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Literally Just 34 Of The Best Graphic Tees I’ve Ever Seen

  1. As/Is

Warning: graphic content ahead.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A soft tee that’s a big

meow-d for any pet-owning introvert.

2. And a sweet baseball tee in a similar vein for those who prefer pups.

3. A glam option to wear on those days when you can’t

makeup your mind about what to wear.

Promising review: “I own this tee in a couple of colors and always get compliments when I wear them. If you want it to fit like in the photos, go up one or two sizes. I’m usually a medium, and I ordered an XL so I could tuck it into pencil skirts/skinnies and still get that classic T-shirt look. The material is quite soft, and it holds up well to washing.” —ChicLininAZ

Get it from Amazon for $10.99 (available in sizes S-XXL and in three colors)

4. A badass tee for anyone who is so beyond ready for 2020.,

And who has been since November 2016.

Reviewers say it’s fitted, so size up if you want a boxier fit!

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in sizes S-XXL and in three colors).


Get it from Walmart for $10 (available in sizes XS-3XL).

6. A cool BuzzFeed Unsolved tee inspired by the look of your old fave Saturday morning cartoons. I’m basically expecting Shane to blurt out “Zoinks!” in this picture.


Get it from Amazon for $21.99 (available in men’s and women’s sizes S-3XL and kids’ sizes 2-10 and in five colors).

7. A ringer tee that’ll spare you from having to raise your hand.

Box Lunch

Get it from Box Lunch for $28.90 (available in sizes S-XL).


With all the colors, it’ll go with everything you own!

Get it from Amazon for $10. 99+ (available in sizes S-XL and in three breeds).

9. A LOL-worthy Groot T-shirt sure to have everyone

marveling at your wide range of emotions. Amazon

Promising review: “I love my shirt! I’ve gotten tons of compliments already. I’m a woman, plus-sized. I wear a size 18/20, so I can usually wear a 1X or 2X, but I wanted my shirt to fit loosely so you could really see the picture in front. I ordered a 3X and have tons of room. I can roll up the sleeves, tie it at the waist, etc.” —Lola

Get it from Amazon for $17.12+ (available in sizes S-3X and in three colors).

10. A throwback-inspired tee to remind the world that we stan an educational icon. Even Arnold wouldn’t want to stay home if he were wearing this.

Box Lunch

Get it from Box Lunch for $28. 90 (available in sizes XS-XL).

11. A bold message tee that asks perhaps the most important question of all.

Green Box Shop

Get it from Green Box Shop for $20.99.

Forever 21

Get it from Forever 21 for $17.90 (available in sizes S-L).

13. An absolutely amazing and empowering ovary shirt sure to have everyone who sees it fallo-

peein‘ themselves with laughter, and you’ll just be ~egging~ them on. Amazon

Get it from Amazon for $17.99 (available in men’s and women’s sizes S-3XL and in four colors).


Get it from Amazon for $21.99 (available in men’s and women’s sizes S-3XL and in five colors).

15. A message tee featuring a classic Oscar Wilde quote that I’m totally

wilde about. Forever 21

Get it from Forever 21 for $22 (available in sizes 1X-3X).

16. A fitted Rolling Stones tee to actually give you some style satisfaction.


Reviewers say it runs small!

Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in sizes XS-XXL).

17. A clever

Harry Potter style in the format of a classic band tee, with the names of the books listed like show dates on the back. Dude, you didn’t go to J.K. Rowling’s 1997-2007 world tour? You missed out BIG TIME.

*Thinks about Hogwarts always being there to welcome me home and sobs*

Get it from Hot Topic for $26. 90+ (available in sizes XS-3X).

18. Or a slightly cheekier HP-themed option for folks who have their own way of coping with never getting their Hogwarts letter.


This design is also available on a baseball tee, crewneck tee, hoodie, crewneck sweatshirt, tank top, racerback tank, or baby onesie.

Get it from Human for $21.99 (originally $27.99, available in sizes S-2X and in two colors).

19. A cotton jersey tee featuring a sweet little cup of joe who truly believes in you.


Get it from for $42 (available in sizes XS-XXL).


Get it from Uniqlo for $14.90 (available in sizes XXS-3XL).


A sassy tee emblazoned with your response when someone tells you you need to cool it with the animal puns. Human

This design is also available on a baseball tee, V-neck tee, hoodie, crewneck sweatshirt, tank top, racerback tank, or baby onesie.

Get it from Human for $19.99 (originally $21.99, available in sizes S-3X and in five fit/material styles and four colors).

22. A sweet white tee depicting love in its truest form — a girl and her Frenchie.


Get it from ModCloth for $25 (available in sizes XS-3XL).

23. A Tyrion Lannister quote tee to remind everyone you meet not to question you.


Promising review: “I bought this shirt for my husband as a Christmas gift. He loves it! He’s worn it every weekend since getting it. It fits great and even washed and dried well. I usually hang up these sorts of shirts to dry, but it accidentally made it into the dryer last weekend and still came out looking good. It didn’t shrink or wrinkle and all the lettering still looks perfect. I’d highly recommend this shirt for anyone who loves

Game of Thrones!” —KL

Get it from Amazon for $12.91+ (available in sizes S-3XL).

24. A gaming-inspired Disney Princess tee featuring all the classic badass ladies and their weapons of choice. Rapunzel’s is a frying pan…who knew right?

Hot Topic

Get it from Hot Topic for $22.90 (available in sizes S-XL).

25. A truly regal option, which I sincerely hope you just read in Julie Andrews’ voice. Otherwise we can definitely never be friends.

My Oh My Supply Co.

Get it from My Oh My Supply Co. for $26 (available in sizes S-2X).

26. And this floral-lettered beauty, which if you didn’t read in Meryl Streep’s voice, ditto.


With this tee the devil not only wears Prada, but is in the details. Or rather, the angel is in the details, since the tee is kindly designed with eco-friendly ink actually printed into the threads of the shirt (so the lettering won’t start peeling even after lots of love).

Get it from Femfetti for $28 (available in sizes XS-4X).

27. Matching Betty and Veronica tees to share with the BFF you text every Wednesday night after


28. A tie-dye Fall Out Boy tee that this whole damn city thinks it needs, but not as much as I do.

Hot Topic

Get it from Hot Topic for $26.90+ (available in sizes XS-3X).

29. A cheeky option for anyone who loves period dramas just as much as they love regular drama.


A graphic tea, if you will.

Get it from ModCloth for $25 (available in sizes XS-4X).

30. A rainbow tee with truly excellent advice (repeated over and over again because you need to hear it).


This beauty is made with eco-friendly ink that’s not printed on, but rather woven into the shirt — so it won’t start peeling off after a while.

Get it from Femfetti for $28 (available in sizes XS-3X).


A punny version for anyone who ABBA-solutely adores hoofed mammals and watching the “Dancing Queen” number on repeat. Human

This design is also available on a baseball tee, V-neck tee, hoodie, crewneck sweatshirt, tank top, racerback tank, or baby onesie.

Get it from Human for $19.99 (originally $21.99, available in sizes S-3X and in five fit/material styles and four colors).

32. A colorful tee to help every ~moody~ former ’90s kid get everyone to leave them the heck alone.


Get it from Wildfox for $66 (available in sizes XS-XL).

Box Lunch

Get it from Box Lunch for $28.90 (available in sizes XS-XXL)

34. And an aww-worthy T-shirt featuring a unicorn studying up on how to be extra magical ✨.


Get it from Amazon for $21.99 (available in men’s and women’s sizes S-3XL and kids’ sizes 2-10 and in five colors).

Here’s hoping you amass a collection of graphic tees larger than Sheldon Cooper’s.


The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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Discover Graphic Tees for Women – 900+ Trendy & Affordable Styles

Want to speak what’s on your mind without sacrificing your style? Us too, bbs. Our graphic tees, long sleeve graphic tops, and graphic hoodies in women’s sizes make it easy to walk that line. Casual yet never boring, our graphic tees for women can be trendy, cute, sexy, edgy, and/or silly. And, like your favorite ice cream, they come in all flavors. Check out our graphic tees for women with band names, long sleeve graphic tees featuring throw-back cartoons, and graphic tank tops in women’s sizes with messages that push the envelope. Our women’s graphic t-shirts are cheap (in price only, of course) and feature new on-trend designs almost daily. So, be sure you’re checking back for the most relevant graphic tees and graphic hoodies in our collection. 

Not sure where to begin? This year’s style MO is laid back cool, so why not try out a cozy graphic hoodie for women with tie-dye prints or neon colors – or slip into a crop top while the weather’s still warm. Heck, you can even wear a simple graphic tee with an oversized blazer and high waisted jeans for an office look that’s oozing in cool-girl vibes. With so many graphic hoodies in women’s styles and women’s graphic tees that are at cheap prices and just your style — you have a lot to work with. 

Fashion Nova’s graphic tees for women are classic, but cozy, too. You better believe our long sleeve graphic tees and hoodies go perfectly with some loungewear joggers, leggings, or biker shorts. Yup, they can be mixed and matched with your favorite lounge set, too. Our tees and hoodies pair with your streetwear vibe and you can grab a cute sweater in late summer so you’re able to stay out after dark. Try our long sleeve graphic tees for women and graphic hoodies for a look that will make you want to Netflix and chill. From vintage ‘50s looks to band name tees and tops with graphic designs like butterflies or tie-dye print — let’s just say we have it all. 

These Are The 20 Best T-Shirts For Women

As we continue to spend our days at home, the best t-shirts for women — once reserved for weekend wear or evenings on the couch — have quickly become wardrobe staples. The humble T-shirt, which was once too casual for most offices, is now a viable workday option, making them one of the most practical and useful pieces in any given closet. 

While Vogue editors swear by their favorite classic white iterations, the best T-shirts for women go far beyond that stalwart. Many of my colleagues are also known to join a Zoom meeting dressed in an old band tee, a striped long-sleeve, or a tie-dye number. What makes for the perfect tee is truly in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes the best ones are the bold ones you’ll wear over and over again. 

Here, 20 of the best T-shirts for women on the market now. Wear them now or wear them in 30 years— the best tees get better with time.


Vogue editors love stripes. Whether that love takes form in a lightweight sweater or a T-shirt, there’s no question that stripes take things up a notch in a clean and sophisticated way.

ATM striped cotton jersey T-shirt

Comme des Garçons play cotton tee

Cos cotton jersey round-neck T-shirt

La Ligne stripe boxy T-shirt


Sometimes, it’s the most simple options that reign supreme. Solid colored T-shirts in black, white, and other neutral colors are uncontested closet essentials.

The Row Darciela cotton jersey T-shirt

The Attico padded shoulder cotton T-shirt

Ninety Percent Jenna organic cotton jersey T-shirt

Daily Paper mauve pink prime hice T-shirt

Fenty taffeta-cuff T-shirt


There’s nothing quite like snuggling up in a worn-in T-shirt that looks like it could be vintage (even if you didn’t pick it from your parents’ closet). Like a fine wine, these tees will only get better with age.

Casablanca printed cotton jersey T-shirt

Ganni printed organic cotton jersey T-shirt

Loewe printed cotton T-shirt

Paco Rabanne knotted printed cotton jersey T-shirt

R13 Velvet Underground lips boy T-shirt


Make a statement with bold tie-dye and subtle animal print. 

Tory Sport tie-dye women’s T-shirt

Leset Jamie leopard-print ribbed stretch modal T-shirt

Nanushka Guy zebra short-sleeve T-shirt

Isabel Marant Etoile Dena tie-dye T-shirt

Proenza Schouler tie-dyed cotton jersey long sleeved T-shirt

Where to Buy Affordable Cute Graphic Tees for Women

Graphic tees never go out of style! Today I’m sharing where to buy affordable, cute graphic tees for women and tips for styling women’s graphic tees.

Whoever said that you can’t wear graphic tees over the age of 20 clearly didn’t know what they were missing out on and personally I think that graphic tees are something that never goes out of style.

Cute graphic tees are a staple in my wardrobe, and I love the awesome versatility they have when it comes to styling them. You can easily pair a graphic tee with some comfy jeans and sneakers for a classic look or dress it up with a skirt, pumps, and fun accessories. I also love wearing tees under cardigans or cargo vests for a cute on-the-go look.

Even better, I love the fact that graphic tees allow you to make a statement, rock your favorite quote, and let your personality shine through. I often get complimented on the graphic tees I wear and they can be such great conversation starters to perfect strangers.

So today I’ve rounded up all my favorite graphic tee stores and I’m sharing the ultimate list of where to buy affordable + cute graphic tees for women, including where you can shop my adorable “Be Kind” tee that I’m wearing.  (Save 10% off with code CARA10)

Where to Buy Affordable + Cute Graphic Tees for Women

Women’s Graphic Tees – Boutiques

Up first, I love shopping boutiques for really unique + cute graphic tees. I really like the selection you can find at boutiques that you won’t necessarily find at department stores. Recently, I discovered a new boutique called LivLuvShop and I’ve quickly fell in love with all their cute tees, including the one I’m wearing in this post. Ya’ll know I’m all about spreading kindness, and I just adore the simple message and the color on this “Be Kind” t-shirt. I honestly feel like it was made for me! 🙂

In addition to LivLuvShop, some of my other fave boutiques to shop for graphic tees include The Pink Lily Boutique and Mint Julep Boutique. Price wise, graphic tees from boutiques are usually $15-$30, making them very affordable.

Boutique Shopping Tip: Always check your boutique’s Instagram page for discount codes to save more $$$. If interested in checking out LivLuvShop, use my code CARA10 for 10% off!

Women’s Graphic Tees – Amazon

If you’re like me, you probably already buy everything else on Amazon so why not shop their cute graphic tees? 9 times out of 10 I can find exactly what I’m looking for via a quick Amazon search, and I love that they have such a great selection of graphic tees at an affordable price point of $10-$25.

Plus with free 2-day shipping and easy returns through Amazon Prime, what do you have to lose?

Amazon Shopping Tip: Always filter your graphic tee search by customer rating and don’t overlook the customer reviews. A quick look through reviews can often help you determine the correct sizing you’ll need and you can find out the quality of the material.

Women’s Graphic Tees – Target

Target is one of my favorite places to shop for cute graphic tees and I always love the witty phrases I can find on their tees. They also have so many cute Disney graphic tees, tees from popular shows and movies, and female empowerment tees like my adorable “Girl Rising” crop tee.

Like Amazon, Target’s graphic tees are very affordable and typically cost anywhere from $8-$25.

Target Shopping Tip: See something you love but don’t want to pay full price? Check out my Target shopping tips over here to learn about Target’s clearance markdown schedule. I mean why pay full price if you don’t have to? 😉

Women’s Graphic Tees – Walmart

Another favorite place to shop for affordable graphic tees is Walmart. I’m always amazed at how many people dismiss looking at Walmart, because I always find the cutest items and they really do have the best prices. My favorite time to shop their graphic tees is during the summer months, as they have tons of cute tees perfect for the beach and vacay.

Walmart Shopping Tip: Shop in-store for a better selection of graphic tees and make sure you try it on before buying it. The sizing in their graphic tees can sometimes be tricky depending on the brand.

Women’s Graphic Tees – Old Navy

If you’re looking for positive, cute graphic tees on female empowerment, spreading love and kindness, and just overall happy vibes, then Old Navy should be your go-to for graphic tees. Their tees are some of my favorites, as they are well made and have a really soft material, and they usually only cost $15 or less.

If you’re a sports fan they also have tons of cute college and professional league baseball, basketball, and football tees that are way more affordable than what you’d pay elsewhere.

Old Navy Shopping Tip: If you can catch them during a sale (like right now) you can often get their tees for less than $8!

Women’s Graphic Tees – Kohl’s

Last up on the list, Kohl’s is seriously one of my favorite stores point blank period, and I can’t fail to mention how good their women graphic tees are. I actually love shopping their junior’s department for cute Disney graphic tees and catch phrases, and I especially love Lauren Conrad’s collection of graphic tees. Kohl’s is also where I found my favorite “When Life Gives You Lemons” graphic tee that’s so perfect for the spring/summer months. (See it in this post here)

Kohl’s Shopping Tip: For the best selection, shop the Junior’s section and size up as needed. Be sure and check out the clearance section for extra good deals!


Hope you enjoyed today’s post on Where to Buy Affordable + Cute Graphic Tees for Women! Do you love graphic tees too? Where is your favorite place to shop for graphic tees?

Thanks for stopping by! – Cara

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15 Of The Best Graphic Tees For Women

What is your favorite thing to wear? My style can best be described as causal fashion, and graphic tees are my favorite thing to wear. I love searching online or in stores for cute graphic tees for women, and even better if they have funny, inspiring or relatable sayings on them. 

When I travel it’s always fun to bring a graphic tee or printed top that might have something to do with the location I am visiting (think Disney World, palm trees, Eiffel Tower, NYC).

Not only does this make for fun photos and conversation, but I appreciate how easy graphic tees are to style and dress up or down.

How do you wear a graphic tee?

  • Simply throw on a faux leather jacket over a printed t-shirt (like my leopard one) or a graphic tee, along with my favorite jeans and either sneakers or a pair of Tieks
  • To quickly dress up this look for a night out, keep the jacket and tee on but switch into dark skinny jeans and a pair of booties or wedge sandals. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you make a purchase at NO additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting this site!

15 Best Graphic Tees For Women 

  1. Palm Springs Graphic Tee
  2. Out of Office Classic Tee
  3. Mama Tee Shirt
  4. Slub-Knit Anchor Tee 
  5. Tailgate Women’s Hustle T-Shirt
  6. Good Vibes Graphic Tee (This is one of my most favorite tees)
  7. Manhattan T-shirt
  8. Black Belt in Shopping Tee
  9. New York City Graphic Tee (comes in violet and yellow)
  10. Sunrise and Sunset Graphic Tee
  11. Wilderness Graphic Tee (this one perfectly represents my wanderlust)
  12. Printed Crew Neck Tee (bananas, orange slices, cactus & pink flamingos)
  13. Vintage Pink Rome T-Shirt (there are a variety of styles)
  14. Women’s Chips, Salsa, Repeat V-Neck T-Shirt
  15. Tanti Baci T-Shirt in Vintage Cotton

Here are some additional graphic tees for women that are also inspirational, motivational and fun! 

After you stock up on some of these awesome graphic tees for women, I have some tips to help you organize your closet in the best way.  

Where to Buy Cool T-Shirts Online: The 10 Best Sites

If you’re a t-shirt connoisseur, you’ll scour the web looking for the perfect tee. Graphic t-shirts are a great wreday to express your interest in a geeky video game, show your love for your favorite TV series, or attract attention with other beautiful, cute, or hilarious designs.

Ready to do some t-shirt shopping? These t-shirt sites have just about every awesome design that you can think of. Before you go ahead and purchase anything, be sure to read up on how to wear a graphic t-shirt like an adult.

Redbubble is home to some of the most unique t-shirts for men and women on the web. The site has shirts related to specific bands, movies, shows, and video games, making it a one-stop-shop for geeky tees. Independent artists design every t-shirt, which guarantees that you’ll find something you’ve never seen before.

If you’re not looking for a shirt related to your favorite fandom, Redbubble has plenty of cute, funny, and quirky shirts to choose from. Not to mention its wide selection of original hoodies, wall art, stickers, phone cases, and even leggings.

Threadless has tons of cool t-shirts to choose from, making it one of the best places to buy t-shirts. While some shirts feature pop culture references, adorable graphics, and funny sayings, others are literal works of art. Like most other sites on this list, independent artists also craft these awesome designs.

When buying a t-shirt on Threadless, the site gives you plenty of options in terms of fit and fabric type. You can choose from options like fitted, extra soft, premium, regular unisex, heavyweight unisex, and tri-blend.

DesignByHumans makes it easy to find shirts from your favorite show, movie, or video game. Clicking on the Brands tab will display a variety of nerdy t-shirt categories designed by the official brand—Star Wars, Disney, Nintendo, Marvel, Cuphead, and Back to the Future are just some of your options.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, you can browse the designs made by artists. These shirts are equally (if not more) awesome than the official tees.

SnorgTees has a collection of hilarious shirts designed by SnorgTee’s own employees, as well as independent artists. The site puts a few new designs on sale each week, and also sells limited-edition shirts that you have to act fast on.

While SnorgTees doesn’t have much of a variety in shirt color, fabric types, or fits, the shirts are still worth it just for the designs. In addition to t-shirts, SnorgTees has hoodies, women’s tanks, hats, and kids’ shirts as well.

Looking for cheap t-shirts online? 6 Dollar Shirts offer tees that are both affordable and clever. Like the name of the site implies, you can buy shirts for just a mere $6. However, not all shirts are $6—limited-edition designs are $9, while premium shirts are $12. 6 Dollar Shirts also offers a great deal that lets you buy 10 $6 shirts for only $50.

Whether you’re shopping for gaming tees, science shirts, or shirts with a political twist, 6 Dollar Tees will likely have what you’re looking for. This makes it a great place to find geeky gifts for programmers, video game nerds, or anyone who has a sense of humor.

TeeFury makes buying t-shirts fun. Every day, TeeFury posts shirts that are on sale for only 24 hours. If you miss out on the sale, you’ll have to buy the shirt at full price. The site sometimes does t-shirt battles as well—two designs get pitted against each other in a competition to get the most sales.

For even more cool designs, you can shop in categories relating to anime, sci-fi, fantasy, books, comics, horror, gaming, and much more. You can buy each design in the form of a tee, sweatshirt, and tank, allowing you to rock cool designs all-year-round.

TeePublic comes from the same owners as Redbubble, and has an equally huge selection of awesome t-shirt designs from independent artists. The site maxes out your t-shirt customization options—choose from a classic, relaxed, v-neck, slouchy fit, and more. Not to mention that TeePublic also offers a ton of different colors to choose from.

As for shirt designs, you can expect to find just about anything and everything. In case you want to shop for more unique goods, TeePublic sells home goods, phone cases, and stickers too.

The t-shirts at Busted Tees are funny, yet simple. You can sort the t-shirts by various categories, including funny, retro, pop culture, animals, geek and gaming, and more. If you’d like, you can also get each design in the form of a hoodie.

While Busted Tees offers most shirts from independent artists, the company sells its own designs as well.

Not only is Woot a great bargain website, but it’s also home to Shirt.Woot. This is your go-to place to get cool t-shirts for a good price. Shirt.Woot frequently shines the spotlight on a specific group of shirts and puts them on sale. For one week, Shirt.Woot might have retro gaming shirts on sale, and the next week they might discount a group of cat-themed tees.

Shirt.woot also has a unique contest called the derby. Each Thursday a new theme is released, and Woot members can submit their own designs to the site. Other members vote on the designs, and the top designs get turned into shirts and sold. You can even check out the best-selling shirts under the site’s Top 20 tab!

Society6 is known for its amazing designs and quality, fitted t-shirts. On the site, artists get to post their original designs that can come in an array of sizes and colors. When compared to other cheap t-shirt sites, Society6’s shirts are a bit more on the expensive side. Fortunately, Society6 often has sales that you can take advantage of.

In terms of designs, Society6 seems to focus on artistic shirts more than anything else. So if you’re looking for a unique and detailed design, Society6 is the t-shirt store for you. The site also has a vast selection of custom furniture, home decor, office supplies, and wall art.

Where Will You Find Your Next Cool T-Shirt?

You don’t come across cool t-shirts every day—physical clothing stores just can’t compete with these t-shirt sites. No matter which site you choose to shop on, you’re bound to find a t-shirt you love.

If you’re really into t-shirts, you might’ve considered creating your own. In this case, you should learn how to screen print your own geeky t-shirts.

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A proposed Australian law caused Google and Facebook to flee the country, and Microsoft wants it to happen in Europe too.

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90,000 TOP-10 women’s T-shirts from Aliexpress

It’s no secret that women’s T-shirts on Aliexpress are in great demand.

The thing is that there is a large selection of T-shirts for every taste and color: with prints, inscriptions, various colors, etc.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the TOP-10 women’s T-shirts from Aliexpress.

We have selected the most popular T-shirts in terms of quality and price for 2021.

TOP-10 women’s T-shirts with Aliexpress

1.Graphic T-shirt.

Customer review: “The t-shirt came to Moscow in a month. I liked the quality. The wash went through – it did not deteriorate. I took XL on my 44 (M) and burned out, just like that. ”

2. Fun cotton T-shirt.

Customer review: “Great and funny thing! 100% cotton, decent quality, it feels very pleasant on the body. Delivery to St. Petersburg took about 3 weeks, I recommend the seller with pleasure! ”

We recommend: the best women’s shorts from Aliexpress.

3. Stylish T-shirt.

Buyer review: “I liked the T-shirt very much, I will still order it, it’s a nice size chart. Fire quality, printed perfectly. Very bright and colorful. ”

4. T-shirt with a popular print.

Customer review: “Cool T-shirt, chic print (imprinted into the fabric, will not crack during washing). Everything is done with high quality.I advise you to buy! ”

We recommend: the best women’s overalls from Aliexpress.

5. Beautiful T-shirt with 3D print.

Customer review: “I’m taking my second T-shirt here. The fabric is dense, stretches. The seams are perfect. The print does not fade from washing. I am delighted with the quality! Recommend!”

6. Cotton summer T-shirt.

Buyer Review: “Great T-shirt, nice to the body, 100% cotton, well stitched. I took S on my 42-44 so that it would not hang, sat down as it should. Color as pictured. I am pleased!”

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7. T-shirt with a cool print.

Buyer Review: “The T-shirt is great, well tailored, the threads don’t stick out anywhere, the print is not a sticker, it’s printed directly on the fabric. For that kind of money, it’s a very good thing. ”

8. Nice cotton T-shirt.

Customer review: One of the reviews: “Perfect quality! Snow-white t-shirts of cotton quality.The size is correct, no smell, all seams are overlaid, no threads. Just 10 points! Thanks to the seller, I will order more! ”

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9. T-shirt with avocado.

Customer Review: “The T-shirt is amazing. Exceeded all expectations. Nice material, not electrified. I took size S on my 42, the T-shirt is loose, so you can’t go wrong with the size. The color is rich, pistachio.Highly recommend!”

10. High-quality T-shirt with an inscription.

Customer Review: “This is the second T-shirt I bought from this seller. I am satisfied with the quality. After washing, it does not lose its shape, the inscription is in place. I will order more and other inscriptions. ”

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This is how we got the TOP-10 women’s T-shirts from Aliexpress.

By the way, on the page of each T-shirt you can find a variety of colors and prints.Choose what you like.

And do not forget to read the reviews, on their basis you can choose the correct size (the seller’s dimensional grid is also a help).

90 000 (100%) Fashion T-shirts T-shirts and tops Spring-Summer 2021 trends 138 photos


You can hardly imagine a more comfortable and versatile clothing during hot summer days, a favorite T-shirt or T-shirt. On the eve of hot days, we would like to tell you which trendy T-shirts, T-shirts and tops for spring-summer 2021 should settle in your wardrobe, what length, color and print to pay attention to, as well as which style is better to choose – loose or tight? Read about the latest high fashion trends and the most fashionable T-shirts, T-shirts and tops in our article.

Fashionable length of T-shirts, T-shirts and tops Spring-Summer 2021

The first thing worth mentioning is the fashionable length of T-shirts and T-shirts. If spring-summer 2015 declared themselves as trendsetters for ultra-short tops and cropped models of T-shirts, then in the coming season almost all world brands unanimously announced the trend of elongated models.

Fashion designers decided to show the whole world that you can look sexy not only in tight tight tops, but also in T-shirts, alcoholic, reaching mid-thigh. All trendy T-shirts, T-shirts and tops for Spring-Summer 2021 feature deep cutouts, which makes such a model universal for women with any type of figure.

Colors of T-shirts, T-shirts and tops Spring-Summer 2021

Regarding the fashionable colors of the season, there are no restrictions here: both bright and saturated colors and soft pale pastels will be in fashion.Fashion and models made in an achromatic palette will not pass by.

If you are a fan of juicy summer colors, stylists advise you to opt for the purchase of T-shirts and T-shirts in the following colors:

  • blue;
  • red;
  • saturated raspberry;
  • luscious green, reminiscent of the color of grass;
  • sunny yellow;
  • peach.

Stylish trendy color combinations will be black and white models, in which bright color accents of the above fashionable shades would be traced.

Fashion prints and decor of T-shirts, T-shirts and tops Spring-Summer 2021

An equally important point that you will have to pay attention to when choosing fashionable T-shirts, T-shirts and tops for Spring-Summer 2021 is the features of their decor and a characteristic print.It is the decor that is the central element of the upcoming season.

If you want to buy a really trendy thing, then try to decorate it with some of the decor listed below:

  • lace or guipure;
  • multi-colored patches;
  • rivets and buttons;
  • sequins.

By the way, the presence of the latter will help you to give your image genuine chic and high cost.

If we talk about fashionable prints, then geometric lines are the undisputed leader. Moreover, it does not matter at all whether the stripes are bright or pastel.

In addition to geometric patterns, the following prints will also be in fashion:

  • floral;
  • futuristic;
  • animalistic;
  • watercolor.

Tops decorated with all kinds of inscriptions and messages will not stand aside either.Such T-shirts and T-shirts are somewhat reminiscent of today’s popular tattoos, as they also help their wearer to tell others about his thoughts and life views.

Tight or Loose?

If you are thinking about which trendy T-shirts, T-shirts and tops for spring-summer 2021 to choose: tight or loose, then it should be said that the trend of the season will be freedom of cut.The designers decided to change the usual tight-fitting T-shirts for spacious models in which you can hide all the flaws in your figure.

Of course, this trend does not mean a complete rejection of “sticky” clothes. So, bandeau tops, which in their essence are one of the varieties of T-shirts, will fit the figure as tightly as possible.


Among the trendy models of T-shirts in the spring-summer season there will be sports models for jogging in the open air, models for walking on the sea, as well as glamorous T-shirts for visiting nightclubs, going on dates.

Almost all modern girls unanimously say that their love for T-shirts is based on a number of advantages of this clothing:

  • A lightweight fabric that does not experience the terrible heat;
  • maximum openness of the body, which allows the body to sunbathe;
  • simplicity of combination with skirts, trousers and shorts.

Bustier models turned out to be among the most relevant models of T-shirts for hot summer. In the matter of their choice, the key criterion is the degree of tightness of the body in the chest area. Due to the fact that the bustier exposes the body as much as possible, with the help of such a T-shirt it is quite easy to give an image of sexuality.


If we talk about T-shirts, the most popular in the spring-summer season were the classic T-shaped models.However, do not give up on loose-fitting T-shirts with a wide neckline, which are worn on one shoulder. With the help of such a T-shirt, you can create a stylish hooligan look.


Happy owners of slim figures with a flat tummy and a graceful waist will love tops.The fashion house Diesel Black Gold presented at the fashion show a number of all kinds of models of this wardrobe element: from tops with buttons to corsets with lacing and hooks.

When it comes to summer fashion, the main hit is the humble T-shirt. Whether you wear it with jeans, shorts, or under a blazer, the classic tee is part of the summer season.Today we will be your guide to the fashion world for stylish T-shirts, tops and T-shirts of 2021.

Stylish length of T-shirts, T-shirts and tops Spring-Summer 2021

The T-shirt always brings a casual vibe to any outfit you have.

Designers offer different lengths of T-shirts, from long and loose to ultra-short tops. It will serve you for all occasions, but keep in mind that not all T-shirts look the same.Those that are suitable for a concert probably won’t work in an office.

With the right fabric and details, you can still look sophisticated, so don’t be afraid to invest in a trendy tee.

The new outerwear silhouette dominates unstructured forms. Fabrics define a finished look that can be soft or hard.

Graphic T-shirt can be worn with a denim jacket tied around the waist, or tucked into a skirt or high-waisted jeans.

Colors of stylish T-shirts, T-shirts and tops for Spring-Summer 2021

This year the yellow hue will dominate, strengthening its status as a color among other colors. But when it comes to those really scorching days, some T-shirts perform better than others.

Orange and blue are two opposite colors, often used in the fashion industry. We see a similar palette found in T-shirts in spring and summer.Graphic colored jerseys can easily be the center of a chic ensemble.

A classic white T-shirt always looks great, even tucked in or out, it never goes out of style.

Many designers agree that white will always be the most popular color in summer. Choose a style in white or beige to maximize versatility. These colors can show through under light blazers for the warmer months.Combining textures will also help grab the attention of others.

Stylish prints and decor of T-shirts, T-shirts and tops Spring-Summer 2021

When it comes to design choices this year – flowers, geometric shapes, digital, camouflage are all trending.

Linen and high quality cotton will give the body a high quality look that will work with a range of colors.

When wearing a T-shirt like this, there are a few things you need to take into account or you risk looking like at work:

  • Combine colors
  • Combine proportions (top and bottom)
  • Number of prints.

Some people feel more comfortable with large appliqués and bold colors, some prefer classic and minimalistic colors, but the fabric is key.

Bright prints will not leave you unnoticed.

Who doesn’t love stripes? A fashionable favorite print is timeless and fully applicable. Get ready to see stripes in all sizes and colors next year.Be careful with vertical stripes if you don’t want to look too skinny. Stick to the classic by using horizontal stripes that help balance your height.

The variety of decor on a regular T-shirt is amazing. Embroidery in various shapes gives the T-shirt personality.

Tight or Loose? Stylish T-shirts Spring-Summer 2021

Loose T-shirts.This T-shirt style is nothing new, but the style stars have already proven that T-shirts are officially the most versatile piece in a wardrobe. Adaptable or Current? Trends like this are hard to find.

Classic loose T-shirts will help to hide flaws in the figure and therefore they are always in trend. And also T-shirts that showcase sleek photography and images of pop culture heroes can gain a lot of popularity.

A loose-fitting T-shirt in a bright shade is the easiest way to experiment with different parts of your wardrobe, add something new to your look. For example, by filling it you can achieve a balance between classic and modern.

The T-shirt gives us a touch of freedom by capturing the imagination.

Skinny tank tops with or without straps will make you look incredibly slim, accentuating your waist, and deep colors will add sexuality.Made from linen or cottons, these T-shirts will keep you feeling cool during the hot months. Lightweight, breathable, it won’t hold you back throughout the day.

Flower Variety

Fashionable T-shirts do not leave our wardrobe. The new season will add variety to this type of clothing. In general, you can find images of drawings and various prints. The youthful style of the bright T-shirts is filled with floral variety.

Elongated hip-length T-shirts, widening downwards, take on irregular shapes. Thus, they give femininity to the owner.

Guipure inserts with embroidery on T-shirts remain in vogue for the next season. This style will add light romance.

Oversized oversized T-shirt in classic colors is a great option for summer. In it you will feel lightness and ease all day long.

The most visible trend of the season is the strong slogan on the T-shirts. Typographic drawings and graphics bring the feeling of a youthful rebellion. Such T-shirts and clothes of different colors are unique in their kind.

One of the defining features of the T-shirt is its free form. But, there are updates here too. Knitted T-shirts are reinventing a new style.


Designers started experimenting with sports tops.

They offer a variety of options, from classic to evening:

  • Sweat crop tops
  • Corset Tops
  • Tops with wide straps
  • Elegant evening tops
  • One shoulder tops.

Every fashionista has the right to choose the right model for herself.For a more elegant style, ladies can try on strict one-shoulder tops. This will give them extra glamor and make them stand out from the crowd.

Modern tops in their variety open up a new style.

Bold graphic tops match style with jeans and sneakers. Likewise, linen T-shirts can just as easily be worn with jeans on weekends. Fashionistas strive to impress by wearing an additional T-shirt under the top.

A variety of modern models will allow you to choose your fashionable top.


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How the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be remembered from the point of view of the fashion industry

The Olympic Games are a platform for records, demonstration of strength and agility, overcoming oneself and the ability to work in a team. It seems that the fashion trends here boil down to the design of the athletes’ uniforms and the sale of licensed products.The past Olympics, delayed for a year due to the pandemic, refuted the stereotype and showed that the sports field can also be a place for self-expression and demonstration of position through clothing.

The theater begins with a coat rack, and the Olympics begins with an opening ceremony. This year, the dress of the singer MISIA, who sang the Japanese national anthem in an empty stadium in Tokyo, caught the attention of viewers – his photo was circulated on social networks, where the lush outfit was compared to a cloud, sweets and cherry blossoms.

Crafted from recycled organza with an ombre effect, the dress is designed by Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi. He became known to the general public in 2019, when Katie Grand noticed his work on Instagram. The famous stylist gave Koizume a meteoric rise in her career – a month later, his show took place at New York Fashion Week.

Dress and Support

Despite the utilitarian function of the sports uniform, many countries approach the development of its design with all responsibility, inviting famous fashion designers to cooperate.Over the years, Stella McCartney (Great Britain), Giorgio Armani (Italy), Christian Louboutin (Cuba), Miuccia Prada (Italy), as well as the brands Hermes (France), Lacoste (France), Salvatore Ferragamo (San- Marino), H&M (Sweden) and others.

Ralph Lauren, US Olympic flag bearer jacket with RL cooling

Ralph Lauren has become a veteran of the Olympic fashion designer movement, who has worn the US national team since 2008.This year, the eponymous brand Ralph Lauren, which developed warming clothes for the past Winter Games, again emphasized technology, equipping the dress uniform of the American Olympians with the RL cooling system. A device sewn into the back of the flag bearer’s jacket monitors body temperature and cools the garment if necessary. The technology used to cool computer systems came in handy in the heat of Tokyo.

The new name in Olympic fashion this year is Kim Kardashian.Skims, her shaper brand, has also partnered with the US team to develop women’s underwear, pajamas and leisurewear in a brand-specific minimalist style, complemented by Olympic symbols and a national flag.


A memorable debut at the Games took place with the American brand Telfar, whose founder Telfar Clemens, after being approached by one of the athletes, volunteered to equip the Liberia national team.The choice of the country is quite understandable: Telfar’s parents are Liberian refugees, after the birth of their son in the United States, they briefly returned to their homeland, but left it again due to the threat of civil war. In America, the designer was able to realize his talent and gain fame – primarily thanks to the iconic vegan leather bags with the Telfar logo, called “Bushwick Birkin”.

The designer not only developed the uniform of his native country, but also sponsored the team and even went with her to the opening ceremony of the Games as a standard bearer.With no previous experience in sportswear, Telfar Clemens created 70 wardrobe items for the Liberian Olympians, from uniforms to accessories, with the country’s flag and Telfar logo on them. Inspired by the Liberian form, the collection marked the beginning of the brand’s first sports line, available to the general public.

The Russian team, which this year played under the flag of the Olympic Committee of our country, again donned a uniform created by the Zasport brand, the official outfitter of the team.For athletes and members of the delegation, sets of equipment were developed that consisted of 60 items – their design combined Russian and Japanese motives: the tricolor stripes on the jackets unfold in the form of a fan, the print on the suitcases resembles bamboo shoots, and the prints on T-shirts and the sole lines on sneakers are inspired by the famous engraving “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”. Especially for the inscription TOKYO, a font stylized like Japanese characters was developed. A similar style was chosen for the symbols of the Olympic sports.

Also, the designers used in the collection a traditional Russian costume element – the mantle – in a modern interpretation. It has transformed into a graphic necklace on long sleeves, sweatshirts and polos. Wishing good luck to the Russian athletes from Zasport were amulets placed on the inner side of ceremonial and training suits. The collection is made of materials designed for the high temperature conditions of Japan – cotton and other moisture-wicking, quick-drying and cooling fabrics.

Zasport, uniform of the Russian Olympic team

Got something to say

The past Olympic Games will go down in history not only as the strangest, primarily due to covid restrictions, but also as competitions that gave a voice to the sports uniform – it unexpectedly took over one of the functions of casual wear and became a means of expressing the position of athletes.

The theme of inclusiveness and equality, which found expression in the sports wardrobe, did not bypass the Olympics.For example, German gymnasts who entered the competition not in the usual open leotards, but in overalls with leggings hiding the legs of the athletes, drew attention to themselves. This form is not prohibited by the rules, but it is used extremely rarely. According to the German Gymnastics Federation, the girls chose closed suits to protest against “sexualization in gymnastics.”

This decision resonates with the struggle for the rights of Norwegian athletes at the European Beach Handball Championship in Bulgaria, which was held in parallel with the Olympic Games.The Norwegian national team announced their desire to play in closed sports shorts instead of the open bikini bottoms prescribed by the rules. The European Handball Federation threatened the team with fines, and then completely banned the team from playing in shorts, promising to disqualify the team. The Norwegian athletes were forced to play in bikinis, but in the match for third place they still took to the court in shorts.

This precedent has sparked a wide discussion that athletes have the right to perform in clothes that are comfortable for them, without feeling awkward and focusing on the game, and not on whether others will see something unnecessary.The American singer Pink has already volunteered to pay the fine for the Norwegian handball players, supporting the girls on her Twitter account.

Another reason for the discussion of the rights of athletes was the ban of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) at the Games of the British company Soul Cap swimming caps, designed specifically for swimmers with dreadlocks, pigtails and lush curly hair. This decision caused a flurry of criticism and accusations of racism, because black athletes primarily use these – their hair is drier in structure and requires protection from the effects of chlorine in the pool.For this, special oils are used, but because of them, an ordinary swimming cap slips off the head.

The essence of the conflict is well expressed by the phrase of Alice Deering, the first black swimmer to represent the British national team at the Olympics: “People told me that my hair was ‘too voluminous’ for a hat, but they never said that it was a hat too small for my hair.” FINA has already promised to look into the issue, “understanding the importance of inclusiveness and representativeness,” and involve Soul Cap representatives in the discussion.

Alice Deering in Soul Cap

A tacit statement of position was the exit of the US fencing team members in pink protective masks. Before the fight with Japan, Jake Hoyle, Curtis McDowld and Yaisser Ramirez wore them, thereby expressing their protest against the fourth member of the team, Alan Hadzic, accused of sexual assault and under investigation – he was on the site in a black mask. The athletes chose pink to support women survivors of violence and to show that they do not want to see Hadzic in the team and in general at the Olympics.

Stylish debut

The past Games will also be remembered for the debut sports disciplines designed to attract new athletes and an audience. So, in 2016, it was decided to include skateboarding in the number of Olympic sports. The debut in 2021 turned out to be bright – perhaps this is the only type of competition in which athletes can reveal their individuality and set fashion trends. Such an action plays into the hands of brands that want to attract the attention of young customers and attract nuggets to cooperate with which skateboarding is rich.

Guess, Summer Games collection

The American brand Guess has decided to celebrate the premiere by releasing a Summer Games themed collection as part of the Originals line. Designers turned to the 1989 Worldwide archival collection and brought vintage prints and embroidery onto T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, dresses, crop tops, shorts and other streetwear. The new capsule was presented by skaters Alex Midler, Boo Johnson, Zach Saraceno, Ish Cepeda, Briana King, Dayana Young and Nico Hiraga.

Girls skaters were especially successful in demonstrating their personal style at the Olympics. Thus, the American Alexis Sablone performed in the all-black Converse Jack Purcell sneakers developed in collaboration with her; her compatriot Bryce Wettstein chose bright laces in different colors for her shoes; Filipino Margillin Didal completed her look with massive gold jewelry.

American skateboarder Lizzie Armanto, who competed for the Finnish national team, took to the pitch wearing a Vans outfit, which she designed in collaboration with designer Rachel Finley.The outfit includes 12 interchangeable and functional items in a blue and white color scheme.

The intricate pattern of the shape is a tribute to the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalt, whose 1939 kidney-shaped pool without corners and ribs became the prototype of modern skateboarding pools.

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