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Casual Pants for Women | Mark’s

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The Best Casual Pants for Men Will Make You Want to Renounce Sweats Forever

Stumbling across one of the best casual pants for men when you least expect it is like finding a super-rare, exotic mammal rooting around in your garbage can. It feels inexplicable and a little bit miraculous. Take it from us, a group of people who spend way too much time pondering the state of our pants: finding the right pair of casual pants rarely comes down to happenstance.

So perhaps you’re here, bleary-eyed and bone-weary, after a long, exhaustive search for a pair of wrinkle-resistant dress pants to buy before your next flight. Perhaps you find yourself in desperate need of a spiffy pair of business casual pants you can break in before the first in-person meeting you’ve had in over a year. Or perhaps, spurred by nothing more than a deeply-felt desire for change, you finally bade your ratty sweatpants adieu—sad!—and are eager to try something else. Anything else. (And no, joggers just won’t do. Ditto jeans, no matter how luxe.)

Whatever the reason, whatever the occasion, whatever the cut—slim fit, straight fit, classic fit, relaxed fit—there’s a pair of pants here for you. Whether you’re looking for sturdy twill chinos you can wear with your slubbiest T-shirts, heavily-pleated trousers you can wear with a big, bold, button-down, or newfangled cargos you can wear with everything else, the right pair of casual pants for men are calling your name. And luckily for you, you don’t have to look far. Because we sifted through a near-endless array of pants (so, so many pants) to compile a list of all all the best options available today. If you didn’t believe in miracles before, you might now. 

Chino Pants

Chino is a hearty twill fabric lauded for its military-grade sturdiness. Over the last half century or so, chino pants have evolved from standard-issue army fare to civilian-life staples, helped along by cosigns from notable prepsters and the Ivy League set, including one particularly dashing U.S. president with a penchant for summering in Hyannis Port. They still come in every shade of khaki imaginable, but these days some of the coolest pairs on the market subvert the fabric’s neutral origins via unexpected colors or patterns—sometimes both. Not sure what to wear to an upcoming date/park hang/exploratory trip back into the office? Chinos are aways a safe bet.

Polo Ralph Lauren buckled-back chino pant (was $168, now 41% off)

Levi’s XX EZ stretch chino pants


P.C. classic straight fit chinos

John Elliott canyon flat front work chinos

Khaki Pants

Like chinos, khakis remain a perennial classic of casual American style. (Can’t quite wrap your head around the difference? Chino is a fabric; khaki is a color.) Khakis derive their name from the particular shade of light brown that became ubiquitous in the U.S. after World War II, when returning GIs adapted the bottom half of their hard-wearing uniforms to the rigors of civilian life. Once relegated exclusively to off-duty fare, khakis—a color that now encompasses everything from plain Jane beige to mossy olive green—have long since crossed over into the realm of work-appropriate attire. In their simplicity, they remain a reliable template for designers’ freakiest projections (just peep the cheeky “boxer-exposing” pair below.)

Gap modern slim cropped khakis (was $60, now 32% off)

Gramicci classic climbing pants

Todd Snyder Italian gurkha trouser

Y/Project khaki boxer trousers

Cargo Pants

It’s tough to beat the cargo pant when it comes to sheer utility. Even in their simplest form, the ultra-practical and—you guessed it—military-inspired trousers include discrete pocket space aplenty, making them the pants you should wear when you want to run errands without lugging a mostly-empty tote around with you. Over the last few years, capital-D designers and big box brands alike have updated the silhouette, tweaking the proportions and adding as many (or as few) pockets as they please. Which means it’s easier than ever to find one in the perfect fit, whether you’re looking for a relaxed version you can wear with trail-ready boots or a slimmer take cut to stack perfectly over a pair of simple kicks.

Nike ACG Smith Summit cargo pants

Engineered Garments FA pants

Brownstone 13 pocket cargo pants

Pleated Pants

Take a brief gander at today’s fragmented pants landscape and a single truth remains hard to ignore: all the coolest pants have pleats. See, over a few short years, the biggest names in menswear have all have stumbled on the same surefire recipe for consistently tasty men’s pants. The not-so-secret ingredient? Pleats. We’re not suggesting you donate your collection of flat-front pants to the nearest Goodwill tomorrow—all we’re saying is that these pants might make you want to.

Alex Mill standard pleated pant

Noah double-pleat herringbone trouser

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake pleated trousers

Molly Goddard “Hamish” wool-flannel straight-leg trousers

Dress Pants

In 2021, “dress pants” is a bit of a misnomer. Turns out, the type of trouser you used to pair with a blazer or cardigan looks way cooler cut loose and worn casually, with Bottega boots, plain black Docs, or a thrashed pair of Sambas. Downplay their formality by treating them like any other pair of casual pants in your regular rotation, and pay no mind to the glares: that’s every bozo in skintight denim suddenly realizing they seriously goofed.

Club Monaco twill trousers

Our Legacy worsted wool twill trousers

Bottega Veneta wool trousers

Performance Pants

What do you get when you cross-breed the old-fashioned durability of your most weathered jeans with the forgiving comfort of your favorite joggers? A new generation of performance-oriented pants, genetically modified to be harder, better, faster, and stronger than any other pair in your wardrobe. If you prefer your pants described using more tech-y jargon than a standard IPO filing, these wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking bad boys are for you.

J.Crew 770 straight-fit tech pant

Bonobos stretch fabric weekday warrior dress pants

Lululemon classic ABC pant

Theory “Curtis” drawstring pant

Work Pants

It was nearly two years ago that GQ collectively freaked for Dickies’ sturdy-as-hell painter’s pants. Since then, prices for Carhartt’s quintessential double-knees have reached truly astonishing heights, and every cool guy in a trucker hat and lug-soled loafers wants in. Thankfully, the style’s popularity doesn’t mean it’s lost any of that initial luster—if anything, its sustained appeal means you can now scoop a pair without dinging your credit card. Every brand worth its salt makes a version of the silhouette, from longtime stalwarts of the workwear scene to some of the hippest names in the streetwear universe. Find one that’s right for your budget and never look back.

Dickies original 874 work pant (was $30, now 23% off)

Carhartt WIP double knee pant

Brain Dead hard/software velcro printed carpenter pant

Aries x Lee striped carpenter pants

15 best women’s work pants for every budget in 2021

If it’s been a while since you broke a pair of dress pants out of the back of your closet, you’ll get no judgment here. We’ve all been taking a more casual approach to fashion while working from home, but now that many of us are headed back to the office, it’s time to do a wardrobe refresh and make sure we have at least a few boardroom-ready pieces on hand.

And even though we never thought we’d say this, the Shop TODAY team is actually looking forward to restocking our dress pant collection with a few fresh styles this fall. From vibrant colors to playful prints, these are the 15 pairs we can’t wait to step into.

Best women’s dress pants for work, according to reviewers


SweatyRocks High Waisted Work Pants

Over 3,600 Amazon shoppers have given this popular pair of pants a five-star rating and we’re beginning to understand why. They bring the comfort of a pair of leggings and the panache of a pair of dress pants and have a flattering high-waisted silhouette that hugs all your curves. There are also over 40 colors and patterns to choose from!

2. A New Day Paperbag Ankle Pants

You’ll look pretty in pink in this polished pair of paperbag pants that works equally well at the office or for a night out with the girls. The loose fit means you’ll feel nice and comfy while working and the pants can be styled countless ways, making them a versatile addition to your work wardrobe.

3. Cemi Ceri High-Waist Dress Pants

Why blend in when you can stand out from your coworkers in a bright pair of dress pants that shows off your sparkling personality? This affordable pair is available in 26 shades (our favorite is called Berry) and has a flattering high-waisted silhouette. It’s made of a stretchy material, has a comfy pull-on closure and is made in the USA to boot!

4. Gap High Rise Skinny Ankle Pants

Posh in black! These crisp dress pants are a timeless wardrobe staple with a twist, thanks to its comfy machine-washable denim knit material. They’re also available in sizes 00-20 in regular, tall and petite fits.

5. Roz & Ali Secret Agent Trouser

A slight flair at the ankle sets these sassy trousers apart from the crowd and can add a nice pep to your step. The style is available in three colors — gray, navy and black — and even features handy tummy control technology.

6. Slim Leg Chino Pants

You can’t go wrong with a classic chino pant. The no-fuss style is a touch more approachable than some other dress pants and the fabric is both comfy and easy to care for. These ones from Lands’ End feature a comfy interior elastic waist and slim fit, and come in three colors: black, navy and khaki. The brand also offers free hemming to help you get the perfect fit!


High-Waisted Luxe Comfort Knit Columnist Ankle Pant

Stretchy dress pants? Yep, they do exist! This high-waisted pull-on style comes in six colors — our fave is the blue-ish gray hue — and is made of an insanely soft knit fabric that moves with you as you go about your busy day.

8. Worthington Slim Fit Ankle Pant

Contrary to popular belief, dress pants don’t have to be boring. Little details, like the gold buttons on these plaid pants, can help add a touch of personality, so we’re always on the hunt to find something a bit out of the ordinary. You’d never know by looking at them, but this sleek pair also has a cozy elastic waistband.

9. Drawstring Jogger Pant

Finally, a pair of jogger pants we can actually wear to the office! These ones have a high drawstring waist and tapered leg and one of our favorite features of all: ruffled ankles. The style comes in neutral black and two standout shades — mint and red — that we can’t wait to sport this fall.


Pintucked Tapered Pants

After a year of rocking sweatpants and leggings every day at home, we’re craving comfort and these soft crepe dress pants definitely fit the bill with their draped fit and elastic waistband. The style comes in three colors — black, army green and burgundy — and we can definitely see ourselves rocking the latter with a black and white polka dot sweater when the cooler weather arrives.

11. Everlane The Dream Pant

Everlane gave these pants a pretty appropriate name: the dream pant. After all, who wouldn’t want to rock something that feels like sweatpants at the office? It’s almost like you’re getting away with something! The pants are made of a soft double-knit fabric and have a comfy elastic waist, but they’re also tailored and wrinkle-resistant, making them totally appropriate for your 9-5 life.

12. INC International Concepts Button-Fly Culottes

If you live in a warmer climate, cropped pants are a work wardrobe essential, and this pair of playful culottes will help you look and stay cool, no matter what the weather brings. We’re digging the statement buttons and the flared fit, and are tempted to snag the style in a few colors!

13. Matte Jersey Printed Ankle Pants

Who said that work clothes have to be so serious? An animal print in neutral hues — black and white, in this case — helps show off your personality in the most professional way possible. The wrinkle-resistant fabric also makes it easy to care for and ideal for business travel!

14. Straight-Fit Washable Wool-Blend Pant

Prints help break up the monotony of the work week and these plaid dress pants are the perfect pick-me-up when you need an extra boost of energy to get you through the day. The mid-rise straight fit is ultra flattering and the wool material is also machine-washable, making it a practical option for the woman on-the-go.

15. The Perfect Pant Slim Straight

Confidence is key at work and this pair of slimming dress pants from Spanx can help you feel and look your best when you have a big presentation to nail. Its smoothing ponte fabric and four-way stretch hug your curves in the best possible way and the style is available in a wide array of sizes, ranging from XS-3X.

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Most Comfortable Pants for Women: 13 Travel Faves

Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made on Amazon in addition to other retailers featured on the blog. Thank you, we appreciate your support!


Everyone needs a pair of comfortable pants for travel. A pair of pants that can be dressed up or down, pants that you can move in, and love to wear. We asked TFG readers to share their favorites, and this is what they came up with! 


Written By: Tae Haahr





Traveling with the right clothes makes all of the difference. You don’t want to sit on a 13-hour flight in anything that is tight, itchy, or constricting. Most of us are looking for comfortable pants that we can travel with. Ones that stretch and move with us. 

Happily, readers share their recommendations below. The pants on this list are not only comfortable, but they’re versatile. They can be dressed up or down, and they’re great to move around in.



What Are the Most Comfy Travelers Pants for Women?



Shop: Anatomie


Editor’s Pick: Anatomie Andrea Contrast Panel Pants


The Andrea Contrast trousers totally feel like the Anatomie Skyler Pants but have a legging shape due to the slim fit. This means they’re super comfortable and lightweight; they can easily roll them into a packing cube and include them in my carry on suitcase.



In Anatomie Leggings and the Anatomie Kenya jacket


They are so versatile as Editor-in-Chief Alex has worn them hiking, with ankle boots, and ballet flats, and dressed them up or down with no problem! The Lycra infused waistband doesn’t roll up or down on me, and did we mention how easy they are to pack? A reviewer calls these the “perfect pants for travel.” Can’t argue with that!


You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly!



Anatomie Skyler Women’s Travel Pants


Anatomie Skyler Pants


Anatomie is also incredibly popular with our readers (and the TFG Editor-in-Chief). Despite the higher price tag, readers who own these pants can’t seem to wear them enough.

One reader says, “I adore the Skyler pants. They are not cheap, but they pack into almost nothing and are good value when looking at cost-per-wear and quality. I’m a die-hard fan now!”

Sometimes travel is an investment, but truthfully these pants can be taken anywhere—internationally or at home. They work for long-haul flights, in cold destinations when you layer underneath and are wonderful for milder environs. Truly an adaptable pant!  


Do a deep dive on the Anatomie Skyler pants in this review!



Women’s Anytime Outdoor™ Boot Cut Pant | Sizes 2-16 and 16W-24W


Columbia Anytime Boot Cut Pant


These comfortable stretch pants by Columbia are made for outdoor exploration, but can also serve as a durable accessory for travel overall. They have built-in UFP-50 and advanced repellency to help withstand sun, muck, and splashes. Another asset is the range of sizes from regular to plus-size.

One reader says that these are the “most comfortable pants” they’ve ever worn, even more so than yoga pants. Another shares, “I have two pairs of Anytime pants”. They’re lightweight, have UV protection, don’t stain and the water beads off them. I’m NOT a pants person at all, but I love these pants. They can be casual or dressed up with the right top.”

A stellar review if we’ve ever heard one!


Check out this post for a roundup of alternatives to traditional travel pants!



Shop Nordstrom: Sizes XXS-XXL | Plus Sizes 1X-3X


Zella Live In Slim Fit Joggers (Regular and Plus Sizes) 


For inexpensive but comfortable casual pants, the Zella Live In joggers work for comfort and budget seekers. For a jogger, they have a versatile look, and when paired with the right top, these pants can polish up an outfit. Another plus, the material is made from sustainable fabrics!

TFG readers really enjoy them when flying or traveling. One reader shares, “I wore those all through Europe and used cute tops and scarves to dress them up. Wore with cute ankle boots. And they wear like iron.” They pack well, rarely wrinkle, and are soft to the touch.


Don’t miss this current travel fashion trend: joggers for women!



Shop: Eddie Bauer | Amazon


Eddie Bauer Guides’ Day Off Pants (Regular and Plus Sizes)


Users say the Guides’ Day Off pants are well-loved because they’re super soft, stretchy, and very comfy. They’re also a straight leg so something different for anyone who prefers that over a slimmer fit.

One reader stresses her feelings on these pants, saying, “I have a few pairs, love them!” What else is trip-ready about them are the two zippered side pockets to securely store items like a phone or small amount of cash—remember to never store all your cash together and use an anti-theft solution!

Another reader says these even fit into her everyday life! “So comfy and can be worn to as “smart casual” attire office too. ” They come in regular sizes (0-16) and plus sizes (16W-24W).


Take a look at our convertible travel pants for women!



Shop Sizes 0-20: Lululemon


Lululemon Stretch High Rise 7/8 Pants


TFG readers adore this brand and these Lululemon 7/8j pants are perfect for transport days like spending it on an airplane, or pair well with slip-on sneakers to enjoy an excursion in town. 

One reader doesn’t know how she waited so long to get a pair, while another says, “I have just tried these on for the first time and I am IN LOVE!” With breathability and stretchy fabric, and two pockets, along with a stash pocket to easily store your phone or hotel room key, you can’t go wrong with these! Comes in sizes 0-20.


Keep warm during winter travel with the best cold weather pants!



Betabrand Dress Pant Yoga Pants


Betabrand Dress Yoga Pants


Betabrand was made specifically to be comfortable dress pants. A cool combination of professional-looking attire with the comfort and stretch of yoga pants is the right formula for travel, according to our readers. You can grab these in a regular or long pant leg, and from petite to plus-sizing.

One TFG reader shares, “I absolutely love my Betabrand dress yoga pants! They are fairly inexpensive and so incredibly comfy!! I actually wear them all the time.” 

Another reader says that they are “wrinkle-free and can be dressed up or down.” While another reports that they wore them to Europe and loved them. The faux pockets give them a dressy sheen, but the wrinkle-resistant and stretch fabric means you can look polished without sacrificing comfort. A win-win!


These are the best leggings for women that travel!



Shop: Amazon | pRana


pRana Halle Straight Leg Pants


Super popular with TFG readers, the pRana Halle pants have all the stretch and softness and squeeze down small into a packing cube. They have also been treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellency) so they’ll be resistant to water as well.

One user raves about them, saying, “I love this line and brand. One of my g- to pants. So comfortable. Always get compliments when I wear them.” You can grab these in short and tall sizes too!



Shop: Athleta


Readers’ Pick: Athleta Stellar Trouser


 Athleta pants are a HUGE fave among TFG readers. They make some of the most popular pants for women when it comes to traveling. And one that tops them all is the Stellar trouser. They’re super soft, easy to bend, move, and walk in, and have two zip pockets and one stash pocket to store essentials.

One TFG reader shares, “I swear by the Stella pants from Athleta. I’ve worn them for exercise and to Paris with cute booties during the evening. They wear well, are never baggy, and super comfortable.”

The same reader confirms that “yes, they’re expensive but well worth the cost. ” Take these for any type of trip and you won’t regret it! These are available in regular, petite, and tall sizes accessible here!


Read this style guide before buying your next pair of travel pants!



J.Jill Wearever Slim-Leg Pants


JJill Wearever Slim-Leg Pants


J.Jill Wearever is voted by TFG readers as some of the most comfortable dress pants for traveling. They’re knit, made with an elastic waist for movement and stretch, and create a flattering shape. Readers also love that there ranges of sizing, from misses to plus-size.

One reader shares that her pair is “super comfortable,” while another one says that she simply “loves them.” You can dress these up with flats or wedges, or go more casual with slip-ons and a white tee. Either way, these work well on a plane or strolling down the cobblestones of Europe.


Find out the best skinny jeans in this post!



Product Comparison Chart




Compass Rose Packing Cubes


How to Pack Your Pants


Many of our readers use packing cubes to roll up and organize their pants. Compass Rose packing cubes allow you to do so by number and color so you know where you packed everything, even when you use the cubes to separate outfits. Learn more in the video below.


Learn about our hacks with packing cubes in this video!


We also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This is the secret to traveling carry-on only!



How Editor-In-Chief Alex Rocks Her Favorite Comfy Pants






What do you think are the most comfortable pants for women? Share your faves and comment below!


For more pants that travel well, please read:





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10 Best Men’s Pants For Spring 2021

Getty/ Morsa Images

There are many factors that go into making the perfect spring outfit, and the ideal pair of trousers is high on the list. Think about it. Pants more or less make up half of your look, so if you’re in a style that’s outdated or unflattering (like the extremely tight or baggy fits of the early aughts), your style will feel, well, off. But if you were to replace the rejects with finds that actually fit (and fit within this decade), you can turn that outfit game around in an instant.

To help you upgrade to the best pair of chinos, khakis, or trousers for your style and body type, here’s a few points to keep in the back of your mind.


Nothing ruins a killer pair of pants than a length that’s way too long, so opt for a pair that has little to no “break” at the ankle. Basically, you want to ensure the hem skims the top of your shoes. While you may be able to forego a tailor to achieve this look, it will vary depending on your build and height. But remember, that extra $15 to hem a stylish pair of pants will make all the difference in the world, so just do it.


The key here is to find pants that truly hit right at the waistline—not too high and not suspended below the belt. For the safest bet, try a style with a mid-rise (the length between the waistband and the crotch). That said, if you’re feeling a pair with a longer rise, you could get away with wearing the pants a bit higher up (and vice versa). In terms of actual fit, don’t forget about the two-finger check. You shouldn’t be able to fit more than two fingers in the waistband.


While you should never be afraid to have fun with your pants in terms of colors and prints if it fits your style, you’ll get the most mileage out of a pair in a neutral hue like black, navy, tan, or olive to pair with just about any type of top or shoes.

With that, here are the 12 best pants out there for men to upgrade their spring look.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos

Featuring a flattering, slim fit, these trousers have just the right amount of stretch in the fabric to avoid feeling like a stuffed sausage. Available in several colorways, you can stock your whole closet with this perfect pant for spring. 

Onia Elijah Chambray Linen Pants

These ultra lightweight linen pants have a relaxed fit and elastic ankles—in other words, they’re perfectly suited for travel. Bring them on your vacation to throw on for dinner when it gets chilly by the beach. 

Lululemon Venture Pant

Weekend trips or vacations abroad, travel in style with these cool pants this spring. Lightweight, water-repelling, and with hidden zippered pockets for all your small gear—what’s not to love?

Goodthreads Straight-Fit Washed Comfort Chino Pant

These straight-fit trousers have thousands of 5-star reviews, and we can see why: Not only are they available in practically every color under the sun, but unlike more rigid chinos, they have stretch elastane built into them for extra comfort.   

Flint and Tinder 365 Pants

If you are interested in a slim-fit pant that’ll skim your legs without clinging, consider this denim-like 5-pocket style in a washed, stretchy twill fabric.

Paige Stafford Trouser


Exceptionally soft (seriously, almost sweatpants-like), these slim trousers are wildly versatile with the dark gray hue for a sophisticated vibe.

Everlane The Slim-Fit Performance Chino

When most men receive a fancy invitation to formal events, it’s not the function that makes them cringe, it’s the idea of being uncomfortable for hours in stiff trousers. Everlane has a solution with pants that combine a sleek, tailored look with the comfort of four-way stretch, along with moisture-wicking and quick-drying technology. 

J.Crew 484 Slim-Fit Pant

These chinos are as easy to style as your favorite pair of jeans. Sport these on casual Friday with a printed shirt or on the weekends with a hoodie or crewneck sweater—you can’t go wrong. 

Old Navy Straight Lived-In Built-In Flex Cargo Pants

Want to try out a new trend for spring? Cargos are cool again, especially when paired with a classic white tee and fresh kicks. They provide a blank canvas to really make the utilitarian pants standout for effortlessly cool style. 

Uniqlo EZY DRY-EX Ankle-Legth Pants

Featuring quick-drying technology, these are the ultimate work pants to stay fresh and cool all day long. 

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Men’s trousers |

Men’s pants

In a man’s wardrobe, depending on his lifestyle and personal preferences, there should always be several pairs of men’s trousers. For example, strict classic trousers, sweatpants, summer trousers made of linen and cotton, which differ in style, material of manufacture, color. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the collection of clothes for men on the website of our store, where there is a large selection of models of men’s trousers that meet the latest fashion trends to create harmonious images of different styles.

  • Men’s trousers with a classic straight cut or slightly tapered, made of suit or cotton fabric, traditional black, dark blue and gray shades – a must-have item for creating looks in a business style.
  • Young guys will love these practical cotton trousers in military style, khaki or camouflage in different shades, with patch pockets and elasticated cuffs.
  • Casual sports pants for men made of elastic material with a comfortable elastic at the waist will give you a feeling of comfort and complete freedom of movement.
  • In combination with a monochromatic top, trousers for men in a small or larger cage, stripes always look organic.
  • Men’s trousers, wide or tapered, made of linen and cotton in light shades – the best solution for a hot summer.

Buy fashion men’s trousers online

The most current models of men’s trousers , also in large sizes, are offered by our e-shop Here in a wide range of different trousers are presented, both for young people and for older men. Many models have especially advantageous offers and discounts, then you can buy new trousers even cheaper. You can get the selected goods at no additional charge for delivery in our stores in Riga and Daugavpils, or order their delivery to the specified address throughout the territory of Latvia.

with what to wear, classic, narrow and wide, cropped, sports, bows and looks 2021

Black trousers are called timeless classics for a reason.This is one of the elements of the basic wardrobe, which is desirable for every girl. Indeed, based on simple dark trousers, you can create a huge number of stylish bows, combining them with both classic things and fleeting trends.

Original Style

Black trousers are quite unique and can fit into any look. Depending on the various small details, these pants can fit into both sports and youth and business style.


The classic model of black trousers is the most versatile. The soft flowing fabric does not fit tightly around the leg, and the leg certainly covers part of the heel. Classic models with an arrow look more strict.

Many people consider such trousers to be suitable only for office bows, but this is far from the case. Diluted with original accessories, they will look great almost anywhere.


Black is considered to be “not summer”, so it is very difficult to imagine a light bow based on dark trousers.But try taking black wide-leg pants in thin fabric and pairing them with a strappy top and make sure it looks very harmonious. For a long walk, choose a wide-brimmed hat and comfortable sandals or slippers to match your outfit, and your summer look is ready.


Black joggers or wide leg pants like Afghanis or harem pants will do the trick for a sporty look.In them you will be comfortable to play sports and just walk.


Formal business trousers can be paired with blouses or shirts for a formal look.A jacket draped over the shoulders or a fitted jacket will look the most harmonious with this outfit. Choose the timeless classics from shoes – pumps with thin heels in black or beige.

In the cold season, replace the blouse with a fine wool jumper, knitted cardigan or short sweater, and a light jacket with a stylish trench coat, short coat or waistcoat. Remember that dress pants do not go well with long and wide outerwear.


For an evening celebration, you can successfully use black satin trousers decorated with lace. To create a look that will successfully replace a chic dress, use a matching silk or satin blouse to complement the outfit. An image with black pants, complemented by a leather bustier or corset, will look spectacular.Do not forget to choose graceful shoes and a stylish clutch to complete the look.


Black trousers are great for everyday wear. Here you can stop at black jeans or skinny pants, perhaps even cropped ones. They look stylish with bright T-shirts, T-shirts decorated with an interesting print and check shirts.

From shoes to this style, something simple will fit, like sneakers, sneakers and flat-soled boots.For convenience, store your belongings in a shoulder bag or backpack.

Model variants

Black trousers are not only a classic model with arrows and straight legs. There are a large number of models that make black pants really versatile and suitable for all types of women.


The most common style is black straight-leg pants. They are suitable for both slender girls and those who are worried about extra pounds in the hips or uneven legs. Straight legs hide all of these imperfections, and when combined with high-heeled shoes, they make you taller and slimmer.

Simple straight black trousers are clothes that will fit into any dress code, but at the same time will not spoil your bow and will not make it too banal.


Pants expanding downwards look good on girls with a sporty figure. Most often, such models are made with a high waist, which allows you to make your legs visually longer.Especially if you complement such trousers with stiletto heels. Additionally, emphasize the waist line with a belt or a metal chain.


Black pipe trousers are in trend now. They are great because they look great with any top. It doesn’t matter if you pair them with an office white shirt, tunic or jumper. Either way, you will look stylish. It is advisable to wear them with shoes with heels or platforms.The only drawback that prevents these trousers from becoming everyone’s favorites is that they are only suitable for girls with slender legs.


Stylish tight-fitting trousers can enhance the beauty of your legs better than any dress. Needless to say, they are also suitable only for those who are sure of the impeccability of their own legs? Yes, such trousers, like pipes, are not suitable for those who are curvy.


Elongated models are the choice of tall girls. After all, those who cannot boast of model growth will simply have to pump up such pants, which means that the meaning of the purchase is already lost.

On some trousers, manufacturers put the “extra” mark next to their length on the label.This designation signals that the pants are suitable for tall girls.


Stylish cropped trousers along their length reach just below the knees. They emphasize the slenderness of the legs, opening the ankles, and expose the owners of imperfect legs in an unfavorable light. Therefore, if you are not sure that they will suit you, it is better to refuse such a model.Cropped trousers work well with a lengthened top, such as a cardigan, tunic or menswear shirt.

High waist

Paying tribute to the latest fashion trends, women of fashion pay attention to high-waisted pants.Black skinny pants with a high rise, complemented by a crop top or cropped sweatshirt, will look very stylish, but only on slim girls.

Knee holes

Another trend of recent seasons is pants with stylish slits at the knees. They are appropriate only in an informal way, but even here you have a lot of room for imagination. Complement them with a light solid color top, or experiment with colors and patterns.


Ripped jeans look more grunge with factory scuffs on the legs. But if you are attracted by such a youthful unobtrusive style, then this is the choice for you.

By material

Black trousers, in addition to models, such as fit and cut, differ in the material from which they are made.


The summer option is linen pants, which are breathable. They are pleasant to the body and do not restrict movement.


Cotton pants, especially those made of thick fabric, are a more business-like option.These trousers keep their shape and fit well to the figure.


Stretch pants are a real find for overweight ladies. They stretch to fit your size, and when worn, they tighten problem areas.

What to wear with? (Which one to pick up, which colors it matches, which shoes)

You can wear black trousers with almost anything.Choose a lighter top to avoid making the look too dark. Black trousers look good with light blouses or tops, and with shirts or sweaters. The main thing is that the top fits well with your chosen style.

The same can be said about colors. Bright colors, pastel shades, complex patterns – the choice of colors depends only on you and the style of the collected bow.

Now a few words about shoes.There is still a popular opinion that black trousers can only be combined with black shoes. But, like many other fashionable stereotypes, this is no longer relevant. If you wear a white top under your black trousers, then the shoes can also be light. Bright shoes will only look good in an informal style.

Of the models, high-heeled shoes and low-speed shoes look equally good. For a more classic and feminine outfit, opt for stiletto heels, sandals, or boots.And for a youthful look, use stylish loafers, oxfords or sneakers.

Bows and Images

Let’s look at the rules for pairing things with black trousers using a few simple bows as an example.

The basic look that can be combined with black pants is their combination with a white blouse or shirt. To prevent such an outfit from looking too “businesslike”, dilute it with bulky shoes, for example, coarse lace-up boots or shoes with thick heels.You can also replace simple pants with leather ones – this will definitely add personality to your look.

Black cotton or woolen trousers are suitable for a formal look. They can be complemented with a solid-colored fitted shirt, which, if desired, can be covered with a medium-length jacket, a short jacket, or an elegant cardigan made of fine fabric. The preferred shoes for such a bow are high-heeled shoes or equally elegant boots.

Black pants are a basic item that can save you in any situation. If you have black pants in your wardrobe, then the phrase “I have nothing to wear” should not be relevant to you. On their basis, you can create a stylish bow that suits you, combining your favorite trousers with almost any thing.

Therefore, if you still doubted whether you should buy black trousers, now you can safely make the final decision and replenish your wardrobe with this versatile thing.

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Women’s trousers | kaup24.


Ladies pants

Women’s trousers are not only a versatile and irreplaceable wardrobe item, they are the basis of any look. And the right trousers will look perfect on you! Therefore, it is worth choosing the style that suits your body type. There are many styles in our assortment. For example:

  • Classic trousers are always in fashion. Visually lengthen the legs and hide figure flaws.
  • High-waisted trousers – visually narrow the waist and stretch the silhouette.Moreover, such trousers hide the belly and make the body slimmer .
  • Wide leg pants – suitable for all body types. Wide trousers in our assortment are available with high and low waist, as well as any length.
  • Eco leather trousers – a universal basic version.
  • Ankle-length slim trousers is a versatile trousers model that can be worn for both everyday and special occasions. Suitable for the type of figure with narrow hips.

Our store has a huge selection of women’s trousers. Here you can find many options for women’s trousers that are sewn from various materials, have all kinds of colors, styles and sizes. The description of each product contains detailed information about the manufacturer and material, as well as customer reviews. All this will help you easily find and select the pants you are looking for.

We offer women’s pants from popular brands such as Tom Tailor , Vero Moda , s.Oliver , Armani , Guess and many others. You can buy women’s trousers at a good price in just a few minutes. Your goods will be delivered to the indicated address as soon as possible throughout Estonia. Your purchase can also be picked up at one of the Kaup24 physical stores.

Men’s trousers |

Men’s pants

In the wardrobe of every man there is more than one pair of trousers, their number depends on his lifestyle and personal preferences, for many it is also important to comply with the latest fashion trends.For men who want to look stylish and attractive, we suggest choosing men’s trousers in the catalog of our store, where there is a large selection of models for different purposes.

  • Time-tested classic straight trousers complete with a shirt and jacket are irreplaceable as part of a business suit. With a jumper or loose-fitting T-shirt, elegant trousers are also suitable for the street.
  • Trendy checked or striped trousers make a stylish set with a solid top.
  • Men’s trousers made of durable material, with zippered pockets and reinforced seams, perfect for active leisure.
  • Cozy corduroy trousers due to the texture of the fabric are ideal for cool weather, they can be worn with either a bulky jumper or a jacket.
  • Lightweight men’s trousers made of natural materials such as cotton and linen, comfortable wide or tapered chinos made of soft cotton fabrics are indispensable for summer.

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