Big people office chairs: The 12 Best Office Chairs For Heavy People


The 12 Best Office Chairs For Heavy People

In general, office chairs have a weight capacity of around 200 pounds.

So if you’re heavy person, you’re going to need a larger heavy duty chair.

Here is my recommended list of the best ergonomic chairs for heavy people.

I specifically chose these chairs because they’re comfortable, heavy duty, and are of the highest quality.

Best Office Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair – Size C
  • Fully changeable arms
  • Seat height: 16 to 20.5”
  • Three reclining postures
  • Tension regulator
  • Seat angle modification
  • PostureFit technology for lumbar support
  • Made from recycled resources

The Herman Miller Aeron is definitely one of the best office chairs on the market. It has an attractive graphite color and various beneficial features for your comfort and convenience.

You can set your seat’s angle from a neutral to an engaged position and also choose between three recline options with its tilt restrictor.

The arms can be adjusted fully starting from 6.8” to 10.8” above your seat and it can slide forward or backward, as well as pivot inward or outward.

This chair is also ergonomically friendly with its PostureFit feature that changes to match the natural curve of your spine.

The Aeron was introduced more than 20 years ago and somehow still surpasses people’s expectations. It is currently Herman Miller’s best selling chair.

What customers are saying

Most customers gave this chair great reviews. They commended its quality, how comfortable it is, and its ergonomic value. Many also reported a reduction in lower back issues.

Others complained that the size chart is not correct and that the chair lacks lumbar support for taller people.

Best Executive Chair

Serta Big & Tall Office Chair
  • Bonded leather material
  • Weight capacity of up to 400 lbs
  • Spacious seating
  • Industrial-grade tall and large components
  • Ergonomic adjustments
  • Raised headrest
  • Serta smart foam
  • Distinctive pocketed coils
  • Deep encrusted body pillows
  • 360° castors

This Serta Big & Tall office chair is getting our vote for the best executive chair.

It was created by a mattress company, so comfort and ergonomics were a priority.

Unlike similar chairs on the market, this one has an extended headrest, as well as deeply encrusted body pillows to offer neck and body support.

The upholstered arms are handmade and the ultra foam layers surrounding its individually pocketed coils provide an unmatched seating experience.

The 360° dual caster wheels make it easy to move over various surfaces.

Thanks to its highly adjustable positioning, raised headrest, and deeply encrusted body pillows, this chair provides superior ergonomic value throughout the day.

What customers are saying

Customers love the Serta chair and many have only good things to say about it. They appreciate its comfort, assembly, construction, and lumbar adjustment feature.

Some customers, however, either had issues with poorly manufactured components that malfunctioned after a few months or received damaged goods.

Most Ergonomic Chair

Steelcase Leap Plus Task Chair
  • Patented technology for the backrest and seat
  • Leap’s LiveBack thermal comfort
  • Natural glide recline technology
  • 4 direction changeable arms
  • Firmness regulation for the lower back
  • Supports weight up to 500 lbs
  • Force control for the upper back area
  • Adjustable seat
  • High-quality foam
  • Bendable seat edge

The Steelcase Leap Plus offers so many benefits that it’s easy to fall in love with it.

Its built-in LiveBack technology allows the back of your seat to adapt to the natural shape of your spine. The back and seat are fitted with slats and foam that makes it super breathable.

The seat moves forward as well which allows you to sit in different positions while staying within your reach and vision.

Other unique features that promote good posture and ergonomics are the upper back strength control, lower back rigidity control, bendable seat edge, and adjustable seat depth.

The arms have various adjustable functions which further promote comfort. This chair received no customer reviews but had 100% five-star ratings.

Best Heavy-Duty Chair

La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Office Chair
  • Weighs 55.2 lbs
  • It has a weight capacity of up to 400lbs
  • Levers for tilt, height, and recline modifications
  • Upholstered with bonded leather in black
  • Mahogany-stained wooden chair arms and base
  • Hard-wearing casters for better movability
  • Ergonomic chair with thick memory foam padding that conforms to your shape

This office chair is a combination of timeless style and contemporary performance.

It comfortably fits individuals up to 400 lbs and comes with user-friendly height, tilt, and recline levers for enhanced body placement.

The chair is made from high-quality, soft bonded leather and features a solid wooden base and arms.

For ergonomic comfort, the chair is fitted with layers of memory foam cushioning and a tailored lumbar panel.


You will not have to worry about sturdiness because the chair components adhere to stringent BIFMA testing standards.

We recommend the La-Z-Boy Delano as the best heavy-duty chair for the office because it is specially designed to hold larger individuals.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this chair gave it incredible reviews. The standout features for them included high-quality materials, easy assembly, excellent support, and superior comfort.

However, some customers received damaged parts and some had instances where certain parts broke after a few weeks or months.

Excellent Comfort & Width

Sale Starspace Big & Tall 400lb Leather Office Chair
  • Superior-quality materials
  • Weight capacity of up to 400 lbs
  • Installed innerspring
  • First Class high-density foam
  • Taller and wider than average
  • Heavy-duty
  • Resistance control
  • Adjustable tilt tension feature
  • One-year warranty
  • 120° forward and back rocking
  • High backrest for additional comfort
  • Thick padded seat

You can now look forward to sitting at your office desk with the Starspace Office Chair. This chair is ideal for heavy people because it is substantially larger and taller than other chairs.

The large cushion and heavy-duty design make the Starspace a perfect fit and it can accommodate up to 400 lbs.

Unlike other office chairs, this one allows you to securely lean back with the resistance control feature. You can also adjust the tilt tension, and lower the seat height to your liking.

Starspace takes special consideration in designing chairs for heavy people with comfort, durability, and customer satisfaction in mind.

This chair is our top choice as far as width and comfort are concerned.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this chair excellent reviews. What they liked most about the chair is the roominess, sturdiness, superior padding, and how comfortable it is.

However, some customers said that the seat leans back too far, it needs more padding, and it isn’t as comfortable as they expected.

Best Drafting Chair

Harwick Evolve All Mesh Heavy Duty Drafting Chair
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Heavy-duty
  • Supports weight up to 325 lbs
  • Lumbar support for the lower back
  • Flip-up arms
  • Seat height is adjustable from 24-31”
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • 2 to 1 Synchro-tilt
  • Tilt tension adjustability
  • Tilt lock
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Gunmetal finish

The Harwick Evolve Heavy Duty Chair is the perfect drafting chair for heavy people. It has unmatched ergonomic and durable features when compared to other chairs in its category.

The armrests flip upwards allowing you to sit closer to the desk and your legs can remain comfortable with its waterfall seat edge that reduces tension on your legs and back.

With the tilt tension adjustability and 2 to 1 Synchro-tilt feature, you can adjust the chair to a more comfortable position and lock it in place with the tilt lock.

Other beneficial features include seat height adjustability, lumbar support for the lower back, a pneumatic cylinder, as well as mesh covering over the seat and back for enhanced airflow.

What customers are saying

This chair was a favorite among customers and many of them commented on its sturdiness, easy assembly, smooth operation, excellent lumbar support, and overall quality.

An issue that customers reported is that the back of the chair does not line up with the armrest/back section upon assembly.

Other Recommended Chairs

Sadie Big & Tall Chairs are manufactured to offer support and comfort to heavy people and has a weight limit of 400 lbs.

The chair includes many customizable features such as height-adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support settings, and a seat with a swivel of 360°.


The back has mesh upholstery for breathability and the cushioned seat is comfortable enough to sit at your desk for prolonged periods.

Other beneficial features of this chair are its luxurious style, ergonomic value, affordability, and structural support.

If you’re looking for a safe, cost-effective, and durable office chair, this is the one. A 3-year restricted warranty is included in the purchase.

The Best Massage 500lb chair is one of our favorites. It has a unique style with imitation leather upholstery and is another suitable choice for tall or heavy people.

The chair is manufactured from industrial-grade parts to support a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. Mobility is easy with its 360° swivel casters, adjustable height, and durable base.

It also boasts an extra thick cushioned backrest and seat for optimal comfort. Assembly time is quick and easy with all the installation tools and accessories included in your purchase.

No products found.

No products found.

We love this chair with its bonded leather upholstery, waterfall seat edge, and soft, thick padding for superior comfort.

The chair boasts a solid structure and a weight limit of 400 lbs. It is made with high-end components and has a larger seat with a high back to suit tall and heavy people.

You also receive a one-year warranty with your purchase.

If you’re one of those people that are stuck sitting at your desk for prolonged periods, investing in this classy office chair will make your days at the office a whole lot easier.

It comes with adjustable features, a luxurious look, extra-wide seating, built-in back support, and a high back with a weight capacity of 500 lbs.

This chair is made with durability in mind but still provides a soft and comfortable seating experience. It also has a waterfall seat that ensures less pressure on your legs

The Lorell Soho Mesh Back Chair helps you stay cool during the day and the fabric cushioned seat provides a comfortable seating experience for long-lasting use.

It accommodates a weight capacity of up to 350lbs which is ideal for heavy people.

The chair also has a 360° swivel capability and rotates fully. Added features include the adjustable armrests, tilt tension adjustability, and more. All in all, a smart purchase.

The Boss Products Heavy Duty Double Plush chair is perfect for heavy people.

It’s equipped with a hard-wearing spring tilt device that allows you to change the seat angle so you can enjoy comfortable seating while changing positions throughout your workday.

This chair has a weight capacity of 400 lbs and features a pneumatic gas lift for height adjustments.

You will not go wrong with choosing this office chair, especially if you are looking for something that’s comfortable, adjustable, and offers ergonomic value at an affordable price.

Best Ergonomic Chairs For Fat People [2021]

Finding a good ergonomic chair that accommodates the larger user is no easy feat.  That’s why I’ve done the research for you and put together this list of the 10 best ergonomic chairs for fat people.

Here are the 10 best ergonomic chairs for fat/overweight people:

  1. Steelcase Leap Plus
  2. Herman Miller Aeron (Size C)
  3. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big and Tall Chair
  4. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Mesh Chair
  5. HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair
  6. DXRacer Tank Series
  7. Maxnomic NEEDforSEAT XL
  8. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  9. Furmax Gaming Chair with High Back
  10. DXRacer King/Valkyrie Series

However, the Steelcase Leap is my n°1 pick but this isn’t the only great option out there. If you’re big and tall, the four main things you should be looking for in your chair are weight capacity, bigger seat dimensions, comfortable padding, and an ergonomic design. I’ve selected the top 10 chairs based on these four factors and listed them below, so read on to find out more!


Weight capacity: 500 lbs

Seat width: 22.75”

Category: Ergonomic/Office

The Steelcase Leap is one of the very best ergonomic chairs available. So good, in fact, that it made my recent list of the 20 Best Ergonomic Chairs in 2019.

The Leap chair pioneered some innovative features that are real game-changers in office and gaming ergonomics, such as a ‘LiveBack’ system which allows the chair backrest to move with your spine in a more natural way.

Not only is this chair one of the best overall ergonomic chairs, but it’s also perfect for big and tall gamers.

The standard Leap chair has a weight capacity of 400lbs, which is great, but the Leap Plus adds an extra 100lbs to that. This means the Leap Plus offers the same benefits, design, and functions as the Leap, but with a whopping 500lbs weight capacity.

The Leap Plus also has an upgraded seat width of 22.75”, which should give you at least a few inches of wiggle room for extra comfort.

Weight capacity: 350 lbs

Width: 28.25″

Category: Ergonomic/Office

The Herman Miller Aeron is another luxury ergonomic chair and a true ‘high-end’ seating solution. The price tag on this chair is a lot higher than some other ergonomic chairs, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Just from looking at the Herman Miller Aeron, you wouldn’t think it would be suitable for fat people. It looks kind of barebones, with minimal padding and a really lightweight, petite frame – but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Thanks to the high-quality construction and heavy-duty base, this chair can support up to 350 lbs. This isn’t a super-duper-high weight capacity, but it is more than enough for the vast majority of big and tall people.

It comes in 3 different sizes: A, B, and C. I recommend size C as this is suitable for larger people, which means it’s taller, wider, and much roomier. It has 28.25” of width for more wiggle room than you could ever need, and 18.5” of depth so that even the longest legs will have enough room to promote circulation.

The real reason this chair ranks in my top 10 ergonomic chairs for fat people, though, is because it offers unparalleled ergonomic support.  The PostureFit SL technology enables you to sit with perfect posture. The curved back mimics the curvature of the human spine and moves with you to accommodate any sitting position.

The lumbar support pads are fully adjustable so that you can match them to your own body shape and better stabilize your spine. It’s also fully adjustable in pretty much every way possible: height, depth… you name it.

It’s the breathable back and suspension seat that really takes this seat to the next level.

The breathable mesh material back promotes air circulation across the body, helping to keep you cool. This is especially important for larger people as they tend to generate more body heat.

Weight capacity: 500lbs

Seat width: 22.5”

Category: Ergonomic/Office

The Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big and Tall Chair is a much more affordable option that still offers excellent ergonomic support for fat people, with a 500lb weight capacity and 22.5” seat.

It looks like your standard office chair, with a minimalist contemporary design, all-black PU leather upholstery, and thick padding.

Some stand-out features of this chair include:

  • A 3” foam padded seat that remains comfy even after long periods of use
  • An extra-high back and height-adjustable headrest suitable for the tallest users
  • In-built lumbar support
  • Adjustable back angle with tilt lock and tilt tension

It’s a great mid-range ergonomic chair for fat people – check it out!

Weight capacity: 500 lbs

Seat width: 22. 5”

Category: Ergonomic/Office

Another HERCULES Series chair, this one has the same weight capacity and seat width but instead of black leather upholstery, this one has a back made out of a breathable mesh material for enhanced heat dissipation.

The tradeoff is that you’ll lose out on the extra padding and comfortable leather, so you’ll be a little less comfortable and a little cooler. Like the chair above, this one also has a waterfall edge to aid circulation.

Some other notable ergonomic features include in-built lumbar support with a dial to adjust the firmness (but not the height), a lovely deep back, and adjustable/foldable armrests.

The HERCULES Mesh chair is really the perfect counterpart to the HERCULES Big and Tall chair so I’d recommend asking yourself whether you value comfort and padding or breathability more highly so you can choose the one that best meets your preferences.

Weight capacity: 450lbs

Seat width: 22”

Category: Ergonomic/Office

Don’t want to choose between breathability or comfort? Then go for the HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair. It has the best of both worlds: the breathability that comes with having a mesh back, but with two additional layers of padding for additional comfort.

Unlike the other mesh chairs I’ve talked about so far, this one has a much thicker back and seat. It’s visibly sturdier, plusher, and more comfortable.

One of my favorite things about the HON Wave is the adjustable armrests. They’re not just adjustable for height, but for width too.

This is perfect for heavy/wide users as it means you can adjust them to give yourself some extra space. There’s nothing worse than an armrest poking in your side while you’re trying to get some work done or play a game, but this won’t be a problem with the HON Wave.

It also has an excessive weight capacity of 450lbs thanks to the solid 5 wheel base and durable frame, and a roomy seat width of 22 inches.

Weight capacity: 450lbs

Seat width: 20”

Category: Ergonomic/Gaming

DXRacer is one of the biggest names in gaming. Their chairs are used by all manner of Esports professionals and professional gamers, which is a testament to their superior build quality and ergonomics.

The Tank Series is DXRacer’s biggest and tallest line of chairs. They come with a massive load capacity of 450lbs, 20” wide base, and 26” wide backrest so your shoulders and butt have plenty of room.

The Tank Series isn’t just suitable for heavy uses, it’s suitable for tall people too. The high backrest is adjustable and designed to accommodate users up to 6’7” tall.

Ergonomics have been built into every aspect of this chair as DXRacer’s market is serious gamers who spend very long periods of time sat down and, as such, need a chair that can support their back properly.

From the high-density mold shaping foam padding to the adjustable lumbar support and ‘4D’ adjustable armrests for ergonomic wrist support, this chair has it all.

Weight capacity: 375lbs

Seat width: 22. 8”

Category: Ergonomic/Gaming

Maxnomic is another high-end gaming chair manufacturer and a close rival to DXRacer. All their chairs come with excellent build quality and ergonomic features such as 4D armrests.

Their XL Series is the perfect ergonomic gaming chair for fat people as it’s designed specifically for heavier users. The weight capacity, at 375lbs, is a little less than other gaming chairs, but it should be plenty.

Plus, it makes up for the lower weight capacity with features like eight-position height adjustment, unique ‘finger rest’ technology, and super-comfy upholstered oval quilting.

Weight capacity: 300lbs

Seat width: N/A (but it’s wide!)

Category: Ergonomic/Gaming

The Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming chair had to make the list for one reason: it can give you a massage!

The USB electric massage function can help to relax your muscles during breaks from your work, study, or gaming sessions. If nothing else, this standout feature alone is enough to warrant considering the Ficmax for your next ergonomic chair purchase.

However, it doesn’t end there. The chair also has a class-4 gas lift, 180-degree tilt mechanism, and adjustable armrests. The only downside is the weight capacity is a little less at 300lbs, but as long as you’re under this weight, it’s a solid option.

Weight capacity: 310lbs

Seat width: 20.9”

Category: Ergonomic/Gaming

The Furmax Gaming Chair with High Back has a striking turquoise and black design that looks great in a gaming set-up. And while it might look a little out of place in the office, it will definitely still provide the comfort and ergonomic support that you’re looking for.

What makes this chair great for fat people is the padded bucket seat which offers plenty of room and extra cushioning for superior comfort. The weight capacity is also pretty high, at 310 lbs, albeit not as high as some of the chairs I’ve mentioned so far.

It also has a flip-out footrest, which is a nice added feature that lets you kick your feet up and relax in style. The chair comes with a headrest and lumbar support cushion for more ergonomic support.

Weight capacity: 254lbs

Seat width: N/A

Category: Ergonomic/Gaming

The final ergonomic gaming chair for fat people I want to mention is another DXRacer chair – the King Series. This one is a little more affordable and suitable for people that want something strong, but that don’t really need 450 lbs of weight capacity.

While the King Series isn’t quite as strong as the Titan, it still has a lot to offer. It has a reduced weight capacity of 254lbs (which is still plenty) and DXRacer categorizes it as an ‘XL’ chair for big and tall users.

Like all DXRacer chairs, the build quality is superb and it boasts a highly-adjustable, ergonomic design. You can adjust the armrests in multiple dimensions, as well as the seat height and lumbar support.

Related Questions

What is the best ergonomic chair for fat people? My top pick would be the Steelcase Leap Plus. It supports up to 500 lbs of weight, provides lots of wiggle room, and has a cutting-edge ergonomic design. It has a ton of high-end features that help to properly support your spine and promote good posture.

What is the most durable type of chair base? The new standard for office and gaming chairs is to use a 5-star base, which is superior to a 4-star base. Heavy-duty steel bases are usually the best as they are stronger and more durable than other materials. Aluminum is also a good option as it is both strong and lightweight. It’s better to avoid plastic bases as they are less durable and can support less weight.

What makes a chair ergonomic? A chair is ergonomic if it effectively supports you to maintain good posture with the least amount of effort. Factors that make a chair ergonomic include lumbar support, adjustability, shape/design, a tall backrest, well-positioned and adjustable armrests, and more.

How do I determine the best chair seat depth for me? To calculate the right seat depth for your body, sit in an upright position on a chair and measure the distance from the base of your spine to the furthest end of your inner thighs. Subtract 2 inches from that measurement to find the perfect chair seat depth.

How do I determine the best chair seat width for me? To calculate your perfect seat width, sit upright with your thighs slightly open. Next, measure the distance laterally across your thighs. Finally, add 2 inches to your measurement. This calculation will give you the optimal seat width for your body. Chairs with this seat width should give you 1 inch of wiggle room on either side. If you prefer to spread your legs wider as you sit, add an extra 2-4 inches.

Our Top Picks for 2021

As anyone of substantial stature will no doubt tell you, the best office chairs for tall people can make a marked difference not only in the way you work while you’re sitting in one, but also for your long-term health as well.

After all, it probably goes without saying that squashing yourself into an ill-fitting chair can wreak havoc on your back, neck, and shoulders.

That’s to say nothing of the impact on your circulation (and all the health problems that go along with it) caused by having your legs in an awkward position all day just for the sake of getting some work done.

In a hurry? Our Current TOP 3 PICKS:

So yes, choosing a tall-person-friendly office chair is important for those who find that their current chair just isn’t fit for purpose, but that doesn’t mean that any old model will do. You still deserve a whole lot of day-to-day comfort and, let’s be honest, a little bit of style too.

How do you find one that ticks all those boxes while still staying within your budget?


You start here, with our guide to the top 7 office chairs for tall people currently on the market.

How We’re Defining Tall

Of course, height is a pretty relative concept. A person who is 5’8” can seem tall to someone three or four inches shorter, so how exactly are we defining a “tall person” for the sake of choosing suitable office chairs for them?

It made sense of us to think of the word as meaning “above average height.”

According to the latest available data published in 2018 by the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average height of adult males in the United States is 5’9″, with women measuring an average of 5’4″.

Give or take a few inches, we therefore decided that any chair suitable for people 6ft+ would be eligible for this guide.

Best Office Chairs for Tall People – Our Picks

1. XEUR Ergonomic Office Chair

When selecting our favorite big and tall office chairs, we were looking for those that were sufficiently sized to accommodate larger users, provided plenty of comfort in terms of seating, back and armrests, and adjustable features, and were strong and durable enough to support taller users.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to learn that the XEUR Ergonomic Office Chair topped the chart for best tall-person friendly office chair of the year as it scored the highest marks in all of those categories, and then scoring extra marks for looks, ergonomics, and superior seating quality.

First of all, there’s the size factor.

From the tip of the floor to the top of the headrest, the whole chair can extend to as tall as 62″ with an adjustable floor-seat height of between 18.5″ – 21.65″. Add in a seat width of 19.9″ and an adjustable seat depth of between 16.14″ and 17.71″ and what you’ve got here is a chair that’s very suited to those of a larger frame.

Yet what really sets this one apart from the crowd is the way it’s been ergonomically designed to deliver maximum comfort.

Take the seat, for example. The dipped, curved design with waterfall edge relieves pressure on the back of your legs which improves overall circulation to help you maintain focus and energy throughout your day, while the breathable mesh design ensures proper airflow to keep you cool and comfortable.

That mesh is extended to the backrest, where you’ll find enhanced lumber support and 99° – 119° adjustability so that you can find the perfect position to suit you.

Elsewhere, the PU leather armrests can be adjusted in three directions (up-down, left-right, back-forth), and while there are those that do offer four-directional adjustability, it really isn’t a deal breaker when you consider how comfortable this one feels after all day use.

Finally, we should point out that the XEUR Ergonomic Office Chair also proved excellent in terms of durability, with manufacturer’s maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs that means it’s going to provide exceptional support for a long time to come.


  • Easy to assemble with full ergonomic features at a reasonable price point
  • Lumbar support piece and contoured backrest help keep a healthy working posture
  • Full mesh breathability, from the seat up to the adjustable headrest


  • Users who need extra padding and/or wider seat dimensions may find contoured seat and curved lumbar support uncomfortable


Oak Hollow Aloria

The one thing we love about the Oak Hollow Aloria more than anything else is the flexibility and sheer number of variations and customizable options.

The Oak Hollow brand offer this popular chair with a choice of leather, fabric, or mesh seats, with or without the headrest, and with your choice of supporting base, not to mention three separate colors.

This means you can pick and choose components to pick a model that delivers all of the Aloria’s trademark comfort, strength, and high-caliber ergonomics with important finishes tailored to suit your tastes and seating preferences.

Ultimately though, it was the version with the soft, fabric seat, mesh back, and attachable, adjustable headrest that earned the Oak Hollow Aloria a place on our list simply because those three components deliver the best of all worlds.

That seat is made from a thick, high-density molded foam which provides the kind of soft seating you can sink into while still feeling well-supported. It’s finished with a high-performance fabric for maximum protection against rips and stains.

Meanwhile, the mesh seat amplifies that comfort level when putting in those long-sessions at the office.

Then there’s the adjustability factor: 4-D adjustable armrests, a synchro-tilt mechanism on the back rest that locks in four different comfortable positions (as well as offering an unlocked setting for those days if you prefer a chair that moves with you), and ample seat-depth adjustment.

User reviews from people 6’4″ – 6’6″ tall and above report that this chair more than meets their needs, confirming our own verdict that this is undoubtedly a quality chair that should be on any tall person’s radar.


  • Tall and comfortable backrest with full range of adjustability
  • Comfortable backrest and seat materials
  • Multiple options for customization, including materials (mesh, leather, combinations), cylinder size, and optional headrest attachment
  • Excellent customer service


  • More expensive than many competitors
  • Some users found mid-back support lacking


Steelcase Gesture

Strong, smart, and effortlessly stylish, the popular Steelcase Gesture has proven to be one of the best-selling office chairs of all time thanks to its superior comfort and unbeatable durability, boasting a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.

That weight capacity, along with three different seat height positions ranging from 14.5″ up to 22.5″, a substantial 20″ wide seat and an adjustable seat depth of 15.75 – 18.5″ all help make the Gesture a essential addition to any list of the best office chairs for tall people.

Still, as you might imagine, there’s much more to this excellent chair than simply the ability to accommodate larger users.

The proprietary seat cushion itself is both a work of art and a feat of engineering, utilizing built-in air-pockets which adjust and adapt to your body to minimize the kind of pressure that can gradually build up over the course of all-day use.

The backrest too is something special, with a contoured design that helps keep your back in its natural, S-shaped alignment to reduce back pain, while the adjustable 4-D armrests can likewise help prevent sore, tired shoulders.

If you’re looking for a good chair for eliminating neck pain while you work, you can also opt to add on an adjustable headrest for extra support.


  • A top-end ergonomic chair with a high back for taller users
  • Sleek modern styling with heady duty frame
  • Full range of adjustability and premium materials for comfort and breathability


  • The backrest is not wide enough for some users
  • Yes, it’s a Steelcase, so expect to pay a bit more!

4. Ticova Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

Fans of the Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair heap praise on its innovative design, with a cool, curved backrest and headrest which promotes proper posture while also responding to movements, meaning no matter what tasks you’re taking on at your desk, you’ll always be well-supported.

It’s for this reason, along with the high-elastic breathable mesh and larger-than-average armrests with concave design, that we felt compelled to include the Ticova when deciding on the best ergonomic office chairs, and it seems we’re certainly not alone in that opinion.

Those who own a Ticova insist that it’s ample cushioning and game-changing lumbar support make it a great choice for users with health conditions such as arthritis and sciatica, while taller users 6’2″ and above say it’s a great alternative for those who like models such as the Herman Miller Embody but need a greater range of seat and height adjustability to support their frame.


  • Modern design with excellent ergonomic support in the lumbar area
  • Thickly padded seat with sturdy base
  • Consistent quality ratings over hundreds of reviews and reasonable price point


  • Best for users who need extra lumbar support. If you prefer a low profile backrest with minimal lumbar, the separate lumbar component might be too much on the Ticova.

5. Bowthy Big and Tall Executive Chair

Unlike the other chairs on this list, which feature mesh materials and separate headrest attachments, the Bowthy is an executive style chair with big and tall attributes.

So, while the Bowthy can easily accommodate users up to 6’5″ tall, it also has a high weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. If you want a big, cozy chair and don’t mind the look or feel of PU leather (common on many mid-range executive style chairs), then this one is worth checking out.

Reviews of the Bowthy are overwhelmingly positive. What we find most appealing, aside from its generous seating proportions, are the combination of ergonomic design elements that add even more comfort and support than we see with many typical oversized chair models.

For example, with features like built-in adjustable lumbar support and a breathable recessed backrest, the Bowthy delivers a surprising level of comfort and support for your back. You’ll have a harder time just sinking and letting your poor posture take over with this one.

Plus, it comes with a very thick headrest to keep your upper back, neck and head supported when working. If you’re tall, you know this type of upper body support matters.

The Bowthy is built with a sturdy metal base and basic mobility and adjustability features like height adjustment, tilt tension and lock (with a rocking range of 90° – 120°), and 360° swivel casters.

While we do find this to be a comfortable and supportive model for taller users, the Bowthy does lack a few key design elements.

For example, the armrest and headrest are fixed, so you won’t be able to make those subtle but important tweaks to find the absolute perfect sitting position. Also, the seat is not depth adjustable, which can really help if you have long legs.

All in all, however, we found that the comfort factor on this one easily makes up these flaws.


  • Big and comfortable chair suitable for users up to 6’5″ tall with high weight capacity of 400lbs
  • Thickly padded and supportive headrest
  • Adjustable lumbar support


  • Lacks adjustability in armrests and headrest


Komene High Back Computer Chair

If you’re on the lookout for the best office chair for tall people with back issues, then the Komene High Back Computer Chair is undoubtedly worth a look.

Much like the Steelcase Gesture we looked at earlier, the Komene model offers an ergonomically designed backrest designed to match the natural S-shape of the human spine to encourage proper, comfortable posture, alleviate lumbar pain, reduce lower back pressure and even provide significant pelvic support.

Meanwhile, the tension-adjustable mesh back and movable headrest both respond to your body’s movements, adapting to the way you work to ensure you maintain all that support and comfort as you work.

Like many of the other chairs in this guide, the Komene High Back Computer Chair supports a manufacturer’s recommended weight limit of 300 lbs which is hardly surprising when you consider how heavy the chair itself is.

Weighing some 35+ lbs, this is certainly not a flimsy product, and its substantial size is a good indicator of just how durable it is.

Finally, it’s important to point out that many reviews from users 5’10 – 6’3″ note that this sizable chair more than suits their needs, those some users taller than that report that it just isn’t quite big enough for them.

Otherwise, what you’re looking at here is another quality product with the kind of superior back support which will be much welcomed by anyone who knows how distracting and unpleasant lower-back pressure can be during the working day.


  • Lots of ergonomic features and high-end design for a reasonable price
  • Bonus features like fully adjustable headrest and flip up armrests
  • Full mesh design with lots of air flow


  • Some users had issues with sizing (too narrow) and durability (users report that the company will send over a new chair if you spot durability issues upon receipt)

7. MOOJIRS Ergonomic Office Chair

Last but by no means least, the MOOJIRS Ergonomic Office Chair deserves a solid mention more so for its advanced ergonomic features than it’s admittedly rather ample size.

The 300 lbs weight capacity, the 17.71″ – 21.65″ floor seat height adjustability and the 20″ seat width all make it plenty suitable for users 6ft and above. Indeed, we’ve read many customer reviews from those 6’2″+ who note that it’s plenty sturdy and offers just the right balance between spaciousness and snugness.

However, it’s those ergonomics that really appeal to us.

The bionic-curve backrest boasts a contour design which mimics the shape of the human spine to promote good posture and reduce lower-back pressure. And if you don’t like the fully upright position, you can take advantage of three different tilt settings with a locking mechanism to get a position that fits you better.

The 3-D armrests can be adjusted up-down, left-right, back-forth, the headrest and seat height can both be adjusted. And you can even play around with the tension of the elastic mesh on the back rest to improve your seating position even further.

All of this is presented with a distinctive, minimalist design that’s almost guaranteed to make the MOOJIRS Ergonomic Office Chair a striking focal point in your office space.

Buyer’s Guide: How We Picked the Top 6 Best Office Chairs for Tall People

Deciding on the six very best office chairs for tall people was no easy task. We invested countless hours of research trying out and testing no less than 20 of the best-selling chairs suitable for 6ft+ users until we could determine those that provided all the support and comfort people need when working in an office chair for long periods.

To do that, we scored each chair on how they fared in terms of size, adjustable features, overall  comfort, and durability.

Here’s why all of these elements were so important to us, and how they might influence your decision when it comes to choosing a new office chair of your own.


OK, so it might seem like a no-brainer to suggest that if you’re going to buy an office chair for a tall person, then it needs to be big enough to accommodate them, but there’s more to this than simply buying the biggest chair possible.

The two key things to look out for are seat height and seat depth, particularly in terms of how adjustable they are. After all, while a chair may technically be big enough to support you if you’re 6’2″, 6’3” or taller, there’s no guarantee that’s necessarily going to provide a snug, comfortable level of support right out of the box.

Being able to adjust both features, however, will ensure you can sit properly in a way that doesn’t just make you feel comfortable there and then, but minimizes the kind of pressure and awkward posture that can result in long-term health issues.


Seat height and depth adjustability are important, but they’re not the only adjustable features that we looked for. Adjustable armrests, backrests, and headrests also help you to customize the chair to the seating position you find most comfortable.

Those chairs that offered greater levels of adjustability, for example a greater degree of incline on the back rest and four-directional armrests versus three-directional, scored higher in our lists.


If you’re going to spend any significant amount of time in your office chair, then comfort absolutely matters. With that in mind, we gave high marks to chairs with breathable mesh designs as these can not only provide a soft, comfortable seating but also promote airflow to keep you cool.

Alternatively, chairs with thick, molded-foam seats for those who prefer a plush seat were also included in our guide.


Whether you’re buying a simple task chair or a high-end gaming chair, durability always matters when it comes to buying new seating. If you’re spending a reasonable amount of money, then it’s only natural that you’ll want that chair to be built to last for years to come.

That said, this factor is even more important for taller users, many of whom will need the extra reassurance that a higher-than-average recommended weight capacity can support them.

What is the Best Office Chair for Tall People? Our Final Verdict

So, you’ve seen what we consider to be the top tall-person friendly office chairs currently on the market, and you even know how we chose those six models out of all the countless options available.

Still, if there’s one key thing you should take away from this guide more than any other, it’s that determining the absolute best chair for you is all a matter of catering to your own individual needs, tastes, and preferences.

If, like many people, you suffer with back pain after a long time sitting at your desk, then models like the popular Steelcase Gesture and Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair with their curved, ergo designed backrests and superior lumbar support should definitely be on your radar.

If you like the idea of combining high levels of durability with the flexibility to choose from a range of materials, you may consider the Oak Hollow Aloria.

But if you’re simply looking for hands-down the best office chair for tall people that money can buy, then the ample size, support, and adjustable features make the XEUR Ergonomic Office Chair a clear winner in our opinion.

Office Chairs Plus Size People Love (And No, They’re Not Your Dad’s Big & Tall Office Chair) — AllGo

Most adults spend more than half of their waking hours at work. For those of us who work in offices, the right office chair can be the difference between productivity and pain. For plus size people, office furniture can be tricky to find. So-called “big and tall office chairs” often still have arms that don’t move or are too narrow for those of us with wide hips. So, we asked ourselves…

What makes for good office chairs for plus size people?

Over the last year, AllGo has collected thousands of reviews, hundreds of survey responses, and conducted half a dozen focus groups to answer this question. We’ve written about how to design a reception area that’s welcoming to people of all sizes and will be publishing more a comprehensive guide later this year. Until then we wanted to share a few options in case you’re in urgent need plus-friendly seating.

Note: Many of these items are available on Amazon and we’ve provided links for your convenience. If you purchase any of these items, we will receive a small commission.

Plus Size Chairs for Office Conference and Waiting Rooms

Mid-Century Modern Style Plus Size Office Chair for Conference Rooms (700+ lb. weight capacity)

Let’s face it. Aesthetics are an important part of choosing furniture for your home, office, or restaurant. That’s why we love this option from Flash Furniture’s HERCULES Series. It’s got both form and function. Details about this chair:

  • Ergonomically contoured design with a curved back for exceptional support
  • Polypropylene seat and back with powder coated frame finish
  • Steel frame supports up to 770 lbs
  • Chair stacks 5 high to save space when not in use, helping you utilize your entire space
  • Additional colors available

A Plus Size Office Chair that Stacks for Small Rooms (600+ lb. weight capacity)

This chair is great for waiting areas and conference rooms. It’s affordable and will please most butts. This chair is also a great one for chairs that are regularly rearranged. They’re inexpensive and stack, so you can easily have a bunch in a closet when you need to set up your conference room auditorium-style.

Details about this chair:

  • Ergonomically contoured design with a curved back and seat for exceptional support
  • Polypropylene seat and back with powder coated frame finish
  • Steel frame supports up to 660 lbs
  • Chair stacks 5 high to save space when not in use, helping you utilize your entire space
  • Additional colors available

The Ultimate Plus-Size Office Chair for Focusing (800 lb. weight capacity)

We all need to have a few of these chairs around. They’re absolutely the best for long team meetings. You know the kind. You’re trying to tackle a big, messy problem and you need your team focused and at their best. This is the chair you need. It’s got the perfect slope for thinking–relaxed, but not too relaxed. There’s no hard metal or plastic to poke you. Just the right amount of squish to keep your bum comfy while your brain does all the work.

  • Upholstered seat and backrest with high-density foam with waterfall edge for extra leg comfort
  • Originally designed for churches so parishioners could stay comfortable during long, seated services.
  • 18 gauge, 7/8″ tubular steel frame supports 800 lbs.
  • Additional colors available

Plus Size Task Chairs for Your Desk

The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

This iconic chair is the only task chair to earn my personal, tested recommendation. At least for now. Here’s what I love about it:

  • The mesh back AND bottom keeps me cool and comfortable for long, long hours. The mesh flexes to fit my curves, my curves aren’t squished to conform to the shape of the chair.
  • The arms adjust in multiple directions, which means there’s no need to sacrifice ergonomic fit for comfort.
  • My big bod sat in some of these chairs 5-6 days/week for 8+ hours/day for years. The same chairs. They never creaked. They never lost the ability to go up and down. They remained in like-new condition.

Other Big & Tall Office Chairs

As I mentioned above, I don’t have any other task chairs I can personally recommend. But because the price of Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair is prohibitively expensive for many people, I wanted to share a few suggestions for items you could look into.

If you buy any of these chairs, I’d love to know what you think.

Commercial Grade Seating Options for Plus Friendly Workplaces

If you’re shopping for your workplace, you’re probably looking for commercial-grade furniture. There are lots of great plus-friendly options out there that won’t cost more than other commercial-grade options. And don’t worry about only purchasing “big and tall office chairs”. Many commercial options without that designation are great for plus size people. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Don’t forget about benches. Today’s modular seating options are versatile and available in a variety of styles. These kinds of seats work for the widest variety of people. Who says your conference table needs chairs? It’s 2020, try benches instead.
  • Arms really just suck for many big people. This is especially true for women who are more likely to have wide hips. There are lots of commercial grade chairs with arms that have matching armless counterparts. These are great if you’re striving for a unified aesthetic but don’t want to go totally armless.
  • Seat height matters. If you’re tempted to go for tall chairs across the board, think again. The discomfort plus-size people (especially short plus-size people) experience in bar-height chairs will absolutely impact their productivity. Do your bottom line some good and offer chairs at multiple heights. Again, there are many styles that offer matching regular- and bar-height options.

Want to talk more about your commercial seating options, book a time with an AllGo seating specialist here.

You May Also Like

Too Fat For Your Chair? Office Chairs for Overweight People Are Available

Ever have an office chair break under your weight?

Ever have it happen in front of your coworkers?

You may be a little fat, but the chair giving way under you may not be entirely your fault. Most office chairs are only designed to support up to about 250 lbs. Many of us do exceed that capacity, especially when we have jobs that require sitting all day (snacking is optional).

If you have ever had a chair break under you, then you know exactly how important sturdy seating can be. Heavy-duty chairs for overweight people or for extended use are designed and built to provide the support necessary to keep the larger person comfortable without wearing out prematurely.

If you weigh over the 250 lbs that most office chairs are rated for, you may need to start shopping for a sturdy office chair that will last. There are several things to consider :

  • Firm Padding in the Seat. Heavier people compress the cushion more, so is the seat going to remain?
  • With Armrests or Without? Is the chair wide enough to allow you to sit comfortably?
  • Back Support. Does the back feel comfortable and sturdy or is it loose and shaky?
  • Wheels. Are the wheels well made and roll easily, even under your full weight?
  • Materials. Plastic tends to crack easily. You may want to look for a chair that uses more metal than plastic, though some composite materials are just as reliable.
  • Adjustability. You should be able to adjust height, tilt, and back position to suit your needs.

Recommended Heavy Duty Office Chairs:

The Avenger Series 500lb Big Man’s Chair by OFM

This very comfortable chair from OFM is made to last with double stitched bonded synthetic leather, which is thicker and more durable than cowhide leather as well as softer, more comfortable and less grainy. With a 5″ thick and 23.75″ wide seat, it’s wider than the most other big and tall chairs; providing extra room where you need it. This classy looking chair has a pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, tilt and tilt tension adjustment, 28″ chrome base, and 1″ thick padded arms.

AirGrid Mesh Big & Tall Chair by Office Star

Office Star is known for stylish ergonomic chairs, and they make them for big people, too. This big and tall chair features an Air Grid® screen mesh backrest that allows for maximum ventilation and support. Built-in adjustable lumbar support, thick foam padded seat upholstered in black mesh fabric, one-touch pneumatic height adjustment, mid pivot knee tilt control for easy reclining, tilt lock with adjustable tilt tension, adjustable padded headrest, height and width adjustable urethane armrests, 360-degree swivel and a heavy-duty base with oversized dual wheel carpet casters and a rating of up to 400lbs make this a great choice for features and good looks.

Big & Tall Leather Office Chair by Harwick

Real, top-grain leather gives this office chair a luxurious feel at a price that won’t break the bank! It features an extra-thick, extra wide foam seat and heavy-duty construction throughout.

This chair is one of our personal favorites. The leather is absolutely beautiful. It’s super soft, has a very smooth surface as opposed to “football leather” and feels great. The back supports you in all the right places which helps make this one of the most comfortable heavy duty office chairs.

Does Being Fat Cost More?

Chairs made for heavy people are generally going to be more expensive because they are better made with stronger (and more) material. It is a worthy investment since you will save on buying cheaper fast-breaking chairs several times. Shop our entire line of big and tall chairs, and heavy-duty office chairs, here.

President at Office Chairs Unlimited – I have been in the furniture industry for over 20 years, and I’m an expert (just ask me) on all things furniture. I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.

10 Best Office Chair For Tall Person

SaleBestseller No. 1 Neo Chair Office Chair Computer Desk Chair Gaming – Ergonomic High Back Cushion Lumbar Support with Wheels Comfortable Black Leather Racing Seat Adjustable Swivel Rolling Home Executive
  • ✅ 【COMFORT FOR YOUR PRODUCTIVITY】 – Ergonomic office chair design with double-layered cushions for chairs. High elasticity pocket spring seat. 30~50% thicker desk chair cushion than the regular seat. A thick contoured headrest office chair & back. Continuous comfort for long hours of gaming or working. Higher density, better elasticity, stronger resilience! Perfect match for your gaming table & computer desks.
  • ✅ 【2019 UPDATES& ANNOUNCEMENT】 – Upgraded quality PU wheels! One of the best selling office chairs for your executive desk. The cute desk chair with detail provided by the stitching looks incredibly cool. Bulk purchase opportunities & cheap gaming chair for the business customer! Get your desk chair back support & adjustable chair now!
  • ✅ 【LUXURY LOOK OF A LEATHER】 – Fine leather office chair and details of design sophistication. Skin-friendly and soft racing chair. High-quality premium faux leather chair for prolonged sitting. Soft premium leather pad for armrests. Extremely strong office desk chair, ultra-lightweight best office chair, durable & easy to clean racing gaming chair. Resists corrosion, stains, water, fading, and scratches. Upscale your conference room chairs & modern desk chair.
Bestseller No. 2 Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support and Rollerblade Wheels – High Back with Breathable Mesh – Thick Seat Cushion – Adjustable Head & Arm Rests, Seat Height – Reclines
  • ★ COMFORTABLE, WITH MORE ADJUSTMENT OPTIONS THEN ANY OTHER CHAIR IN ITS CLASS – Thanks to our uniquely designed mechanism, this state-of-the-art office chair is more adjustable than almost all office chairs on the market. you can be assured of finding the perfect comfortable seating position just for you. You can adjust the headrest height and angle. Lumbar support height and depth. Armrest height and distance from seat; the seat height; the backrest tilt; and the tilt tension
  • ★ BREATHABLE MESH – The breathable mesh back on this ergonomic office chair provides support while keeping your back cool and comfortable. Cool air circulates through the mesh keeping your back sweat-free and allowing you to sit in the chair comfortably for longer periods of time compared to traditional chairs
  • ★ FULLY ADJUSTABLE BACK SUPPORT – Having back issues or don’t want to develop them? Our unique office chair includes adjustable lumbar support that goes in and out, up and down, and a recline feature that allows you to tilt the backrest back or sit straight. Now you can quickly find a position that makes your back feel the most comfortable!
Bestseller No. 3 Kealive High Back Executive Office Chair 300lbs, Big and Tall Leather Computer Chair with Lumbar Support, Ergonomic Adjustable Tile Angle Reclining Swivel Desk Chair for Heavy People, Black
  • Ergonomic High Back Office Chair: Built-in lumbar support with adjustable knob to relax your back and improve your posture. Without worry about back painting after long time sitting. Ergonomic designed backrest well fits human spine, with double padded cushion and rounded wide seat, our desk chair is built for your comfort needs.
  • Adjustable Rocking Executive Desk Chair: Our high back office chair features advanced tilt mechanism. Ergonomic curved backrest can be adjusted from 90 to 120 degrees to meet your working or resting needs. You can also rock back and forth with tilt-tension knob underneath the seat to adjust the flexibility of rocking back. Pull up the handle, height of office chair can be adjusted from 17.7″ to 20.7″. This office can meet needs of people of different body types
  • Premium Material Leather Office Chair: Our office chair is made of premium material to make sure its durable and comfortable. Breathable PU with fine stitching, give it textured glossy and longer service time. Wider and thicker backrest and seat filled with high density memory foam, provide you with great support and comfortable sitting experience. This chair will accompany you through every precious day of your life.
Bestseller No. 4 AmaMu Ergonomic Office Chair for Heavy and Tall People, Comfortable Mesh Home Office Desk Chairs with High Back Lumbar Support and Foot Rest, Blue
  • Adjustable Seat Height and Backrest Tilting: The seat height is adjustable, you can Adjust the height of the seat very easily as per your requirement. There is also a 90 ° -150 ° tilt mechanism in this tall office chair, which will gives great support to your lower back.
  • Lumbar Support Office Chair: The ergonomic curve backrest design goes with your body , which will delivers a tremendous lumbar support and reduce muscle pain. Comfortable and soft seat cushion can better relieve the pressure on the lumbar spine and hips, it can provide you with a comfortable sitting experience.
  • Heavy Duty Office Chair for Tall People: The base of the office chair is made of aluminum alloy, which are able withstand the weight of 180kg. While you are sitting, the weight is spread in a way that it becomes very easy to maintain that posture while sitting for long hours.
Bestseller No. 5 Executive Office Chair -500lbs Big and Tall Office Chair PU Leather Computer Chair with Spring Cushion, Armrest & Lumbar Support Ergonomic Desk Chair for Heavy People Men Swivel Task Chair, Black
  • 🎁【High-End Leather Office Chair】Our ergonomic office chair combines comfort with fine style due to the top-notch materials used for its design. The big and tall office chair is made with soft PU bonded leather that gives it a unique and elegant style and makes it the perfect addition to any office. The high-quality leather also makes the computer chair incredibly strong and comfortable for the best possible experience, let your skin breathe at all times. big and tall office chair computer chair
  • 🎁【Adjustable Big and Tall Office Chair】Seat-side cable actuated levers let you raise or lower your seat and rock back in your chair. Awesome tilt tension knob underneath the seat to adjust the flexibility of rocking back in your chair which can be adjusted from 90 to 120 degrees to relieve fatigue after a long day’s work. And you can adjust the seat height of our computer chair according to the height of the table to maintain a healthy and comfortable sitting posture. executive chair desk chair
  • 🎁【Sturdy and Durable Computer Chair】The computer chair is equipped with a solid and stable structure, explosion-proof gas, and heavy-duty metal base that provides high security and strong support to keep at a fixed height. The big and tall office chair weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. Its stable and sturdy structure will ensure an effortless working experience; meanwhile, for big and tall users, an exceptionally large seat and high back would be a humanized design. big and tall office chair
SaleBestseller No. 7 HON Prominent Mesh High-Back Task Chair, with Seat Glide and Height- and Width-Adjustable Arms, Asynchronous Control, Black
  • BREATHABLE MESH COMPUTER CHAIR: This work chair’s contoured sandwich mesh seat back cushion with two layers of padding keep your body happy, supported and cool so you can concentrate on work
  • DURABLE DESIGN: This work chair is engineered for performance with 100% polyester seat upholstery with Nano-Tex soil and stain protection plus a fiberglass-reinforced resin five-star base
  • ERGONOMIC ADJUSTMENTS: Let this comfortable office chair take care of your body while you work with an easy, adjustable recline and pneumatic height adjustment
SaleBestseller No. 8 Furniwell Office Chair Computer Desk Chair Big and Tall Ergonomic Wide Seat Home Office Task Executive Chair Swivel Mesh Chair with Adjustable Back &Lumbar Support and Armrest (Black)
  • Bigger and Stronger:Unlike the general office chair, our computer chair is suitable for more office workers, and the 23.5″ x 19 “seat can completely cater to people of different body types, allowing you to feel more freedom and comfort in your seat. In addition, the bottom of the office chair is supported by high-quality industrial grade metal base, with a maximum bearing capacity of 400 lbs, which is believed to be a perfect helper for work.
  • Flexible Adjustable Backrest Support &Armrest:The computer chair has many adjustable positions. First of all, the whole back of the office chair can be adjusted to the best height according to different height, which can better fit the back of the human body. Second, you can also move the lumbar support up and down as needed to feel the strongest sense of support. In addition, the adjustable soft armrest allows you to choose the most comfortable height within a certain range.
  • Avoid Sedentary Fatigue: Our original intention in designing this office chair is to help users experience a more relaxed way of working. Therefore, we have designed a back that fits the human spine more closely, so that you can fully stretch and lean on the back of the chair to work or rest and feel strong support. The curved design of the seat part reduces the pressure on the hips and thighs of sitting for a long time, promotes blood circulation, reduces muscle tension.
SaleBestseller No. 9 Office Chair, Ergonomic Desk Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support & Seat Height, High Back Mesh Computer Chair with Flip-up Armrests-BIFMA Passed Task Chairs, Executive Chair
  • 【DURABLE MATERIAL OFFICE CHAIR】Mimoglad desk chair uses high-quality materials(breathable mesh, sponge, etc.) for the best experience for users. The chair is most suitable for 5.0-6.0 feet people with a maximum load of 300LB.
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN-DESK CAHIR】The design of the backrest fits the shape of the human spine, with the adjustable lumbar support, the office chair will give your back strong support. And the thick seat also can relieve the hip pressure to offer you comfort.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE COMPUTER CHAIR】This task chair has a 4 INCH lifting range to meet the needs of people of different heights, it also has a reclining function of 90-135 °which allows you to relax yourselves after work.

Top Trending Office Chairs For Tall People

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The 3 Best Office Chairs For Heavy People (Over 300lbs)

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

When I was younger, office chairs for obese people weren’t really a thing. Or maybe I just didn’t notice because I wasn’t as fat as I am now. Whatever the reason, I hadn’t give the issue a single though until my work chair started making some pretty concerning sounds.

I know I’m not alone in this, but the point was really driven home in a Facebook message that I got through our blog page the other day. Here’s the gist of it:

“I had been working at my computer all day, pretty much pounding my head on the keyboard trying to get the job done that had taken me the better part of a month.  I honestly wasn’t even close to finishing, but I figured getting lunch (and Diet Coke) would do me some good.

I leaned back in my chair for one of those “I’ve-been-sitting-so-long-I-shrunk-an-inch” stretches, raised my arms above my head, and, with a giant *CRUNCH* my head smacked the ground.  At first, I thought my chair had tipped over, (it wouldn’t have been the first time,) but I realized my butt was still in my chair and I was just draped over it.  The back had literally broken off my chair!  Do you have any recommendations for a new chair? I’m a pretty heavy guy and need a chair with more than a 300lb capacity. Thanks!

Well, my friend, you’re in luck. I just recently spent a week cruising every online and local store trying to find a 500lb capacity office chair. In the end, I didn’t find very many. Which made the decision of which one was best pretty easy!

The Best Office Chairs for Big and Heavy Guys

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With only a few options coming up it wasn’t much of a deal to acquire and sit in each of these chairs for awhile. So, if you need more info, we’ve got it. Let’s review them!

QWORK High Back – The Best Office Chair For Heavy People

If anyone over 300 pounds ever asks me what chair they should get, I recommend this one every time.  No matter your size, this is an incredibly well built, heavy-duty chair that will last for years!

Some highlights include:

  • Bonded Leather Covering.  No one likes seeing a chair with a heavy-duty frame that has split seams and the color has worn off.  The cover will look great and last for years on end.
  • Generous Padding.  The padding is great for relieving pressure points and has carried me through many grueling, 12 hour workdays.  It also doesn’t seem to be squishing or losing loft, unlike traditional chair padding.
  • Tall Back. Works well for both tall and short people.  If you’re on the shorter side, you may not realize that tall people can very rarely lean their heads back against their chairs.  That’s why we always have our heads on our desks! If you’re 6’1 (or a bit more, depending on your build), you can rest your head on this one!
  • Rounded Chair Edge.  The “waterfall” edge of this seat drops smoothly away in an arc that doesn’t cut off the blood flow in your legs.  I have a habit of resting my feet on castors, so this has never been a big problem for me, but shorter people who have taken my chair for a test drive have loved it!
  • It’s a 400lb capacity office chair!  If you only need an office chair for 300lbs, this might just be overkill. But you can rest assured that it will be safe and last forever!  While I don’t offer any guarantees, I would imagine this chair would hold even more weight (and it’s obviously better than anything else most workplaces offer!).

So if you need the best office chair for big guys, save your brainpower for actual work and just go order this one now!

BestMassage Big and Tall Executive Chair

If you have never experienced a high-quality office chair, prepare to be shocked. This thing is BIG, STURDY, and HEAVY!  Unless you have extra cash, just trust me and get this chair or the one above. Even though it was specifically designed as an office chair for big guys, it is similar in looks to a regular office chair and will outperform and outlast it in every regard.

  • High-quality PU Leather Covering.
  • 500lb weight capacity. (This is the common “high capacity” office chair amount)
  • An excellent choice for taller users.  In fact, users up to 6’10” report that this chair is perfect for their needs!

In the end, the best 500lb capacity office chair is one that you can get easily and comfortably afford. So if you’re looking for something for home use or office use I would stick with BestMassage as a company and, if you like the leather-like covering, this chair in particular.

Steelcase Leap Plus – If Price is No Concern

Let me preface this by saying that the Steelcase Gesture is one of the most amazing office chairs I have ever sat in. With that being said, I know it isn’t for everyone, mainly because of the cost. This chair costs about the same as my first car so it will probably only appeal to a few types of people:

  1. Those whose work is so important or whose time is so valuable that they don’t want to lose any time messing with an inferior chair.
  2. Those who have back pain or other pain when they sit for too long and need extra support.
  3. People who need a 300lb capacity chair that will last for 10+ years.

If any of those describes you then this could be exactly what you’re looking for. Steelcase makes some of the most ergonomic chairs for heavy people so let’s take a look at what makes the Gesture great:

  • Pneumatically adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Recline tension adjustment
  • Back locks in 4 positions of recline
  • Upholstered with comfortable but hardwearing fabric (say goodbye to a sweaty back!)

Also, if you fear putting together a plus size office chair (many people do, they weigh 50-100 pounds) then don’t worry, this one ships fully assembled! One of the main reasons that they ship it assembled is so that they know that the quality control is perfect. This allows them to offer an astounding 12 year warranty!

If you have the capital to be forward-looking, this chair will pay for itself. It will last as long as 4-5 other heavy duty office chairs without the hassle of replacing it every couple of years.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best (if not the best) office chairs for heavy people. You might find a cheaper option but you won’t find a better one!

But do I really need a special office chair built specifically for heavy people?

One of the most common questions people ask when they notice that my chair is different (and way nicer) than theirs is: is it really worth it? Do I really need a 300lb capacity office chair (or more)?

While I obviously can’t answer that question for you, the answer for me is clear.  It is worth it. 10x over. 

What makes an office chair suitable for obese people?

Since chairs for big guys and girls are usually of the more expensive variety, it begs the question: what are we paying for?  After all, most seats look remarkably similar. Well, it turns out that there are a number of highly engineered differences: let’s delve into them. 

Weight Capacity

The typical office chair is designed with one goal in mind: to hold a small butt as cheaply as possible.  They have a weight limit of 250 pounds which is hardly ever accurate. If you weigh 200 pounds and plop down onto your seat, you just exceeded the weight limit for a moment.  Now, if you are a larger person, fitting into and being comfortable in a standard office chair is just laughable. You are literally trying to use a tool that was not designed for you.  You are showing up to the tour-de-france riding on a kid’s bike. It might work for a bit, but it sure isn’t going to be fun and won’t take you far.

But what weight of chair do you actually need?  Well, as with everything, there are different levels of heavy-duty chairs meant for different maximum weights.  However, my thought has always been: why get one that’s too close to your weight? The higher the weight capacity is, the slower the chair will wear out, and the safer you will be.  The last thing I need is for my daughter to come to visit me at work and my chair to collapse when she jumps up on my lap. Because of this, a 500lb capacity office chair is about the lowest I recommend.

As there is little-to-no cost difference, I typically buy the most heavy-duty chair available that is both attractive and comfortable.  Manufacturers typically label any chair marketed to heavy or “overweight” people as heavy-duty, but some of them barely hold more than the average chair.  Be sure to read the fine print as you will find 300, 400, and 500 pounds versions of office chairs, all with varying seat widths.

Firmer and thicker seat padding.

Heavier people compress the cushioning in a regular seat more, which leads to less comfort and support as well as the chair wearing out faster. Nicer chairs naturally have higher quality padding and more of it. In fact, some seats have too much padding for me! One of my previous chairs had 5″ of padding on the seat and back which felt good for about 15 minutes before my back started aching. Similar to sleeping on too soft of a mattress, it didn’t give me the support I needed. The secret, then, is to find just the right amount of padding for your weight! If you are looking at office chairs that support 300lbs or more, you’ll find that they generally have sufficient padding.

Back support! (High-quality build materials)

For obvious reasons, this one is important to me.  I tend to lean back in my chair a lot (and have even been known to put my feet up when I’m feeling super managerial).  If the back is not constructed correctly (my broken one was just screwed into the wood seat), it will likely break when used. The heavy-duty chairs we recommend typically have a one-piece metal frame construction, and the back wouldn’t break off if a bulldozer sat on it. Let’s face it, a seat made of nothing but plastic and foam was probably never going to support you or me.

Wider Legs and Heavy-Duty Casters

If you need a 500lb capacity office chair then you better have casters that match. Whether you are stable on your feet or not, your own balance can’t always save you when your seat has a narrow stance. I still remember my burly (okay, he was fat) football coach from high school fell flat on his butt when his rolling chair hit a piece of chalk and tipped over. I think back to that moment sometimes and realize that, as funny as it was if someone who runs drills at football practice 5x a week can end up on the ground, so can I. For that reason, the best office chairs for overweight people are constructed with wider legs, and heavy-duty casters that won’t crack or break.

Multiple Adjustments

Adjustments that don’t work are simply not adjustments.  In one of my first jobs, I had to type up a night report.  For some reason, the desk had been set on cinder blocks so it was a foot taller than a normal desk.  For some other (unknown) reason, the only chair available was one that slowly sunk under my weight. I had to type furiously fast before the chair sunk far enough that my nose was level with the desktop.  Needless to say, I now look for a chair that will consistently adjust and hold my weight.

A quick note: extra-wide vs. high capacity desk chairs

It’s worth noting here, that there is a big difference between heavy-duty chairs for large people and extra-wide chairs for large people…

I have a friend who ordered a chair with a weight limit of 500lbs.  When it arrived and he got it assembled, he could have fit only a single butt cheek on it.  Since it had arms, buying two chairs and tying them together wasn’t an option. For some reason, the maker of this particular piece of furniture had decided that the user of the chair was made of iron.  Very heavy, but the same dimension as a much smaller person. Any reputable seller will include the width of their seat, so be sure to measure a chair you use (and your own “chair”) to be sure it’s wide enough.

In the past several years, I have owned several of the best office chairs for big guys which are stronger and more comfortable than any office provides its employees.  During that time I have also sat in dozens of nice (and hundreds of terrible) computer chairs.  After my wealth of experience (and several hours of additional research), I believe I am eminently (perhaps uniquely) qualified to have brought you my recommendation for the best office chair for large and heavy people!

Now, this list isn’t perfect.  No list of the “best” office chairs for fat people could be.  I could have included many more options, but it was a shortlist out of design and kind of by necessity. It may come as a shock, but even with the large number of people who exceed the capacity of normal chairs, manufacturers and employers still go the cheapest route, resulting in weak chairs that are only comfortable for the smallest people. So if there are only 10 options on Amazon, why would I list all 10? My purpose here was to narrow it down! However, even with limited options, I have found several that I believe anyone could be happy and comfortable in.

Because of the additional cost of these chairs, it is unlikely that your boss or workplace is going to foot the bill for something different than what you already have (at least that has been my experience).  Before you drop the money on a chair, be sure to talk to your boss, mention that it’s safer and more productive for you to have an ergonomic chair that is actually DESIGNED for larger people and that you’ll be taking the chair with you when you leave.  I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem bringing in their own chair. After all, how much work could you get done if you weren’t fighting your puny chair?

If you disagree with my chair choices, that’s okay!  While I think all of my recommendations are excellent choices that will be a good fit for the majority of people, you might have some personal preferences that lead to a difference of opinion.  

Things to think about before buying your chair

Mesh vs. Fabric vs. Leather

I prefer mesh chairs over fabric and will take leather over either of them.  I find fabric chairs to be scratchy and less durable than leather chairs. Mesh chairs do have the advantage of being slightly less sweaty, but this comes at the cost of them being, in general, less supportive.  While this really comes down to what you want to sit on, the highest-rated chairs are almost always leather and that is what we included here.

Padding Thickness

If you need an office chair for 300lbs then you’re probably interested in comfort. As I mentioned above, I prefer chairs that are comfortable, yet supportive enough to see me and my body through an 8, 10, or even 12 our workday. Softy and floppy is not how I like my padding. I prefer a healthy level of comfort (for the benefit on my behind) and a healthy level of firm support (for the benefit on my back). I believe that the best office chair for big guys allows you to be comfortable but not sleepy. You’re at work after all!


I tend to set my work chair at a certain height and never mess with it. However, if I did that at home, my wife could barely see over the desk since there is a foot difference in our heights. So, in my choices, I favored chairs with a high degree of adjustability. This is both useful for me and more likely to fit a broad range of people.

In closing, I will mention – unless you have specifically sought out a chair that is built for a large/heavy person, any of the chairs I mentioned are better than what you currently have. While one may beat the other in a side to side comparison, the most important thing is simply to have an office chair that is meant just for you, whether that means the most budget or the most expensive. I hope this has been helpful. Happy working!

Also, if your chair is for your home office, gaming station, etc. don’t forget that you probably need a heavy-duty floor mat.  Normal ones are just not up to snuff, and typically crack within a few months. Check out our new article which reviews The Best Chair Mat For Heavy People (up to 1000lbs).

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90,000 Armchairs for big people (reinforced) with delivery

It’s no secret that in recent years there are more and more people suffering from overweight. Office chairs for big people of the new generation are able to withstand a maximum of two hundred and fifty kilograms, which is much more than the technical indicators of most other models on the market.

The main task that each chair for overweight people performs is to enable its owner to feel as comfortable and comfortable as smaller people in standard chairs.And it is worth noting that the armchairs of the reinforced structure fulfill their purpose to the fullest.

For those who decide to buy a computer chair for obese people, we recommend that you look into our online store. We are sure that with us you will definitely find that reinforced chair that will suit you perfectly.

Heavy-duty chairs have their own characteristics:

  • seat height adjustment;
  • reinforced steel crosspiece;
  • armrests with inserts, adjustable in height and width;
  • stepless weight adjustment;
  • rigid rollers of the reinforced type for soft floors;
  • synchronous mechanics with secure backrest fixation.

The catalog of our store is regularly updated, replenished with new models of structures, so the site always contains only up-to-date computer chairs for overweight people. If you have any questions about the product, you will need additional information, immediately contact the store’s consultants. They will answer all your questions, provide the information you need and help you choose the perfect office chair for big people.

Reinforced computer armchair is a stylish, ergonomic design that guarantees maximum comfort and convenience for work, both in the office and at home.

By contacting us, you can become the owner of an irreplaceable attribute of successful work.

Ergonomics Office Chair for Fat People for Style and Durability

About Product & Suppliers:

Increase your productivity by choosing from a wide range. office chair for overweight people is available on These days, when long hours at the desk are the norm. office chair for overweight people is needed not only in offices, but also in homes, shops, libraries and many other places.Comfort is the key to success. office chair for overweight people are also an important part of the decor of any room and should be aesthetic.

On,. The obese office chair is made from a variety of materials such as wood, metals, leather and fabric, which offer a unique user experience and aesthetics for all tastes. Most. The obese office chair is easily adjustable and their seat, backrest and height are adjustable, making them ideal for bulk purchases when they can be used by different people. office chair for obese people comes in high, medium and low backs, each offering a different level of support. The

office chair for obese people also has features such as comfortable armrests for those who work long hours and also offers mobility in the form of wheels. This helps to avoid stress on the spine and helps the user feel well rested. File. The offered office chair for obese people is designed using the highest quality materials and is offered by the most reliable sellers and manufacturers, which guarantees their durability. office chair for overweight people are ideal for study, play, conference, work and many other purposes. Their aesthetic appeal also plays a key role in defining the ambiance of an office, study, library or other space.

Choose the most attractive one. office chair for overweight people from many options on With maximum quality assurance and competitive prices, buy in large quantities without any regrets. The products are sure to satisfy your needs and make any work environment more attractive.

Office chairs from the manufacturer in St. Petersburg

A wide selection of office chairs in St. Petersburg

Take a look at our catalog, where you can choose a soft and comfortable office chair. The assortment is really large, as we are ready to add options to each model. The ergonomic design is varied.

Here are the chairs:

  • High back;
  • Upholstered in leatherette, velor, with embroidery;
  • In different colors, etc.

Our customers have access to a choice of various parameters of the product: adjusting the height and tilt of the backrest, armrests, changing the upholstery, gas lift material, etc. The products are inexpensive for their class and are sold at a favorable price.

We guarantee structural reliability, durability and wear resistance of finishing materials and high quality of components (rolling mechanism, rollers, armrests, crosspiece, gas lift).

You can change the angle of the backrest in the range of 95-135 degrees, so you can easily adjust the position comfortable for the spine.Height adjustment is carried out according to height and is fixed in several positions.

We will help you choose a complete set according to your needs and place an order. Please contact our managers for advice.

Stylish office furniture from the manufacturer Pochin

Our company independently produces chairs for company employees. Indeed, the productivity of their labor directly depends on the comfort of employees. Individual selection of parts allows you to purchase exactly the product that best suits your requirements.

Affordable cost of our products is just one of its advantages. It has a stylish look and long service life. However, if you need repairs, our craftsmen are at your service. We have original spare parts and components, so the service center in St. Petersburg will promptly replace the part.

You can order office chairs at a bargain price in a store in St. Petersburg by phone: 8 (812) 447-97-93. We deliver to any city, from the warehouse to the shopping center for free. The discounted price is even cheaper!

The best computer chairs, top 10 rating of good chairs 2020

Every modern person sits at a personal computer more and more time, both at work and at home.According to the latest statistical studies, people on average spend about 13 hours a day sitting at their computers. By simple calculations, it can be calculated that with an 8-hour sleep, only about three hours remain for an active lifestyle.

To spend time at the computer as comfortable as possible, it will not be superfluous to purchase a special chair for yourself, due to which the load on the back, in particular on the lumbar spine, will be significantly reduced.It is the computer chairs that our today’s review is devoted to, which will allow you to choose the optimal design for yourself. However, before moving on to considering specific models, we decided to give basic recommendations for choosing a chair.

What parameters should be used to choose a computer chair?

First of all, you should take into account the user’s activity. If a person spends about two to three hours a day at a computer, then a standard office chair, without a lifting mechanism and with a minimum set of additional features or their complete absence, will be enough for him.

If you plan to spend at the computer from five hours or more, then the choice of a chair should be approached with the greatest responsibility. The main thing that people pay attention to when choosing a model is ergonomics. It is best to purchase structures with an anatomical shape that will either follow the curves of the back, or adapt to them. A similar backrest is made on the basis of a special frame mesh made of artificial polymer materials, which is stretched over a special metal base.It is desirable that the back allows air to pass through and allows the body to breathe.

Be sure to pay attention to how high-quality and safe materials were used in the production of the computer chair. The most comfortable models have seats with bulges in the side parts, thanks to which a person will not slide off the chair, and it will be quite comfortable for him to sit. A special roller is provided for the lumbar – with its help, the load will be distributed as evenly as possible.It will not be superfluous to have a headrest that protects the neck muscles from flowing. Adjustable armrests are a nice accessory.

The structure that changes the height of the seat must be reliable and of high quality to last long enough. The rollers are selected depending on the floor covering, if desired, they can be equipped with a locking mechanism.

There are also a number of additional parameters – these include the design and color of the model’s upholstery.They are selected based solely on their own preferences. When developing our rating, we not only took into account all these parameters, but also took into account user reviews and value for money. Most of the presented models will be affordable even for people with rather modest incomes. So let’s start our roundup of the best computer chairs of 2020.

Ten best models of computer chairs

10. Bureaucrat CH-797AXSN

Our rating is opened by a fairly budget model, which at the same time has a rather interesting appearance and a long service life.The seat is soft, has high anatomical characteristics. Covered with durable fabric that does not wear out and does not lose its attractive appearance during use. The backrest has an interesting shape, has no filler, and is covered with mesh materials that perfectly allow air to pass through. The shape is such that the back is slightly bent back, it is connected to the seat using a metal part made of plastic steel – there is no need to fear that this element will break in the future. At the back, the backrest is reinforced with a reinforcing plastic frame.

If necessary, the chair can be adjusted and adjusted to suit your size and height. There is a long enough lever under the seat that activates the lifting mechanism. It is quite reliable, it will not sag under the weight of a person, therefore, you will not have to adjust the height from time to time. There is another mechanism that allows you to adjust the degree of flexibility of the backrest so that you can sit in the chair as comfortable as possible.


  • High levels of ergonomics;
  • Anatomical seat and back;
  • Convenient and reliable lifting mechanism;
  • Quality build.


  • Sometimes the tension on the mesh can weaken a little, which causes slight discomfort;
  • The wheels are hard and can scratch soft flooring like linoleum.

Bureaucrat CH-797AXSN

9. Chairman 279

Another fairly economical model, which is equipped with a high soft back. The product is delivered disassembled, assembly is simple – even an inexperienced person will assemble the structure in about 20 minutes.The chair is made of ordinary materials that resist stress and wear well. On the handles there is ordinary plastic of increased rigidity, the upholstery of the back and seat is fabric, the threads do not stick out, it does not absorb dirt, and retains its original appearance for a long time. Not very suitable for teenagers, children and just short people, since the lower threshold of the lifting mechanism is not located high enough.

The mechanism responsible for adjusting the angle of the backrest is quite rigid, as a result of which it is rather problematic to use it.This leads to the fact that it will be difficult to lean back – you will have to rest your feet on the floor. The seat is made to be strictly parallel to the floor, the back is at a right angle, can be deflected at an angle of up to 25 degrees.


  • High backrest;
  • Upholstery available in several colors;
  • Wide seat, thanks to which quite large people will feel comfortable in the chair;
  • Low cost.


  • After a long period of operation, it may begin to creak in the area where the crosspiece is connected to the lifting mechanism;
  • The fabric of the back and seat is slightly slippery and may cause some discomfort.

Chairman 279

8. Chairman 668 LT

This model will be an excellent choice for both home and office environments, it offers excellent value for money.It is also delivered disassembled; assembly does not take much time. This is the first computer chair in our review of the best models of the year, where faux leather was used as upholstery. The filler is made of foam rubber, it is able to stay in its original shape for a long time. The crosspiece, as well as the armrests, are made of reinforced plastic, painted in silver. In addition, the armrests themselves are also covered in faux leather. The model is equipped with a swinging mechanism, which, if necessary, can be fixed in a certain position.Height adjustment is soft and smooth, without jerking.

Roller casters have a fairly large diameter – about 6 cm, made of rubberized plastic, so that neither laminate nor linoleum will damage the floor covering. The manufacturer claims that this model is capable of withstanding about 120 kg of weight. The warranty period is 36 months. The back and seat are soft, it is very comfortable not only to rest, but also to work in the chair. During operation, there are no extraneous creaks and other defects that appear over time.


  • Looks solid and stylish – perfect for a manager;
  • Several colors available;
  • High-quality leatherette cover, durable and soft model;
  • Quite reasonable price.


  • There is no backrest angle adjustment;
  • It will not be very comfortable for a tall person to sit in such a chair.

Chairman 668 LT

6.AeroCool AC80C

This is one of the most suitable models, which is perfect for those who cannot imagine their life without modern computer games. The crosspiece is made of reliable plastic, very durable – it will not bend or shift under load, in terms of its service life it is in no way inferior to elements made of metal. The wheels are easy to install, do not jump out of the grooves, and do not start to dangle over time. They are double, made of polymeric material – polyurethane.The chair moves smoothly on soft floor coverings, without jerks and unnecessary sounds, no traces remain. The material of the upholstery is soft and pleasant to the touch, all the seams are of high quality, the lines are even. The armrests are graceful, have soft and high pads,

The rocking mechanism is reliable and durable, adjustable with a special handle. It rotates rather tightly, so it is better to set the required level right away. The lift control knob allows not only adjusting the height of the chair, but also blocking the swing function.


  • Beautiful and original appearance that will surely delight gamers;
  • The construction is made of high quality and reliable materials;
  • High anatomical characteristics, excellent ergonomics;
  • Acceptable value.


  • It is not possible to adjust the height of the armrest;
  • The headrest is missing.

AeroCool AC80C

5.Tetchair NEO1

This computer chair will be suitable not only for computer gamers, but also for people who spend 8 hours a day or more at the computer. The assembly is simple and does not take up too much space, so it is perfect for small offices or home offices. The upholstery is made of artificial leather, the armrests are made of plastic. At first glance, it may seem that the upholstery is made of low-quality materials, which will soon lose their original appearance.However, even after a couple of years of use, the design will still look attractive. The rocking mechanism is very simple and reliable, in between work you can completely relax and lean back.

The height adjustment is very convenient, the lever is on the right side. The design is designed for a maximum weight of about 100 kg. It is also worth noting the reasonable price – the product is almost two times cheaper compared to the previous model.


  • Interesting design;
  • Very comfortable and soft seat, even after a long stay in it nothing gets numb, does not start to hurt the back;
  • A large number of different colors;
  • Reasonable price.


  • The crosspiece is not designed for a significant weight;
  • In hot weather, the back and buttocks may sweat a little.

Tetchair NEO1

4. AKRACING Arctica

In fourth place in our review of the best computer chairs is a fairly stylish model that is designed specifically for professional gamers. The same chair is perfect for people whose activities are related to long-term work at the computer.It has a wide range of different useful functions. Height adjustment is carried out using a special lever located on the right under the seat. On the side there is a mechanism responsible for the degree of seat height adjustment. The position can be changed from 90 to 180 degrees, that is, the chair can be fixed even in a horizontal position. The rocking mechanism is well thought out – there are 12 levels of softness, and when the load is released, the back of the model will return to a strictly vertical position.

The crosspiece and the lifting mechanism are distinguished by a high level of strength and reliability – the chair is able to withstand about 130 kg. The wheels are rubberized, do not leave marks on any floor covering. The chair is made on the basis of a metal frame, which ensures the safe operation of the device. Environmentally friendly artificial leather is used here as upholstery, which will not be scratched or other defects. The filler is made of polyurethane foam.In addition, there are anatomical pillows, one of which is designed for the lower back, and the other for the cervical spine.


  • Can be expanded 180 degrees, taking a strictly horizontal position;
  • Adjustable lumbar support – the chair can be adjusted to suit you;
  • Polyurethane filler;
  • There are wide bumpers on the sides of the seat.


  • Quite expensive model;
  • Although the upholstery retains its original appearance for a long time, it will be necessary to wash it from dust quite regularly.


3. Ergohuman Plus Legrest

This is one of the most expensive models among the best computer chairs included in our review, but the high price is more than offset by ease of use and a long period of operation. First of all, the design is characterized by an adjustable headrest. It is located on a telescopic base, due to which you can change its height. It is connected to the headrest itself by means of a hinge, so the angle of inclination can be changed.The lumbar support system automatically adjusts to the seated position. With just one lever, you can change the depth of the seat, the height of its rise, turn on the swing mechanism and fix the backrest at a certain angle.

The armrests are also adjustable – they can be moved to the right or left, forward and backward, and can also be turned horizontally. All these points allow us to make the design as convenient as possible. The back is mesh, the seat too. The mesh is comfortable and durable, elastic, that is, there will be no feeling that a person is sitting on a hard chair.


  • The cover allows air to pass through, both at the back and at the seat;
  • All parts are adjustable;
  • The seat height can be adjusted so that the chair is perfect for both low and tall people;
  • The swing mechanism is equipped with amplitude limiters, which makes the design absolutely safe;
  • Several color options.


  • High price;
  • Short footrest.

Ergohuman Plus Legrest

2. Chairman Game 10

In second place in our ranking of the best computer chairs is a quite budget model, characterized by high versatility and long service life. The latter parameter is provided largely due to the metal frame made of thin sheet steel, additionally equipped with stiffening ribs. There are two levers on the bed – one is used to change the height of the chair, the other is used to adjust the angle of the backrest.All mechanisms function smoothly and without jerks. The lifting mechanism is hidden behind a decorative strip. The crosspiece is made of hard plastic, it can withstand a mass of up to 120 kg, it does not bend. The wheels look simple enough, but they are covered with soft rubber, which provides a smooth rolling on the surface. They will not harm soft surfaces.

The seat is of high quality, despite the fact that it is made of fabric, all kinds of crumbs will not be hammered into it. Stitched securely, additionally reinforced with a cord, if necessary, it can be quickly replaced.The backrest is made of high quality plastic with a matte finish. The net is taut and secured properly. A soft headrest is also provided – very comfortable for tall people.


  • Interesting appearance;
  • Decent lifting capacity;
  • Not very expensive.


  • Plastic armrests without trim.

Chairman Game 10

1. TetChair Twister Twister

Recognized as the leader among computer chairs, both in terms of user reviews and experts.The model looks reliable and very impressive. The armrests are durable and very comfortable. The seat upholstery is two-layer, filled with polyurethane foam, exactly following the contours of a seated person. The angle of inclination of the backrest is adjustable; a person whose height is in the range from 150 to 190 cm will feel very comfortable in the chair. The chair is perfect for both a home office and an office. The appearance is very attractive.

The developers have taken into account all the necessary points that could cause tension in the back.You can easily sit in a chair for several hours – even a full day without getting up from it. The swing mechanism is equipped with a locking function, the degree of rigidity is adjustable. The lifting mechanism is reliable, withstands a person’s weight up to 130 kg.


  • Extra wide seat allows you to take almost any position;
  • The design is beautiful, the chair will look good in any interior;
  • Decent backrest angle;
  • It is almost impossible to sweat in it in summer.


  • The construction is quite heavy – its weight is about 14 kg.

TetChair Twister Twister

In conclusion video

So, our review of the best computer chairs of the year has come to its logical conclusion. For each model, we have collected as much information as possible to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable product. If you still have some questions, or you just want to share your experience in acquiring, assembling or operating a computer chair, then comments on this article are at your disposal.


We have been selling office chairs for 10 years. During this time, we learned a lot about seating products – normal chairs, knees and saddles. Recently, we are often asked about one more thing. Why would anyone prefer to buy a gaming chair over an office chair? The answer is not always easy.

Source: materials BTOD, our test drives.

Gaming Chairs offer something different than standard ergonomic chairs.

You definitely give up build quality, comfort and ergonomics when you go with a gaming chair. We will tell you what a gaming chair is and what problems accompany it in 2020. You need to make sure to cover all aspects of gaming chairs and find out what you lose versus a regular ergonomic office chair. And please share your own experience in the comments.


Any comfortable computer chair is suitable for gaming.But there is a big difference in the market between a chair that you can play in and a gaming chair. Gaming chairs have taken a unique niche.

Gaming or Gaming Chair is a bucket seat in a striking racing style. The gaming chair was developed in the 90s for car simulation games. It fixes your body in a static position during sharp turns, which is important for maneuvers in online racing.

Typical gaming chair specifications
  • Race style bucket seat
  • Multicolor logo design
  • Full recline angle
  • Basic simplified mechanism
  • Upholstery made of cheap vinyl
  • Comparatively limited range of motion
  • Large import markup compared to office chair
  • Short warranty period



The first problem lies with the client. This is a question – for which I pay money . Unrealistic expectations about product prices are a normal part of our communication with customers. Especially if they are not familiar with the specifics of the market and did not sit in the desired chairs live. But with gaming chairs, utopian notions are most evident.

We expect too much from the gaming chairs. People think that by paying $ 300 for a gaming chair, they will get one of the highest quality chairs.It’s not practical. $ 300 in the world of office chairs – guarantees you only an armchair of average and lower quality.

This does not mean that $ 300 is a small amount. It’s just that in the office chair market, $ 300 is close to the average budget. The best way to explain this is buying a car. $ 90,449 $ 10,000 is a lot of money. But if you go out with $ 10,000 to buy a new car, you are not getting a top class car.


  • Budget office chairs cost $ 300 and below
  • Mid-range armchairs cost from $ 300 to $ 700
  • $ 700 chairs are generally considered upscale, super ergonomic
  • The best chairs in the world start at $ 1,000.Anything that is more expensive is an indicator of a brand’s self-esteem, a designer’s margin, the cost of innovation, etc.

Why so we will write a separate article. Just keep this in mind when shopping for a gaming chair. And add up to a real idea of ​​what to expect for at different price points.


The bucket design with side rollers is the first major drawback of gaming chairs. This design was used on gaming chairs because was the first to be developed for racing games.The design of the chair, which mimics a car seat, only immerses you in the process. Racing seats keep drivers in place during fast turns. The bucket seat and pronounced side bolsters serve an important purpose. They keep the car from fussing and allow you to focus on driving.

  • A simulated design like this makes sense for a racing simulator and arcade-style racing games. But the design does not serve the functional purpose of the for computer, game consoles, or sedentary work.


The side bolsters on the gaming chair are a major obstacle. The first problem is the seat bolsters. Side rollers are sometimes made of metal and usually have little padding. They are uncomfortable if you do not have support under your feet. In addition, most gaming chair seats are quite narrow. And restrict people of not fragile build with side inserts under the armrests.

  • Many gamers like to be in a relaxed position in the gaming chair, but the bucket seat with side supports keeps you in a specific static position.And we know that half an hour of static is already stress for the body.

But if the bolsters on the seat limit comfortable positions, then ROLLS ON THE BACK – A TEST FOR YOUR POSTURE . The specifics of the problem are the same, but here it affects the position of the shoulders. Side padded gaming chairs push them forward, which is inconvenient for extended use.

In addition, almost always the upholstery is made of leather substitute – which guarantees heating of muscles and tissues and cracks after a year.


If you look closely at the mass market, most gaming chairs are narrow in size and weigh up to 15 kilograms. Gaming chairs with a 100 kg (and below) maximum load are quite common. Seats with high weights are less common than and are more expensive.

  • Slim design combined with side panels – limits the size of the person to who can comfortably use the gaming chair.Almost every gaming chair we’ve tested is designed for smaller people.


Almost all gamer chairs are equipped with a basic mechanism. The mechanism is a metal piece attached to the bottom of your chair that allows your chair to perform functions such as adjusting the seat height. The simplest, cheapest mechanism is called the swing-tilt or center-tilt mechanism.They are usually bought ready-made. For true ergonomic chairs – each manufacturer develops its own solutions (approx. Steelcase, Okamura, Comfort. Global, HM, Klober, Sokoa).

  • ROTARY Tilt MECHANISM works like a rocking chair – from a point below the center. The reason why it is considered a low-quality is because the structure raises the knees and lifts the legs off the floor when the person reclines.That completely contradicts ergonomics and biomechanics in general.

In addition, swivel mechanisms require physical effort to swing. If we compare them with knee tilt mechanism , we can understand the reason. The knee tilt mechanism allows the seat to follow the path of your knees. Since most of your body weight is behind the pivot point, much less physical effort is required to pull back. This achieves the ergo balance of the and can be operated in an intuitive dynamic – without fixation.

  Left - rotary mechanism.   Right - synchronous knee tilt mechanism with adjustable swing stiffness.  

Lack of cheap mechanisms and in poor adjustment of spring tension for weight. Over time, it is not at all perceptible. And either it takes a lot of effort to tilt, or you “fall” instead of swinging. All of this will leave you with a chair that should swing back and forth, but not swing.


Gaming chairs are created from inexpensive parts in factories with unskilled labor and diversified furniture factories.Most of the chairs come from China , regardless of which country the trademark is registered in.

Therefore gaming chairs look the same . Sometimes so much that it seems as if one Chinese factory did everything and renamed the models in different colors. But this is not true. There are hundreds of factories. It’s just that the market is oversaturated with the same things in this particular segment.

  • Almost all such chairs have FRAMES made of inexpensive plastic.BASES – made of plywood (wood). And even metal and moving parts do not promise durability due to the lack of rigorous testing standards for a gaming chair. With UPHOLSTERY the same thing – American mesh, Scandinavian fabric or German alternative leather – this is at least 30% of the price of an office chair. So is a good way to cut costs – upholstery with cheap vinyl. Only now, budget vinyl does not easily crack a year after the battery, but it also heats up our muscles and tissues, which is very unhealthy.

Also with FOAM. In good seats, the foam forms the anatomical shape of (along with other air and spring materials) on the seat and retains it for decades. Gaming chairs lose it quickly, and the shape rarely provides for the correct weight distribution.

Attention to detail, craftsmanship and reputation are not included in the price of the Gamer Chair. Crooked logos, uneven stitching and dirty upholstery are often referenced in negative reviews for gaming chairs.And what we see in the stores is fully responsible for them.


Now it turns out, that you spent most of the cost of the chair on the appearance of . Any logos or embroidered words increase costs. So it is with multi-color gaming chairs. Using different colors, textures and patterns is always more expensive in production. You paid to make the chair look like a racing car seat. But without real functionality, these differences are not beneficial to you in terms of comfort or good posture.

And the lower the price of the chair, the more noticeable it is. If you pay $ 50 for a logo on a $ 500 chair, there is little difference in price. But $ 50 for a logo on a $ 150 chair is already a third of the cost. This leaves some room for the chair itself.

What else do you pay for instead of a good mechanism? Gaming chair manufacturers go to great lengths to make the packaging of their chairs look as cool as the color design.But often , instead of real quality, you only get an impression of it.


The lumbar support on gaming chairs is a cushion on the back. The pillow is held in place with a pair of straps to move it vertically. It is used for the same reason as light gas lifts – to save on assembly costs. Chairs for gamers do not have built-in support in the back and anatomical curvature in the frame.

  • The flat back and no mechanical support systems for the lumbar system drastically reduce costs.But replacing the pillow with a lumbar support is completely ineffective. Moreover, the belts are not as reliable as we would like and slide off with every movement.

It is impossible to fill the pillow with foam so that everyone is happy. It will always be too soft for some or too hard for others. This is why good quality ergonomic chairs have adjustable lumbar systems and pronounced curves in the back (photo on the right). The adjustable engineering system allows the chair to adapt to the person. The pillow forces the person to adapt to the seat and does not guarantee a healthy natural lumbar curve during prolonged sitting.


seat warranty for gamers typically two years or less. In the office chair world, the two-year warranty is one of the shortest warranty periods.

  • Warranty is an excellent indicator of quality. For medium quality office chairs, the warranty period is 5 years or more and may exclude some parts.For highly ergonomic chairs, manufacturers offer a comprehensive warranty of 10 years or more, and sometimes even mechanisms with a lifetime warranty .


From basic mechanisms to static headrests and armrests, gaming chairs are limited in customization options. Fixing the backrest in 4 or more tilt angles, adjusting the backrest height, seat depth and angle – are not inaccessible to you in a gaming chair.

  • Bucket seat design – a priori fixed seat and backrest.

Armrests are a prime example of the difference between a gaming chair and the ergonomic . Here, the same as with the lower back – you adjust to the chair, and not vice versa.


The latest global problem with gaming chairs is static, limited movement.

Over the past twenty years, great changes have taken place in the production of office furniture.Everyone is working on to include more movement in the workday. So that even while sitting, you change positions. So that the furniture can be easily adjusted to the needs of the office.

The more we learn about prolonged sitting, the more we discover how the experience affects our health and mood. We’ve seen demand for things like height-adjustable desks, active seating, modular laptop and tablet brackets, adjustable footrests, and designer furniture.Contemporary furniture moves and changes to suit the needs of your day. And gaming chairs seem to have remained somewhere in the 90s. That’s why you shouldn’t expect much from them.

  • Flexible seat frames, mesh upholstery and dynamic mechanisms of the ergonomic chairs push you every minute while responding to movement – constantly supporting you. Chairs for gamers – take away this opportunity.

Racing seat design – the opposite of the creative process .The bucket seat design keeps you in one position. The frame is rigid, and the side rollers are fixed in static position. You can play like this for half an hour. But please don’t work in them.


Gaming chairs have a place and a purpose. Looking for a sporty look or seating for a specific gaming system – choose from the gaming rigs. They look cool and pretty unique. And they also allow you to inexpensively cover the seat with a brand or team logo.

But for universal use, the same amount is more profitable to invest in office chair. As a rule, it will be better assembled and with a greater guarantee. Ergonomic chairs are more likely to customize and maintain posture control.


  1. What do you get for a specific price (see item 1)
  2. Why is the gaming chair better, and what is lacking in functionality (see item 2)

And then – TO TEST SOME OF THEM .Compare the worst and the best in each category. After all, now you know the disadvantages of gaming chairs and can ask the seller the right questions.

We are waiting for your comments and we will be glad if you share your own experience.

The best office chairs for working from home, playing, etc.

Finding a good office chair that best suits your needs and your budget is no easy task. While some people spend all day working from home, others use office chairs only occasionally.The usage scenarios are different for everyone.

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That’s why we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of some of the best reasonably priced office chairs you can buy right now. This list covers a wide range of options, so you should have no problem finding what works for you.

Classic AmazonBasics Desktop

The AmazonBasics line promises high quality products at a fraction of the price of its competitors.This is exactly what you get with the classic table chair of this line. This chair has a simple and modern design, so it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. It’s also available in several other colors, including red and blue, so you can find the style that works best for the rest of your setup.

Check Prices

AmazonBasics Executive Chair

Looking for something more professional? Then the AmazonBasics executive chair might be right for you.Like the Classic Desk Chair, the Executive Chair offers a high quality product at no high cost. It is made of glued leather with a padded back and seat for all-day comfort. Also available in black and white if brown leather is not to your liking.

Check Prices

Berlman Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

If you are looking for something more breathable, Berlman can help you. This mesh back chair features an ergonomic design and more than adequate lumbar support.It features a muted, all-black design that fits into almost any office space. Sturdy, adjustable and less than $ 80, it’s one of the most inexpensive chairs on this list.

Check Prices

Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair

For those of you looking for something a little more unique, the Ergonomic Desk Chair from Hbada is worth a look. This chair is the golden mean between work and play. This chair is not only ergonomic and easy to adjust, but also features a modern design that is perfect for both professional and gaming tables.Hbada also offers an all-black option if you prefer.

Check Pricing

Homall Leather Gaming Office Chair

If you mainly play at your desk, the Homall Leather Gaming Chair is worth a look. This racing style gaming chair features a high backrest, headrest cushion and adjustable lumbar cushion for enhanced comfort during extended gaming sessions. In addition, it is also available in six other colors, including all black, red and blue.

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Healgen Racing Style Gaming Chair

Here’s another option for you gamers. The Healgan Racing Chair has a solid construction, tilts up to 135 degrees and even comes with an electric lumbar massage cushion. This white and black chair is adorned with red, orange, or black accents, so you have several options when looking for the style that works best for your setup.

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OFM Essentials Mesh Back Office Chair (with or without armrests)

For smaller spaces and simpler offices, the OFM Essentials Mesh Back Office Chair is ideal.It’s also durable, comfortable, and affordable. A chair without armrests isn’t what you are looking for? Do not worry. OFM also offers an option with armrests for just a couple of dollars more.

Check Prices

Orveay Leather Office Chair

Like Hbada’s offering, the Orveay Leather Office Chair is ideal for both professionals and gamers. If you work at a desk during the day and play at night, this chair is perfect for you. It’s covered in white glued leather that looks great on many work and play rigs, and is a little more incognito than other racing-style gaming chairs.

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