Birthday singapore: 47 birthday deals in Singapore to treat yourself in 2021


47 birthday deals in Singapore to treat yourself in 2021

A birthday is just another day. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves when deep down, we all want to feel like kings and queens. After all, this occasion is the only time that we’re allowed to request for gifts and be pampered with treats.

So make full use of your birthday privilege and enjoy these various birthday deals in Singapore, ranging from free dinners to even a free family photoshoot!

For easier reading, you can simply refer to this table and jump to the deal that you’re interested in:

Boost: Free Boost drink

Tanuki Raw: Free salmon slices as per birthday age

Starbucks: Free drink upgrade/ Free drink/ Free cake

Shin Minori: Free Omizu ala-carte lunch buffet or birthday sushi cake & wine

Hai Di Lao: Free fruit platter/ ice cream/ longevity bun/ pulut hitam

Muji: 15% off e-voucher for retail/ Cafe

Foodie birthday deals

Mr Coconut: Free ice cream/yoghurt/drink

Photo: Mr Coconut

Mr Coconut’s delightful coconut shakes are always highly raved about. Often, you’d find snaking long queues at their stores, even when there are no promotions.

So here’s a piece of good news for fans of the brand: On your birthday month, you’re entitled to a free drink, ice cream, or yoghurt of your choice, with no purchase required! 

Simply register for their loyalty program using your mobile number and you’ll be able to redeem the birthday deal at all outlets except for Jewel Changi Airport. 

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free 
Additional T&Cs: One redemption per user

Suki-Ya: Free dining

Photo: Suki-Ya

Suki-Ya is already known for its affordable all-you-can-eat shabu shabu, but to make things better, you can enjoy free regular buffet dining during your birthday month at any Suki-Ya outlet except Suki-Ya KIN — no membership is required. 

A minimum of two pax for dine-in is required to enjoy this birthday deal and additional tops ups will not be applicable.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable for public
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here

KOI Thé: 2 Free medium-sized drinks

Photo: adapted from KOI (left) & KOI Thé (right)

Given Singaporeans’ undeniable love for bubble tea, KOI Thé should be familiar to all. The popular bubble tea chain offers its KOIThélicious members a special treat of two free medium-sized drinks during their birthday month. 

To obtain a KOIThélicious membership, you will have to purchase a KOI card with a stored value of at least S$10. Then, head over to the website for membership registration and simply fill up your profile details.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: S$10 card value
Additional T&Cs: Both drinks must be redeemed in one transaction. Full T&Cs here.

McDonald’s: 6pc Chicken McNuggets for $1

Photo: Kaylyn Toh

Unknown to many McDonald’s app users, you can redeem ala carte 20pc Chicken McNuggets® for free during your birthday month.

The treat is valid with a minimum spend of $10 and is only available for redemption once in the birthday month.

All you have to do is fill up your birthdate on your profile page and you should be able to see this deal during your birthday month.

Validity: Birthday month, 12pm – 11:55pm
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: One redemption with min. spend of $10. Full T&Cs in app.

*Previous deal of $1 ala carte 6pc Chicken McNuggets® is not available anymore.

Boost Juice Bar: Free Boost drink

Photo: Boost (left) & adapted from Boost (right)

#Fitspo or not, Boost Juice Bar is well-loved by every Singaporean. With a Vibe club membership, you’re entitled to a free drink from Boost. This treat is redeemable two days before your birthday, during the actual day itself and two days after.

With no minimum purchase required, all you have to do is to register for the free Vibe Club membership to enjoy this birthday deal.  

Validity: Two days before/ after birthday & actual birthday
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: One redemption per birthday celebrant. Full T&Cs here.

Tanuki Raw: Free salmon as per birthday age

Photo: Adapted from Tanuki Raw

Some of us visit Tanuki Raw for their $2 oysters happy-hour promotion, but if shellfish isn’t your thing, there’s a special sashimi deal for birthday celebrants at their Jewel outlet

You’ll be able to get as many slices of salmon as per your birthday age for free. So if you’re turning 25 years old, you’ll get 25 slices of salmon. 

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&Cs: Limited to 40 slices. One redemption per birthday celebrant with purchase of 1 bottle of wine. Advanced reservation of 24hr prior required. Full T&Cs here.

Starbucks: Free drink upgrade, free slice of cake or free drink

Photo: Kaylyn Toh

Starbucks is the go-to spot to get your coffee fix for a mid-day rejuvenation. If you’re a Starbucks rewards member, you’re in for a treat. Based on your rewards membership tier, you’ll be able to get different birthday treats. 

The Welcome tier entitles you to a free drink upsize, while the Green tier gets you a free slice of cake with any drink purchase. For insane Starbucks addicts, the Gold tier gets you both the free drink and a free slice of cake.

These birthday rewards are automatically loaded into your account on your birthday month after you become a member. 

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: S$10 card value to join membership
Additional T&Cs: One redemption per birthday treat. Full T&Cs here.

Shin Minori: Free Omizu ala-carte lunch buffet or birthday sushi cake & wine

Photo: Shin Minori (left) & @xxfood.photo_

Sure, it’s a bummer that we’re unable to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun yet. But you can satisfy your Japanese cuisine cravings at Shin Minori. There’s an extensive selection of over 200 ala carte buffet menu items, ranging from fresh sashimi to teppanyaki dishes and Nabemono (Japanese hot pot). 

There are two different deals for birthday celebrants to enjoy: free Omizu ala carte lunch buffet (worth S$64++) or free birthday sushi cake & wine (worth S$85++). 

Available at UE Square and Katong Square, the Omizu ala carte lunch buffet requires at least one other paying adult for the birthday promotion to be valid. 

For the birthday dinner promotion, the free bottle of red/white wine (720ml) and sushi cake will only be available at Katong Square. This promotion requires two other paying adults for the Omizu dinner buffet. 

Free lunch buffet
Validity: Birthday month 
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&Cs: Redeemable on Mon – Fri lunch. Full T&Cs available after registration. 

Free sushi cake & wine
Validity: Birthday month 
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&Cs: Redeemable on Mon – Thu dinner. Advanced reservation of 24hr prior required. Full T&Cs available after registration.

Swensen’s: Free Firehouse sundae 

Photo: Kaylyn Toh

Swensen’s has been offering free birthday Sundaes ever since I was a child and this is perhaps the oldest ongoing birthday deal in Singapore. To enjoy a complimentary Firehouse Happy Birthday Sundae, you simply have to be a Cool Rewards Member and dine-in on the actual birthday. 

Validity: Actual birthday
Loyalty program cost: Free 
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

The Boiler Seafood Bar & Beer: Free lobster 

Photo: The Boiler Seafood Bar & Beer

The Boiler Seafood Bar & Beer is a multi-award-winning restaurant that serves fresh seafood, otherwise known as seafood boil. Infused with local and western spices, the seafood boil will satisfy diners of all appetites. 

To celebrate your birthday in style, simply make a reservation through their Facebook page or website to enjoy a free lobster during your birthday month. Just dine-in with the purchase of a Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free (membership required for takeaway/ pick up orders)
Additional T&Cs: One redemption per birthday celebrant. Full T&Cs here.

Cat & the Fiddle: 20% off all whole cakes

Photo: Cat & the Fiddle

Opened by the founder of Bakerzin, Cat & the Fiddle serves up a variety of gourmet cakes that are widely popular among Singaporeans. To celebrate your birthday, you’ll get to enjoy 20% off all whole cakes during your birthday month. This includes popular cakes such as Apple of My Eye, The Russian Whiskers, and Over the Moon.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&Cs: Retail purchase only. Full T&Cs here.

Hai Di Lao: Free fruit platter, ice cream, longevity bun or pulut hitam

Photo: Daphne Tang (left),  @wa.nk (middle) & Zi Yang (right)

There are so many hotpot places in Singapore, but Hai Di Lao remains a favourite for good reasons — exemplary service and top-notch food quality. So on your birthday, expect to be treated like royalty.

Servers at the restaurant will sing birthday songs for the celebrant while holding LED-light displays. You may feel paiseh but tbh isn’t it kinda cute? The LED-light displays are available as photo props as well. 

Food-wise, Hai Di Lao would typically serve up nicely plated fruit platters, sometimes even with cake. Depending on the outlet and servers, you can expect to get a free customised Pulut Hitam (black glutinous rice in sweet soup with coconut milk), an ice cream platter, or even gifts. For seniors, longevity buns will be given instead. 

P.S. Try their beancurd — it’s complimentary and it’s really good!

Validity: Simply let the servers know that it’s your birthday!
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&Cs: Birthday treat varies on outlet and servers

Beauty in the Pot: Free cake 

Photo: @cherylho.lidays (left) & @lisaletsbefriends (right)

Think collagen hotpot and Beauty in the Pot comes to mind. To celebrate your special day, the brand offers a free birthday cake for birthday celebrants. Though it’s just a slice of cake, it’s still considerably big for one pax to consume.

The cake flavour depends on the day of visit and the outlets, but the common flavours served are the rainbow cake and the fruit cake. 

Validity: Simply let the servers know that it’s your birthday!
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&Cs: NIL

Genki Sushi: 20% off bill 

Photo: Genki Sushi

In 2020, a guy dumped his date at Genki Sushi because she did not say “bye-bye to the train” — that’s the true reflection of the kind of love and respect Singaporeans have for Genki Sushi.  

As long as you’re a Genki Club/ Premium member, you’re entitled to 20% off the bill (nett spend before GST and service charge) during your birthday month.  

Available for dine-in or takeaway, the birthday discount is valid for one-time use only. 

Validity: Birthday moth
Loyalty program cost: 
– S$120 min. spend within 120 days to be a Club member 
– S$800 min. spend within 365 days to be a Premium member
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs available in the app for Club/ Premium members only

Hakata Ikkousha Ramen: Free gyozas as per birthday age

Photo: Ikkousha Hakata Ramen Singapore & @jedioink

Many of us dread birthday celebrations as that means we’re turning a year older. But with Hakata Ikkousha Ramen’s birthday deal, you’ll no longer feel that way. The restaurant will be offering as many pieces of gyoza as your actual birthday age for free

A minimum of four pax is required for dine-in and each person would have to order ramen for the birthday promotion to be valid.  

Validity: One day before/ after birthday & actual birthday
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable for public
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot: Free dining 

Photo: Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot

Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot is a halal-friendly spot for Muslims. If you’re looking to celebrate your birthday at the restaurant, you’re entitled to free dining as long as you have a minimum of two pax for dine-in. The birthday deal is available at both their outlets, HomeTeamNS Khatib and SAFRA Toa Payoh

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here. 

Lawry’s The Prime Rib: 50% off second main course/ third main course for free

Photo: Adapted from Lawry’s The Prime Rib

The best meals in life are free and if you’re considerate enough to not burn a hole in your partner’s wallet, consider dining at Lawry’s The Prime Rib. The restaurant offers 50% off the second main course if you’re coming with a party of two. If you’re coming in a group, the third main course would be free.

For all birthday celebrations at the restaurant, you’ll be entitled to a complimentary birthday dessert and an instant photo print

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&Cs: Dine-in only. Full T&Cs here. 

COCA Steamboat: Free steamboat buffet

 Photo: Adapted from COCA Steamboat

Adding another hot pot restaurant to the list, COCA Steamboat also offers free dining to birthday celebrants at all their outlets. With at least three paying adults, you’ll be entitled to a free regular buffet — as long as you’re a member. 

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free (for a limited time)
Additional T&Cs: Redeemable on weekdays only. Full T&Cs here.

Bari-uma Ramen: Free gyoza as per birthday age 

Photo: Bari-uma Ramen (left) & @im.hungry.aga1n (right)

Similarly to Hakata Ikkousha Ramen, Bari-uma Ramen offers the same amount of gyoza as per your birthday age. Available from Monday to Thursday, the deal is valid with any fried rice or ramen purchase. 

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&Cs: Dine-in only. Advanced reservation of 24hr prior required. Full T&Cs here. 

Seoul Garden: Free buffet 

Photo: Seoul Garden

At Seoul Garden, besides enjoying an unlimited buffet, get a surprise birthday gift and/or receive a complimentary brownie cake at the Marina Square outlet. The birthday celebrant has to dine in with three other paying pax (adult/ student/ senior) to redeem the free buffet dining deal.  

If you’re visiting with two other paying pax, you’ll get a free birthday goodie bag and the brownie cake instead, as long as you make a 24hr advanced reservation

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&Cs: Dine-in only. Advanced reservation of 24hr prior required for free buffet. Full T&Cs here. 

Cajun on Wheels: Free lobster 

Photo: Adapted from Cajun on Wheels

Halal-certified restaurant, Cajun on Wheels, specialises in serving up seafood buckets inspired by Louisiana and New Orlean’s flavours. For birthday celebrations, get a free lobster with an Olympian bucket ordered at the Plaza Singapura outlet

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&Cs: One redemption per birthday celebrant. Advanced reservation required. Full T&Cs here. 

Fruit Paradise/ Kagurazaka Saryo: Free slice of tart or 10% off whole tart (pre-order)

Photo: Japan Food Holdings

With so many buffets and main courses available in this list, it’ll be a sin to not include dessert. If you’re a JFH member, you’ll be given a birthday voucher on the first day of your birthday month which entitles you to a free slice of tart (min. spend S$30) or 10% off for 1 whole tart preorder.  

The birthday deal is only available at two outlets: Fruit Paradise at 111 Somerset and Kagurazaka Saryo at Vivo City

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: One redemption within the birthday month. Full T&Cs here. 

I’m Kim KBBQ/ Captain Kim KBBQ & Hot Pot/ I’m Kim KBBQ & Shabu Shabu/ Gorogoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet: Free dining

Photo: Kingdom Food Group

I’m Kim KBBQ, Captain Kim KBBQ & Hot Pot, I’m Kim KBBQ & Shabu Shabu, and Gorogoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet are all under Kingdom Food Group’s brand umbrella and are known for being wallet-friendly. 

If you’re a member of the group, you’ll be able to enjoy free dining at any of the restaurants listed above during your birthday month with a minimum of three other paying pax!

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Available for lunch from Monday to Sunday & dinner from Sunday to Thursday. Full T&Cs here. 

Spizza: $20 birthday voucher

Photo: Adapted from Spizza

As the name suggests, Spizza offers authentic wood-fired thin-crust pizza that’s baked to perfection. For those looking to spend their birthday gobbling down some fine pizza, you’d be pleased to know that you’re entitled to a S$20 birthday voucher as long as you are a member. 

The birthday voucher will be tagged to your membership account two weeks before your actual birthday and you can choose to dine in or takeaway for your meal. 

Validity: Two weeks before and after birthday
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Minimum spend S$40. Full T&Cs here. 

Collin’s: One free main course 

Photo: Adapted from Collin’s

Collin’s would be the place to go for affordable and quality grilled meats. For members, you’ll be entitled to a free main course from the Classic selection during your birthday month. 

To redeem your free meal, simply present your email or mobile number for verification. 

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: S$20 for all new sign-ups
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here. 

Lobby Lounge at Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel: 30% off English afternoon tea 

Photo: Adapted from Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

As girls, there’s a constant struggle between wanting to be a strong, independent woman or, becoming a taitai. But on your birthday, you can be both.

Lobby Lounge at Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is offering 30% off their English Afternoon Tea set, so you’ll be able to feel like a princess without spending a bomb.

A minimum of two and a maximum of six pax is required to use this offer, and the promotion is valid for dine-in customers only. 

Simply download the My M1 app (iPhone | Android) and present the voucher for redemption.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

Activities/ Entertainment Birthday Deals

WE Cinema: 1-For-1 movie tickets

Photo: WE Cinema

A movie always makes for a great weekend date or group activity. If you’re celebrating your birthday with your friends and just can’t decide on where to go, check out the 1-for-1 birthday treat offered at WE Cinemas! All you have to do is sign up to be one of WE’s Club members to be entitled to the exclusive birthday treat.

To enjoy the birthday treats and other WE Club benefits, you’ll have to register to be a basic WE member here. After that, head over to their counters to collect your membership card and activate it online to be WE’s Club member.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty Program cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&C: Full benefits here.

Firefly Photography: Free photography session

Photo: Adapted from Firefly Photography

A birthday comes annually, but the memories created every year are different. To forever immortalise the special day, Firefly Photography lets you take a photo shoot with your friends and family.

Simply download the My M1+ App to enjoy a 90 min outdoor shoot taken by a professional photographer on your birthday month.

To enjoy this birthday deal, you need to be an existing M1 customer. An e-voucher will be sent to your My M1+ app on your birthday month and all you have to do is to visit Firefly Photography’s Website to make an appointment.

Validity: Within 30 days
Loyalty Program Cost: Free for existing M1 Customer with a postpaid account
Additional T&C: Maximum five pax, excluding GST & Service Charge. Full T&Cs here.

Chinois Spa: up to 30% discount 

Photo: Adapted from Chinois Spa

For those that would rather spend your birthday alone, you can whisk yourself away to Chinois Spa. Soak all your stress away with one of their baths or body massages and you’re sure to leave rejuvenated. 

Just quote ‘bm2021’ and you’ll get to enjoy 30% off. You have a choice of either a single or couple Jacuzzi bath package or, an ala carte Body Massage Therapy/ Organic Aromatherapy Facial treatment.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty Program Cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&C: For Singaporeans and permit holders. Advanced reservations required. Full T&Cs here.

Wild Wild Wet: Free entry

Photo: Adapted from Wild Wild Wet

Some of us are adrenaline junkies and simply cannot spend our birthdays sitting at a dining table. For a fun day out, consider heading to Wild Wild Wet with a group of friends instead. With 16 attractions to choose from, the activities will get your heart pumping.

To qualify for this deal, simply sign up as an NTUC / nEbO Plus! Member and present the valid cards for redemption.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty Program Cost: NTUC: S$117/annually, nEbO Plus!: S$18/annually for Basic membership
Additional T&C: For Singaporeans and permit holders. Advanced reservations required. Full T&Cs here.

Singapore Cable Car: 50% Off Sky Pass (Round Trip)

Photo: Adapted from Sentosa

Singapore may be a little red dot, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a cityscape full of beautiful sights and attractions. With 50% off the Singapore Cable Car Round Trip Sky Pass, RWS Invites members get to play tourist and enjoy the breathtaking views.

A maximum of six tickets can be bought with this birthday deal, so you can bring your family and friends along too.

Validity: Tickets purchased are valid on the date of voucher redemption only
Loyalty Program Cost: one-time S$8 enrolment fee
Additional T&C: Full benefits here.

Royal Albatross: 10% off Tall Ship City Lights or Sunset Dinner Cruise

Photo: Adapted from Royal Albatross

The Royal Albatross is no stranger to hopeless romantics. After all, it has been used for date nights, special occasions and even proposals — how can you say “no” when you’re onboard a luxurious tall ship that sails right into the sunset?

On your birthday, there’s no reason to not make it extra special. With 10% off the Tall Ship City Lights or Sunset Dinner Cruise, you’ll get to celebrate in luxury.

To be eligible for this offer, all you have to do is sign up as an RWS Invites member and use the promo code “RWSINVITES10” upon checkout on 

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty Program Cost: one-time S$8 enrolment fee
Additional T&C: Full benefits here.

Muji: 15% off e-voucher for MUJI Retail and Café&Meal MUJI

Photo: Adapted from Muji Singapore

The #minimalist aesthetics never go out of style, and MUJI is a role model that sets the trend every time. Whether it’s furniture, stationeries, household goods or food, their items are all imported from Japan, ensuring their premium quality.

Birthday celebrants will get to enjoy a 15% off e-voucher that’s redeemable at both MUJI Retail and Café&Meal MUJI

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty Program Cost: Spend S$50 at Café&Meal and/or Retail Stores to be eligible for the MUJI Reward Programme application
Additional T&C: Full benefits here.

The Rink: Free entry

Photo: The Rink

Most activities that require moving about often results in us being drenched in perspiration. At The Rink, you can have a ball of a time and still look good after it, since the area is icy cold. 

Celebrate your birthday with a friend and bring them along to The Rink, where one paying skater admits one free birthday baby of the same month. All you need to do is present proof of your date of birth to The Rink’s Customer Service Counter before payment to enjoy this offer.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty Program Cost: NIL; applicable to public
Additional T&C: Full T&Cs here.

Natureland Spa Premium: 50% off all services 

Photo: Adapted from Natureland Spa Premium

Here’s something luxurious to pamper yourself if you are a DBS Treasure member. Enjoy 50% off all services at Natureland Spa Premium where you can enjoy their signature massages amidst a luxurious setting. 

All you have to do is to make a reservation three days in advance and quote DBS Treasures Private Client Birthday’ at point of booking. 

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty Program Cost: Existing DBS Treasure members
Additional T&C: Available for one time redemption only. Full T&Cs here.

Beauty birthday deals

Cotton on: free birthday surprise 

Photo: Cotton On

Affordable casualwear can be found anywhere in Singapore, but if they’re not of a certain quality, it defeats the purpose. Cotton On prides itself in both affordable and long-lasting casualwear that’s suitable for any Singaporean.

For this birthday deal, the brand will offer you a birthday surprise. This can come in the form of perks, free items or discounts. All you have to do is sign up as a Cotton On & Co. Perks member.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

The Body Shop: 20% off voucher 

Photo: The Body Shop

It’s no secret that perfect skin costs a substantial amount of time, effort and money, and The Body Shop is a one-stop solution for all your needs.

Simply spend S$40 nett in stores to qualify for a membership and you’re entitled to an extra 20% off during your birthday. Plus, there’ll be exclusive special offers, new product sneak peeks, and personalised skincare consultations included.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Spend S$40 nett in store
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

Kiehl’s: 10% to 20% off 

Photo: Adapted from Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s is known as a cult-favourite amongst Singaporeans and they’re a brand that’s travel-exclusive. Some hotels even offer their products as complimentary toiletries.

If you’re a Kiehl’s member, you’re in for a birthday treat! Depending on the membership tier that you’re at, you can get a discount of up to 20% once during your birthday month. 

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

Etude house: membership tier promotions

Photo: Adapted from Etude House

Korea is the leading country for cosmetics and skincare, so if you’re a Korean beauty fan, you’ll recognize Etude House as an iconic brand.

Membership for the brand is free and during birthdays, White members can receive a one-time 5% off e-coupon, Pink members a one-time 10% off e-coupon and complimentary birthday class, and Rose Gold members a one-time 20% off e-coupon & complimentary birthday class.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

Laneige: 20% off 

Photo: Adapted from Laneige

Laneige is another South Korean cosmetics company, but their products are notably more expensive since they’re of high quality. On your birthday, pamper yourself guilt-free, since you’re offered 20% off as long as you’re a member.

VIP and VVIP tier members get to receive additional birthday kits from Laneige as well.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

Sephora: Birthday gift 

Photo: Sephora

You don’t have to be a makeup guru to know that Sephora is the mothership that holds all cosmetic brands. Sephora members will be acquainted with their point system that entitles you to discounts and freebies, but that’s not all.

For this birthday deal, black and gold members will be given birthday gifts, free Benefit brow bar service, and will be rewarded with 2x the points.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

Innisfree: 20% off voucher  

Photo: Adapted from Innisfree

It’s safe to say that most of us start our makeup basics with Innisfree, simply because their products are affordable, easy to use and fuss-free. 

For those that have gotten their foundation right, you’d be happy to know that Innisfree Premium members are granted a 20% discount and VIP members are granted a 25% discount during their birthday month.

Additionally, Premium and VIP members are entitled to a free birthday kit from Innisfree. 

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

Lancome: Birthday gift

Photo: Adapted from Lancome

Lancome is known as a French luxury brand that specialises in skincare products such as brightening serums, moisturizers and youth activating concentrates. With Singapore’s erratic weather and our stressful lifestyles, our skin tends to look dull and ageing.

Revitalise yourself on your birthday with Lancome’s free birthday gift. Platinum and VIP members are rewarded with a more luxurious Deluxe and Premium Gift Set.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

ORBIS: 20% off for members

Photo: Adapted from ORBIS 

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ll know that the place is peppered with drugstores and pharmacies at every corner. ORBIS is a Japanese beauty brand that’s commonly found in stores since it’s suitable for everyday use.

On your birthday, members can enjoy a one-time 20% off discount on regular-priced items anytime during your birthday month.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free with any purchase
Additional T&Cs: In-store purchase only. Full T&Cs here.

Sulwhasoo: birthday gift 

Photo: Adapted from Sulwhasoo

The word “Sulwhasoo” may put a question mark in some of our heads. It means the beautiful voyage of ginseng studies that led to the expansion and evolution of Korean medicinal studies reflecting Asian wisdom.

That may be difficult to understand but their birthday deal is simple. Birthday benefits for members include a birthday gift, 10% off regular priced items at their boutiques and a complimentary facial of your choice with a minimum spend of S$500

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

Clinique: birthday gift 

Photo: Clinique

Some of us splurge on an array of skincare products, only to realise that they’re not effective. This may be because they’re not suitable for our skin types or, the product used is not for targeting the specified skin problem.

Clinique is dermatologist-developed, so their products can repair the skin since the ingredients can access these deep layers the way over-the-counter products cannot. Birthday celebrants get to enjoy a birthday gift with any purchase.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

kikki.K: birthday gift

Photo: Adapted from kikki.K

Most girls are suckers for cutesy stationery and planners, but they often cost more than they should. kikki.K offers a wide selection of personalised diaries, journals, and gifts, each holding their personality.

For your birthday, you’ll be rewarded with a birthday gift from kikki.K. Instead of gifting someone else, it’s time you’re requited with a meaningful present.

Validity: Birthday month
Loyalty program cost: Free
Additional T&Cs: Full T&Cs here.

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30 Birthday Perks & Freebies for Your Birthday Celebration in Singapore 2021

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Editor’s Note: All content and information in this article are accurate as of published time.

Happy Birthday to you! 🎉 Birthdays are a good excuse to treat ourselves; after all, this special day only happens once a year. Depending on your age, if you could remember that Fish & Co used to be a place of birthday celebrations where they would actually make the birthday celebrant wear a party hat and stand on a chair while the staff gather around to sing the birthday song with gusto!

Credit: Nick Fewings via Unsplash

Fret not, birthday celebrations are a quieter affair these days but big on birthday perks and freebies… So if you are reluctant to burn a hole in your wallet for any celebrations, take your pick from the plethora of birthday perks that are up for grabs. Even if you are planning a birthday celebration for a dear friend or loved one, check out these birthday treats that are available in Singapore in 2021.

From birthday freebies to discounts, across dining establishments to beauty brands, there are loads of birthday treats and discounts that you can redeem – even some that are FREE. Most hotel restaurants would also gladly prepare a complimentary slice of cake when you inform them that it is a birthday celebration. We hope that these Birthday treats will make your celebration of turning a year older (or younger) a sweeter one! <3

📢 Editor’s Note [July 2021]: With the evolving COVID-19 situation in Singapore, it might completely change the way we celebrate birthdays. Restaurants, merchants and brands might cease their operations temporarily during this period, implement safe management measurements accordingly, or change the terms of the birthday promotion/benefit without prior notice. Please contact each merchant before visiting or purchase. Thank you!

* Information are valid as of published date. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase. Please remember to bring along your original photo identification with birthday, specific credit card and/or merchant email (depending on promotion) for verification during redemption of any birthday promotion. 

Select your preferred birthday treats to see the deals:

Dining Birthday Treats

What’s a celebration without food? Being a member at these selected restaurants can get you some sweet birthday perks during your birthday month. Before you feel intimidated at the thought of having to sign-up for a membership, don’t worry – most of these memberships are FREE. We know you’re excited over all the birthday freebies that you stand to redeem, but please don’t forget to read through the terms & conditions. While some of the deals do not require a membership to redeem, a majority of them require you to be a member or use a certain credit card to make payment.

Merchant Birthday Perks Details
Asian Market Café Receive a discount matching your age (up to 50% off total bill) | with Citibank, Maybank, HSBC, AMEX and DBS Credit/Debit Cards – Valid till 30 December 2021
– Valid for one-time use only during the birthday month of credit cardholder, identification for verification of birth date is required
– Valid only for dine-in at Asian Market Café
– Valid for 30 days from receipt of birthday SMS/Email from the respective bank
– More details for HSBC Cardholders here
– More details for StanChart Cardholders here
Ellenborough Market Cafe, Swissotel Merchant Court 50% off total bill for buffet dine-in from Monday to Thursday | with HSBC Cards – Valid till 30 December 2021 for buffet dine-in from Monday to Thursday
– Promotion is valid only during cardholder’s birthday month
– Advance reservation is required.
– Cardholder must provide identification for verification of birth date and present the birthday eDM for verification.
– More details here
Edge and Hai Tien Lo @ Pan Pacific Singapore [Weekday promo] 20% savings on total dinner bill and a complimentary cake from Monday to Thursday with a minimum of 4 paying adults | with HSBC Cards

[Weekend promo] 15% savings on total dinner bill and a complimentary cake from Friday to Sunday with a minimum of 4 paying adults | with HSBC Cards

– Valid till 30 December 2021 for buffet dine-in from Monday to Thursday
– Promotion is valid only during cardholder’s birthday month
– Advance reservation is required
– Valid for a min. of 6 pax
– Cardholder must provide identification for verification of birth date and present the birthday eDM for verification.
– More details here
Lobby Lounge, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel 30% off total food bill (ala-carte menu only) | for M1 customers – Limited time only
– Minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 pax is required to use this offer.
– Promotion is valid for dine-in customers only (Monday to Sunday).
– M1 customers have to present the e-Voucher redeemed on My M1 App during their birthday month.
– For reservations, please call 6831 4605 for reservations 3 days prior and subject to availability. Please quote “M1 Birthday Treat” during reservation.
– More M1 Birthday Treats here
Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel 20% off English Afternoon Tea | for M1 customers – Limited time only
– Minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 pax is required to use this offer.
– Promotion is valid for dine-in customers only (Monday to Sunday).
– M1 customers have to present the e-Voucher redeemed on My M1 App during their birthday month.
– For reservations, please call 6831 4605 for reservations 3 days prior and subject to availability. Please quote “M1 Birthday Treat” during reservation.
– More M1 Birthday Treats here
Atrium Restaurant, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Complimentary Butter-fried Norwegian Salmon OR Grilled Australian Rib-eye (with min. spend of SGD 88++) | for Singtel customers – Valid till 31 December 2021, subject to availability
– Reservations for this Birthday deal must be made through the “Book now” button from this page to receive a confirmation email from HungryGoWhere.
– Present NRIC/Passport with original printed reservation
– More SingTel Birthday Treats here
Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Complimentary ‘Home-style’ Roasted Duck with Tea Leaves – Half (with a min. spend of S$88++) | for Singtel customers – Valid till 31 December 2021, subject to availability
– Reservations for this Birthday deal must be made through the ‘Book now’ button here
– Please present confirmation email and NRIC upon arrival at the restaurant, to enjoy this offer
– Valid only for redemption during birthday month and the month after
– Offer is valid with a minimum spending of $88++ after discount on the total bill in a single receipt.
Complimentary Roast Duck with Tea Leaves (Half) is available for the birthday celebrant’s table only
– Applicable for dine-in only
– Valid with a maximum of 1 birthday celebrant per table per receipt
– More SingTel Birthday Treats here
Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot FREE lunch/ dinner buffet on birthday month (min. 2 pax dining) | for Singtel customers

Note: Due to the current Covid regulations, the min. requirement has been temporarily changed from min. 4 pax dining to 2 pax till further notice. Please check with the restaurant during reservation.

– Valid till 31 January 2022, subject to availability
– Reservations for this Birthday deal must be made through the ‘Book now’ button at
– Please present confirmation email and NRIC upon arrival at the restaurant, to enjoy this offer
– Valid only for redemption during birthday month, strictly no extension allowed
– Birthday celebrant will enjoy complimentary regular lunch or dinner buffet for one pax, excluding any top-ups or add-ons
– Minimum 2 pax dine-in, including the birthday celebrant to enjoy the deal
– Buffet dining time of 80 min applies
– More SingTel Birthday Treats here
Coca Restaurant Dine for free during birthday month with 3 paying adults | with COCA membership (Sign-up is free for a limited time) – Valid at all Coca Restaurants for regular buffet only
– Birthday promotion is valid only during birthday month. NRIC may be requested for verification purposes
– Promotion cannot be used on the eve of and on Public Holidays, special occasions and selected blackout dates apply. More info here

🍽️Reserve here

Seoul Garden Free Birthday buffet for birthday celebrant with 3 paying adults/students at Seoul Garden Marina Square (at least one day reservation required) – FREE Birthday buffet requires 3 paying adults / 3 paying students (non-discounted price) and it’s valid within your Birthday month.
– Proof of identification is required for verification purposes
– More info here

🍽️Reserve here

Hai Di Lao – Free fruit platter / longevity buns
– S$20 discount voucher | for Red/Silver Members
– S$20 discount voucher x2 | for Gold Members
– S$20 discount voucher x3 | for Premium Members
– Valid during birthday month
– T&Cs apply for member discount
– More info here
Lawry’s The Prime Ribs – For couples / party of two: Order 1 main course and enjoy 50% off on second main course
– For groups: Order 2 main courses and enjoy the third main course free
– Complimentary birthday dessert
– Instant photo print
– Chandon Brut/Sparkling Rosé at $79 (subject to availability)
– Valid for dine-in only
– Blackout dates apply. More details here

🍽️Reserve here

Peperoni Pizzeria Complimentary dessert, Profiteroles (Regular), with any pizza/ pasta or any main course ordered | for Standard Chartered customers – Valid till December 2022
– Please quote “Standard Chartered Birthday Treat” when making reservation
– Valid for dine-in only
– More details here
Indigo Blue Kitchen 20% off with minimum spend of $50++ at 1 Scotts Road outlet | for Standard Chartered customers – Valid till December 2022
– Please quote “Standard Chartered Birthday Treat” when making reservation
– Please call 89403920 for reservation
– 20% discount is not applicable on weekends and on Public Holidays
– Participating outlet: 1 Scotts Rd, #03-09/10/11 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
– More details here
Spizza S$20 Spizza voucher for dine-in or delivery | for Spizza Rewards members – The Spizza for Friends Rewards Programme is free to join (Register here)
– You will receive the voucher sent by email or sms 2 weeks before your birthday (if furnished in your Profile). The voucher will be automatically tagged to your account. If you do not receive a SMS or Email, you can simply login to your Spizza account to check.
– More details here
The Boiler – Dine-in: 1 Free Boston Lobster (U.P. S$75/pc) with purchase of a Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag for the birthday celebrant

– Online Delivery/Pick-up for members only: 1 Free Boston Lobster (U.P. S$75/pc) with purchase of a Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag for the birthday celebrant (Promo Code: BDAY)

– Valid for dine-in and online delivery/pick-up till 31 December 2021

– Reservations must be made through The Boiler’s website/Facebook
– The diner whose birthday month falls within the current month must be present. Physical official documentary proof with Photo (NRIC/ Passport/ Driver’s license etc) must be shown to enjoy the offer
– Multiple birthday celebrants for the same table can enjoy a Free lobster for each Bombdiggity Bag ordered

– Use code BDAY and promotion is strictly for Members
– Full Name and Registered Email should be keyed in while making delivery orders for verification purpose
-Delivery or pick up must be made via
– Limited to 1 redemption per Birthday celebrant and while stocks last

– More details here

🍽️Reserve here

Morganfield’s Free half slab of sticky bones every month for a year – Minimum spend of S$400 in a single receipt on the actual birthday
– More details here
Shin Minori Lunch Treat: A free Omizu Japanese ala carte lunch buffet (worth S$64) during birthday month

Dinner Treat: : Enjoy a free Sushi Cake & Red/White Wine 720ml (worth S$85) @ Katong Square!*

– Fill out your details on Shin Minori’s website to claim Birthday e-voucher:
Click here for Lunch registration
Click here for Dinner registration
– T&Cs apply
D’Good Cafe – Free instant photo and birthday card
– Special price of S$12 for an edible Piñata dessert (chocolate ball with smashing tool, personalised digital birthday tag and a birthday song)
– Piñata dessert is valid at S$12 during birthday month with a minimum spend of S$50 in a single receipt
– Please present your NRIC/passport for verification
Manhattan Fish Market 10% off a la carte bill + free Manhattan Celebration Tower with a specially concocted mocktail – Free Manhattan Celebration Tower is only valid for groups with a minimum of 4 diners and minimum spending of S$50
Ikkousha Hakata Ramen Free gyozas: Age = number of gyozas free – Valid till 31 March 2021
– Save birthday perk coupon here
– Available for takeaway, delivery and dine-in (frozen or cooked gyozas available)
– Valid only 1 day before, on the day and 1 day after the birthday date
– Valid for groups of 4 pax and above
– Minimum of 4 bowls of Ramen order is required per pax
Marche Movenpick Receive a free cake when you dine at Marche within Birthday month – Minimum spend of S$120 spent in a single bill within your Birthday month
– More details here
Swensen’s Free Firehouse Happy Birthday Sundae – Valid on your birthday itself. Please present your NRIC/passport upon ordering
– Not valid for takeaway
Starbucks – Green Members: Free slice of cake with drink purchased in birthday month
– Gold Members: Free drink in birthday month & Free slice of cake with drink purchased in birthday month
– Starbucks Rewards membership required
– More details here
Koi 2 FREE medium-sized beverages during birthday month | for Koi members – Both cups must be redeemed at once
– Koi Membership required. Simply purchase the KOIThélicious Card at any Koi outlet and register your card online.
Teafolia Free drink during birthday month | for Teafolia members – Free to join. Sign up for your free membership over the Teafolia counter to redeem
Boost Free Boost drink on birthday | for Boost members – Boost VIBE membership required
– More details here
Cat & the Fiddle 20% OFF All Cheesecakes during birthday month | for HomeTeamNS members – Valid only during birthday month
– Promo code: HTNSBDAY
– Promotion is not applicable to ‘Over the Moon’ Cheesecake, gifts, add-ons and delivery fees
– Order here
– More details here
Rive Gauche 15% off whole cake | with HSBC Cards – Valid till 31 December 2021
– 3 days in advance reservation is required
– Valid during Cardholder’s birthday month
– Cardholder must provide identification for verification of birth date and present the birthday eDM for verification
– More details here

* Please remember to bring along your original photo identification with birthday for verification during redemption. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion as well.

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Celebrate your Birthday at these places!

Check out these activities to enjoy these birthday perks. With the Covid-19 situation in Singapore, please do take the necessary precautions as you head out!

Merchant Birthday Perks Details
The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore Enjoy 25% off Hotel Best Available Rates on all rooms
– Complimentary Breakfast for 2
– Complimentary in-room refreshments inclusive of bottled water, juices, soft drinks and Nespresso coffee
– 15% F&B discount in hotel-managed restaurants
– In-room birthday amenity
– Valid till 30 December 2021 (stay period till 31 March 2022)
– Please take note of Blackout Dates and T&Cs (details here)
– Cardholder must provide identification for verification of birth date and present the birthday eDM for verification
Wild Wild Wet Free Admission during birthday month | for NTUC members – Valid till 31 December 2021
– Valid for a one-time visit during NTUC member’s birthday month
– NRIC and valid NTUC card has to be presented at Wild Wild Wet ticketing counter for verification and redemption of admission ticket
– More details here
NERF Action Xperience 50% OFF All-in ticket during Member’s Birthday Month | for NTUC members – Valid till 31 December 2021
– Promotion is only valid on tickets available for purchase at NERF Action Xperience Singapore ticketing counter located at Marina Square 6 Raffles Boulevard #01-208 Singapore 039594
– More details here
Madame Tussauds FREE entry on birthday month. Accompanying person enjoys 50% OFF Adult ticket | for Singtel customers – Valid till 31 December 2021
– Valid for redemption during birthday month only
– Present NRIC/Passport with original printed voucher or e-voucher or flash offer on My Singtel app at Madame Tussauds Singapore admission counter.
– T&Cs apply. Read more here
Firefly Photography Complimentary family weekend outdoor photography session (worth $120) | for M1 customers – M1 customers have to present the e-Voucher redeemed on My M1 App during their birthday month
– To redeem offer, use voucher at participating outlets to scan QR code / key in merchant code
– Each voucher is valid for 30 days upon issue
– More details here

* Please remember to bring along your original photo identification with birthday for verification during redemption. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion as well.

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Beauty Brands Birthday Perks

If you are using any of these beauty products, it is definitely worthwhile to replenish your favourite stuff during your birthday month. Do note that these beauty brands require membership so check out how you can join as a member.

Merchant Birthday Perks Details
Sephora Enjoy 2x bonus points on one purchase during Birthday month | for Black and Gold Sephora members – Valid for Sephora Black or Gold Sephora Beauty Pass Members
– Black Sephora Beauty Pass Member: Spend an accumulated value of S$300 within 12 months of signing up for the Sephora Beauty Pass
– Gold Sephora Beauty Pass Member: Spend an accumulated value of S$1,500 within 12 months of getting qualified for Black Member Status
– More details here

🎉Sign up for Sephora Beauty Pass here

The Body Shop – One-time 20% storewide discount applicable to a single receipt during birthday month | for The Body Shop members – More details here
Kiehl’s – One time 10% discount off any purchase in a single receipt during birthday month | for Friends of Kiehl’s – More details here
L’Occitane Up to 15% off during birthday month | for L’Occitane members – Valid on a one-time purchase of regular-priced products in retail store only
– More details here
Innisfree – Birthday voucher of 20% for Innisfree Premium members
– Birthday voucher of 25% for Innisfree VIP members
– More details here
Etude House – Gold tier: Extra 10% off birthday coupon
– Pink tier: Extra 7% off birthday coupon
– Welcome tier: Extra 5% off birthday coupon
– Find out how to be a member and other membership details here
Browhaus Birthday deal: 15% OFF all services (excluding semi-permanent services) | for SingTel customers – Valid till 31 January 2022
– Valid for redemption during birthday month only
– Present NRIC with Singtel Birthday Treats printed voucher or flash the Singtel Birthday Treats e-voucher on My Singtel app to utilise the discount
– Discount is valid for both new and existing customers
– More details here
LifeSpa – Enjoy a spa treatment of your choice at S$25 nett on your birthday:
– Aloe Rebalancing Facial Treatment (60 mins, U.P. S$260) OR,
– Sandalwood Balinese or White Tea Sensory Massage (60 mins, U.P. S$260) | for StanChart Priority customer
– Valid for birthdays till Nov 2021
– Please email [email protected] or call/whatsapp your preferred outlet for appointments, subject to availability
– Valid on Priority Banking client’s birthday month and the month after.
– More details here
Spa Rael, Goodwood Park Hotel Choice of 1 Birthday Spa Indulgence (Deep Tissue Body Massage / Cellular Rejuvenating Face Spa) from S$80 nett (U.P. up to S$375) – Valid till 28 February 2022
– Details and T&Cs here

* Please remember to bring along your original photo identification with birthday for verification during redemption. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion as well.

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Shopping Birthday Perks

Credit: Kikki.K

We’ve been saving the best for the last… If you love shopping, you’ll be happy to know that these retail brands offer some pretty neat birthday perks!

Merchant Birthday Perks Details
Qoo10 S$10 Qoo10 Cart Coupon will be issued to your Qoo10 account | for Qoo10 customers – The coupon will be issued 6 days before your registered birthday,
and must be redeemed within 12 days from its issued date
– Look out for a Birthday email from Qoo10 to your registered email address on how to download the coupon!
– T&Cs apply

Not signed up at Qoo10 yet? Check out this shopping platform where you can get almost everything here now!

MUJI Shop at MUJI in birthday month and receive a 15% OFF e-voucher | for MUJI members – Redeemable at both MUJI Retail and Café&Meal MUJI
– Valid for one-time use within birthday month only
– More details here
Kikki.K Birthday voucher of S$10 off when a min. spend of S$20 | for Kikki.K members – Free to join. Details here
Cotton On Birthday treat | for Cotton On members – Free to join. More details here
Eu Yan Sang 20% off storewide in birthday month | for Eu Yan Sang members – 2-year membership at S$15. More details here
Spotlight $10 Spotlight gift voucher | for Spotlight members – Free to join here
– Spotlight VIP Club Members get access to members-only sale, early sales alert, 10% off paper patterns and more!
Smiggle 10% off + S$5 birthday reward voucher | for Smiggle VIP email list members – Free to join here
Frasers Malls Enjoy double points during your Birthday month | for Frasers Experience members – Free to join. More details here

* Please remember to bring along your original photo identification with birthday for verification during redemption. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion as well.

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So there you go… a round-up for the birthday treats and perks that you can get right here in Singapore! To avoid disappointment, do remember to bring along your identification card, any email notification from the brands that you have membership with as well as the required credit card if you are using that particular birthday perk! As much as we strive for accuracy in presenting these promotions, merchants might make last minute changes so please do check with the respective brands before making a redemption.

Most of all, enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday and wishing you many happy returns. Cheers! 🎉

For more awesome credit card perks, check out these latest dining, travel and shopping deals here!

Happy Birthday To Me, What Can I Get For FREE? (2020)

Merchants Birthday Perks More Details
Scoot 15% discount
birthday voucher
Stayfareast Complimentary upgrade to a Club Room with Club benefits.
By booking a Deluxe Room within your birthday month at any of their participating hotels also enjoy daily breakfast for 2, hotel club lounge access and more, all on the house!
Singtel FREE 1GB data
Free 1GB Birthday local data automatically during the billing cycle which starts within the subscriber’s birthday month, as long as you’re on an eligible plan.

What Are The Best Birthday Perks in Singapore?

As you can see from my table above, there are tonnes of birthday perks to take advantage of.

But here are some of the most noteworthy birthday perks that you should try not to miss!

Free Entry To The Singapore Zoo

*Temporarily Suspended*

Source: Visit Singapore

If you don’t know this, then you really should be born in the zoo.

Best of all, you can also bring friends along who have birth dates that are CLOSE to yours too!

The free admission for birthday guest is valid with an accompanying paying guest.

And this is valid for 7 days from date of birth (actual date inclusive).

For example, if your birthday is on 1st May, you are eligible for your FREE entry from 1st May to 7th May.

What’s more, you get 10% off all retail and F&B outlets when you present your admission ticket.

Note: You get free entry to River Safari, Jurong Bird Park, and Night Safari too!

Free Ice Cream at Swensen’s

Source: Swensen’s

The best way to celebrate your birthday is with a Free Firehouse Happy Birthday Ice Cream at Swensen’s (has to be the actual day).

All you have to do is present your NRIC or passport before ordering.

They’ve been offering this ever since I WAS A KID!

I always have fond memories of my sisters and me having our birthday meals at Swensen’s (almost) every year for the free ice-cream!

Free Fruit Platter or Longevity Buns at Hai Di Lao

You’ve probably seen videos of your friends being celebrated by the staff members’ enthusiastic singing and their flashing LED signboards.

But it is more than just mere fruits and buns.

It is liveliness.

It is joy.

It is the singing-your-happy-birthday-song-in-a-room-full-of-strangers awkwardness.

Source: SpongeBob SquarePants | Giphy

Pro Tip: Always Review Your Memberships


You might be lazy to do so, but if you take the time and effort to check your memberships, you’ll always stand to enjoy some form of Happy Birthday reward or perk.

Here are some memberships that offer pretty sweet birthday treats:


Source: Parks And Recreation | giphy

20 Best Birthday Party Singapore Venues & Ideas For 2021

Birthday Party Singapore

Looking to plan an exciting birthday party Singapore for your friends? Searching high and low for the latest things to do and places to see? Well look no further! We are here to help you! From amazing adventures in the sun, brilliant birthday surprise ideas to cool calm charades, there is something for everyone!

Go on! Are you ready to discover the TOP 20 BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY VENUES & ACTIVITIES to celebrate a birthday party Singapore?


Hyperspace – Neon Combat Archery

Step into a new dimension – Hyperspace. With over 20 different activities that you can choose from, your party can go all night long! This spectacular new event space Singapore launched in 2019 is able to hold about 150 pax. Making it an excellent choice for hosting a huge birthday party Singapore bash.

On top of that, Hyperspace comes equipped with a Karaoke set, poker set, Nintendo switch and many more fun facilities to make your birthday celebration THAT special.

Looking for a package deal? One that takes you into the unknown? Choose one or more of The Fun Empire’s team based games such as Combat Archery Tag, Laser Tag, Poolball and many… many more. These fun family-friendly games start from $15/pax which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

The crème de la crème of Hyperspace is the ambience. We especially recommend trying the Neon Combat Archery Tag package which gives you the adrenaline rush that screams FUN! Dodge the neon-lit arrows, dive for cover and notch your bows! With a birthday party like this, you will be the talk of the town!

Price: Venue starting from $50/hr, Activities from $15/hr

Venue: 91A Lavender Street Singapore 338719

Opening Hours: Contact them for more details

Telephone: 8769 1955


Email: [email protected]


Sentosa – Ifly

Skydiving – the extreme sport that is on the bucket lists of many, but only few dared to take the literal leap of faith. Fret not! The State of Fun provides all the adrenaline and experience of skydiving and packs it into a unique indoor experience. Ifly allows you to experience the conditions of a real skydive in true free-fall conditions without needing to jump out of a plane.

So commemorate this special birthday celebration with a proverbial leap of faith. Dive into the only indoor skydiving event space Singapore and experience skydiving at a fraction of its cost.

Depending on the birthday party Singapore package that you choose, you can enjoy multiple skydives and if you are feeling fancy. Bust out some moves in your subsequent dives. No need to fly a plane or earn a licence, experience indoor skydiving right now in our sunny island Singapore. Sign me up!

Price: Starting from $89/session

Venue:  iFly Singapore, 43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01 Singapore 099010

Opening Hours: Check website for details

Telephone: 6571 0000 


Email: [email protected]


East Coast Park, Laser Tag

East Coast Park, one of the common birthday party venues synonymous with cycling, rollerblading, BBQs and all the other classic ‘park stuff’. All this open space and trees look like the place to have a perfect… picnic? NO. THE PERFECT BATTLE! Laser Tag Singapore will bring the guns and the vests and the referees, you just bring the bodies.

Up your birthday party Singapore game with the ultimate competition! Team up and laser tag suit-up with your friends in an exciting game of strategy and cunning! Laser Tag Singapore can bring the equipment anywhere and you decide where the battle takes place.

Thinking about it? The laser tag Singapore game starts at $15/pax , a small price to pay for the endless possibilities of fun.

Besides East Coast Park, here are 10 Best Places To Play Laser Tag in Singapore.

Price: Venue is Free

Venue:  E Coast Park Service Rd

Opening Hours: Contact Laser Tag Singapore for more details

Telephone: 6515 4146 / 6816 1998


Email: [email protected]


Hyperspace Studio Singapore – Video Games

Equipped with the latest consoles and games, there is a wide variety of games you can choose from at this event space Singapore. Slice through foes (or your friends) with your energy sword in Halo or take turns to burn the kitchen to serve up frantic orders of delicious delicacies in Overcooked. There is a game for everyone.

Have a gamer friend? Put this event space Singapore on your list of birthday surprise ideas for your, family member’s or friend’s next birthday party Singapore.

If you are feeling bored of washing dishes in Overcooked (or your friend is just horrible at it) and wish to change to another game, feel free to do so at no charge! Play unlimited games and rounds within your session. What a FUN birthday celebration don’t you think?

Not a video gaming fan? You can also choose the board games package to have hours and hours of fun. From strategising to communicating themed games, there will definitely be something for everyone.

Price: Starting from $6/hr/pax

Venue: 91A Lavender Street, Singapore 338719

Opening Hours: Opens 24 hours (bookings are accepted everyday)

Telephone: 8769 1955


Email: [email protected]


Holey Moley – Mini Golf

Golfing is an expensive sport that most of us might not even think of trying in our lifetime. However, shrink that into an indoor air-conditioned event space Singapore with a bar and hey presto! You will have the coolest birthday party Singapore.

Head over to the newest Mini golf venues at one of the hottest locations in Singapore, Holey Moley Clark Quay.  Swing your way through Holey Moley’s golfing range with at least 20 holes and if you ever get tired, just walk over to the on-site bar for a quick refreshment! Don’t be distracted by the fancy lights and drinks, follow the markings closely and enter from a Flintstones themed hole to the skyline of Singapore.

Didn’t think about this as one of the birthday party venues to consider, didn’t you? Continue reading for better birthday surprise ideas for your next birthday party Singapore!

Price: Starting from $20/pax

Venue:  3B River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024

Opening Hours: Contact Holey Moley for more details

Telephone: 3129 0000


Email: NIL

6. The Fun Empire – Art Jamming

A picture paints a thousand words. And with this activity as one of your birthday surprise ideas, you won’t disappoint. Express yourself and explore the artistic side of you in The Fun Empire’s Art Jamming Sessions. Garner oooohs and ahhhhs from your friends as you dazzle them with your fantastic art skills. Imagine having an arts & craft session for your birthday party Singapore! Set your creativity free.

If you are not artistically inclined, fear not. Pick up a brush and surprise yourself. Scratch that artsy itch with art jamming for those artsy and crafty friends or even add on giant board games to bring back the nostalgia from your school days.

Need something more than just regular paint? Need that special edge to complete that masterpiece in your mind? Opt for the Neon Art Jamming Package! Watch your brush strokes come to life with glow-in-the-dark paints and neon colours. Come in neon coloured clothes as well to bring the funk to the birthday party Singapore! Starting from $21/pax, choose from painting on a canvas and a tote bag to show off your creation!

Price: Activity starts from $21/pax, inclusive of FREE use of venue at The Fun Empire for the session

Venue:  5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, Singapore 399685

Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm daily

Telephone: 6515 4146/ 6816 1998


Email: [email protected]


Singapore Botanic Gardens – Picnic

Leave your worries and celebrate your birthday party Singapore with a calming walk among nature. With breath-taking flowers and greenery, consider Singapore’s First UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Singapore Botanic Gardens as one of your go to birthday party venues! Ease the tension that comes from life stressors and lay down a picnic mat, pack some sandwiches and relax amongst nature; it is the perfect place to get some rest and relaxation.

If chill vibes amongst mother nature is what you’re looking for, hold your next birthday party Singapore at this event space Singapore.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens also hosts a variety of exhibitions that might just pique your interests. Check out their website for their monthly guided tours and exhibitions that will definitely make your birthday celebration experience a wholesome one.

Price: Free

Venue:  1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

Opening Hours: 5am to 12 midnight daily

Telephone: 1800 471 7300


Email: [email protected]


Sandbox – Virtual Reality

Here is another birthday party Singapore event space Singapore to add to your list of birthday surprise ideas. Someone said VR? VR Games? Roll up your sleeves, put on your combat gear and get ready for a battle in another dimension!

Enter the virtual world together with six friends to survive a zombie horde or explore the far reaches of outer space for your next birthday celebration. Be untethered in this new world. Unlike other VR outlets, Sandbox allows you to roam free without being hindered by those pesky wires. Experience the awe and excitement of exploring a whole new world with your friends but do be careful not to bump into them! Bookmark this event space Singapore now as one of your go to birthday party venues! We promise a birthday party Singapore blast!

Price: Contact Sandbox VR for more details

Venue:  181 Orchard Road, #05-31 Orchard Central, 238896

Opening Hours: Contact Sandbox VR for more details

Telephone: 9832 5988


Email: NIL


K Star – Karaoke

Unleash your inner diva and sing to your hearts content at a karaoke bar with no limit to the number of songs! Have you been keeping your singing talent a secret? Your next and upcoming birthday party Singapore is the perfect chance to spread your wings!

KStar could be one of your next birthday party venues! If you wish to sing only the chorus and skip it after? Do it! You do you! It’s your birthday celebration!

Instead of plain old black leather seats of any other karaoke bar, enjoy the luxury of having your own themed room! Whatever the occasion, including a birthday party Singapore, sing your hearts out in a room that makes you comfortable and light up the night with your voice!

With a VIP room option, spoil yourself as you sing to the latest hits. Snacks and drinks can be ordered from their in house kitchen so the party will never have to stop!

Price: Starting from $20/hr/room

Venue:  181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #05-01, K.Star Karaoke, 238896

Opening Hours: Contact K.Star for more details

Telephone: 9171 1588


Email: NIL

10. Futsal Pitches – Bubble Bump

Are you a fan of bumper cars, but don’t want the hassle of finding a carnival just to ride one? Why not try the next best thing! Charge head-on into your friends with a protective bubble that marries soccer and bumper cars together!

Choose any birthday party venues for this activity. For instance, futsal pitches! Bubble Bump is a great way to get on your feet and enjoy a birthday celebration with friends and family. Dare to be different? Try this at any event space Singapore! Just contact Bubble Soccer Singapore for more details.

Try to score against your friends while bumping and bobbing around! Dive to save goals with no fear! Tackle your opponents by bumping them away! Bubble Bump Singapore prices start from $15/pax.

Price: Futsal Pitches starting from $60/hr, Bubble Bump starting from $15/pax

Venue: Contact Bubble Soccer Singapore for more details

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

Telephone: 6515 4146/ 6816 1998


Email: [email protected]


Adventure Cove – Water Park

Whether you like a slow swim, lazing in the sun or speeding down water slides, there is something for everyone at Sentosa’s Adventure Cove Waterpark! With more than 10 unique rides and attractions, you will never go bored! Adventure Cove is one of the go to birthday party venues! This event space Singapore is more than just water slides and rubber floats – it brings a whole new meaning to adventure.

Experience the magic of discovery by getting up close with nature’s majestic sea creatures. With Adventure Cove’s Special Experiences, you will get to experience swimming with sharks, trekking in the sea and playing with rays. It one of the perfect birthday surprise ideas! Have your birthday celebration here!

Price: Starting from $38/adult

Venue: 8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269

Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm Daily

Telephone: 6515 4146/ 6816 1998


Email: [email protected]


Camping – Glamping City

Love the outdoors? Look no further because Glamping is one of the perfect birthday venues for you! Spend the night under the stars in comfort and peace with your very own tents equipped with comfy beds and comforts that you enjoy!

Experience camping without any hassle with Glamping City’s premier packages! Whether you are looking for a unique couple’s getaway or a family gathering, Glamping City has tents that will suit your needs. For a truly unique birthday celebration experience, try Glamping!

Can’t afford their premier packages? Other birthday surprise ideas you could try are having an only friend’s picnic birthday celebration or a couple picnic birthday celebration! Put East Coast Park in your birthday party venues list of birthday surprise ideas today.

Price: Birthday Celebration Packages start from $280

Venue: East Coast Park Area G

Opening Hours: Contact Glamping City for more details

Telephone: 9651 1114


Email: [email protected]

13. C

ondo Function Room – Kaboom

Functions rooms at Community Centres and Condominiums are great for a private and cosy birthday celebration for a small group of close friends. Instead of creating small talk with everyone, why not have a game that is able to engage about 20 people at the same time!

Starting from $20/pax, KABOOM is a newly developed game by The Fun Empire to ignite a lot of fun and laughter among your guest. Your objective is to collect as many items as possible in just 5 minutes! Blindfold a friend to navigate through a maze of various useful and harmful items. With the help from your own team, come up with code words to direct them to picking up the correct items. Be careful! Don’t be distracted by your opponents instructions!

Contact The Fun Empire to play this game for your next birthday celebration.

Price: Contact your preferred event space Singapore for more details

Venue:  Contact your preferred event space Singapore for more details

Opening Hours: Contact your preferred event space Singapore for more details

Telephone: Contact your preferred event space Singapore for more details


Fort Canning Park – Outdoor Movie

Good food, good wine and good company. Now with the added bonus of catching your favourite films, Films-at-the-fort, Singapore’s Premier Open-Air Cinema, is the top event space Singapore and birthday party venues to go! Celebrate this birthday celebration with a twist! Catch the latest releases and the timeless classics at Fort Canning Park! Be sure get your tickets fast because these shows sell out fast! Experience cinema and dining, reinvented!

As one of your birthday surprise ideas, you could get your closest friend a ticket to experience her birthday celebration in this unique event space Singapore.

Price: Contact Flims at the fort for more details

Venue: Fort Canning Park

Opening Hours: Contact Flims at the fort for more details

Telephone: Nil


15. The Fun Empire –

Cosmic Bowling

Bowl amongst the cosmos as The Fun Empire amps up the fun in Cosmic Bowling! Celebrate your birthday by mowing down pins and scoring strikes. Sharpen your skills, choose your teammates as you engage in a friendly competition of bowling. Enjoy hassle-free bowling competitions as The Fun Empire provides amazing facilitators to keep score, organise the teams and fixtures! You are sure to have a bowling good time!

The Fun Empire is able save you the hassle of
ordering food as well. Give them a call with your requirements and they will
come up with a programme just for youJ

Price: Starting from $18/pax

Venue:  Contact The Fun Empire for more details

Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm daily

Telephone: 6515 4146/ 6816 1998


Email: [email protected]

16. Function Room –


Regardless of age, you can also throw such a
party to bring back all the fond memories that you had while chilling in a
Mcdonald’s during your school days. You will also receive a surprise gift when
you book your party, so what are you waiting for? Surprise yourself with a
McDonald’s Birthday Party! Their party professionals will do all the planningJ

Price: Contact Mcdonald’s for more details

Venue:  Various locations around Singapore

Opening Hours: Contact Mcdonald’s for more details

Telephone: Contact Your Mcdonald’s Outlet for more details



Chalet – Giant Board Games

Hosting a chalet is one of the many popular
activities people choose as their birthday celebration. More often than not,
finding things to do during the chalet can be head-scratching and a pain.

Why not spice up your chalet with some Giant Board Games from The Fun Empire? With at least 8 different old school games like Giant Jenga, Giant Aeroplane Chess and Uno, bring out the Retreo Vibes and make everything BIGGER! Prices for the Giant Board Games will start from $8/pax, enquiry with the friendly staff at The Fun Empire to know more!

Price: Contact your preferred chalet for more details. For Giant Board Games, contact The Fun Empire

Venue:  Various locations around Singapore

Opening Hours: Contact your preferred chalet for more details

Telephone: Contact your preferred chalet for more details


ORTO – Prawning

Head over to Singapore’s largest prawning
facility to catch your next meal. With 10 ponds filled with big head prawns and
yabbies’, you could choose to have this activity at any time of the day since
it is 24 hours.

Once you are satisfied with your loots, use
their electric grills on their premises to cook them up and munch away. The
best part? It’s free!

Ready for a unique birthday party? Call them
up to book 1 pond to yourself now!

Price: Starting from $20 for 1 Hour

Venue:  #01-09 81 Lorong Chencharu, 769198

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily.

Telephone: 6257 8858


Email: [email protected]


West Coast Park – BBQ

When you think of a place for a BBQ party,
most people would naturally think of East Coast Park. Those in the west would
dread the travel time to get there and by the time they do, they will be too
hungry to do anything!

Well, how about going to a park nearer to you
instead with the same experience? You could book a BBQ pit in West Coast Park
instead. “Play Centre in the West” consists of 6 play spaces that would
definitely bring wide smiles to guests of all ages!

Booking a BBQ pit nearby is as easy as 1,2,3!
You could either head to the nearest AXS station, call up their friendly hotline or through the internet in
the comfort of your home.

Price: $12 – $20/ pit

Venue:  71 West Coast Highway

Opening Hours: 12pm – 4am

Telephone: 6560 2727

20. The Karting Arena – Go Kart

F1 only comes once a year but that doesn’t mean that you can’t race to your heart’s content.

With providers like The Karting Arena, it
allows to do just that! With Singapore’s first electric go kart track, you
would be able to surpass your friends in lightning speed. Conquer that curve
with a drift and avoid your friends’ sly moves and emerge victorious!

Experience the adrenaline rush today and be
the fastest racer at your birthday party!

Price: Starting from $25/ session

Venue:  200 Turf Club Road, #01-01B. The Grandstand, South Car Park Singapore, 287994

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10am – 9pm)

Telephone: 96276771


Email: [email protected]

Excited to head over to all the above locations for your next birthday celebration? Plan perfect birthday party Singapore birthday by choosing among the list of birthday party venues! You know what they say: The early bird always catches the worm!

Contact the event space Singapore of your choice today. We recommend Hyperspace and The Fun Empire HQ as the go to birthday party venues and event space Singapore.

Comment down below and let us know if this article was helpful! Suggest other birthday surprise ideas to held in other birthday party venues! Subscribe to our telegram channel for more content and regular updates today.

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Birthday treats you need to take advantage of in Singapore 2021, Lifestyle News

Discounts and freebies galore on your very special day! Check out the latest birthday deals that come with your telco subscription, credit cards and many more.

Let’s face it — we all love getting stuff on our birthday (isn’t that what our special day is about anyway). But did you know that you don’t just have to depend on your friends for the good things? 

Some of our favourite places across Singapore provide perks to birthday boys and girls all year long. Who cares if you have to sign up for a free membership or an email newsletter or two? From foodie freebies to telco deals, scroll on for all the ways you can celebrate!


Establishment Deal Validity Details
Shin Minori Free buffet lunch Birthday month

Valid only on Mondays to Fridays

Minimum one paying adult

Hai Di Lao

Free fruit platter 

Longevity buns for senior citizens

Birthday month
Boost Free drink On birthday Only for members (free sign-up, buy one drink)
Ikkousha As many free gyozas as your age 1 day before and after your birthday date Minimum 4 bowls of ramen order required
COCA Free regular buffet  Birthday month

Minimum three paying adults

Must be member (free sign-up)

Promotion cannot be used on weekends, the eve of and on Public Holidays

Promotion not applicable from eve of Chinese New Year till 9th day of Chinese New Year

There are many more dining deals for birthdays, but we have sussed out the best ones which we think get you the most bang for your buck. By the way, hotpot chain Hai Di Lao doesn’t actually check your ID when you tell them it’s your birthday. So do whatever you want with that information. 

If you have old folks, we’d recommend you to celebrate their birthdays at Ikkousha, as you’ll get as many free gyozas as the birthday person’s age. This means if they are 90, you get 90 free gyozas. Yay!

Save more when you use the right credit card

Beyond getting free stuff on your birthday, you can also get more value for your total spend by paying with a credit card that gives you bonus rewards, air miles, or cashback.

Here are some of the best credit cards in the market right now for dining.

1. Telco 

Telco Deal
Singtel Various birthday deals
StarHub Various birthday deals (download app to discover)
M1  Various birthday deals

The reason why we don’t have specific deals for each telco is because they usually switch up their birthday promotions and discounts throughout the year. 

As of Jan 19, 2021, Singtel subscribers can get birthday privileges such as 15 per cent off all Browhaus services (excluding semi-permanent services), free entry to Madame Tussauds and free lunch/dinner buffet at Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot during your birthday month (with a minimum of four diners). 

If you’re an M1 subscriber, treat yourself to 1-for-1 ice cream at Andersen’s Ice Cream and get 30 per cent off English Afternoon Tea at Lobby Lounge, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.


It’s raining deals at Resorts World Sentosa, where birthday peeps who are RWS Invites Members can get freebies such as a cocktail at Hard Rock Café and pancake batter at Slappy Cakes. 

If you plan to celebrate your special day at Sentosa, you’ll be glad to know that there are also promotions for various attractions like 1-for-1 ride packages at HeadRock VR and 1-for-1 admission tickets to Trick Eye Museum. 


Brand Deal Validity Details

Double points for the first purchase on birthday month

Free birthday kit for premium and VIP members

Birthday month – 
The Body Shop 20 per cent discount storewide in a single receipt Birthday month Birthday rewards will expire after 1 month from the date of issue if unspent

Double points for purchasesBirthday gift

10 per cent off regular-priced items (boutiques only)Complimentary facial

Birthday month

Depending on your Sulhwasoo membership tier (it’s free to sign up), you get slightly different benefits:

For The Body Shop, simply spend $40 to be a member, which comes with heaps of perks too. Besides birthday treats, you’ll get exclusive offers, new product sneak peeks, and personalised skincare consultations throughout the year.

Credit card

Credit card Deal Validity Details

Complimentary 45-minutes on-site pilates reformer trial class at Focus Movement

Complimentary Deep Cleanse Scalp Treatment and $20 DrGL® E-Voucher

1-for-1 wine online classes at Fine Wines

Birthday month Only for UOB Privilege Reserve Clients

50 per cent off all services at Natureland Spa Premium

10 per cent off leisure yacht charters or 2D1N / 3D2N sailing holidays with Ximula Sail with a complimentary bottle of champagne and birthday cheesecake

Enjoy 30 per cent off English Afternoon Tea at Lobby Lounge, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Birthday month Only for DBS Treasures Private Clients

Buy 1-Get-1 Free Premium Wild American Ginseng Range at Eu Yan Sang

10 per cent off purchase of The Kettle Gourmet hand-baked popcorns

10 per cent off all items at BOTANA&TEA

Birthday month Only for Maybank Privilege Clients

Just like telcos, banks often change their birthday deal throughout the year. These privileges are usually reserved for privilege/private clients only, aka the high flyers.

If you’re financially blessed to be a client, do check out your respective banks on your birthday month to keep up to date with the latest offerings.

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7 Cafes & Restaurants In Singapore With Birthday Perks

Restaurants with birthday perks in Singapore

Our birthdays only ever come around once a year, so we deserve all things good when it does. While there are many ways we can go about celebrating it, one thing that’ll never fail to perk us up is the word “free”. If you’re one who loves heading out for a good meal with your close buds and family for special occasions, you’ll be in for a treat at these cafes and restaurants with free birthday perks.

1. The Boiler – free Boston lobster

Image credit: @jxeats

If you’re questioning yourself whether you just read the last header correctly – yes, you did. It’s a free $75 Boston lobster on your birthday

Gather 3 of your loved ones to The Boiler and share the Bombdiggity Bag, a “treasure chest” that’s filled with prawns, clams, mussels, a Dungeness crab, and a free Boston lobster at just $38/pax.

A closer look at the Bombdiggity Bag
Image credit: @singaporeliciouz 

This birthday perk’s only valid for dine-in customers and bookings are to be made through The Boiler’s Facebook or The Bolier’s website. Both outlets at Howard Road and Esplanade have this promotion for the whole of 2020 so feel free to drop by to the outlet closest to you on your birthday month!

Must-try: Signature Haddock Fish and Chips ($17.90) that’s hailed as one of the best fish and chips in Singapore by many reviewers online.

The Boiler Howard Road
Address: 18 Howard Road, #01-06 Novelty Bizcentre, Singapore 369585
Operating Hours: 11.30AM-2.30PM & 5PM-10.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 6635 1285

The Boiler Esplanade
Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-13A Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802
Operating Hours: 11.30AM-2.30PM & 5PM-9.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 6909 3435
The Boiler ‘s website

2. Ikkousha Ramen – free gyozas according to your age

Be prepared to chow down on these birthday dumplings as they come to you all at once
Image credit: @shahping

If you’re an avid gyoza lover, head down to Ikkousha for your birthday! You and your best mates will have to make some space for the gyozas because you’ll be getting 1 gyoza for every year since you’ve been born. 

There’s no limit to the amount of gyozas you can redeem. So the choice is entirely up to you to either gobble all in one go or opt to tabao the remaining gyozas you have left.

Tonkotsu Special at Ikkousha Ramen
Image credit: @ntudac

This birthday gyoza promo calls for a round up of all your BFFs as it’s only valid for a party of 4 or more with everyone ordering a bowl of ramen. The promo’s available at all outlets and you can choose to redeem it on your birthday, or a day before or after the actual birthdate. 

Must-kope: The free hard-boiled eggs for your ramen.

Must-try: The Tonkotsu Mentaiko Ramen ($13.50) for a unique non-jelak take on the original Ikkousha pork broth. 

Ikkousha CHIJMES
Address: 30 Victoria Street, #F1-07 CHIJMES, Singapore 187996
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 11.30AM-10PM | Sun 11.30AM-9PM Telephone: 6338 8460

Ikkousha Tanjong Pagar
Address: Block 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-104B, Singapore 081007
Operating Hours: 11.30AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 6538 1880
Ikkousha’s website

3. Seoul Garden – free buffet worth $24++ and cake

Image credit: @ummiasmida

We don’t have to leave any of our best buds out when dining at Seoul Garden because it’s a halal Korean BBQ with 7 outlets across Singapore. Drag at least 3 friends on your birthday or any day during your birthday month to score a free buffet that’s worth $24++ for yourself. For more fancy fare, it’s just an additional $5++ top up to go crazy at the premium buffet. 

Indulge yourself with the array of meat and seafood Seoul Garden has in-store for you
Image credit: @cool.clevera

Reservations can be made easily on Seoul Garden’s website or through a direct call to the restaurant you’re heading down to at least a day before your celebration. This promo can be used on top of student and senior citizen promotions, allowing your company to enjoy their own deals while you dine in for free! 

Must-try: Get your hands on the Bulgogi Beef and the Tom Yum Chicken. You can also make your own ssambap after cooking your meat!

The promo’s available at all Seoul Garden outlets islandwide.

4. Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant – free sushi cake and wine

The sushi cake is made out of sushi rice, salmon sashimi, avocado and prawn roe.
Image credit: @bigbadwolf69

A birthday celebration wouldn’t be one without toasting your wine glasses and enjoying a cake with friends and family. But for those who love breaking away from the norm, try a sushi cake instead. Unique to Shin Minori’s Katong Square outlet, a free sushi cake that’s worth $85 is up for grabs along with a free 720ml bottle of red or white wine on your birthday. 

You’re able to snag this deal any weekday, only at dinner time during your birthday month. If you’re swinging by the Katong Square outlet, be sure to claim free parking while you’re there! 

Must-try: Nabemono (mini hotpot) from $15.90 that only costs an extra $6 for two broth flavours.

Address: 88 East Coast Road, #02-08, Singapore 423371
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat & Eve of PH 12PM-2.30PM & 6.15PM-10.15PM | Sun & PH, 12.15PM-2.45PM & 6.15PM-10.15PM
Telephone: 6386 7337
Shin Minori’s website

5. The Line Restaurant – free chocolate mini-cake

Image credit: @shangrilasg

Right at the basement of Shangri-La, Singapore at Orange Grove lies The Line Restaurant. At night, the restaurant is bustling with a dinner crowd who’ve choped their seats for the famous buffet selection with the famed Seafood section’s Alaskan King crab legs and Boston lobsters!

Image credit: @nwjay

After feasting on your hand-picked nosh, be serenaded by staff who’ll sing Happy Birthday as they serve you a rich chocolate mousse mini-cake on the house. You can end your night with a quick photoshoot around The Pavillion, and the staircase leading to the Rose Veranda, perfect spots for a good IG pic. 

The Pavilion at Shangri-La Singapore
Image credit: @andra.oprea

The buffet pricing starts from $65/adult, and it’ll be worth your while to make a reservation at The Line Restaurant because there’s a 15% discount for online bookings. Be sure to mention that you’re celebrating your birthday under special request to get your well-deserved chocolate cake!

Must-try: Alaskan King Crab Legs 

Address: 22 Orange Grove Road, Lower Lobby, Tower Wing, Singapore 258350
Operating Hours: 12PM-2.30PM & 6PM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 6213 4275
The Line Restaurant’s website

6. Lawry’s The Prime Rib – free 3rd main course

Prime Ribs
Image credit: @lawryssg

Get your 3rd main course free-of-charge on your birthday month when you head down to Lawry’s The Prime Rib with your pack of friends this year. If you like to have a more intimate dining experience with your loved one, order a main to get the 2nd main at half-price

For those who want to have a ballin’ celebration, you can top-up $79 to enjoy a bottle of sparkling rose or a Chandon Brut with a free acrylic Chandon wine glass.

The Atlantic Lobster Duo with drawn butter
Image credit: @chinesecookie

Swing by during your birthday month but remember to check in with the restaurant for the availability for the day as they have blackout dates for occasions like public holidays. 

Lawry’s is also a perfect setting for a romantic birthday date
Image credit: @lawryssg

Must-try: Prime Ribs ($70) that are slow roasted before it gets served. All cuts are of USDA prime quality and aged for 21 days before they get roasted.

Address: 333A Orchard Road, #04-01/31 Mandarin Gallery Mandarin Orchard, Singapore 238897
Operating Hours: Sun-Thu 11.30AM-10PM | Fri & Sat 11.30AM-10.30PM
Telephone: 6836 3333
Lawry’s The Prime Rib’s website

7. Coca Restaurant – free Thai-Chinese steamboat buffet

Gather your family or friends to celebrate birthdays at Coca Restaurant, known for their unique fusion steamboat spread. 

Image credit: Coca Restaurants Singapore

Stuff yourself silly with their Thai-Chinese hotpot buffet spread, which features familiar mookata picks alongside classic Chinese favourites like shrimp wontons, fish paste and fish maw. 

Make sure to scoop yourself a bowl of their famed Coca sauce for dipping as well – it’s a secret recipe that’s all sweet, spicy and savoury, concocted by the founder’s wife.

Image credit: Summer Loves To Eat

With every 3 paying adults ($32/person), you’ll be able to dine for free, on any weekday during your birthday month. Simply flash your NRIC to redeem!

Must try: Hua Diao Broth

The promo’s available at all Coca Restaurant’s outlets islandwide.

Coca Restaurant’s website

Birthday perks at restaurants in Singapore

For those wondering where to have the perfect birthday meal, look no further than these cafes and restaurants for birthday perks and freebies.

If you were thinking of getting a good treat on your birthday, you can kope all of these sick deals from these 7 cafes and restaurants like free lobster and decadent desserts while you spend time with your loved ones.    

Check out our other food guides to have a food adventure for every other day with your gang:

Cover image adapted from: @bigbadwolf69, @ummiasmida, @allyfooddiary, and @hazeldiary_

Birthday Treats Singapore 2020 – 33 Best Freebies for Every Day of the Month

Statistically, you share your birthday with at least 15,000 other people in Singapore. But it’s in most businesses’ interest to perpetuate the belief that your birthday is super duper special to them, because that’s how you get Singaporeans to overspend on “birthday treats”.

But you know, not everyone is as disillusioned about capitalism as I am, and are perfectly comfortable about claiming any free treats that brands want to give you.

Therefore, I present the most comprehensive guide to birthday treats in Singapore, featuring the 33 best freebies and discounts — yes, enough for every single day of your birthday month!

33 best birthday treats in Singapore 2019

There are actually WAY more birthday freebies and discounts in Singapore, but I’ve selected the cream of the crop (i.e. minimal strings attached), because it’s your ~special day~.

Story continues

To help you make sense of this heady, consumeristic frenzy of deals, I’m going to break it down into digestible sections and you can skip the ones that don’t interest you, e.g. beauty. I’ll also mention the birthday treats that didn’t make the cut in each section.

Casual takeaway birthday treats — Koi, Swensen’s & Starbucks

I love it when a brand gives me a freebie without asking for anything in return, so my absolute favourite birthday treat is Swensen’s famous free Firehouse ice cream sundae. You have to dine in, but no one will compel you to order a full meal to accompany your ice cream here.

Koi’s 2 x free drinks deal comes close, but you do have to purchase the “KoiTHELicious” (what on earth) stored value card by topping up at least $10 in Koi credits. That’s okay though, because what kind of Singaporean has trouble using up $10 at Koi? Both you and your best BBT buddy need to be present to claim it.

For Boost and Starbucks, the freebies are for members who have actually patronised the establishment before. The Boost one is easy to score as you gain membership by buying 1 drink. For Starbucks, you need to have spent quite a lot of bucks to be a Green or Gold member.

Birthday treats at restaurants — free buffets, birthday cakes & more

Birthdays are a great time to contribute to F&B businesses’ revenue, and so it’s nice that some restaurants actually bother to give the birthday person some kind of freebie.

My favourite ones are the free buffets you can get at Shin Minori, Seoul Garden and Coca, which are really worthwhile considering a standard buffet is at least $40 or so at such restaurants. Bear in mind that they usually require X paying diners so you can’t just go in there and pig out alone.

Most other birthday treats such as free lobster, gyozas, sashimi, cake and fruit platters are more obviously marketing gimmicks. I wouldn’t specially go to a restaurant like Hai Di Lao just for the fruit platter, but it would make the birthday meal more fun. Proceed with a bit more caution, because the a la carte orders would probably add up.

A number of restaurants also have their own membership programmes, and dish out birthday freebies or discounts to members. Some of these are paid, though, so they’re only worth it if you’re a super hardcore fan of the restaurant.

Here are some of the more prominent ones:

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Birthday treats for recreational activities — free entry to the Zoo, RWS & more

Non-dining birthday treats are harder to come by, but the best known one is free entry to Singapore Zoo, Night Safari or River Safari which has been around for ages. I did this last year to see my favourite Night Safari resident, the Indian gharial. It does require one paying visitor which basically makes it 1-for-1, but it’s still worth it.

Many of the other attractions require paid membership to programmes such as RWS Invites, NTUC Membership and even Popular Club (yes, as in the bookstore), if you happen to be one.

Notable exclusions are the WE Club membership (1-for-1 ticket) and Scoot Insider (discount voucher) which are totally free to join. Yay!

Birthday treats for shopping — IKEA, Muji & CapitaMalls vouchers/discounts

Loads of retailers have membership programmes, and if you happen to be a member at your favourite store already, it can’t hurt to check out what birthday perks the programme offers.

Cotton On and Kikki.K have the lowest membership requirements — both free to join with no purchase required — so if you’re looking for a “pure” freebie then by all means sign up for membership with them.

Otherwise, I’ve added the more common stores where you might already be a member, such as Muji, IKEA and The Body Shop.

There are tons of birthday treats at beauty stores like Sephora and Innisfree, but these tend to be for the more VIP-type customers who have already spent a lot of money at these stores. Others with birthday rewards for top-tier spenders are Etude House, Shu Uemura, Laniege, Kiehl’s and L’Occitane.

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Birthday treats that come with membership programmes

The cardinal rule for birthday treats? Always check your telco, credit card/bank, insurance and any paid memberships that you’re already a part of.

These usually have a bunch of birthday promotions to incentivise you to continue giving them money, and you will probably get an SMS or email from them on your birthday month.

But there’s a reason why I put them at the bottom of this list; it’s because the promotions tend to be quite lame, e.g. 15% discount at Cafe Unheard-Of.

Special mention: Grab drivers’ birthday treat

Know someone who’s driving for Grab? Make sure they “claim” their $50 birthday treat from Grab every year.

Though faceless corporation Grab isn’t exactly everyone’s dream employer, they at least have the decency to offer a small but appreciated perk for their hardworking Grab drivers by footing the bill (up to $50) for their birthday celebrations.

To qualify, you need to have completed at least 5 unique passenger bookings in the month prior to your birthday month. Then, all you need to do is take a photo of the dining/whatever receipt and upload it to Grab.

This is valid from the start of your birthday month to the end of the first week of the next month.

Also worth a try: Airlines & hotels birthday treats

If you’re travelling for your birthday, you might miss out on some of these birthday treats in Singapore, but you can also ask for freebies on your flights and from hotels.

Some airlines and hotels — typically the more expensive ones — have an unofficial policy where they treat birthday guests to something nice, e.g. a free upgrade or a slice of cake. There are no official T&Cs for these practices but they’ve been widely reported online, such as in this travel hacking article, so it can’t hurt to try your luck.

It does take a special sort of thick-skinned person to ask for their own birthday treat though, so I suggest you get your travel companion to help you ask on your behalf (well in advance of your flight/stay, if possible). He/she will look like a total sweetheart while you neatly avoid looking like the cheaponana you really are.

Do you have any birthday treats to add to the list? Share leh.

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Birthday in Singapore –

Recently, my husband and I made the decision to escape from drunken parties to distant countries for our birthdays. And somehow it happened that on my birthday we definitely go to the zoo (Pattaya, Chiang Mai). That’s my last day of jam (with a round date), we definitely decided to spend at the Singapore zoo. Why here? Will explain. There is such an animal here, because of which, in fact, I was eager to go to Singapore.
On the occasion of a small holiday, we went by taxi (instead of metro and bus), i.Because the zoo in Singapore is still far away. We bought tickets and … began to celebrate. I invite you to join us. The territory of the zoo is not large, it is quite possible to get around everything with your own legs without resorting to the services of local buses. True, I asked my spouse to take me for a ride on this kind of transport

but I was flatly refused.
I hasten to say right away that I am delighted with this zoo, although I read very conflicting opinions in different reviews.
The territory is unusually beautiful and easy to navigate, with a lot of reservoirs and waterfalls that save you in heat conditions

All the animals look very well-groomed, contained in absolutely natural conditions.
These guys are either beggars, or just very curious, but how cute they are !!!

A lot of animals run right under their feet and gallop in front of their noses. You can stroke it calmly if you are not afraid. Here’s how these, for example

Or these

And these guys were generally very interested in whether I had something tasty?

And for a long time we were pursued

But most of the inhabitants went about their daily activities, completely oblivious to the visitors.Someone slept sweetly

While some sleep, others think of themselves as eagles

Someone’s in the middle of a date

Well, these are always in philosophical reasoning (after a hearty dinner)

And some are even wondering what I ate for lunch yesterday?

Others, like these flying foxes, just started at lunchtime

This lazy (literally) guy watched them with interest and all he had the strength to do was to open his mouth soundlessly when they fought noisily over a “piece of bread”

In general, the Singapore Zoo impressed me with the fact that in a relatively small area, a huge variety of flora and fauna is collected.Let’s quickly go over those who kindly agreed to pose for me.

Dwarf (mouse) deer

But I did not manage to photograph these tiny underground creatures (a dark room, and even through glass)

, so if you are interested, google it yourself. I don’t even know what to call them correctly when searching, they seem to be something like sand puppies.
Well, it’s time to show you those to whom I was striving so much on my birthday.Apparently, to conduct a comparative analysis, whose nose is cooler – mine or theirs?

This is the head of the family. It is easy to immediately identify it by this pear instead of a nose.

All the girls in his harem have much neater noses

But the father of this large family struck me on the spot!

In general, we would have walked around the zoo for a long time, if it had not started pouring rain … Yes, in fact, we are already hungry. We returned to the city, where, by the way, there was no rain and walked until the evening.But I’ll show it another time. Before returning to the hotel, we bought a bottle of good wine, and when we entered the room, we found a beautifully served table with a small but fantastically delicious chocolate cake (and I’m not a sweet tooth at all!), Candles and beautiful glasses. And how did they know that we were going to take the bottle with us? The birthday was a success. We sat on the balcony of the 26th floor, sipped delicious wine and admired Singapore at night! I will never forget this picture !!!

Cultural features of Singapore

NATIONAL FEATURES Holidays in Singapore are celebrated by the whole world, although each nation has its own religion.

Hari Raya Puasa – the end of the month of Ramadan, the tenth month in the so-called lunar Hijra, the Muslim calendar, is one of the most important holidays in Singapore. This is the day of the end of the Muslim fast, when during the month from dawn to dusk, Muslims should neither eat, drink, nor indulge in entertainment.

Chinese New Year is also a very revered and popular holiday. A few weeks before its onset, the Chinese dress in gold and red.People buy tangerine, lemon and orange trees and present their fruits to each other, as well as gifts in special hong bao packages. The streets and squares, which are filled with dancing Singaporeans, beat drums. It is especially interesting to watch the colorful Chingai parade with folk dances and boat races.

Hindu holidays such as Ponggal and Thaipusam are also widely celebrated by Indians in January / February. Residents of the “Little India” area cook rice porridge in pots – a symbol of fertility and flourishing of life.They sacrifice this porridge to the gods at the Sri Perumal temple on Serangun Road. During the Taipusam celebrations, a majestic procession of believers led by a man crowned with kawadis walks no less than three kilometers from the Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple to the Chettiar temple on Tank Road. Back in February, as well as in September, the Indians honor the monkey king Hanuman in the so-called monkey temple on Seng Poh Road.

On Good Friday in churches real performances about the crucifixion of Christ are performed, and in the Portuguese church of St.Joseph’s Church on Victoria Road and the Thomson Road Temple, they organize solemn processions with lit candles and singing of hymns.

On the spring holiday Kin Min the Chinese visit the graves of their ancestors.

In May, Vesak Day is widely celebrated – the birthday of Buddha, his inspiration and departure to nirvana. People all together meditate, pray and release birds from their cages.

Birthday of the Third Prince – “divine child” is celebrated in Chinese temples in May.Mediums in a trance inflict wounds on themselves with swords, dedicating blood to the gods, smearing it on pieces of paper, which they distribute to believers with a blessing.

In the Chinese pantheon, the Dragon is not at all the feisty Russian Serpent Gorynych. On the contrary, he brings health and wealth to the house, bestows strength and wisdom. Dragon Festival usually takes place in May. Try to get into Marina Bay these days for exciting and colorful boat races.

August 9 – Republic Day is one of the most sacred days for Singaporeans, although it has nothing to do with religion.In Padang or at the National Stadium, a parade takes place on this day, and fireworks are arranged in the evening.

In August, according to Chinese beliefs, the gates of Hell are opened and ghosts visit the living. “month of hungry ghosts” is coming. In order to appease them, incense sticks and money are being burned everywhere. Spirits also love to eat, so bowls of food are left for them on the windowsills and near the doorstep.

At the end of “Hungry Ghost Month” Moon Cookie Festival begins.The garden near the house is lit by hundreds of intricate paper lanterns, and as a treat, special cookies are prepared with a pasta filling, which includes lotus flowers, red beans, nuts, and candied duck egg yolks.

October is marked by the Indian holiday Navaratiri . On the streets and in temples, classical folk dances are performed, music sounds, theatrical performances are held in honor of the goddesses Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

On Timiti , believers undergo a fire purification ceremony in memory of the goddess Draupadi, the character of the Indian epic Ramayana, who passed through the flame to prove her virginity.This heartbreaking performance takes place at the Mariamman Temple on South Bridge Road.

According to legend, during the days of the holiday of the nine divine emperors (October / November), the influence of divine forces on believers is activated. Diseases are cured from this, and well-being and happiness come to the house. The festival is celebrated with performances of traditional Chinese opera and noisy, crowded processions with sculptures of gods being worn in painted palanquins.

In November-December, the houses of the Indians are colored with the softly iridescent lights of the lamps in honor of the onset of Deepavali – perhaps the most important Hindu holiday in Singapore.According to legend, the forces of light at this time defeat the forces of darkness. As, however, and on the main Christian holiday – Christmas (December 25), when the central street Orchard Road sparkles with solemn illumination. Crowds of people sing Christmas carols in the streets. HOLIDAYS Holidays and significant dates celebrated in Singapore reflect its multinational nature, diversity of religious concessions. The dates of many holidays change from year to year, as they are based on the lunar calendar.Non-working days in Singapore are:

  • January 1st – New Year

  • January-February – Chinese New Year

  • April-May – Hari Raya Puasa

  • March-April

    – Good Friday

    May 1 – Labor Day

  • May 6 – Vesak (festival in honor of Buddha)

  • June 1 – Hari Raya Haji

  • August 9 – National Day

  • October-November – Divapali (Indian festival of lights)

  • December 25 – Christmas


Member of LitMob “ Vampires

How well do you know the person you have known for so long, and why can you immediately confide in some stranger? Hypnosis, persuasion, sympathy, or just plain stupidity?
What can a best friend be hiding? The attack of a strange creature on the eve of Nastya’s birthday ended in tragedy and separation.She went to live with her parents in Singapore and completely changed her life. A year later, Dasha came to her birthday. The girl still looks around in fear. She sees this monster everywhere. Now she doesn’t trust anyone. After trauma and stress, she has to write down life events in her diary. On the plane, Dasha meets an obsessive stranger. He turns out to be a friend’s brother. Perhaps the brother and sister have a secret in common and they carefully hide it? Nastya thought that if you did not devote a friend to all the details of what was happening, you could save her from danger.Apparently, she was wrong and the long-awaited holiday could turn into a new misfortune.

All names and events are fictitious, any coincidences are accidental.

*** The novel is completed. I thank everyone who supported and will continue to support me in new stories, who wrote comments and just read, who liked it and did not. Thanks to all!***

And who has not read it yet, please, access is open 🙂

Please provide a link to this page and the author Krytya , if you plan to use the novel “Birthday” in any way on third-party resources.

Dear readers, I will be glad to add you to my friends.
Ratings and comments are welcome …

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Basic Information

Singapore – “Lion City”. In the 14th century, Chinese merchants described Singapore as a bare island inhabited by vicious pirates. According to a Malay legend, a Sumatran prince met a lion-like creature on the island, and this good omen prompted him to found the city of Singapore-Pura, which means “Lion City”, here.

Singapore is an island, river, city and state where three cultures have merged: Chinese, Indian and Arab. This is one of the most unusual places on Earth. Singapore is the pearl of Southeast Asia, combining an architectural tale of the twenty-first century, ultra-modern shopping and entertainment centers. Tourists are primarily impressed by the unique synthesis of modernity and tradition in Singapore. Labyrinths of ancient Chinese houses with tiled roofs and slender skyscrapers with first-class hotels harmoniously coexist with each other.

The surprising difference between Singapore and other Asian cities is its absolute cleanliness, tidiness and order. The island city also has entertainment for every taste. For example, the central tourist street of Singapore – Orchard Road, at night it sparkles with the lights of bars, discos and restaurants, and during the day it invites you to visit ultra-modern shops.

On the neighboring island of Sentosa – beautiful beaches, all kinds of water sports, golf courses, the largest attraction in Asia “Underwater World” and a delifinarium – everything is conducive to a magnificent, full of extraordinary impressions of rest.


The Republic of Singapore, a city-state in Southeast Asia, part of the Commonwealth led by Great Britain.

The country’s territory includes the small island of Singapore (42 km long and 23 km wide), as well as 59 small islets lying along its coast (the largest of them are Ubin, Tekong Besar, Brani, Sentosa, Semakau and Sudong), located at the southern tip of the Malacca Peninsula. Total area – 715 sq. km. Population over 5 million (2012).Singapore is a relatively wealthy country; the annual per capita income is approx. $ 22.5 thousand, and the country’s gold and foreign exchange reserves exceed $ 97 billion (1996).


Singapore is a parliamentary republic. The country has the 1959 constitution, which has been amended with a number of amendments (the latest in 1996). The head of state is the president, who has been elected since 1993 in a general election for a term of 6 years. Tony Tan Ken Yam has been holding the presidency, which is mostly representative.Executive power belongs to the cabinet of ministers headed by the prime minister, the president plays a more representative role, but in some cases he can veto critical decisions.


Equatorial marine, hot and humid. During the year, the air temperature changes little – from +26 C to +30 C all year round. The coldest time of the year is from November to January, when the temperature “drops” to + 24-26 C. Precipitation falls from 600 to 1300 mm. per year, mainly from December to March (northeast monsoon) and from June to September (southwest monsoon).There is relatively little rainfall between monsoon seasons, but it is usually accompanied by severe thunderstorms and short but powerful rainstorms. Relative humidity is kept at 64-96% all year round.


There are no restrictions on the import and export of currency. Passengers over the age of 18 can import duty-free up to 1 liter of wine, up to 1 liter of spirits and up to 1 liter of beer, confectionery and chocolate products up to S $ 50, personal items and other goods totaling S $ 300 (if the tourist stays in the country for less than 48 hours – no more than 150 Singapore dollars).There is no duty-free import of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Persons arriving in Singapore and carrying cigarettes or other tobacco products are required to declare them in the red corridor with the payment of duties and mandatory government fees (it is recommended to have receipts for payment of duties and taxes with you). Purchase, sale, transportation, storage, etc. goods for which customs duties have not been paid is a serious offense and is punishable by a fine (minimum $ 2,000) and / or imprisonment for up to six years.Chewing gum and tobacco products must be presented to the customs authorities.

It is prohibited to import drugs and psychotropic drugs, firecrackers, lighters in the form of weapons, pharmaceuticals in commercial quantities, counterfeit products, toy coins and banknotes, pornographic literature and video tapes, meat and meat products, as well as animals and plants listed in the Red Book, and products from them .. For the export of weapons, explosives, animals, poisons, medicines, telecommunications equipment, video discs, photographic and video tapes, precious stones and jewelry in quantities exceeding personal needs, a permit is required.


Singapore is a multi-religious country. 40% of the population is Buddhist. The majority of the Chinese population follow traditional beliefs that combine Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and ancient animism. Most Muslims are Malays, but other peoples also practice Islam. Christianity is held by 14% of the population; both Catholicism and other denominations are represented. But a significant portion of Singaporeans, especially among educated people, are atheists. On a national scale, the authorities are making significant efforts to neutralize the growing weight of religious movements, especially Islam.Since small Singapore is surrounded by two large Muslim countries – Indonesia and Malaysia, the issue of religion and loyalty from the Muslim minority is key for it.


The official languages ​​in Singapore are Malay, Mandarin Chinese, Tamil and English. The national language is considered “Malay”, and “English” is the administrative one. The official language in business and politics is also “English”, which is used by most Singaporeans on the streets and in shops.


Singapore dollar (international designation – SGD, within the country – S $), equal to 100 cents. In circulation there are banknotes in denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 10,000 Singapore dollars, as well as coins in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and 1 dollar. Also, the free circulation in the country has the Brunei dollar, which is equivalent to the Singapore dollar.


The majority of the population is Chinese – 76.8%. Malays of various origins make up 13.9%.Indians make up 7.9%, most of whom are Tamils, with a smaller number Malayali, Punjabis and Bengalis. Small groups are Arabs, Jews, Thais, Armenians, Japanese and Mestizos (Eurasians.)


As such, Singaporean cuisine is a blend of all the world’s culinary traditions. Here you can taste dishes of Chinese, Malay, Japanese, Indian, European, Mexican and Thai cuisine, including works of culinary art from any country in the world.There is practically no own cuisine here – everything that can be seen or tried in numerous restaurants, bars and cafes is borrowed.


Singapore has one of the most advanced transportation systems in the world, including subways, buses, trains, taxis, monorail, finiculators to nearby islands, and even domestic helicopter services. Everything is quite cheap and easy to use. An extensive bus network covers the entire island.Buses operate from 6 am to midnight. The metro has three lines, one of which starts at the airport. This is the fastest and cheapest way to get anywhere in the city. The fare on the metro is from S $ 0.8 to S $ 2, depending on the distance, on the bus – from $ 0.7 to $ 1.7 (on express routes – up to $ 2.35). The high-speed tram performs auxiliary functions in the remote areas of the island, bringing passengers to the metro. The main transport to the entertainment island of Sentosa is the cable car.It has three stations – Mount Faber, Harbor and Sentosa.

There are enough taxis, they all work with meters. Here are the offices of all major car rental companies, you can also rent a boat to make various excursions along the Singapore River. There is a regular ferry service between the World Trade Center and Sentosa and other islands, and you can also take a luxury boat tour of the harbor.


Time difference with Kazakhstan +2 hours


Country Code + 65

Singapore’s telecommunications system is very modern and efficient.Payphones operate on $ 2, $ 5, and $ 10 calling cards (available at post offices, commercial centers, and office supply stores) and on dimes (old-style phones). An international call can be made from any public telephone. Local calls from a public phone cost 10 cents for 3 minutes.

The international prefix is ​​001. All phones starting with 1800 belong to free public services.

Mobile communication of the GSM 900/1800 / 3G standard is provided by the operators MobileOne, SingTel and StarHub. The coverage area covers the entire island. Most cell numbers start with 011 or 010.


Police – 999

Ambulance and Fire Service – 995

Singapore General Hospital – 222 33 22

International Phone via Dispatcher / International Inquiry – 104


Clothing should be lightweight (preferably cotton).In many places it is permissible to appear in shorts. Tourists traveling on excursions are advised to wear light clothing.


Tipping is not customary in Singapore. For example, government officials, as well as employees of Changi Airport, are strictly prohibited from taking tips. Including is discouraged if employees of hotels and restaurants, as well as taxi drivers take a tip. Nevertheless, you can leave change as a reward for additional services rendered to you – calling a taxi or ordering tickets.


The voltage in the electricity networks of Singapore is 220V with a current frequency of 50Hz. Most hotels have outlets that accept both 3-flat rectangular plugs (UK standard) and 2-round plugs.


The water in Singapore is sanitized and safe to drink. Sanitary control monitors all food items, so there are no problems.


There are no recommendations for vaccinations or any preventive measures before traveling to Singapore.


January 1 – New Year

January-February – Chunjie (Spring Festival, Chinese New Year)

December-March – Muslim holidays Hari-Raya-Haji (holiday of sacrifice) and Hari-Raya-Puasa

April-May – Good Friday and Easter

May 6 – Vesak (Buddha’s birthday)

August 9 – Republic Day

December 25 – Christmas

According to the Muslim lunar calendar, religious holidays fall on different dates.In 2009, Ramadan falls between 21 August and 20 September. It should be borne in mind that all dates for religious events in the Islamic calendar begin at sunset and last until the next sunset.


Shopping centers and shops are open from 10.00 to 21.00 on weekdays (on weekends until 22.00).

Banks work from Monday to Friday from 9.30-10.00 to 15.00, on Saturday – from 9.30-11.00 to 13.00. Many major bank branches on Orchad Road are open on Sundays from 9.30 to 15.00. Exchange offices are located in most shopping centers, but they work from 10.00-11.00 to 17.00, some – until 20.00-21.00. Therefore, you should worry about currency exchange in advance.


Singapore is an amazing metropolis, about which it is said that the head of this city is in the future, and the soul is in the past.
Singapore – this is ultra-modern skyscrapers and old quarters with small houses, luxurious supermarkets and tiny Chinese shops, busy streets and calm, immersed in greenery, parks and orchid gardens, embankments with numerous restaurants, where the cuisine of almost all countries, Hindu and Buddhist temples, golden-domed mosques.
All tourists have a chance to visit the LUCK fountain, which fully justifies its name (Suntec Complex)

Cities and resorts of Singapore

The capital of the state – the city of Singapore – is bright, modern and, as is often the case in Asia, striking with contrasts. Its heart is the Central District: administrative and business districts plus the colonial part of the 19th century. Iconic landmarks are the Victorian Impress Place Building with a museum and restaurant, Parliament, St.Andrew and the Good Shepherd and, of course, the famous Marina Bay with the hotel of the same name – a revived illustration for a futuristic story.

Living in the center is expensive, but convenient: there will be no problems with transport, shopping, or the cultural program.

The largest area of ​​Singapore – Chinatown, bustling, crowded and true to tradition. The Chinese Baroque buildings dotted with signage houses an endless string of cheap hostels, cafes and shops, where you can find anything from shark fins to swallow’s nests for mere pennies.

In some places on the streets there are mirrors to scare away evil spirits: a sure sign that a fortuneteller, tarot reader or feng shui master is hiding nearby.

Another picturesque quarter – Little India. It is impossible to leave here without shopping: the counters are full of precious jewelry, fragrant spices and colorful sarees. The Arab region is centered around the Sultan Mosque, with its spectacular golden dome. Trade is also boiling on the local streets: carpets, sarongs and silk are snapped up by tourists eager for exoticism.

The most fashionable area of ​​Singapore is Orchard Road with fashionable hotels, shopping malls, clubs and restaurants. The main pearl is the Botanical Garden, recognized as one of the best in the world. And Jurong is an industrial center, more like a separate city.

Diverse Singapore is not only the capital, but also the surrounding islands. The most famous is Sentosa with unusually beautiful nature and a whole collection of entertainment: the huge Underwater World Oceanarium, the Butterfly Park, the Universal Studios complex.On Pulau Ubin Island you can enjoy the tranquility of fishing villages, while on Pulau Tekong you can stroll through virgin forests and relax on deserted beaches.


The weather in Singapore is the benchmark for stability: winter and summer temperatures differ by only 1-2 ° C. The climate on the island is tropical monsoon, which means that you should put an umbrella in your suitcase before traveling: it rains here all year round. The only question is the intensity: from November to February, real showers fall on the country, which do not subside for several days in a row, at best, they stop for a couple of hours.Therefore, it is better to go to Singapore from March to October: spring and autumn are warm here, and in summer there is every chance to see the sights without getting wet to the skin.

Tourist Cards

The Singapore Tourist Pass and Singapore Tourist Pass Plus are specially designed for the smart traveler, helping to cut budgets both for city transportation and for some travel pleasures. The cost of the first card is from 10 SGD for 1 day to 20 SGD for 3 days, the Plus subscription is 30-40 SGD, respectively.To the indicated amounts, you need to add 10 SGD each, which is given back when the card is returned within 5 days from the date of purchase. Both passes are sold at tourist offices and TransitLink ticket offices located at metro stations.

The Singapore Tourist Pass gives the holder an unlimited number of free rides on any public transport, while the Plus Card also includes free admission to the Chinatown Cultural Heritage Center and a cocktail compliment at a cozy riverside café. All the details are at the (in English).


The country’s monetary unit is the Singapore dollar (SGD), in 1 dollar 100 cents.

Currency in Singapore is exchanged at banks and official exchange offices located in hotels, shopping centers and some metro stations and marked with Licensed Money Changer signs. On weekdays, banks are open from 9:30 to 16:30, on Saturdays – until 13:00, Sunday is a day off. The working hours of most exchange offices are 10: 00-17: 00, in some places the regime is extended until 20:00.You can change money immediately upon arrival, in the arrivals area or at the baggage claim counter. The most favorable rate is in Little India exchangers. Russian rubles are not accepted for exchange.

Tipping is not accepted in Singapore, however, the most generous tourists still reward maids, administrators and porters 1-2 SGD for their efforts.

Bank cards are accepted everywhere, they can even pay for taxi fares, although in this case a commission of up to 15% is added to the standard tariff.ATMs only issue local currency (20-2000 SGD per transaction), and many of them do not accept Russian credit cards, so it is best to always have cash with you in reserve.

How to avoid problems

Draconian bans in Singapore lie in wait for the relaxed traveler at every step – be vigilant and carefully read the inscriptions on all prohibition signs. Gambling and chewing gum are prohibited in the country. Garbage thrown on the street is subject to a fine of 300-1000 SGD, and for repeated violations, they may well go to jail.Smoking in closed public places, buses, elevators, cinemas, theaters, government offices, restaurants and shops is prohibited by law, the fine is the same – 500-1000 SGD. Prepare to pay 500 SGD for crossing the road in the wrong place, the same amount will be charged for eating food in public transport or driving in a car without wearing a seat belt.

The crime rate in the country is very low: literally you can leave things, documents and even money anywhere – they will not be stolen.When visiting temples and mosques, hands and feet should be covered with clothes. When entering Indian temples and mosques, you are supposed to take off your shoes; this should be done when entering the houses and apartments of local residents. It is forbidden to photograph and film images of the Buddha in Buddhist temples.

Tap water in Singapore is sanitized and safe to drink.

To help withstand the heat, it is best to wear light cotton clothing. At the same time, do not forget about the air conditioning systems, which are stuffed with almost all shops and office buildings: a light jumper with long sleeves will definitely not be superfluous.

Singapore Beaches – Until recently, beach holidays in Singapore were not very popular: tourists were alarmed by the proximity of a giant port that pollutes the water. But the use of innovative cleaning systems and the active development of infrastructure are changing the situation for the better. Now there are many beaches, all of them are free, equipped with toilets, changing cabins, showers and even lockers for storing valuables with a combination lock.

Sun beds and umbrellas – for a fee: an average of 20 SGD per day.

The best beaches in the capital are concentrated in the east. “East Coast Park” is famous for its well-groomed, clean sea and gentle sandy bottom. Changi Coast near the airport is a great place for cycling and camping, but the water is dirty here.

The most famous Singaporean beaches are located on Sentosa Island: the sea here is surprisingly clear, the landscapes are amazing. Palawan Beach is always full of families with children: there is a water amusement park, and a whole scattering of cafes and restaurants.Siloso Beach is a paradise for active youth: beach volleyball, extreme entertainment and dancing to loud music will not let you get bored even for a minute. “Tanjong Beach” is suitable for a romantic getaway: during the day it is calm here, and closer to the night it is time for sultry parties.

Fans of wild recreation are relaxing on other, while less popular islands. On St. John’s – first-class diving, on Pulau Ubin – cozy fishing villages, on Kusu – picturesque lagoons, hidden from prying eyes.Instead of the benefits of civilization – absolute harmony with nature.


Singapore cannot be called a diving Mecca, but there are still several places worthy of diving attention. For vivid impressions, it is enough to drive to literally any of the nearby islands, except for the noisy Sentosa. Off the coast of St. John’s, sea eagles and sea cucumbers are found; in the crystal clear waters, you can see representatives of authentic flora and fauna even at great depths. Moray eels, puffer, parrotfish, stingrays, sea urchins and giant molluscs, which look very impressive surrounded by colorful corals, are found off the coast of Pulau Kapas.

Average cost for a pair of dives with an instructor – 180 SGD excluding equipment.

Pulau Redang is a habitat for red anemones, seahorses and turtles, sometimes even sharks swim here. At Pulau Tioman Island, flocks of colorful tropical fish, barracudas and spotted perches await divers. And off the coast of Bintan, Indonesia, experienced divers can explore the holds and decks of 6 ships that sank during World War II. There are ferries from the Singapore port, the trip takes only 45 minutes, you do not need an Indonesian visa.

Shopping and shops in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore is a delight for the generous and sophisticated: the abundance of technology, clothing, cosmetics and jewelry dazzles the eyes, only the prices are comparable to European and American ones. Luxury brand stores are concentrated on the shopping street Orchard Road: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and other brands that need no introduction delight discerning customers. Here you can also find iconic Asian goods: CYC shirts, Risis and Purple Gold jewelry, Tessere leather bags, and Eu Yan Sang pharmacy cosmetics.In terms of concentration of fashion brands, only the Marina Bay Sands Hotel can be compared to Orchard Road.

Tourists with a less tight wallet are waiting for Bagis Village street with shops of democratic brands. The quality of the local products is average, but you can and should bargain with might and main. The best markets in the city are Geylang Serai and Tiong Bahru, with fresh produce and exotic foods like shark meat. Singapore shops are open from 10:00 to 21:00, on weekends until 22:00, only small shops are closed for lunch.

It is most profitable to shop during the period of the only Singaporean Grand Sale, which starts at the end of May and lasts until July-August. Prices in stores fall by 50-70%.

The most popular souvenirs from Singapore are spice sets, silk umbrellas and fans with bizarre patterns, Merlion figurines repeating the outline of the city’s main fountain, medicinal herbs, ceramic vases and handmade batik. An expensive but impressive gift is the golden orchid: a living flower immersed in precious metal.Artifacts of other cultures are also brought from multinational Singapore: oriental carpets from the Arab quarter, Chinese silk from Chinatown, painted sarees from Little India.

Cuisine and Restaurants – Singaporean cuisine is a unique phenomenon: there are no national culinary traditions in the country, but there is an incredible combination of Indian, Chinese, Malay and European recipes. Do not forget about the Indonesian, Ceylon and Middle Eastern notes, which make the taste of local dishes unique.Singaporean chefs are not afraid to experiment: British roast beef can be served with Chinese sauce, and Peking duck with Indian spices. It turns out original and tasty, which will be gladly confirmed by thousands of gourmets from all over the world who leave the country well-fed and satisfied.

Average bill for dinner in a restaurant – from 85 SGD, for lunch in a cafe – 15-30 SGD per person. The prices on the menu are indicated without taxes and fees, and this is another plus 15-20%.

Singaporeans borrowed from Chinese cuisine Hainanese chicken with steamed rice, as well as noodles with dumplings stuffed with shrimp or pork.Gastronomic gifts from India – thosai with vegetables, fruits or meat, roti prata pancakes with curry sauce, tandoori chicken marinated in yogurt. Sate kebabs on bamboo sticks, nasi-lemak rice with peanuts, eggs, anchovies and cucumbers and ayam-buah-keluak meat with nuts are the Malay guests on the Singaporean menu. Of the soups, it is worth trying “bak-kut-tekh” made from pork ribs. For breakfast, we recommend kaya sandwiches with coconut jam, herbs, cheese or ham – the perfect addition to a cup of coffee.

In Singapore, people eat with chopsticks, forks and spoons, but table knives are rarely served here.

Singaporeans are literally obsessed with food, considering it one of the main ways of converging cultures. Lunch and dinner most often not in restaurants, but in street eateries, reminiscent of European food courts. The food there is tasty and cheap: any of the many national dishes costs 2-5 SGD. There are dozens of fish restaurants on the island serving freshly caught seafood. The bars at large hotels offer excellent cocktail and wine lists.

Rest with children:
Are you planning to have a rest with children? Take an amazing journey through the parks of Singapore. Present the kids with a fairy tale and unforgettable impressions of a variety of adventures.
The program includes the best parks of Sentosa Island.

Universal Park in Singapore is divided into the following thematic zones:
Zones “Madagascar” and “Far Away State” host spectacular shows that will amaze both children and adults. Visitors can also “plunge” into Shrek’s homely swamp or have fun with King Julian at the beach party after the river trip, which creates the effect of being in particularly impressive movie scenes.
Adventurers can travel back to the 30s of the last century – in the very middle of the golden era of Egyptian excavations.
Visitors will discover the mysterious Sphinx, the pyramids of the famous pharaohs, and the mummies in the Mummy’s Revenge attraction.
At Lost World Zone, adventurers will meet the formidable dinosaurs from Universal Jurassic Park in Singapore, while at the Waterworld site, visitors to Universal Park will experience dangerous stunt numbers and stunts that defy death itself.
In Hollywood, vacationers will find a Broadway-style theater show based on the famous Hollywood Pantages Theater .
Science fiction fans will have a separate city at their disposal. If desired, they can even take part in the battle of the “People” against the “Clones” on the Battlestar Galactica site.

Adventure Cove Water Park has become the new long-awaited attraction of the Singapore flora and fauna park on Sentosa Island, on the territory of the Resort’s World Sentosa entertainment complex.
For thrill-seekers, we offer you to evaluate the first hydromagnetic roller coaster in Southeast Asia – Rocket “Flicker Current” .
Like a beginner caught in a rebounding wave, you will be thrown up and down at incredible speed, and twisted in sharp turns.
Another attraction is a pool of artificial waves “Blue Lagoon” and a 620-meter winding river, revealing landscapes of tropical jungle, caves and surrounding aquariums. Visitors to the park can also go snorkeling with the Rainbow Reef fish or feed the stingrays.Those who wish can swim with sharks or dolphins. After the water park, you have one more place that you need to visit the S.E.A. Oceanarium. Aquarium (opening hours from 10-19: 00). In the aquarium, with a volume of 45 million liters of seawater, about 100,000 marine animals are represented.
The Oceanarium is divided into 10 residence zones and consists of 49 marine habitats. The central aquarium is the open ocean area, which has the world’s largest panoramic viewing panel, 36 m wide and 8.3 m high.This size of the aquarium should give visitors the illusion of being on the seabed.
The world’s largest collection of manta rays is presented in the aquarium, and you can also see bottlenose dolphins (24 individuals), bronze hammer fish, Japanese spider crabs, as well as rare species of marine animals such as stingrays or nautilus pompilius.

Holidays and Events

Despite the tiny size of the country, there are many celebrations and festivals in Singapore.The most colorful and colorful national festivals are the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the Hindu holidays of Ponggal and Thaipusam in February, the Hougang Spring Festival (at the end of February) and the Birthday of God the Child on May 1. Also of interest are the Dragon Boat Festival in May-June, the festival of classical Indian dance and music – the Chettar Temple Festival and the Timiti Fire Purification Ceremony (in October).

Navaratri (“Nine Luminaries” in Tamil), taking place in October, brings Indian songs and dances to Singapore in honor of the Hindu goddesses Durga and Lakshmi-Saraswati.And November Deepavali – the most important Hindu holiday of the country, marks the victory of Light over Darkness.

Of the social events, the most interesting are the famous National Food Festival or Singapore Food Festival in July, the Spring City Festival (January-February), the Singapore Fashion Festival (March-April) and the Singapore Jewelry Festival in September. The Singapore Writers’ Festival is an event held every two years to celebrate the best talent in contemporary literature.And since 2008, the Formula 1 races have been held in Singapore, beginning at the end of September. The only night Formula 1 in the world is also held here.

In January-February, the holiday of spring, Chunjie, is celebrated, and from December to March – the Muslim holidays Hari-Raya-Haji (holiday of sacrifice) and Hari-Raya-Puasa – the end of Ramadan from April to May. Good Friday and Easter are also celebrated from April to May. The birthday of Buddha (or Wesak) is celebrated here on May 6.

Stock Market Holidays Calendar –

92,264 90,000 Day 8 August in history

Builder’s Day.

Celebrated annually on the second Sunday in August. The holiday was established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated September 6, 1955.

The builder is one of the oldest professions in the world. Today, this industry employs about 2 million Russians. Thanks to them, new residential quarters and industrial complexes, as well as social, transport and energy infrastructure facilities are being built.

In 2020, 82.2 million square meters were built in Russia.meters of housing, which is 143 thousand square meters. meters more than in 2019.


Celebrated at the initiative of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

On August 8, 1967 in Bangkok, five countries of Southeast Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, signed the ASEAN Declaration (better known as the “Bangkok Declaration”).

Today, ten countries are ASEAN members: Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.Papua New Guinea and East Timor have observer status. The organization was created for the development of socio-economic and cultural cooperation of the member states, the consolidation of peace and stability in the region.

International Mountaineering Day.

On August 8, 1786, the Swiss Michel-Gabriel Packard and his mountain guide Jacques Balma were the first of all climbers to reach the summit of Mont Blanc. The highest point of the Alps is 4810 meters above sea level.

Since then, all the conquerors of the peaks celebrate their holiday on August 8.

International Day of Ophthalmology.

Celebrated on the birthday of the famous Russian ophthalmologist Svyatoslav Fedorov (1927-2000). The idea of ​​creating this holiday belongs to the Russian doctor Tamaz Mchedlidze. It has been supported by experts in many countries around the world.

Svyatoslav Fyodorov is a highly professional microsurgeon-ophthalmologist who has created a new direction in the treatment of eye diseases.

World Cat Day.

Celebrated in many countries around the world since 2002.The creation of the holiday was initiated by the International Animal Welfare Foundation.

According to various sources, there are more than 250 breeds of domestic cats in the world. And it is almost impossible to count all the cats living on Earth. The largest number of these animals live in Australia. There are 90 cats per 100 inhabitants.

In some countries this holiday is celebrated on other days. For example, in Russia, England and China – on March 1, in Japan – on February 22, in Italy – on November 17.

21 years ago (2000) the Order of St. George was restored as the highest military award in Russia

On August 8, 2000, a decree of the President of the Russian Federation was signed, which approved the statute of the award, the Regulation on the insignia – St. George’s Cross and their description.

Originally, the Order of St. George was established in 1769 by Catherine II. The motto of the award is “For Service and Courage!” It was awarded exclusively to the military “for courage, jealousy and zeal for military service and for encouragement in the art of war.”

In total, 23 people were awarded the order of the 1st degree, about 120 people of the 2nd degree, about 640 people of the 3rd degree, and about 15 thousand people of the 4th degree. Field marshals Mikhail Kutuzov, Mikhail Barclay de Tolly, Ivan Paskevich and Ivan Dibich had all four awards.

After the October Revolution, the order was abolished, and in 1992 the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation decided to restore it.

The Order of St. George “is awarded to senior and senior officers for conducting military operations to defend the Fatherland in the event of an external enemy attack, which ended in the complete defeat of the enemy, as well as for conducting military and other operations on the territory of other states while maintaining or restoring international peace and security, which have become an example of the art of war, whose exploits serve as an example of valor and courage and who have been awarded state awards of the Russian Federation for the distinction shown in hostilities. “

There are four grades of the order. Cavaliers of the Order of I and II degrees are awarded a sign and a star, and III and IV – only a sign. The names of the awardees are inscribed on marble boards in the St. George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

Colonel-General Sergei Makarov, Commander of the North Caucasian Military District, became the first holder of the Order of the IV degree on August 18, 2008. He was awarded for the successful conduct of the operation in the conflict zone in South Ossetia.

76 years ago (1945) in accordance with the decisions of the Yalta and Potsdam conferences, after Japan’s refusal to fulfill the demands for unconditional surrender, the Soviet government announced that from August 9, 1945, the USSR would consider itself at war with Japan.

This was the last major military campaign of World War II. In 24 days, the Japanese Kwantung Army, located in Manchuria, was defeated by Soviet troops under the command of Alexander Vasilevsky, Rodion Malinovsky and Kirill Meretskov.

On September 2, 1945, on board the American battleship Missouri, Japanese Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu, as a representative of the Emperor and the Japanese government, and Chief of the General Staff, General Yoshijiro Umezu, signed the “Act of Japan’s Unconditional Surrender.”

The peace treaty between the USSR and Japan was never signed. On December 12, 1956, the Soviet-Japanese declaration entered into force, which declared the state of war between the two countries to be terminated.

80 years ago (1941) during the Great Patriotic War, Soviet aviation carried out the first bombardment of military installations in Berlin.

In response to the massive air raids on Moscow, which the fascist German aviation began to carry out from the end of July, the headquarters of the High Command decided to start bombing Berlin.The initiators were Admiral Nikolai Kuznetsov, People’s Commissar of the USSR Navy, and Semyon Zhavoronkov, Aviation Lieutenant General.

The operation was entrusted to the 1st mine-torpedo aviation regiment of the 8th air brigade of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet Air Force under the command of Colonel Yevgeny Preobrazhensky.

In the evening of August 7, a group of 13 DB-3 bombers took off from the Cahul airfield on Ezel Island. At 01:30 am on August 8, Soviet pilots began bombing Berlin.

The raid on the city was a complete surprise for the German fascist leadership, since they did not expect such an attack.In the morning, German radio stations reported that British pilots attacked Berlin at night and were almost completely destroyed. In turn, the British said that their aircraft did not carry out raids. Only after the announcement of the Soviet Union, it became clear that the bombing was carried out by Soviet pilots and during the departure they did not lose a single aircraft.

By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated August 13, 1941, for the successful completion of the mission, all the pilots who took part in the raid on Berlin were awarded state awards.

80 years ago (1941) during the Great Patriotic War, the first concert brigade went to the front.

It was formed by the Central House of Artists. In total, during the war years, 1 million 350 thousand artistic performances, 473 thousand concerts and performances took place directly in a combat situation. The front was visited by about 4 thousand artistic brigades. More than 40 thousand creative workers took part in their concerts.

97 years ago (1924) the first regular intracity bus line appeared in Moscow.

The first attempts to organize bus traffic in Moscow were made at the beginning of the 20th century. A trial line of “automobile lines” was opened in July 1907 between the outpost near Maryina Roshcha and Ostankino. A year later, the first private bus lines to suburban areas appeared in the capital.

In May 1924, the Moscow municipal services organized a trial run of several imported buses and home-made buses converted from trucks along the dacha line Presnenskaya Zastava – Serebryany Bor.The operation of this route gave good results and it was decided to make it regular.

The first regular intracity bus line ran from Kalanchevskaya Square through the center to Tverskaya Zastava. Eight British 28-seater Leyland buses were purchased especially for this route.

121 years ago (1900) the Davis Cup was established.

In 1899, four Harvard University students decided to hold a tennis tournament between the national teams.One of them – Dwight Davis – not only developed the scheme of the tournament, but also bought a prize for the winner with his own money. It was a silver salad bowl with gilding, 33 centimeters high, 45 centimeters in diameter.

In the first tournament, which took place in Brookline (USA) in 1900, the teams of the USA and Great Britain took part. The victory was won by tennis players from the United States. Subsequently, teams from Belgium, Austria, France and Australasia (the combined team of Australia and New Zealand) became participants in the tournament.

This tennis tournament received its modern name in 1945 after the death of Dwight Davis.

Today the Davis Cup is the most prestigious trophy in men’s tennis. More than 140 teams take part in the tournament. The cash prize pool, formed in 1981, is US $ 8.5 million.

122 years ago (1899) American inventor Albert Marshall patented the refrigerator.

The beneficial properties of cold for preserving food have been known since ancient times.For example, in ancient Egypt, ice was delivered from mountain glaciers for rulers and wealthy citizens. In order to bring it safe and sound, it was carefully covered, and upon arrival it was put in underground storage facilities.

In Russia, “glaciers” have been equipped for long-term storage of food. These were underground or semi-underground rooms, on the floor of which ice was laid in winter. The “glaciers” were well insulated and it didn’t melt until almost the next winter. Meat, fish and other supplies were stored in them all year round.

In 1748, the Scottish physician William Callen assembled the first refrigeration unit, the principle of which was similar to a modern refrigerator.

First, on August 8, 1899, the refrigerator was patented by the inventor from Minnesota Albert Marshall. 12 years later, General Motors began to produce refrigerators, more or less similar to modern ones. However, they made a very loud noise and, due to the fact that they were running on gas, did not smell very good. A few years later, the Danish engineer Stindrup eliminated these shortcomings.

In the USSR, the first refrigerators were created in 1937 at the Kharkov Tractor Plant, but their mass production was mastered only in the 1960s.


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