Best beauty products to buy in japan: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products 2020 — THE SUNDAY SPRITZ


The Ultimate Guide to the Best Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products 2020 — THE SUNDAY SPRITZ

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I have greasy eyelids (one of those sentences men will never appreciate) and sensitive eyes because of my contacts and allergies. Every single pencil or twist-up eyeliner I’ve tried results in raccoon eyes by 1 p.m.—including cult favorites from Urban Decay and Makeup Forever.

The Shiseido Integrate eyeliner glides on super smoothly and has good staying power. It’s also only about $15 a pop in Japan. (Note: The link goes to a “refill cartridge”—I can’t currently find the full-size on sale.)

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For those who prefer a liquid line, this felt-tipped liquid eyeliner truly lasts for 24 hours. I’m not a big user of liquid eyeliner because I line my waterline to fix my asymmetrical eye shape :), but the friends I’ve gifted this to rave about it. The felt tip makes it easy to do a cat-eye or a super thin line.

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This true-black mascara has great staying power, doesn’t budget or flake, and holds a curl well for the full day. That said, you will definitely need an oil-based makeup remover, oil cleanser, or micellar cleansing water to remove it.

10. Curel Intensive Moisture Cream

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A perfect face cream for sensitive skin. This creamy-yet-lightweight moisturizer has a slightly whipped texture. Even though it’s super moisturizing, it sinks right in—no greasiness or leftover residue on your face. It takes care of flaky skin before you put on foundation.

11. Gatsby Hair Wax

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This is the holy grail of hair products of all of my guy friends. It has great hold without hardening your hair. The smell is pleasant, and a small amount goes a long way.

12. Fake lashes

Whether it’s wispy, natural, or long at the outer edges, Japanese drugstores have all of your fake lash needs covered. I don’t have a specific brand to recommend, but have found the quality to be excellent generally.

13. Cotton pads and q-tips

Is a customs agent going to question your choice of items to import back to your home country? Probably, yes, but the cotton pads in Japan are extra soft, and the q-tips are more dense than American q-tips. Worth the weird looks and the the extra 6×6 inches they’ll take up in your luggage, in my opinion. Muji and Silcot are both popular brands for cotton pads. 

Bonus: Non-beauty products

This may be a post about Japanese drugstore beauty buys, but while you’re there, you might as well get everything under the sun, right? Another non-beauty related buys: If, like me, you get eaten alive whenever in a remotely tropical location, you need Muhi bug bite lotion. It provides sweet sweet relief from itchy mosquito bites, and its small size means you can carry it on.


10 Best Japanese Skin Care Products 2021

Japan is an amazing country to shop beauty products as various kinds of skin care and make-up products are sold in a wide price range. Some of Japanese beauty brands are famous worldwide, such as Shiseido, KOSE and SK-II.

Especially, Japanese skin care products are renowned all around the world for quality, effectiveness and innovativity. The secret of the beautiful skin of Japanese women could be choosing the right skin care products. Not only high-end branded products are popular, yet various inexpensive beauty brands offering affordable products and they can be easily found at Japanese drugstores.

Here, I have picked 10 most popular Japanese skin care products in various price range, that can be added to your daily skin care routine.

From affordable drugstore cosmetics to award winning best quality products, here are 10 must-buy skincare products in Japan in 2021!

1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil


DHC is one of the most trust-worthy cosmetic companies in Japan, providing an affordable range of skincare products as well as supplements, diet and health products . Their best selling Deep Cleansing Oil (ディープクレンジングオイル) has light texture, yet works effectively to remove make-up, even waterproof mascara, and prevent from dryness and moisturize skins. It’s recommended for dry and sensitive skin type though wearing heavy make-up.

Price: 1,600 yen (120 ml)~

Shop Now ▶ DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

2. Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Copyright © Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder (カネボウ suisai ビューティクリアパウダー) has won multiple beauty awards in past years. The cleansing powder contains enzyme which works effectively to make skin soft and clean. It helps removing old keratin on skins, cleansing pores and blackheads, and giving skin resilient and smooth results. As powder is packed in a small capsule per single use, it’s easy to carry and take for travelling.

Price: 1,080 yen for 15 pcs/ 2,160 yen for 32 pcs (TAX included)

Check the Price ▶ Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder



TRANSINO CLEAR WASH (トランシーノ 薬用クリアウォッシュ) has been awarded for the best face wash products in 2017 on the Best Cosmetics Awards by @cosme, the most influential website for Japanese beauty industry. Transino is a skincare range by Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare, one of the biggest medical companies in Japan. The medicated face wash has creamy texture, and helps removing old skin cells, freckle and skin spot and brightening up the skin tone.

Price: 1,800 yen (TAX included)

Buy it Now ▶ Transino Clear Wash

Check more Japanese Face Wash and Cleansers: 10 Must-Buy Japanese Face Washes and Cleansers

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

© 2018. Procter & Gamble.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (SK-IIフェイシャル トリートメント エッセンス) is a multiple award winning skincare product by SK-II . It’s one of the longest-selling beauty products in Japan, which has been renowned for over 35 years. It hydrates the skin and helps to prevent causing dryness and  moderate the skin surface renewal cycle. The product might be pricey comparing to others in the same range, yet it’s the most trust-worthy skincare products in Japan that you can expect high effectiveness for hydrating dry skin and anti-aging.

You may wanna get a sample before purchasing at stores in Japan!

Price: 75ml 8,925 yen/160ml 18,360 yen/230ml 23,760 yen (TAX included)

Worldwide Shipping Available ▶ SK-II Facial Treatment Essence-

5. Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel

© Imju Corporation.

Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel (ハトムギ保湿ジェル) is one of most praiseworthy “affordable” Japanese skincare products, and has been chosen as the best skincare product for the Best Cosmetics Awards by @cosme in 2017, which is the most honorable prize in cosmetics industry. The hydrating gel has light non-sticky texture, and penetrates into the skin instantly. It contains the maximum amount of water possible, and formulated with Job’s Tears (Hatomugi), a natural plant ingredient with alcohol free. It can be used for a multiple purpose as a toner, emulsion, moisturizer, serum and even for body.

Price: 972 yen (TAX included)

Shop Now ▶ Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel


Sekkisei Emulsion

Copyright © 1996–2018 KOSÉ Corporation.

Sekkisei is one of longtime beloved Japanese skincare brands. The medicated skincare series by Kosé works effectively on the skin to look brighter and smoother. The best selling products from the Sekkisei series is the

Medicated Emulsion (薬用 雪肌精 乳液) which has rich yet light texture and provides deep hydration, whitening and smooth effects on the skin.

Price: 5,400 yen (TAX included)

Check the Price ▶ Sekkisei Medicated Emulsion

7. KAO Curel Intensive Moisture Cream


KAO Curel Intensive Moisture Cream (花王 キュレル 潤浸保湿フェイスクリーム) is an excellent face cream for dry and sensitive skin, providing highly effective solutions to improve skin condition and it’s alcohol free. It keeps skin moisture yet the texture is very light and smooth. Apply after face lotion, or use as a make-up base before applying foundation.

It’s recommended to use all year round.

Price: 2,484 yen

Buy it Now ▶ Curel Intensive Moisture Cream

8. Shiseido Ultimune


Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (アルティミューン パワセラミング コンセントレート) is a multiple award winning product from Japanese beauty tycoon, Shiseido. It’s a boosting pre-treatment to defend against aging and damage. Using Ultimune helps anything you put on top of it, like moisturizer or serum, work harder. Ultimune acts as both protection from potential damage and a buffer to the daily assault that can visibly age skin.

Price: 30ml 8,640 yen/ 50ml 12,960 yen (TAX included)

Worldwide Shipping Available ▶ Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

9. ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen

Copyright © Shiseido Co.,Ltd.

When it comes to the “sunscreen ranking”, ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen (アネッサ パーフェクトUVサンスクリーン) by Shiseido has been standing at the first place for many years.

High protection, strong waterproof and contains beauty moisturizing ingredients, yet the texture is so light that you might feel not wearing it at all. Once you use ANESSA, you probably don’t want to go back to other products!

Price: 1,500 yen (25 ml)

Shop Now ▶ ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen

More Japanese Sunscreen Products: 10 Best Japanese Sunscreens

10. Minon: Amino Moist Mask


Minon Amino Moist Essential Mask (ミノン アミノモイスト ぷるぷるしっとり肌マスク) has won the most honored award for beauty products: Best Cosmetics Awards by @cosme in 2016. It’s the most trust worthy, yet reasonable sheet mask in Japan, especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin.

Price: 1,200 (4pc)

Check the Price ▶ Minon Amino Moist Essential Mask 

More Japanese Sheet Masks ▶ 5 Must Buy Japanese Sheet Masks

You can shop the listed Japanese skin care products online! Kokoro is an online store offering a wide range of Japanese beauty products with worldwide shipping!  Visit the website (http://bit. ly/32HfNbi) to check more Japanese beauty products available, and spend over 40 USD and get FREE shipping to your country!

Thanks for reading! The listed products are all highly recommended for your daily skincare routine. For more information about popular beauty products in Japan, please check out these articles below, too!

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Japan’s Top 10 Beauty Products: What We Found Out

Praising the ones that helped us #glowup and exposing the ones that didn’t meet our standards.

You don’t need us to tell you that when it comes to the beauty world, ladies living in Japan are seriously #blessed. We recently compared J-beauty and K-beauty products, but this time we’re focusing on some of the most popular Japanese beauty products.

The only way to know how bomb these products are is by testing them out, right? It was hard. It was exhausting. But after a grueling one-month long period of mini spa treatments at home, the reviews are in! Here’s what we, the Savvy Team, have to say about some of the most popular Japanese beauty products.

1. DHC Cleansing Oil

A makeup remover and facial cleanser wrapped up into one, this cleansing oil uses antioxidant-rich ingredients like organic olive oil, rosemary leaf oil, and Vitamin E to gently remove dirt and “bad” oils, leaving your skin fresh, clean, and plumpy. Just a tip: you’ll want to apply this with dry hands (no shower, sorry ladies).

Price: ¥1,604 for 120 ml

The Lover says: “I love this stuff! I switched to oil cleanser about a year ago after a lifetime of scrubbing my face raw with harsh exfoliators (I have normal to oily skin). Since I’ve been using DHC, I’ve had fewer breakouts and my skin isn’t as dry, plus it actually removes mascara instead of leaving this weird grey patch under my eyes. Such a game-changer!”

The Hater says: “My skin felt smooth as butter after an orgasmic experience using it in the shower, but unfortunately it smeared my eyeliner (which I wear super thick) all over my face and didn’t get it off cleanly.”

Would you purchase again? 

Yes: 75% 
No: 25%

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

2. Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Oil

Although this is marketed as a hair oil, Oshima Tsubaki’s hair-tamer is another multi-purpose product containing triolein, a component of human sebum, so it can be applied safely and effortlessly to your hair, scalp, and skin. All-natural, plant-based, and free of colorants and chemical fragrances, this oil keeps your hair looking shiny, healthy, and lustrous for days.

Price: ¥1,194 for 60 ml

The Lover says: “This really helped to tame the goblin mane that is my hair in the slightest bit of humidity. It’s especially great for my fellow naturally curly-haired ladies—just run a nickel-sized drop of oil through your wet hair and let it air dry.”

The Hater says: “I have really fine hair so if I even wave a bottle of this near it, it gets greasy and limp. I’m not trying to relive my emo teenage days so this one was a hard pass.”

Would you purchase again?

Yes: 50%
No: 50%

Overall rating: ★★★☆☆

3. Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Gel

Japanese women take their UV-ray protection seriously—sun hats, arm sleeves, and sunscreen for days. Anessa’s sunscreen is a moisturizing “gel” containing Aqua Booster Technology which helps to prevent it from being rubbed off when exposed to water.

Price: ¥2,178 for 90 ml

The Lover says: “There’s a reason why Anessa is so popular in Japan. It’s such a luxurious-feeling sunscreen and doesn’t smell like old coconuts like every other brand. I wear this instead of daily moisturizer as it’s light and long-lasting enough to go under makeup.”

The Hater says: “One word: basic. There was literally nothing special about it. It was incredibly smooth and creamy, which is strange because it was supposed to be a gel. This ain’t no gel!”

Would you purchase again?

Yes: 50% 
No: 50%

Overall rating: ★★★☆☆

4. Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Face Setting Powder

Labeled as a “silky setting powder”, this fine powder is applied directly on top of your makeup so you look the same at 6 p.m. after a long day of work, as you did when you first applied everything at 7 a.m. that morning. The powder also contains hyaluronic acid so you can expect a healthy-looking, glowing skin tone.

Price: ¥6,206 for 12 g

The Lover says: “This powder gives you a really nice matte-looking finish which was nice, but the powder is white, not translucent, so if you’re not super fair-skinned, the only thing you’ll be looking like after applying this is a geisha.

The Hater says: “I don’t wear a ton of makeup so wasn’t big on this one.”

Would you purchase again? 

Yes: 0%
No: 100%

Overall rating: ★★☆☆☆

5. Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask (Royal Jelly)

You might be wondering what “royal jelly” is (that’s what we thought at first). True to its name, royal jelly is a honey bee secretion used for the development of none other than the queen bee herself. The royal jelly contains skin-hydrating compounds like amino acids and ceramide and is blended with other moisturizing ingredients to create the ultimate sheet mask for dry skin.

Price: ¥507 for three masks

The Lover says: “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly … I sure as hell wasn’t. This was nice for a self-care evening when you can’t afford to go and get a real facial. Total spa treatment.”

The Hater says: Just as a warning to anyone who decides to do this mask: there is a lot of jelly. I honestly didn’t know whether to put it on my face or make a trifle. By the end of it, my skin had absorbed most of the stuff and definitely felt more moisturized. But I think I’ll stick with jelly for dessert.

Would you purchase again?

Yes: 25%
No: 75%

Overall rating: ★★★★☆

6. DHC Lip Cream

Another pick from DHC, this lip cream is made with gentle ingredients like olive oil, aloe essence, licorice derivatives, and Vitamin E to ensure your lips are soft, crack-free, and totally kissable all throughout the year. Color and aroma-free, this lip balm comes in a light pink, sturdy applicator identical to a lipstick tube. So fancy.

Price: ¥619 for 1.5 g

The Lover says: “The tube the lip cream is in is super cute, very sturdy. But the lip cream itself is very average. Not bad, but not noticeably better than other lip creams.”

The Hater says: “The only good thing I can say about this was that the applicator was fancy af so I felt fancy af putting it on. That is all.”

Would you purchase again?

Yes: 0% 
No: 100%

Overall rating: ★★☆☆☆

7. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Do we even need to give an introduction for this one? SK-II Facial Treatment Essence has been dominating the Japanese beauty market and flooding social media recently as the latest and most effective product to bring out straight #flawless skin. The secret ingredient is the fermentation blend patented as Pitera—so life-changing that according to SK-II, a bottle is sold every two seconds.

Price: ¥14,995 for 230 ml

The Lover says: “I used this as a toner right after washing my face and I loved how clean and fresh it made my skin feel. It also definitely made my skin brighter; I had friends and even my mom (a harsh critic whom I love) telling me via FaceTime that my skin was glowing! That being said, I don’t know about the price…”

The Hater says: “This stuff is pricey so I was super excited to try it out. After a week though, I didn’t notice any dramatic difference (yeah I still look old). It was gentle to put on but with serums and toners, I generally like to feel that it’s burning. I also thought it smelt a bit fermented — I guess that means it’s working?”

Would you purchase again?

Yes: 75%
No: 25%

Overall rating: ★★★★☆

8. Majolica Lash Jelly Drop

A treatment made just for your lashes, this lash jelly drop comes in the same applicator as your standard mascara, but instead of the bristles of a mascara wand, this one looks like half of a Mister Donut pon de ring. The applied serum is formulated to help strengthen and treat each damaged lash from the cuticle, leaving a glossy finish.

Price: ¥1,045 for 5.3 g

The Lover says: “It was a nice way to remove any leftover mascara on my eyelashes that I missed after my shower but it was hard to tell if it made the lashes themselves any better.

The Hater says: “What’s with Japan and jelly? I tried but the jelly went all in my eyes and then I couldn’t see.”

Would you purchase again?

Yes: 0%
No: 100%

Overall rating: ★★☆☆☆

9.Ettusais Pore Care Serum

This is actually more like a cream than a standard serum. It comes in a pump tube so you can pump out the perfect amount for one single use. Just as the name claims, this medicated serum contains ingredients like Vitamin C, glycerol, and an “AC Control Oil” powder to target visible pores and dark spots specifically for people with oily, acne-prone skin.

Price: ¥1,980 for 30 ml

The Lover says: “I wanted to try this serum because I read about it on another blog that said it was good for acne-prone skin and acne scars. While it didn’t completely clear my acne scars in ten days, my pores did appear smaller and my skin looked more uniformed.”

The Hater says: “No. Just no. Turn around and run away from this trash. If you have dry skin like me, this demon will make you break out within two days.”

Would you purchase again?

Yes: 0%
No: 100%

Overall rating: ★★☆☆☆

10. Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask

You read that right — a mask for your feet. Each box comes with a pair of “feet mask” which look like large plastic socks that you’ll wear for one hour. Each mask contains a keratin-softening ingredient, as well as a blend of 17 different plant extracts to help remove old, dead skin and leaves your feet as soft as a baby’s bum!

Price: ¥1,310 for two 35 ml foot masks

The Lover says: “Oh. My. God. Peeling. Everywhere. The Baby Foot Moisturizing Mask was like a horror movie, but one that ends in the main character actually getting away in the end. Throughout the week, my foot peeled horrendously leaving dead skin in my socks, shoes, sheets, and carpet. Peeling off the skin was like unwrapping the most satisfying Christmas present ever, with the skin of angels waiting underneath.”

The Hater says: Nothing — no haters here!

Would you purchase again?

Yes: 100%
No: 0%

Overall rating: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

If it wasn’t already obvious, the Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask was the unanimous favorite from this beauty lot. Not only did it do exactly what it claimed to, but it went above and beyond our expectations. And as gross as it may sound, peeling off that dead skin is oh so satisfying, and we’re not afraid to admit it.

What are your favorite Japanese beauty products? Share with us in the comments below!

Top 10 Best Japanese Cosmetics at Shibuya Loft: Makeup Must-Buys!

Date published: 23 September 2018
Last updated: 24 September 2020

What are some of the Japanese cosmetics, beauty products, and must-haves? Shibuya Loft is known as a colorful and fun treasure trove of souvenirs and miscellaneous goods, but it also boasts a rich variety of Japanese cosmetics!

We combed this massive selection for the 10 absolute must-buy Japanese cosmetic and make-up products, from sheet masks to so-called puchipura (little price) highlights!

1. Keana Men’s Mask: Minimizes Your Pores!

“Keana Men’s Mask” Minimizes Your Pores! (10 masks, 650 yen)

No matter how diligently you wash and care for your face, your pores remain wide open? This sheet mask is designed explicitly for this beauty issue faced by plenty of men.

It features collagen for extra firmness, hyaluronic acid for proper moisture, as well as loofah and chamomile extract to pamper your skin. Simply leave it on for about 5 minutes after washing your face and let it work on your pores.

“This mask is made in Japan and firmly sticks to the skin, so that’s why it’s especially popular with international shoppers. It’s specifically made for men, so those guys who want to try it don’t hesitate,” explains Public Relations.

In fact, the Keana Men’s Mask had become so popular that it often is out of stock – even when we visited Loft. If you spot it, get it in your cart immediately!

2. Toumei Shirohada White Mask N: Your New Skincare BFF!

“Toumei Shirohada White Mask N” is Your New Skincare BFF! (10 masks, 600 yen)

This gentle mask is like a soft kiss on skin that got a little bit too much sun, providing moisture and translucency. It makes use of fermented soy milk, plant placenta, and collagen to moisturize and pamper your skin for a translucent glow!

The thick “Made in Japan” mask sticks firmly to the face, and even though it is soaked with plenty of liquid, it doesn’t drip or dry out. It’s wonderfully moisturizing up to the very last second!

Using it every day for 5 minutes promises soft and glowing skin, and people like this mask so much, it’s in short supply! Not even we could get our hands on it when we visited Loft – as soon as the mask is in, it is sold out, so keep your eyes open!

3. Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder Matte Ochre: Makes Your Skin Glow for Little Money!

“Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder Matte Ochre” Makes Your Skin Glow for Little Money! (940 yen)

Canmake is a famous representative of the aforementioned puchipura cosmetics, meaning cosmetic goods that cost little money but to wonderful things.

This finish powder can simply be used after the foundation and is neither sticky nor shiny – it makes your skin all soft like a marshmallow! If you’re opting for a natural look, just skip the foundation and use this powder instead.

It’s gentle to the skin because it contains beauty essence and can be washed off with only facial cleanser. In any case, it does a lot for its small price, which is precisely why it is so popular. It comes in three shades, with matte ochre being the most popular.

The cotton puff is easy to use.

It comes in a soft pink packaging.

A staple Japanese cosmetic item for many women and girls.

4. Takami Skin Peel: Dermatological Magic for Your Skin!

“Takami Skin Peel” is Dermatological Magic for Your Skin! (4,584 yen)

This serum has been created to work on the stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of the skin that consists of keratinized cells.

It was developed by a Japanese cosmetics dermatologist in Tokyo’s Omotesando, using long-term experience with keeping skin both beautiful and healthy by adjusting the skin’s rhythm of metabolism.

It feels like water on your fingers, and you simply have to apply it after washing your face. The package even includes a dropper that marks the appropriate amount, making the Takami Skin Peel even easier to use.

“This item is popular because it does not damage the skin, unlike a peeling or scrub.” Not even alcohol is part of this little wonder.

The dropper helps to determine the proper amount at a single glance.

5. Opera Lip Tint 05 Coral Pink: Brings Natural Color to Your Lips!

“Opera Lip Tint 05 Coral Pink” Brings Natural Color to Your Lips! (1,500 yen)

This item was released in 2016 and has been a smash hit ever since – even becoming a staple item in the cosmetic lineup of many a woman.

Its strong point is that it does not look painted on like rouge but rather enhances your natural lip color with a transparent tint. With one layer only, your lips will look flawlessly finished!

Additionally, the Opera Lip Tint develops its colors by responding to the moisture of your lips, keeping the tint fresh and without discoloration.

It is moist and feels wonderfully natural, coming in six different colors from 01 red to 06 pink-red. Especially 05 coral pink is popular, as it seems to match the color of Asian skin perfectly.

From time to time, you’ll find limited colors among the lineup that are only available for a brief amount of time, so check for those as well!

Coral pink matches Asian skin. If you don’t know where to start, try this one.

The packaging looks casual but luxurious.

6. The Product Hair Wax: Brings All-Natural, Safe-to-use Glam!

“The Product Hair Wax” Brings All-Natural, Safe-to-use Glam! (1,980 yen)

This product may be named hair wax, but it can actually be used to care for your whole body, from your skin to lips and nails.

Made only from natural, organic ingredients, it could even be used on the delicate skin of a baby. Simply scoop up a small amount with your fingertip, then spread it over your palm and wait until it gets oily before applying it – that’s it!

It’s also recommended for calluses on elbows, heels, and knees. The main ingredients are Shea Butter, aloe vera, vitamin E, beeswax, tangerine essential oil, and so on.

With a refreshing citrus aroma, it’s recommended for both men and women, and since it’s rather small, it can be easily kept in a makeup pouch.

At first, the wax is yellow but becomes transparent once you massage it in.

7. Fujiko PonPon Powder: Adds Volume to Your Hair!

# 7 – “Fujiko PonPon Powder” Adds Volume to Your Hair!

This fantastic powder brings volume to flat hair with a puffy smoothness! The powder, containing plant-derived ingredients, fills the microscopic gaps in the hair, and absorbs any excess sebum.

That affects every single hair, so this powder is even effective to tame any frizz on rainy days and combat oily flatness in the evening.

It comes in a compact case that’s easy to carry around, so go ahead and try it throughout the day to see the astounding difference. It’s quickly applied!

“It’s useful, so this one will quickly become a new favorite. It will look a little white in the beginning, but you’ll immediately understand how it works,” explains Public Relations. It’s undoubtedly a haircare item that you’ll always want to have in your bag!

The powder is applied with a soft sponge, adding volume to your hair!

8. Wafood Made Tofu Face Wash: Soft, Non-foaming Cleansing Fun!

“Wafood Made Tofu Face Wash” is Soft, Non-foaming Cleansing Fun! (1,000 yen)

This unique face wash doesn’t foam and instead boasts a wonderfully rich creaminess. It is made from the soy milk of a famous tofu shop in Hiroshima called Tsubakiya, as well as nigari (a coagulant used for tofu making) from Kochi’s Muroto area.

Remove your make-up, then apply a cherry-sized amount of the Tofu Face Wash to your hand and massage it into your face. The rich cream will cleanse your pores and refresh your skin, making it wonderfully moist and smooth.

It’s popular among women of all ages, and one face wash contains 170g.

It’s in a light and easy-to-use packaging.

Its design evokes the image of tofu as well.

9. Flowfushi Mote Liner Liquid Brown Black: Ridiculously Popular and Ridiculously Great!

“Flowfushi Mote Liner Liquid Brown Black” is Ridiculously Popular and Ridiculously Great! (1,500 yen)

This eyeliner is wonderfully reliable, making drawing your lid line both easy and enjoyable. The Mote Liner sits on first place of all sorts of different Japanese cosmetics rankings for quite a while, never losing popularity.

The brush is a blend of four kinds of hairs with different hardness and flow, chosen by a brush craftsman of the Kumano area, boasting both softness and spring.

Both thick and fine lines are no problem for this unique eyeliner. The liquid is exceptionally water-resistant and withstands both sebum and moisture, using hybrid polymers that were chosen by considering safety.

Even if you rub your eye, the Mote Liner stays in place, and you won’t have to reapply it. And yet, if you wash your face with warm water, you won’t have any trouble getting rid of it.

The octagonal pen is comfortable to hold and features a bit of weight for better stability. The Mote Liner comes in five different colors, but the brown-black is by far the most popular one. It’s just the right kind of shade to match pretty much any makeup!

The five different colors in a simply packaging.

10. Ettusais Oil Block Base: For Oil-Free Skin with One Touch!

“Ettusais Oil Block Base” for Oil-Free Skin with One Touch! (1,200 yen)

The cute design of this product almost looks like a stationery goodie! However, the Ettusais Oil Block Base is all about reducing oily shininess in the T-zone.

It’s effortless to use – simply prepare your skin with a bit of lotion, then paint the areas that get particularly shiny with the soft brush. A special powder absorbs any excess sebum and makes for smooth, matte skin.

It’s transparent, so you can safely use it after applying your foundation. That also means that you can apply it during the day when you notice your skin getting shiny.

Its compact size makes it a staple cosmetic item to carry around, and it’s especially recommended to people who worry about their makeup or oiliness during the day.

The regular type is on the right, the cooling type is on the left.

Shibuya Loft is just a 5-minute walk away from Shibuya Station, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists to stop by for some fun shopping. There are all sorts of cute and functional miscellaneous goods spread out over seven floors – the Japanese cosmetics we introduced today can be found on the second floor.

You’ll find pretty much any category there, from reasonable prices to all-organic and Made in Japan. Happy shopping!

*All prices exclude tax.

  • Shibuya LOFT


    • Address 21-1, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042, Japan
    • Nearest Station Access: Shibuya Station (JR Lines, Ginza Line, Fukutoshin Line, Hanzomon Line, Den-en-toshi Line), 3 minutes from Subway Station Exit 3, 5 minutes from JR Station Hachiko Exit
    • Phone Number 03-3462-3807
    • Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
      Closed: open every day

*This information is from the time of this article’s publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

5 Japanese Skin Care Secrets That Will Make You Look Younger | Pickled Plum

Japanese women never seem to age. With their beauty rituals and anti aging skin care products, it seems they have found the secret code to looking youthful, forever. No matter how closely I look at mother’s skin (who is 79 years old), I cannot see a single wrinkle. Her skin is flawless and still glowing after all these years. When my friends ask what she does to look this good, I tell them to sit down, grab a cup of green tea and pull out a notebook – they are in for a treat.

Japanese Anti Aging Secrets

I must have been seven or eight years old.

Sitting on the hamper in the bathroom, I watched my mother as she went about her daily morning ritual. After washing her face with warm water, she gently patted her cheeks and forehead in an upward motion.

“This is to improves blood circulation”, she said.

She told me that taking care of my skin is very important and that I should always treat it with love and respect.

“As you get older, your skin is going to need your help to stay healthy. You will have to work with it to keep it hydrated and glowing” she explained.

Then she pulled out a few bottles and jars and showed me step by step, her beauty routine.

“This is a traditional Japanese skin care routine followed by all Japanese women. It’s not that complicated but very helpful to your skin. Let me show you how it’s done.”

That was 35 years ago.

Since then I’ve been following my mother’s Japanese skin care routine, morning and night.

And I’m here to tell you, they work!

Why should you trust me with these tips and recommendations?

Because I’ve been a professional model for the past 24 years and have worked with many beauty brands including Lancôme, Perricone MD, Boots No.7 and Kanebo.

I’ve spent more than half of my life in front of the camera and having to deal with different climates, time zones and harsh studio lighting. My skin has seen it all and I’ve had to take exceptionally good care of my skin to keep it from aging quickly.

Tired looking skin or break outs are not allowed in my industry since it’s all about selling youth and health. And I’ve learned that the best way to keep my skin looking youthful is by eating lots of anti-inflammatory foods and using beauty products that are gentle, rich in nutrients and super hydrating.

And nothing is better than Japanese beauty products to give my skin the hydration it needs to stay smooth and glowing!

This is a commercial I shot for Lancôme three years ago when I was 41 years old.

And here I am now at 45 years old with barely any fine lines and wrinkles. People think I’m in my early 30s and I owe this to my daily skin care routine, and the Japanese beauty secrets my mother shared with me.

Me at 45 years old with a brand new haircut 🙂

The best part about those Japanese skin care secrets?

They don’t require a lot of commitment since they only take a few minutes a day to implement.

These are simple and popular Japanese anti aging skin care secrets that can take years off your face.

By taking an extra 10 minutes out of your day, you will dramatically improve your skin’s texture and complexion. It’s never too late to get started – turn these tips into daily habits and see how these changes will make you look and feel younger.

A good anti aging skin care routine helps you age well, naturally.

Japanese Skin Care Secret #1 – Use A Gentle Skin Cleanser

The gentler the product, the better!

Japanese women like to avoid harsh products containing lots of chemicals.

Instead, they use products that are low in alcohol and more on the natural side. By using gentler products like a softener (I wrote a post about it, you can read it here), the skin remains hydrated (instead of being stripped away of its natural oils).

Cleansing is essential to healthy skin because it washes away bacteria that could possibly get into pores and create breakouts.

But only cleanse once a day otherwise you will dry out your skin! The best time to do it is before bedtime to get rid of all the dirt and pollutant your skin is exposed to during the day.

Whether you wear makeup or not, you should always cleanse your skin before bedtime. Finish by applying a serum and a nighttime moisturizer.

Using softer products will help your skin retain lots of moisture which in turn naturally minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Top Selling Skin Cleansers In Japan

1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 

DHC is one of Japan’s most popular brands. The cleansing oil is lightweight and loaded with antioxidants to boost the skin with nutrients, and give it a glow. It effectively removes traces of makeup – including waterproof makeup – and dirt.


2. Cure Natural Aqua Gel

This is the #1 best selling exfoliator in Japan, selling 1 bottle every 12 seconds! The extremely gentle formula can be used on people with very sensitive skin.

3. Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Kanebo is a brand I know well because I had the honor to model for one of their famous brands, RMK.

Kanebo has been around for as long as Shiseido and is considered to be one of the best skin care brands in the world. I love the Suisai Beauty Clear Powder because it’s super gentle to the skin and hydrates it at the same time.

I also love that the powder comes in 32 mini containers since I can take a few with me whenever I travel. All you need to do is add a little water, create a foam in the palm of your hands and gently rub it on your face in a circular motion. And even though it’s quite gentle, it does a great job at cleaning pores and impurities.

4. Shiseido Perfect Whip

On a budget? This is the cleanser for you. The thick foam act as a barrier from the cleansing motion and removes every bit of impurities. It also hydrates the skin and gives it a soft feel.

Japanese Skin Care Secret #2 – Ditch the toner for a skin softener

I’ve had a love affair with skin softeners for years.

There’s nothing like a good skin softener to give your skin an extra layer of moisture!

Skin softeners hydrate your skin and infuse it with nutrients. Unlike toners, which tend to dry out the skin, softeners lock in moisture and brighten up the complexion. The overall look is smooth skin that looks plump and juicy!

My grand mother, mother, aunts, cousins and friends – Every Japanese woman I know uses a skin softener as a base and swear by it (myself included).

Using it is easy to – Apply a small amount to your face and gently pat the softener until it has fully absorbed into the skin. Follow your beauty routine with a moisturizer.

Top Selling Skin Softeners In Japan

1. Amore Pacific IOPE Moistgen Softener Skin Hydration

Amore Pacific is a Korean brand that is a best seller in Japan. Good for all skin types, this softener brightens the skin and gives it a boost of moisture.


SK-II is a high end Japanese skin care line. Used by celebrities such as Kate Blanchett, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is a softener rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. It’s lightweight and quickly absorbs into the skin.

3. Shiseido Treatment Softener

This softener is great for people with normal to combination skin, or very dry skin. It’s packed with antioxidants (to help protect the skin against free radicals like sun rays), anti aging ingredients, and feels like a water bomb! It’s extremely moisturizing, giving the skin a plump and sticky texture that lasts throughout most of the day.


Japanese Skin Care Secret #3 – Look for collagen rich products

Collagen products are all the rage in Japan.

During my last visit in Tokyo, I swam in a sea of collagen products. I had collagen drinks – which happen to be delicious! – collagen cookies, collagen masks, powder, supplements… Even gloves!

This may just be a trend – there aren’t any concrete proof showing that adding collagen to your diet works. But if there is one thing Japanese women are good at, is taking good care of their skin. With that in mind, I’ve hopped on the collagen train and will continue to take my pills and slap on a collagen mask until more research is done to prove me wrong.

Collagen Products


1. Asahi Perfect Asta Collagen Powder 

What makes this collagen powder so powerful is that it’s also packed with additional beauty ingredients. This powder which you can add to your coffee, tea, smoothie, yogurt, or sprinkle over your food, includes hyaluronic acid (3mg), Elastin (1mg), Beauty body lactic acid bacteria (30mg), Glucosamine (60mg), CoQ10 (5mg), and Vitamin C (100mg). It’s easy to see why it’s such a big hit in Japan.

2. Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel

The long-lasting moisture helps to plump fine lines and wrinkles so your skin stays younger, longer. Only a pea size amount is needed per application and provides moisture for up to 24 hours.

3. DHC Collagen Tablets

I brought back a few bags of these and have been taking them daily. The tablets are small and easy to swallow and so far I have noticed that my skin is softer. This product is also good for people suffering from joint pain as collagen production is essential to joint health.

Japanese Skin Care Secret #4 – Apply an anti aging face mask once or twice a month

As you can now see, the foundation of Japanese skin care lies in keeping a high level of moisture to the skin. The more hydrated the skin is, the healthier it looks. Applying a face mask once or twice a month helps boost the moisture level and therefore, give the skin that youthful glow we all dream to have.

Japanese Face Masks

1. Lululun Face Mask Rich Moisture

This is a top selling mask in Japan because of its high volume of moisturizing ingredients included. Each mask is infused with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, citron fruit extract, royal jelly extract, seaweed extract, and Polyquaternium 51. The main goal of the mask is to hydrate the skin as much as possible and thus, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product is meant to be used before bedtime, nightly, to preserve plump and soft skin.



This face mask contain royal jelly to plump your skin along with lemon extract to inject it full of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential to repair skin cells and preserve youthful looking skin so I always tell my friends to go nuts with citrus!

3. HADA LABO Koi-Gokujyun 3D Perfect Mask

Another product from Hada Labo that’s extremely popular in Japan is their 3D Perfect Mask. This is an all in one mask that brightens and moisturizes skin and also contains anti aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acids, collagen, creamide, and squalane.

Japanese Skin Care Secret #5 – Give your face a massage

While many of us in the Western world like to much on popcorn while watching our favorite TV show, Japanese women use that time to stimulate blood flow (which minimizes fine lines and wrinkles) with a face massager.

Regular use of a face massager will tone and tighten the skin with its kneading motion. Good ones have multi angular rollers to fit every curve of your face and body. Yes, it can be used for legs, arms and stomach too!

To put it simply, you can get a facial and body massage while watching television from the comfort of your own couch. Every single night.

Face Massager/Beauty Roller

Best Selling Beauty Roller

MTG Platinum Electronic roller ReFa 4 CARAT

The MTG Platinum Electronic Roller is designed to replicate the deep “grip and glide” kneading sensation that an esthetician might include as part of a professional treatment. It’s made in Japan and the rollers are platinum coated to suit all skin types, including delicate skin.

The platinum rollers have inbuilt solar panels. This means no batteries are ever needed to use the rollers. The micro current generated from the solar panels act in the same way as the type of currents used in esthetic salon treatments.

It can be used for:

• Jaw line • Face • Underarm • Waist • Inner thigh • Neck • Chest

The MTG Platinum Electronic Roller is waterproof (it can be used in the shower and the bathtub) and comes with a cleaning cloth, pouch, instruction manual, guidebook, and warranty card.

Bonus Japanese Skin Care Secret – Leave Your Skin Bare once in a while

Simplify and let your skin breathe.

While it’s great to care for your skin, it’s also good to let it breathe once in a while.

Too many products can cause the skin to suffocate resulting in a loss of elasticity and color. If you’re spending the evening at home, take off your makeup before dinnertime and leave it bare until the morning. I know it will be tempting to slap on a little serum or moisturizer but try to stay away from all skin products. Remind yourself you are doing your skin a favor!

The next day, apply a little skin softener (read skin softener: a girl’s best friend) or a beauty mask to add moisture.

Best Japanese anti aging face creams

1. Shiseido Bio Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream 

This is a rich anti aging cream with bio-revitalizing complex. What it does is reinforce the skin’s elasticity, which promotes skin resilience and firmness.

2. DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All-in-One Gel

This is a lightweight moisturizing gel with antioxidant derived from freshwater green algae (considered 6000 times more powerful than vitamin c). This multi-action gel cream absorbs deeply to moisturize and nourish skin. Good for sensitive skin.


Best Japanese face cream/moisturizer for wrinkles

SK-II RNA Power Radical New Age

SK-II is renowned for being one of the best skin care lines for aging skin. This particular cream thoroughly hydrates the skin to give it a glowing look. The skin appears smoother, with fines lines that are less defined.

Pola Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum

This is the hottest beauty item in Japan right now and women swear by it! Revered by all the Japanese beauty magazine as the best serum for aging skin that reduces wrinkles, it’s no wonder this product is disappearing off the shelves!

Skin AquaTone Up UV Essence

This sunscreen took the top spot at the Cosme Awards, Japan’s largest beauty website. The rankings are based on real users who use the products and vote them up or down.

What makes Skin Aqua Tone Up so popular is the blue-pink-lavender tint that acts as a color corrector to even out skin tone. It has the ability to neutralize heavy yellow sun tan tones that can cause the skin to look dirty or sallow.

It’s not sticky, lightweight and has an SPF of 50. The iridescent pearl particles brightens up the skin and give it a luminous glow.

ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen

ANESSA Perfect UV  Sunscreen is ideal for sensitive skin and children. Its Aqua Booster technology means that when the minerals from the sunscreen comes into contact with water or sweat, it redistributes itself instead of melting away, continuously protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.

This sunscreen is alcohol-free and fragrance-free and has an SPF of 50. ANESSA (part of the Shiseido family) is considered gold standard in Japan for sun protection and consistently tops the lists for best sunscreen.


Natural Anti Aging Products

Seaweed Based Products

Eat seaweed every day to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Japanese women eat seaweed on a regular basis because it’s packed with natural skin care benefits.

Seaweed is a great anti-aging food and contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals hard to find in other foods. Because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties, seaweed reduces redness caused by rosacea as well as swelling. The iodine regulates the metabolism and helps rejuvenate the skin.

One sheet of nori contains the same amount of Omega 3’s as two avocados! Omega 3’s are the good fatty acids that help keep the skin retain moisture, consequently reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Packed with Vitamin C, it also strengthens nails and hair.

Fill Your Pantry With Seaweed

YMY TERIYAKI NORI ROASTED SEAWEED. Eat them like chips, break them up on top of salads or rice. BUY NOW

JAPANESE DELIGHT SEAWEED SALAD. Sesame and soy flavor, no MSG, all natural and low in calories. BUY NOW

SEA BAKIN SEAWEED SNACKS. Vegan, crunchy nori chips in flavor packs. Add more minerals to your diet.  BUY NOW

EDEN KOMBU SEAWEED STRIPS. A natural flavor enhancer used to make soup stock. BUY NOW

WELPAC DRIED SEAWEED. Used in salads, miso soup, ramen, it rehydrates in 5 minutes. BUY NOW









Green Tea Based Products

Make a habit to drink 1-2 cups a day.

Green tea is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to protect the skin against UV rays (which is one of the main causes for wrinkles). Some research has been done with women who had moderate skin damage and by supplementing their diets with green tea (over a two month period), saw significant improvement in elasticity. It’s easy to include green tea into your diet these days as there are so many green tea based products available on the market.

Fill Your Pantry With Green Tea

Advanta Supplements Green Tea X-tract

Kirkland Ito En Matcha Blend Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Kit Kat – Matcha Green Tea Flavor.


Tradition Pure Green Tea Powder. Use this to flavor desserts or add to water for afternoon beverage.

Two Moms in the Raw – Organic, Gluten-Free Truffles, Green Tea Vanilla Nut Butter.

Kintaro Nut Clusters – Green Tea flavor. Gluten free, vegan and 100% organic.








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Best Japanese Beauty Products 2021 | 10 Skincare Essentials

Are you looking for the best Japanese beauty products? Well, read further to know all about the best cosmetics, anti-ageing, hair products etc that will help you achieve your desired beautiful self.

K-beauty is quite popular for their slime, toners, rollers etc, with extravagant 10 step skincare routine whereas J-beauty is more simple and traditional. 

Which are the best Japanese beauty products?

  • DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
  • Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel
  • KAO Curel Intensive Moisture Cream
  • ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen
  • Shiseido Ultimune 
  • SABORINO Morning Face Mask
  • Tatcha The Deep Cleanse
  • Sekkisei Emulsion
  • Minon: Amino Moist Mask

I personally love Japanese makeup routine and also its products because it is easy to use and shows the best results.

From trying the best Japanese moisturizer to the best Japanese anti-aging products, I’ve come to a conclusion that Japan has the best skincare products. 

Since I have tried so many best Japanese beauty products myself, I thought of recommending the best ones to you that show results so quickly that it’s almost unbelievable. 

Without further ado, let’s move on to the best Japanese beauty products that will make your skin supple, soft and bright. 

Top Japanese Beauty Products

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC is one of the best Japanese skincare brands that produces so many amazing products. DHC cleansing oil being one of them is the crowd favourite with more than 2000 five star ratings on Amazon. 

It is an olive oil based face wash that deeply cleanses your pores but doesn’t take away the natural oil from your skin. It has a light texture but removes makeup very nicely. 

I really love this deep cleansing oil because of its cleansing properties. 

It is advisable to avoid it if you have acne-prone or oily skin. Otherwise, it’s one of the best Japanese beauty products that I’ve ever come across. 

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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

This facial treatment essence is worth buying as it is one of the best Japanese beauty products. It is hydrating and works great for dry skin. 

This facial essence is something you would love if your skin feels rough and dry. It is an exfoliating liquid that smoothens the skin and makes you feel a lot younger. It is gel based and feels like water on skin.

It might be a little pricey but it is worth the price and extremely trustworthy. Also, it comes in a large bottle that goes on for a good time. 

It also brightens and even the skin tone. It has so many benefits that will always attract you towards this as it’s one of the best Japanese beauty products.

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Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel

Naturie Hatomugi skin conditioning gel is one of the best Japanese products that has also won Cosme 2017 Best Cosmetics Award. It’s made from a natural plant ingredient and is free of alcohol which is great for skin. 

It penetrates inside the skin and hydrates all the layers of the skin. It is non-sticky so if you have oily skin you can definitely go for it. 

It has a cooling effect and also treats sunburn. Naturie skin conditioning gel provides the right amount of moisture to your skin. The best part is, it can be used as a body mist as well. 

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KAO Curel Intensive Moisture Cream

This intensive moisture cream is an alcohol-free cream perfect for dry and sensitive skin. You can use this as a base while you apply makeup because it moisturisers really well and acts as a primer. 

This moisture cream lightens dark patches and improves skin condition. It is quite cheap from other moisture creams as well. 

I’ve been using this moisture cream for my dark stains and I can’t believe I got to see results in just a couple of months. This is definitely one of the best Japanese beauty products that one should own.

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ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen

If you’ve been looking for a really effective sunscreen, don’t anymore! Just get yourself ANESSA perfect uv sunscreen which is one of the best Japanese beauty products. 

It is a 50+ SPF, highly protective, waterproof sunscreen. It soothes the face and does not cause sunburn and has moisturizing agents to hydrate your skin. 

It is so light in texture that you’ll never feel that you’ve put something on your face. Once you start using this sunscreen, there’s never going back to anything else. 

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Shiseido Ultimune 

As we all know, Shiseido is one of the best Japanese brands so definitely its products are always keeping up the status and constantly maintaining it. 

Shiseido Ultimune is one of the Japanese beauty products for anti-aging and controls and protects against skin damage. 

Try using serum or moisturiser on top of this ultimune and see the magical effects on your skin. It can be used daily to protect against everyday skin issues.

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SABORINO Morning Face Mask 

It only takes 60 seconds to use this morning face mask and it shows amazing results. This best Japanese beauty product tightens the skin and helps in easy application of makeup. 

I use this face mask every morning and I’m so glad that I haven’t lost my skin’s glow and elasticity. 

The masks are packed with hydrating ingredients like avocado extracts, honey, hyaluronic acid, tea tree oil, orange oil etc. and smeared in essence.

Cleanse, tone and prime your skin in just 60 seconds, who wouldn’t want it! Get a pack with 32 masks that will go on good for a month and notice the difference yourself!

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Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

This deep cleanse smells like rose and lilies and is free of so many ingredients like oil, Phthalate, mineral oil and most importantly parabens that harms the skin. 

It is skin-soothing and reduces irritation of all sorts. This is one of the best Japanese beauty products that comes in gel form and is great for oily skin. 

It is made from a Japanese fruit called luffa which is a natural exfoliant. It cleans the skin deep and unclogs pores and leaves the skin feeling happy and soft. 

However, if you have dry skin issues, please do not go for this deep cleanser. 

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Sekkisei Emulsion

Sekkisei is one of the brands that produces the best Japanese beauty products. This Sekkisei emulsion treats the skin well and makes it smooth and bright.

The texture of this emulsion is rich yet feels super light on the skin. It deeply hydrates the skin and also whitens it.

It belongs to the medicated series of Kose by Sekkisei and is quite trusted. If you have sensitive skin, definitely you should try this product. 

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Minon: Amino Moist Mask

Amino Moist mask contains amino acids and hyaluronic acid that is great for skin. It is unscented and doesn’t contain any harmful artificial ingredients.

It deeply moisturises the skin and brings natural glow. It feels really gentle on skin. 

It’s a bit pricey but worth it as it is one of the best Japanese beauty products. Try this mask and you’ll definitely feel your skin turning different.

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Which is the best Japanese beauty product? 

I’ve used many of the best Japanese beauty products throughout my life and I found DHC Deep cleansing oil to be the best because of its results, texture and effects.

DHC Cleansing Oil is a face cleanser that is best for dry skin. It deeply cleanses the pores without taking away the natural oil from the skin. This cleansing oil is light textured and great for removing makeup. However, it is not meant for acne-prone or oily skin. 

Where can I buy Japanese beauty products online?

You can buy Japanese beauty products on Amazon which is the largest e-commerce store in the world.

Best Skincare Essentials

Hope this article about best Japanese beauty products helped you find the top products that will soothe and improve your skin.

Hope you have a happy and glowing skin always!

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Hiya! I’m the main author of Japan Truly. I love everything Japan and love testing out Japanese products, be it skincare and makeup or gadgets! You’ll find reviews of some of the best selling Japanese products (tried and tested) right here!

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Deep Cleansing Oil

Check out this curated list of Best Japanese Beauty Products that are skin-soothing, softening, brightening, and beautifying. These will help you achieve the best skin you desire. Do check out DHC Deep Cleansing Oil which is one of the best products for cleansing your skin.

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9 best Japanese skin care products are must-haves

The Tokyo Olympic Games are in full swing, and while the world is watching Japan for the games, our sights are set on their skin care. Whether you want to kick wrinkles to the curb, have younger-looking skin or have heard about the amazing benefits of using rice water, it might be time to try out some Japanese beauty products. Plus, when it comes to hydrating your skin, Japanese skin care takes the gold medal.

Author, chef and wellness expert Candice Kumai joined Hoda & Jenna to share nine must-have Japanese skin care products. From cleansers that clear your pores to face masks that will leave your skin glowing, read on to shop these beauty essentials.

Japanese cleansers

DAMDAM Silk Rice Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil

Inspired by the Japanese ritual of using rice water to purify skin, this rice-based cleanser melts away makeup all while softening your skin, resulting in a hydrated glow. This cleanser is perfect for removing pore buildup and can be used on all skin types from dry to oily.

Makanai Handmade Pure Konjac Sponge

Made from a root-based vegetable from Gunma Prefecture in Japan, this 100% natural konjac cleansing sponge is designed to exfoliate your face all while stimulating blood flow. To use this sponge, soak it in water for five minutes until it expands to nearly double the size. Squeeze out excess water and gently massage over your face in a circular motion. As this is a natural vegetable product, the sponge will last about one month and should be rinsed well and stored in the refrigerator in an air-tight container after use.

Makanai Hand-Crafted Face Soap

This hand-crafted face soap uses an ancient soap-making method that involves the bar being cold processed and aged for over four weeks. This process allows the bar to develop the full benefits of its moisturizing components. The rich bar is ideal for people who have dry skin as it is made with honey and Japanese camellia oil, coconut oil and many other hydrating ingredients. The fresh bar is powered by kiri charcoal from Akita Prefecture in Japan and is made for people with oily skin and to draw out impurities from pores.

Japanese serums

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Fast absorbing, non-greasy and free of parabens and mineral oil, this serum is great for all skin types. The brand says that in just one week skin will be 28% stronger thanks to ingredients such as antioxidant reishi mushrooms, iris root extract, gingko, shiso, thyme and lotus germ. This serum helps defend your skin against daily damage and boost the effects of any moisturizer layered over it.

Makanai Skin Jewel Oil Serum Enlightening Rainbow

This oil serum works to generate a youthful luminescence using pure 24-karat gold leaf from the Yoshitaka Gold Leaf Foundry in Kanazawa, Japan. With a blend of seven botanical oils, this serum helps hydrate, balance and smooth your skin. The enlightening rainbow scent is said to smell of sandalwood, rosemary and lime and is designed to impart a feeling of happiness.

Japanese sunscreen

Shiseido Clear Sunscreen Stick SPF 50+

Perfect for on-the-go days, this sunscreen stick uses technology that makes the protective veil even more effective in water and heat. Whether you want to wear it on a bare face or over makeup, this clear sunscreen glides easily over your skin and works well with all skin types. To top it all off, it is also water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Japanese face and eye masks

Makanai Goldays 24K Gold Perfector Sheets

If you want brighter, glowing skin, why not try this shiny 24-karat gold sheet mask. To use this mask, you should cleanse your face then generously apply the lotion toner that comes with the mask. While your face is moist, press the sheet onto your skin and remove the paper. You will then gently massage your skin with a serum or cream until the gold disappears. To perfect the glow, place a steamed towel on your face for 20 seconds.

Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask

This thick sheet mask sticks closely to your face and provides pore care all while nourishing your skin. Made with Japanese rice, this mask smooths, brightens and plumps skin. Ten masks are included in this package.

KOSE Clear Turn Moist Charge Eye Zone Mask

Whether you want to hydrate your skin or reduce fine lines and sagging, this KOSE under-eye mask is a great option. This mask moisturizes and repairs your skin all while working to prevent dehydration. Included in this pack are 32 sets of eye masks.

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90,000 15 best Japanese cosmetics brands 20593

* Review of the best according to the editorial board of On the selection criteria. This material is subjective, does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Cosmetics production Japan, according to experts, is the undisputed leader in the cosmetic care market and decorative means when it comes to high quality, efficiency, security.Japanese brands are very popular among Russian women, that’s why experts have compiled a rating of the best brands for you, classifying them by price segment – companies that produce budget products, mid-range cosmetics and premium products, used by professional makeup artists, cosmetologists.

What are the features and benefits Japanese cosmetics

Cosmetic preparations Asian, in particular Japanese production traditionally enjoy a large popular all over the world.This is due to the fact that products from Japan has an impressive list of benefits that make it stand out from the background Russian, American and European drugs:

  1. Main Feature Asian cosmetics – almost all of them have 100% natural composition. The formula includes natural substances vegetable, animal origin, but you will not find parabens in it, sulfates, artificial colors, fragrances and other chemical components.BUT How are cosmetics stored if they do not contain parabens, which are preservatives? Quite simply, the Japanese use natural preservatives such as vitamin complexes, vegetable oils, natural propolis, seed extract grapefruit, etc. These substances have antiseptic properties, therefore they prevent reproduction of pathogenic microflora, which contributes to the deterioration of cosmetic drugs. In addition, they are useful in themselves and improve the initial characteristics, properties of cosmetic preparations.

  2. Almost all components in Japanese cosmetics penetrate deep layers of the skin due to innovative extraction methods and low molecular weight structure of substances.

  3. In the production of Japanese brands of cosmetics only environmentally friendly, high-quality, fresh raw materials are used, which is undergoing security control. There is also a procedure for checking for more high level – strict state quality control.Modern technologies are used and innovative equipment. This is largely reflected in the final the cost of drugs.

  4. All Japanese cosmetics have either neutral or very subtle and unobtrusive plant aroma. He is not will cause you rejection, will not “clog” the smell of your perfume. Everything you are you will feel, upon opening an original Japanese-made product, it is a light herbal, floral or fruity scent.

  5. Almost all Japanese cosmetics (for with the exception of decorative drugs) does not contain absolutely no artificial colors.If you see that the cream is green or red, this means that he received such a shade due to the fact that the composition contains plant components with a specific color. And not all sorts of “yeshki”, which can harm human health.

  6. Japanese cosmetics are generally hypoallergenic. It does not cause irritation, redness, rashes, edema, itching. This is especially important if the drugs will be used by people with sensitive, atopic skin, people prone to allergic reactions, small children, adolescents, pregnant and breastfeeding women, the elderly – the most vulnerable categories of people.

  7. Before cosmetic product goes on sale, it is thoroughly tested, clinical laboratory research. All stages of production are controlled, so the probability hitting store shelves of low-quality, harmful cosmetics tends to zero.

  8. The vast majority of Japanese cosmetics possesses not only decorative, but also therapeutic, preventive properties. The Japanese, accustomed to approaching any problem thoroughly, believe that it is better to influence the causes of aesthetic imperfections than mask the consequences.Therefore, Japanese cosmetics contain a large the amount of medicinal components, solve the problems of dry and oily skin cover and hair. Here’s an example – if you use a cream for dry skin from European manufacturer, it is likely to contain substances that retain moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis, prevent its evaporation. What in such conditions, the condition of the skin improves only externally, that it cannot breathe and gradually fades, the manufacturer forgot to tell you.And the Japanese for solutions to the problem of dry skin use components such as low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which freely penetrates into deep layers of the dermis, where it undoubtedly has a beneficial effect, effectively solving the problem from the inside.

  9. Japanese decorative cosmetics for face – foundation, powder, usually contains whitening ingredients. Asians white skin is a sign of aristocracy, so everyone strives to do the face is lighter.As a result, Japanese foundations and powders often fail. suitable for Russian girls, Europeans and Americans, especially with a dark or tanned skin. But if you’re looking to get rid of pigmentation, Japanese cosmetics are exactly what you need.

  10. Anti-aging cosmetics from Japanese brands, according to experts, the most effective in the world. First positive result from its use occurs during the first week of regular application. For women who are fighting to preserve the youthfulness of the skin, such means became just a lifeline and an opportunity to refuse to conduct minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and, moreover, from surgical plastics.

  11. Japanese brand cosmetics, as a rule, has a light, airy consistency. Any liquid, cream, mousse preparations are perfectly distributed over the skin, quickly absorbed. And not leave no visible traces on the skin like an oily sheen, sticky film and even more so, a solid mask made of “plaster”. With such decorative cosmetics it is very difficult to overdo it, therefore it is especially suitable for use girls who don’t have much makeup experience.And here is the texture of the care Japanese cosmetics, as a rule, are not only light, airy, but also gel. The cells of the human skin have the same structure. Thereby nutritional components easily penetrate into the lower layers of the dermis, effectively heals tissues, absorbs and retains moisture.

  12. Japanese cosmetics, liquid or cream consistency is very often divided into fractions a few hours after last use.This is not surprising and should not be used as a sign spoilage of the product. For natural care and cleaning products the presence of sediment or some heterogeneity is considered the norm. After all, they do not contain chemical preservatives, stabilizers, solvents and thickeners.

  13. Japanese detergent and cleansing cosmetics foam very badly. What comes as a complete surprise for Russian women – at first they consider such drugs simply ineffective or flawed.But actually a low rate foaming is just another fact confirming that in There are no surfactants in Japanese cosmetics substances that are cheap and hazardous to health sulfates. Instead of these synthetic components in the production of hygiene products, soft and completely safe detergent base that does not cause irritation and other side effects even for those with sensitive skin.

  14. A fairly large number of Japanese cosmetics belongs to the group of drugs that are manufactured according to traditional recipes.These recipes are kept secret and passed down from generation to generation. in a generation for more than one hundred years. The effectiveness of such drugs time-tested. Moreover, each product is made according to individual formula with a unique set of medicinal components – vitamins, micro- and macronutrients, other nutrients useful for skin and hair. Balanced formula, each element of which acts synergistically, enhances the action of the other component, allows the consumer to use the cosmetic product economically, to get the most out of the minimum amount of the product.But not you should think that the Japanese use only traditional recipes, ignoring the latest inventions and discoveries, because everything is just the opposite. Asians in terms of development innovative cosmetic products, as they say “ahead of the rest.” They are the ones who introduce most of the new products into the beauty industry market. Who invented BB cream and then CC cream? Where cushion, hydrophilic oil was invented and discovered Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid? All of these are products of Asian design and production.And European manufacturers will then adapt such cosmetics. for the needs of the European buyer, finalized and released for own brand.

Does Japanese cosmetics have disadvantages? There are, but there are only three of them. The first is the high cost. Until recently, the overwhelming most drugs, even those that were not part of the professional segment, belonged to the premium class and were expensive. Therefore, if you saw supposedly a Japanese product that was cheap and designed for mass production consumer, most likely, before you was an ordinary fake.And yet now several brands have appeared that are engaged in the production of budget products. Their emergence is due to the spread of Japanese goods to Vietnamese, Russian, European, Australian and American markets. Not expensive brands also lag behind in this matter. They create subsidiaries that are engaged in the manufacture of cheaper cosmetics, which is designed for export. Or they simply release a line of budget drugs.

The second disadvantage of Japanese cosmetics – having tried it once, you most likely won’t be able to (won’t want to) return to cosmetics of other brands.Knowing what effect provide care and decorative preparations made in Japan, comparing it with the result of using domestic or European funds, you you will give preference to the first option. The third disadvantage of Japanese cosmetics – it is so popular that it is often counterfeited. Define a fake is quite difficult until you start using a cosmetic drug. Therefore, experts strongly recommend buying such funds. only in proven and reliable specialized stores with excellent reputation.

What is included in cosmetics from the best Japanese brands

What plant and animal components often included in Japanese cosmetics:

  1. Alpha and Beta hydroxyl acids. Alpha hydroxyl acids are usually found in a variety of peelings and facial skin renewal products. A beta hydroxylic acid, it is also salicylic acid – a frequent component of care and decorative preparations for oily and problem skin.

  2. Various vitamins and their derivatives, stronger formulas – retinoids, vitamin C, tocopherol, etc. These are powerful antioxidants that protect against free radicals, eliminate toxins that inhibit the aging of the skin, which have a lightening effect on the skin of the face and body. Youth vitamins E and A are present in most cosmetic funds of Japanese brands.

  3. Low molecular weight formulas collagen and elastin – these substances literally regenerate epithelial cells skin and repel wrinkles.

  4. Peptides – collagen substitutes and elastin. The last two components in an unchanged initial state are usually not are used because their molecular weight does not allow them to penetrate the top layer of the skin. They simply cover the epidermis with a film, clog the pores, do not allow the skin to breathe and perform an excretory function. Peptides that are small compounds of amino acids, have a small molecular weight. Thanks to this, they penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis and are embedded in the physiological processes taking place there, replace the natural elastic proteins and increase turgor, flexibility and strength of the skin.

  5. Hydrolyzed protein conchiolin, which is a powerful natural antioxidant. He also performs the function of an effective anti-allergen and moisturizer. This component of cosmetics Japanese brands contain a large amount of minerals that provide stimulation of metabolism in the tissues of the skin, promote renewal at the cellular level, stimulate their own collagen synthesis. Thanks to this ingredient, the skin is rejuvenated, it becomes more elastic, elastic, durable, smooth, and the face takes on a well-groomed appearance regardless of the age of the woman.

  6. Arbutin and niacinamide – substances that lighten the skin and prevent the formation of pigmented stains. These components are often included in cosmetics for fading, aging skin.

  7. Natural oils and extracts, extracts from plants or animal products – this is an extract from aloe, royal jelly, jojoba, shea, chamomile, licorice, extracts from arnica and witch hazel, hawthorn, Chinese date.And also natural substances derived from apple, lemon, orange, lime, pomegranate, grapefruit. These are highly effective and safe components of any organic cosmetics, to which also owns Japanese funds. One preparation may contain 20 and more herbal ingredients, perfectly selected and balanced, perfectly combined with each other. The power of nature is concentrated in them, it is real treasures of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients.

  8. Minerals, including dissolved in mineral, thermal, oceanic water. These substances are important for our skin, help maintain optimal moisture levels and protect against ultraviolet rays, inhibit photoaging processes epidermis.

  9. Coral, natural crushed pearls, natural silk, shark liver, snail mucus, bee venom. As well as Sakurajima volcano ash, extract Japanese angelica, sakura, Japanese green tea.Each of these ingredients of cosmetics their unique properties, their purpose and their range tasks that they are designed to solve. For example, pearl nanoparticles make the skin radiant and contribute to the visual improvement of the appearance of the skin. BUT volcanic ash is saturated with a variety of minerals, micro- and macroelements, which nourish and protect the skin from negative effects ultraviolet radiation.

  10. Freshwater and marine algae of several types – such components contribute to the regeneration of the skin cover, restoration of intercellular connections, normalization of water-lipid balance.They have a wide range of activities and are traditionally part of many Japanese cosmetic preparations.

  11. Zinc – effective anti-inflammatory, wound healing, regenerating, absorbing, matting drug. Also, zinc perfectly regulates the function of the sebaceous glands, reducing the level of sebum production. Therefore, it is often included in the composition cosmetics for oily, combination and problem skin.

  12. Polyunsaturated fatty acids acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6.These substances are incredibly beneficial for human skin, but it is not produced by the body. Basic properties PZhK – nourishing, rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory, strengthening, moisturizing.

  13. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is very beneficial for the skin. It replenishes deficiency of its own hyaluronic acid, which over time for some reasons simply ceases to be produced by the human body. That is, the Civil Code in deep layers of the epidermis is not synthesized, instead, the body is constantly uses the same acid molecules, breaking down and rebuilding them.Fresh “Infusion” of this substance through fillers or through the use of cosmetic product applied to the skin promotes replenishment, saving energy, effectively restoring the moisture level of the skin. Additional HA also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which are the “building blocks” of muscles and skin.

  14. Pieces of precious metals – silver, gold, platinum. Such components of cosmetics also have certain useful properties, for example, disinfecting.Besides every woman it’s nice to know that her daily cream contains molecules precious metals.

Some of the listed components of cosmetics are generally unique and are included in the composition of preparations exclusively made in Japan, since found only in Japan. For example, these are the ash of the Sakurajima volcano, an extract of the Japanese angelica, cherry blossom or Japanese green tea. Foreign companies simply do not can buy such raw materials, since they are not for sale, or they are too expensive.

Types of products Japanese brands 90,010

All Japanese-made cosmetics can be classified according to two factors – by price segment and for the purpose of cosmetics. By cost drugs can be grouped like this:

  1. Decorative and luxury and premium care cosmetics, which have masking and also anti-aging and healing properties. This group includes all cosmetic products that cost more than $ 60.Usually, high price is not a prerequisite for a large volume of cosmetic funds. The drugs are most often packaged in jars and bottles, tubes of 30 milliliters, less often – 50 milliliters.

  2. Cosmetics decorative focus. It is very expensive, of course, high quality and highly efficient, but due to its high cost, only professional makeup artists and stylists.

  3. Inexpensive decorative and care cosmetics of the mass market level.Drugs such as as a rule, they are not sold in Japan, but are intended for export for frontier, including in the Russian Federation. Despite the relatively low cost, this is all still high-quality, effective, useful and hypoallergenic cosmetic funds that can “compete” with many European counterparts and compete with them.

  4. Except the prices of Japanese-made cosmetics can be classified into depending on their purpose:

  5. Cosmetics for skin care.The drugs can be divided into small subgroups – anti-aging products, whitening, cleaning, care products for dry, normal, oily and combination skin.

  6. Decorative Japanese cosmetics aimed at creating light, natural and not too bright makeup. Such drugs are presented on the beauty market in a smaller quantity, since the emphasis is mainly on the treatment of the skin, and not to mask imperfections. To the delight of Russian fashionistas, decorative cosmetics is much cheaper than care.But it is important to understand that the idea of ​​beauty and fashion of Russian and Japanese women are completely different. Therefore, they will be different and properties, characteristics of Japanese cosmetics.

  7. Cosmetics for hair care. Such funds are usually targeted at thick, tough, not very thick, straight hair, as this is the most common type of curls from Japanese girls and women. When choosing a product, you need to look for what the type of hair it is intended for.

So how Japan is at the top of the the market for scientific developments in the field of cosmetologists, do not be surprised if in You will find edible cosmetics in the assortment of the store. For example, carbonated collagen water, raspberry jelly with hyaluronic acid for increasing skin moisture.

Rating of the best Japanese cosmetics brands

Celvoke brands
The best Japanese brands with cosmetics in the budget segment 1 Hada Labo 5.0
2 Canmake 4.9
3 MoltoBene 4.8
4 Celvoke
The best Japanese brands with cosmetics in the middle price segment 1 Shiseido 5.0
2 Shu Uemura 4.9
3 Kose 4.8
4 Kanebo Sensai 4.7
5 Biore 4.6 1 Kracie 5.0
2 Forlle’d 4.9
3 Suhada 4.8
4 SK-II 4.7
5 Isehan (Kiss me) 4.6

The best Japanese brands with cosmetics budget segment

If your budget limited, but you still want to use Japanese cosmetics, your desire can be fulfilled. On the modern market of the beauty industry there are several Japanese export-oriented companies producing relatively inexpensive products.The price of such cosmetic products can be no lower than that of luxury European cosmetics, but it will still be budget segment of Asian funds.

Hada Labo

Rating: 5.0

The first step of our rating is occupied by a brand that produces high-quality, but relatively inexpensive cosmetics. The big plus of this brand is that it is pharmaceutical company. That is, it produces medicines for leather, guaranteed quality and safe.

As part of cosmetic products from Hada Labo contain highly effective ingredients that penetrate into deep layers of the skin and regulating the course of physiological processes. For example, the manufacturer does not spare money for use in production expensive low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. But at the same time it leads thoughtful pricing policy, providing the opportunity to purchase products for a wide range of consumers.

Users leave about products of the Japanese brand Hada Labo are mostly positive reviews.The range of care products from the company is extensive – these are lotions, creams, foams for washing, masks, make-up removal. The result of the application is visible after just a few applications.


  1. Brand with good reputation.

  2. The drugs provide therapeutic effect on the skin.

  3. Large assortment care products.

  4. Wide series available anti-aging products.

  5. Safe, efficient compound.

  6. Fast and lasting results.


  1. To receive maximum effect, complex application of several means of one from the series.

  2. Small selection decorative cosmetics.


Rating: 4.9

Next position ranking is a Japanese brand of decorative cosmetics, which was founded over 30 years ago. The assortment of the company includes a variety of products for make-up for face, eyes, lips and nails. As well as unsurpassed light aromas, embodied in perfumery products. Circle of Canmake brand buyers very wide – from teenagers to professional stylists and makeup artists. This is is an excellent indicator that the products of this brand are different high quality, safety, durability and bright, varied color palette.

Reviews about the Canmake brand is predominantly positive. Using such cosmetics, you you will be able to try new makeup techniques every day – both the most daring and traditional. And to complement the everyday or festive look will help various fruit and berry aromas of this brand. Users also praise interesting design, which is typical for the packaging of goods of this brand.


  1. Known brand with an impeccable reputation on the market for over 30 years.

  2. Products include almost everything related to decorative cosmetics that you can only yourself introduce. These are markers for eyebrows and eyelids, BB creams, blush, lipstick, gloss, powders, highlighters, eye shadows, nail polishes, mascaras, etc.

  3. Assorted there are also face and body skin care products, perfumery products.

  4. High quality cosmetics.

  5. Majority cosmetic products of this brand become bestsellers in Japan for abroad.

  6. Very interesting design of the “container”.

  7. Cosmetics used by women of all ages, as well as professional makeup artists, stylists.


  1. Cosmetics produced in plastic packaging, thereby reducing its cost.

  2. Drug design can not suitable for respectable women of age.


Rating: 4.8

At this position of our rating is a brand focused on the production of cosmetic hair care products. For over 60 years the company has been producing high-quality and effective preparations that help consumers to keep their hair in perfect condition.The assortment of the company includes general cosmetics and preparations, designed specifically for local impact on specific problems.

Reviews of MoltoBene products are only positive. After all, every consumer can choose the best preparation for himself in accordance with the type of hair, scalp characteristics, needs and expectations. Shampoos of this brand are bad foam, but this indicates that they are made from natural components that really heal curls.In addition to shampoos from the brand there are other hair products, for example, highly effective masks with therapeutic effect, preparations for safe biolamination of strands, much other.


  1. Highly specialized a brand with an excellent reputation and long history.

  2. Wide range hair care products.

  3. High quality, absolute safety of cosmetics.

  4. Excellent effect – perfectly smooth, shiny, beautiful and healthy hair after just a few applications of cosmetic preparations.

  5. Brand products used by professionals in many beauty parlors.


  1. Not detected.

Japanese cosmetics brand Celvoke

Rating: 4.7

On the next step of our rating is a company that is included in concern F Organics, known for produces high quality cosmetics with natural, organic composition. The composition of the products of this brand contains only environmentally friendly natural ingredients. We are not even talking about any aggressive synthetic additives. does not go. Even the packaging of such products is biodegradable, the brand cares not only about the health of users, but also about the environment.

Reviews of hypoallergenic products Celvoke has been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to sparing and even healing compositions note stunning textures and fashionable, diverse shades for any taste. You can buy any decorative cosmetics from this company. high quality, which can be used both at home and in professional purposes. The range of the brand includes blush, correctors and bases, ink, pencils and many other decorative means.


  1. Excellent brand reputation throughout the world.

  2. Unique developments in the field decorative cosmetics.

  3. Products for makeup for all areas of the face.

  4. The company also deals with production of high quality cosmetics.

  5. Rich assortment, satisfying any needs of customers.

  6. Respect for the environment environment.


  1. They are not.


Rating: 4.6

On the last step our rating of inexpensive Japanese drugs is, oddly enough, the brand, producing professional cosmetics.Originally, over 60 years ago, the products of this brand were not of high quality, but they cost enough expensive. After a while, the founder of the brand decided to radically change situation, reducing the prices of cosmetics, but increasing their quality at times. Not only scientific, but also medical developments and research came to the rescue. After this good care products of the Albion brand have become available for every Japanese, and then a Russian woman.

If you get acquainted with reviews of Albion brand products, you will see that most of them positive.The company creates special multi-level systems for the care skin. They include a set of drugs that provide complex action – from deep but gentle cleansing to high-quality nutritious food the skin.


  1. Proven and reliable Japanese brand.

  2. Products are created on the basis of many years of scientific research.

  3. The company closely monitors for the quality and safety of its products.

  4. Cosmetics are suitable for skin care of different types, there are lines designed for individual age categories.

  5. Preparations from the brand Albion helps to maintain and restore the health, beauty of the skin cover, as well as to solve individual dermatological problems of consumers.


  1. The company is not involved in the release of decorative or perfumery products.

  2. Many care products contain whitening ingredients.

Best Japanese Makeup Brands middle price segment

Available a large enough amount, you can buy Japanese cosmetics that are to the middle price segment. More expensive Asian funds in our country used only by professional cosmetologists, makeup artists and stylists.therefore you can be sure that you are buying excellent quality products, highly effective and completely safe for home use.


Rating: 5.0

Products of this brand, which takes the next step in our rating, enjoys a large popular with Russian women. The company was founded over a hundred years ago and its philosophy has not changed since then – the employees of this company should do people are happy, and they succeed.Shiseido scholars pay great attention to the composition, carefully selecting the components that are most compatible with each other. During production, new inventions are introduced, the company is a leading the developer of innovative cosmetic formulas. All products pass multi-stage checks and tests before it hits store shelves.

According to user reviews, decorative and care cosmetics of the Shiseido brand are not only effective, but also brings aesthetic pleasure.After all, careful work is being done on packaging design for each product. Women also like exclusivity. goods, safety, admissibility of use even on problem skin.


  1. Brand presents line of cosmetics for all ages and skin types.

  2. In production traditional recipes and unique brand developments are used.

  3. High quality.

  4. All products hypoallergenic.

  5. Care and hygiene products can be used on problem and sensitive skin, with dermatological diseases.

  6. Beautiful, thorough thoughtful design of packaging of cosmetic products.


  1. Shiseido products often counterfeit.

  2. Due to classified formulas, the full composition of some drugs is unknown.

Shu Uemura

Rating: 4.9

On the next step our rating is a brand that was founded by one person – Japanese make-up artist who became famous while working in Hollywood.At the moment brand is part of the French concern Loreal. Shu Uemura is mainly engaged in the production decorative cosmetics and constantly introduces new developments to the beauty industry market. For example, the world-famous hydrophilic oil intended for make-up remover, was invented by the employees of this particular brand.

Feedback on this product companies are only positive. Fashionistas have plenty to choose from – in assortment brand a wide range of products for make-up, care products, products for hair styling, a variety of accessories, false eyelashes and much more.All products can boast of high quality, natural composition, increased durability and excellent decorative properties. At the same time, the brand produces lines of professional products and series of cosmetics for medium cost affordable for the Russian consumer.


  1. Very famous Japanese brand as part of the Loreal corporation.

  2. High quality and food safety.

  3. Wide range decorative, care, styling products.

  4. Cosmetics for professional and home use.

  5. Resistant textures, rich shades.

  6. Expensive, unobtrusive aromas typical of Shu Uemura cosmetics.


  1. Not detected.


Rating: 4.8

At the next place of our rating is a company that was established more than half a century ago. WITH from the very beginning, the brand led its own developments in the field of cosmetic industry, striving to provide Japanese women with the highest quality and effective products. Today the company maintains several laboratories and training centers where research is carried out and new formulas are invented unique cosmetics.

Kose Corporation includes several independent brands specializing in the production of cosmetics a certain price category. In the reviews of women it is said that in the assortment the brand always has both inexpensive drugs and luxury products. This and decorative cosmetics, and care products, and sunscreen products. Have the brand has products for women of all ages. They all differ in high quality, absolute safety, stylish design.


  1. Old and very famous in Japan brand.

  2. Unique formulas, own developments.

  3. High quality.

  4. Hypoallergenic and product safety.

  5. There are rulers for everyone ages and skin types.

  6. There are decorative and care cosmetics.

  7. Stylish product design.


  1. Not detected.

Brand of Japanese cosmetics Kanebo Sensai

Rating: 4.7

A worthy place in our the ranking is occupied by the company Kanebo Sensai, which was founded over 100 years back in Japan.Today, the main orientation of the brand is production decorative cosmetics and perfumery preparations. Developers companies and researchers take old recipes as a basis, modernize they are supplemented with innovative formulas. Therefore, the company competes well with other manufacturers.

Particularly popular with consumers enjoy pencils, mascaras, lipsticks and shadows, other decorative products of this company.They are renowned for their excellent resilience, safety, useful composition. Decorative cosmetics of this brand is able to preserve the health and youth of the skin, so you will not find any negative reviews about her. If you are a fan of Japanese brands, drugs from Kanebo Sensai are an absolute must-have in your arsenal.


  1. The oldest Japanese brand with a worldwide reputation.

  2. Cosmetic formulations drugs are patented (more than 80 patents!) and are kept in the strictest confidence.

  3. High efficiency and safety of cosmetics.

  4. For decorative preparations there are properties of care products.


  1. Not detected.


Rating: 4.6

On the next step our rating is a brand that pays great attention to care preparations for the skin of the face. The main focus of cosmetics – cleansing and moisturizing. The products of this company are unique formulations and highly effective action. Biore cosmetics enjoy great popular in Japan, it is regularly used by more than half of local women.

In Russia, this brand is also popular, receives extremely positive reviews.Users are happy gentle care provided by creams, cleansing foams, mousses, lotions, tonics, serums and micellar waters from the Biore brand. The skin is always deep moisturized, well cleansed and looks healthy regardless of the woman’s age. Such cosmetics also have an attractive appearance and are easy to use design – most vials and tubes are equipped with dispensers or limiters.


  1. Most Japanese women regularly buy the products of this company.

  2. The brand is a leader in production of care and cleansing cosmetics.

  3. All cosmetic formulas drugs are unique, fast action and high efficiency.

  4. Large assortment a variety of skin care products.


  1. Brand does not produce decorative cosmetics.

The best Japanese brands with premium cosmetics

Premium class is the highest quality, safe, effective cosmetics from the Japanese, using which you will be 100% satisfied with the result.Such drugs will help maintain youthfulness and health of the skin, hair, nails and bring a lot of pleasure during cosmetic procedures.


Rating: 5.0

On the first step of our ranking of premium cosmetics brands is one of the oldest Japanese companies. The brand is famous for its invention in 1936 the so-called “silk soap”. In the modern beauty industry, the company also occupies a significant niche, producing multi-stage preparations for the skin of the face and body as well as hair.

Each the product is made on the basis of natural ingredients according to a patented unique formula that provides excellent results for women of different age categories. The brand produces a record number of cosmetic lines preparations – for body, face, hair, anti-aging products, products for baths, for depilation and skin care after it.

you you will not find negative reviews about Kreis products, as they provide high quality care is akin to salon treatments.All products of this brand is the result of careful development and a harmonious balance of folk medicine, traditional recipes and modern technologies.


  1. Known in Japan and abroad brand.

  2. Products made from natural, environmentally friendly raw materials in accordance with the strictest safety and quality standards.

  3. V the composition of the products contains exclusive components – gold, pearls, corals, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, etc.

  4. Wide a range of drugs that meet all the needs of customers.

  5. Anti-aging the cosmetics of this brand are considered by experts to be one of the most effective.


  1. Search failed.


Rating: 4.9

Another position of our rating is occupied by the brand, whose employees received for their development Nobel Prize. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid was discovered by scientists which are part of the staff of Forlle’d. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main the focus of the brand is the production of care and anti-aging cosmetics. And she really has a unique composition that allows you to quickly and effectively restore health, beauty of the skin, restore youth and stop the processes aging.The formulas of drugs of this brand often include HA, ionized platinum, vitamin C, retinol, pearl protein, coenzyme Q10, squalane, marine elastin, eggshell membrane.

If you are familiar with reviews about the brand Forlle’d, you can understand that to buy at least one of its products are the dream of many Russian women. The company’s products are widely is used in elite beauty salons as preparations for non-invasive rejuvenation technologies.


  1. Professional Japanese brand of cosmetics for the fight against age-related changes in the skin.

  2. Wide range preparations for solving any problems of aging skin.

  3. Carefully thought out balanced combination of unique ingredients.

  4. Direct impact on mechanisms of cell regeneration.

  5. Absolute safety and hypoallergenic cosmetics.


  1. In addition to high cost there are no flaws in the product.


Rating: 4.8

On the next step in the ranking is a brand that has won love and respect for consumers not only in Japan but all over the world. At the heart of popularity of the brand – the use of innovative high-tech techniques production, the use of exceptional quality, environmentally friendly raw materials and unique recipes.The products contain highly effective components – vitamins and amino acids, minerals, ionized hyaluronic acid, algae, gold. Most cosmetic products of this company – its own patented developments.

Reviews users confirm that Suhada products really belongs to the premium class. It gives a visible effect already after several days after the start of application. Moreover, the cosmetic result is really persistent and manifests itself even after the period of use of the drug ends.


  1. Brand popular all over the world.

  2. Most modern production capacity.

  3. Superior quality premium products.

  4. Exclusive components in composition.

  5. High application efficiency cosmetics.

  6. A wide range of products for hair and skin care for the face, body.


  1. Not identified.


Rating: 4.7

Next position rating is a brand that produces luxury and premium cosmetics. The products of this company are popular all over the world, in at least 13 countries. SK-II products occupy a leading position in the list of the most bought Japanese cosmetic preparations.The brand was founded at the end of the 19th century and since then is only gaining momentum, developing new unique formulas, releasing on market exclusive cosmetic products used by stars show business, professional cosmetologists, as well as ordinary consumers who do not regret money to maintain health, youth and beauty.

No wonder that reviews of Russian women about the products of the Japanese brand SK-II exclusively positive. They praise the safe and effective natural composition, a diverse range of products for different skin types and for different age groups categories of consumers.At the same time, specialized lines are constantly are updated, new products are released to preserve and maintain women’s beauty.


  1. Japanese brand with global reputation and great experience.

  2. Traditionally high product quality and safety.

  3. Continuous development new, more effective cosmetic products based on the latest scientific achievements.

  4. Unique patented formulas.

  5. Anti-aging product orientation.

  6. Wide range.

  7. Exclusive design and expensive packaging of cosmetics.


  1. They are not.

Isehan (Kiss me)

Rating: 4.6

Closes our ranking premium cosmetics brand Isehan, which experts included in the list of three reasons. The first is perhaps the oldest Japanese brand that has been founded in 1825. The second reason is the high quality of the products, thanks to which the company has earned the high honor of becoming a supplier of decorative cosmetic preparations for one of the imperial families of Japan. Third reason – the company is constantly developing, expanding the range, does not regret money and resources for our own developments in the field of cosmetology, thanks to which becomes the owner of numerous awards.

If you are familiar with reviews, it can be understood that Isehan brand cosmetics are popular and in our country. There is nothing to be surprised at, women who care for their appearance, they simply cannot pass by the products of the legendary Japanese brand. They praise the high efficiency of the preparations of this company, excellent natural composition, high decorative qualities and increased durability of cosmetic funds.


  1. Widely known brand and the impressive centuries-old experience of the manufacturer.

  2. In stock not only decorative products, but also skin care products.

  3. Excellent quality, hypoallergenic, high efficiency, unique composition.

  4. Brand products used all over the world.

  5. Cosmetics deserve high marks and approval from doctors and cosmetologists.


    1. No deficiencies identified.

The best brands of cosmetics and their products – what to bring with you from Japan

Lifehack – if you want get really authentic Japanese cosmetics that Asians produce for their women, for the domestic market, buy it exactly in Japan. The fact is that drugs intended for export, as a rule, are not of the same composition as the original products.When developing and production takes into account the peculiarities of the skin, hair of Europeans, and also can not so expensive components are used. So if you ever have there will be an opportunity to visit Japan, do not miss the chance to buy the ones you are interested in cosmetic preparations.

With purchase from you a problem such as a language barrier will surely arise. If you do not own in Japanese, then understand what is written on the packaging of the cosmetic product and what problems it solves is rather difficult.Japanese manufacturers in in most cases, do not worry about translating annotations into at least English, sellers are also not good at this language. Drawings help to solve this problem, which are on many packaging of cosmetics. You can roughly guess by them what is the product intended for and what effect can be obtained with it application.

Most Popular cosmetics original Japanese brands:

  1. Various plasters and patches.Such funds are presented in a wide range, depending on type of funds, they solve different problems. For example, there are plasters that relieve fatigue from feet and calves, legs. Other products are excreted through the skin toxins accumulated in the epidermis. Still others are for taking pictures swelling and eliminate dark circles under the eyes, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. There are also tightening patches, they can help eliminate the second chin or smooth forehead wrinkles for 5-8 hours.Special attention experts recommend giving kinesio tapes – the scope of their application is so is extensive, and the effectiveness is so high that information on tapes can be separate it into a separate review article. In short, they are used for restoration of muscle tissue, to improve blood circulation, to remove inflammation, etc.

  2. Silicone-free shampoo. IN All shampoos in Japan do not contain this component, which is present in cosmetics we are used to and is designed to make hair smooth, shiny, silky, at the same time damaging their structure and harming the hair follicles, scalp.But you must have noticed how smooth and shiny hair in Asian women. This is partly due to genetic disposition. But no less important is the use of safe health shampoos. Such products really improve the structure of the hair, and do not create appearance. grooming and beauty.

  3. Decorative cosmetics – mascara, tonal BB or CC cream, mineral powder, blush, eye shadow. It all has natural base and does not harm the skin in any way, but on the contrary, improves the condition of the epidermis and cilia, allows you to maintain youth, health, beauty.

  4. Cosmetics, designed to whiten the skin and eliminate pigmentation. Any violation of skin tone can be removed with the help of Japanese drugs. They are help fight unwanted sunburn, age spots, freckles, acne spots.

  5. Drops and eye masks. If you are often worried about the problem of reddening of the whites of the eyes, irritation mucous membrane, edema, bags and bruises under the eyes, then the best solution is use Japanese cosmetics for regular care and emergency care.

  6. Various masks for face – this type of care cosmetics is represented especially widely. There are drugs with various actions – from moisturizing to preventing aging processes.

  7. Cosmetics based on hydrogen. As a rule, these are sachets with a volume of 500 milliliters, which can carry in your purse and drink for a powerful antioxidant effect. Also, such water is recommended to be used for wiping the skin of the face and body, if you have any dermatological diseases, for example, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis.

If you do not have the opportunity visit the Land of the Rising Sun soon, you can buy real cosmetics from Japan to Russia. However, difficulties may arise here, since it is sold only in specialized stores, which on the territory of the Russian Federation is not as much as we would like. But you can always order cosmetics on the manufacturer’s website, if it is adapted for English speaking buyers. Or in the online store of official dealers, with with which Japanese brands collaborate.

How to use Japanese correctly cosmetics

In Japan, the process of caring for own appearance is not an everyday procedure, but a whole philosophy, cosmetics are an essential and irreplaceable aid in achieving life harmony. For example, Japanese women spend twice as much time removing makeup. than Russian women, and three times longer than American women. This is indeed concerns both grooming procedures and the application of decorative cosmetics.Japanese women turn the self-care process into a kind of ritual, therefore look 5-10 years younger than their biological age.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money is wasted, you need to learn how to use cosmetics correctly Japanese brands, whether expensive or relatively cheap. Experts recommend following these rules:

  1. Obligatory test for allergies. Despite the fact that the cosmetics of Japanese brands are considered hypoallergenic, this may refer to the indigenous population of the country, that is, directly to to the Japanese.Components used in the manufacture of cosmetic drugs, they are used to, they have been using them for centuries, including in food. How often do you eat shark liver chop? Most likely the answer would be “never”. Accordingly, the likelihood that you develop an allergy to this component exists. On the other hand, 81% of adults Japanese are unable to digest more than 200 milliliters of cow’s milk without further the occurrence of symptoms of poisoning.And for us, milk is a product that is consumed daily. So in this matter, everything is individual, and rely on the declared hypoallergenicity is not worth it. Make sure that the cosmetic the product is safe for you, not difficult. The most reliable option is consult a beautician on this matter. The easiest way make sure that there is no allergy – apply a cosmetic product on a small an area of ​​sensitive skin on the inside of the wrist or elbow for 10-15 minutes, then see if any strange dermatological reaction – redness, urticaria, edema, itching.More it is advisable to check the result in a day.

  2. Always observe manufacturer’s recommended dosage. If you like to apply cosmetic funds are abundant, you will have to get rid of this habit. First, Japanese cosmetics, both care and decorative, are perfectly distributed and absorbed. If the package says that you need to take a drop of cream the size of a pea, use exactly that much for one application.Enough a small amount of funds so that it fully fulfills its task. Secondly, using an excessive amount of cosmetic product will not improve result, but you will use the drug uneconomically, you use it too quickly and you will have to spend money again to buy another product.

Proper storage – a guarantee that cosmetics from a Japanese brand will retain their qualities for throughout the entire period of use.Basically, recommendations for conditions storage should be indicated on the product packaging. If you buy a product from authorized dealer, then the abstract must be translated at least into English, and as a maximum – into Russian. If you bought the product in Japan and there are only hieroglyphs on it, take into account these recommendations of specialists:

  1. Cosmetics with a liquid, semi-liquid, gel or cream consistency must be stored in the refrigerator – on the bottom shelf away from the freezer or on a shelf on door.This is due to the fact that there are no chemical preservatives, they can quickly deteriorate at room temperature. When storing a cosmetic product in the refrigerator, do not forget to “warm” it before applying to skin or hair. To do this, it is enough to squeeze out the product on the back of your hand and wait a couple of minutes until it accepts body temperature. After that, it can be applied to the face or other areas of the body.

  2. Dry cosmetics – loose, pressed, baked should be stored in dry, protected from sunlight and high humidity.For example, in table locker in the room. It is unacceptable to keep such drugs on the shelf in bathroom, as they quickly pick up moisture and may, if not deteriorate, then lose their properties.

Cleansing and preparatory stage . It is unacceptable to apply care cosmetics on unprepared skin. At the very least, you need to remove your makeup or pollution. Even if you just woke up in the morning and the night before washed, you still need to cleanse the skin of sebaceous secretions.You you can use for this purpose any means suitable for your type leather, including products of Japanese brands. Before applying decorative cosmetics, you can carry out additional cleansing procedures – scrubbing, steaming the skin, you can make a mask. Such manipulations not often required – 1-2 times a week, depending on the type epidermis and its condition.

Direct application care cosmetics – moisturizing or anti-aging cream, cream for dry or oily skin occurs along the massage lines.Index or middle finger working hand, distribute the cream from the center of the forehead to the temples; from the wings of the nose to the cheekbones; on the nose and under it; on the cheeks and chin from the center to the side zones. It is not necessary to rub in strongly, it is enough to perform light circular movements, as if massaging the surface of the face. If the packaging of the cream does not indicate that it can be used on the under-eye area, do not apply it there. For this it is better to use a specially formulated serum or fluid.

If you have cosmetics in tube , in a bottle with a dispenser, then there are no difficulties with dosage and hygiene will not occur. If you have Japanese cosmetics in jar, in any case do not pick it up with your fingers, even clean ones. You can bring bacteria or microbes into the cream, which will definitely take advantage of the fact that the drug is nutritious, and the environment is moist, and will quickly begin to multiply, bringing the moment of premature deterioration of a cosmetic product.Using a spatula, especially disposable – ideal. If there is no spatula, use a teaspoon, which must be pre-sterilized with alcohol, Chlorhexidine or in the oven. Before the next use of a cosmetic product, do not forget to re-decontaminate the instrument.

Application of decorative cosmetics of 90,073 Japanese brands shouldn’t give you any trouble. The main thing is to make sure not to make too thick a layer of the product.

End make-up removal day – a mandatory procedure when using Japanese skin care and decorative cosmetics. A Japanese-made product is also perfect for this – hydrophilic oil or, optionally, micellar water.

If you want use Japanese cosmetics the way Japanese women do when they are 70 years old look at most 50, you can apply the Japanese skin care system, which consists of seven stages:

  1. Skin cleansing from dirt or makeup.

  2. Skin peeling (in depending on the type of epidermis, age and skin condition, the procedure is carried out 1-3 times a week).

  3. Using a lotion that simultaneously tones and soothes the epidermis and normalizes the PH balance.

  4. Serum application for faces.

  5. Application of the mask for faces.

  6. Massage using cosmetic oil.

  7. Applying skin cream faces.

  8. Japanese women pay cleansing and care procedures for at least 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening, spending them every day, even on weekends.

Attention! This material is subjective, does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

90,000 shopping in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Okinawa

Most often tourists bring sake sets, kimonos and samurai figurines from Japan.The set is excellent, but this is not all that is worth paying attention to. Did you know that Japanese mass-market cosmetics sometimes outperform European luxury cosmetics? How do you like the idea of ​​treating your friends to a chocolate-covered crab? And in Japan, you can buy the most unusual and useful goods in the world, excellent electronics, the world’s best knives, and much more.

The national currency of the country is the Japanese yen. It is wiser to change money at home so as not to lose on double conversion. If this is not possible, go with dollars and change them right at the airport.Hotels always have conversion limits (as a rule, they change no more than $ 300 per day), and in banks you will have to thoroughly tinker with filling out papers. It will not be superfluous to take your card with you – cashless payments are possible almost everywhere.

There is a tax-free system in Japan. To get cashback, you need to spend at least ¥ 5,400 and apply for a refund right in the store. You will be given further instructions there. Some outlets are ready to return the money immediately or transfer to the card within a month.

So, what can you bring from Japan?

We know that many Russians want to bring a car from Japan. It’s a good idea, but we’ll make a reservation right away: our article is not about that. Many other sites on the Web are devoted to this issue. Sales agents will tell you about the correct paperwork and all the intricacies of buying a car in Japan. We ourselves have not driven Japanese cars and are afraid to screw up advice on this topic. So let’s talk about what other goods can be brought from Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Sapporo, Okinawa and other regions of this country.

Clothes and accessories

It is not very reasonable to buy goods of European brands in Japan – their prices are even higher than in Russia. But local clothing and accessories are definitely worthy of attention.

Sales in Japan will start immediately after Catholic Christmas. Moreover, discounts apply even to new collections.

Shopping malls

Japan’s best shopping malls are located in central Honshu. The most popular department stores in Tokyo are Mitsukoshi, Seibu, Matsuya, Isetan, Keio.In them, Japanese brands are presented along with European ones. The capital’s youth dress in the shops of the Shibuya and Harajuku districts – the best budget and very fashionable brands have settled here. It makes no sense to list them – it is easier to look into these quarters and choose the right one in terms of quality or price. At the same time, look at what Japanese youth are wearing.

The city of Nagoya is home to Japan’s largest underground shopping mall. This is a real city within a city with hundreds of shops for every taste. For shopping on Odaiba Island, head to DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.At the entrance you will be met by a huge robot – you will definitely not pass by. In Kyoto, head to The Cube for shopping.

In Osaka, all major department stores are located in the north in the Kita area, and the small retail pavilions in the south in the Minami area. Or you can forget this information and go shopping at the World Trade Center – a 55-story building with a bunch of shops, cafes and entertainment.

Boutiques, Outlets

The best boutiques in Japan are located in Tokyo (Shinjuku and Ginza districts).Many shopping centers and major cities in the country have shops of the famous Yohji Yamamoto and Kenzo. Prices are lower than in Russia, and the range is many times wider.

Japan’s best outlets are located in and around Tokyo. The most popular is Gotemba Premium Outlets. You can get here by bus. In second place is Shisui Premium Outlets, which is located near Narita Airport.


Many tourists want to bring a kimono from Japan, and not as a souvenir, but to wear at home.If you are one of them, skip shopping at souvenir shops. Head to regular Japanese brand stores in malls for better quality and lower prices. A factory kimono in Japan can be bought for only 1.5-2 thousand yen (in souvenir shops – already for 5-6 thousand). But a real handmade kimono can cost about 200 thousand yen.

Yukata is another useful item from Japan. The same kimono, only made of cotton – a lightweight summer version. Again, shopping in malls is more profitable.


Perhaps, more in one place on the planet you will not find such a choice of scarves, all kinds of socks (both very feminine and funny), gloves, hats, caps and other accessories. They are very fond of such goods in Japan.

A natural silk stole can be bought for about 4,000 yen, but a beret or a hat made of bright fabric – for just a thousand.

In case of rain

Be sure to bring a fashionable umbrella from Japan. The traditional bamboo and waxed paper, which all guidebooks talk about aloud, of course, can also be bought.But it would be much more practical to take a modern version.

There are thousands of them! And also all kinds of raincoats and bright rubber boots, waterproof bags and other useful things for rainy weather – such goods from Japan will definitely come in handy in life. Prices start at 500 yen per accessory and can be found in every mall.


Jewelry is definitely worth bringing from Japan. Pearls are especially good: the best choice is at the Tasaki Gallery in Tokyo.Prices for designer jewelry in this store start at 60,000 yen.

It is even worth bringing jewelry from here. Especially good is the one that is made of medical (jewelry) steel. Now in Japan, jewelry from Inori in the form of berries and fruits is in trend. They are inexpensive – from 1.5 thousand yen.


Of course, it makes sense to bring something from technology and electronics from Japan. The most popular products are photo and video equipment, telephones, televisions. The most popular brands are Sony, Panasonic, NEC, Fujitsu, Nikon, Canon, Nintendo, Toshiba, Pioneer, Sharp.Always check if Japanese electronics will work in Russia, because much here is geared towards Asia.

To the delight of familiar gamers, bring computer games and related gadgets from Tokyo – their choice is simply huge. And in hardware stores, you can collect gifts for all your loved ones: cool flash drives in the form of sushi or donuts, cases with Pokemon and other popular cartoon characters.

Where to buy?

The widest selection is in stores and hypermarkets in the metropolitan area of ​​Akihabara.Machinery and electronics are brought here directly from factories, so prices are below average by 20-30%, and discounts can also be caught. In Osaka, head to the Nippombashi area for tech shopping.

On the plus side, most electronics stores in Japan operate on a tax-free basis. So expensive purchases will be very profitable for you.

Many tourists want to bring equipment, electronics and other goods of this category from Japan to Russia for sale. The idea is interesting, but tax-free for large parties will not be issued to you, so there is practically no benefit.

Cosmetics and medicines

There are no large chain cosmetic stores in Japan. Look for luxury cosmetics in branded boutiques, go to dragstores and supermarkets for the mass market. Medicines and supplements can be found at drug stores or chain supermarkets.


We definitely advise girls and women to bring cosmetics from Japan: especially those that are not available in Russia. And if it is, then buying it is usually unprofitable. For example, the famous Hada Labo face lotion, which, according to statistics, is bought in Japan at a rate of 4 bottles per minute, is about 5 times more expensive in Russia.

The secret of “beautiful aging” of Japanese women, which everyone envies, is in whitening the skin, fighting pigmentation and protecting from the sun. Funds from these categories are definitely worth buying in Japan, especially since many simply cannot be found in Russia. And, of course, pay attention to anti-aging cosmetics: with fullerene, squalene, colloidal gold, stem cells, etc. A cream from Japan with any of these ingredients is definitely worth bringing home.

Do not forget to buy Japanese eye patches – a choice here for every taste and budget.And also means for cleansing: many Japanese “washers”, hydrophilic oils and foams are not sold in Russia either. Do not forget to buy a special foam net – the main beauty gadget for girls in Japan.

Among the popular brands of Japanese cosmetics, we highlight the following:

  • Shiseido;
  • Forlle’d;
  • Kanebo;
  • Enhel;
  • Rosette Medicated;
  • Obagi;
  • Hada Labo.


We advise you to pay special attention to Japanese ink: the best reviews from tourists from all over the world about the products from Kose Fasio and Ipsa.By the way, many tourists bring beauty products from Japan to Russia for sale, because there is always a demand for them. And do not be afraid: even the cheapest tool will definitely be excellent – here the technology is strict.

Additives, medicines

In Japan, medicines are sold not only in pharmacies, but also in popular chain supermarkets.

  • Miracle plasters

It makes sense for many women to bring plasters from edema from Japan. It is worth sticking them on your calves while traveling or on an airplane – lightness in your legs is guaranteed.Another popular Japanese medicine is detox foot patches. It is believed that they are able to cleanse the body of toxins. Look at pharmacies in packs of 5-10. There are also plasters for wrinkles; in Japan they are bought as often as a cream to combat creases on the face.

Antioxidant eye drops are very popular in Japan. In Russia, these are not for sale (they can only be ordered with a large overpayment). The most popular are Sante Beauteye, Rohto Ice Cooling Eye Drops. No prescriptions are needed – it is more of a cosmetic product than a medicine.

We advise girls and women in Japan to consider buying dietary supplements with collagen. It is so popular here that you can even buy supplements in regular supermarkets. Collagen is often added even to drinks, but it is wiser and more convenient to transport the supplement in capsules from Japan to Russia.

Local pharmacies also sell breast augmentation candies, energy cakes and fruit purees with hyaluron or collagen. In short, goods in Japan are interesting in every way. It’s hard to say whether useful goodies work or not, but the idea is interesting.And as an unusual Japanese souvenir for a friend, it doesn’t hurt to take something.


In Tokyo, it is convenient to buy souvenirs for friends in FixPrice stores (all for 100 yen). These are not our “fixes” – here you can find gizmos with a national character of very decent quality. Great shopping awaits you in the capital’s Grandberry Mall – there is a large selection of souvenirs.

There are souvenir shops near Mount Fuji, so from here you can bring something to remember.On the island of Okinawa, the best souvenirs are sold in Naha City on Kokusai Street.


The best ceramics in Japan are made on the island of Honshu: in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and other cities. The widest selection is probably in the city of Nagoya (located between Tokyo and Kyoto). Bring Ryukyu pottery from Okinawa – it is different from what is sold in the rest of Japan.


Varnishes from Nagoya are considered the best, but you can buy them elsewhere.The most popular products are boxes, dishes, sushi sets, vases.

From Okinawa, we advise you to bring a traditional lacquered plate in the shape of a hexagon, in which it is customary to serve snacks. Lacquered sushi sticks cost an average of 400-500 yen, caskets – from 600.

Glass and porcelain

If you are in Okinawa, pay attention to the Ryuk glass. It is most profitable to buy it in a store at the Ryukyu Glass Village factory (by the way, there are many reviews of tourists from all over the world about it, which confirm our words)

Japanese porcelain is much younger than its counterpart from China, but today it is really very popular.The best souvenir in this category is sake cups.


Tenugui towels and other home textiles are a great purchase to remember from your trip to Japan. The fabric is cut from cotton and decorated with a beautiful printed pattern. Reminds of traditional batik from Indonesia, but looks even more interesting. The best shopping in this category awaits you in the markets of Japan (prices are higher in souvenir shops).


Japanese kitchen knives are quite expensive, but for a reason they are considered the best in the world.If you have a chef you know, bring him such a gift. Or buy a knife in Japan for yourself – it will serve you all your life. Do not forget that you can only carry them in your checked baggage.

As a gift to men from Japan, you can bring a replica of a samurai sword (katana). They are miniature and very inexpensive – they are sold in almost every souvenir shop. If you wish, you can also find a great sword with a skillful engraving.


Bring a fan from Japan with a beautiful painting on it: a landscape or an image of a cherry blossom.You can also buy a panel with hieroglyphs – it looks very beautiful and colorful. You can go to the markets for calligraphy. There are also many street artists in Japan, whose work can be bought as an unusual souvenir.

Amulets, figurines

Figurines of samurai and geisha are often brought from Japan. Traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls (with a small body, no arms and with a large head) are very popular among tourists. They are often handmade, so the souvenir is not budgetary.

As a gift to your friends, bring an amulet to attract good luck and money – Maneki Neko.This is a cat with a raised paw, which you will often see not only in souvenir shops in Japan, but in general throughout the country.

A statuette of a protective creature called Shisa is often brought from Okinawa. Furina wind chimes are also very popular throughout the country. Bring it from Japan as a souvenir – it doesn’t take up much space and will only cost you 300-500 yen.


Fans of anime and manga can bring comics, books, discs or posters from Japan, which cannot be found in Russia.The country has a huge selection of clothing, jewelry and all kinds of accessories on this topic.

One of hundreds of puzzles or a board game shogi (mahjong) can be an excellent gift from Japan for a student. However, adults will also like them.

For children

For children from Japan, bring toys. The choice here is so large that even the most capricious child will be pleased. Stuffed toys, dolls, cars, radio-controlled, robotic – there are many. Prices in Japan are reasonable: you can buy a children’s car that you can ride for about three times cheaper than in Russia.

You can buy toys in regular shopping centers. The largest selection is perhaps in the shops in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.

And if you want to buy something special as a keepsake, take a coma toy – this is something between a spinning top and a top. Sold in souvenir shops and markets, often hand-painted.

Food & Beverage

For groceries in Naha, the capital of Okinawa, head to colorful markets – there are probably no other markets like that in Japan.There are excellent bazaars in Tokyo, and indeed on the island of Honshu. In Osaka, go to Kuromon Ichiba for food shopping.

The most popular chain supermarkets in Japan are Family Mart, 7/11, Lawson, Tesco. In general, almost every large shopping center has a grocery store on the ground floor.


We recommend bringing sweets from the Ishiya Chocolate Factory from Sapporo. Among other goodies, Shiroi Koibito biscuits are made here, which can only be bought in Japan and only on the island of Hokkaido.On Miyajima Island, maple leaf biscuits filled with bean paste are sold. It is worth taking it home, if only because it is tasty (well, it is also a symbol of the island, and it is not cooked anywhere else).

Friends from Japan can bring sweets that are not in Russia: candies based on black sugar, or even with the taste of a burger, cabbage, lamb, bitter radish and other non-obvious products. For a child from Japan, bring sweets with Hello Kitty – donuts, straws, sweets, cookies with unusual flavors.

Ice cream is definitely worth buying in Japan. In Sapporo – corn with asparagus and cuttlefish ink, in Kamakura – with sweet lilac potatoes. It sounds strange, but it’s delicious. It is a pity that you will not take him to Russia.

See also: TOP-10 Japanese sweets (what to buy and try)


The most popular food from Japan can also be brought home. Sushi and sashimi are sold in supermarkets in convenient vacuum packaging.You can also take canned crabs or caviar right there. Nori can be bought in LPs. By the way, buy nori chips in Japan to treat your loved ones – this is a very unusual delicacy!


From Yokohama, be sure to bring a souvenir bought in a shop at the Ramen Museum (yes, there is indeed a noodle museum in Japan). The choice here is large, the gizmos are very colorful, and the prices do not bite. Of course, there are the most gastronomic souvenirs here.

In addition, from the products you can bring home unusual snacks in the form of grasshoppers, wasabi nuts, bitter radish chips.Also, pay attention to soy sauces: they are here with different additives.

Matcha tea

Matcha green tea is the main gastronomic souvenir from Japan. Matcha (which is also correct – matcha, but this option is customary for Russia) is wildly popular and is considered a superfood. Many bring it from Japan as a medicine – this tea is so useful. You can buy a match in almost every supermarket in the country. Prices for it are 2-3 times lower than Russian ones.

Buy unusual products or sweets based on this tea: chocolates (Kit-Kat, for example), sandwich cookies, straws, pies and other goodies.


Beer in Japan is produced by four main producers: Asahi, Kirin, Suntory, Sapporo. The latter, of course, is brewed in Sapporo. In this city there is even a Beer Museum (go on occasion – it’s free), where you can buy any kind of Japanese foam for a sample at a significant discount.


The main alcoholic souvenir from Japan is sake. You can buy rice vodka in almost every souvenir shop. It is wiser, however, to do it in a supermarket. Moreover, even in ordinary grocery stores, you can find cute bottles that look like a souvenir.

Okinawa has its own kind of sake – awamori. It is made with rice from Thailand and rice malt.

For sake take a set for its correct serving: a jug and miniature cups.


Delicious plum wine Umeshu can be brought from Japan. Locals say that it is very useful. Whether it is true or not, we do not know, but an excellent gift will come out of it. The miniature bottles with the hieroglyphs look really cool. You can buy Umeshu in regular supermarkets.

Another popular souvenir is Herb no Megumi herbal tincture. It is also sold in unusual bottles and has a very original taste.

We hope you find our tips for shopping in Japanese cities useful. We wish you a pleasant and profitable shopping! Anything to add? Write in the comments!

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    Available delivery vehicles, per country.

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    Once again, Happy New Year, everyone! Happiness,
    Prosperity and great shopping in JapanLine!

    Direct purchase in our store
    Payment by bank cards on the site is protected by modern 3D-secure and SSL technologies. Possibilities of payments to the company’s account in PayPal or direct transfer to the company’s account in the Japanese bank MIZUHO are provided. Ordering goods from Tokyo

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    What to bring from Japan as a gift? What you can, you cannot take out

    Author Sergey ( 7 min to read. Views 1.4k. Updated

    What to bring from Japan as a gift or as a keepsake? Consider all the best cosmetics, tech, and other categories that will remind you of your trip.We will find out the prices and where to buy cheaper according to the reviews of tourists. And most importantly, let’s touch on the topic of what can and cannot be exported from Japan in order to avoid problems at customs control.

    Visiting distant lands leaves pleasant memories. But you can rejoice even more when nice gifts and souvenirs are brought with you. The main thing is to understand 100% what exactly to take with you and on what conditions.

    What to bring from Japan as a gift and as a keepsake?

    It’s easy to figure out what to bring from Japan as a souvenir, there is a huge variety of items that will remind you of your vacation in Japan.We definitely advise you to follow the recommendations provided by the experts of the Asian country themselves.

    • Maneki neko . Those who understand the culture of the land of the rising sun, and even more so those who specifically study the language, unmistakably recognize that we are talking about a figurine that brings happiness. Alluring cat figurines are found in shops, banks, restaurants and even in reputable offices. Traditional culture implies that these sculptures attract good luck and help improve the material situation.But this is what you can bring from Japan to decorate houses. You can buy a similar souvenir in any specialized store. The specimens sold in Gotoku-ji, where this talisman began to be made for the first time, are considered to be the height of perfection.
    Maneki neko
    • Tenugui . Or otherwise, a rectangular piece of cloth covered with an ornament or some more complex pattern. The product is multifunctional. For its main purpose, it is a towel.The main material is cotton. Towel length is about 0.9 m For Japanese culture, traditional flower plots. But geometric compositions are also found. In Tenugui, gifts are packed, it is also used as a replacement for tablecloths, panels.
    • Yukata . You can buy cheap souvenirs in Japan by choosing this type of kimono. It is made from cotton and is used mainly in the summer.Within the country itself, such clothes are worn during festivals of national culture and in traditional hotels. Experts advise to buy yukata not in specialized stores, but in mass clothing stores for local people or in supermarkets, department stores, shopping centers. Then the quality will be higher, and the variety of options available is greater.
    • Geta . This is the name of the classic national footwear worn with the same yukata. Geta resembles both flip-flops and wooden shoes.For those who are not going to tune in to complete authenticity, dawns are better suited – this is the name of a more gentle modification of the geta, which more often suits Europeans, and at the same time corresponds to the island canons.
    National footwear
    • Fans . Folded or rigidly made hand fans are taken by the Japanese on the train when they go to a restaurant. In the summer on every street there are people carrying them. Therefore, we can confidently say that uchiwa fans express the national flavor.
    Traditional fans
    • Wagasa .The classic Japanese umbrella has a similar name. In this country, the traditions of using and creating umbrellas have been going on for hundreds of years. The Japanese need this both for protection from the weather, and during tea ceremonies, when staging theatrical performances.
    • Furin . Air bells are specific to the culture of an Asian country. They can be heard even in the most modern buildings and structures. Furin is made of glass or metal. When the bell swings, it signals the approach of a cool breeze.
    Japanese bells
    • Paintings like Ukiyo-e . The literal translation is “painting of the floating world.” It has been popular since at least the 17th century. This genre is the leader in Japanese art. Therefore, such souvenirs should definitely be in the luggage of travelers leaving the Japanese islands.
    • Chopsticks . According to the old tradition, they are made from lacquered wood. It is customary to make cutlery in several different sizes.Compared to the Chinese version, the length is shorter and the shape is closer to the ideal circle. The stores mainly sell sets of sticks. To improve their decorative qualities, they are equipped with elegant ornaments.
    • Cosmetics . The question of what kind of cosmetics to bring from Japan, which is not available in Russia, is difficult to resolve. Almost any product is brought to our country. But it is definitely worth purchasing the original Asian collagen. Such goods are sold not only in boutiques and supermarkets, but also in pharmacies and modest stores.The shapes are varied, and it is easy to find the right one for yourself. In the island country, a lot of types of face masks are also sold. There are tissue, gel-like and cream-like ones. The compositions vary greatly: algae, gold, pearls, extracts of various tones are used. The choice is made individually. Attractive cosmetics are made under the brands Kanebo, Biore, Shiseido.
    Japanese cosmetics
    • Technically sophisticated products . The question of what to bring from equipment when visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido or Okinawa will arise with a 100% probability.The range includes both made in Japan itself and in other Asian countries. Some of the goods are produced for domestic national consumption. Lack of translated documentation is a strong negative factor. The cost is also not too cheap. Experts recommend coming to Tokyo’s Akihabara area.
    • Premium knives . Local manufacturers have known for a long time how to make the sharpest blade and give the product reliability. Even well-known chefs around the world are eager to buy knives with the Japan brand.
    A set of knives
    • Tea will be the right answer to the question of what to bring from Japan from food and drinks. We recommend paying attention to Matcha tea – green powder type. Harvesting is done once a year. Before harvesting, the leaves are covered from sun exposure for 14 days. Therefore, the finished product takes on a sweet taste.
    Green tea
    • National format sweets . A great variety has been created for this position. A classic is wagashi (candy made by mixing rice paste, sweet potato paste, and tea).Chocolates will also be original. Here they learned to give them over 300 different tastes. Cakes or cookies are just as good.
    • Other exotic dishes . These are bento, sashimi, vacuum-coated Pacific fish fillets, fish roe, crabs, other canned food, dried seaweed, noodles, mushrooms, delicious sauces.

    Where is the best place to buy souvenirs?

    Connoisseurs of photography should go to the dedicated area around Shinjuku Station .Both new and discounted items are sold there. They are definitely cheaper than similar models in our country. Tokyo’s main shopping district – Ginza . They sell EVERYTHING here. You can also buy used equipment in the shopping area of ​​Akihabara .

    The fish market should be looked for at Tsukiy Street . Souvenirs are also sold at Nakamise Street . Searching for a particular store or shop does not make much sense. Japanese tradition predetermines the concentration of homogeneous establishments in certain areas. Omote-sando Street of Shibuya offers a similar range to Ginzu. However, the cost of goods has been markedly reduced. Harajuku block , which this street abuts against, contains clothes in a non-standard punk style.

    In Osaka, the first thing to do is to go to World Trade Center , which is the second largest Japanese skyscraper.

    Ginza District in Tokyo

    What can and cannot be exported from Japan?

    The island country’s customs have strict adherence to regulations. can be transported in both national and foreign currencies of any type. Amounts from 1 million government yen and their equivalents in foreign currency are required to be written in the declaration. You can take no more than 56 milliliters of perfume with you on the plane. Most goods are limited in export value to 200 thousand Japanese yen in value.

    Strictly prohibited to transport art and antiques, cultural property without official permits from the control authorities.The ban applies to pornographic items and publications, weapons, explosives, psychotropic drugs and substances with narcotic effect. Will not be allowed to take anything that violates patent restrictions and copyrights.

    How to save on your trip? Working life hacks!

    These tips will help you plan an independent holiday in the resorts in winter or in summer cheaper:
    • We recommend looking for the best hotel prices on ROOMGURU .The search engine searches among all the hotel databases on the Internet, even from such giants as Booking, and compares prices. If you are a smartphone lover then the application HOUSING SEARCH is a must. It is very convenient to open the options upon arrival and book right there.
    • The service TRIPINSURANCE will help you profitably insure your health and life while traveling, the search engine shows results from all major insurance companies. You just have to choose the most profitable option, but we advise you not to save on health! 90 017 90 014 Flights? Empirically, we recommend using AVIASALES , it is still the # 1 search engine among independent travelers.

    The world’s most radical experiment with monetary policy failed

    The US is likely to be the first to abandon the ultra-low interest rate policies that central banks have used to stimulate economic growth and fight deflation. The US Federal Reserve has already started raising rates, and the European Central Bank is considering cutting its stimulus program. But this is not the case for Japan, which is conducting its longest-running and most radical betting experiment.A quarter of a century has passed since the bubble burst in the local real estate market, and during this time a whole generation of thrifty people grew up in the country, who saw nothing but economic problems, stagnant wages and deflation.

    The confidence that deflation will continue is so entrenched that the problems in monetary policy seem insurmountable. This should serve as a lesson for other countries. “Even with radical politics, it’s hard to change the deflationary mindset,” says Frederik Neumann of HSBC.”I bet Japan will remain in this state for many years to come.”


    The central bank of Japan has been trying to stimulate the economy for almost four years now by printing trillions of yen and dropping rates to negative values. This program, launched in April 2013 by Central Bank Chairman Haruhiko Kuroda, initially led to a short-term acceleration of the economy and higher prices, but then lost its effectiveness. Deflation was again recorded in Japan in 2016.In November, Kuroda postponed his goal of hitting inflation at 2%, effectively confessing to a lack of ideas. In recent months, inflation has turned positive again, but economists attribute this to the victory of Donald Trump in the US elections, the strengthening of the dollar and the rise in oil prices, and not to the economic situation in Japan. Few predict a steady growth in GDP and prices in the country.

    A representative from Kuroda declined to comment.

    Deflation undermines economic growth as companies earn less and therefore invest less, cut wages and stop hiring.In turn, consumers, amid economic uncertainty, stop spending money or postpone purchases until later, exacerbating the situation.

    Low interest rates were expected to accelerate inflation, forcing companies and consumers to increase costs. But they do not do this, as they are used to deflation and expect prices to continue to decline. What’s more, there is evidence that near-zero interest rates actually scare people into saving money for a rainy day, not spending it.

    Other central banks have done some improvisation, but they haven’t gone that far. The Bank of Japan was the first to cut its key interest rate to almost zero in 1999 – long before the ECB, Fed and Bank of England did so in response to the 2008 financial crisis. trying to stimulate GDP growth and inflation. This practice, called “monetary incentive” (or quantitative easing), was later adopted by the West.In 2013, Kuroda began pouring so much money into the financial system (totaling about $ 700 billion a year) that some investors began to fear bubbles and hyperinflation. But that did not happen. In 2016, the Bank of Japan, following the ECB, lowered interest rates below zero in order to still force banks to increase lending.

    Japan’s current problems were almost impossible to imagine during the boom in the 1980s. Back then, Japanese tycoons were buying famous buildings such as the Rockefeller Center in New York, and real estate prices in Tokyo were the highest in the world.But in 1989, the Bank of Japan raised interest rates, and the stock and real estate bubbles burst. Since then, the average annual GDP growth has not exceeded 1% and recessions periodically occur. In the late 1990s. prices began to fall. As a result, Japan overtook China to become the world’s third largest economy. The Nikkei stock index is now about half its peak in 1989, and real estate has fallen in price over the past quarter century.

    Frozen dessert maker Akagi Nyugyo even apologized in ads last year after raising prices for the first time in 25 years (up 9%).The cash reserves of Japanese companies are nearly $ 2 trillion, and officials are outraged that these funds are not being invested in the economy.

    Changes in behavioral norms

    Deflation also largely determines the behavior of 20 million Japanese people between the ages of 20 and 34. Raising salaries, rising stock market or high deposit rates – for them this is something from the realm of fantasy. They are used to the fact that tomorrow prices will be lower than today. Therefore, they instinctively prefer not to take risks and save.Unlike their parents’ generation, they do not have a propensity to consume, considering it a surplus. Because of this, a new phenomenon has emerged in Japan: some young people live with roommates in dorms and eat at fast food restaurants. If the Japanese are willing to spend money on anything, it is on travel, because, unlike material things, experiences do not lose value in a deflationary environment.

    Some elderly Japanese, remembering the hardships of the post-war years, are concerned about the lack of ambition among young people.The country even has the term “NUNRs” for young people who “Don’t Study and Don’t Work”; “Freaters” – for those with unstable or temporary work; “Lonely parasites” – for those living with their parents. Also, Japanese women complain about “herbivorous men” who do not show interest in the opposite sex. “Their problem is that they are too comfortable,” says former Economy Minister Heizo Takenaka. – They have low expectations. We wanted to have luxury cars, and they apparently did not. ”

    Many economists believed that theThe Bank of Japan’s stimulus will be enough to lift the country out of the downward spiral of weak economic growth and lower prices. Kuroda and members of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government pointed to the initial spike in inflation and growth as signs of stimulus effectiveness. Other experts believe that monetary policy worked until the sales tax was raised in 2014.

    According to the October survey by the Bank of Japan, only 5% of respondents plan to increase costs in 2017., and 48% – to reduce.

    Do not spend, but save

    For example, Keita Kameyama, a 30-year-old civil servant from rural Kagawa province, saves about 25% of his $ 40,000 a year salary for a wedding with a longtime girlfriend. He lives with his mother, drives an old Honda and rarely buys new things. The monetary policy of the central bank had little effect on Kameyama’s spending. He still deposits money in a regular bank account, although deposit rates at his bank have not exceeded 1% since 1995., and now equal to 0.05%. Kameyama fears that due to stagnation, he will have a small pension and not enough money to care for his mother. The latter is very important in the country, where there are now twice as many people over 60 years old as those aged 20-34 years. “I’ve heard about [the central bank’s] diligent efforts to get people to spend their money, but I don’t think I’ll go into my wallet,” Kameyama notes.

    Many young Japanese people save money simply because they don’t have enough money. More and more people are working in low-paid or temporary jobs.“Companies don’t grow and can’t fire their aging employees. Therefore, they do not have the opportunity to hire young people, ”says Takuji Okubo, founder of Japan Macro Advisors.

    Companies selling cars, beer and cosmetics are no longer promoting their products to young people, instead focusing on retirees, says Yohei Harada of advertising agency Hakuhodo. “Children and parents have reversed roles. Older people still behave like children and want to buy fancy cars, while their children are worried about their spending, ”he says.

    Takashi Saito, a 33-year-old unmarried entrepreneur, lived in a communal apartment in Tokyo when he decided to start a business two years ago. He founded an internet company that allows women to rent clothes instead of buying them. For $ 45 a month, they can borrow three items at a time and return them whenever they want. Saito thought it would be easy for him to get a loan due to the low interest rates, which should have made banks more active in lending to small businesses. But he was wrong.Saito received with great difficulty from Japan Finance Corp. less than $ 50,000, although he asked for $ 200,000. A year later, his business grew, and Saito asked for more money, but was refused. As a result, he had to use his own savings, borrow from his family and rely on venture capitalists.

    Japan Finance Corp. declined to comment.

    According to analysts, Japanese banks have become more conservative, especially with uncollateralized startups, as their profits have decreased due to low interest rates.

    No hope for an increase

    Some economists advise the government to increase fiscal stimulus and further ease monetary policy. But others warn that the stimulus has already raised Japan’s debt to 230% of GDP, so it could crash the economy.

    Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo rose to prominence in the deflationary era by offering the thrifty Japanese people inexpensive casual wear. But demand fell when Uniqlo raised prices in the company had to lower them again. Uniqlo founder Tadashi Yanai believes that negative interest rates and monetary stimulus from the central bank scare consumers: “It raises concerns about the future. [The Bank of Japan] should give up negative interest rates, because that’s idiocy. ”

    According to JPMorgan Chase economist Masaaki Kanno, deflationary thinking is ingrained because it is rational. Salaries have not changed for 25 years, so young people are not sure that they will receive more in the future.

    If in the 1980s. Hiromi Shibata could spend a month’s earnings on clothes that she wore only a few times, but now her 26-year-old daughter Nanako Shibata admits that a third of her wardrobe are things inherited from her mother. Moreover, Shibata recently started renting a much cheaper apartment and stopped buying new things altogether to work only three days a week. Instead of a career, she devotes time to contemporary dance. “In my opinion, it’s not fair if I devote myself completely to the company, because these days it’s hardly worth expecting a raise in salary,” she says.

    Translated by Alexey Nevelsky

    7 excellent brands of Japanese cosmetics

    Today we will tell you what j-beauty is, how Japanese cosmetics differ from Korean ones and which brands you should pay attention to.

    Korean cosmetics have captured the market thanks to their affordable prices and fast results. Their patches, cloth masks are a must-have for many. The most persistent use a multi-stage care system that includes hydrophilic oils, soft foams, peels, and serums.But at the same time, few people know that all this comes from Japan, as well as the trend for snow-white, smooth, highlighted skin.

    The difference between Korean and Japanese cosmetics is that the former work for a quick result, and the latter for prevention. The main postulate of Japanese women is that it is better to prevent a problem than to solve its consequences later. Therefore, Japanese cosmetics are on average more expensive than Korean ones, and the result of their work is not immediately visible. But then your skin will thank you for the quality care.

    This does not mean that you urgently need to give up your favorite Korean bottles. Firstly, they have not won their popularity in vain, this cosmetics works and copes with its tasks. And secondly, care for a quick result is very often irreplaceable.

    What Japanese products and brands are worth paying attention to in the first place Attention? As a first acquaintance – for sunscreen, cosmetics for skin lightening, cleansers and toners.


    This is one of the most famous Japanese brands, which was founded back in 1872. Nice Japanese luxury in beautiful bottles. They have an unrealistically wide range of products, including anti-aging care, sunscreen products and makeup.

    You can find brand products in the store Sephora and on the official website


    And here is the real rock star of the American beauty world.It so happened that the primer of this Japanese brand became the most purchased from American women, and has long settled in the tops of the best caring makeup bases.

    And all formulations are based on natural ingredients and modern technologies, and the goal of manufacturers is healthy, radiant, moisturized skin. By the way, Meghan Markle is very fond of the brand’s cosmetics. I wonder if she also buys it at Sephora ?


    Brand philosophy – beauty is born in the process of knowing yourself.His task is to show that it is unique for everyone, and to help find the way to this harmony. Kanebo not only produce care and decorative cosmetics, but also teach women to find beauty, balance within themselves, strive for harmony with themselves and the world around them.

    Buy brand cosmetics and find out more in the official store

    Hada Labo Tokyo

    The basis of this cosmetics is hyaluronic acid, their own development Super Hyaluronic Acid ™ .It combines three types of hyaluronic acid, which allows the component to act at different levels of the skin to achieve high results. And their star product is Skin Plumping, a lightweight moisturizer. It is one of the best-selling hydration products in Japan. And more recently, the brand has begun to conquer the American market.

    All new items and bestsellers are always available on the official website or


    The SK-II brand has existed since 1970 and combines tradition and new technologies.They have developed a unique patented complex PITERA ™ which is used in their cosmetics. In action, it is similar to natural moisturizing factors and contains a complex of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids. It aims to rejuvenate the skin, smooth its texture and brighten it.

    Not a bad choice in the same Sephora and, of course, in


    Isehan may be familiar to you if sun protection is not just empty words for you.The brand produces a very wide range of UV protection cosmetics for every day in the widest range, including sunscreens for children.

    When buying on Amazon , pay attention to the seller and reviews. Also available at

    Shu Uemura

    This is a real expensive piece of art in the Japanese cosmetics market. The creator’s philosophy is that beauty begins with healthy skin. The line of care contains many oils for delicate cleansing of the skin, in particular their bestseller is the cleansing oil.And yet, surprisingly, eyelash curler Shu Uemura won the love of girls for neat curling without injuring the eyelashes.

    For shopping we go to the official website Shu Uemura

    How are you doing with Japanese cosmetics? If you have already used or have such a desire, share your impressions and thoughts.

    Decided to order Japanese cosmetics from an overseas store? Verified intermediaries will be happy to help you with this! Just choose a reseller from your country (and city), fill out the order form and wait for the package!

    More details here:

    90,000 TOP 10 Best Japanese Skin Care Products

    Japan is an amazing country that produces beauty products such as various skin care products and makeup products available in a wide range of prices, as well as cosmetics brands that are internationally renowned. market such as Shiseido, KOSE and SK-II.

    Especially, Japanese skin care products are appreciated all over the world for their quality, effectiveness and innovative manufacturing methods. But not only are there expensive branded products, there are also many inexpensive products that are easy to find in most pharmacies.

    This article has selected 10 of the most popular Japanese skin care products from hundreds of different price ranges. From affordable pharmacy cosmetics to premium award winning products. Here are 10 Japanese products to try!

    1.DHC deep refined oil

    DHC is one of the most trusted cosmetic companies in Japan that provides an affordable range of skin care products as well as dietary supplements and health care items. The most sold product of the company is deep refined oil. It has a light structure, but still very effective for removing makeup, even waterproof mascara, prevents dryness and moisturizes the skin. The oil is recommended for dry and sensitive skin, which is often used for evening make-up.

    2. Kanebo Suisai Cleansing Powder

    Kanebo Suisai Cleansing Powder has won several beauty awards in the past years. The cleansing powder contains an enzyme that works effectively to produce soft and clear skin. It helps to remove old keratin on the skin, unclogs pores and blackheads, and makes the skin supple and smooth. Since the powder is packaged in a small capsule, it is convenient to take it with you when traveling.

    3. Transino CLEAR WASH

    Awarded Best Face Product 2017 by Cosmetics @cosme, a truly influential website for the Japanese beauty industry.Transino – manufactures skin care products. Does Clear Wash contain a drug that has a creamy texture? helps against aging of skin cells, removes blemishes and maintains a healthy complexion.

    4. Therapeutic suspension for face care SK-II

    SK-II Treatment Facial Suspension has received several awards as SK-II Skin Care Product. It is one of the best-selling beauty products in Japan and has been known for over 35 years.This suspension moisturizes the skin and helps prevent dryness and renews the skin. The product is expensive compared to others in the same series, but it is still the most trustworthy facial skin care product in Japan. You can buy a tester before you buy a bottle from stores in Japan!

    5. Moisturizing gel for skin Naturie Hatomugi

    Naturie Hatomugi Moisturizing Skin Gel is one of the most praiseworthy “available” skincare products in Japan and was selected as the Best Product by @cosme in 2017.The moisturizing gel has a light, non-sticky structure and penetrates the skin with lightning speed. It contains the maximum amount of water possible and is made with J ob’s Tears (Hatomugi), a natural ingredient that does not contain alcohol. It can be used for several purposes: as a toner, emulsion, moisturizer, serum, and can be used on the body as well.

    6. Emulsion Sekkisei

    Sekkisei is one of Japan’s oldest favorite skin care products.Contains Kose medicinal substance, which effectively affects the skin of the face, making it look softer and smoother. The best-selling product in the Sekkisei series is a medicated Emulsion, which has a rich yet light structure and gives deep hydration, effectively affecting the smoothness and clarity of the skin.

    7. KAO Curel Intense Moisturizing Cream

    KAO Curel – Intense Moisturizer is an excellent face cream for dry and sensitive skin, providing very effective solutions to prevent skin conditions and does not contain alcohol.It retains the moisture of the skin, has a very light and smooth structure. Apply after face lotion or use as a makeup base before applying foundation. Recommended for use all year round.

    8. Shiseido Ultimune

    Shiseido Ultimune is a multi-award winning product from the Japanese beauty mogul. It is a pre-cream that helps protect against aging and damage. Add Ultimune to any product. You apply it as a moisturizer or serum before applying other products.Ultimune acts both as a defense against potential threats and as a defense against daily environmental exposures that can visibly age the skin.

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