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How-To Create and Print Free Gift Certificates Tutorial Guide

Learn how-to make and print free gift certificates, simply follow our tutorial guide and use our free gift certificate templates.

Supported browsers:

Gift certificate creation has been tested and should work on the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Display As Image button for saving should work on all browsers, however Download button may not work on Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, but should be supported on Chrome and Firefox.

Internet Explorer 8 and lower versions are not supported, because they do not support HTML5 canvas. Please use a different browser or upgrade.

Creating a custom gift certificate:

Select a gift certificate template that you want to use, fill in the blank fields with your information and click the “Create” button.

Here is some additional information and ideas about filling out your custom gift certificate template.

Company: Enter a company or a business name. Leave blank if not needed.

To: Name of the person or organization for which the gift certificate is intended for. You can enter something generic such as “Valued Customer” if you want to have pre-printed certificates. Required field, otherwise a blank To: will be shown.

From: If a person is buying a certificate for someone else you can enter their name in here. You can also display your company or business name in this field instead of the company field. Required field, otherwise a blank From: will be shown.

Value: Enter an amount that the certificate is worth, the money symbol $ followed by a space is already entered into this field. You can erase it and enter text instead if needed. Required field, otherwise a blank Value: will be shown.

Expiry Date: Enter an expiry date, the default text is “Expiry Date: 01/01/2025”. You can also change this field to “Issued Date: 01/01/2025” or “Valid from date to date”. Some countries, states or provinces may not allow expiry dates on purchased gift certificates, research your area and verify the exact laws. Remove text and leave blank if not needed.

Certificate #: A certificate number is used to track the certificate. For best results you should generate a random certificate number or id, you can also enter something random yourself. Make sure to keep a record of each certificate number for each gift certificate you issue, this will help to avoid counterfeit certificates. The default text in this field is “#: 00000001” you should change it. Remove text and leave blank if not needed.

Address/Phone, Terms Line 1, Terms Line 2: All three of these lines display in small text starting from the bottom center of the certificate. You can enter your address, phone, website or any additional information you wish. You can also use these fields to enter terms or conditions for your gift certificate. Leave blank if not needed.

Common terms and conditions for certificates include: non-transferable, no cash refund, not redeemable for cash, no replacement for lost or stolen gift certificates.

Take some time and research the laws in your area to find out which terms and conditions are allowed to be entered into purchasable gift certificates. Some countries prohibit expiry dates or fees on purchasable gift certificates and require contact information to be present.

Saving your gift certificate:

Using Display As Image button

Computer: After you have filled in your details and clicked the “Create” button, click “Display As Image” button, your gift certificate will show up as a second image on the page, below the first preview image. Position your mouse cursor on the new second image and right click, you should see a menu option “Save Image As” or “Save Picture As” left click it, and you can save your certificate to your computer as a PNG file. Give your gift certificate a new recognizable name if you wish and save it to your computer in a location you can find later.

Phone/Tablet/Mobile Device: Similarly after you have filled in the information you want and pressed the “Create” button, press “Display As Image” button, a second image of your gift certificate will show up on the page. Press and hold on this image and you should see an option to download the image to your device.

Using Download button

After you have entered the information you need and pressed the “Create” button, press the “Download” button. The gift certificate should download to your device automatically, you will find your gift certificate in your default download location as a PNG image file.

Download button may not work on all browsers, especially Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, use Display As Image method outlined above in such a case.

Printing your gift certificate:

After your have created your gift certificate and saved it to your computer or mobile device, find the location you have saved it to and open it, from there you can print it.

If you wish you might also be able to open the second image created by “Display As Image” button in a new tab to print directly from your browser, this may not work on all browsers or devices. You can try this by right clicking the second image and seeing if there is an option to “Open image in a new tab”.

The gift certificate resolution is 650 x 350 pixels. For best results set print scale to 100%, portrait mode with at least 300 dpi resolution or more and print in color.

The gift certificates should ideally print to 6.81″ x 3.66″ inches or 17.3 cm x 9.3 cm on default 8.5″ x 11″ letter sized paper. If you want a smaller size adjust printing scale accordingly, some testing may be required for best results.

9 Free Sample Birthday Voucher Templates

Download these 9 Free Sample Birthday Voucher Templates to design and print your own Birthday Voucher easily.

It’s a common tradition and more of a social convention that when it’s the birthday of someone around you i.e. family member, coworker or a friend, you will wish him with good thoughts and will give him a gift to show your friendship or love for that person. This way we can say that it’s a common thing now that people have to buy presents for dozens of times throughout the year. This can be a little challenging and overwhelming. From the perspective of the birthday person, he usually knows what he is getting as gifts from his family members and friends so the really good gift would be a complete surprise. With a Birthday Voucher, you can still give a gift to the birthday person along with a choice to get what they want or like.

There are basically two types of birthday vouchers including the customized personal vouchers and the vouchers that you get from popular places i.e. gift shops. This will be a personal voucher where you only put what’s important for you or your family. On the other hand, you can also find these vouchers at gift shops and other places i.e. beauty salon, SPA or at local gym and if you want the voucher for your friend or spouse, you will tell them what to put on the voucher and other things i.e. expiry date, return value of the voucher etc.

  • The easiest thing to get a Birthday Voucher would be to go to a place that offers these vouchers and coupons and ask them to prepare one for your loved one. But, this won’t be as special and exciting as a voucher that you create by yourself and put something unique on it that only you and your closed ones can understand.
  • Another tip is to visit various websites and see if you find a readymade design. If there is a design that you like, you will be asked to put written content in it and just by paying a little money, you can download and print the voucher on your computer.
  • Just to make sure that when you give the voucher to the birthday person, he also feels the personal touch in it, you can also design and create your own birthday voucher. It’s not very hard and you don’t need to have expert designing skills but simple know how of MS Word or Adobe Photoshop is enough.
  • Start with the theme of the voucher and select a suitable color scheme for the voucher. If you want to work with a theme, only use the colors that match with that particular theme.
  • Next thing is to select an image to put on the voucher. Here you can use the picture of the birthday kid or person or something that inspires you and you think will be perfect for the voucher i.e. a person having massage for a Massage center voucher or a girl having haircut for a beauty salon voucher.
  • Include the details including the name of the person who will receive the voucher and can cash it later, the name of the person who is buying the voucher, date on which the voucher is being made, the date on which it will expire and the details of services or items that the birthday person can get with the voucher.

Here is preview of This First Sample Birthday Voucher Template in MS Word format.

Download link for this Sample Birthday Voucher Voucher Template.

Here is preview of another Sample Birthday Voucher Template in MS Word format.

Download link for this Sample Birthday Voucher Voucher Template.

Here is preview of another Sample Birthday Voucher Template in MS Word format.

Download link for this Sample Birthday Voucher Voucher Template.

Here is preview of another Sample Birthday Voucher Template in MS Word format.

Download link for this Sample Birthday Voucher Voucher Template.

Here is preview of another Sample Birthday Voucher Template created using MS Word,


Download link for this Sample Birthday Voucher Voucher Template.

Here is preview of another Sample Birthday Voucher Template in MS Word format.

Download link for this Sample Birthday Voucher Voucher Template.

Here is preview of another Sample Birthday Voucher Template in MS Word format.

Download link for this Sample Birthday Voucher Voucher Template.

Here is preview of another Sample Birthday Voucher Template in MS Word format.

Download link for this Sample Birthday Voucher Voucher Template.

Here is preview of another Sample Birthday Voucher Template in PDF Format,


Here is download link for this Sample Birthday Voucher Voucher Template,


birthday voucher template

Free Printable Birthday Coupon Template. What is the most essential thing or resource for an organization or business? Gift Certificate Templates to make your own certificates 965408 Free Gift Certificate Templates 600298 Our intention is that these birthday vouchers templates photos collection can be a resource for you, bring you more references and also present you what you looking for. Happy Birthday Certificate Template. After doing the layout, input the necessary details immediately. 123 Certificates offers free printable awards and birthday certificates to print. Since you’re making a birthday voucher, you need to make sure that it’s contents are relevant to its purpose. Feb 7, 2014 – Cute printable birthday coupons for kids. People celebrate their birthdays in different ways. Whether you offer to be their workout buddy for the day or bring them a home-cooked meal, the … These are free printable birthday party awards you can edit to make:a certificate for the birthday boy, a certificate for the birthday girl, birthday certificates for teachers to give, and awards for game winners, and party guests. When you’re ready, print your finished design and add it to any card or present. If you don’t mind share your comment with us and our followers at […] 8 Birthday Voucher Templates – Free Templates | Need to make changes? Design your vouchers accordingly. Attempting to purchase something that your loved one will truly love and cherish can be difficult. To do this, you will need to delete the dummy text. Get it FREE in Word format. No registration required! Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. 153,563,580 stock photos online. Available in 8.5×4. You have to step down as a seller and view things from the perspective of the buyer. Be creative with your layout as you have the freedom to play with the components such as color schemes, font sizes, font styles, borders, and even shapes. Grab a birthday gift certificate template from Canva to show how much you care. free t certificate template word certificate t voucher 587400 balloons birthday t certificate template 587276 We have a great hope these free birthday voucher template pictures gallery can be a guidance for you, give you more examples and of course bring you what you need. Your template download has started automatically. Children may not like the black and white background. It’s a common tradition and more of a social convention that when it’s the birthday of someone around you i.e. JotForm’s Birthday Gift Certificate PDF Template will automatically generate personalized PDF gift certificates that lucky birthday boys and girls can print out or access on their phones during checkout. Birthdays are more than receiving gifts; rather it is an opportunity to give thanks. These gift voucher templates can be used for many purposes: birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion. Finally, if you’re stuck on what to get the birthday person, gift certificate birthday templates always bring a smile. They are perfect when you give someone money and need to attach a gift card. There are more than 60 different designs available, and they are all free. Instantly Download Birthday Voucher Templates, Samples & Examples in Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML). They are trendy because they allow you to design a unique gift either for a family member, friend, client, or employee. New users enjoy 60% OFF. 46 Printable Birthday Coupon Templates For Every Party … VOUCHER (2 days ago) Birthday coupons make great gifts for friends, so gift your BFF printable coupons for a celebration to remember. Here in, we offer you the chance to create high-quality vouchers that’ll attract people into getting them! This template for gift certificate is perfect for those last-minute birthday gift ideas. Feb 7, 2014 – Cute printable birthday coupons for kids. Increase the effectiveness of your business’s p with the use of our 100% editable, fully customizable, beautifully made, well-crafted, and printable birthday voucher templates! We have an extensive collection of various design elements, including icons, fonts, stock photos, graphics, illustrations, and videos. Here we have a pre-built gift voucher template that has blank editable fields to make custom gift vouchers either for personal or business use. You can edit the text of this fun and colorful birthday gift certificate template to add a personalized message. If you’re using the voucher for your significant other, you should allow your partner to hand in the voucher for a relaxing foot rub. Please share your thought with us and our readers at […] The possibilities are endless and using your creativity will ensure you’re able to come up with something amazing for your loved one. COUPON (2 days ago) Instantly Download Birthday Voucher Templates, Samples & Examples in Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML). If you are following old links or old bookmarks, please see the category preview page and click on the certificate template you’d like to make. After printing the desired amount, you can proceed to distribute them to the different establishments where your target customers frequent. You can keep track of birthdays with free birthday templates for calendars or lists. Apr 10, 2014 – Free printable gift voucher template available in various designs and colours. Also, including terms and conditions is highly suggested so that your recipients will further understand how they may be able to use the birthday voucher without running into any issues. Quickly Customize. There are endless customizable options. Of course, the voucher could also be transformed into a gag gift, if you want to incite a big laugh. For parents, it would be possible to craft a voucher, which allows their children to stay up late for one night. The document will allow you to catch your loved one off guard, while also providing them with something they’ll really love. VOUCHER (6 days ago) The idea of birthday coupon is also a similar sort of colorful activity that brings more cheers and adds more joy in this beautiful event. Click to rate this post! Available in 8.5×4. Use our free gift certificate maker to make DIY gift certificate templates that you can customize online before you print. Most likely you will state capital or business accomplices however the genuine resource of a business is its representatives and customers. Use of the template doesn’t require professional designing skills but basic know how about MS word because it is completely prepared in the same computer program and also editable easily. To delete text, select the text, and then click on the trash can on the bottom left corner. These resources enable you to gain access to millions of eCard templates, stock images, illustrations, and graphic designs ideal for the occasion. But it is preferred for adolescents and adults. In regards to birthday vouchers, it’s one that’s specifically used by customers to avail discounts on certain items or to directly acquire products and/or services on their birthdays. Birthday Gift Voucher Template. Birthday Gift Certificate Template Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher. With this in mind, you may want to get creative and provide them with a birthday voucher. This printable Birthday Tattoo Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for someone looking to get inked this year! The birthday gift certificate is either a piece of paper or card that is bought from the store and given to an individual, who can then take it and have it exchanged with goods of similar value. Are you currently planning for the upcoming birthday of a loved one or friend? Doing that will allow you to understand what potential customers would want and how would you attract their attention. Download printable formatted new sample birthday certificates. However, some people might want to make a blank birthday coupon. Sometimes, all it takes is birthday gift cards for her or a birthday freebie on pizza and drinks for him to make a busy adult’s birthday feel special. A voucher is a valuable promotional tool that is used by companies to increase sales, compete with rivaling businesses, retain existing customers and attract new ones. Birthdays come once in a year, which marks a new and fresh start, and motivates you to achieve higher goals in life. Explore Adobe Spark Post’s professionally designed certificate templates to get you inspired, then choose one to remix and customize to perfection. Download 71,077 Birthday Voucher Template Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! With these resources, you are able to design a perfect eCard that will deliver your desired message in the best way possible. If you’re looking to download even more professionally made templates, then you’ll be happy to know that we have affordable subscription plans that will give you access to them. If done right, there shouldn’t be any questions or concerns as everything will already be covered by the voucher. Feb 7, 2014 – Cute printable birthday coupons for kids. Reward somebody today! Birthday gift certificate templates free birthday gift certificate template gift certificate templates in ms word Birthday Gift Voucher Template Word Free – 41 Free Gift Certificate Templates In … When you download a birthday voucher template, you can truly turn the voucher into anything you desire. Do not want to wait?Subscribe now to Get Unlimited Downloads & many more. Birthday Gift Voucher Template Free. That should pull up the matching certificate. That is why you’ll need to learn how to create captivating vouchers. No need to simply rely on just party hats and party balloons to celebrate the occasion—that’s old school. The certificate border is wrong: This is a new version of the certificate maker. While children may expect elaborate surprises on their birthdays, adults are so much easier to please. They’re blank, so they can be for anything you want! Or, make a certificate for a preferred client that doubles as a redeemable gift. Birthday coupons make great gifts for friends, so gift your BFF printable coupons for a celebration to remember. If it’s well-made, then there’s no doubt that customers will be more than happy to purchase it. aware of the It will even make you aware of the things that you should and should not do. To open it click on any gift certificate template from the selection above. Provide details on “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” “who,” and “how.” 5 out of 5 … Try a Birthday Voucher Template. Create a certificate for a student that honors their birthday as a special day. You can offer a Birthday gift certificate to your loved ones as a memorable item for their special day. Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher. family member, coworker or a friend, you will wish him with good thoughts and will give him a gift to show your friendship or love for that person. Instant download. Use high-quality material for your printable voucher so that the quality will not be compromised. That said, ensure your offers are relevant by giving discounts or the chance to avail items such as cakes, wishes, drinks, balloons, and even food. Whether you offer to be their workout buddy for the day or bring them a home-cooked meal, the real value is the time that you will spend together. However, if you hand a future celebrant a present or gift voucher, then that person might have a change of plans in order to use it during his/her special day. Tattoo Certificate Template Birthday Gift Card Voucher Ticket Printable – Heart Design – Get Inked – INSTANT DOWNLOAD with EDITABLE text SIMONEmadeit. Visit our website to avail of our downloadable template. If you want to prepare a happy birthday certificate, you can edit the text accordingly. So if you’re planning on making vouchers specifically meant for birthday celebrants, then be sure to follow the steps below: Bear in mind that your business has to gain customers and increase its sales. Here is download link for this Birthday Gift Voucher Template, Here is another Free Birthday Gift Voucher Template created using MS Word 2016. Each gift voucher template can be customised with Microsoft Word. Posted on February 19, 2017 by editablecalendarsite. Some throw a large party while others prefer to have the event plain and simple. Everyone loves getting a surprise for their birthday and there is no better to deliver that surprise than by utilizing the voucher. If gift cards make great presents during one’s special day, then a birthday voucher can be just as good. For example, to make a Happy Birthday coupon you can edit the text to read “Happy Birthday”. Download these 9 Free Sample Birthday Voucher Templates to design and print your own Birthday Voucher easily. With time-shift, the mainstream ways of gifting have also evolved with the birthday gift vouchers. They’re blank, so they can be for anything you want! A B irthday Voucher in other words is just like paying cash or the gift coupon to the person. Format your birthday template to provide alerts and even send a birthday email right from Excel. There are various tools that are used to develop a birthday coupon but tell you what, there is a simple way to do it, you can simply create your own by using the birthday coupon template . Free Birthday Card Templates Easily Editable & Printable. You need to offer appropriate discounts for celebrants and you’ll also have to specify details on how to acquire the benefits on their special day. Unlimited Downloads of 100,000+ Templates, Unlimited Use of Free Stock Images, Photos, Fonts, and Artwork, 24/7 Call, Chat and Email Support Assistance. Open in Word and select the design tab to switch the template colors. [Total: 9 Average: 4.1] Comments. Paris Renae says. You’ll also be glad to know that they come in different formats for your convenience. Rest assured that each one can be accessed with different software such as MS Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Publisher, and Apple Pages. This Template for Birthday Gift Certificate is suitable for all ages. Each gift certificate evokes the old-time retro idea of a tattoo with a glamorous pin-up image reminiscent of the 40’s & 50’s and the iconic tattoo imagery of a love-heart with Mom across the middle. 5 … Besides being easy to brand birthday gift certificate, it is simple to customize as well. Many sample vouchers will specifically point out what it is that one can obtain. Choose from our library of free birthday certificate templates to start working. However, ensure that each individual component complements one another so that your birthday voucher looks appealing. Birthday Coupon Templates for Your BFF. Gift Card Holder Template with Gift Card. For that, we offer you a 100% customizable, well-crafted, and print-ready Birthday Voucher Template accessible in Microsoft Word. Quickly Customize. So sign up today and enjoy the benefits! They’re blank, so they can be for anything you want! This is where creativity comes, especially if you’re using a blank voucher template. Well, a birthday voucher is a perfect gift to give. Easily edit, print and customize them for your next event. Free Birthday Gift Certificate Templates. The receiver may use this voucher is either purchasing something or using the quality services offered by the presenter. Birthday Voucher Template. If so, you’ll want to go above and beyond to find them an excellent birthday present. Make it your own by adjusting the color theme and changing the details. For parents, it would be possible to craft a voucher, which allows their children to stay up late for one night. Here is download link for this Birthday Gift Voucher Template, Sellers make use of Gift Vouchers or Gift Cards to sell their products. Weekend Getaway Voucher Template Gift Certificate Ticket Card – Printable Birthday Trip Away, Pack Your Bags, Hotel Stay – INSTANT DOWNLOAD SIMONEmadeit. Birthday gift certificate is a type of a gift certificate template typically presented to friends, family or coworkers during their birthday. Template for Birthday Gift Certificate. When you download a birthday voucher template, you can truly turn the voucher into anything you desire. Edit the existing text or add additional text. Gift Voucher Template Word.
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Birthday Gift Certificate Card Template For Word

When it comes to birthdays of a family member, special someone or a friend, you have to be creative in giving them gifts and making them feel special. Aside from hosting a party for them, you can also give tokens and gifts to show them just how special they are to you. Now, if you want to surprise the birthday celebrant with something unexpected, you can give him a gift card.

The Birthday Gift Certificate Card Template for Word can be used by businesses to generate gift cards. This gift certificate card is specially designed for birthdays, but can just as easily suit other occasions such as graduation, anniversary, or just an ordinary day when you just want to generate custom gift cards for customers or to give someone something, such as money.

Give Gift Certificates on Birthdays

This template can be used for personal use, as well as by businesses and companies for promotion and incentives or motivation. What’s best about this template is its printer ready and you can easily print as many copies as you need–all for free.

You just have to decide on what paper you want to print this on and you’re good to go. Featuring a lively and colorful blue theme, this template features a fun look with its squiggly lines for border, and inside are stacks of gifts, all with different colors and patterns. Then, right in the middle is a Happy Birthday greeting.

Customizable Gift Certificate Template

There is also a text placeholder for you to type a personalized message that goes well with the gift certificate card. You can also type the amount on the given placeholder, and your name on the sender placeholder.

If blue and brown isn’t your type of theme, you can change this by going to the Design menu in the Ribbon and using the many customization options available You can add artistic effects to the template and add your own personalized greetings.

Go to Download Birthday Gift Certificate Card Template for Word

Create Personalized Gift Certificate Templates & Vouchers

A beautifully designed gift certificate can catch a customer’s interest and entice them enough to visit your store for your special offer. Design Wizard’s gift card designs come in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Gift Certificate Images & Ideas

We’ve created a wide selection of styles for these gift certificate templates in order for you to find the perfect one to fit your business or special occasion. Every element is customizable from background colors and images to text and fonts. These blank gift voucher template come in a variety of sizes for print and online sharing. Easily add a logo, photo or message.

How to create a Gift Certificate in 4 simple steps using our templates:

  1. Select you background from of over 15.000 ready-made gift card templates.
  2. Select one of 1.245.420 images or upload your own image.
  3. Change the color and text to your own branded message using of over 103 fresh fonts.
  4. Share or download your own brand new Gift Card design.

Create and share your completed gift certificate template in seconds

Every year over 90% of US consumers purchase or receive a gift certificate. For business, gift certs can act as perfect gift and personal endorsement from your customer and can complement your customer retention effort.

Gift cards can also be a cost-effective advertising method for Company special offers. By offering loyal customers pre-paid gift certificates instead of coupons or other types of discounts it’s possible to recoup your investment quickly – 70% of consumers spend more than the gift card’s value.

We have created gift certificate templates and vouchers for restaurants and cafés, hotels, spa treatments and stores to name just a few. With over a million images, vectors and icons to choose from, you can easily customize your gift voucher template to create a unique design.

Simply search and select the image you want to use or upload your own. Add your business or group name and logo to the gift certificates, download and print the gift certificate with as many copies as you need or send it online.

Use the sample gift card wording with each template, or edit the text and add your own ideas.

Sign up now for your free account and start creating your personalized gift cards created with our templates!

60+ Free Gift Certificate Templates

Download these 60+ Free Gift Certificate Templates to review and then design your own Gift Certificate for this holiday season.

A Gift Certificate, also known as gift voucher or gift token. Gift certificates were introduced first in 1994, in an American state, Florida. Since then, they are given as a gift to the recipient so that he/ she may use it to buy goods or take advantages of the services for which the gift is issued. In other words it is a card or voucher that has money stored in it and can be use as an alternative of money to buy goods or to get services. It is one of the best way to give someone a gift, especially in case you do not know that what exactly the recipient likes. It helps them to chose the best one for themselves. It not only makes the recipient happy but also saves your time and energy in thinking and finding out a perfect gift.

There are three possible ways to assemble a good gift certificate all by yourself:

  1. There are several websites where you can find blank gift certificates. All you need to do is to get a print out and fill it in yourself, in your own handwriting.
  2. You can also get many gift certificate that are in word document form. You can either use them as it is by filling them on the computer or may alter it according to your own requirement. For example: you can change the amount of money mentioned in it or the name of good that you want the recipient to buy.
  3. There are a few websites that offer you to make an altogether different and new gift certificate of your choice. In such case you can add or delete an image, you can add additional information as you like, you can choice the theme, colors, fonts etc. In short, you are given the most flexibility to assemble your gift certificate.

Given below are the 5 key elements of  a gift certificate to get it perfectly done:

  1. Indicate what certificate is goof for. For example: Dinner at a nice restaurant followed by a show. The important thing is to be specific.
  2. Add important parameters. For example: With babysitting indicate that the service will take place in your home or the home where the kids live. Also mention what nights you will perform; the service; any night of week or just the weekends.
  3. Add how much notice the recipient needs to give you. For example: Please provide two week notices before the desired date.
  4. Include an expiration date so that the gift recipient is motivated to act.
  5. Indicate how the recipient should redeem the gift. Should they call you, Email you, text you or something else.

Gift certificates can be commercially made by bankers and businessmen. They usually add their logos, business information and photos on the certificate to attract customers. These certificates can be purchased online, from a particular store, mall, bank branch etc. They can also be purchased online. In such case, when the purchase is done, a code is sent to the email address of recipient which he/ she can use at the checkout place to redeem the gift.

Given below are generic gift certificate templates that can be used for a variety of purposes such as for giving away Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, graduation gifts and gifts for other special occasions.

Gift Certificate Template 01

Size: 48 KB

Gift Certificate Template 02

Size: 33 KB

Gift Certificate Template 03

Size: 14 KB

Gift Certificate Template 04

Size: 172 KB

Gift Certificate Template 05

Size: 154 KB

Gift Certificate Template 06

Size: 21 KB

Gift Certificate Template 07

Size: 325 KB

Gift Certificate Template 08

Size: 28 KB

Gift Certificate Template 09

Size: 19 KB

Gift Certificate Template 10

Size: 185 KB

Gift Certificate Template 11

Size: 198 KB

Gift Certificate Template 12

Size: 219 KB

Gift Certificate Template 13

Size: 150 KB

Gift Certificate Template 14

Size: 261 KB

Gift Certificate Template 15

Size: 322 KB

Gift Certificate Template 16

Size: 459 KB

Gift Certificate Template 17

Size: 288 KB

Gift Certificate Template 18

Size: 349 KB

Gift Certificate Template 19

Size: 308 KB

Gift Certificate Template 20

Size: 274 KB

Gift Certificate Template 21

Size: 33 KB


When it comes to shopping, people love to go an extra mile if they can get special discounts or deals on what they love to buy. Hence it is very common that established brands and stores offer gift certificates or discount vouchers to help boost their sales. Usually it is observed that a routine seasonal sale can be doubled with an attractive and intelligently designed gift certificate.

However, a question comes into mind as if how one can design such gift certificate design by himself? Maybe you wouldn’t be interested to hire someone to do this simple job for you Or you might be running a small store and can’t afford hiring someone to prepare a professional design.

To help you in this very topic, these shared Free Gift Certificate Templates available online to start creating your own gift certificate quickly and effectively.

Gift Certificate Template 42

Size: 282 KB

Gift Certificate Template 41

Size: 414 KB

Gift Certificate Template 40

Size: 414 KB

Gift Certificate Template 39

Size: 414 KB

Gift Certificate Template 38

Size: 108 KB

Gift Certificate Template 37

Size: 84 KB

Gift Certificate Template 36

Size: 75 KB

Gift Certificate Template 35

Size: 153 KB

Gift Certificate Template 34

Size: 285 KB

Gift Certificate Template 33

Size: 488 KB

Gift Certificate Template 32

Size: 18 KB

Gift Certificate Template 31

Size: 27 KB

Gift Certificate Template 30

Size: 135 KB

Gift Certificate Template 29

Size: 20 KB

Gift Certificate Template 28

Size: 428 KB

Gift Certificate Template 27

Size: 79 KB

Gift Certificate Template 26

Size: 204 KB

Gift Certificate Template 25

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Gift Certificate Template 24

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Gift Certificate Template 22

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A Gift Certificate is paper type document that, allow recipient to purchase goods from a specific store. A Gift Certificate can be presented to a person instead of cash and beneficiary can purchase goods according to his prerequisites and apprehension. These types of Certificates are very useful where, you think that cash as a gift is obstinate. These certificates or vouchers are useful in many circumstances like Birthday, anniversary, and Promotion of a person. A Gift Certificate or voucher cannot be expired within five years from its date of issuance. But sometimes expiry date is mentioned on it hence, it will expire after that prescribed date. Nonetheless, you can say it is a voucher and receiver can buy goods and services from that straightforwardly.

Blockbuster Entertainment present for the first time this method. Later on, Gift cards are replaced with the Gift Certificates. Some Gift Cards are such type in which you reload payment and can use many times for purchase. In such type of Gift Cards there is a barcodes or hypnotic strip and user can even block the card if card is stolen and in case of lost. It sometimes contained a code that is very useful you can even get information where you shop and the remaining balance also. On the other hand, some gift certificates or vouchers are not re-loadable, when you use it and the payment is expired than you can’t purchase and even reload it more. Many countries like USA and UK are using this technique in very useful way. Commonly minimum value is 10$ and maximum value is 500$ in a Gift certificate.

Usually, gift certificates can be used online and by person as well. As per your knowledge Gift certificate is ebullient to cash henceforth, if you lost the Gift Certificate you lost the money. Deception can occur if the Gift Certificate is not online registered. Otherwise you can revoke or freeze the transaction. You can even transfer to your amount if Gift Certificate is online registered.

The name of purchaser is very important because, it recognize who allow you to purchase. Amount is very important because, you can estimate that how much you can shop from certain store. The remaining balance should be mentioned on it while purchasing. Another important factor is that, date should be mentioned so that you can recognize the expiry date because, some Gift Certificates can be expired or outdated. Gift Certificate can be sent online to the receiver. If receiver is incapable to find gift certificate in their inbox so, you can request again to purchaser and he/she can resend you. Sometimes, message flagged so that such types of certificates can be resend to the original recipient again. A Gift Certificate can be used to purchase commodities but, it cannot be purchased to get another Gift Certificate. You can buy just commodities from this certificate rather than, cash or another type of certificate. Shopping card, credit card or discount cards are instances of Gift Certificates.

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Certificate Template

Our free online certificate template lets you make and download a printable award certificate in seconds. Just fill in the editable form fields and click the button. Our certificate generator does the format and design work for you. All you need to do is download your beautiful high-resolution award certificate and print it with your home or office printer.

Suitable for

  • funny awards
  • award certificates
  • appreciation certificates
  • recognition certificates
  • participation certificates
  • attendance certificates
  • achievement certificates
  • membership certificates



  1. Just type your messages and click the big button to see what your certificate will look like
  2. If you want a blank certificate, just delete the text from all the fields
  3. When you’re happy with how your certificate looks, click “download” to download a high resolution version that will print crystal clear on your home printer.

Got a question? Contact me with this handy form.

Example Certificate Templates for Birthdays & Retirement

We all know that there are serious and solemn reasons for giving people award certificates. But let’s lighten the mood for a moment. If someone you know is turning 50, 60, or retiring, why not celebrate the momentous occasion with a funny award certificate? Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Over the Hill Award

Officially Over the hill and picking up speed along Old Fart Freeway. Awarded to John “Old Man” Smith and authorized by L Derly (Elderly).

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Certified Oldie Award

If things get better with age, then you’re approaching magnificent. Congratulations or your 50th/60th birthday! Awarded to John “Old Man” Smith and authorized by I P Knightly (I pee nightly).

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Retired Old Codger

We’re all envious of you retiring, but at least were younger! Congratulations on your retirement. Awarded to John “Old Man” Smith and authorized by Jerry Atric (geriatric).

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Recycled Teenager

This document certifies that the below-named individual is officially manufactured from 100% recycled teenager. Awarded to Mary Smith and authorized by Anna Kronism (anachronism).

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Half-Century Award

Congratulations! You’re 50! Smile while you still have teeth. Awarded to John Smith and authorized by Dan Druff (dandruff)

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Aged to Perfection

The below-named individual has been aged to perfection for 50 years and has matured like a fine wine. Awarded to Mary Smith and authorized by Ivana Tinkle (I want a tinkle).

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Gray Brigade Certified Member

Welcome to the gray brigade. Don’t worry, it’s not so bad. You’re only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime. Awarded to John Smith and authorized by Arthur Rightus (arthritis).

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Fabulous at 50

To a person we all know, and all of us adore, Congratulations on your 50 years, we wish you 50 more. Awarded to Mary Smith and authorized by Smart E Pants (smarty pants).

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Wonder Years Award

Congratulations on reaching the wonder years… wonder where your car is parked? Wonder where you left your phone? Wonder where your glasses are? Wonder what day it is? Awarded to Mary Smith and authorized by Luna Tick (lunatic).

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Old Fart Award

Certified Old Fart. Seen it, done it, can’t remember any of it. Awarded to John Smith and authorized by Drew P Wiener (droopy wiener).

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Questions and Answers

What size is the certificate?
The certificate has dimensions 8×10 inches. It should print fine on US letter, 8×10, or A4 paper. If there is white space at the edges you can trim it with scissors or a guillotine

Where is my download?
It’s in your downloads folder and it’s called “Award_Certificate.jpg”. If you’re having trouble finding it, then I’d recommend to right-click on the final “Download Certificate” button and choose “save link as”. Then you can choose exactly where to download the file on your computer.

If you have any other questions, or you’d like to request a feature, then please use the handy form below.

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Birthday candy box templates Present from the birthday girl (birthday boy)

Figured boxes are always interesting as a gift. Box in the form of candy for a gift will be useful for a children’s birthday, for gifts in kindergarten or elementary school. You can put 6 mini snickers and similar chocolates in them or fill with other sweets at your discretion. Design: on a pink and blue background, an image of a cute girl and a boy with the inscription Present from the birthday boy and Present from the birthday girl.

If you used the layouts on this topic, mark the site Templates for shocoboxes and chocolate in the photo or in the comments on social networks: Vkontakte or send it to the correspondence with the group, I will be very glad and grateful to you for that!

Candy box templates Present from the birthday girl

Gift box in the shape of a candy is intended for small sweets – candies, bars.The dimensions of the package are 6.5 * 10 * 3 cm high. Such candies are good as a gift for groups at school, kindergarten, you can use a gift bag to it.

Templates for a box in the form of candy A birthday present from a birthday girl how to make inscriptions

Sometimes templates need to be personalized and inserted inscriptions on the wrapper on shokoboxes , for example, to enter the name of the person to whom the gift is being made, you must agree – it is very pleasant to receive a personalized gift! To do this, you can open the files in a graphics editor, on a computer, for example, Paint (free built-in program), it is easy to use.Open the layout and make the inscriptions in a beautiful font, usually you can choose from the fonts installed on your computer. You can use other graphics programs as well.

Templates for a box in the form of a candy Present from the birthday girl how to print

For a printing house or a photo studio, it is important that the layouts are of excellent quality, and workers often ask important parameters for printing, because the quality of the printed layouts depends on them. For your convenience, below is all the information for printing, as well as additional information can be indicated on the layout.

File format – JPG (can also be PNG)

File resolution – 300 dpi (high resolution)

Printing paper size – A4

Density of paper for printing boxes – 200-270 g / m3.

Density of paper for printing labels on candy 80-130 g / m3.

Paper type for lids, solid boxes, labels – glossy, matte

Type of paper for the base (bottom) – matte, watercolor

Print Quality – Best Photo

Printer – inkjet 6 color, laser

Typically the printer settings are slightly different and Proof Print needs to be done to verify that the printed size matches.To do this, print the layout and measure the check square on the shocobox templates (1 cm orange square), then you can make corrections when printing depending on the size. For printing also , it is important to select the correct paper type in the print settings of . The paper for printing boxes is thick, you can use glossy or matte of your choice. Glossy looks more elegant, but there may be glare in photos.

Templates for a box A birthday present from a birthday boy how to assemble a box

After printing, you need to cut out all templates.Using a ruler and an iron object with a sharp end, you need to crease all the folds from the inside out , for example, with a knitting needle or a ballpoint pen that no longer writes. This must be done so that there are no ugly creases and the box is neat. Glue the side parts of the box, additional elements can be used with double-sided tape (it is better to buy in hardware stores) or with glue in pencil, professional craftsmen choose the German glue pencil Erich Krause.

Download the template on the box Present from the birthday boy

Candy box .Design: on a pink and blue background, an image of a cute girl and a boy with the inscription Present from the birthday boy and Present from the birthday girl.

90,000% d0% bf% d0% be% d0% b4% d0% b0% d1% 80% d0% ba% d0% b8 PNG image | Vectors and PSD files
  • Memphis design geometric shapes patterns fashion 80 90s

    4167 * 4167

  • audio cassette isolated vector old music retro player retro music audio cassette 80s empty mix

    5000 * 5000

  • Memphis pattern 80s 90s styles background vector illustration

    4167 * 4167

  • 80 basic silhouette shapes

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  • cinema movie premiere poster design with white screen ba vector

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  • Memphis 80 x 90 x style seamless pattern

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  • neon skateboard 80 x

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  • 80s neon effect Retro party art design

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  • 3d 80

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  • green environmental protection pattern garbage can be recycled green clean

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  • Hand painted ba zihu beard big beard

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  • 80s character

    1200 * 1200

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    1200 * 1200

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    3500 * 3500

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  • be careful to slip fall warning sign carefully

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  • audio cassette flat design

    1200 * 1200

  • vector pop art illustration of black woman shopping

    800 * 800

  • boombox with multicolored musical notes

    1200 * 1200

  • letters
  • in 9000 80 x

    1200 * 1200

  • I choose to be a gamer because nothing epic happens in real life

    1200 * 1200

  • blue shining eye of beauty

    1000 * 1000

  • retro lion head glasses vector illustration lion king

    5000 * 5000

  • retro text style

    1200 * 1200

  • design versus retro style 80 x

    1200 * 1200

  • pop art 80 x patch sticker

    2292 * 2293

  • Retro style 80s

    1200 * 1200

  • Cartoon cute th child childhood child memory classics born in 80 x

    2000 * 2000

  • Blue 80s texture retro art word

    1200 * 1200

  • retro text poster

    1200 * 1200

  • Made in 1989 limited edition typography premium t-shirt design vector

    5000 * 5000

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    800 * 800

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  • 80 year anniversary design template vector illustration

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  • retro style 80s disco design neon poster

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  • online broadcast label with bright blue pink neon flowers and modern design

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  • 80 years anniversary celebration vector template design illustration

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  • How to congratulate customers on their birthday on the machine with using UniSender

    Automatic birthday greetings letters are one of the most effective types of automatic letters for business.Let’s figure out how to quickly and easily start a congratulation thread.

    What is cool about automatic greetings

    According to Experian, since 2014, the profitability of such mailings is 342% higher than that of other triggers. 73% of marketers surveyed by Salesforce find this type of email to be the most effective.

    Why customers and subscribers are so warm about automatic greetings:

    Default personalization. This is one of the most enjoyable news breaks of the year.This is the moment when the letter is perceived not as intrusive, but as useful and interesting, because we are talking about the main person – the recipient of the letter.

    The user expects to spend. As in the New Year, the user receives money and gift certificates from loved ones. Before your birthday, you generated demand using different mailings. The user wanted these products and on his birthday he can fulfill his wish.

    Collecting date of birth is easier than other data. In order to find out the date of birth, you do not need complex integration and big data. You can simply add this field to the subscription form.

    From idea to newsletter launch, you need to go through 6 simple steps.

    Step 1. Set up collection of the date of birth on the site

    If you are going to make such a chain, collect the dates of birth of users from the database.

    Check if you are collecting date of birth everywhere and if you are doing it correctly. Here are some good ways to collect your date of birth:

    The main secret is to explain why you need this date.It is not necessary to say what kind of gift you are giving, but you can promise it. This will increase user interest and conversion.

    An example of a birthdate subscription form on the Reebok website. Additional segmentation by gender helps to select more relevant offers, and segmentation in the form of buttons allows you to make fewer fields in the form

    Step 2. Download the database with the dates and email addresses of current clients

    You need to load the database with an additional field “Date of birth”.

    First, create an additional field in the “Contacts” section. Select the field type “Date”.

    Then we create a list of contacts where we will upload the database.

    Load the contact database using import. When loading, mark the field “Date of birth” in the table with additional fields. When importing, specify which list to add contacts to.

    Congratulations list is ready. Let’s move on to preparing the letter

    Step 3. Come up with a congratulation strategy and offer

    Deciding what to give to users and how to do it.

    Gift to users:

    Cash bonus. You can give the user a cash bonus that he will spend on goods.

    Discount for any product. You can give the user a discount for any product or quantity of products in the store. The discount must be large enough for the gift to be of value.

    Discount for a category of goods. You can make a category of goods with a special price for birthday people or give a promotional code for a specific category of goods.This method is suitable if it is not profitable for you to give large discounts on some products.

    Free shipping. You can donate free shipping or other services: additional warranty, insurance or service.

    Commodity gift of your choice. You can present some additional product to the gift. An example is accessories for household appliances, a phone case. Brands offer gifts to their products as a promotional method, such a promotion can be tailored for a birthday.It is good to give away kits or items that are in constant use.

    Doubling loyalty program bonuses. You can not give a gift separately, but change the conditions of the loyalty program. For example, double the bonuses on the card within 5 days.

    According to Experian, Mystery is the best influence on the income from the letter – the user does not know what will be presented to him. The second most effective one is a commodity gift (GWP, gift with purchase) – a gift for purchase. But there is no big difference between the size of the discount

    In what format to give gifts:

    Individual promo code. You can give the user individual promotional codes. First, you need to create them in your accounting system. Then import into UniSender as an additional field. Then a unique promo code will be issued to the user with a unique email address.

    General promo code for all birthday people. You need to create a promo code and insert it into all birthday letters. The risks of this approach are that the promotional code can be transferred to other users. But for you, such an additional purchase can be beneficial.

    Link to the secret category. You can create a secret category, accessible only by the link, and place goods and gifts there.

    For the promo code, you need to specify the conditions – the validity period, what kind of bonus or discount. And also attach instructions on how to use the promo code. The limitation of the validity period of the promotional code motivates the user to buy the product as quickly as possible, and not to postpone the purchase.

    How to congratulate users:

    Birthday letter. You can send one letter per birthday. And that’s what most businesses do.

    A series of letters for the entire duration of the promotional code. If the promotional code is valid for more than one day, it makes sense to remind you of the validity of the promotional code several times and be sure to inform that its validity has expired. So the user will not be able to apply it after his birthday.

    In Experian’s study, most birthday letters are sent on birthday rather than in advance

    When the offer is prepared and you understand what to write about in your birthday letter, you can proceed to preparing the letter template.

    Step 4. Make a beautiful letter with an offer

    The birthday letter should be festive, short, explain the essence of the gift and give instructions for use.

    While working on the subject of the letter, remember that the user will have letters in the mailbox that day from all stores that know the date of birth. Be original.

    What does a client’s mail look like on his birthday

    How to make a template:

    1. Make a template from scratch according to the layout in the constructor.Instructions for the designer
    2. Adapt a nice layout builder template. Instruction for the template in the constructor
    3. Replace links, pictures and text in one of the UniSender HTML templates. Instruction for HTML template

    To start composing a letter, go to your UniSender Personal Account and click “Create mailing list”. Then you can choose how to make a letter – from ready-made templates, in a block designer or in an HTML designer.

    In this tab you can create a letter from a ready-made template for different areas of business

    Here you can build a letter from scratch in a block or HTML editor

    You can also add the HTML code of your third-party template already during the chain setup step.

    To make a template, create a newsletter, go to the send letter screen and save the letter as a template. This template will come in handy for setting up the chain.

    At the last stage of creating a letter, save it as a template

    Step 5. Configure automatic chain dispatch

    We suggest that you set up a chain based on one of the automation templates that we have prepared for you. To do this, go to the “Automation” menu and select the “Birthday” template.

    You will need to set up such a chain for every day of the year. To do this, the chain can be copied:

    Copy the chain in the “Automation” block

    The chain works like this:

    1. The contact is added to the list.
    2. UniSender checks if the date of the “Birthday” field matches the date specified in the chain.
    3. UniSender sends the first email with a gift: a promo code or a discount.
    4. Next, UniSender checks whether the user has read the message or not.
    5. If not, we repeat the letter in 2 hours with a different subject. If yes, the chain ends.

    What the full chain

    looks like

    In this chain, you only have:

    • add your list in the first step;
    • add letters to blocks of actions for sending a letter, specify the sender, subject and template of the letter there.

    Add your list to the first step of the chain

    We select editing near the action of sending a letter

    Configuring the letter: 1 – sender’s address; 2 – sender’s name, 3 – email subject, 4 – insert template

    According to Experian, personalization in a congratulation letter increases the open rate by 17%.And for such emails, personalization is quite logical. Using an example, we have shown how to personalize the subject line in UniSender. For more personalization ideas, see the lookup article.

    If you want to add more emails or send them using a different logic, customize the chain for yourself using the tips from the “Automation” section in the knowledge base.

    When the chain is ready, consider how you will measure its effectiveness.

    Step 6. Analyze the result and improve the chain

    You can evaluate the effectiveness of the chain by email-indicators: message openings and transitions.You can also mark links with utm tags and watch traffic and orders in Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica.

    How to set up utm tags in chain

    But the most important metric is orders by a promo code. It can be viewed in your CRM system, if it provides for displaying orders using a promotional code.

    When the analytic is set up and the chain is ready, it can be run and duplicated for each desired date. Until you get good results, set up chains for a month.

    Think about how you can improve the chain and increase all indicators by doing constant tests. Test different offers and letter design.

    Useful links

    8 ideas for automating mailings
    What should be a congratulatory mailing list

    Uncategorized – miscellaneous for print Print for the holiday (free) Articles catalog

    Uncategorized – miscellaneous for printing Templates for a box for colored pencils and a case for a fountain pen for September 1


    As a gift or a pleasant present for a schoolchild and especially for a first grader, primary school students, you can give the always necessary office supplies –

    Tags for gifts on March 8 (tags for gifts)


    A set of mockups for tags for gifts on March 8 according to the designs of gift sets with the inscription in the frame on March 8. Beautiful gift tags can complement the packaging

    Uncategorized – miscellaneous for printing Templates for comic dry rations labels for canned condensed milk, peas, pate


    A set of mock-ups for a comic gift of a label on Dry rations for February 23 or for a soldier, military Contains templates for printing on a can of condensed milk (condensed

    Uncategorized – miscellaneous for printing Templates of wrappers (labels) on comic toilet paper + package


    A set of layouts for a comic gift, or rather a drawing from the Sukhoi ration design series for February 23 or for a soldier, a military man. Contains printable templates

    Uncategorized – miscellaneous for printing Labels on socks for 23 February


    Socks. How many contradictions in relation to them – as a gift. For some, beaten and not acceptable as a gift, but…. equally useful

    Tropical leaf patterns


    To decorate a birthday in the Tropics, Jungles or Dinosaurs, these tropical leaf patterns are very useful. paws-prints (traces).

    Uncategorized – miscellaneous for printing Dog footprints (prints)


    To decorate a birthday in the style of your favorite birthday themes – Paw Patrol and Barboskins, as well as other birthdays with dog heroes

    Uncategorized – miscellaneous for printing Booklet for 1 year for Godovasiki child


    Booklet is one of the most common types of printed matter, we suggest you make it as a pleasant souvenir for

    Uncategorized – miscellaneous for printing Pirate door plates


    Pirate door plaques to create a pirate atmosphere for Pirates birthday. The archive contains 6 signature plates for doors and one –

    Nuts and gears: birthday decor


    Nuts and gears are ideal for birthday decorations on many topics, for example, birthday in the style of “Fixies”

    Stamp on the cup, birthday gift template 10

    Birthday present for Dad, Husband, Friend or Colleague for work or business, a cup with a photo decorated in a congratulatory template.By ordering a print on a cup from us, you get a cup not just with boringly placed photos on the cup, but already a beautifully designed cup with a photo and an absolutely free template for the cup. Congratulatory template for your birthday already with a congratulatory text, at your request, we can replace the text with yours. We can easily add any of your congratulations. Depending on the template, you can add a different number of photos, all you need to do is choose the template you like, press the photo in the order, and in the comments indicate the desired text for congratulations

    Volume: 310 ml

    Height: 10 cm

    Material: Ceramic

    Print size: 9.8×20 cm

    Printing method: Sublimation

    Topic: Birthday

    Country of origin: China

    lwh: 100x100x100

    Weight: 1g

    Gift for you templates for the holiday on the theme of birthday “The train from Romashkov”

    Home »Birthday, layouts for decoration of holidays» Gift for you templates for a holiday on the theme of birthday “Steam train from Romashkov”

    Why templates for the birthday party “The Engine from Romashkov “?

    “This is a kind children’s animated film“ The Locomotive from Romashkov ”from the Soyuz Cartoon studio about real friends who are always ready to help in a difficult situation.In this cheerful world, everyone has a soul: trains can talk, station horns have a human face, and a suitcase forgotten on the platform can easily run after the carriage on its own feet. Here lives a small steam train from Romashkov, who loves flowers very much and always helps those who are in trouble “

    This cartoon is very popular not only for children, but also for adults.

    The locomotive from Romashkov is an allegory of love for all living things, an allegory of kindness and devotion.

    For those who can’t draw, templates for the birthday party “The Little Engine from Romashkov” and enjoy.

    Join our group in VK and write to the administrator of the group in VK he will send you a link to download this template.

    We are in contact

    The template includes:
    Growing report or wall newspaper

    Template1 “Growing report” is designed in the form of a train of 12 trailers, each trailer symbolizes the month of the baby’s life (the most interesting photo of the child taken this month)

    Template2 “Growing report” is designed in the form of a train of 12 trailers, each trailer symbolizes the month of the baby’s life (the most interesting photo of the child taken this month)

    Bonbonniere is a small box for sweets.

    To decorate a small gift for guests, as a token of gratitude for coming for their birthday.

    Flags for juice tubes.

    Flags for juice tubes. Birthday decoration.

    Birthday invitation
    Birthday invitation cover
    Canapé flags
    Flags for canapes

    Birthday design template on the theme “The train from Romashkov” in the format.png or. jpg

    Join our group in VK and write to the administrator of the group in VK he will send you a link to download this template.

    We are in contact

    Happy birthday to your baby! And great mood!

    It is possible to make wall newspapers, birthday invitations, invitations to other celebrations, flags for juice tubes, bonbonnieres, flags for canapes of various types – flowers, leaves, hearts, flags, mustaches, Christmas trees, apples, suns, circles…different colors and patterns to order according to your wishes.

    The cost depends on the complexity of manufacturing.

    I hope that you will share your interesting and successful ideas for this holiday.

    All the best!

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    DIY birthday present for a friend, 12 master classes

    A friend is the person who knows a part of your life and has fun when you are around.On her birthday, I would like to emphasize the peculiarity and importance of the attitude towards her. In this article we will look at: how to make a birthday present for a friend with your own hands.

    Creative indoor flower

    You will need: pot, styrofoam, skewers, artificial grass, glue gun, sweet bars, chewing gum, gift cards, etc. …

    Master class

    1. Glue sweets, chewing gum, cards for skewers.
    2. Place the styrofoam in the pot.
    3. Place artificial grass.
    4. Insert the candy skewers into the pot, arranging them to your liking.

    The creative indoor flower is ready!

    Coffee mug

    You will need: mug, coffee beans, cotton pads, thick white thread, brown acrylic paint, superglue.


    1. Cover the entire surface of the mug with cotton pads.
    2. Wrap with thread.
    3. Paint with paint.
    4. Glue the coffee beans in 2 layers.
    5. Decorate as you like.

    Coffee mug is ready! I recommend watching this video!

    Heart of coffee

    You will need: coffee beans, paper, wire, thread, glue, cardboard, jute thread, sponge, iron can, brown paint, ice cream sticks, decoration elements – flowers, ribbons …


    1. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw a half heart, then cut out.
    2. Trace the heart on the cardboard and cut out 2 copies.
    3. Wrap 2 pieces of wire with paper and glue to one heart. Repeat this process for the second heart.
    4. Glue cotton pads in several layers between the hearts to make the structure three-dimensional.
    5. Place cotton pads over the entire heart and wrap with thick thread.
    6. Paint the heart.
    7. Glue the coffee beans in 2 layers.
    8. Place the ice cream sticks over the jar.
    9. Wrap the jute thread around the wires.
    10. Place the coffee tree in the sponge, then place in the pot.
    11. Decorate as you like.

    The coffee heart is ready!

    Ship made of money

    You will need: 7 sheets of A4 format with the image of different banknotes (euros, dollars, hryvnia, rubles), white sheets of A4 size, silicate glue, scissors, glue gun, thick threads x \ b, skewers 20-30 cm long, polystyrene, a flat box half wider than the bottom of the ship.


    1. Fold the boat out of a sheet of paper as shown in the photo.
    2. Carefully turn the boat inside out to avoid tearing.
    3. Fold and iron the boat.
    4. Trace the boat on another sheet, then draw a dividing line and cut 2 pieces.
    5. Coat them well with glue and glue them to the inside of the boat to create two-layer sides.
    6. Cut the money sheets into 1.5 cm wide strips.
    7. Cover the boat with cash stripes.
    8. Thoroughly coat the entire boat with glue for strength and leave to dry for 2 hours.
    9. Fold the same bills side by side and glue them together. Make 3 of these – from five, from three, and from four bills. These will be the sails.
    10. Gently string the sails onto the skewers and fix the joints with glue so that they do not slip.
    11. Take the boat and glue 3 pieces of Styrofoam inside.
    12. Insert skewers into the foam for the front and rear yards.The front yard should be 1/3 longer than the back one. Make sure the lines are level, then secure with a glue gun.
    13. Insert the sail skewers evenly spaced. It is worth noting that the deck should be smaller aft.
    14. Fold the threads in 2-3 layers of sail length and additional centimeters for the ties.
    15. Tie the threads to the skewers as shown in the photo.
    16. Cut 2 bills diagonally and fold the edges 0.4 cm.
    17. Glue the bills (sails) to the rail threads.
    18. Make the sails aft in this way: do not twist the bill into a tube too much, fold the edge, then glue it.
    19. Fold 3 bills in half, shape them into flags, then glue them.
    20. Line the deck with bills.
    21. Make a boat stand from a flat box.
    22. Glue the desired background onto the box.
    23. Glue the ship.

    The money ship is ready! I recommend watching this video!

    Heart of shells

    You will need: shells of the desired size, cardboard, scissors, glue gun, simple pencil, awl or hole punch, twine or rope, sesal, burlap; stars …


    1. Draw a heart on the cardboard.
    2. Cut it out.
    3. Make 2 hanging holes using a hole punch or awl.
    4. Glue the sesal to the front of the heart.
    5. Cut the burlap heart 1 cm larger than the cardboard.
    6. Stick it on the other side.
    7. Insert the rope into the holes.
    8. Tie double knots on the seamy side of the heart.
    9. Cover the side of the heart with the sesal with shells.
    10. Glue the starfish in the center.
    11. Glue the contours of the heart with twine.

    The seashell heart is ready! I recommend watching the video master class!

    Candy tulips

    You will need: corrugated paper of your favorite flowers for buds, green corrugated paper for leaves, Raphaello sweets, double-sided thin tape, green tape, satin ribbon, packaging material for a bouquet, scissors, wire, pliers, wooden stick, if desired to create dew – transparent beads, glue gun, tweezers.


    1. Prepare the wire by making the required number of stems of equal length.
    2. Cut off long strips of corrugated paper, cut the long strip of corrugation into 2 pieces, then cut into 4 pieces. You should get 8 strips, 6 of them will be needed for the tulip bud.
    3. Rotate each strip in the center, fold in such a way that the faces of the strip are directed to one side.
    4. Make 6 pieces in the same way.
    5. Attach double-sided tape to the end of the wire.
    6. Attach a piece of candy to the end of the wire.
    7. Assemble the tulip bud in this way: take the first petal and attach it to the tape. Place the second and third petals near the candy and, holding them with your fingers, fix with tape.
    8. Attach the remaining petals in the same way, forming a tulip bud and securing with tape.
    9. Trim off any excess corrugated paper at an angle at the base of the bud.
    10. Wrap tape around the stem.
    11. Cut a strip of green corrugated paper.
    12. Cut into two nearly equal pieces.
    13. Fold each piece 4 times and cut out the leaves.
    14. Pull out each sheet in a spiral pattern using a wooden stick.
    15. Arrange the short leaf, and the longer below. Fix each leaf with tape. The tulip is ready! Make the required number of tulips in different colors.
    16. Arrange tulips in a bouquet in this way: connect 2 tulips and pull them together with tape, then add tulips one at a time, placing the colors in a checkerboard pattern.
    17. Cut 20 leaves and place them around the perimeter of the bouquet, fixing with tape.
    18. Wrap the bouquet in wrapping paper and tie with tape.
    19. Create dew drops on the tulip buds by gluing the transparent beads using tweezers and hot glue.

    I recommend watching the video master class!

    Spectacular bracelet made of ribbon and beads

    You will need: ribbon, beads, thread and a needle.


    1. Insert the thread into the needle and secure the knot.
    2. Take the tape, make a triple accordion fold.
    3. Pass the needle and thread through the fold.
    4. String the bead.
    5. Make the whole bracelet like this.
    6. Tie a bow.

    I recommend watching the video master class!

    Bracelet of nuts

    You will need: 18 hex nuts, rope.


    1. Take 3 pieces of rope.
    2. Fold together and tie in a knot.
    3. Braid 1/3 of the bracelet.
    4. Insert nuts on opposite sides as shown.
    5. Finish the braid and tie a knot.
    6. Put the bracelet on your wrist and admire the beauty.

    I recommend watching the video master class!

    Foamiran head wreath

    You will need: foamiran 0.5 cm thick (orange, yellow, cream, light green, dark green and red), scissors, toothpick, curly scissors, oil autumn paint, sponge, sheet of paper, iron, floral wire, ruler, super glue, lighter, lilac clay (for blueberries) or beads, tape tape, foil, wire at least 2 mm thick and 60 cm long, tape either rope, mold (leaf shape).


    1. Print or redraw the leaf patterns and cut them out.
    2. Use a toothpick to trace the patterns on the foamiran, then cut them out.
    3. Make a sufficient number of multi-colored leaves, for example 60, remember that the more there are, the more magnificent and beautiful the wreath will look.
    4. Give some leaves a realism by cutting off the edges with curly scissors.
    5. Scratch a small part of the leaves with a toothpick.
    6. Tinted leaves in this way: apply a little oil paint on a sponge, blot a leaf of foamiran, then remove the excess with a piece of paper.
    7. Color combinations: tint the yellow foamiran leaf with light green and brown paint. Also, tint some yellow leaves with orange, red and light green paint. Tone the red leaves with brown, the green leaves with burgundy, brown and dark green.
    8. Preheat the iron in the second mode, hold the sheet for 2 seconds, remove and press it against the mold to get a print of the sheet.Repeat this process with all the sheets. Please note that this should be done quickly and very carefully, as foamiran is highly flammable. If you are new to this business, it is better to skip this point and get down to work further.
    9. Cut the floristic wire into 7 cm pieces and make a loop at the end.
    10. Glue the florist wire to each sheet from the front using super glue.
    11. Burn the edges of the leaf with a lighter.The edges should come out realistically curved. Repeat this process with all the leaves. Do it carefully, I remind you that foamiran is highly flammable.
    12. Roll into a blueberry-sized purple clay ball. Blind 15 berries, put each blueberry on a wire with a loop, greased with super glue. Scissor the top of the blueberries with scissors and set aside to dry. Beads can be used as blueberries.
    13. Start assembling the wreath in this way: form small bunches of leaves and berries, fasten them with tape.
    14. Cut rose petals in a teardrop shape from red foamiran. For one bud, 10-15 petals are required. The number of buds depends on your desire, you can make from 3 to 7.
    15. Tint the edges of the petals with brown oil paint.
    16. Thin the petals this way: heat the petal on the iron for 2 seconds, then fold it into an accordion and rub the petal with your fingers. Open the petal and create a depression and curl the edge of the petal outward. Repeat this process for all the petals.
    17. Finish the edges of the petals using a lighter.
    18. Roll up a drop of foil, make a loop on the wire, apply super glue and put on a drop of foil.
    19. Glue 2 petals opposite each other, and form a bud by gluing the petals in a checkerboard pattern, opening the flower slightly. Form the required number of roses in the same way.
    20. Make the base for the wreath by cutting 60 cm of wire. Make eyelets at the ends.
    21. Cut the tape into 15 cm long pieces, fold each piece with the sticky side inward and cut it lengthwise into 2 halves.
    22. Open the end of the tape, attach to the base 10 cm from the edge and wrap the wire around.
    23. Attach the bunches of leaves and berries, fixing with tape.
    24. Weave them in the order you like best.
    25. Do not forget to insert roses in the gaps between the leaves.
    26. Attach a string or ribbon to the ends of the wreath.

    The foamiran head wreath is ready! I recommend watching this video!

    Pendant made of salt dough

    You will need: salt dough, a glass, acrylic paints, glitter, a brush, a hanging ribbon, a cocktail tube, a dog’s foot for not dough, or your fingerprints, transparent glue, a rolling pin.


    1. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin.
    2. Cut out the circles using a glass.
    3. Place the footprint on the circles or blind with your fingers.
    4. Make a hole for hanging the cocktail pipe.
    5. Dry the circles.
    6. Paint the circle with white and the foot with pink. Wait until it is completely dry.
    7. Grease the circle with clear glue, sprinkle with glitter and wait for the craft to dry.
    8. Attach the hanging strap.

    Salted dough suspension ready! I recommend watching an interesting video!

    Rose – the fastest and easiest way to sculpt ❤ Polymer clay ❤ Master class

    Watch this video on YouTube

    Book safe

    You will need: hardcover book, PVA glue, water, stationery knife, brush, pencil, ruler.

    Master class

    1. Dilute the glue with water in a 1: 1 ratio.
    2. Apply glue to the back of the cover to adhere to the last page.
    3. Peel back the front cover and apply glue to the rest of the book, gluing the pages together.
    4. Leave the cache to dry with the front cover open.
    5. Draw a hole in the book, at least 2 cm away from the edges.
    6. Cut a hole in the book with a clerical knife, leaving the last few pages.
    7. Apply glue to the inside of the pages and let dry.

    Book safe ready! I recommend watching the master class video!

    Basket of cones

    You will need: open cones (from 50 to 300 pieces), wire, glue gun or superglue, varnish.


    1. Cut the wire into pieces.
    2. Wrap a piece of wire around each bump.
    3. Assemble a chain from the cones by twisting the pieces of wire together.
    4. Connect the ring.
    5. Make 2 more circles this way. The diameter of the circles depends on the shape of the future basket. It can be flat, more open in the upper part, and vice versa. Use circles of the same diameter to create an even round basket. If you want a tapered top, then the diameter of the top circles should be slightly smaller than the bottom circle.

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