Best micron pens: The Best Drawing Pens for Artists


The Best Drawing Pens for Artists

Often the first way to try out new ideas and experiment is by putting a humble pen to paper.  

It’s a foundation of any artist, illustrator and designer’s work, and with the lure of craftmanship more enticing  than ever in a digital world, we’re sure many artists jump at the chance to use an inky pen. 

Here is a roundup of just pens, by the way. Not smart pens (though we’ve got you covered there), nor styluses (yup, and there – for both Android and iPad), and not lightsabers (maybe we’ll write that next?). This list is solely for our favourite ancient creator of ink drawings, sketches and scrawled mind-maps.

You’ve probably searched exhaustively for The One: a pen that doesn’t blot, run dry or simply look awful on paper. But whether you want a highly technical pen or something more free-flowing, you’ll not find yourself with empty-handed with our list of the 10 best pens for artists, illustrators and designers.

For tips, tricks and inspiration on drawing and illustration, see our list of artists on YouTube that you need to be watching, as well as free video tutorial websites. 

Rotring Rapidograph Technical Pen

Highly precise and thin-tipped, Rotring’s Rapidograph Technical Pen is for exquisite detail – and sell for a pretty exquisite prices, if exquisite is the word. It’s a demanding, specialised pen that will excel at demanding jobs. Treat it properly, do your homework and you will get a pen that lasts, as it’s designed to. 

And you never have to clean the ink helix; along with the pressure equalisation system, it’s replaced each time you change the cartridge. The pen is available in nib sizes from 0.1mm to 1mm.

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen

This pen series are a classic, a ‘must have’ if there was ever one. Some have even described them as an addiction (seriously, give the Amazon reviews a scroll). Though they are less consistent than some pens, such as the Uni Pin (below), this loss of control makes the Micron pens great for sketching.  

No smears, feathers or bleed-through on most paper, with acid-free, chemically stable, waterproof and fade-resistant ink, and of course a beautiful flow, should we be surprised these go-to pens have enraptured so many? 

With a wide variety of colours and tip sizes, they could soon enrapture you too. If they haven’t already. 

Staedtler Pigment Liner
Sailor Fude De Mannen – Stroke style calligraphy fountain pen

This pen is perfect for writing and practising calligraphy. This particular pen is navy blue with a tip angle of 40 degrees (for those who write and lay the pen), but Sailor offer all kinds of fude pens with different sized nibs and colours.

The pens are made in Japan and so bear in mind they’re usually dispatched within four to five days.

Uni Pin Fineliner

At a similar price to the Staedtler Pigment Liner, and with similar features – 5 tip sizes, waterproof and with lightfast ink – it is a matter of personal preference which you prefer: whilst the Staedtler Pigment Liner is great for a fine line, the Uni Pin is faultlessly consistent and with blacker ink.

Faber-Castell Pitt Artists’ Drawing Pen

A highly-regarded pen that is made for drawing. Available in three classic drawing colours – black, sanguine and sepia – and four nib sizes, it is sturdy, precise and easy to use. And it comes from Faber-Castell, one of the world’s largest and most respected art manufacturers.

Pilot Drawing pen

A truly fine pen. Though it doesn’t move as slowly as some competitors, it lends itself to light sketching. It is also comfortable to use – important if you’re drawing for hours. Plus, it’s cheap, so why not give it a try? It might not be the prettiest of pens, but the drawings it can create certainly are.

Pentel Color Brush pen

This is wonderfully expressive pen that can create incredibly varied strokes, from super-thick strokes to intricate detail and delicacy. As it’s a brush, control will never be perfect, but this adds the risk and chance sometimes needed for creativity. It takes longer to dry than some pens on this list, but it uses more ink in a more brushy, free style.

Posca markers

Posca markers write on – deep breath- metal, glass, plastic, stone, fabric, photographs…  And more. They don’t bleed. They blend well. And, once dried, they will cover the layer below, making mistakes easy to hide. With all these great features, plus their bold colours and ability to draw gorgeous thin lines, they are a great addition to any artist’s arsenal.

Copic Ciao Markers

Copic markers smash their slogan ‘the markers created for creative people’. Creative, well-off people, that is – because they are pretty pricey. But many clearly think they’re worth the cash. The ink doesn’t bleed, the colours blend well and they are just gorgeous to work with.

Choose from Copic Original (a classic marker suite to basic drawings), Copic Sketch (suited more to fine art) and Copic Cia (essentially a cheaper version of Sketch)

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.

Learn more.

Micron pens are one of the best drawing pens in the market today.

We have been using micron pens for over the years. Some artists have probably used them for more than a decade. When it comes to passing on the knowledge, it’s easier these days to just forward them a link. 

Most of us have doodled to kill time during boring lectures or meetings, at least I have ?

Doodling has become a profession, and many artists are now full-time doodles who are taking up commissioned work as well as workshops. Companies like; The face shop, Google, Vans, and many more use illustrators to designs illustrations on their products and websites. Are you drawing comics? Manga? Urban sketching with a watercolor wash? Mixed media art journaling? Waterproof v/s water-resistant matters. One essential element during our doodles is the micron pens.

9 points about Sakura micron pens
  1. Sakura micron pens are pigment-based and not dye-based.  
  2. Pens with thinner nibs tend to dry out faster.
  3. Micron pens have a very sensitive nib, meaning you must not apply pressure to it. Extra stress to the nib can damage the ink flow and create irregular flow.
  4. These are technical pens. If you want your drawing to be precise and perfect, use these pens in a 90-degree angle.
  5. The Sakura Micron pens are acid-free, meaning they don’t smear off or fade away after a while. It also depends on the surface you are using them on.
  6. These pens are available in different sizes, starting from 003. Depending on the level of detailing you’d like to do, you can choose the thickness. Ideally, for doodles and mandala 02 or 01 is picked. But if you are into lots of detailed and intricate work, you could pick up the 003 or 005-micron pen. If you have a heavy hand, I’d suggest trying the 01 for drawing.
  7. During our watercolor and acrylic cover painting contest, we observed that many artists used these pens to give detail to their work.
    Inks being pigment based these could easily be used over your watercolor or acrylic paintings. Being waterproof ink’s, don’t spoil while you are painting. 
  8. For commissioned orders or professional purpose, try using a minimum 140 GSM cartridge paper so that you can draw properly and use other paint mediums if necessary.
  9. You’d never have a smudging problem irrespective of the size you are using.

5 Tips to protect your micron Pigma pens

  1. Since these pens are ink flow-based, you must store them horizontally to keep them from drying. Many shops store these pens vertically, which reduces the life of these pens. Some artist feel they have been picking up duplicate pens. But mostly its the way these pens are kept. 
  2. Always clean your nib after using it. Any dust particles or paint can clog the nib and cause uneven ink flow. 
  3. Humidity might affect your pen and cause them to dry out quickly. Store them in a cool and dry place. Storage is very important for artists based out of Mumbai, Chennai, or any coastal regions as it is relatively more humid there.
  4. Many suggest we keep the pen cap closed. Here’s what I figured out when I questioned my self why? Apart from the ink drying, there more to know. These micro-size tubes can be easily clogged if you use them over partially dried paint, or any surface which would let dust particles into the pen.
  5. Avoid applying any external force to the pen and, for example, playing with it, hitting it on the table trying to create music. These are technical pens, and their mechanism could get disturbed.

How to refill your micron pen?

Here’s what I tried and learned. 

Things you need: 

1) High-quality pigment-based ink (Higgins is my pick)
2) Nib removal tool or something similar
3) You’re dried out pen.

1) Pull the nib out using the tool. 
2) Add a few drops of Higgins inks. 
3) Push the nib back using the same instrument.
4) Clean the surrounding of the nib. Hold the pen with its cap facing downwards and closed so that 5) Ink gets absorbed.   
6) It could make some mess so keep a cloth ready.

Your pen is not going to work the way it uses to, but hey! Remember, its a dried out pen and could is now suitable for practices or doodling.

A friend used this ink, and here’s what she says.

For my purposes (comic art drawn by a nib, and later watercolored over) – it is a pretty good ink. 

Could be a little darker, could be a little thicker, didn’t really slide down the thinner nib, but overall it is a very good (and cheap) ink (again, for my purposes… I haven’t tested it with a brush, on other types of paper, I only used two different nibs, etc.).

-Shrusti Adani

Tips on how to use micron pens
  1. In case you have made a few pencil lines which you plan to erase after using the pen. Make sure the pencil lines are lighter and try not to scrub with the eraser, which makes a huge difference. You could use the eraser after 24 hrs of pen use.
  2. I’d like to share a tip that you can follow while using micron pens. Draw with pencil-use fine lines- shade using fine liners- erase the pencil lines if needed.
  3. The ideal thickness of paper to practice patterns, doodles, or lettering would be anything above 100 GSM cartridge paper. Not that you can’t use them on lower gsm paper. After all, its the composition of paper that matters the most. It doesn’t mean that you cant doodle with these at the back of your notebook. 
  4. If you have a heavy hand or you’re new to micron pens and don’t know which nib is appropriate for you in case you observe if the nib is bending while you’re drawing. Make sure you instantly select a pen with a slightly thicker nib. The seamless flow of ink is something that makes these pens so special.
  5. If you plan to use these microns over any painted surface, it’s important to seal them. For beginners, you could use a camel sealant.

If you have doodled your way out during lectures and meetings, let us know what you like doodling was and if you still doodle. We’d love to know. Do share this with your friends. 

How to use Micron Pens | 12 Awesome Tips & Tricks to Help you Create Whimsical Art – Artsydee

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Micron pens are arguably the most popular choice for lettering and drawing. They come in various sizes, colors and can be found at just about any art supply store.

But how do you use them? What tips can you give to someone who is just starting with micron pens? Here are 12 top tips & tricks on how to use micron pens to help get your creative juices flowing!

Wondering How to Use Micron Pens?

12 Top Tips for How to Use Micron Pens.

**This page may contain affiliate links to products I have used or recommended. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.**

  1. Hold your micron pen firmly without putting too much pressure on the nib. Try to center it between your thumb and forefinger when writing. The micron pen should glide across the paper surface, creating crisp, clean, and professional line work.
  2. Try to draw using shorter linework so that the nib lasts longer. Often drawing out long, continuous lines can cause clogging of the nibs.
  3. Use micron pens under or over watercolor washes for pen and wash illustration – but always make sure the paint is dry.
  4. Test out your pen nib sizes before you begin on a piece of scrap paper. This helps you to get a good idea of the line weight and what it will look like in your drawing.
  5. They are considered disposable pens because you do not get refills, but you can replace a nib as long as you have a spare one.
  6. Draw on smooth, high-quality paper that is meant for pen drawing or writing. If the page feels rough and the nibs get stuck, it’s not a good surface to draw on with your micron pens.
  7. It helps to write at an angle when using fine tip pens like microns so that they don’t clog up with extra ink buildup.
  8. Micron pens are great for starting out on your drawings because they create strong, expressionistic line.
  9. Add color or shading by combining the pen ink with watercolors, ink washes, or liquid acrylics.
  10. Don’t forget to shake your pen before each use.
  11. To make the ink flow smoother, scribble on scrap paper with the micron pen for about 10 seconds.
  12. Try to store your micron pens in a cool, dry place to lengthen their lifespan.

Doodling has become a profession, with many artists becoming full-time doodlers.

Some artists have probably used micron pens for more than a decade.

Companies like Google, Vans, and many more, use Micron pens to design illustrations on their products and social media.

[Wondering How to Find Your Art Style? Read this blog post!]

Micron Pen Nib Sizes

Micron Nib Size Reference Chart

Thousands of artists all over the world rely on micron pens to create their masterpieces.

If you love intricate drawing, calligraphy, or graphic design, this is a pen for you.

Now that we’ve touched on how to use micron pens let’s get into choosing the best size!

Micron Pen Common Sizes

.005 – This is the most popular size for micron pens because the line it produces is very thin and almost weightless.

0.1 – This pen’s nib produces lines that are quite a bit thicker than the .005 but still retains precision.

0.3 – If you want to draw with dark, thick lines, this is your pen!

0.35 – This pen gives off thicker and darker lines than the .3 but still retains precision.

0.5 – This is a great pen if you want to add more detail and depth to your drawings!

0 .8 -1.0 mm pens give off an even thicker line weight than the .5, so these are great for mixing colors and giving off more detail into your drawings.

1. 15 mm and up are usually used by comic artists, but you can still use them in graphic design for added punch!

Micron Pen Brush Tip offers a beautiful line for calligraphy and lettering and can also create whimsical line drawings.

What can you use Micron Pens for?
  • Use Micron Pens for Calligraphy: Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting, which can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. The best way to learn how to do calligraphy is by doing a lot of lettering practice!
  • Try different pens and keep experimenting until you find the one that works best for you.
  • Use Micron Pens To Write Poetry
  • Writing poetry is a very relaxing activity that can be done anywhere and at anytime. Writing in small, precise letters on high-quality paper will make your poems even more beautiful!
  • Sketch with Micron Pens: Micron pens are great for creating very fine lines or details in drawings.
  • They can also be used to create a value study before painting, which is something you should always do when starting on a new painting. By doing a value study, you can imagine how each of your color tones will look before applying paint to the canvas.
  • Use Micron Pens For Coloring: Coloring intricate coloring pages requires a fine nib! This is why micron pens are always a safe option! They’re great for coloring complicated line drawing and coloring books too.
  • Use Micron Pens For Graphic Design: Micron pens are great for creating designs that require precision and sharp edges. The best part about using micron pens for graphic design is how easy it is to create perfect lines and clean shapes.
  • Use Micron Pens for Contour Line Drawing: Contour Drawings are drawings that are composed entirely of line. The line gives the viewer an idea of where the various surface planes of the subject lie, and importantly, defines the outline.
  • Use Micron Pens To Draw Anime Figures: To create a good anime drawing, you need to practice how to use micron pens. They’re great for creating intricate lines and details and are also used for rendering people in the manga style because of how detailed the linework can be.

Waterproof v/s Watersoluble

Maybe you’re into drawing comics? Manga? Urban sketching with a watercolor wash? Mixed media art journaling?

For all of the art processes above, choosing a waterproof pen matters!

What is waterproof ink?

Waterproof ink will not smear, which means it’s excellent for using with mixed-media and watercolor painting.

What is water-soluble ink?

Water-soluble ink will dissolve once it touches water.

Microns come with both types of inks, and you should choose the right one based on how you plan to use them.

How Should you Store Your Micron Pens?

Store in a cool, dry place.

Micron pens tend to leak when overheated (like if you have left them on the back seat of your car.)

If you are using microns, keep them in a cool, dry place to prevent this from happening.

Store them with their caps on. Do not leave them in hot places or in direct sunlight.

[Take a look at the Best Pencil Cases for Artists for some great storage solutions for your Micron Pens and other stationery!]

Micron pens are waterproof and have archival quality with up to 100 years of lightfastness. 

If you plan on doing a watercolor wash, you must make sure your watercolor is 100% dry on the paper before you use your Micron pen.

Or, if you are using watercolor washes on top of a Micron Pen, then make sure your micron ink is 100% dry.

Micron pens are the highest quality, most precise pen available in the market.

They give you a lot of control while writing, and they are great for calligraphy or any other fine art that involves detailing your work.

Micron pens should not be confused with markers because they don’t provide the same broad strokes.

While markers can make light work of large areas, microns are much more suited to intricate drawing.

Sakura Color Products Corporation of Osaka, Japan, established an American subsidiary in 1986.

Sakura developed a crayon in 1921 and was the first company to establish oil-pastel or Cray-Pas.

With regards to ink, Sakura developed the technology to break down the particles in pigments to pass through ultra-narrow nibs.

The development of the Sakura Pigma Pen was aimed at architects and others involved in drafting work.

In 2002 the company established a subsidiary in China Shanghai Sakura International Trading Co., Ltd.

In 1986, the company set up a subsidiary in America, Sakura Color Products of America, Inc.

Some other FAQ about Micron Pens

Do microns work on glass?

No, micron pens will not work on glass.

How do I refill my micron pen?

Most micron pens come with a small, disposable needle tip.

When you’re ready to refill the pen, use craft pliers to pull off the nib.

Fill an eye dropper with India ink and squeeze the ink into the pen.

This is a great way to continue using your micron pens after the ink has dried up.

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Here is an awesome video by thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich, who has a great way of demonstrating how to refill a Micron Pen!

Are Micron pens permanent?

Yes, how to use micron pens are permanent! They’re an excellent option for artists who enjoy pen drawing, lettering, and mixed media.

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One of the best things about micron pens is that they are relatively inexpensive but still high quality. If you’re just starting out with lettering and drawing, I recommend trying a few different sizes (0.1mm, 0.35mm) to see which one works better for your creative needs before investing in an entire set.

You can find them at almost any art supply store and online. If you have questions on how to use micron pens or want to know more about what my favorite tips and tricks are when it comes to these popular pens, drop me a message below! I’m always happy to help get your creative juices flowing!

5 Top Drawing Pens | Sessions College

The pen is a humble instrument yet holds great power, as the saying goes “the pen is mightier than the sword” and this is indeed the case for writers and illustrators alike. The pen is also often the first step in a new creative project as a designer sketches out their initial ideas.

At NOD, we wrote about the new-fangled digital pen and tablet tools a few months back but artists still use real bonafide pens for their projects, so it’s important to also discuss what in real life pens artists and designers use.

Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers

Different pens are good for different drawing techniques and projects, so it’s important to use the right pen for the correct purpose.

The Prismacolor Illustration marker set include a range of pens (they aren’t really markers)  with different nibs that are designed for all major illustration tasks and they make fine-tuned illustration simple.

The reason they are excellent pens is that they hold ink without bleeding through the paper and they apply an even line. The tip is also very durable so they will last a long time.

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen

The Sakura Pigma Micron Pens are a favorite of mine for a few reasons both practical and a bit arbitrary. I’ve used the pens for years so there is a built up nostalgia with them, they are considered the classic artist pen. The flower logo on the pens is also quite pretty.

The Sakura pens offer a range of nibs like the Prismacolor pens and also do not bleed on the paper. They differ in how light they are though and this is their key positive feature—they just are easy to use when you want to sketch something quickly. The Sakura Pigma Pens don’t offer quite the precision in line that the Prismacolor pens do though.



Pentel Color Brush Pen

If you’re looking for a pen that is expressive and works more like a brush then the Pentel Color Brush Pen is a good choice. The pen can be used for a wide variety of strokes from thick and heavily-brushed to whispery thin. The pen’s use and visual effect relies on the capabilities of the illustrator more than some other pens though, so it might not be the best choice for someone new to drawing.


Faber-Castell India Ink Pens

The India Ink pen is a contemporary update on the traditional ink pen, in a modern disposable pen format.   India Ink is a great choice for hand-drawn illustration projects because of the richness and nuance of the color that it provides. If you create colorful hand-drawn illustrations then this is a good set of pens to have for your projects.


Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush

If you want to work with watercolor and create lighter more subtle color washes within your artwork, then the Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush is a great choice. The pen has three different tips and a valve which allows you to control over how much water is applied to the paper surface. Water Brush pens really simplify the process of making watercolor artwork and are excellent for less complex illustration projects like icons or portrait work.


The pen choices included here will provide you with a great start for any illustration project. If you find other brands of pens and aren’t sure whether they are good art pens, just make sure they have these elements:

  • Archival
  • Water-proof
  • Bleed-proof
  • Pigment Ink
  • Smudge-proof


Featured image includes the work of @derek_the_deliman on Instagram.


Margaret Penney is the Managing Editor of Notes on Design. Margaret is a teacher, designer, writer and new media artist and founder of Hello Creative Co.


The only pens I’m willing to spend my hard-earned dollars on

This is You Won’t Regret It, a weekly column featuring recommendations, tips, and unsolicited advice from the Mashable culture team.

I’m a sucker for a good pen.

I blame it on my father, who is also a sucker for a good pen. But until recently, my father and I couldn’t agree on what constitutes a perfect pen– that is, until we both came across the Sakura Pigma Micron.

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It’s a mouthful of a pen name, I know, but it’s worth remembering. Next time you realize that an attachment to technology has left you missing the feel of an actual writing utensil, reach for a Micron.

As a Casual Doodler eager to one day graduate to Amateur Doodler, Micron pens have been the perfect tool to help me make my dreams come true — and I’m not the only one who loves them.

Tweet may have been deleted

There are a few things I look for when I’m ready to buy a new pen: size, ink, cost, and the ~feeling~ I get when I use it for a range of purposes, from a doodle on the back of a receipt to a harrowing journal entry.

Pigma’s Micron pens come in six glorious widths, from 0.15 mm point to 0.50 mm, which is all the range I need. As I stick mostly to words or line drawings, this range is *chef’s kiss* perfect. The tip the perfect size, it’s lightweight, and its length is wonderful, too.

Before I became a Pigma enthusiast, I was a die-hard fan of the smooth G2 Pilot pens, except for the ink’s tendency to smudge. My palm is the problem, and if yours also drags across the paper as you write, please step away from the G2. I’ve almost never had a smudge problem with my Micron pens, regardless of which size I’ve grabbed. Perhaps it’s because the ink in Pigma pens were initially made “specifically for museum archivists and conservators,” according to Pigma Micron’s website. They’re permanent and waterproof, but just a fair warning: they don’t work well on surfaces besides paper.

While all of the above is pretty wonderful on its own, it’s the cost that’s the icing on the cake. A set of pens, including Sakura’s Graphic 1 pen and Brush pen, costs about $20 on Amazon. If you’re not trying to go all out, you can stop by BLICK Art Materials or any art supply store and purchase an individual pen in whatever size meets your needs. Oh, and did I mention that they come in multiple colors?

If you need proof of the magic these pens can produce, a quick scroll through the #MicronPen hashtag on Instagram (or here, on their website!) will give you an idea of their capabilities:

Get on the right side of pen history, people.

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Micron Pens and Watercolors – Quick Review

 Lately, I have been rather obsessed with pen and watercolor.

Artists like Caitlin Hackett are absolutely amazing (if you haven’t checked out her work, you owe it to yourself to do so. I believe she uses mostly ballpoint pens, but also works with colored pencil and Micron pens on occasion)

There is just something about the contrast of the hard lines with the soft, blurry edges of watercolor that I love. I also really love how much texture and movement you can create just by using the right lines or marks on the page.

To that end, I have been doing a lot of experimenting with different pens and drawing tools.

While researching which pens to use, it seemed like Micron pens kept coming up over and over again. If you haven’t heard of them, they are fine-point pens that use archival quality ink. That means that the ink won’t fade over time, which is important if you plan on selling your artwork or if you want it to last for a long time.

I went ahead and ordered a set of of six of these pens from Amazon (which cost less than $10.00). The nib sizes included in the set are 005, 01, 02, 03, 05 and 08. Here’s a sample of each of the line thicknesses (BTW, is that the saddest looking penny, or what?)

I have been using them for a few days now and so far I love them! They dry instantly and leave super crisp lines. I especially like the level of detail that I am able to get with the ultra-fine points.

Here’s a quick sketch I did last night to give you an idea of how sharp the lines are. I’m planning on painting it tonight, but wanted to post it as-is so you could see what the pens look like on their own:

In terms of using them with watercolors, the ink doesn’t smudge or bleed at all when you paint over it. Also, it seems like it stays ultra-black even when covered with paint.

In the past when I have used ballpoint pens, it almost seems like the lines become more faded or something when you paint over them.

With these pens, everything stays sharp, pitch black and super crisp. I can definitely see applications for both soft and hard lines, so I think having a good ballpoint pen and a set of these pens gives a lot of versatility.

If you are looking for an affordable, high quality set of pens for doing ink and watercolor, I would definitely recommend these.


I wanted to come back and post the finished painting so you could see what it looks like with the pens. Here you go:


top 10 most popular sakura micron inking pens ideas and get free shipping

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0_ It’s not required to purchase a gold fountain pen with jewel-studded nib as well as ink distilled from a virgin squid . you don’t observe any shaky lines oroopsies. My faves are Sakura Micron 0.3 mm .

1_ Because they never smudge or bleed, Sakura’s Strategist-tested Micron pens are a great option for both right- and left-handers. J.Crew is currently offering $25 off purchases worth $100 or more .

2_ Smooth-surfaced processed paper is probably the best for sketching with pen or pencil. A good mixed-media pad is the most versatile and comes in handy in most situations. ARTnews Recommends .

3_ NY Post may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. She’s a graphic designer, former social media manager at L’Oreal Paris, a podcaster, a YouTuber .

sakura micron inking pens

Archie door fittings. Top 100 Models at Bargain Prices

Archie door fittings – the legendary brand reveals the secrets of success

A leading manufacturer of door fittings – the Archie company is known in Russia for a huge range of reliable and elegant products. Among numerous competitors, the brand found a unique niche and offered the Russian market interior handles, latches, wraps and hinges at attractive prices.

Against the background of affordable tariffs, the brand’s products have grace and amazing durability, which allows to buy Archie door handles for doors of various styles and purposes.And whether it be interior canvases or entrance structures, commercial interiors or residential apartments – Archie’s door fittings demonstrate ergonomics and reliability everywhere.

Experts of the Russian market have repeatedly noted the high quality of these products. Interior door latches, wraps and handles from the Archie company are laureates of industry showrooms in Russia and holders of the titles “Brand of the Year / EFFIE-2006” and “Trade Mark of Siberia-2012”. Popular opinion fully coincides with the expert assessment.Archie interior handles are reliable, durable, elegant and surprisingly low prices.

Archie door handles – the official website confirms the high quality

The corporate resource of the famous company, where you can see the catalog of spectacular models and get information about the collection production methods, will tell you in detail about the brand’s technologies. According to the official website, Archie’s door hardware features an innovative design and a unique new generation protective coating.

In contrast to the popular brass that the industry uses for the third century, Archie’s interior door handles are coated with special alloys of copper, magnesium, zinc, and aluminum. The alliance of dissimilar metals resembles the familiar properties of brass, but significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing products.

The patented method of electrophoretic coating, which is based on the coagulation of dispersion particles under the influence of an electric field, applies a thin film of protective metals to the door handles in seven autonomous passes.This coating prevents corrosion of structural parts and ensures long-term operation of the fittings.

Archie interior handles – solid construction durable finish

Two layers of hardy copper designed for effective adhesion to the structural substrate. Nickel plating removes irregularities, even micron-sized, and the tinting layer is responsible for the color palette. At the finish, the Archie door handles acquire a reliable protective alloy shell, which, in contrast to ordinary brass, has been able to prevent the occurrence of various scratches for a quarter of a century.

Archie door handles – official website confirms – immune to changes in indoor climate, resistant to very high loads and tolerant to chemicals. In alliance with solid construction and reliable mechanisms, spectacular fittings acquire high strength. You can buy Archie door handles in Moscow for residential interiors and office buildings without fear of loss of aesthetics or structural breakdowns over a 10-year period.

90,000 Manufacturers, Factory – Price List and Free Sample

EPE Play Mat
Water Drawing Mat for Toddlers Ancestral Magic Aqua Doodle Kids Us Big Baby Travel Little Book Melissa and Doug Desktop Card Educational Toys for Children 200 * 180cm Mat / Water Drawing Tablet with Computer Glove Screen
Right Hand Pen Stand, Pencils, Artists, Mechanical Kit, Starter Kits, Kits, Spacers, Paper Roll Kits, Adults, Teens, Age, Pens, Micron Tablets, black ink, cherry blossoms, materials, white markers, large easel, ointment, boils, cysts, shards, pimples, iktamol
Ichthammol prid prime ingrown nail boards 18×24 magnetic game clips size mini double aquadoodle rugs kid fun plus old very good pro fisherman price travel clip thin pink stamp sticky dice deluxe ltd junior pencil p uchka
Girls books boys vine gold party favors mom shirt hat mug shirts women sticker sweatshirt gifts car reusable world as seen on tv expansion printing practice collecting eraser plain walker diaper cloth toy v japanese manga
gmini draw origami material classification paint notebook / coloring notebook model number coloring wholesale plush tricks notepad cpu unit unisex age range> years old warning keep away from fire notepad

Safety and comfort are a top priority for every parent, making it a top priority for us.We created this playmate to be very soft to cope with any type of playing time. It’s made from non-toxic foam that’s soft enough to make it safe for kids. It’s great for babies crawling, walking babies, or even a baby tummy.
Soft colors and trendy designs blend into any living room, home or children’s room.
Thanks to the beautiful cartoon shape, it is easy to attract the attention of children.
Ability Enhancement: Helps teach children hand-eye coordination skills, develop creativity and imagination, develop logical thinking, expand knowledge, and more.

Made of environmentally friendly PVC, does not contain toxic and safe waterproof EPE foams, has a smooth surface, anti-slip texture and soft properties. When the child falls onto the play mat, it can reduce the force of the impact and thus protect the child. Nice foam mat and super soft, your little baby can wander around to play for fun and not get hurt. It is very comfortable to sit and lie here. You and your child, even your dog or cat, can play together.
Ideal for bedrooms and playrooms, an interactive crawling play mat that promotes baby cognition and development of pattern recognition. Children can identify colors, shapes, letters, numbers, animals and vegetables, and parents can tell a story according to the pictures on the mat so that the child can identify and develop their vocabulary skills. Develops hand-eye coordination, spatial thinking and imagination in children.

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Fountain pen a la “Lamy Safari”

To begin with, my previous Parker Urban pen (review here / blog / ebay / 57791.html) was fine for me. Comfortable fit, soft lettering, decent appearance. But a small incident happened – it slipped out of my hands and landed unsuccessfully right on the pen. The pen opened up a bit and all my efforts to bring it back to its original state have failed.

No, the pen didn’t stop writing, but the line got thicker, I didn’t really like it. Perhaps someday I will deal with this issue again, find and write out a suitable pen … maybe. In the meantime, I decided to order something new from the same budget category.
Searches have led to the tested pen. Externally – a complete copy of the Lamy Safari pen, widely known in narrow circles, only without the inscription on the body. I was also seduced by the pen size – EF – 0.38 mm
Ordered, received, everything is standard

I liked the pen, The main body and cap are metal, the bottom is plastic, between them is a rubber O-ring. The ink level can be observed through the window of the housing. Ink set – piston screw converter, cartridges can be used.Everything is very decent.

The only thing is that I didn’t like the clip a little, in my opinion it looks a little too big. But, on Lamy – exactly the same, copy, so copy. Well done Chinese.

The cap, by the way, fits over the handle with a pleasant soft click and is held very securely.
Pen as I said, size EF open type

In the lower part of the body, there are grooves for fingers for a correct and secure grip.

I will pass to the letter.
A little more written with this pen. He writes subtly (as I like), softly, without gaps. The only thing, after the rounded Parkera, you have to get used to these very notches under the fingers. The pen is always taken in the hand in the same way, the fingers themselves fall into these recesses, and it is inconvenient to write otherwise. As it turned out, such a grip is a little unusual for me. We need to retrain. But, I think, all this is individual and will not cause inconvenience to the majority. I’m just used to a different pen.
Pen test

In the photo at the top – a letter with the pen in the correct position, as everyone usually writes.Below – a letter with an inverted pen (there are some fans) – writes even more subtly, but also writes.
One more plus of this pen was found out for me – earlier purchased cartridges came up to it, which before that (due to their large size) I could not cram into any available pen. These are the

So so far everything is going well. I can recommend a pen for purchase, especially since the price does not bite. And if you try it, well, me too, you can swing at the real Lamy (and there, only the converter costs several times more than this pen).
Thank you for reading the review.

Tutorial for scissor fob – Embroidery blog 2021

It’s time to put our knowledge into hand embroidery threads and other materials to add texture and dimension for good use!

Earlier we looked at filament yarn, weight and twist and how they can be used to enhance the tactile nature of an embroidery project. We followed this example by discussing the use of specialty fabrics, beads, specialty threads and ribbons to add to the visual interest of the embroidered work.

Today we are going to collect what we have learned together into a small embroidery project – Fiesta Fob! A scissor fob is an ornament hung from the handle of a scissor to make it easier to find and just dress a little. I will show you step by step how to embroider both sides of the keyring and then how to assemble it.

In the first part of this scissor fob tutorial, we will create a project and sew one side of the fob. Later in part 2, we embroider the second side of the fob and assemble it.

Fiesta Scissor Fob Training Guide


The best news about the Fiesta Fob? This can be made from any thread or other material you have in your stash! You choose colors, you choose combinations of threads! I’m going to walk you through how I made my fob, but feel free to make any substitutions you want or go crazy and pick your own colors, threads, stitches and embellishments!

For my fob I used the following materials:

  • Ground Cloth: A high quantity, firmly woven white linen called Alba Maxima, available through local handicraft workshops
  • Regular thread: crew wool, pearl cotton # 5, cotton flask, loop silk, twisted silk
  • Other materials and special threads: seed beads, DMC Memory threads, various natural metal threads

Other accessories:

In addition to the materials listed above, I had the following tools:

  • FREE Fest Circle Template
  • 4 “(or subframe)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Various needles – carriage, tapestry and chenille – in various sizes
  • Beeswax (using real metal filaments)
  • Small piece of wool
  • Fine nib nib (0.20mm)

Step 1.Project creation

After you wind or lift your ground fabric and adjust the tension so that it is tightly tightened, you will need to move the guide around in a circle. You can use this PDF for the template:

Purple circle

To transfer the design, I first printed it on vellum (you can use plain paper) and then punch small holes evenly on all the circles. On the second circle, I pierced every point.In other circles, I just pounded holes evenly around the circles.

You can use a sewing pin or a needle to pierce the holes, and if you need something more to hold it, you can always push the eye of the needle into the cork.

Once the holes were punctured, I pinned the paper to the middle of my tight fabric. I then used a very fine micron nib and touched the fabric through each hole with the tip of the nib to leave a precise point on the fabric.

You can use any type of pens, pencils or markers that leave a visible point, but you want to make sure you don’t need to wash out the markings.Do not use a water soluble pen, for example, because you will not be able to soak it into the water after it ends. I like to use permanent micron pens for this type of work. It would have been better if I had used a brown or separating handle, but I only had black, so I went with that.

The outermost circle in the pattern is the cut line, and the next circle is the outline of the fob. The whole fob is only 1.5 “rounds when finished.

Adjust the outline of the bob on the second circle using the dots as a guide for the stitch length.Use a good, strong embroidery thread here, like perle cotton. I used # 5 pearl cotton and the stitch length after the dots was perfect.

After the points for the back tabs ensures that the back contours located on both the front and back of the scissors are evenly stitched.

This is the setting and you are now ready to sew the fun pieces!

Step 2: Sew the front of the Fiesta Fob

Inner ring

I have outlined the inner circle of the bob with a pile of crew cotton, evenly spaced with pearl cotton # 5.

I used 12 strands of spirit level for the pile.

When I got to where the circle meets, I used a large chenille needle (size 20) and cut into four tails of the crew’s wool. I pulled the threads through the back of the work and began to lower the other tails on one side of the circle the same way, four at a time.

Then I submerged the tails from the other end of the circle in the same way, overlapping the already submerged threads on the other side to create an invisible connection.

Once all the tails were submerged, I took the last couch over the area where the tails overlap.

I then turned the work over and sewed the woolly mother-of-pearl jacket, punching the back stitches at the back of the fabric to keep everything in place. Finally, I trimmed the ends of the wool and finished off with a cotton perle.

This is a finished wool ring.

Outline of the stem around the wool ring

Using a full six strands of twisted silk, I contoured the stem seam around the woolen ring.

Stem stitching circle is easy, but make sure the last stitch is set correctly so that you have an invisible joint!

Step 3: Next ring outward in the embroidered chain stitch

On the next ring on the circle, I worked a chain stitch from a # 5 cotton pearl.

As with the stem of the stem, it is important to close the chain of stitches discreetly.

With the completion of the chainstitch, I switched to a tapestry needle (with a long eye and a blunt tip) and cracked the outer loops on chainstitch only, using two threads of cotton thread.

This is a complete whipped chainstitch, only whipped outside chainstitch loops only.

Zigzags with DMC memory

Outside the embroidered chainstitch and inside the backstitch contour, I have threaded DMC Memory over the evenly spaced zigzag pattern using # 5 cotton perle for the sofa.

I zigzagged inside, next to the embroidered stitching chain, so that I can better hide the area where the circle connects.

When the circle was complete, I plunged both ends of the Memory Wave into the back of the work and sewed them, just like the water machine went down.I used a very large chenille needle (# 18) to match the memory flow and make a hole large enough for the threads to sink in.

Finally, on the area where memory occurs, I worked on the last style to hide the connection.

Step 4: Add beads

Inside the Thread Thread zigzags I added small beads.

I used a fine silk thread that matched the color of the beads to sew them. The beads are on the side so that they stand up instead of lying with the hole up.

To fill in the center of the bob (inside the circle of wool), I used real metallic threads in turquoise and peacock. The smooth tube in the photo above is called smooth purple, and the faceted tube is called the check purple.

These metallic threads are like very fine springs made of wire. The tubes are hollow in the middle. If the filaments are stretched, they will maintain their stretch, and if they are pinched, they will flatten. It is important to be careful with them.

First, cut the metal strands into small chips or pieces.I cut the shaft about 1/8 inch.

Then cut a piece of fine silk or polyester thread in a color that matches the metal thread. Pass this thread through the beeswax cake several times and then through your fingers to strengthen the thread.

The chips are then sewn in place, just like beaded on a tongue.

Be random in the placement of the chips so that smooth bullets and control bullets mix with each other.

Step 5: French knot, chamomile and straight haircuts

Finally, using three strands of dark purple layered cotton, I added evenly spaced French knots between the stem stem and the chain stitch in the middle of the piece, as well as matte stitches and straight stitches in the outer zigzags created by Memory Wave.

And that completes the front of the Fiesta Fob!

In part 2, we embroider the back of the fob and fold it together! See you then!

90,000 The best new cosmetics in 2018

The end of 2018 is approaching, which means it’s time to look back at some of the highlights of the year. Aside from celebrating personal achievement (one of our editors ran a marathon; another learned to love arm hair after years of disagreement), we’re also reflecting on some of the best new beauty products we’ve hit our tables this year – and heck, there were many of them.

The last 365 days have been some of the most important for the beauty industry: the market has been dominated by 40 base shades (thanks to Rihanna who technically made this possible in 2017) to hair tools that made our morning skincare routine easier. specially designed for the period of the skin, there was something to look back … especially now that it is time to choose gifts for your favorite meals. On the eve of the New Year, we have collected the best new cosmetics of 2018.Read on to find out why we love them.

Photo: Pigeon

Not to share TMI, but I totally trust this scrub for helping me get rid of the blackheads that got stuck on my back (and okay, butt) this summer. Available in three different flavors (my personal favorite is macadamia and rice milk), it exfoliates and moisturizes skin in one fell swoop.

Photo: Cannuka

CBD has found its way into everything this year and our lip balms are no exception.Cannuka Moisturizing Lip Stick uses cannabidiol to reduce inflammation and also contains manuka honey to repair the top layers of skin.

Photo: Herbal Essences

Your favorite brand from the early 2000s has received a 2018 update with a new foaming formula that’s great for adding volume and hydration to fine hair that can’t withstand a heavier condom.

Photo: Elemis

Facial oils had a big moment this year (yes you can use them even if you have oily skin) and the Elemis superfood was one of our favorites.It’s packed with a potent blend of plant-based superfoods such as broccoli, flaxseed and daikon radish to help keep skin smooth, nourished and radiant.

Photo: Corpus

All-natural vegan DO Corpus contains essential oils such as bergamot, pink lemon, orange blossom and cardamom. and not only does it smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g, but its sleek packaging feels more luxurious than any deodorant we’ve ever used visible.

Photo: Kosas

Kosas touts its tinted face oil as “the foundation of the future” and we have to agree.It combines skin care and makeup in one convenient product that will keep your skin moist and hydrated in the slightest of coverage, giving you a glow from the inside out.

Photo: Olay

Olay’s new moisturizer, which is lighter than air, moisturizes very well, but lays on the skin like velvet. It seems as if you are applying a cloud to the face, fighting fine lines, and this is what I completely here for.

Photo: Beauty Counter

You will be shocked by the pigment and longevity this material brings, and eight spectacular shades from creamy neutrals to hot pinks have something for everyone in the collection.

Photo: bareMinerals

bareMinerals Claymates Mask Duo, $ 35 9003

With two masks in one jar, the bareMinerals Claymates combo does a double duty without taking up extra space in your beauty salon. The Be Bright formula exfoliates with pomegranate extract and papaya enzymes, while the Be Firm side helps tighten and smooth skin with cabbage and watermelon seed extracts.

Photo: Neutrogena

I’ve used Neutrogena’s Hydroboost Water Gel on my face for most of the last decade, so I was thrilled to hear that they would be releasing a face lotion from an iconic line and the product itself * didn’t * disappoint.It is formulated with hyaluronic acid to enhance skin hydration, making it ideal for body care in winter and summer weather, and everything in between.

Glossier tested 248 different mascara formulations before choosing the perfect product and their dedication shows how good Lash Slick really is. It’s almost like a fringe stain that darkens the lash line without clogging the lash line with clumps.

Photo: Knours

Occasional skin is pits, but new skincare brand Knours makes it a little less awful with its line of products designed with your hormonal cycle in mind.Each proposal is tailored for a specific time of the month, catering to the specific needs of your body, essentially synchronizing skin care with your period.

Photo: GloPro

You’ve probably seen tools for facial micron needles on your Insta tape for a while, but GloPro has changed the game with its version of a tool specifically designed for your lips. It uses LED therapy and tiny needles to rejuvenate lips, leaving behind a firmer and smoother pouting lip and kissing chapped lips goodbye.

Photo: Benefit

Kim Kardashian introduced us to the wonders of facial contouring years ago, but this year Benefit went even further by showing us how to do it on our eyebrows. The brand’s Brow Contour Pro is similar to the multi-colored pens you probably used in elementary school, but they use four different pencil shades to help you define and add volume.

Photo: Summer Fridays

If this year you approached the beauty instagram, you probably saw the Summer Friday Jet Lag Mask.When the product, created by Mariana Hewitt and Lauren Gors, Ireland, launched in March, everyone from Kim Kardashian to our beauty editors sang his praises. It’s great for travel-tired, hungover, or just plain dehydrated skin and really lives up to expectations.

Photo: Dyson

From time to time, a hot instrument appears that makes us wonder how we even survived the morning routine without it. This year it was Dyson Airwrap. Unlike everything else on the market, it uses hot air instead of regular iron to style the strands.This means you can go from wet-wet after a shower to a beautiful, curly flow in seconds.minutes. Plus, interchangeable heads mean you can use them to create multiple looks with the same tool.

Photo: Flesh

Highlighter, Bronzer and Blush Flesh offers nothing like the usual pots and palettes that dominate the market. It includes disposable sheets that you can use to highlight and outline your face, and – plus – you never have to worry about ruining it.

Photo: DryBar

Instead of pinching strands between iron plates and brushing them around with a paddle brush like you do since high school, DryBar’s Brush Crush combines both steps into one.The heated brush straightens hair, smoothing strands and fights frizz, and (my favorite part) you don’t have to touch hot hair as you straighten it, so you never finish styling with burnt fingers again.

Photo: Tatcha

Partly makeup, partly skincare, Tatcha’s tinted eye cream will cover and banish dark circles. It moisturizes and brightens the skin, and the end result is you will be awake even in the morning when there is no time for coffee.

Photo: Necessaire

Who said your showering doesn’t have to be as luxurious as other skin care treatments? The all-new Neessser brand wants you to treat body care as more than a minor thought and is equipping consumers with products to make it possible. Their shower gel, in particular, cleanses and nourishes and balances the pH, which means that the skin on your body will finally get the love it deserves.

Photo: Weleda

Weleda Skin Food Body Butter, $ 29.

Whereas we used to apply Skin Food all over the face, this year Weleda has expanded its lineup, making this feat easily achievable from head to toe.

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