Black and white birthday card: Birthday Card Black and White


Free Printable Black and White Birthday Cards

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These free printable Black and White Birthday Cards will be a sweet addition to your next celebration. Attach them to a gift or tuck them in an envelope to send to a special friend. They’re simple to print at home and won’t run through your ink too fast, either. There are two designs of these free printable birthday cards below. Download your favorite (or both).

Black and white printables are always my most popular ones over on my original blog, I Should Be Mopping the Floor. I thought it would be fun to make the first post over here in that manner, as well. These printable black and white birthday cards are simple, but pack a lovely little design punch with their adorable cupcake art anchoring each card.

I’ve learned over the years that having printable birthday cards downloaded and ready to go makes it super simple to print one and send it at the last minute.
It’s also a lot more budget-friendly than running to the store for an $8 card. I mean, my goodness, cards have gotten so spendy lately, right?

See both of these sweet little Black and White Birthday Cards below.

Not only are these simple designs quite striking on their own, they can be colored in, too. While I’m partial to the more simple look of the plain black and white color scheme, the coloring option gives you the freedom to customize your card for its recipient. Kids can certainly get in on the fun of the coloring aspect, too.
Both of the printable birthday cards have simple cupcake designs with the same text on each card. One card is a cupcake with a cherry and plain wrapper. The other design is cherry-free but the cupcake wrapper has a bit of flair to it. Each of these cards is blank on the inside. This allows you to write in a personal greeting or heartfelt note of your own. Envelope information is available below. Tuck in a gift card or cash and you’ve got a ready-to-go gift.

Using these Printable Birthday Cards

  • These cards are for personal use. However, if you own a small business or shop and would like to carry the printed cards (no digital reselling is allowed), you can purchase a commercial license here.
  • You may download either of these printable black and white birthday cards below.
  • Print onto white, letter-sized cardstock. Regular paper is too flimsy for greeting cards. You can buy white, letter-sized cardstock here on Amazon. 
  • Trim the card just inside the outline of the perimeter of the card.
  • Fold on the faint hairline down the middle of the card.
  • Run the handle of your scissors gently along the fold a few times to create a nice, clean crease in your card. You can also use a butter knife or similar…just something heavier that will really crease your card in a clean manner.
  • These black and white birthday cards are designed to fit perfectly into size A6 envelopes that are available at Amazon and retailers everywhere. I always like to keep a stack on hand to print a card at anytime and have it ready to go. I recommend the following color options for these cards:
  • Be sure to include a personal message inside of your card for your recipient.

Download Your Printable Birthday Cards 

Looking for More Printable Birthday Cards?

Hoping you love these sweet and simple cards.

Printable Black and White Birthday Card

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Are you thinking about getting a free printable black and white birthday card for someone special in your life? Then pick out something that we have in stock at Free Printable Online. You are going to be happy with the variety of choices that we have available among our birthday cards, as well as our other types of cards for all different occasions. We are very committed to bringing you only the best quality cards out there, so you should definitely be able to find one (or more) that you would like to print.


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Stock Up on Card Printables Today


Would you like to choose some birthday card printables to give to friends, co-workers, and family members? Look no further than our unique selection. We have silly, cute, and more serious cards, so look through and pick out a printable black and white birthday card today. It does not have to be expensive to be high quality, either – all of the printables that we have here are free of cost, so get extras to hold onto for future birthdays! It is rare to find such great cards all in one place that are free, so be sure to take advantage of our offer.


Have Fun with These Free Birthday Card Printouts


If you have a friend who has a birthday coming up, it’s a good idea to send or bring them a beautiful free printable black and white birthday card from Free Printable Online. You will not be disappointed in the options that you see. We hope that you will see some things that you like, and that you will come back at a future time if you want to view our new printables that we put on our site regularly.

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Is someone’s birthday right around the corner? Surprise them with one of our free printable birthday cards to make their day that much better. Everyone loves to be appreciated on their birthday, so simply customize or just print out, you can even add text, such as your name! Search through our lists of other free printable birthday cards as well!

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Search through our Bday Cards today


There is always someone’s birthday right around the corner. Why not make their day more special with one of our free printable birthday cards. Our huge selection covers people of all ages. From a child having there first birthday, to a beautiful Princess having her 9th birthday, there are many themes and printable birthday cards to choose from. And you can customize each card with a heart-felt greeting that you add in.


Who says the fun stops once you past your 20’s? That’s right, we have cards catering to the young adults and beyond. Nothing is more appreciated than having a card given to someone special, like family or friends, with words that came straight from your heart. It gives that reminder that says, hey, I am thinking about you.


Fully customize our Birthday Cards and send them out to everyone


Looking for party invitations? Look no further. We have a small variety of free printable birthday card invitations to choose from. Customization is easy. All the tabs for text and adding images is all there for you to easily find and access, making this birthday invitation one of a kind. Once the customization is finished, it is ready to print. You can also email these invites too. The choice is yours and it’s there for whatever works for you.


Any one of these cards can be made into a unique card. It offers plenty of space to add your own touches. This includes text and images, which allows your own taste and humor to be added to this wonderful birthday greeting or birthday invite. With the option to both print or save, these can easily be attached to emails to send out to friends, family, or co-workers. Free and custom made, you can’t go wrong there. If it’s your Mom’s birthday, Dad’s, boyfriend, husband, child, friend, and or best friends, there are printable cards here to fit the birthday need.


Enjoy Our Wonderful Free Birthday Cards


If you would like to get birthday cards for free, consider getting some from Free Printable Online. We have a great selection of top notch cards, from thank you to mother’s day and much more. These free printable birthday cards are ones that are certain to make your loved one smile, so pick out one to give or send to him or her.


When you want to find a great birthday card for a significant other, friend, brother, sister, parent, or someone else, search through all of the choices that we have available for you on Free Printable Online. Fortunately, you can avoid the stress of spending money on cards throughout the year by getting free ones from our site! We have gathered items of interest for nearly everyone, no matter your background or style.


Print Out Beautiful Free Printable Birthday Cards Right Away


You will not want to pass up this amazing deal! It is not every day that you get to print cards, invitations, games, crafts, and other fine printables completely for free! But that is exactly what you get with Free Printable Online.


We offer a wide selection of unique, fun birthday printables that the recipient is sure to love. Some feature presents and balloons, while there are fun ones that feature animals and interesting designs on them. Select something that will be ideal for the person for whom you are choosing it, and you can even customize it with your own personal message and pictures!


Do you have friends or know of anyone else who would absolutely love being able to print off free items from our site? Recommend others to Free Printable Online so that they can enjoy the convenience of getting high quality printouts like you have. Come back again regularly to see what we add to our site, as we are adding new printables all of the time! 

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Personalize our wide selection of free printable cards that you can print on your home printer. Choose from hundreds of original designs! Is a holiday coming up, or are you in need of free printable cards for a birthday? Sort through our lists and find the cards that best suit you. We strive to provide you with the best content on the internet and won’t settle for less. If you are ever in need of something that we do not currently offer, we can provide it for you within days!

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Completely Personalize our Cards Today


Everyone loves receiving a card. Just knowing that someone was thinking of them makes a person’s day a little brighter. Computers and the internet have made sending and creating free printable cards much easier due to the availability of e-cards. However, there are still people who would prefer to have an actual card in their hands. Luckily, can help with both of these with free printable cards that can also be saved to your computer or shared on Facebook and Twitter.


With a wide variety of cards and customizing options, this is the perfect site for spreading a little sunshine anytime. If you have a holiday coming up and need to send cards, but don’t have the time to shop for them, there are plenty of cards here. There are cards for Christmas, Valentines, Thanksgiving and birthdays. Not quite sure what you want the card to say? That’s no problem with the printable card maker. Pick the blank card that you want and customize it to say exactly what you want it to. Choose from half fold and quarter fold cards. Want to brighten Grandma’s day? Send her a card with a cute or funny picture of her grandkids on it.


Access our Cards from the convenience of your home 


It’s easy to customize any of the free printable cards and there are lots of ways to do it. There are several fonts to choose from and you can make them any color you want. Add photos with the click of a button. We have plenty of photos to choose from or you can upload your own to use. Crop or flip your photos to position them just right on the card and when you are finished, you can save to your computer, share to Facebook or Twitter or print. Put your creativity to work and brighten someone’s day with one of our many free printable cards today!


Cards are extremely special and hold a lot of sentimental value to loved ones. We try to take that into consideration when we design our printable cards on our website. Because of this, you can be confident that you will find something that fits perfectly for each and every occasion. Whether this is for a birthday, or a holiday, we offer the largest variety of cards for you to choose from.


Our cards are completely free of charge and are fully customizeable. The best part is that anybody can customize a printable, whether it be a young child, or a grandparent. We built our website so that we can cater to all audiences and demographics. Simply utilize our state of the art customize features to make your card look exactly how you want it. Once you are finished doing that, just print it out and send it to that special person. 


Our Free Cards Will Make You Smile


It shouldn’t have to be a hassle to find quality greeting cards to give to someone special in your life. In fact, you do not even have to leave the comfort of your home in order to get free printable cards that will be just right for the occasion. Search through the tons of cards in various styles and for different occasions that we carry – you are going to be happy with the wide selection that you find here on Free Printable Online!


Enjoy the convenience of finding cards and other unique printables all in one place on our website. We have brought together some of the best worksheets, invitations, crafts, and a lot more for you to enjoy. Considering the fact that they are completely free for you to print, you can go wild printing as many of these pages as you would like.


Pick Out Top Quality Free Printable Cards Today


Send or give a heartfelt thank you, birthday, congratulations, or sympathy card to a loved one. He or she is going to appreciate the sentiment expressed through the message on the card. You even have the option to include text and images through our editor screen.


Put a smile on someone’s face today with a special card printable from Free Printable Online. It is sure to make you happy, as well. Share your emotions when you pick out a thoughtful, nice card from our selection.


You do not have to stress about the cost of cards, which can be a bit expensive in the store depending on what you get. That can really add up when you are getting cards for many different occasions and multiple individuals every year. Print some free cards today!

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FREE Printable Birthday Cards

Whether you forgot to grab a birthday card or are just looking to save $5 on a Hallmark card, you will love our variety of FREE Printable Birthday Cards for parents, friends, and kids of all ages.

Did you forget to grab a birthday card at the store? No worries! Instead of dropping $5 or more on a greeting card you can grab one of our free birthday cards to print! We have so many different happy birthday card printables to choose from in both color and black and white! Take a peak at a sampling below and click download to see all of them!

Printable Birthday Cards

To grab these printable birthday cards with options in color and black and white just scroll to the bottom and click download. There are over 15 different cards to choose from.

Simply print the option (s) you like, fold in half and you are done!

Free Birthday Cards to Print

These Free Birthday Cards to Print are perfect for kids to color and take to friend birthday parties or to send to grandparents!

Included are several very simple, traditional, black and white options that work for ANY BIRTHDAY – kids, parents, grandparents, friends, cousins, neighbors, etc.


Happy Birthday Card Printable

There are 15+ choices of happy birthday card printables to pick from – just print and fold!


Make your child birthday (or half birthday) extra special with one of these:

Birthday Party Themes

Looking for more great content? We have over 1 million free printable worksheets conveniently arranged by subject or grade: super cute Pre k Worksheets, fun kindergarten worksheets, free 1st grade worksheets, handy 2nd grade worksheets, printable 3rd grade worksheets, and 4th grade worksheets

Plus don’t miss these popular posts from our sister sites:


Download Printable Birthday Cards

By downloading from my site you agree to the following:

  • You may print as many copies as you ‘d like to use in your classroom, home, or public library.
  • Please share by linking to this page. This product may NOT be sold, hosted, reproduced, or stored on any other site (including blog, Facebook, Dropbox, 4sShared, Mediafire, email, etc. )
  • All downloaded materials provided are copyright protected. Please see Terms of Use.
  • I offer free printables to bless my readers AND to provide for my family. Your frequent visits to my blog & support purchasing through affiliates links and ads keep the lights on so to speak. Thanks you!

>>  Download Printable Birthday Cards <<

Birthday Card Printables {Black & White} – Hey Friend!

Hey Friends! This post is long over due… I shared these fun Birthday Cards a year ago over at Little LDS Ideas. I’m excited to share them here at Hey Friend, with an extra option. I had several requests for a Horizontal Option of these Vertical cards- so I’ve included the extra cards in my download today!

We all love being remembered on our Birthdays! So, I knew I could do something to help Primary Teachers, Activity Leaders, Cub Scout Leaders, and Moms by sharing my Birthday Card Printable.

few other ideas to use could be- Mail to Activity Day Girls or Boys in your Cub Scout Den. Mail a hand written note to each child in your Primary Class, or attach a card to a treat for their birthday. These Birthday Cards would also be perfect to have all the children in a class write a Birthday Greeting for a less active child or even for their own Primary Teacher! As a Mom, I am keeping a pile of these on hand to mail to all my Nieces and Nephews this coming year for their Birthdays.

I kept the Birthday Card Printables simple, with two cards per page. There are two sheets in the download option (vertical/horizontal), for a total of 4 different Birthday cards. There is one sheet for boys and one for girls, to make it easy when printing. I’m also quickly becoming a fan of Black & White printables on bright colored paper!

If they look a bit familiar- I shared my Teacher Thank-You Notes here, and they are they same Design Style. 😉

 I printed mine on bright colored Astrobright Paper, and cut in half. Super Simple! Add a Colored, or White Envelope and you are good to go.

Here’s my favorite supplies for this…

Astrobright Colored Paper

Bright Colored Envelopes

Plain White Envelopes

I’m constantly grabbing a Birthday Card to add to kids gifts on our way to Friends Parties… these Birthday Cards have been so perfect!

I’d love to hear how you use these darling Birthday Card Printables! Leave a comment here, or snap a photo and tag me. Thanks for stopping by friends!

“Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime.” – Dale Carnegie

Did you miss my {Black & White} TEACHER Thank-You Cards? I shared them here… be sure to check them out too!

Printable Cards | Personalize & Try For Free

Need to send a greeting card, but don’t have time to get to the store? Printable cards to the rescue! We have hundreds of greeting cards available to be personalized and printed from the convenience of home. Whether you’re shopping for a particular holiday, person, or tone, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. Start browsing below to personalize your favorite cards, add text or a photo, then print at home or send via email in just minutes.

Printable Birthday Cards

Personalized happy birthday cards make everyone’s special day even more special. Regardless of how old your recipient might be turning, our selection of printables will make it easy to find the perfect card. Is the birthday person an animal lover? We’ve got printable cards for them! Do you want to help the recipient feel inspired on their big day? We’ve got inspirational cards to print, too! Start browsing today.

Printable Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving cards to print at home offer fun and thoughtful ways to craft your perfect message.

Printable Thank You Cards

Create a unique and personal thank you card to let them know it mattered. You were taught to say “please” and “thanks,”right? Printable thank you cards can say your thank you’s for you, and are a physical reminder of the thoughtful person you are. So, please, say thanks. It would make your mother proud!

Add-a-Photo Printables Cards

Personalize your card with a photo of your family or friends.

Benefits Of Printable Cards

Share your printable card from a smartphone, tablet or desktop, including in an email, on Facebook or through your favorite messaging app. (For emails, easily insert a contact from your address book and schedule to send the card now or on a special date.)

Choose your favorite card.

Personalize it! Add your greeting, signature and even a photo.

Print from home OR share online!

Sending by email? Attach an optional gift, like a gift card or digital game they’ll love!

Give them a Gift Card!

Pick out any gift card and attach a digital card. Personalize your message and deliver a gift they’ll use. 

Learn More

Printable Anniversary Cards

We’ve got the perfect printable cards for lovey-dovey anniversary greetings, silly anniversary wishes, happy anniversary sentiments and more.  Anniversaries have a tendency to sneak up on us, and there’s nothing worse than forgetting such a special day! With a free trial, you can schedule reminders to print cards for all of the important anniversary celebrations taking place this year.

Printable Thinking Of You Cards

Sometimes you might want to let someone know they’re on your mind, but you might not have a greeting card on hand. With printable cards, you can let them know you’re thinking of them, even if you’re not able to get to the store to pick up a card! Don’t waste another minute– let someone know they’re loved and start browsing thinking of you cards you can print from home, today.

Printable Sympathy Cards

Wish many caring thoughts with them during their time of sorrow. It’s never easy to know what to say when someone you love experiences any type of loss. However, the intention behind sending a greeting card during a tough time will never go unappreciated. Take a look at the printable sympathy cards below to let someone know you’re there for them.

Printable Encouragement Cards

Share some happiness and words of encouragement to fill their day with smiles. Our printable greeting cards are customizable, so you can make sure your message is unique and accurately captures what you’re hoping to express. Your recipient is sure to appreciate the extra touch. Take a look at our favorite encouragement printable cards to get started.

How to Print Greeting Cards

Our printable greeting cards can be customized in a variety of ways. With a 7-day free trial, you select the perfect design from our fun, festive selection of free cards to print. Get printing in minutes by following the steps below:

  1. Browse all printable greeting cards to make your selection
  2. Add a personalized note or photo
  3. Preview your card to add final touches
  4. Print or send to your recipient electronically

Other Ways to Send Greetings

Online greeting cards are another quick and convenient way to send any type of greeting to your friends, family or coworkers! If you need help crafting personalized messages for a printable or online greeting card, get some inspiration for what to write for any occasion. If you’d like to follow your printable greeting card with a gift, explore our gift guides to find the perfect present today.

95 Creative Happy Birthday Card Template Black And White With Stunning Design by Happy Birthday Card Template Black And White

95 Creative Happy Birthday Card Template Black And White With Stunning Design by Happy Birthday Card Template Black And White

You can Download 95 Creative Happy Birthday Card Template Black And White With Stunning Design by Happy Birthday Card Template Black And White full size click the link download below

[ Download Original Resolution ]

Just click download link in many Resolutions at the end of this sentence and you will be redirected on direct image file, and then you must right click on image and select “Save image as”. 220 × 165 / 600 × 600

We hope you can find what you need here. We always effort to show a picture with HD resolution or at least with perfect images. 95 Creative Happy Birthday Card Template Black And White With Stunning Design by Happy Birthday Card Template Black And White can be beneficial inspiration for those who seek an image according specific categories, you can find it in this site. Finally all pictures we have been displayed in this site will inspire you all. Thank you for visiting.

This image is provided only for personal use. If you found any images copyrighted to yours, please contact us and we will remove it. We don’t intend to display any copyright protected images.

Random Images







9 black-owned greeting card brands that depict black people and culture

The recent reigniting of the Black Lives Matter movement has caused many industries, brands and individuals to take a closer look at how they can be better allies to the black community as well as starting conversations on racial prejudice and bias.

A quick look at the world around us tells us that pretty much all industries can do better at supporting black individuals, communities and businesses, with the greeting card industry being no exception. If you’re a white person, it might not even be something that’s crossed your mind until you read this sentence, but the levels of representation of black people and culture depicted on greeting cards are shockingly low.

Getty Images

It just isn’t right that anyone shouldn’t be able to walk into a shop and immediately find a card that represents themselves and/or their recipient, but the fact of the matter is that it’s currently very hard to find greeting cards with a non-white person on the front in UK card shops.

There are, however, some fabulous black-owned greeting card brands out there that do depict black people and black culture wonderfully – one such line is Kitsch Noir, which has just started to be stocked at greeting card and gift shop chain Scribbler. Its founder, Cherelle, designs each card with the intention to represent the love, joy and humour within the black British experience and it has grown into a multi award-winning brand that’s now available nationwide.

Spending money with black-owned businesses is just one way to be a better ally to the black community, but as consumers it can certainly be a powerful one. From fashion to beauty brands to black business directories, there are a number of ways to spend your money more wisely – and shopping with the below greeting card brands are another way to do so.

9 brilliant black-owned greeting card brands

Kitsch Noir


Buy Kitsch Noir cards

Afrotouch Design

Afrotouch Design

Buy Afrotouch Design cards

Ibere Apparel

Ibere Apparel

Buy Ibere Apparel cards

Leanne Creative


Buy Leanne Creative cards

Hood Greetings

Hood Greetings

Buy Hood Greetings cards

Ionna Marie Designs


Buy Ionna Marie Designs cards

Colourshot Cards


Buy Colourshot Cards

Candy Rays


Buy Candy Rays cards

Nicola Lespeare


Buy Nicola Lespeare cards

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    3600 * 2475

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    1200 * 1200

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  • 80 year anniversary design template vector illustration

    4083 * 4083

  • KVN celebrates birthday.

    News. Channel One

    It was on November 8 60 years ago that viewers saw the first release of the Club of the cheerful and resourceful. KVN started and, fortunately, continued and will continue. Mega-successful humorous project, the most popular not only in Russia, but also in America, Israel, Australia, Germany, Great Britain. Alexander Maslyakov, who has spent thousands of hours of broadcasts.

    She can come and write urgently a few minutes before the performance – a joke as an inspiration, and behind the stage props, sound, dozens of participants are being prepared.A little more – and the main words: we are starting KVN!

    60 years on your TV screens. At first, the picture was black and white. Team competition in wits quickly captured the youth of the entire Union. Then generations after generations, each season has its own heroes, its legendary numbers.

    Like 60 years ago, they find each other in schools and universities. Those who feel that the scene and humor are calling them.

    “When the first joke starts to come in, when the audience starts clapping very hard, you just start to believe in your performance,” says Anna Cherkashina, a member of the Rossy KVN team (Nizhny Novgorod).

    “This is some kind of extravaganza taking place on stage, people come, show them for five minutes, and the audience remembers these jokes for several decades,” says Vasilisa Sokolova, a member of the Poetessa KVN team (St. Petersburg).

    “The hottest KVN fans watch it from the stage,” says Veronika Ratushnaya, a member of the Poetessa KVN team (St. Petersburg).

    It is impossible to calculate how much Alexander Maslyakov spent on the screen, these are thousands of hours of TV broadcasts. In honor of the anniversary of the program, we asked him, and if he assembled his KVN team, who would he call?

    “I would have recruited those with whom we are filming this program, those who are behind the scenes: director, cameramen, editors – in this company I would somehow feel a shoulder,” says Alexander Maslyakov.

    Cameras, light, auditorium – we are starting KVN. Thousands and thousands dream of getting on this stage. And I also dreamed, says the correspondent of the First Channel Pyotr Deryagin. Second year, University League. Conduct an experiment: just ask around your acquaintances, among them there are sure to be Kaveenschiks. And among the real big stars there are especially many of them. Behind the scenes and in the frame. KVN as a laboratory of talents.

    Elena Borshcheva from the Pyatigorsk National Team will remember forever the day when she suddenly became famous after the very first broadcast.

    “I lived in a hostel, I had such a small TV with a pen. I remember, we looked with our friends, literally the next day we went for a walk, and they began to recognize me, take autographs, ”recalls Elena Borshcheva.

    Dmitry Khrustalev’s career also began in KVN, and he played this game since childhood.

    “What is KVN? This is an opportunity for an amateur to grow to a professional level, ”notes Dmitry Khrustalev.

    Mikhail Bashkatov today is an actor of cinema and theater, and behind him is the championship of the Major League.He returned to KVN as a judge for the youngest teams and says: he recognizes himself in them.

    “On Monday morning, in the classroom, we told each other jokes from yesterday’s game, it was an event,” says Mikhail Bashkatov, captain of the KVN MaximuM (Tomsk) team.

    KVN teams and leagues appeared all over the world. Here at Brighton Beach in New York, a meeting of several generations of the already American club of the cheerful and resourceful.

    “Arriving in America, I came here at the age of 13, quite by accident I was offered to create a team at the university.And I never would have thought that it would become a way of life and, in a sense, the meaning of life, ”says Boris Yezersky, a member of the KVN team at New York University (USA).

    60 years, which swept through with a whirlwind of jokes and good mood. It seems that each generation had its own KVN. And, of course, it will. Here are the words from the first episodes of the program, which may well become prophetic: “At the last KVN-2063, the mass of KVN exceeded the critical one, as a result a new element was born – Kaveeniy. The element’s lifetime is eternity. “

    Happy Birthday Cards! (pcs.) –

    This is the most important holiday of the year for every person. A wonderful and stylish animation with a beautiful sparkling fireworks and an opening bottle of champagne. Caption on the picture: Happy birthday to my beloved girlfriend! One of the most cheerful, bright and light animated pictures on the DR. Flowers and poems. You are the best! Perhaps this is one of the best universal animations in order to congratulate a dear birthday person on his holiday.Download and present the most delicate and romantic birthday card with flowers for a woman Best GIF with cake, candles and birthday greetings I wish you a sea of ​​flowers and smiles on your best day! Red roses, two glasses of white wine or champagne against a background of red-pink lights and glare. So why not please him with a wonderful virtual postcard with warm wishes for the long-awaited day. NEW BIRTHDAY Very beautiful birthday greetings Music video cards A wonderful summer, sunny and cheerful birthday card with three daisies against the backdrop of a field of flowers and a blue sky.A very romantic postcard as a gift to your beloved woman on her birthday. Animated GIF card with a funny bear and heart balloons for the most beloved person on his birthday. Animated GIF card with a funny bear and heart balloons for the most beloved person on his birthday. Beautiful and stylish card with pink roses in a white box for the woman’s birthday. New beautiful animated birthday card with balloons Happy Birthday! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart and wish you happiness! Animated GIF card with a funny bear and heart balloons for the most beloved person on his birthday.A lively card with flowers, butterflies and sparkles and a wish. This gif has a very effective background with swirling multicolored confetti flying out from the center. With what trepidation we all await gifts and solemn speeches! You are the best! Here you will find a postcard to anyone: man and woman, boyfriend and girlfriend, mom, dad, son and daughter, brother and sister or children. Happiness and joy! Happiness and joy! Cool postcard – envelope for congratulations with your own hands All the best! Download for free! I wish you good luck and prosperity all year long! Download for free! Flowers, bears, a cake with candles, champagne, balloons and cool drawings of fabulous and cartoon characters will cheer up your friends and loved ones for the whole day! I wish you inexhaustible energy, success in business, good luck in all your endeavors! A card with flowers for a woman with the words: You are the best! Black and white postcards Postcards Happy Birthday How much joy and vivid emotions this day contains! In this section of the Fresh-Cards catalog you can find free photo greetings, beautiful stylish cards, funny and funny pictures, as well as funny Happy Birthday images with heart lettering and romantic confessions in poetry and prose for men and women, which can be downloaded and sent by e-mail, save to your computer, greet friends by mobile phone via Viber or WhatsApp, send heartfelt words in your favorite social networks Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook and Instagram. It is very important not to forget about family and friends, work colleagues and housemates, close and distant relatives. Red roses, two glasses of white wine or champagne against a background of red-pink lights and glare. Have a bright life and may all your dreams come true! Flowers and poems. How much attention and great impressions it brings! Very beautiful birthday card for a woman Birthday card with delicate red-pink roses on the table and a greeting card with the signature: Happy birthday! So why not please him with a wonderful virtual postcard with warm wishes for the long-awaited day.Happy birthday video bunny. Video postcards.

    20 cool DIY birthday cards

    How to make birthday cake cards

    Red Ted Art YouTube channel

    What you need

    • Thick blue or turquoise double-sided paper;
    • scissors;
    • ruler;
    • plain pencil;
    • thick white paper;
    • colored paper with pictures and patterns;
    • glue stick.

    How to make

    1. Cut a 15 x 11 cm rectangle out of blue or turquoise paper. Fold it in half across. Cut a 14 x 10 cm rectangle out of the white sheet.

    Red Ted Art YouTube Channel

    2. Fold the white piece in half across. On the side of the fold, make four notches at an equal distance from each other. The first two (at the bottom of the paper) should be the same. The third is about 1 cm shorter, and the fourth is even slightly shorter in length.

    Red Ted Art YouTube Channel

    3. Fold the cut pieces as shown in the photo.

    Red Ted Art YouTube Channel

    4. Unfold the strips and unfold the paper. Bend the cut parts inward along the intended folds.

    YouTube-channel Red Ted Art

    5. Cut out three rectangles from colored paper according to the dimensions of the layers of the future cake. They should be quite a bit larger than the white stripes in height. Fold them in half and glue them to the sheet.

    Red Ted Art YouTube Channel

    6. Fold and unfold the white sheet again to show the lines on the cake more clearly. Cut out several candles in the form of small rectangles from bright paper, and the same number of droplet figures from yellow paper. Glue the droplets to the candles and glue them to the cake.

    YouTube channel Red Ted Art

    7. Apply glue to the back of the white paper and attach it to the blue backing. The card can be signed next to the cake or outside.

    What other options are there

    Incredibly beautiful postcard with a voluminous round cake:

    Inside this option is hiding a piece of festive dessert:

    Print the template, cut along the lines and create this postcard:

    But , the easiest option: with a painted cake.Looks simple, but very cute:

    How to make birthday balloons

    Crafting Hours YouTube channel

    What you need

    • Thick gray paper;
    • double-sided paper of various colors;
    • ruler;
    • plain pencil;
    • scissors;
    • double-sided tape;
    • compasses;
    • regular glue and / or glue stick;
    • glue gun;
    • twine or other thick thread;
    • white paper;
    • felt-tip pen;
    • glue stick;
    • colored tape.

    How to do

    1. Fold the heavy gray paper crosswise in half. Cut a rectangle with sides of 20 and 14 cm from a pink sheet.Cut a rectangle measuring 16 x 10 cm from thick gray paper.

    Using double-sided tape, glue a small gray piece onto the pink one, and fix the latter on the cover of a future postcard.

    Crafting Hours YouTube Channel

    2. Cut many strips of colored paper of different thickness but the same length. These are blanks for balls.Conditionally divide one strip into three parts and bend twice along the lines.

    Draw a circle on the resulting part using a compass. Cut along the contour – you will have three circles.

    Crafting Hours YouTube channel

    3. Prepare circles from the rest of the colored stripes in the same way.

    Crafting Hours YouTube Channel

    4. Cut small triangles from the rest of the folded paper. Glue them to the bottom of each circle.

    Crafting Hours YouTube Channel

    5. Fold a small strip of paper in half. Unfold and fold each side with an accordion, as shown in the photo and video below.

    Crafting Hours YouTube Channel

    6. Make as many parts as you have balls. Glue them to the circles so that the accordions are on top.

    Crafting Hours YouTube Channel

    7. Attach a piece of string or other thick thread to each ball using a glue gun.

    Crafting Hours YouTube Channel

    8. Fold the long edges of the white paper approximately 2 cm and cut along the outline so that you get two strips folded along the length.Fold each one in half three times. Cut out identical triangles from them so that the bases of the shapes are at the fold. See the video below for details.

    Crafting Hours YouTube Channel

    9. Write one letter from the phrase “Happy Birthday” on each triangle. Lubricate the flags from the inside with glue, put on two pieces of rope and glue. Tie the ends of these two strings together.

    Crafting Hours YouTube Channel

    10. Glue the accordions on the back of the balls and arrange them nicely inside the card. Leave a few for the cover.

    Crafting Hours YouTube Channel

    11. Tie the ends of the strings, twist and cut off any excess. Use a glue gun to attach the letter flags to the card.

    Crafting Hours YouTube Channel

    12. Write a congratulatory message on the bottom of the cover. Glue a few balls at the top. Cut off the excess twine and tie it with tape.

    What other options are there

    You can make a voluminous postcard with balls flying out of the box:

    Here is a similar option:

    It shows how to make balls using the quilling technique:

    And this is a simple postcard made using applique technique:

    What other options are there

    This shows how to make a volumetric flower inside a postcard:

    In this instruction, flowers are made very simply – from twisted spirals:

    How to make a slide-out birthday cupcake card

    YouTube channel Crafting with Rachna

    What you need

    • Pink double-sided paper;
    • ruler;
    • plain pencil;
    • scissors;
    • glue;
    • white paper;
    • double-sided bulk tape;
    • different colors of paper;
    • red ribbon;
    • felt-tip pen.

    How to do

    1. Fold a sheet of pink paper in half. Place it so that there is a fold at the bottom. On one edge, attach a ruler at a slight slope and draw a line. Draw another oblique line about the middle so that the shape resembles a pot.

    Crafting with Rachna YouTube Channel

    2. Cut the part along the marked lines. Glue the side edges inside the shape with glue.

    Crafting with Rachna YouTube Channel

    3. Join the elements and press the sides of the paper so that it sticks together.Insert a ruler into the resulting pocket and measure the distance from bottom to edge. Measure also the length of the bottom edge of the figure, stepping back slightly on the sides. The author worked out 9 cm.

    Draw a rectangle on white paper. Two sides should be 9 cm each (or another value that you got), and the other two should be several centimeters more than the distance from the bottom to the edge of the figure.

    The resulting rectangle should fit easily into the pink pocket. Cut out the white piece.

    Crafting with Rachna YouTube channel

    4.Place the part in the pocket. Measure the length of its top rib and the height of the pocket along with the inserted white piece.

    Draw another rectangle on the white paper. Its length should be 2–3 cm longer than the rib of the pocket, and the desired width should be approximately half of the measured height.

    Draw a cloud-like shape in the rectangle.

    Crafting with Rachna YouTube channel

    5. Cut out the cloud. Place it on top of the white piece so that it covers the pink piece.For convenience, mark with a pencil where they touch.

    Remove the cloud. Glue several pieces of bulky tape to the visible part of the white part. Attach a cloud to them by attaching it to the pencil marks.

    Crafting with Rachna YouTube channel

    6. Cut out small circles of different diameters from colored paper. Glue them to the cream, that is, to the cloudy part. Cut a heart out of red paper and attach it at the very top.

    Tie a bow on the side of the ribbon.Cut a small tag out of white paper – a rectangle with cut corners. Write on it “For you” or congratulations.

    Glue this element to the bottom of the postcard, and horizontally attach the tape above the tag.

    Crafting with Rachna YouTube Channel

    7. Glue the ends of the tape to the back of the postcard. Write congratulations on the white removable piece.

    How to make a heart-shaped card with flowers for your birthday

    Mukta Art & Craft YouTube channel

    What you need

    • Thick pink or crimson double-sided paper;
    • scissors;
    • ruler;
    • plain pencil;
    • white paper;
    • clerical knife;
    • glue;
    • self-adhesive rhinestones;
    • peach double-sided paper;
    • clerical proofreader in the form of a pen;
    • hole punch;
    • pink ribbon.

    How to make

    1. Cut a 30 x 15 cm piece out of thick pink paper. Make marks on the sides 7.5 cm from the edges.

    Place a ruler vertically on one side of these strokes. Fold the paper along the ruler. Bend the sheet at the other end in the same way.

    YouTube channel Mukta Art & Craft

    2. Fold the future postcard along the fold lines. Cut a piece out of white paper: its width should be the same as the width of the postcard, and its height should be slightly smaller. Fold it across in half.

    YouTube channel Mukta Art & Craft

    3. Draw half a heart on one side of the white paper and cut along the outline.

    YouTube channel Mukta Art & Craft

    4. Open the heart, attach it to the card and draw a line. Use a ruler to add two horizontal lines at the top and bottom where the shape ends. Above, near the middle, draw two small vertical lines.

    The lines are visible in the photo. And the video below has all the details.

    YouTube channel Mukta Art & Craft

    5. Open the card and cut the paper along the lines on both sides with a utility knife.

    YouTube channel Mukta Art & Craft

    6. Cut out a piece of white paper to fit the back of the postcard. The height should be slightly less so that the pink color is visible from above and below. Glue the part from the inside.

    YouTube channel Mukta Art & Craft

    7. Close the postcard. Decorate the heart with rhinestones around the edges.

    YouTube channel Mukta Art & Craft

    8.Cut out three squares with sides of 5 and 4 cm out of peach paper. Fold each piece in half twice. You will end up with small squares.

    On one of them, closer to the corner, draw a circle. In the corner, draw something like a triangle.

    YouTube-channel Mukta Art & Craft

    9. Cut out the part along the contours and unfold it – you get a flower. Make the same elements from other squares. Use a pencil to twist the petals inward.

    YouTube channel Mukta Art & Craft

    10.Lubricate the edges of each petal of one small flower with glue and glue them together to form a bud. The detailed process is shown in the video below.

    Glue the petals of the second flower of the same size with glue and glue the first bud to it. Then attach the third piece in the same way.

    Glue the large parts on top of each other, and attach the resulting lush bud on top.

    YouTube channel Mukta Art & Craft

    11. Make two more flowers: one the same size, the other smaller.Glue all three to the side of the heart.

    YouTube-channel Mukta Art & Craft

    12. Use a proofreader on the other side of the heart to write a congratulatory inscription. Print nice words inside the postcard too. Punch one hole in the middle of the heart with a hole punch, thread the ribbon there and tie with a bow.

    How to make birthday cards with a butterfly

    YouTube channel Tonni art and craft

    What you need

    • White paper;
    • plain pencil;
    • scissors;
    • clerical knife;
    • raspberry double-sided paper;
    • pink double-sided paper;
    • double-sided bulk tape;
    • pink or red pencil;
    • self-adhesive rhinestones;
    • peach or pink ribbon;
    • plain double-sided tape.

    How to do

    1. Fold a sheet of white paper across in half. Draw the outlines of a butterfly on it, as shown in the photo and in the video below.

    YouTube channel Tonni art and craft

    2. Cut out the shape. Open the butterfly and divide it into two equal parts with scissors. One of them will serve as a template.

    YouTube channel Tonni art and craft

    3. Draw a pattern on the template as shown in the photo or video below. Go over the pencil sketches with a clerical knife and remove any excess paper.

    YouTube channel Tonni art and craft

    4. Place the template on the raspberry sheet and trace the outlines inside and out. Cut out the piece with scissors and use a knife to remove excess paper to create a pattern. Make the second wing in the same way.

    YouTube channel Tonni art and craft

    5. Place one wing on the pink paper and draw the outer and inner outlines. Attach the second wing next to it and do the same.

    YouTube channel Tonni art and craft

    6. Cut out the pink details along the outer contours.Paint over the edges of the patterns with a colored pencil.

    YouTube channel Tonni art and craft

    7. Glue the crimson parts to the pink ones with a volumetric tape. See the tutorial video below for details. Decorate the wings with rhinestones.

    Cut a piece of tape, attach a simple double-sided tape around the edges. Glue the wings to them.

    YouTube channel Tonni art and craft

    8. Along the edges of the tape, on opposite sides, make a small vertical notch. Write your congratulations on white paper and roll it up.Wrap it with tape and “fasten” the notches.

    What other options are there

    Here is another similar composition:

    This shows how to make a postcard with an elegant carved butterfly:

    And another nice option with a voluminous butterfly and an unusual cover: