Best wallet pen: The Best Men’s Wallet with Notepad [TOP 14]


The Best Men’s Wallet with Notepad [TOP 14]

For the modern gentleman, clunky wallets and old fashioned money clips simply don’t cut it. Today we expect our billfolds – like our smartphones – to serve multiple functions, and to make our lives easier by consolidating our everyday essentials in one place.

The Wallet with Notebook Combo

That’s why we opt for the clever combination of wallet + notebook to hold your cards, money, tech, journal, and pen all in one place.

Whether you’re a world traveler trying to reduce clutter in your carry-on bag or a businessman seeking to optimize your briefcase space, these multipurpose wallets offer sleek, elegant solutions for every man.

*All of these wallets are compatible with Field Notes booklets (3.5″ x 5.5″) or standard passports (3.5″ x 5″).

**All card capacity numbers are based on a standard ratio of three cards per slot unless otherwise stated.

For the Adventurer:

Dango P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet

With room for three passports, a memory card slot, and RFID protection for your credit cards, the Dango P02 Pioneer is the ultimate travel wallet. Its versatile industrial design creates ample storage for your most important travel items, while the cutting edge DTEX material is scratch and water resistant. Though you can pack the Pioneer as a traditional wallet, it includes a strap so that you can carry it over your shoulder or tether it to your belt or backpack. The Pioneer even comes with a five function multitool for locking the wallet’s custom clasp, though it also serves as a 1/4″ hex socket, chisel, bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, and a Phillips head screwdriver.

Lifetime Leather Co. Personalized Leather Field Notes Wallet

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Full Grain Leather 15 Lifetime

Lifetime Leather is a family owned company with humble beginnings. As the story goes, they got started after they came across a discarded couch and salvaged the leather to craft gifts for friends and family. Today, the company still handcrafts their products but now with the finest full grain American leather. Thanks to such high quality material, the Field Notes wallet has a rustic look that makes it well suited to the rugged adventurer. For added flair, you can even customize the front with your initials and one of nine fire branded designs! The wallet comes ready to go with a Field Notes journal and Zebra pen.

D & M Leather Travel Journal & Wallet

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Top Grain Leather 3 Unknown

As the only trifold wallet on the list, the D & M Leather travel journal & wallet can be a bit bigger than the rest (depending on how much you pack into it). However, the two snap button closure and multi-functional design make this utilitarian wallet ideal for guys on the go. It can store a standard Field Notes journal or passport, pen, up to three cards, and even an iPhone X/XS or iPhone MAX. Plus D & M’s products are all hand sewn, ensuring maximum durability while showcasing the company’s exquisite craftsmanship.

The Hemingway – Handmade Field Notes Cover

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Full Grain Leather 3 Contact Manufacturer

Author Ernest Hemingway was a seasoned globetrotter, so this leather cover is appropriately named in his honor. It features two horizontal slots for easy access to your cards, and two interior pockets capable of holding cash, passports, notebooks, or tickets. The high quality leather is polished with a special wax giving the wallet a supple texture and aged appearance, so you can travel in style. Plus, the material is finished with a no-slip texture to keep your valuables safe no matter where life takes you.

For the Entrepreneur:

Sovereign Gear Leather Field Notes Cover

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Genuine Leather 6 Unknown

With an elastic pen sleeve, four interior pockets, and a slot for a USB drive or key, this compact cover is the perfect work companion whether you work at a desk or out in the field. The wallet is made of vintage “crazy horse” leather, which simply means that the leather is treated with a special type of wax to give the material shine and a smoother texture. As an added bonus, the wallet comes with a stylish leather pen and a simple lined paper booklet.

Up2Green Leather Journal Cover for Field Notes

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Top Grain Leather 6 Unknown

Up2Green’s leather journal cover was designed by professional artists to address the common flaws of other leather covers on the market. A pen loop is placed square in the middle so that the pen won’t distort the cover while the brass snap clasp ensures that the wallet stays shut and helps keep your notebook in place. What’s more, two horizontal card slots and interior pockets make for ample storage for your cards, money and receipts. Though this wallet may not fit perfectly into your pocket, the naturally tanned, top grain leather gives an air of sophistication for an accessory that makes a statement.

 Kenneth Cole Reaction Faux Leather Mini Bifold Writing Pad

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Faux Leather 10 Unknown

Kenneth Coles’ efficient design aims to increase your productivity. The bifold’s open construction is conducive to quick note taking, while the tiered card organizer allows you to find the exact card you need at a glance. This wallet also includes a clear ID card window and a built in lined writing pad, though you can refill with your own notepad as well. Choose from a variety of colors, and if you really want to spice things up, opt for the red faux crocodile skin!

For the Artist:

D & M Leather Studio Vintage A6 Leather Notebook Cover

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Top Grain Leather 6 Contact Manufacturer

The A6 leather cover is hand sewn using thick wax thread that contrasts nicely with the velvety brown leather, making it ideal for the aesthetically inclined gentleman. The gloss, color, and character of the wallet changes over time, giving it a rustic, distressed look that artists will appreciate. While the wallet does have two card slots and a pocket for cash, the real appeal is the central pen loop and sturdy leather backing to support your writing needs.

Robrasim Leather Journal Cover (Coffee)

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Genuine Leather 3 Contact MFR

This wallet is a winner in its sleek simplicity, making it the perfect all-in-one accessory for the artist or entrepreneur looking to streamline their life. High quality, crazy horse leather gives it that wonderful earthy smell and smooth feel while the no-frills design makes this wallet a practical, everyday companion. Hand sewn for extra durability, this wallet is sure to last a lifetime.

Hide & Drink Leather Field Notes Cover & Wallet Case

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Full Grain Leather 4 Unknown

Hide & Drink’s design is first and foremost a notebook cover, but with two interior pockets it can double as a wallet or passport holder, making it perfect for the writer, artist, globetrotter, or habitual notetaker. Full grain leather simply means that they use the outermost layer of cowhide to lend the finished product more texture and character. Hide & Drink takes it one step further: their leather is hand crafted by expert artisans in La Antigua, Guatemala and the leather is treated with a natural beeswax conditioner so it will retain its shape and withstand the test of time. A portion of all proceeds go back to this same Guatemalan community.

For the Minimalist:

Robrasim Handmade Vintage Leather Journal Cover (Brown)

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Genuine Leather 6 Contact MFR

This is another utilitarian design by Robrasim, but with a bit more card storage. With two card slots and two interior pockets (one for cash, one for a notebook or passport), it provides enough storage for your essentials without taking up too much space in your briefcase or pocket. Hand sewn for extra durability, this wallet maintains a slim profile making it well suited to the minimalist. It’s worth noting that this wallet does not have a pen slot, despite showing a pen in the picture.

 Coal Creek Leather Field Notes Cover

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Full Grain (Veg Tanned) 6 100 Year Warranty

Wickett & Craig have been tanning leather since 1867. Their traditional method of vegetable tanning uses tree bark to give the leather a polished sheen. Coal Creek’s understated design in this leather cover allows the quality of the material to shine through. You can customize yours by choosing one of four colors and imprinting the cover with your initials or name.

KenzaPad Premium Leather Wallet & Refillable Notepad

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Vegetable Tanned Leather 8 3 Year Warranty

If you’re tired of rifling through your pocket or briefcase to find your business cards or locate the note you jotted down this morning, this is the wallet for you. The bifold features a custom checklist notepad, tiered card slots, a magnetic closure, and two pen pockets, one on either side suitable for left or right handed users. With this elegant and efficient design, KenzaPad replaces the digital clutter of your smartphone or tablet with analogue pen and paper to improve your focus.

 Jack’s Point Leather Field Notes Cover

Material: Max # of cards: Warranty:
Top Grain Leather 9 Unknown

Featuring tiered card slots, a pen loop, and plenty of sleeves for notebooks or cash, this wallet is satisfying in its simplicity. It is designed to fit perfectly into your pocket for easy portability, and the notebook sleeve is compatible with standard Field Notes journals or passports. The top grain leather does get scratched and scuffed easily, however these marks lend to an overall distressed look so your wallet develops character over time. You can also rub these marks away with a damp cloth.


10 Best EDC Pens to Carry in 2021

Have you been looking for a new pen for your everyday carry? Read on to see our top picks.

“Phone, wallet, keys…” How many times a day do you pat your packets to make sure you’re carrying “the essentials?” Consider adding a small pen to your everyday carry. 

While you may not use it as frequently as these other three common EDC essentials, carrying a pen helps you to be self-sufficient– never again will you have to ask for something to write with. 

Quick Take

Short on time? Here are our top picks for the best small pens for your everyday carry: 

Our Pick

ssic-sport-fountain-pen-black-m-0-9mm-link” id=”529102″ link_id=”41139″]

Budget Pick

Upgrade Pick

Keep reading for our other recommended options…

Types of EDC Pens

When you’re choosing a pen for your everyday carry, first you have to decide what type of pen you want.  

The three broad categories are ballpoints, rollerballs, and fountain pens. 

Ballpoints are by far the most ubiquitous. That’s because they are reliable, durable, and cheap. If you’re looking for an EDC pen and you don’t want to have to think about ink bleeding, ink staining your clothes, or pen maintenance– ballpoints are your best bet.  

Rollerballs are pens that use ball points but use water-based or gelled ink. These pens are almost as reliable as ballpoints. Some people prefer rollerballs for their smooth writing and vivid colors. 

Unlike ballpoints and rollerballs, fountain pens have a learning curve. They are more prone to leak, are more expensive, and are generally more fragile. 

You’re probably asking, “If that’s true, why would anyone want to carry a fountain pen?” 

Fountain pens have their own personality, can last for more than a century (if you don’t lose them), and can enhance the appearance of the user’s handwriting. If you’re someone who likes to tinker, or is passionate about penmanship, try a fountain pen– you’ll probably love it. 

Once you choose the perfect EDC pen for you, think about getting a pocket notebook so you always have paper to write on. 

How to Choose a EDC Pen

When you’re in the market for an EDC pen, look for something small that will easily fit in your pockets. You want a pen that doesn’t leak, looks professional, and is relatively inexpensive. 

10 Small EDC Pens to Carry in 2021

Here they are, organized by type (ballpoint, rollerball, fountain pen).

Zebra F-301 Compact Ballpoint Retractable Pen

Among the thousands of choices for cheap ballpoints, the Zebra F-301 Compact stands above the crowd. 

Check current price

For well under 10 dollars, the F-301 is of surprisingly high quality. Made with steel and heavy-duty plastic components, this pen is collapsible to allow for easy carry. It also has a fine, smooth, ballpoint tip.

Choosing the Zebra F-301 is a no-brainer for people who want a cheap and reliable compact pen.

Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen

A classic case of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” the Parker Jotter hasn’t changed much since it was initially released in 1954. Today, the stainless steel model is the most popular, however Jotters come in a variety of finishes and colors.

Check current price

While the Parker Jotter looks professional, is inexpensive, and is extremely durable, it’s not the best writing pen on the market. The ink feels cheap and sometimes lays out unevenly on the page. That said, the Jotter gets the job done.

If you are looking for a cheap, refillable, classically designed ballpoint pen for your EDC, the Parker Jotter may be for you. 

Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen

Another metal-bodied ballpoint pen, the Cross Classic Century, is a step up from the Parker Jotter. This smooth writer comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty.

Check current price

With its mid-century modern design, this chrome Cross pen will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. This isn’t a pen you’ll want to lend to your coworkers…

Sharpie Fine Point Pen

The Sharpie Fine Point Pen has a felt tip. If you’ve never written with a felt-tipped pen you should try it out. If you’re used to writing with a ballpoint or rollerball, using this Sharpie pen will seem unusual at first. As you might imagine, writing with this pen kind of feels like writing with a marker. 

Check current price

If you tend to press down hard when you write, you might want to pass on this pen. The delicate tip can easily be damaged.

If you’re looking to switch up your writing experience but don’t want to spend a lot of money, try the Sharpie Fine Point Pen. 

Pilot G2 Rolling Ball Gel Pen

The quintessential roller ball pen, the Pilot G2 comes in 4 tip sizes and 27 color options. G2’s are widely available “workhorse pens. ” They write a consistent line and, although disposable, last a long time. 

Check current price

Be aware that this pen, like most other “click” pens, may stain your clothes more easily than other types of pens. Since the springs of “click” pens are engaged so easily, the pen tip can come out when you don’t expect it. This can be a problem, especially if you carry click pens in your front pants pocket. 

Unless you’re worried about stains, if you’re looking for a reliable, no frills EDC rollerball pen the Pilot G2 might be for you.     

Uni-Ball Vision Elite Rollerball Pen

The Uni-Ball Vision Elite is another fantastic, inexpensive rollerball pen. Unlike the Pilot G-2, this pen snaps shut, making it a “safer” choice for your EDC. This pen has a crosshatch patterned grip that helps you write comfortably for extended periods of time. 

Check current price

While many rollerballs and fountain pens are prone to leak on flights due to changes in cabin pressure, Uni-Ball states that this pen contains “airplane-safe ink. ” While I enjoy writing with this pen, I haven’t personally tested this claim.  

Very durable and long-lasting, the Uni-Ball Vision Elite is perhaps the best disposable rollerball there is. 

J. Herbin Refillable Rollerball Pen

The J. Herbin Refillable Rollerball Pen is a great choice for those who think that they would like to experiment with different kinds of inks. 

Check current price

Like many modern fountain pens, this rollerball takes ink cartridges that you can easily pop in. J. Herbin has a large selection of ink cartridges to choose from, as do many fountain pen manufacturers. 

Buying cartridges can get expensive fast. You might consider buying an ink converter and using bottled ink as a more economical, and environmentally friendly option. 

Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen

The Kaweco Classic Sport is a great choice for an EDC fountain pen. Its small size makes it easy to fit in your pocket and its robust construction helps it be able to withstand a beating.  

Check current price

Like the J. Herbin rollerball, this pen takes cartridges or can be outfitted with an ink converter. 

With a black barrel and brass accents, this is one snazzy-looking pen.

Lamy Al Star Fountain Pen

The Lamy Al Star Fountain Pen is another good choice for people new to fountain pens. Lamy pens have a very distinct look and are available in vivid colors. 

Check current price

Lamy nibs (tips) are very forgiving to people unfamiliar with writing with fountain pens. 

The Al Star has a heavy-duty clip and lightweight, yet tough construction. With a steel nib and ergonomically shaped grip, it’s comfortable to use. Lamy even offers left-handed Al Stars specially designed for all you southpaws out there.

 TWSBI Diamond Mini Fountain Pen

With it’s transparent body, the TWSBI Diamond Mini Fountain Pen definitely looks unusual.

Check current price

Not only can you see the inner workings of this “demonstrator” pen, you can also see what color of ink you’re packing (and this pen holds a lot of ink!).

Coming in under 5 ½ inches, this pen is compact. The TWSBI Diamond Mini is for people looking for a high quality fountain pen that can go with them almost anywhere.

Final Thoughts

From signing an important contract to jotting down new ideas, even in today’s digital world, the pen remains an important tool. 

Consider adding a pen to your everyday carry. You never know when it might come in handy!

The Best Wallets for Men

Henry Phillips

Wallets may come in all shapes and sizes but one thing is certain: they’re an essential part of a person’s EDC. Every wallet is designed to hold and secure daily necessities, including a driver’s license, cash, credit cards and other requisite cards.

Though the wallet’s purpose is simple and rooted in function, there are numerous styles that achieve this end, ranging from minimalist styles (card holders and slim folding wallets) to more classics designs (bi-fold wallets and trucker wallets). Exploring the best wallets in each category, this guide covers the nearly three dozen of the best men’s wallets.

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Best Card Holder

Card Holder

Anson Calder’s ultra-sleek Card Holder comes with two slots for cards and a center stash spot for cash. It’s available in six colors and with an optional monogram.

Card Holder

Military Porte Cartes

Orée’s card case has room for five cards. It’s constructed entirely from vintage military issue WWII canvas duffle bags.

Card Holder

Double-Sided Cardholder

Cut from vegetable-tanned Italian leather, this card holder features two exterior card slots and the brand’s logo is embossed on the exterior.

Made from durable, 3. 5oz natural tooling leather, Tanners Goods’ Journeyman boasts just enough room — four slots and a central pocket — for your cards and some folded bills — nothing more.

Card Holder

Front Pocket Flap Wallet

The majority of Leather Works Minnesota’s leather comes from Red Wing’s S.B. Foot Tanning Co. This minimal wallet is stitched together from two pieces of leather, creating three pockets for your cards and cash. Waxed nylon thread is used to increase the wallet’s longevity and monogramming is optional for $15. 

There’s a big slot for a bunch of cards, a tinier one for cash, and a pull tab to make getting both out a bit easier.

Card Holder

Concha Card Wallet

RRL’s Concha Card Wallet arrives with a patina one would’ve otherwise worked years for. Crafted from premium leather, it boasts a snap button closure, four card slots and a debossed branded logo on the back.

Card Holder

Metal Cash Strap

This wallet can hold one to twelve cards in its RFID-blocking aluminum body. It comes with an elastic strap attached to hold your cash and it is easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Card Holder

#57 BYO French Chévre Slim Leather Wallet

Crafted in its small artisan studio in Southern California, Chester Mox’s Slim Wallet is a subtle and elegant wallet. It’s saddle-stitched by hand for superior construction and hand burnished for a glass-like finish at the edges. Plus, it uses luxurious French goat leather for the exterior as well as the lining, leaving no stone unturned. 

Best Slim Folding Wallet

Slim Wallet

Made from Horween leather, Nomad Goods’ Slim Wallet has room for 12 cards and a tracker, like Tile Slim or Apple’s AirTag.  

Slim Folding Wallet

Ludlow Slim Coat Wallet

Although this won’t fit in a pant pocket, Smythson’s Ludlow Wallet is right at home in the hull of your favorite jacket, whether that be a blazer or a bigger parka. 

Slim Folding Wallet

Ion Bifold

This slim folding wallet is water-resistant, seamless and tough as hell. It’s available in seven colors and can carry up to eight cards and few bills.

Slim Folding Wallet

Inn Folding Credit Card Case

Cut from vegetable-tanned Sonnenleder leather, this folding wallet has three larger pockets (two internal, one external) and two smaller slots (both internal). The German leather with develop a unique patina over time, darkening with use. 

Slim Folding Wallet

SA6400 Colour Wallet

Comme des Garçon’s Classic Wallet keeps things sleek with just two card slots and a slot for your bills. It’s made in Spain using cowhide and comes in a range of colors, offering a bright pop (if you don’t want black) and designer cred at a friendly price.

Slim Folding Wallet

Small Bi-Fold Wallet

There’s room for six cards plus cash in Il Bussetto’s vegetable tanned, somewhat tiny Bi-Fold Wallet.

Slim Folding Wallet

Capra Mini Wallet

With over 70 years of experience behind it, Ettinger’s Capra Mini Wallet is crafted in England using supple goat skin leather which gives the exterior a pleasing pebbled texture. It’s compact but has enough carry capacity for six cards and several bills. 

Best Bi-Fold Wallet

Bi-Fold Wallet

Handmade in Seattle, Filson’s Bi-Fold Wallet is constructed from durable Bridle leather and long-lasting nylon thread.

Bi-Fold Wallet

Billfold Wallet

This wallet is cut and sewn from natural Vacchetta leather in San Francisco. The design features two pockets for cards (which can each hold four cards) and a slot for bills. 

Bi-Fold Wallet

Utility Bifold

Founded in 2006, Tanner Goods spares no details when crafting its range of wallets. Case in point: the company uses the same hide for each piece to ensure exact color matching. This American-made bi-fold utilizes from 3.5-ounce natural tooling leather. The interior features six slots for cards and one pocket for cash. It can be monogrammed for an extra $20. 

Bi-Fold Wallet

Landscape Billfold Wallet

Cut from Madeira English bridle leather from Wicket & Craig, this American-made wallet features a unique interior with two folded card slots and one cash pocket. Each slot holds up to six cards and the cash pockets fits all currency. 

Bi-Fold Wallet

Folding Nylon Wallet

Made from Cordura riptop fabric, this Japanese-made wallet is lightweight and durable. With a classic bi-fold design, it features six interior card slots, a zip compartment for coins and an interior key ring. 

Bi-Fold Wallet

Cordovan Wallet

The eye-catching luster of the shell cordovan exterior is the first thing you’ll notice about Iron Heart’s Medium Wallet. Calf leather makes up the inner compartments which include a zipper coin pouch and several slots for cards and notes. It also includes a solid silver ring for attaching a wallet chain and it’s all sewn together using genuine coat achilles tendon. 

Best Trucker Wallet

No. 262 Small Trucker Wallet

Featuring harness-grade leather and either nickel or brass hardware, this American-made wallet is small enough to fit into your back pocket. The interior features two slots for cards or cash and one zippered compartment for coins. 

Trucker Wallet

FH Mid-Length Wallet

This Japanese-made wallet utilizes tan steerhide leather and features a red pigskin interior. Hand-sewn with waxed cow tendon thread, it includes an internal zippered pouch, four card slots and a slot for bills.

Trucker Wallet

Long Wallet

Glad Hand x Porter Yoshida

Glad Hand and Porter Yoshida’s co-branded cow- and horsehide wallet is crafted in Japan to accommodate up to 17 cards, cash, and receipts, which can be any kind of paper in two large slots.

Best Passport Wallet

Leather Passport and Card Case

This English bridle leather passport wallet comes with a lifetime warranty. The interior features two card slots, a pouch for bills and a passport pocket.

Passport Wallet

Passport Wallet

Cut from four-ounce vegetable-tanned, waxed Horween leather, this wallet has a simple one-piece design. The interior features a passport pocket, two card slots and one pouch for bills or receipts. 

Passport Wallet

Passport Wallet

Cut and sewn in Minnesota from vegetable-tanned leather, this passport wallet features three full-length pockets for bills, a notebook or a passport, and two card slots. Red Wing released its line of leather goods in 2017 utilizing a range of leather from its own S.B. Foot Tanning Co. Understated on a whole, the brand’s logo is embossed on the interior of each piece. 

Best Phone Wallet

The iPhone Wallet

Made in the USA, this wallet features Italian full-grain leather and a unique grip technology that firmly holds your phone without extra bulk. The interior features four card slots and a slot for bills or receipts. (And, it comes in every iPhone size; don’t mind the ancient model.)

Phone Wallet

Phone Case 3 Card

This phone wallet has a microfiber lining and chamfered edges. Along with holding your phone, the wallet has space for up to three cards and an extra SIM card. Available in eight colors, it is also backed by a three year warranty. 

Phone Wallet

Cordovan iPhone Sleeve

Makr’s iPhone Card Sleeve is a minimalist’s dream with a compartment for your phone and a single slot for a few cards or bills. It’s made using vegetable-tanned leather from Wickett & Craig and features an elegant design thanks to its rolled edges and gentle curves. 

Best Zip Wallet

Card Pocket

This zip wallet can hold between four and 15 cards, along with coins and folded bills. It has a slot for a SIM card as well, and it is cut from three colors of environmentally certified leather.

Zip Wallet

Powell The Travel Wallet

Made from a cotton-recycled poly blend, this zip wallet features five card slots, a zip pouch for coins, a pen loop and a slot for bills. Available in three colors, the wallet has a contrasting lining and zips flat for easy access. 

Zip Wallet

Zipper Credit Card Wallet

Manufactured in New England, this wallet features vegetable-tanned leather with polished and painted edges. Available in nine colors, the design has a solid-brass YKK-Excella zipper and two exterior slots that can hold up to 10 cards. 

This Japanese-made wallet is constructed from supple calf leather. The design includes a main compartment, two card slots, and a coin pouch. 

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The 15 Best Travel Wallets and Organizers [For Men & Women]

Travel wallets are a useful way to keep your passport, cards, and money all in one place. Designed to be compact yet spacious, they’re a handy tool to hold your most valuable items all together and safe from loss, damage, or theft.

Benefits of Using Travel Wallets and Organizers

When you’re heading overseas, your passport and your money are just about the most important items you’ll need to take with you. Making sure these difficult-to-replace possessions are kept safely about your person while you’re away, calls for a special kind of purse or wallet that’s both compact and secure.

To add an extra layer of protection to your credit and debit cards, many travel wallets are made using RFID-blocking material. This specially designed lining prevents the data from your cards being read or copied by unscrupulous thieves or tech-savvy pickpockets, anywhere in the world.

Things to Consider With Travel Wallets and Organizers

Of course, you could take your regular wallet with you, but why would you want to when there are so many great travel wallets that can offer you numerous benefits?

Here are some features you should consider before you make your purchase.


When you’re out exploring the world, the last thing you need is to be weighed down. Opt for either a small and straightforward travel wallet that will keep your cards and cash close by, or choose a larger model that can also carry your passport and travel documents while still maintaining a slim, compact profile.


Modern-day travel wallets are often equipped with RFID-blocking material on the inside. This smart addition helps to protect against electronic pickpocketing and prevents criminals from accessing your data.

You should also consider more traditional safety measures like slash proof straps and material and super strong zippers or snaps that will keep your wallet securely fastened.

Material and Durability

A travel wallet is about both form and function. Just because you want it to be extra secure and super compact, it doesn’t mean it can’t look good too. You can find wallets in a huge variety of designs and materials.

Leather is durable and sophisticated, while plastic is easy to clean and difficult to damage. Nylon composite fabrics are also popular as they’re very lightweight and designed to last.

It’s important to remember the adage “buy cheap, buy twice.” Prevent this, by investing in the best quality wallet you can find in your price range.


While your regular wallet may be crammed full of old receipts, loyalty cards, and other day-to-day nonsense, your travel wallet will only need to hold the bare essentials.

Look for a wallet that has enough slots to hold your credits cards, a flat opening for notes, and a sealed section for coins. If you’re planning on carrying your passport, make sure your wallet is large enough to contain it.

The Best Travel Wallets and Organizers

Best Travel Wallets and Organizers For Women

Incredible Selection of Colors and Designs

Mundi File Master Womens RFID-Blocking Wallet/Organizer With Change Pocket

Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, the Mundi RFID wallet is large enough to keep your cards, money, and passport safe, yet compact enough to carry everywhere with you.

It comes complete with 13 credit card pockets, 2 hidden pockets, and 2 interior ID windows to easily display regularly used cards or photo IDs. You can also keep your receipts and notes neatly ordered with the gusseted compartments.

The RFID-blocking technology is pretty much the same as the others on the market. It’s a useful safety feature that will help to protect your credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license, bank cards, or any other RFID enabled cards from being copied or scanned.

All in all, a nice looking, affordable travel wallet with plenty of pockets and compartments.

Best For On-Trend Travelers

Ted Baker London Travel Lifestyle Organizer

If you love your designer labels and like to travel light, this organizer from popular British brand Ted Baker could be perfect for you.

This pretty pink faux-leather wallet comes complete with Ted Baker’s signature floral interior while offering plenty of practical features as well as striking good looks.

There are separate compartments in which to keep your cards, cash, cell phone, and headphones, and there’s even a separate zippered section for loose change.

Larger than a regular wallet, this is designed to keep all of your valuables in one place. You can comfortably carry your passport, money, phone, and cards all together in this handheld clutch, while the snap-tabs, slip pockets, and zippers make accessing your essentials quick and easy.

A beautiful looking, well thought out, designer-created organizer for the fashion-conscious traveler.

Versatile Clutch For Both Business and Pleasure

The Pacsafe RFIDsafe W200

This elegant, simple design clutch is perfect for keeping all of your essentials together while you travel. Made from embossed vinyl, the clutch is big enough to hold your money, cards, and even phone protected behind RFID-blocking technology.

Smart enough to be used as an everyday bag, for business functions, or even as an evening bag, the clutch contains a main compartment that features 8 card slots, a zippered internal coin pocket, a mesh passport pocket, and 2 open slip pockets. It also has a wrist strap to keep it secured to you while you’re carrying it.

Measuring in at 5.1 x 8.1 x 0.6 inches, and available in a choice of contemporary colors, this is a good size clutch that offers RFID protection for your cards while keeping your cell phone and cash safely in one place.

Plenty of Space For All Your Essentials

Travel Wallet Passport Holder, RFID Document Organizer by FLYMEI

Designed with practicality in mind, this multi-functional travel wallet and passport holder is the perfect way to organize your essentials on the move. Made from high-density linen and cotton fabric, the organizer has the quality look and feel of a far more expensive travel accessory.

With plenty of pockets to choose from, you can keep your phone, boarding pass, credit cards, tickets, coins, keys, money, and travel documents all in one place. This holder is capable of storing 4 passports so is great for families traveling together.

With a detached hand strap and waterproof yet washable fabric, this particular organizer is an excellent option if you’re looking a wallet that you can use on casual or formal occasions, anywhere in the world.

Pretty and Practical Travel Wallet Solution

All in One Travel Wallet

Pretty yet practical, this stunning mint-colored passport holder and travel wallet can hold 2 passports, making it perfect for a trip away for just the two of you. Ever so slightly larger than regular passport holders, you’ll also be able to fit your boarding pass and pen in the same wallet for easy access during transit.

Made from premium leather-effect PU, this passport holder also has plenty of useful slots for keeping up to 7 of your credit cards safe and all together. There’s also a large flat slot for keeping notes in.

This particular travel wallet comes in a super sweet gift box, making it an attractive but useful present for friends or family who also like to travel.

Affordable Premium Leather Travel Wallet

Lavemi Women’s RFID-Blocking Real Leather Zip Around Wallet

Made from 100% real leather, this is a premium purse available at a very affordable price. Not only is this one a bit of a looker, but it also comes complete with an advanced proprietary blocking material, which is designed to block RFID signals from unauthorized scans.

Incredibly roomy on the inside, it has 17 credit card slots, 1 ID window with a central cutout, 1 zipper pocket for change, 3 currency pockets, and 1 pen loop. It can hold your cash, your cards, your passport, pen, and even your cell phone all safely protected in one place while you travel.

It also has a useful wrist strap for carrying it around or attaching it to a larger bag. Stylish and practical, this is a flexible travel wallet with a luxury feel.

Slim and Compact Leather Look Organizer

Travelambo RFID-Blocking Passport Holder And Wallet

This smart, leather-looking passport holder and travel wallet is a handsome choice. Made from 100% polyurethane, this has a soft feel and a classy look.

Designed to hold everything you need, this wallet offers a passport pocket, 3 credit card slots, 1 ID slot, a sim card pouch, a ticket slot, a coupon compartment, and a cell phone pouch. There’s also a zippered pocket for your loose change, a key holder, and a pen holder too.

Your belongings won’t just be safe from becoming misplaced, they’ll also be protected against mobile scanners. With RFID-blocking technology, this wallet will protect you against the 13.56MHz frequency, which is used to steal credit card and passport information digitally.

This is a practical and well-designed way to keep all of our belongings safe and sound during your travels.

Best Unisex and Men’s Travel Wallets and Organizers

For Those Who Want Their Belongings Close to Their Chest

Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet with RFID-Blocking

This passport holder can be worn around the neck, allowing for easy access to your belongings, with the ability to tuck them out of sight. Made from lightweight, water resistant, breathable material, this will stay comfortable and clean, even underneath your clothes.

You can organize your passport, cash, and credit cards inside the 2 zippered pockets and 1 large velcro-closure patch compartment. There’s also an ID window for fast access to your photo ID.

Everything you carry will be protected from electronic pickpockets as the pouch is made using RFID-blocking material that uses radio frequency shielding technology to block unwanted scans.

Virtually invisible under clothing, this is a unique way to keep your prized possessions safe from theft or scams while you travel.

Cool and Contemporary Unisex Travel Organizer

Zoppen RFID Travel Passport Wallet & Documents Organizer

Made from high-density, washable nylon fabric this is a durable and incredibly practical travel wallet that’s perfect for organized travelers.

With enough space to comfortably contain 2 passports, your boarding pass, a pen, and all your cash and cards, you can easily keep all of your essential items in one place with this wallet.

Made with RFID-blocking technology, you can protect all of your personal information from any unauthorized skimming scans under 13.56 Mhz. You can tuck this wallet away into your backpack or suitcase, or use the wristlet strap included to keep it close at hand.

Cool looking, convenient to carry and use, and complete with a removable keychain, this is an excellent unisex travel wallet.

A Money Belt That Doubles as a Wallet

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Unisex Money Travel Belt

With its slimline, unisex design, this nifty little wallet can be hidden away from prying eyes, keeping your cash and valuables as safe as can be while you travel. The RFID-blocking technology will also protect against unwanted scans, to ensure that your personal information remains private.

With 3 different compartments to carry your cash, coins, credit cards, ID, and even your passport, you’ll have a secure place to stash everything, hidden away beneath your clothes.

The unique TravelDry fabric wicks away moisture as well as resists odors, mildew, and shrinking, ensuring that you keep comfortable while on the move.

With 2 belt loops, you can easily attach this to your belt and have the choice of black or brown to match your ensemble.

The Minimalist Travel Wallet

Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Slim Wallet

This genuine leather men’s wallet is slim yet practical with a timeless design. Crafted from top quality materials, this wallet is soft, supple leather on the outside, and RFID-blocking material on the inside, meaning your credit cards, debits cards, driver’s license, and ID cards are all protected against unwanted scanning.

With 10 separate card slots, a quick access ID window, 2 long, flat slots for money, and a zippered compartment for keeping your notes in order, this RFID wallet offers excellent organization as well as additional security for anyone on the move. Slim enough to easily slip inside your pocket, this is an absolute bargain.

While this would not hold a passport or travel documents, it’s still a nice looking, durable leather wallet which would suit the minimalist traveler.

Hot Tip: See our article on the best minimalist wallets for travelers if you’re looking for something a little slimmer!

Wear Your Valuables Around Your Neck

Tarriss RFID Neck Wallet/Passport Holder/Neck Stash

This RFID-blocking passport and card holder can be worn around your neck and tucked safely beneath the outer layers of your clothing to help keep your details safe.

Made using high-quality RFID-blocking materials, this smart little bag will protect your contactless cards, driver’s license, and ID cards from unauthorized scanning or identity theft.

Made with a breathable backing to keep the pouch sweat free against your skin, you can wear this underneath your clothes, across your body, or even fold the strap up to use it as a regular travel wallet.

Made from durable, wipeable material, this is a useful little addition to your travel luggage and one that will be handy whenever you’re traveling.

The Vegan Leather Neck Travel Wallet

YOMO Leather Passport Holder

This little passport holder has been designed to be slim but spacious. It can easily hold your passport, phone, credit cards, camera, cash, and coins without becoming too bulky.

It looks pretty flashy too! With 5 separate pockets, you can easily organize all of your travel essentials and it comes with a comfortable neck strap to keep them close by at all times.

The built-in RFID-blocking technology will help to protect your credit card, debit card, driver’s license, and ID card from electronic scanners and identity theft. Once your cards are tucked away in your wallet, sneaky thieves won’t be able to reach them.

Keep everything super secure by tucking this little pouch under your clothing if you need to. Hands-free security from the travel experts at YOMO, this holder is worth a look.

Slim and Minimalist Passport Holder

SimpacX Fabric RFID-Blocking Travel Wallet and Passport Holder

Made from wipeable fabric, this thin and compact passport holder and travel wallet is a big hit with travelers looking for convenience without the bulk. This travel wallet measures a slim 5.9 x 4.1 x 0.2 inches.

Large enough to fit 1 passport inside, it also comes with 4 separate slots that can be used for housing your credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license or ID, while the 2 large slots are perfect for stashing your notes.

The wallet also uses RFID-blocking technology, meaning that your cards and IDs will be protected against malicious data scanning and identity fraud.

Slim enough to fit inside your pocket, this little wallet does an excellent job of not bulking up too much when full.

Final Thoughts

Travel wallets offer an inexpensive and practical solution for keeping valuable items safe while you’re traveling.

They provide a far higher level of protection from identity theft than a regular wallet will, and they’re designed to keep you organized at all times. Huge travel benefits for a small price.

What’s not to love about travel wallets?


Enjoyed this article but looking for even more travel products to up your adventure game? Check out these pieces:

Best wallets for traveling 2021

wallets for traveling

You can do a lot with the iPhone Wallet, but it can’t completely take the place of a traditional wallet. And when you’re taking a trip, it’s smart to keep all of your essential travel documents in one place. Doing so keeps you organized and cuts down on the number of things you need to pack. Travel wallets are purpose-built for storing all of your valuables in one place. They have enough room for cash, credit cards, passports, and other essentials. And many travel wallets are slim enough to tuck in a purse, backpack, or pocket. Ready to hit the road? Don’t leave home without one of the best wallets for traveling.

For the whole family:
Zero Grid TechSafe

Staff pick

Zero Grid’s TechSafe is an RFID-blocking, water-resistant travel wallet. It’s roomy enough to store multiple passports, an iPhone, credit cards, cash, a pen, and other important papers. Explicitly designed for group travelers, the TechSafe has flexible pockets and ripstop nylon construction, so it holds up to all kinds of travel. The zipper enclosure keeps documents tucked in and away from prying eyes. If you journey as a family or with a group of friends, this is one of the very best wallets for traveling.

  • $23 at Amazon
  • $35 at ZeroGrid

Fits in your front pocket:
Nomatic wallet

It’s never a good idea to look like a tourist when adventuring, and this basic wallet from Nomatic will help you blend in with the locals. This model is slim enough to fit in your front pocket but expansive enough to hold up to 15 credit cards, cash, and your hotel room key. Made of medical-grade elastic and genuine leather, this is a sleek wallet you can tuck away in a pocket, so you don’t have to lug around a heavy backpack.

Add some color:
Travelon 43401 RFID passport zip wallet

If plain black travel wallets aren’t your thing, you’re going to dig this offering from Travelon. Cool and colorful, this generous travel wallet is large enough to store passports, IDs, credit cards, and cash for the whole family. You’ll get six passport holders, four card slots, a zippered pouch, a pen loop, and a gigantic slash pocket in this wallet. The whole thing zips closed and is just the right size to store in a jacket pocket, purse, or backpack. If you go places with a group, this is one of the best wallets for traveling around today.

A leather masterpiece:
Bellroy travel folio

The Bellroy travel folio is an upgrade to the big lump that barely fits in your back pocket. The Bellroy is made of soft, environmentally certified leather and has a zipper closure, ensuring you never lose a thing. The interior dividers organize documents, hide cash, hold two passports, boarding passes, and a micro pen. The Bellroy is as beautiful as it is functional and comes with RFID protection.

  • $140 at Amazon
  • $139 at Bellroy

Keep it close:
Venture 4th RFID neck pouch

You’ll never fall victim to pickpocketers with the Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch. This travel pouch includes three storage compartments for keeping documentation, cash, and passports close to your body and out of harm’s way. There’s also a window for your ID, so you don’t have to tear apart your wallet looking for it. Perfect for men, women, or children, the travel wallet from Venture 4th slips over your neck and can hang under your clothing for the ultimate in security.

  • $13 at Amazon
  • $16 at Venture 4th

Hidden zipper lock:
Samsonite RFID zip travel wallet

Unique to the Samsonite, a hidden zipper lock to keep valuables locked down. You’ll also get a double-locked strap for extra security. Inside this travel wallet from Samsonite are slip pockets for eight cards and an ID, a zippered pocket for change, a pen loop, a mesh pocket for cords, and a sleeve to cradle your passport or concert tickets. When you need maximum security, the Samsonite should be your go-to.

  • $45 at Amazon
  • $48 at Samsonite

Keep it all on you:
Shacke hidden travel belt wallet

The Shacke Pak slips through your belt and is nearly impossible to remove or see. You can leave it tucked in between your pants and skin while moving about and pull it out when you need to access its contents. Three zipper pouches provide areas for cards, cash, passports, and change, and the whole thing is lined with RFID anti-theft material. If you’re concerned about safety, this is one of the best wallets for keeping you and your valuables safe.

  • $8 at Amazon
  • $14 at Shacke

For iPhone 12 owners:
Apple leather wallet with MagSafe

We love the new iPhone 12! It’s sleek, powerful, and chargeable without messy cords. If you’re lucky enough to own any of the new iPhone models, grab the Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe and don’t look back. Available in four colors, this wallet travels with you and your iPhone and is held magnetically in place like magic. It even works with the iPhone 12 MagSafe case.

A slim passport wallet:
Fintie passport travel wallet

This leather look-a-like passport wallet from Fintie comes packed with RFID technology. Card slots are in practical locations, making it easy to slip a card out and slide it back in. There are three cardholders in total, plus room for an ID, boarding pass, and a sleeve for your passport. This is a slim and lightweight travel wallet, and it’s available in a massive number of colors and styles to suit your fancy.

So much room:
Lewis N. Clark RFID neck stash

When you have a lot to store but want to keep weight light, reach for Lewis N. Clark’s Stash Wallet. Made for travel across town or across the country, this RFID-blocking wallet hangs from your neck and can be tucked under your clothes to conceal it. Inside you’ll get a window pocket for your ID, a pocket for your phone, a passport sleeve, space for cash, and even a zippered pocket for earbuds, cables, and other items. The Lewis N. Clark Neck Stash holds a lot but remains slim and easy to tote from place to place.

$13 at Amazon

A minimalist favorite:
Serman Brands RFID slim bifold leather wallet

This vintage-looking travel wallet from Serman Brands is pocketable, handsome, and affordable. It’s also practical, equipped with advanced RFID Secure technology, and made of the finest full grain genuine leather. It comes in 11 colors, all of them made of leather. Minimalistic in nature, you’ll get plenty of room in a slim package. Cash slips inside an attached stainless steel money clip, and cards slide into slots. There’s also a picture window for your ID.

  • $30 at Amazon
  • $30 at Serman Brands

The best wallets for traveling are …

When you’re hitting the road, especially on an extended trip, a travel wallet should be at the top of your needs list. And if you’re heading overseas, it’s a must. My top pick when traveling with family or friends is theTechSafe from ZeroGrid. This is a spacious wallet with enough room for four passports, up to 10 cards, a pen, and your IDs.

If you want something that looks great and is functional, I recommend the Bellroy Folio. . It’s a classy-looking leather wallet that will hold travel documents, IDs, cards, and cash.

When you want to hold your goods close to your body, you can’t go wrong with Venture 4th. Their travel neck pouch wallet has scads of room for money, cards, and passports, and it slips over your neck or under your clothes for stealthy travel.

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30 Best Wallets for Men 2021

Your wallet isn’t just for storing cards and cash. It’s a statement piece—an accessory that speaks to a man’s character and style. We’re talking about an everyday carry essential that your boss, Tinder date or Starbucks barista will recognize and respect on sight.

Upgrading to a new wallet seems easier said than done, especially for dudes with attachment issues. But, seriously, did you really think the torn and tattered billfold that dad bought you years ago would hold out forever? Don’t answer that. Instead, retire that sucker and invest in something more mature and professional.

Whether you need a wallet with serious organization or just a place to keep a few cards, there’s something out there for every guy. However, you need to know which ones best suit your lifestyle. To help you with that, we’ve listed the most popular wallet types and what makes each so different.

Bifold Wallets

These wallets keep money management simple, providing easy access to credit cards and folded bills in a conventional design.

Pros: An extra compartment, lightweight, tons of options
Cons: Fewer card slots than other models

Minimalist Wallets

Normally identified as cardholders, minimalist wallets have a super-slim profile and multiple credit card slots, making them perfect for dudes who live on a plastic connection.

Pros: Designed for front pockets, lightweight, multiple designs
Cons: Little room for bills

Money Clips

Ideal for guys who desire an elegant approach to flaunt their wealth.

Pros: Durable construction, flexible accessibility, often made by luxury designers
Cons: Limited capacity, minimal protection

Travel Wallets

Think of breast pocket or passport wallets with plenty of space to secure all of your travel necessities, including a passport, foreign currency, receipts, and much more.

Pros: Ample storage, large pockets, premium aesthetics
Cons: Pricey, not pocket-friendly

Specialty Wallets

RFID, smartphone, and tactical wallets—these hybrid options are heavy-duty and offer the highest level of safekeeping for your personal goods.

Pros: Grade-A protection, serve many EDC purposes, special features
Cons: Not many models available

Options are everything and today’s market spoils you with tons of them. Here are 30 of our favorite modern wallets for every preference.

Bellroy Leather Hide & Seek RFID Wallet

Surprisingly thin, yet durable, Bellroy’s noteworthy take on the billfold hides multiple compartments in a sleek design. Brand hallmarks like the owl logo and rugged stitched lining remain intact. There are plenty of sleeves, along with a secret storage area on the backside of the cash pouch, which is perfect for stashing numbers from potential dates.

Fossil Ward Leather Wallet

A marriage of nostalgic design and premium features, the Ward was designed with personal protection in mind. The two-tone leather fabric is dapper and sturdy enough to hold myriad banknotes, while RFID-shielding prevents hackers from accessing your personal info. Traditionalists will also appreciate the flip window for instant ID access.

M-Clip Ultralight Aluminum Money Clip

What makes the M-Clip special isn’t its ability to carry up to 7 cards and 10 bills simultaneously. All credibility goes to its superior engineering. The V series is a sturdy option composed of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, plus it features an adjusting mechanism to customize and secure your moolah.

TUMI Nassau Slim Card Case Wallet

Tumi wallets are a travel staple for style enthusiasts across the globe. The Nassau wallet features four card slots and an ID window to regulate your international expenditures. The black embossed leather version exudes strength. 

Aer Cardholder

This Aer wallet has a small, minimalist appearance that’s easy to carry around and stuff securely into bags or pockets. It has three quick-access slots for cardholding needs along with an RFID-safe zippered pocket. The interior of the wallet is lined with microfibers. 

Filson Bridle Leather Passport & Card Case

Travel is great, but getting to your destination can be stressful. This passport wallet organizes your travel must-haves—passport, ID, credit cards and boarding pass—so you’re as relaxed as possible before your next flight. It’s slim so you can stow it in your pocket easily, and the leather boasts a soft, broken-in texture, that looks, frankly, well-traveled, and just gets better over time.

Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip

The Ridge Wallet is as practical and serviceable as they come. Anodized aluminum plates hold the entire device together, ensuring the best possible drop protection. Ridge employs several utility features as well, including RFID-blocking, an integrated money clip, and an expandable track to adjust your currency load on the move. 

Hex Brand Parchment Leather Icon Wallet

Your skinny jeans can only take so much bulk. One way to streamline your pockets: a smartphone wallet case. HEX sells some of the hottest multi-purpose cases, each designed to protect your iPhone and stow away EDC items. The slim profile, combined with parchment leather wrapping and elastic closure, gives the entire package a stylish minimalist design.

Filson Smokejumper Wallet

A rugged, hardy wallet is perfect for the outdoorsman. This one from Filson was designed for firefighters. It’s made of a water-repellant, abrasion-resistant oil finish Tin Cloth fabric to hold up through all of your adventures. Inside, it features four card slots and one cash slot.

Herschel Charlie RFID Card Case

This budget find from Herschel is geared toward the minimalist who craves the sleekest storage possible for carrying his ID, Metrocard, credit card, and—if he’s really feeling wild—his coffee shop punch card, but not much else. It does boast one special skill, however. It features an RFID blocking layer to prevent anyone scanning your card numbers. Safety first. 

TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet

This inventive take on the bifold does it all at a budget-friendly price. It holds up to seven cards, but still stays slim thanks to an interior money clip for bills or receipts. An external card slot houses your most-reached-for plastic and the whole wallet is RFID-blocking. 

Il Bussetto Bi-Fold Card Case


Treat yourself to a handcrafted luxury item for a not-so-luxurious price. This cardholder is handmade in Italy by artisans trained in Tuscan leather crafting techniques. The wallet hits the sizing sweet spot between a typical card case and bifold wallet, with plenty of slots for your cards and a small compartment for bills. 

A-Cold-Wall* Curve Logo Zip Wallet

Earn style cred with this card holder from London-based, elevated streetwear label A-COLD-WALL*. It’s minimal, paring down your overstuffed wallets of the past to just two card slots, but it offers a little something extra from your typical card case with a handy zip pocket for change, some bills or your keys.

Ted Baker Sailbot Leather Wallet

As classic as they come, you could easily gift this textured leather bifold to any guy in your life—your dad, brother, or best friend. It has an interior pouch for bills, several card slots and two slip pockets for tucking in miscellaneous items like your coat check ticket. Perfect for when a smaller card case isn’t cutting it for your daily needs. 

Dunhill Logo-Print Coated-Canvas Bifold Cardholder

The British know luxury, and Dunhill’s collection of cardholders is evidence. An exercise in premium craftsmanship, this card case is a stunner designed with striking geometric logo patterning that accessorizes nicely with your premium denim. 

Off-White Logo Print Wallet

In case you need reminding of your wallet’s inherent function, street style favorite brand Off-White has you covered with its playful “For Money” style. Equipped with interior and exterior card slots, the zip-around style is perfect for stashing spare change and loose receipts inside. It also has a removable chain strap for when you’re feeling particularly ‘90s nostalgic. 

Burberry Vintage Check E-canvas International Bifold Wallet

If you’re a dude who likes his wallets like his colognes, classic, then Burberry is a brand that speaks to your inner gentleman. Maintain your sophisticated vibe with this one-bill, two-slip pocket offering that boasts the legendary Burberry check-print and numerous slots for your AMEX cards.

Paul Smith Blue & Red Concertina Wallet

Paul Smith gives your personal wealth pop of color with its Concertina Wallet. The contrasting shades will make it distinct against the backdrop of your briefcase or backpack.

Acne Studios Flap Card Holder

Made in Italy using smooth black leather, this wallet from Acne Studios keeps it simple and sleek for a guy who’s into fashion but not too flashy. Stamped with silver branding on its front, the wallet comes with four slots for your cardholding needs. 

Kith Card Case

Don’t let the simple design of this card case fool you. With interior card slots and a 100% Italian leather material, it’s a sleek fashion statement every time you pull it out, upgrading your average jeans and t-shirt uniform. 

Dagne Dover Accordion Card Case

If you’ve been looking to scale back your fuller wallet to a more minimal version but are worried about leaving your items a little too accessible to the outside world, try this enclosed card case. The surprisingly roomy case is available in some beautiful color ways on the Dagne Dover site as well. 

Common Projects Leather Pouch

Ditch your bulky pockets and stash all your daily tools—phone, keys, credit cards and receipts—all in one spacious pouch that’s still small enough to comfortably carry. It’s super handy for tossing in your larger work tote or backpack so you can easily find your most important items.

Herschel Oscar RFID Wallet

Herschel wallets offer the same convenience and high-quality design as the company’s top-selling bags. The Oscar remains a personal favorite due to its accessibility, robust construction, and secure zip pocket for big bills. 

Shinola Trifold Wallet

Sustainability in a deluxe package is Shinola’s bag. Therefore, expect nothing but greatness when pulling out this luxe leather wallet. It’s an attractive piece that beautifully folds out to unveil three rows of pockets that keep your personal items organized.

Octovo Globe Leather Wallet With Pen

Octovo sells a fancy, slim solution for globetrotters who want to store their travel docs and per diem in high-fashion. It’s a lightweight passport holder composed of Italian vegetable leather, with swanky details like diagonally cut pockets and a stainless-steel ballpoint pen for jotting business notes.

Bosca ‘Old Leather’ Trifold Wallet

Keep it classic with a trifold wallet, which is arguably just the right size, allowing you to fit all of your cards in the various slots and is equipped with a large slot for cash, plus a clear window for storing your driver’s license. In rich burnished leather, it goes with any outfit and will never go out of style. Some things are just better old-school. 

Tumi Nassau Ballastic Etched Money Clip


Simplicity meets ease with a back-to-basics money clip from accessories aficionado Tumi. The silver style is perfect for holding onto your cash and even a couple of cards. The clip seamlessly glides into your pocket with the least amount of bulk possible and the metal’s handy engraving makes it easy to reach for and retrieve. It’s a chic item for gifting, too.

Moncler Logo-Embossed Leather Zipped Wallet with Lanyard

The tastemaker need look no further for his statement wallet. Cards and folded bills fit into this trendy lanyard wallet that can be worn around one’s neck or, our preferred method, cross-body. In black, it’s a cool fashion piece that’s still reserved enough for daily wear.

Loewe Puzzle Coin Leather Card Holder

Spanish brand Loewe’s iconic “Puzzle” leatherwork, mixing different colors of leather, lends a pop of sartorial flair to your go-to everyday accessory. The zip-around closure stores money, receipts and keys, while outer card slots means you have quick access to your subway card, ID or debit card.

Bottega Veneta Bi-Fold Wallet

Bottega Veneta’s penchant for magnificent artisanal design is best demonstrated with this handsome Italian wallet. The company’s signature Intrecciato weaving takes center stage, exhibiting a premium, lightweight feel. 

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The 13 Best Travel Wallets

Keeping things organized and secure when you’re traveling is crucial—and I’ve found that having a great travel wallet helps. In my experience, the best travel wallets hold pretty much everything: your passport, credit cards, different types of currency, plane tickets, and a pen to fill out customs forms. If you’re the kind of person that’s consistently showing up to the airport frazzled and hoping that your passport is actually in your purse, it’s probably time to invest in a designated travel wallet.

Below are 13 options—at every price point—that will help you say goodbye to pre-flight stress for good.

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This wallet made my list because it has over 3,000 reviews on Amazon. People love that it holds all of their essentials without being too bulky—not to mention that the price point is extremely impressive as well.

Zoppen Multi-Purpose Travel Wallet, $14

If you’re going to invest in a timeless designer travel wallet, this should be the one. Smythson is known for theirs—and it’s designed to be both functional and fashionable. The wallet has compartments for boarding passes, currency, and credit cards, and it’s made with a smooth leather lining that holds up well over time.

Smythson Panama Pocket Tab Wallet, $495

With RFID blocking technology that’s designed to shield high and ultra-high frequency chips, this document holder will keep all of your credit cards and personal information safe.

Leatherology Travel Document Holder, $120

In terms of designer wallets, you can’t go wrong with Gucci’s canvas-coated continental wallet. It has 12 card slots, two bill compartments, a zipper section to store coins (which is clutch when you’re carrying foreign currency around) and two separate interior compartments for tickets and receipts.

Gucci Marmont Continental Travel Wallet, $570

Inside this leather wallet there’s a place for your credit cards, passport, airplane ticket, and more. I’m a big fan of Cuyana and have had of their leather totes for years—the quality for the price is hard to beat.

Cuyana Slim Passport Case, $95

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Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your style. This small card case is perfect for a minimalist. Six exterior card slots make it easy to access all of your essentials whether you’re going through airport security or waiting in a gelato line.

Bottega Veneta Leather Card Case, $290

I love that this Calpak travel wallet not only has a TON of slots for cards and plane tickets—it also has a removable handle and strap so you can wear it as a crossbody too. 

Calpak Faux Leather RFID Travel Wallet, $75

This sleek option has a passport compartment, slip pockets, and card slots. The RFID shielding technology helps protect your personal information while you’re traveling. Plus, the wallet comes with a tiny pen (and interior pen loop) so you’re always prepared.

Bellroy RFID Travel Wallet, $119

A fabulous option to help keep you organized that has an outer zipper to hold coins and a snap closure to help ensure your belongings are safely in place. I like that this one has a clear slot to hold your ID and a wrist strap to make it easy to carry.

Kate Spade Continental Wristlet, $128

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At first glance, this might look like a typical coin purse, but each of the four pockets (on front and back) are designed to store different currencies for those long trips abroad.

Smythson Panama Multi-Zip Currency Case, $335

This light gray zipper wallet has over 15 different card slots that will help keep you organized during any type of trip—and it’s cute enough for everyday use too.

Tory Burch Continental Wallet, $158

With 10 colors to choose from, a passport pocket, and multiple card slots, you can’t go wrong with this leather case. Plus, it’s under $100!

Royce New York Passport Case, $85

Tumi makes one of my favorite carry-on bags for travel so it’s no surprise that people love their wallets too. This one doubles as a wristlet and can fit up to 10 cards.

Tumi Travel Wallet, $295

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  • Eterno Driver’s Wallet
  • Palermo driver’s wallet, blue
  • BB Driver’s Wallet, black
  • Webster Wallet Black
  • Webster Wallet Brown
  • European Concept Wallet
  • Case for iPAD RED PEPPER
  • IPad case, waterproof, white
  • IPad case, black
  • IPad case, red and black
  • Cover “Near the Lukomorya, a green oak… ”
  • Case for iPad 10 “, black and white
  • Case for iPad 10 “, bright blue with white
  • Case for iPad 10 “, red and white
  • Case for iPad 10 “Orange / Black
  • IPhone 4 case
  • Car umbrella cover, black
  • Viaggi key case, black with red trim
  • Antigua iPad Case
  • Tablet case 7 “, black
  • Tablet case 8 “, black
  • Tablet case 10 “, black
  • Travel set ESSENTIAL, dark blue
  • Travel set ESSENTIAL, gray
  • Safe Journey Luggage Set, Blue
  • Magnum 8 multi-tool knife
  • Multi-tool Struktura Classic tool
  • Multi-Tool Tec
  • Drive plaid in a cover, brown
  • Wallet Eterno

Wallets wallets covers

90,000 Best Smart Wallets for 2020 – China-Phone.Info

Wallets are getting smarter these days. If you still have a wallet other than your smartphone and smartwatch, there are ways to better protect your credit cards and cash than a simple wallet. Smart wallets offer a convenient way to store and transport your money to protect it from loss or theft. They also feature RFID blocking, device tracking and modern designs. Below are some of our favorites.

Bellroy Travel Wallet

Bellroy Travel Wallet has enough room for credit cards, cash and passport.There’s even a travel pen for filling out declaration forms. In addition to plenty of space, the Bellroy Travel Wallet also has RFID protection built in, so you don’t have to worry about dubious people stealing your credit card or passport details. However, what makes Bellroy products so unique is the company’s commitment to sustainability. Bellroy is responsible for tanning leather in accordance with the Leather Working Group’s gold-rated environmental protocols and carefully selects environmentally friendly lining fabrics in its products.

Wallet Nomad Slim

Nomad has partnered with Tile to create an incredibly slim and compact wallet that can be tracked if lost. The Tile Slim tracker is tucked away inside (although still available when needed) and all you have to do is download the Tile app and press Tile Slim once to pair to keep track of the wallet. The wallet is made of high quality leather with durable and dense stitching. The more you use it, the more it looks.In addition to cash, you can place up to 15 cards. The tileless version of the wallet is also available for $ 20 cheaper.

Vaultskin Minimalist Chelsea Slim Leather Wallet

The Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet features sleek design and easy handling for serious asset protection. The slim wallet is ideal for carrying business cards, credit and debit cards, driver’s license or other identification. It is crafted from soft, durable Italian leather with top grain for a sophisticated look.The 13.56MHz RFID security device prevents theft of electronic funds as your credit cards are protected from RFID theft. Three pockets hold up to 10 cards in the front, an internal RFID-protected pocket and a back pocket. Slim smart strap that automatically retracts to its original position when released, providing quick access to your cards.

Chemie’s Wallet

Himi Imported Smooth Textured Leather Foldable Wallet is a high quality product, soft and easy to handle.Its compact design has two windows for ID and other cards, allowing quick access on the road, in the store or in the office. With a total of 10 card slots, you can carry all your daily cards and cash with you. Advanced RFID technology is made of a metal composite that blocks RFID signals from 13.56 MHz and above to protect your personal information from unauthorized scanning.

Exter Parliament

To make sure you have a wallet that’s not only thin but also secure, is Ekster, a smart wallet brand that partnered with Tile to launch a solar-powered, RFID-blocked smart wallet.You don’t have to dig around to access your credit card or ID – just press a button to pull out the piece of plastic you want. And since many credit and debit cards have RFID and NFC, thanks to the built-in technology, Ekster can block anyone who tries to access them. RFID hacking is not as commonplace as you might think, but this protection can certainly provide some peace of mind.

Leather wallet Buffway Slim Minimalist

Slim Wallet is great convenience when you’re on the go, while Buffway’s slim, minimalist wallet fits perfectly in your pocket, purse or backpack.With an elegant design and smooth leather construction, these RFID wallets are popular with women and men. A genuine leather wallet sleeve that combines style, functionality and durability. Compact and discreet, the Buffway Slim Minimalist Wallet also features a front RFID pocket with eight slots for storing driver’s licenses, credit or debit cards and membership cards, making work or business travel more convenient. RDIF lock technology is a security feature that blocks electronic signals to protect your identity wherever you are.

Schnail Atlas Slim Leather Wallet Minimalist

The Schnail Atlas Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet, crafted with premium grain leather and exquisite craftsmanship, lends a sophisticated unisex look. The ultra-thin wallet allows you to carry 12 cards plus cash as well as coins and keys. The wallet has a tab that gives you instant access to all your cards. Just grab and pull and then select the card you want to use. An invisible pocket allows you to securely carry both coins and cards.The built-in loop can be used to attach a keychain or lanyard. This whole form follows function as this tiny wallet keeps your personal information safe.

Editorial recommendations

90,000 200 years since the birth of Fyodor Dostoevsky: 5 museums telling about the life and work of the great writer

There are a lot of memorable places associated with the life and work of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. Take our Tallinn, where the writer visited several times, staying with his brother Mikhail.

Dostoevsky entered history so firmly that even the places where his literary heroes lived became landmarks. For example, one of the most popular excursions in St. Petersburg is a walk through the places of the novel “Crime and Punishment”. But there are separate memorial apartments dedicated to the great writer, thinker, philosopher and publicist.

We invite you to take a walk through 5 of the most famous museums:

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Museum-Apartment in Moscow

Fyodor Dostoevsky was born in a small Moscow apartment at the Mariinsky Hospital for the Poor – his father served here as the head physician.The future writer lived in this house until the age of 16, his early memories were associated with Moscow – family holidays, the first books he read and visits to the theater. Dostoevsky wrote: “Without the saint and precious, carried away into life from childhood memories, man cannot live.” In 1837 Fyodor Dostoevsky and his older brother Mikhail left for St. Petersburg to prepare for entering the Engineering School. But even then they dreamed of devoting their lives to literature.

The former hospital has never been rebuilt.The layout of the apartment in which Dostoevsky was born has been preserved as it was during the writer’s lifetime. The old interior was restored here, the rooms contain the original things of the Dostoevsky family: furniture, portraits of the writer’s parents and other relatives, Fyodor Dostoevsky’s business cards and his ink set. The memorial apartment contains the Gospel – it was presented to the writer in 1850 by the wives of the Decembrists.

Omsk State Literary Museum named after Dostoevsky

In 1849, Fyodor Dostoevsky was arrested in the Petrashevsky case.He was sentenced to death, but before the execution, the Petrashevites had the sentence commuted and the death penalty commuted to hard labor. The Omsk exile became a difficult test for Dostoevsky – not only physical, but also moral. The rest of the prisoners were hostile to the writer of noble origin, it was impossible to correspond with relatives, and also to keep diaries. Dostoevsky pondered future novels and secretly made notes in the Siberian Notebook. Impressions of the prison later appeared in his Notes from the House of the Dead.

The Omsk Dostoevsky Museum was opened in 1983 in the former house of the fortress commandants. In 1859, the writer was here visiting the last commandant, Alexei de Grave. Its exposition tells about the life of the writer in the Omsk prison. In one of the halls, a prison cell with bunks, shackles, overalls and items of a cautious household was recreated. The museum contains the first edition of Notes from the House of the Dead, issues of the magazines Russkiy Vestnik, Otechestvennye zapiski and Vremya with the first publications of Dostoevsky’s novels.

Dostoevsky’s Literary and Memorial Museum in Novokuznetsk

After four years of hard labor, Fyodor Dostoevsky was sent to serve as a private in Semipalatinsk. Here the writer had an affair with the wife of a local official, Maria Isaeva. Later, the family moved to Kuznetsk (today – Novokuznetsk), and a few years later, Isaeva’s husband became seriously ill and died. Dostoevsky came to Kuznetsk several times – here Isaeva rented a one-story house where they could see each other.In 1857, the couple got married in the Odigitrievskaya church in Kuznetsk.

The Dostoevsky Literary Memorial Museum was opened in Novokuznetsk in 1980. A memorial plaque hangs on a log house of the first half of the 19th century: “Here lived in 1857 the writer F.M. Dostoevsky ”. The literary exposition is based on the writer’s “Kuznetsk love drama”. All five halls tell about her: “The Road”, “Kuznetsk Piglet”, “Mordasovsky Salon”, “Triangle” and “Wedding”. The museum contains documents and photographs, antique furniture, dishes and icons.

House-Museum of Fyodor Dostoevsky in Staraya Russa

A provincial town from the “Brothers Karamazov” in many ways resembles Staraya Russa – the city where Fyodor Dostoevsky’s family rented their dacha. Later, the writer bought his own house here. Since 1872, Dostoevsky came here every summer with his second wife Anna and children. The spouses called the wooden two-story building on the bank of the Pererytitsa river “our nest”. In Staraya Russa, Dostoevsky worked on the novels The Demons, The Teenager, and The Brothers Karamazov; here he wrote the famous speech, which he delivered in Moscow at the unveiling of the monument to Pushkin.

The first museum in the writer’s house was opened by his wife in 1883. It was closed several times and started working again. In the modern memorial house-museum, the furnishings of the 19th century have been restored from drawings and sketches. Among the original exhibits are programs of family performances, a bureau at which Anna Grigorievna stenographed and transcribed her husband’s notes. The harmonium of Fyodor Dostoevsky is kept here, and in the hallway there are his gloves and a black satin top hat in front of the mirror.

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Literary and Memorial Museum in St. Petersburg

Among Dostoevsky’s addresses in St. Petersburg, Kuznechny Lane occupies a special place – in one of his houses the writer rented an apartment twice.Fyodor Dostoevsky lived here at the beginning of his writing career, working on the novella The Double, here he spent the last years of his life and finished the novel The Brothers Karamazov.

The Dostoevsky Museum in Kuznechny Lane opened in 1971. The central exposition of the museum is the writer’s memorial apartment. In the living room and dining room, the nursery and the bedroom, the interiors are recreated according to archival plans, the memories of the writer’s wife and his contemporaries. In the office of Dostoevsky, you can see his desk, a pen with a quill, a medicine box and a wallet of the writer are kept here.

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