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The Quack is Back! World’s Largest Rubber Duck Returns for

TORONTO, Jan. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On the occasion of National Rubber Ducky Day, the Redpath Waterfront Festival (RWF), presented by Billy Bishop Airport, today announced the return of the World’s Largest Rubber Duck to Toronto’s Waterfront. The festival is bringing back Mama Duck, who is six stories tall and weighs 30,000 pounds, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the festival, which this year is taking place June 19-21, 2020.

In 2017, the World’s Largest Rubber Duck made a splash in Toronto when it floated in to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary at the waterfront festival. Drawn to the Duck, more than 750,000 people attended the three-day celebration and the festival generated an estimated $7.6 million in economic impact for the city of Toronto.

“In a decade of programming the Redpath Waterfront Festival there has been no single attraction outside of the Tall Ships that has generated more attention or generated such strong visitor numbers,” said Kevin Currie, Chair of the Redpath Waterfront Festival.

“In the years since, we have received countless comments and inquiries asking when the Duck will return. With our 10th anniversary this year, it was obvious that we needed to bring the Duck back to re-capture the magic and thank our visitors for their ongoing support of the festival.”

The costs associated with bringing the Duck back this year will be paid through the Redpath Waterfront Festival’s operating budget and not through grants or government funds.

Key highlights from the 2017 Redpath Waterfront Festival as a result of Mama Duck:

  1. Over 750,000 attendees over the three-day event
  2. Total economic impact of 2017 Redpath Waterfront Festival estimated at $7.6M. Non-local attendees and event operations resulted in approximately $10.6M of new spending.
  3. Festival attracted visitors from many regions. 31% of attendees resided more than 40 km from the event site and the festival had record visitors from the United States.
  4. Local residents spent a total of $16.5M
  5. 75% of visitors said the Duck was the main reason for them attending

Additional programming for the 10th anniversary will be announced in the coming months but Mama Duck will be the star of the show. 2020 festival partners include: Redpath Sugar, Billy Bishop Airport, The Waterfront BIA, Bell Media, porter airlines and Westin Harbour Castle. For more information on the festival visit and @towaterfrontfest on social media.

The Redpath Waterfront Festival is an annual summer event providing on-land and on-water programming for people of all ages and interests, with the goal of promoting Toronto locally and internationally as a premiere waterfront destination. With music, food, nautical programs and entertainment, the festival offers something for everyone to enjoy. Every three years, the event welcomes majestic TALL SHIPS

® to Toronto.

Water’s Edge Festivals & Events is an Ontario not-for-profit corporation created in 2011 with a mandate to put Toronto’s waterfront on an international scale by producing annual family festivals and events.

For additional information and interview requests, please contact:

Victoria Syme
Harmony Marketing
[email protected]

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

Way Too Big for the Bathtub

A rubber ducky is a great toy for bathtime — unless the duck is bigger than your whole house! What you see there is the world’s largest rubber ducky. It was built by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, who must have really loved his rubber ducky as a kid. He has made a whole bunch of giant ducks to float down the river in big cities.

Each duck has more than 200 pieces of PVC (a type of plastic), which people sewed together. A fan inside fills the duck with air to poof it out. Even so, the ducks weigh more than 2,000 pounds, and the biggest one stands more than 100 feet tall. If they could make noise, that would be one loud quack.

Wee ones: A rubber ducky for your tub might be about the size of your fist (your closed hand). Find 2 things in your room that are about that size.

Little kids: If the giant duck quacks, then splashes, then wiggles, then quacks, then splashes…what does it do next?  Bonus: If one of these giant ducks shows up in Pittsburgh on a Sunday and floats away 4 days later, on what day does it leave?

Big kids: The second-tallest duck is 59 feet tall. How much taller is the 100-foot duck?  Bonus: A 2-story house is about 30 feet tall. How many of those would you have to stack to stand taller than the 100-foot duck?










Wee ones: Answers might include a ball, a small stuffed animal, or a container of Playdoh.

Little kids: Wiggles.  Bonus:

 On Thursday.

Big kids: 41 feet taller.  Bonus: 4 houses, since 3 houses would reach only 90 feet total.

Laura Bilodeau Overdeck is founder and president of Bedtime Math Foundation. Her goal is to make math as playful for kids as it was for her when she was a child. Her mom had Laura baking before she could walk, and her dad had her using power tools at a very unsafe age, measuring lengths, widths and angles in the process. Armed with this early love of numbers, Laura went on to get a BA in astrophysics from Princeton University, and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business; she continues to star-gaze today. Laura’s other interests include her three lively children, chocolate, extreme vehicles, and Lego Mindstorms.

World’s Largest Rubber Stamp, Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

The World’s Largest Rubber Stamp is a conspicuous landmark near the harbor in downtown Cleveland, a nexus of tourism thrills that includes the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and the USS Cod, a W. W.II sub.

The story we heard about the stamp is this:

Standard Oil of Ohio (later purchased by BP, which merged with Amoco) commissioned artist Claes Oldenburg to create the 28-ft tall, 48-ft long steel office stamp in 1985. Intended for [installation in front of] their Euclid Avenue headquarters, the company had a change of management before its completion. The new boss didn’t care much for a gigantic rubber stamp with the word “FREE” on it, so it was put in storage in a warehouse in Whiting, Indiana.

There it sat for seven years. In 1991, BP/Amoco offered to donate it to Cleveland as a grand piece of public art. The city politely refused, noting that they didn’t have the funds to install or maintain it. Amoco offered to do the whole job for “FREE” — and the rest is rubber stamp history.

April 2009: Nicholas T. Giorganni, project director for construction of the SOHIO (later BP) building, worked directly with Claes Oldenburg regarding the Free Stamp, and provides this account: “The Free Stamp was not relocated because of high storage costs at the Chicago Bridge and Iron plant in Illinois, but rather because it took that long to locate a site agreeable to the sculptor.

Even then, he redesigned the sculpture from its upright position to lying on its side. To quote the sculptor, it was as if a giant hand picked up the free stamp and hurled it several blocks to its current location at Willard Park.”

“The rationale behind the word ‘free’ relates to its original proposed position in front of the BP Building, just across from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Monument, which, upright, it roughly resembled in shape. The word free has several meanings but the main one in this case, was designed to parallel the freedom of slaves but also — because the stamp pressed down on the word free — that many today still are not free.”

Large & Thick Rubber Gym Flooring Mats, Rolls & Interlocking Tiles

When you need flooring that will cover a larger area, large rubber mats are the best option. These mats most often come as a rubber roll at a thickness of 3/8 inch or less. Large rubber floor mats create a floor with very few seams at a lower price per square foot, making a larger rubber matting roll popular both for commercial and residential spaces.

It’s important to remember that a long rubber roll will be quite heavy and will require multiple people to help with the installation.

A large rubber floor mats in rolls are four feet wide and available in lengths up to 50 feet. Large rubber mats with greater thickness options usually measure around 4×6 feet in size. Greatmats offer large mats that have straight edges that allow them to be installed against walls or against other mats. It also has interlocking rubber floor mats that connect easily together for a beautiful large rubber mat surface.

Rubber Puzzle Mat

DIY interlocking rubber mats are most often available in a smaller 2×2 or 3×3 foot size with interlocking edges to fasten the mats together. A rubber puzzle mat floor system is best for tight spaces, since the mats are easier to maneuver and less product will be wasted.

Thick Rubber Mats

The thickness of a mat directly relates to its ability to absorb shock – and to protect your subfloor in the process. A thick rubber mat offers more protection and shock absorption than a thinner mat. Thick rubber mats are often used to protect subfloors in gym weightlifting areas, beneath heavy workout equipment, in horse stalls, on patios and underneath playground equipment.
1 inch thick rubber mats are great for heavy lifting free weight gyms. Sound reducing thick rubber mats are available with proven results against dropped weights.

Rooftop patios should have 2 inch thick rubber mats to ensure there is enough weight to keep them in place during strong winds. Playground installations should have 2 inch thick rubber mats or thicker provide optimum fall protection. Keep in mind that vulcanized rubber floor mats will not require the same amount of thickness as non-vulcanized rubber in order to offer the same durability, but will have a stronger new rubber smell.

Rubber Athletic Mats

Rubber’s extreme durability and strength makes it a popular choice for athletic applications. Many of our athletic rubber floor mats measure 4×6 feet in size, and range from 1/4 to 1 inch thick rubber mats. The mats are useful for gym areas that see high amounts of traffic, as well as for spaces that see significant impacts, like weight rooms.

Rubber is both strong and durable, so it offers excellent subfloor protection. Many gym owners opt to install thick rubber matting in weightlifting areas where free weights may be dropped. Some also place big rubber mats underneath heavy gym equipment to offer additional protection to the floor. Because rubber is dense, it won’t be indented by this significant weight.

If you’re looking for a durable flooring option that also offers more cushion, consider our plyometric rubber floor mats. Plyometric rubber still offers plenty of protection to your subfloor, but the composition of the rubber is a bit less dense than traditional rubber. As a result, plyometric mats have a little more give to them, making them a more comfortable flooring option.

Industrial and Fatigue Rubber Mats

Industrial rubber floor mats can improve comfort and relieve fatigue for anyone who needs to spend long hours on their feet. These mats are particularly beneficial for high-traffic spaces, since the rubber material is firmer and more durable than plastic or foam anti-fatigue products. Rubber work mats can transform a hard concrete floor into a safer, more comfortable space.

Many industrial environments have harsh elements, such as grease and oil, but many of our industrial rubber floor mats are made to withstand those very elements that would damage other mats. You’ll find that we offer rubber matting that is resistant to grease, and that are designed to prevent slipping to improve employee safety. Other mats are designed to withstand welding sparks or even to control static electricity for electrically sensitive environments.

If you need mats for wet environments, our perforated rubber tiles help to keep employees’ feet dry and out of the water. The perforated mats let liquids run right through them, so the surface of the mats stays dry. Some mats have designs that help to further maximize traction, like grit incorporated into the mat’s surface.

Some mats have a bright yellow edging to increase safety and visibility. Others have beveled edges to allow for easy accessibility with cart traffic. In addition to smaller individual mats, some of our anti-fatigue rubber/foam runners measure as long as 60 feet to quickly cover a warehouse floor.

Rooftop Thick Rubber Mats

Rubber floor mats for rooftops are designed to be placed directly over the rubber membrane of a commercial roof or outdoor patio. The mats, which come in both straight edge and interlocking modular tiles, do not require a glue-down installation. Most can be connected via connector clips, so installation is easy and even suitable as a DIY project. The mats can be easily cut to fit edge-to-edge and around obstacles. Rubber rooftop mats may even offer a fall height rating that makes for a safer flooring surface.

Rooftop interlocking rubber mats are designed to be extremely resilient, even when exposed to the harshest weather conditions. Thick rubber floor mats won’t split or crack in the extreme cold, and they’re heavy enough so that strong winds won’t lift them. The rubber create a non-slip surface in all kinds of weather.

Rubber Playground Mats

Rubber floor mats for playgrounds are often glued down, which makes their outdoor installation more permanent and secure. Our fall-height-rated mats for playground areas offer shock absorption to help maximize the safety of children at play. The mats are available with fall height ratings ranging from 6 to 10 feet, so they’re suitable for use with a variety of playgrounds and playground equipment.

Rubber Entrance Mats

Rubber floor mats for indoor and outdoor entrance spaces are highly durable, and are designed to offer great traction, even when they’re wet. The mats can help to increase safety while also preventing sand, dirt, and debris from being tracked into a building. They can minimize your daily cleanup efforts, and are available in many designs and colors to suit your building’s decor.

Installation of Rubber Floor Mats

  1. Using a pen, mark where you’d like to cut.
  2. Place a 2×4 board under the rubber mat at the cut line.
  3. Line up the straight edge along the line to be cut.
  4. Score along the straight edge with a sharp utility knife, allowing gravity to open the cut over the 2×4. Continue scoring until the cut goes all the way through the material.

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Big Rubber Cock Prank Parcel – Prank Packages UK –


Send someone you know something they would never expect, or want!

This personalised prank parcel comes in the form of a very suggestive postal tube, wrapped in the least discreet packaging imaginable, and emblazoned with the recipient’s first name and the words:

it’s here! It’s your Big Rubber Cock from massivecocks. Enjoy!

Which they won’t! This prank package is guaranteed to cause extreme embarrassment for the unlucky recipient! 

But in fact, the ‘Big Rubber Cock’ inside is simply a large, glossy, A3 poster of a, quite frankly, terrified-looking rubber chicken [read: cockerel] with the caption “[RECIPIENT’S FIRST NAME]’S Big Rubber Cock from”!

Genius, right?!

How it works

  1. Pick a prank parcel
  2. Customise it with your recipients first name and pick a colour
  3. Optionally add a personal message and place your order
  4. We make their personalised parcel and send it to them via Royal Mail


  5. The parcel will arrive, as pictured, in all its glory


Inside the tube

  • The personalised Big Rubber Cock A3 poster

Tube dimensions

  • Length: 33cm (13 inches)
  • Diameter: 5cm (2 inches)


By the way, we accept no liability if your friend decides to sue you! #justsaying


All of our prank packages are designed and made-to-order in the UK. Home of Prank Packages & Embarrassing Box Pranks in the UK


Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device

Is this REALLY BIG rubber ducky coming to Michigan?


There is a push on to bring the World’s Largest Yellow Rubber Duck to Bay City, Michigan, this summer for the Tall Ships festival. (Video from Green Door Mediaworks)

There is a push on to bring the World’s Largest Yellow Rubber Duck to Bay City, Michigan, this summer for the Tall Ships festival.

Mama, the World’s Largest Rubber Duck, is shown at a previous appearance.(Photo: Ryan J. Whaley, Green Door Mediaworks)

The tall ships are coming to Michigan this summer. The big question, though: Will a supersized  rubber duck float along?

“No plans yet,” said Craig Samborski of Big Duck  in an e-mail exchange with the Free Press Friday.

But he’s hopeful.

“We’d love to come though. We are receiving a ton of e-mails to bring it to Bay City Michigan for their Tall Ships festival.”

Big Duck operates what is billed as the World’s Largest Rubber Duck. Her name is Mama.

It looks just like one of those little yellow ducks that are favorite bathtub toys for children.

Only bigger. Much bigger.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Mama stands 61 feet tall, roughly the height of a six-story building, and weighs in at 11 tons.

The Big Duck is scheduled to be part of the Tall Ships festival in Duluth, Minn., Aug. 18-21, the Star Tribune reported.

Samborski said Mama will also make an appearance in Green Bay, Wis., this summer. He said there are other possibilities, but nothing is firmed up yet.

Duluth and Green Bay are both on the itinerary for the Tall Ships Challenge Great Lakes 2016. So is Bay City on July 15-17.

Other stops for the Tall Ships Challenge, which will sail into al five Great Lakes, will be in Chicago; Toronto; Fairport Harbor, Ohio; Erie, Pa. ,  and Brockville, Ontario.

Detroit is not officially on the list of stops but a map on the Tall Ships website shows a star over what appears to be Detroit, with the cryptic message: “Various Ports Sept. 2-5.” That would put the ships here on Labor Day weekend.

Mama, billed as the World’s Largest Rubber Duck. (Photo: Ryan J. Whaley, Green Door Mediaworks)

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Rubber Boots | Men’s Large Rubber Boots

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Thank you for your ongoing support of our small business. We appreciate your loyalty and patience while we navigate this together.

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Tires for graders

A grader is a heavy, but mobile special equipment widely used in various fields of construction – from road construction to the construction of buildings and structures for various purposes. Also, this technique is in demand in quarry development, utilities and some other industries. Grading surfaces and slopes, leveling roads and sites, as well as many other tasks are solved with the help of graders.

These are machines that have to work most of the time on difficult, uneven surfaces that put increased pressure on the wheels. Therefore, quality grader tires are extremely important. They must provide reliable adhesion in all conditions, be mechanically strong and wear-resistant.

If you need good, reliable rubber that will last as long as possible and will not fail at the most inopportune moment, contact Innorus. Our range includes only quality grader tires from leading tire manufacturers around the world. Large selection of sizes, tread patterns and models with other specialized features.We only supply original products!

Key characteristics of tires for graders

Graders are equipment in demand in different industries, quite different in size, weight, features and even purpose. Therefore, it can be difficult to choose rubber for them – you need to take into account the characteristics of the machine itself and the features of its operation. In order not to miscalculate with the choice, you must first study the basic characteristics of specialized tires, such as:

  • Size . The primary parameter to pay attention to. This is the size of the wheel itself and its bore. The size of the tire must fully match the recommendations specified in the specification for the grader.

  • Ultimate load . Often graders with wheels of the same size differ in weight and size. Therefore, when choosing wheels, you need to pay attention to the loads that they will carry. The ability of tires to withstand loads is expressed in the ply rate of their structure – the number of cord layers used in the wheel.As a rule, tires with a ply rate in the range of 12-24 PR are used for such special equipment. It should also be noted that the more cord layers in the tire, the higher its resistance to mechanical damage of any nature.

  • Service surfaces . The required tread pattern largely depends on this, because wheels of the same type are not suitable for sandy soil and quarry stones. For example, checker and wave patterns are excellent choices for rocky foundations and aggressive soils. Broken Wave is a good tread for wet conditions. The “quarry” pattern is specially designed for loose soils. The most versatile tread in this category is the stick, which is well suited for both asphalt concrete pavements and country roads.

If you are not sure which tread pattern is best for you, consult our specialist before buying – we will be happy to help you make the best choice.

Rules for the selection of tires for a grader

In addition to the basic characteristics, when choosing wheels for a grader, you need to look at their design features. This will allow you to more accurately assess the capabilities of each model you like and make the best choice. First of all, pay attention to such rubber features as:

  • Sidewall type – regular or reinforced. For work in quarries and difficult conditions with a high probability of damage to the lateral projection of the wheel, it is always better to choose the options with reinforcement. This will minimize the likelihood of mechanical damage and increase the tire life. Good examples of these tires include the Forerunner L3 / E3-N with tortoise tread and the ArmourL4 with broken wave pattern.

  • The area of ​​the contact zone of the tire with the base. The larger it is, and the more developed the lugs of the tread, the more confident the movement will be on any grounds, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and the operation of the grader itself with lower loads.Examples of such rubber are BKTSP 22 (G2 / L2) models with a checker pattern and smooth YokohamaY69UL5SCP tires.

  • Climatic conditions . Seasonal and all-season tires are also available for graders. The latter will become a better choice, since they will allow you to operate the equipment all year round, without wasting time and money on “changing shoes”. An example of such a rubber is the Seha72 with a directional club pattern.

  • Load Sharing . The more uniform it is, the more durable the tires and the lower their operational wear. Optimal in this regard are tires, in which each element of the tread pattern is as large as possible in area. Such rubber is needed for cars that travel a lot and far, because it wears out the slowest in the process. Good examples are the TechKingG-1 L-3 TL with a large wave pattern and the ArmourL5 with a career tread.

Popular grader tire brands

There are hundreds and even thousands of brands and models of tires for grader equipment on the modern world market. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to make the best choice now: among the many worthy proposals, there are enough of those that can bring continuous problems.

In order not to be mistaken in the choice, you first need to contact a good seller with sufficient professionalism and experience, ready to offer a decent range of products.In Russia, this is the Innorus company.

We specialize exclusively in tires for special equipment and graders as well. Therefore, we thoroughly know the market, all its features, trends, innovations and dangers. Here are just a few reputable manufacturers whose products can be bought safely:

  • Samson – extra strong wheels for various graders. Suitable for use in severe frosts due to the use of special rubber with a patented composition.

  • Mitas is a tire manufacturer for the heaviest grader models. Its rubber can withstand very high loads for a long time without the slightest consequences and deformation.

  • Solideal – Tires with increased cut and puncture resistance. Also popular due to affordable prices for the entire range of products.

Also here you will find specialized tires from many other manufacturers that deserve to have their products in demand in Russia.

Tires 5.00-8 for forklift and electric forklift trucks in a wide range from 2 964 r.

Tires in standard size 5. 00-8 are intended for installation on diesel and electric forklifts. Rubber of this type is designed for 8-inch rims and can be used on all types of cars with a dead weight of up to 3 tons. Tires are versatile and widely demanded. All leading manufacturers of special equipment have models that need to be completed with them. JCB, Bobcat, Case, Yale, Mitsubishi, TCM, Komatsu, Linde, Hyundai, Daewoo, Toyota, Caterpillar are just a few of them.

Forklifts are widely used in the construction, warehouse and logistics industries, both indoors and outdoors. These machines must be reliable, maneuverable, mobile, which imposes rather stringent requirements on the tires for them. You can buy optimal tires of standard size 5.00-8 in our online store.

Design features

Tires of standard size 5.00-8 are not the same. They differ from each other in tread pattern, number of cord layers, design features and many characteristics.The main thing to look for when choosing is:

Ply rate – the number of cord layers in the structure. For relatively light forklift trucks, 8-10 PR tires are sufficient. The more layers, the higher the strength and durability of the tires, as well as the lower the likelihood of critical mechanical damage. Cut resistance and load capacity are important parameters, therefore it is recommended to purchase rubber with maximum ply values.

Tread type . It all depends on whether the machine is used indoors or outdoors, as well as on what surfaces. The selection rule is simple – the more difficult the operating conditions and the base, the more developed the tread is better to choose.

Construction . Here we can highlight solid and pneumatic tires, which differ in their individual advantages and disadvantages:

  • Solid tires are very durable and are best used in areas where there is a high risk of wheel damage.The three-layer construction with base, elastic center and tread is reliable, durable, and can withstand heavy loads. The downside is the rather stiffness of the tires, which makes them not the best choice for bumpy surfaces.

  • Pneumatic tires have a traditional design and are characterized by high shock absorption properties. They are somewhat less durable compared to the previous type, but provide greater maneuverability and safety of the suspension, especially on uneven grounds.

Order tires from us

In our online store you can pick up and buy tires in the standard size 5.00-8 right now. We offer quality products from the world’s most famous manufacturers – Galaxy, Petlas, Cultor and others.

Cameras for loaders and other special equipment

Bore 46891012131414.51515.315.51616.116.51717.5181919.5202222.524252626.528293030.532333435363839404244454648495051525457

Size 2.50-153.00-44.00-44.00-84.0-104.00-124.00-164.00-154.00-194.50-124.50-165.00-85.00R85.00-125.00-155.00-165.0-105. 50-155.50-165.70-126.00-96.00-166.00-126.00-146.00 R96.00-156.5 / 75-146.5 / 80-126.5 / 80-156.5 / 90-126.5 / 90-156.50-106.50 R106.50-166.50-206.70-156.90-97.00-127.00-147.00-167.00R127.00-157.00R157 .50-107.50-157.50R157.50-167.50R167.50-187.50R187.50-207.50R207.5L-157.60-158.00-168.00-16.58.00-188.15-158.25-128.25-158.25R158.25-208.3-208.3- 228.3-248.3R248.3-368.50 / 90-158.75-16.59.00-169.00-209.00R209.50 / 65-159.5R209.5-169.50-16.59.5-209.5-229.5-249.5R249.5R289.5-329.5R329.5-369.5R369.5R409.5-429.5R429.5R449.5R489.5L-149.5L- 1510-16.510.0 / 75-15.310.0 / 80-1210.00-1510.00-1610.00-2010.00R1510.00R2010.5 / 65-1610.5 / 80-1610.5 / 80-1810.5-1810.5-2010.5R1810.5R2011.00-1611.00- 2011.00R2011.2R2011.2-2011.2-2411.2-2611.2R2411.2-2811.2R2811.2R3211.2R3611.2R3811.2R4211.2R4411.2R4611.2R4811.2R5411.0 / 65-1211.5 / 80-15.311L-1411L-1511L- 1611LR1612-16.512.0 / 75-1812.0-1812.00-2012.00R2012.00-2412.00R247.5-16290 / 95-20300 / 95-20330 / 95-20270 / 95-2023×8.50-12220 / 60-12305 / 60-12270 / 65-16. 5320 / 70-16.512.4R2012.4-2012.4-2412.4R2412.4-2812.4R2812.4-3212.4R3212.4-3612.4R3612.4-3812.4R3812.4R4612 .4R5012.4R5212.4R5412.5 / 80-15.312.5 / 80-1812.5-1812.5R1812.5-2012.5R2012.5L-1512.5L-1613×5.00-613.0 / 55-1613.0 / 65-1813.0 / 75-1613.00- 2413.6R2413.6-2413.6-2613.6-2813.6R2813.6-3613.6R3613.6-3813.6R3813.6R4613.6R4813 / 80R2014.0 / 65-1614.00-2014.00R2014.00-2414.00R2414.00-2514.00R2514.5 / 75 -16.114.5 / 80-1814L-16.114.5-2014.5R2014.9 / 80-2414.9LR2014.9-2414.9R2414.9-2614.9-2814.9R2814.9-3014.9R3014.9R3414.9R5014-17.515.0 / 55-1715.0 / 70-1815.00R2415.5 / 65-1815.5 / 80-2415.5 / 80R2415.5-2515.5-3815.5R2515-19.515×4.5-816.0 / 70-2016.0 / 70-2416.0 / 70R2016.00-2416.00-2516.00R2416.00R2516.5 / 85-2416.5L-16.116.5R2016.9-2416.9R2416.9-2616.9-2816.9R2816.9-3016.9R3016.9-3416.9 R3416.9-3816.9R3816x6-816×6.50-817.5 / 65-2017.5L-2417.5LR2417.5-2517.5R2518.00-2518.00-3318.00R2518.00R3318.4-2418.4-2618.4R2618.4-2818.4-3018.4R3018.4 -3418.4R3418.4-3818.4R3818.4R4218.4R5018-19.518-22. 518×7-819.0 / 45-1719.5L-2419.5LR2419.5LR2819.5LR3019.5LR3419.5LR3820-2420.5-2520.5R2520.5 / 70-1620.8-3820.8R3820.8R4220.8R4621.00-2521.00R2521.00R3321.00-3521.00R3521.3-2421.5L-16.121L -2421×8-922 / 70-2423.1-2623.5-2523.5R2523x523x10-1223×10.50-1223×8.5-1223×9-1024.00-3524.00R3524x8.00-14.524.5-3224.5R3224.5R3824.5R4226.5-2526.5R2526x12-1226×12-16.527 .00-4927.00R4927x10.5-1527×10-1227×8.50-1528L-2628LR2628x12.5-1528×9-1529.5-2529.5R2529.5-2929.5R2929x12.5-1530.5L-3230.5LR3230.5R3230 / 65R2530x10-2031×10-2031×13.50- 1531×15.50-1531.5×13-16.532×12.1-1533.00-5133.00R5133.25-2933×12-2033×15.5-16.535.5R3235 / 65-3336.00-5136×14-2040.00-5740 / 65-3945 / 65-4545 / 65R3945 / 65R45125 / 75 -8140 / 55-9150 / 100-13150 / 75-8160 / 90-13180 / 60-10180 / 70-8180 / 70R8200 / 50-10185 / 65-15200 / 60-14.5200 / 75-9205 / 60-15210 / 70R15210 /95R16210/95R32210/95R44225/75-10225/75-15225/75-17.5225/75R10225/75R15230/95-24230/95-32230/95R32230/95R36230/95R40230/95R42230/95R44230/95R48240/70R50-14250 / 70-15250 / 70R15250 / 75-12250 / 75R12250 / 80-18250 / 85R24250 / 85R28260 / 70R16260 / 70R16. 5265 / 70-16.5270 / 65R16270 / 65R18270 / 80R32270 / 85-28270 / 95R32270 / 95R36270 / 95R38270 / 95R42270 / 95R44270 / 95R46270 / 95R48270 / 95R54275 / 80-20275 / 90R22.5280 / 60-15.5280 75R22.5280 / 80-18280 / 80R18280 / 80-20280 / 80R20280 / 85R20280 / 85R24280 / 85R28300-15300 / 40-16.5300 / 65-12300 / 70R16.5300 / 70R20300 / 80-15.3300 / 85R42300 / 95R46300 / 95R52305 / 70- 16.5310-15310 / 80R22.5315 / 70-15315 / 70R15315 / 70-22.5315 / 85-15320 / 65R16320 / 70R20320 / 70R24320 / 80-15.3320 / 80-18320 / 85-24320 / 85-28320 / 85-36320 / 85R20320 / 85R24320 / 85R28320 / 85R32320 / 85R34320 / 85R36320 / 85R38320 / 90R42320 / 90R46320 / 95R46320 / 90R50320 / 90R54335 / 80-20335 / 80R18335 / 80R20340 / 55-16340 / 60R16.5340 / 65R18340 / 65R20340 / 75R20340 / 80-18340 / 80-20340 / 80R18340 / 80R20340 / 85-28340 / 85-36340 / 85-38340 / 85R24340 / 85R28340 / 85R36340 / 85R38340 / 85R46340 / 85R48340 / 45 50-15355 / 50-20355 / 65-15355 / 80-18355 / 85-24360 / 70R17.5360 / 70R20360 / 70R24360 / 70R28360 / 80-20360 / 85-20365 / 70R18365 / 80-20365 / 80R20375 / 75R20380 / 55- 17380 / 55R16. 5380 / 70R20380 / 70R24380 / 70R28380 / 75R20380 / 80R38380 / 85-24380 / 85-26380 / 85-28380 / 85-30380 / 85R24380 / 85R28380 / 85R30380 / 85R34380 / 85R38380 / 90R46380 / 90R38380 / 90R46380 / 90R38380 / 90R46380 / 90R38380 105R50385 / 65-22.5385 / 65R22.5385 / 95R24385 / 95R25400 / 55-22.5400 / 60-15.5400 / 60-22.5400 / 70-20400 / 75-20400 / 70-24405 / 75-20400 / 70R18400 / 70R20400 / 70R24400 / 75-38400 / 80- 24400 / 80R24405 / 70-20405 / 70-24405 / 70R18405 / 70R20405 / 70R24420 / 55-17420 / 65R20420 / 65R24420 / 70R24420 / 70R28420 / 70R30420 / 75R20420 / 80-30420 / 80R46420 / 85-24420 / 85-264 28420 / 85-30420 / 85-34420 / 85-38420 / 85R24420 / 85R26420 / 85R28420 / 85R30420 / 85R34420 / 85R38420 / 90R30420 / 95R50425 / 75R20440 / 55R18440 / 65R24440 / 65R28440 / 80R28440 30440 / 80R24440 / 80R28445 / 65-22.5445 / 65R22.5445 / 70-24445 / 70R19.5445 / 70R22.5445 / 70R24445 / 95R25450 / 95R25460 / 65R22.5460 / 70-24460 / 70R24460 / 85-26460 / 85-30460 / 85-34460 / 85-38460 / 85R26460 / 85R30460 / 85R34460 / 85R38480 / 60R28480 / 65R24480 / 65R28480 / 70R24480 / 70R28480 / 70R30480 / 70R34480 / 70R38480 / 80-26480 / 80R26480 / 80R42480 / 80R46480 / 65500 45-22. 5500 / 45R22.5500 / 50-17500 / 50-22.5500 / 50R17500 / 55-20500 / 60-15.5500 / 60-22.5500 / 60R22.5500 / 65-17500 / 70-24500 / 70R24500 / 85R24500 / 85R25500 / 85R30520 / 60R28520 / 70R34520 / 70R38520 / 80R26520 / 85R38520 / 85R42520 / 85R46525 / 80R25540 / 65R24505 / 95R25540 / 65R28540 / 65R30540 / 65R34540 / 65R38540 / 70R24550 / 45-22.5560 / 45R22.5550 / 60-22.5550 / 65R25560 / 60R22.5580 / 65R22.5580 / 70R26580 / 70R38580 / 85R42600 / 40-22.5600 / 50-22.5600 / 50R22.5600 / 55-22.5600 / 55-26.5600 / 55R26.5600 / 60R28600 / 60R30600 / 60R30.5600 / 60R34600 / 60R38600 / 65-34600 / 65R25600 / 65R28600 / 65R30600 / 65R34600 / 65R38600 / 70R28600 / 70R30620 / 70R26620 / 70R30600 / 70R34620 / 70R38620 / 70R46620/75 22.5650 / 50R22.5650 / 55R22.5650 / 55R26.5650 / 60R34650 / 60R38650 / 65-30.5650 / 65R25650 / 65R26.5650 / 65R30.5650 / 65R34650 / 65R38650 / 65R42650 / 75R30650 / 75R32650 / 85R426 75R32680 / 85R32690X180-15700 / 40-22.5700 / 50-22.5700 / 55-34700 / 50-26.5710 / 40R22.5710 / 45-26. 5710 / 45R22.5710 / 50R26.5710 / 50R30.5710 / 55R30710 / 60R30710 / 60R34710 / 60R38710 / 60R42710 / 70R38710 / 70R427 75R42710 / 85R38750 / 45R26.5750 / 50R26750 / 55-26.5750 / 60-30.5750 / 60R30.5750 / 65R25750 / 65R26775 / 65R29800 / 45-26.5800 / 45R26.5800 / 45R30.5800 / 65R29800 / 65R32800 / 70R32800 / 70R30 50R30 5875 / 65R29900 / 50R42900 / 60R32900 / 60R38900 / 60R421000 / 50R251050 / 50R32DW500 / 95D32

Execution Pneumatic Solid cast

Layering 2PR4PR6PR8PR10PR12PR14PR16PR18PR20PR22PR24PR26PR28PR30PR32PR34PR36PR40PR42PR46PR48PR50PR56PR58PR68PR76PR **** / ******* 14PT ****** Radial

ManufacturerFORERUNNERSOLIDEAL (CAMSO) AllianceARMOURBKTBobcatContinentalCultorEKKAGALAXYHiloISTKENDAKingwonderKleberMarcherMaxtrackMichelinMITASOZKAPETLASRosavaRODACOSamsonSehaStarmaxerkingxSUPERToperGUirt 90,000 Godzilla tires: 7 largest tires in the world

The article is kind of hinting: it’s already winter, go to the tire changer and quickly change your shoes!

Kumho ECSTA SPT KU31 Series 15

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The tire was introduced in 2008. Has a super-low profile and incredible width ( dimensions – 385/15 R22! ). A thing exclusively for sports cars, such as the Dodge Viper SRT10 or the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 .

The price for such an elastic band is a considerable $ 1000. And that’s just for one!

Source: Jalopnik

Pirelli P Zero Nero

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If you forget about the super-low profile and think purely about the width, then the first thing in your head comes the Pirelli P Zero Nero tire.Dimension – 405/25 ZR24.

Typically used for show car wheels. But it can easily be driven on regular roads. Price – from $ 450 per piece.


Mease’s Custom Car Accessories

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This is a tuner from Ohio. Somehow the guys came up with the idea to advertise themselves. The idea is good, but I came up with “ is “.Namely: the engineers crafted giant 50-inch wheels with their own tires. Put it all on a 4th generation Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Several times a car with these wheels was even seen in motion. Today he is quietly and peacefully rots at the entrance to the atelier. It’s a pity: although such a thing is unlikely to plow sensibly in real life, looks very exotic , and in some places even is impressive .

Source: Jalopnik

Firestone Tundra

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These tires were once on the LeTourneau TC-497 road train.Today they flaunt on the monster truck of one of the American racers – Bob Chandler.

Bob bought them on the secondary market, since this has never been seen in the series anywhere. Firestone Tundra specifications:

  • total size – 120 x 48 x 60 inches;
  • height – 3 meters.

Rider fitted this rubber to his already record-high BigFoot monster truck. Here it is ( with the wonder wheels ):

Michelin XDR

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This is the largest serial tire in the world.Fits on mining trucks ( like Caterpillar 797B ). Unit price – $ 55 thousand. Characteristics:

  • dimension – 59/80 R63;
  • height – 4.3 meters;
  • weight – 4.7 tons.

A little about what this rubber looks like and what cars it is installed on:

Bridgestone VRPS

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These tires are installed on the largest mining dump truck in the world, at BelAZ-75710 .Height – 4.02 meters, weight – about 6 tons. The wheel is tubeless and incredibly expensive: $ 42. 5 thousand apiece.


Uniroyal Giant Tire

This is the largest tire in the world. Height – over 24 meters. Woven from fiberglass-reinforced polyester, steel and concrete. Created in 1964 for the New York World’s Fair.

At first the main mission of the bus was to advertise the products of the Uniroyal company. The second main mission is to work in quality… ( place for drum rolls ) ̶che̶r̶t̶o̶v̶o̶g̶o̶ Ferris wheel. The bus coped with both missions “ to the five “, having 24 booths and receiving 96 visitors at a time.

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After the fair, the tire was taken home – to Detroit. She still stands there. It is worth it even after the insatiable French from Michelin bought Uniroyal with giblets. True, in 2003, the rubber was reconstructed, giving it a more modern look.

$ 1 million spent on redesign. The result is a 13-ton monster. Without cabins and the opportunity to ride it. But you can come at any time and take a look at him. Make a note of the address:

  • Detroit , next to Interstate 94 in Allen Park.

Big Rubber Hot Water Bottle Faux Fur AC With Cover Plush Bag Winter Warm AC

Joom: Product information provided by the seller.Regardless of the specified information, the product does not have any prophylactic, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative properties, is not a drug, cannot be used for medical purposes and is not a medical device. Consult a specialist.


Hello! Welcome to our store! Quality is the first with the best service. all clients are our friends. Fashion design, 100% brand new, high quality! Features of the Hot water bottle with soft removable lid With wide and anti-spurt lips, you can easily fill in hot water without worrying about getting burnt with hot water Great as a heat source when it’s cold, it offers gentle comfort through warmth for pain, pain and inflammation The bottle has a wide mouth with non-spilling lips and offers Cap is easy to tighten and will not leak if secured properly May help relieve lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, menstrual cramps, and more It can also be used for cold therapies such as sports injuries or to reduce fever and swelling, as the wide mouth allows small pieces of the cube to get into Safe, versatile and easy to use Made from safe natural rubber that is safe and non-toxic Random colors sent (Colors can not be selected) Remember to keep the water up to two-thirds full and avoid using boiling water in case it could damage the rubber PLEASE READ LEARNING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING !! Dimensions: 26cm x 16cm Choice of designs: Faux Fur Pom Pom

There is 2-3% difference by manual measurement.

Please check the measurement indicators carefully before you buy the item. Please note that slight color difference should be acceptable due to light and screen.

Product type: Heating pads

Low-profile tires

One of the fashion trends in recent years has been the attention to low-profile tires. This is especially true during the sale of summer tires. About how treats the low-profile tire , what features of operation it has, will be described below.

What is a low profile rubber?

In the modern world, a low-profile tire is considered to have a ratio of its profile height (tire height) to its width of 55% and below. Thus, low-profile tires include, for example, the following dimensions:

  • 205/55 R16,
  • 225/45 R17,
  • 225/40 R18 etc.

Taking into account the current trends in the development of tire sizes and the emergence of new cars, we can say that the 55th series, as the border between the standard profile and the low profile, will soon cease to be considered such. In reality, this has already happened, and among those who are deliberately looking for a tire with a narrow sidewall, the size 205/55 R16 is not considered low profile. And if we turn to history, then at the dawn of the appearance of low-profile tires, the parameter separating them from standard tires was generally 70%! And, for example, the size 195/70 R14 was already considered a low profile.

Low profile tires were first produced by Michelin in 1937. However, the condition of the roads and the equipment of mass cars did not allow widespread use of such tires and they were installed exclusively on racing cars.

In the sports world, the idea of ​​a low-profile tire was adopted almost immediately, as such tires provide better stability for the car during high-speed maneuvers. At the same time, the use of such tires on conventional cars was abandoned for many decades and returned to it only in 1978.


One of the main benefits of the low profile tires is the visual sportier appearance of the vehicle. The main difference from standard tires in behavior is the improved handling of the car. Thus, when cornering at high speed, the buildup of a car, which is characteristic of conventional tires, is almost absent, which occurs due to deformation of the tire sidewall under the influence of loads. Greater stability of the tire improves the handling of the car, and also increases the information content of the car as a whole. Also, a low profile tire mounted on alloy wheels demonstrates faster acceleration as well as better braking.


The disadvantages of this rubber are also related to its height. The lower the profile of the tire, the correspondingly lower the height of the tire sidewall, which means the lower the shock-absorbing ability of the tire to reduce vibrations from the road. As a result, all the bumps in the road are immediately felt on the steering wheel, so such low-profile tires are not suitable for roads with low quality surfaces.

Lack of the necessary damping can lead to more sad consequences than loss of comfort, as, for example, the load on the car’s suspension increases.It is also worth remembering that the transition to low-profile tires is always accompanied by an increase in the rim rim diameter, which means that it is necessary to purchase a new set of rims. In addition, low-profile tires themselves tend to be more expensive.

How to choose?

Low-profile tires should be chosen in accordance with the recommendations of the automaker. As a rule, the car manufacturer offers 3-4 sizes for each model, among which there will be low-profile ones.Below is an example of choosing a tire for a Ford Focus:

Recommended size

Tire profile

Tire model MICHELIN

205 / 55R16


Primacy 3, Pilot Sport 3, CrossClimate

215 / 55R16


Primacy 3, CrossClimate

215 / 50R17

Low profile

Primacy 3, CrossClimate

235 / 40R18

Low profile

Pilot SPort 4, Pilot Sport Cup 2

Rubber for Volga: more than standard? – VolgaPiter

Today we will talk about what kind of rubber can be put on GAZ cars instead of standard size tires and whether it makes sense to do so in principle. It will be, first of all, about the GAZ-3110, GAZ-31105 and GAZ-3102 vehicles with a suspension designed for the installation of disks with a diameter of 15 inches.

The manufacturer’s recommended tire size for these cars was essentially one – 195 / 65R15. This is quite a budget option, and many people ride it. However, almost every owner of “Volga” at least once thought about how to put tires “wider” and “higher”. Compared to the standard version, this required additional cash investments.What did the owner of the car get in return?

To begin with, there are two ways to increase the size of the wheels. One is the transition to increased size tires while maintaining the regular size disks. The second is an increase in the diameter of the discs themselves. Quite often there are variants with 16-, less often with 17-inch disks, some enthusiasts put even more.

The second important point is to understand what the maximum dimension of rubber fits into the standard arches 3110/31105 without any alterations.It makes no sense to argue about what can be delivered with alterations; if you wish, you can even manage to shove off-road rollers from the UAZ (the author of these lines personally saw such a car). However, the overwhelming majority of owners prefer to do with “little blood” and not bother with modifications to the body and suspension.

But we will start with the already asked question: how did the “big” wheels turn out to be better than the standard ones in operation? Curiously, there is no consensus on this issue.

The following advantages can be unambiguously stated:

– Vitality of the wheel.Larger rubber is more difficult to pierce. In addition, the wide rubber protects the rim edge much better than the standard one.

– Permeability. Here, I think, there is no need to prove the benefits of large wheels. At the same time, it is clear that big rubber will not turn into a Volga jeep, in addition, the tread pattern plays an important role.

– Smooth running. The wider the tires, the less impacts are transmitted to the body from small irregularities, seams, asphalt joints.

– Controllability.The issue is controversial, but many owners unanimously note the improvement in handling. The only exception is that sometimes the car can react more sensitively to rutting than on standard tires.

So we moved on to the disadvantages. First, it must be said that increasing the size of the rubber increases the circumference of the wheel and, accordingly, makes the speedometer underestimate the speed, and the odometer – the distance traveled. True, this is a small underestimation, when installing rubber 205/65 instead of the standard speedometer, it will underestimate the speed by about 2%.And given that speedometers often lie upward, it makes sense to talk about even more accurate readings.

Secondly, many owners report increased fuel consumption. However, there is no need to talk about any radical increase in consumption, everything is within the margin of error.

Now let us ask ourselves what kind of wheels it is possible to put on the “Volga” without subjecting it to serious alterations. I will not write about the rules for choosing disks; this should be a separate discussion.

Let’s start with the standard disks. For standard disks, the maximum tire width is 205. That is why most of those who install non-standard tires switch to the size 205 / 65R15. You can also supply a higher version – 205 / 70R15. He calmly fits into the arches and never touches. Provided, of course, that the suspension is in good working order and the car has not “sagged”.

If the width of the 205 seems small to you, you will have to install discs with a width of 7 or even 7.5 inches. As a rule, it is casting or forging.On these disks, tires with a width of 215 or even 225 easily fit. To what extent does it fit the Volga? According to reviews, the width of 215 rises normally, but with 225 the issue is controversial. Some users say that it is quite suitable for the “Volga”, others – that the front starts to hurt the arch or suspension parts when the wheels are turned out. Therefore, sometimes they put 215 in front and 225 in the back.

What height should this wide rubber have? Naturally, the numbers should turn out to be smaller than for the usual one, since in the index the height is indicated as a percentage of the width.So, for a width of 215, a perfectly acceptable option would be 215 / 60R15, for a width of 225 – 225 / 60R15.

Now about 16 and 17 inch disks. It is more difficult to give advice here, since such disks have never been installed on the Volga in a standard way, and such important parameters as the departure can differ significantly. And this, in turn, affects the ultimate size of the rubber. To put it simply, the same rubber on some 16-inch wheels will fit perfectly, on others it will cling to the arch.The same applies to 15-inch alloy wheels, but it is easier to find an option there that is designed specifically for the Volga and therefore corresponds to the standard one for departure.

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