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Catwoman Halloween Costumes – Sexy Catwoman Costume

Romance is never easy for a girl. Just ask Catwoman. Her longest-running relationship is with a billionaire vigilante who tries to toss her in jail on the regular. Of course, Selina Kyle is the perfect mix of good girl and bad girl that drives both heroes and criminals wild, so she can have her choice of any guy for a night on the town— no matter what side of the law they fall on. When she’s feeling bad, she just might team up with one of Gotham’s most deadly villains. When she’s feeling good, she might do a good deed or two with Batman. No matter who she decides to bring with her, she ALWAYS looks good in her Catwoman outfit and ALWAYS has an action-packed nigh!.

Classic Catwoman and Batman Costumes for Couples

Young love! These days, Catwoman and Batman are together one month and fighting each other the next, but when those two love-birds were shaking it on the dance floor together in the 60’s, it was all love. If you want the classic Catwoman outfit, or you just have a thing for a young Adam West, this is the perfect superhero couples’ Halloween costume for a night out on Gotham City.

Dark Knight and Catwoman Costumes for Couples

Batman prowls the streets of Gotham every night, just so he can administer some justice to thugs and villains, or so he claims. Of course, we think he’s just spending his nights hoping to cross paths with his favorite female villain. He might pretend that he wants to lock Catwoman up in Gotham City’s prison, but Bruce Wayne has always been kind of shy about letting his true feelings be known. Maybe it’s about time you helped him out and show him how to have a good time in the streets of Gotham with this Catwoman and Batman costume idea for couples.

Nightwing and Catwoman Costumes for Couples

Dick Grayson sure did grow up in a hurry. It seems like just yesterday he was a little shrimp somersaulting around in a funny outfit. He got rid of the kiddy suit, put on some muscles and got himself a cool new name. A girl tends to take notice of those kinds of things! Bruce Might not like the idea of you corrupting his protégé, but a girl has to have her fun, right? What could one little date with Nightwing hurt, right?

Catwoman and Bane Costumes for Couples

There’s something about two villains strolling through the city, causing mayhem and anarchy that’s just plain sexy. Sure, you COULD save the day, play the hero and end up with Batman at the end of the night, but think of how much fun you could have being bad all night long. Bane certainly isn’t going to complain if you decide to break a few rules here and there. He might even join in on your spell of bad behavior.

The Joker and Catwoman Costumes for Couples

Sometimes, a girl needs a little bit of crazy in her life. That’s good news for Catwoman, since The Joker has got more than enough crazy to spare and with their mutual problems with Batman, a team-up isn’t out of the question. He’s totally not “boyfriend” material, considering how destructive his relationship with Harley Quinn has been over the years, but for a night of mayhem, you can bear his unpredictable ways to get what you want.

Catwoman Costumes – Kids and Adult Halloween Costumes

Catwoman Costume Ideas

She jumps and crawls through the night, slips past her unsuspecting victims and then vanishes before they know what happens. You’re sure to be seen and be noticed, however, when you’re dressed as Catwoman. With our variety of Catwoman costumes, we’ve given Gotham’s most notorious jewel thief a few extra lives. 

For kids, we have a stylish jumpsuit to keep them going through a long night of trick or treating. For adults, we have all the bases covered: from the classic 1960s Batman series, to Halle Berry’s jaw-dropping look and finally Anne Hathaway’s costume in the Dark Knight Rises, we have the look to fit your style. So, whether you’re out to steal the heart of the caped crusader or looking to dress up in a sleek and form-fitting outfit, suit up, drink a glass of milk and get ready for an evening you won’t forget.

Types of Catwoman Costumes

Dark Knight Catwoman

Like you, Selina Kyle is a woman of mystery.

She has many disguises: maid, villain, thief and hero. Above all, though, she is known as The Cat. You might not be infiltrating a dinner party at one of the wealthiest mansions in town, but that party you’re going to will probably have its own form of adventure. Costume includes front zippered jumpsuit, belt, gloves and those famous ears and mask to get you ready for night spent sneaking through town.

“My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men.”

Child Catwoman

Catwoman: She’s not really a bad guy, but she does things that would make you hesitate to call her a hero. Sound like your little mischief maker? Then we have the perfect Halloween costume for her! This costume is modeled off Anne Hathaway’s outfit in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. It features a black jumpsuit, belt, thigh-high boot covers, black fabric gloves, mask and cat ears.

“What’s the matter, Cat got your tongue?”

Catwoman Group Costume Ideas

By the power of Greyskull, I’ll fight for truth, justice and the American way! Okay, we mixed up a few superhero mottos there, but that’s part of the fun of having a mashup of characters who never met on the big screen or on the pages of comic books.

If you have a big family or group of friends and you are looking for a fun theme for your next costume party, how about a superhero mashup? 

At BuyCostumes we’ve got a huge variety. Check out our styles from the classic 1980s cartoon He-Man. If you want to go even further back, try on a costume from the lovably corny 1960s Batman television show. For your tough little toddler, we have a muscle-bound Flash costume, or you can grab the thunder god Thor! And heroic young ladies can choose from icons like Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Whatever you choose, these costumes are like jelly beans; mix together the flavors to get a burst of deliciousness and fun!

Catwoman Friends & Couples Costume Ideas

Catwoman and Batman

You two will be the talk of the tabloids when you roll through town and show up at parties. What are they this time? Enemies or allies? Hide your diamonds, because with you two out on the town something is bound to happen! The Catwoman outfit comes with a black jumpsuit, gold belt and necklace, ears, mask and gloves with attached cat nails.

The Batman outfit includes jumpsuit with attached boot tops, headpiece, cape and belt.

Adult Catwoman and Child Catwoman

Do you want to double down on that perfect costume idea? Can the world handle two Catwomen? There’s one way to find out. Pair together these two Catwomen outfits for a great way to bond and get into all sorts of mischief with your daughter. Child Catwoman costume includes jumpsuit, belt, thigh-high boot covers, gloves, mask and cat ears. Adult costume includes front zippered jumpsuit, belt, gloves, ears and mask.

Ultimate Costume – Catwoman

It would be a feat worthy of a superhero to run around town trying to collect all the vintage materials needed to make you look like Catwoman from the classic 1966 television series. Fortunately, at BuyCostumes we have everything you need in our Grand Heritage Adult Catwoman costume. From the high-quality mask and ears to the figure-hugging jumpsuit, this costume is all about the details. It comes with a golden waistband with matching necklace, and perhaps the most unique accessories are the black gloves with cat nails. This is an officially licensed Batman product.

Wholesale Black PU faux leather keyhole sexy catwoman costume lingerie From

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Sexy Costume for Cat Girls


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If in stock, 3 to 4 working days after payment.
If customized, let us talk in detail.

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For sexy costumes, usually MOQ=100 to customize. For others, let us further discussion.

12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Only True Torontonians Will Instantly Recognize

You could dress up as Squid Game characters or copy literally any of the outlandish looks from the 2021 Met Gala. It’s way more fun to dress up with someone else though, so if you have a partner or a BFF that’s down, then here are some fun costume ideas suitable for a duo.

Guy & Molotov Girl From ‘Free Guy’

Free Guy was a surprisingly heartwarming and equally exciting movie that blurred the lines between video games and reality. For Guy’s outfit, you’ll need a shirt like this light blue polo ($22.73) or this light blue button-up ($29.75) a striped tie ($19.99) and beige khakis ($25.73). You can complete the look with a name tag, coffee cup and some sunglasses.

For Molotov Girl’s costume, you can get brown faux leather pants from Dynamite for $64.95. It’s a great pair of pants that you can continue wearing all year round.

For accessories, you can get this small burgundy scarf for $12.99, these aviator sunglasses for $23.99 and these black suspenders for $18.99, all on Amazon Canada. Throw on a white shirt and black boots and you’re ready to save the NPCs!

Beetlejuice & Lydia

Beetlejuice is a classic spooky movie and the wedding scene is ICONIC. To get Tim Burton’s character looks, you’ll need to pick up some face paint ($22.99), a burgundy suit ($199 and you can re-wear it!) and a white wig ($16.99). Under the suit, you can just wear any white shirt you have or go all out and get this ruffle shirt for $48 from Asos. Make sure to complete the look with a black bow tie for $9.99.

For Lydia’s look, you can grab a ruffled red dress like this one from PrettyLittleThing for $75 and a roll of red tulle($9.12) for the veil. Pick up some fake roses and makeup from your local Dollarama and use a ton of hairspray to fluff up your ‘do. These black boots from Amazon ($54.99 ) will complete the look.

Salt, Pepper & Cumin

Salt, Pepper & Cumin How I Met Your Mother | Netflix

If you have a pet or a BFF that loves to play the third wheel just like Ted, why not recreate this hilarious How I Met Your Mother costume?

You can grab a couple of these metal colanders for $11. 54 and some adhesive felt rolls for $15.99 from Amazon Canada to cut out the letters that you can stick onto these t-shirts that are $4.66 and up.

Gomez & Morticia Addams

The Addams Family is another classic spooky season series and the macabre parents are the couple to channel this Halloween. For Gomez’s look, all you need is a striped black suit ($129.99+) and a pair of fake hands ($25.66). Oh, and you’ll need a LOT of hair gel!

To emulate Morticia, all you need is a black maxi dress ($35.99), some dramatic eye makeup and a long black wig ($29.99).

Wanda & Vision

WandaVision was a super unique series that took us through different decades and looks, but their Halloween costumes are what most people will want to copy this year. You can find everything you need on Amazon Canada.

For Wanda’s costume, you can layer this red bathing suit ($30.95) on top of pink leggings ($20.90) and finish off the outfit with red gloves ($12. 64) and a red cape ($16.99). You can easily DIY her headpiece with some red cardstock paper from Dollarama.

For Vision, you’ll need a teal bodysuit ($48.89), a yellow cape ($30.50), some yellow shorts ($25.07), and, of course, some red face paint ($13.99).

Moira & Johnny From ‘Schitt’s Creek’

The Rose family is eccentric and so entertaining to watch as they navigate their way through life on Schitt’s Creek.

For Moira, you can get away with wearing pretty much anything black with this silver statement necklace that’s $28.99 on Amazon Canada.

For Johnny, you’ll need a grey suit like this one that’s $199 on RW&CO and a dark eyebrow pencil from your local drug store.

Schmidt & Jenko From ’22 Jump Street’

Sony Pictures Entertainment | Youtube

This dynamic duo played by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill made us laugh so hard on 22 Jump Street and they’re an easy pair to replicate on Halloween.

Tatum’s tank top can be found on Redbubble for $27.69 and the same seller also has Hill’s spring break shirt for $23.54. To really complete the look, grab this red and white Hawaiian shirt ($27.20) and a pair of cheap red sunglasses from Dollarama.

Kendall Jenner & Kim Kardashian At The 2021 Met Gala

There were so many hilarious memes about the 2021 Met Gala, but one of the most popular ones was made from a photo of Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian in a full black bodysuit.

For Kendall’s dress, this Shein maxi dress ($50) is an affordable option you can adorn with jewelry like this rhinestone choker for $3 and these body chains for $10.

For Kim’s look, you’ll need a black bodysuit ($36.99) and a face mask ($9.99, and you can actually see out of this it!). You can finish the look off with black gloves ($10.99) and a black cape ($28.73) all from Amazon Canada.

Daphne Bridgerton & Simon Basset

Netflix’s Bridgerton took the world by storm late last year with its beautiful imagery and eclectic characters.

For Daphne’s look, you’ll need a blue babydoll dress with puff sleeves like this one for $23 on SHEIN, and a pair of long white gloves ($14.99).

To channel Simon, you just need a black three-piece suit ($136.30) and a renaissance shirt ($31.99).

Chandler & Monica From ‘Friends’

Going as Monica and Chandler this Halloween is so easy. You can find everything you need on Amazon Canada.

You can replicate Chandler’s bunny costume with this pink bunny onesie ($70.99).

For Monica’s Cat Woman costume, you can get this black faux leather jumpsuit f$70.20 and these black cat ears for $14.99.

Lily & Frank From ‘Jungle Cruise’

Lily & Frank Disney | Youtube

Jungle Cruise is a visually stunning Disney movie and the Rock and Emily Blunt did an amazing job playing two explorers looking for an ancient tree.

If you’re going to dress up like Frank, you’ll need beige suspenders ($15. 99), abeige striped button-up ($59.99) and a beige hat ($20.99).

To dress up as Lily, you’ll need a blue button-up shirt ($24.36), a tan fedora ($28.77), a thick brown belt ($30.99) and a red bandana ($5.99) all available on Amazon Canada.

Veronica & Ron Burgundy From ‘Anchorman’

Anchorman is one of the funniest movies of the early 2000s and has been trending lately on Netflix, so you can pay homage to your favourite characters this year.

For Ron Burgundy’s costume, you can use the same suitwe recommended for the Beetlejuice costume and pair it with whatever tie you have lying around the house (or borrow one from your dad!) and one of these fake mustaches for $8.79 on Amazon Canada.

For Veronica’s look, you can get this pink tweed blazer for $54 and a matching tweed skirt for $15 on SHEIN. To achieve her signature big curls, you’ll need a one-and-a-half-inch curling wand ($44.48) or a blonde wig ($15.53).

Young Black Woman in Leather Outfit Is Posing As Catwoman Cosplay by Silezkiy

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19 Best Halloween Sex Toys

Has your penis penetrated a pumpkin? Do you wet dream in shades of PSL (pumpkin spice latte; keep up, Brad) about making out with Vincent Price––nay, the skeleton of Vincent Price—on the reg? Then velcome [opens cape] to ze horniest of Halloween sex toy guides, where we unearth the spookiest sexual accessories for your hot, lycanthropic rituals this year.  

There are all kinds of weeeeeird sex toys out there, and while they’re not always Halloween-specific, I’ll be damned to Beezlebub’s lap if a pair of red, fluffy handcuffs doesn’t slap a little bit harder during the spooky season. Hell, even the traditional witch’s broom, or “besom,” was actually mounted by its owner in the reverse, so as to represent a phallus. Fall is, simply put, hellishly hot girl shit. 

Of course, you have to find your flavor of spooky. Do you want to feel like Gandalf the Great Load, courtesy of a glow-in-the-dark vibrator wand? Why not gift a hand-blown glass pumpkin plug to your lover? We’ve got spankers, thrusters, and a beginner’s Wartenberg wheel that would make Dr. Frankenstein blush. 

If all of this sounds like a Pretty Good Thursday to you, then into the woods we go, leaving nary a ghostly nipple clamp behind…

It came from the deep 

You don’t come across five-star rated tentacles that often, man, which is a shame, because they have all the potential to be a truly multi-tasking toy; not only is this octopus arm textured, but the curvature also makes it a great G-spot toy. “Everything about this is delicious,” writes one reviewer, “The ridges, the cool texture of the glass, [it] feels amazing. [It] feels great for clit play as well as penetrative [and] the bumps on the side feel amazing when it goes in and out.”


Tentacle Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

You’re a wizard, hairy

Turn out the lights and go bump in the night with a glow-in-the-dark mini-massager wand. At just over seven inches long, it’s an ideal sex toy to take on vacation, it’s USB-recharcheable (and thus more environmentally friendly), and it packs seven different patterns and 10 intensities.  


Glow-in-the-Dark Deluxe Mini Massage Wand Vibrator

Looking to summon the ghost of Jim Morrison? Place this glow-in-the-dark butt plug at the altar of everyone’s favorite back door man.


Sensual Glass Glow-in-the-Dark Butt Plug

Bottoms up 

When it comes to sexual spanking, there’s nothing wrong with ye olde hand. But have you ever tried a paddle? Halloween offers you and your partner(s) a rad, festive stage for getting a little kinkier with a paddle, like this one that has a light electric current. “A near impossible sensation to describe,” says the toy’s maker, “[It] feels like a cross between throbby vibrations, [and] widespread tingles.” 


ElectraPaddle Leather Spanking Paddle

If you’re looking for something sans shock Glutton for Punishment makes hand-crafted paddles that deserve to star in their own hot horror movie, like this booty cleaver: 

Glutton for Punishment

Meat Cleaver Paddle

Spice up your lube 

Combine salted caramel lube with a sensuous pumpkin spice latte massage oil, and there’s no need to buy candy. It’ll be like going trick-or-treating in your [redacted]! 

Wicked Sensual Care

Salted Caramel Lube

Eclectic Lady

Pumpkin Spice Massage Oil

The moaning ghost 

We love a top-rated, artisanal H-ween dildo, and we almost love its reviews even more: “I ain’t never bust like that 🥴,” writes one happy, haunted customer. “Pretty sure this has ensured my being disappointed by any actual human being. It arrived with a couple candies and is COMPLETELY scentless––Nothing even SLIGHT, which is AWESOME. It is such a wonderful little friend.” Aw. 


Hauntingly Satisfying Ghost Dildo

A Great Pumpkin for your Charlie Brown

Get it? Cause it goes up your butt? This gorgeous ~objet~ deserves a high place on your self-pleasure altar. Check out the rest of the glass dildos at this artisan’s store, it’s one to keep open in your tabs all year long. 

Simply Elegant Glass

Pumpkin Spice Butt Plug

Your spooky, but you #LiveLaughLove

(It’s an evil laugh.) Also, how cute are these for thine boo-bies? Wear them to the strip club on H-ween night with the rest of the Rae Dunn ghouls.  

The Twisted Screw

Halloween “Boo-bies” Nipple Clamps

Get off on the right foot 

Or the left. Whatever is your pleasure. This off-brand Vajankle penis masturbator has been branded into my brain, so now it has to be in your brain, too. If you’re into feet, this is really your season.  


Realistic Foot Penis Masturbator

For a little torture chamber roleplay

Igor, what’s our safe word? If you and your hunny are into sensation play, Doc Johnson makes a top-rated electro-rod. “It makes a fantastic crack which is possibly the scariest part,” writes one reviewer, “and the actual shocks are not too much. A single charged zap is great fun.”

Doc Johnson

The Stinger Electro Play Wand

And have you ever tried a Wartenberg wheel? If you’re into ASMR or have always loved light, prickly massaging tools, this introductory-level wheel can open you up to a whole world of relaxation both in and outside of le bedroom.  

Master Series

Beginner’s Mini Sensation Pinwheel

House of wax

Would you like to be dripped upon like an 800-year-old chandelier owned by an opera house ghost? Of course you would. In all seriousness, candle play is a really special part of sex magic that can really improve your intuitive relationship with intimacy and the body.   

Doc Johnson

Japanese Hot Wax Drip Bondage Candles (3 Pack)

Because it’s cuffing season

Handcuffs are such a classic, and this red, faux-fur set would be perfect for doubling up as a Halloween costume accessory. Even when the spooky season is long gone, you can hang these bad boys on your bedpost. So hot. Also, does anyone even have bed posts anymore? Just a thought. 


Red Furry Handcuffs

Cat got your tongue? 

How about your penis? Like our fluffy handcuffs, these are the perfect subtly horny accessory that can level up your Catwoman costume, and be brought into the bedroom. 


Gothic Finger Claws

Headbangers Ball(s)

Think of it as a forever boner. This skeletal dildo is a work of spooky art, and its wide face of a base makes it an ideal humping and grinding sex toy. In the words of one reviewer, “​​It’s goth and cute! I can’t wait to shove this skull up my booty.”  


Bat Slammer Skull Dildo

Children of the corn

Few places lend themselves to Halloween energy better than the Midwest. There’s just something about a cornfield that gets us in a creepy mood, and something about a corn on the cob dildo that makes us want to spank the bank on a haunted tractor.  

Secret Sex Gift

Corn Dildo

For a great gag gift 

Pumpkin Spice Latte? Pffft. You have your hands—and your mouth—full with a meatier gourd this season. 

Geeky Sex Toys

Halloween Pumpkin Ball Gag

Happy spook season, Halloweeners. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story. 

Kim Kardashian ‘tarantula disgustingness’ Halloween decorations

It is one of the favorite times of year for the Kardashian and Jenner family: Halloween.

The reality TV stars love to go over-the-top when it comes to jazzing up their Hidden Hills and Calabasas, California mansions for the annual holiday by using skeletons, webs, corpses and pumpkins.

On Tuesday Kim Kardashian gave fans a look at the massive plastic spiders she placed outside her $60million home that she built with estranged husband Kanye West.

Freaky feel for the famous female: Kim Kardashian gave fans a look at the massive plastic spiders she placed outside her $60million home that she built with estranged husband Kanye West

Black Widow look: ‘Look at this guys, look at all these webs, I am doing the Black Widow theme,’ said the ex of Kris Humphries

Kim is on top of the world this week: The siren seen here on Saturday Night Live which she got raves for hosting

‘Look at this guys, look at all these webs, I am doing the Black Widow theme,’ said the ex of Kris Humphries.

‘Faux tarantula disgustingness,’ the Selfish author added.

A Kylie Cosmetics truck then pulled up with tons of treats for Kim to take home. ‘Look at Kylie,’ said Kim she pointed her camera at the makeup box.

Kim always does up her house well to entertain her four children: North, eight, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two.

They have been living with Kim in Hidden Hills with visits from dad Kanye since Kim filed for divorce earlier this year. Kim has said they are doing well at co-parenting and are getting along.

The star often dresses up for Halloween as well.

For the little West kids: Kim always does up her house well to entertain her four children: North, eight, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two

They must have hired a specialist: The spiders were massive in size and crossed over paths around the compound

There is a theme here beyond Black Widow: There appears to be a big mama spider and several small baby spiders

Fun with a theme: The reality TV stars love to go over-the-top when it comes to jazzing up their Hidden Hills and Calabasas, California mansions for the annual holiday by using skeletons, webs, corpses and pumpkins

They go all in as a family: It is one of the favorite times of year for the Kardashian and Jenner family: Halloween

Her costumes from the past include: Jasmine, Cher, a skeleton, Little Red Riding Hood, Selena, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Snow White and a flapper.  

The 40-year-old former Playboy cover model often dresses up with her best friend Jonathan Cheban, who also goes by the name FoodGod. 

Before Halloween, however, Kim has another big party to throw: her 41st birthday on October 21. 

Kourtney has also posted many images from her home that has carved pumpkins, and even a fully set Halloween style table with candle holders and fake webs.

All good fun for the POOSHy sister: Kourtney has also posted many images from her home; seen here with a filter

It sure is love: In this Halloween pumpkin, Travis and Kourtney are craved out with their named on front

Is Kourtney hinting at a wedding with Travis? This decoration suggests she has marriage on her mind these days

So much glam fun: She has carved pumpkins, and even a fully set Halloween style table with candle holders and fake webs

The birds are here: Black crows could be seen as could spiders, skeletons, pumpkins and wine glasses

This takes a lot of work: These large pumpkins had skull faces thanks to attaching a device as they grow

Looks like one guest needs some food: This skeleton was the lone guest at the long table that already had plates and bowls

Kylie Jenner has already decorated her home that she shares with daughter Stormi and beau Travis Scott.

The Life Of Kylie star has over a dozen orange pumpkins of all shapes and sizes outside her front door.

And the daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner has also shared a look at some of the decorations like a skeleton.

The Kylie Comsetics founder posted snaps from her Freddy Kreuger Nightmare On Elm Street Kylie Collection party. 

The theme was gory as there were dead roses and bloody decorations on the long table as Khloe, Kris and Kim attended.

Jenner has had backlash for the marketing campaign of the Elm Street collection as some detractors have said it is too gory.

Playboy model Jenny McCarthy said the images of Kylie with blood all over her naked body reminded her of her menstruation. 

Cozy fall feel: Kylie Jenner has already decorated her home that she shares with daughter Stormi and beau Travis Scott. The Life Of Kylie star has over a dozen orange pumpkins of all shapes and sizes outside her front door

What do we have here? She already has a Halloween costume for one of her dogs which seems to be an avocado look

Scare fest: The Kylie Comsetics founder posted snaps from her Freddy Kreuger Nightmare On Elm Street Kylie Collection party. The theme was gory as there were dead roses and bloody decorations on the long table as Khloe, Kris and Kim attended

Khloe Kardashian has yet to display her Halloween decorations on social media, but on Tuesday she did share a bouquet of fall flowers from Hulu, the streaming service her family is now working on a new TV show with.

The ‘Hulu family’ congratulated Khloe on her appearance alongside sister Kim on Saturday Night Live. Khloe was seen in several skits with the funniest being The People’s Kourt. 

And on the table were several small pumpkins to add some festive vibes for the ex of Tristan Thompson.

Kris Jenner thanked Kourtney’s beau Travis Barker of Blink 182 for the decorations.

The drummer appears to have gussied up one of the Kardashian homes, or perhaps even his own mansion, with the fun Halloween decorations.

Jenner shared an image of a skeleton and said, ‘Thank you for this Halloween magic Travis Barker, I love you.’ 

Her decor: Khloe Kardashian has yet to display her Halloween decorations on social media, but on Tuesday she did share a bouquet of fall flowers from Hulu, the streaming service her family is now working on a new TV show with. And on the table were several small pumpkins to add some festive vibes for the ex of Tristan Thompson

From the rocker: Kris Jenner thanked Kourtney’s beau Travis Barker of Blink 182 for the decorations. The drummer appears to have gussied up one of the Kardashian homes, or perhaps even his own mansion, with the fun Halloween decorations

90,000 The image of the beloved Batman woman. Find out how to replicate a catwoman costume?

One of the most mysterious, exciting and at the same time sensual images at various events can be safely called a catwoman’s costume. The idea of ​​reincarnation into it has not lost its relevance for several decades. Today you will learn a little about the one whom many women in the world want to be like. And also about how to make a catwoman costume with your own hands.

History of appearance

For the first time, the world learned about a catwoman in the distant 40s of the last century.Then she appeared on the pages of the Batman comic. Since then, this couple has excited and excited the minds of more than one generation. A little later, namely in the mid-60s, a film about Batman was released on the screens, where the viewer could see the image of a cat woman with his own eyes.

Then her fame grew inexorably, and her character began to appear in more and more films. Many Hollywood stars tried on the image of an insidious seductress, copying habits and general style in their performances. Such a bow does not lose its popularity today, attracting new followers who are interested in the story of Batman and his beloved woman.

Costume Variations and General Style

In fact, carnival shops are full of a variety of catwoman costumes. The choice is so great that it is not immediately clear what should be preferred. Let’s define what is included in the image and costume of a catwoman.

So, the basis of all her costumes is black. The garment usually consists of a latex or leather tight-fitting jumpsuit. Or from leggings, a form-fitting T-shirt and long gloves.

On the face of a catwoman – a mask with cat ears.She is also black, made of the same material as the costume. Long pointed nails, lips are usually red. On his feet are black high boots with heels.

How to make a suit with your own hands

In order to make a catwoman costume yourself, you will need:

  • leather leggings;
  • black tight-fitting T-shirt;
  • long gloves;
  • artificial fur and leather;
  • hair band;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • false nails;
  • cosmetics.

The most important thing in the image is to convey the essence of the hero being portrayed. To do this, you should observe the color palette inherent in the character, and some demeanor, copy the elements of the image that is familiar to everyone. For a catwoman costume, we take black color, cat ears and a tail as a basis.

Let’s start with the ears. To do this, cut out 2 large black triangles from the fur and two more – pink or white (slightly smaller in size). Sew the small “ears” to the large ones and attach them to the hair band.

You can cut an eye mask out of thin leather and carefully stitch the edges, or buy a ready-made mask.

A ponytail can also be made from fur by simply cutting out a long strip and stitching it to the waistband of the leggings.

To create cat claws, you need thin and long (preferably leather) gloves. You need to paint the false nails with silver varnish and use glue to firmly glue them to the gloves.

For more similarity, trim the neckline of the shirt with black fur. And also make stitches with white threads on all clothes.

Makeup is also important. It should be bright. The main focus should be on the eyes and lips. Eyes should be lined with black liquid eyeliner and thickly painted with mascara. And make your lips as sensual as possible by making up with scarlet lipstick. Before applying red lipstick, exfoliate your lips lightly with a toothbrush.

Try to create the image of a catwoman yourself by watching films with this character. This will help you get even more inspiration and get the essence of the look.

DIY cat costume for Halloween: how to make a fatal image

Good day, my dears! Why is a Halloween cat costume chosen over creepy zombies or vampires? The secret is in the gracefulness and femininity of the image. Even on the most terrible holiday for a girl, it is important for a girl and a woman to remain attractive. Black Cat is an elegant and mystical character in the Halloween format. Therefore, I will tell you how to make an outfit at home in several versions with your own hands.

Tips for making a base for a black cat costume

Whichever black cat costume you choose, understanding how to make interesting accessories will help you achieve the desired effect faster. Halloween Cat Basic Attributes:

90 022 90 023 tail;
  • ears;
  • breast;
  • gloves with claws.
  • All of these attributes are mandatory for both adult and children’s costume.

    The contrasting color of a frill, a bow and cuffs look great on a black cat.They can be cut out of faux fur, silk or velvet. Just cut the collar and cuffs around your neck and wrist. It is interesting to diversify the costume with a fur hood. The picture shows that the pattern is quite simple.

    White and openwork, fur or lace, cat’s breast will become the main decoration of the costume. Think of exactly what it will be and boldly decorate the outfit. Cat girls will look especially cute with bows on their breasts.Sewing them is as easy as shelling pears from four paired pieces in the form of triangular bags.

    Gloves with claws, suitable for any of the images of a cat, both for an adult girl, and for absolutely crumbs, make of an elastic dark fabric, it is possible with sequins. Both short and long gloves with claws look equally impressive. Make claws from black-lacquered patch plates. Sharpen them sharper and glue them tightly to the gloves.

    A cool attribute of a black cat’s festive outfit is black boots.High boots lengthen the legs and add completeness to the look. Before putting on your boots, polish them and, if possible, decorate with fur inserts.

    Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman Costume

    The basis of a seductive kitty’s costume is a black latex catsuit. It’s great if you can buy a model with a full-length zipper. This can also be sewn at home from elastic fabric, if you have at least a little experience in sewing.

    However, there is no latex suit – it doesn’t matter.Replace it with regular black leggings or skinny and matching turtlenecks. This set of clothes can be found in every “kitty” house.

    Embroider the stripes with white stitches on the basis of the suit. For convenience, sketch out the outlines with chalk or a bar of soap. Decorate the entire suit or parts of it with white stripes. If you don’t have time to embroider at all, paint the stripes with toothpaste or paint.

    Leather mask with ears is almost the main accessory of this costume. Make it simple with your own hands.Pick up a piece of leather (an old bag, seat cover, etc. will come in handy), decorate it with leather-covered cardboard ears. An even simpler option is a mask made from old black elastin sweatpants. Build a mask from the top of the leg, make recesses for the eyes, nose, and fasten the ears. To match the suit, decorate the mask with white stripes.

    Halle Berry Cat

    Try on the image of a fatal and seductive cat, make an outfit like Halle Berry! To do this, you will need leather flared trousers and a skinny top.Clothes made of fabrics with a damp effect are suitable. Take the costume of the actress in the film as a sample, paint the fabric of the trousers with curves, make the slits corresponding to them. If it doesn’t work out too neatly, it’s okay. The main thing is to achieve the effect of a recent meeting with a wild cat!

    When choosing a top for a suit, remember that it should be fairly open and, of course, black. In such a revealing suit, slender girls with flat tummies will look especially bright and stylish. If you don’t feel like getting naked, try swapping your open top and pants for a jumpsuit with slit belts.

    In addition, if you are going to make a cat costume exactly like Halle Berry’s, you cannot do without a cruciform arrangement of belts at the waist. They will need to combine the bottom with the top. Belts should be black or any other dark color.

    In this case, the headdress can also be made by hand. Sew the mask out of any stretch black fabric, this time without stripes, but also with slits for the eyes and ears.

    Complete the look with black shoes, preferably with a small comfortable heel, whip and gloves.All accessories must be black leather or a substitute. If you can’t find a whip, you can paint an ordinary children’s rope black under it.

    Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume

    Is there a black stretch jumpsuit at home? Great, for Anne Hathaway’s catwoman costume, it will come in handy. If not, replace it with leggings and a tight-fitting top. The effect will be almost the same. Around your waist, be sure to tighten a thick belt that mimics the real cat belt from the movie.

    Make a mask or cat ears in such a way that the hair is not covered. The mask is simply made from black felt. To do this, cut out the mask using a pre-prepared paper template, fasten it with an elastic band at the top and bottom. Cut out the cat ears in the form of triangles, glue vinyl inserts on them and fasten with a clip to the mask-cap. A sexy cat costume for Halloween is ready!

    Kids Halloween Outfit

    A cat costume for a holiday for a girl can be cute, cute and a little scary, but without a hint of sexuality. That is, no open neckline, high heels and slits on tight leggings. Another thing is a fluffy tulle skirt, a narrow top with long sleeves, ears and a tail. By the way, they are easy to make at home.

    Tail, for example made of faux fur from an old coat or a child’s toy.

    Interesting option

    Tail made of toilet paper or disposable towels. The paper is carefully tamped into a nylon golf or part of tights, sewn up and masked with thread or fur.

    The ears are easy to make with a hoop. To do this, cut out 2 cardboard pieces of the required size, drape with felt, fur, satin and fix on the hoop with glue, threads, wire.

    A skirt for a cat costume is even easier to make.

    1. Buy black tulle, cut it into even strips of the same length.
    2. Using a wide elastic band, make a skirt, imposing prepared strips on the improvised belt. A fluffy black “tutu” will make a black cat costume bright, beautiful and cute, especially in combination with ears, tail and gloves.

    By the way, recently knitted hats with ears have come into fashion. With this model of the desired color, you can easily replace homemade ears and a mask.

    Don’t forget about makeup. Use face painting for girls and professional cosmetics for adults.

    Evaluated the ideas of costumes for adults and very young cats for the holiday? Share master classes and photos with your friends. Surely it will be interesting for them to experiment with images! Do not forget to subscribe and drop in for a visit.

    Best regards, Anastasia Skoreeva

    Sex Cat Costume – Role Play Costumes Collection

    Snack Story

    Hello! I had a short erotic dream … You and I are going somewhere by train. The compartment carriage, besides you and me, in the compartment, there are two more women. One on the top shelf, facing the wall, is asleep, or asleep. Another, on the top shelf above us, is reading something. A concert is being broadcast on the radio.We are sitting at a table near the window.

    This is convenient because the table hides what is being done underneath. You are sitting on my lap, we look out the window and admire nature. It is already getting dark outside the window and the rays of the setting sun emphasize the beauty of early autumn even brighter. I put one arm around your waist, the other hand lies on your bare knee. You, as always, are in a short skirt and you are wearing swimming trunks with a narrow stripe in front. Finally, I can’t stand it and my hand, stroking a beautiful leg slowly, is approaching my cherished place …

    I see and feel that you like it too, and you, gently pressing your cheek to my cheek, put your hand around my neck and, having penetrated under my shirt, began to fiddle with the nipple of my breast … Your second hand gently laid on the pestle that was already starting to rise and began to stroke him . .. Sexual shiver instantly ran through my tense body … And now I finally reached the desired place … Your legs parted …

    Slightly shifting to the side an almost non-interfering strip of swimming trunks, I began to gently stroke the lips of your charming bud … I feel your clitoris tightening under my fingers and the muscles of the bud open it and, as it were, sit on my fingers … Everything instantly moisturized and even more added to you and me sexual excitement … My ring finger to the limit penetrated into the opened vagina full of love juice, reaching up to the elastic uterus, with the already opened mouth and ready to kiss my finger, and the thumb tirelessly massaged your clitoris burning with desire …

    You unzipped the zipper of my trousers with one sharp movement and released manhood, vibrating from overexcitation … And with heat whispered in my ear “how I want to kiss him and feel everything in my mouth” … not possible, because we are not in the compartment ourselves . ..

    And suddenly you suddenly slightly raised yourself and sank down with your saw bud on my standing pestle … I could hardly restrain myself not to cry out with such pleasure !!!… He plunged to the testicles in this hot, full of moisture and desire – a charming corner of paradise … My eyes closed with pleasure, I hugged you even more and began to gently penetrate your ear with a tongue and kiss his urine. The lips of your beautiful burning bud were either clenching or relaxing, as if massaging and sucking my flesh … Suddenly, I felt how you clenched like a cocked spring …

    I was afraid that you would not stand it and scream with pleasure … Your whole body tensed even more, as before decisively throwing yourself into the abyss of pleasure, you hugged me tightly, pressing your lips, so as not to scream, into my neck and began to finish … I I felt very strongly your pulsating uterus, with which you pressed with all your strength to my, to the limit, tensed flesh .

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