Best way to apply eyeshadow for eye shape: Beginner’s Guide to Eye Shadow Based on Eye Shape


Beginner’s Guide to Eye Shadow Based on Eye Shape

Knowing your eye shape will help you apply makeup effectively. Making the best of your eye shape is as important as your color choices. The placement of your shadows and liners can make or break your eye shadow look.

Eye contouring is using makeup to change or enhance your natural eye shape and, if you have downturned, monolid, or small eyes, this will be your new favorite beauty hack. You’ll learn how to contour your eyes and look more fabulous!

Check out our infographic below:



Almond Eyes – This is considered to be the most balanced of eye shape, meaning the lid, socket and brow bone are proportioned. With this shape, you can wear any style and play with placement of colors.

Wide Set Eyes – As a general rule, the width between your eyes should be approximately one eye – if it’s more, you have wide set eyes. When it comes color placement, to balance the face, apply a medium tone to the inner corner and work out across the lid, which will make the eyes appear to be closer together.

If you put a lighter color in the inner corner of the eye, you will end up making it appear that your eyes are even wider apart.

Close Set Eyes – As mentioned above, using the “one eye apart” rule, if you have less than an “eye width” you have close set eyes. In this case, if you add dark color to the inner eye, your will make your eyes look even closer together. You need to add light colors to the inner eye and darker to the outer eye – this will give the appearance of a balanced eye shape.

Round Eyes – This, has a very similar shape to almond eyes, but the eyeball itself is more pronounced. For this shape, you can do anything on the top (lid, crease etc.) but I would avoid using any liner on the bottom of the eye as this tends to exaggerate the roundness.

Downturned Eyes – This shape tends to have a “droopy” look to the end – to pull the eye up, make sure any liner or color you use is drawn upward from the outer corner of the eye. You can do this with the tip of a triangle sponge – after application, take the sponge and from the outer corner, just swoop upward and you will see an instant lift to the eye.

Upturned Eyes – This shape is obviously the opposite of the downturned eye, so for this shape, avoid liner that sweeps up as that will exaggerate the upturn. Rounding out and blending the outer corner will give a more balanced look. Use dark eyeshadow on the lower outer corner of the eyes. That will instantly lower down the eyes and help balance out the shape. On the lids, use a medium eyeshadow. You can use the same eyeshadow along your lower lash line. Don’t forget to highlight the brow bone.

Prominent Eyes – Some refer to this shape as “bulging” but really, it is simply that the lid is pronounced with a rather deep socket. Applying light to the lid and dark in the crease will only enhance the shape – remember light brings forward and dark recedes. For this shape, you will love your results if you apply a medium to dark tone on the lid only, with a lighter tone in the crease.

Big Eyes – This shape works best with medium tones swept around the entire eye – follow around the lash line both above and below and add a bit of dark shadow to the outer corners for a smokey look.

Deep Set – This shape is not like prominent shapes eyes – with this shape, you have a deep socket with a balanced lid – but the principle of application is the same. You want to avoid using dark colors in the crease as this will only add the deepness of your socket. Instead, add medium tones from lid into crease.

Small Eyes – With this shape, I avoid lining the entire eye with a dark liner or color as this only closes the eye more. Light to medium color around the entire eye, and line only the top lid.

Hooded Eyes – This is when the skin of the crease falls over the lid, covering most of it. I have this shape. I find most people try to minimize the “hood” by applying a dark color in the crease – BUT this doesn’t really work as hooded eyes don’t have a pronounced crease.

The balance of your eyes and face will look best if you apply a darker neutral color on the lid to within ½ inch to the brow and smudge up. Then apply highlight on the frontal bone. Adding a bit of a highlight to the inner corner will open the eye. Then lots of mascara! It’s also a good idea to keep your brows well-groomed all the time so that you’ll have enough space to work with.


How to Determine Your Eye Shape & Best Makeup Tips For Each

Eyes are beautifully diverse, coming in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. And with each eye shape comes different makeup tricks and tips to enhance. Not sure what eye shape you even have? We’ve got you covered. Ahead, we spent time chatting with Giorgio Armani Celebrity Makeup Artist Tim Quinn to get his expert advice on all the makeup tips for each eye shape and how to accentuate the unique characteristics of them all. But remember, any eye shape can wear any type of makeup they please. These tips are merely suggestions for how to determine and accentuate your unique eye shape.

Meet the Expert

Tim Quinn is a celebrity makeup artist and Giorgio Armani Celebrity Face Designer. Quinn has worked with celebrities for decades at nearly every famous red carpet.

How To Determine Your Eye Shape

  • Round Eyes : One of the main characteristics of round eyes is that your crease will always be noticeably visible. Another way to decipher if your eyes are round is by looking straight in the mirror and noticing whether or not you can see white on the top or bottom of the iris. If you’re able to see any white it’s clear you have round shaped eyes which often at times appear more open.
  • Monolid Eyes: If you don’t have much (or any) of a crease where your eyelid meets the skin below your eyebrows (and the shape of your lid tends to be flatter), that is a good indication you have a monolid eye shape. With this shape, the crease of the eye isn’t visible when your eyes are open.
  • Downturned Eyes: The easiest way to determine if you have downturned eyes is to look at the outermost corner and see whether it lifts up or downward.
    If the outer corner points down, then you know you have downturned eyes.
  • Upturned Eyes: Similar to the process of determining whether or not you have downturned eyes, do decipher if they are upturned you will look at the outer corners to see whether they tilt up or down. If the eyes tilt upward then you have upturned eyes.
  • Almond Eyes: If you see a visible crease when looking at your lids and the iris of your eyes touches white on both the top and bottom, you have almond-shaped eyes. You will also notice in almond-shaped eyes that they turn slightly upward in the outer corners.

Makeup Tips For Round Eyes


When wanting to enhance round eyes, sticking to a neutral color palette is a great idea to really show off the beauty and shape. Quinn suggests that “Using a liner in the waterline is always a good idea for round eyes. Keep the lid color more light and apply a deeper shade to the crease, when applying mascara focus mainly on the top lashes.

Makeup Tips For Monolid Eyes


Utilizing eyeliner is best for the monolid eye shape as it can bring instant definition. When referencing what makeup is best for a monolid eye, Quinn says “Keep it simple, clean, and chic.” A trick Quinn uses often for monolid eyes is “Smudge the liner as you reach the outer edges and be sure to arch the brow to define the eye shape as well.” A nude eyeliner on the lower waterline with softly smudged eyeshadow is another way to enhance monolid eyes.

Makeup Tips For Downturned Eyes

 Getty Images/Rodin Eckenroth

Using a lash curler on downturned eyes will make a huge impact on the shape by keeping the lashes curled and upright. To accentuate a downturned eye shape, Quinn suggests following the shape of the eye in a straight motion with eyeliner versus curving it. “Keep the eyeliner linear. Slightly cheat the outer edge and then smudge out the lower lash line as well with a shadow or your favorite liner.

Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes


Hooded eyes are easily accentuated with color. Quinn emphasized the importance of makeup not transferring to the eyes when they are open and suggests using waterproof liner and mascara to achieve this. Quinn then noted, “I use waterproof liner and mascara so it won’t transfer and add a touch of light to the inner corners and just under the brow bone.”

Makeup Tips For Upturned Eyes

 Getty Images/George Pimentel

Winged eyeliner complements upturned eyes instantly and is a great go-to makeup trick. For upturned eyes, Quinn noted, “Well-defined brows really set the tone for this classic eye look I love to play with colorful liners and keep the lid cleaner.”

Makeup Tips For Almond Eyes

Getty Images/John Shearer

Almond eye shapes work well with accentuated eyelashes (they can be real or falsies) and carry out the popular smoky eyeshadow look very well. For smoky eyes, it’s all about the blending technique, which quality makeup brushes will help you with. Quinn suggests using eyeliner to accentuate almond eyes by applying it on the top and bottom, “Be it winged, ombré or smudged eyeliner you can play with all styles. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and of course lots and lots of lashes!”

The Takeaway

There are a number of eye shapes out there, and you might have one or a combination of two types (for example, you might have hooded eyes that are also downturned). It’s important to realize that no matter what eye shape you have, all are beautiful. Experimenting with different makeup tricks and techniques needs to be fun and something you enjoy, as it will further your knowledge on the best ways to accentuate your individual eye shape. Try everything you feel like trying; there really is no limit to what you can create when you’re in the mood to be playful with your eye makeup. Whether you love to wear bold colors or more natural inspired looks, feel free to get as creative as you want.

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Your Eye Shape

If you’ve ever viewed a beautifully packaged eye shadow palette with wariness and just a tinge of fear, we hear you. There are so many different colors and formulations that it’s hard to know how to apply what and where. Then there’s the question of how to apply it so that it best flatters your unique eye shape (we know, yet another factor to consider). But fear not: Today, we’re tackling the art of proper application and the products that’ll give you the best delivery.

We spoke with makeup artist Brett Freedman (he’s responsible for Camilla Belle’s ever-flawless makeup) and got his tips on the right shadow application technique to complement any eye shape, whether small, downturned, etc.—because the eyeliner-mascara combination you’ve been wearing since middle school is probably ready for an upgrade.

Getty Images / Cristina Cianci

Meet the Expert

Brett Freedman is an LA-based celebrity makeup artist and the founder of the Brett Freedman Beauty line of professional makeup products. He has previously worked on campaigns for Revlon, Neutrogena, and Pantene.

Almond Eyes

 Getty/Steve Granitz/Contributor

Freedman declares almond-shaped eyes “the most fun eye shape to make up. ” For daytime, he suggests using a matte taupe color (like Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow in Warm Taupe, $12) over the lid, into the crease, and upward toward the brow bone. Then use a deeper matte shade (we like MAC Eye Shadow in Charcoal Brown, $17) on the outer corner and blend both lines together with a rounded eye shadow brush.

“To really make your eyes pop, add a champagne shimmer pencil (like NARS Velvet Shadow Stick, $29) or shadow to your inner eye and tear duct area,” Freedman suggests. He says to avoid the urge to use shimmer over the entire lid and crease because it can make that area too prominent: “You want your actual eyes to pop, not the makeup!”

Learn Makeup Tips for Almond Shaped Eyes with Camille Thompson

Round Eyes

Getty Images

When it comes to round eyes, Freedman says the key is to apply the most vivid part of the makeup on the top lash line and on the outer corners. “You want to keep the bottom lash line very minimal,” he advises. He suggests drawing a soft, smudged taupe line on your lower lash line using a product that’s lighter than the color on your top lid. “I use just a touch of mascara to finish the look,” he says.

“Round eyes tend to read cute,” Freedman says. “If you want a sexier feel, play up your eyes [by applying a darker shadow] upward and out.”

Hooded Eyes

Getty Images

“When I work with an actress with hooded eyes, I tend to take the lid out of the equation,” Freedman explains. He uses a smoky taupe eye shadow (like Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Pistol, $20) along the lash line, over the lid, and up into the crease, skipping any lighter shadow. Use this technique if you have uneven lids as well. “A light lid will just highlight your lids and make them look more uneven,” he says.

To create more dimension and bring out the shape of hooded lids, Freedman uses a deeper shadow (try Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow in Espresso, $17) along the lash line and blends it into the taupe color. “This recesses everything, instead of highlighting the hooded lid or monolid,” he says.

Downturned Eyes

Getty/Bryan Bedder

Like the technique he uses for round eyes, Freedman suggests keeping the darker shadows on the top lash line. “Dark, smoky eyes can bring out the droop even more,” he says. “You want lift—so lots of lashes on top, minimal on the bottom.”

To help the eyes look lifted, Freedman suggests using brown mascara on the bottom lashes instead of black—that way, there isn’t anything too dark that will pull the eyes down. He also swears by the power of expertly placed highlighter: “Highlighting the brow bone will help pull attention upward!” Try Benefit Watts Up ($30) or Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil ($23) directly under your eyebrow arch to counteract drooping.

The Best Eye Makeup for Your Eye Shape


While you may think eye makeup application is a bit of a no-brainer, did you know that changing your technique based on your eye shape can make a world of difference? Just like jeans meant for your body type can offer a more flattering look, the same is true when it comes to coordinating your eye makeup with your eye shape. Sure, you could layer on eye shadow and eyeliner in the most obvious way, but when you know your eye shape and apply accordingly, they’ll pop like never before. Sounds pretty eye-catching, right? To help you perk up your peepers for their best look yet, we’ve created this super-comprehensive guide—soon enough you’ll know your eye shape and how to accent it like a pro!


Before you switch up your eye makeup technique, you’ll need to determine which eye shape you have. How you apply makeup to almond-shaped eyes might differ from how you apply makeup to downturned eyes. Not sure which eye shape you have? Consult the list below.

Almond eyes. Think: oval-shaped eyes with slightly upturned outer corners that look like—you guessed it—almonds. Known for being super-symmetrical, you can think of almond eyes as the universal shape that pairs well with just about everything.

Round eyes. Look in the mirror. What do you see? If you can see your whole iris without any of it being covered up by your top lid then say hello to your big, beautiful round eyes.

Upturned eyes. These are almond eyes with a twist. Instead of having slightly upturned corners, upturned eyes take it up a notch for a more noticeable angle, which makes the lower lid appear larger than the upper.

Downturned eyes. These are the opposite of upturned eyes—meaning the corners drop down for an upper lid that appears larger than the lower.

Monolid eyes. Just think of these as creaseless beauties.

Hooded eyes. Ever wondered why you can’t fully see your crease? When you have hooded eyes, the skin extending from your brow bone sags just a tad to conceal your crease.

Now that you have a better idea of your eye shape, it’s time to learn what you can do to really enhance them. Grab your favorite liquid liner and eye shadow palette and follow along!


Eye makeup is huge right now and there’s never been a better time to play around with your makeup and enhance the most captivating feature on your face. There’s nothing quite like the right eye shadow technique and a little lid contouring to really accentuate and flatter your eye shape. See below for tips on applying eye shadow to each eye shape, then get to work on highlighting your beautiful eyes!


You’re one lucky woman! With your slightly lifted, super-symmetrical eyes, just about any shade and style will look fabulous. Don’t know where to start? Try a classic nude smoky eye that uses a medium matte brown on your lid paired with a slightly darker shade blended into your crease. Use the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Quads in Cupa Joe to bring this look to life. When fully blended, this look will open up your eyes and accentuate your almond shape.


Contouring your peepers it the key to creating a stunning, defined end look. All you have to do is apply a medium to dark shade over the center of your lid, followed by highlighting your inner and outer corners with a lighter shade. This will draw attention to the center of your eye for an ultra-flattering look. Use the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Quads in Army Brat to put a colorful twist on an otherwise simple look.


Complement your upturned eyes with the help of a little dark shadow or liner placed on the outer corner of your lower lash line. Next, apply a medium-toned shadow on your lid before topping things off with a subtle highlight on your brow bone—all using the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Pocket Palette Eye Shadow in Boudoir Charme. Just don’t be too heavy-handed with your highlight, as you want it to have the same (subtle) effect that light bouncing off your skin naturally creates.


There are two things to keep in mind if you have downturned eyes: First, don’t blend eye shadow too far above the crease because it can look a tad messy on your eye shape. Second, the best way to perk up downturned eyes is to shade them with natural colors that brighten and open the eyes.


A great way to add dimension to your eyes is to apply a gradient effect on your lids. Start with darker colors near your lash line and gradually work upward into a more shimmery tone under the brow. The L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude has ten shades in three different finishes so you have a variety of options for creating that ombré effect. Just remember to blend between color transitions!


Don’t assume your eye shape rules out any eye makeup looks! You just have to get a little creative. To trick your eyes into looking like they have more lid space to work with, all you have to do is keep your brows well maintained and carry your eye shadow all the way up to your brow bone.


Whether you want to wear it alone or layered with eye shadow, the right eyeliner technique—aka one that’s tailored to your eye shape—is a fabulous final touch for flattering your gaze. So, before you go ahead and line your lids with no rhyme or reason, take a peek at which liner technique is best suited for your eye shape.


By now you know that your eye shape can pair well with various looks across the board. But, if you want to really accentuate your shape, look no further than a classic cat eye or wing-tip. Starting thinner towards the inner corner and gradually getting thicker towards the outer corner of your eye, this liner technique helps highlight your gorgeously upturned shape. Use the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise™ Liquid Eyeliner in Black to create the look.


The key to applying eyeliner to make your eyes pop is to emphasize the outer corners with winged eyeliner that extends past the eyelid. We recommend starting your line at the highest peak of your eye and working your way outwards to balance your rounded features. Use the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Eyeliner in Black Party to create your sharpest wing before sweeping on a coat of mascara.


Upturned eyes look best when the upper lid is exaggerated with eyeliner. Wonder which specific technique to employ for a gorgeous gaze? We have two options for you! Try a smudged eyeliner look if you want to lengthen your upper lid or opt for a little nude liner along your lash line and inner corners to give the appearance of big, bright eyes. Try using the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in Nude.


Add a little 45-degree flick at the end of your lash line if you’re going for a lifted look. If you want to rock something a little less dramatic than a cat eye, use a smudge brush to lightly blend out a thin line that adds just enough definition to your upper and lower lash lines.


Tightline, tightline, tightline. When you apply your eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible, you’ll be able to define your eye shape while making your lashes appear fuller at the same time. Use the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in Black for this technique.


Eyeliner for hooded eyes can be a little tricky, due to the way your upper lid droops over your crease. To avoid any unwanted smudges or transfer, be sure to keep your eyes open when you line them. This is especially important when trying to achieve a thick, bold wing (the most complementary liner for your shape). If you close your eye to create the wing, there’s a good chance that when you open your eye, the tail end will be hidden in the fold. Don’t want to deal with that headache? No worries! Just trace close to your bottom lash line starting around the middle of your eye for upside down definition that looks positively radiant on hooded eyes.

Phew—that was a lot! To recap, understanding your eye shape can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to applying your makeup. Whether you have almond eyes, hooded eyes, or anything in between, there’s a technique out there that will seriously help flatter your eyes! Next, let us fill you in on The Best Makeup Colors for Every Skin Tone.

The Best Makeup For Your Eye Shape

Variety is the spice of life which is why we love beautiful eyes in every shape and size – almond, hooded, round, monolid, upturned, downturned, you name it.

Our eyes are one of the first things people are drawn to when they look at us, and if they really are the window to our soul, then that makes our eyeshadow the curtains, our liner the curtain rod and our mascara the roller blind. Understandably, we want all three to look outstanding.

Before you go about creating an eye makeup masterpiece, it’s a good idea to consider which eye shape you have and how you can best dress them to accentuate your features, as this may differ depending on your eyes own unique anatomy.

All the details you need for HUDA’s new exclusive Gold Obsessions eyeshadow palette

Makeup artists have been doing this for years. To work out where to apply what, they’ll first consider lid shape and size as well as which direction to angle your liner in order to emphasise and celebrate your eye shape.

It’s an approach that we can translate into our own makeup routine. The question is, how do we work out which eye shape and techniques apply to us?

Of course, it goes without saying that no matter your eyelid shape, you can wear whatever style of shadow or liner you want. But, if you’re after some tips on what will work particularly well for you, we have just the thing.

Our beauty editor’s pick of the best liquid liners for the slickest flicks ever

We asked top makeup artists, Lan Nguyen-Grealis, Adeola Gboyega and Bobbi Brown pro makeup artist Zara Findlay, how to make the most of our eyes. Once you know the basic tricks and tips, you can have a play around which graphic shapes and colour to create eye makeup looks that match your features and your personality.

Find your match amongst the 8 beautiful eye shapes below…

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Your Eye Shape

How to Apply Eyeshadow on Monolid Eyes 

Monolids are characterized as eyelids that don’t have a visible crease or hood. There are a few ways to apply eyeshadow to accentuate this eye shape. “A typical application for this would be to apply darker shadows at the base, gradually getting lighter as you move upwards,” says Kristina. “If you feel like getting a little more adventurous, this eye shape is great for graphic eyeliner, or any other creative shapes you feel like drawing on the lid.”

If you’re just starting to play with eyeshadow, Kristina also recommends adding a pop of color to your inner corners as a fast and easy alternative. 

How to Apply Eyeshadow on Downturned Eyes  

If the outer corners of your eyes point slightly downward, then you have downturned eyes. “For this eye shape, it’s really important to line under the eye and blend a darker shadow on the outer edge of the eye, bringing it up to the crease,” says Kristina. This method of application pulls the eye up and out for an ultra-flattering look. 

How to Apply Eyeshadow on Round Eyes

If you can see the whites of your eyes around all sides of your iris, chances are you have round-shape eyes. When it comes to round-shape eyes, Kristina says that she loves to line both the top and bottom of the eye. “On the upper lid, smudge the liner on the inner and outer corners, pulling it upwards to create a triangle effect pointing out on your lid,” she explains. “On the center of the lid, apply an eye-catching eyeshadow shade to make it pop, blending into those outer triangles.”

How to Apply Eyeshadow on Almond Eyes  

Almond eyes can be mistaken as round, but there’s one key difference between the two: If you can only see the whites of your eyes to the left and right of your iris, you have almond-shape eyes. Kristina recommends focusing darker eyeshadow on the outer edge of the eye and blending it out towards your hairline. Near the inner corners of your eyes, blend lighter shades for a gradient effect. 

How to Apply Eyeshadow on Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyelids have a crease to them, but that crease tends to be deeper-set and hidden from view when your eyes are open. To bring out that crease, Kristina likes to use a darker shadow above the fold of the eye. “Use that same color on the outer edge of the eye, softly drawing it out towards the hairline,” she says.

How to Apply Eyeshadow on Upturned Eyes

If the outer corners of your eyes point slightly upward, then you have upturned eyes. “Go with the cat-like effect that this shape naturally has,” says Kristina. “Line the top of the eye, and for the bottom, only line the outer third — less than halfway,” she says. When it comes to eyeshadow application, drag the shades outwards towards the hairline.

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Different Eye Shapes

From wide, round eyes to hooded or monolids, eye shapes are as varied as face shapes. And just like face shapes, a makeup look that makes one eye look bright and open may not work as well on another. Consider these tips a starting point for your most flattering eye makeup look! 

First things first, let’s figure out your eye shape. Grab a mirror and work your way through these quick questions:

  1. Do you have a visible crease on your eyelid?
  • Yes: Go to question 2. 
  • No: You have a monolid shape! 
  • Is your crease barely visible, and somewhat hidden by your brow?
  • Yes: You have a hooded shape!
  • No: Go to question 3. 
  1. Are the whites of your eyes usually visible around your iris? 
  • Yes: You have a round shape!
  • No: Go to question 4.
  1. Imagine a line drawn across your eyes, from temple to temple. Now picture where the outer corners of your eyes would fall in relation to that line.
  • Above the line: You have an upturned shape!
  • Below the line: You have a downturned shape!
  • On the line: You have an almond shape! 

The Best Eye Makeup for Monolid Eyes

If your eyes have a monolid (or no crease), you might be tempted to use eyeliner or shadows to create a faux crease. If you love the look, go for it! But we think it’s even more flattering to accentuate the gorgeous natural shape your eye already has. A great way to add dimension is to create a vertical gradient of color. Other eye shapes tend to use a horizontal gradient (lighter colors near the inner corner and dark shades at the outer corner), but yours is unique. Instead of inside to outside, think top to bottom, like a sunset. And don’t limit yourself to neutrals – a range of coppers or blues can create a stunning effect! Our Perfect Eyeshadow Palettes by Eye Color [insert link when available] give you all the shades you need to create this look. 

Step 1: Start with the darkest shade in your palette, and use the Angled Liner Brush #13 to smudge it into your lash line. 

Step 2: Brush a medium-toned shade just above that using the Angled Shadow Brush #09. 

Step 3: Add the lightest shade under your brown bone and blend the whole look together.  

Step 4: Finish off by curling your lashes and adding a coat or two of Perfect Mascara. 

The Best Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Beauties with hooded eyes tend to have one common complaint – smudging. Because of the bit of skin, or ‘hood,’ that touches your lids, makeup on the lash line often ends up all the way at your brows in no time. We have two solutions for that! First, we’ll build a base that helps shadow stay put. And second, we’ll create a look that only gets better with wear. Before adding any shadow, use your ring finger to tap a light layer of Complete Concealer across your entire lid. Think of it like eye makeup glue – the waxy formula grabs shadows and keeps them where you want them.   

If you’d rather embrace the smudge (which we’re all for), a modern smoky eye is the look for you. While greys and blacks are classic, we also love smoky eyes that feature pops of color. Check out our Perfect Eyeshadow Palettes by Eye Color [insert link when available] for a curated collection that’s a perfect place to start.  

Step 1: Use the Small Eyeshadow Brush #20 to apply a mid-tone shadow across your lid. 

Step 2: Then use a gel-based eyeliner like Enduring Eyeliner Pencil to line your upper lashes. 

Step 3: With the Angled Shadow Brush #09, smudge a coordinating dark shadow on top of the line you just drew. Using a windshield wiper motion, blend the dark shadow halfway up your lid. 

Step 4: Softly press the brush onto your lower lash line to create a dark, smudge effect below your eyes, as well. Blend with a fluffy shadow brush or your fingers for an even smokier effect.

Step 5: Top with Making Waves Waterproof Mascara for voluminous lashes that last! 

LimeLife by Alcone’s Making Waves Waterproof Mascara

The Best Eye Makeup for Round Eyes

If anyone’s ever complemented your big eyes, they likely fall into the round category. Since the whites of your eyes are visible on all sides of your iris, you naturally look wide awake. Lucky you! We love a monochromatic eye makeup look that draws attention to the center of your eye. The right balance of light and dark shadows within the same color family will help create definition where you want it. Think of it like contouring for your eyelid!

Step 1: Choose a mid-tone, matte shade of Perfect Eyeshadow. Using the Small Eyeshadow Brush #20, apply it to your entire eyelid. 

Step 2: Find a shade that’s a little lighter and has a bit of shimmer. Using your ring finger or shadow brush, tap it just in the center of your eyelid. 

Step 3: Dampen yourAngled Liner Brush #13 and dip it in the deepest shade. Use it like eyeliner to rim your upper and lower lash lines.

Small Eyeshadow Brush #20

Step 4: Finish with a single coat of Perfect Mascara to let the color shine through. 

The Best Eye Makeup for Upturned Eyes

Beauty lovers with upturned eyes: we see you, and we want to be you! Your eye shape is elongated with natural lift, giving you the look many people try for with winged liner. We love an eyeshadow look that amplifies this effect, drawing attention upward and outward. A classic light-to-dark gradient is simple to achieve and easy to amp up from day to night. 

Step 1: Choose a mid-tone, matte shade of Perfect Eyeshadow. Using the Small Eyeshadow Brush #20, apply it to your entire eyelid. 

Step 2: With the same brush, pick up a little bit of the darkest shadow. Tap it on the outer corner of your eyelid and blend it back toward the center of your eye, into the crease. Smudge a bit of it onto your lower lash line, creating a ‘V’ shape around the outer corners of your eyes. 

Step 3: Tap a light, shimmery shadow along your brow bone to mimic the light’s natural highlight. 

Step 4: Curl your lashes and add a few coats of Perfect Mascara. 

The Best Eye Makeup for Downturned Eyes 

Your shape gives us one of our favorite before-and-after looks, because it really shows off the transforming effect makeup can have. Many people with downturned eyes tend to shy away from exaggerated eye makeup, for fear or making their eyes appear droopy. But pros agree that multi-dimensional shadows and a winged flick create a gorgeous complement for your unique eye shape. Try nudging yourself out of your comfort zone with bright, colorful shadows – we love a tangerine like Perfect Eyeshadow #13 paired with a light wash of #10’s electric green. 

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Eyeshadow in #10 “Electric Avenue”

Step 1: Using Angled Shadow Brush #09, sweep your base shade (#13, if you’re using it) across your lid. Extend the color past the outer corners of your eye, creating a cat-eye flick. 

Step 2: With the same brush, brush a small amount of your secondary color (like #10) just above the first. Don’t go too high up, as this can start to look messy. Also smudge it along your lower lash line.

Step 3: Skip the liner – this look speaks for itself! Add a single coat of Perfect Mascara if you’d like.  

The Best Eye Makeup for Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond eyes are like oval faces – proportionate and easily flattered! Pretty much any eye makeup look will complement your eye shape, so don’t be afraid to experiment with funky liner or unique color pairings. We do love having a go-to look for busy mornings, so that’s what we’re outlining below. It’s a bronzy, smoky eye that opens up your almond shape and flatters just about every eye color [link to Eyeshadow by Eye Color blog when available]! 

Enduring Eyeliner Pencil in Brown

Step 1: Line your top and bottom lashes with Enduring Eyeliner Pencil in Brown. Don’t worry about making the liner perfect – it’s going to get smudged like crazy later on! 

Step 2: Using Angled Shadow Brush #09, apply a shimmery bronze like Perfect Eyeshadow #24 across your entire lid. Blend it just a bit above your crease. 

Step 3: With the same brush, pick up a bit of a deep, chocolately brown like Perfect Eyeshadow #08. Sweep it into your crease and at the outer corner of your eye, creating a sideways ‘V’ shape. 

Step 4: Use a dense shadow brush like Small Eyeshadow Brush #20, to blend, blend, blend. Make sure you soften the edges of the liner and create a smooth transition between the two shades of shadow.

Step 5: Curl your lashes and add a few coats of Perfect Mascara.

Have you found the ultimate eye makeup look for your eye shape? Share any additional tips and tricks you have in the comments! 

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how to apply shadows correctly – ready-made techniques

One of the most popular make-up tools seems to have been studied up and down. But we have something to add!

What are the types of shadows, how to choose and apply them correctly, to whom which are more suitable? Read our beauty cheat sheet to take it to the next level!

Types of eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is an essential makeup element. With their help, you can correct the shape of the eyes, make them larger and more expressive.This requires the right application techniques and a basic knowledge of product types and textures. Find out how different eyeshadows differ.

Compact eyeshadow

Compact shadows are the most common type of shadows. In their production, pigments are mixed with binders and pressed together. Today, the beauty market offers a huge selection of compact shadows: different colors, textures, durability. Recently, large palettes have come into vogue – they are convenient to take with you on trips and experiment with makeup (read how to choose the right palette here).

Shadow Pencil

Eyeshadow pencil is a salvation for those who have just begun to master this category of makeup products. They should be applied directly with the stick, thickly painting over the eyelids. As a rule, pencil eyeshadows are less pigmented than other types, so they can be distributed without fear of overdoing it with the intensity of the shade. It is convenient to shade the color directly with your finger. Especially the pencil shadows are good for those who fail the smoky ice technique: a smoky effect can be created in two minutes by running the stick along the upper and lower edges of the eyelashes.And you’re done!

Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse Stylo Long Lasting Pencil Shadow ©

Cream eyeshadow

Cream shadows are especially appreciated by fans of natural make-up, because they merge with the skin texture as much as possible. Unfortunately, such mild products are generally not very persistent and tend to roll off quickly in the creases of the eyelid.In this case, stock up on a good primer – it will help keep your makeup until the evening.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24H ©

Of course, there are ultra- and even waterproof cream eyeshadows. Under them, of course, it is not necessary to apply the base. You can apply cream eyeshadow either with brushes with artificial bristles or with your fingers: as you like.Different options for how you can apply cream eyeshadow are in our video.

Baked eyeshadow

Baked eyeshadows are a mixture of mineral pigments that are subsequently baked in a special way. Thus, moisture evaporates, and all minerals, pigments and shimmering particles remain. In appearance, baked eyeshadows are not too different from classic powdery ones. All the difference is visible upon application. They can be applied wet and dry. In the first case, they slightly shine, in the second – the effect of foil on the eyelids is obtained.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Baked ©

Mineral eyeshadow

Mineral shadows are prepared as follows: Minerals such as iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are micronized or ground into tiny particles. Mineral eyeshadows gained their popularity in the 1970s in America, when naturalness was at the height of fashion.

Today, the demand for mineral cosmetics does not subside. The difference is that it does not contain a number of ingredients: emollient oils and waxes, fragrances and preservatives found in conventional formulas.

Mineral shadows are always produced only in crumbly form. Their intensity can be different, depending on the manufacturer’s brand.

Loose eyeshadow

Loose eyeshadows are similar to classic pressed eyeshadows, except that they do not mix pigments with any binders.Therefore, they have a loose, powdery consistency. Loose eyeshadows are sold in miniature jars. Such products are especially loved by professional makeup artists. Indeed, with their help, you can achieve any color intensity. It is recommended to apply them with a brush.

NYX Professional Makeup Pigments ©

Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid shadows – newcomers to the beauty market.This formula has existed not so long ago, but it is already loved by many. Outwardly, they resemble lip gloss: similar tube packaging and applicator for application. Glitter micro-particles are often added to them, creating a beautiful shimmering effect on the eyelids. In matters of application, liquid shadows are one of the simplest: they do not crumble, they are easily shaded.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint ©

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Pearlescent or shimmery shadows

Many people today mistakenly consider pearlescent shadows obsolete, remembering the fashion for them in the 1990s.However, modern formulas are a completely different story: they no longer shine like foil, and the choice in shades has become much wider.

Pearlescent eyeshadows are a great option for beginners in makeup, because they are easy to shade and can be easily combined with any other textures.

Shimmering shadows are distinguished by the presence of small sparkles. The very same base can be any – from shiny to matte. Both the one and the other type of shadows, due to their radiance, looks more appropriate in the evening under artificial lighting.

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

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Matte eyeshadow

Among all types of shadows, matte looks the most natural (when using nude shades): there are no shiny particles in their composition, so they look like powder on the eyelids.But they are also the hardest to apply: their dry formula is reluctant to blend.

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

Which matte eyeshadow should you choose?

  • When choosing matte eyeshadows, be sure to rub them on the pads of your fingers and blend on the back of your hand.The best will be those whose texture is most suitable for the description of “silky”: such shadows will shade well and look natural.
  • Set aside overly dry eyeshadows reminiscent of chalk in consistency.
  • Today, every beauty brand produces matte eyeshadow palettes that include four shades or more. Color combinations for them are selected by professional makeup artists, which means that each shade can be worn separately or mixed with each other.

Matte Shadow Makeup

Matte eyeshadows in subtle earth tones or pastels are ideal for daytime makeup: they look natural and discreet. When creating evening makeup, pay attention to dark or saturated colors: with these, the smoky ice effect looks especially good.

Matte shadows are also very convenient for making arrows: just moisten the brush with water and the matte texture will turn into super-pigmented, suitable for drawing lines.For more information on how to repeat this trick, see our video tutorial:

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Glitter eyeshadow

Sequins are an undeniable trend of the last few seasons. For those who do not risk immediately applying glitter to the eyelids, as podium makeup artists did at shows, there is a safer option – glitter shadows.

An important point: the sequins should be of medium size – not too small, otherwise there is a risk that it will look like a mother-of-pearl effect, but not too large.

Shiny shadows can be used day and evening. One condition: in daytime makeup, glitter should be the only accent on the face. Take an example from the models: a clean, as if unpainted face, and glitter on the eyelids – with this makeup they look fresh and uncommon.

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

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How to apply shadows correctly: step-by-step photo and video tutorials

In makeup, there is no single correct way to apply shadows: depending on the shape of the eyes, the texture of the shadows, the occasion, your personal habits and many other factors, shadows can be applied in completely different ways.But there are some of the most popular techniques that are used the most. Read more about them in our photo instructions and videos. To get started – watch the video on the simplest way to apply shadow on the eyelids.

Smoky Ice Makeup

The classic version of evening make-up – “smoky” eyelids. Combine different shades of eyeshadow for interesting makeup options.


Apply eyeshadow base to upper and lower eyelids. Then, with a small, flat, natural brush, highlight one third of the lower eyelid with a deep bronze shade, and bring the line further down to the sweet upper eyelid.



Using a flat natural brush, spread the same color over the entire movable eyelid up to the orbital line.



With a light brown matte shade, blend the border of the dark shadows and emphasize the orbital line.Use a fluffy natural brush for a hazy effect.



Using a smaller brush, blend along the lower border of the shadow of the same shade, filling the entire line of the lower eyelid.



Paint over the space between the eyelashes and the mucous membrane above and below with a waterproof brown pencil.



Use a small brush to place a “highlight” in the inner corner of the eye with a shade of shadows with a shimmer, and use a softer, satin version under the eyebrow.



Paint over the lashes with dark brown mascara.


A video tutorial that will also help you repeat makeup using the Smokey Ice technique.

We advise you to read:

Makeup using the “loop” technique

One of the oldest and most popular make-up techniques is quite simple to perform:


Blend light shadows over the entire surface with a light shimmer.



With a soft black or brown eyeliner, paint along the lash line and loop up to the crease of the upper eyelid. Accentuate the line under the lower lashes.



With the same pencil, shade the area behind the “loop”, darkening the corner of the eye.



Using a small flat brush, “pull” the pencil into shading, then use dark shadows to secure the pencil over the entire surface, leaving the edge “smoky”.



With a lighter shade of shadows, soften the corner even further.



Paint over the free part of the eyelid with light satin shadows, using them to lighten the area under the eyebrow.



Paint over the eyelash edge with black eyeliner and also take it into the “loop” to make the contrast of colors even more accurate and saturated.



Paint over the lashes with mascara.


Cutcrease make-up

Make-up with a well-defined eyelid crease came to us from Instagram, but today it is often found on the catwalk too.



Use a fluffy natural bristle brush to widely blend the light beige eyeshadow along the crease of the upper eyelid.



Use a smaller brush to highlight the orbital line again with darker brown shadows.



Use the third (darkest) shade of brown to mark the fold and blend.



With a flat artificial brush, paint over the entire movable eyelid with concealer, accurately and evenly outlining the fold line.At the outer corner of the eye, direct the brush towards the temple, blurring the feathering and making the gaze more open.



Set the concealer with a light beige eyeshadow, then highlight the area under the brow and the inner corner of the eye with a shimmering shadow.


Add a neat arrow with a small “ponytail”, paint over the eyelashes.


Want to add color to your makeup? Try repeating the look with bright shadows!

How to replace the base under the shade?

The base under the eyeshadow is the most important stage in eye makeup. It greatly enhances the shade of the eyeshadows and guarantees their durability, and also works as a primer, hiding wrinkles and preventing the shadows from hiding in the crease of the eyelid.In addition, the product perfectly mattifies the skin of the eyelids and prevents the eyeshadows from rolling throughout the day or evening. If you don’t have a special foundation at hand, use loose powder: distribute it over the eyelids, and apply shadows on top. This way they will last longer.

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

Shadow Blending Technique

To make the eyes more expressive, there is a basic shading principle:


First, define your upper eyelid crease.From the top of the lash line to the crease, the lightest shade is usually applied. Along the fold line, distribute the color a tone or two darker: it will make the fold more pronounced, add volume.

If you have a heavily overhanging upper eyelid and the crease is too low, blend the medium shadow a few millimeters above the crease. So, you artificially lift the movable eyelid and make the eyes larger.


In the same medium tone, slightly darken the outer corners of the upper eyelids: blend from the outer edge to the inner edge, bringing the brush to the middle of the eyelid.For evening makeup, add a darker color to the crease and outer corner of the eyes.

  • An important point: newcomers to makeup often press too hard on the brush, pressing it against the skin. This is not worth doing: all professional makeup artists use light, barely touching brush movements. Take your time, do everything in stages: correct shading takes a few minutes longer, but the result will impress you.


Last step – with the same medium shade of eyeshadow, apply along the lower lid under the lash line.

  • A beautiful touch: with light eyeshadows with glitters, you can put a small accent in the middle of the upper movable eyelid and in the inner corner of the eyes – such a highlight will instantly make you look younger. The shades you use may vary, but the shading principle remains the same.
  • Monochrome eyelid makeup has recently come into fashion. He will not be able to correct the shape and size of the eyes, but he looks unusual and fresh. For this look, you can even apply shadows with your fingers: spread one shade of shadows over the upper eyelid – matte or shine.Lightly blend the edges of the color. If desired, do the same for the lower eyelid. Done!

To consolidate the knowledge gained, watch our detailed video tutorial on shading shadows.

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What kind of brushes are needed for eye makeup? 5 types


Today, brushes for shading shadows can be found in the arsenal of almost all brands.For beginners, for the first time, two types will be enough – an average flat brush and a slightly fluffy one for shading. First, you can distribute the color, the second, of course, gently smooth out the tones among themselves and soften the edges. Choose a bristle of brushes in accordance with what shades you prefer: for creamy ones you need synthetic hairs, for powdery ones – natural ones.

Basic Eyeshadow Brush

Giorgio Armani Maestro Brush, flat brush ©

Soft bristle brush with rounded tip ideal for applying and distributing eyeshadow. The tip should be smaller than the size of your eyelid. Make sure that when working with the moving eyelid, the shadows are evenly distributed and the brush does not scratch the skin.

Blending Brush

NYX Professional Makeup Pro Brush Blending ©

Elongated, rounded and fluffy, not too dense and looser compared to the base eyeshadow brush. Use it to properly blend eyeshadow or eyeliner, create haze on the eyelids, or blend multiple shades.

Dome Brush

NYX Professional Makeup Pro Brush Crease 17 ©

These brushes allow you to pick up more pigment.Designed to blend shadows under the eyebrow or along the lash line. This is convenient to create clearer boundaries between two shades, as well as blend cream and gel textures: concealer under the eyebrow, pencil along the eyelashes, cream shadows.

Eyelid Crease Brush

Urban Decay Tapered Blending Brush ©

Small dense brush with a slightly pointed tip is convenient for applying and blending eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid.It is easy for her to blend the eyeliner along the eyelid or to make brighter, more precise and dark accents in the crease of the eyelid.

Angled Eyeshadow Brush

Giorgio Armani Maestro Brush, beveled brush ©

When it comes to a natural bristle brush, it comes in handy to highlight the lash lines with shadows and to blend eyebrow shadows.If you have an option made of synthetic bristles, you can use such a brush to paint the missing hairs when making up your eyebrows.

Learn more about how to use makeup brushes in our video.

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Universal eyeshadow palette for beginners

As we have already said, palettes are very popular today. All Urban Decays were brought in with their palettes of 12 shades. After makeup lovers started buying Naked palettes after makeup artists, other brands took up the initiative and also began to release their versions of such sets.

Of course, in such a variety, everyone’s eyes will start to scatter. Therefore, the first step is to decide right away: what makeup do you prefer?


  • If you are a supporter of natural and earthy shades, and it seems to you that there are not many of them, then a palette of 8-10 colors can close this question for you for a long time. It will have all the necessary shades – from light milky to black.With this set, you can reproduce both daytime and evening looks. As a rule, manufacturers include in these palettes also different textures of shadows – matte, satin and pearl. This makes palettes a must have.
  • If, however, with shadows you are “on you” and are just going to comprehend the secrets of makeup mastery, then a small palette of four colors will be enough.
  • There is another category of makeup fanatic who experiment with face paint on a daily basis. If this is about you, then for sure you will be more interested in funds from seasonal collections – the most unusual color combinations are selected for them.
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Which shades of eyes are suitable for what shades?

One of the most pressing make-up questions has a very clear answer. Exploring options for different eye shades!

Shadow for green eyes

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

  • Those with green eyes should pay attention to the purple shade of the eyeshadow.These two colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel, so contrasting violet shadows are the best way to accentuate the emerald shade of the eyes.
  • Warm tones will also help enhance the natural green tone of the iris. Gold and copper shadows will look great.
  • Nice bonus: fashionable red eye makeup – what the doctor prescribed for the owners of green eyes. Therefore, feel free to apply red shadows. Don’t forget to paint over your eyelashes with mascara!

Shadow for brown eyes

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

  • Since brown does not have an opposite or complementary color on the color wheel, women with brown eyes are lucky – they suit almost all shades.
  • If your eyes are dark brown, plum, deep green or charcoal gray, as well as bronze and gold shades are suitable for you.
  • For women with medium to light brown eyes, you can try shadows of any color. In daytime makeup, purple and green shades will look good.
  • If you have light brown eyes, avoid black eyeliner, use dark brown or burgundy purple. Try shades of champagne with a bronze or brown liner to highlight the shape of the eyes.Read more about makeup for brown eyes here.

Blue Eyeshadow

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

  • Brown, pink, terracotta shades are suitable for blue-eyed girls. In general, all natural earthy shades.
  • Choose purple colors – they will enhance your natural color.
  • Want your blue eyes to really stand out? Buy eyeshadows with warm yellow-orange hues, reminiscent of champagne.Gold, bronze, peach, rose gold and almond-coffee shades.
  • If you have fair skin and blue eyes, try mixing milk chocolate, red, purple, or powdery shades on your eyelids. They enhance the blue color of the iris and do not make the face pale.

Shadow for gray eyes

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

  • The shade of gray eyes is considered to be quite rare.It is a mix of several colors: gray, blue, green and yellow drops along the contour of the pupils.
  • Make gray eyes more blue with an orange-tinted eyeshadow: neutral brown, copper, peach, salmon, melon, or even bright orange.
  • Red-brown, pink, wine, burgundy, plum or purple tones will help to “draw out” the green color.
  • Silvery and grays can easily lighten gray eyes.
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Eyeshadow rating according to the editorial staff of

9 eyeshadows for all occasions – in our selection.

  • Eyes to Kill, 4 Pulp Fiction, Giorgio Armani

    The texture of these shadows is between creamy and powdery, and under the lid there are two colors at once: the main one, which is applied to the movable eyelid, and the additional one.It is useful for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. The shadows are perfectly distributed even with fingers, and the coverage can vary from translucent to dense and rich. To prevent glitter from falling under your eyes when applying eyeshadow, hold a napkin under your eyes or use a base.


  • Eyeshadow EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24HR, 20, Maybelline

    Cream mono eyeshadow Color Tattoo – the bestseller of the Maybelline brand for many years.They fell in love with the masses not only for their amazing durability (it’s not for nothing that the name contains the word “tattoo”), but also for their ease of application and an impressive palette of 13 individual shades. Yuri Stolyarov, the leading makeup artist of the brand in Russia, recommends using Color Tattoo instead of the base.


  • Eyeshadow Metallic Prismatic, Rose Dust and Dark Swan, NYX Professional Makeup

    The new shades of these eyeshadows work well with each other.On the upper eyelid, apply a peach shade, and the lower one with the help of purple (for creating arrows, it is better to use a brush). The shadows do not crumble, do not roll, do not clog into folds by the middle of the day and give the skin not only color, but also radiance. It is quite difficult to blend them, so try to apply gently right away.


  • Liquid shadows Moondust, Spacetime, Urban Decay

    As part of the shadows – 3D microparticles, which are responsible for the shine effect.You can paint arrows with these shadows, as in the photo below, or simply blend the pigment along the eyelid to create a smoky effect: with your fingers or a brush. Shadows are easy to apply, but quickly “freeze”, so you need to act very quickly.


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How to apply shadows of different textures? How to choose their shade? We answer various questions related to this category of beauty products


To make your eye makeup harmonious, it is necessary, firstly, to use means of suitable shades, and secondly, to apply them in such a way as to emphasize the advantages of appearance and divert attention from shortcomings.In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to choose shadows based on eye color and how to apply them based on texture. Makeup artist’s two photo instructions for applying dry and cream eyeshadow will teach you how to use this product.

How to choose the right shades of eyeshadow?

The easiest way to choose the eye shadow that’s right for you is by eye color. Which ones are suitable for blue, gray, green and brown? Follow our guidelines.

Blue eyes

© imaxtree

Soft, neutral eyeshadow shades perfectly complement blue eyes.Do not use shades that are too dark – for example, coral or champagne shades are more suitable (do not forget to shade them properly). With their help, it is easy to focus on the eyes, while they will not draw all the attention to themselves.

Gray eyes

© imaxtree

Gray eyes are rare. Makeup artists advise complementing them with shades that are similar in color – in fact, gray (shade it on the eyelids in a translucent haze) or metallic blue.

Green Eyes

© imaxtree

Green eyes are bright in themselves, so it is completely unnecessary to emphasize them with shades of “flashy” shades. For the evening, a muted purple is suitable, for every day – brown with a shimmer.

Light brown eyes

© imaxtree

Look for metallic shades in eye shadow palettes.But be careful: too “heavy” will distract attention from the green and gold pigments of brown eyes. Choose more “delicate” tones – a shade of dusty rose, for example, will intensify the sparkle of the eyes.

Brown eyes

© imaxtree

Look for almost any shade of eyeshadow. But most of all – such neutral ones as, for example, salmon and bronze-gold.It doesn’t matter which one you choose, the main thing is to shade the shadows of a darker shade in the crease of the eyelid (even black will do) to make the makeup more saturated.

Black Eyes

© imaxtree

Give preference to eyeshadows with a high pigment content. Such “strong” shades as violet (follow the photo instructions), silver and chocolate will help to make the eyes more visually.Use them in tandem with a soft black pencil to highlight the lining of the eyelids.

Step-by-step technique for applying dry shadows

Dry pressed eyeshadow is perhaps the most familiar format. With their help, you can control the intensity of the coverage, they are easy to shade and mix with each other. They can be applied with a brush, fingers or wet (before spreading the pigment with a brush, soak it in water). What should be the sequence of actions? Follow our step-by-step photo tutorial to create an easy everyday makeup.


Apply eye primer or concealer to the upper eyelid.



Apply any of these products to the lower eyelid as well.


Use a basic eyeshadow palette (we chose NYX Professional Makeup Lid Lingerie). Add a luminous light beige shade to the inner corner of the eye and blend towards the moving eyelid.



A darker shade (for example, lilac from the same palette) blend from the outer corner of the eye to the center.



Shimmery beige, apply to the center of the movable eyelid.



Under the lower lashes, go over the same lilac shade you already used in the outer corner. Makeup is ready!


Step-by-step technique for applying cream shadows

Cream eyeshadow – ideal for smoky ice and smoky eyes.Due to their texture, they are easy to apply and shade (if necessary, the color can be reduced to almost nothing), they last for a long time, and also do not feel at all on the skin during the day. How to do makeup with them? Follow our step-by-step guide.


Apply concealer or eyeshadow base to upper and lower eyelids.



Follow Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse Stylo Cream Shade 21 Gris Ruban along the upper lash line.



Apply Urban Decay Moondust Creamy Eyeshadow Recharged to the flexible lid. Blend it well.



With NYX Professional Makeup Lid Lingerie in 08 New Romance, sweep under your lower lashes.



Apply NYX Professional Makeup Double Stacked Mascara. Done!

Watch Oli’s video tutorial Red Autumn – a beauty blogger shows you how to apply cream shadows correctly.

How to apply shadows depending on the shape of the eyes?

© imaxtree

Round eyes

Start with the liner – go from the inner corner of the eye to the outside and leave a small “ponytail”.Highlight the area above the eyebrow and the inner corners of the eyes with light, shimmering shadows. Blend the shadows of an intermediate shade over the upper eyelid, and then, in a darker shade, apply a thick layer into the crease and lightly blend to the center of the eye. This trick will help add volume to your makeup.

Almond eyes

Almond-shaped eyes, as a rule, are always symmetrical (and achieving symmetry is the goal of almost any eye makeup). Apply the eyeshadow using a circular technique – simply put, just brush the eyeshadow around the shape of the eye.



The peculiarity of this shape of the eyes is that the movable part of the eyelid is practically invisible, it looks much smaller. Start with a lighter, shimmery eyeshadow – apply to the inner corners of your eyes. Then apply the shadows of an intermediate shade generously over the moving part of the eyelid. Apply dark shadows in a thicker layer into the crease.Blend the eyeliner towards the temples – this way the makeup will become more harmonious.

Bulging eyes

Do not highlight the inner corners of the eyes – shine light shadows should only be applied over the brow. As with eyes with drooping eyelids, apply a thick layer of shadows of an intermediate shade – not only above the crease, but also below it. And with a liner, walk from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer corners – you should get a straight line.

Deep Set Eyes

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

Apply eyeshadow using the same technique as for round eyes.There is one “but”: dark shadows must be applied with a translucent layer.

Close-set eyes

To visually increase the distance between the eyes, start by applying a lighter, shimmery shadow – blend over the brow and in the inner corners of the eyes. Blend the shadows of an intermediate shade across the width of the eye, going beyond the contour, so that the shading resembles a circle in shape. Blend a darker shade over the crease. Start the eyeliner from the middle of the lash line, head towards the outer corner of the eye.Don’t forget to leave a little tail.

With closed eyelids

© fotoimedia / imaxtree

For such eyes, the same makeup is suitable as for round and almond-shaped. The only thing you should pay attention to is that the liner needs to be applied with a brighter line and at the same time go slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye.

How to shade shadows on the eyes: video tutorial

Follow the instructions of beauty blogger Alina Fly Cloud.

4 worthy eyeshadow palettes

Eyeshadow palettes are good because all shades in them are combined with each other – which means that it is easy to work with them even for beginners. Which of the funds will come in handy at the initial stage? We have selected four tested ones.

  • Eyes To Kill Quatuor, Giorgio Armani

    © armanibeauty

    Under the lid of this palette – four shades of eyeshadow, matte and shimmer.They are easy to apply and shade (even though they are highly pigmented), and they also last for a long time. Suitable for any skin tone.

  • Couture Palette, YSL Beauté

    © ysl

    Among the 11 options for this palette, you can definitely find the one that is right for you (choose the shades depending on the color of the eyes).The eyeshadow formula contains a high concentration of pigments and powder, thanks to which they last up to 12 hours. Bonus – double-sided applicator and application brush included.

  • Hypnôse Palette Matte, Lancôme

    © lancome

    Another five-color palette – Hypnôse by Lancôme – is available in two versions: light and dark brown.Under the lid, there are chocolate, pink and cocoa shades – all with a matte finish (the look can be created both day and evening). To apply and blend, use the applicator and brush that comes with the eyeshadow.

  • Naked Basics Palette, Urban Decay

    © urbandecay

    The eyeshadows in this palette can be used in several ways – as a basis for brighter ones or applied on their own (you can make a circular stroke, and arrows, and smoky eyes).Firstly, they are perfectly distributed, secondly, they are easily shaded, and thirdly, they provide rich makeup.

    Do you use eyeshadow? Write a couple of lines about your favorite product!

How to apply eye shadow

How to choose the right shades of eyeshadow?

The easiest way to choose the eye shadow that’s right for you is by eye color.Which ones are suitable for blue, gray, green and brown? Follow our guidelines.

What is the best way to apply shadows?

The application of shadows is done in various ways, which differ depending on the desired effect and the specific type of cosmetic product. So, to transfer the shade to the eyelids, you can resort to the following tools:

  • Soft oval tip applicator , which is always supplied with regular compact eyeshadows.A standard tool from a set may not always be of high quality and convenient for use, therefore, if necessary, you can purchase several pieces separately. Such a device is great for applying a base or painting over large areas, but it will not work for thin and delicate lines;
  • professional brushes (best with artificial high-quality bristles in order to minimize the risk of allergies). There are many varieties of such a tool with different degrees of hardness of the pile, different lengths and shapes of the head.There are separate brushes for the base, for fine lines, for feathering, for applying eyeliner, etc.;
  • Eye shadow can be applied simply with fingers , this method is especially convenient if they are cream. Patting movements can achieve an even distribution, but this method, of course, is not suitable for drawing details.

Some types of shadows are made in such a way that no additional devices are needed for their application, for example, in the form of a pencil.Everyone chooses for himself what is convenient for him to use, but the most opportunities are provided by the use of brushes.

Types of shadows

Shadows are classified by type of pigment and consistency. With pigmentation, everything is quite simple. There are dyes with shimmer and matte. Also, you need to highlight pearlescent ones separately. These shadows are complemented by an iridescent reflective pigment, due to which they can change their color depending on the lighting.

Types of shadows

Texture classification

In stores and cosmetic catalogs, a variety of eyeshadows are offered, which differ not only in color, but also in the form of release.Shadows can be dry, liquid, creamy, loose and compact, shimmery and baked, in the form of pencils and stickers. Therefore, you can always choose not only the desired shades, but also the texture that most fully satisfies the creation of the desired makeup.

Loose eyeshadow

Have a powdery appearance and resemble loose powder. This type of shadow is very soft, easily applied to the eyelid with a brush.

Previously, loose shadows were more often used in professional visage than in everyday ones.But in the modern world, for many girls, this type of shadow has become one of the most beloved, since they can easily be mixed with other colors and get new colors. When applied skillfully, these shadows create smooth color transitions that are needed, for example, to create the legendary smoky eyes.

Compact eyeshadow

They also resemble powder, only compact. This is the most famous type of shadow. They have a dry powdery compressed base and usually come in convenient packaging.It can contain either one or several shades of shadows (the so-called palette). The colors in this palette are harmoniously combined with each other, so even if you have one, you can use it to create the perfect makeup. In some cases, compact eyeshadow can replace the eyeliner.

Applied with an applicator, a brush or even a finger. If the shadows are of high quality, then they are well distributed, do not crumble, have a fine grind, are very persistent, do not roll down in wrinkles on the eyelid, do not blur from rain and dampness.Due to their texture, these eyeshadows have a long shelf life.

Makeup Artist Tips

If you apply dry eyeshadow:

  • to avoid shedding, do not brush too much
  • To brighten and brighten the eyeshadow color, use the wet method of application by dampening a brush with water and blotting it with a cloth

Liquid shadow

Liquid eyeshadow appeared on the beauty market relatively recently, but has already gained popularity among the fair sex.This type of eyeshadow is by far the most durable of all.

Liquid shadows do not fade, do not crumble, do not roll, leaving makeup flawless all day long. The only inconvenience is that liquid shadows dry out rather quickly on the eyelids. So, you need to apply them on the eyelids and shade them quickly and accurately, which requires a certain skill.

Makeup Artist Tips:

Liquid eyeshadow suitable for owners of dry to normal skin.On oily skin, they will look untidy, hammered into the crease of the eyelid.

Creamy eyeshadow

Creamy (some manufacturers can find the name gel or cream-gel) eye shadows are created on the basis of organic acids fats, various oils and wax, and therefore have a greasy creamy consistency. This texture allows you to hide fine wrinkles on the eyelids, and is ideal for women with dry to normal skin, as well as for those who wear contact lenses.

There is a false belief that cream eyeshadows are difficult to use, this is not true. Also, as in the case of liquid shadows, you need to get used to applying cream shadows – if you do it inaccurately, the shades in your eyes can turn out to be different and uneven. It is best to apply these shadows with your fingertips, using a gentle, patting motion. Thanks to the warmth of the human body, shadows melt and fit perfectly on the skin.

The disadvantage of creamy eyeshadows is that they can roll off in the crease of the eyelid.And you can never stuff them as tightly as dry ones. But they can be used as a backing for dry ones, which will prolong the durability of the makeup.

Shadow Pencil

This cosmetic product really looks like a regular pencil, but it has a wider lead and a softer consistency. It contains substances such as paraffin, beeswax. Manufacturers often add vitamin E, which moisturizes the eyelid skin and helps to prolong its youthfulness.

The composition of the pencil shadows is similar to creamy shadows, only with a harder texture.These eyeshadows are ideal for quick makeup: in one movement of your hand, you can draw arrows using a pencil as an eyeliner, or cover the entire eyelid with a soft color.

Eyeshadow pencils are popular among young people due to their easy application and a wide range of colors. On the reverse side, the pencil is equipped with a brush, so it becomes possible to shade shadows, combine with other shades.

Baked Shadow

Baked eyeshadow got this name because of the special technology of their production – they are baked in an oven at a high temperature.This technique allows you to create a soft, subtle texture, distinguished by the unity of color and shine of mother-of-pearl.

The advantage of baked eyeshadows is that they are easy to apply, do not roll on the eyelid, have a rich color, and have a beautiful pearlescent tint. The baked eyeshadows are always in the same slot, even though they give a play of shades when used.

The undoubted advantage of such shadows is that their consumption is minimal, and the monolithic structure protects them from scattering even if you suddenly dropped the package with baked shadows on the floor.

For a richer color, the eyeshadow can be applied with a damp applicator, after which it will shine with a metallic sheen. This method of application is ideal for any occasion.

The perfect match: how to match eye shadow

For a competent make-up, professional make-up artists advise to select them, taking into account the color of the eyes. This is necessary in order to emphasize the shape, saturation and depth of the mirror of your soul.


Almost all shades are suitable for brown-eyed girls.Brown, beige, bronze, gold tones look charming. Perfectly sets off purple, lilac, green, gray, blue, blue, metallic. It favorably emphasizes the saturation of brown eyes with shades of warm colors (peach, pink). Definitely not – to orange shadows.

Blue, gray-blue

Warm tones of brown, beige, gold, sand, cream, copper, gray will add tenderness to blue-eyed girls. It is not advised to use pink and purple eyeshadows.The first create the effect of tired eyes, the second – tear-stained.


The depth of the emerald eyes is emphasized by warm tones. Pay attention to pearlescent, golden, brown and greenish hues. Olive and copper shades look great. Blue and pink tones are not suitable. To avoid the effect of tired eyelids, do not use eyeshadow with sparkles of silver shade.

Decorative cosmetics and eye shape

We are all individual and, of course, each of us has his own eye shape.Sometimes it suits us, and sometimes it doesn’t. Eyeshadow can be used to adjust the size and width of the eyes, and their imperfections. Correct application of cosmetics will allow the face to sparkle with new colors and give a harmonious look to the whole image.


The peculiarity of this shape of the eyes is that the movable part of the eyelid is practically invisible, it looks much smaller. Start with a lighter, shimmery eyeshadow – apply to the inner corners of your eyes. Then apply the shadows of an intermediate shade generously over the moving part of the eyelid.Apply dark shadows in a thicker layer into the crease. Blend the eyeliner towards the temples – this way the makeup will become more harmonious.

With closed eyelids

For such eyes, the same makeup is suitable as for round and almond-shaped. The only thing you should pay attention to is that the liner needs to be applied with a brighter line and at the same time go slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye.

Bulging eyes

Do not highlight the inner corners of the eyes – shine light shadows should only be applied over the brow.As with eyes with drooping eyelids, apply a thick layer of shadows of an intermediate shade – not only above the crease, but also below it. And with a liner, walk from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer corners – you should get a straight line.

Lowered corners

If you want to avoid a sad look, then the outer corners of the eye must be lifted upward with shadows. All shading should only strive upward. To open our eyes even more, we apply shimmery shadows and apply them to the inner corner and to the bone under the eyebrow.


In this case, the gap between the eyes should be widened. Therefore, the “Birdie” method of applying shadows is perfect. Fill the movable part of the eyelid with the intermediate color of the shadows, under the eyebrow and in the inner edge – the lightest.

Apply dark pigment to the outer edges of the eyes and to the fold. Draw the color brighter along the eyelashes. Be sure to direct the outer corner upward, it will resemble a bird’s wing. This makeup will look good day and night.

Deep Set Eyes

Apply eyeshadow using the same technique as for round eyes. There is one “but”: dark shadows must be applied with a translucent layer.

Wide set

Here it is necessary, on the contrary, to reduce the gap between the eyes. Therefore, we apply the dark pigment in the corners closer to the nose, and shade the light to the temples. We leave the intermediate shade, as in the traditional version, on the movable part of the eyelid.


Make-up can be done in the traditional version, that is, from light to dark with smooth shading.But to enlarge the eyes a little, there is a little secret. This is the use of white eyeliner along the inner edge of the lower eyelid.


This is usually a narrow section of the eyes. To visually enlarge, you can use the “Loop” technique. But here you need a pencil, since it is quite problematic to do all the makeup with shadows. Fill the inner part and the movable eyelid with light pigment.

From the middle of the upper eyelid, using a pencil, draw a line towards the outer edge, but not reaching it.Be sure to make a rounded upward bend in the shape of an arc. The outer edge will also be more round and connected to the eyelet. Then we shade everything.


Such a cut of the eyes must be visually narrowed or extended. In this case, it is better not to use light shades. But the dark ones will do just fine. You can try the Cat’s Eye technique. She will make an oriental look expressive and seductive.

First, apply shadows as in traditional technique.Then, using the wet method, draw a dense line along the ciliary growth with a marker, while pulling the inner corner slightly downward, and the outer corner upward.

How to use eyeshadow

1. Align Tone

Before you start eye makeup, you need to even out your skin tone. Very often, small capillaries are visible on the eyelids, or there is a slightly greenish tint. To prevent these imperfections from spoiling your make-up, you can use a regular foundation – the same one that you apply all over your face.The main thing here is not to overdo it – one small drop of an easy remedy is enough for a movable eyelid.

2. Use base

This is not the first time we have said this, and we will never tire of repeating: it doesn’t matter what kind of shadows you have, what matters is the base for them. Even the most inexpensive shadows will stick to a good primer. You need to use it immediately after you have applied the foundation, correcting the skin tone of the eyelids. However, there are 2-in-1 shadow bases that do two things – they correct the shade and help the shadows not crumble.For example, such a primer is available for the Lancôme or Urban Decay brands.

3. Buy cream eyeshadow

Many girls are afraid to use cream eyeshadow, but in vain! It is they who are able to hold on much longer than crumbly ones. Moreover, with creamy textures, the problem of shedding does not exist at all. You should know the following things about cream eyeshadow:

  • They can be used as a base. Just fill in the entire space of the moving eyelid with creamy shadows of the desired shade, and then correct the makeup with loose ones – you highlight the outer corners with a darker color, and the inner corners with a lighter color.Done!
  • Apply with your fingers. The creamy texture adheres best when using your fingertips instead of a brush. The fact is that the warmth of the hands warms up the product and helps it “open up” – as a result, the shadows are applied more evenly and do not roll.

4. Choose the right shade of beige

Beige eyeshadow will save you in a situation when there is almost no time for makeup. To create the simplest nude-style make-up, you only need a concealer, base and “those” beige shadows.If we have dealt with the first two points, then it is not so easy to find “your” shade of shadows. Follow these simple rules: if you have dark skin, then get beige eyeshadow with a peach undertone.

If the skin of the eyelids has a slightly lilac tint, then it can be “covered” with yellow-beige shadows. We advise white-skinned girls to stay on sandy shades, but pinkish-beige suits everyone at all! In the event that you are not sure that you can choose the right color for yourself, opt for a pale pink.

5. Powder under the eyes

Before you start applying the eyeshadow, prepare the under-eye area – correct the skin tone with concealer, then apply a generous layer of powder. The fact is that when you use dark shadows, something will definitely remain under your eyes. If you start removing the shadows with a cotton pad, you will also erase the concealer, which means you have to start all over again. If you powder this problem area well, then you can easily brush off the crumbling shadows with a soft brush along with the powder.

6. Choose a shade of shadows for your color type

It is better to match the color of the eyeshadows to the color type of your appearance, and not to the color of the eyes – then the makeup will look more complete and complete.

How to paint eyes with dry shadows

Dry shadows are presented in two groups: crumbly and compact (pressed). They do not have any special differences in application, only with the latter it is easier in terms of transportation. Application to the eyelid is possible in almost any way: with the applicator offered by the manufacturer, and with a finger, and with brushes.The selected tool just needs to be dipped into a box with shadows, collect a small amount and can be transferred to the eyelid. The only nuance of the procedure – when transferred, the particles can crumble onto the skin, usually on the cheek under the eye, so afterwards it is important to carefully remove the remnants with a soft brush. Some people pre-apply a little powder or foundation on this area, so that later it will be easier to erase everything.

How to use liquid eyeshadow

This type of eyeshadow is more similar in consistency to an ordinary not thick cream, and it is this property that provides them with increased stability – the resulting coating retains the brightness of the colors even after several hours.Such shadows can be applied both in hot weather and in cold weather – they do not spread, do not crack or roll.

Those who are accustomed to using ordinary dry eye shadows will have to tinker with liquid ones – they are more difficult to apply, and this must be done extremely quickly. You can apply color to the eyelid with your finger, sponge, applicator from the kit, or with a brush (flat and not very thick). The created makeup will look more accurate when you apply just one layer, which should dry well so that the eyelids do not stick together and the picture does not deteriorate.Such shadows can successfully replace the eyeliner.

How to use the shadow pencil

It is very easy to apply shadow pencil – you just need to sketch the required area of ​​the eyelid, and then, if necessary, carefully shade the borders with a brush. When using the product, you can completely do without any additional tools, which is a huge plus and convenience of this type of shadow.

There are varieties of pencils – shadow stick. Typically, these shadows are a composition pressed into a rod, which is placed in a plastic “box” with a twisting mechanism.This shape is convenient for transportation, you can apply shadows without special devices.

How to make up eyelids with shadow mousse

Mousse and cream eyeshadows are often sold in small jars and can be applied with a brush or applicator. It is necessary to apply such a composition to the eyelid rather quickly and skillfully, since they actively dry out and with long layering of layers, the previous ones can begin to roll down. Usually no more difficulties arise with the use of the product.It is enough just to collect a small amount on the brush and transfer it to the eyelid with smooth movements, evenly distributing it.

The main disadvantage is the tendency to roll in folds, therefore such shadows are often used not to create the main picture, but as a base on which friable products fit well.

Tips from professional stylists and makeup artists

  • If you often use arrows in your everyday make-up, it is better to resort to the tattoo procedure.With it, a more gentle paint is used than when applying a tattoo. Thanks to this, permanent makeup does not lose its aesthetic properties for a long time.
  • If you wear contact lenses, do not use dry shadows, as their particles can get under the lens and cause irritation of the mucous membranes.
  • When using creamy eyeshadow, do not apply powder to the eyelid. It will blend in with the shadows, and it will look sloppy.
  • After applying the liquid eyeshadow, sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes to allow them to dry.
  • Make-up artists advise to fix shadows with a layer of transparent loose powder.
  • Owners of close-set eyes should make a color accent on the outer corners of the eyes, and shade the inner ones with light shades.
  • Deep-set eyes are recommended to be painted with pearlescent shadows.

Video tutorial: how to apply eye shadow

To consolidate the information and for greater clarity, it is worth considering the video material on how to apply shadows correctly.In this video, you will learn how to properly apply eye shadow with step-by-step instructions for each step.

Also, the basic techniques of eye make-up will be disclosed in detail – accentuation, shading, placement of highlights. You will learn how to choose the right option depending on the structural features of your face.

As you can see, it’s easy to become beautiful. It is enough to stock up on a small palette of shadows, a set of brushes and correctly place accents.We hope that these tips on how to properly apply eyeshadow and video will help you in creating your perfect MakeUp.

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90,000 9 simple rules for working with shadows

There are several peculiarities in applying eyeshadows – if you keep them in mind, shading will be a pleasure, and the quality of your makeup will significantly improve.Makeup artists explain why it is not necessary to erase errors with micellar water and why work with different brushes.

Always use base

After moisturizing and nourishing the face, it is important that the eyelid is defatted. This is especially true if a cream was used for the skin around the eyes. “To prevent the shadows from sliding, it is important to use special products such as concealer, base under the eyeshadow (cream, liquid, mousse),” advises Anna Shimkova, leading makeup artist at Lancôme.

The base helps the shadows not to roll and makes them more stable and saturated.Also often, bases with a silky texture make shading easier. Use a creamy eyeliner as a base for a deep color and expressive look.

Remove excess shadows

Start by applying lighter shades – under the brow line and on the inside of the eye. Then move on to medium or color. “Before transferring the shade to the eyes, shake off any excess from the brush. This technique will help to avoid blending spots and pigment shedding on the skin under the eye area.If the border of the shadows is too noticeable, blend it with a clean brush or a brush with a lighter shade of shadows. Do not press hard on the brush: the softer and more even the pressure, the smoother the shading, ”says Ksenia Kaverina, makeup expert at Guerlain.

Applying the tone before or after eye makeup is a big question. “There are no rules, but it’s more convenient to do this after applying shadows, which may crumble. Pre-crumbling shadows should be wiped off with cotton swabs and makeup remover, ”adds Ekaterina Kalinina, Nikolskaya Club top stylist.

Work with different brushes

In order not to dilute the dirt on the eyelids, it is more convenient to work with several brushes. “Flat wide – for applying the main color, flat narrow – for dark shades in the outer corner of the eye, fluffy brush – for shading, barrel brush – for shading and drawing the crease of the eyelid,” explains Anna Shimkova.

Different methods give different effects

Different application methods will make the same shadow look different.“When you apply the eyeshadow with a fluffy brush, you get a semi-transparent haze. If the same shade is applied with a flat brush in a tamping motion, the color will appear more intense. I recommend applying sparkling shadows and shadows with sparkles to the eyelid directly with your finger, so the shine will be more saturated and the shadows will not crumble. For maximum color impact, apply shadows with a damp brush, ”says Ksenia Kaverina.

“In the wet method, the brush should be moistened with a little water and spread the shadow closer to the lash line.Thus, the color and saturation of shades of shadows will be brighter in this zone, ”recommends Anna Shimkova.

Use a damp beveled brush and dark shadows to draw an arrow. This technique is a real salvation for those who cannot draw arrows with more pigmented products.

Apply eyeshadow first, then mascara

To prevent the eyelashes from looking powdered, first apply eye makeup with shadows and only at the end paint over the eyelashes with mascara. “Be gentle when painting your eyelashes, but if you accidentally stain your eyelid with mascara, don’t panic, let the product dry, then it can be easily removed with an eyebrow brush,” says Guerlain makeup expert.

Focus on the shape of the eyes

With the help of shadows, you can easily correct the shape of the eyes. “For example, if the eyelid is overhanging, then it is worth focusing on the eyebrows and lower eyelid. If the eye is round, then the outer corner should be lengthened. If the eye is elongated, then draw the crease of the upper eyelid and deepen it, ”advises Ekaterina Kalinina.

Define Feather Boundaries

No need to apply shadow with bold sweeping movements. It is better to work carefully, moving by millimeters, otherwise you can get the effect of butterfly wings.Most often, the shading border should go where the eyeball ends, that is, in the crease of the eyelid. It is better not to apply the main color above this place. Above the fold, there should be shading.

Correct deviations using dry method only

It is a big mistake to erase excess and inaccuracies with a cotton swab dipped in micellar water. “It will dissolve the shadows, and, unfortunately, it will be impossible to fix something. Correct with dry cotton swabs or clean brushes, ”advises leading Lancôme makeup artist.

Carefully choose shadow textures

Shining textures add volume, matte textures – vice versa. “If you want to make your eyes look bigger and more prominent, apply a shimmery eye shadow to the center of the moving eyelid. Matte shadows deepen the areas on which they are applied, so they are more suitable for the age and for correcting the impending age, ”says Ksenia Kaverina.

How to choose the right eyeshadow Ways to use eyeshadow

With eyes that are close-set, you need to do exactly the opposite: stretch dark shadows from the middle of the eyelid towards the temples with a beveled brush.And the inner corners of the eyes were highlighted with light pearlescent shadows – then the distance between the eyes will visually increase.

If the outer corners of the eyes look down, then, firstly, do not highlight the lower eyelid with dark shadows and, secondly, work with the upper eyelid. Apply dark shadows of any texture from the outer corner up towards the eyebrows.

9. Use at least three shades of eyeshadow

Basic eye makeup consists of three shades – that’s why in most ready-made palettes there are just three.The simplest make-up is done in three stages:

  • First, apply a medium shade to the moving eyelid, completely filling it with shadows.
  • Highlight the outer corners of the eye with the darkest shade. It can also be used for the lower eyelid, as well as for the folds between the movable and upper eyelids. By the way, in this case it is better to use a brush made of natural bristles.
  • Highlight the inner corner of the eye with the lightest shade. Done!

10.Master the wet application of the eyeshadow

Wet application of the eyeshadow differs from the usual dry one only in that you work with a wet brush. It is this technique that will allow you to save money and turn eyeshadows for daytime makeup into evening ones.

The beveled brush, when applied wet, turns dark shadows into eyeliner – apply to the lash line and blend. This trick is perfect for smoky eyes and you don’t even need a pencil.

If you just want a richer shade, dampen a round brush with water and apply the eyeshadow as you normally would.It is worth noting that this method is more suitable for eyeshadows with glitter than for matte ones.

Thanks to these life hacks, you should no longer have questions about how to use the eyeshadow. And if you still have questions – ask them in the comments!

differences, features and subtleties of use

It is difficult to imagine a complete makeup without the use of eyeshadow. This makeup product has been used by women since ancient Egypt.Then this product was made on the basis of antimony and soot, but nowadays, a huge selection of types of eyeshadows is amazing. Which ones are right for you, you need, of course, to determine empirically. But let’s hope this article will help you understand a little about their diversity.

Probably, any woman knows why eyeshadows are needed – with their help they emphasize the color saturation and expressiveness of the eyes, visually increase or decrease both the eyes themselves and the distance between them, add depth and brightness to the look.To achieve the desired result in your make-up, you need to know what features this or that type of eyeshadow has and how to apply it correctly.

Texture classification

So let’s see what kind of eyeshadow there are.


This is the most famous type of shadow. They have a dry powdery compressed base and usually come in convenient packaging. It can contain either one or several shades of shadows (the so-called palette).The colors in this palette are harmoniously combined with each other, so even if you have one, you can use it to create the perfect makeup. In addition, compact eyeshadow can replace your eyeliner.

Compact shadows can be applied with an applicator (very often it comes with a box of shadows), and a brush, and even with your fingers! Due to their texture, these eyeshadows have a long shelf life.

They also have their own characteristics:

  • so that the eyeshadow does not roll on the eyelids, is more persistent and does not crumble, apply it to the primer (makeup base)
  • To avoid shedding, do not apply too much on the brush
  • if you want to make the eyeshadow color brighter and more saturated, it is better to use the wet method of application, after sprinkling the brush with water and blotting it with a napkin
  • If you are taking your first steps in mastering the art of make-up, it is better to use the applicator instead of the brush
  • To use the eyeshadow as an eyeliner, you need a Moistened Beveled Brush

  1. 5 Couleurs from Dior .The palettes include 5 shades of shadows of the lightest airy texture.
  2. Pupart Eyeshadow Palette from Pupa . Several palette options with 9 shades and a convenient application brush included.
  3. Naked From Urban Decay . The company produces several palettes of different colors for every taste. The 12-color palette comes with a double-sided makeup brush.
  4. The Nudes from Maybelline .There are several versatile palettes available in 12 shades: The Nudes, The Smokes, The Brights, The Blushed Nudes, and The Rock Nudes.


Previously, loose shadows were more often used in professional visage than in everyday ones. But in the modern world, for many girls, this type of shadow has become one of the most beloved, because thanks to its powdery texture, they easily mix, allowing you to create new color variations with minimal expense.When applied skillfully, these shadows create smooth color transitions that are needed, for example, to create the legendary smoky eyes.

The peculiarity of this type of shadows is that they crumble very easily, so they must be applied only over the primer, while protecting the area under the eyes with eye patches, a puff or an ordinary piece of paper.

Examples of loose eyeshadow are MAC Pigment, NYX Loose Pearl Eye Shadow, Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow .


Liquid eyeshadow appeared on the beauty market relatively recently, but has already gained popularity among the fair sex. This type of eyeshadow is by far the most durable of all. It contains glycerin, water, a number of vitamins and various nutritional supplements, thanks to which this product has a beneficial effect on the skin of the eyelids, moisturizing and nourishing it. Liquid shadows do not fade, do not crumble, do not roll, leaving makeup flawless all day long.They are suitable for owners of dry and normal skin. On oily skin, such shadows will look untidy, hammered into the crease of the eyelid.

Application details:

  • Liquid eyeshadow dries pretty quickly on the eyelids, so apply and blend quickly and gently
  • The same shade of eyeshadow can be suitable for both daytime and evening make-up, because the density of application – from light translucency to rich brightness – depends only on you
  • Liquid eyeshadow is best applied to the base using a flat synthetic bristle brush

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Buyers of liquid eyeshadows, sharing their impressions on the global network, note that the makeup done with their help stays in perfect condition until the evening, remaining bright and rich.The eyeshadow has a pleasant scent and the packaging that looks like lip gloss is exceptionally convenient on the go.

Among the shadows of a liquid structure, one can distinguish Eye Tint Giorgio Armani, Lid Lingerie from NYX , Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint .

Here is an example of how the liquid eyeshadow Eye Tint Giorgio Armani with the name Shadow looks on the eyelids.


Creamy (some manufacturers can find the name gel or cream-gel) eye shadows are created on the basis of organic acids fats, various oils and waxes, therefore they have a greasy creamy consistency that allows you to hide fine wrinkles on the eyelids, and are ideal for women with dry and normal skin.

Just as in the case of liquid shadows, you need to get used to applying cream shadows – if you do it inaccurately, the shades on the eyes can turn out to be different and uneven.You can use a brush, but it is best to try applying the shadows with your fingertips using gentle patting movements. Thanks to the warmth of the human body, shadows melt and better lay on the skin.

There are many good reviews on the Internet for the following brands of creamy eyeshadow:

  • Ombre Waterproof from Clarins . Packaged in a small 7 ml tube. The peculiarity of these shadows is that the wax of the orange flowers that is part of them makes them waterproof.
  • Ombre Premiere from Chanel , which can be used not only as eye shadow, but also as an eyeliner.
  • Color Tattoo 24 hour from Maybelline . The palette contains 16 shades that will help you create any look from a fairy princess to a femme fatale. The manufacturer guarantees ultra-easy application and durability for 24 hours.

Shadow Pencil

This cosmetic product really looks like a regular pencil, but it has a wider lead and a softer consistency.It contains substances such as paraffin, beeswax. Manufacturers often add vitamin E, which moisturizes the eyelid skin and helps to prolong its youthfulness.

These eyeshadows are ideal for quick make-up: in one movement of your hand, you can draw arrows using a pencil as eyeliner, or cover the entire eyelid with a soft color.

The following pencil shadows received positive reviews on the Internet:

Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes from CLINIQUE – silky eyeshadow containing vitamin E, easy to apply, does not crumble and gives the eyes a translucent long-lasting tint.

The ONE Color Unlimited from Oriflame are waterproof twist-bar eyeshadows recommended by the manufacturer to be applied to pre-powdered eyelids.

Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow from Kiko Milano – water resistant eyeshadow, available in 32 gorgeous shades, will last up to 8 hours on your eyes.


Baked eyeshadow got its name because of the technology of their production – they are baked in an oven at a high temperature.This technique allows you to create a soft, subtle texture, distinguished by the unity of color and shine of mother-of-pearl.

The undoubted advantage of such shadows is that their consumption is minimal, and the monolithic structure protects them from scattering even if you suddenly dropped the package with baked shadows on the floor.

There are two ways to apply baked eyeshadow:

  1. Dry method. Provides for the use of a dry applicator / brush. As a result, you will get a velvet make-up for every day.
  2. Wet method. Requires wetting of the applicator / brush for a bright, rich evening make-up with a pearlescent shine.

An example of an eye shadow based on baking technology is:

Ombre a Paupieres from Bourjois . Customers note delicate bright shades, perfect application and a reasonable combination of price and quality.

Color Sphere from DIVAGE .Tricolor marble shades, when applied, reveal a rich palette that lasts all day.

Sphere from Limoni . They contain vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, which care for the delicate skin of the eyelids, as well as UV filters that protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Classification by composition

The composition of any eye shadow includes pigments, conditionally divided into two large groups – organic compounds and mineral components (metal derivatives) .In terms of durability and variety of colors, they almost do not differ from each other. But cosmetologists argue about their safety. Some believe that the use of minerals is absolutely harmless and the owners of sensitive and problem skin can use mineral eyeshadow without any fear. Others say that cosmetics based on organic compounds also do not harm the skin when used wisely.

Which shade to choose is definitely up to you.But professionals still recommend having both mineral and ordinary decorative shadows in your arsenal in order to provide yourself with the opportunity to alternate their use.

Classification by finish

Finish is the final coating of the eyeshadow after application, the effect that gives your look.

It should be noted that different cosmetic brands have different names for the same finish. We have tried to highlight the most popular and, so to speak, “general” categories.

These shades provide an intense, opaque and even finish that does not reflect light. There is no glitter, individual sparkles, pearlescent shine or shimmer in them.

  • Satin shades

Satin shades, also called satin , are distinguished by a semi-matte finish, have a rich color and a weightless, soft shine, similar to the light shine of satin or satin fabric.

  • Pearlescent Shadows

These eyeshadows contain a lot of mother-of-pearl for an iridescent high-gloss finish.Such shadows are also called shimmer, if sparkling particles prevail. Used in combination with matte eyeshadows to create accents.

  • Shadow Chameleon

They got their name from the amazing feature of changing their shade depending on the lighting and rotation. Many beautiful examples are presented in Tammy Tanuk’s eye shadow collections.

  • Metallic eyeshadow

The name of the finish speaks for itself: the effect of liquid metal in both warm and cold shades.Can be used as an eye shadow, as an eyeliner and as an accent.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Choose from different types of eyeshadows to create your beauty looks!

And at the end of our voluminous story, we suggest you look at an analysis of the types of shadow textures using the example of MAC:


90,000 How to apply liquid eyeshadow correctly?

How to apply liquid eyeshadow correctly?


Liquid eyeshadow is a stunning and super cool alternative to your regular eyeshadow.One-touch eye makeup in a couple of seconds! Liquid shadows fall on the eyelids in an even layer and hold well, they are quite persistent. However, there are several nuances in how to properly use this eye remedy. Let’s analyze the mistakes that arise when using liquid shadows, and talk about how to avoid them.

Mistake # 1: Do not use a foundation
The skin of the eyelids is often a little oily, so after a couple of hours the shadows may smear or gather in a crease. The eyeshadow base prepares the skin of the eyelids for makeup application: it evens out and degreases.The shadows will last as long as possible.
To keep the liquid eyeshadow smooth, apply a thin layer of foundation to the upper eyelid.

Mistake # 2: Applying too much at once
Nothing damages your makeup more than applying too much at once. First, apply a thin layer to see how the shade will look. You can always apply another layer if you want a more intense color.
Another common mistake is applying a second layer of eyeshadow before the first is dry.We recommend letting the first coat dry completely before applying the second.

Mistake # 3: Don’t Blend
There is a misconception that you can’t blend liquid eyeshadow just like traditional eyeshadows, because their consistency is very different. But the truth is, they are very similar. The best way to blend liquid shadows is to use a brush. This will allow you to adjust the intensity of the shade and create an airbrush effect.

Error # 4: Using the Wrong Makeup Tool

We know how tempting it is to use your fingers when applying liquid eyeshadow, but for best results, use a soft eyeshadow brush.Brushes with natural bristles are not suitable for liquid eyeshadows, since they have a porous structure and absorb the product. A fluffy, teardrop-shaped synthetic fiber brush works best for this. With it, you can make a circular motion to gently apply the eyeshadow to the eyelids.
A tube applicator can also be used. The soft applicator allows you to create coverage of any density. Apply liquid eyeshadow with the applicator, then blend with your fingertips.

How to choose a shade?
Focus on eye color, skin tone and the look you want to create.You can create your own shade: mix two or more shades on the back of your hand and apply to the eyelid. Or layer different colors right on your eyelids.

Life hack:
For monochromatic eye makeup, just apply the eyeshadow in one layer. To create smoky eyes using liquid eyeshadow, you need to apply one layer of color to another. If the result is too catchy, then apply a little loose powder on the eyelids – it will “muffle” the bright shade.
Do you like arrows? Liquid shadows are great for creating graphical arrows.

If you wish, you can quickly “tame” this beauty product. Try liquid shadows, experiment and new images will certainly be successful!


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