Birthday present finder: Gift Finder – Find Gifts By Personality Type

Gift Finder – Find Gifts By Personality Type

No matter the occasion, our gift generator will hone in on the perfect present idea. Looking for gifts for the world adventurer? Our travel presents will make travel easier with personalized gear, and inspire new trips with customized maps that serve as the perfect home décor for a consummate traveler. Still stumped on what to get for your sweetheart? Our flower gifts make for a romantic gift on your anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

Our fantastic gift finder will help you locate picture-perfect presents that are tailored to the recipient’s age, personality, and hobbies. First, we’ll ask if you’re shopping for a man, woman, boy, or girl. After indicating their age range, we’ll ask you some personality questions that will help us hone in on a collection of gifts they’re sure to enjoy. Once you’ve completed the personality quiz, you’ll be greeted with pages of carefully curated presents, and you can breathe easy knowing you’ve found a collection of perfect gifts for your recipient.

Our gift generator is sure to narrow in on gift ideas that special someone is guaranteed to love. If they’re an artistic, creative type who is consistently found with their nose in a book, they’ll surely adore gifts designed for book lovers. If they’re the quintessential foodie that considers snacking one of their passions, we’ve got a variety of food gifts they’ll devour.

Looking for a gift that will truly blow them out of the water? Any of these experience gifts are sure to do the trick. From Ferrari racing to white water rafting, the opportunities are endless and will definitely be a hit with any gift recipient.

Gift shopping can be overwhelming, with so many options available, how can one know they’re making the right choice? can give you the peace of mind that you’ve found the perfect gifts for any recipient. Use our gift generator and take the stress out of gift shopping.

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Gifts For Mum | Present Ideas For Mothers

Mums know everything, it’s a mystery as to how and why, but they just know everything! However, with our selection of gorgeous unique gifts, we can guarantee a lovely surprise when she rips off the paper of her special treat.

Whether she has a big birthday coming up, you’re undecided about a christmas present for mum, or she deserves a treat just for being a wonderful Mother, you can be sure one of our fabulous presents will put a huge smile on her face.

At The Present Finder, we have a huge array of gift ideas so you need never struggle to find the perfect present for Mummy again! Whether you’re on the hunt for a particular type of gift, or you’re not sure where to even start, our selection of gifts for marvellous Mothers makes present finding easy-peasy!

Top Gifts for Mum

No matter what her taste, we have plenty of top gifts for women. Find the perfect gift for a Queen of the Kitchen, a Pamper Princess, a Gorgeous Gardener, and those hard working Mums who enjoy nothing more than putting their feet up with a glass of wine! 

Birthday Presents for Mum

Every birthday is special for our lovely mums, whether it’s ending in a big zero, or just another candle on the cake, we can’t think of anyone who deserves being celebrated more on their special day. We have a huge range of birthday present ideas for Mothers to show them just how much we appreciate all they do. Whether she’s cooking delicious meals, helping with homework, or giving the best advice, our amazing Mums can do it all, which is why we think no one deserves our relaxing pamper treats more.

When searching for the perfect gift for a special Mummy, we have unique treats for all the family to enjoy! Little chefs will love helping mix the ingredients in Mummy’s Big Baking Bowl and using the Personalised Rolling Pin or the best selling Bogey Man Egg Separator.  And then there is Who Finds It First Board Game to encourage speed and accuracy and discourage them asking “Mum, where’s my ….?” 

Unusual Gifts for Mums

Just what any hard working Mum needs, a selection of luxurious pamper gifts – but with a delicious twist! Our beautiful Gift Box Sets smell good enough to drink, choose from Gin & Tonic or Prosecco, for the ultimate bath time treat! All that’s left is to run a long hot bubble bath, and relax with a drink in hand!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mums

Christmas is a busy time of year for parents! With nativity plays to watch, carol concerts to attend, presents for all the family to buy, a tree to put up, and perhaps most importantly, a big Christmas dinner to cook! So when the time comes for the family to gather around the twinkling tree, make sure there’s a sparkling gift waiting to put a big smile across Mum and Dad’s face!

Our elegant personalised gifts will be treasured for years to come, choose from our beautiful range, including the Personalised Love You to Pieces Keyring.


And because we know no one masters gift wrapping quite like a Mother can, we can deliver your gift beautifully wrapped and topped with a bow. If that doesn’t impress, we don’t know what will!

Gift Ideas Generator | GIFTGEN

Welcome to the gift ideas generator!

Our mission is to relieve the stress of having to come up with gift ideas for any occasion. Stuck for present ideas for somebody who seems to have everything? or need last minute gift ideas? then you’re definitely come to the right place. Our suggestion lists contain gifts that are perfect as birthday present ideas, anniversary present ideas, retirement gifts or any other occasion you care to imagine.

We do not have our own products to promote, so we are able to suggest any gift under the sun. We have ideas ranging from Mow their lawn Voucher, to top end ideas such as A trip on the orient express and ethical ideas like sponsor a goat for a 3rd world family. .

If you’re looking for birthday gift suggestions, then feel free to check out our birthday present ideas guide.

Simply use the above gift ideas generator selections to choose how much you are willing to spend on the gift, the age of the person you are buying for, the person’s character (this is optional, and you can select up to 3 characters). Lastly click on the gender of the recipient, be it a gift for him, gift for her, gifts suitable for either gender, or gifts for couples. Then just click ‘Search’ to get loads of relevant suggestions!

When presented with our list of gift suggestions, just click on any present ideas you like the look of, to be taken to the correct page on our top recommended website for that gift. Or hover over the ‘websites’, ‘price comparison’ or ‘shops’ columns for a list of links to recommended websites, price comparison sites and high street shops. The website links will take you directly to the correct page on the suggested sites for the present ideas, the price comparison links will search the sites for the relevant gift idea, and the high street shop links will take you to the ‘store finder’ page of the shop’s website, or to a directory site which searches for the store.

The list by can be filtered by category, by changing the drop down selection on the top left of the screen. The ‘Next’, ‘Prev’, ‘First’ and ‘Home’ buttons down in the bottom right of the screen to go back and forth through the gift ideas list, and to come back to the home page.

We also have a gift ideas directory

which takes you through our present ideas lists a step at a time.

8 Online Gift Generators That’ll Make You the Perfect Santa

Student loan debt burdens more than 44 million Americans, and prevents millions from buying homes, starting businesses, saving for retirement, or even starting families. This debt is disproportionately affecting Black families, and Black women in particular.

Higher education has long been held as a critical gateway to getting a job and achieving economic stability and mobility. But because of long-standing systemic racial discrimination, Black families have far less wealth to draw on to pay for college, creating barriers for Black communities to access higher education and build wealth.

Black families are more likely to borrow, to borrow more, and to have trouble in repayment. Two decades after taking out their student loans, the median Black borrower still owes 95 percent of their debt, whereas the median white borrower has paid off 94 percent of their debt.

Students of color pursue higher education in a social and economic system built on racist ideologies that is set up to work against them and perpetuate racial wealth and income and achievement gaps. To redress this systemic inequality, the ACLU, Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), and more than 300 other organizations are calling on the Biden-Harris administration and Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona to use their authority under the Higher Education Act to cancel $50,000 of student debt per borrower, and Congress must act as well.

To understand the systemic issues rooted in the student debt crisis, we must start with its history. Though we have normalized the idea that students must take on debt for college, historically students benefited from broad public investment in higher education. However, not all students benefited equally: Black students had little access to GI Bill benefits and, even a decade after Brown v. Board of Education (1954), predominately white institutions (PWIs) in many states resisted integration and equal treatment. Further, state and federal governments continued to inadequately and inequitably fund historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) despite the high-quality opportunities they provided and the critical function they performed for Black students and communities. This created and cemented the racial wealth and resource gap in institutions of higher education.

It was in this context that Congress and President Lyndon B. Johnson passed the Higher Education Act of 1965. Recognizing the value of broad higher education access, Johnson hoped the legislation would open the doors of opportunity to everyone, especially Black students and other students of color, through Pell Grants and other subsidies.

Yet by the end of the 20th century, just as Black and Brown students and women gained entry after decades-long legal battles and social struggles, reactionary policymakers shifted the significant costs of higher education from the public to individual families. What had been considered a public good when it was predominantly for white men, became a public burden to be shifted to families.

This shift away from public financing, which accelerated after the Great Recession, led to predictable and damaging results: Today the cost of higher education is beyond imagination. It is out of reach for most families, especially Black and Brown students, unless they agree to unsustainable debt. In effect, we are perpetuating the ugly legacy of redlining and housing discrimination by requiring the same Black families that were historically denied wealth to take on a greater debt burden than their white peers.

The student debt crisis is just one of the latest iterations in the long and shameful history of too many unkept promises to Black and Brown communities. This country didn’t keep its promise to give formerly enslaved people the land that they worked on to build wealth following the Civil War. Then from redlining, inaccessible GI benefits, and now the decreased value of college degrees, Black people have continuously had the roads to economic success blocked outright.

Canceling $50,000 in student debt can help secure financial stability and economic mobility for Black and Brown borrowers who are disproportionately burdened by this student debt crisis and the impacts of the racial wealth gap in this country. But even after graduation, Black and Latinx people face substantial job discrimination and earn far less than their white counterparts. This income gap makes building financial stability and managing student loan repayment even harder. A college education actually deepens the wealth gap due to the high costs and structural issues in our system. Yet, higher education is a necessity, not a luxury, for today’s workforce.

Due to these persisting inequalities, even with $50,000 cancelation per borrower, there will still be millions of borrowers with debt. That number will only grow unless we overhaul loan repayment altogether and create a debt-free college system. The Center for Responsible Learning argues that the federal government should improve repayment by: (1) clearing the books of bad debts, such as debts that have been in repayment for longer than 15 years; (2) restoring limitations on collections and making student debt dischargeable in bankruptcy; and (3) making repayment truly affordable and budget-conscious through a new income-driven repayment plan open to all borrowers. For new students, a new social contract could also double the Pell Grant and increase funding and support for HBCUs.

We have an opportunity to help millions of families realize their American Dreams, secure financial stability and economic mobility for Black and Brown families, and take a critical step toward closing the racial wealth gap. The charge is clear, the moment is here, and the time for action is now: The Biden administration must cancel $50,000 in student debt per borrower.

What you can do: Cancel Student Debt: $50K for Every Borrower: Add your name

Photo by MoniQue Rangell-Onwuegbuzia on Unsplash

Yellow Octopus Gift Finder

Yellow Octopus Gift Finder

Looking for a special gift for that special someone and don’t know where to start? Don’t be overwhelmed. We have made it easier for you to narrow down your choice from over 4000+ of our products! Just select an icon from the following categories:

Yellow Octopus’s Gift Finder makes it dead easy to browse gift ideas and match the right gift to the right person. Sometimes age and gender just aren’t enough to go on when it comes to selecting the right gift. With the gift finder you can find product groupings based on common personality types. We’ve carefully curated the gifts each personality category so they’re sure to match up exactly.

There are 19 different personality types including the ‘Animal Lover’, ‘Globe Trotter’ and ‘MasterChef’. Looking for a gift for your brother who’s a bit of a party animal? Or are you in search for the perfect Christmas gift for Mum and know she’s a certified workaholic? Maybe you are hunting for a friend’s birthday present and hey he’s a total couch potato.

It’s easy to browse by personality with the Yellow Octopus gift finder!

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Gifts | Buy Unique Present Ideas Online

Find Me a Gift prides itself on helping you find exactly what you’re looking for in a way that suits you. We understand that we live in a world where time is of the essence and gifting might be the last thing on a very long to do list.

Finding the perfect gift (for you) is a completely individual process. You might enjoy scouring through pages and pages of products on your favourite website. You might have an exact idea of it already and hit the search bar with the gift you have in mind. Or, you might have zero clue how to go about it and meander through time and space until inspiration hits you square in the face. Sometimes, there just isn’t time for that, which is why you have us: your knights in shining gifting armour.

So, what now? Get used to three little words because you’re going to see them a lot throughout our website: experience, sentimentality and fun.

These days, less and less people are wanting things. They gather dust and don’t look good in the background of those stylish selfies (unless strategically places for the aesthetic). Instead, people want to experience life, want to do new things, create long-lasting memories, and make the rest of the world jealous with #goodtimesonly vibes. From relaxing spa days to thrilling supercar racing and delicious food and drink experiences to unforgettable days out, there’s plenty of choice.

As much as physical gifts are dwindling in popularity, sentimental items that prove you know them better than anyone else are as important as making memories together. With occasions such as anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as well as milestone birthdays that need to be marked with a gift that shows their individuality, being sentimental shows how much you care. From keepsakes and jewellery they can treasure for the rest of their years to wall art and personalised mugs they can display in their home with pride, they will always think of you because it was you who bought them a wonderful personalised gift.

If you don’t make them smile or laugh when you present your gift, there’s obviously something wrong with it. Gifts are meant to be fun, otherwise they wouldn’t be the best part of the occasion. Make them laugh out loud with our range of hilarious rude and novel gifts that are continually updated all year round. Looking for a Secret Santa for someone in the office or a stocking filler to go alongside their main Christmas gift? We have plenty of cheap gifts and office presents that are sure to make their chuckle last longer than the holidays.

We don’t claim to be the be all and end all of gifts, nor do we claim to have every gift on the planet. It’s not feasible and we know that we couldn’t pull the wool over your eyes even if we tried. If you’re searching for the likes of lingerie, high fashion, designer homeware, fragrance or fine wines, this is not the gift site for you. What we excel in are gifts that provide humour, memories, connection and more. We hope you stick around!

Spafinder Gift Cards Make Great Birthday Gifts



A personalized, Spafinder eGift Card is ideal for any holiday or special occasion. Whether you’re looking to send a simple “thank you” present for a kind gesture, or to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, new baby, or any holiday or event that deserves something special. The gift of spa and wellness will resonate with those you care for most.


Did you know you can now buy beauty products with your Spafinder Gift Card in the Spafinder Shop?
Great stuff from name brands like Circadia, Jurlique, Sothys, Skin Regimen, Kerstin Florian, SpaRitual, Pure Fiji and Comfort Zone. You can even buy apparel and jewelry and all from the comfort of home.

Birthday’s are only once a year. Make sure that they celebrate on one of the other 364 days. We have some great wellness birthday gift ideas. ANNIVERSARY
You’ve dedicated your life to each other. He or she is your everything. Take a moment to recharge and renew. Celebrate your marriage and anniversary with the gift of wellness. THANK YOU
There are so many reasons to be grateful. Show your gratitude with a personalized thank you gift. BABY SHOWER
Whether baby is here or on the way, help mom relax and get a little “me time” with this thoughtful gift idea. CONGRATULATIONS
They deserve it. Say congrats to their huge accomplishment, with the best congratulations gift. GRADUATION
Celebrate this amazing milestone with a personalized gift idea that’s much deserved. NEW HOME
Buying a new home is hard work! Celebrate this great accomplishment with a housewarming gift that says “time to relax”.
The big day is here. What better wedding gift to celebrate their new life together than a little R&R?

Got giver’s block? We’ve got the perfect solution. Personalized Christmas gift shopping ideas delivered online. HANUKKAH
After eight days of celebration, our gift cards make the perfect present…relaxation. Deliver a Hanukkah gift online. MOTHER’S DAY
This Mother’s Day, give her something special. Add a photo of your choosing to personalize her gift. Mom deserves wellness & a chance to relax too. VALENTINE’S DAY
Couples massage. Romantic Spa Days. Weekend getaways. Could there be a more perfect Valentine’s Gift? Add your personal touch, and spoil your significant other with the best Valentine’s Day present. ADMINISTRATIVE DAY
Day after day, this person has your back. Now, its time you have theirs! – hint, hint…gift them a massage. The best thank you gift for an administrative professional. TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY
Give your teacher some well deserved pampering with the best thank you gift for your favorite teacher. BOSS’S DAY
Does your boss deserve a break? Then perhaps he or she deserves the gift of relaxation! We’ve got gift ideas to present to your boss. FATHER’S DAY
Dad’s deserve pampering too. Our gift cards are the best gift to present on Father’s Day. KWANZA
Got Giver’s Block? Send a personalized online gift this Kwanza. THANKSGIVING
Tired of bringing the string beans? Our gift cards are best “thank you” gifts to give your Thanksgiving dinner host. EARTH DAY
Go green. Send an e card this Earth Day. The best gift ideas for a green earth day. GLOBAL WELLNESS DAY
Let’s take living well one day at a time. Start with Spafinder. Gift ideas for Global Wellness Day. GRANDPARENT’S DAY
Here’s a chance to spoil them, the way they spoil you. Send a grandparent this rejuvenating personalized gift – a Spafinder gift card! NEW YEAR’S DAY
There’s no gift like the present. Cheers to a great New Year’s gift idea. BACHELORETTE
Spa Day with her favorite girls? Last minute beauty prep for nails, hair, makeup? How about some time to help the bride relax, and enjoy being pampered? Give her the best bridal shower gift to help her do it. MEMORIAL DAY
Celebrate Memorial Day with proper summer time prep. Matching manicures and pedicures, great hydrafacials, highlights and more! NURSE’S DAY
Say “Thank You” to a nurse on Nurse’s Day with a Spafinder Gift Card–the gift that says, “I appreciate all you do!” 90,000 how interesting and unusual to congratulate the birthday boy. Quest ideas and riddles.

Through the field and woods
A voice is heard.
He runs along the wires –
You say here, but you can hear it there.

Every day at six in the morning,
I’m cracking: it’s time to get up!
(Alarm clock)

Who walks the night and walks the day,
Not knowing what is laziness?

Open your secrets
Ready for anyone,
But you will not hear a word from her

There is a leaf, there is a spine,
Although not a bush or a flower.
She will lie down on her knees,
She will tell you everything.

Not a bush, but with leaves,
Not a shirt, but sewn,
Not a man, but a story.

She speaks silently,
But understandable and not boring.
You talk to her more often –
You will become four times smarter!

At the wall, large and important,
The house is multi-storey.
We are on the ground floor
All tenants have already read.

There is a portrait in the room,
Looks like you in everything.
You will laugh – and in response
He will laugh too.

And shines and shines,
It does not flatter anyone,
And he will tell anyone the truth –
Everything as it is, will show him!

I silently look at everyone,
And everyone is looking at me.
The merry ones see laughter,
I cry with sad ones.

This eye is a special eye:
He will quickly look at you,
Your most accurate portrait will be born!

What this eye will look at –
It will transfer everything to the picture.

In this small object
A warm wind has settled.
(Hair dryer)

Two abdomens, four ears.

She will fluff up her sides,
Her four corners,
And, as night falls,
Will still attract you.

I am comfortable, very soft,
It’s not hard for you to guess –
People love me very much
Sit and lie down.

There are hangers and shelves here,
Like floors in the house,
Trousers, blouses, T-shirts –
Everything is in order!

I really like to wander on carpets,
On soft sofas, in dark corners.
There I always find tasty dust
And I buzz loudly with pleasure.
(Vacuum cleaner)

Although he often inhales dust –
Does not get sick, does not sneeze.
(Vacuum cleaner)

I will grumble the dust,
I will wrap it up and swallow it!
(Vacuum cleaner)

On matter,
I stick my sharp nose everywhere.
Oh, and I am angry and hiss.
I really don’t like crumpled ones!

Iron on everything that touches,
If you touch it, it bites.

Lives without a tongue,
Does not eat or drink,
A speaks and sings.
(Radio, TV)

What a miracle, what a box?
Himself – a singer and himself – a storyteller,
And at the same time
Demonstrates a movie.

Unfold the sheet as soon as possible –
There you will see many lines,
In lines – the message of the whole world
What kind of sheet is this?

Not a house, but not a street either.
High, but not scary.
(Balcony, loggia)

He is both at home and not at home,
Between heaven and earth.
Guess, buddy,
What did the rhyme encrypt?

It supports the window,
We put flowers on it.
(Window sill)

We always walk together,
Similar, like brothers.
We are at dinner – under the table,
And at night – under the bed.

I have legs, but I do not walk,
I have a back, but I don’t lie,
You sit down – and I stand.

I’m a bit like the table,
There is in the kitchen and in the hallway.
I am rarely in the bedroom,
And my name is …

Preserves bread,
Does not give staleness.
For bread – a house,
It is good for him in it.

On the stove – the chief of the pans.
Thick, long-nosed …

Iron mouth
Grabbed a sandwich,
Browned his sides –
And bye!

Her mouth was stuffed with meat,
And she chews it,
Chews, chews and does not swallow –
Everything is sent to the plate.
(Meat grinder)

And pancakes, and an omelet,
And potatoes for lunch,
And pancakes – wow!
Fries everything …
(Frying pan)

Fries meat, cooks soup,
Bakes pies.
She’s here and there
Very hot.

I have a big belly,
There are sausages, cheese, compote in it.
You want to eat – do not be shy,
Open your stomach soon!

It is beautiful and cold,
You will not be hungry with it!
Where it snows even in summer,
Another hint awaits you!

Admire, look –
North Pole inside!
Snow and ice sparkle there,
Winter itself lives there.
Forever for us this winter
Brought from the store.

Where delicious meals are, where family conversations are.
(Kitchen table)

A close relative of the broom,
Will sweep the corners in the house.
He, of course, is not a slacker,
The litter will help to remove …

If you want to find the answer as soon as possible –
Look for a clue where there is a bright light!
(Chandelier, floor lamp, sconce, table lamp)

You will always find a tip,
Where the water splashes noisily.

There is a box in the bathroom,
With a transparent and round eye.
It is interesting to look into the eye when
Water is bubbling in this box.
(Washing machine)

I am a relative of Moidodyr,
Turn me away,
And with cold water
I’ll wash you asap.
(Crane, a note is suspended from it)

There are many teeth, but he does not eat anything.

In our house under the window
There is a hot accordion:
Does not sing or play –
It heats the house.
(Heating battery)

I’ll let you into any house,
You knock – I’m glad to knock.
But I will not forgive one thing –
If you don’t give me your hand!

There are both in the house and in the apartment,
Often more than four,
And without them we cannot enter,
They will forever stand in the way!

Greets everyone with one handle,
With the other handle – sees off.
Does not offend anyone,
And only everyone is pushing her …

On the squares of the board
Kings brought shelves together.
No regiments for battle.
Neither cartridges nor bayonets.

Look, the house is standing,
Water is poured to the brim,
No windows, but not gloomy,
Transparent on four sides,
In this house, residents
All skillful swimmers.

Round, smooth, like a watermelon,
Any color, for different tastes.
If you let go of the leash,
Will fly away behind the clouds.

I’m in my school bag,
How do you study, I’ll tell you.

On New Year’s Eve he came to the house
Such a ruddy fat man,
But every day he was losing weight
And finally he completely disappeared.

Roll up – wedge,
Unroll – pancake.

He reveals himself,
He covers You.
Only rain will pass –
Will do the opposite.

The house is made of tin, and the tenants in it – to lead.

It hangs in a conspicuous place,
Swallows news all year round.


A selection of riddles for the quest

How to use riddles in the quest, and what is “Home Quest”

If you are reading these lines, then it is likely that at the moment you are in a difficult creative process, trying to come up with a home quest for your loved ones and you needed riddles for the quest. And you do not need to explain the meaning of the concept of “home quest” or “finding a gift by scraps.”Well, for those who have not yet come across such a concept, we will briefly explain. Home Quest or Searching for a Gift by Notes is a game, the essence of which is that the organizer hides several cards with tasks in different places, for example, in an apartment. The solution or answer to each task is the name of the place where the next task is hidden. Thus, a chain of tasks is obtained, leading to a hidden gift or congratulation.

This kind of entertainment is now becoming more and more popular and, remarkably, is suitable not only for children, but also for adults.Although the most classic example is, of course, children’s birthday. And to carry out such a quest at home, you need a lot of interesting tasks and riddles!

Here you can familiarize yourself with our selection of riddles about various household items

Places and objects

All tasks must be hidden in certain places and objects – a kind of caches. Therefore, the organizer of the quest is faced with a difficult task – to come up with these very tasks in such a way that, having solved them, the players would receive instructions to these caches.Therefore, first you need to think over the quest scheme and form a list of items and places, and then come up with tasks, the answers to which will be the names of these places. At the same time, it is very desirable to colorfully arrange the tasks. Within the framework of this article, we are interested in the second stage, i.e. development of tasks. In the Quest Quest article, we have already discussed in some detail how various types of tasks and puzzles can be optimized and used in a home quest, and gave many examples. If you haven’t read this article yet, then take a look.There you will find a lot of useful information, especially if your task is to come up with your own quest.

In this article, we will consider, probably, one of the most simple and traditional types of tasks – riddles . The ease of using riddles for a quest is that they do not need to be specially adapted, because the answer to the riddle is, as a rule, the name of some object. Therefore, the organizer of the quest only has to choose the necessary riddles for those items that will be used in the quest.

Riddles – Not Just For Kids

Let’s immediately dispel one myth that riddles are entertainment exclusively for children. Yes, in most cases, of course, riddles are primarily aimed at children. But there are also such riddles that not every adult can solve. But it’s not even about that. The fact is that in any quest there should be tasks of various difficulty levels. When drawing up our quests, we try to adhere to the following rule:

In a balanced quest, about 30% of tasks should be difficult, 30% – easy and the remaining 40% – medium difficulty

We argue that if most of the tasks in the quest are difficult, then at some point the quest may turn into a routine, and the players will get tired.If, on the contrary, most of the tasks are easy, then it will become boring and uninteresting. This is why the quest must be balanced. Players need to be constantly kept in good shape, not to let their interest weaken, but also not to tire them. This is a very subtle point.

That is why we recommend using riddles in quests. Although, as we said above, riddles can be very difficult, so they can not always be used as a “rest” for players.

The use of riddles in the quest makes it more interesting, varied and relaxed.Solving the riddle, you do not need to calculate, count, write, compose, etc. You can use one interesting riddle in the quest, or you can use several, scattering them evenly during the quest.

How to connect riddle and puzzle

We also want to tell you about a more complex, but very original and interesting way of using riddles. Yes, you can add a “pure” riddle to the quest, ie just a card with the text of the riddle. The player found it, read it, answered it and ran on.But what if the riddle is encrypted ? That is, the player finds not the text of the riddle, but a certain cipher or puzzle, in which the text of the riddle is encrypted. Thus, you will have a task that essentially consists of two stages: the first is to solve a puzzle or cipher and get the text of the riddle, and then the second is to guess the riddle itself.

Let’s give an example:

The “Garland” quest from the New Year’s quest. A good example of how you can “hide” the text of the puzzle in a puzzle.The card depicts an intricate garland with letters and syllables written on the bulbs – parts of the words from the riddle. If you “untangle” the garland, you can read the text of the riddle: “I will display everyone and everything, but I am silent and do not judge” . The answer is, of course, MIRROR .

We’ve got a great original puzzle for a home quest.

We have provided a simple example of a two-step puzzle task. Although there are more interesting and sophisticated ways to encrypt the text of the riddle, we will not reveal all the cards, see our quests.

Riddles for the quest about household items

Let’s go back to the discussion of the “usual” riddles. Mankind has invented a huge variety of riddles, so choosing the right ones for your quest will not be difficult. There is more than one riddle about almost any household item. On the Internet, they can be found without problems. But to simplify your task a little, we have made our own selection of riddles about various objects. We used some of these riddles in our quests.In addition, in our selection of riddles you will also find options for their original use, by analogy with what we described in the section “riddle as a basis for a more difficult task.”

Riddles about household items

90,000 Three cool birthday quests from Pikabu

Good afternoon, dear friends!

Did you know that is actually Birthday is a day on which … you need

– Save the World

– climb Everest in your own house

– and cope with a bunch of tasks!

And without this – no gifts!

You still need to run for gifts))) And if your birthday boy likes this alignment, then feel free to give him a quest!

In this article I will share with you a description of three real quests from the pikabu (Masha, thanks!)

1 Quest as a gift for my husband for his birthday (by DemonBilly)

2 Quest for the little brother for his birthday (by DemonBilly)

3 Quest for a friend for his birthday (told to Cosmicbmo)

Festive quest for husband’s birthday:

Author DemonBilly Source

* * *

Festive quest for the birthday of the little brother:

Posted by DemonBilly Source

* * *

Festive quest for a friend’s birthday:

Told by cosmicbmo, source

Do these quest scenarios inspire you, dear friends?


Then here’s some creative fuel for you to create a quest as a birthday present –

Our quests:

Quest with QR codes for birthday. Gift creation instruction

quest and gift in the locker

quest with photo-riddles

and a couple of gifts with a mysterious and long script – about torsion fields and about 3D puzzle

awesome quest as a gift to Vasily Ralko, which he named:

The most enchanting birthday in my life!

* * *

All the best to you!

Yours Tanyusha

P.S. The universe is abundant. One idea gives birth to many others!

Share the link to article , let the number of good ideas and gifts only grow!

Birthday Quest: Looking for a gift

The older a person is, the more difficult and more troublesome it becomes to surprise him. Modern youth cannot be pleased with the usual gift. We bring to your attention the game-search for the hidden “treasure”. It can be carried out both in an ordinary apartment, house, and outdoors or in any other place.You ask how to organize an escape room at home? Easily! We give an example of the simplest option, for one person, with a duration of no more than 15 minutes. This option is well suited if you cannot be present at the event, having prepared in advance, you can leave the player to explore the dwelling on their own. With a little effort, it can be upgraded into assignments for a group of people, extended by increasing the number of steps, and the like.

Let us mention that quest – is a form of leisure that came to us from computer games.It involves the simultaneous connection to the interaction of all players of one team. And, as a rule, it is aimed at solving certain, predetermined tasks that will lead the participants to the set goal.

You will need:

• Paper;
• Scissors;
• Glue, scotch tape;
• Markers – pencils;
• A little fantasy;
• Gifts.

Treasure map. An important point at the planning stage and scenario development is to think over the search route.It is most convenient at this stage to draw a plan of the house, or the area for which the game is designed. And place the key points (where the tips will be located) clockwise from the entrance, or the starting point of the route. Thus, you maximally exclude the possibility of finding a gift quickly, because it is, in fact, hidden not far from the entrance, and the game takes you in search of a completely different direction. An example is in the photo.

To determine the number of key points, decide how long the quest should take and how difficult one game will be (how long it will take to complete it).For example, we created tasks for a total of 15 minutes, expecting that the games would be easy – 1-1.5 minutes per task – we have 11 points. And the tasks themselves are only in guessing the next key place. You can complicate it by encrypting it with an anagram, a crossword puzzle, a rebus, and so on.

Selection of problems. The same flight of fantasy is needed here. We cut out stars for each task and began to invent. At the entrance, the birthday girl was waiting for the first detailed hint, with instructions on what to do, how to play.

# 1 Look for a device that constantly sniffs dirty things.
This is a washing machine. It contains the following clue.

№2 Where is the coldest place in the apartment?
This is a freezer. In the freezer there is a cut envelope.

No. 3 Fold the puzzle.

After completing the task, a photo of the microwave oven is obtained.

And it contains the next clue.

№4 “They ate from their plates, slept on their beds, and broke the cup and broke the spoon.”
This is from the tale of the three bears. These are the characters in our bedroom. And they have the next clue.

№5 Collect the word from the letters in the envelope.


There is a double-sided prompt under the keyboard:
# 6 Side 1: Go to the indicated page on the Internet from the tablet and see the number of reviews.

# 6 Side 2: Take book # ____ from the shelf above the laptop from left to right. (Enter number of reviews)

When the player finds out the number of reviews, he will understand that he needs to take the 9th book.

And in it:

# 7 Follow the long tunnel that connects the rooms outside.

We are talking about a loggia.

There are hints on it. “He’s waiting for you on the couch.” In the room on the sofa the first gift and:

# 8 That’s not all. Go to the small room where the “treasures” are kept.
This is a pantry.

№9 Look for the one who said “You are the nicest in the world, all the blush and whiter”
This is a mirror.You need to review all mirrors and find:

# 10 Dial __________ and listen to the answering machine.
Congratulations and indication of the last place with the gift are pre-recorded on the answering machine.

The last present may contain a greeting card.

Advice: Formulate the tasks unambiguously so that the player does not have a false judgment, and he does not declassify you ahead of time.

Successful quests, take care of your family and friends, please and pamper them more often.

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Husband’s birthday, or a quest (challenge) in search of a gift! – 6 responses to Babyblog

We celebrated our dad’s birthday) And since I, of course, could not give a gift just like that, I got confused and started organizing this adventure in a month)))) below are details and a photo report))))) ))

To begin with, I handed over an envelope with a note (all handmade, of course) that he will have

after reading I gave him a small paper bag (also handmade) in which there was the first task and items that will later help to complete the tasks the first task it was necessary to find a book and read the word by the code, and a hint was glued to the back of each note) at this stage the word was EGGS!

2. it was necessary to find the following note in a tray with eggs in the refrigerator, the encrypted word BORSCH (husband’s favorite dish)

3. in the book with recipes on the 3rd hundredth page there was the following note, here as I thought it would be more difficult, but in fact it turned out to be the easiest. You had to go to my mail (specially created for this) and calculate the password, on the mail the following task

4.there is generally a joke, from the quatrain it was necessary to guess that we were talking about the “golden ring” group (quite by accident I stumbled upon old discs forgotten by God) in the disc and the next task lay. But since my husband was late for work, and he didn’t even have any thoughts about the disk in our room, I prompted him))))))))

5. there was a riddle about the DRUM, but we had a washing drum)

6. in the washing machine there were two notes on one hidden text, which can only be read by solving the riddle)) riddle about FIRE -> with the help of fire it was possible to read the word COCOA! the can of cocoa there was the last note with a rebus with the encrypted word CAMERA

in the camera there was a photo with the place of the gift)) we have a large box with books left from the move, it stands under the crib)))

AND BINGO there was a gift, unexpected and desired)))))))

Everyone got pleasure, the whole family was looking for it)))) It is really important how to present a gift, it is doubly pleasant to receive it (I also whetted my appetite for several months, so to speak, he was already impatient for others)))))


Quest for finding a gift in an apartment for adults: surprise a loved one for his birthday

On a birthday, even the most serious adult uncles and aunts turn into children.They are sincerely happy about the holiday, waiting for surprises with keen interest. The birthday boy will be happy if you give him the opportunity to “get” his gift himself, going through interesting, sometimes difficult tests. This is a quest, accompanied by a search for a gift in the apartment.

What is a quest?

Quest is a wonderful way to spend time with your loved ones at home, in the country, in nature. The game is a chain of tasks and riddles written on cards. Each of them is hidden in a secluded place and contains a hint where to look for the next one.So, moving step by step, guessing riddles and completing tasks, the player approaches the goal – the main prize or a holiday gift. Quest very often is an opportunity to wish a loved one a happy birthday in an interesting and creative way.

Tips and tricks for organizing the quest

So, the birthday boy is available. The decision to conduct a birthday quest with a gift search has been made. The venue (at home, in the country, in nature) and a sample scenario have been approved. The gift – the main prize of the game – has been purchased.It’s time to start direct preparation for this fun event.


Our task is to turn congratulations and presenting a gift into an unforgettable show, the main character of which will be the birthday man. Quests for finding a gift for a man and a woman do not have any special distinguishing features. The most important thing is to take into account the tastes and preferences of the hero of the occasion.

We operate according to plan:

  1. Determine the place where the main prize-gift will be hidden.
  2. Find hidden places where intermediate clues will be located. The selection criterion is unexpected, unpredictable “hiding places”, the path to which can be interestingly guessed or encrypted.
  3. Prepare tasks for the quest. Come up with tips for finding a gift, decorate it beautifully, sort it out into hiding places. Make sure they are safely hidden. Otherwise, a sufficiently observant birthday person may find an extraordinary hint that will confuse the course of the game and the sequence of the chain of steps.
  4. Plan your route so that the birthday person does not get too close to the place of the main prize. This will exclude the situation when the player accidentally “stumbles upon” a gift after two or three prompts.
  5. You can make yourself a so-called “layouts map” to guide the player, if necessary, to control his path. The plan of the apartment, on which the places of all hidden clues will be marked, as well as the order in which they are solved.

Start tips

Several recommendations will help to organize the game so that this holiday will be remembered for a long time by its participants, and all its details are repeatedly recalled and proudly retold to friends and acquaintances.

  • The number of links in the chain depends on the activity and curiosity of the birthday person. For a modest “not a fan” of noisy entertainment, 5-6 steps to the goal will be enough. In this case, the game will not end with lightning speed, but it will not tire the hero of the occasion either. But a funny and groovy fan of quizzes and crosswords can be safely loaded with 10-15 steps.
  • Intermediate assignments shouldn’t be too hard. After all, our goal is not to test the erudition of the player, but to give him unforgettable pleasant emotions and impressions.But even too light prompts will make the game uninteresting, and the victory will not bring the proper pleasure.
  • Small gifts on the way to the main prize will cheer up the player, make the quest more fun and enjoyable. Attach notes to chocolates, hand-drawn postcards. Accompany the clues with other cute little things that will put a smile on the birthday boy’s face. After all, our goal today is his good mood.
  • Each of the clues can be either a riddle or a veiled description of a “cache”.For example, you can write a riddle about a microwave oven:

For very many years
She warms my lunch.

A can be described as “ the place where some of those present once dried their socks ”. Such a fleeting memory of a funny story will add smiles and positive emotions to the game.

Scenario of the finished quest with riddles “Looking for a gift in the apartment”

Let’s move on from general advice and recommendations to specifics.We present an example scenario of a romantic quest in the style of “Find your birthday present at home” for a beloved man.

See also: How to surprise your beloved husband for his birthday?

Start quest

You can inform about the start of the game in person, with the help of friends, acquaintances or send SMS. Especially creative quest creators use a courier delivery service or broadcast a message over the radio. Or you can just post some kind of notice in a conspicuous place.For example, in the bathroom, where your sleepy hero of the occasion goes first. So let the game begin!

1. Welcome job

On the bathroom mirror, attach a bright, eye-catching envelope with a note:

My dear, dance and sing!
This is your birthday.
Smile and stretch,
And turn to the washing machine.
Open your eyes wider,
There you will see a hint.

If the darling has not yet woken up, you can explain in prose that he has to go through a quest game, as a result of which he will find a gift from his girlfriend using notes.

2. Task French

Another envelope is attached to the inside of the washing machine. It contains a leaflet with a phrase in French: “ La chambre de l’amour montrera le chemin ” (The love room will show the way).

Here we can say that French is considered the language of all lovers. This means that it will be absolutely appropriate to admit love to your partner along the way. This will be another pleasant moment in the game, adding romance and exciting sensations.

The birthday man must translate this phrase (having the Internet at his disposal, it is not difficult to do this). And then guess what room the loving French meant.

3. Telephone assignment

There is a telephone in a conspicuous place in the bedroom, next to a note with a number. But instead of some numbers, there are asterisks. The missing characters are encrypted in answers to serious or comic questions regarding life together.

For example:

  • In what month did we meet?
  • How many flowers were in the first presented bouquet?
  • What floor do we live on?
  • What time do you need to be at work?
  • How many times have I been late for dates?
  • In how many years will we celebrate the fifth anniversary of our life together?
  • How many times have I asked to change the light bulb in the closet?

Note! Any questions can be asked.It is important that the answers to them give the missing digits of the phone number. It is also a great opportunity to remember pleasant or funny moments in your life.

Having called the guessed number, the player should hear one more hint. A friend or acquaintance who has been warned in advance can easily help in the implementation of this point of the quest. Let him, without any superfluous words, tell you where the next note was hidden: the mailbox, the rug by the front door, the window sill.

4.Puzzle task

A greeting card cut into pieces is located in the indicated location. The birthday boy will have to put together this puzzle and read on the back:

It is cold and big,
It is always full of food.
The chicken will help you.
Find your gift.

5. Quest egg and chicken

It is clear that we are talking about refrigerator . This is where there are many ways to disguise the tooltip! Hidden in food or in a drink, it will even allow the birthday boy to eat.In our case, the note is in the “fraudulent” egg. To do this, you need to make some manipulations with it in advance: make a small hole in the shell, get rid of the contents, dry it. Roll up the note and hide it in it. Put the egg gently on a shelf with “brothers”, hole down. It contains a clue:

This old lady has
Four ears.
Between these ears
There is a pair of abdomens ( pillow ).

6.The task “Superfluous – away!”

If there are a lot of decorative pillows in the house, the player will have to sweat to find the right one. Below it is an envelope with the following clue.

A few words are written on the sheet. The birthday boy must realize that one of them is superfluous. It is this that will name the location of the next clue.

For example: rice, buckwheat, millet, pasta, pearl barley, semolina.

A superfluous word here, of course, “ pasta “. Everything else is cereals for making porridge.

7. Literary task

In the kitchen, in a jar of pasta, there is a note with a quote from a book that should be in your home library. These words must be familiar to the birthday person. Perhaps this is his favorite book, which he knows by heart. If there is none, then your task is to make sure that this quote not only becomes known to him, but also remembered.

If you still have difficulties with the quote, you can encrypt the title of the book.For example, using the picture:

  • Master and Margarita (photo 1)
  • Woe from Wit (photo 2)
  • Lady with a dog (photo 3)

photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

8. Final task

There is a clue in the corresponding book on the bookshelf. In a simpler version, these are cards with letters from which you need to assemble a word. If desired, you can complicate the task. The same letters can be encrypted with a code entry: the page number in this book + the letter number from the beginning of the text.

Thus, the player should have the following pieces of the rebus:

k x o v u ad

After collecting the word “ oven ” from them, the player goes to the kitchen again, where he finally finds the main prize of the game – a birthday present.

Note! At your will and according to your preferences, you can add your own tasks for the quest to find a gift. Use the places and things that are present specifically in your apartment.

There are many ways to please your loved ones on their birthday, to give them unforgettable impressions and emotions. Quest with the search for gifts is one of them. Connect inspiration, activate your creativity and please your loved ones with an amazing adventure.


options for finding a gift based on notes and riddles in the apartment on a birthday and other holidays

Children’s birthday is always fun, funny and incredibly touching.For the guys, this is primarily a memorable entertainment. An excellent option for starting a holiday will be an exciting quest – the search for a gift.

The essence of the game

Game quest “Find a gift” is a series of tasks, usually logical, the completion of which should lead to a cache where a surprise for the birthday boy is hidden. Usually the path is “paved” with the help of notes – they contain information about the direction in which to further search, where to follow in order to find the long-awaited gift.The answer to each question marks the beginning of the next round of the search.

The quest should be made taking into account the age of the children. For kids, the task is simplified, and the number of tasks is reduced to 3-4, but for teenage children, the task can be complicated, the number of stages can be increased to 9-11 – it will be much more interesting. A child can look for a present on his own, or he can attract his friends – in this case, it is desirable that at the end point all participants are waiting for memorable gifts.

To prepare the quest, you need very little – plain paper, scissors, colored pencils, duct tape, and, of course, a little imagination.

The main point in preparing the fun will be the development of the script and careful thought over the search route.

It is best to draw in advance a map of the house or the area where the quest will take place, and arrange all the main points of finding the clues clockwise from the starting point.Thus, the participants will not be able to find the gift too quickly, since, in fact, it will be hidden almost at the starting point, but the game will lead the children in a different direction.

In order to determine the required number of hints, you need to think about how long your quest will take. The simplest version with riddles usually takes no more than two minutes to complete one stage, so a task of 10-11 points will take about 15-20 minutes. However, you can always complicate the task by encrypting the question using crosswords, anagrams or secret writing.

It is possible to turn the receipt of a hint into sports fun, for example, a note with a question can be placed on a tree, in a pinata or in a balloon – then the guys will have to spend time and ingenuity to get the coveted cipher.


The following can be used as a message:

  • custom note;
  • message in local networks from instant messengers;
  • letter by e-mail;
  • postcard.

Tasks in the quest should be different from those offered to the child and his guests as part of the game program. They should be easier and faster to solve, since the main task of such a quest is not to assess the mental abilities of the child, but to give him maximum emotions from the very process of solving problems.

However, it is not worth picking up too primitive clues – otherwise the children will simply not be interested in solving them.

It does not hurt to prepare small souvenirs at each point of the route.It can be sweets, small toys, inexpensive stationery – then the search for a gift by scraps will become even more pleasant and joyful.

For young children

For preschoolers, it is best to prepare such riddle questions that will directly point to one or another object in the house (or local area). For example, a riddle about a refrigerator will mean that you need to go to it and find the next clue inside.If the clue is about the bed, therefore, the baby will have to go up to it and find another question there. Thus, the child will get to the secret place.

For school-age children

These guys are no longer very interested in riddles, they will show much more interest in encrypted phrases. Here are some of the best ideas.

  • Phrases written backwards. In this case, the guys will have to try to figure out how to read this confusing phrase. Do not tell the children the rules – it will be much more interesting if they figure it out for themselves.
  • Words written in “invisible ink.” Everyone knows that a text written with milk or lemon juice is invisible, but if you just heat it over a fire or iron it with an iron, the letters immediately appear and form words.

Note that this prompt must be supplied with the heat source itself. For example, hide both the note and the iron in the same cache, or create a chain of tasks in such a way that the child first finds the iron and then the riddle. The child must understand what the decryption method should be.

  • An interesting option is mirroring . Any text can be “turned over” using simple computer programs, printed and hidden along with the mirror itself. If the children guess to look at the reflection of what is written, they will see the hidden word.
  • You can give children a set of numbers – the point here is that each of them means a certain letter of the alphabet, or the number of a letter in some text.As in the previous cases, the hint must go along with the text, which will be used for decryption.

To make your treasure hunt more atmospheric, design your own notes with clues in the style of scraps of old scrolls. To do this, the paper must be smeared with strong tea leaves, dried, and then the edges must be set on fire – then the quest will look like a real treasure hunt.

  • Themed decor always goes with a bang. For example, you can play pirates, Indians, superheroes – then each child must be given some attribute before starting the quest, this makes the immersion in the holiday atmosphere even more complete.

For older children

All teenagers love gadgets, and this is the reality today. Searching through notes may seem too childish to them – but there is no reason to despair.Today there is a huge selection of mobile platforms for creating quests. With their help, you can create an “electronic assistant” that will “guide” the search.

Usually, children receive a quest activation code on their smartphones, and then tasks are given to search for a hint, all the guessed answers must be driven into the program, and in case of an incorrect answer, the system will give a new hint. Teenagers really like this kind of fun, and these services are quite inexpensive.

Where to hide a present?

Quests may not necessarily contain questions and answers; for the youngest players, paw prints of large animals and a map that indicates exactly which tracks they need to move will be a great idea.For example, at first the child may have an assignment to follow in the footsteps of an elephant, then in the footsteps of a dog, after that you can offer to look for a hare trail or to run in the footsteps of wild horses, which will lead to the treasured treasure.

In this case, you need to prepare for the quest in advance – draw or print the prints of the animals’ paws, lay them out, entangling several paths and, of course, draw a map, hiding the present in an unexpected place.

For teenagers, the gift can be hidden in a cache.It’s a good idea to design a safe in an old book – for this, you need to cut a recess between the pages and hide the present there. Just imagine the whole gamut of feelings of a teenager, when, having solved all the riddles, he finds only a textbook on the hated geometry – how surprised he will be when he opens the book and finds a brand new smartphone inside!

Alternatively, you can hide the gift in a briefcase with a combination lock, but the child will have to guess the code by the last hint.

An interesting quest can always be organized on your own in an apartment without the participation of animators, the main thing is to be creative in preparing it, taking into account the interests of boys and girls. Even if you do not have the opportunity to arrange a party for your child with friends, such a search for a gift will surely please him!

See below for details.

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