Roman shades, soft, flowing shapes and draperies An abundance of decor (lambrequins, brushes, hooks), rigid forms
Simple or hidden cornice Pretentious, massive cornice with decorations
Abstract prints on fabric: geometry, floral motifs, as well as two-tone curtains or a combination of several canvases of different shades, gradient Too decorative or bright drawing, variegation
Combination of several types of curtains: for example, roller blinds and tulle Classic combination of heavy curtains with lace tulle

Thick volumetric curtains in two colors combined with terracotta walls and textiles on the bed

Curtains with a watercolor print in pastel colors decorate the interior, built on the nuances of color combinations

Technical moment

Methods of fastening curtains

A classic cornice is suitable for most types of curtains. The most popular option is round in diameter. Curtains are hung on such a cornice with rings, loops or strings. A cornice consisting of several rows is used for multi-layer curtains. It can be either round or rail.

In modern interiors, cornices are often hidden in the ceiling recess. It must be foreseen in advance. In stretch ceilings, a special design is made, where the profile for the curtains is attached.

Hidden cornices are a good solution for a bedroom with a low ceiling.The cornice, fixed directly above the window, will visually make it even lower.

Light curtains on a hidden cornice in the niche of a modern bedroom

Roller blinds and roman blinds can be hung both above the window and directly on it using profiles. It is important to consider how the windows are opened, whether the curtains interfere with ventilation and cleaning.

Curtain care

To keep your favorite curtains happy for as long as possible, they need proper care. It includes regular washing or cleaning, ironing and storage.

5 rules for the care of curtains in the bedroom:

  • Carefully study the features of the fabric from which the curtains are sewn. Each material has its own nuances: hand or machine wash, whether dry cleaning is allowed, how to dry and iron, in what form to store.
  • Many materials will use a steamer instead of an iron: it is more delicate and more convenient to use.
  • Heavy curtains made of dense fabrics need regular vacuuming, there must be fresh, clean air in the bedroom!
  • For washing any curtains, instead of powder, a liquid detergent is used – it rinses out better and does not leave streaks, traces or particles.
  • Observe regularity: any curtains are washed at least 1-2 times a year, depending on the operating conditions.

Harmonious combination of textiles and hidden cornice in the white bedroom

Choosing curtains for a bedroom is not an easy, but very important and exciting activity. Paying enough attention to it, you will get a result that will delight you for more than one year. After all, the comfort and coziness of the bedroom is the key to healthy rest, sound sleep and vigor. And window decoration plays an important role here.

Top 5 Blackout Curtains – Keep Out the Light (2021)

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If light from outside is interfering with your sleep, then blackout curtains may be just what you need. These curtains are specially designed to block outside light so you can enjoy optimal sleeping conditions.If you want to maintain ideal lighting conditions in your home, we definitely recommend purchasing one of these high quality curtains. The best blackout curtains are Eclipse Fresno.

The best options for blackout curtains

No. 1.

Curtains Eclipse Blackout

Check current price | Read Full Review | Overall the best blackout curtains

Blackout blinds Eclipse
Eclipse Pluses
  • Budget Friendly
  • Recycled Curtain Panels
  • Thermal Insulated
  • Blocks 99% of Light
Eclipse Cons
  • Some customers claim to have inconsistent quality
  • Not two-line

Click the link above to get the best price automatically

Our experience with Eclipse

Eclipse Curtains provide a wide selection of inexpensive blackout curtains. Their products are as functional as they are attractive. The manufacturer offers several types of blackout curtains, including Locran and Fresno. The latter is my personal favorite and I use it in my bedroom.

Eclipse Fresno Blackout curtains come in a variety of colors: black, espresso, wheat, mushroom, charcoal and navy blue. I believe that black offers the maximum light protection.

Curtain fabric – 100% polyester. The eco-friendly material is yarn sourced from recycled plastic bottles.The woven texture of the fabric blends with casual, modern and traditional décor.


Eclipse offers a single panel curtain and is available in four sizes. French doors and full-size windows are suitable for large sizes.

According to the manufacturer, curtain blocks 99% of light . In addition, this is a heat insulated blackout curtain, and this reduces the penetration of external noise .

What makes the Eclipse Fresno Blackout curtain stand out?

  • 99% light blocking
  • Insulation
  • 40% noise reduction

Buy: Eclipse Fresno Insulated Blackout Curtains

No. 2.Curtains Sun Zero Blackout

Check current price | Read Full Review | Best for soundproofing

Sun Zero Blackout Curtains
Sun Zero Pros
  • Energy Efficient
  • 42% Noise Reduction
  • Dual Panel Design
  • Heavy Cloth
Sun Zero Cons
  • Rings may separate from the curtain over time.
  • Curtain panels can have different base colors (variable quality).

Click the link above to automatically get the best price

Our Experience With Sun Zero

The manufacturer associates this light blocking efficiency with tightly woven yarn. Curtains block sunlight, street lights and headlights.

Sun Zero blackout curtains are energy efficient. They can cut electricity bills by about 20%. The curtains also have a 42% noise reduction. . They help keep you warm in the winter and keep you light and warm outside in the summer.

There are several types of Sun Zero Blackout curtains. I found what offered the most functionality was Baxter Theater Grade Extreme. Its design is two-panel. There are metal grommets at the top that you can insert a 1.5-inch metal bar into. Since the fabric is heavy, I recommend using a curtain with sturdy metal curtains.

What Makes Baxter Theater Grade Extreme Unique?

  • Protects from sunlight and other light sources such as street lamps and car headlights.
  • Heavy-duty, heavy-duty fabric lined with polyester.
  • 42% sound insulation for better sleep.

We found that metal bushings are not as strong. After a while, they may begin to separate from the tissue.

9002 Buy: Sun Zero Baxter Theater Grade Extreme Blackout

No. 3.NICETOWN blackout blind

Check current price | Read Full Review | Best for thermal insulation

Blackout curtains Nicetown
Nicetown pluses
  • Triple weave technology for maximum light blocking
  • Multiple styles available
  • 16 different colors
  • Sound absorbing
Cons Nicetown
  • Color bleeds in wash
  • May wrinkle outside of packaging

Click the link above to get the best price automatically

Our experience with Nicetown

A few years ago, when I was looking for a curtain that I could use in a video production room in my home, Nicetown was one of the curtains I was considering. Then the possibilities were limited, and the design lacked functionality. But while trying out their curtains in preparation for this review, I noticed significant changes in production and aesthetic design.

One curtain that caught my eye was the Nicetown Blackout Curtain Panel. The size of the curtain with double panels is 52 ”× 84”. Back hinges on panels and Triple weave technology maximizes the light protection of curtain .

The curtains are available in three styles: traditional hanging, pleated and corrugated.It is available in 16 different colors, including soft pink, gray, charcoal black and turquoise.

The manufacturer is so confident in the design that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What makes the NICETOWN Blackout curtain panel different?

  • Triple weave technology to block light
  • Energy efficient – has a good thermal insulation microfiber coating
  • Various styling options

Its ability to block light is good, but not perfect. The manufacturer claims that it blocks 85% of the light.

90 002 Buy: Nicetown Blackout Insulated Curtains

No. 4. Curtains Deconovo Blackout

Check current price | Read Full Review | Best for aesthetic design

Decon Blackout Curtains
Deconovo pluses
  • Blocks 85% -98% of sunlight
  • Reduces heat
  • Reduces ambient noise
  • Light weight
Decon negative
  • Single coat
  • Chemical odor new

Click the link above to get the best price automatically

Our experience with Deconovo

Dekonovo is one of the best brands of products for home and kitchen for example curtains.The brand enjoys many positive reviews from customers in both the US and Europe.

I have tried some of their highest rated blackout curtains. I found the blackout shade to provide better light blocking is a black thermal insulated blackout panel with grommets.

Includes two panels and two matching ties. It is available in 3 different sizes, all 42 “wide and 63”, 84 “or 95” long. Color options are blue, turquoise, light gray, navy blue, royal blue, black, brown and dark gray.

Curtain – 100% polyester. It has one darkened side and one silver coated side. The blackout side makes the room darker, while the silver coated side reflects the light. Each panel has six silver eyelets to hang the curtain from the curtain rod.

A curtain is not a 100% blackout curtain. It’s pretty close though. The manufacturer allows light to enter. So, I would recommend black so you can make your room darker when it’s light outside.However, it is a quality curtain with a modern design. It is easy to care for as it can be machine washed and the fabric does not attract dust and mites.

What makes the Deconovo insulated darkened panel with eyelets unique?

  • 100% polyester fabric, machine washable
  • Modern design with eyelets
  • Sufficient light blocking reinforced with silver coating
  • Thermal insulation reinforced with silver coating on the outside

Buy: Deconovo Blackout Curtain Panels


5.Blackout curtains Quinn Grommet Top

Check current price | Read Full Review | Best for 100% darkening of a room

Quinn blackout curtains
Quinn Profi
  • Quality fabric
  • Effective room darkening
  • Absorbs heat
Quinn cons
  • May be too heavy for some curtain rods

Click the link above to get the best price automatically

Our experience with Quinn

Quinn Blackout Curtains enhance the ambience of the room with their elegance.These are 100% blackout curtains that not only block out light, but also keep your privacy.

For this review I used a Quinn Grommet Top 100% Blackout 84 ”linen curtain. I bought a double panel and used it to close the patio door. The curtain did not disappoint. The color remained the same day and night, which meant that very little light penetrated the fabric.

The curtain has eight eyelets on each panel and four folds. The sleeves are suitable for curtain rod width 1.5 inches. Silky and smooth linen fabrics blend in with most modern interiors. The design and texture of the fabric helps to block light and to absorb heat .

What makes Quinn Grommet Top 100% Linen Curtain unique?

• 100% light blocking
• Modern design with sleeve on top.
• Fabric, linen, for thermal insulation.

One of the drawbacks of curtains is their weight. The curtain is heavy. Be sure to hang it on a sturdy curtain rod.

Buy: Curtain panel Quinn Grommet Top Blackout

Blackout curtains compared to

How to decide which blackout curtain to buy

There are many different options and it can be difficult to decide which one you want. Here are a few key factors to consider when shopping for blackout curtains.

  • Sizes – Windows come in many shapes and sizes, so it is important to choose curtains that are long and wide enough to cover the window without letting in residual sunlight.
  • Light Blocking – If a company sells a curtain marked with a blackout or blackout curtain, then it is reasonable to expect it to actually block the light. If it lets in light, then it is not doing its job.
  • Type – Many blackout curtains are made from a cheap looking synthetic material. If appearance is an important factor for you, then you should look for curtains made from quality natural materials.

Main advantages of blackout curtains

The three main benefits of blackout curtains are blocking light, saving energy and reducing noise. Avoiding light in your sleeping environment will greatly improve your ability to fall asleep.

How to hang blackout curtains correctly?

If you want to completely block out sunlight, it is important to hang your curtains correctly. Make sure you use straight, sturdy rods and don’t hang them too far from the window.Any crevices can let in sunlight.

Make sure the curtains are wide and long enough for your window. We generally recommend measuring 12 inches from the edge of the window to completely eliminate any gaps that light may pass through.


All blackout curtains have a care and maintenance label.

As a rule, these curtains should only be dry cleaned. There are brands that allow you to wash them on a gentle wash, but they should never be ironed.

Blackout curtains are essential if you want to completely block out the sunlight and get a good night’s sleep. When set correctly, your room will be pitch black and you will fall asleep faster, feel more rested, and be much more productive and alert throughout the day.

Advantages of blackout curtains

Blackout curtains have three main advantages:

No. 1. Light blocking

To sleep well, the bedroom must be dark.This shouldn’t be a problem at night. However, if you sleep during the day, light will definitely be a problem.

Darkness triggers the production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin makes us sleepy. Simply put, darkness tells the body to sleep. A blackout curtain will help keep the bedroom dark.

No. 2. Save energy

Blackout curtains help reduce energy costs. These curtains can trap heat in winter. In summer, they do not allow light and heat to pass through.

Note that windows allow a loss of about 25% of the energy.Insulated curtains Blackout curtains can help reduce energy waste by about 20%.

No. 3. Block noise

Several curtain manufacturers claim that their blackout curtains provide sound insulation. According to the manufacturer, Eclipse Blackout curtains block about 40% of noise. A curtain that keeps the room dark and blocks out noise is ideal for any bedroom.

What’s your budget for blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains cost the same as other curtains.You will get luxury blackout curtains that cost over $ 100. You can also get blackout curtains for under $ 20.

Another option – do it yourself. You can make your own blackout curtains from existing curtains. But you need to know how to use a sewing machine.

How we evaluate blackout curtains

We rate all blackout curtains we consider against three important standards. These standards are:

  1. Interlock
  2. Material (polyester – dust mite resistant) and security
    1. dense material to drown out noise
    2. Insulated material to keep warm and cool inside (energy saving)
    3. Chemical coating to extend service life? It is safe?
    4. Triple weave fabric
  3. Insulation
    1. Acrylic foam layers?
    2. Thermal capacity

Find out more about how we value blackout curtains here.

Thick curtains have many advantages. They help you sleep better by keeping the room dark. They have the added advantage of thermal and acoustic insulation. When buying blackout curtains, you should pay attention to the percentage of light blocking and energy efficiency.

Related Product Reviews:

Psst … the sleep review industry is full of liars, sharks and thieves. This is a modern version of getting ripped off at your local mattress store. So, why should you trust us?

90,000 Blackout curtains and drapes: a great collection from bonprix!

Blackout curtains and drapes: room decoration or protection from light?

Textiles play an important role in the design of a room.With the right curtains, sofa covers, pillows or blankets, you can add color accents to your room. However, such textile elements must fulfill more than a decorative function: they must also be functional. If we talk, for example, about curtains and blackout curtains, it must be borne in mind: they are not only an important decorative object in the room, but also play a significant role in maintaining the light balance. This is especially true of the bedroom: in this room we relax, sleep, gain strength.That is why it is so important to provide all the necessary conditions for proper healthy rest and sleep. Correctly selected blackout curtains do an excellent job with this task.

Blackout curtains collection in the bonprix online store

Take a look at the bonprix online store: here you will find a wide range of different curtains. What should you think about before purchasing new curtains? First of all, determine in what style your room is made. Curtains should correspond to the general style of the room and organically complement other interior objects.Only in one case is the contrast of colors and materials allowed – if your room is made in a monochromatic, neutral tone and with the help of curtains you want to place bright accents. In this case, do not forget about other small matching accessories: you can also buy them at

What fabrics are the best for blackout curtains and curtains? For bedroom decoration, curtains of soft, light shades are more suitable: such colors have a calming, relaxing effect. In this case, you need to pay attention to the density of the curtain fabric: it must reliably protect against the penetration of light from the street at night. If you are looking for curtains for the hall or living room, here you can use curtains of darker or saturated bright colors. Such curtains will fill the room with coziness and warmth: it will be pleasant for you and your guests to be in the room. Also, take a look at the original bonprix photo-printed curtains: they will certainly become the center of attraction in the room. Curtains with large patterns or ornaments will look great in large, spacious rooms.

With the bonprix curtain collection you can transform your home, creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth! Enjoy your shopping at!

designer tips on style, color and appearance

Choosing curtains is a responsible and difficult business. They should not get out of style, play the role of decor and reliably hide the room from the sun’s rays. The final look of the entire bedroom can depend on the correct selection of curtains, and it can be quite difficult to make a choice based on the pictures of finished projects.

Where to start choosing curtains?

When choosing, you must take into account various nuances. For example, which side the windows of the room face. A bedroom with windows to the west or south will be filled with sunlight and blackout curtains are more suitable for her. And to the windows to the north or east, you can pick up lighter curtains.

It is important to remember about the area of ​​the room. In a narrow and elongated one, it is better to choose curtains with a pattern of horizontal stripes. They will help you visually adjust the layout of the room.And in a bedroom with a low ceiling, it is recommended to choose curtains with vertical stripes in order to visually stretch the room up.

Curtains can be sewn from different fabrics. When choosing, you should take into account the style of the bedroom and the furniture in it. Upholstery and curtains should match the density and texture of the material. The shade is selected based on the general palette. Contrasting colors are appropriate, but in combination with other bright elements of the interior.


Perfect for bedroom curtains:

  • silk – luxurious appearance, but inconvenient to clean.Silk requires gentle washing and fades in the sun;
  • cotton – shrinks after washing, pleasant to the touch;
  • linen – natural, environmentally friendly, easy to care for, but wrinkles quickly;
  • satin – looks great on windows and matches bedding made of the same material;
  • tapestry – dense fabric embroidered with images of landscapes, hunting scenes and others. Suitable for gothic style and large bedrooms.

What to combine curtains with in the bedroom?

Like any interior item, curtains are chosen carefully and taking into account the existing details: the shade of furniture, materials and colors of decoration, style of the room. Designers do not advise choosing curtains to match the wallpaper if they are planned to be updated frequently. In this case, it is best to combine them with furniture shades.


In a bedroom with dark walls, light curtains that are close to them in shade and vice versa will be appropriate. Dark curtains combined with light-colored walls will help balance the room. Achieve harmony and balance.

Curtains are chosen especially carefully for wallpaper with pictures. A large print will look especially good with plain curtains to match any element.Small and discreet will allow you to choose curtains with a thematic pattern.

Interior palette

It is important to rely not only on the shade of the wallpaper, but also on the rest of the range of colors. After all, the atmosphere in the room is created by general harmony.

If the bedroom is designed in a single palette, then you can combine curtains with other textiles – bedspreads, rugs, sofa cushions. With an abundance of light colors, the curtains are chosen darker and vice versa. This will create a beautiful, cozy interior.

Types of curtains

Modern production and tailoring salons offer the buyer a lot of options to choose from.The difference is not only in texture, fabrics or colors, but also in design.


One of the most popular today. The curtains consist of a curtain, a bracket and a lifting mechanism. An important advantage of such models is their versatility. Roller blinds are equally good for a bedroom, kitchen, children’s room or living room. In addition, they are easy to care for – they do not require periodic washing, drying and ironing.


Elegant and original thanks to the neat folds that the canvas forms when lifted.In the bedroom, such curtains look neat and add lightness to the room. They fit perfectly into most interior design styles.


Often they are used not only functionally, but also as a decoration. Lush folds give the curtain airiness and volume. Usually they are sewn from fine fabrics: organza, taffeta or satin.

Designers do not recommend this design option for small rooms. Due to the abundant drapery on the curtains, the bedroom will look even smaller.Best of all, French curtains are suitable for rooms in luxurious styles, adding splendor to them.


This is the name given to curtains made of thick fabric, which are located over a thin curtain. At night, the curtains close the entire window, and for the day they are removed with the help of grabs. Thick fabric protects the bedroom from sunlight, dust and noise. They look original in classic interiors.


Italian curtains are distinguished from the usual curtains by hooks and cord control.Original lambrequins, weaving, braid, heavy tassels on the hooks give the curtains luxury, and the bedroom – comfort and elegance.


Another name suits them best – screen curtains. Japanese curtains are similar in their system to sectional blinds. This is not a single canvas, as is the case with curtains, but several, combined on the basis. The maximum width of such a canvas is 100 cm. It all depends on the size of the windows in the bedroom.


In appearance they resemble French ones, but are made of wool or fabrics with cotton in the composition.High quality canvas is resistant to sunlight.

Curtains made of tulle

Tulle is the lightest fabric of varying degrees of transparency. It is suitable for creating thin curtains and perfectly diffuses daylight.

Tulle curtains are used in combination with thick curtains if the bedroom needs to be darkened as much as possible. In other cases, curtains are placed on their own or supplemented with lambrequins.

5 fashionable shades for curtains in the bedroom

When the renovation in the bedroom is completed and the main palette is selected, you can think about choosing curtains or curtains. In 2021, plain, smooth options are popular.

Designers recommend repeating fabrics and shades of curtains in other textiles: soft headboard, pillows, furniture. This will make the room look more harmonious.

Luxury of gold

Fits classics, modern, art deco. You can replace gold with ocher. The rest of the bedroom palette should be in rich colors. It is important to fill the interior with other gold details as well. Figurines, picture frames, furniture items.

Soft blue

Curtains or curtains of this shade will go well with translucent white tulle. Blue and light gray look especially good in minimalistic, Scandinavian and neoclassical interiors. Light upholstered furniture is chosen – gray or white.

Romance of crème brulee and ivory

This palette can be called a French classic. It will perfectly complement a light gray, chocolate, beige or sand bedroom.Especially with parquet flooring.

Pink curtains with hooks

Harmoniously combined with white tulle and will perfectly fit into elegant interior styles. Classics, neoclassics, rococo. And curtains with a small floral pattern will suit French Provence.

Olive and gray-beige

This range will not attract all the attention, gracefully frame the bedroom windows and maintain a cozy atmosphere. Curtains with fringes or small pompoms look interesting. They will be complemented by tie-backs with tassels to collect the curtain throughout the day.

Different curtains for different bedrooms

The area of ​​bedrooms and other rooms differs in different apartments, and even more so in country houses. The cardinal points on which the windows face, the size of these windows and their number also differ. All this influences the choice of curtains, suggesting a different approach to design.

Small bedroom

Finding curtains for a spacious bedroom is much easier than for a small one. Dense or voluminous models will look cumbersome, visually making the room even smaller.Designers are advised to pay attention to compact roll-up or Roman models.

In a medium-sized bedroom, plain straight curtains with neat hooks and curtains made of white tulle will look good. Of the shades, light, sand, cream, pastel are suitable.

Bedroom with a small window

It is important to correctly beat and emphasize narrow small windows, making them a highlight of the interior. This will help simple curtains made of natural or mixed fabrics, roller or roman.

Secret of the visual expansion of the window: curtains and curtains should go slightly beyond its edge on both sides. So the width of the window opening will visually increase.

Do not choose too dark or saturated shades. They will grab attention. It is better to dwell on light-colored canvases with small patterns or stripes.

Bedroom full of light

A room with windows facing the sun requires careful selection of curtain fabrics. The optimal solution will be dense, but “breathable” curtains.They will be able to protect the bedroom from the sun during the day and the light of lanterns at night.

For windows facing south or west, it is recommended to choose curtains with lining. An additional layer of fabric will reliably protect the main one from fading.

The choice of curtains for the bedroom is a very important finishing stage of interior design. Correctly selected style and fabric will help to highlight the dignity of the room and create the necessary atmosphere in it.

opaque blackout blinds for plastic windows made of silk and with photo printing, cassette, reviews

Many of us often complain of constant lack of sleep, and, as a result, blues and inability to work.And all because at night you did not manage to get into the world of dreams due to insufficient opacity of curtains or stuffiness in the room. With today’s possibilities and features of the interior, this problem can be easily solved: roller blinds “blackout”, made of a special opaque material, will reliably protect you from the sun’s rays, and on a hot day will provide you with the desired coolness in any room.

Today, roll designs have gained immense popularity among many ordinary people: they do not take up much space, unlike the usual curtains, they fit perfectly into the interior design, and the reflective coating of such fabrics allows you to achieve the necessary darkening.

Features, pros and cons

Why are Black-out roller blinds so good? First of all, the fact that they are made using innovative technologies from opaque textiles of special quality.

The structure of the fabric is three-layer, the fibers are fire-retardant, so they are used in various premises: in apartments, restaurants and offices, and in some cases, thanks to the reflective coating, also for working with projectors. Both studio photographers and theater stage decorators appreciated the possibilities of blackout.

This unusual fabric first appeared in Finland, where white nights are common.It was the lack of darkness that prompted the developers of roller blinds to thus improve the quality of sleep for their residents.

Impervious curtains made of this material instantly became in demand and began to be used in various areas where blackout was needed.

Therefore, this fabric, originally opaque, got its name black out, which translates from English as “darken” or “dim”. Advantages of blackout curtains:

  • The curtains are heat resistant.
  • Stable in everyday life.
  • Do not accumulate dust.
  • Easy to assemble and reinforce.
  • Do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Provides 100% opacity.
  • Do not fade in the sun.

Manufacturing technologies

To make it clear, the production technology of the blackout material is rather non-standard – it is a mix of a chemical and acrylic foam in a three-layer base.This gives the dense fabric the ability to reflect light. But three layers, which are the specifics of blackout, keep the heat in the room, which is also very important in cool rooms.

Given the unlimited imagination with the colors, blackouts became popular in a short time, although many believe that the composition of the fabric implies only black. And the ability to produce roller blinds, rather than traditional curtains, which is in demand in some premises, made them irreplaceable.


Today manufacturers are ready to offer you all kinds of blackout roller blinds. A specially designed structure by the manufacturers, thanks to which they can be raised and lowered like blinds, is mounted at the top of the window or on the wall, over the windows. In the production of roller blinds, the following types are adhered to:

  • Classic version. The curtains can be attached to the height of your choice to protect them from pets and curious children. They are even, do not collect dust, however, they still need to be cleaned periodically. The price of such curtains is very economical.
  • Cassette curtains. Their price is slightly higher than the previous ones, however, and the advantages are quite significant. Such devices are mounted in a special box, which is made to match the color of the main tone of the walls and does not stand out against the general background. In such a box, the curtains are rolled up and can be used if necessary.This fact is very important – in this box, the roller blinds are not threatened by pollution and dust, and when unfolded, the canvases are in close contact with the glass. Such a device is recommended for inconsistent darkening, for example, in the kitchen. Cassette curtains can also be attached to non-standard opening windows, that is, those that open with a slope. If desired, they can be fastened with curtains – tulle, curtains.
  • Mini roller version: convenient, quick to install with Velcro or specially designed brackets.Such curtains mainly cover only the glass part of the window, so there is no need to drill the frame.

Automatic blinds that can be controlled by means of an electric drive appeared relatively recently due to technical progress. This is a very convenient option when you do not need to get up at all and go to the window to manually raise or lower the curtains if you need to dim the sunlight in the room.Moreover, if the area of ​​the room you have is rather big. Thanks to the remote control, sitting in a comfortable armchair, in the blink of an eye you create a cozy atmosphere with a button, controlling all the curtains at the same time.

By the way, if there are several of them, you will have to combine them into a single system, so software control is the only way out in this situation. It is much more expensive than ordinary curtains, but the comfort is worth it.

The unusual design of “day-night” roller blinds allows you to solve several problems at once: multi-layered blackout will protect you not only from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, but also from the persistent glances of inquisitive neighbors. And all this – with the help of the original design of the three-layer canvas. The color of each, alternating sequentially with each other, creates the required intensity of the luminous flux.Thanks to this, during the day you can create the effect of semi-darkness, and at night, an opaque fabric, superimposed on a translucent one, will not allow a single sunbeam to enter your room.

Another version of roller blinds: thermo-blinds. This type of construction “repels” sunlight and heat due to small metal particles in the coating texture. This happens during hot weather.

But in cold weather, thermo-blinds will not allow the heat to “leave” the room.


Blackout roller blinds are produced in different sizes – it all depends on the window openings on which they will be fixed. Roller designs are suitable for standard windows, for example, 90×220 cm, and for various window variations – in the attic, in the kitchen, in the large living room.Standard curtains, for example, can be a little over 2 meters, width – on average, 1.7 meters. Luxury curtains can be much larger in size – up to 5 meters in length and almost 3.5 meters in width. Mini cassette rolls can decorate small windows with a width of 75 cm, and for non-standard roof windows, a mini size is sufficient – from 50 cm.


Fabrics for blackout can be different, but the main requirement is antistatic coating and Teflon impregnation.Such a special curtain fabric is able to protect the apartment from daylight, sunlight and create a cozy interior. Satin weaving, according to the technology of which the fabric for this type of curtain is made, creates a special style in the room – in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and offices. The special composition of the fabric allows to obtain its various characteristics depending on the addition of polyester additives to its composition:

  • The addition of cotton makes the fabric smooth and solid, however, such curtains are not suitable for rooms where moisture is present: the curtains can deform.
  • Viscose and Satin – These additives make the blackout texture look like parchment.
  • Satin, covered with acrylic, is able to make the fabric visually softer, the color will be close to natural.
  • Fabrics that have undergone plasticization, with the addition of fiberglass, are resistant to deformation, reflect sunlight 100% and do not ignite.

The uniqueness of this fabric allows it to look great with any other fabric, even with airy tulle, and fit into both modern and classic interiors. Blackout curtains are a high-quality fabric with a lot of positive characteristics and are absolutely universal in care.

Colors and prints

In everyday life, blackout fabrics are divided into two types: absolutely opaque and translucent. The first is just a gift for families with small children who need to create an “imitation” of the night on a sunny day, the second – create twilight in a hot climate. What are the names of roller blinds offered to customers today – “alpha pistachio”, “openwork turquoise”, “blanco white”, “white blackout silk”, “terracotta silk” – shades of all colors.

With regard to color solutions, manufacturers are ready to offer us both monochrome Black-out and color ones with photo printing. The latest “squeak of fashion” is blackout curtains with a beautiful, large pattern, prints are especially welcome.It can be oriental ornament, exquisite, two-tone stripes, white curtains with flowers, popular in country style.

As for the subject of prints, it depends on your imagination – from flower fields to modern car models, which will come in handy in a nursery for boys.

Plain roller blinds not only keep out the daylight, but also help create a real cinema in your room. Lilac, green, black, and, conversely, bright lime, yellow, blue – they can create the perfect design for your apartment. Hang in the children’s curtains with photo printing, pastel or striped – in the bedroom, in the living room – blackout with an ornament – and you will become the owner of unique square meters.


The number of manufacturers of blackout curtains has increased markedly in recent years. However, when choosing your roller blinds , you need to focus not only on price offers, but also on professional and high-quality production. The leaders include the Germans, Belgians and, of course, Finnish manufacturers. However, they are successfully “replaced” by manufacturers from the Czech Republic, China, and in Russia, more than one company specializes in the production of blackout curtains. Companies from Poland and Ukraine offer customers various colors, parameters and styles of roller blinds.

How to choose?

When faced with a choice – which roller blinds to choose exactly for you, remember the following points:

  • The blackout must be 100% opaque, so look at the light through a piece of cloth.
  • Ask the sellers to show you the cut fabric – there must be black threads, characteristic of the unusual composition of the canvas.
  • Patterned outer fabric should visually resemble suede.
  • When buying roller blinds, make sure they come with side rails to provide extra protection from light. A weight bar must also be present.
  • Remember that blackout fabrics are non-flammable, sellers must prove this to you on a small piece of sample.


Blackout fabric is almost universal, but still requires special care:

  • It should be washed rarely, but at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.
  • Washing can be done both by hand and in automatic mode – the fabric does not deform, does not “shrink” and does not fade in the sun.
  • It is necessary to dry the curtain without spinning, in extreme cases – in a mode of no more than 400 revolutions.
  • Iron during ironing should not be hot, keep to a neutral temperature.


According to reviews of buyers who have been using blackout curtains for more than one year, this fabric is reliable, dense, perfectly isolates noise and is enviable incombustibility.The latter fact has won the respect of employees of schools and kindergartens, where the safety of children is in the first place. For many housewives, an important factor was that after repeated washing, the photo printing on such curtains did not lose its color, remained the same bright and unforgettable.

Ideas in the interior

When using blackout curtains in different interiors, remember the recommendations of the designers:

  • Do not choose curtains that match the color of the wallpaper.
  • If your room is small, keep your blackouts light.
  • Patterned curtains are preferred in the kitchen and living room.
  • If your windows are of non-standard size, use blackout pleated in the interior.
  • Oriental or Japanese curtains are suitable for large panoramic windows.
  • Is your room designed in high-tech style? Buy curtains with photo printing, metal spraying.

To see the difference between conventional roller blinds and Black-out blinds, we suggest watching the following video.

90,000 How to choose curtains and avoid seven common mistakes – blog at

Without curtains, curtains, curtains, it is difficult to imagine the comfort of a home. Curtains protect us from excess sun, prolong sleep, hide from prying eyes and, of course, serve as decoration of rooms. But sometimes, when looking at the interior, there is a feeling of a series of “something is wrong.”Perhaps due to the fact that when choosing curtains, you made some of these mistakes.

Error 1. Saving on the width of the curtain, not taking into account the folds

Curtains that fit back to back from edge to edge of the wall do not look very nice. And between two such curtains, a gap will necessarily form, through which light will penetrate in the morning. How not to be mistaken with the width of the curtains? Follow a simple calculation formula: multiply the length of the cornice by the fold factor:

  • 1.5 – for slight folds,
  • 2 or 2.5 – for lush.

Error 2. Do not think about the density of curtains

Too light curtains will not save you from sunlight, and thick ones can make the room gloomy, dark and gloomy. Of course, it is difficult to find a compromise if the room is used by all household members (for example, the living room), because someone loves bright sunlight, and someone loves twilight. A good way out is a combination of light curtains and roller blinds or Roman blinds that go upstairs. And in his room, each family member is free to choose the density of curtains that will be comfortable only for him.

Error 3. To miss the length of curtains

The classic rule is this: the curtains should have a 1 cm gap with the floor. This is convenient and practical: the curtains slide apart easily and do not get dirty when cleaning. If you use both tulle and curtains at the same time, they simply have to be of equal length.

However, more and more often designers offer us solutions with long curtains lying on the floor: if you wish, you can tie them into beautiful knots or, by straightening and folding folds, admire the beauty of the fabric and the play of color.If you like this design technique and are not afraid of frequent washing, do not forget that the length of the curtain in this case should be 10-15 cm longer than usual: by tying a standard curtain in a knot, you will get something absurd and funny, not elegant and fashionable.

Short curtains up to the window sill or 10-15 cm below its level are most often used in kitchens or in nurseries, so that the child does not get entangled in the curtains. And much less often they can be seen in other rooms (they are typical for country styles, Provence).Short curtains visually enlarge the room, do not hide the space near the window, become less dirty and do not interfere with the movement of warm air from the batteries.

Do not miss the length of the curtains and choose your ideal curtains with a tape measure.

If you are the lucky owner of a ceiling cornice, before going shopping, measure the height from floor to ceiling at three points – along the edges and in the center. Then subtract the width of the curtain rod, the height of the hook (if you have some kind of non-standard protruding model) and 1 cm from the floor.You will receive the required curtain length.

For wall cornice owners, stretch the tape measure from the bracket attachment point to the floor. Subtract the size of the bar and ring or hook from the resulting length and don’t forget about the same 1 cm. Voila! You can open directories!

Error 4. Hang a cornice that matches the width of the wall

This is often done in narrow rooms. But it is much better if a small part of the wall is left uncovered, creating contrast.The length of the cornice is calculated as follows: measure the window opening and add 50 cm. If the cornice protrudes 20-25 cm from each side of the window, it looks harmonious.

Error 5. Succumb to the persuasion of the manager in the salon and buy all the lambrequins and other decorations

Do not forget that curtains are part of the interior, not an independent element. Visual noise and pretentiousness will quickly tire you. For small rooms, simple curtains are optimal, without an abundance of details.

Error 6.Buy curtains with a pattern for a room with variegated wallpaper

Curtains with flowers, hearts and monograms seem cute and unobtrusive in the store. At home, in combination with wallpaper with the same fine pattern and open shelves with knickknacks, they will turn a thoughtful interior into … ill-conceived. Colorful curtains look good only in one case: if the walls in the apartment are plain.

Error 7. Use one type of textile in the whole room

Sets of tablecloths, curtains and bedspreads sewn from the same fabric have long left the fashionable Olympus and suggest that the hostess has no imagination.Also, the same ornaments and patterns on curtains and tulle are no longer relevant. What if you don’t want to say goodbye to them at all? Share and use your saved favorite headsets in different rooms or separately.

How many sets of curtains do you think a hostess needs to be happy?

Curtains in waves: photo options in the interior

Curtains are the last decorative element in interior design creation.This finishing touch creates a mood and a special atmosphere in the room. Living room without curtains looks empty and not comfortable. Therefore, the choice of the type, color and texture of curtains for the hall should be given special attention.

Choosing curtains for the hall

In order for the selected model to be ideally combined with the design of the room, it is necessary to take into account the design style, color scheme and the type of textiles that are present in the room.

What are curtains with waves

Most often, curtains made of expensive, heavy fabrics are purchased for the hall, which emphasize the solemnity and special status of the room.Expensive velvet, silk or high-quality cotton create a perfect window drape. The fabric lays down in beautiful waves.

You can hang such curtains or tulle with your own hands. If the width of the cornice and fabric is correctly calculated, then the finished product frames the window opening very nicely. Recall that to create a drapery in waves, it is necessary that the width of the curtain is twice as large as the width of the opening. Decorative waves made of colored dense fabric in the photo will help to complement the composition.

But if you cannot afford expensive curtains, you can give preference to other types of curtains – wave curtains.

The modern retail chain offers a wide range of curtains with a wave pattern. These models are available in various colors, cotton, silk, polyester, threads. In this case, the wave on the curtain can fall, both horizontally and vertically.

Features of curtains in waves

Do you want the curtains, curtains or tulle that framing the windows to fall in beautiful, soft folds? To do this, you need to pick up at least three layers of fabric.It is recommended to combine fabrics that differ in color, but create a harmonious combination.

An interesting design technique is the use of one of the layers of opaque material. This will allow not only to decorate the window in an original way, but also, if desired, will help create a romantic twilight in the room. The use of multi-layer curtains requires several curtain rods. Usually, these are rod structures, on which fabrics are attached using decorative double-sided elements.

Filament curtains

One of the most popular types of curtains in waves are the filament models in the photo. They are produced in a variety of colors, which allows you to easily choose the right model for a specific interior design.

Filament curtains in the form of waves are a great option for creating a unique, cozy atmosphere in the hall. This type of curtain is so versatile that it is often used to decorate restaurants, cafeterias, and office spaces.Thread models fit perfectly into any room design option, turning it into an original room.

When choosing curtains of thread in waves, keep in mind that they can be monochromatic, multi-colored, complemented by unusual patterns, beads, lurex, sparkles. A wide selection allows you to choose the model that will harmoniously fit into the classic, modern or minimalist interior design of the hall.

Decorative additions

The interior design of the hall, as the main room in the house, requires special decoration.This applies to furnishings, general color scheme, harmonious combination of all furnishing elements.

This also applies to the decorative design of curtains. To create a decent window decoration, it is not enough to simply hang curtains and lay them in soft waves. The composition must be complemented by grabs, tassels, lambrequin and a beautiful cornice.

Summing up, we emphasize that curtains in waves are an excellent choice for decorating a hall.

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