Birthday wish greeting cards: What To Write In A Birthday Card & Birthday Wishes


What To Write In A Birthday Card & Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are a big deal — those special days in the year when we celebrate our favorite people for making another trip around the sun. That’s a huge! And adding a personal birthday message in a birthday greeting card for someone is an awesome way to make them feel amazing on their special day.

It’s funny how you never realize just how much your little bit of extra effort is worth until you hear the person who received your card tell you what a surprise it was and how happy it made them. So don’t let negative thoughts of not knowing what to say in a birthday card ever stand in the way of your follow-through. Here’s a tip: your message doesn’t have to be lengthy; just sincere.

Check out these ideas from our card experts that will help get your thought-confetti flying.

Casual, short birthday messages are always a nice touch

  • I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!
  • Enjoy your special day.
  • Have the best birthday ever!
  • Wherever the year ahead takes you, I hope it’s happy.
  • The day is all yours — have fun!
  • Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you everything happy.
  • Today, the flowers are bloomier, the sun is sunnier, and life is awesomer – all because it’s your birthday!
  • Hope all your birthday wishes come true!
  • It’s your special day — get out there and celebrate!
  • Wishing you the biggest slice of happy today.

Adding a compliment will deliver some warm fuzzies

  • Hope your birthday is as special as you are.
  • Wishing you all the happiness someone as nice as you deserves.
  • If there’s anyone who should have a really perfect day — it’s you.
  • The world is so lucky to have you in it — here’s to a wonderful year ahead!
  • Your birthday is the perfect time to remind you what a wonderful person you are.
  • You get more amazing every year. Hope your birthday is, too!
  • You’re one of my most favorite people to celebrate. Happy, happy day to you!
  • Can’t think of anyone else that is more deserving of an incredibly-happy day.
  • How do you keep getting older but looking younger? Just one of the many amazing things about you!
  • You were born and the world got better – everybody wins! Have a great birthday. (And thanks!)

If you’re close with the person you’re sending your card to, try going a little deeper.

Think about what they mean to you, what they’ve done for you, or your favorite memory of times you’ve shared together. These specific thoughts, emotions, and memories are what make each relationship unique.

  • One of the best parts of our friendship is celebrating you. You’re the best!
  • Wish I could be with you to celebrate like we did last year. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping your day is every bit as special as you are.
  • If it were up to me, your wishes would all come true. Have the best birthday ever.
  • Hope you know what a gift you are to the world (and to me).
  • I hope all the goodness you give away comes right back to you in the year ahead.
  • Today’s the perfect day to tell you how much you’re appreciated for all you do,
    and how much you’re loved for the amazing person you are.
  • I’m so thankful for the great memories and moments we’ve shared, and I look forward to so many more. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • You do so much for so many people, so just let the world come to you today. Relax and enjoy!
  • Thanks for always being there and making life fun. Wish big today!
  • Wish we could see each more, but I hope you know how much you mean to me. Sending you big hugs for your birthday!

Throw in some fun.

  • This used to be just an ordinary day…until you came along and made it awesome!
  • You’re not getting older; you’re just getting a little closer to the end. Happy Birthday!
  • You’re bound to have a Happy Birthday — it’s in the cards! (Especially this one.) Have a great day!
  • Aging is mandatory — adulting is optional. Let go and enjoy your day!
  • So glad you’re in the world. Thanks for that whole “being born” thing.
  • It’s your birthday – TREAT YO’ SELF!
  • Turning a year older pairs well with wine! (wink, wink; clink! clink!)
  • You’re how old? Sounds like fake news to me.
  • There’s something really special about your birthday…and I’m pretty sure it’s you. 
  • Most things don’t get better with age. Except you.

Share an insightful quote.

  •  “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
        —Abraham Lincoln
  • “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” —C.S. Lewis
  • “Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words. —Plautus
  • “We turn not older with years, but newer every day.” —Emily Dickinson
  •  “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” —Tolkien
  •  “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” —
    William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice
  •  “The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune.” —English Proverb
  • “It takes a long time to become young.” —Pablo Picasso

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You can never go wrong with simply jotting down a line or two about the person or telling them you hope they enjoy their day. It’s so much more meaningful to someone than just seeing a name scrawled at the bottom, and now that you’ve got some ideas in your back pocket, your birthday card is no doubt going to make them feel amazing.


Liza McNamara is an American Greetings senior writer/editor with over 15 years of experience in the greeting card industry. Her Old English Sheepdogs are the loves of her life, and they enjoy getting greeting cards, too, as long as they’re edible. (Yes, there is such a thing! And her pups think they’re delicious.

Birthday Wishes For Him – American Greetings

You’ve got a guy, a dude, a fella, a man in your life. He, whoever he is, has a birthday. When you have a birthday message for him, you want it to be special. Is it your buddy’s birthday? Your brother’s? Maybe it’s your son’s birthday. Perhaps funny birthday wishes or cute birthday quotes will be on the printed card. But what about the part you sign? Make each of the men in your life know how special he is to you to you, by including a personal birthday message for him.


  • Hope your birthday is just like you…totally freaking awesome.
  • Wishing you a birthday that’s just as wonderful as you are!
  • Everybody has birthdays. You just wear yours better than most!
  • You were born, and the world became a better place.


  • I’ll be thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you all your favorite things.
  • From beginning to end, hope this birthday is your happiest ever.
  • This wish is for your birthday. The love is for the whole year.
  • Wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead!


  • I’m glad we’re friends. I think the others were scared. Happy Birthday!
  • It’s your birthday, kick back and have a good one – you deserve it!
  • Cheers to you on your birthday!
  • Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a card that says “Happy Birthday.” Deep — I know!
  • Give yourself a punishing manly back-slap and pretend it’s from me.


  • You’re not older – you’re just more distinguished.
  • Blow out your candles before the fire truck shows up!
  • Do you know why old men wear black socks with sandals? Well, you’re one year closer to finding out.
  • I remembered your birthday and forgot your age. You’re welcome.

All the wonderful men in your life are gifts to be celebrated. Be sure to let them know how you feel. (And now you can put it in writing!)


Brian P. Cleary is a senior writer-editor in the digital division of American Greetings. He started his life in greeting cards 35 years ago, and has written in verse and prose ranging from a prayer to a pun. He is also an author of 53 children’s books, selling more than 3 million copies.


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In addition to personalized photo birthday cards, we offer an array of heartfelt personalized gifts – and the process of creating these gifts is just as simple as creating custom happy birthday cards. For the techie in your life, a custom iPhone case or Samsung Galaxy case might be a perfect gift. Does the birthday boy or girl love game nights? How about a photo puzzle to add to their collection or more unique kids gifts? The opportunities to customize birthday cards are endless. For little ones with family members far away, a personalized memory game is a great way to remember loved ones near and far. The possibilities are endless when designing happy birthday cards and birthday gifts. Begin designing and creating meaningful birthday cards and keepsakes today.

Birthday Cards & Gifts | Lovepop

Hip, hip, hooray! These one-of-a-kind, pop-up birthday cards are sure to impress all your loved ones on their special day. With hundreds of designs, find the perfect birthday card for your mom, sister, friend, or anyone else you’re thinking of!

Everyone has a birthday, which means every single person you know should be celebrated at one point throughout the year. OK, that may be a bit excessive. But still, there are plenty of people worth topping a birthday cake with candles for!

What is a good happy birthday card?
Birthdays are definitely a special occasion worth celebrating! A birthday greeting card will make your friends and distant relatives feel loved on their special day. Sports cards, birthday cake cards,animal cards—oh my! Find the perfect birthday cards for all of your recipients that will surely put a smile on their face.

What is the best message for a happy birthday card?
Send birthday cards with love! Here are a few heartfelt messages that will make their day extra special:
Sending wishes full of love, warmth, and lots of hugs. Happy birthday!
I hope you have the wonderful birthday you deserve. To this new year, and many more.
To more sweet memories and many happy returns. Happy birthday!
Best birthday wishes for a day full of love and laughter!
Cheers to a fun birthday celebration filled with people you love!
Thank you for inviting us to this special occasion of yours! We hope you have a wonderful birthday full of extra fun celebrations.
May all your birthday wishes come true. Happy birthday!
Get ready to party – it’s your birthday and you deserve the absolute best!
Your birthday is our favorite special occasion! We love you and can’t wait to party with you soon!

What is a unique way to say happy birthday?
Birthdays can be tricky, because, as we said, everyone has one! Add a fun message to make your Lovepop card feel even more personal and unique. Here are a few LOL-worthy ways to let the people in your life know you remembered (and are celebrating) their day of birth with a smile!

  • I got it from my Mama: Total awesomeness! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
  • Even if you weren’t my only sister, you’d probably still be my favorite! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my brother from another mother!
  • 9 out of 10 women get their awesomeness from their aunt! Happy birthday, Auntie!
  • It’s scientifically proven that people who have more birthdays live longer. Grandpa, look at you go!
  • We’ve been friends so long that I can’t even remember which one of us is the bad influence. Happy birthday!
  • I’m glad you were born. My life would be totally boring without you!
  • Blow out your candles already so I can eat some birthday cake please!

Birthday Card Delivery Made Easy

How many stamps do I need to send Lovepop birthday cards?
We recommend one 70 cent stamp or two forever stamps to ensure your greeting card gets delivered safely in time for the party. For flower bouquets and other larger-format products, please visit your local post office or shipping store for exact shipping and pricing options.

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90,000 Beautiful pictures Happy Birthday (50 cards) • Funny pictures and positive Most people’s favorite holiday is their birthday. Birthday people and birthday girls gather at the family table with all the dearest people and receive wishes and gifts from them. See below for beautiful postcards and pictures of congratulations “Happy Birthday”, you can download them for free.
I wish you tenderness, smiles and love.
Happy Birthday!
I wish you happiness on the holiday.
Happy birthday picture!
Delightful flowers of different types.
Sweet cake as a gift.
Let luck smile at you.
Beautiful postcard happy birthday!
Cool cat congratulates.
Pink roses for birthday.
Let life fulfill your dreams and desires.
Postcard happy birthday with wishes.
Let life be full of miracles.
Happy Birthday!
Let dreams become reality.
Congratulations on the occasion of the holiday.
Let happiness burst through your door.
Festive picture happy birthday.
I wish you good days and good health.
Happy birthday greetings.
All the best to you.
Spend your holiday especially.
I wish you joy, happiness, love and good luck.
Beautiful postcard happy birthday.
Let everything in life be carefree and successful.
Cool verse as a gift.
I wish you joy and good luck.
Happy birthday with flowers.
Great happiness and love.
Beautiful picture happy birthday!
May fate lead to victories.
Funny cat for birthday.
Be the happiest.
I wish you happiness. Happy Birthday!
Wishes for a woman.
Picture happy birthday with verse.
I wish you success and happiness.
Red bouquet.
Happy birthday flower card!
Three funny kittens.
Birthday sweets.
May you live like that.
Sausages from the fridge from the cat.
Funny verse on the holiday
Be always positive.
Happy birthday, congratulations!
The smile of a cat.

Cards happy birthday to a woman: beautiful congratulatory pictures

Beautiful birthday cards for a woman, you will find in this article.We have collected free pictures with beautiful words and wishes that can be downloaded and sent to a woman on her birthday, both through Vatsap and through any other messenger. Download for free and send beautiful birthday pictures to women!

Check out other birthday cards for women on our website:

Beautiful greeting card happy birthday to the woman. Be loved all the time in winter and spring, be beautiful all the time both in soul and yourself … ”

Beautiful and free postcard – a note with a wish.

Beautiful postcard for download – “I wish you only fine days, always good news! ..”

Greeting card with wishes – Beautiful words for a woman.

Postcard for a woman – “I wish you good health, smiles, sun and warmth.

Beautiful picture happy birthday to the woman. On it, a funny teddy bear wishes a happy birthday and is a little shy.

Beautiful congratulatory picture for a woman – Lonely camomile.

Postcard for a woman – Words in an envelope.

Beautiful picture with wishes – “Be cheerful and happy and beautiful as it is now. May good luck accompany you, every day and every hour.

Postcard happy birthday to the woman. “I wish you great, immense happiness, so that every minute is pleasant to you!”

Picture – Believe in your capabilities.

Postcard – Success will come for happiness.

Postcard – Delicate bud for the birthday girl.

Postcard – There is no happiness without health.

Congratulation postcard – Guardian angel for a woman.

Postcard – Let luck smile at you.

Accept congratulations on your wonderful birthday! – beautiful words on a beautiful postcard.

Beautiful picture for a woman – Butterflies in the meadow.

Postcard – Fireworks of colors and paints.

Postcard – “Let me congratulate you on your birthday and wish you happy bright days.”

Postcard – Exquisite bouquet for a woman.

Beautiful animation – “Let the sadness not disturb in the heart, harmony reigns in the family, let the life’s roads lead only to happiness!”

Postcard – A magical day for a woman.

Beautiful greeting card – Wishes from the hedgehog.“May desires come true and everything in the world will succeed! Warmth, comfort, understanding and the most joyful emotions! “

Postcard – Beautiful spring bouquet for a woman.

Beautiful postcard for a woman – “A great reason to smile today in the morning. And in a greeting card I want to wish well … ”

Picture – Roses of wishes.

Postcard Happy Birthday to a woman – “I wish you the happiest. Be desired, loved and needed! ”

Beautiful postcard – Sunflowers in a basket.

Beautiful postcard – Happiness peonies and snowdrops.

The picture is beautiful – Creative hand-made article.

Postcard – Chamomile field for the birthday girl.

Picture – Feeling beautiful.

Postcard – Gift from Plushi.

Picture – A generous gift.

Postcard – Feline wishes.

Picture – Room decoration.

Picture – A perfect gift.

Picture – Roses from the heart.

Postcard – Strawberry Fantasy.

Beautiful retro postcard – Butterflies and roses for a woman.

Postcard – Good wishes.

Postcard – Respectful congratulations.Such a beautiful postcard is suitable for congratulating a female colleague.

Picture – Purple motive.

Beautiful picture for a woman – Let your dreams come true.

Postcard – Happiness in the house.

Picture – A beautiful bouquet in the newspaper.

Postcard – Be cheerful and beautiful and be loved.

Postcard happy birthday to the woman. “I wish you to live beautifully, carelessly, joyfully, happily …”

Didn’t find the postcard you were looking for?

Check out other birthday cards for women on our website:

Happy birthday to the woman

Beautiful cards and sincere words will help you express your feelings for the birthday girl.

Happy birthday greetings to the woman / photo

On the birthday of a close woman or relative, I would like to please her with a beautiful and touching congratulation. But it can often be difficult to find the right words to express your feelings. To make your congratulations for the girl sincere and original, attach a colorful postcard or a beautiful verse to it. So your wish will definitely be remembered by the birthday girl.

Happy birthday greetings to the woman

I wish you to be always happy,

Successful, stylish and beautiful,

To be positive, creative,

Still athletic and active!

Do not know problems, do not know adversity,

Go forward confidently,

So that in the bustle of running days

Everything was just OK!


Let spring reign in your soul

At any time of the year,

Birds are chirping, and it’s worth

Beautiful weather.

May people always be cute

They will be with you.

May everyone respect you

And they will certainly love you.

Let your dreams be joyful,

Successful achievements,

Let there be happiness where you are,

Not only on your birthday!

Happy birthday to the woman / photo

Let the blue bird knock on your house,

I wish your dreams and wishes come true.

For women’s happiness, you don’t need much –

So that your relatives are healthy and close.

Let joy decorate you every day,

And sparks play merrily in the eyes.

You give warmth, you radiate goodness,

And with this you shine brighter than diamonds.

Let life be filled with happiness and light

And be warmed by the love of all those close to you.

I wish you wonderful, magical moments.

I will tell you from the bottom of my heart: “Happy birthday!”

Happy birthday to a woman in verses / photo

I wish you wake up in a good mood,

Fall asleep with a smile in the evenings.

Let the days be filled with light,

I wish you not to get sick, not to lose heart.

Prosperity, understanding, respect,

Let divine comfort reign in the house.

I wish you happiness sincerely, sincerely,

Let the notes of joy sing in your heart!

Happy birthday woman pictures / photo bonnycards. ru

On your birthday

I want to wish everything:

Long years, less troubles.

Happiness, joy bouquet.

The most devoted friends,

A full house of always guests,

Ocean of great love,

So that all dreams come true.

May it always be in your soul

There will be a warm spring,

Sadness will disappear forever.

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to a woman postcards / photo

Health and happiness are important in life,

So as not to meet bad weather on the road,

So that loved ones are near,

And at home there is always for joy were waiting.

Let the beauty not go away over the years,

Thoughts to be filled with dreams forever,

Life is good, but love for centuries,

The road through life was so easy.

What more can you ask for?

Tears so that your eyes never know,

More luck every day,

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday for a woman / photo bonnycards. ru

Happy birthday! May peace, comfort and harmony always reign in your home.I wish you to be happy, enjoy life, be surprised, enjoy every minute, dream, always have loyal, reliable friends and, most importantly, love and be loved. Stay always the same young, bright, kind, cheerful and smiling!


Happy birthday to a beautiful woman! I wish you health and inspiration, love and attention, warmth and sunny mood, success in everything, vivid impressions and a rainbow of emotions! May there always be flowers and surprises in your life, smiles and good events, happiness and joy, luck and luck!


Happy Birthday! I wish that all events in life and undertakings in any business were permeated with love, warmth and understanding of loved ones! I wish you to always shine with your beauty and be filled with light and energy! Well-being, peace of mind, achieving all your goals and a little luck! And may all these wishes come true against the background of good health!

Happy birthday greetings for a friend

Dance, walk and have fun,

Let life not pass by.

Bathe in love, be yourself

And just follow your dream.

Let your funny laugh sound,

In business, let success await you.

I wish I be beautiful

And not be sad for a second!

On your birthday and always

Let the trouble pass you by.

Prosperity, joy and comfort

Let them come to visit.


Read also Church holidays in February: Orthodox calendar for a month Happy birthday, dear! Be just as fun.

Be the same sympathetic, sweet, simple.

And even though it can be difficult, smile anyway.

Know that I am somewhere near, that I am always with you.

And may your heart be happier with every second,

May your eyes never get wet from tears.

Be the same beautiful and beloved all the time,

And let the soul live the fulfillment of dreams.


Accept, friend, congratulations on your birthday.

I wish you great happiness,

Stronger health, dreams of fulfillment,

Good and all the best in your long destiny.

Let your life shine with joy,

Let your eyes shine with diamonds.

Sadness never knocks in the heart,

All alarms bypass you, thunderstorm.

Let every day of yours be bright

… I am not putting an end to it, I am still continuing:

May all the gifts please on this day,

I wish you success in your personal life.

Happy birthday greetings for mom

Today is a special day –

Mom has a birthday!

Thank you, my mom,

For affection and patience,

For your tender hands,

For your kind heart,

Forgiving, faithful,

Native and bottomless.

I wish you joy,

Good, prosperity.

And remember, my dear,

That you are the best in the world!


On this birthday, mom,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

For your care and diligence,

For love and warmth.

I wish you happiness,

To live without troubles and without worries,

So that from grief and bad weather

Your angel is protecting you.

Happy birthday greetings to mom / photo

I want to congratulate you on your birthday

You, dear mom.

I wish you joy, fun,

Good smiles, dear.

Let your eyes sparkle with happiness,

Your dreams will come true.

Let the mood be cool.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy birthday to mom pictures / photo

Mummy dear, dear,

Beloved and dear!

I wish you many years of life,

Not to know sorrow, nor troubles.

You be happy, smile

And enjoy every moment,

Surprise strong health,

Forget all diseases.

What you dream about – to come true,

What you want – come true.

Let a bright shine in your eyes

Bring joy to your family!

Happy birthday greetings to sister

Happy birthday I congratulate you

You, dear sister.

On this day I wish you,

So that you have everything:

Beauty, health, strength,

Risk, luck and success.

For everyone to love you,

So that laughter sounds more often.

So that there are goals in life,

So that you reach them,

So that dreams do not rust.

Happiness in life every moment!

Happy birthday to my friend / photo

I am very lucky in my life

To have a sister like you, dear.

And on your birthday from the bottom of my heart

I wish you today

Always bloom and be happy.

Never know disease,

So that youth stay with you

For many more years.

And no matter how life turns,

Let the turn be right,

So that you smile more often,

You smile so well.


Dear sister! I congratulate you

And on your birthday I want to wish,

So that there is no grief and other misfortunes,

So that you continue to shine the same way.

So that the radiant sun gently warmed,

So that luck was at hand.

And so that health does not fail,

And at home there has always been peace and quiet.

Let good people surround you,

Who love and appreciate you.

Dream – fulfillment, happiness without edge,

So that your friend-fate does not let down.

Happy birthday greetings to a colleague

Let your eyes shine with joy,

And your soul is filled with love,

Happy birthday, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,

And I wish you happiness and good.

For life to be a fairy tale,

And luck led by the hand,

For passion, warmth and affection,

And fate was successful.

Sea of ​​strength, health, inspiration,

Never be sad in life,

Positive, laughter, mood,

Just believe, enjoy, live!


Let the coming birthday

give you the best moments!

Let only happiness be a succession

Follows you through the years!

May your creative success be

In business accompanies in everyone,

May fate be generous to you –

Love, health, and kindness!


I wish you more happy moments,

Health, warmth, affordable waste,

Good luck in love, drown in compliments,

So that the ATM gives huge money.

And on vacation longer on the beach to wallow,

Career growth and various awards,

And most importantly – bright female happiness,

And let all adversity hurry to leave.

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Author: Ekaterina Pulatova

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Pictures “Happy Birthday”.50 beautiful greeting cards

If you remember the person’s date of birth, then this is already half the battle. Attach a beautiful greeting card to your best wishes for a flawless congratulation. We have prepared beautiful birthday cards and pictures. These images are suitable for both women and men. Neutral inscriptions and pictures for lovers. Download for free!

Please select the matching birthday card

Beautiful birthday cake with colorful candles on a pink background

A funny dog ​​in sunglasses and with a rose in his mouth lies on the green grass

Celebratory cupcake with a burning candle and colorful confetti on a light blue background

A picture filled with love for the birthday of your dearest woman

Funny picture with a cute cat who brought a birthday present

Colorful birthday lettering and a bunch of balloons

A funny dog ​​with paper glasses with candles wants to wish you all the best on your birthday, but unfortunately he cannot speak

Such a greeting card with funny animals can be presented to a child for his birthday

Greeting card with a funny giraffe in a red tie and a striped cap

A small note for the birthday girl, pink and purple tulips, many small gifts

Greeting card with a bunch of colorful gifts

Lovely bouquet of colorful roses and a modest gift wrapped in paper with red hearts

A group of friends with champagne at a birthday party

Luxurious flowers for a beautiful lady on her birthday. The inscription is made in a beautiful font

Funny purple cats give a birthday cake and a balloon

This funny greeting card with a charming girl will appeal to all men

Beautiful artificial flowers and birthday gift

Rainbow cake with candles on a gray background

Heart-shaped gift box with flowers and sweets

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Lovely bouquet of pink roses and a gift box in a golden wrapper

Appetizing birthday cake with a lit candle

Greeting card for a beloved woman.With red roses, candles and gift box

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Greeting card with a bouquet of delicate flowers and an elegant gift box

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Bright greeting card with stars, balloons and gifts. There is a place for your best wishes

Simple Paper Bag with Red Roses Birthday Gift

A bouquet of pink roses and a cute teddy bear as a birthday gift

Bright greeting card with white gift boxes tied with red bows

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Every woman dreams of receiving such a gift and such roses for her birthday

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Fireworks sparkle over the water to celebrate today’s birthday man

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You will definitely be interested in what is hidden in these beautiful gift boxes

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Corporate cards – Unit

Original corporate cards

Skilfully made corporate cards can become not just an addition to a present, but also an independent gift at an affordable price. Using this attribute, you can show signs of attention to your subordinates and employees, as well as express respect for customers and business partners.

In the design of such a postcard, the company logo is almost always used, and sometimes corporate colors. Inside, as a rule, there is an appeal from the management and congratulations on a current event.

Corporate postcards to order

Today, customers of the “Unit” company, when ordering corporate greeting cards, will be able to choose between various types of material, because we use everything of the highest quality for manufacturing. In addition, you can use the most modern options for applying images: foil stamping, hot stamping, lamination, embossing, as well as several types of finishes.We offer:

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In the “Unita” company, custom-made corporate cards can be timed to coincide with any holiday, but the most popular of them are presents for the New Year, March 8 or Birthday.

New Year’s corporate cards

The design of a corporate card for Christmas and New Year is distinguished by a combination of extraordinary designs and bright colors.In addition, at your request, you can order an individual project, which will take into account all your wishes and requirements.

Cards Happy Birthday

Corporate birthday cards will allow you to congratulate your employees, colleagues, partners or management in an original and beautiful way. A large assortment of images and congratulations, because what could be better than kind words addressed to the birthday person?

Postcards from March 8

Corporate cards with the favorite holiday of all women on March 8 are distinguished by a delicate and sophisticated design.Such a present will be a great addition to any flower arrangement.

Postcard making is a creative and fun process. The professionals of the “Unit” company will be happy to create a postcard that will convey all your wishes and give you the maximum of good mood. To choose the most suitable option, check out the price list presented on our website.

Beautiful happy birthday pictures with inscriptions

A birthday is a great occasion to once again remember a loved one, express feelings and wish you every success.Well, we will help you find the right words and a picture of happy birthday to make the holiday memorable!

Sometimes it is very difficult to express your feelings, and congratulatory pictures with inscriptions will correctly describe the whole sincerity of the address and will not get lost among tens or even hundreds of other congratulations.

We have prepared the most beautiful happy birthday pictures, inscriptions on which in prose and poetry will help to sincerely and sincerely congratulate the birthday people.Save them for yourself, you will definitely come in handy!

Among the greeting cards you can find beautiful pictures to your taste, which will help you congratulate your family and friends.

Happy birthday greetings in pictures will delight birthday girls or birthday people on their holiday. We know very well that sometimes we want to write simple words “happy / dnyuhoy / dnyushka” and limit ourselves to this, because we are too lazy or have no time to come up with sincere congratulations.However, this is not an option!

Your family or friends are worth more congratulations, so we decided to help you. We have created interesting and original birthday greetings for you in pictures: copy and send them in social networks or messengers.

The main thing on your birthday is what? The most important thing is to say warm kind words to the birthday boy, so that from the heart.Among these pictures, there is definitely a suitable one that can express your feelings.

If you do not have the opportunity to meet with the birthday person and congratulate him personally, then do it easier: send him a beautiful Internet postcard with a ready-made congratulation. Fortunately, in the digital age, this is as easy as shelling pears. You can also download postcards to your computer, because they will come in handy more than once.

People usually wish the simplest human blessings for their birthday: happiness, health, implementation of plans, success in business and creativity.All these words are on our postcards.

Happy birthday wishes in pictures are selected according to age, gender, marital status, birthday boy’s hobbies and the like. All these factors are taken into account on the postcards, so you just have to choose.

To find happy birthday words for a person, you need very little: sincere sympathy for this person, a desire to please him, knowledge of his merits… And a small hint in the form of a beautiful picture, which will facilitate the task of finding suitable holiday words.

The congratulations that we offer you are beautiful and unique, and we will be glad, they will help to please the person whose anniversary is not indifferent to you. And it’s up to you to download a happy birthday picture or just copy and forward.

Greeting cards are the best way to show attention to someone you care about.After all, candles on the cake, flowers, gifts – all this is very pleasant and festive, but a sincere beautiful congratulation will give the birthday an even more joyful atmosphere.

No matter how many holidays there are, but for everyone, birthday remains a special day, which evokes joyful emotions and childhood memories in the soul. On the other hand, a person is born only once, and this date is his birthday. All other dates are an opportunity to check what actions you have done, what you have achieved, how many friends you have…

And also a birthday is a good time to make wishes. On this day, the higher powers are in a benevolent mood and are ready to come to the rescue in fulfilling the dream. Even they understand the full significance of this holiday. Therefore, extremely positive and joyful events take place on a birthday. And the birthday greetings in the picture for the birthday man can be one of such pleasant moments.

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