Bikini ties: How to Sew String Bikini Bottoms with Side Ties


How to Sew String Bikini Bottoms with Side Ties

String bikini bottoms are a real basic when it comes to your swimwear collection. You can mix and match it with just about any bikini top. And it’s also a pretty simple style to sew!

That’s what we’re going to be talking about today – how to sew a string bikini bottom with side ties. Now, I also have another tutorial showing you how to turn a regular bikini bottoms pattern into a string bikini bottoms pattern. So if you want to make your pattern first, and then come back to this tutorial, you can find the pattern making tutorial HERE.

So now onto the sewing! Down below the materials list for this project, you’ll find a full video tutorial. And if you scroll down a little further you’ll find the written tutorial. So it’s completely up to you if you prefer to watch the video or go through the written instructions!

What you need

*This list contains affiliate links for your DIYing convenience, so I receive a small commission if you buy something through my links. This really helps to support my site so I can keep creating DIY tutorials to help you create your dream wardrobe.

Video Tutorial


Written Tutorial

Of course, as with almost any sewing project – the first step is to cut out your swimsuit. Cut one front and one back out of your main fabric and one front and one back out of your lining.

Once the main pieces are cut, it’s time to cut the straps/ties. To cut the ties, I cut 4 15 inch long strips of my main fabric that were 1.25 inches wide.

Now that everything is cut out, let’s start preparing the ties. The first thing we’re going to do is fold them in half lengthwise with right sides together. Then sew or serge the raw edges together to form a tube. You can pin this if you want, but I usually fold as I sew.

Once you get the four ties sewn into tubes, we need to add some elastic. You can skip the elastic if you want, but I just find it lasts a lot longer and stays up a lot better with elastic in the ties. So I sewed some 1/4 inch swim elastic into the seam allowances of each of the ties – just going right back over my original stitching with the elastic. I also made sure to start and end the elastic about 1/2 inch from the ends of the ties to reduce bulkiness later. Another thing – I do NOT stretch the elastic or the fabric as I sew. You’ll get a much nicer tie if you don’t stretch it.

Here’s how they look with all the elastic sewn in:

Next, I turned the four ties right sides out with my loop turner. You can use a safety pin if you don’t have a loop turner.

Next, we need to finish just ONE side of each of the ties. The other side will be sewn into the body of the swimsuit, so can be left raw. To finish one side of each, I pushed the raw edges to the inside of the ties, then sewed the openings closed with a hand sewing needle. Once I finished that, I tied a little knot in the finished end of each tie – just because I think it looks cute. The knot is totally optional though!

Now that our ties are ready, we can set them aside and move on to putting together the rest of the swimsuit. First, sew the crotch seams of the outer fabric front and back together as well as the two lining pieces. On the lining pieces though, leave a one inch opening in the crotch seam. This is how we will turn the swimsuit right sides out later.

Next, lay the lining out on the table with the right side facing up. Then lay the main fabric swimsuit on top of it, with right sides together, lining up the swimsuits.

Next, grab a tie and line up the RAW edge of the tie with one of the little square tie attachment points at the sides of the bikini bottoms. Make sure to line it up on top of the lining, pulling the main fabric back.

Next, place the main fabric back on top of the lining, sandwiching the strap between the layers. Pin it in place, then repeat the process to pin one strap to each of the four tie attachment areas.

Next, continue pinning the lining to the main fabric around the rest of the swimsuit. So the ties will be encased inside the swimsuit.

Then just take it to your serger or sewing machine and sew ALL of the edges together. So the only opening remaining is the one we left in the crotch of the lining.

Now we need to add some elastic. I sewed my elastic into the leg openings and the front and back waistlines, making sure to stay 1/2 inch away from the strap attachment points to reduce bulkiness. I did stretch the elastic slightly while sewing, especially around the bum area – just because I like a very snug elastic fit. But that is optional. If you want the swimsuit to lay flatter and look pretty when it’s laying on the table, then don’t stretch the elastic as you sew. You also want to make sure you apply the elastic to the SAME side all the way around – I like to apply mine to the main fabric side.

We’re almost done! Next, just turn the swimsuit right sides out by pulling it through the opening left in the lining crotch.

And once it’s turned right sides out, just close up the opening in the crotch lining with a hand sewing needle or a machine straight stitch close to the edge. And you’re done!



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you are new to sewing swimwear, I have a downloadable PDF Quickstart Guide to Sewing Swimwear that will help you get started right! You can grab it HERE , just put in your email and I’ll send it straight to your email inbox.

5 TikTok Bikini Hacks That Transform Your Bottoms Into Cute Tops

If you’re struggling to find a swimsuit to wear this summer, you might be looking in the wrong place. Instead of browsing online for a new option, try one of these viral TikTok bikini hacks that turn bikini bottoms into cute new tops in seconds.

Earlier this year, Evelyn Cruz of @evelyncruzblogger started sharing her bikini hacks. Since then, the trend has really taken off: Now other creators are garnering millions of views on their videos, too.

From transforming a single bikini bottom into a one-shoulder top to turning two bottoms into a criss-cross option, these are the bikini hacks to learn before summer.

5 Bikini Hacks to Learn Before Summer

1. The Criss-Cross Method


Reply to @delaney.perigen got u! 🙂 ##swimsuithack ##goodgirls ##xyzbca ##bikini ##foryoupage ##foryou ##trend ##tips ##dunkin ##fyp ##bachelor ##motive ##jennie

♬ motive x promiscuous – elfixsounds

Jordyn, the influencer behind @jmegss, has a process that looks a little complicated at first. But with her simple instructions, transforming two bikini bottoms into a top is a breeze. She says to start with one bikini bottom and turn it so it forms a 90-degree angle. Pull your arms through, adjust to the right, and repeat with the other bottom.

2. The One-Shoulder Method


##foryoupage ##biquini ##fyp ##artigo157chellenge @biel @taysreisoficial

♬ Artigo 157 – Biel & Tays Reis

For this hack, start with the back of the bikini facing away from you. Put both arms through the leg holes, then put your head through the same hole as one of your arms. Adjust, and you’ll have a one-shoulder bikini top.

3. The Knot Method


##fyp ##foryoupage ##biquini

♬ original sound – Aye yo

To use the knot method, simply untie the strings holding together the sides of a bikini bottom. Then tie a knot in the middle. Tie the strings around your neck and back, just as you would with a regular bikini top.

4. The String Method


ok but the BACK 🥺 ##swimsuithack ##ASOSFashunWeek ##viral ##thriftflip ##xyzbca ##sidehustle ##foryoupage ##disneyland ##parati ##trend ##bikini ##upcycling ##tip

♬ confident – favsoundds

Start by grabbing two string bikini bottoms. Make sure both sides are tied into bows. Put your arm through and situate it so it goes across your body. One bow should be on your shoulder, and one should be on your back. Repeat on the opposite side.

5. The Swoop Method


##fyp ##foryoupage ##biquini ##fy

♬ original sound – Aye yo

Last but not least, we have the swoop method. Start with a single bikini bottom. Put both arms through both leg holes. Slide it down so one part is under your arms and across your back. Then, loop the other part over your head.

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This Bikini Top Trend Costs $0 And Only Takes 2 Minutes To Pull Off

If you’ve kept things simple when it comes to swimwear this summer, now may be the time to change up your look. With only a few weeks left in summer it’s hard to justify a new splurge, but finding new ways to style the same pieces you’ve been sporting for a few months now is a simple alternative. Enter, the reliable ladies of Instagram and their endless styling tricks. As it turns out, a classic triangle swim top is the most on-trend and versatile piece you own right now, as proven by the latest easy bikini top trend.

Crinkled, ribbed, and color-blocked are just a few of the suit themes to dominate 2020, but possibly the best trend circulating right now involves a classic style that you already own: triangle bikini tops. Wearers are getting creative and transforming the staple into a multi-use piece using its stringy ties — rotating, twisting, and turning all to create something brand new. Not only does this mean a standard halter can become a strappy layering piece or even a bandeau, but it also means that you’ll get more wear out of your go-to style without feeling tired of it.

Hit refresh on your simplest string bikini top by taking a cue from these ladies genius styling hacks, ahead.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: Sideways

Belle’s modeling Bamba Swim’s Farrah top but Inamorata’s latest triangle top is an ideal pick. The dramatically elongated stringy straps allow for more tying options and the adorable golden figure charm woven into its ends just seals the deal. First, place the triangle cups where they’d typically sit then take one neck and waist strap from the same side and tie it behind your shoulder. Do the same on the other side and viola, your triangle top is now anything but basic.

How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: Rotated Halter

This one is so easy to hack, no fancy knots needed – just a clever rotating trick. Here Shudufhadzo Musiḓa wears the Xena top from Sommer Swim which is sadly sold out, but you can get a similar look with Melissa Simone’s cheetah bikini. The first step is to turn the bikini upside down so that the waist strap is on top which is what you’ll use to tie as a halter top. Using the ruching from bottom triangle seam up top creates that rounded look. Then finish off by fastening the neck straps behind your back.

How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: Forward Bandeau

Here Sommer Swim’s Xena Sirious top is used to create a bandeau, but a basic string top will work too. The first step is tie the neck strap around your back and beneath your arms like a bandeau. Now, here’s her trick: take the bottom waist strap in hand and pull it taught so that the ruched seam of the triangles bunch into a small circle at the front and tie comfortably but tight enough to avoid any slips.

How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: Strappy

Sandals, swimwear and even sundresses, this season is all about the strappier the better as exemplified above with Sommer Swim’s sold out Esmee Papayayo top. The halter-neck style is a more creative remix on the staple triangle shape, but you can take it a step further by sliding the waist strap to the front, effectively creating an added bow detail like Hyde – or make it easy with Mai Mia’s wrap-around take.

How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: The Twist

Amy Lefévre’s semi sheer bralette with detachable sleeves is actually part of a set from Tyrell that can be worn any number of ways. The straps tied behind her neck were intended around the waist thus creating a cross-over look at its front. To recreate the look, 437’s Stella top is so moldable that you can probably wear it differently each time for the rest of summer.

How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: Criss-Crossed

Out of all the creative ideas floating around your Explore page, the zig-zag tie is arguably the easiest and this the most popular. If you don’t own Frankies Bikinis Haven top, pictured here, it’s easy enough to DIY. Start with a classic triangle top, simply tie the back strap per usual but then layer one shoulder strap over the other before tying behind your neck in halter form. And if you’re in the mood to revamp the simple top even further, slide the waist strap around so that the bow tie is in the center of either triangle for an additional upgrade just as easily.

The Best String Bikinis and Classic Triangle Swimsuits Are Always in Style

There are tons of iterations of a two-piece bathing suit and too many micro trends to count — luxe underwire balconettes, ultra-high cut, revealing bottoms, cardigan bikini tops, and strappy bikini sets resembling what my colleague Liana Satenstein calls, “midriff floss. ” With the overwhelming number of options to choose from, there’s something to be said for the longevity of a classic triangle bikini. If you’ve relied on your most essential and timeless silhouettes throughout the year, a similar approach makes sense when it comes to your beachwear. Casual days in the sun call for unfussy silhouettes and a classic triangle cut bikini aligns well with 2020’s no-frills approach to getting dressed. In a time where nothing beats slipping into your most comfortable t-shirt and other go-to basics, the best string bikinis keep it simple.

They’ve been a staple for decades. The minimal, torso-baring style was popular among both California girls and European starlettes in the ‘60s and has reigned as a summer classic since. The classic triangle bikini top made appearances in Vogue every decade following, the below images from the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and again in 2017 here are proof.

I’ve exclusively worn my solid-colored triangle bikinis since the beginning of summer. Maybe I’ve watched Blue Crush one too many times during quarantine, but I’ve certainly been influenced by the laid-back attitude of the “surfer girl” aesthetic, or perhaps it’s the paring down of my closet in general that has drawn me into the simplicity and ease of a string bikini. Besides, where would I wear an over-the-top suit, with no beach gatherings and pool parties to attend? I’ve tried plenty of swimwear styles and almost always find myself reaching for my trend-less triangle when it comes to putting on swimwear. Their understated look makes them feel appropriate for every occasion. They’re sporty enough for a solo paddleboard excursion and PG enough to wear around your parents — I’ve tested both scenarios. Despite revealing more skin than it’s modest one-piece sister, you’ll never quite feel “overdressed” in a triangle-shaped bikini.

Their allure extends beyond my own fascination — plenty of swimwear brands are going back to the basics with their own spins on the classic. The suit comes in a range of colors, prints, coverage options. Feel free to adjust your top or bottom to your liking thanks to two sets of side ties and sliding-sized triangle tops. It’s a style you can make wholly your own.

Here, an assortment of the best string bikinis for every personality, from minimalists to maximalists, and everyone in between.

Photographed by Wayne Maser, Vogue, May 1986

Timeless Neutrals

You can’t go wrong with a solid-colored bikini, and you’ll never get tired of wearing one in black, white, navy, or brown.

Solid & Striped Iris top and bottom

Matteau the string triangle bikini top and side-tie briefs

Jade Swim Lido triangle bikini top and side-tie bottoms

J.Crew string bikini top and hipster bikini bottoms

Reina Olga Love triangle bikini

Frankies Bikini Tess top and bottoms

Photographed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Vogue, June 2017

Prints Please

A playful spin on a classic shape, from paisleys to daisys. These prints look sweet under a white oversized button down cover up.

Etro paisley-print triangle bikini

Mango floral triangle bikini

Melissa Simone Enita micro string top and bottoms

Missoni Mare Riga striped Lurex triangle bikini

La DoubleJ triangle string bikini top and bottoms

Triangl Avah tangerine floral bikini

Photographed by Helmut Newton, Vogue, January 1975

Pick a Color

A classic silhouette has the power to take on any color, try one in any shade of your choosing.

Hanne Bloch blush triangle bikini

Bamba lemon Malibu top and Amore bottoms

Basic Swim papaya flex top and bottoms

Ookioh Santos top and Cayman bottoms

Riot Swim lavender Bixi top and bottoms

Ashley Graham Shows Off Genius Bikini Fix for People With Big Breasts

Ashley Graham — author, model, body-positivity queen, and all-around babe — just spotlighted an easy trick that people with big breasts can use to rock string bikini tops all summer long. It’s a problem as old as the bikini itself: If you tie a halter-style string top tight enough to keep your breasts supported, you end up putting strain on your neck and back — but not if you make like Graham and turn the bikini into a bra-style, over-the-shoulder design.

This life- and neck-saving tutorial was first posted by body-positivity writer Allison Kimmel to her Instagram, where the video has been viewed thousands of times (59 thousand the first time she posted it, 21 thousand the second time, as of this writing). The method is simple: Instead of tying the lower strings behind you and the top strings at your neck, make a cross-body pattern. So, top left to bottom right and vice versa. Then, take the extra string on the bottom and tie it in a bow to keep everything tight, and voilà: bikini-bra!

It’s a seriously helpful trick for anyone above a size C, whose breasts might be pulling them down already. Plus, tying it up this way ensures that your bits won’t come flying out just because you got smacked by an aggressive wave. Now that we know this move is Ashley Graham–approved, we’re definitely going to try it.



…and still supported.


Graham demonstrated the hack on her Instagram Stories, wearing two suits from her Swimsuits for All line of swimwear: a black bikini and the leopard-printed one that Allison also has. The supermodel also showed off a modified version of the trick, tying it like a regular bra instead of crossing the straps.

Graham has also previously dispensed truly priceless advice for other boob-related questions, like what to do when you need to go strapless? Go down a size, apparently! Certainly seems like it’s working for her, because Graham is werking it.

Thank you, Allison, for the hack, and thank you, Ashley, for always having our backs…and our fronts.

More Ashley Graham stories:

Ashley Graham Has the Most Organized Little Purse You’ll Ever See:

90,000 Naked chic Who invented the bikini and why these clothes have provoked scandals for decades: Style: Values: Lenta. ru continues the cycle of stories about the history of certain wardrobe items. We have already talked about the history of stilettos, mini-skirts, men’s dresses and a tie, and today we will talk about a revolutionary bathing suit, without which it is impossible to imagine modern beaches – bikinis.

The official history of the modern bikini is well known. In May 1946, the owner of a chain of boutiques, which included a beachwear and accessories store located in Cannes, Jacques Aime presented the Atome two-piece swimsuit model for the new season.With this name, Aim said that this swimsuit covers only a small part of the body. The new product was promoted under the slogan: “The smallest bathing suit in the world.”

However, Aim’s primacy was short-lived. Already in July, another Frenchman, engineer and designer Louis Rear presented an even more minimalistic swimsuit, which he named Bikini, in honor of the attol of the same name, where the American atomic bomb was tested shortly before. Rhear advertised his swimsuit with the slogan: “Smaller than the smallest bathing suit in the world.”Rear decided to reduce the Atom in size after he saw that women on the beaches of the Côte d’Azur tuck their swimwear for a better tan.

Atome was a two-piece swimsuit with a fairly high bodice and panties that looked more like shorts – they completely covered the lower abdomen, including the navel, and the upper legs. Bikini was much more radical: two triangular pieces of fabric covered the chest, two more triangles – the buttocks and groin area. The public considered the naked navel to be the most depraved.

The premiere took place at the Parisian public pool Piscine Molitor on July 5 – four days after the bomb test. Rear hoped to cling to the wave of what they would say now, HYIP, and get into the newspapers with his swimsuit. However, difficulties began even before the premiere. The designer simply could not find a professional model who would be ready to appear in public in such a depraved outfit. As a result, 19-year-old Micheline Bernardini, an erotic dancer at the Casino de Paris, became the model.She had no problems with excessive morality.

Explaining the name of the swimsuit, Rear said, “Like the atomic bomb, the bikini is small and devastating.” Harper’s Bazaar columnist Diana Vreeland echoed Rhear by calling the bikini “the atomic bomb of fashion.” A significant part of the media and public figures criticized Rhear and his invention, and he only added fuel to the fire, saying that “a real bikini can only be considered a swimsuit that can be threaded through a wedding ring.”The hype worked, and the fashion designer received more than 50 thousand orders for the novelty.

However, the guardians of public morality were not going to give up so easily. Bikinis on public beaches have been banned in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, some states in the United States and the Atlantic coast of France. But even where the law did not prohibit bikinis, girls in “depraved” swimsuits were often not allowed into their pools and beaches by hotels and country clubs.

Pope Pius XII declared that wearing a bikini is a sin and declared it forbidden for Catholic believers.When Kiki Hakansson was crowned in a bikini at the first-ever Miss World competition in 1951, countries with strong religious lobbies said they would boycott the competition if that happened again. Despite this, progressive French women, mainly from high-income families, gradually began to wear bikinis on the beaches of the Cote d’Azur.

In the United States, the attitude towards bikinis remained skeptical for a long time. For example, the winner of the Miss USA in 1949, Beatrice Bella BeBe Shopp, said in an interview with The Los Angeles Times that she considers a bikini not suitable for American girls a swimsuit, but does not mind if it is worn by French women.Fred Cole, a California tycoon who owned a chain of swimwear shops, was even harsher: “They were designed for petite Gallic women. French women have short legs, so the swimsuit should be raised higher on the sides to make the legs look slimmer.

Despite popular misconception, neither Bikini nor Atome were the first two-piece swimwear models. Moreover, they only supported and developed the trend of the previous 15 years, which was especially dispersed by the war. So, according to the American law, passed in January 1942, clothing manufacturers had to reduce the proportion of natural fibers, and for the sake of economy, swimwear had to decrease the size of bras by ten percent.

However, already in the 1930s, designers began to present more and more minimalist swimwear. Common to them was the lack of sleeves, although back in the early 20th century this was unthinkable – in 1907, Australian swimmer Anette Kellerman was arrested for showing up in a sleeveless bathing suit on a beach in Boston.

This was largely due to a change in the very type of beach activities. If, until the 1920s, vacationers went to the beach mainly for the sake of swimming, now they are interested in sunbathing.This was a natural consequence of the change in attitude towards tanning.

Prior to widespread urbanization, tanning was a symbol of outdoor manual labor, and pale skin is proof of the lack of this labor. In the city, only those who could afford outdoor recreation could get a tan, while workers who spent days and nights at the machines were deprived of such an opportunity. So a tan from a companion of a poor man became the status symbol of a wealthy person.

Designer Karl Jantzen presented the first one-piece swimsuit back in 1913, a year after women’s swimming became part of the Olympic Games program.He shortened the top, stripped it of its sleeves and noticeably reduced the length of the bottom of the leotard. Such a radical design did not take root, but the absence of sleeves and minimally covered legs became common. In the 1930s, the top began to gradually shorten, so that by the end of the decade, the naked upper abdomen was no longer something out of the ordinary, but the panties were still more like shorts.

Hollywood was the main promoter of sexier swimwear. The first big star to appear on the screen in a split swimsuit was the Mexican Dolores del Rio in the film “Flight to Rio” (1933).She was followed by Dorothy Lamour in The Hurricane (1937). Veronica Lake, Jane Wieman, Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth and many others did not have a chance to shine in swimsuits in the movies, but they willingly posed for photographers in fairly revealing swimsuits on the beaches.

If you dig even deeper, you can remember that on some Greek amphoras and Roman mosaics you can see women in suits that resemble the first bikinis: a rather narrow strip of fabric covers the chest, and the groin and buttocks are quite compact panties.True, the girls dressed in antique bikinis did not swim, but went in for sports: playing ball, athletics and weightlifting. However, the first bikinis apparently appeared several thousand years before Louis Rear presented his invention in a Parisian swimming pool.

But back to the bikini. Despite the almost widespread ban, this swimsuit still found a niche for itself – it was chosen by young actresses who tried to attract attention at film festivals. The first was Brigitte Bardot, who came to the beach in Cannes in 1952 in a bikini during the film festival.Naturally, she was immediately surrounded by photographers, and the sexuality of the young starlet became the subject of general discussion. A year later, Bardo repeated her appearance, making beach bikini shoots during the festival a tradition for young actresses.

Later, Italian Sophia Loren, Swede Anita Ekberg shone in bikinis on the beaches, and Englishwoman Diana Dors was lying in a bikini in a gondola, which swam along the Venetian Grand Canal during a film festival in this city. In the United States, bikinis made their way to the beaches with great difficulty and, perhaps, would have remained outlawed for a long time if not for Marilyn Monroe.The actress, who built her whole image on sexuality with a light veil of scandal, reasonably considered a bikini to be an excellent way to additionally attract attention to herself.

The scandalousness of the bikini attracted not only young starlets, but also very mature politicians. So, the mayor of the Spanish resort of Benidorm, Pedro Zaragoza, decided that bikinis can become an excellent magnet for tourists. In 1959, he approached Francisco Franco with a request to allow the wearing of bikinis on the beaches of the city, which were banned in the rest of Spain.The Generalissimo reasonably considered the idea sound, and Benidorm became one of the bikini capitals of the world. But until the mid-1960s, the bikini remained one of the symbols of the Côte d’Azur – the few places where this swimsuit was never banned.

As the flywheel of the sexual revolution gradually began to unwind in the 1960s, fueled by the maturation of the postwar generation of baby boomers, bikinis finally began to hit the mainstream. The turning point can be considered the 1962 film “Doctor No” – the first episode of the franchise about the adventures of James Bond.One of its most famous episodes was the appearance of the first Bond girl in a white bikini, performed by the Swiss Ursula Andress.

From that moment on, the victorious march of the bikini around the world resembled a tsunami. In the same year, the girl in a bikini first appeared on the cover of Playboy. A year later, the first of seven films in the Beach Party series, a youth comedy in which almost all the girls wore bikinis, were released. 1964 – on the cover of the first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.In 1966, Raquel Welch wore the iconic fur bikini in Million BC.

In the USSR, such a turning point for bikini was the 1968 film “The Diamond Arm”, where the heroine of Svetlana Svetlichnaya dances in a fashionable swimsuit in front of the intoxicated cocktail of wine and sleeping pills by the hero of Yuri Nikulin.

In the following decades, bikinis from “sinful” clothing and a symbol of the sexual revolution turned into the mainstream. In the 1980s in the United States, the bikini market share of the swimwear market was as high as 80 percent.The only disastrous decade was the 1990s, when, on the one hand, halter swimsuits were in trend, and on the other, fears spread among Americans of getting skin cancer due to too frequent sunbathing. However, already in the 2000s, bikini fashion returned, and in the next decade, the trend towards reducing the size of swimwear only intensified.

Modern bikinis are often three pieces of fabric held together by silicone straps or ties. Another trend is high cut panties and bare breasts.It originated in California, but is now equally popular all over the world. For those who find such options too puritanical, swimwear made of duct tape, which only cover the genitals and nipples, are addressed. So the original bikinis, which seemed provocative in 1946, are now quite conservative beachwear.

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Laser hair removal for coarse bikini – photos, reviews, prices for laser hair removal of the bikini zone in clinics Linline

Modernity dictates its own rules.What was once considered natural looks sloppy and repulsive today. And now hair removal in the deep bikini area is a familiar procedure for many people.

Everyone knows how sensitive this topic is. After all, epilation of the bikini area is a very intimate procedure, and especially if it is deep epilation.

Of course, the easiest way to get rid of unwanted hair is by shaving. But everyone who has ever tried to shave the intimate area knows about the consequences: inevitable skin irritation, cuts, ingrown hairs.Moreover, this procedure is ineffective. And all this is accompanied by an unpleasant sensation of itching and tingling.

Why do so many continue to shave? First, because of the fear of pain. Secondly, because of the feeling of embarrassment in front of the beautician. And third, for fear of side effects.

Today, all of this is in the past! Laser QOOL-epilation of the bikini area will help you painlessly and safely get rid of unwanted hair.

QOOL epilation is an innovative patented method developed by the German company LINLINE GmbH.Modern laser technology, which has no analogues on the market of cosmetology services, is used for effective and painless hair removal from any area of ​​the body. You can watch the QOOL laser hair removal video to see how the procedure is performed.

What results does the procedure achieve?

As you know, it is impossible to permanently remove hair. However, it is possible to significantly slow down their growth for a long time. This result is achieved due to the destruction of the matrix located in the hair follicle.Unlike QOOL-epilation, other methods do not allow penetration to such depth or provoke visible damage to the skin. The technique offered in the LINLINE laser cosmetology clinic network contributes to the destruction of the hair formation center without risk to the skin, which provides a noticeable suspension of hair growth for several years. That is why QOOL laser hair removal for bikini is one of the most effective hair removal procedures in intimate places.

What are the advantages of this procedure?

Painless. You will not feel anything during QOOL laser epilation. This is the only method that does not even require local anesthesia. Other laser techniques are based not only on heating the hair follicle, but also on the skin next to it. This leads to pain at the site of exposure and the risk of scarring and burns. Laser intimate QOOL hair removal is performed without heating the skin area, which creates a comfortable environment for the patient.

Comfortable. In the LINLINE network of laser cosmetology clinics, real professionals work with you – cosmetologists with higher medical education and special training.They know everything about laser QOOL-epilation and will tell you about all the features of this delicate procedure. You do not need to be shy while epilating intimate areas. After all, the QOOL deep bikini hair removal procedure is as natural as any other cosmetic technique. Anything that makes a person better and more beautiful cannot be repulsive.

Safe. Epilation, unlike other methods of removal, has no side effects. The laser acts exclusively on the hair follicle without affecting the surrounding skin.QOOL hair removal eliminates heat, damage or injury to the skin.

You can make sure of this by going through a free test procedure on any part of the body.

Effective. The effect of QOOL-epilation of deep bikini is noticeable after the first sessions. Hair begins to grow more slowly and becomes thinner. You will soon forget what deep bikini hair is. Positive feedback on the procedure is a confirmation of the effectiveness of this technique.

How to prepare the skin for the procedure?

QOOL bikini epilation does not require any special preparation.You can live your life as usual and even visit the solarium on the day of your procedure. The only thing that needs to be done is to shave off the hair at the site of laser exposure (the optimal length is 2-3 mm). The procedure should be carried out on dry and clean skin, therefore it is not recommended to use the cream the day before hair removal.

Reviews I used to do shugaring, but I got tired of constant peeling and it still hurts.Laser hair removal certainly wins in this regard. My skin is sensitive, I expected irritation, but in the end everything is ok.

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Full bikini

Laser hair removal of the intimate zone among men is at the peak of its popularity today. Excess hair in the bikini area confuses the stronger sex and causes discomfort. After hair removal with alexandrite laser, the skin will become smooth and subsequently a man will be able to appear on the beach without hesitation or wear more open underwear.

Duration 5 – 15 minutes

Number of procedures
5 – 7

7500 rub

Hair removal in the bikini area is necessary not only for women. Many men strive to have a sleek body, go to crowded beaches in original lingerie, and participate in fashion shows. All this assumes the presence of a perfectly smooth bikini area, which is difficult to obtain using standard mechanical methods.

We offer our clients to get rid of unwanted hair in sensitive areas once and for all with the help of modern Candela GentleLASE equipment. Laser hair removal of the intimate area for men involves the use of several techniques, depending on the client’s preferences.

You can use a classic bikini, deep or total, when hair is removed from the entire scrotum. Regardless of the depth of the bikini, epilation will be as comfortable and painless as possible.

In our salon, men’s bikini laser hair removal is performed by professional cosmetologists who are responsible for the safety and quality of the procedures performed. Innovative alexandrite lasers effectively fight excess hair even in the most sensitive areas of the human body.

  • fresh tanning;
  • herpes, inflammatory processes in the area of ​​laser exposure;
  • oncological tumors;
  • systemic blood damage;
  • tendency to hyperpigmentation;
  • respiratory viral infections;
  • Overly light, fine hair.

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  • BIKINI – BIKINI, uncl., cf. Women’s bathing suit: a tight bra and swimming trunks that do not reach the waist. Ozhegov’s Explanatory Dictionary. S.I. Ozhegov, N.Yu. Shvedova. 1949 1992 … Ozhegov’s Explanatory Dictionary

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Depilation in the bikini area

Depilation has become a part of our life, but the procedure for depilation in the bikini area still raises questions.Which way to choose? How painful and safe is this procedure? We will try to figure it out and give the necessary advice.

It is known that the structure of hair in the bikini area, as well as in the armpits and on the face, is very different from the hair on the arms and legs, and therefore requires a special method of work. Coarse, bristly hairs in these delicate areas are best removed with hot waxes.

In recent years, film waxes have been considered the ideal wax for delicate areas and deep bikinis.The temperature of the film wax for depilation during application is + 40-42 ° C, which is completely safe for delicate sensitive skin in the bikini area. When applying film wax, the skin is not scalded. Thanks to the comfortable temperature, the wax steams the skin well, opens the pores, which allows the wax to remove all hairs along with the roots, and also reduce pain.

Film wax is applied to the skin with a spatula regardless of the direction of hair growth.Film wax is very flexible, easily repeats all the bends and irregularities of the body, captures hairs of any length, even the shortest ones, and only then begins to harden. After hardening, the film wax is removed with a sharp motion without using strips. The wax is removed with a film, does not leave behind broken hair. When removing hair with film wax in the armpits and bikini area, there is no irritation or redness on the skin. The depilation procedure itself is quick and painless.

Rules for the use of film wax in the bikini area:

1.Heat the wax in a heater to an operating temperature of + 42 ° C.

2. Treat the depilation area with an alcohol-based gel, degreasing the skin and removing the remains of cosmetics.

3. Apply a small amount of talcum powder.

4. Apply a thin layer of wax with a spatula regardless of the direction of hair growth, but towards you. Bring the applique to the hair-free area.

5. The wax will harden in 10-12 seconds. During this time, he manages to completely capture all the hairs (wax ready for removal should not stick to the hand when touched).

6. Pull the leather in the opposite direction of the tear. Make a “petal” with a spatula that you can grab onto.

7. Briskly remove the wax away from you parallel to the skin.After removing the applique, put your hand to relieve pain: the “anti-stress” movement.

8. Hair should be removed along with the roots.

9. Treat the skin with a soothing, oil-free cooling agent: White Line Cooling Gel.

10. After depilation, apply a skin care product: White Orchid Lotion.

Although it is easy and simple to work with film waxes, we advise you to undergo training in the method of working with film waxes in bikini areas. The schedule of seminars can be found at the link:

All about bikini depilation

Removing unwanted hair in the bikini area is not only a delicate aesthetic issue, but also a matter of your hygiene, comfort and self-confidence.

What types of bikini depilation are there? What are the pros and cons in each of them?

Let’s talk about this in more detail …

Pros of depilation of the bikini area

Why has bikini waxing become so popular in recent years?

Modern cosmetology cares not only about your beauty issues, but also helps in many other areas.

Those who regularly do salon depilation of bikinis say that the skin in this delicate area becomes softer and smoother, redness and inflammation disappear.For many, thanks to the correct technique for performing bikini depilation, the problem of ingrown hairs goes away.

Our clients note that thanks to high-quality depilation of the bikini area, they feel fresh longer during the day, and in matters of the intimate sphere of life they become more confident and feel more comfortable.

Types of bikini waxing

It can also be noted that there are several types of bikini waxing , such as:

  • deep bikini (remove all hair in the bikini area)
  • Brazilian (only a thin strip of neat pubic hair remains)
  • classic bikini depilation (removes hair that is visible from under the lingerie)
  • increased classic depilation of the bikini area (unlike the usual classic version, more hair is removed from the pubic area)

Some clients also use bikini design.

What are the most popular bikini depilation methods? The most popular are bikini waxing and bikini sugaring .

Bikini waxing

Bikini waxing is carried out quickly and efficiently in our World of Beauty salons.

The peculiarity of bikini wax depilation is that the wax is heated to the required temperature and applied according to hair growth, and hair is removed against hair growth.

In professional cosmetics there are many different types of wax – for coarser hair, or vice versa, for softer hair.Also, the wax is selected taking into account the needs of the skin – for sensitive, dry, prone to irritation skin.

From the pros, it can be noted that this is one of the fastest methods of depilation of bikinis, and from the minuses – the fact that wax does not work well with depilation in hard-to-reach places, as well as with shorter hairs. Sometimes, after waxing, there is still a problem of ingrown hairs.


Shugaring bikini area

If we talk about bikini waxing with sugar, then many people note that due to the technique of bikini shugaring, this is a less painful option for removing hair from this delicate area.

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