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Halloween Costumes & Costume Ideas for 2021

Celebrate Halloween With Costumes For Everyone

It’s no wonder why Halloween is such a popular holiday – what other celebration lets you dress up, eat candy, party and enjoy some good-natured scares? Halloween costumes let you be whoever or whatever you want, which is probably why they’re top of mind this time of year. If you’re looking for fun, easy Halloween costume ideas, then you’ve come to the right place! Every year, Party City transforms into the ultimate costume store, featuring the best costumes and accessories for everyone in your family. 

Find The Best New Halloween Costumes For Kids And Adults

Do you love to catch the latest movies and TV shows? Is your download queue filled with the latest games and updates? Pop culture moves fast, which is why we have plenty of cool Halloween costume ideas based on your favorite film hero, video game character or TV character. This plethora of protagonists includes something for every member of your family – princesses and superheroes, sword-wielding adventurers and their villainous enemies, and even silly sidekicks! Best of all, these outfits all feature up-to-date looks. Everyone at the Halloween party will know your costume is the latest and greatest in character design! 

Get Inspired By Our Top Rated Costume Ideas

If you have a hard time deciding on costumes, you’re not alone – there are thousands of great outfits out there, so it can be hard to choose a favorite! If you’re not sure which look is best for you, why not explore some of the Top Rated costumes from our online shop? These looks are some of our customers’ personal favorites, so they’re sure to be a welcome addition to your Halloween wardrobe. Here you’ll find men’s, women’s and children’s costumes that receive high marks for comfort, style, fit and more. It’s a great way to ensure that no matter what you choose, you’ll find a great look for parties, trick or treat and more.

Create Unique Looks With Exciting Halloween Costumes And Accessories

Do you prefer to put your own spin on Halloween? If you are looking for unique Halloween costumes – or want to create a look that’s all your own – we’re here to help. Our collection of Halloween costumes and costume ideas includes plenty of outfits and accessories that go beyond the basics so you stand out during parties, trick or treat and more. Whether you’re interested in hilarious inflatables or eye-catching creations suitable for Hollywood, Party City is here to help your dreams come true. Explore our costumes and get ready for memorable Halloween moments!

Buy Our Costumes Online & Pick Up At A Party City Store Near You

Once you find the perfect costume, you can order it online and ship it straight to your home or pick it up at your local Party City store. Most of the costumes in our online costume shop are available for in-store pickup. We also offer curbside pickup and same day delivery options to fit your schedule. Once you’ve added a product to the shopping cart, select the ‘Pick Up In Store’ option to view a list of stores in your area that carry the product you wish to buy. There’s no shipping fee for items purchased online and picked up in-store. Most orders designated for in-store pickup are ready within two hours, but this window can vary depending on store inventory and the time the order was placed.

Reserve Your Costume For In-Store Pickup

• In select Party City stores, you can reserve any costume on the costume wall directly through the Party City app.
• You can also pre-order select Halloween costumes, accessories, and decorations online before they become available for sale. Eligible products will display a pre-order badge or pre-order basket button.
• A third option is to place your order online and pick it up at a Party City store near you. 

With multiple ways to shop and order, Party City makes it easy to find the very best costumes all year round. Explore our extensive collection and find your Halloween costume today! 

Adult Halloween Costumes & Adult Costume Ideas 2021

Celebrate Halloween With Fun Adult Costumes From Party City

Why should kids have all the fun? Adults love costumes too, so shop the latest and greatest adult Halloween costumes for men and women at Party City! Our collection of Halloween costumes features a huge assortment of ideas for adults, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for parties, parades, trick or treat and other holiday festivities. Our adult costumes are a great way to celebrate your inner child and be the person (or hero, or villain, or creature) you’ve always wanted to be! 

Get Ready For Halloween With Easy Costumes For Adults

Looking for costume ideas for adults? Our extensive selection of adult costumes includes a wide range of themes, styles and sizes for everyone. Want an idea that’s quick and easy? We carry adult costumes featuring all of your favorite pop culture characters. Looking for more classic adult costume ideas? Then check out our selection of Halloween costumes for adults featuring werewolves, witches, pirates and ghosts. Are you more about humor than horror? You’ll find plenty of adult costumes that are sure to make friends and family smile. 

Stand Out With Unique Halloween Costumes And Accessories For Adults

Looking for ways to put your own spin on Halloween? While we have plenty of ready-made outfits, sometimes the best Halloween costumes for adults are of the DIY variety. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered there, too. We make it easy to complete your adult costume ideas thanks to our selection of individual accessories. We also have unique adult costumes that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a great way to get into the Halloween spirit.
Ready to find the best Halloween costumes for adults like you? Check out our online selection or visit your Party City store. Our selection of adult Halloween costumes is second to none. We can’t wait to help you celebrate Halloween in style!

Kid’s Halloween Costumes | Party City

Shop the best Halloween costumes for kids

Are you looking for the coolest, cutest and best Halloween costumes for kids? Look no further than Party City – your headquarters for all things Halloween. We carry a wide variety of kids’ Halloween costumes, from classics like cops and pirates to dinosaurs and the latest superheroes. No matter what your child’s tastes or interests, our collection is a great place to find fun, comfortable Halloween costumes for your kids. 

  • Is this your child’s first Halloween? If you’re looking for cute kids’ Halloween costumes, look no further! We have lots of great options that are warm, comfortable and the perfect fit for your little one. Whether you’re looking for something classic or trendsetting, we have Halloween clothes for little kids that will help them celebrate in style.
  • Toddlers love dressing up for Halloween and trick or treat, but they don’t always have patience for shopping. If you’re not up for visiting kids’ costume stores with them, we make it easy to shop from home. Party City offers the best kids’ Halloween costumes for toddlers, including characters and concepts they’ll love and want to wear over and over.
  • Does your little girl revel in Halloween festivities like her annual classroom party? If so, she’ll love our selection of cool kids’ Halloween costumes that let her become her favorite character! From movies and TV to more traditional looks, our kids’ Halloween outfits offer something for just about every young lady. Best of all, our Halloween costume accessories for kids let her create a look that’s truly one of a kind!
  • If your little boy wants a great costume, you’ve come to the right place! Our selection of children’s Halloween costumes includes an amazing array of costumes for boys that he’ll be excited to wear. From scary to strange, silly to super, your child is sure to find something he loves. Explore our complete collection and find the perfect Halloween look for him!

Whether you’re looking for something specific or you’re just browsing, we have you covered. Our extensive selection of kids’ Halloween costumes includes costumes for boys and girls of all ages, from infants to toddlers to teens. Check out our kids’ costumes today!

Toddler Halloween Costumes for Boys & Girls

Find Spooky, Cute & Fun Halloween Costumes for Toddler Girls & Boys

Are you looking for the coolest and cutest Halloween costume ideas for toddlers? Do you have a 2 year old who needs a Halloween costume stat? Then take your shopping to Party City — your Halloween headquarters. You’ll love our huge inventory, which includes 2T and 3T Halloween costumes for the youngest toddlers. Our boy and girl toddler costumes have something for everyone, including princesses, dinosaurs, superheroes and much more: 

  • Need a cute toddler costume for your wild thing? Check out our collection of bug and animal costumes. Soft, warm and comfortable, our adorable animal costumes will help transform your little one into their favorite fun creature.
  • Does your little one want be something scary this year? Our selection of scary outfits is the right mix of frightening and funny – in other words, perfect costumes for toddlers. Choose from werewolves, witches, skeletons and more. Your little one will love having fun with silly scares!
  • Some of the cutest toddler costumes are also some of their favorites – superheroes. Toddlers love dressing up as these larger than life legends, which is why we have a huge selection of superhero looks for little boys and girls alike.
  • Does your child want to be a princess? If so, check out our Disney costumes for toddlers. These officially licensed looks feature your child’s favorite characters – from Snow White to Moana, we have all the perfect princess looks! 

But these toddler costumes are far more than cute — they’re designed first for comfort and convenience, with quick zip access, open face holes for breathing, removable booties and mittens, and other features that parents love. Party City tests all Halloween costumes for quality and safety — including costumes for tots. 

Need to find the best, unique toddler Halloween costumes on a budget? We have all kinds of cute Halloween costumes for toddlers on sale, year round! And don’t forget our themed Halloween costume accessories that help complete the picture. So get down this Halloween and celebrate with the most adorable toddler costumes on the planet. 

5000+ Halloween Costumes for Kids & Adults 2021

The Best Men’s Halloween Costumes

Just like the ladies, the trendiest men’s Halloween costumes are superhero themed! Oriental Trading has nearly 200 different superhero men’s costumes, from popular movies and superhero lore such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Black Panther, the Hulk, Captain America, and every other superhero you can think of. Want to be a villain instead of a hero? We’ve got you covered there too! Consider a Bane or Joker costume from Batman, Ultron from the Avengers, Loki from Thor or Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Looking for something funny? A few years ago, the inflatable T-Rex took over Halloween and the inflatable Halloween trend still continues. Consider an inflatable bathtub costume complete with a rubber ducky (and don’t forget, Oriental Trading is your source for rubber duckies — give them out all night long to complement your costume!), a Reptar Rugrats costume or a hilarious inflatable gorilla with you riding on its back! Other hilarious men’s Halloween costumes include Lt Dangle from Reno 911, a banana, a 70s prom king, or a giant chicken! You’re sure to find something to tickle your funny bone. If you’re looking to scare, rather than amuse, we also have nearly 100 different scary Halloween costumes for me. Choose from traditional options like terrifying vampires, Freddy Krueger, Jason and Michael Myers, zombies and creepy clowns, or scary full costumes like a horrifying bunny, werewolves and bats. These scary costumes are also perfect for haunted house actors.

Oriental Trading has nearly 1000 men’s Halloween costumes in every theme, coupled with our 110% lowest price guarantee so there’s no need to shop anywhere else!

From Superheroes to Princesses, Find the Hottest Halloween Costumes for Boys and Girls

Whether your child is looking to transform into a well-known character from movies or television or a general themed costume, you’re sure to find what you need. From popular character costumes from Star Wars, Pokemon, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Disney movies and more, the selection is endless for both boys and girls. Of course, if your child wants a more traditional costume, such as a witch, a cat, a princess, a rock star, a police officer, a dinosaur, a skeleton or any other option, we’ve got what they’ll love. Let their imaginations run wild — we’re here to help make their Halloween dreams come true!

Need a storybook character or career day costume? Many schools are forgoing dressing up for Halloween and are instead choosing to celebrate storybook characters or career day by having kids dress up as what they want to be when they grow up. Don’t worry — we’ve got your back! Don’t rush around from store to store shopping for out of season costumes. Instead with just a few clicks, we can deliver everything you need! From popular careers like doctors, veterinarians, police, fire fighters, soldiers, paleontologists, scientists, chefs and more — we have all you need. If you need to pull together a storybook character costume, turn to our classic costumes from the Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland or Winnie the Pooh. From Halloween to dress up days at school, we make shopping easy for parents!

Don’t Forget Those Babies, Toddlers and Pets

Parents of older kids agree — there’s nothing like dressing up babies or toddlers! Enjoy this last bit of freedom where you get to choose their Halloween costume because that will change as they get older! From cute and cuddly pumpkins, to sweet little animals, many of these costumes double as warm and cozy outerwear for your littlest trick or treater. Take advantage of dressing your baby or toddler up in whatever you want because they’ll soon have all sorts of opinions on what they want to be for Halloween. There’s nothing like the excitement of the first year your little one understand trick or treating!

If your kids are more the furry variety, dog Halloween costumes are a must! We have super fun costumes for dogs of all sizes. Dress your pup up as a Star Wars character, a minion, a dinosaur or a hilarious hot dog, we’ve got the cutest dog costumes around. Whether you have a tiny Yorkie to a big sweet lab, we’ve got your pet costume needs covered.

With more than 5000 Halloween costumes for kids, adults and pets updated for 2021, Oriental Trading is the perfect one-stop shop for all your Halloween needs. Plus, save with our 110% lowest price guarantee!

Adult Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Do you have a new costume in your mind? Are you planning to dress up in totally unique outfit for Halloween? Is it a fantasy theme dress or superhero outfit? So many questions will come in your mind and you will definitely get perfect answer for every query.

Believe in you and choose the most peculiar Halloween costume from here. Halloween eve comes only ones every year and you ought to have great fun. Some people love to dress up in scary and creepy costume. Others want to wear their favorite movie character costume. Find amazing collection of men and women costumes here. Just think about your favorite character and you will get a wonderful costume here with all accessories. So choose from Spooky theme, witch costumes, vampire stylish outfits, superhero jumpsuits, funny attire or cartoon costumes for making your party more joyful. You get complete costume set or costume accessory kits as per your requirement. You can turn yourself into a perfect character with makeup and accessories. So get a complete pirate look or devil attire if you want. You can check Halloween trends of past few years or follow new movies for best costume ideas. Find all sizes in adult costumes for men and women. Your outfit could be scary like zombies and ghosts or pretty like Disney princesses. You can pick a royal look from our historical costumes or 1920s look from flapper costumes.

character costumes for birthday parties

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90,000 Theme parties – theme party decoration

Thematic party for friends and relatives in Minsk

Tired of corporate parties of the same type, boring official receptions? If you want to add drive and emotion to your life, break the pattern of “correct” events with Magic Catering: we will implement any idea and arrange a thematic holiday in the Mediterranean style or in the spirit of the East.

We will take care of the organization and decoration of events in honor of Valentine’s Day, on Halloween.Do you want to have a birthday celebration that will be remembered by your loved ones? Let’s arrange a thematic holiday:

  • “on the lost island” in the spirit of pirates,
  • “on the coast” in Greece,
  • in the style of your favorite movie or TV series,
  • according to the plot of the book or in the form of a quest.

We cooperate with decorators who will design the party. The contractors will think of decorations for the hall or tent. For the celebration on Valentine’s Day, we will buy flowers, pink and white ribbons.For the pirate holiday, we will prepare chests, ships in a bottle and costumes.

We will make a commercial plan for a theme party in 1-2 days

Do you think that the preparation of the celebration is a long and difficult hassle? At Magic Catering we will prove that this is not so! Leave a request on the site and tell us about your preferences by:

  • topics,
  • guests,
  • desired site.

Company employees will make a plan of the event in 1-2 days, and you will only make the changes.We adjust until the result is satisfactory.

The company employs a staff of chefs who will prepare themed dishes for the party and take into account the nutritional characteristics of each:

  • will think over a menu without gluten, peanuts, lactose;
  • will prepare meals without animal products.

Want to sample some treats before the theme celebration kicks off? We will organize a tasting in one of our restaurants: we will prepare samples of dishes for you to try and say your comments, suggestions – we will adjust the menu.

Order the design of a theme party for a birthday and other celebrations, which will take place without force majeure, at Magic Catering. We do not miss the deadlines: we work on our own equipment and control the process from creating a plan to preparing dishes. Leave a request via e-mail or by phone!

Red Fury

Nika is an orphan who does not know who her parents were. She was born and raised in Russia.

In infancy, Nika was thrown into a tiny circus tent, where a clown found her.In a year, Nika had already learned to walk, and at three she performed her first trick. Several years later, Chaikina mastered the secrets of acrobatic skills. The clown who found Nika was like a father to her and, among other things, taught her to believe in herself. The circus was constantly moving from place to place. This allowed them to perform in front of new audiences and earn a living. Although Nika was not happy with such a life, she had a home and a family. But that all changed in an instant. Nicky’s talents caught the attention of the Brotherhood of Thieves, an ancient and dangerous sect with roots in the time of Jesus Christ.Rashid, a recruiter for the Brotherhood, kidnapped the girl, killing the clown and setting the circus on fire to cover up her tracks.

Nick underwent brutal training in the Brotherhood of Thieves. For the slightest failure, she was punished with lashes. In the Brotherhood, Nika learned not only the art of theft, but also the use of weapons (both cold and firearms), the art of seduction and other skills. While practicing rock climbing, Nika fell and would have crashed if another girl had not grabbed her by the hand. This girl turned out to be Gina Stevens.Gina was the only one who supported the frightened Nick. Nika and Gina became close friends and named sisters.

Although every day of training in the Brotherhood was like in Hell, Nika knew that one can survive in Hell if there are friends and a goal. And the goal of the young circus was: to escape and kill Rashid, the man who broke her life.

The final of the training was a task, after which the student became an ordinary member of the Brotherhood of Thieves. The task consisted in the following: find the victim, get into her trust, rob her to the skin and hide unnoticed.Nika completed this task one New Year’s Eve night when she was only 12 years old. Nika wandered into one of the Moscow hypermarkets. Wanting to arrange a holiday for herself, the girl tried to steal a loaf of bread, but the guards noticed this. Nika tried to escape, but she was surrounded and caught. But then an unknown man said that Nika was his granddaughter Katya, who chose bread and ran, frightened by the guards’ mordovots. The man took Nika from the store. He turned out to be a teacher from a boarding school, and immediately recognized Nika as an orphan.He invited Nika to celebrate the New Year with him and his dog Barry. Taking advantage of her kindness, Nika cleaned out the unfortunate man and disappeared. After that, Nika became a full member of the Brotherhood of Thieves.

Nika worked tirelessly for the Brotherhood for many years, but she never forgot for a second that she was brought there by force. One day, Nika and Jina stole a statue of Buddha, but were spotted and a pursuit began. As the girls crossed the bridge, the monk cut off the ropes, and the girls hovered over the abyss, clinging to the remains of the bridge.Gina’s words that the monks would rather let the idol drown than let him steal it gave Chaikin an idea. Nika faked her death by simulating being pulled off the bridge.

A few months later, Nika found Rashid, who suddenly relaxed after the “death” of Chaikina and lost his guard. Nika had already raised her dagger over the sleeping man, but at the last moment she changed her mind. She was scared of herself. She decided not to kill Rashid and not become an assassin as she is above that.

A few years later, Nika repaid the man she had robbed to join the Brotherhood of Thieves.After another completed assignment, she left a suitcase with a million dollars on the doorstep of her benefactor’s apartment along with a bone for Barry. It was December 31st on the calendar.

Once, during a theft in the Hermitage, an unknown hacker accidentally framed Nika, turning on the surveillance cameras and thereby alerting the guards about the presence of a thief. However, the same hacker helped Nika escape, both from the museum guards and from the police. This is how Nicky got acquainted with John Simmons, Johnny. They quickly worked together and successfully completed many orders, from which there was simply no end.

Nicky’s skills earned her a reputation as the best thief on Earth. She robbed the most famous museums in the world: Louvre, Vatican, British Museum, Tretyakov Gallery.

In Search of the Grail

One of Nika’s jobs was to steal the Eternal Blue Sky Helmet, the most precious relic of the History Museum in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. This museum was considered the most protected in the world. During the infiltration, Nick ignored Johnny’s words about rumors that very serious people were watching their work and, as it turned out, in vain.Nika reached the target without any problems, and replaced the helmet with a copy. But then the connection with Johnny was suddenly cut off, and a clapping man appeared in the room. The man praised Nika’s skills, after which he deliberately activated the alarm and, wishing Nika good luck, left. Nika realized that all this work was a setup. Fortunately, Johnny was able to reconnect and help Nika leave the museum. But she did not manage to get far. From the outside of the museum, a combat helicopter was already waiting for the thief. And although Nika managed to avoid the machine-gun burst, the shock wave from the exploded car overtook her and she lost consciousness.Chaikina woke up a few hours later in the office of a Chinese general. Despite threats to prison, Nika remained cheerful. The man who set her up was also in the office. He ordered to remove the handcuffs from Nika, and then injected her with a tranquilizer, which caused her to lose consciousness again. The man took Nika and her equipment with him, despite the general’s protests.

The next time Nika woke up in a mountain house, which was one of the bases of the International Agency of Control, when her face was felt by the blonde Lot Lemke.A fight ensued between Nika and Lotte, which was quickly stopped by Agent Delta, a high-ranking MAK official and the man who set up Nika in China. Delta introduced Nick to the others present, after which he offered Nick a job. Nika was skeptical at first about the proposal, despite the fact that Delta could have further ruined her thieving job. Delta told the team about the prophecy that whoever collects all three “Instruments of the Passion of Christ” will receive eternal power over the world. The greatest rulers wanted to get them, and many wars began because of this. Hitler got closest to the goal, but luckily he was missing one part of Longinus’s Spear. Despite the differences between the countries and the Cold War, in the 50s the International Agency of Control was created to prevent military conflicts around the world, including those related to the Cannons. MAK made it so that the Sword of St. Peter and all three parts of the Spear of Longinus were placed under protection in different countries. However, the Holy Grail was hidden at the end of the war by order of Hitler, and for many years it was not heard of.Recently, however, MAK bought Hitler’s diary. It was believed that clues about the whereabouts of the Grail were hidden there. Delta invited Nike to join the team assembled for such cases. Intrigued by the Grail, Nika accepted the offer. In addition to Nicky, the team included: American Joshua Donato (specialist in survival in extreme conditions and sabotage operations), Chinese Yang Wang (specialist in communication systems and all kinds of computer and electronic machinery), Englishman Sir Arthur Huxley (specialist in stealthy elimination of enemies and reconnaissance operations ) and German Lotta Lemke (specialist in assault operations).

The team was alerted when it was revealed that the agent accompanying Hitler’s diary had been killed. “MAK” managed to find out that the probable killer is Hans Schweiger, a member of the patriotic movement “Order of Bismarck”. The team was instructed to infiltrate the headquarters of the order during the celebration of Bismarck’s birthday on April 1, collect dossiers on all those present, find the diary and find out who of the order was involved in the theft. Also, thanks to the pages that the MAK agent managed to scan before his death, it turned out that the path to the Grail was encrypted using the Bismarck towers.

Nika and Lotte entered the celebration disguised as waitresses serving the banquet. Noticing Wolfgang Vogel, the leader of the Order of the Bismarck, Nika decided to follow him. Chaikina entered the estate, seducing one of the Order’s cones. Through the ventilation, Nika reached the hall where Vogel met with Hans Schweiger. Nika witnessed how Vogel shot Hans for being in the press, and she also saw Vogel throw the diary into the fireplace, destroying evidence, since the diary had already been transferred to electronic form.After waiting for Vogel to leave the room, Nika managed to pull the diary out of the fire and leave the room before the arrival of Vogel’s people, who came for the corpse of Hans. However, before Nika left the room, half-dead Hans, in his dying delirium, mistook Chaikin for a Valkyrie.

Half an hour later, Nika met the rest of the crew at the plane, where Lotta also brought one of Vogel’s men to spy on them. Lotta did this partly to wipe Nike’s nose. On the flight, Johnny informed Nick that the criminals who were to undergo rehabilitation in the Order of the Bismarck were being turned into brainwashed soldiers, which Nick herself guessed from the death words of Hans and the muttering of their captive.Upon learning from Johnny that their prisoner was a former thief of the highest class, Nika suddenly noticed that Joshua, who was interrogating the prisoner, was missing one grenade. Reacting with lightning speed, Joshua threw the prisoner into the toilet at the rear of the plane. Having miraculously survived the plane crash, the team ended up on one of the islands in the Baltic Sea without communication. When Wang asked for Nicky’s laptop, she remembered that before the explosion, Johnny wanted to show her something. Glancing at the screen, Nick saw a photo of Vogel with Lotte Lemke.Nika put a pistol to Lotte’s head, but she knocked it out and darted after her weapon. As a result, everyone except Wang pointed their weapons at each other. Wang, at Nicky’s request, showed the photo to everyone else. Lotta stated that she is not a traitor, and in the photo her twin sister Helga Lemke. None of the team believed the German woman’s words, but Agent Delta appeared, confirming Lotte’s words. Since it would take time to decipher the diary, which the heroes did not have, Nika proposed to get ahead of Vogel’s people.From overheard by Nika at the holiday, it was known that Vogel was planning an operation in Africa on April 2 and a confrontation was expected in the face of a heap of armed blacks. Based on this information and information on the location of the Bismarck towers, Agent Delta concluded that Vogel’s target was a tower in Cameroon, which became the new target of the team.

In Cameroon, a team escorted by UN peacekeepers headed for the tower, but were ambushed by insurgents along the way. Despite the numerical superiority of the enemy, the heroes managed to reach the target under the incessant shelling, although they lost all the UN troops.While the others were repelling the enemy’s attacks, Nika penetrated the tower. Although she didn’t know what she needed to look for, Nika is quickly our supposed hiding place. But then suddenly a detachment of soldiers appeared in the tower, who immediately attacked Nika. Using her skills and environment, Nika quickly dealt with the threat. But she was suddenly put out of action by Helga Lemke’s electric whip, who then took Nika prisoner.

Nika woke up in a room that looked like an operating room. Helga appeared, about to begin the torture, but was distracted by a message from Richard Rippe, the leader of the neo-Nazi organization Black Moon, who wanted to know the details of the operation.The remaining one Nika managed to free herself, remembering her circus training, taking out a knife with her foot and cutting the fetters. Then, she distracted the bored guard with her body and knocked him out. Disguised as a Black Moon soldier, Nika tried to escape, but unfortunately ran into Otto Schreiber, the Black Moon’s Gruppenführer, who dragged her to the formation of the soldiers. From Schreiber’s speech, Nick learned that the Black Moon’s central base was in Antarctica and that they had split forces to search all of the Bismarck towers. Also, Nika learned about some Technobogs that Rippe created. Suddenly, over the speakerphone, Helga announced that Nika had escaped and changed into soldier 19’s uniform. Helga promised three hours alone with Nika to whoever grabbed her. Nika managed to unnoticeably change the number bands and sneak away from the soldiers when they pounced on the soldier, who was mistaken for Nika. But she did not manage to go far, and Chaikina had to flee under the fire of soldiers. Fortunately, when Nika got to the elevator, the rest of the search team were inside, who were able to determine the location of Nicky.

While the others were holding back the soldiers, Nike was tasked with infiltrating the base’s information center and retrieving all possible information on the organization they encountered. When Nika got there, it turned out that plan “A” – to put a gun to the sysadmin’s head – would not work due to the absence of someone in the center and had to go to plan “B” – contact Johnny through the main computer and give it virus to do the job. However, the virus was detected and access to the files was blocked.The defense system of the center was also activated, and Nika had to dodge the machine gun fire of the automatic turret. While Johnny was busy with the files, Nika managed to deal with the turret using explosives found in one of the pouches of the uniform she was still wearing.

Returning to the rest of the team, fighting off all the oncoming forces of the “Black Moon”, Nika flirted a little with Joshua, after which she decided that the shortest route was directly, climbed up to the ceiling and began setting explosives to get out.When the Black Moon soldiers launched a decisive attack under the Berserker Serum, Nika had just finished with explosives and blew up the ceiling, which not only opened the way out for the heroes, but also buried the advancing enemies under the rubble. But the joy was not long, it was announced over the speakerphone that the self-destruct system had been activated. But then Van appeared, who managed to get a light helicopter. Grasping the runners tighter, the heroes were ready to leave the base, but then Otto jumped out of the wreckage and grabbed Joshua with a dead grip, not letting the overloaded helicopter take off.Nika and Arthur tried to throw Otto off, but the rocking of the helicopter from their attempts only made the situation worse. Suddenly, Joshua asked for Nicky’s hand and, kissing her, let go of the runners and fell down with Otto, leaving his bandana in the hands of a dumbfounded Nicky. After that, Wang managed in the last seconds to divert the helicopter from the explosion. Joshua’s self-sacrifice shocked Nick deeply. However, when Agent Delta announced that he was going to leave the search team in the role of consultants at the base during the strike on Asulburg, the main base of the Black Moon in Antarctica, Nika was the first to strongly declare that she would participate in the operation on an equal basis with everyone.The rest of the team also supported Nika.

The search team, which at the time of the operation was assigned the call sign “Delta”, during the assault on “Asulburg” was assigned the following: to drop into a cavern near the fortress and wait for its bombardment, then penetrate inside, destroy the central communications point, simultaneously neutralizing the higher command personnel ” Black Moon “, return the stolen clue, seize all Rippe’s research materials.

However, while parachuting into the cavern, Nika suggested abandoning the plan and landing on the roof of the Asulburg, because not only the leadership of the IAC, but also the soldiers of the Black Moon, who were preparing for a frontal assault, probably did not expect such a move.The whole team supported this idea. And as it turned out, it was not in vain. Below, in front of the fortress, the “MAK” soldiers were just ambushed by the “Black Moon” soldiers and suffered heavy losses. Having safely landed on the roof of the fortress, Delta attacked the enemy from the rear, then infiltrated the fortress and captured one of the gun turrets. Nika and Van helped Arthur handle the cannon. After the enemies outside were finished, “Delta” destroyed the cannons and moved on to carry out the task. Johnny informed the team that the Technobogs had entered the battle and the MAC forces were taking heavy casualties.He said that it was necessary to neutralize the Technobogs, and for this it was necessary to destroy the source of the signal that appeared at the same time as the Technobogs entered the battle. During one of the skirmishes, Nika was separated from the others by a grenade explosion, and they had to separately get to the emitter. Johnny said that the Charlie group was not far from Nicky, but when Nick got in touch with the soldiers, she heard the sounds of gunfire and shouts, and then the connection was interrupted. But as if that weren’t enough, Johnny said that to get to the emitter, Nika had to go through the corridor in which the Charlie group had died.Moving along the corridor, Nick ran into Fenrir, who was devouring the corpses of the soldiers of the “Charlie” group. Realizing that things were bad, Nika rushed down the corridor in the opposite direction and barely had time to jump into the laboratory and slam the door in front of the wolf. Realizing that the door would not last long, Nika began to look for something that could be used against the wolf. Using acid, Nike was able to blind Fenrir and then hobble him. However, Nicky did not raise a hand to shoot the whining wolf, and, leaving him behind, she went to the rest of the group.But when Nika found the others, she discovered that they were captured by Helga, and Nika had no choice but to surrender herself. Helga brought the heroes to Rippe. Nika had time to notice how Rippe hid the clue in the inner pocket of his robe. Rippe, having learned about what happened to Fenrir, wanted to punish the culprit. But none of the heroes confessed to what they had done, and then Rippe decided to choose a victim at random with the help of a counting machine, and on the occasion of the chosen victim, Nika turned out to be. But, when Rippe was about to pull the trigger of the pistol, an explosion thundered that destroyed the emitter and the Technobogs turned against their creator.Taking advantage of the confusion, the heroes attacked the guards, and Nika threw herself on Rippe and at the entrance of the scuffle managed to steal a hint, which was a small bar of volarum metal. Rippe with his men retreated, and the heroes learned that Joshua was alive and that it was he who blew up the emitter, using the disguise as a soldier of the “Black Moon”. Delighted, Nika first kissed Joshua on the cheek, but when she found out that he was the soldier who showed her a very unambiguous gesture before the operation, she slapped the American with a savory slap in the face.

Following the operation, Agent Delta reported that the team deserved a little vacation.

Arabian Night

The team spent their vacation in Cairo, Egypt. There, while walking through Khan El-Khalili, the largest oriental bazaar in the world, Josh, impressed by the abilities shown by Nika, tried to find out where Nicky got it from, but she did not want to talk about it. Fortunately, this uncomfortable conversation for Nicky was interrupted by a woman bumping into Joshua. Distracted, Joshua offered to buy Nike a belly dance outfit, but found that his wallet was missing.Realizing that the woman who bumped into him was a thief, he chased after her. Nika decided to intercept the thief. Chaikina managed to overtake the thief in one of the streets. During a short scuffle, a burqa fell from the thief’s head and Nika recognized Gina as the thief, and she recognized Nika. Taking advantage of Nicky’s shock, Gina threw her back and fled. At night, Gina broke into Nicky’s room. She confirmed her guesses about Nika’s faked death and her work for the government. Before leaving, Gina warned Nick that she would pray that no one would know about their meeting, because whatever Nick did, she would forever remain a member of the Brotherhood of Thieves, and she knew what they were doing with violators of the Brotherhood’s laws.

Jungle name is

The next target of the MAC search team was the Bismarck Tower, which was located somewhere on the island of Kilwa, Tanzania.

On the way, a tribe of Mahabs who lived on the island attacked the car. The heroes were taken to the village, where, as it seemed, the translator of the team managed to agree with the leader about showing the way to the tower. When the chief offered to share dinner with him, Joshua accepted the offer, despite Nicki’s objections that she did not trust the Mahab. As it turned out, Nika was right.The Mahabs mixed something into the food, and the entire team fainted. Nika woke up already hanging upside down by vines tied to a baobab tree and without all the equipment. Nika was trying to free herself when she heard some noise in the bushes, from which a machete suddenly flew out and cut off the liana on which Nika was hanging. Having regained consciousness after such a downhill descent, Nika decided to check who her mysterious savior was, but suddenly a leopard rushed at her from the thickets. Throwing the cat off her, Nika rushed to the tree for the machete, but the leopard did not lag behind her.As soon as Nika grabbed the machete, the leopard rushed at her and they both flew down from the tree. Miraculously killing a leopard in flight, Nika revived and freed the rest. The heroes decided to continue the task, and for this they had to return the equipment that the Mahabs had taken. Remembering the legend about the goddess Lumat who gave the tribe fire, which was told by the leader of the Mahabs, the heroes decided to take advantage of this. With the help of false flares, Nika portrayed Lumata unhappy with the tribe. The chief explained that one day a monster called “Tooth” appeared from the jungle and scared away all the prey.They began to bring sacrifices to him so that he would stop scaring away the animals in the area. But the appearance of the search team scared the animals, and there was no one to sacrifice, so it was decided to sacrifice the heroes. The leader asked to relieve them of the “Tooth”. The heroes agreed, since they would still most likely run into him while searching for the tower. And since it was already quite late, it was decided to spend the night in the village and set off in the morning. Nika decided to swim in a nearby lake, where Joshua began to stick to her.Nika dismissed him, saying that sex only after the wedding. After kissing Joshua goodbye, Chaikina left.

In the morning the heroes hit the road again. But when the tower was no longer far away, a fallen tree blocked the road, and it was decided to continue on foot. On the way, the heroes were attacked by saber-toothed tigers and killed the guide-interpreter. The heroes fired back to the last bullet and were about to switch to hand-to-hand combat when the tigers were frightened away by a tyrannosaurus who had come from nowhere. Rushing to the car, the heroes tried to leave, but the car would not start.Fortunately, Joshua managed to kill the reptile with a spear donated by the chief and a bundle of grenades. After that, Joshua made an “offer” to Nike with a grenade pin instead of a ring. After that, the team without incident reached the ruins of the tower, where a Tyrannosaurus nest and an egg were discovered. While the rest were deciding what to do with the egg, Nika put forward a sensible idea that in addition to the killed “dad”, the egg should also have a “mom”. The team again had to escape from the Tyrannosaurus, but, as you know, the fuel in the car’s gas tank is not infinite.Nika, remembering the suspension bridge, with the help of Johnny led the team there. The bridge could not stand the racing jeep and the lizard chasing it and collapsed, dragging both the car and the predator down. Fortunately, the heroes managed to jump out and grab onto the wreckage of the bridge. Nika almost followed their pursuer when the board she grabbed on broke, but Joshua saved her and pulled her upstairs with Lotte. Having overcome the jungle, a cave with a giant spider, which Nika managed to frighten off with a Molotov cocktail, and cannibalistic ants, as well as a lake teeming with crocodiles, the team returned to the ruins of the tower, where a cache with a combination lock was found. After several unsuccessful attempts to find the code, Nika suggested trying the year the tower was founded as a code. As soon as the cache was opened, Otto Schreiber appeared and survived the destruction of the Black Moon base. Otto wanted to complete the task of finding the Grail, but he was prevented by the tyrannosaurs. He was going to wait for the Black Moon’s reinforcements, but a search team appeared, and he decided to take advantage of it. Otto followed them and sometimes helped. It was Otto who threw a machete that cut off the vine on which Nick was hanging.Now that they were no longer needed, Otto wanted to finish off the heroes in revenge for the destruction of the base and the death of the soldiers. But then Nika asked Johnny to turn on the recording of Rippe’s negotiations, which proved that he had sacrificed Otto’s people. Then there was still an unfinished “mother” with whom Otto entered the battle. The team took advantage of the situation and, taking the clue, retreated.


After the mission in Tanzania, the team received another vacation, which they spent in Berlin, Germany.

While Nick and Lotte went to the zoo and the aquarium, Joshua beat the others in Street Fighter IV for wishes. Nika, not happy with the situation and Donato’s comment that women do not keep promises, invited Joshua to play. If Nick wins, then Joshua washes the dishes for the rest of the vacation, and if she loses, she will dance a striptease. This condition Joshua did not embarrass Nick. Nika beat Joshua without any problems, and then went to cook food, sarcastically noticing that she was going to cook more dishes and fatter.At lunchtime, the topic of team members’ birthdays came up and Joshua started asking Nicky when that birthday was. Nika denied, but Joshua continued to push, and in the end, Nick freaked out and left, slamming the door. The next day, Nika went shopping and in jewelry, when she was trying on a necklace, she noticed that she was being watched. After informing Johnny about the surveillance, Chaikina tried to get rid of the tail. In a clothing store, Nika discovered that there were bugs in her clothes. After changing her clothes and putting on a wig, Nika seemed to come off, but when she tried to contact Johnny, she only heard interference.Jumping into the taxi, Nika noticed that she was still being followed. Jumping out of the taxi, Chaikina tried to hide in one of the alleys. Nika, hiding behind the tank, was waiting for the pursuer, but he suddenly stopped and then left. Back home, Nika found a surprise party. The guys to whom Johnny told that Nicky never had a real birthday, decided to give her a party. And the surveillance was needed so that Nika did not appear ahead of time and to prepare a gift. Nika was very touched by this concern.However, during the feast, it turned out that after the store it was not team members who were watching her, but someone else. As it turned out, it was Gina, but none of the team knew about it.

Dark Legacy

The following clue came up near the city of Concepcion, Chile. Due to bureaucratic delays, the team had to order the delivery of the necessary equipment to a safe house in the city. Angered by Joshua’s comment about the darling, Nika decided to play a trick on him and ordered the American also a water pistol, which was placed in the fighter’s main backpack instead of his weapon.In Concepción, on the way to the safe house, the heroes were caught by an earthquake. Nika decided to help the blind old man to get up, and he, in gratitude, invited her to tell fortunes in the palm of her hand. Taking Chaikina’s hand, he suddenly cried out, said that she would be devoured by darkness and asked her to leave these accursed lands.

At the safe house, the heroes received their equipment. For Nicky, in addition to weapons, there was also the latest COCOON suit. Along the way to the tower, Johnny enlightened the heroes about the story of the curse of the lands on which the Bismarck Tower stands, which is their goal. Stopping not far from the tower, Nika, unnoticed by tourists, made her way into the tower, where she discovered that the cache was empty, and, apparently, for a very long time.

The heroes suggested that the clue could have been taken by someone from Hitler’s close associates after the defeat of the Nazis in World War II. Johnny reported that many Nazis fled to South America after the war, and a German colony, founded in 1961, is not far from the team. On the way to the settlement, Johnny told about the history of the colony “Dignidad”, its founder Paul Schaefer and the brutality that happened there.After the disclosure of Schaefer’s crimes, the colony continued to exist, but already as “Villa Bavier”.

The heroes took advantage of the fact that a few years ago the colony was open to the outside world, and entered the “Villa Bavier” under the guise of tourists. They immediately noticed that the locals were not particularly happy with them. Once at the hotel, Nika was invited by Joshua to a local restaurant. Sensing that there could be more between them than just an affair, Nika happily accepted the invitation. However, all the pretensions and evening dress were in vain, Nika sat in the restaurant until it closed, and her only company was a bottle of champagne.Angry and drunk, Nika went to Joshua, scolded him and, not listening to his attempts to explain himself, left. Sad on the sofa in the hotel lobby, Nika got into conversation with Lisa, a hotel worker. Over time, the conversation turned to the delights of the outside world and why none of the residents of Villa Bavier left it. But their sweet conversation was interrupted by a terrible howl. Lisa told Nike that she and her friends shouldn’t have come because Villa Baviera kept a terrible secret. But Lisa did not have time to finish, because her husband Axel appeared and took her home.In parting, Lisa managed to whisper to Nike so that they would leave as soon as possible.

The next day, Nika went on a tour of Villa Bavier organized by her manager Carl Gustav. During the tour, Nick made up with Joshua.

At night, Lisa snuck into Nicky and Lotte’s room and asked her for help. When Nika gathered the rest, Axel also appeared, who at first did not want help from outsiders, but for the sake of the child agreed with his wife. Axel said that the real colony “Dignidad” is a huge underground complex under the current “Villa Bavier”, created to shelter Nazi criminals.Among these fugitives was the infamous Josef Mengele, for whom a laboratory was specially equipped. However, something went wrong and the base was sealed. For a long time everything was quiet, but recently a terrible howl began to spread from there. Axel offered to lead the team to the complex in exchange for all the necessary documents to leave the country. Axel said that the secret key to the complex is with Carl Gustav. Nika entered Gustav’s room without any problems and stole the key, although the talking parrot almost ruined everything.

Having infiltrated the complex with Axel and Lisa, on whose presence Joshua insisted, the team was soon divided by a collapse caused by another earthquake. Nika stayed with Lisa and promised to take care of her. While traveling through the bunker, Nick and Lisa discovered a dozen zombies, and also encountered Gunther, the only living person in this hell. After checking for bites and scratches on the girls and learning that Nika and her friends were investigating what had happened in the complex, Gunther told the details of what had happened.Mengele and other scientists worked on the “Serum of Life” designed to strengthen a person physically and mentally. In the course of development, a new deadly virus was discovered, called the “Death Virus”, which turned victims into walking brainless corpses. Once, during the next earthquake, the experimental zombies broke free. The complex was sealed in quarantine, leaving the remaining people inside to themselves. Gunther vowed to destroy all zombies, because they turned his mother into their own kind. He also talked about a recently emerging creature called the Corpse Eater, hunting zombies and getting stronger from devouring them.Nika was surprised that after 40 years, the systems of the complex are working properly. Gunther revealed that Schaefer equipped the bunker with an endless source of energy, which he stole from the Nazis, and that this energy source is similar to a bar of black metal. Later, Nika ventured to the rest of the team and rescued them from Corpse Eater, and then took them to Gunther’s hideout. It turned out that due to Joshua’s actions, all doors in the complex, including those leading to the emergency exit. Nika had to enter Mengele’s laboratory through ventilation, where the spare generator was located.Having reached the target without any problems, Chaikina activated the generator, but then a monkey infected with the “Death Virus” attacked her. As soon as Nika dealt with the zombie macaque, the others arrived. It was decided to make our way to the emergency exit in the hangar of the complex, despite the fact that there were many zombies. But before they left, Wang noticed a message on his computer that one of the people in the laboratory was infected with the Death Virus. While Axel and Joshka were arguing about which of them could be infected, it turned out that Lisa was infected, who attacked her husband, who was forced to shoot her.Nika tried to console Axel, but something broke in the shocked man, he abruptly grabbed Nika and put a gun to her head, threatening to kill everyone for their deception. But then Liza attacked Axel, and zombies rushed into the room, and the heroes had to flee. Having reached the hangar, the heroes began to prepare to clean up the zombies on their way to the exit. Joshua consoled Nick, saying that if anyone is to blame for the deaths of Lisa and Axel, it is he, not Nick. Armed to the teeth, the heroes prepared to fend off the zombies.However, their original plan to launch zombies in batches through the hangar gates did not work and they had to deal with the whole crowd. The heroes miraculously fought back, not without the help of Wang. But the joy was not long, the Corpse Eater appeared mortally wounded Wang and the team had to deal with a new threat. The monster did not take either a bullet or a grenade, and only thanks to Wang, who fired a rocket at the monster with his last strength, the heroes won. Under the cover of Gunther, who decided to stay, the team with Wang’s body reached the exit, where another unpleasant surprise awaited them: Jesse Rodriguez with a detachment of armed men.

Jesse demanded the surrender of the command and the issuance of a volarum, otherwise she will kill everyone. Since Jesse didn’t know how many people were inside, Joshua ordered Nick to stay inside, call for help and keep her head down. After waiting for Johnny to inform her that reinforcements were on the way, Nika went outside, not wanting to sit out while her friends were in danger. Reaching the exit, Nick heard Joshua scream and, assuming that he was being tortured, went under the cover of COCOON to the car where the scream was coming from.Getting closer, Nika was shocked by the picture he saw, Joshua had sex with Jesse.

Upon returning to base, the team was granted leave. Finding Joshua in one of the bars, Nika informed him that she was going to leave “MAC”, because she was tired of seeing an endless series of death and destruction. Joshua tried to stop her, said he needed her. But Nick said that she saw him with Jesse and, without giving him a chance to really apologize, knocked him out with one blow. Concerned, Johnny asked if Nick was sure that she would be able to escape from the top-secret organization. To which Chaikina confidently stated, “If it worked out the first time … then it will work out the second time.”

Nothing personal, just business

The IAC learned about Nika’s plans and raided her in San Francisco, California, USA. But despite a large number of forces, including the local police, Nika managed to escape, faking her death while jumping from a bridge in front of many witnesses. Although the body was never found, MAK declared Nika Chaikina dead. Nika safely boarded a train to Mexico. During the trip, Nika thought about working at MAK and whether she made a mistake by leaving the agency, because she had real friends there for the first time.But in the end, she resigned herself to what happened, because she was always a loner. And even Gina couldn’t understand her. Nicky’s thoughts were interrupted by the appearance of Agent Delta, who saw through Nicky’s plan. After stunning Nika with a shocker so that she would not escape, using a flashbang grenade, Delta invited the girl to talk.

In a Memphis station cafe, Delta told Chaikina about August van der Holt, head of HOLT International, and his attempts to unleash World War III for the sake of enrichment through arms sales.Delta wanted Nick to get a job with Holt, disguised as a bodyguard for his sister Miko, and find out all the information regarding his new attempts to unleash the Third World War. Nika initially refused, remembering how Delta’s last offer to save many lives ended. But by putting pressure on guilt over the death of Yang Wang, Delta managed to convince the girl. Only three people knew about the operation: he, Nick and Johnny. Delta also promised to pay all expenses, and upon completion of the operation, personally present to Chaikina a new passport with all possible visas.

Chaikina went to the HOLT International headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Upon arrival at the scene, Johnny “delighted” Nick with the information that in addition to her there are 47 more candidates for the post of Miko’s bodyguard.

After passing various tests (for mental and physical abilities, fighting and shooting skills), Nika, along with another candidate, scored the highest number of points and to get a job one of them had to withstand three rounds against Holt’s personal bodyguard, Jessica Rodriguez.Although, after a good start to the fight, Nick was captured by Jesse, her stubborn unwillingness to surrender allowed her to get a job as a bodyguard. The relationship between Nika and Miko immediately went wrong. However, after Nika saved Miko from bandits who wanted to take revenge on her brother through her, the girls became friends, and Nika even convinced Miko to make peace with her brother and not do things to spite him. In a short time, the girls became very close.

Holt summoned Nick to his office to thank her for working with Miko.He told Nika about his story and tried to flirt with her, but the girl quickly pushed him away and left. In the evening, during the conversation, Nicky and Miko found one thing in common – their dislike for Jesse. At night, saying goodbye to sleeping Miko, Nika went to the headquarters of HOLT International, where she infiltrated Holt’s office thanks to the fingerprints left on her clothes after August’s flirting. Having penetrated Holt’s computer thanks to Johnny, Nika learned about Operation Breaking Dawn. Holt planned to change the trajectory of the North Korean nuclear missile Taepodong-3 during its tests and unleash a war between the DPRK and the United States.Once Chaikina gave this information to Agent Delta, she had to hide as Holt and Jesse entered the office. Despite the disguise of the COCOON suit, Jesse found and injured Nick. On Holt’s orders, Jesse took Nick out into the street, where there were no surveillance cameras. Taking advantage of Jesse’s chatter, Nika attacked her and knocked out the weapon, but the mercenary quickly overpowered the thief. Jesse was about to break Nika’s arm when Miko rushed at her from behind. Taking advantage of the situation, Chaikina knocked out Jesse with a blow to the head with a pipe.After examining the beaten Miko, Nika asked Johnny to call an ambulance for her, and she herself went to stop Holt. During the battle, August managed to briefly neutralize Nick and change the trajectory of the rocket, but Nika quickly recovered and defeated the businessman, throwing him into the aquarium, short-circuiting his implants. Thanks to Johnny, whom Nika connected to Holt’s computer, the rocket was stopped.

Later, Nika delivered the bound Holt, the Dawn documents and the stolen volarum to the doorstep of Agent Delta’s home.Delta fulfilled his end of the deal and provided Chaikin with all the necessary documents. Nika Chaikina again went to free bread.

However, Nick did not know that Holt was soon released and he blamed her for Miko’s dire condition because of Jesse’s lies.

New life

Nika was hired by a wealthy collector to get a piece of ancient armor from a sanctuary in Russia. Reaching the place and getting inside the cave, Nika discovered rock paintings telling a kind of legend (the legend of the fall of the Raven God Kutkh – Also in the cave were discovered the skeletons of other unlucky treasure seekers, including the Nazis, as well as many traps. Nika also had to face a certain creature consisting of bats, which attacked her. As a result, Nika got to the sanctuary and found the desired piece of armor. But as soon as she took them, the cave began to flood with water. Nika, on the last air reserves, managed to swim out of the cave.

Later, Chaikina delivered the armor to the employer and received her reward, as well as a bonus for the speed of completing the task.

Power of thought

Some time later, Nika was contacted again by Agent Delta and asked for her help. Delta asked Chaikin to urgently return to the bunker near Villa Bavier and find an antidote for the Serum of Life.

Nika made it to the complex without any problems, where memories of the tragedy that happened here flooded into her. In Mengele’s laboratory, Nika quickly found what she was looking for. She also ran into Gunther there, who, to the girl’s surprise, had a baby. Gunther explained that this is Lisa and Axel’s child, whom he found when he was about to bury their bodies.Gunther asked to take the girl, whom he named Nadia, to the surface. Nika agreed to take care of the child in order to atone for her guilt before his parents. Nika decided to find a good family for Nadia and take all the expenses for her upkeep. But, since she had an urgent task, Nika gave the girl to Carl Gustav for a while, who happily agreed. Nika was somewhat surprised by this, but Karl explained that after the crew left, the howling stopped and the residents of Villa Bavier were able to live a quiet life again.Nika had to lie that Axel and Lisa had left with her and everything was fine with them, so as not to spoil the relationship.

Nika delivered the antidote to Agent Delta and was about to leave, but Delta convinced her to assist in the operation to save the lives of her former search teammates. Delta brought Nika up to date with the latest events, and she went to the MAK base captured by Ian Wang, who survived the attack of the Corpse Eater and on which the MAK was experimenting. At the base, Nick found Joshua, the only one who was not taken under Wang’s control.A drunken Joshu at first mistook her for a dying vision, but quickly realized that Chaikin was alive in front of him. Together, they went to the communications control center to thwart Ian’s plan to shut down the area of ​​the brain responsible for aggression, as well as all other feelings. Ian tried to convince the heroes that their real enemies are “MAK”, and he is going to establish peace in the world. It seemed that Nika succumbed to the persuasion of her former comrade, and even drove a clip from a machine gun into the chest of Joshua, who did not agree.Using seduction, Nika managed to get close to Jan and inject him with an antidote. However, before the antidote fully worked, Ian pushed Nika hard against the walls using telekinesis.

Nika arrived in the hospital ward, where the rest of the team was, along with Agent Delta. Delta reported that Yang Wang had been placed in the prison under the supervision of doctors and psychiatrists. Also, Delta made Nick happy that he, as the new director of MAK, dropped all charges against her. Delta invited Chaikina to return to the ranks of “MAK”, to which she happily agreed.Nika apologized to her friends, explaining that all her life she believed that escape was the simplest and most effective solution to all problems. However, she realized that sooner or later problems will overtake you, and at the most inopportune moment. Nika decided not to run away from problems anymore, especially concerning those close to her.

Resumption of the search for the Grail

After being appointed director of IAC, Agent Delta reinstated the search team and they resumed their search for the Holy Grail.

Nika stole another clue from the palace of Sheikh Abid ibn Majija from the Eskhan Emirate, ahead of Jesse Rodriguez and Murdoch McAlister (leader of the “Children of St. Patrick” criminal group) who worked for Holt.

For the next clue, the team went to Cameroon, to Cape Nachtigall. There they had to face a mad professor who created an army of monsters using the technology of Dr. Frankenstein using volarum. But when they managed to corner the professor, Otto Wölsung (formerly Schreiber) showed up with his Wild Pack.However, Otto did not come for volarum, but for the hand and heart of Lotte, whom he wanted to marry. Due to the preponderance of forces in the direction of the Pack, the team had to retreat, and only on the boat it turned out that in the confusion Nick had grabbed the wrong suitcase, and the volarum was in Otto’s hands.

After tracking the Wild Pack to a castle in Europe, Nika “delighted” Lotte with the details of their plan. Since Delta wished that Otto and the Pack continued to raid the Black Moon, they were forbidden to kill Otto and his men. Therefore, Lotta had to distract Otto and his men by pretending to accept his offer.For this purpose, she was given a Scandinavian-style armored body. Nika watched with a smile as Lotte entered the castle.

At night, when almost all the Wild Pack fighters were drunk to death, the team began to act. Nika entered the castle and found a volarum, which Otto had. Having dealt with the drunk and drugged Otto, Nika took what she was looking for and left the castle with Lotto.

Raven Tower

The next clue was found in a tower in the middle of the Bohemian town, which, of course, did not make the job easier.Taking advantage of the fact that the tower is a tourist attraction, the heroes explored the tower in search of a possible cache. However, Nika was not very happy that she had to play Joshua’s wife for cover. Also in the tower, they ran into Elias Gavranek, who gave the tourist a performance looking for unusual people. His raven Cassius identified Nika as a black sheep. After examining the tower, the team discovered that the cache was in a niche in the basement. It was decided that at night they would enter the tower and take away the volarum.

At night, when Nika was checking the top floor of the tower, she explained to Johnny the reason for her cold attitude towards Joshua. Nika believed that for him all these relationships were just a game, and, not wanting to be another trophy, she decided to confine herself to strictly professional relationships.

Having opened the combination lock, the heroes found that the cache was empty, and the volarum was at Eliash Gavranek, who was waiting for them. After neutralizing the command with a fireball, Eliash began to prepare for the sacrifice of the white crow, Niki Chaikina, to strengthen his god (Kutkha – approx.Author). Nika managed to free herself from the bonds, but she did not have time to dodge the dagger flying into her throat. Fortunately, the dagger was intercepted by the hand of Jinna, who had come to talk to her sister. Escaping from the fanatic and leaving Arthur and Josh to deal with him, Gina and Nick made their way to the top of the tower. Gina warned Nick that sooner or later the Brotherhood would find out that she was alive and would come for her. Gina excuses Nika to escape together. However, the conversation between the two thieves was interrupted by the appearance of Joshua. After Josh refused to disappear, Gina tried to throw him off the tower.After Gina offered to finish off Josh so that he would not interfere with their conversation, Nika attacked her friend, but was quickly defeated. Gina was angry that, despite all of Gina’s sacrifices, she traded her for a smelly and spineless piece of meat. Deciding that they were worth each other, Gina disappeared. Joshua admitted that he only got into a fight to protect Nick. When the others arrived, Josh decided not to talk about Gene, which surprised Nick a little.

The next day, sitting in a cafe, Nick tells Joshu about the Brotherhood of Thieves and his involvement in it, as well as his relationship with Gina.And if in Bratsva they find out that Chaikina is alive, they will try to kill her and everyone who is dear to her. However, this did not greatly impressed Joshua, who, for Nick, was at least to break everyone with his bare hands. This confession touched Nika.

The heroes did not suspect that they were being watched by a couple of members of the Brotherhood of Thieves.


Agent Chaikin accompanied Agent Delta during his routine inspection of the secret MAC complex in the Pacific Ocean, which was developing the latest military technology.The reason for Nicky’s presence was that Delta wanted to give her a working prototype of the COCOON 2.0 suit and test it. After the usual physical tests, Nika had to undergo combat training: to hold out for three minutes under the onslaught of the latest combat drones. Luckily for Nicky, they were only programmed to use electrical charges. Nika coped with the task without any problems, using the capabilities of her new suit. However, after a predetermined time, the drones suddenly began to attack with war charges.Using a previously damaged drone, Chaikina managed to deal with the threat. But the troubles did not end there. Johnny, before the contact with him was cut off, announced that Delta was also attacked. Penetrating into the control room, Nika found the wounded Delta, who managed to cope with the attacker. Suddenly, a couple of Black Moon soldiers burst into the room and opened fire. Using the environment and costume, Nika dealt with the attackers. It was decided to find Alex, the head of the complex and a friend of Delta. On the way to Alex’s office, the heroes were attacked by new Black Moon soldiers.After they were done away with, Delta noticed that they were too well trained for Rippe’s men, and after searching one of the soldiers, he found a US Navy SEAL tattoo on his shoulder. Having reached Alex’s office, the heroes found only the pogrom and the bodies of the “MAK” soldiers. Delta’s wound got worse, and Nika had to pull his arm with a tourniquet, after which they went to the helipad. On the way, they met no resistance and found only dead guards. Approaching the exit, Nika heard a strange rumble, which, as it turned out, was made by a spider tank.Nika first, with the help of a suit, collapsed part of the arch of the tunnel on which the tank was hanging, but this did not stop him. Returning to normal, the tank opened fire on Agent Delta. Nika managed to save the chief by tearing off the muzzle of the tank’s cannon, but this did not stop the car, which stubbornly continued to attack the Delta. Nika’s lenses found the control panel of the tank, and stopped the car by pulling out the cable. As Nika was about to reach the pilot on Delta’s orders, a shot rang out from within. Opening the hatch, Nick and Delta found Alex having committed suicide.

It is not yet known who was behind the attack on the MAK complex and the attempted assassination of Agent Delta.

Next is the Time of the Raven …




Olympic-level athlete. Very agile and flexible.

Specialist in covert infiltration and covert operations.

Excellent Thief: Earned the right to be a full member of the Brotherhood of Thieves at the age of 12.Best Thief on Earth, according to Agent Delta. Suspected of 19 largest robberies. The Louvre, Vatican, British Museum and Tretyakov Gallery have suffered from it at one time or another. She came across three times, but every time she hid from the scene of the crime.

  • Gorgeous pickpocket: With her hands tied, she discreetly pulled the volarum out of the inner pocket of Rippe’s robe during a brief scuffle.

Skillful Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Can knock out a fully trained male with one blow.

Skillful swordsman: Nika trained with the katana.

Excellent acrobat.

Skillfully handles various firearms. He knows how to shoot well with two hands.

Skillful rock climber.

Skillful Swimmer and Diver: It has been shown that Nika can easily dive into the water by jumping from a great height, and swim underwater long enough to be considered dead in the jump.

Skillful seductress: Nika has repeatedly used her feminine charms to distract people’s attention.

Very resourceful: Good at improvising. Nicky’s ideas have helped the team more than once. Thanks to her resourcefulness and dexterity, she managed to neutralize Fenrir, who easily dealt with a detachment of well-armed professional soldiers “MAK”.

Bilingualism: Knows Russian and English.


Earphone: Small communication device. Nika is constantly in touch with her friend Johnny, a hacker, who provides her with support, both by hacking systems and obtaining information.

PDA : A miniature computer that can also track the location of the volarum

Special Purpose Camouflage Defense Suit (COCOON): The latest development capable of withstanding extreme temperature changes, protecting from physical damage, and also changing color, allowing you to blend with the environment.

The fabric of the suit is made of ultra-strong material based on carbon nanotubes. It is 50% lighter than Kevlar and 30 times stronger than steel.

The suit’s unique thermoregulation system allows you to easily endure temperature changes and adapt to any conditions.

The suit is waterproof and has a hydrophobic surface. It is also not exposed to high temperatures.

Its fabric reliably protects against piercing and cutting attacks. And stops bullets up to caliber 45.

The suit is available in two versions: female and male. The female version of the suit consists of three different parts: a top, shorts and stockings.Thus, in its original form, the suit leaves open the arms, stomach and hips. However, if desired, the suit can be stretched to cover 98% of the human body, leaving only a small slit for the eyes.

The principle of camouflage activation is extremely simple: a sensor device is mounted in the left glove of the suit that reacts to a light touch of the fingers. Depending on which finger is pressed to the palm, the suit adopts one of five camouflage options. When shaking the glove, the suit discards its camouflage and returns to its original form.

Pin Camouflage option
Large Night
Index Forest
Medium Desert
Untitled City
Pinky Snow

COCOON 2.0: Working prototype.The world’s first liquid exoskeleton made of nanoparticles literally “sticks” to the carrier. Compared to the previous version, it is 30% stronger and 15% more resistant to temperature changes.

The main feature of the new version of “COCOON” is the hexagons that “walk” throughout the suit, strengthening parts of the body. If they get on their hands, then you can lift super-heavy things. On your feet – run incredibly fast. Hexagons are capable of changing their structure: depending on their type, you can either climb a sheer wall, or punch through it.Hexagons also act as self-charging batteries – “COCOON 2.0” runs on solar batteries.

Black elements of the costume are intended not only for decorative, but also for applied purposes. The material from which they are made is extremely tenacious: everything that you attach will hold on it.

Suit systems can perform tissue analysis, including comparative analysis.

There is a halographic projector capable of displaying various information.

Nanoparticles in an inactive state are stored in 4 bracelets clipped on the wrists and ankles.For ease of transportation, when you deactivate the “KOKONA 2.0.”, The bracelets can be connected into a cylinder. The bracelets are equipped with a touch screen and a fingerprint scanner programmed for Nika Chaikina’s prints.

After the breakup of MAC and the team’s move under the wing of Agent Gamma, Johnny upgraded the suit and uploaded new patterns to his database. Now the suit can take various forms, for example, an evening dress or a wingsuit.

Despite all the advantages, COCOON has 2.0 has a rather strong vulnerability: a possible discharge of electricity can destroy the bond between the nanoparticles and the damaged area, or even the entire suit, will crumble from the wearer.

Special lenses: High-tech lens with line-of-sight display. There are three modes:

  • Analysis mode: Analyzes the environment and provides the necessary information (biographical information on people, characteristics of equipment and weapons, vulnerabilities).
  • Night vision mode
  • Card with positioning system


Various pistols and submachine guns. Known models:

  • Pistol Colt M1911A1.
  • Heckler & Koch Mark 23 pistol with underbarrel flashlight.
  • SR-2M “Veresk” submachine guns.
  • FPG submachine gun.

Light and noise grenades.

Nika is a good Street Fighter IV player.

In episode 24 of Besoboi, it was revealed that the Magic Emergency Committee for Applied Mysticism and Exophysics is watching Nika for as yet unknown reasons.The IBCH card file contains a photo from the celebration of Nika’s birthday by the MAK search team.

According to Nika herself, she never killed anyone.

Additional material in Red Fury: Dark Legacy Book One states that Nick used an FPG submachine gun in the Dark Legacy story. However, the FPG is an airsoft version of Magpul Industries’ FMG-9 submachine gun.

In the 30th issue of Major Thunder, Nika appears on the cover of Maxim magazine.

Nika has never been close to a man yet.

Nika Chaikina is one of the “white ravens”, not similar to others, special people, who contain a piece of God-Raven, Kutkha, through which they are connected with him.

Red Fury # 1 (October, 2012)

90,000 What parties can you have in a loft and how to have a cool party 🎂

A theme party is a way to create a different reality for yourself and your friends, move to any country and any era, be in the form of your favorite characters! We give 45 bright ideas for what parties to throw in a loft and tell you how to easily host cool parties for adults and children.

Loft parties for adults

In this section we have collected the most interesting ideas for themed parties for adults. If you want to see the free party venues for a specific date, fill out the search form.

Stylish gonzo party

Hawaiian Party

Pajama party in the style of American TV series

Bachelorette party in the style of “Back to childhood”

Gatsby Party

Desperate Housewives Party

90s Party

Pin-up bachelorette party

Brazilian Carnival Party

How to organize a theme party so that guests and the birthday person will remember it exactly? Cool idea – to arrange a real Brazilian carnival right in the loft! It is better to warn guests about the theme in advance so that they can prepare bright costumes. Girls can come to the party in multi-colored swimsuits decorated with feathers, rhinestones and sequins – in the loft they are all their own, and there will definitely not be side glances. Suit for guys – swim shorts, Hawaiian shirt and sandals.

Pay special attention to music – it should be dynamic and incendiary, a good ready-made playlist can be found on Yandex.Music.

During the party it will be great to have a master class on lambada or samba.

The Brazilian Party menu includes tacos, tartlets, fruits and vegetables.For dessert, you can order a bright cake with an edible carnival mask in the pastry shop. According to tradition, a figurine of a child god is usually hidden inside the cake. Those who find it in their piece will be lucky all year long!

Gothic Party

Gothic Party is an easy way to throw a cool party. The dress code for guests is extremely simple – black, leather, chains, massive shoes. Girls can put on purple or scarlet lipstick, eyeliner with black pencil, or do vamp-style makeup.

It is better to darken the room – you can choose a loft with blackout curtains for your party. Place candles throughout the room, decorate the location with skulls, cobwebs, black and red helium balloons. You can add dry ice to the interior, which will create a mysterious “fog”. It’s great if there is a smoke machine on the site of your choice.

To decorate the table, you will need black satin textiles, crystal wine glasses, elegant cutlery, dark ribbons and red roses.Treat your friends with marmalade in the form of eyes, snakes and frogs, “bloody” muffins with raspberry jam. Pour red wine or Bloody Mary into the glass.

To entertain your guests, organize a tarot card reading or a mystical quest.

India Style Party

If you’re thinking about how to throw a mehendi party, it’s a cool idea to have a celebration that is all about Indian culture.

To decorate the playground you will need garlands of natural or artificial flowers, incense, aromatic oils, multicolored fabrics with traditional patterns, pillows with tassels and fringes, figurines of elephants and monkeys. You can print images of Ganesha – a cheerful god in the form of a half-elephant, half-man.

The invited master can decorate the hands of the guests of mehendi, another option is to buy special henna in a handicraft store and try to paint the palms with patterns on their own.

India is also famous for TV shows and dances. For a fun party, prepare a few episodes of traditional shootouts, escapes and dances – let the participants act out on teams and laugh heartily!

Invite your guests to try national Indian dishes – chicken curry, fluffy flatbreads, tea with milk and spices and halva.You can treat your friends to a hookah, because it was in India that the culture of smoking was born.

We have selected venues for parties in different styles – to make it easier for you to find the perfect one.

Party in the style of “Agent 007”

Are you wondering how to organize a party full of secrets and mysteries? Have a James Bond espionage party! Organize an interesting detective quest – you can order it from professionals or prepare it yourself. Show your imagination – “steal” one of your friends so that others can find him.Leave clues in advance in the corners of the loft, discreetly pass the secret codes to each of the guests. Let the dress code be formal: business suits for men and elegant black dresses for girls. All guests can be given hats and sunglasses, as well as toy pistols.

Treats at a spy party can be anything, the main thing is to decorate the table in style. Pyramids of champagne, chocolate fountain, bar catering – all this will make the holiday elegant and memorable.

Greek Style Party

If you are choosing in what style to throw a party, a “trip” to Greece will be a bright idea. It is very easy to find clothes for such a holiday – light beach tunics or loose cotton shirts are suitable for girls, and guys can make a tunic for themselves from several meters of white fabric, fastening its ends with pins on the back.

Plaster busts can be found to decorate the room – they are sold in handicraft stores. Posters depicting antique gods, old vases and lamps, candles and flowers are also great.

It’s easy to compose a menu for a Greek party – prepare a Greek salad, canapes with cheese, olives and tomatoes, offer seafood to your guests hot in lemon dressing. The main drink of the evening will be red and white wine.

Wake up the spirit of competition among the guests, organize sports competitions – your own Olympic Games with laurel wreaths for the winners. The evening can be ended with a friendly sirtaki dance, this national Greek dance can be performed by everyone after watching any video on YouTube.

Around the World Party

This idea is perfect for throwing a surprise birthday party for the avid traveler. Guests will be able to visit different parts of the world and learn the traditions of different countries, without leaving the walls of the loft. Choose 3-5 states that the birthday boy likes and organize several thematic zones. Let each reflect the culture and traditions of the chosen people, their music, history, clothing and hobbies. You can arrange a quiz, during which guests will learn interesting facts about the life of other countries, and also come up with tasks in the form of forfeits, for example, dance the Argentine tango or play the African drum.

A buffet catering will be an excellent solution for treating the guests – order dishes from different cuisines of the world and decorate each table in the appropriate style.

Vampire Diaries Party

What kind of birthday party can you throw for a Vampire Diaries fan? Most likely, he will be delighted with a holiday in the style of “vamp”!

Loft can be decorated with posters with characters from the series, artificial spider webs and figurines of bats.

The main colors of the party will be black and red. However, it is not necessary to wear special costumes – all the characters in the series looked like ordinary schoolchildren. But you definitely need makeup – apply a lot of light powder to make your face porcelain-pale. You can draw red streaks near the eyes, which appeared on the characters when they were angry. The main attribute is false fangs, you can buy them at the joke store.

Treat your friends with “blood” – it will be especially cool to pour red wine and tomato juice into donor bags.If the budget does not allow, you can pour red cocktails into glass alcohol bottles and stick labels with different blood types and Rh factors on them.

During the party, each guest can be presented with a vampire ring like those that protected the heroes of the series from the sun’s rays.

Children’s theme parties

Minecraft party

Harry Potter Party

K-pop birthday

Children’s pajama party

Space-style party

Maleficent’s party

Unicorn Party

Slime Party

Blogging party

Face-art party

Party in one color

Doll Party LOL


Cooking Party

Paper party

Wonderful Neon Party

Avengers Party

Children’s party in the style of “Hipsters”

Moana Party

Children’s party in the style of “Frozen”

Mexican-style children’s party

Party in the style of “Trolls”

Lego Party

Gentle and touching, agile and athletic, for girls and boys – we offer the best ideas on how to organize a party for children from 2 to 16 years old.And you can always book a suitable loft for a children’s party on Bash Today.

Flower Party Style Birthday

If you are thinking in what style you can throw a party for a girl, it is a great idea to organize a delicate floral holiday.

Pay special attention to the decoration of the premises – it is better to invite a professional florist to such an event. He will decorate the site with flowers and create the atmosphere of a spring garden right within the walls of the loft.

The birthday girl can dress up in a fluffy dress or a skirt of bright color, a headband with flowers will become a beautiful accessory.Guests can be presented with bracelets with silk roses.

Decorate the table or candy bar with vases with rose petals. It is better to make treats light and colorful, offer your guests desserts with iced flowers, fruits, berries, fresh juices and smoothies.

A master class in floristry will perfectly fit into the style of the holiday – an experienced presenter will teach participants to create flower arrangements in just 1-2 hours.

Monsters on Vacation Party

Kids and adults love this cartoon about funny and awkward monsters – use this idea to have a fun party.It is important that parents also watch at least one part of the cartoon before the holiday, then it will be much easier to bring it to life. Invite the birthday boy and guests to choose the images of different heroes – Dracula with his daughter, Frankenstein, Egyptian mummy, Skeleton and Quasimodo will gather for your holiday.

For one evening, turn the loft into the Hotel Transylvania: black and purple colors and silver details – stars, candlesticks – are suitable for decoration. You will also need figurines of skeletons and spiders, black balloons and artificial spider webs.

The festive table can be covered with a black tablecloth, and elegant cutlery can be placed on it. Decorate the candy bar with candles and scary cupcakes with vampire fangs and bats.

There will be no problems with party music – there are many motion soundtracks in the cartoon, to which children will happily arrange their own disco. You can order a neon show – the guys will be delighted with the glowing figures that appear in complete darkness.

Children’s party in a marine style

At any time of the year, there is a way to give your child a summer mood – for this you can arrange a sea party! To design a loft, use not only all shades of blue, but also red and white colors. The room can be decorated with ropes and fishing nets, figures of ships and lighthouses, steering wheels and anchors. Hang a lifebuoy on the wall, and put glass jars with sand and shells on the festive table. Inflatable flamingos and a donut-shaped swimming ring are cool elements of the photo zone.

Dress up the birthday boy in the captain’s cap, give him and the guests a vest. Give them a sand painting workshop to keep them entertained. Treasure hunting and tug-of-war will perfectly fit into the theme of the mobile contests.

The menu of the holiday includes fish, salads with seafood, tartlets with caviar and cupcakes with figurines of underwater inhabitants. You can invite a bartender who will prepare colorful non-alcoholic cocktails for guests.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party

The boys will surely take part in such a party with delight!

Before organizing a holiday, it is important for parents to watch a couple of episodes so as not to confuse the Turtles and their features.

Ask the birthday boy’s friends to come in brown or beige pants and green T-shirts.Prepare headbands in red, purple, orange, and blue for guests, as well as toy swords, nunchucks, tridents, and bo poles (available at toy stores).

Transform your loft into a turtle hideout with paper lights, themed posters, and life-size puppets.

The main treat of the evening is pizza! Turtles love anchovy pizza, but it’s better not to risk it and order different toppings so that everyone can find their own food to their liking.

Candy bar can be divided into 4 color zones: red, purple, orange and blue.Arrange cupcakes, candies, gummies of a certain shade in each. Sweet drinks can also be of 4 colors, for example, cranberry and blackcurrant fruit drinks, orange juice and green tarragon.

Entertainment for fidgets should be as active as possible – organize a quest to “save the city”, a battle with artificial swords, contests for accuracy, agility and speed.

Disney Style Party

If your child loves Disney cartoons, they will love the idea of ​​organizing a Disney-style loft party.The theme of the holiday is suitable not only for girls, but also for boys – invite your guests to come up with a cool image in advance. Girls can be Belle or Aurora for the evening, and guys – Mickey Mouse, Olaf from “Frozen” or Fox from “Zootopia”.

To decorate the room, you can print posters from Disney cartoons, garlands with flags depicting heroes, tablecloths and dishes with princesses. Floral decorations and helium balloons of various colors will create a fabulous atmosphere.The photo zone can be decorated with soft toys of the characters, children will definitely be delighted to be photographed with them. Place Snow White’s caramel apples, Belle’s edible roses and Jasmine’s oriental baklava on the table.

Pink Party

Pink Party is a cool idea to have a good party without major expense. The dress code is very simple – invite friends dressed in all shades of pink and white. Yes, and the boys too!

The choice of decorations for decoration is huge: you can easily find pink garlands, lush tablecloths and disposable tableware.To make the decoration not monochromatic, we recommend diluting it with silver details (candlesticks, trays, balls) – you get a really cool combination!

Order the themed candy bar with fabulous cupcakes, cake pops and lollipops. Pink macaroons, tender jelly and smoothies will also appeal to little ones. Milkshakes with marshmallows and marshmallows will become a magical decoration – you can order a master class, during which the guys, under the guidance of the presenter, will prepare themselves amazing sweet drinks.

Arabian Night Party

An Arabic-style party is an opportunity to give your child a real oriental fairy tale for his birthday. For inspiration, you can watch movies and cartoons about Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, re-read fairy tales from the collection “1000 and 1 Nights”.

To decorate the site, you will need an oriental carpet – lay it out in the very center of the room. Decorate your furniture with velvet capes, fringed satin pillows and tassels.

Girls can dress up in silk costumes of oriental beauties, tunics and headbands embroidered with coins, turbans and trousers will be useful for boys.Some of the guests can choose the image of the Jinn or Ali Baba.

To create a mysterious atmosphere of the East, turn on the aroma lamp or set fire to incense, put on a playlist of Arabic music.

In the menu of the holiday – oriental pilaf, kebabs, a lot of vegetable salads, for dessert – halva, baklava and nuts.

Fidgets will be delighted with mobile activities: invite them to take part in the search for a magic lamp, a battle with toy swords or a belly dance master class.After the holiday, each guest can be presented with oriental bracelets as a keepsake.

Choose the theme that you like and host the coolest and funniest parties!

90,000 Birthday: style 150 ideas

Many people of different ages at some point come to the idea of ​​celebrating a birthday in the style of a favorite movie, traditions of a distant country or a historical era.

Gathering with friends is nice and easy, but in the era of social networks, a series of photos from a thematic holiday collects much more likes and comments, and this is not just pleasant, but sometimes necessary for the development of a personal account for commercial purposes.

How to reflect the chosen theme of the holiday:

Below I will remind you of about 150 themes for parties , to begin with, let’s clarify what means they usually emphasize a themed holiday:

• Decoration of a room, restaurant hall, gazebo, open area

This is the most obvious. The most spectacular. What is done on a different scale by absolutely everyone who came up with the idea of ​​celebrating a birthday in some style. Of course, it is best to invite a decorator who has been studying design styles for many years, knows where and what to buy, make to order, etc.e. Will bring, hang, dismantle after the holiday. The services of such specialists are quite expensive, so most people use ready-made solutions for images from Pinterest. This is an incredibly large collection of ideas, many projects are easy enough to repeat, since consumables are sold in online stores with goods for the holiday.

Some elements (stands for attaching banners, arches, fabrics, growth flowers, huge letters and numbers, polygonal figures, etc.) can be rented in almost every city in Russia.Everything else is ordered on Chinese sites (if you have a lot of time before the holiday and a small budget).

For example, a black and white or chess party can be decorated with a few black and white balls, and for someone this is enough to create a mood. For others, a themed holiday in this style will be represented by a pompous photo zone with huge chess pieces, with “living statues” in the form of a queen and a horse, checkered tablecloths on each table, dishes with a chess pattern, a candy bar with figured sweets in black and white, and t.d.

• Costumes and accessories for guests

There are two options. In your birthday or anniversary invitations, you indicate the desired dress code for your party, i.e. each guest collects his own, for example, a pirate image. In this case, the guests look spectacular, since each of them will think over the main elements of the costume, accessories, hairstyle and makeup in advance.

If the theme of the holiday is a surprise for guests, the organizer of the holiday needs to launch costumes and accessories.In this case, not all guests dare to dress up, as cowboy hats or a pioneer tie do not go well with a gold maxi dress with a deep neckline.

• Musical compositions

An experienced DJ has music selections in different styles. If your themed holiday is new for him, he will quickly select high-quality recordings and create a cool playlist to accompany all stages of the event.

If you yourself organize your holiday, use the recommendations in professional DJ groups (there are many ready-made free collections on Vkontakte, for example).

For a party based on musical style (“Disco 80s”, “Dashing 90s”, “Hipsters”, “Jazz”, “Back to the USSR”, chanson, cabaret, etc.) there are excellent selections in Yandex.Music, on YouTube, in collections of music tracks.

You will only have to note which compositions are more suitable for background sounding during free communication and toasts, and to which you can also dance.

• Entertainment program

I already wrote an article about the formats and topics of events, everything is more detailed there.The bottom line is that you can tie a theme to almost any holiday format.

For example, Back to the Future party. It can be a quest with a cascade of puzzles and the goal of returning to your year, a creative or sports team game, culinary team building with recipes of the past and the future, a brain ring with questions from different historical eras, master classes with souvenirs from 2050, a show program with numbers from the 50s of the last century and retro contests.

Even if you have a very small holiday organized on your own, you can choose entertainment for a fun thematic program and not be limited to decoration only.

• Main menu

There are such holidays where the menu is the main “decoration”. In this case, the emphasis is on themed dishes, and everything else is secondary. For example, the now popular healthy lifestyle. In addition to the sports component, bodybuilding shows, bike races, marathons and other activities, guests can be offered a menu that is useful in all respects. In this style, a birthday is rarely celebrated, but I met a couple of times)).

In nature, you can have a primitive meat party on the fire. Themed cafes offer French cuisine for the “See Paris” theme, while the Japanese restaurant offers Intellectual Sumo and traditional dishes. The pirate party is great in establishments where seafood is on the menu.

Organize a home party with pancakes and pies “Russian style”, prepare small spectacular snacks for a Hollywood party, set the Soviet table for your own “Irony of Fate”.

• Sweet table (candy bar)

Some organizers consider the candy bar to be a decoration, the majority consider it a treat.On small holidays, a sweet table, beautifully decorated with bright decorative elements, is often the only themed accent.

Let me remind you. The theme can be supported by the sweets themselves (cupcakes with bats and a pumpkin-shaped cake with eyes for Halloween) plus themed decorative elements in the style of this holiday made of paper (flags, pom-poms, origami, polygonal figures), wood (photo frames, figures, letters, hashtags ), metal (candlesticks, figurines, stands for sweets, tablets), glass and porcelain (candy bowls, dishes), compositions from living plants or natural materials.

On Pinterest, tagged “candy bar”, you will find thousands of examples on any topic.

Cakes in different styles are the most obvious support for the chosen theme of the party. The creativity of the masters amazes the imagination, the cost per kilogram of happiness in each city is different.

• Win-win lotteries, prizes for participation in competitions

Everybody loves gifts, and it does not depend on age. You can pick up pleasant or useful souvenirs for almost any topic and arrange a gambling raffle.For example, at a denim party I got a denim cosmetic bag.

Thematic cafe (restaurant)

Most of the anniversaries to celebrate the thematic birthday choose an institution in which the interior, menu, music and appearance of the waiters immediately correspond to the chosen theme. In every city there is something “French”, “from a Russian fairy tale”, “Caucasian”, “Japanese”, etc. And also all kinds of hunting lodges, grottoes, caves, halls “in the clouds” on the 59th floor, etc.

Sometimes an institution inspires a themed party, you just have to dress up a little and think about entertainment for the guests.

Birthday in style …

I have collected several examples in each category, if I missed something interesting, please add it in the comments for our general use :-).

Theme of the holiday based on books, films, cartoons, computer games

What is the beauty of such topics? Script writers, directors, costume designers and actors have already made sure that each of your guests has a good idea of ​​what is better to dress up and how to transform at such an event.

Often, only the name is taken for a holiday, without reference to the plot of the film (for example, the theme “Angels and Demons” can only assume a comic division of guests into angels and evil spirits, and “Avatar” – to appear in the meaning of the image of a guest from social networks, without referring to bluish heroes of a science fiction film).

I remembered some films, cartoons and TV series for which you can create an entourage, pick up accessories and think over an entertainment program. Complement!

I conventionally divide it into “adults” and “children”, because many family holidays often successfully “twist” the theme of children.Naturally, it is easier for children to buy ready-made jewelry. For some “Minions” there is everything – balls, flags, cardboard dishes, caps, tablecloths, inflatable foil figures, souvenir prizes, board games, etc.

In the script of the party, you can insert contests (remake the most successful ones for your theme), master classes, comic prepared numbers, a disco, a drawing of thematic prizes, etc. And the guests prepare their birthday greetings in the style of Agents 007, say hello from Jack Sparrow or Sherlock.



  • Silent cinema (retro party in the style of the 20s of the last century)
  • Angels and Demons (only name can be used)
  • Da Vinci Code (quests with codes and riddles)
  • Moulin Rouge (show program with classic cabaret)
  • The Great Gatsby (for several years at the peak of popularity, it is easy to find costumes and accessories)
  • Godfather
  • Indiana Jones (active summer team building)
  • Horror film (there are many of them, collective image)
  • James Bond (Agent 007)
  • Star Wars
  • Superhero Movies
  • Poirot, Miss Marple
  • Oscar, Hollywood
  • Twelve chairs
  • The meeting place cannot be changed
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Back to the Future
  • Comedy Gaidai
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (pirate birthday – in the lead in children and adults)
  • Star Wars
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Around the World (and generally based on Jules Verne)
  • Avatar
  • The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings
  • Serf
  • Sherlock
  • Friends
  • Kitchen
  • Lost
  • Magnificent century
  • Harry Potter (Harry Potter boy’s birthday as a quest)
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Jurassic Park, The Lost World (I have described a children’s birthday with an almost real dinosaur among these popular quests)
  • Superhero Party
  • Minecraft, Brawl Stars, other games
  • Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Boss Skull
  • Night at the Museum (here’s my kid’s birthday script)
  • Wizard of the Emerald City
  • Frozen Toy Story
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Little Mermaid, The Little Prince
  • The Jungle Book
  • Ice Age
  • Aladdin
  • Dolls LOL, Fairies Winx
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Luntik, Barboskins, Masha and the Bear, Fixies
  • Pinocchio, Seven-flowered flower
  • Smurfs, Minions
  • Three cats, Trolls
  • PAW Patrol
  • Lady Bug and Super Cat
  • Gravity Falls
  • Pushkin’s Tales
  • Sinbad the Sailor
  • theme “Circus” (I can’t single out one film)
  • Unicorns
  • Om Nyama
  • Emoji, emoticons

Countries, cities, traditions and customs

  • Venice Carnival
  • Brazilian Carnival
  • Hawaiian party (also possible in the indoor pool)
  • Indian Cinema
  • Russian style
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Africa (Safari)
  • Journey to the Papuans
  • Mexican souvenir (everyone loves to paint the skull-calavera :-))
  • Around the world (what kind of people’s costume did I find, in which I came, also interesting)
  • Italian (especially good culinary team building with Mediterranean cuisine)

Party style with hobbies and hobbies in mind

It brought together topics that did not want to unite anywhere else. There are such parties, maybe you will also celebrate your birthday in the style of “Casino”?

  • Check and Checkmate (for fans of chess, Backgammon games, other intellectual games)
  • The Invisible Man (esotericism, fortune-telling, predictions, stones, horoscopes, names, numerology)
  • Casino (institution style, board games, music)
  • Football (not the competition itself, but a party for game lovers)
  • Riddles of mankind (you can weave everything mysterious, from the Egyptian pyramids to UFOs)
  • Beer Party
  • HLS (lovers of a healthy lifestyle will appreciate the right festive menu and a culinary master class)
  • Trampoline party, laser tag, paintball, rope course (the party is held on prepared sites)
  • Aqua party in the pool (beach)
  • Pajama Party
  • Bath day (girls arrange a SPA-salon or Beauty Day)
  • Hand Made Party
  • Various types of collecting
  • Tik-tok party (Insta-party)


In this case, we are talking about decoration, since you can select any entertainment program.Why are plants and animals chosen for party style? It’s not always the same. For example, my maiden name is Krotova. Did I have a Mole Party? There was, of course. Remember the character from the old Czech cartoon? And then there are the Zaitsevs, Romashovs, Tsvetkovs, Medvedevs, Polyanskys, etc.

Someone’s name from a foreign language is translated somehow like this: Larisa – Chaika, Marina – marine, etc.

There are simply lovers of roses, tulips, owls, pugs. Or maybe you just liked the picture from the Internet, in which everything is decorated “like a watermelon”.

I will list a few topics for inspiration:

  • Plants: chamomile, roses, bamboo, sunflower, etc.
  • Insects: butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies
  • Animals: hares, owls, kittens, pandas …
  • Fruits, berries: avocado (for some reason there are a lot of ready-made decorations on sale with it), watermelon, strawberries (another “berry again”) . ..
  • Seasons
  • Uninhabited island (very popular in the summer Robinsonade program)
  • Ice Party
  • Jungle name is
  • Ecological Quest
  • Sea, sky, underwater world, space

Historical topics

Honestly, it is difficult and expensive (the cost of renting historical costumes from the era of Catherine II starts from 4000 rubles per day), dress up and decorate the hall according to all the rules.But you can take some elements and “plunge” into the topic with the power of imagination.

Here are some examples:

  • Primal Party
  • Ancient Egypt (I have a girl’s birthday script about an Egyptian princess)
  • Robin Hood
  • Age of Discovery
  • 1812
  • Indians and Cowboys, Wild West
  • Hipster
  • Pioneer
  • Back to the USSR (Gaidai’s comedies are well woven here)
  • Dashing 90s
  • Military (you can arrange a meeting of warriors from different eras)

Music styles at the heart of the theme party

In this case, it is very easy to pick up musical material, sometimes accessories and decorative elements.For example, a party in the style of the 80s – bright costumes, fleeces and killer make-up, decoration of the hall with records, cassettes and multi-colored spotlights, cool music program.

Here are some examples:

  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Rock and Roll
  • Disco 80s and 90s
  • Rap
  • Chanson, romance, author’s song
  • Pop
  • Hip-hop
  • Folk, country, folk music

Based on TV shows

We have several thematic programs based on famous TV shows (for a detailed description, follow the links).Customers often choose this format for private and corporate events, as they understand well the essence of what is happening in advance and know the rules of the games.

  • Homeowner (even if not at Margulis, but at your house)
  • The Last Hero
  • Minute of Glory
  • Clever and clever people
  • Bluebird
  • Moscow Nights
  • Himself a director
  • Big game
  • Ghostbusters
  • Welcome to the Jungle
  • Through the mouth of a baby
  • Good jokes
  • Brain Ring

By colors and textures

There are many examples of themed holidays design on the Internet that are associated with some kind of colors and textures.

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