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Steaks, whether is it Wagyu, Angus, sirloin, rib-eye, T-bone or fillet, is extremely delicious when cooked properly. Medium-rare, medium or sometimes, medium well – is the best way to have it done. They ensure the moisture, natural juices and flavour of the steak is contained within the meat itself. Not forgetting to rest it when it’s done as resting helps retain and locks all the juicy goodness within the beef. Last but not least, sides and sauces to complete the platter. Sounds simple? Not exactly. Hence, here is the list of the best steaks for a joyful jaw workout in Kuala Lumpur.

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  • The unique thing about Vantador is that they use dry
    aged beef for their steaks which offers extraordinarily rich flavour and
    buttery texture. The beef is hung for 30 days to allow
    enzymes naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue which
    will improve the texture and flavor. The taste of the steak is excellent and contains
    chewy texture, perfect for those who like their steak on the juicier side. 

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    The Steakhouse is a 40-seater steak joint along the streets of Changkat Bukit Bintang. As the name suggests, it holds pride and honour in the beef it serves as they are imported from Australia. Choose from either Aged Black Angus or grain fed – both which are really good. Steaks were well seasoned, cooked and of course, rested. That ensures tender, moist and juiciness to the brim. The beautifully grilled vegetables add a nice colour and texture to the dish. If you’re taking advantage of the cosy and dimly lit backdrop for a romantic meal, do add the curated wines into the mix too.

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    Sixty9 Islamic Steakhouse is about making everything more affordable than it already should. Hence, the sacrificial of ambience and mood are evident, but that will allow them to provide a higher quality of meat at a more affordable rate. The sirloin steak here starts from RM33 while the stunning T-bone is priced at RM50. That is almost half, if not more, the price of a standard restaurant steak. It’s also grilled to perfection and seasoned with salt and pepper. It comes with a side of fries and salad, so the meal is adequate.

    Sixty9 Islamic Steakhouse View restaurant

    341, Lorong Sarawak, Taman Melawati, 53100, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
    View in Google Maps


    Open Now
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

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    Prime has been pretty popular for
    its “1KG prime ribs”. Yes – 1KG. And we’re not talking about four plates of
    250grams but a slab of thick, juicy and succulent prime ribs cooked to
    perfection. Therefore, be sure of bringing over a caveman’s appetite. Priced at
    a hefty RM480, it sure is a privilege to order such a beauty. Apart from their
    famous 1kg steak, their selection of Trio-butter for starts along with a loaf
    of artisan bread was greatly commented as well. Many would say, one slice
    simply wasn’t enough!

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    Ril’s Bangsar – A casual fine dining steakhouse, has gained quite a stir on their air-flown Angus steak and various other beefy goodness. Interiorly, it doesn’t really look all that fine-dining-ish. Instead, it seems pretty normal that it resembles what Strawberry Fields looked like in Subang Parade 15 years back. Having said that, the steaks itself were pretty good. Seasoned and cooked to perfection simply with salt, pepper and olive oil, no frills but full of flavours. If you miraculously still have space, do not miss their selection of desserts.

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    If you’re looking for an affordable steak with great flavour, look no further. Two Sons Bistro’s range of perfectly done and juicy 250gram steaks are accompanied by a side of potatoes, greens and sauce enhancements. Choose from a variety of roasted rosemary potatoes, mashed potatoes, french fries or potato rosti while the salad comes in creamed spinach, sauteed vegetables or beef bacon wrapped asparagus. The meat is perfectly seasoned and done medium-rare. Huge portion, affordable pricing and amazing taste! What else do you need? Oh yes, do spare some stomach space for desserts.

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    Mandarin Grill is one of Mandarin
    Oriental’s many gastronomical restaurants. Serving not only the finest cuisine
    but with compliments of a great selection of wines and pampering service as
    well. Inside the Mandarin Grill, you’ll be greeted with a lavish interior.
    Crystal lights as if they were dripping from above, beautiful contemporary
    fireplace, pompous chairs and various other detail which contributes to the
    beauty of this place. Steak in the Mandarin Grill of course, one of the very
    best you can find in KL. Hence, be ready to splurge quite an amount of money
    for the gastronomic event here.

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    Ember & Bara @ Brolly

    Ember & Bara features a
    charcoal grill concept in their menu of an extensive choice of meat and other
    ingredients. Grill fans will definitely love the idea of chewing and ripping
    off chunks of meat dipped and coated in tantalising sauces of your choice. The
    Ribeye steak for instance, is grilled to perfection with tender and juicy
    textures; while the pinkish meat in the centre will definitely make your knees
    grow weak as you feast like a moghul here. Done filling up your tummy, the
    backdrop invites you to grab a picture or two, especially if you’re a strong
    follower of Instagram.

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    As the name suggests. Chambers
    Bar & Grill takes pride in their meat – steaks specifically. Customers of
    Chambers are opt to choose from their selection of aged Black Angus, most of
    which are aged for 38 days old. Each piece of meat was cooked beautifully and
    seasoned to perfection. For those who prefer their steaks with additional
    sauce, a rich mushroom and Hennesy XO sauce and Herb & Spice Hollandaise
    sauce are available. Other winning points here is the classy setting and attentive
    service that round up a pleasing experience.

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  • Malaysia’s all-time favourite one-stop steak restaurant, and for a good reason! Me’nate Steak Hub is run by Malays, for Malays, so everything that many people enjoy about a big, juicy slab of meat can now be enjoyed by many muslims around Malaysia underneath the Halal certificate! From tender ribs smoked for hours to many different cuts of meat cooked at any temperature of your choice, and served alongside with various of sides to choose from, no wonder Me’nate Steak Hub is an Malaysian favourite!

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    Two Ox’s Angus Steak is one divine dish you got to cross off your bucket list, with umami and ambrosial flavours throughout the entire chunk of red meat. The charred exterior encased its perfect seasoning, while also revealing a smooth sinkage into its seductive red centre- resulting in a marbled coat on your palate. Laid by the side is also a bed of pepper sauce, which surprisingly pairs harmoniously with the moreish steak.  Apart from the delicious steak, the classy and comfortable interior offers a great spot to kick back and have a few glasses of wine. 

    Two OX @ The Row View restaurant

    54, Jalan Doraisamy, Chow Kit, 50300, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
    View in Google Maps


    Open Now
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Saturday, Sunday

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    Known as a butcher and a restaurant, Las Vacas certainly has all the qualities of a good steakhouse. First up, different cuts of meat are available by the counter, just choose which part you enjoy most. Followed by your preferred doneness  (let’s just all agree to have it pink, not well done), with a side of salad and garlic toasted bread. The meal is incredibly simple; good cuts of meat, salt and pepper, grilled till pink and voila, the perfect steak. Oh, they also have to Tomahawk steak, which weighs at least 1.2KGs.

    Las Vacas View restaurant

    Jalan Kiara, Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Perekutuan Kuala Lumpur
    View in Google Maps


    Open Now
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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    Meat Point is all about affordability in steaks. Many can agree that
    good steaks are costly, and cheap cuts are generally rubbish. However, Meat
    Point is able to find the balance in between, allowing them to tap a market
    that has been left empty. Meat Point is also certified Halal, so our Muslim
    brethrens are able to enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. Last but not
    least, each piece of steak is usually cooked and seasoned to perfection. In anyway
    that they do not deliver how you like them, just mention it to them.

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    Samba Brazilian Steakhouse is renowned across the world and once it touched down in Kuala Lumpur, it has been drawing a diverse crowd since day one. Looking at the name and reputation, leaving this restaurant without a serving of steak is close to crime. The marbling on the steak is amazing. It is very tender and juicy yet feels packed with flavour and punch with every bite. The steak comes with two selection of side dishes that truly compliments the already amazing steak. Generously given portion, for its price, the steak is not only worth your money, but soon enough you will be wanting to be back for more.

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    Jake’s Charbroiled Steaks has been around for a really long time.
    They’re incredibly famous and they offer one of the most affordable price to
    quality ratio steaks there is in KL. Featuring a wide array of premium cut
    meats grilled to tender perfection. Seasoned with only salt and pepper to bring
    out the natural juices of those amazing cuts of steak – lovely! Choose from an
    array of sides such as potatoes, steamed vegetables, fries or even corn. In
    short, if you’re a fan of steak, then you’ve got to pay them a visit.

    Jake’s Charbroil Steaks View restaurant

    21, Jalan Setiapuspa, Medan Damansara, 50490 , Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
    View in Google Maps


    Closed Now
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    Every day

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    The Beato is home to awesome dry-aged steaks. Located in the competitive battlefield of Publika, The Beato is probably one of the few steakhouses that offer dry-aged steaks. Fair warning, the prices here aren’t very friendly. However, you can expect a certain level of quality and taste from their perfectly cooked steaks. Oh, let’s not forget about their decent array of red wines to pair. So if you’re ever in the mood for something rich, luxurious and ultimately delicious, then you’ve got to pay The Beato a visit.

    The Beato Dry Aged Steakhouse Publika View restaurant

    Solaris Dutamas, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
    View in Google Maps


    Closed Now
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Saturday, Sunday
    Saturday, Sunday

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    Open Now

    Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar has been a
    hotspot for expatriates, where you’ll find laughters, shouting and pretty much
    very happy people sipping on ice cold beers and enjoying the time of their
    life. Well, it’s not all that surprising when you consider their wide range of
    tapas, mains and of course, alcoholic beverages. As for their steak, the Txogitxu
    premium beef that was painstakingly imported from Basque will certainly delight
    you in every way. Not only is it incredibly flavourful, the meat is packed with
    a good amount of natural juices. It’s also paired with polenta fries and padron
    peppers, which is awesome!

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  • Steaks have never been this juicy and tender here at S’mores. A classic rib eye cut that is grilled to a marbling beauty, daubed with crisp and charred lines that doesn’t just look irresistibly tantalizing, but sits as a marvelous view as well. This cut of steak is the pinnacle of flavours working together, topped with sensations of succulent textures that give you a pleasurable chew with each bite you take. This, Sir/Maam, is the rib eye you’re looking for.

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  • Angus Steak House is one of the many steak restaurants that had won the Time Out KL food awards. Serving one of the best Japanese charcoal steak here in KL, it definitely is a must-visit restaurant. One of the reasons why customers keep coming back is because of their consistency in serving great steaks. Doneness has always been spot on, whether medium, medium rare, medium well or well done. It ensures maximum flavour and a juicy bite while the colourful greens by the side notch up in terms of texture. 

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    Closed Now

    Las Carretas simply means “The Wagon” in Spanish. Serving great Mexican food such as steaks, ribs, stews, nachos, tacos and seafood, this eatery has earned over lifetime loyalty of many locals in the vicinity.  Furthermore, Las Carretas has been voted the Top 10 places for best Margaritas by The Edge newspaper. One of the best sellers on the menu is their Wagyu beef cheeks, which are done to perfection and no where near a stingy portion. Pair it up with margaritas, and you have a perfect spot for dinner after a hard day’s work.

    Las Carretas @ Ampang View restaurant

    No. 22, Persian Ampang, 55000, City Center, Kuala Lumpur
    View in Google Maps


    Closed Now
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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    Closed Now

    Boathouse Restaurant & Bar has been immensely popular for its love of flambeed dishes. The house special was simply a delicious slab of 320gm prime steak seasoned with black pepper and charbroiled to the desired doneness. It was then brought to our table and flambeed with brandy and served with their signature sauce. Definitely a moment to keep your eyes glued and hands away. The platter is finished with a side of mash, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and puddle of homemade gravy that does nothing but amplify the flavours of the steak.

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    Closed Now

    If you’re looking for somewhere fancy to dine, perhaps on date night or
    something similar, then Marble 8 may be a good pick. Provided that your partner
    enjoys steak. This place has all the fine cuts that are commonly used in a more
    prestigious culinary world, as well as different types of imported beef. More
    importantly, the service here pairs really well with their style of food where
    everything is top-notch and up to standard. Rest assured that all the steaks
    here will be done to how you’ll like it, and if you don’t, simply return it to

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  • As the name
    suggest, Simply Ribs simply serves the best ribs! The restaurant serves steaks,
    pasta, lamb, ribs and local cuisines. Their menu span from Western to Southeast
    Asian dishes, to fit everyone’s preference. There is a lot of choices on the menu, but make sure to try out their
    signature ‘fall-off-the-bone’ beef ribs, which is juicy and tender, to satisfy
    your craving for beef ribs! 

    Simply Ribs View restaurant

    36, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 , Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
    View in Google Maps


    Open Now
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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    Closed Now

    Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill is one of Trader’s Hotel’s prized restaurant. Located on the 6th floor of the hotel, the restaurant packs in a pretty decent view of KLCC park, as well as a modern and cosy interior. Service here is great, and the prices are fairly reasonable. What about the food? Well,  fortunately, most of what is available are pretty good, especially when it comes to the Australian Wagyu Rib Eye steak. Seasoned and seared to tender perfection, cutting through the steak is like cutting through butter – effortless! It’s also incredibly juicy and tender, which is definitely expected from such a great cut of meat.

    Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill View restaurant

    Level 6, Traders Hotel , 50088, City Center, Kuala Lumpur
    View in Google Maps


    Closed Now
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Saturday, Sunday

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    Closed Now

    Beast by BIG is a stunning looking place with a fairly dark interior. It’s also incredibly cosy and classy, so bringing someone on a date here is without a doubt, a great idea! You’ll also find the menu to be quite extensive but the steaks here are one of the main reasons on why you should visit. For those on a budget, you can opt for the grass-fed Black Angus cut while those who are feeling generous could go for the Wagyu. In both cases, they’re done perfectly with just the right amount of seasoning and char on the edge. They also have quite an extensive range of wines to pair with, so enjoy!

    Beast Bar & Grill View restaurant

    Lot G-01, Ground Floor, The Intermark, 348, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400, City Center, Kuala Lumpur
    View in Google Maps


    Closed Now
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Friday, Saturday

    More info

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    Closed Now

    Lamb lovers rejoice! Non-lamb lovers, be prepared to change your mind. The Lamb Shoulder steak here will convert any non-believers with its sweet and juicy meat. By eliminating the strong gamey sensation from most lamb meat, you will get to truly enjoy the flavours of the sauces and marinade on the Lamb Shoulder here at Sweeds. Okay, if you’re bored to silly with lamb, do check out their steaks and chicken chop, which downright delivers in terms of taste and texture. On a side note, do kick start with their mushroom soup, to whet up your appetite. 

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    Closed Now

    The Cow and Chicken, not the popular kids cartoon from CN but rather, a modern and cosy restaurant. Located in Desa Sri Hartamas, this restaurant is without a doubt, one of the more comfortable restaurants that offer quite a good range of comfort food. Similarly, if you’re in the mood for some steak, The Cow and Chicken’s Black Angus Rib is a showstopper. Simply seasoned only with salt and pepper, grilled perfectly pink and served with a side of fries – simple but sure loaded with plenty of good flavours.

    The Cow and Chicken View restaurant

    G, 28, Jalan 24/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
    View in Google Maps


    Closed Now
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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  • Who can resist a thick, juicy steak especially when it is coated with silky chimichurri sauce? Located along Persiaran Raja Chulan, Pampas Reserve Grill & Bar is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings! Make sure you try  their house specialty – expertly prepared steaks at an affordable price. 

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  • Ever since their original outlet is opened in Ipoh, Maria’s
    Steak café have expanded to the centres of Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur. Today,
    Maria’s Steak café have been initiated as the best steak place in KL by many. It’s
    not easy to find well-cooked, tender and juicy steak. However, Maria’s Steak café
    offers good quality meat, cooked superbly, while maintaining the flavours of
    the meat. If you’re looking for a good restaurant to have steak, this place won’t
    disappoint you! 

    More info

  • Top Steakhouse
    serves Western, Italian and Mexican cuisines. They provide a lot of dishes on
    the menu, such as chicken, beef, lamb and fish to make sure there is something
    for everyone. Their steak topped with spicy barbeque sauce will get you hooked,
    for sure! Besides, the dishes are affordable, which makes their regular
    customers keep coming back for more! What more can you ask for?


    More info

  • Located in Bukit
    Bintang, Brasserie Fitz provides a relaxed and comfortable dining experience
    with urban elegance interior. Brasserie Fitz offers menu that combines French
    cuisine with global touches. If you’re looking for a place that serves a good
    steak in Bukit Bintang, you have found the place! From grilled rib eye to pepper
    rubbed striploin, Brasserie Fitz will satisfy your cravings for a good steak! For
    dessert, treat yourself with the upside-down Pineapple Tarte Tatin or
    deep-fried banana split.

    Brasserie Fitz View restaurant

    Level 23A Tower B, The Troika, 19, Persiaran KLCC, 50450 , Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
    View in Google Maps


    Open Now
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

    More info

  • Habanna

    Enjoy your favourite non-halal western options like spaghetti, steak, a porky salad, a pork chop, pigs in blanket, and all sorts of things with pork in it from Habanna at Taman Paramount PJ.

    More info

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  • Leon KL

    Leon KL prides themself in bringing the best of French Steak and fries to the table. The restaurant is bright and refreshing with semi fine dining style

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6 top steakhouses in KL and PJ delivering to your home during FMCO

Justin Ng

Digital Content Director, Kuala Lumpur

Steaks are best fresh off the grill, prepared to the exact doneness and sliced off with the right company in a tête-à-tête that stretches into the night. 

But chewing the fat isn’t quite possible right now and so the best alternative is to have them delivered to your doorstep. In lieu of a grill, you can fire up Netflix – and if you drink, pop the cork.  

As FMCO looms large, some top steakhouses in KL and PJ are taking a hiatus; Prime at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur and the Bangsar outpost of The Beato Steakhouse, for example, while others offer only takeaway. And so, we have curated six of the best that still brave the scorching weather – so you don’t have to – and hand them over to you in tip-top conditions, as close as dining in.

Hero image: Unsplash/Iman Zaker 

Tucked away in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, Grub is among a litany of restaurants putting the once-unassuming neighbourhood on the map as the latest playground for the city’s pimply and sassy. In sharp contrast to visually gratifying joints catering to the Gram, Grub is a throwback to nostalgic days when food reigned supreme. Its juicy, tender cuts at prices that most can resonate with have garnered the steakhouse a legion of carnivorous “grubbers”. 

Don’t miss the gigantic 1kg Angus XL ribeye bone-in and 1.5kg Angus tomahawk.  

Operating between 11am and 8pm, orders can be placed through Grab and Beepit. The last call for delivery is 7pm. 

(Image credit: Facebook/Grub by ahong & friends)

Now into its 37th year and counting, Jake’s is the pioneer in KL’s steak scene. It is a testament to its enduring reputation that despite being in the business spanning nearly four decades, the standard has not wavered. Many of its patrons have grown with Jake’s and still swear by its old-time offering in a rustic, cosy setting.  

The house specialties include grain-fed Angus beef spare ribs marinated in Jake’s own BBQ sauce in excess of 24 hours and Australian grain-fed porterhouse bone-in sirloin.  

In line with FMCO, Jake’s opens for lunch and dinner delivery from 12pm to 2.30pm and 5pm to 7.30pm respectively. Call 03 20945677 to order.

(Image credit: Facebook/Jake’s Charbroil Steaks)

Boasting a number of locations in Damansara, Bangsar, Sunway and Suria KLCC, it is highly likely that one of them is mere minutes away from your residence. Famous for its democratic pricing and quality cuts, Maria’s Steakcafe operates between 10am and 8pm daily during FMCO. It is currently running a limited-time offer where each steak comes with a complimentary side dish.  

Take your pick from skin-on fries, mashed or roast potato and crispy onion strings. If your little ones gravitate towards spaghetti, Maria’s Aglio Olio is impeccable.  

Orders can be placed through Beepit, Grab, Food Panda and AirAsia Food.

(Image credit: Maria’s Steakcafe)

Keep your family well fed with Pampas’ family menu where meats cater from as few as two to an extended family of 10 people. Part of the established Pampas group, the Reserve Steakhouse operating out of Bukit Ceylon will satiate those who live in the bustle and hustle of the Golden Triangle.  

Spice things up with the Pampas Surf and Turf composed of grilled Angus beef sirloin and jumbo king prawn among others, and rosemary roast lamb leg weighing as much as 2kg. 

Delivery can be arranged through Table App and is available from 5.30pm till 8.30pm.

(Image credit: Facebook/Pampas Reserve Steakhouse)

Park Grill KL has recently reopened with its delivery and takeaway menu that incorporates some of the restaurant’s signature dishes as well as new creations from the Josper grill to inspire your tastebuds while staying at home. The menu, crafted by Head Chef Muhamad Shazmier fronts familiar flavours of comfort food including the Signature Park Grill Burger and Cod Fish & Chips.

Of course, the main star would be the steak menu featuring Sher Wagyu Striploin MB6 and Black Angus Rib Eye cooked to perfection on the Josper with maximum flavours. The Modern American Grillhouse also serves a bevy of sides like Blistered Padron Peppers and Smoked Cauliflower to complement your favourite cuts.

While you take a look at their menu, note that delivery and takeaway can be arranged through WhatsApp and is available seven days a week, Monday to Sunday, from 12.00pm till 8.00pm.

(Image credit: Park Grill KL)

The Hartamas-based Vantador is one of the very few restaurants in Malaysia to perfect their meat in asado grills – an Argentine specialty you can’t replicate at home. This dry-aged steak boutique has another ace up its sleeve in the form of Rubia Gallega. Known for its punchy, inimitable flavour, this Galician breed is touted by some as the best beef in the world. The antithesis of wagyu, Rubia Gallega’s unrivalled robustness and intensity promises to open up a new horizon for those tasting it for the very first time.  

Lunch and dinner delivery is available between 12pm and 8pm daily. All steaks come with two complimentary side dishes. For steaks above 1kg, you get to choose a bottle of free wine.  

Browse for the latest menu, while orders can be placed through Whatsapp at

10 Best Steak House In Town That Serves Juicy Steak

Feature Image Credit: Me’nate Steak Hub, garfields_girl, vantadorsteak

Steak is serious business! We believe that what you pay is what you get when you enjoy steaks. Of course, we see steaks as celebratory meals because of its price point. With that, we never commit the sin of ordering steak above medium because it’s just a no. We want the crust on the beef and fatty marbling of the beef. Anything above medium ruins the whole thing.

Since we are so serious about steaks, we have compiled a list of restaurants that are as serious as us. That said, here are 10 Best Steak House In Town That Serves Juicy Steak.

1. Kay’s Steak & Lobster

Image Credit: kaysteaklobsterImage Credit: kaysteaklobster

Located in Putra Heights, Subang, Kay’s Steak & Lobster is a calm and cosy steakhouse that will give you one of the most fancy and “atas” meals you will ever have. The kitchen is manned by Chef Amer Reazal, who has close to 10 years of experiences. Be prepared to indulge when you get their signature Tomahawk steak and fresh US lobsters.

Address: 12A, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/6b, Putra Heights, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: Tues – Fri 5pm – 10pm, Sat- Sun 1pm – 10pm

2. Vantador

Image Credit: vantadorsteak & tshbImage Credit: Vantador

You must know about this place if you are a major steak fan. Even our very own 16th King of Malaysia has dined here before. Vantador is known for their dry aged steaks. The dry aged beef here is hung in coolers for at least 30 days so dehydrate it, which gives the beef that extra rich flavour and amazing buttery texture. If you are eager to try Vantador, be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

Address: 38, Jalan 25/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: 6pm – 12.30am

3. Grub by Ah Hong & Friends

Image Credit: Grub By Ahong FBImage Credit: mmmmmmm_eats & garfields_girl

If you want steaks that is a bang for a buck, head on over to GRUB by Ah Hong! One look at the restaurant shopfront, you might mistaken GRUB as a normal kopitiam instead. However, looks can be deceiving because to get a seat, you would need a reservation. Their steaks is succulent, juicy and well flavoured with each bite. If you want a no frills dinner, this is the place to come to.

Address: 608, Jalan 17/10, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 6pm-10.30pm, Friday: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm, Saturday-Sunday: 11am-2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm

4. Maria Steak Café

Image Credit: andmcrewImage Credit: Fun N Taste

For an unassuming steakhouse, Maria Steak Café sure stay true to their word. This down-to-earth steakhouse was founded close to 20 years ago in Ipoh, today they have 3 branches in Klang Valley at Bandar Sunway, Damansara Perdana and Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. Their steaks are elegant and beautifully simplistic without looking too bare on the plate. If you’re looking to impress without going overboard, do check this place out.

Address: 58, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: 12pm – 10.30pm, daily

Click here for full locations

5. Chambers Bar & Grill

Image Credit: timeoutkl Image Credit: timeoutkl

Dubbed “the carnivore’s cave” by the Yum list, this classy and stylish steakhouse is located in Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Here in Chambers Bar & Grill, it’s all about the meat! Their menu is full of prime cuts and top notch steaks that all you meat lovers will definitely enjoy.

Address: Hilton Kuala Lumpur , Lobby Level, 3, Jalan Stesen Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: Weekdays 12:00 noon – 2:30pm (Lunch), 6:30pm – 10:30pm (Dinner), Weekends 6:30pm – 10:30pm (Dinner)

6. TTDI Meat Point

Image Credit: TTDI Meatpoint SteakhouseImage Credit: evie.aml & muhaiminpathi

This steakhouse has been serving up delicious steak for about 6 years in TDDI now. Meat Point believes in giving you a say in your meat so you get to choose your own cuts of steak at the chiller when you order. Since this place is owned by a Muslim so bear in mind that they do not serve alcohol here.

Address: 62, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: Mon – Thurs 12pm – 10.30pm, Friday 6pm – 11pm, Sat – Sun 12pm – 11pm

7. Jake’s Charbroil Steaks

Image Credit: kylecaillettes & vijolabeleImage Credit: binghan

Jake’s Charboil Steaks has been one of the long-time neighbourhood steak house. It is decorated with a western cowboy theme, bringing you back to what the old days would feel like. Their steaks have been commended by regular customers for being consistently delicious. Now, that’s our cue to go it a try if we haven’t!

Address: 21, Jalan Setiapuspa, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: Sat – Thurs 12pm- 3pm, 6pm – 11pm, Friday 6pm – 11pm

8. Me’nate Steak Hub

Image Credit: saramysarahoag Image Credit: saramysarahoagImage Credit: Me’nate Steak Hub & mipipfoodlog

Me’nate Steak Hub lets you choose your own steaks. There is a chiller in the restaurant where you can choose your own cuts when you order. You will be spoiled for choice here. They even have Wagyu here so if you ever visit them in StarParc Point, be sure to try that.

Address: C-01-02 & C-01-03 StarParc Point, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota, 53300 Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: Sat – Thurs 11am – 11pm, Friday 3pm – 11pm

9. PRIME, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur

Image Credit: Le Meridien Kuala LumpurImage Credit: Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

PRIME has a reputation for serving some of the most premium steaks in KL. With the arrival of the newly appointed Chef de Cuisine Ramiro Moya, his signatures now showcase the flavors of his Argentinian roots. So, be prepared to be reintroduced to steaks in a whole different light.

Address: Le Meridien KL, 2, Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: Monday to Friday: 12 – 2:30 pm & 6:30 – 10:30 pm, Saturday & Sunday: 6:30 – 10:30 pm

10. Samba Brazilian Steakhouse

As a meat lover, you will definitely dream of going to this place. Samba Brazillian Steakhouse is best known for their meaty buffets. If you’re here for the buffet, be ready to eat till you get the meat sweats like Joey from Friends. Of course, if you prefer to chill out and enjoy good cuts and other dishes, you can opt for their ala carte menu too!

Address: Avenue K, 3, 156, Jalan Ampang, Kampung Baru, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: 12pm – 10.30pm

Best Steaks in Kuala Lumpur – Delivered to Your Door

Best Steaks in Kuala Lumpur

This post on the best steaks in Kuala Lumpur is dedicated to the carnivores amongst you. While it’s hard to beat the smell of the char and a steak hot from the grill directly to your table, these restaurants do a fine job of coming pretty close with their steak delivery menus. Click on the title links for menus, prices, photos and contact details.

Best Steaks In Kuala Lumpur – Delivered To Your Door

Vantador made waves a few years back when they first opened as the only steakhouse in Kuala Lumpur serving the illustrious Rubia Gallega. Said to be one of the best-tasting steaks in the world, the prized Spanish beef was only the tip of the knife for Vantador. Offering premium cuts of meat, the team dry-age them in house, concentrating the flavour and improving the texture. While you can’t currently be seduced by the setting and eye-catching flickering flames from the open grill, the team behind Vantador offers a beautiful delivery menu instead.

Vantador has three-course boxes with a choice of four types of steak for delivery. They start from RM 318 for the Full Blood Angus Ribeye dry-aged for 200 days and go up to RM 818 for the Black Wagyu MB9 Ribeye. All include two signature pepper butter bread rolls, two sides, one starter and one dessert. Additionally, readers of The Yum List are offered a RM 10 discount for orders above RM 100 when ordering via VANTADOR.BEEPIT.COM. Just type in the voucher code YUM10. The offer expires on July 31st. And, if you order 1kg or more of steak, you’ll also be treated to two complimentary cocktails.

Best Steaks in Kuala Lumpur Delivery – Vantador

The newly opened Don Julio KL in Mont Kiara will be an exciting place to step foot into once we are allowed out again. But for now, you should know that they carry a range of premium steaks for delivery. Your focus here should definitely be on the Argentinian meat cuts. Beef from this part of the world is known for being clean due to organic feeding and free from hormones and antibiotics. The team at Don Julio KL uses corn-fed Black Angus beef, producing a sweet and tender steak and grass-fed Angus beef, which is a little leaner and offers more flavour variation. Cooked the traditional Argentinian way, over a parilla or brasero, you’re guaranteed an expertly prepared steak here.

An excellent introduction is the Parrilla Mixta (RM 330, 1.5 kg). A common meal in Argentina, the platter is composed of short ribs, a half spring chicken, sweetbread (thymus and pancreas gland – rich and creamy), chinchulin (small intestine), and beef vacio. Or, for more modest portions, try the rib-eye or sirloin.

Don Julio Kuala Lumpur – Pure Corn-fed Argentinian BA Sirloin (RM 115, 350g)

Best Steaks in Kuala Lumpur – Pampas

One of the longest established restaurants on this scene, Pampas, has curated a family menu with roast meats taking centre stage over MCO. Meals come with a mixed salad and your choice of side. For sauces choose from chimichurri, mustard, whole grain mustard, mint salsa or homemade gravy. Pictured below is the T-bone Steak (RM 118) with cauliflower and salad, 500g, which is more than enough for the two of us. Also, the Tenderloin (RM 128, 250 g) Lyonnaise potato, again something that will last days in this household. Order online here or WhatsApp +60107035405 with any questions.

T-bone – PampasTenderloin – Pampas

Best Steaks in Kuala Lumpur – D.I.Y – Maria’s Mart

Maria’s SteakCafe offers a new convenience for your day-to-day modern living – Maria’s Mart. They deliver boxes of premium meats, fruits, and vegetables along with recipes for you to cook at home. Easy-to-follow instructions combined with quality products will have you cooking your own steak dinner in no time. You can get a grocery meal box with raw ingredients such as steak and whole veg, or frozen meal kits where most of the preparation is already done for you – just reheat and you’re ready to eat. Furthermore, readers of The Yum List are entitled to a 10% discount with the use of the code THEYUMLIST10 upon ordering. Check out Maria’s Mart menu and place your orders here.

Maria’s Mart Steak Grocery Box

Troika Sky Dining’s heat-at-home meals offer chef-prepped dinners delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is heat and plate them. They provide the advantage of food delivery but give patrons just enough hands-on activity to gift a sense of accomplishment at the same time. Additionally, putting the finishing touches on the recipes ensures freshness and optimum serving temperatures, which are sometimes lacking due to travel. Several cuts of beef and lamb are on the heat-at-home meals’ menu. But, as today we’re focusing on steak, we suggest you try the Black Angus Pure Beef Tenderloin 500gm (RM 240). As you can see, it sure is a beauty.

Best Steaks in Kuala Lumpur – Troika Sky Dining

Does brisket count as steak? I wasn’t too sure, but assume that if you’re a meat lover, you would surely want to know about one of the most delicious, smokiest barbecues in town. Craf Roasters are proud owners of a custom-built offset smoker, which they fire up with local rambutan wood. They have some excellent barbecue sets, perfect for getting a taste of their skill. Weekends Set A (RM 115) serving two to three people is a fine place to start. The combo consists of brisket, smoked pulled lamb and meatloaf. The first two have benefitted from smoking for a minimum of 12 hours (and go up to 18 hours depending on the size of the cut). They’re extraordinarily juicy, and the smokiness deliciously lingers in the palate, outdoing even the most premium wines for length.

Craf Roasters – Brisket

Where have you found the best steaks in Kuala Lumpur for delivery? I know a lot more places will be enticing when things open up again, but for now, have you had good experiences with steak delivery in KL?

Best KL Steakhouse | Steakhouse Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur


Xmas Lunch with children from Dignity for Children Foundation (2018)

On 6th December 2018, we hosted our first Christmas community lunch at our new outlet in Bandar Sunway, inviting 35 underprivileged students of the Dignity for Children Foundation, along with 2 of their teachers.

The students and their teachers tremendously enjoyed Maria’s SteakCafé’s Fish & Chips, Spaghetti Bolognese, Sausages, Sandwiches and Mushroom soup. Celebrating the joyful season, there were Christmas gifts for everyone, ending a memorable lunch for a great group dining experience.

The Dignity for Children foundation is a non-governmental organisation that provides holistic care and education for urban poor children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It supports, educates and prepares the underprivileged for future employability.

For the record, we at Maria’s SteakCafe have been supporting the Dignity for Children Foundation with monthly donations that help assure a future for these students, being involved in not just monetary donations but also educating some of the students in Food and Beverage (F&B) training.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with mothers and children from the Dignity for Children Foundation (2019)

On 3rd May 2019, 66 mothers with their children from the Dignity for Children Foundation celebrated Mother’s Day with a Luncheon at our Bandar Sunway outlet.

Everybody was treated with a scrumptious 3-course meal consisting of our popular dishes. The restaurant was filled with love and excitement all around as the children passionately and creatively garnished the chocolate pudding with their own favourite toppings as an expression of love for their mothers.

They also brought home a special framed photo taken with their mothers, creating a lasting bonding moment while having a wonderful time at Maria’s SteakCafe, the best steakhouse in town.

On 17th October 2019, we hosted a charity dinner, jointly organised by Dignity for Children Foundation. The event, in conjunction with United Nations’ International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was held to empower more underprivileged and marginalised children to break out of the poverty cycle – and this is done through receiving quality education.

Guests were treated with our luscious 3-course meal for only RM200 per person. All proceeds from the event were channeled towards the education fees for the children studying in Dignity.

A Christmas Feast for Dignity for Children Foundation (2019)

The Christmas 2019 holiday season saw 35 children and a teacher from the Dignity for Children Foundation invited for a Christmas Lunch at our Bangsar outlet.

Our guests-of-the-day enjoyed a delicious 3-course meal, starting with a Cream of Mushroom Soup, followed by Chicken Spaghetti Alla Siciliana, and our homemade dessert, Moist Chocolate Cake with premium vanilla ice cream.

The children had a blast decorating their very own ‘Gingerbread Man’ and each received a special Christmas present to bring back home.

The day was completed by their angelic voices performing an exclusive Christmas Carol for those who were present. It was certainly a memorable day as we got to share the joyful celebration with them.

Since 2018, we have been championing the energy and efforts by Dignity for Children Foundation, a one-stop holistic, community learning centres for the underprivileged urban poor. Their main aim is to address the educational needs of children from pre-school level to IGCSE ‘O’ level and vocational skills.

Maria’s SteakCafe has contributed monetary and venue aids in facilitating educational trainings at eat X dignity. The trainings include:

  • Hygiene and Cleaning Up
  • Food Handling and Preservation
  • Communication
  • Professional Development
  • Keeping Up With the Competitors

You can find out more info about the cause here.

The best halal steakhouses around KL and PJ

Make it a steak night.

By now, you already know just how much we Malaysians love our meats, especially if its beef. It’s evident in many Japanese yakinikus scattered across town; steakhouses and the like are part and parcel of the KL food scene and it is thriving.

Yet there’s just something about a perfectly-seared steak that hits the spot. Steakhouses, in particular, are a dime a dozen and they range from affordable to abscorbitently expensive. Of course, this is where you’d want to go if you’re looking for only the best cuts in the game. The best part? Halal steakhouses are on the rise in KL and PJ so everyone can partake in a good cut.

Be sure to scroll on down to find the best halal steakhouses in KL and PJ.

(Main image credit: Loija Nguyen on Unsplash)

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia KL

Prime at Le Méridien KL is considered to be one of the top steakhouses around town, and rightfully so. It prides itself on serving only the finest in halal-certified imported beef to go with its extensive, yet impressive wine collection. Expect a wide variety of cuts, ranging from your Wagyu beef to your Angus and the like.

(Image credit: Instagram/@primelmkl)


2, Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur




The Beato Steakhouse is the first restaurant in Malaysia to bring dry-aged steaks into our shores. It opened its doors in Publika back in 2012 and after a year of positive reviews, it opened its second outlet in Bangsar. The Beato Steakhouse offers a wide variety of cuts to choose from, not to mention cheese boards for a nibble before your mains arrive.

(Image credit: Instagram/@the_beato)


D2-G3-9 Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur




N97 is all about its signature Wagyu tomahawk steaks, and it certainly means business. They’re huge and each slab is served on an entire board. Pair that with a range of sides and vegetables and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for something lighter, be sure to check out its pulled beef burger as well.

(Image credit: Instagram/@n97bangsar)


9, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur



TTDI Meat Point is all about serving halal-certified meat in wide varieties. This ranges from Wagyu to Black Angus and everything in-between. Whether grain- or grass-fed, you’ll be spoiled for choice at TTDI Meat Point. Its appetisers like sauteed beef slices and bruschetta are just some of the other crowd favourites.

(Image credit: Instagram/@ttdimeatpoint)


62, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur




Umameat, a restaurant and butcher stocked with only quality JAKIM certified Halal prime meats is located on the sixth floor of Pavilion KL. Its team of professional butchers are on-site to give you the best cuts possible — whether it’s Japanese or Australian Wagyu, tomahawks, sirloin or tenderloin.

(Image credit: Instagram/@umameatklblog)


Lot 6.01.06, 168, Bukit Bintang Street, 55100 Kuala Lumpur




Prime, Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

There’s a lot to love about Prime steakhouse – its masculine décor, large arm chairs and open kitchen with a view of the chefs at work. I think the restaurant has aged well, creating a name of its own and it is to me, the best steakhouse in Kuala Lumpur.

1kg Augustus Tomahawk (RM368 for 1kg)

Perhaps it’s the professional and attentive service. Perhaps it’s the fact that I always order the same thing. Or perhaps it’s because I go there often enough for the staff and chefs to recognise me and deliver their best. But what is certain is that I’ve always enjoyed my dining experience at Prime. And that’s most important.

The whole works

Prime combo side dish

On my recent visit, I was coaxed to try the 150 Days Grain Fed Augustus Tomahawk, served with the Prime combo side dish and steak fries. This bone-in rib steak has a large amount of intermuscular fat so the meat is incredible flavourful, right to the bone.

Charred edges, medium rare centre

It was quite a steak. Even before the platter arrived, I could smell it; the top note of its char and delicious aroma of melted beef fat. The tomahawk was sliced and served the Prime way, and each forkful of meat had a spectrum of textures – crunchy at the side and tender at the bone, with a richness from the fat.

Deliciously tender and rimmed with fat

They always get the fries right; thick and crisp enough to withstand the soggy plunge into the steak juices. I love them even more dipped in truffle jus and béarnaise sauce. The combo side dish of grilled asparagus, roma tomato, onion rings and crab croquette did not disappoint.

Roma tomatoes

Roasted Roma tomato soup

We ordered a different set of appetisers that night, all good in their own right. Especially noteworthy was the Prime crab cakes (RM55) – sweet from the crab and dense, with a crisp and light crust. It was mostly crab, lightly seasoned and tasted like heaven. Roasted Roma tomato soup (RM40) came with Ratatouille garlic bread and while the soup was rich and thick, nothing beats the signature lobster bisque.

Prime crab cakes

Crabby goodness!

The Spicy Thai beef salad – Yum Nua (RM55) was a delicious assemblage of seared wagyu chuck flap tail on onion, cucumber, cherry tomato, romaine and cilantro salad with Thai dressing. It was a marriage of tangy, spicy, sweet and savoury flavours, complimenting the beef slices beautifully.

Spicy Thai beef salad – Yum Nua (RM55)

Charcoal grilled wagyu burger with foie gras and shaved truffle

Our dining companion had the Charcoal grilled Wagyu Burger (RM138), a sizable portion and quite a sight to behold. This happens to be rif’s personal favourite and justly so. The patty is thick and tightly packed, juicy but not dripping, and perfectly seasoned to exert presence, but not to overpower the meat. All that, topped with a generous slab of foie gras and truffle shavings, and sandwiched in buttered brioche bun. Beat that.

Illy coffee flavoured tiramisu

The Illy coffee flavoured tiramisu (RM30) has been our favourite from the beginning, and it still is. While I would have preferred it in bowl like how they served it 5 years ago (the bowl holds more Sambuca liquor), this version is prettier to look at. The deconstructed lemon tart (RM30) is a lighter option to end your meal – a pretty platter of meringue, cream, butterscotch, maple ice cream and tart crumble. Loved the assortment of textures and how the flavours complemented each other.

Deconstructed lemon tart

Many steakhouses have cropped up in Kuala Lumpur in the recent year or two, but Prime remains my favourite. To each his own, really. 🙂

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Ambiance: 8/10
Price: 5.5/10
Food: 8/10 (pork free)
Verdict: Still my favourite place for steak!

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Stesen Sentral,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2263 7888
Facebook Page

90,000 best five establishments – The most beautiful cities in the world

Today we will take a look at the five best restaurants located in Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia. This time I decided to talk about haute cuisine, places that have received professional awards. In these Kuala Lumpur restaurants, you can not only taste the delicacies and original dishes prepared by renowned chefs, but also simply enjoy the surrounding view. These establishments, by and large, are also works of design art.So please, here are two in one: bread and circuses. I hope it will be interesting and tasty in every sense of the word. Go!

The best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

In these restaurants, everything is raised to a high level, sometimes physically, but invariably professionally. If you are in the Malaysian capital and want to enjoy amazing service, cute, well-decorated rooms, fine dining, then head to one of these five establishments. You will definitely find a restaurant to your liking in Kuala Lumpur.In the meantime, I will focus your attention on the best, according to the experts.

Restaurant Marinis on 57

An exclusive Italian restaurant located on the rooftop of the main attraction of Kuala Lumpur – Petronas Towers.

The view of the city from here is stunning. It is easy to guess from the name that you will have breakfast, lunch or dinner on the 57th floor, and in the very center of the Malaysian capital. There are also many bars, restaurants, places for recreation around, but Marinis on 57 is still a clear favorite for the pros and many tourists, locals.

When you are in the elevator, it seems that everything is quiet and calm, but as soon as you cross the threshold of the best Kuala Lumpur restaurant, you find yourself in a completely different environment. Immediately you notice the refined elegance, you hear how glasses of expensive champagne are banging against each other, creating a festive mood. At the same time, no one shouts, quiet, sincere conversations are conducted.

The interior of the Marinis on 57 restaurant is designed in light colors, modern furniture is used, but the bar is decorated in an art deco style.As for the lounge area, it will surely remind you of Havana, with brown leather sofas of different sizes. Floor-to-ceiling windows, paintings by Italian artists on the walls, skylights for stunning views of Kuala Lumpur.

This restaurant mainly serves Italian cuisine. Spaghetti with mullet caviar and almonds, as well as fried seabass stuffed with shrimps and garnished with lemon, are considered special chic. The portions are small, but the taste is unforgettable.Fine dishes are complemented by unobtrusive, light music. In addition, the Suria KLCC adjoins the Petronas Tower with a trendy shopping center and is accessible by elevator.

Restaurant Thirty8

Located in the Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala-Lumpur and has received prestigious awards. It has a dining room, seating area, wine bar, all in one place. To be precise, on the 38th floor of the Kuala Lumpur Grand Hyatt Hotel. Thirty8’s menu features Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisines.

As in the best restaurant, there are large windows overlooking the panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur. This means that while having a meal, it is quite possible to admire the city from above, especially its center. It is also a great opportunity to take pictures of the Petronas towers, from an advantageous angle.

At Thirty8, freshly made sashimi and sushi are especially good, but meat lovers are also not overlooked. Steaks and delicious ribs are prepared for them. It must be said that Chinese cuisine generally has an unusual taste and can combine ingredients such as lobster, hot ginger, caramelized fresh onions, soy sauce, black pepper, peanuts, tofu, bamboo shoots, etc.

If in Kuala Lumpur you want silence and food at the same time, go to Thirty8 restaurant. The atmosphere is very calm here.

Prego Restaurant

This restaurant is also located in one of Kuala Lumpur’s hotels – The Westin Hotel and received a professional award for “Best Italian Restaurant” and a “productive” place to eat. It occupies two floors and houses an old-world clubhouse: dark wooden tables, an open kitchen with tiles, glass ceiling lights, various chrome objects.All this creates a cozy atmosphere.

As for food at Prego, it is worth noting the excellent quality of the ingredients, efficient service and at the same time reasonable prices. Among the specialties are hand-made pasta, ravioli with tender chicken meat, topped with mushroom sauce. Popular at this Kuala Lumpur restaurant and risotto with mild mushroom sauce and parmesan. And you must also leave a place for dessert. You can try the famous crème brulee, another Italian light crème, mousse espresso, chocolate pie or tiramisu.

Frangipani Restaurant

At night, gays and people who are at least tolerant of representatives of non-traditional minorities like to gather in this place. This is one of the finest French restaurants in Malaysia, located along the Changkat Bukit Bintang. It resembles a scene from a James Bond movie. The atmosphere seems to be permeated with confidence, sophistication, without words speaks of the highest quality.

The menu in the Frangipani restaurant is huge, it contains very unusual fusion dishes, which can be safely attributed to the unsurpassed ones.French wines are offered as an aperitif. Often they serve tiger prawn ceviche with avocado cream and grated tomatoes, duck fried in its own juice with mustard sauce.

Restaurant Prime

Located in Le Meridien Hotel, next to the central station and is considered the best steakhouse. In Kuala Lumpur, this restaurant appeared in 2004 and quickly became popular with meat lovers. Prime has won prestigious awards for its excellently cooked meat.An excellent choice for a discreet candlelit dinner, satisfying hunger.

The interior of the restaurant is quite simple: many dark wooden wine cabinets, high-backed chairs, wood floor with a golden sheen. The meat for making delicious steaks comes from Japan, USA, Australia and Argentina.

Of course, on the Prime menu you will find not only steaks, but also fried scallops, clam puree soup, Caesar salad. For dessert, you should order the classic tiramisu here.

Now I think you have no doubt that these are the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, that they definitely deserve your attention. Bon Appetit.

See you at There is still a lot of interesting things ahead.

90,000 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, the best cafes: description, prices

The question of where to eat in Kuala Lumpur is not worth it for travelers at all … Gastronomic tourism in the capital of Malaysia is one of the most popular and demanded. However, when visiting a metropolis, it will not be superfluous to have a “cheat sheet” with a list of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, where you can drop in after a long excursion and outdoor activities.

Madam Kwan’s is a chain of oriental cuisine restaurants. It serves the most delicate rice nasi lemak, cooked in coconut milk, and, without exaggeration, the best Satay chicken kebabs with all the variety of fillings. The average score of the most popular spot in Suria KLCC Center is from 182 MYR. An alternative to Madam Kwan’s can be Opium KL with an incredible fish menu, BB Hailam Chicken Rice , etc.

Malabar Palace, Tg’s Nasi Kandar – inexpensive restaurants in Kuala Lumpur with an international menu.You can also drop by the legendary pub D’Legends bar , which serves the pork version of Satay and many other flavored chicken dishes. The main advantage of the establishments is the “non-fiery” menu, which will be to the taste of Europeans.

Kanna Curry House Restaurant is an authentic restaurant in Kuala Lumpur in every respect. Reviews from tourists indicate that it is in Kanna Curry that you can fully experience the oriental atmosphere: Roti branded pancakes, chicken curry are served here on palm leaves, and there are no cutlery at all.The average house check is 110 MYR.

Way Modern Chinois, Japanese Fine Dining Kurata represent haute oriental cuisine. Prices in these restaurants in Kuala Lumpur range in the 142-300 MYR range for lunch.

Kuala Lumpur’s finest cafes offer a wide variety of gourmet food programs from around the world. At the same time, rumors about the total acuteness of Asian cuisine turn out to be exaggerated: up to 30% of local residents do not perceive “fiery” dishes.Therefore, in the cafes of Kuala Lumpur, where prices rarely rise to 75 MYR per check, and in large restaurants in the capital, you can always find European dishes with a local flavor. The most famous Russian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur is Dastarhan.

By the way, it is not customary to leave a tip in Kuala Lumpur restaurants. In some fashionable establishments, they can be included in the bill and make up no more than 10% of the order amount.

90,000 In Kuala Lumpur, food is where life is All Salt

The market is the very essence of the Malaysian way of life in general and the Malaysian attitude towards food in particular.Here they not only buy to cook, but also cook in front of your eyes to eat. A person who comes for groceries often cannot resist the temptation and, having made some purchases, settles down to taste steaming aromatic noodles in one of the many shops located along the perimeter of the shopping arcade. After satisfying the first hunger, they return home to prepare breakfast to eat it in the circle of household members.

The main law of life in Malaysia: wherever a lot of people gather, they sell food. Naturally, the markets attract a particularly large number of street food vendors, or hawkers as they are called in Southeast Asia.

Food in Malaysia is where life is. However, the opposite is also true: life is where food is. This is why markets are so important to the Malaysian lifestyle.

The appetites of Malaysians are such that the markets work almost around the clock, although they are different markets.

Each district of Kuala Lumpur has its own food market. Cooks, hostesses and servants visit it early in the morning. By noon, life in such markets freezes. But it continues to thrive in the large central markets, which are open throughout the day.

I visited one of these, Chow Kit, on the second day after my arrival in Malaysia. But more on that later.

With the onset of darkness, life in Kuala Lumpur gets a second wind. The night does not bring the long-awaited coolness, but gives new strength and, oddly enough at first, sharpens the appetite.

For this occasion, there are Pasar Malam, or night markets in Kuala Lumpur. They differ from the daytime ones in that on Pasar Malam they do not buy food so much (although they are sold, especially fruits), as they eat.

Tents with all kinds of street food literally descend from the sidewalks onto the pavement, and the feast of the stomach begins, which is destined to end long after midnight.

Morning is coming – welcome to Malam, or the wet market. Determining that you are on Malam is not difficult: the sellers are shod in black or bright yellow galoshes or wooden shoes with high soles.

A cement floor is often doused with water to wash away debris that decomposes in the heat. But the water does not go away at all, and in some places rather deep puddles form.

The first impression of the Malaysian market is complete chaos, a mixture of bright colors, piercing smells, noise and hubbub: a serious bargaining is underway, because bargaining in the Malaysian market is part of the pleasure for both buyers and sellers.

Unfortunately, a foreigner is largely deprived of such pleasure. First, everything you buy (fruits, spices, peppers) costs 1 ringit, about 30 US cents, so bargaining is not practical. Secondly, the language barrier: Malaysians understand English well, many speak fluently, but, of course, trade in their own languages ​​(Malay, different dialects of Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil …) In this sense, the Malaysian market is like Babylonian the tower, as well as Malaysia itself.

Having got used to it, you begin to notice that the “wet” market is far from a chaotic heap of tents and trays, as it seems at first. All fruit trade is concentrated in one place. There are a sea of ​​yellow bananas, bright red fluffy rambutans that emit a sugary-sweet scent of pineapple, as well as mangoes and many other fruits, each of which can be tasted right there. November is the season of mangosteen, a small blue-colored fruit with a very delicate taste and juice that leaves indelible stains.

Although everything looks like it’s just “from the bush”, not all fruits are local: for example, I bought mangoes from Thailand, and some were imported from China and even Australia.

In terms of color and aromas, vegetable rows are not inferior to fruit rows. There are daun kari (curry leaves), giant bunches of watercress, mountains of spinach, cabbage, gray little eggplants, young bamboo stalks, sprouted beans. An incredible amount of hot peppers in all sizes and colors of the rainbow.

It may seem like a coincidence, but just behind the vegetable rows are the fresh noodle vendors.In fact, there is no accident here. You, so to speak, climb the ladder of Malaysian cuisine – from simple to more complex. In addition to many different types of noodles, they sell thinly rolled dough for the wantons and different types of tofu.

Eggs are sold nearby – fresh and cooked, including those that are called “century eggs” in English, pei daan in Malay, and here in the Soviet years, when there was only one Chinese restaurant in the Peking Hotel in Moscow , for some reason called “rotten”.

The wettest part of the “wet” market is the one where meat and fish are traded. Sellers do not stand idle for a minute – they continuously cut meat, poultry, fish; the little that is unsuitable for food is immediately brushed off the floor. The heat is serious, so the floor is periodically doused with water.

There are not many markets left in the world where you can see live birds. Live chickens sit in a bamboo cage at a market in Kuala Lumpur. The butcher takes them out one by one, squeezes the neck and cuts them with a sharp knife – the bird flies into another cage.Chicken killed in this way is considered halal.

At the market on Penang Island, I came across black chickens. This is a breed of bird with black skin (not feathers), which is especially appreciated in Chinese cuisine, it is considered to be beneficial to health.

In the meat aisles you notice that mutton, pork and beef are sold separately. Muslim Malays (and all the inhabitants of Malaysia of the titular nation are Muslims by law) do not eat pork, which, on the contrary, is very fond of the Chinese and those Indians who are not vegetarians.But Indians don’t eat beef.

In one of the rows I photographed a whole cow’s head: it was placed on the counter by no means for decoration, as evidenced by a purely scraped cow’s skull – all that remained of another cow’s head. The Malays, and especially the Chinese, eat all parts of the animal except bones and teeth.

On Penang I saw counters with only fish heads – there is a dish that is prepared exclusively from fish heads.

There are Indian spice shops near the meat rows.Historically, Indian traders brought most of the spices to Malaya (Malays also adopted Islam from Muslim Indians). Gradually, the boundaries between ethical cuisines in modern Malaysia are blurring, and curries are often prepared in Muslim families.

The hostess does not have to puzzle over what set of spices is required for this or that dish, she only announces to the Indian merchant that she intends to cook today. He collects the necessary spices in bags and creates a unique masala just for the right dish.

Malaysians do not buy spices for future use (unlike tourists in Malaysian markets).

The last thing I can’t help but mention in this already marathon post is seafood and fish. The names of most of the fish that I saw did not tell me anything, since the fish themselves were unfamiliar.

Seafood is easier, they are international, and their names are easy to remember, like a rhyme:
-udang – shrimp;
-sotong – squid;
-kupang – mussels,
-trepang – he is a trepang, he is also a sea cucumber, which is especially appreciated in Chinese cuisine.

In Kuala Lumpur, food is where life is

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90,000 Where to eat in Florence: the best restaurants serving bistecca fiorentina and Tuscan classics

The main Tuscan specialty – Florentine steak – is often mistakenly called “steak”. It’s all about the Italian name of the dish “bistecca fiorentina” , which is consonant with “steak”, although, of course, bistecca is not at all like it.

Judge for yourself, for the preparation of the correct bistecchi, 800 grams of not just marbled beef is required, but the most tender meat of two-meter white Chianina cows, which are bred in the Val di Chiana valley. By the way, these are not only the largest cows in the world, but also one of the oldest breeds, it is believed that they were sacrificed to the god Jupiter. Yes, that there, they say, it was these cows that Romulus harnessed to the plow when he cultivated the land on the site of present-day Rome! Today, Chianin cows are bred exclusively for meat and are not burdened with work.The pieces of meat are huge, about 5 centimeters thick, and each has a bone in the center. Grill the steak over charcoal as follows: 3-7 minutes on each side, and then 3 minutes on the rib. Salt and spices are not added during cooking.

I must say that the correct bistecca fiorentina is a real bloody feast, because in some places the meat can be completely raw, and the standard portion is so huge that even the most hungry savage cannot cope with it alone.Of course, this specialty should be tried only in proven places, otherwise the meal may pose a risk to life. That is why bistecca fiorentina is a real test for any restaurant of Tuscan cuisine, because if they do it well, then the local chefs, as a rule, also cope with ribolitta, pappa al pomodoro or pici (homemade pasta) with a bang.

In today’s review – 7 of the best establishments in Florence, where Florentine steak is made according to all the rules .


In my subjective opinion, for the best bistecca fiorentina in the city, you need to go to Dall’Oste trattoria . However, the owners often refer to their establishment as chianineria (chianineria ) – from the name of the breed of cows “Chianina”. The menu contains only steaks, but for every taste, and in addition to the Florentine Chianina, the owners of the establishment offer guests to taste meat and other valuable Italian breeds of cows.

For example, Piedmontese beef steak Fassona Piemontese . The muscles of this breed are very thin, and gastronomic magazines often call this type of meat the best in Italy. Or steaks from the meat of cows of the breed Romagnola (romagnola) – one of the oldest in the world. They were bred in ancient Rome, and today this type of beef can be purchased only in eight farms in the country.

Dall’Oste also makes steaks from meat Marcigiana (Marchigiana ) – this breed of cows appeared as a result of crossing of bulls from the Central Apennines and Romagnola cows, as well as from beef Scottona and Wagyu tipo Kobe .In a word, Dall’Oste is a place for connoisseurs, meat-eaters-professionals want and need to come back here to try other excellent Italian meat cooked according to all the rules after the classic bistecca fiorentina.

Address Trattoria Dall’Oste : Via dei Cerchi, 40 rosso, I-50122 Florence, tel: +39 055 212048,


Buca Lapi is the oldest restaurant in the city.It was founded already in 1880, and is located in the former Palazzo Antinori wine cellar. All the dishes here are excellent, and the local Florentine steak is so good that it’s not a pity to sell your soul for it. And, surprisingly, bistecca fiorentina can be prepared here even in a mini-version designed for one person.

However, this is natural, because the restaurant specializes exclusively in Tuscan classics, so it is ideal for trying everything at once.For example, for a snack, you can order prosciutto with Tuscan crostini or antipasto misto toscano – all varieties of local cheeses, prosciutto and salami at once. In addition to the tomato soup pappa al pomodoro and ribolitta, reboiled vegetables, the main course includes papardelle with wild boar stew, baked duck and onions stuffed with pecorino cheese.

In a word, a true Tuscan feast, when everything is so tasty that you completely forget about calories, diet and other nonsense.The institution is open (like all the correct restaurants in Italy!) Only for dinner time: from 19.00 to 23.00, on Sundays Buca Lapi is closed.

Address Buca Lapi : Via del Trebbio, 1r, 50123 Firenze FI, tel: +39 055 2137680, website:


I ‘Tuscani 2 is another real Florentine steakhouse. Of course, in addition to bistecca fiorentina, here you can taste the best Tuscan salami, cheeses, prosciutto and even truffles, but nevertheless it is steaks that are the main specialty of the establishment.All snacks cost 8 euros, and bistecca fiorentina – 75-80 euros, but if you consider that this dish is for two, the price is quite humane.

Address I ‘Tuscani 2 : via de’ Federighi 37r, 50122 Firenze, tel: +39 055 906 5507. website:


Restaurant with the telling name “Grilled”. Located in a palace built in 1300, which is located near the church of Santa Maria Novella.Bistecca fiorentina is one of the best in the city, and it is not for nothing that the owners of the Alla Griglia restaurant respectfully call this dish “the queen of the menu”.

Address of Alla Griglia Restaurant: Via dei Banchi, 25, 50123 Firenze FI, tel: + 39 055 2


The place is famous not only for the canonical Florentine steak, but also for other Tuscan specialties, which are excellently prepared here.For example, the local risotto with black rooster meat or pork dishes deserve praise: the menu includes both grilled fillets and a roll made from meat aged in Chianti. With pasta, everything is fine too; pichi in Tuscan pesto and ravioli stuffed with valuable truffles deserve special attention.

Buca Poldo address: Chiasso degli Armagnati, 2-red, 50122 Firenze FI, tel: + 39 055 2396578, website:


The word “cantina” can be translated as a cellar, but if you see it on the sign of a restaurant, then you should know that in this institution you can not only eat deliciously, but also have a great drink, because “cantina” is often not a simple cellar, but the very wine. The best Tuscan wines are presented in the cantina of the Li Latini restaurant, and all the dishes here are correct and traditional. The fame of the local bistecca fiorentina goes back to the 80s, the restaurant was opened at that time and has been flourishing since then.

In addition to the Chianina steak, the local ribollita, beans cooked in tomato sauce, and ravioli deserve attention. The institution is open from Tuesday to Sunday, it is open for dinners only from 19.30 to 22.30.

Li Latini address: Via dei Palchetti, 6R 50123 Firenze, tel: +39 055 210916, website:


Trattoria Coco Lezzone is a classic trattoria where you should try ribolitta, pappa al pomodoro and excellent artichokes.Florentine steak is also made here conscientiously, and the atmosphere in the trattoria is completely homey, so if you want warmth and comfort, then you should definitely look into Trattoria Coco Lezzone . One thing to keep in mind is that the establishment is closed on Sunday and Tuesday nights.

Address Trattoria Coco Lezzone : Via del Parioncino, 26 / r, 50100 Firenze – FI, phone: +39 055 287178,

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At the other end of the world – Style – Kommersant

This time the New Year holidays will last ten whole days, so there will be enough time not only for a relaxing family vacation, but also for an exciting trip.Kommersant Stil tells where to celebrate the upcoming holiday so that it is really hot and unforgettable.


Brazil is known throughout the world as a country of carnival parades, coffee plantations, the Amazonian jungle and hot football games. What else can be interesting to the homeland of Pele, Adriana Lima and Paulo Coelho?

How to celebrate the New Year in Brazil?

In bustling Rio de Janeiro, dressed all in white on Copacabana Beach.Every year the Carioca (as the locals call themselves) dress up from head to toe in snow-white clothes and go out to celebrate the New Year on the Atlantic coast. A truly magical picture opens before your eyes: observing long-standing traditions, thousands of white figures throw flowers into the water, jump over huge waves and make wishes with the roar of fireworks and the solemn countdown of the outgoing minutes. But be careful – Rio de Janeiro is as dangerous as it is amazing. Millions of tourists from all over the world attract thieves’ attention like bright fireflies: try not to wear expensive jewelry and not flaunt the latest model of your phone in crowded places – the risk of losing the attributes of a wealthy life is especially great here.

Things to do after

The City of God has enough entertainment for every taste (except for the statue of Christ and the Sugar Loaf, of course).

  • Visit the Portuguese Royal Library, which is impressive in its decoration and could well become the backdrop for the Disney cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”.
  • Take some private samba lessons, then head to the iconic Latin Rio Scenarium club and dance the night away.By the way, the interiors of Rio Scenarium deserve special attention – paintings, antique chandeliers, a collection of clocks and other art objects make it look like a night museum.
  • Watch the sunset at Cape Aproador while enjoying the breathtaking views and the cool caipirinha with passionfruit and ginger.
  • Go to the Sunday bazaar and sample sugarcane juice, acai ice cream, exotic fruits, cupoacu and jabuticaba, and local specialties.
  • Experience football magic at the legendary Maracan Stadium: a Mecca for every Brazilian.
  • Hike and go on a day hike in the local jungle to watch wild monkeys and tropical vines (with a guide, of course).
  • Take a stroll down Olympic Boulevard to see the impressive world record, the Ethnos graffiti, which was single-handedly created by renowned street art artist Eduardo Cobra in honor of the Olympics, spending about 100 gallons of paint.

After getting to know Rio better, the journey should continue with the Iguazu Falls, which make one believe in the existence of the planet Pandora from Avatar.The perfect end of the trip will be a vacation in the “Brazilian Caribbean” – a quiet resort of Arraial do Cabo with delicate white sand, a garden of two-meter cactuses and hummingbirds fluttering around the size of a dragonfly.


Argentina is famous for the best steaks, autochthonous wine, tango rhythms and a unique natural landscape: from tropical forests in the north to the El Calafate glaciers in the south.

How to celebrate the New Year in Argentina?

In the port of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, on a bridge in Puerto Madera overlooking the fireworks and La Plata Bay, or at the end of the world, at the Perito Moreno glacier, in the company of penguins.Yes, in Argentina, everything is quite the opposite: New Year comes in summer – they take sunbaths in the north of the country, and snow falls in the south. Argentine New Year’s holidays are full of their own charm: the streets are already decorated in early December – the locals are preparing in advance for the main family celebration, Catholic Christmas. New Year is considered a secular holiday – night festivities in bars, restaurants and city streets, fireworks and, of course, dancing become the main entertainment on this night.

Things to do after

  • Taste local malbec with juicy Argentinean buffalo steak.
  • Stroll among the colorful houses in the cozy art quarter of La Boca, listening to music and viewing paintings by local artists.
  • Take a look at the old Recoletta cemetery and wonder how death becomes a part of art.
  • Explore the European architecture of Buenos Aires as you walk the widest avenue in the world and wash down with herbal maté.
  • Spend a whole evening in one of the many tango cabarets, enjoying the grace of the dancers and the melodic tunes in the homeland of tango.

Having finished exploring Buenos Aires, go to Tierra del Fuego to look at Antarctica or to the north of the country: look at the Iguazu Falls and hand-feed the adorable nosed raccoons – coati, as they are called here.

If you plan to stay longer: explore the mysterious Patagonia, reach the Ischigualasto Moon Valley, Talampaya National Park and the white salt desert of Salinas Grandes.


A small Caribbean island, unknown to most of its compatriots, belongs to two states at once – France and Holland.It is divided into two parts, north and south, hence the two names – Saint Martin (French community), and the southern one is called Sint Maarten (Kingdom of the Netherlands). This is a place for a calm and respectable beach holiday. What else is he famous for, besides the obvious natural beauty? It is here that the vacation homes of Donald Trump and once Michael Jackson are located, and the Caribbean exotic gets along well with European culture.

How to celebrate the New Year in Saint Martin?

Under the wing of an airplane on the famous Maho Beach at Sunset Beach Bar.Maho Beach is perhaps the most famous attraction on the tiny island and one of the most unusual (and extreme) beaches in the world. And Sunset Beach Bar is the best place on earth for those who like to watch the takeoffs and landings of aircraft: from here they can be seen at a glance, in the truest sense of the word. With a pina colada and flickering lights of approaching Boeing instead of New Year’s fireworks – perhaps this New Year will definitely become unforgettable. And you won’t have to go far from the local airport of Princess Julianne.

Things to do after

  • Walk along the streets of two capitals: Dutch Philipsburg and French Marigot (they can only be called cities: a little more than 1,000 people live in each of them, and only billboards are the border between countries).
  • Go yachting, the most popular sport in Saint Martin (yacht schools, yacht trips, yachts for rent and for sale: it doesn’t matter – an experienced yachtsman or a beginner – you can’t do without a yacht here).
  • To get acquainted with iguanas (you can get to know them in different ways: some people prefer to feed them with fruit, while others prefer to use them as a treat in nearby restaurants).
  • Go shopping, because the entire territory of the island is a duty-free zone (there are both branded clothing, jewelry and appliances, as well as delicacies from all over the world).

After seeing Saint Martin, you can go to the nearest billionaire island – Saint Barth, as well as see the best beaches and the outlandish nature of the islands of Antigua and Barbuda.


Malaysia is a modern state that inspires with a successful combination of ancient culture, the latest technologies and exotic flavor.A Muslim country located in Asia, it is generous with monuments of architecture, natural beauty and unusual dishes of traditional cuisine.

How to celebrate the New Year in Malaysia?

In the panoramic rooftop pool, overlooking the sparkling Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The atmosphere of the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is especially felt in the dark: the city shines and shimmers every night, and New Year’s fireworks make this spectacle truly fabulous.Where is it better to watch the bright volleys, if not behind the edge of the infinity pool with a glass and a gorgeous view of the skyscrapers and the famous Petronas towers?

Things to do after

  • Walk around the city at night among the glowing garlands and Christmas trees decorated with colorful lanterns, watch the fountain show. Walking here is safe and comfortable: the locals warmly congratulate each other, the streamer and the spirit of the holiday are in the air, while no one abuses alcohol (both religion and traditions are affected).
  • Get acquainted with the local fauna in the “Bird Park”: here peacocks walk right along the paths, and the variety and diversity of parrots can even dazzle in the eyes.
  • View the royal palace and the current residence of the Malaysian king, built by a Chinese millionaire. Unfortunately, mere mortals are not allowed inside.
  • Explore the mysterious Batu Caves and learn about the ancient Hindu culture.
  • Taste traditional cuisine: spicy noodles (laksa), a mixture of tofu and vegetables with a spicy sauce (royak) and a dessert made from coconut milk with palm sugar (chendol).

After exploring the surroundings of Kuala Lumpur, you can try a beach holiday on the Langkawi Islands or go to Kuala Selangor for a night walk along the river of fireflies that pulsate and flicker, creating an unearthly atmosphere.


It will not take even a few years to go around all seven thousand of the Philippine Islands, let alone ten holidays. The skyscrapers of Manila, the chocolate hills of Bohol, the transparent lakes of Palawan, smoldering volcanoes and some of the best coral reefs in the world can conquer any, even the most discerning traveler.

How to Celebrate New Year in the Philippines?

Dancing barefoot on the white sand of Boracay Island, far from civilization. Slowly meet the last sunset of the outgoing year, forget about everything to the rhythms of island dances and songs of local musicians. The tourist infrastructure of Boracay has been honed over the years, it is not a wild and secluded place, but a very popular Pacific resort. But they know how to make you forget about it for at least one night.

Things to do after

  • Nothing.Stay in Boracay and forget about the mundane, enjoying the pristine splendor of nature: mastering surfing, looking at colored fish and rough starfish.
  • View Sunday cockfighting in a Filipino village.
  • Explore the most beautiful island – Palawan and ride the underground river in Puerto Princess.
  • Go to Bohol and see the goggle-eyed tiny tarsiers, which have chosen this place as their only habitat.

But even if this time you cannot get out of the city and find yourself far, far away on the coast of the endless ocean, you should definitely remember that the most mysterious sea is inside each of us.

Daria Thessalonica

Kuala Lumpur

Mainland or “Imperialist” Malaysia.

It would be reasonable to start acquaintance with it from the industrial center of the country – Kuala Lumpur. While still hovering over KL (as the locals affectionately call the capital), you will see the world’s tallest twin towers, the most popular attraction of the city, soaring into the sky.A lot of hype around the towers is not casual – “Petronasy” is really worthy of attention – consisting of 70% steel and glass – at night they seem crystal and weightless, and during the day they impress with their article and massiveness. The Twin Towers is the officially recognized center of Malaysia, although it has nothing to do with the geographical center of the country. But in Kuala Lumpur, you can rely on their location when choosing a restaurant for dinner and when choosing a place for a walk. The closer to the towers – the more expensive – this is the Kuala Lumpur wisdom.Although, if you know the places, then in the towers themselves (or rather in the shopping complex located at their foot) you can dine for $ 10-15 for two (for example, at the food court).

To save independent travelers from the hassle of choosing a restaurant for lunch or dinner, we have prepared a small selection of proven restaurants that guarantee excellent cuisine and excellent service.

Bijan Restaurant, conveniently located within walking distance of the popular Changkat Bar Street, opens closer to 5 pm and strikes with a romantic atmosphere and fine Malay cuisine.An ideal choice for couples in love and people who want to taste true national dishes. The approximate cost of a dinner for two is $ 60.

The award-winning Passage True India restaurant will delight its guests with decorations and full immersion in the Indian atmosphere. The opportunity to taste the unique dishes of Indian cuisine right from the banana leaf will give an unforgettable experience even to the most discerning gourmets. The approximate cost of a dinner for two is $ 50.

You can enjoy Indo-Chinese cuisine in the amazing Tamarind Spring restaurant, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, but with its atmosphere reminiscent of a fresh oasis among the stone jungles of the metropolis.The approximate cost of a dinner for two is $ 70.

To enjoy seafood and Malay cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere among the indigenous people of the country, you can visit the street called JalanAlor. But this entertainment is for the bravest who dare to taste frog legs, traditional Thai soup Tom Yam, the king of all fruits – durian, and other exotic pleasures. Here you can dine for $ 10-20 for two

For those who want a more relaxed and familiar cuisine, we can offer to visit the Italian restaurant ilFaro, located on the through floor of the popular Pavilion shopping complex near the overhead bridge leading to the twin towers.In this restaurant you can taste excellent Italian pizza, several types of lasagna and, of course, excellent coffee. The approximate cost of a dinner for two is 50 $

The KLCC shopping complex, located between the twin towers, also has more than one restaurant worthy of attention. Among them – Chili’s ($ 50 for two), which guarantees quality steaks and cocktails, Madam Kwan`s ($ 30 for two) – a restaurant with adapted Malay cuisine, and a huge cluster of bistros and cafes for every taste (food court).

In addition to restaurants that differ in their cuisine, there are those that attract visitors primarily by their views. For example, the Italian restaurant-bar Marini`s ($ 100 for two), located on the 57th floor of the tower, popularly called the “third tower”. Excellent Italian cuisine and a wide range of wines will pleasantly complement the stunning views of the city and, most importantly, the Twin Towers.

After we, albeit virtually, satisfied your physical hunger, it is worth thinking about mental food – attractions and excursions that are worth visiting in Kuala Lumpur.

In fact, the easiest way to get acquainted with the main sights of the capital is to turn to the services of a guide who, as they say, will show the beauty and tell the history of the country. If you prefer independent rest, then you can safely follow our instructions.

After visiting TwinTowers, you can start exploring the historical sights of the capital, especially since there are actually not so many of them, and they are located in the historical center of Kuala Lumpur – in the area of ​​Independence Square (DataranMerdeka).Beautiful buildings of the railway station and its administration (built in 1897), the palace of Sultan Abdul Samad with a bigben (built in 1897), the current Anglican Church of St. Mary (built in 1894), the “fountain of desires” brought to KL specially for the British administration at the end 20th century, national mosque with a unique dome, made in the form of a folded royal umbrella (built in 1961). All this is worthy to see, admire, photograph, and in some places (for example, in a church and in a mosque) even go inside.In the same place – on Independence Square – there is a gallery of Kuala Lumpur, visiting which you can see a model of the city at night illumination, see the history of the city “in person”, and, of course, buy souvenirs.

Near the Independence Square, there are picturesque streets belonging to the Little India area. On these streets, you can look into shops with elegant Hindu Benjabis and saris, buy various spices, try Hindu sweets or favorite Hindu dishes – roti pisam and roti chanay (thin cakes made of universal puff pastry, in the first case, served with banana and condensed milk, in the second – with various hot sauces).Lunch in this area will cost $ 3-7 per person.

After walking through the historic center, you can climb to the observation deck of the fourth tallest television tower in the world. The observation deck is located at an altitude of 272 meters and offers an unmatched view of the city. The ascent to the observation deck is carried out with tickets, you can buy them upon arrival and they will cost about $ 16 per person. The best time to wake up will be at 7 pm – you can see the city at dusk, as well as wait for the illumination to fill it up – a spectacle that will take your breath away! At 10 meters above the observation deck, there is a revolving restaurant Atmosphere, where you can also dine if you book in advance.It is true that the cost of a dinner with drinks will be about $ 100 per person, but this is a great place for honeymooners and couples looking to plunge into romance.

Lovers of heights will also appreciate the opportunity to climb the 86th floor of the twin towers and the bridge connecting the towers (172 m). True, it is more difficult here with tickets – you can buy them only in the morning, having stood in line from 7 to 9 in the morning. Tickets ($ 26 per person) are sold on the principle that whoever came first bought it. That is, the earlier you take the queue, the more chances you have to purchase a ticket for the ascent exactly at the time you need (ascent to the observation deck of the towers is carried out by sessions at a time determined by the administration of the “attraction”).Such a rise can be carried out on any day except Mondays and some public holidays.

The obligatory evening program should include a walk in Chinatown – a wonderful narrow street, where you can just walk, enjoying exotic aromas and ornaments of original architecture, and buy souvenirs, bansai, high-quality inexpensive fakes of branded bags, shoes, perfume. When visiting Chinatown, you should definitely look into the beautiful Hindu temple Sri mahamariamman, built in honor of Lord Shiva – one of the three main Gods in Hinduism.Near the temple for 1 ringit (as the Malay currency is called), you can buy a homemade candle so that, setting it on fire, make your innermost wish and ask Shiva for it. There is a lotus on the floor in the center of the temple – you should stand on it for at least 10 seconds – according to local belief, it charges with positive energy.

Speaking about Hinduism in Malaysia, one cannot ignore the main Hindu attraction – the temple in the Batu caves, located 12 km from Kuala Lumpur. But keep in mind that in order to get inside the temple, you will have to climb 272 steps – according to the number of wounds inflicted on Lord Murugan, whose 42-meter statue meets pilgrims at the beginning of the stairs.And also be ready to meet the monkeys – stock up on bananas or nuts – you can feed the monkeys as you climb the stairs. Next to the cave in which the temple is located, there rises a second – a dark cave – the entrance to which is carried out only with a guide and with a flashlight. There are no religious shrines in the dark cave, but there you can see bats, growths of stalactites and stalagmites. To the left of the caves is a huge statue of the God Hanuman (God of the Monkeys) with the temple of the same name behind.

There are a huge number of attractions in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur:

  • Administrative capital of the country Putrajaya (or “city of the future” as it is called in the world), 30 minutes drive from KL.Putrajaya is the antipode city of Kuala Lumpur – no skyscrapers, the whole city feels fresh, light, and also – complete solitude. Putrajaya has a unique architecture, because 8 architects from different parts of the world “conjured” over it. A unique steel mosque, a majestic Ministry of Justice (more like a palace), a unique residence of the Prime Minister, 8 amazing bridges, a congress building that looks more like a flying saucer, Putra air mosque – all this you can see 35 km from Kuala Lumpur.I am planning a trip to Putrajaya, it should be borne in mind that you will need about three hours to see everything there.
  • An amusement park and the only permitted casino in Malaysia on Genting Highland, an hour’s drive from KL. Ideal for families with children and young couples. A large selection of exciting attractions will open to you at an altitude of 2000 m. The first of them is a funicular, in the closed cabins of which you will rise to this height. And then – whatever you want – in a special tube to experience the possibilities of free flight, to go into an artificial snow room, in which to ride on cheesecakes from a snowy mountain, to visit the museum “believe – not believe”, in which you really never doubt – believe whether eyes or common sense, ride the exciting roller coaster and more.To visit Genting, it is worth setting aside a whole day of hours from 9 in the morning.
  • The historical capital of Malaysia, Malacca, 2.5 hours from KL. For curious guests of Malacca, an opportunity to get acquainted with the colonial history of Malaysia, touching the buildings of the 18th century. The ancient and beautiful building of the railway station, the very first Christian church in Malaysia, the beautiful building of the red cross are the main attractions of Malacca. It will be most pleasant to get acquainted with these buildings from the local rickshaw.In Malacca, as well as in Genting, it is worth spending a full day.

All this can be visited either with a guide or on your own. But there is a nearby attraction in Kuala Lumpur that makes sense to evaluate exclusively as part of an excursion called Fireflies.

This tour with an intriguing name is a great opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of an industrial city and plunge into the wonderful atmosphere of harmony with nature. Just over an hour’s journey in a comfortable car with constantly changing landscapes outside the window – and now, in the neighboring state of Selangor, at a working lighthouse, feed cute silver-leafed monkeys and watch the sun sinking over the water surface.After this tranquil scene, you head to a Chinese restaurant located on the banks of the Selangor River. Excellent seafood dishes are the perfect dinner for such an evening. With the onset of darkness, you go to the boat station, from which your boat will go to the world of fireflies, where for about half an hour you will have the opportunity to contemplate an incredible number of “living lights” that literally filled all the mangroves, and if you are lucky, you can even take a couple of fireflies on hand for more detailed consideration.

In Kuala Lumpur itself, in addition to architectural and religious beauties, there are four beautiful national parks – one of the world’s largest bird park, a beautiful and light butterfly park, a wonderful smelling orchid park and an amazing deer park. You can get to them by taxi, the cost of a taxi in one will be about 20 Malay ringits ($ 7). special attention should be paid to the bird park – a huge territory with beautiful landscaping and many wonderful birds, most of which freely fly above visitors and run under their feet.The entrance ticket to the bird park will cost $ 18 per person.

Chinese temples, of which there are a huge number in Malaysia, should not be deprived of attention. One of the most striking is the temple of the Goddess TeanHou, located near the old palace of the king (which, by the way, is also worth visiting as a museum). This temple is quite young, but it has a huge number of peculiar religious shrines – sources of holy water of the Goddess of Mercy, a turtle pond, a park of the Chinese horoscope, a statue of Confucius.Among other things, inside the temple, you can tell fortunes, leaving a symbolic donation, or purchase a candle of Fortune in the shape of a lotus. During the Chinese New Year, this temple is especially lively – red Chinese lanterns adorn the path to the temple from the road, Buddhist monks sit inside the temple and illuminate visitors with holy water, a huge number of believers meditate and pray in the main hall.

Once in the capital of Malaysia, you should definitely devote one day to shopping, because in Kuala Lumpur it is one of the best in Asia and, in fact, is included in the mandatory pastime program in this metropolis.KL has a huge number of ultra-modern supermarkets, shopping malls, shops and markets.

The main shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur are open from 10 am to 10 pm every day. Private shops can be closed as early as 18 pm.

Malaysia produces a wide range of handicrafts from fine silver, bronze and pewter items to ceramics, carpets and wickerwork. Batik is very good in Malaysia: silk and cotton fabrics are dyed in the most life-affirming colors.As for clothing items, in Malaysia you can buy not only the traditional costume of local residents, but also the latest collections of fashion designers, high-quality shoes, and exclusive optics.

3 best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

Rumors about the total spiciness of Asian and, in particular, Thai cuisine are too exaggerated: it is not at all difficult to find a dish here that suits even an ulcer. Statistics say that 30% of Thais do not perceive spicy food at all. But in this case they feed on something.

The most delicious and mild dishes are Satay chicken skewers (served with a sweetish nut sauce) and Roti pancakes with different fillings – from bananas to tuna with herbs. These two recipes arrived in Thailand from Malaysia, and gourmet travelers are now flying to Malaysia from Thailand for other dining experiences.

In Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, in addition to the mandatory for all tourists visiting the Petronas Twin Towers and Central Lake Park, you can walk along the following route.

The first thing to do is to go to one of the Madam Kwan’s restaurants (the most famous is Suria KLCC Center, on the fourth floor, not far from those twin towers) . Here they serve the best Satay in the city and the most delicate “nasi lemak” – rice cooked in coconut milk. The rest of the menu items at Madam Kwan’s are also very tempting, but show your will, ask for the bill and move on.

Pork version of Satay kebabs is served at D Legends bar (24, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr.Ismail) – a pub with portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Che Guevara on the walls. By the way, the spicy dish here is New York-style chicken wings, but purely Asian dishes are not fiery at all and are suitable for Europeans.

Roti pancakes in a wide variety of variations can be found at the authentic Kanna Curry House Restaurant (29 Jalan 17/45, Petaling Jaya, 46400) . Cutlery is absent here as a fact, food is served on palm leaves, and you need to eat just with the help of unleavened Roti. The chicken curry here is one of the best I’ve personally tasted.

Aircraft of the company Thai Airways fly to the capital of Malaysia from Bangkok. A subsidiary of Thai Airways – Thai Smile flies from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur. Travel time is only an hour and twenty, flights are carried out four times a week.

Posted by Olga Saprykina, Special Correspondent from Thailand.

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