Best letter paper: What Are The Best Fountain Pen Friendly Papers For Writing Letters?


What Are The Best Fountain Pen Friendly Papers For Writing Letters?

Fountain pen users know that there is an overwhelming selection of notebooks and paper options available, but what happens when you want to write a letter? So many of our favorite papers are available bound into books and very few of us want to cut pages out of a notebook just to write a letter. If you look at notepads, it can almost feel like a different world. The paper manufacturer names may be familiar, but many of the papers are different. In this post, I want to briefly cover many of the different papers that are available for writing letters and let you know which I believe are the best.

Letter Writing Paper Options

As with notebooks, paper that is made for letter writing has quite a few options to consider. You’ll find notepads with either glue or perforations. You’ll find different paper colors with different line spacing options. Some pads include guide sheets and others include blotting paper. Then there’s the paper quality to consider. How are you to choose the best for you?

I rounded up all of the papers that I have that I would consider using for writing a letter. I’m not going to do a full review, as most of them already have a standalone blog post reviewing the paper, but I am going to point out any features that are unique to letter writing or stand out from the other options. I’ll also give my thoughts as to why you might want to consider each paper. At the end of this post I’ll make my recommendations, but for now, here are my thoughts on each (listed alphabetically).

Black n’ Red Notebook

While this is actually a spiral-bound notebook, the perforated edges for each sheet make it very easy to tear out and drop into an envelope. While it isn’t the most attractive paper on which to write a letter, it is very enjoyable to write on. This paper only comes lined.

Black n’ Red Notebook Review

Clairefontaine Triomphe

Being some of the smoothest paper available, you will feel extra fancy writing a letter on a sheet of Clairefontaine Triomphe. Unfortunately, your recipient may not notice the difference. Sure, your ink will look great, but the paper is a little uninspiring. Still, the overall quality of this paper can not be denied. If you’re not trying to impress anyone and just want some fantastic paper to write on, this is an excellent choice. Available either blank or lined.

Clairefontaine Triomphe Review

G. Lalo Verge de France

Your recipient will surely take notice of the unique feel and texture of this paper. You, on the other hand, may or may not enjoy writing on it, as the laid texture is not for everyone. With a variety of paper colors (complete with matching envelopes) and a unique texture, this paper is one of your best options if you want to send a letter that is sure to get someone’s attention. Only available unlined .

G. Lalo Verge de France Review

HP Premium28 and HP Premium32

There’s no way around the fact that this is printer paper. Fountain pen friendly printer paper, yes, but still printer paper. I’m not a huge fan of the Premium28, as I don’t think it handles ink as well as the Premium32, but the Premium32 is very thick and will quickly fill an envelope. Due to how thick it is, it does feel quite nice to handle. Available unlined, but you can print lines on it if you’d like.

HP Premium28 and HP Premium32 Review

Life Bank Paper

If you like a little tooth in your paper, this may be a great choice for you. Life Bank paper handles ink very well and has good dry times. Each pad comes with a sheet of blotter paper at the beginning, which can be very useful if you’re in a hurry. This paper only comes unlined.

Life Bank Paper Review

Life L Writing Paper

More luxurious and fancy than Life Bank paper, Life L writing paper is some of the best paper you can use with your fountain pens. It comes in two sizes, A5 and B5, and each has a different look. The B5 is a more standard lined paper with nice margins around the side, while the A5 has some pretty fancy decorations in the margins. Either one is an absolute pleasure to write on.

Life L Writing Paper Review

Midori Letter Paper

Midori Letter paper is a little different from Midori MD notebook paper, but is made specifically for writing letters. Interestingly, this pad of paper comes with white paper in the front and cream paper in the back, so you have two paper color options in one pad! It also comes with a guide sheet that has horizontal ruling on one side and vertical ruling on the other. Add in an attractive cover and this is a great all-around paper for writing letters.

Midori Letter Paper Product Page

Midori MD Writing Pad

If you love Midori MD paper, you can get it outside of a notebook and in a writing pad! Older versions of these MD writing pads are unique in that they are glued along both the top and one side. The reason for this is that it keeps the paper more secure during writing so your lines remain straight and your guide sheet doesn’t move around. Newer versions are only glued along the top and are lined.These are available in both regular paper and cotton paper.

Midori MD Writing Pad Product Page

Mnemosyne Notebook

Similar to Black n’ Red notebooks, these spiral bound notebooks are not made for writing letters, but the micro-perforations make it very easy to use. Many different paper layout and size options add to how useful it is for letter writing. Models that I would suggest are 195 (A5 lined), 183A (A5 blank), 105 (A5 dot).

Mnemosyne Notebook Review

Rhodia Pad

Fountain pen users are no strangers to Rhodia paper. While not the most exciting to write on, it is a solid option for letter writing that most people will already have laying around. The micro-perforations should allow for easy removal, but many people have experienced unevenly torn corners, which is not what you want when sending a letter.

Rhodia Dot Pad Review

Strathmore Writing Paper

While this may be one of the least exciting papers of the bunch, it is still a decent option for letter writing. It has some cotton content and weighs in at 90gsm, so it feels nice to write on and handle. The lack of sheen and shading, creamy-yellow color and blue lines may not work for everyone, though. Still, the dry times are very fast.

Strathmore Writing Paper Product Page

Tomoe River 52 and 68 GSM

Another paper that is almost ubiquitous amongst fountain pen users, Tomoe River is the undisputed champion when it comes to ink handling. It is also available in loose sheets! Unfortunately, the 52gsm paper is so thin it is not very pleasant to write on, although it is very easy to see guide sheets through. The 68gsm paper is much nicer to write on, but still somewhat difficult to handle. If letter weight is an issue, Tomoe River is a great option, but otherwise I personally think it is best used in notebooks as other papers offer a better writing and reading experience. Available in blank and dot grid.

Tomoe River Review

My Recommendations

I try and write letters fairly often, so there are papers that I prefer and use more than others. There are also papers that some people might prefer for other reasons. Taking both my preferences and the preferences of others into consideration, here are my recommendations for letter writing paper.

  • Life Bank Paper – For me, this paper is the perfect combination of dry time, texture and ink-handling. I don’t have to wait forever for my writing to dry (but I can use the included blotter paper if I just can’t wait). There is a bit of texture when I write, which I enjoy. Inks look great on this paper, with good shading and sheen. It also won’t break the bank at $0.15/sheet. If I only had one paper to use for writing letters, this would probably be it.
  • G. Lalo Verge de France – I know that not everyone is going to enjoy writing on this paper, but out of all of the papers on this list, it will be the most enjoyable and impressive paper option for your recipients. It is also the only paper option that comes in colors besides white or cream. Overall, most people will choose this for the experience of the letter-receiver, but there are plenty of letter writers who will enjoy it as well. It is a little more expensive than most paper, coming in at $0.20/sheet.
  • Strathmore Writing Paper – With probably the fastest dry times out of any paper in this list and solid ink-handling capabilities, this paper will appeal to many letter writers. The cotton blend will appeal to both the writer and receiver. With a cost of $0.15/sheet, it isn’t terribly expensive.
  • Clairefontaine Triomphe – Although the lined paper is not that impressive to look at, using the unlined with a guide sheet can be very elegant. If you like smooth paper, you’ll love writing letters on this paper. I don’t think that the letter recipient will be very impressed by the paper itself, but your ink will look fantastic, which may just get noticed. At $0.10/sheet, it’s a very affordable option.

There you have it. Those are my choices for the best fountain pen friendly letter writing papers. Are there any that you love that should be on this list? Please let me know in the comments. Happy writing!

Best letter writing set for adults: Add to your stationery collection

The past year saw many of our habits change as we stepped back from in-person socialising and stayed home much more often. In particular, we found new and interesting ways to communicate with our loved ones while we could not be with them, from Zoom to the lost art of letter writing.

Speaking of letter writing, it is now cooler than ever to put pen to paper when looking to keep up with friends and family.

While instant messaging and video calls are a must for checking in regularly, writing a letter from time to time is a lovely additional way to stay in touch.

There is something so therapeutic and nostalgic about handwriting a little note to a loved one, whether it’s to say thank you for something or just to catch up with them and let them know you’re thinking of them. And these days, the choices for stationary are broad, whether you’re looking for traditional sets or something more modern.

We’ve tested the very best letter writing sets to determine which are worth the money. As well as appearance, our reviewer made sure to feel the quality of the paper through touch. We also actually put pen to paper to see how smooth and easy each piece was to write on.

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We then assessed the price and added extras such as whether they could be personalised, and how many pieces of paper and envelopes could be bought in one set. With that in mind, here are the best eight options for letter writing in our opinion.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent.

These are the best letter writing sets for 2021:

  • Best overall – Katie Leamon correspondence set, typewriter: £25, Katieleamon. com
  • Best for cool designs – Papier gingham days writing paper set: £24.99,
  • Best for sustainability – The Seed Card Company crossed keys: £19.50,
  • Best budget buy – The Letter Well love cards: £3.75,
  • Best standout set – Imogen Owen luxury correspondence set, flamingo: £30,
  • Best classic option – Smythson bordered correspondence cards: £25,
  • Best unique set – Choosing Keeping set of 6 lace postcards and matching envelopes, No. 1: £24,
  • Best for personalisation – The Stationer By Jeeves & Co. autumnal writing paper: £15,

Katie Leamon correspondence set, typewriter

Best: Overall

One of the clear standouts in the roundup, Katie Leamon’s set has everything you’ll need for peak correspondence skills; notecards (10), letter paper (10), and envelopes. The paper feels gorgeously thick and textured (the notecards are slightly thicker), and the design of both is super cute and stylish all at once. We loved the sleek envelopes too, which come with gilded golden borders. We were very impressed by this set, particularly when you consider how fair the price tag is given all you get in the set.

Buy now £25,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Papier gingham days writing paper set

Best for: Cool designs

Papier has become the go-to destination for all your stationery needs, including lovely note cards and letter writing sets. They have a really wide range of designs on their site, meaning you can pick a design that suits you. Our favourite is the gingham days set, which is the perfect combination of kitsch and sophistication.

The set is made from textured Mohawk paper, which gives it a lovely, slightly rustic feel, and the envelope in particular feels luxurious and of high quality. You can personalise these with whichever information you’d like, and can buy them in sets of 20 sheets with 10 envelopes, 30 sheets with 15 envelopes, or 50 sheets with 25 envelopes.

Buy now £24.99,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


The Seed Card Company crossed keys

Best for: Sustainability

There’s something extra special about the cards from The Seed Card Company; not only do they look lovely, they’re also made sustainably. As well as being made from 100 per cent recycled, biodegradable paper, they can also be planted afterwards as they contain (as the company’s name suggests) seeds. The lovely crossed keys design is our favourite, and the paper can also be personalised, giving it an extra special bespoke feel.

The only tiny downside is that writing on slightly uneven paper (caused by the seeds) takes a little practise; but if sustainability is important to you, this is sort of irrelevant! You can buy these in packs of up to 500, and can change everything from the fonts to the envelope colour.

Buy now £19.50,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


The Letter Well love cards

Best: Budget buy

If you’d rather keep your letter writing more casual, opt for cute cards like these, instead of formal paper. These gorgeously thoughtful cards are perfect for a partner or close friend, and will surely be well received. As well as coming on thick 300gsm cotton card, they also come with powdery pink envelopes that can be personalised for a special twist. You can buy them singly or in packs of four, and can pick from several sweet designs.

Buy now £3,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Imogen Owen luxury correspondence set, flamingo

Best: Standout set

These divine letter cards combine the simplicity of a cream background and plain pink envelope with the vibrant animation of the inner flamingo illustration. The envelopes in particular are very good quality, and will make quite the impact upon being received and opened. In a pack (which is presented in a chic branded box), you will receive 10 cards and 10 envelopes, all of which can be personalised if you get in touch with the team at Imogen Owen.

Buy now £30,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Smythson bordered correspondence cards

Best: Classic option

There’s nothing quite like Smythson stationery, and these simple cards are sure to delight any friend or family member; in fact, a box would work well as a present for a loved one. Coming in a classic Smythson blue box, these cards are thick and luxurious, and come with equally impressive envelopes. They come in a number of shade options, with our favourite being this red and pink combo. There are 10 to a pack, all of which are packaged in delicate tissue paper for an extra luxe feel.

Buy now £25,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


Choosing Keeping lace postcards and matching envelopes, No. 1, set of 6

Best: Unique set

The most visually impressive of the bunch, these cards are quite simply stunning. The delicate lace-inspired design has an incredible vintage feel, and one that is so unique, you’ll likely never find stationary like this. The cards themselves are rather delicate, and the envelopes could be thicker, but as long as you’re careful, you shouldn’t have any problems. These are best kept for shorter letters or notes given their dinky size, but will certainly impress anyone who receives one.

Buy now £24,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


The Stationer by Jeeves & Co.

autumnal writing paper

Best for: Personalisation

These playful letter sheets are designed with beautiful watercolour illustrations of autumnal leaves, berries and mushrooms. While they are ideal for the colder months, we can picture sending these any time of year thanks to their quality and visual appeal. You can personalise pretty much everything about this purchase; from the names, addresses or signatures on them to the paper they’re printed on. Prices start at £15 for 10, which compared to others on the list is impressive and will help you save some pennies.

Buy now £15,

Price comparison


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  • {{/items}}


The verdict: Letter writing sets

Katie Leamon’s correspondence set is our reviewer’s favourite of the bunch, thanks to it being the best all-rounder. The paper is of high quality, the design is lovely, and the pack comes with note cards as well as paper.

However, we also like The Seed Card Company’s designs as the sustainable choice, as well as Choosing Keeping’s vintage-inspired cards for something super unique.

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IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

The Best Stationery Supplies and Prettiest Vintage Stamps for Snail Mail | Decor Trends & Design News

Sourdough starters are so 2020. Need a new stay-at-home activity? Try sending old-fashioned text messages to your friends and family. And by that, we mean snail mail.

Handwritten letters are the antithesis of Zoom cocktail hour. Part crafting, part conversation, they can be soothing to write and a delightful surprise to receive. Instead of shooting off a quick message on your smartphone, you can sit down and tell a friend the full story of the joy you felt when you got to meet your new granddaughter for the first time or how gardening has brought you comfort this year. You can share whole passages of books that moved you, include cutouts of newspaper clippings with fun local happenings, and send printed photos that convey far more meaning when you can hold them in your hands and stare at them than when people are swiping through them quickly on a handheld screen trying to get through to the end of the album.

For avid snail mailers, few things are more satisfying than sitting down with a cup of tea, a fountain pen and a box of stationery supplies and watching decorative envelopes pile up on the table. Not sure who to write to? Try sending a note to a parent, sibling, grandparent or friend you haven’t caught up with in ages. If you’d rather write to a stranger, try Postcrossing, where you can send and receive postcards to and from random people all over the world. The site also has forums where you can seek regular penpals. Here are some of our favorite snail-mail supplies to brighten your — and your friends’ — days.

As long as you pull together the required value (35 cents for domestic postcards, 55 cents for domestic letters and $1.20 for international postcards and letters), you can use any combination of unused vintage postage stamps on your letters. Etsy and eBay are full of sellers offering a wide variety of them. Some sellers curate collections of stamps that look nice together, and sell sets of stamps that equal the value of a Forever stamp. Others will offer sets by face value, which are generally cheaper but more random.

If this is your first time buying vintage stamps for use as postage, look around before going too wild. Prices vary wildly by quality, seller and how they’re being sold. Whole sheets of stamps are typically more expensive than buying a collection of singles.

The USPS website sells current Forever stamps at face value for a minimal shipping cost, and its website also sometimes has stamps from recent years while they remain in stock. Don’t wait if you find a design you love! They can disappear from the site whenever they sell out. You can also buy whole sheets of Forever stamps from recent years on Etsy, like the wildly popular “Love Flourishes” stamps designed by Rifle Paper Co. founder Anna Bond, below. Just make sure that whenever you’re buying stamps online, it’s clear that you’re buying unused stamps. Many shops on Etsy and eBay sell collections of used stamps to be used as decoration, but you’re almost guaranteed to get your letters returned to you if you stick them in the mail with a heap of canceled stamps.

Sure, you can write a letter with any old pen or pencil, but once you feel what it’s like to pair high-quality pens with writing paper intended to make words fly across it, you might look at writing in a whole new way. Rollerball and fountain pens both beat Bic ballpoints any day for their style and writing feel, but the real joy comes with being able to customize those pens with ink that really speaks to you. The Pilot Metropolitan, a Japanese pen, is a great starter for its ease of use and approachable price point — plus, they’re just cute pens. The Lamy Safari and the Faber-Castell Hexo, both from German companies, are also smooth writers. All three come in a wide variety of colors and are available both as rollerball pens and fountain pens in varying nib widths.

If you decide to go with a fountain pen, the real fun starts when you graduate from ink cartridges. Fountain pen ink exists in basically infinite colors (if you ever make it to Tokyo, you can mix your own), and the shading of the ink varies beautifully on the page depending on how you write and what kind of paper you use.

Whether you’re most in love with postcards, short and sweet messages conveyed by expert greeting card artisans or long, heartfelt letters scrawled over a thick stack of loose-leaf pages, one thing is certain: Whoever’s on the receiving end will smile to see it in the mailbox.

You can find scores of handmade and letterpress greeting cards on Etsy, and Paper Source and Rifle Paper Co. both offer gorgeous sets of letter paper and notecards to suit your own personality. Rifle even has a new customizable notecard selection that you can personalize with your own graphic “portrait.”

If you send a lot of mail, sprucing up your letters with customized return address labels can add a pretty, consistent touch as well as save you a bit of time and space on the envelope. These wraparound labels from Minted add decoration that goes far beyond the upper left corner and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Etsy and Paper Source also offer quite a few fun options for labels, so you might find yourself splurging on a couple of varieties. Plan to live in the same house for a while, or want to spare the paper labels? Get a custom stamp made and buy a few different ink pads to change up the colors.

The Best Stationery | August 2021

Keeping a set of stationery on hand is a good practice. Life gets busy, and birthdays and special events can creep up on you without warning. Instead of having to rush out to the nearest store to purchase a card, you can relax at home and simply grab one from your collection. As you shop for a stationery set that fits your personality, there are a few things you’ll want to watch for.

Simplemost Media

Look at the inside of the cards. Are you interested in a stationery set that has specific greetings inside, such as birthday wishes or a motivational message, or do you prefer a blank card? Blank cards are an excellent choice, as you can write your own heartfelt message that can be tailored to any specific occasion, such as a birthday, baby shower or engagement congratulations. Blank cards are also gender-neutral, so they can be gifted to anyone.

Simplemost Media

Decide whether you prefer the stationery to have a design on the front only, or an additional border along the inside of the card as well. For example, the Best Card Company Wildlife Painted Note Cards has attractive watercolor designs on the front and inside lining of each card. Of course, there is also the option of purchasing a set that is blank on the front. You may find a set with just a simple design along the top edge, like the Hallmark Blank Stationery Set.

Simplemost Media

“Paper weight is an important factor,” says artist and art educator Amy Markham. “The weight number refers to the weight of 500 sheets of that paper in size 17x22in. Many store-bought stationery sets will have note paper in the 24-32lb range. Cardstock weighs more, usually 50-110lbs. The best way to decide between weights is to hold the stationery and see how it feels.”

Simplemost Media

There are also companies on the market that follow environmentally-friendly practices when sourcing their paper. The Best Card Company Fun Puns Blank Note is one such company. They get their pulp from responsibly managed forests. They also only print on demand, eliminating any unwanted stationery sets from the market.

Simplemost Media

Finally, check to see if the stationery set comes with matching envelopes and a reusable storage box. While matching envelopes are quite standard, not all sets have a sturdy box for storing the cards safely in your home office.

The best writing paper sets | London Evening Standard


hether you’re penning a love letter to an absent beau or simply catching up on the gossip with a distant friend, there’s truly nothing better than writing or receiving a letter.

Keep the art of letter writing alive with these beautiful sets that are perfect if you’re looking for a manageable New Year’s resolution or something pretty to send out heartfelt thanks on.

1. Smythson Parrot Correspondence Cards

For an undeniable touch of luxury, Smythson’s correspondence cards are an opulent choice. If the hand tissue-lined envelopes weren’t enough, the regal parrot design will ensure that they are both a joy to write on, and to receive.

£26, Smythson, Buy it here

2. Petal Writing Paper Gift Set

Featuring pressed flowers and leaves, this acid-free paper set from Amazon is pretty yet well priced.

£4.95, Amazon, Buy it here

3. Paperchase Gatsby Art Deco Writing Set

With nods to the Golden Age, this Gatsby-inspired writing set from Paperchase is the model gift for any Daisy or Jay.

£5.00, Paperchase, Buy it now

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The best diaries for 2017

4. Scriptum Florentine Patterned Paper Set

Florence is known for many things: art, food and also paper. With its traditional Florentine pattern, the timeless design will transform any post.

£20, Scriptum, Buy it now

5. John Lewis Art File Bird Writing Set

This understated bird-stopped paper by Art File, stocked by John Lewis, consists of high quality paper produced in the UK.

£7.50, John Lewis, Buy it now

6. Present and Correct British Telegram Set

Whilst we cannot quite hark back to the telegram, Present and Correct’s set is a cute ode to Bertie Wooster’s preferred method of communication.

£11.50, Present and Correct, Buy it now

7. Bumble Bee Writing Set

Etsy is a treasure-trove for items such as this. This set is great if you want to share the buzz.

8. Notonthehighstreet’s Origami Fox Notepaper Set

For something a little more unusual, we love this Fox notepaper set that allows you to get back into the fold with origami.

£9.50,, Buy it here

13 Best Stationery Subscription Boxes – 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards

Every year we ask you, our readers, to tell us your favorite subscription boxes. The results of the 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards are in! This list features our fellow subscription fanatics’ top choices for paper goods, office supplies, and more.

Calling all snail mail supporters and perpetrators of penmanship! We’ve asked our readers to speak up about their favorite stationery subscriptions, and we’ve rounded up their responses in one thrilling list. These boxes contain all the paper goods you could dream up, from organization tools like planners and sticky notes to high-quality pens, personalized notepads, greeting cards ready to be sent, and office supplies with flair. Plus, of course, stickers for every occasion. Once you take a peek at this list, you’ll surely feel the urge to sit down at your desk and spend some time with a good ol’ fashioned pen and paper!

The Most Popular Stationery Subscription Boxes, According to Our Readers

1. Cloth & Paper

The Cost: $18 per month for the Penspiration subscription, $38 per month for the Planner Stationery box, and $48 per month for both. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code TRYCLOTHANDPAPER to save 10% off your first box!

What Our Readers Say:

“My first purchase was a page flag in the color stone, now all of my office supplies are from C&P! There is something about neutral page flags and stickies that bring peace to my already hectic work life and I look forward to getting new items every month!” – Rose

“Cloth & Paper is one of the most beautiful and economic stationary sub boxes out there. Black Woman owned, thoughtful, beautiful, extremely useful, and classy, are just some of the words to describe this company and sub box.” – Unionplanner

“C + Ps aesthetic, paper quality and innovative items made this box a survival kit, which was welcomed during the pandemic!” – KaySheezy

About the Box: When it comes to quality, curation, and customer service, Cloth & Paper wins in the stationery subscription category yet again! They offer two types of boxes (plus one big one with both options combined) so that you’re sure to only receive the organization materials you need. Our readers love it for keeping their personal lives in order, as well as introducing a little style to work scenarios, with a focus on neutral hues. It’s a classy one!

Check out all of our Cloth & Paper reviews and our Cloth & Paper details to learn more. Ships worldwide at varying rates.

2. Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box

The Cost: $40 per quarter. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

I am an Erin Condren addict. There, I admitted it. I LOVE this box.” – Laura

“Oh, just my favorite box. Quick shipping, awesome products.” – Yellowdaisymae

About the Box: For those who love to stay organized, and have fun while they’re at it, signing up for the Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box ensures delight with each new season. Proof that it’s a hit is in how quickly it sells out—everyone wants to get their hands on the Erin Condren brand stationery, journaling, and lifestyle goods it contains. We love that the shipping box is reversible, so it can turn into a beautiful keepsake or storage container!

Check out our Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box reviews and Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box details to learn more. Ships to the US for free and worldwide at varying rates.

3. Paper Source Lifestyle Box

Image from our review.

The Cost: $49.95 per quarter (A minimum one-year commitment paid in quarterly installments). Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“Really nice and high quality.” – Jackie

“Paper Source is a totally fun quarterly box. I am a pen/paper geek and love candles that come too.” – JodyE

About the Box: Before sitting down to scribble out a letter, you’ve got to get the vibe right—right? The Paper Source Lifestyle Box is a stationery subscription service that also provides all the hygge extras—like candles, teas, body products, and books—to set the tone at your desk or dining room table. This sub sends a mix of 10+ stationery and lifestyle items from Paper Source, as well as other popular home brands.

Check out all of our Paper Source reviews and our Paper Source Lifestyle Box details to learn more. Ships to the contiguous US for free.

4. Smartass & Sass

The Cost: Starts at $15.95 per month. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code 20OFFSASS to save 20% off your first box!

About the Box: The Smartass & Sass box is a monthly subscription box that sends a box of happy mail! If you’re tickled by sassy slogans and sarcastic sayings, this one might just be your jam. Each month’s box contains 4-8 hilariously irreverent items handmade by artists and small businesses, so you can expect quality from your comical goods. This subscription is available in multiple tiers: T-shirt only, box-only, or T-shirt and box. You’ll choose your T-shirt size (XS-XXXL) at checkout.

Check out our Smartass & Sass reviews and Smartass & Sass spoilers for more info. Ships to the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, and Australia.


Image from our review.

The Cost: $10 per month + shipping. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“Great value, great quality, beautiful stickers and there’s something for everyone each month with the three options to choose from.” – Milena

“My favorite subscription! Such a good value, amazing stickers and stationary items. I love that you can choose your theme each month.” – Katie

About the Box: A stationery addiction or scrapbooking passion is about so much more than snazzy paper, as any STICKII subscriber will tell you! This monthly delivery is focused on stickers for doing a little DIY decorating of cards and packages, sure, but really of anything you want. Each pack includes 6 sticker sheets, 1 bag of sticker flakes, and 1-2 small stationery items such as cute notecards or tiny envelopes. Paper crafts, here you come!

Check out our STICKII CLUB reviews and STICKII CLUB details for more info. Ships to the US for $1.00, Canada for $1.75, and internationally for $2.50.

6. My Paper Box

Image via My Paper Box Cratejoy.

The Cost: $13 per month for the Mini box, $28 per month for the Grand box. Save with bi-monthly shipments. Subscribe here!

About the Box: There’s an extra-special touch to the paper goods in the My Paper Box stationery subscription: they’re all personalized! The Mini subscription sends 3 personalized notepads every month, while the Grand box includes personalized notepads, cards, planners, and more. Each monthly or bi-monthly delivery features a new theme, so you can fill your life with paper goods that have an intimate touch. Added bonus: years down the line, your pen pal will know exactly who sent them that special note!

Check out our My Paper Box reviews and our My Paper Box details for more info. Ships worldwide. Free US shipping for the Grand box.

7. Papergang

The Cost: Approximately $19.23 per month (£14) + shipping. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Buy a 3-month subscription and save 50% off your first box! No coupon needed – just use this link.

About the Box: Papergang is a stationery box by UK brand Ohh Deer. Each month’s box exterior and contents alike are designed by a different artist, and never fail to be extremely fun, colorful, and quirky. With each box purchased, Papergang donates to environmental charity Tree Aid. They also frequently pair up with other conservation efforts relevant to the theme of that month’s illustrations. Expect high-quality notebooks, washi tape, sticker sheets, desk supplies, paper clips, writing utensils, and more.

Check out all of our Papergang reviews and our Papergang details to learn more. Ships to the UK for free, the US for £4.95, and other countries. Click here to see the list + shipping rates.

8. Confetti Collection

Image via Confetti Collection.

The Cost: $19.99 per month. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“I like the variety in Confetti box for the price.” – JodyE

“Great value and variety!” – Sheri

About the Box: Confetti Collection is a subscription box that sends 8+ coordinated stationery and lifestyle items that can be gifted or kept for yourself! Featuring pens, file folders, trinkets, note cards, mugs, pens, party supplies, and more in each box, this box invites subscribers to celebrate their everyday and share that joy with others. We love the different themes that each box contains—often they’re simply thematic colors or patterns, but all are extra-fun.

Check out our Confetti Collection details to learn more. Ships to the US only for $5.

9. Busy Bee Stationery

The Cost: $39.90 per month. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MSA20 to save 20% off your first box!

About the Box: The Busy Bee Stationery box is one of the best subscription boxes for all the scrapbookers, card-makers, journalers, and general crafty folk out there. Each month you’ll receive 5-10 items to add a little creativity to your planning and crafting ventures. Often there’s a theme, and there’s always a great variety of paper goods, stickers, pens and pencils, and beyond.

Check out our Busy Bee Stationery reviews and our Busy Bee Stationery details for more info. Ships to the US for free, Canada for $7.50, and worldwide for $12.50.

10. Postmark’d Studio PostBox

Image from our review.

The Cost: $25 per month. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MSAFS or MSA404ME to get free shipping on your first box (MSAFS) or save $10 off your first box with a 3-month subscription (MSA404ME).

About the Box: Postmark’d Studio‘s monthly PostBox is filled with a curated collection of greeting cards, postcards, artful accessories, and beautiful paper products, which is exciting as it is—but it also contains vintage postage to mail everything in the envelope. Now that’s great motivation to send snail mail to your pals, isn’t it?

Check out our Postmark’d Studio reviews and Postmark’d Studio PostBox details to learn more. Ships to the US ($5.00), Canada ($11.00), and 41 international countries ($17.00).

11. Nicely Noted

The Cost: $20 per month. Save with an annual subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code NICE20 to save 20% off your first box!

About the Box: Nicely Noted is a simple subscription box, sending a monthly delivery of three greeting cards along with postage to send them. Spanning categories such as birthday, thank you, congratulations, and blank, the letterpress cards included are contemporary and cute! We think this straightforward stationery box would make the perfect gift for that friend who loves to send mail.

Check out our Nicely Noted reviews and our Nicely Noted details for more info. Ships to the US for free, Canada, UK, and EU at varying rates.

12. Pipsticks

Image from our review.

The Cost: $11.95 per month for the Petite Pack, $17.95 per month for the Classic Pack. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code FRIENDSROCK to get $5 off your subscription!

What Our Readers Say:

“Best sticker quality hands down.” – MSA Reader

About the Box: Pipsticks is a sticker subscription that aims to put smiles on faces—and totally succeeds! You can choose to receive 7 sticker sheets per month with their Petite subscription, or 15 sheets per month with the Classic tier. You also have your choice of Kids or Pro clubs, although, really, everyone can enjoy ’em all! This is fun: Pipsticks also has a printables subscription for $4.95 each month!

Check out our Pipsticks reviews and Pipsticks details to learn more! Ships to the U.S. for free, Canada for $2, and internationally for $3.


13. Goldmine and Coco’s Treasure Chest

Image via Goldmine & Coco’s Instagram Page.

The Cost: $45 per month + $9 shipping for Treasure Chest, $35 per quarter + $5 shipping for Pey-Pey’s Way. Sign up here!

What Our Readers Say:

“These subscriptions are hands down the best in the stationery industry. Felicia definitely goes above and beyond and gives you value and special surprises in each box!” – Brittney

“Value, quality, creativity, and usefulness of items.” – Nika

About the Box: Goldmine and Coco is a Black-owned online stationery shop that also offers a monthly subscription called Treasure Chest, as well. as a quarterly subscription called Pey-Pey’s Way (after the do-it-all character, Peyton, that founder Felicia created inspired by her own amazing self). Look forward to planners, office accessories, and lifestyle products that will help you organize and visualize your fiercest goals—so that you can then go and achieve them, of course! Each monthly box will come curated with 6-8 stationery and paper good items that may include notepads, planner inserts, sticky notes, washi tape, divided, printed paper, sticker sheets, while quarterly boxes send 10 full-size sampler sheets and 1 lifestyle item.

COVID-19 Note from Goldmine & Coco:


At this time, we are only offering shop credits for missing or replacement items. USPS has been delivering packages up to six weeks after they have been shipped from our facility. Please [bear] with us as we navigate this difficult time. For hassle-free shipping, choose Fedex.

Ships to the US.


14. The Stationery Selection

The Cost: $34.95 per month. Subscribe here!

About the Box: If you’re on the up and up with Japanese stationery brands, you’ll recognize the names sent in the Stationery Selection sub! Or, maybe you’re just a stationery-lover looking to explore interesting goodies, in which case, get ready to receive office items such as pens, washi tape, stickers, and other desk-centric doodads. One-time purchases of past boxes are available for $39.95!

Check out our Stationery Selection reviews and Stationery Selection details for more info. Ships worldwide ($10-$13 to the U.S., depending on where you live).

15. SCRIBEdelivery

Image via the SCRIBEdelivery Cratejoy page.

The Cost: $29 per month. Sign up here!

About the Box: SCRIBEdelivery is a great way for the organized individual to stock up on all the office goodies their heart desires. Each month’s subscription will come with a notebook and a pen, plus high-quality extras to round out your desk’s stickies and such.

Check out our SCRIBEdelivery reviews and SCRIBEdelivery details to learn more! Ships worldwide for free.

That does it for the best stationery subscriptions of 2021! Which one caught your eye?

13 Best Stationery Picks – Pretty Notecards and Letter Paper 2020

Brian Woodcock

There are few things more personal or moving than receiving a handwritten thank-you note. In the era of everything being digital, virtual, and immediate, the charm of a letter that a friend took the time to sit down and write by hand feels somewhat like an anomaly—and something to be treasured. Whether it’s a thank you to a host or just a note to let someone know you are thinking of them, here are the most elegant and lovely stationery designs for sending out your writings in style.

View Gallery

13 Photos

1 of 13

Larkspur & Hawk x Dempsey & Carroll Cards

Larkspur & Hawk

The fanciful and whimsical garden scene decorating the liner of these correspondence cards is absolutely transporting. 

2 of 13

Estate Stationery


Stationery designed in Charleston that pays homage to your home—thanks to a charming, personalized illustration—is a must-have by Dulles Design.

3 of 13

Zebra Notelets


A zebra engraved in black and gold within a plate mark makes this 10-piece notecard set a playful option for dropping a line to a friend.  

4 of 13

Catalina Cards


A Crane liner in brilliant shades of blue and green that mimic the decorative flourishes of Florentine makes for a sophisticated and stylish set.

5 of 13

Gold Rosette Notes

Mrs. John L. Strong

We love the chic look of these simple rosette note cards, complete with envelopes that are lined with deep purple tissue.  

6 of 13

Sun Correspondence Cards

Mount Street Printers

This sunny stationery set is a must for summertime letter-writing and is always a happy way to drop a note to a friend or loved one.

7 of 13

Joy Stationery

Sugar Paper

This personalized stationery is printed by hand with gold foil on vintage machinery, making it a true work of art for your desk drawers.  

8 of 13

Racy Notecards

Dear Annabelle

Simple yet stylish, these note cards’ curvy, 1960s-esque lettering was inspired by Brigitte Bardot and her bombshell style. 

9 of 13

Laurel Leaf Crest Border Notecard

Dogwood Hill

A burgundy border and simple laurel leaf crest make this set a memorable way to keep in touch with an acquaintance or dear friend. 

10 of 13

Midnight Thank You Notes


Limited-edition Nancy Sharon Collins notes in cotton museum board that are hand-engraved in silver ink are a handsome way to say “thank you.”

11 of 13

Animal Custom Stationery

Loulou Baker

Talk about a card with personality! This chic animal-inspired design takes this note card set to the top of our list.  

12 of 13

Blueberry Bramble Stationery Set

Stephanie Fishwick

The perfect antidote to gray days, this note card featuring a gorgeous cascading border of wildflowers and blueberries in vivid colors is sure to cheer up any recipient. 

13 of 13

Sunshine Postcards

Under the Sunlight


Add a little sunshine to someone’s day with these hand-painted postcards from Under the Sunlight. 

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90,000 pens, ink, ink, paper, pen holders

Calligraphy is a beautiful writing style and a form of fine art that consists in the artistic design of letters and numbers, which look like individual characters or whole texts. In our store you can buy goods for calligraphy, and for this we have a whole “calligraphy” section on our website. In it you will find:

  • Calligraphy paper
  • Calligraphy pens
  • Calligraphy pens
  • Ink and ink for calligraphy and refills with ink and for pens

Calligraphy paper

When you need to understand calligraphy that paper for training will take a lot.However, this does not mean that you need to choose plain or office paper. The fact is that on it you will not be able to achieve the desired progress – ink and ink behave unpredictably on it: they spread, you cannot control the thickness of the lines, the paper can take a wavy shape due to the amount of moisture or repel the ink. Therefore, to begin with, you should nevertheless choose a paper suitable for calligraphy, simply, perhaps not the most high-profile. The optimal student paper thickness is from 90 to 120 g / m2.This thickness may not seem too large to you, but the fact is that during training you will most likely need to put a lined copy under the sheet so that the letters are written in even lines and do not “move” along the sheet. An accurate understanding of whether paper is right for you can only be given by the practice of writing on it. All artists work in different techniques, different ink and ink, to find “your” paper you need experience. When you have reached a new level of writing and already understand that you can try yourself on more serious paper, it is recommended to take paper with a thickness of 200 g / m2 made of cotton, smooth and even – the smoother the paper, the less texture and lack of relief, the it will be better to walk the surface of the feather on it, without clinging to anything.Paper that is not suitable for calligraphy:

  • Glossy and laminated paper – it is clear that ink and ink simply will not absorb into its surface and will rub off if you do not write with a permanent base.
  • Paper coated with gelatin
  • Textured, uneven paper
  • Paper with a coated surface – it is printed on by printers and it is not suitable for calligraphy The color of the paper can be any: white, ivory, bright or not very colors.Experiment with paper colors and ink colors! What calligraphy paper can be bought in Art-Kvartal? Almost all reputable manufacturers. In our store, the assortment is selected in such a way that the artist chooses only among high-quality materials that have proven themselves in the creative community.

In the Art Quarter you can buy paper: Lana, Daler Rowney, Hahnemuhle and others. Calligraphy nibs Calligraphy nibs vary from thinnest to thickest and have different names, for example:

  1. Extra Fine (EEF, UEF, XXF), Extra Fine (EF, XF), Thin (F ), Medium (M), Wide (B).Extra-wide (EB), Extra-extra-wide (EEB), Oblique (OF, OM, OB), Cursive (IF, IM, IB), Truncated (Stub), Musical (Music).
  2. Or the pens have numbers: from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 including half sizes: 1.5 or 2, 5, etc.
  3. Sizes of poster pens: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15 The shape of the pens can also be different, and allow the writer to achieve different shapes and styles of lines and dots:
  4. Round hand (“Caroline Minuscule”) nib – the classic version of the pen, suitable for learning calligraphy
  5. Drafting pen with a small reservoir for ink accumulation – as you write, gives ink to paper
  6. Poster nibs with a wide nib – Scroll nib – double nib, creating two parallel lines at the same time when writing.
  7. Round nib nibs – Ornamental nib – Pointed nibs Drawing nib and Mapping nib – Fine nib nibs – Flexible nibs
  8. Scratching nib
  9. School nibs
  10. Universal nib or asterisk as it is also called Basic materials making calligraphy pens: bronze, steel, plastic, glass, wood and other materials. Perhaps, at the moment, one of the most popular materials for making feathers is bronze.

Pen holders. In addition to feathers, our store also sells their holders. The holders are straight and angled or oblique. The first is more suitable for vertical lettering, and oblique for mixed styles. A suitable holder can be selected by practice.

Calligraphy pens.

Calligraphy pens have a number of advantages:

  • Typically refilled with ink cartridges, they will last a long time.
  • The pen is elegant and aesthetically pleasing
  • The pen makes the writing process cleaner in the literal sense – excess ink and ink will not spill
  • The pen is convenient in terms of volume and regularity of ink supply Ink and ink for calligraphy.The classic calligraphy ink is black. There are also colored mascaras. Most often, ink is liquid, but it also happens in dry form in tiles or pressed sticks.

There are different types of mascara:

  • One of the most popular is waterproof Indian mascara, which consists of soot in a shellac solution. – Water mascara – consists of soot dissolved in glue, so the mascara has an average water resistance.
  • Acrylic ink – a colorful pigment dissolved in a polymer – is an acrylic paint adapted for calligraphy and having the consistency and other properties of ink.
  • Polymer, latex ink is one of the most persistent ink, it is precisely this ink that artists use with watercolors to draw outlines. Good mascara – it does not have extra hard sprinkles, pellets, does not exfoliate and does not fade over time. Other calligraphy tools. In addition to ink and calligraphy pens, there are other writing tools such as markers, liners, and brush-heads. They can also be used for artistic writing. – Markers are watercolor, acrylic, chalk, oil and, of course, alcohol of various thicknesses.- Liners and capillary pens – pens with thin rods of various thicknesses, black and colored – Felt-tip pens and brush pens – have a fine tip and a fairly large palette of colors. Go to Calligraphy section

The best notebook for graphics. Overview.

Graphic paper is essential. Suitable for watercolors are cotton and dense, withstand water and pigment. For pastels – textured color, emery zero gives an unexpected effect. Smooth paper is good for liner and nib.Especially the fountain pen feels paper, glides on it easily and beautifully.

I found the perfect pen for myself and took care of finding the perfect paper. I needed a notebook. For drawing and writing, for planning things, for taking notes, for travel sketches, for various needs. How can I do with one? I took a few to test and went over all with a fine EF fountain pen.

in the photo there was a pencil and a liner of a copy of 0.05 – they did not think it over. All illustrations for review in notebooks are made with PLATINUM Pen Century gold pen without pencil sketch.On a sheet of Goznak paper, the drawing was made with a 0.1 liner, a pencil and a copy are superfluous here, they did not participate in this experiment.

The following notebooks took part in the review:

  • Moleskine series “Le Petit Prince” (acid-free paper, 70 gsm.)
  • Leuchtturm1917 (180 gsm white paper)
  • Peak Sketchbook (160gsm cream-colored paper)
  • Voodoo Books Krafty You (120 gsm ivory paper)m.)
  • Clairefontaine Age Bag Notebook (90gsm white acid-free paper)
  • Ogami Professional (white stone REPAP paper 140 g / m2)

For testing, I chose a drawing by the wonderful artist Andrew White and made the same sketch in each notebook. So:

1. Moleskine

Moleskine was my first sketchbook, I won it in the Moleskine brand store on Pokrovka in the fall and managed to study it better than others.”Le Petit Prince” (Little Prince) – a special series, not intended for drawing, it has standard Moleskin paper, very high quality, the leaves are thin and slightly translucent, the paper weight is only 70g / sq., Moleskin also has drawing pads with thick paper. It is a pleasure to write and draw in moleskine.

The pen glides pleasantly on the paper, the ink does not spread, the only difference from the special drawing Moleskin notebook is that the pages are slightly translucent:


Letrum I have just drawing, unlike the yellowish moleskin, the paper is completely white, opaque, the density of the sheets is 180 g / sq.m.

The paper in this album is looser and is best suited for a pencil; the pen does not fly over it easily and silently. In this album, it is comfortable to work with liners, but the pen can get clogged over time. Liner shaded the grass in the foreground:

I will put a liner here for figurativeness, as a sign that this paper is more suitable for a liner:

3.Peak Sketchbook

Peak – booklets with thick paper of a beautiful shade of the color of baked milk, paper weight 160 g / m2. They are made in St. Petersburg in batches to order, literally by hand – they are typed, cut, sewn. Hand-cut is reflected at the edge of the pages, the edges come across. There are no fillets. I was pleased with the cover made of unbleached gray cardboard 2.5 mm thick, such a notebook will not wrinkle in your pocket. For some reason, the cover of the Swiss mountain Matterhorn, such is the symbol of this Russian paper.

The paper is not at all for a pen. This notebook and the next one (No. 4, also made in Russia) are not suitable for a thin fountain pen. Liner – excellent, pencil – great, felt-tip pens are probably also good (you will have to try), but not a thin graceful nib, it will quickly clog. The pen was grunting and stumbling over the paper with some effort. Pen paper is too loose. But the color is delicious:

next to moleskin, which is actually also tinted, not white:

And here I also put a sheet of Goznak paper, on it the same sketch, but made with a liner.Compare paper shades:

4. Voodoo Books Krafty You

Very similar to the previous version. Collect notebooks in Rostov-on-Don. Complete minimalism – the cover is made of kraft paper, the inner sheets of ivory have a density of 120 g / m2. position themselves as an environmentally friendly option, everything is natural.

just like # 3 – not fine pen paper. In these two types of notebooks, you can draw with several types of graphic tools, in the collections there are options with several colors of paper at the same time, which is good for some types of graphics, but the paper is too loose for a pen.

5. Clairefontaine Age Bag Notebook

This is the perfect pen paper, for fine nibs: white, smooth!

Japanese nib glides on French paper flawlessly. It does not cling anywhere, it goes smoothly and clearly. Acid-free paper has a density of 90 g / m2, paired with moleskin, which has a density of 70 g / m2. makes it clear that the best paper for pen graphics does not have to be heavy. But it must be smooth!

Klerfontaine’s albums of this series in Russia are presented only in A4 format.I usually use 2 times smaller ones, they are convenient to take with me. But for detailed rendering, a large one is useful. And it is more convenient to study in it. For comparison: green – A4 + letrum; blue – Clairefontaine A4:

It is not easy to buy them from us, they are brought in – they are immediately sold out. Olga Rubtsova, a wonderful graphic artist, recommended this album to me. You can buy such an album at There is a large selection of notebooks.

In a word, Clairfontaine fully satisfied my request.The drawing is clear, the paper is dazzling white. This is the most suitable option for a thin fountain pen, one “but” – a large format, it is not convenient to carry with you.

6. Ogami Professional

For dessert, we have an amazing piece – REPAP stone paper with a density of 140 g / sq.m. Ogami are the first notebooks made of stone paper. It is considered to be very environmentally friendly. not a single tree was damaged. But how is it stone paper?

Repap is 80% calcium carbonate (CaCO) and 20% non-toxic resins and polymers.Limestone is mined, processed, crushed to a fine powder, and then special resins and polymers are added to it. The production does not use harmful chemicals that are used to bleach wood paper.

The resulting paper has high strength, moisture-proof properties, it is white and extremely smooth. Perfect smoothness for the pen. This paper surprised me. Firstly, by my origin, I was glad for the saved trees, and secondly, by how the handle behaved on the surface of the stone leaf.The line felt thicker to me than in other notebooks. The picture is brighter, more contrasting. Apparently “plastic” does not absorb ink at all, leaves it completely on the surface, and wood paper takes some of it into itself. An unusual option.

Ogami is an Italian brand, like Moleskine, and is also in the expensive price range. This is a very high quality product. In Ogami, I liked the covers. I chose turquoise for its beautiful color:

The leaves are slightly translucent.

I bought a curiosity for testing, it is very small, but it fits in a pocket:

Ogami in this photo is the topmost:

I have not finished my experiment with this notebook, I will write about it yet. I will try it differently before buying a larger format.

I feel the REPAP stone paper OGAMI fits a fine fountain pen just as beautifully as the Clairefontaine Age Bag, but with its own characteristics.These two notebooks share the primacy between themselves. In second place is the good old Moleskine.

The most budgetary of the three is Clairefontaine. In foreign stores, it can be found in the A5 format. Two Italians in Russia are presented in different formats. All three notebooks are of excellent quality. Nice to deal with them. Of course, there are a huge number of interesting notebooks for graphics, I tried some, but they were not included in this review. If there is time, I will supplement it.

I hope the information will be useful, I wish to make a good choice!

90,000 what to do if ink bleeds

A beautiful inscription can turn into a complete failure in a matter of an instant.But don’t panic – everyone, literally EVERY calligrapher has come across this. Here are 5 tips from the cool blog The Postman Knock, on how to fix the ink bleed problem.

1. Prevention

By far the best way to deal with current calligraphy ink is to prevent it right away. Make sure you are using compatible paper and ink. Calligraphy paper must be smooth and high quality, and the ink must be special.

Note: Most inks indicate their intended use as a calligraphy pen or a regular fountain pen. Fountain pen ink can be used in calligraphy, but only with using a thickener!

If you are working with envelopes provided by a client, convince them to order some samples for testing. It’s easier to order a few extra samples than to screw up a whole batch of envelopes!

2.Add gum arabic to your ink

Let’s say you decide to use a specific paper and specific ink. You put your pen on paper – and after a few seconds you find that the ink is spreading. Don’t despair: take gum arabic (gum arabic) instead!

It is sold in both liquid and solid state. I usually use liquid, but I’ve worked great with solid before.

Pour some of the ink halfway into a small container (photo below).Use a tiny spoon (like 1/8 teaspoon) to add a little gum arabic to the ink. Add one micro tray – check if ink is flowing – if yes, add another one. Continue until you get the result. I most often get proportions of about 50/50.

In the photo below, gum arabic has been added to the purple fountain pen ink. Although much less common than calligraphy inks, the results are amazing with a thickener!

Important: gum arabic darkens the ink.Therefore, achieve the desired density and only then correct the shade.

3. Use fixing matt spray

If using gum arabic is not an option for you, try spraying matte fixer ( not Workable Fixatif) onto the paper. You need to do this BEFORE , as you start to work. You can check the effect on an inconspicuous area or an unnecessary piece of paper. Dip a calligraphy nib into your ink and try how it fits onto the treated surface.

Spraying the fixative onto the paper creates a non-absorbent layer on the surface of the paper. In the photo below, you can see that the sheet of paper on the left was not covered with the fixative, so the ink was slightly blurred around the edges. The paper on the right has been sprayed with fixative, and the calligraphy has nice smooth touches.

The disadvantage of this method is that the retainer makes the paper feel coarser and rougher. this may be noticeable if you use the tab on the front rather than the back of the envelopes.Another disadvantage: the vertical lines on the processed paper become slightly thicker. This must be taken into account when working.

4. Use gouache instead of ink

If you can choose what to write with, try using calligraphy gouache instead of ink. For example, you decide to create cards with a name. And you will find that the ink is not quite suitable for this – on the left we see exactly that (I used Winsor & Newton ink). But on the right is already brown gouache – the result is obvious.

5. Use faux calligraphy

If you already know that the paper you will be using will not work well with ink, you can always use a technique such as faux calligraphy (faux – fake, artificial). This technique is a good option as you don’t have to fiddle with gum arabic, fixative, or gouache. Instead, you grab a regular pen and write!

The disadvantage of this technique is that it is time consuming.If you need to make one postcard, that’s okay. But if you have to work with 30 envelopes, this can be problematic (and very long).

Finding your calligraphy flawed is always awful. But hopefully this post will help you solve all the problems! Good luck and excellent work.

If you want to create the same amazing work, in “ Sey-Hai Knowledge” you will find useful calligraphy lessons.

Read also:

7 mistakes of a freelance calligrapher and artist

Tips for calligraphers: how to store work accessories

Cyrillic calligraphy: illuminating the text with gilding

90,000 5 best papers for printer

Updated: 23.04.2021 15:30:00

* Review of the best according to the editorial board of On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Not always everything depends on the capabilities of printers and copiers. Often it is the correct choice of paper for the printer that guarantees high-quality and expected results. It differs in several parameters that you need to know before buying.

  1. According to the class , paper is divided into three types: A, B and C. This parameter is complex and includes the main indicators that we will present below. Category A is the highest grade of paper. It can be used on any sophisticated high-tech equipment. Grade B paper is characterized by lower quality indicators. Class C has the most affordable cost, and often it is enough for daily office work. Also, for especially important and valuable documents, they produce paper of the highest category – A +.
  2. The standard format for many devices is A4. This is the most demanded paper, the sheet size of which is 297 * 210 mm.
  3. Paper differs in the raw materials used in production. The highest quality composition is 100% cellulose. Wood pulp paper is considered the most economical, but it is not of high quality either.
  4. The density of is measured in grams per square meter. The optimal parameter for printers and copiers is 80 g / sq.m. Lighter weight can lead to paper wrinkles and jams, and as a result – to malfunction of office equipment. The instructions for all devices indicate the recommended value of this criterion. Strictly adhering to it, you can be sure of high-quality and problem-free printing.
  5. The brightness of the paper determines the contrast between the sheet and the printed font. The higher the brightness, the better the image is perceived by the eye. The lower it is, the grayer the paper appears.
  6. Transparency is characterized by the ability to transmit light through paper without scattering.With a small parameter, the printed font can show through, which is absolutely unacceptable if you need to print on both sides.
  7. Non-clogging is an important criterion that helps to keep office equipment in good working order. Dust particles from the paper are hammered into the mechanisms, which leads to breakage. Special paper coatings will prevent such consequences, so their presence in the composition is encouraged.
  8. Poor smoothness may cause paper jams and poor image quality.

Our experts from the variety of presented types of paper were able to select the best ones that are compatible with all types of equipment: printers and copiers, as well as suitable for various office work. We invite our readers to familiarize themselves with this list.

Best Printer Paper Rating

Svetocopy 500 sheets, A4. 000877

Rating: 4.9

Svetocopy is the undoubted leader of our rating.According to independent research, it is she who is most often called in surveys and tests. Office paper is versatile. It is suitable for any model of printers and copiers, regardless of their parameters. A4 sheet corresponds to the size of 29.7 * 21.0 cm. All indicators are optimally balanced, so the paper is suitable for daily office work in all types of institutions, as well as for home use.

The color of the paper is white. Thanks to its high brightness (95%), the maximum contrast between paper and type is created and the perception of the eye is improved.Density – 80 g / sq. m. Paper with such an indicator does not jam or wrinkle, the quality of the printed text or drawings will be quite high.

The budget price makes its use economically profitable, which attracts more and more buyers. According to reviews, the product really has the optimal ratio of all parameters for using it in simple and more complex devices. Many, having tried it in practice once, very rarely refuse to use it later.

  • for all types of printers and copiers;
  • optimal density for office work;
  • contrast between text and paper;
  • high indicators of brightness and uniformity;
  • affordable cost.
  • not found.

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Ballet Premier 500 A4 sheets

Rating: 4.eight

The second place in the rating was given to paper of the Ballet brand, created especially for especially important and significant documents. It is used for printing dissertations, reports, color graphs, valuable letters. The increased quality ensures the clarity of the image on black and white and color printers, copiers. Premier is made from regenerated woods without chlorine bleaching. Therefore, it is considered environmentally friendly and harmless to the health of office workers.

Ballet is created using the unique ColorLok technology, which has undoubted advantages over other methods. Ink dries faster to prevent smudging and smudging. Brightness and contrast are improved by 25%. Black is more saturated in relation to the rest of the shades. Paper weight – 80.

Users have highlighted the clarity of the resulting image, good color rendition, increased whiteness. The paper does not interfere with the operation of printers and copiers, does not jam in them.Ballet Premier is the clear choice for guaranteed quality.

  • for important and valuable documents;
  • super smooth surface;
  • ink dries 2.5 times faster;
  • environmental safety;
  • use in all kinds of devices;
  • increase in color contrast.
  • not found.

Snegurochka 500 sheets, A4

Rating: 4.7

The third place in the rating is occupied by another product popular among Russian users, which combines high quality and low cost. Due to these properties, paper is widely used in public and private institutions, as well as at home. It has the required ISO specification standards. Density 80 g / sq. m allows you to safely use it to work with all types of printers and copiers.

“Snow Maiden” reduces toner consumption and increases the service life of the units, thanks to a polymer coating that reduces the formation of dust particles. The coated paper has a matte surface. The images are crisp. The printed text in black ink contrasts well with the whiteness of the sheet.

According to reviews, the paper has a high level of opacity. It is compatible with all devices, durable, does not tear or wrinkles. It can be used for various types of work: printing texts and images, copying them, as well as for other office work.Many noted that the low price became the decisive argument for the purchase, but after trying it once, its quality was also confirmed.

  • for any type of work;
  • anti-dust coating;
  • optimal density;
  • high degree of whiteness;
  • budget price.
  • not found.

Canon Yellow Label 6821B001, 500 sheets, A4

Rating: 4.7

Yellow Label belongs to class A +, which corresponds to the highest quality level. For production, 100% cellulose is used, elemental chlorine is not involved in bleaching, which makes it absolutely safe for constant use in the office and at home. The paper is compatible with any copier and printer, suitable for high-speed and two-sided printing of images, suitable for long-term archival storage.

Density – 80.A high degree of whiteness creates a contrast with a printed type or image, which is rich and vibrant. The paper meets the requirements of ISO standards. The smooth surface and high impermeability make it versatile to use.

According to users, the paper is multifunctional, suitable for daily work in large volumes. It reduces toner consumption and does not worsen the condition of office equipment, but on the contrary, prolongs its service life, does not create problems during use: it does not wrinkle, does not get stuck.Those who have chosen this Canon product advise everyone to test its quality and verify the properties described above.

  • environmentally friendly product;
  • whiteness level;
  • for all kinds of devices and types of printing;
  • quality raw materials;
  • is suitable for archival storage.
  • not found.

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Xerox Performer A4 500 Sheets

Rating: 4.6

Our rating closes with paper, which is not only designed to work with Xerox office equipment, but also any devices of other brands. The Performer is the best choice for large volumes of documents, which is why it is the choice for a variety of different institutions. It does not contain resin and chlorine gas, therefore it is safe for others.

The quality of the paper is checked more than once during production, and additional control takes place at the final stage. The density indicator is 80 g / sq. m. This parameter, together with the thickness, makes it resistant to tears, it does not jam, does not create any problems during operation. The matte surface helps to avoid fatigue when reading large amounts of text.

Users noted the optimal combination of all parameters, which makes the paper versatile in use.It is suitable for both simple devices and more complex ones. Despite the class C, it does not differ from the higher level securities. The low price makes it affordable and cost effective, which is why many opt for the Xerox Performer.

  • is suitable for any daily work;
  • high opacity;
  • for all types of office equipment;
  • does not contain harmful substances;
  • budget price.
  • not found.

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Total votes: 1, rating: 1

Attention! This rating is subjective, does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.90,000 How to choose drawing paper?

The quality of the paper often determines the result – drawing, calligraphy, writing. Of course, expensive paper will not add skill to a novice artist, but it will definitely bring pleasure.

To understand the importance of the choice of materials, aspiring artists are often asked to experiment with watercolors on office paper. The result is obvious: the paper first gets completely wet, then curls, and the paint spreads uncontrollably.“Probably, it’s a matter of density, and the quality is not right,” the experimenter vaguely guesses. What is hidden behind the serious word “quality” – let’s try to lift the veil.

Density is indeed one of the main characteristics of paper. The one on which we print and “xerim” has an indicator of 80 g / m2 (gram per square meter). Newsprint is characterized by a low density – 45-60 g / m2, cardboard – increased (on average 250-300 g / m2), while standard business cards are a little short of cardboard, having an indicator of 200-250 g / m2.By the way, the density of the aforementioned watercolor paper can reach 850 g / m2.

Density is directly related to transparency – the ability to transmit light, while whiteness is responsible for how effectively the sheet reflects light. Whiteness is also measured as a percentage, ranging from 60% to 98% on average. The higher the whiteness, the clearer the picture. Simple physics goes on to explain how and why this or that paper behaves. For example, glossy creates glare due to the fact that a large amount of incident light is reflected specularly – the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection, while matte hides the property of predominantly diffuse reflection of light, as if scattering it in different directions.In general, glossy is best used in cases where you need to achieve contrast and saturation of colors of large color spots, and matte – when details are important. Smoothness and grain are next to these two antipode qualities, but they work in a slightly different way: on smooth paper, small strokes of detailed drawings are more clearly visible, while texture gives the image volume and expression.

The paper can also be coated with wax (waxed), special paste (for example, coated), or polymer – for example, colored – film.It can be embossed – a relief pattern, or be made by hand, which provides high density, texture, uneven edges, which means uniqueness and, as a result, great pleasure from use. Craft, or wrapping, paper also has its adherents. It is quite durable, rough, usually brown in color. Due to its texture, it is well suited for working with charcoal, pencil and pastels.

Paper can be made with the addition of various fibers – cashmere, flannel, cotton, while an example of natural and minimally processed paper is blotting paper – pressed to a small extent, consisting of almost 100% pure cellulose fibers.Its properties are explained by the same school physics: the excess ink is quickly absorbed due to the fact that it rises through numerous small capillaries.


Any specialist will say that there is no exact recipe for choosing paper – you need to try and look for your own. It’s like a violinist’s instrument or dancer’s shoes. However, general guidelines do exist. If we talk about good paper for professional painting, then it is best to choose thick paper – 200-300 g / m2.Often, sheets are sold fixed in special glues, which makes it unnecessary to pull the sheet onto a stretcher every time. Correct watercolor paper has a high whiteness, even with a bluish tint. It is quite smooth, albeit grainy. The most common and proven texture is called “torchon”, which is characterized by a uniform uneven surface, however, the same as the less popular “eggshell”. An important quality of good watercolor paper is the cotton content.Some manufacturers use 100% cotton. This distinguishes Arches, being the undisputed leader among connoisseurs and connoisseurs of quality paper. In the same row are Hahnemuhle, Fabriano, Cornwall, Bockingford, Daler Rowney, Cotman and many others. By and large, all the advice on which manufacturer to choose boils down to a common conclusion – domestic manufacturers can hardly offer professionals worthy alternatives to Western paper.

If we talk about the creative quests of beginners, as well as regular painting classes, then experienced artists are advised to turn to whatman paper – it is much cheaper and is quite suitable for exercises in skill.Before using it, you can check it with an eraser: the top layer must be resistant to the mechanical impact of the rubber band. In addition, the paper should not roll when trying to remove the layer of applied paint, and also not be taken with spots and stains when water gets on it. However, these qualities will be revealed already in the work. In order not to get into a mess, it is recommended not to buy a large amount of the same type of paper at once.

Pencil and ink

As in the previous case, special requirements are imposed on paper.A quality blitz can also be performed using the eraser described above. Matte coated paper is ideal for pencil drawing. This “beast” is very rare, does not like an eraser and requires a blade. By and large, high-quality watercolor paper, with a density of 200 g / m2, or even less, will be good for pencil and ink. For regular classes, the same Whatman paper is suitable. The only requirement strictly imposed on paper in this case is its texture. Relief drawing is not always suitable for working with ink and pencil.If, for example, the paper has a grooved structure, then ink will collect in the depressions. Grain also affects color intensity, pigment appearance, and definition of strokes.


But pastel, on the contrary, requires texture. We are talking about colored soft crayons (pencils), which, when in contact with paper, should adhere well to the surface of the sheet. To do this, you can take special pastel paper, as well as textured watercolor paper.Since pastels like colored sheets – this way the color is more saturated – then a sheet of watercolor paper can be pre-filled with paint or ink. You can also paint with pastels on a pastel board made from cork chips, as well as on special emery paper or velvet paper. The latter is obtained by applying fibers to a paper base, resulting in a pile that imitates fabric.

Calligraphy and writing with pen

The main contraindication is thin paper.It is worth starting with 90 g / m2, and it is best to choose a density of 130 g / m2. Such paper will endure not only a pen, but also a marker, and a brush pen, and an ink liner. However, density is not everything. It is important that the paper is moderately smooth: not glossy, since the ink simply will not linger, but also not too textured, so that the pen does not scratch the surface and does not cling to the grooves. The main tip in choosing paper for fountain pen owners and calligraphy lovers is to choose with love. The paper should be looked at in the light, making sure that the texture is perfect, and you should also run your finger over it, assessing how pleasant it will be for your pen to slide on it.Likewise, experienced artists advise choosing ink: buy only those that you like so much in terms of smell and texture that you want to drink them. After all, love for work, backed up by high-quality materials, inevitably leads to success and pleasure from the lesson!

Which graphic paper is better

Beginning artists rarely think about which paper is better for drawing with a pencil, paints or pastels, and in the old fashioned way use ordinary A4 sheets to sketch a fashionable dress or still life.

And it’s true: a piece of any canvas is suitable for such tasks, from empty margins on a newspaper strip to a colored sticker. But if you are going to create a picture that will decorate the interior of a workshop, bedroom or study, it is important to figure out which paper for drawing with a pencil is better for the artist than another.

Main characteristics

One of the reasons why craftsmen sometimes do not pay due attention to the issue of assessment and selection of paper – they do not have enough time.Pencil drawing paper for artists is presented in various options, and you only need to choose one.

There are several main characteristics that are worth evaluating first of all in order to: a) save time; b) choose a high-quality basis for a sketch of fashionable clothes or a future picture drawn in pencil:

Density: as a rule, this indicator is indicated on the product card and indicates the weight of a paper sheet with an area of ​​1 square meter. For example, office paper has a weight of 80 gsm.m, and newspaper – 60 g / m2. The canvas intended for applying watercolors is considered the densest. Its density is 500 g / m2. A base with a density of 90 to 110 g / m2 is suitable for drawing with a pencil.

Grit: This is also often referred to as “texture”. There are two options – smooth and grainy. The first is suitable for drawings and sketches of equipment, a building plan, architectural objects, the second is for artistic sketches, since it gives the image volume and expressiveness.

Color: the whiter the leaf, the better. This principle applies not only to office paper, but also to canvases intended for creating sketches, sketches, sketches with pencils. This is the only way to get clear and bright lines.

In addition, if you are going to scan finished drawings, it is better to choose a completely white canvas so that the details of the picture are expressive even on a copy.

Finally, there is a fourth indicator, which does not relate to the characteristics of pencil drawing paper, but is used by artists to check its quality.It’s about working with an eraser.

If traces remain on the paper after you erased it with an eraser, and even worse – gaps, then it is better to refuse such an option right away. Otherwise, you will focus not on the final result, but on not damaging the paper. And even with careful handling of such a “delicate” base, stains, dents, traces of strong pressure on the pencil may remain on it, which will make the drawing less colorful.

Pencil drawing papers

Now a few words about which paper is better for drawing with a pencil – office or writing.These are the options that the masters use for sketches and sketches:

office: the main advantages of this option are ideal whiteness and smooth texture. The lines are clear and expressive. But there is one drawback – low density. Erasing the lines often will leave streaks and gaps on the paper. It also deforms easily. Working with such a canvas is suitable for experienced artists who make sketches with little or no correction. It is also a great option for scanning.

Writing: This is an option for beginners.She has an average level of density, a light yellow tint. It is comfortable enough for working with an eraser: when erasing lines made with strong pressure, you do not need to fear that cosmetic defects will remain on the paper. But keep in mind that it will not work for scanning: due to the yellowish tint, the details of the image on copies will turn out to be blurry.

Non-yellowing drawing paper for graphics: Made from cotton and cellulose, it has a grainy texture and a white tint. Paper weight – from 90 to 250 g / sq.m. It is easy to work with – it does not tear when you eliminate lines with an eraser, and does not wrinkle if you transfer paper without a structured folder.

Another plus of this option is the preservation of the original image. Non-yellowing drawing paper for graphics is suitable for both young artists and experienced painters.

The choice of pencil drawing paper depends on your skill level and your purchasing budget. The least expensive option is writing paper. You need to buy it if you are just mastering painting and are actively practicing making sketches with a pencil.

For painters who have gone through the preparatory stage, office paper or non-yellowing paper is suitable. But the price of these materials is much higher.

Overview of branded painting products

If you haven’t found a suitable drawing paper yet, take a look at the following samples. According to the artists, they are noteworthy and will be an excellent basis for sketches made in pencil:

Fabriano Academia: paper from a famous Italian brand is suitable for both beginners and craftsmen who have been painting for several years.The base is made of cotton and cellulose, has a white color and grainy texture, density – 200 g / m2. Does not wrinkle, does not deform after erasing lines with an eraser. Suitable for sketches, sketches, sketches;

Canson: the French manufacturer’s products will appeal to beginners. This is white paper, on which the pencil glides smoothly, and the lines are clear and expressive. The paper weight ranges from 125 to 224 gsm. By choosing the densest option, you can work on the sketch until it is perfect, and not be afraid that stains and other defects will appear on the basis of the eraser;

Daler Rowney: Albums from the British brand are praised by novices and seasoned painters alike.This paper has a white color and a fine-grained texture that is ideal for pencil sketches. The only drawback noted by the masters is the low density. This means that you will have to work with the eraser very carefully, and it is better to think several times before applying the next stroke to the sketch. Someone may consider this a great inconvenience and a serious obstacle to creativity.

This is not a complete list of products from foreign brands that can be used to hone craftsmanship.We encourage you to find and test various samples to find the paper that will make your creative experiments easier.

Purchase of pencil drawing paper

If you have not yet found a suitable paper for preparing sketches, sketches, sketches with a simple pencil, we recommend that you select samples in stationary stores. Here you can visually evaluate the color, density, texture of the paper and conduct a small test: draw a line with a pencil and erase it with an eraser. Pay attention: whether there are streaks, whether the top layer of the paper is damaged.If not, then the paper is of high quality and worth buying.

Take note of our tips, and the choice of paper for pencil drawings will be a fairly simple task.

The choice of materials in the visual arts is very important. After all, the result of the artist’s work depends on this. First of all, you need to choose the right drawing paper , which corresponds to a particular technique.

Graphic paper

Whatman paper is a good option for aspiring artists.This paper is versatile, has an almost smooth, even structure and sufficient density. Drawing paper should be selected in accordance with several basic criteria: composition, density, texture, absorbency (this is also important for pencil drawing).

So, one of the important properties of paper is the ability to absorb. More suitable for this indicator is paper with a density of 200 g / m2. For pencil sketches or sketches, you can afford options with a lower density.

By texture, paper is distinguished: fine-grained (“smooth grain” as a result of hot pressing), medium-grained (produced by the cold press method), and coarse-grained (“coarse grain”, Torshon).

The texture and grain of the paper determines many important qualities of the created design. First of all, this affects the general style of the work – coarse textured paper creates a sense of volumetricness of the image, in addition, the clearly manifested texture gives the drawing a special charm and style.

The texture also affects the clarity of the strokes. On smooth or almost smooth paper, small details can be easily worked out; on paper with a pronounced rough surface, this will turn out to be a difficult and unpromising task.

If the drawing is created with colored pencils, it should be borne in mind that on paper with different textures, the pigment may appear in different ways. As a result, colors will be brighter or duller.

The quality of paper is undoubtedly determined by its composition.In graphic paper, the important thing is the percentage of cellulose or cotton, neutral pH, no chlorine, and some others. Correctly selected pencil drawing paper , which meets all the above requirements, will not only give pleasure to the artist, but also allow him to fully demonstrate his talent and skill.

Watercolor paper

For painting with watercolors, there is a special paper with the same name – watercolors.Unlike regular paper, watercolor paper is designed to be wet. Watercolor is a water-soluble paint, and the coloring pigment in it is 99% water. Therefore, one of the important qualities of such paper is its ability to retain the properties of a paint pigment in a drawing and prevent the paint from fading over time.

As the French artist and author of the famous book Painting and its Means Jean Georges Viber wrote: “For watercolors, paper should have been made exclusively from rags with clean (linen) thread and should not be bleached by anything other than pure water, sun and air. ; but that rarely happens. “

Wieber wrote these lines in 1870, since then technology has made great strides, but even today real watercolor paper is made only from pure cotton, impregnated with gelatin, does not contain acids and has a natural whiteness without optical brighteners. The best high quality paper is only handcrafted and rejected.

But, of course, there is also a high-quality, high-quality, factory-made watercolor paper in large quantities. Today, organic cotton is certainly a part of good watercolor paper.The addition of cotton gives the paper the properties of a fabric – it absorbs water well, dries well, holds color and does not warp.

In order for watercolor paper to absorb moisture and pigments well and at the same time retain the strength and intensity of colors, the paper is glued, i.e. add special hydrophobic substances to the paper pulp or to the surface of an already finished sheet.

Also distinguish between types of watercolor paper by texture: smooth or textured. Like graphics, textured paper gives an optical three-dimensional effect.

Pastel and gouache paper

Pastel paper is usually very heavy, has an embossed surface and comes in a variety of colors. Pastels need a textured surface that has properties to retain pigment. On smooth paper, particles of material will simply slide off.

There are three most common types of paper for pastels: pastel board made from the smallest particles of cork; sandpaper in large sheets; velvet paper that has a velvety surface and allows you to soften pastel touches.These types of papers make erasing pastels nearly impossible.

Whatman is suitable for painting with gouache. Gouache is not as liquid paints as watercolor and the density of whatman paper will be quite enough.

Wouldn’t it be great to create masterpieces without trial and error on the best drawing paper? Start paying attention to what you are drawing on. The difference is that your work will either turn into a great, durable drawing, which is a pleasure to create, or into a painful struggle, which not everyone can win.

Various types of paper for artists

You are already seriously thinking about your creative work, but it may turn out that you do not have the right paper to create a masterpiece. You spend a lot of time trying different types of paper and think that you might want to buy quality paper.

Have you ever been in such a situation? If yes, then let’s continue. we have a lot to discuss.

There are so many varieties and shapes of paper that it can be confusing and difficult to find the right type.Especially if you buy paper over the Internet and do not have the opportunity to inspect the product and touch it.

It is also worth remembering that pencil drawing paper is unlikely to be suitable for charcoal sketches. Therefore, you probably need to buy several different types of paper if you are using different techniques when creating your drawings.

When choosing paper, you should remember 4 main characteristics of it :

In this article, we will consider my favorite and not most favorite types of paper, and you can choose the right type for you.

However, this requires a general understanding of the paper as a whole. So let’s take a look at a few important characteristics of paper.

Paper Size

Although you will most often buy paper in blocks, you can also buy single sheets. In any case, you must take into account the size of your future drawing.

It is a good idea to buy paper that is slightly larger than the size of the drawing. For example, you can leave the edges unpainted to frame the design. Such a “frame” will allow you to take your creation with your hands and not be afraid to spoil it.It also ensures that the paper does not wrinkle or wrinkle around the edges of the drawing, which is more likely to happen if you draw right on the edge of the paper.

For example, if you are planning a drawing of 23 x 30 cm, buy sheets of 28 x 35 cm and you can create a kind of “frame”!

Paper weight

There is a misconception that paper weight is a measure of thickness. The “thicker” the paper, the thicker it will be. American paper companies tried to gradually introduce a reasonable measure (grams per square meter), but this did not gain much popularity.These attempts were similar to the actions of the authorities, which are trying to force Americans to use the metric system of measurement. The idea was very good and logical, but it never got spread outside the scientific community. However, in Russia we find this unit of measure.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of ​​the different types of paper:

  • Printer paper : 70-80 g / m2
  • Drawing or drawing paper: 120-200 g / m2
  • Watercolor paper : 170-850 g / m2

Of course, these figures are not the only correct ones.There is a wide variety of paper weights, but it is usually worth choosing a heavier paper. Watercolor paper 850 g / m2 is a dream of any artist, however, such a dream is quite expensive! Go ahead!

Paper texture

Each type of paper for drawing has a texture, which artists abroad call “tooth” (which means “tooth”). The paper can range from ultra-smooth to perfectly rough. Which texture is best determined not only by the way you paint, but also by your own style and preferences.

Generally finely sharpened pencils (graphite or colored), pens and markers are more suitable for smooth paper, while charcoal will require rougher paper.


Anything you paint and plan to keep for years to come should be done on acid-free paper. Make sure the paper you are buying has this mark. Best quality drawing paper guaranteed! Manufacturers proudly declare that their paper is “acid-free” or “pH-neutral”.This will ensure that your artwork will not fade over time, will not turn yellow, and will not fall apart for years.

Best paper for pencils (graphite)

If you are using pencil drawing techniques, then you should choose a smoother paper. Such paper will allow you to apply strokes very accurately and, thereby, highlight the details of your drawing. Smooth paper is especially useful when the drawing is small. Rough paper can severely limit the clarity of fine details.

Strathmore Paper is my choice of pencil paper. It comes in a dizzying array of paper types and sizes that can be confusing at times.

These are the reasons for my choice. The higher the batch number, the higher the quality of the paper and the higher its weight. Strathmore offers 200, 300, 400 and 500 series of papers, each with a variety of types and sizes.

In each of these categories, you need to choose the paper for your drawings and sketches, which is most applicable to your pencil drawing technique.Sketch papers are usually lighter in weight, but at the same time have a smoother texture. It’s a little disappointing, but the 400 series has a Smoot paint box. This paper is a very good choice for the detailed pencil art that I like to draw so much.

If you are looking for the smoothest paper possible, opt for high grade paper or cardstock. Once again, Strathmore can help with the search. You can buy a 300 series Bristol and it will suit you perfectly.If you want to choose a higher quality Bristol from the 500 series, note the main difference between what is called “smoot” and “vellum”. If you are looking for smooth paper, choose from the smoot variety that is the smoothest. Since Bristol is a multi-layered type of drawing paper, it is quite thick!

As an artist, you sometimes need to experiment, go outside the box, and this also applies to paper. Many creators choose watercolor paper for their masterpieces.Watercolor paper is usually very high quality and very thick, making it a great choice for paintings that you plan to sell or enjoy for many years. You can rely on Fabriano Hot Press Watercolor Paper for this. The company produces “blocks” of such paper in the Artistico series. The density is 300 g / m2, which is very conducive to pencil drawings.

Best Coal Paper

When drawing with charcoal, a rougher paper is required than described above for a lead pencil.Charcoal particles need “teeth” (textured surface) in order to remain in the drawing. Again, turn to Strathmore.

They produce a 500 series paper block that is great for charcoal painting. However, the density may seem insufficient. In my opinion, the paper weight is too low for the price. If you’re looking for a worthwhile block of charcoal drawing paper at a better price, you can’t go wrong with Strathmore’s 300 Series Charcoal Paper. It is good quality paper at a good price.

I really hate Canson charcoal paper. I can’t look at any drawing made on this paper. Try to avoid it.

For more serious charcoal work, I suggest choosing watercolor paper. Its density is sometimes just what you need when drawing with charcoal!

My favorite paper for charcoal painting is Arches watercolor paper with a weight of 640 g / m2. It comes in 3 different textures:

  • Hot pressed (smoothest)
  • Cold pressed (medium smooth)
  • Rough

This paper is not cheap at all, but it is a dream for artists.I know it’s not the materials that make you an artist, but the fact that you use the best paper makes you take your work seriously.

Best Pen and Ink Paper

I don’t see any reason to use rough paper for fountain pens and ink, but anything can come in handy. So it is common to choose a smooth paper for the pen.

Most smooth papers that work with lead pencils are great for fountain pen drawings.If you haven’t read the information above in the pencil paper section, please go through it, there is a lot of useful information there.

Now let’s get down to business. Most often, you will need high quality Bristol paper to complete your pen drawing.

I recommend the Bristol 300 Series from Strathmore. The paper is thick, strong and very smooth!

The best paper for colored pencils

Colored pencils are very similar to graphite pencils in composition and function.For this reason, all of my recommendations above are exactly what I recommend as paper for colored pencils.

Of course, this is a matter of taste, but you will most likely want to create on relatively smooth and thick paper. Remember, the heavier the paper, the stronger the paper!

Your collection of different types of paper

There is no doubt that your collection of paper will come in handy in the long run if you are serious about your creativity. I have been using countless brands and types of paper for the past couple of decades.Some of the types I liked, others not very much. There were many pleasant surprises like painting on watercolor paper!

Because when you create small drawings with a pencil and more with charcoal, you face the difficulty of selecting paper by texture. You will probably have to try many different types of paper over the next couple of years, so let me save you time and money with a few recommendations. Here are some great starting points to help you choose your paper.

My Recommendations

These three blocks of paper are always worth having at hand. Here are three types of good paper at a great price.

  • Good quality paper with medium weight. Great for pencils and even fountain pens.
  • When you need ultra-smooth pen paper or want to draw all the details with a pencil, Bristol is a great option.
  • A coarser paper is required for the charcoal drawing technique. This paper will come in very handy.In addition, it is large (46 x 61 cm).

Which drawing paper to choose – review, comparison, recommendations – video



Reviews of Office papers – choose the best model of Office paper on

Reviews of Office papers – choose the best model of Office paper on

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High level of opacity – ideal for double-sided printing.I like its density very much. Suitable for printing documents on all types of printers. Absolutely flat sheet geometry. Environmentally friendly.



Low price, good print quality




Excellent paper, much better than the Snow Maiden.Perfect for the office! I recommend!





You can lower the price even more 🙂


Normal Bulk Blueprint Paper.Especially for use in enterprises operating in a permanent crisis in the economy. The main thing is to use one brand of paper, and not jump from brand to brand. And to want something super-super-supery on the inkjet from the paper, where the manufacturer has written the expected quality level on the packaging, this is not right. This is mass paper for a copier or laser.



The paper is really WHITE


A little expensive


I am very satisfied with the quality.The paper is really WHITE. Good quality. The printer never chewed it up. I used SvetoCopy for 2 years, I also like it, but I like Performer more!) I am very satisfied!



Whiteness, density, availability




I think the paper is the best today, the whiteness is at the level, and the thickness is the one indicated, I can judge the quality, i.e.Because I work in the office and at work came across almost all the paper that is on the market, and this one is at least minimal, but better.


very white, does not get stuck in printers, reliable manufacturer


slightly more expensive than “Snow Maiden” or “Ballet”, but always stable quality


Excellent paper.Our company uses only it on all 20 printers, 2 copiers and a risograph. Jam problems have long been forgotten (except for the oldest printers, but nothing will help them). I don’t even understand why more expensive papers are needed, if this one copes with its task one hundred percent.



parts in laser cartridges live longer


packaging that often falls apart right in the hands


I do not quite agree with the previous review.B-class paper differs from C-class paper primarily in that it has less wear on parts in laser cartridges (fotovals, magwals, PCR rolls), so the paper “copier office” in this regard is better than “copier performer” and at times better than “ballet”, “snow maiden”, “blueprints” and others (they wear out photos instantly. Almost every gas station needs to be changed) to distinguish purely visually, of course, paper “copier” from the same “snow maiden” will not work. class A paper (for example “navigator”, “duplicate A”) visually differs significantly from cheaper consumables.I see the flaws of the “copier” paper only in the packaging. It is always poorly glued, easily torn.







Previously wrote a review about Xerox Performer (class C).So this paper is NOTHING different from Xerox Performer (tested empirically!). The same rake, only in profile: different quality in packs – sometimes thinner, sometimes denser, if you get thinner – it swallows 2 sheets, whiteness is absolutely the same as in Performer. With one-sided printing, the back side is visible through, with two-sided printing, it will go in a wave. So do not overpay, if price is important to you – buy Xerox Performer, save money, and if quality – buy what is better.



The print quality is slightly better than on a regular office


Photo paper is not


Calling this paper photographic paper is hard to imagine.The quality of inkjet printing on it is almost the same as on a regular office one. The paint is blurring. There is no clarity. The picture is faded. Compared to photographic paper of the same density from another manufacturer, it feels like an ordinary office paper was sold, but only much more expensive. Perhaps he just ran into a fake, or maybe it’s paper like that. Although the packaging is well done.

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