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Halloween Vampire Capes, Hooded Capes & Hooded Robes to Complete Your Character

Without your full-length vampire cape, your vampire pose falls flat — gone is the dark air of menace when you hide your face under your arm. Without your black magician’s cape, the magic drains from your act — gone is the broad sweeping gesture as you pull roses out of your hat. Red riding hood without red her hooded cape? Unthinkable; wolf bait. Superman without his red superhero cape? Grounded, not just as a founding superhero but as a comic book fashion statement, because there’s nothing left to break the monotony of the blueberry stretch suit.

 Clothes may not make the man, but if you’re a vampire, devil, or magician, the cape does help to make the character — in fact, it defines the character, and if you’re a monk, ghost, or Grim Reaper, the same is true of robes.

At Party City, we have you covered from head to midsection to toe with costume capes and robes of every ilk: full hooded capes, mid-length reversible capes, hooded, horror, and king robes for kids and adults. Some of the more elaborate capes and robes are costumes in themselves, while others are indispensable accessories without which your character goes unrecognized. Prices vary according to make and fabric — pocket change for an unlined satin half cape for kids all the way up to our pricier full-length hooded velvet cape with reversible lining and wire support in the hem for a floating effect.

Happy haunting, all you grim reapers, vampires, and devils — enjoy your “cape-r” tonight. Here are just a few of the products that may interest you:

  • Superhero capes: Transform into the Man of Steel with a floor-length Superman cape, into the ultimate female superhero with a double-sided Wonder Woman cape, or into the Dark Knight with a Batman Cape with scalloped bat wing hem. All superhero capes are officially licensed by Marvel or DC Comics.
  • Vampire capes: A stylish choice for cost-conscious vampires! Horror and vampire capes let you create a great DIY costume of little more than a lined, double-sided cape, a pair of fangs, and a few drops of vampire blood.
  • Horror & devil capes: These capes are to die for! Or maybe you’d like to be on the other end of the pitchfork. Like most capes at Party City, horror capes are 100% polyester and machine washable – good for dealing with those troublesome blood stains. Hooded capes add another layer of mystery and menace to the character.
  • Storybook & movie capes: Red Riding Hood, Darth Vader, Maleficent, and even Rocky Balboa – all have capes they’ve generously offered to share with you, so that you can build your character and they can build their brand.
  • Movie character robes: A good robe and tie are all you need to represent Gryffindor this Halloween, while a flowing Star Wars robe with optional lightsaber instantly transforms you into a Jedi or Sith, depending on the true colors of your heart.
  • Other character robes: Monk, king, judge, or Grim Reaper? You can be all these characters and more with a transformation as easy as a robe change. Robes are one-piece costumes that are easy to accessorize, affordable, ultra-comfortable, and impressive. What more do you need at the Halloween party, other than a date?

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Women’s Clothing Black Satin Robe Three Quarter Length Silk Kimono Bridal Party Sizes 6 to 24 Intimates & Sleep

Women’s Clothing Black Satin Robe Three Quarter Length Silk Kimono Bridal Party Sizes 6 to 24 Intimates & Sleep
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6 to 24 Black Satin Robe Three Quarter Length Silk Kimono Bridal Party Sizes, Phialli Sleepwear, Discreet Tiger Plain Satin Style Corsets, Great for the bridal party, hens night, FABRIC: Polyester Spandex Blend – Satin Finish, Exclusive to Discreet Tiger, Discreet Tiger,3/4 sleeve robe,Free Shipping & EASY Returns,Top Brands Bottom Prices,Hot-selling products,Online Wholesale Shop,All the top brands at the best prices. Party Sizes 6 to 24 Black Satin Robe Three Quarter Length Silk Kimono Bridal, Black Satin Robe Three Quarter Length Silk Kimono Bridal Party Sizes 6 to 24.

Garment Type: : Gown: Colour: : Black. such as the original box or bag. Phialli Sleepwear, Type: : Robe: Product Type: : Sleepwear. Discreet Tiger, in the original packaging, Black Satin Robe Three Quarter Length Silk Kimono Bridal Party Sizes 6 to 24, FABRIC: Polyester Spandex Blend – Satin Finish. See all condition definitions : Brand: : Phialli Sleepwear, Discreet Tiger Plain Satin Style Corsets, Fabric Type: : Polyester Blend – Satin Finish: Garment Care: : Machine Washable. Department: : Women: Style: : Kimono. unused, Condition:: New with tags: A brand-new, Closure: : Tie: Occasion: : Bridal Party, Sleeve Type: : Kimono: Sleeve Length: : Long Sleeve, Model: : N/A: Pattern: : Solid. 3/4 sleeve robe, hens night, Exclusive to Discreet Tiger, Vintage: : No: Material: : Polyester Spandex Blend – Satin Finish, and unworn item, Great for the bridal party, including handmade items, and/or with the original tags attached.

Black Satin Robe Three Quarter Length Silk Kimono Bridal Party Sizes 6 to 24

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Black Satin Robe Three Quarter Length Silk Kimono Bridal Party Sizes 6 to 24 Phialli Sleepwear, Discreet Tiger Plain Satin Style Corsets, Great for the bridal party, hens night, FABRIC: Polyester Spandex Blend – Satin Finish, Exclusive to Discreet Tiger, Discreet Tiger,3/4 sleeve robe,Free Shipping & EASY Returns,Top Brands Bottom Prices,Hot-selling products,Online Wholesale Shop,All the top brands at the best prices. 90,000 black, short, long, floor-length, with guipure, blue, with nightie

Features and benefits of fabric

Every girl and woman dreams of being beautiful and sexy in any setting.

Many of them do not attach importance to what to wear at home, and only worry about clothes on the way out, but make a mistake. After all, even at home, a woman should not miss the moment to feel irresistible, and a light satin robe can help with this.

The main advantage of a satin robe is the material from which it is sewn. Atlas is incredibly pleasing not only to the eye, but also to the touch. Due to its light texture, such fabric easily fits the figure, successfully emphasizing its shape and dignity.

Atlas is extremely durable when used correctly. Even if a tightening occurs on this delicate fabric, the hostess will not need to worry, because such a tightening can be easily removed – it will not “creep” further and spoil the appearance of the dressing gown.

In addition, satin is extremely practical in terms of ironing. It does not wrinkle, which is very convenient for everyday wear of this product.

From the outside, the satin is bright and smooth enough, and therefore this material is able to create an aesthetically idle mood.Such robes are not so much home clothes as the main home decoration of a girl. That is why many women wear this product only for “special” romantic occasions to please their man and feel desirable.

However, there are many styles of satin robes that do not lose their practicality and idleness in everyday life.

The flowing fabric of satin looks very rich and sophisticated, and therefore instantly elevates any girl and woman in the eyes of others. For all its beauty, it is so practical that it is safe to say that robes made of such fabric are simply intended for daily wear by lovely ladies.


Manufacturers today offer their customers a huge number of styles and models of satin robes. Designers successfully combine many prints with satin so that in the future the product could give its owner not only comfort, but also femininity and tenderness.

Let’s talk about the most popular satin robes.

With guipure

Lace can rightfully be called one of the girl’s best friends, since it is lace that can complement any romantic and sexy look. Guipure is often added to a satin robe as an additional decoration to the already “festive” look of the product.

This is not an everyday option, but rather more relaxed, great for spending an evening with your beloved man.

There are different options for decorating a dressing gown with guipure, but perhaps the most common is inserts.Playfully exposing one or another part of the girl, guipure brings tenderness and playfulness to such a relaxed image that many men will surely like it.

Set with nightie

Another sexy option is a satin robe in addition to a nightie. Most often it is referred to as a simpler everyday outfit.We are very fond of many newlyweds as a daily, but more relaxed version of pajamas.

The set includes an often short satin robe and a nightgown in the form of an elongated T-shirt or pajamas, consisting of short shorts and a top. Most often, this option is made in one color, the most popular of which is, of course, red.Purple, black and white satin are no less popular.



Great for young girls and women with beautiful legs. Perhaps, a satin robe of this length would be more appropriate in a romantic setting than in an everyday one. Such a robe, belted with a soft belt, is able to emphasize the girl’s breasts and hips, making her shapes more seductive and desirable.


Option for those who like to combine versatility with practicality.Such a robe, complemented by a light nightie, which, in turn, can be decorated with lace, will be an excellent option for a romantic dinner for two. At the same time, a robe of this length without any provocative jewelry can be a great option for everyday wear.


A more classic option for everyday wear at home. With the help of it, a girl or woman can add zest to her image, as well as make it more luxurious. The flowing fabric, gently emphasizing the waist with a belt, gently descends, making the silhouette of the legs longer and more sophisticated.



Black satin is a godsend for sophisticated ladies.This shade, playing in the smooth texture of a material that glitters well in the light, ideally emphasizes the aristocratic character of its owner.

Many people may mistakenly believe that such a color cannot carry a festive mood, but this cannot be said about the atlas of this color. This is an ideal and versatile option for those girls who know exactly what they want – this combination will emphasize their confidence, determination and courage.


Blue is a noble color. This satin robe is perfect for girls and women of all ages. Many shades of this color allow the lady to choose exactly the one that perfectly emphasizes her intention and personal qualities.

So, for example, cool blue will add some self-confidence to the image, while deep blue is ideal for a young playful person.


Such a bold “dangerous” shade will easily add a sparkle to a girl and a woman, which earlier could not have been noticed in her. Cool shades will emphasize the irresistibility of a woman’s nature and, in combination with a long style of a robe, are suitable for everyday wear. The bright red version of the satin can suit the taste of those women who want to show their passionate nature.

Animal print

A universal color scheme that will ideally fit into any situation, highlighting the advantages and hiding the flaws of the figure of its owner.

This color is a favorite of many designers when it comes to satin robes, because it is the satin fabric that can add color and realism to animal motifs.

How to choose

Of course, like any other item of clothing, when choosing a dressing gown, you need to build on the type of woman’s figure.

For example, a satin kimono robe is perfect for girls with an hourglass figure.The plunging neckline will perfectly accentuate the woman’s breasts, and the belt will outline the waistline, while the lightweight fabric will perfectly fit the silhouette.

Overweight girls should pay attention to “maxi” length robes made of denser satin. A prerequisite is the presence of a light belt that will help outline the contour of the woman’s waist. The recommended length will easily hide the flaws of full hips, thereby successfully highlighting them.Stylists advise preferably to use solid colors and avoid excess guipure.

A thin girl and women, on the contrary, should pay attention to satin robes of lurid shades, with large patterns, which visually add volume to the figure. The midi length is perfect for this case.

In addition, when choosing a satin robe, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material.The satin must be pleasantly smooth and slightly cool to the touch. When worn, the fabric should not be electrified.

Choosing the size of the robe is on the shoulders.

Interesting models

Satin robes in dark shades with Scandinavian motives are extremely interesting for everyday wear. These can be large enough patterns that adorn the entire canvas of the robe, or small ones that decorate only the hem of the sleeves, pockets or the edges of the robe.

Many girls and women will certainly find the model of a dressing gown made in the ombre style curious. Atlas, whose palette is made in this style, looks very beautiful and impressive. Especially if there are dark shades, smoothly turning into lighter, brighter ones.

And, finally, a satin robe with Japanese motifs. A plain satin with patterns and designs of sakura, beautiful fish and magnolia or camellia flowers looks very sophisticated, and therefore is perfect for luxurious women in terms of everyday wear.

Long satin kimono robe with floral print

Give yourself some fun with this satin robe with delicate lace trim. Long cut and wide kimono-style sleeves create a light and airy feeling. The material has an anti-static effect for a super-smooth and silky touch.

Detailed description
– Length from neck to hem in size 12: 112 cm
– Product length: long
More details
– Fit: Standard
– With belt
– Sleeve 3/4
– Length from neck to bottom in size 12: 112 cm
– 100% polyester
(excluding finishing)
Care instructions
– Machine wash at 30º
– Machine Dryer
– Keep away from fire and sources of ignition

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Arranging delivery methods in ascending order of cost, we get a list:

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Payment methods

You can pay for the order in a convenient way for you: on the website or upon receipt. Available payment methods: credit card or cash. Gift cards are not accepted for payment of orders.

Cash payment

Payment for the order in cash is carried out upon receipt of the order from the courier, at the point of issue of orders or at the post office.

Payment by credit card

Payment for the order by credit card is carried out on the website when placing an order. You can also pay for the order by credit card upon receipt of the goods from the courier or at the points of issue of the order only if they have such a technical capability.

Sorry, we cannot accept returns for this item. Here the legislator is guided by considerations of hygienic safety, limiting our possibilities with you.
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home models with and without a hood, zapashnye large and other sizes.

How to choose a waffle robe?

There is an opinion that only women think about comfortable and comfortable home clothes. However, having received a comfortable robe made of soft fabric as a gift, any man will be incredibly happy.Wafer models have a special charm. Such products personify home coziness and comfort.


Many people associate the word “waffle” with a towel. Indeed, this household textile has long won the love of housewives around the world. It perfectly absorbs moisture and does not deteriorate after regular washings. This material also makes excellent bathrobes and dressing gowns.They are soft and lightweight. This product is of particular interest to the strong half of humanity.

Men’s cotton robes are relevant in the warm season. The material allows the skin to “breathe” and does not cause discomfort. A similar hooded dressing gown is good after water procedures. In addition, the appearance of the product (mainly in dark colors) allows you to add brutality and charisma to the male image.

The product has undeniable advantages. The advantages of a waffle men’s dressing gown include the following characteristics:

  • is durable, does not stretch or wrinkle;
  • has a slight massage effect;
  • has large and small sizes, it is possible to choose the right model for any body type;
  • perfectly absorbs moisture and dries quickly;
  • The cost of a waffle product is much lower than terry.

Cotton household items are quite versatile. They are cool in summer and warm in the off-season. Modern men are especially interested in homemade waffle gowns made in Turkey, China and Russia.

Caring for such a product cannot be called time consuming. It is enough to periodically wash it in the washing machine. If the item is light in color, it is allowed to wash at high temperatures. For colored bathrobes, a wash cycle of 30-40 degrees is suitable. Hand wash allowed. It is advisable to iron waffle robes at the maximum temperature.

Models and methods of fixation

The density of the “waffle” is 140 g / sq. m. The material is pleasant to the touch and does not cause an allergic reaction. As for the models, cotton robes with a characteristic depressed check can be with or without a collar. Large size hooded items are very popular. They are especially good after a bath. In addition to female and male models, there are unisex products.

Most of them are decorated with embroideries and inserts. There are also two-tone products. For example, the robe itself may be gray, and the hood and pockets are colored black. The very color range of cotton products is quite diverse. However, unlike female models, men’s robes are made in restrained, practical colors: blue, black, brown. There are also snow-white products, but they are unlikely to be suitable for everyday wear.

Methods of fixing models can be different. Men tend to prefer over-the-top dressing gowns. Products with zippers or buttons are no less practical. There are also models with buttons.

How to choose?

If a man buys a product for personal use, then he needs to buy a dressing gown 1-2 sizes larger. The fact is that a tight thing will bring discomfort to its owner, thereby ruining his mood.

Ladies who buy a waffle dressing gown for their chosen one as a gift will need the following tips.

  • In order not to “miss” the size, a woman needs to take measurements from the man’s previous household clothing item. It is enough to lay it out on a smooth surface and find out the exact dimensions using a measuring tape. If the “old” robe is not available, then a jacket or coat will do.

When calculating the parameters, it is important to understand that the new thing should sit freely, without restricting movement.

  • The length of the dressing gown depends on personal preference and the season. Waffle robes are worn mainly in the warm season, so it is best to choose a cropped model.In addition, the length of the product depends on the height. A short man will look ridiculous in a dressing gown to the toes or, conversely, in an overly short product. And for skinny tall men, it is best to choose a model up to the knees or slightly lower.

Gift in the form of a bathrobe, will appeal to fans of swimming and traveling. For example, a lightweight, comfortable piece of clothing is pleasant to wear after a pool or sauna session. You can take your waffle robe with you on the road. The thing won’t take up much space. It will be quite important to put on it at the hotel or at a party. In addition, most of the models have spacious pockets in which you can put the necessary things.

How to determine the size of men’s clothing, see the video.

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