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7 Best Travel Agencies in Singapore for Multi-Generational Family Tours

In Singapore, travelling is not only reserved for fit singletons with few responsibilities on their back. Despite having young children or retiree parents, the sandwiched generation aspires to travel at least once yearly.

When it comes to travelling with different generations, travel agencies can help to organise fuss-free tours where there’s no need to choose where to go and what to eat at every juncture. While younger folks might find this torture in itself, for families, it means fewer decisions to agonise over and quarrel about. Plus, you get to meet other families and your retiree parents can also meet fellow senior citizens.

Looking at the prices that we’ve found below, tour agencies don’t always cost more than going free and easy too. Which tour agency should you go to if you’re looking for a fuss-free family holiday?


Best tour agencies for senior citizens 2019
Tour agent/organiser Specialty Price range
CC/RC Short trips to neighbouring countries $
CTC Travel Tours in unique parts of China $$
SA Travel Lots of European tours to choose from $$
WTS Travel Destinations to Southeast Asian countries  $$
ASA Holidays Adventurous destinations like Siberia and Iran  $$
Dynasty Travel Ease of booking on their website and mobile app  $$$
Chan Brothers Tour groups hosted by celebrities, DIY Holiday Farm $$$

Of course, do keep in mind that package prices are not all there is to your holiday expenditure. You have to take into account entrance fees to optional attractions and shopping budgets.


CC/RC Organised Tour Packages

The nearest CC/RC is a good place to start if one is looking for cheap and easy trips to neighbouring countries or nearby islands. Since the target audience is mainly senior citizens to begin with, it will be a good chance for people of that age group to mingle and make friends.

Furthermore, the prices are very affordable. A 2D1N Malacca or Batam guided trip is less than $200 per person, inclusive of return transport and 4-star accommodation.

A 3D2N Cameron Highland or Kuantan guided trip would cost a little more but Singaporean citizens and PRs enjoy a subsidised rate. These trips aren’t always available and don’t happen often so keep a look out for it and sign up quickly when it’s rolled out! 

The recent trips offered by CC/RC are durian tours at Johor Bahru. Costs are typically $65 for adults and $35 for children (half price compared to some tour agencies) and include return transport, a durian buffet lunch, a shopping trip and dinner. With durians reaching prices as high as $50+ for a box for Mao Shang Wang, the trip price is worth it even there was only the free flow durian portion! 

Read also: Durian Buffets Singapore 2019: Price List of 7 All-You-Can-Eat Durian Buffets


CTC Travel

CTC Travel has a stronger focus on trips in Asia, particularly unique tours to China destinations like Huangshan and Jiuzhaigou.

That said, there are trips venturing further to Finland or Turkey too. The prices are reasonable if you’re happy to do without the fancy hotels although there is the option to top-up and upgrade to 5-star hotels. 

CTC Travel allows you to customise your own trips if being herded into buses on a tight time frame is not your travel style. The more adventurous can get to explore the wild with CTC Travel’s campervans or motorhomes trips.

If lazing around and gorging on good food is one’s idea of a perfect holiday, there are 5 different cruises to choose from too.

CTC Travel also offers unique tours that are hosted by celebrities and radio DJs. It’s really cheesy, but if you or your retired parents have a favourite celebrity, we can imagine what an experience it would be to have him/her as their tour guide.

Having read through the reviews on their Facebook page, it seems their tour leaders are dependable and knowledgeable. They go beyond their job scope to help out in the little things like carrying bags for the elderly, providing medication when someone is unwell and helping to serve meals so that everyone can get their food quickly. Based on that, it seems like young children and senior citizens will be well taken care of. 


SA Tours

For families travelling with senior citizens who love the scenery and history of Europe, SA Tours offers a myriad of choices at very reasonable prices.

A 10-day Italy tour to 7 cities costs $1499 while an 11-day Western and Eastern Europe tour to 4 countries costs $1599. Reviews reveal that their tour guides offer great insights. SA Tours books their customers to Europe on Emirates flights and accommodation ranges from 4 to 5-star hotels depending on destination. 

On top of the very reasonable prices, SA Tours often have promotions too. 


WTS Travel

WTS Travel offers a lot of destinations to Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, which sets them apart from the other agencies so far. Other destinations that are interesting include Maldives, Bhutan and Abu Dhabi.

With WTS Travel, one can choose between the “cost-saver” tours or “premium” tours. As the name explains, with cost-saver tours, you get a more affordable price in exchange for staying at 3, 4-star hotels and flying with an average airline. Family travellers who may prize comfort over cost can choose “premium” packages.

Similar to CTC Travel, you can also book your holiday on one of the 5 cruises with WTS Travel. WTS Travel has 15 outlets islandwide which makes it very convenient to consult with someone face to face.  


ASA Holidays

Some unique destinations offered by ASA Travel are Nepal, Siberia, Caucasus and even Iran. These are pretty adventurous places even for young, single travellers.

Prices are quite competitive, comparable to the previous three mentioned and they offer quality airlines and accommodation types so families can travel in comfort. 

ASA Travel also offers exclusive cruise tours like 16, 18 or 22-day Alaska cruise + Canadian Rockies. These are pretty pricey at $4,588 to $7,488 but the pictures sure look amazing. It could work as a dream retirement holiday. 


Dynasty Travel

Dynasty Travel has been around for almost 40 years and is well recognised as an award-winning agency. Their tour prices are on the high side, but you can go on your trip with a peace of mind knowing everything will be well taken care of.

It’s great for families who need that added assurance by a company with good track record to ensure their comfort and enjoyment. To give an idea of how much it costs, an 11D8N Italy tour will be around $4,500 and an 11D9N New Zealand tour with farm stay will be around $5,288, before taxes.  

Dynasty Travel is probably the most forward-looking in terms of embracing technology out of all the agencies. Their website and mobile app not only allows potential travellers to compare prices based on different departure dates and different airlines, it also allows them to book group tours and make payment online.

Although families may still prefer the traditional way of talking face-to-face with a staff at the travel agency, the online site can save you some time if you are familiar with Dynasty Travel and already know what you want. 


Chan Brothers

Chan Brothers is another trusted name in Singapore like Dynasty Travel, having won several awards in the past years. In terms of comfort level, Chan Brothers probably offers one of the best. The agency typically flies their customers on Singapore Airlines, as long as the destination allows, and they arrange quality five-star hotels as accommodation.

They also offer the largest number of tours. Some exotic ones are like Israel, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Georgia, Armenia and Uzbekistan. Chan Brothers, similar to CTC Travel, have tours hosted by celebrities and radio DJs.

They offer a selection of celebrity tours so if one doesn’t find their favourite DJ on CTC, one might find him/her on Chan Brothers instead. Another tour that’s great for senior citizens is the D.I.Y Holiday farm where it’s customisable and you can determine the travel type (very luxury, luxury, normal or budget) and the location.

If you can’t decide, we suggest something like “a city with mountains”. It sounds like it could be a great multi-generational holiday.


Got senior citizen discount?

At the time of writing, there weren’t any specific senior citizen promotional tours going on at the agencies. However, there were Mother’s Day and Father’s Day special promotions for children to treat their parents on a holiday. 

However, senior citizens can flash their identity card or passport to get a discount off entrance fees and local modes of transportation that are not included in the travel package.


Don’t forget to choose the right travel insurance

It’s important to be well insured for travels, especially for senior citizens who tend to have more vulnerable health conditions. Senior citizens falling ill right before the trip and not being able to get a refund or a postponement of trip is not uncommon. Worse, falling ill during the trip incurs high emergency medical costs. 

Travel insurance is an optional item when booking tours with the agencies. Although they have tie-ups with insurance agencies and offer a more seamless experience of booking everything all at the same place, do some comparison research on MoneySmart to look for the best coverage and cost.

Note that buying travel insurance for senior citizens can be a tricky affair as many insurers reduce their coverage for travellers above 70 years old.

Any tips to share when planning a family holiday? Share with us below! 



List of Approved Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Tourist Guides




8th Wave Pte Ltd


96 Travel & Tours Pte Ltd


A+B Edu Tours and Travel Pte Ltd


A&P Journeys LLP


Ace Adventure Expeditions Pte Ltd


Ace Tours & Travel Pte Ltd


Actxplorer Pte Ltd


Airelated Travel Pte Ltd


Apple World Travel Pte Ltd 


Ascent Travel Pte Ltd


Asia Plus Traveling Pte Ltd


Asler Travel Services Pte Ltd


Atlas Travelz Pte Ltd


Aurelius Travel Pte Ltd


Aveson Travel Pte Ltd


Azure Holidays Pte Ltd


Azza Travel & Tours Pte Ltd


B & A Travel Pte Ltd 


Betel Box Asia Pte Ltd


Better Trails Pte Ltd


Bike Around Tour


BKK Travel Pte Ltd


Boon Keng Travel & Tours Pte Ltd


Buffalo Tours (S) Pte Ltd


Business in Vogue Pte Ltd


Camp High Achievers Pte LTd


Cebu Air Travel & Tours Pte Ltd 


Century Holiday International Travel Service Singapore Pte Ltd


CF Divers Pte Ltd


Chinatown Complex Hawkers’ Association


Citizen Adventures Private Limited


City Tours & Car Rentals Pte Ltd


Cobb & Coach Services Pte Ltd


Colour Seven Tourism Pte Ltd


Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation Pte Ltd


Concepts Golf Management Pte Ltd


Connection Plus Pte Ltd


Continental Travel Singapore Pte Ltd


Corporate Travel Management (s) Pte Ltd


Corporate Travel Services Pte Ltd


Creative Journey Pte Ltd


Culture Curious Singapore Tours


De Hayat Travel & Services Pte Ltd




Destination Asia (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.


DHP Travel Pte Ltd


Diethelm Travel (Singapore) Pte Ltd


Dynasty Travel International Pte Ltd


Easy-Fly Travel Pte Ltd

50. Pte Ltd


Ecofieldtrips Pte Ltd


Edible Garden City Pte Ltd


EDN Media Pte Ltd


Educational Bookings and Management


Embassy Alliance Travel Pte Ltd


Emperor International Travel Pte Ltd


Ericson Travel Pte Ltd




EU Asia Holidays Pte Ltd


EU Holidays Pte. Ltd.


EXO Travel (Singapore) Co. Pte. Ltd.


Fish3Go Pte Ltd


Flamingo Travel Services Pte Ltd


FOCUS Adventure Pte Ltd


Friends of the Museums (FOM)


Frontier Tours Pte Ltd


Global Events Management & Travel Pte Ltd


Global Singapore Associates Pte Ltd


Global Travel Experts Pte Ltd


Go Explorers Pte Ltd


Goh Where Transportation and Tours


Going Places Travel Pte Ltd


Golden M Premium Holidays Pte. Ltd.


Golden Travel Services Pte Ltd


GTMC Travel Pte Ltd


GVS Holidays Pte Ltd


Happy Germans Pte Ltd


Heartlink Holidays Pte Ltd


H.I.S. International Travel Pte Ltd


Hongda Holidays Pte Ltd


Hong Thai Travel Services (S) Pte Ltd


Hotel Airlines Services Pte Ltd 


I.C.I.D Pte Ltd


I-Asia Travel Management Pte Ltd


Ik Chin Travel Service (s) Pte Ltd


Incredible Odyssey Pte Ltd


Indie Singapore Tours LLP


International Bible Experiences Pte Ltd


Intriq Journey Pte Ltd


ISE Travel Pte Ltd


JA Travel Pte Ltd


Jacco Tours (S) Private Limited


Jane’s Singapore Tours Pte Ltd


Jarta (S) Pte Ltd


Jetwings International Pte Ltd


JFS Travel Pte Ltd


Jie Yun Tong Travel Pte Ltd


Joaquim Traveland Pte Ltd


Josco GSA Travel Pte Ltd


Journeys Pte Ltd


JQ Travel & Transport Pte Ltd


JTB Pte Ltd


Jun-Air Travel Pte Ltd


K&C Han Sing Travel Pte Ltd


Karana Travel Services Pte Ltd


Kayak Fishing Fever Pte Ltd


Kayakasia SG


Kent Holidays (S) Pte Ltd


Kim Travel Service Pte Ltd


KKKL Travel & Tours Pte Ltd


LC Travel Planners Pte Ltd


Let’s Go Tour Singapore Pte Ltd


Lighthouse Expeditions Pte Ltd


Lionheartlanders Pte Ltd


LRD Education (Pte.) Ltd


Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer


Luxury Coach Service


Luxury Tours & Travel Pte Ltd


Manlin Communications Pte Ltd


Marina South Ferries


Mastereign Learning Journeys Pte Ltd


Mega Travel Galaxy Pte Ltd


Meridian International Travel Pte Ltd


Migrant X Me LLP


Mi Travel Pte Ltd


Miu Travel Pte Ltd


Mount Faber Leisure Group Pte Ltd


My Community


Nam Ho Travel Service (S) Pte Ltd


National Heritage Board


National University of Singapore


Nanyang International Travel (Pte) Ltd


Nature Adventures SG


NTA Travel(S) Pte Ltd


oFFbeat Singapore LLP


Offbeat Tour Experiences 


OH Open House Limited


One15 Luxury Yachting Pte Ltd


OOSS Travel Pte Ltd


Oriental Travel and Tours LLP


Otter Tours 


Pac-West Travel (S) Pte Ltd


Pacific Arena Pte Ltd


PJE Group Pte Ltd


Planet Travel Pte Ltd


Prime Corporate Travel Company Pte Ltd




Puda Puda LLP


Quotient Travelplanner Pte Ltd


Quantum Mavericks


Re-membering Pte Ltd


Resource Travel Pte Ltd


RMG Tours Pte Ltd


Rockerfellas Adventure Pte Ltd


Royal Wings Travel Singapore Pte Ltd


Ruixin Edutech Pte Ltd


Safe2Travel Pte Ltd


Satguru Travel & Tour and Shivam General Trading Pte Ltd


Sea Wheel Travel Pte Ltd


Shahidah Travel & Tours Pte Ltd


Siam Express Pte Ltd


Sian Chay Medical Institution


Singabites Pte Ltd


Singatour Pte Ltd


Singapore City Explorers Pte Ltd


Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations


Singapore Cycling Tours LLP


Singapore DUCKtours Pte Ltd


Singapore Gold Fortune Travel Pte Ltd


Singapore History Consultants Pte Ltd


Singapore International Travel Service Pte Ltd


Singapore River Cruise Pte Ltd


Singapour Sur Seine


SingExpress Travel Pte Ltd


Sino-Way Travel Pte Ltd


Six Stars Tours and Services Pte Ltd


Smiling Travel Pte Ltd


Splendour Holidays Pte Ltd


Star City Tours Pte Ltd


STGS Tours Pte Ltd


Sung Hsien Travel Pte Ltd


Sunny Island Travel & Tours Pte Ltd


Sunrise Business Centre Pte Ltd


Super Travels Pte Ltd


Superior Coach & Tour Pte Ltd


Tasty Cultural Travel Singapore Pte Ltd


The Cycle Startup Pte Ltd


The Food Heroes Pte Ltd


The Hello Tourism Company Singapore Pte Ltd


The Travel Corporation (2011) Pte. Ltd.


The Traveller DMC Pte Ltd


The UFO Traveler Pte Ltd


The Untamed Paths


Timesworld Travel and Educational Tours Pte Ltd


TLC Adventure Tours Pte Ltd


Tour Connections Pte Ltd


Tour East Singapore (1996) Pte Ltd


Tour in Singapore Pte Ltd


Tour Mount Bromo Pte Ltd


Tour Royale Services Pte Ltd


Toyou Travel Pte. Ltd.


Tradewinds Tours and Travel Pte Ltd


Transtar Travel Pte Ltd


Travcoach Pte Ltd


Travel GSH Pte Ltd


Travel Star Pte Ltd


Travel Wander LLP

208.               Pte Ltd


Traveller101 Pte Ltd


Travelling with baobao


Travelways Pte Ltd


Travel Z2000 Tours Pte Ltd


Travelzone Network Services Pte Ltd


Trekkers Pte Ltd


Tribe Pte Ltd


Tripuri Aviation Pte Ltd


Triquetra Sidecars Pte Ltd


Trishaw Uncle Pte Ltd


TSI Travel


TYC Charters Pte Ltd


Ulu Singapore Pte Lrd


United Travels and Tours Pte Ltd


Universal Travel Corporation Pte Ltd


UOB Travel Planners Pte Ltd


Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)


Vegthiscity Singapore 


W Group Pte Ltd


Wanderlust Adventures Pte Ltd


Wanderlust Travel Pte Ltd


Water B Pte Ltd


Waterspot LLP


Whiz Adventures Pte Ltd


Wilfred Go Travelling & Hiking Pte Ltd


Wok n Stroll Pte Ltd


Wonder to Wander Pte Ltd


Woopa Travels Pte Ltd


World Express Pte Ltd 


Worldpass Holidays Pte Ltd


WTS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd


Xiang Long Holidays Pte Ltd


Xperience DMC Private Limited


X-Trekkers Adventure Consultant Pte Ltd


Zenexperience Pte Ltd


Zipan Resort Travel Pte Ltd

Norway tour Singapore. Packages by Travel Agency Nordic Visitor

When you’re taking a long trip to Norway from Singapore, isn’t it nice to have all the local logistics prepared for you by a Norwegian travel expert? At Nordic Visitor, a travel agency with offices in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, we strive to offer only the best travel experiences in Norway for our clients from Singapore and all over the world.

Getting to Norway from Singapore

Most Nordic Visitor tours of Norway begin in the capital city, Oslo, which is home to many of Norway’s top cultural attractions as well as Norway’s main international airport. There are no direct flights from Singapore to Oslo Airport but there are several airlines with flights through connecting cities in Europe, such as Helsinki in Finland, for example.

Visit the Norwegian fjords by train or car

Most travellers booking a Norway tour package tour from Singapore come to see the country’s most famous attraction: the Norwegian fjords. From Oslo it’s easy to travel to the Bergen area and nearby fjords of western Norway by rental car or train in 7 – 14 days.

Nordic Visitor’s train packages in Norway, such as the popular Norway in a Nutshell journeys, have year-round departures and include travel on famously scenic railroads like the mountainous Flåm Railway. If you’re up for a road trip, Nordic Visitor also offers a range of flexible self-drive tours in Norway from May to September that come with a road map marked with the driving route, information about driving in Norway, our own travel guide detailing the top tourist attractions in Norway, and much more.

Take a Hurtigruten coastal cruise

Another great way to enjoy Norway’s famous natural beauty is by travelling along the fjord-indented western coastline on a Hurtigruten cruise. With 34 ports of call between Bergen at the southern end and Kirkenes in the Arctic North, this voyage is popular with many travellers visiting Norway from Singapore. Cruise packages in Norway are available year-round from Nordic Visitor, so you can sail under the midnight sun in summer or the northern lights in winter. This is a great addition to travelling by train!

See the northern lights in Norway

From Oslo it’s just 55 minutes by domestic flight to popular winter destinations like Tromsø, Kirkenes or the Lofoten Islands in Norway’s far north. With a Nordic Visitor northern lights tour in northern Norway between December and March, you can experience the incredible aurora borealis phenomenon as well as snowy adventures like snowmobiling, dog sledding and more in under a week. You could even spend a night in a snow hotel!

Stress-free travel from Singapore with Norway experts

No matter what type of holiday package in Norway you choose, Nordic Visitor’s itineraries are designed to be well-structured yet flexible to be tailored to your needs and interests. Nordic Visitor can even arrange multi-destination tour packages that combine trips to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and more. Guided small group tours of Norway and Scandinavia, the ultimate stress-free travel experience, are also offered by Nordic Visitor.

What’s more, you’ll have your own dedicated travel consultant to advise you about possible add-ons to your tour and handle all the details for you. We’ll even give you tips on what to pack to stay warm in the Norwegian weather! You’ll also have access to Nordic Visitor’s 24/7 helpline while travelling in Norway, so in case of any any unexpected delays our friendly staff can quickly get your trip back on track.

Contact us to get started on your Norwegian dream holiday from Singapore!

7 Best Travel Agencies in Singapore for the Perfect Itinerary (2021)

Vacations are meant for you to enjoy and be free from all the stress. So leave behind your busy life in Singapore and consult in a travel agency to help you plan out your trip’s itinerary. For a full-fledged experience, these travel agencies offer customised service that you can opt for. This would better suit your needs and with activities based on your likings, it would definitely make your entire trip worth it!

Get the best-planned itinerary and travel offers at an affordable price with any of these 7 best travel agencies in Singapore to optimise your precious time overseas!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Comelah

Image Credit: Come Lah

Based in Singapore, Comelah is a go-to travel booking site for Southeast Asian destinations. Encouraging you to explore more in the Southeast Asia region, this travel agency convinces you that there is way much more to explore in our neighbouring countries. As the travel distance is reasonable, the Southeast Asia region is more suitable for a short getaway from the bustling city of Singapore!

Being one of the travel agencies to offer quality experiences at a reasonable price, they have tour packages and you can also purchase local attractions’ tickets at lower rates. Offering free and easy trips, Comelah is one of the best travel agencies as they prefer focusing on small groups to grant each individual the full travel experience!

Customer Reviews

YUWENXI GUO, Google Reviews

Highly Recommend! Best online travel agency in Singapore:)

Devona Yeap, Google Reviews

I booked a private trip for my family to Sky Mirror. had a very good time. the driver (Mr. Vincent) assigned to me was excellent. safe and efficient plus always on time. the boat trips were awesome and the meals provided were good. portions are a little small for big eaters but OK for my family. had a good time and the eagle watching was excellent. Accomodation provided is as expected. recommended!

Contact: +65 8671 0532
Location: 61 Ubi Road 1, Oxley BizHub, #03-08, Singapore 408727
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6.30pm | Closed on Weekends

2. Woopa Travels

Image Credit: Woopa Travels

A boutique travel agency, Woopa Travels specialises in bespoke tours in Asia. What makes them stand out from other agencies is that they put their very best in planning a vacation and they want to provide you with an itinerary that is worth your money. By working closely with local experts from destinations across Asia, Woopa Travels will curate a highly personalised trip offering unique experiences based on your preferences!

Specially catered to your likings, your itinerary will also be carefully planned according to fun activities suitable for your age group. Through this approach, they have successfully made many trips exhilarating and fun-filled. Don’t worry if you are fickle-minded, at this agency, they are able to make any last-minute changes and amazingly remodel and customise it to your needs!

Customer Reviews

Beh Sun Chew, Google Reviews

I came back recently with a group of 12 making a discovery tour of North West Vietnam which was arranged by Whoopa Travels. It was an enjoyable trip covering 6N/7D. The trip went off smoothly. Hotels accommodation and all meals were good. The tour guide and driver of the coach were helpful.

It will be worth your every cent to make this trip to the untouched mountainous region of North Vietnam. Go before the trip becomes too commercialised.

Ron Koh, Google Reviews

Fast and efficiency services, almost immediate reply in late night. Very clear instructions on the purchases. Very good promotion. Hope to see more good deals coming up. Thanks you very much!

Contact: +65 9151 7567
Location: 101 Cecil Street, Tong Eng Building, #13-12, Singapore 069533
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6.30pm | Closed on Weekends

3. Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation

Image Credit: Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation

With 30 years of providing travel services, Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation is a leading travel and tour operator. Being one of the top companies in the industry, it has allowed their company to build a highly varied customer base along with the best travel options. Offering diverse, innovative and creative product planning, Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation is able to offer you a trip that is affordable, memorable and impeccable!

With a company that can tweak your plans to suit you better, they have an array of services for different tour experiences. From 2 To Go Tours to customised small group private tours as well as cruising, rail holidays, self-drive and outback holiday programmes, find yourself enjoying a trip that is best for you!

Customer Reviews

Jenny Koh, Google Reviews

Came back from a 8 day trip to China – ZhangJiaJie and I must said me and my family had a really good time. The whole trip was well-planned, lodging and food were good and we had 2 (1 from SG and the other from China) very experienced and responsible tour guides who took good care of us from day 1 to the last day. This is my first time joining a tour under CTC and I’m quite sure it will not be the last.

Stanley Hoo, Google Reviews

We had a wonderful Turkey trip organized by CTC Travel on May 21 2019. Although the flight journey was rather far from SG, but each of us really enjoyed the trip very much. There was a minor hiccups along the trip, but the bus driver and the tour guide managed the situation very well. Our tour leader Justina, tried her very best to get us compensation for that incident. Thumbs up for her.
However, if the company willing to spend more efforts on food and lodging, I would say, this will be a perfect Turkey trip for me.
CTC, keep it up.

Contact: +65 6216 3456
Location: 133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point, #03-03/04/05/06, Singapore 059413

4. Fayyaz Travels

Image Credit: Fayyaz Travels

Priding itself in designing custom itineraries according to individual preferences at affordable prices, Fayyaz Travels understands that each detail plays a part in the entire experience of your trip. As the itinerary is a very crucial aspect of your trip, this travel agency is very skilful at making it detailed right to the very end. 

To ensure that you make the most wonderful memories at your desired destination, Fayyaz Travels is devoted to fully understanding and matching your expectations on how to make your idyllic trips happen. Here, there is no request too drastic or too last minute for them as it is their utmost promise to incorporate your likes and interest into your itinerary!

Customer Reviews

Catherine Powell, Google Reviews

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Fayyaz Travels my holidays a memorable trip .They helped me sort out the best package in my budget with full insurance that I will be satisfied.
I had mind blowing trip with them .

Marium Binte badr, Google Reviews

I dont usually leave reviews but seeing as how my experience with this company has been nothing short of Excellent, I just wanted to give a quick thank you for the help and quick response I received.

Contact: +65 6235 2900
Location: 131 Tanglin Road, Tudor Court, #02-07/08, Singapore 247924
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6.30pm | Closed on Weekends

5. Chariot Travels

Image Credit: Chariot Travels

For more than 15 years, Chariot Travels has been serving the needs of travellers. Through their commitment to consistently meet and manage your expectations, this has earned the trust of related travel industries. With their own fleet of vehicles and their well-established business rapport with hotels, attractions, food and beverage companies and other suppliers, they will ensure that you’ll have a fun-filled time during the entire trip!

With tailored made trips available upon request, it is as simple as filling in your details and the staff can easily craft out a plan for you! This affordable, trustable travel company would compose your stress and provide you with the best and safe travel experience for you and your travel companions!

Customer Reviews

Sagana Dhamo, Google Reviews

1st time cruise but won’t be our last
We booked with Chariot Travels for our Honeymoon to Royal Caribbean Cruise , amazing service the staff are all fantastic. Met nearly all expectation, We were pleasantly surprised with such good customer care. Staffs are from different places with different languages, so easy to communicate. Given the quality of service we would certainly look at booking through Chariot Travels for up coming trips.

Sita Bezalia, Google Reviews

Booked Maldives package rate with Chariot Travel. Their staff (especially Vicky and Sherry) are responsive (even during weekends), helpful, and service-oriented. They provide a good array of exotic choices of destinations in Asia (besides the Maldives) like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and even Bhutan. A reliable and recommended travel agency in Singapore.

Contact: +65 6338 8831
Location: 101 Kitchener Road, Jalan Besar Plaza, #03-38, Singapore 208511 
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm | Sat 10am-3pm | Closed on Sunday

6. Super Travels

Image Credit: Super Travels

Specialising in innovation, Super Travels is one of the first few companies which established many new creatively designed travel packages. Striving to achieve their vision of the “Best Itinerary, Best Price, Best Service, All at Super”, this company provides you with the best tour packages. For them to give you a remarkable service and post-service experience, Super Travels has developed professional consultants equipped with product knowledge, service quality, aptitude and professional mannerisms to problem-solving!

Understanding that many desire to travel the world with a low budget, Super Travels’ polished travel consultants will ensure that you have the greatest enjoyment with minimal spending!

Customer Reviews

Rosalind Yap, Google Reviews

Our 13 Days Spain & Portugal with SUPERTRAVEL was great. Itinerary was spread evenly. Our tour guide Nora from Singapore was very professional and responsible. Not forgetting our driver (Harvey), who was able to resolve problem efficiently. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Larissa Choong, Google Reviews

I have travelled with Super about 4 times, the last one just 2 weeks ago for a 13Day trip to Spain and Portugal. The other times were to Turkey, Italy, and Shanghai. Super is like the most underrated travel agency ever. They hardly advertise but grow strong by word of mouth. We get great value from them. Sure, some folks need their 5 star accommodation and luxe meals. daily and will inevitably choose Chan Bros or Dynasty But with Super, we get very decent local 4 star hotels and most meals are pretty good! We love Super and WE WILL BE BACK!

Contact: +65 6392 3688
Location: 133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point, #03-01, Singapore 059413
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-8.30pm | Sat & Sun 10am-8pm

7. Universal Travel Corporation

Image Credit: Universal Travel Corporation

One of the first travel agencies to offer Singaporeans popular destinations such as Australia and Nepal, Universal Travel Corporation prides themselves in providing you with high-quality trips to many exciting destinations. Well known for being the first to bring Singaporeans to their dream destination, Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland, Mongolia and Russia; are one of the many destination choices they provide you with.

These hot topic locations that are in demand would definitely make your holiday plans momentous. Time to check it off from your bucket list as this travel agency will do wonders to get you on a trip to your desired destination!

Customer Reviews

JLNAH, Google Reviews

Great service and full devotion to present their best to travelers

Harman Sekhon, Google Reviews

Best agent in Singapore

Contact: +65 6535 5577
Location: 101 Upper Cross Street, People’s Park Centre, #B1-66, Singapore 058357
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm | Closed on Sunday



With any of these 7 best travel agencies to consult in for your next vacation, be prepared to hop on a trip that you’ll never forget! Offering customised itinerary, you’ll be able to plan your trip with the help of these professionals. Maximise your days overseas with the help from any of these travel agencies!

Singapore Tours, Vacation Packages & Travel Deals – 2021/22

About Singapore

The attractive Singapore River dissects the city and one enjoyable experience is to stroll along its banks through Boat Quay and Clark Quay where one can eat, drink and take in the local neighbourhoods.

Apart from the ethnicity of Singapore, another major attraction is the amazing shopping much of which is centered on Orchard Road but also in the many night markets. For the culturally inclined, there are art galleries, museums and a very contemporary performing arts centre on trips to Singapore.

What are the top things to see in Singapore?

A worthwhile side trip would be to Sentosa Island which is adjacent to Singapore and reached usually by cable car. Here one can spend time shopping, dining, try out the beach or visit the excellent museum and aquarium. For nature lovers, in fact, for everyone, visits to the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens and the Jurong Bird Park will all be very rewarding on a Singapore tour.

One important aspect of Singapore is its legendary food. You can enjoy fine dining or try the street stalls which provide a variety of tasty dishes. A little out of the downtown centre is the East Coast where you will find a selection of diverse restaurants side by side stretching along the coast in pleasant garden-like surroundings.

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Singapore Travel Information

At Goway we believe that a well-informed traveller is a safer traveller. With this in mind, we have compiled an easy to navigate travel information section dedicated to a Singapore vacation.

Learn about the history and culture of Singapore, the must-try food and drink, and what to pack in your suitcase. Read about Singapore’s nature and wildlife, weather and geography, along with ‘Country Quickfacts’ compiled by our travel experts. Our globetrotting tips, as well as our visa and health information will help ensure you’re properly prepared for a safe and enjoyable trip. The only way you could possibly learn more is by embarking on your journey and discovering Singapore for yourself. Start exploring… book one of our Singapore tours today!


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Most Popular Singapore Tour Packages

About Singapore

Singapore has been always been a popular vacation destination for people since decades. One of the reasons why it is so famed is because of its ability to keep reinventing itself every few years. Whether it’s in terms of iconic landmarks or beautiful sights and fantastic things to do, Singapore has become a melting pot of culture and is well-known among people for its delicious street food and high-end shopping malls. Singapore is the upper crust when it comes to holidaying in Asia as it offers a cosmopolitan experience unmatched by any other Asian destinations.

Singapore has everything going for it – a superb transport system, glitzy nightlife, awe-inspiring architecture, and entertainment options that begin right at the Changi Airport which has consistently been chosen as one of the top airports in the world and for good reason too. Singapore tourists are sure to find themselves spoiled for choice as they come across the many different facets of this city and all that there is to explore.

Best Time to Visit Singapore

Although Singapore is a year-round destination, the months from November to January, which are the winter months can be the best time to visit Singapore. The weather is not as hot and humid as it is throughout the rest of the year. Christmas and New Year are celebrated with great gusto here and it’s a complete treat for the senses if you happen to visit during this time. The downside is that this is also peak time and the crowds can be quite a deterrent especially if you were looking for a quiet vacation. Also, since the Chinese New Year falls during this time, it’s very likely that you will find ticket and accommodation prices soaring if you haven’t booked ahead of time.

Another great time to visit Singapore is during the month of July. This is especially if you love shopping or food because Singapore has the Great Singapore Sale and Singapore Food Festival during this time. April is also a good time to visit if you’re looking to save money on flights and bookings while the offseason in Singapore is between August and October. Since Singapore hosts the Singapore Grand Prix in mid-September, you can however expect an influx of tourists. But apart from that, hotel rates during this time are quite manageable.

How to Reach Singapore

The best way to reach Singapore is by flight. Singapore is well-connected to India by several direct flights from various cities. There are numerous major airlines that connect India with Singapore and some of these include Air India, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airlines and Tiger Airways to name a few. Some of the cities from where you can fly directly to Singapore include New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Singapore’s Changi Airport is stunning and offers several facilities like a swimming pool, gym and gorgeous gardens, and even movie theatres, offering passengers an unforgettable experience.

If you’re traveling from Malaysia, then you can reach Singapore by road too. There’s a causeway between Singapore and Johor Bahru and you can rent a car and drive between both countries yourself. You can also opt to hire a taxi or simply take a bus if you wish to travel from Malaysia to Singapore. You can also travel to Singapore by train, and there are two lines. One connects Singapore with Malaysia and the other connects it with Thailand.

Local transport in Singapore is efficient and organized. You can opt for the MRT for which you can take the EZ-Link Card or a Singapore Tourist Pass if you’re staying for more than a week. The buses are also well-connected and alternatively, you can try the trishaws, but you need to have decent bargaining skills, or you’ll end up spending a lot of money.

Places to See in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most electric cities that you can find yourself in, a city that is vibrant and alive with culture, technology and the most amazing food you can find. As a city that constantly keeps changing to keep up with the times, it’s also a city that never stays suspended in time. It’s always evolving and yet, there are some places to see in Singapore that are perennial favourites. Here are some of them.

Sentosa Island

For the best possible entertainment and amusement, Sentosa Island is one of the places to see in Singapore. An island very close to the main city, Sentosa offers a full day’s worth of excitement and enjoyment with its many attractions such as a butterfly garden, a thrilling underwater world, and the humongous Merlion statue whose summit can be reached by elevators inside the actual statue. Sentosa is one of the places you must see when in Singapore as your trip would be incomplete otherwise.

Universal Studios

A trip to Singapore simply must include a visit to Universal Studios in Resorts World Sentosa, which has thrilling and exciting rides as well as some spectacular shows. A 49-acre park with seven fun zones, Universal Studios offers the kind of enjoyment that makes adults wish they were back in their childhood. A perfect family outing that includes some hair-raising rides featuring some of the most famous pop culture icons such as Transformers, Jurassic Park, and Sesame Street. Some of the shows here are also extremely thrilling.

Botanic Gardens

Even if you’re not much of a nature enthusiast, you’ll be stunned by the gorgeous greenery of the Singapore Botanic Gardens that is spread out over 82 hectares and has more than 10,000 species of plants and trees. The National Orchid Garden and the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden are wonderful, but the real treat is the interactive rainforest exhibit which is an unforgettable experience with its museums, statues, fountains and a beautiful lake to top it all.

Gardens by the Bay

Right in the middle of Singapore, you’ll come across these stunning structures that look like something out a futuristic movie. These Supertree structures which are a part of the Gardens by the Bay are simply fantastical and they are connected by a skyway that allows people to go on a skywalk that looks out over the gardens. The greenhouse is also shaped like a seashell and it is called the Flower Dome and is currently the largest glass greenhouse in the world. The Super trees, the gardens and the conservatories are spectacular.


If you are looking for a bustling look at contemporary Chinese culture in Singapore, then look no further than Chinatown with its heritage red lanterns, authentic and delicious Chinese food, traditional shops and temples and much more. It’s easy to lose yourself in the middle of this cultivated chaos filled with ceremonies and cultural relics that it’s quite easy to forget that you’re in modern Singapore. Food is also one of the big draws here, especially delicious street food that’s cheap and has a wide variety.

Jurong Bird Park
One of the most famous landmarks of Singapore is the Jurong Bird Park which is known to have around 5000 birds from 400 different species. There are several interactive shows and exhibits that will keep you enthralled. But the most spectacular sight here is the Waterfall Aviary which is a delight to the senses. The 30m high waterfall is the world’s largest walk-in aviary. Other things to see here include the Penguin Coast, the Pelican Cove and the Flamingo Lake.

Food in Singapore
Would you believe it that some people make a trip to Singapore, just to enjoy the food? Yes, it’s true. Singapore is rightly considered a feast for the taste buds and a huge number of choices – Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and even continental. There’s something for everyone here. While the range of food in Singapore is quite mind-boggling, here are a few dishes that you must try while you are here.

One of the most popular dishes that you should certainly try when in Singapore is BakChorMee which translates to minced meat and noodles. However, the dish itself is not as mundane as the translation, because it’s a glorious combination of minced meat layered with broth and flat egg noodles, spiced with chilies and a tangy aftertaste.

Dim Sum
It’s quite possible that you will have the best dim sums of your life in Singapore. While available all over China and other Asian countries, the dim sum here melts in the mouth and is stuffed with curried chicken, vegetables, pork, beef or seafood. Dim sum in Singapore can often veer into the main course category as people just can’t stop eating them!

This is street food at its best. Strips of meat, be it beef, chicken or pork are skewered and basted with sauce to create a chewy and delicious delight which is often served with peanut sauce and onion rings. This tasty treat is found in most street food outlets and is often sold out very fast.

Things to Do in Singapore
An eclectic city by day or night, Singapore wins hearts of people of all ages. From its gorgeously lit up skyline to its wide range of activities, there are innumerable fun things to do in Singapore and there’s not a single moment where you could feel bored. Here are some of the top things to do in Singapore.

Visit Raffles Hotel
The iconic Raffles Hotel goes back to 1887 and is one of the most well-known landmarks of Singapore. The colonial-style hotel has hosted numerous well-known celebrities like Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor and even British royalty, Queen Elizabeth II. There are 18 restaurants here as well as bars and boutique stores, so there’s never a dull moment. Also, the Raffles Bar is quite certainly the best place to enjoy a Singapore Sling, which was invented here nearly a century ago.

Explore Clarke Quay
For a cosmopolitan experience like no other, head to Clarke Quay which has numerous bars and restaurants and of course, the best nightclubs in the city. The location itself is of primary importance as it’s located on a quay and the body of water adds a certain glamour to the place. You can spot people settling down for a bite at the many riverside restaurants while the bars add a bit of excitement. There are lots of exciting options for shoppers as well.

Check out Orchard Road
If you love window shopping and walking past beautiful boutiques and restaurants, then Orchard Road is an iconic site that must be experienced. It’s easy to spend an entire day looking through the various shops, restaurants and cafés as well as shopping malls which also feature fairs and other exciting activities, making this an extremely happening place at the best of times.

Go on the Singapore Flyer
If you don’t fear heights, go on the Singapore Flyer, which is said to be the world’s largest observation wheel. The Singapore Flyer is 165 metres high and offers some spectacular sights, both at night and day. Some of the sights that you can witness would be Marina Bay, Empress Place, Raffles Place and the Singapore River to name a few. This is truly a magnificent experience and one that must not be missed if you are in Singapore.

Enjoy the Singapore Night Safari
One of the best things to do in Singapore is the Night Safari which is quite brilliant and an experience that will not be forgotten soon. It’s much more than a zoo and it begins with the Creatures of the Night show that offers a 20-minute overview of the animals that can be seen here. Some of the animals that you will see here include one-horned rhinos, wildebeests, gazelles and Himalayan griffon vultures among the 1000 animals from around the world.

Go on a cruise ride
Enjoy a quiet and relaxing ride on the harbor and see a completely different side of Singapore. There are several options that you can choose from – a high tea cruise or a dinner cruise and you can also try the Morning Glory Cruise which begins early in the morning. Every cruise is quite unique and shows an aspect of Singapore that you would not have seen otherwise.

Eat at Lau Pa Sat Market
The Lau Pa Sat Market is one of the well-known street food centers that you should not miss out on when you are in Singapore. Located in the middle of the central business district, during day you are most likely to see office people grabbing a quick lunch but by evening, the street is closed, and it becomes everyone go-to place for delicious and filling food. If you’re adventurous enough, you can try some interesting seafood dishes here such as grilled stingray in spicy sambal sauce.

6 Best Travel Agencies for a Lifetime Trip With Your Girlfriends (2021)

Travelling is indeed one of the best ways to relax and unwind with the best company of people. When we set off on a trip, we can escape from our suffocating daily routine and instead, take in beautiful sights and appreciate an entirely new culture. Travelling heals the mind, thus it’s a no-brainer that we make it a point to go for vacations at least once every year!

When we talk about travel budget, most people set aside thousands of dollars just to fund their annual getaways. However, with travel agencies, this should not be the case! Travel agencies provide great promotions that help you cut cost whilst allowing you to discover previously uncovered places on the planet. Here to be a convenient aid, most travel agencies provide consultation services to help you find the right deal within your budget.

The next time you’re thinking about planning a getaway with your closest girls, head to any of these best 6 best travel agencies in Singapore! Whether it’s a short trip around Southeast Asia or a 2-week tour around Europe, be rest assured that you can strike the best deal with them.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Come Lah

Image Credit: Come Lah

Acting as your guide to travelling around Southeast Asia, Come Lah is here to put a spotlight on all the hidden gems found nearby Singapore. Dedicated to bringing you the best deals all across Asia, Come Lah discerns themselves from other travel agencies by focusing on this niche market. Offering a wide range of packages, be spoilt for choice with their deals!

What’s more, their endless amounts of travel packages will make life easier for you. Perfect for those on a busy schedule, you’ll never have to worry about planning anymore. All you need to do is choose from their wonderful selection of options and you’re good to go! So regardless of whether you’d like to go to bustling Thailand or the romantic Maldives, Come Lah has got you covered!

Contact: +65 8671 0532
Location: 61 Ubi Road, Oxley Bizhub, #03-08, Singapore 408727

2. Dynasty Travel

Image Credit: Dynasty Travel

As one of the most renowned travel agencies in Singapore, Dynasty Travel has been a longstanding force in this industry. Started in 1978, they have been serving many generations of travellers throughout the course of their career. Understanding that travel is not a one-size-fits-all solution, they go through immense amounts of research on the latest travel trends to keep up-to-date with the times.

As one of the few travel agency companies to launch their own online pre-trip briefing application, Dynasty Travel has taken the meaning of “in the palm of your hand”, quite literally. Dedicated to bringing you the best service possible, head down to their physical store at New Bridge Road today!

Contact: +65 6338 4455 | +65 6532 5455
Location: 35 New Bridge Road, Dynasty Travel Hub, Singapore 059395
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm | Sat-Sun 10am-6pm

3. CTC Travel

Image Credit: CTC Travel

Located in Chinatown Point, CTC Travel is one of the most highly recommended travel agencies in all of Singapore. Known for their reasonably priced options, you’ll never have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket with all of their wonderful packages. As they understand that many people hold different perceptions of what makes a good holiday, this is why CTC Travel goes the extra mile to consistently update their deals.

Offering wholesale ticket pricing to many countries, you’ll truly be in awe on what deals you can easily snag up from them. Travelling has never been made easier with CTC travel at your service. So, jet off to your dream destination with the expertise from CTC Travel!

Contact: +65 6216 3456
Location: 133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point, #03-03/06, Singapore 059413

4. WTS Travel

Image Credit: WTS Travel

Being one of the biggest travel agencies in Singapore, WTS Travel sets the benchmark for quality service. They stay true to their roots and believe in meeting their customers face-to-face. One of the benefits of them having a physical store is that anyone can walk into their outlet and be provided with helpful insights. Finding it an absolute joy to help you craft your dream holiday, you can count on them to deliver to you the best time of your life!

Through the added convenience of their many branches, it has made them one of the top travel agencies in Singapore. With their years of experience, you’ll never have to worry about not having a good time with WTS travel!

Contact: +65 6311 8558 | +65 6494 6886 | +65 6788 8558 | +65 6764 8558
1 Sengkang Square, Compass One, #04-04, Singapore 545078
1 Tampines Walk, Our Tampines Hub, #B1-38, Singapore 528523
1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point, #03-25D/E, Singapore 648886
1 Jelebu Road, Bukit Panjang Plaza, #04-06, Singapore 677743 and more
Opening Hours: Differs for every branch

5. New Shan Travel

Image Credit: New Shan Travel

Starting out as a ticketing service back in 1972, New Shan Travel has since grown to be one of the leading travel agencies in the country. Having been recognised by many people for their excellent range of services, they have the whole range of every type of travel you can think of! New Shan Travel offers the best of group tours, free & easy packages as well as hotel reservations.

In addition to that, this travel agency takes care of your visa arrangements to ensure that you’ve got everything covered before leaving Singapore. They definitely know the ins and outs to all things related to travel. Hence, if you’re sourcing for a fuss-free booking experience, look no further than New Shan Travel!

Contact: +65 6221 9333
Location: 20 Maxwell Road, Maxwell House, #01-02, Singapore 069113
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm | Sat 9am-5pm | Closed on Sunday

6. C&E Holidays

Image Credit: C&E Holidays

If you have a thirst for exploring new places, quench it with C&E Holidays spectacular deals up for grabs! Being in the business for many decades, they understand and have adapted their packages to fit the needs of the masses. Their budget-friendly packages are what makes them one of the most popular travel agencies in Singapore.

You can now go to any destination you desire without the worry of cost! C&E Holidays is committed to all types of packages. So regardless if you’re looking for a religious group tour, a solo trip or a cruise package, they are surely able to fulfil it all! Despite the ever-changing nature of travel, C&E Holidays always stays up-to-date to ensure the element of freshness in their itineraries.

Contact: +65 6295 7117
Location: 1 Jalan Berseh, New World Centre, #02-28, Singapore 209037


Plan your next girls trip with the help of these 6 tour agencies in Singapore. Since they have been in the industry for years, their expertise in planning the perfect holiday should not be doubted. A complete tour package can bring you even greater savings so that you and your circle of friends can spend more on shopping during your travel. As each package is catered to different lifestyles and preferences, you won’t have to worry about not enjoying the itinerary planned!

Tour Operators in Singapore. List of reliable tour operators with departures from different cities of the country.

Ambotis Holidays, Ambotis Tours – tour operator

About the company: Ambotis Holidays is a tour operator operating on the Russian market since 1996. Ambotis Holidays is part of the Greek holding company Ambotis Group. For almost 20 years, the tour operator Ambotis has worked with only one destination – Greece.Now the number of directions has expanded significantly. Today the company offers tours to Greece, as well as to India, Sri Lanka, UAE, Maldives, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania (Zanzibar Island), Indonesia (Bali Island), as well as to the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Ambotis Holidays offers are based mainly on scheduled flights.

Anex Tour, Anex Tour – tour operator

About the company: ANEX TOUR began its history in 1996, when the first office was opened in Moscow.Today it is a dynamically developing company with rich tour operator experience, a close-knit professional team and reliable partners. ANEX TOUR is a leading tour operator in the Russian travel market. The charter program covers 34 cities of departure from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. And you can have a quality rest with Anex Tour in 28 countries of the world. In addition to tour operator activities, the company develops its own network of travel agencies operating under the Anex Tour franchise brand.

Biblio Globus, Biblio Globus – tour operator

About the company: Tour operator Biblio Globus for more than 20 years has provided people with the opportunity to see the whole world, admire its beauty, feel the tastes and smells of different countries, understand and feel people living in these countries, their language, music and traditions.Biblio Globus is considered one of the leaders in the areas of Cyprus, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece and Russia. In addition to these leading destinations, the company sends its tourists to rest in 53 countries of the world from 8 cities of departure, where they really receive high-quality travel services.

CHINA TRAVEL, China Travel – Tour Operator

About the company: China Travel is a tour operator in China and Southeast Asia since 2000.China Travel Company offers excursion, group, individual, business tours, training, shopping tours, wellness and combined tours to China, India, Nepal, Iran and Sri Lanka.

Coral Travel, Coral Travel – tour operator

About the company: With 20 years of professional experience in the field of outbound tourism, the reliable tour operator Coral Travel offers on the Russian tourist market only high-quality travel products that include not only recreation , but also sightseeing, exotic tours, corporate and sports events.Coral Travel Company is considered one of the leaders among tour operators and organizes flights from 44 cities of Russia to 34 countries of the world. In addition, there is a well-developed network of travel agencies operating under the Coral Travel franchise.

Evroport, Evroport – tour operator

About the company: Tour operator company Evroport began its activities in Yekaterinburg in 2004.Today the company has 12 offices, including in the cities of Yekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Prague (own receiving office), Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Kazan, Tyumen. As a subsidiary of Ural Airlines OJSC, the Europort tour operator carries out its main activity on the basis of the airline’s regular flights to non-CIS countries and across Russia, as well as on flights of other airline partners. The main destinations are the Czech Republic, France, Russia and 43 other countries of the world.

ICS Travel Group, ICS Travel – tour operator

About the company: ICS Travel Group is a diversified tour operator company with extensive experience in the travel market. The history of the company’s success dates back to 1992. Today, ICS Travel Group offices have been opened and are successfully operating in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Tyumen.The main partners of ICS Travel Group are travel agencies. Branded Sales Offices have been opened to work with individuals. The flight program of the tour operator ICS Travel is based mainly on regular flights and covers more than 50 countries.

ITM Group, ITM group – tour operator

About the company: The company “Tour operator ITM group” was founded in 2003 by a group of professionals with solid experience in the travel market.During its work, the company has become one of the leading participants in the Russian tourism business in the direction of Southeast Asia. The main countries of the tour operator IT EM groups: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Seychelles, China, Sri Lanka. Tours are formed with regular flights of international airlines from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan.

Spectrum, Spectrum – tour operator

About the company: Tour operator “Spectrum” has been working in the tourist market since 1991.The main goal of the Spectrum is to guarantee customers a high level of service in all the elements included in the tourist product, from boarding a plane in Moscow to leaving the airport upon return. The company’s operator directions are based on regular air transportation: Australia, Austria, Argentina Bahamas, Belarus, Bulgaria, Brazil, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Indonesia, Italy, Cambodia, Kenya, China / Hong Kong / Taiwan, Korea, Costa Rica , Crimea, Mauritius, Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, UAE, Peru, Russia, Seychelles, Singapore, USA, Thailand, Turkey, Fiji, Philippines, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sri Lanka , South Africa, Jamaica, Japan.

Art-Tour, ART TOUR -tour operator

About the company: Since 1992, ART TOUR has been successfully operating in the Russian tourism market and offers proven tours with accommodation in the best hotels, carefully selected by the company’s managers. Tour operator ART-TOUR specializes in individual tours and has extensive experience in organizing honeymoon travel and wedding ceremonies in different parts of the world.The collection includes honeymoon trips to Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Thailand and Greece.

Veditour, Veditour – tour operator

About the company: Vedi Tour Group is a diversified tour operator with more than 14 years of experience.Initially, Veditour entered the tourism market as a tour operator in the Czech Republic, and to this day it occupies a leading position in this direction. Vedi Tour Group has repeatedly entered the leading list according to the results of ratings among tour operators, was awarded international and Russian diplomas and prizes. The holding of companies VEDI TURGROUP has its offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Ufa. The tour operator offers various programs for recreation and excursions in 26 countries, medical and health tours, weddings and learning foreign languages ​​abroad.

Globus-Tour, Globus Tour – tour operator

About the company: Travel agency Globus-tour was created in Novosibirsk in 1996 and for 20 years of stable work has become one of the leading tour operators for outbound international tourism in the Siberian region … Globus Tour is a multidisciplinary tour operator organizing group and individual tours to countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, China, Tunisia, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Philippines , Hong Kong, Macau, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya.

Quinta Tour, Quinta Tour – tour operator

About the company: Tour operator KVINTA-TOUR organizes excursion, group and individual tours around the world. Routes of any complexity. Luxury vacation on the islands, rental of villas, cottages and apartments. Business travel, visiting exhibitions and sporting events.Each trip from the tourist club Quinta Tour is a carefully planned trip, during which the tourist only has to enjoy the beauty of the chosen country, because the tour operator takes care of all the organizational moments.

Paks, Paks – tour operator

About the company: PAKS company was founded in 1992 and is one of the oldest Russian tour operators.Today the company employs over 100 people. The main office of the tour operator PAKS is located in Moscow, with representative offices in Croatia, Montenegro and Thailand. By now, the company has become one of the leaders in Russian tourism and regularly occupies the highest places in various tour operator ratings. Tour programs cover 9 cities of departure on regular flights to 47 countries of the world.

RUS-TOUR, Rus-Tour – tour operator

About the company: The RUS-TOUR tour operator has been operating since 1992.The beginning of work for the company was the organization of tours for Chinese citizens in Russia. Today Rus-Tour independently forms a tourist product from many cities of Russia to China. RUS-TOUR works with the support of the General Administration for Tourism of China, is accredited in the embassies of the PRC and the Mongolian Republic.

Solvex-Travel, Solvex – tour operator

About the company: Travel company Solvex-Travel was founded in 1993.Initially, the company entered the market as a tour operator in Bulgaria, and two years later became the leader in this direction. For many years, priority areas have been Russia and the countries of the post-Soviet space, in particular, Belarus, Abkhazia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and the Baltic countries. The tour operator Solvex also continues to develop foreign destinations – Bulgaria, Greece.

UNEX, UNEX – tour operator

About the company: UNEX tour operator offers an interesting and high-quality tourist product not only in the segment of group tours, but also in the Premium and VIP segments on regular flights of various airlines.Unex offers private jet rental and VIP charter services.

Tours to Singapore 2021 with a flight from Moscow

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Singapore All Inclusive Vacation Packages 2021

Capital: Singapore

90,020 90,472 Population: 90,473 5,312,400

Currency: Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Language: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil

Religion: secular state

Rest in Singapore.Prices for tours to Singapore.

Singapore comprising 63 islands is a land of natural and man-made wonders. A popular trading center, one of the world’s most significant oil refining and marketing centers, and, of course, the center of tourism – Singapore has proved to be a leader in all respects over the past 150 years. The population of Singapore includes Malays, Chinese, Hindus, Filipinos, Thais and various ethnic groups. Singapore is a magnificent land of countless skyscrapers, modern architecture, delicious cuisine, exciting locations, many museums, temples and, above all, an extremely warm and friendly people.

The most expensive vacation will be in hotels on Sentosa Island, hotels in the city center are somewhat cheaper. During the high season from February to November, prices for tours to Singapore are generally 20-30 percent higher.

What to see in Singapore.

Singapore’s Ethnic Quarters are famous attractions in Singapore as they highlight the heterogeneity and diversity of cultures in Singapore. Ethnic neighborhoods include Little India, Chinatown, Geylang Serai, and Kampong Glam.Singapore’s wildlife sanctuaries are an important tourist attraction. The Singapore Zoo is famous for being home to the utan orangutan, small clawed otters and reticulated python. Jurong Park is another favorite tourist destination. It is famous for over 600 species of various animals.

Some of the museums in Singapore are the Asian Museum of Civilizations, the Chinatown Heritage Center and the Malay Heritage Center. Singapore is known for its magnificent religious buildings: Abdul Gaffoor Mosque, Armenian Church, Central Sikh Temple, Fatima Hajah Mosque and Jamae Chulia Mosque.

Climate of Singapore. When is the best time to go to Singapore.

Located in the southern part of Peninsula Malaysia about 2 degrees north of the equator, Singapore consists of a main island surrounded by 63 small islets. A beautiful country with a varied landscape and low hills, Singapore is a tourist paradise. Regarding its location, Singapore’s tropical climate makes the country’s weather hot and humid throughout the year. The average minimum temperature in Singapore is around 23 degrees Celsius, while its average maximum temperature is 31 degrees.
Air humidity usually ranges from 70 to 80 percent. It is an ideal holiday destination for sunbathers. Monsoons arrive in Singapore from November to the end of January. Rains in Singapore are intermittent and heavy, usually very difficult for tourists. The ideal time to visit Singapore is between June and August. The climate in Singapore is exceptionally pleasant at this time of the year.

Singapore can be visited all year round, therefore it is only a matter of time and budget.Heat and humidity, combined with unpredictable rainfall throughout the year, aptly characterize the Singapore climate.

World practice. How the tourist business in the USA works


In the second part of our article on the specifics of the US travel business, we learn about hosts and consortia of travel agents, the role of professional associations in the American travel industry, and how the traditional American travel industry is resisting the onslaught of online aggregators.

Let’s remind that in the first part – “World practice. How tourism is regulated in the USA ”- we found out that federal regulation of tourist business in the USA is rather general and vague, and the legislation of individual states is much more important.

Among the latter, a group of “travel seller states” stands out, where the tourism industry is regulated by separate laws. At the same time, state oversight of the travel industry is either weakening or intensifying – and in these conditions, the industry can only rely on self-regulation and strong horizontal ties.


First of all, it is worth clarifying that the legislative distinction between a “tour operator” and a “travel agent” is not recorded in the United States – even in the legislation of 11 states of “travel sellers” only in 4 cases the tour operator is mentioned separately, but not described in detail. The “default” tour operator in the US is usually a large selleroftravel (“travel seller”) who sells ready-made travel packages in the B2B market.

A tour operator, of course, can sell its tour packages to individuals on its own – on the website or in branded retail, but the key sign is precisely its presence in B2B (wholesale). Tour operators can set up their charter flights: it is typical that in Hawaii, the state law mentions precisely “charter tour operators” and this separates them from the rest of the “travel sellers”.

A travel agent in the United States can sell both tour packages of tour operators and individual travel services (transportation, accommodation, transfer, excursions), , at the request of the client, “collecting” them into his own individual package .In US travel agencies, the service of assembling a package from separate elements is paid for (and written in the check) separately. Its average cost is from $ 250 to $ 500. The service, according to experts, is in demand – many Americans, especially when traveling outside the United States, are afraid to miss the self-assembly of all elements of a trip through online aggregators, and prefer (as in other areas of their lives – medicine, law, etc.) entrust the question to professionals.

In US travel agencies, the service of assembling a package from individual elements is paid for (and written on the check) separately.Its average cost is from $ 250 to $ 500

In theory, nothing prevents such a “travel agency”, having made money, to become a “tour operator” – to put on stream the layout of the best-selling packages, develop B2B sales and then grow to charters. In practice, the status of a tour operator in the United States implies very voluntary financial obligations to tourists, but more on that later.

The business of tour operators and travel agencies in the United States is closely tied to the pervasive activities of hierarchical networks and professional associations.These organizations form complex but highly effective horizontal connections in the American travel business. Now it is they who allow the ecosystem of traditional tourism in the United States to effectively self-regulate and develop. And, ultimately, successfully resist the onslaught of global online booking systems.


In the form in which we see it now, this ecosystem has developed after the large-scale crisis of 1997 in the American tourism industry.After Delta Airlines, and then almost all airlines in the country refused to pay agents a commission for ticket sales (and the ticket business occupied a significant share in their commission income), about 85-90% of the then existing travel agencies left the market in two or three years. The large-scale reformatting of the travel agency market followed the path of “atomization” and the formation of network hierarchical structures. As a result, tens of thousands of individual “travel sellers” work in the country (in our reality, these are individual entrepreneurs), united in so-called.n. “hosts” , and on the next level – consortia .

Nadezhda Yastrzhembskaya, the owner of the travel agency Aurora Cruises & Travel in the United States, tells ATOR Vestnik that today about 95% of travel agents in the United States work from home . Typically, there are two or three travel agency offices in a midsize American city, the rest being “home,” “family,” and “personal” agents.

Today, about 95% of travel agents in the United States work from home.Usually there are two or three travel agency offices in a medium-sized American city.

However, it is not at all easy for a novice travel agent who wants to work this way to enter the market. It’s not just that tourist “travel seller states” such as Florida and California regulate the travel industry quite tightly, requiring an annual registration fee and financial guarantees.

Business partners demand guarantees first and foremost. In order to work with service providers (tour operators, cruise companies, hotel chains and air carriers), such an “individual agent” requires proof of his qualifications, reputation and status.This universal confirmation in the United States is IATA ID Card – a document on the accreditation of an agent (agency) at IATA (International Air Transport Association).

It is difficult and expensive to get an IATA card for an individual, especially a beginner, Ms Yastrzhembskaya explains. Therefore, the role of the holder of the IATA ID Card is performed by larger agencies, where “homeworkers” agents work as subagents, using this ID in their business. This “network” scheme for connecting travel agents using the same “IATA card” is called “host” .Agents who are in a particular host pay the hosting company (the holder of the IATA ID Card they use) a membership fee and a commission percentage of sales. Some of these hosts today employ up to 10 thousand (!) Travel agents, individual and small agencies.

Interestingly, to minimize losses from unprofessional actions of individual agents working in their network, host companies acquire the so-called. “Insurance against agent mistakes.” In the event that, through the fault of the agent, the client makes a claim, such insurance covers all financial costs, including court and legal expenses (if the case has gone to court).Such an insurance product costs $ 700 a year, insurance coverage for 1 case – up to $ 6 million, says Nadezhda Yastrzhembskaya from Florida, who herself uses such insurance in her work.

Some American hosts today employ up to 10 thousand (!) Individual travel agents and small agencies

The host (there is no analogue to this concept in Russian realities, due to a completely different market structure, there is no), in turn, acts as an “agent university” for newcomers.He literally “grows” and supports agents, developing their business – after all, he is interested in increasing the turnover of his subagents. To this end, the host conducts various training events for its agents and provides them with access to the offers of travel service providers, which, in turn, are available to the host due to its membership in a specific consortium . This is the next hierarchical structure in the US travel industry.

Consortia brings together travel agent hosts and independent agencies that hold IATA ID Card.It is very important to be a member of a certain consortium (TravelLeaders, Virtuoso, SignatureTravelNetwork, etc.), emphasizes Ms. Yastrzhembskaya. Membership in such a structure (an agency or host can only be in one consortium) gives its members ample opportunities.

Firstly, it is access to booking travel services with special discounts from the list of suppliers recommended by the consortium (tour operators, airlines, cruise operators, hotels, etc.). Agency or agent booking services (packages, transportation, accommodation, etc.)) from this list, receives its commission, depending on the volume of sales, without sharing it (unlike the host) with the consortium.

Secondly, it is the possibility of using the consortia’s own “mega-aggregators” of service providers: online booking systems that give out the best prices for hotels, cruises, etc. Their value lies in the fact that the consortium takes large blocks of seats from these suppliers (mainly for cruises), which it then offers to its members at special prices, adding its own “bonuses” received from the suppliers (in the case of cruises, onboard credits, SPA certificates, free excursions, restaurant visits, etc.).

Can a travel agent / independent travel agency “grow” into a host or consortium? Yes, and if we are talking about the case of turning into a host, then this happens regularly.

“The agent receives from the consortium, in fact, his own systems for booking cruises and hotels, he no longer has to look for anything and contact each supplier separately. And most importantly, it gets additional competitive advantages over direct booking systems from the same suppliers, ”says Nadezhda Yastrzhembskaya from Aurora Cruises & Travel.

In addition, a member of the consortium can receive ready-made travel websites from him, the host can, through the IT systems of the consortium, send out promotional offers to contacts from his CRM. Members of the association have access to a variety of training and professional development programs, proposals for promotional tours, etc.

Consortia, of which there are about ten on the US market, compete with each other. Different consortia may have different conditions for prices and commissions from different suppliers, so hosts and agencies often move from consortium to consortium based on their business profile.Sometimes consortia divide by “multiplying by budding.”

You have to pay for membership in consortia – these are membership fees (for individual agents, their host pays). Membership in different consortia costs differently – from $ 500 per year for a host agency, but not only this affects the ability to be a member of a certain consortium. So, the agency must have a certain volume of sales of travel products from the partners recommended by the consortium (for example, from Virtuoso – in the amount of at least $ 2 million per year).The second form of agency work with consortia is the purchase of a franchise. For work under its own brand, the consortium (in Russian terminology, this is close to the concept of “a network of travel agencies, but these are still not equivalent concepts), will take from the agency about 2 thousand dollars a month.

Can a travel agent / independent travel agency “grow” into a host or consortium? Yes, and if we are talking about the case of turning into a host, then this happens regularly. Becoming a consortium is more difficult: modern consortia began this journey 20 years ago, giving others the opportunity to work under their IATA ID Card, and then developing their own relationships with suppliers.But nothing is impossible – a travel agent can grow to that level.


Hosts and consortia are by no means the entire ecosystem of the American travel industry. All of them need to be members of professional associations and associations in order to work with service providers (hotels, tour operators, cruise and transport companies) and sell products to sophisticated consumers like American tourists.They act as guarantors of the business reputation and stability of the business of their members, and membership in such organizations gives quite real competitive advantages.

Professional associations in the United States act as guarantors of the business reputation and stability of the business of their members, and membership in them gives travel agencies quite real competitive advantages

There are many professional associations operating in the US travel market. Among them are the United States Tour Operators’ Association (USTOA), the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), the National Tour Association (NTA), the Association of Retail Travel Agents, ARTA), United Federation of Travel Agents Associations (UFTAA), Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) and Computerized Company Rating Association (Computerized Corporate Rate Association, CCRA).

This list is not limited to – at the state and municipal level, travel agencies have their own local associations, many of which, in addition to professional issues, are engaged in charity work and are a kind of “home clubs” for communication of their members.

Let’s get to know a number of the most significant professional associations in the US travel industry.


USTOA (United States Tour Operators’ Association) is a large non-profit organization, one of whose missions is the protection of the rights and education of tourists, as well as the development of uniform standards for fair tour operator activities.On the one hand, it is a trade association that gives its members (Active Members and Associate Members) a credible reputation: in fact, the association plays the role of an “elite club” of the most reliable service providers. On the other hand, it is a large and influential lobbying organization that provides its members with legal representation of interests in relations with state governments, the US Congress and the federal government.

The Association also actively informs tourists and industry workers, releasing its newsletter with statistical data, tourism news around the world and in the United States, news from USTOA member companies, holds congresses and other events, and is actively involved in analytical activities.

We have already said that, in theory, an agency in the United States can become a tour operator. Of course, this is true, but in practice it is not so easy to become a member of the USTOA, tk. involves additional voluntarily assumed obligations. Thus, tour operators applying for the status of a full member of the Association must join a program called the USTOA $ 1 Million Travelers Assistance Program.

Tour operators applying for full USTOA membership must join a program called the USTOA $ 1 Million Travelers Assistance Program

This means that they must have a surety bond or letter of guarantee from the US Treasury of at least $ 1 million in order to maintain their financial responsibility as a “travel seller.”All voluntary financial guarantees are accumulated in a non-state fund USTOA, managed by United States Tour Operators Assocation Inc. Tour Depositors Trust. These funds are used exclusively for payments to clients of member companies of the Association in the event of bankruptcy, default by the tour operator of its obligations, business closure, etc.

By accepting such obligations, USTOA member companies (recall, there are only 56 of them) receive an additional marketing advantage: in fact, the association responsibly declares that all client funds paid for the services of a tour operator, a member of this USTOA program, are insured by the association itself.A special logo of a member of the USTOA million dollar insurance program hangs on every website of such a tour operator, is used in all marketing and advertising materials and is well known to American tourists who pay attention to it when choosing a supplier, judging by opinion polls.

In addition to commitments to guarantee payments to clients of at least $ 1 million, a future USTOA member is required to provide 18 recommendations from travel companies and US banks, including two full USTOA members as “sponsors” of entry.In addition to all this, a company applying for the status of a full member of the Association must also have insurance for its business with international coverage – also in the amount of at least 1 million US dollars. Future members of the association must have worked in tourism in at least one US state for at least three years and serve 7,000 tourists, or earn $ 7 million in income from land tours.

Thanks to such strict standards, USTOA is today a kind of “elite club” of the largest and most stable tour operators in the United States

In fact, thanks to such strict regulations, USTOA today is a kind of “elite club” of the largest and most stable tour operator companies in the United States, which voluntarily assumed increased financial obligations to guarantee tourists the complete safety of their funds.The source of compensation for tourists (what we can call the “personal responsibility fund”) is in private hands, all funds are allocated by tour operators on a completely voluntary basis (which is specially emphasized by USTOA on its website). Due to the highest requirements for membership in the USTOA, its member tour operators in a number of states can be exempted from the local “travel laws” in terms of providing financial guarantees – the members of the USTOA are so much more than sufficient.

Full members of the USTOA pay annual fees that vary depending on the size of the tour operator’s business, from $ 4,000 to $ 11,500. At the same time, companies that have several of their sub-brands also pay $ 1,000 for each of them. Associate members of the USTOA can become (without the requirement to join the program of financial guarantees for 1 million) the travel service providers recommended by the members of the association (transport companies, hotels, etc.), as well as other travel organizations.


ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) is a federal-level public organization whose main task is to support and preserve the traditional tourism business. It is, as is the USTOA, an active lobbying organization representing the interests of the industry in the US Congress and in collaboration with the government, which has consistently put forward initiatives to impose a sales tax on travel agencies.

ASTA has an extensive structure – almost every US state is divided into “territorial sections” ASTA, regularly gathering its members and escalating business concerns to higher levels. Such issues can be both problems with local regulation, and (mainly) problems with suppliers of travel products and travel services – for example, problems with non-payment or unfair cuts in commission for travel agents. Or problems with colleagues in the agency market.

By the way, in order to join ASTA, it is necessary to sign the travel agent e code , the observance of which is strictly monitored – Russian cases with “discount agencies” are suppressed here at the very beginning.In the event of an unjustified discount by any of the agents’ market players, the local ASTA section or any agency contacts the supplier – and they react immediately and act restrictively.

ASTA also provides professional assistance to travel agents. So, the subsidiary company ASTA – NACTA – conducts training programs for them – seminars, webinars, advertising advertising tours, family trips, incentive tours, workshops, etc. Assistance is also provided in maintaining accounting and tax reporting. Like the USTOA, the ASTA has its own newsletter that industry workers read actively.ASTA organizes many different events for its members – both at the federal and state levels.

Membership in ASTA gives the green light for a travel agency to work with the right service providers (including tour operators), most of whom will simply not work with non-members of this organization

The publication of special collections of travel service providers around the world is also underway. “These collections are readily used by all ASTA members – explains Nadezhda Yastrzhembskaya to ATOR Vestnik – they contain information on reliable and recommended counterparties in almost all markets that may be of interest to American tourists.”

The annual fee paid by ASTA member agencies is only $ 360 per year. What do agencies pay for? Not only for communication, educational and lobbying opportunities. The main thing is that this organization confirms their status and business reputation, becoming a kind of “certifying authorization center”. Membership gives the green light to work with the right service providers (including tour operators), most of whom will simply not work with non-members of this organization.ASTA guarantees the reliability of the agent with its “label”, and in case of problems with him the supplier can count on him to solve them through the ASTA channels.

Accepts ASTA and complaints from tourists. However, American tourists (and consumers in general) prefer to complain about everything to the BBB (Better Business Bureau). 100% recognizable in the United States, the nonprofit’s website tracks all complaints against any company operating in the United States, and assigns a rating to each of them.And business partners are very attentive to this rating.


The BBB rating example is very revealing. The industry reputation of a travel agency in the United States is extremely important – not only to tourists, but also to all of its commercial partners. In order to successfully conduct business, it is extremely important for a travel company to have various confirmations of its status in the business community – for this, the fact of membership in associations is used (after all, it often implies significant financial responsibility), and numerous business ratings.

An extremely interesting example in this regard is the Computerized Corporate Rate Association (CCRA), which issues its rating codes – TRUE – for travel agents.

Such a code for tour operators, hotels and cruise companies, like the IATA ID Card, is another “marker” of business reputation. Using it, they learn about the status of the agent, that it is “possible to work with him” and provide certain preferences (discounts, special offers, etc.).). And agents, in turn, work with a network of trusted and CCRA-rated suppliers of travel products and services and increase their rating.

In order to successfully conduct business, it is extremely important for a travel company to have various confirmations of its status in the US business community

Thus, in fact, it is a kind of intra-American network of “trusted agencies and suppliers” and at the same time a cross-marketing platform. The secret of the popularity of CCRA membership is also explained by the fact that the TRUE code is a pass to the world of travel business for many newcomers – it is much easier to obtain a TRUE ID than, say, an IATA ID Card.The first entry fee for the TRUE program is $ 300, each subsequent annual renewal is $ 250.


The onset of global online services that facilitate self-travel planning for tourists on the traditional travel business in the United States has actually stopped, say the American travel agents themselves. This was facilitated by a radical reformatting of the principles of the organized tourism industry, its successful stabilization and self-development.

Thanks to the many years of vigorous activity of specialized associations and hosts on “nurturing” professional agency businesses, most travel agents in the United States today are able to create the most important thing, due to which their business lives and grows. These are value added services (“additional values” offered to the tourist), for the sake of which their clients go to the agents and stay with them.

A professional “family” travel agent already seems to many Americans an important part of their lifestyle, just like, for example, a personal lawyer or a family doctor.People come to him, like a professional, for safety, confidence, competent advice and advice on the nuances of choosing a vacation spot. But not only for this: in many cases travel agencies also succeed in competing with global online services in terms of the final product price – thanks to the policy of buying out large blocks of places from suppliers by consortia. In addition, travel agents have perfectly mastered the advantages of IT systems in the form of mega-aggregators of travel services.

In recent years, the share of Americans booking tours and individual services with the help of travel agencies has remained at 26%, in the cruise segment – 74%.And it grows slowly.

As a result, over the past few years, the share of Americans booking tours and individual services with the help of travel agencies has remained at 26%. In the cruise segment, this figure is stable at 74%. At the same time, as the agents themselves emphasize, it is primarily low-income customers who have gone to global online booking systems. And organized tourism in the United States, largely thanks to effective self-regulation, was able to retain precisely its target audience – the middle class and the “above average” segment, people who value quality, convenience, safety and personalized offers.

Moreover, industry representatives say that every year the number of tourists in the organized segment not only does not fall, but is growing slowly (by 1-2%). In many ways, says Nadezhda Yastrzhembskaya, a Florida-based travel agency owner, this is due to the fact that service providers such as cruise lines and tour operators actively promote their agents in a variety of channels, urging consumers to “buy from your agent.” “The principle of a common sandbox” – this is how you can characterize the principles of cooperation between agents, operators and service providers in the US market “- she explains.

An efficiently built system with built-in mechanisms for self-regulation and cleansing from unscrupulous companies, responsible delegation of business reputation, as well as a developed system of insurance against risks de facto was able to stop the onslaught of online giants in the American market. Today, the traditional American travel business is able to offer its customers travel products with additional value not found in global online booking systems. The level of tourist loyalty to a certain agent or travel brand significantly exceeds the level of that of self-booking systems, and the marginality of this segment in the United States has also been growing recently: after all, people who are ready to pay for exclusiveness, professionalism, security guarantees, level and quality of service go to travel agencies …

The editorial staff of Vestnik ATOR would like to thank Christian von Juné for their help in preparing this article ( Christian von Huene), New Mexico, and Nadezhda Yastrzhembskaya, Florida.

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Rest in Singapore

Feng Shui city-state with excellent infrastructure and impeccable service for tourists.The rich culture and the mass of attractions unique only for this region, the excellent and absolutely stable climate make this exotic region very attractive for families. This fairly wealthy country with a very developed economy and highly educated population is considered by many as one big luxury business center.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the alternative directions that may interest you:

Benefits of a holiday in Singapore

  • Asian flavor: the local residents’ veneration for ancient customs and traditions is beautifully combined with the general level of prosperity and very progressive architecture.
  • Shopping: Unique jewelry and the most aromatic spices, authentic Asian tea and permanent world fashion exhibitions!
  • Recreation of all kinds: signature fishing, a huge aquarium, luxurious parks and botanical gardens.
  • Nature and Climate: You will love the local scenery, and the perfect weather, unaffected by seasonal changes, will only strengthen the effect!
  • A country of three religions: all confessions are friends and live together peacefully, which is very beneficial for a tourist who is fond of studying ancient temples and shrines.
    Exit details
  • The flight from Ekb to Singapore is quite long and will take about 13 hours.
  • A visa is required, unless you are visiting Singapore in conjunction with other countries, and do not stay here for more than 96 hours.
  • Ekb and Singapore have a time difference: +3 hours.
    Need to know!
  • We recommend renting a car for a week at once, as it is cheaper, and if long trips are not planned, then use the services of a driver.
  • In Singapore, it is strictly forbidden to throw garbage on the street, gamble of any kind and (suddenly) chew gum!

The city of Singapore itself far and wide, you can explore with a strong desire during one trip. But at present, this state includes 63 islands, so choosing resort in Singapore , we recommend visiting the most iconic of them: here you will find very interesting sights and entertainment, as well as beautiful views off the shores of the Singapore Straits.


Places of Interest in Singapore

Sentosa Island with the largest park is the starting point for many tourists to travel around the country. Here you will find the famous amusement park, the Marine Life Aquarium and the old Silos Coastal Guard Fort. In Singapore itself, you should definitely visit the truly gigantic Ferris wheel , which was considered the tallest in the world until the appearance of its prototype from Las Vegas, which surpassed it by only 2 meters.And in the city center there is a large nature park Gardens by the Bay and an equally impressive Singapore Zoo.

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Reuters learned about the hotel boom in Singapore due to the protests in Hong Kong :: Society :: RBC

90,020 Hotel occupancy in Singapore has reached its highest values ​​in the last decade due to an increase in tourist flow to the country and the postponement of business conferences due to mass protests in Hong Kong.This is reported by Reuters with reference to the Singapore Tourism Board.

90,020 According to the department, the occupancy rate of Singaporean hotels in July was 93.8%. This is a record high since 2005, with hotel revenues per room peaking in nearly four years. Analysts and hoteliers say that the transfer of business conferences from Hong Kong to Singapore, where clashes with protesters have not stopped for several months, is a significant factor.

How were the protests in Hong Kong

Following the disruption to Hong Kong airport, caused by the seizure of the terminal by anti-government demonstrators, travel agents also noted an increase in booked flight cancellations.

“Singapore can reap twice as much profit from the consequences of the situation in Hong Kong, since both directions have in common,” – Derek Teng, an analyst at Singapore’s largest bank DBS, told the agency.

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