Binded planner: Our Favorite Paper Planners for 2021

How to choose a binding system for your planner (comparison and which one I like the most)

When choosing a planner, one of the most important things to consider (after the daily/weekly spread layout and the pretty cover of course!) is the type of binding.

There are a quite a few binding systems available for planners these days including:

  1. Discbound
  2. Spiral
  3. Ring bind
  4. Wire
  5. Coil

If you’re trying to choose the best planner system for you, let’s take a closer look at the the pros and cons of each:

These types of systems have the ability to remove, add and rearrange pages as needed and are my favorite type of planning system. My personal favorite is the Arc discbound system.

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Pros of discbound planners

• Can rearrange pages and make a planner that suits you –you can also easily move pages between notebooks. So if you get halfway through the year and decide you need a second planner, or you start a blog or Etsy shop and want to keep everything in separate notebooks, you can easily do so

• You can purchase various disc sizes including 0.75″ and 1″

• You could just purchase the discs, make a DIY cover and add your own inserts – this type of planning system allows the most customisation

• Discs come in different colors if you want to color code your notebooks (both MAMBI and the Levenger even have gold discs – love!)

• The notebook can be folded back on itself and lay completely flat

• You can customise everything – you can even add and remove covers which is not always an option with planners (given that you’re going to be looking at the cover everyday you’ll probably want to change it up at some point during the year so it’s nice to have the option to easily be able to do so!)

Using the Arc notebook to organize planner stickers


• Most discbound planners (such as the Arc which is my favorite) have leather covers that come with a pen loop and business card pocket built-in – very handy

• The leather covers are super sturdy. You can get poly covers (they’re much cheaper), but they’re also really flimsy and I wouldn’t recommend them

• When I bought my first discbound notebook I was skeptical as to how sturdy the discs would be and whether pages would fall out. I’ve been pleasantly surprised – the pages stay secure in notebooks and only come out when I’m ready to pull them out

• Can re-position the pages numerous times and they will still be secure

• There are plenty of accessories including pre-punched inserts (I love Arc’s list making ones), pockets (which are great for storing pens, sticky notes and planner stickers), plastic sheet protectors and sticky note dashboards

• Can bind pages portrait ways (like a sketchbook) or landscape (like a normal planner with the binding down the longest side of the page)

• You can bind any page size you want including full page right down to a mini shopping list size

• The Arc notebook comes with ruled/lined note paper included – this paper is thick and sooo nice to write on (you can pull these out if you don’t need them and order more of their lined paper inserts if you do end up using them)

• The disc can be reused again and again and again an unlimited number of times. Unlike all of the other binding options (discussed later in this post)

• Less bulky than a binder

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• If you’re a student you can put all of your notes for the day’s classes into one notebook rather than having to carry around multiple notebooks, or just note take and at the end of the day or week, pull the pages out for each subject and place them in their respective notebooks

• If you want to make a recipe book, you can purchase clear plastic sheet protectors, pull the page with the recipe sheet out of the notebook and bake and then wipe the plastic clean of spills afterwards and place it back in your notebook – just like you would with a binder but the discbound notebooks are much more compact

• You can put as many pages in as you like so you could do a 90 day planner or 6 months rather than carrying around pages for a 12 month planner that you don’t need to use for months

• You can DIY your own covers and dividers by printing a binder cover onto paper or cardstock, laminating then punching and adding to your planner

• Most of the punches for the various brands that offer discbound systems can punch common page sizes. I use the Arc and you can punch A4, A5, US Letter size and half letter size’

• You can make notebooks at any size you like – you chose how many discs to make an A4, A5, 7 x 9″ (same size as most planner such as Erin Condren and Plum Paper), half letter size etc.

Using the A4 Arc notebook for the Week 2 of the 52 Planners in 52 Weeks Challenge

Cons of Discbound Planners:

  • You need a special punch (which can be heavy and expensive to purchase & ship to you)
  • You won’t be able to add pages using the same method I previously shared for adding pages to a spiral bound planner (although adding pages to a discbound notebook is much quicker and easier anyway!)
  • Difficult to find in stores – I live in Australia and the only places I’ve been able to find them is online via Staples & Amazon
  • The coil size that comes standard when you buy a discbound planner is usually not quite big enough – I’ve upgraded to expander rings (1″ wide) for all my Arc notebooks (these of course, must be purchased separately)
  • If you get the largest coil size and the leather covers then fill the notebook with paper it can make it heavy – if you’re after something light and portable I wouldn’t recommend full page size (letter size 8.5 x 11” or A4 page sizes).
  • The leather covers are expensive. Like, really expensive ($73 for the Arc covers for A4 size if you live in Australia like I do) – that may seem a ridiculous amount of money to spent on a front and back cover of a planner but I’ve been using mine for 4 years and it still looks brand new – they are super strong and can withstand a lot of wear and tear

Arcing my DIY list making insert

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Discbound systems:

I use the Arc Discbound system. I really love the Plum Paper Planners and after seeing people posting planners they’d Arc’d on Instagram, I went and placed another order for their other planner layouts to try as part of the 52 planners in 52 weeks challenge. I can’t wait to Arc those planners – the parcel should be arriving any day now – excited! 🙂

Usually a clear, silver or white binding that allows you to fit a lot of pages and fold pages back on themselves to lay flat and not take up as much room. It can be difficult to write in spiral bound planners, especially if you’re left handed.

Pros of spiral bound planners

  • Some of the most popular planner companies such as Plum Paper, Erin Condren and Limelife now offer interchangeable covers so you can easily mix and match.
  • You can DIY your own cover (I shared a tutorial (and free printable) in this post
  • Sturdy – paper doesn’t fall out easily
  • Can sometimes choose how long you want the planner to run for – some planner companies do 18 month versions

Cons of spiral bound planners

  • Some of the spirals are large and make it hard to write, especially if you’re left handed
  • If you want to add stickers and are prone to storing a lot in planner pockets, sometimes the coils don’t give much wigglee room and can come apart
  • If you want to DIY a coverit takes longer to make it for a spiral bound planner than it is to punch it when using a discbound system

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Spiral Bound planners:

If you want to create a DIY planner using printables, most office supply stores can spiral bind the pages into a notebook for you.

I hate ring bound planners and I never use them.

It’s so annoying having to hole punch pages, try and line up if there are multiple holes as some binders come with 2 rings, 3 rings, 4 rings, 6 rings etc. With binders I always have to take the pages out to write on them because my hand touches the rings making it difficult to write. Plus, it’s so hard to find off the shelf inserts that fit them.

Pros of ring bound planners:

  • Come in a range of sizes from full page size (8.5 a 11” or A4 page size) all the way down to personal planner size
  • Can add and remove pages as you please
  • Can easily find accessories such as pocket folders, document wallets and pencil cases with holes pre-punched and designed to be added to ring bound planners
  • Some binders (such as Avery and J Burrows brands) come in the clear view binder style (the ones where you can slip a cover into the front pocket to personalise and make it your own). I like that you can change out the cover as many times as you like!
  • You can get decorative binders with patterns already printed onto them (Officeworks is my favorite place to find these)
  • If you use A5 size there are numerous inserts that are pre-punched and ready to use. If you’ve found a printable planner page that you like, you can print it at A5 size (or half letter, personal size etc.) by following this printing tips tutorial

Cons of ring bound planners:

  • Trying to write in a ring bound planner is really annoying, especially if it has small pages such as A5 size
  • Make sure you open the binder and check how many holes there are before purchasing – I have been caught out before accidentally buying 3 ring binders when I only wanted a 2 ring
  • If you use the 2 ring binders it’s easier to hole punch but the pages are more likely to slide out than if you use a 3 ring binder
  • If you purchase a system that requires 6 holes it can be annoying to punch and expensive to find a punch that will work with 6 holes
  • Can be quite expensive – especially if you get a leather onr

If you use binders I recommend placing the pages in plastic sleeves as that way you don’t even need a hole punch. You can even get color coded plastic sleeves from Officeworks – which of course I have heaps of! 🙂

I use binders for more ‘permanent’ things I don’t refer to as often such as my household binder and printed sticker sheets that are ready for me to cut.

Ring bound systems:

Image credit 

This style is where the pages are blue bound to a spine, similar to a textbook.

Pros of book bound planners

  • Compact size – you can almost always get this size in smaller than standard page size so they’re an ideal planner for keeping in your handbag
  • Easier to write in because there’s no coil
  • Affordable
  • Readily available

Cons of book bound planners

  • The pages usually don’t lay flat unless it is the middle page of the notebook, so you’ll have to hold the page open and write with your other hand. This personally drives me nuts so no matter how cute and functional a planner or notebook is, if it has glue binding, I won’t use it
  • Can’t take pages out
  • Can’t add new pages

Image Credit: May Designs

Book bound systems

Book bound systems are my second least favorite binding style – I don’t recommend them.


Image Credit: Passion Planner 

If you want to do your own DIY ring binding at home, try the Cinch machine by We R Memory Keepers or the Zutter Bind it All Machine.

Pros of wire binding

  • Wire binding is sturdy – those pages aren’t coming out anytime soon!
  • Planners with wire binding are lay flat – you don’t need to hold them open when writing in your planner

Cons of wire binding

  • Can’t add and replace pages, once you’ve compressed the wire binding together you can’t uncompress the wire binding to add more pages
  • Once a page has been ripped out you can’t put it back in again
  • Machines for wire binding usually aren’t designed for full page size and are more for smaller one off crafting such as scrapbooking, journalling or albums
  • Wire binding, like ring bound systems is usually quite bulky

This is the most affordable option if you want to DIY your own notebooks, planners, recipe books, blog planners etc.

Coil binding machines are the cheapest type of binding machines (they start at around $50). They’re an ideal DIY/ home office solution if you want to make a lot of notebooks as gifts without having to go to an office supply store.  Note that you will also need to purchase the spiral coils which are around $10 for a pack of 25 (you can get these I in a range of colors including black – my personal favorite – white,blue and red). If you live in Australia like I do, hit up your local Officeworks.

I used coil binding to make my blog planner (this photo is from a couple of years ago – I’ve since switched to the Arc notebook) 

Pros of coil binding:

  • Coils come in a range of colors (typically black, white, blue and red)
  • Cheap
  • Great DIY option
  • Lay flat binding
  • If you have a binding machine, you can add and take out pages as you please

Cons of coil binding:

  • It can look a little ‘cheap’ and not as ‘professional’ as spiral binding
  • If you’re only making one or 2 planners or notebooks, buying a coil binding machines will be expensive – you’d be better off going to your local office supply store and having them bind it for you

My personal favorite (as you could probably tell by how many pros I had listed out!) are discbound planner systems. They’re so much more flexible and customisable due to the ability to rearrange pages and use any page size you like. While they’re the most expensive and require a special punch, I do think it’s worth it – because when I can completely customise a planner it’s more likely to make me want to use it!

My next pick would be spiral binding. It’s sturdy, holds the pages secure even if you’re quite rough with your planner and the spiral binding gives a planner a more professional look.

I would never buy a ring bound planner as they’re too hard to write on with the rings being so large and getting in the way. You could always take the pages out but then it gets time consuming putting everything back in order. I don’t like small page size planners – there’s not enough room to write. But if the ability to add and remove pages as you please is important to you and you don’t want to spurge on a discbound planner (although you could just buy the rings and DIY your own cover), then definitely go with a ringbound planner.

I would also never buy a glue bound planner as the pages don’t lay flat – you have to hold the planner open with one hand while you write with the other which drives me nuts!

So that’s my somewhat opinionated take on planner binding types – I hope this post was helpful if you’re trying to choose what planner to try next!

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The Best Ring Bound Planners –

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There are so many reasons why I love ring bound planners. For starters, there is a ring bound planner for every budget. I love that I can pay $100 if I want to invest in a beautiful planner that will last years and years, or I can spend $20-40 and pick up a pretty ring bound planner at my local Michaels. The truth is that the point of a ring bound planner is that you can purchase it once, and then just purchase new refills for your ring bound planner each year. I am obsessed with how versatile ring bound planners are and how I can add things to them as I need, and get creative with dividers, clips, and more. Today I’m sharing what are, in my humble opinion, the best ring bound planners that you can get.

This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure policy, here.

What is a ring bound planner?

Ring bound planners are small binder planners. They have binder rings, similar to what you’d find in a regular 3 ring binder from the school supplies aisle. However, they are smaller, and more compact to carry on the go.

While a lot of planners are coil bound, the ring bound planners have binder rings that you can open to remove pages, add pages, and rearrange things. When you are looking for a ring bound planner, it is important to get one that is quality enough that your rings are going to last and allow you to reuse the same planner year after year, just purchasing new refills in your planner size.

Just like in a 3 ring binder, you can also find dividers that fit your planner to create sections and organize everything.

Pro Tip: Always make sure to use the push buttons to open your binder rings in order to make sure you don’t pull them out of place.

Planner Sizes

There are so many planner sizes now. I remember when everyone was just using A5 planners. Now, there is personal, personal wide, A6, A5, B6, pocket, pocket, plus, and more. However, there are three main size that I like to use and create things for. They tend to be the most popular planner sizes, and it is going to be easy to find supplies for these sizes. We will talk about them smallest to largest.

Pocket Size
Pocket size planners and inserts are small, the refill pages you write on for this planner are just 3.25 x 4.75 inches. They are super compact and can fit in even the smallest bags. These are great if you are just keeping track of a few things, like appointments and notes. Although, there are a lot of people who keep track of a whole lot of things in their tiny pocket size planners.

Pocket plus is a variation of the pocket size planner. I’m also a big fan of this size. It is slightly bigger, 3.5 x 5 inches for the inserts, giving you just a smidge more room to write. Not all pocket size planners are big enough to fit pocket plus inserts, so it is important to measure.

Personal Size
Personal size planners are bigger than the pocket size, but smaller than the A5 size. They are your middle of the road planner size, but still plenty small enough to carry with you on the go. The refill pages for this planner measure 3.75 x 6.75. These are my second favorite size planner.

The personal wide inserts are a variation of the personal size inserts, and they measure 4.75 x 6.75 so they are the same height, but an inch wider than the standard personal size. Again, you get more room to write but you’ll want to test some or measure to be sure they’ll fit in your specific planner.

A5 Size
Finally, the A5 size planner is my favorite planner size. The A5 planner is larger, and the inserts measure 5.83 x 8.27. You may see interchangeably A5 size/half letter size inserts. Half letter size inserts are created to fit inside A5 planner binders, and this is the size I create my A5 inserts. They are actually 5.5 x 8.5 inches, so they vary just slightly from the A5 size, but work perfectly in A5 binders. This planner may be harder to take on the go, depending on the size of your bag, and they’re commonly just used as a desk planner.

Do I need to spend a lot of money on a ring bound planner?

To get started with a ring bound planner, you do not have to spend a lot of money. There is truly a ring bound planner for every budget. Also, the smaller the planner you purchase, the less it will cost. The cost also depends on what materials are used to make the planner, some companies use leather, which is understandably more expensive than other materials. Often, different planner brands often have a range of planner types and prices.

Best Ring Bound Planners

If you are getting started on a budget, there are two planners that I recommend for you to purchase.

Carpe Diem Planner
The Carpe Diem planner is sold in a lot of different places online, including Amazon, and then online and in stores at Joann and Hobby Lobby. I feel like these are the highest quality, lesser expensive ring bound planner that you can buy. They have great rings. I have used Carpe Diem planners for 5+ years and they’re still in great condition today. They retail for $30-40, but if you are shopping at Hobby Lobby or Joann, they often offer 40% off coupons that you can use. These planners are available in A5 and personal size.

Creative Year Planner
The Creative Year planner is a really inexpensive option for a ring bound planner. While I do see a quality difference with these, this isn’t something that has deterred me, and I own several of them. These planners sell for $20-30 at Michaels and they also offer frequent discounts from 20-40% off a single item that you can use. I love all of the color choices with these planners, and they are available in personal size and A5 size.

First, a disclaimer that Filofax is going to be both on my budget list and my investment list, because depending on the planner style they have a wide range of prices. On the lower budget end for Filofax, one of my favorite less expensive Filofax styles is the The Original Filofax. These Filofax planners range from $40-80 and come in all 3 sizes- pocket, personal, and A5.

Continuing on with Filofax, in the more of an investment list of planners, one of the most popular Filofax planner styles is the Filofax Malden, and I consider it to be more of an investment, but I know people use their Maldens forever. The Malden ranges from $100-150, depending on the size.

My next favorite investment priced planner is the kikki.K. I’ve owned and sold a couple of these, but haven’t bought one in a long time, and looking back on them now, they’re less expensive than Filofax, but more than the others, ranging from $70-80. They have pocket (kikki.K small), personal (kikki.K medium), and A5 (kikki.K large).

Other hard to find, expensive planners
There are a few other brands that I know of that are expensive, and amazing, but expensive, and kind of hard to get your hands on. For example, the Louis Vuitton agenda is very expensive, but comes in the PM (pocket), MM (personal), and GM (A5) sizes. These range from $500+ and people often find them in resell groups and sites. If designer is your thing, this might be the planner for you.

There are so many planners available, but these are my favorites in a broad range of pricing, styles, designs, and sizes. I hope that this post was helpful for you, if you are looking for a ring bound planner to use. Also, if you find a ring bound planner that you love that I don’t have listed, be sure to share in the comments!

Also, if you are looking for refills for any of these planner sizes, I have printable planner refills and physical planner refills that I make and ship to you here on Etsy.

Also be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get access to my library of free printables.

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2022 Wildwood Spiral Bound Planner

2022 Wildwood Spiral Bound Planner – Sweet Paper

Curbside pickup available Mon-Sat 10am-5pm


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  • Overview
  • Inside you’ll find monthly and weekly views, inspirational quotes, sections for celebrations, notes and contacts, pocket folders for storage, and two sticker sheets for extra fun. Planners span August 2021-December 2022.

  • Details
    • 10″ L × 8.25″ W
    • Natural white text paper
    • Printed in full color with foil stamped year
    • Metallic gold foil
    • August 2021 – December 2022
    • Weekly & monthly pages
    • Sections for celebrations, notes, and contacts
    • Inspirational quotes
    • Illustrated endpapers
    • Metallic gold band
    • 2 sticker pages
    • Illustrated pocket folder
    • Double spiral
    • Imported

10 Pretty Planners + Notebooks To Keep You Organized AF

My stash of planners and notebooks borderlines on obsessive. But to be honest, they all get used at some point. I’m the queen of making lists. It’s just how I function best. Even though I keep everything organized through Asana, I still put pen to paper each morning and make a physical to-do list, even if it’s something as simple as what I want to accomplish with my free time on Sundays.

This month, our theme is all about organization, and these planners and notebooks are just what you need to help keep you organized AF.

Lily VanderPloeg “Busy Ladies” Academic Planner

The weekly spreads give you special sections for notes and to-dos, and the monthly pages feature open daily blocks and a notes section. There’s a fun, new decorative design page before each monthly spread. Extra pages like a holiday list, three-year reference calendar and two extra notes pages help you stay organized.


Wilde House Paper Daydreams Weekly Planner

This design-forward, undated weekly planner allows you to pick up wherever life last left off. Bound by hand in gold wire, the Daydreams weekly planner comes complete with 100 pages of weekly calendars and lined paper printed on luxe recycled paper stock.

Colette 12-Month Spiral Planner Bundle

Get organized with the Colette 12-Month spiral planner bundle. Featuring weekly views that have a full page for notes, this set also includes a set of pencils, paper tape and stickers to make planning more fun. 


Constellations Weekly Planner Notepad

Your week’s plans are written in the stars with this organizer notepad featuring a metal post bound desktop design. It features sections for each day of the week, plus a to-do list and space for notes adorning the perforated sheets.


Fringe Studio Monthly Perpetual Planner

Get your hustle organized with a spiral-bound perpetual planner perfect for detailing your empire-building agendas and long-term goals in monthly increments. A watercolor design accents the cover, and an interior pocket lets you save the receipts.

Colorblock Pink + Read Weekly Custom Planner

This personalized weekly planner features a 54-week view, plus plenty of space for extra notes, important dates and things to see and do. Complete with softly textured pages and no fixed dates, you can start using yours at any time of the year. Also available in dated format. 


Sonix Give Me Space Notebook + Sol To-Do Task Pad

This set is everything you need to stay organized 24/7. The lined notebook is perfect for your day-to-day notes and the task pad has check boxes to help you itemize and organize your daily to-dos.

Cabana Fabric Journal

Inspire your storytelling with each turn of the page. It features a hard cover wrapped in printed book cloth, lay-flat binding, a coordinating bookmark and gold foil accents.

Flora Weekly Planner

This planner features an original line drawing art cover printed on heavy stock in beach, 100 inner pages of weekly calendars, high-quality printing on luxe recycled paper in beach speckle, gold wire spiral binding for lay-flat writing, and daily sections to help you track your self-care, hydration and movement!

Boho Rainbow Weekly Planner

This customized planner shows undated week-views for 54 weeks, a year-view page at the front for important calendar dates and month-views for 12 months. It includes a ‘to-see and -do’ column and 12 pages divided into four quarters for your monthly goals, important dates, to-do lists and wish lists.

shop planners:

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15 Daily Planners for 2022

As the world slowly but surely emerges from pandemic life, it’s time to prepare (mentally and physically) for the return of your social calendar. Remember having an actual calendar of things to do? If you, like many, struggle to keep track of everything going on in your brain, a planner is a great way to get things out of your head and onto paper, so you don’t have to stress over what you might be forgetting.

With so many digital tools at our disposal, it’s easy to overlook the power of a paper organizer. But sometimes you have to go the analogue route; nothing accidentally gets deleted, your battery will never run out, and, frankly, it’s just so much more glamorous to pull out a lovely day planner to check your schedule than it is to whip out your phone. Whether you’re the sort who carries a calendar religiously or you just aspire to that level of organization, here are the prettiest, most productivity-boosting day planners, agendas, and organizers to keep you on track in 2022.

Croc Daily Planner

Your timeless black agenda with a crocodile cover. Chic, but understated, it’s practically an accessory. 

2022 Planner

This classic, elegant floral planner runs from December 2021 through January 2023, but is also available in an undated version. Personalize it with your name (or whatever you want!). It features monthly pages as well as weekly overviews broken down day by day. 

Classic 12 Month 2022 Daily Planner, Hard Cover, Large

When in doubt: go for the classic hardcover planner. Moleskine is the biggest name in the business for a reason, after all. 

2022 Planner

The color-blocked look of this customizable planner will make all of your to-dos seem sophisticated. 

Daily Planner, Undated Hourly Planner

One of the top-rated planners on Amazon, this undated agenda is broken down by hour, making it perfect for the hyper-scheduled individual in your life. 

2022 Large Planner

Lilly-lovers will be able to showcase their favorite colorful patterns with this spiral planner. 

Spiral 2021-2022 Planner

This minimalistic spiral-bound planner has a clean look on the outside while being full of all the organizational tools you need on the inside. 


Classic to the core, this leather bound agenda lays flat and has several elastic holders (one to hold it closed, one to mark your page, and one to hold a pen tucked into the inside). It also has goal mapping and planning sections to help you achieve whatever you set out to do this year. 

2022 Soho Agenda with Pocket

When it comes to luxury leather goods, if you want the best you gotta go to Smythson. Case in point: the on-trend croc effect diaries.  

17-Month Strawberry Custom Planner

Not only is this planner adorable, it’s also 17 months long so you can get some extra-milage out of it. 

2021-2022 Cement Medium Planner

Sometimes simplest is best. This sleek, faux leather bound planner has weekly and daily calendars, as well as to-do lists. 

Sugar Paper Gingham 2022 Planner

Get graphic with this gingham-printed, linen-covered stationery featuring an elastic closure. 

2022 Calendar Year Day Planner

The perfect gift for the plant nurturer in your life? A planner that they can use to keep track of their watering schedule (amongst other things).

Weekly Calendar & Notebook 2022, Hardcover

A favorite among agenda aficionados, this German-made planner offers a hardcover and simply organized pages. 

2022 Luxe Floral Black Large Planner

This embossed black and gold planner has horizontal weekly overviews and ribbon bookmarks, plus an elastic pen holder. 

Lauren Hubbard
Lauren Hubbard is a freelance writer and Town & Country contributor who covers beauty, shopping, entertainment, travel, home decor, wine, and cocktails.

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Binding Options for Your Customized Planner

I’ve spent most of my adult life using a preprinted planner, but now that I can create a customized planner using Scrap Girls Printable Planner products, the sky’s the limit for how fun (and perfectly suited to my life) my planner can be!

One of the biggest questions I had when transitioning from a preprinted planner to my customized planner was how to choose a binding method. After researching, I found the options are numerous and varied – book, comb, or spiral bindings; ringed binders; disc systems. If that wasn’t enough, there are other considerations: binder sizes, hole configurations, binding machines, and hole punches. You can do it yourself or have your planner commercially bound. With cost and flexibility in mind, I asked myself:

  • Could the pages be removed, reordered, replaced?
  • Did the finished product open and lay flat?
  • Where was it being used? (purse, counter, desk)
  • How was it being used? (daily planning, a journal, fitness)
  • What special equipment did I need? (hole punches, machine)
  • How durable should the cover be?
  • How many pages did it need to hold?

1. I found three binding methods that work for most applications:The first option is spiral-wire binding. Unless you’re going to use this method a lot and want to invest in a binding machine, take your completed planner pages to an office supply store for punching and binding.

2. The second option is a blank, premade journal. Create and print stickers from Scrap Girls printable planner products to enhance the blank journal and make it your own. This option also lets you design custom pages for events or tasks as you need them and insert them into your premade planner.

3. The third option is a three-ring binder. It doesn’t require a lot of tools, and the binders are inexpensive. Pages can easily be added, moved, or removed. Resizing your customized pages is super-easy with Scrap Girls Printable Planner products.

Just remember two design elements (needed for all binding methods) as you create and resize your layouts – gutters and margins. Gutters are basically the space for the binding. Margins create needed “white space” for printer differences. Keep your most important details out of the gutters and margins.

To help with placement, create a binder template in your digital software program. Measure page size, hole placement, and margins. Print a test page, punch holes, and adjust as needed. Since my binder is small, my pages are 5×8 inches. My 8.5×11-inch binder template is set up for two pages. (The template pictured is available above as a FREEBIE!)

Once your template is ready, drag your planner page layers onto your binder template and resize your layout to fit. Hide guide layers as desired before printing.
Whether you bind your planner at home or choose a commercial option, decide what binding attributes are important for your planner. Then plan each day creatively!
Karen Webb has shared the template she used in her tutorial below!Plan Perfect-MayColor Your World Fit PlannerColor Your World PlannerHeart and Soul Paper Doll Embellishment MiniPlanner Tutorial written by Karen WebbJoin us on Pinterest for planner and digital scrapbooking inspiration and projects! 

Custom Premium Sewn Planners and Guestbooks, Library Quality Planners

Invite your guests to view a virtual ceremony

Include a URL to your school’s online commencement ceremony.

Attend Amanda’s graduation ceremony
from afar!
Seattle High School will be live streaming a
commencement speech and
name reading to
slides designed by each student.
June 15, 2020 at 3PM
[Ceremony URL]

Host a car parade

Invite nearby friends and family to a drive-by
celebration. Ask attendees to bring signs or words of encouragement. Example:

Help us celebrate the grad with a
drive-by graduation
parade! Drive by to show your support. Signs and

decorations are encouraged!

Saturday, June 15

Drive by between 1 and
1234 Grad St.
Seattle, WA 98123

Host a virtual graduation party

Invite guests to join the grad for a FaceTime or

Zoom call. Example:

Join us for a virtual party to
celebrate Alex’s achievement! Wear your finest attire and help us
honor the grad
in style.
June 15, 2020 at 3PM
Zoom meeting ID: 123-123-1234

For help setting up a Zoom account, contact Carol at (123)

Ask friends and family to send cards

Surprise the graduate with a mailbox full

love. Example:

Even though we can’t be
close, let’s honor the grad with a surprise in the post! In lieu of your
physical presence, we would be grateful if you would send Rachel a card with your well
and advice for the future.
Rachel Kirkwood
1234 Grad
Seattle, WA 98123

Wedding Venue Decorating – Wedding Planner Turkey

Wedding Venue Decorating Tips

Inspirational Venue Decorating Ideas

Choosing a Wedding Venue 9006 is probably one of the most difficult wedding preparations. ! By choosing a wedding venue, you are actually solving a whole bunch of problems at the same time. How?

Many aspects of wedding preparation depend on the correct choice of location, and the work of the wedding organization firm also depends on the location of the wedding.That is, when you share your wedding vision with your wedding planner , from the general plan to the seating plan for guests, etc., he will be able to provide you with suitable options and will do everything possible to make your dream wedding come true, based on the choice places. The company will also select for you wedding photographer with whom it has signed a contract, and relieve you of the stress of looking for an additional photographer . So, after you decide on a wedding venue , they will take care of all the 90,015 details of organizing your wedding, and you will be a little distracted from this pre-wedding stress.

If you still have doubts about how soon you need to decide on the choice of wedding venue , I would say no later than 6 months, and no earlier than 1 year. If you decide to reserve a wedding venue per year, you can easily customize the date you want and don’t fuss in vain, but the closer to the wedding date is , this possibility goes away; and you may lose the privilege of choosing a particular date for wedding events , and face the fact that the place has already been reserved for someone else, as well as other unpleasant surprises.

It is also worth recalling that weekends end first. And if you plan to hold wedding at the end of the week, then it is worth booking in advance for such days.

It is very important that you keep your energetic communication with the organizer who will take care of you during your wedding !

On this special day, when you want everything to be good, the person in charge of your wedding, , will take care and help you with everything until the end of the night.

So when you are deciding where to hold your wedding, start looking for someone who will take care of you on your wedding day !

Recently, wedding tent concepts have become quite popular, which, in our opinion, are the reason for the appearance of beautiful wedding events . These tents can be set up anywhere you want or in the corresponding areas of the countryside wedding venues. The tents have alternative concepts and designs.Once you have made your choice, your wedding planner can again provide you with different interior designs.

Indoor spaces and old places are also the culmination of stylish wedding venues seats . The textures of stone and wood, in accordance with the chosen space, give the wedding a magical atmosphere. Again, the right lighting, the use of candles, chandeliers or luxurious chandeliers and lanterns, makes the setting aristocratic and luxurious.In summer , beach weddings by the sea also host very stylish events , which use predominantly white, light and light decorations. If you want your table to be neat you can organize it in cocktail form, the only thing I suggest you for Beach Weddings is to create a platform! Despite how enjoyable the beach is, the platform sacrifices nothing in terms of usability and makes walking easier for everyone.How do you like the fabulous wedding in the forest? If you want to have a unique and chic wedding intertwined with natural naturalness and beauty, we think you should think of just such a wedding! In such an organization you can use the huge wooden wedding table and wedding chairs , again you can decorate with lights and complement the whole with unique wedding decor ideas.

Rustic Wedding

You received a marriage proposal , yes, for your wedding be, the question of choosing a wedding location is among the most basic that must be solved first! The choice of location may vary depending on the season, guests and mood.Today we will tell you about country weddings , which are the favorite of the summer months, the preferences of those who do not want to lock themselves indoors in the summer and want to be against the backdrop of natural beauty, natural landscapes and the open air.

If you can’t imagine your wedding without it, country wedding is the right decision for you! At this point, it is very important that you make a deal with experienced organization , which can prepare you for your dream wedding , because a country wedding contains many details, each of which must correspond to this integrity.It is important to follow the concept and integrity of wedding , so that a chic outdoor wedding does not turn into a barbecue party.

First, let’s talk about the arrangement of chairs and tables. Instead of heavy and stylish items, the Country Wedding Chairs can be portable and relaxed. They fit both the country wedding concept and will be more useful. Then you can decorate these selected chairs with decorative wedding accessories such as flowers, bows, ribbons that you have chosen for this day, the color you feel suits your wedding concept .

After wedding tables and chairs selection , wedding decoration and decorative details are very important, for example , photo corner , which will welcome all your wedding guests at the entrance, warm the atmosphere and allow you to express your love. You can also use romantic decor with lights. Alternatively, you can freshen up the look of wedding tables with a variety of items such as fresh mini flower bouquets, candles, and braided ropes.

When we talk about a wedding in a rustic style , we will not talk only about decoration, because a country wedding should not be considered only as a choice of a wedding venue, but the whole concept, which also includes the choice of a wedding dress , bridal hairstyle , bridal makeup . The concept requires integrity and certain rules.

Brides who prefer the country wedding are more relaxed in the wedding dress selection and should choose the model wedding dress that they are particularly comfortable with.As for the bridal shoe selection , they certainly have to be comfortable and comfortable! We think that no one wants to suffer from pain in their legs all night. Wedding hairstyles , as well as wedding makeup should be light, even flying and performed in soft colors. Recently in country wedding makeup trends light earthy and orange tones are welcomed, you can create a romantic and clean look by using light shades eye makeup and using facial contours.Don’t forget about stars of country weddings – these are flowers, in particular wildflowers! You should have bridal bouquet in your hands, which will delight the eye, this bridal bouquet can be composed of single color roses, as well as wildflowers . Remember, instead of crowns decorated with stones, at a country wedding, use bridal floral wreaths or floral hair braids, which will also help you look amazing!

Winter Weddings That Warm Your Soul

Winter Wedding has always been easier than Summer Wedding .Since the intensity of weddings in winter will not be the same as in summer, couples have no problem finding a place they can find at almost any time. This way, you can easily implement the plan without experiencing situations like waiting for a seat. When we talk about winter wedding , the classic concept of hotel weddings comes to mind. But now wedding companies are working so carefully and with an alternative concept that floral, light, hot decorations and the atmosphere of summer weddings easily coexist in winter weddings.

There are so many exquisite hotels, with flowers and lights hanging from the ceilings, with an artificially created summer atmosphere almost like in the heat of a summer wedding Wedding Hotels now offer many alternative concepts. As I mentioned above, you can create a wedding that is dominated by different accents such as the relaxed and warm wedding , as well as create a luxurious and ornate wedding interior decoration .

Fall and Winter Weddings once again offer you a warm setting in conservatories. If you want a indoor wedding , but still see the garden and the sky, this option is very suitable for you. Not only hotels, but also large restaurants with a winter garden are quite suitable for boutique weddings , which are not intended for a huge number of guests. Again, I think a couple who would prefer a wedding in the conservatory should not give up lighted decorations, floral details and wooden chairs.

You are both in the garden, and you are not cold, in fact it is even more romantic and mysterious than a summer wedding! Especially if it snows outside the window! Such romance against the backdrop of a winter garden, wedding decor and white snow is a wonderful decoration for any wedding.

If you are having a wedding with dinner, you can include chic decorations with pine branches, cones and braided threads in the wedding menu and you can best reflect the season. Do not forget to use in decoration, mixing candles with glasses, leave room for branches, winter flowers and pine cones.Try dark coffee and burgundy shades in the bridal colors you will be using!

At acquaintance with the wedding venue , do not forget to discuss everything in detail in advance, to formulate your expectations! I always try to say this, because if it is not discussed from the very beginning, it becomes the front stage of many problems that can become a misunderstanding for both sides. If everything is clear with the theme at the very beginning, the small details are somehow solved by themselves, and you will get wedding venue of your dreams without any problems.

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90,000 Difference between long-term and short-term scheduler in OS

To maximize CPU utilization, there must be proper scheduling of processes.Long term scheduler and short term scheduler are types of scheduler. The long term scheduler runs less frequently than the short term scheduler. The distinguishing feature between the Long Term Scheduler and the Short Term Scheduler is that the Long Term Scheduler selects a process from the job pool, , and then loads them into the Ready Queue for execution. On the other hand, short-term scheduler selects a process from ready queue and allocates CPU to it to execute.

Let’s discuss some more differences between Long Term and Short Term Planner using the Comparison Table below.

Content: Long-term and short-term planner

  1. Comparison table
  2. Definition
  3. Key differences
  4. Conclusion

Comparison table

Long-term planner 9028 main

Basis for comparison It takes a process from the job pool / job queue. It fetches a process from the Ready Queue.
Frequency The long-term scheduler chooses a process less frequently. The short term scheduler chooses a process more often.
Control It controls the degree of multiprogramming. It has less control over the degree of multiprogramming.
Alternative It is also called Task Scheduler. Also called the processor scheduler.
Critical The long-term scheduler exists on batch systems, but may or may not be present on a time-sharing system. The short-term scheduler is in the batch system and is minimally present in the time-sharing system.

Define a long-term scheduler

Sometimes there are more processes sent to the system than can be executed immediately. Then, in such cases, the processes are put into the repository where they are located and executed later. The long-term scheduler then picks a process from this queue, also called the Job Pool, and loads them into the Ready Queue for further execution.

It is also called Task Scheduler . The frequency of the long-term scheduler for retrieving processes from the job pool is less than compared to the short-term scheduler.

The long-term scheduler controls the multiprogramming degree , which is stable if the rate of creation of new processes is equal to the average exit rate of processes leaving the system.The long-term scheduler is executed when the process leaves the system.

Long term schedulers none or minimum present in some systems such as Time Sharing System, such as Micro Soft Windows, Unix, etc.

Define short term scheduler

Short term scheduler also called CPU scheduler . The purpose of the short-term scheduler is to select a process from ready queue that is ready to run and allocate processor to it to execute it.

The execution of the short term scheduler is very frequent compared to the long term scheduler. The short term scheduler has less control of over the multiprogramming degree . The short-term scheduler is at least present in the time-sharing system .

Key differences between the long-term scheduler and the short-term scheduler

  1. The long-term scheduler selects processes from the job pool.On the other hand, the short-term scheduler picks processes from the Ready queue.
  2. The short-term scheduler runs more frequently than the long-term scheduler.
  3. The Long Term Scheduler controls the degree of multiprogramming, while the Short Term Scheduler has less control over the degree of multiprogramming.
  4. Long-term scheduling is also called task scheduler. On the other hand, short-term scheduling is also called a CPU scheduler.
  5. The long-term scheduler is mandatory in the packet system and may or may not be minimally present in the time-sharing system. On the other hand, the short-term scheduler is present in the batch system, and is also minimally present in the time-sharing system.


The long-term planner and the short-term planner are equally important for planning purposes. How one (long-term scheduler) loads a process from memory into the ready queue, and the other (short-term scheduler) allocates the CPU currently in the ready queue.

Rename a scheduled task in Windows Task Scheduler 📀

Windows Task Scheduler is probably one of the most useful but less used features of Microsoft Windows because it automates tasks that you want to run regularly. This not only allows the operating system to schedule important system tasks, but it also allows you to send emails, turn off the schedule, wake the computer from sleep, update Windows Defender, make Windows talk, play a song, and more!

If you have a lot of tasks set by Windows Task Scheduler, you definitely need to write a short explanation along with a simple title to recognize your tasks.The problem arises when you need to change or rename a task for any reason.

Task Scheduler does not allow you to rename any task, regardless of whether it is a predefined system task or one that you created. When you open the property of any task, you will get a screen that looks like this.

We know how to schedule a new task, but there is no direct way to rename a scheduled task.You must follow the steps below to rename the Task Task Task.

Renaming Windows Task Scheduler Task

Open your Task Manager via Start Search and select the task you want to rename. Then click the Export button located under the Selected item tab.

Save As a window will open. Save the file to a location of your choice. Just make sure the file type is .XML.

Now open Windows Task Scheduler and delete the specific task that you exported. To do this, right click on this task and select delete .

Then press Import task button located under Task Scheduler Library or Task Scheduler (local) .

Select the exported .XML file and open it.

You will now be prompted to change the task name parameter in the Create task field.

After renaming the task, you can OK button.

In short, you export a task by deleting the task and then re-import the task, which gives you the option to rename it. While this is good for performing tasks you create, it might not be a good idea to rename tasks that the operating system might create.

This process prevents you from renaming tasks in bulk. If you need to rename multiple tasks, you will have to follow the same steps for each task.

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