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Bed Socks and Other Things to Help you Sleep

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, and you’re thinking about things to help you sleep, bed socks may be just the answer. We’re going to investigate the benefits of sleeping socks, and other remedies that will help you fall asleep.

  1. You may think wearing socks to bed is the ultimate passion killer, but according to some experts it’s known to encourage a good night’s sleep. Cosy cashmere bed socks are available for both men and women. The style most suited for sleeping is roll over top socks, with no elastic for maximum comfort. No more waking up with cold feet, I’ll take two pairs please.
  2. A warm relaxing bath eases the muscles better preparing you for a peaceful sleep. Add a relaxing bath oil to maximise the effects, and enjoy a long soak. Sounds good, right?
  3. The lavender plant is a well-known sleep aid, a spritz on your pillow will help calm the mind and relax the body. You can DIY and make your own spray with simply lavender oil and water.
  4. Do you take your tablet or smartphone to bed? Time to banish those electronics from the bedroom; this should be your sanctuary and place of rest.
    The only light you should have is a warm glow from a dimmed table lamp – not the blinding shine of your phone screen. Step away from the iPhone.
  5. A good mattress is a must. “Spend as much as you can afford,” advises Andy Hills of And So To Bed. “The minimum should be about £700 on the mattress and bed base combined. It always strikes me as absurd that people will spend £3,000 or £4,000 on a sofa which they sit on for an hour or two some evenings, and much less than £1,000 on a bed where they will spend a crucial eight hours every night.” That told us.
  6. Pure cotton fabrics whether it be pyjamas or bedsheets are lightweight and breathable allowing for better air circulation. Cotton has the ability to transfer moisture away from the skin, and being a natural fibre it’s also hypoallergenic which means it’s perfect for those prone to skin irritations and allergies.

So there it is your ultimate guide to a good night’s sleep. If you ever needed an excuse to treat yourself to pair of luxurious cashmere bed socks, this is it.

Best Sleeping Socks (2021) – Guide and Review

Humans naturally seek material to cover us when sleeping. Hence the universal use of blankets, sheets, and pajamas. But our extremities, especially our feet, are some of the most prone areas of our body to feel cold at night. Because our core body temperature drops when we enter REM sleep, this is true not only in cold climates but in beautiful-but-not-air-conditioned paradises as well. Sleep socks are a way to keep your feet warm and feeling comfortable all night. Since there are so many different options on the market, we’ve tested the leading brands to see how they compare. Here are our results:

Editor’s Choice

SleepingSocks Pembroke

Pembrook Non Skid/Slip Hospital Socks


  • Versatile. These socks are meant to provide both comfort and warmth while allowing stability through the gripping treads on the bottom of the socks. They tend to keep the feet warm while feeling relatively weightless, unlike other socks that can feel heavy on the feet
  • Stretchy. Both men and women can enjoy these sleeping socks. The chenille yarn is inherently stretchy and allow these unisex socks to fit most men’s and women’s sizes
  • Grip. The grippy rubber treads on the bottom of the feet are designed to help stabilize while standing and also to help you walk across slick surfaces like hardwood floors during the dead of night. Perfect for people who get up when it is still dark out or sometimes wake during the middle of the night and need to get a snack or relieve themselves


  • Variety. Though many people would argue that their classic black and grey color offerings are neutral and inoffensive, some of their competitors offer more variety of colors and patterns than the handful that are offered by Pembrook
  • Cost. These socks aren’t the biggest purchase you’ll make this year – or even this week – but one should keep in mind how many socks you want when making this decision. These are one of the more expensive socks on the market per pair, but keep in mind the quality you are getting for the cost.

Pembrook Non Skid/Slip Hospital Socks

Pembrook’s Non-Skid and Non-Slip socks are specially designed for hospital use; they are made out of a soft chenille material (basically a cotton, polyester and spandex blend) and have rubber-grip treads on the sole of the socks. These will keep you warm and make walking around the house comfortable and easy on your feet.


SleepingSocks Haslra

HASLRA Premium Microfiber Fuzzy Socks


  • Comfort. These socks are made out of a polyester, polyurethane, and spandex microfiber that is designed to provide insulation when wearing shoes and warmth and cushioning when walking with just socks on.
  • Design. HASLRA really goes the extra mile in providing many different styles and within those style sets, lots of colorful variety. Perfect for people looking to show off a sliver of fun color during the day.
  • Value. At only $19.99 for a five-pair set, these socks cost less than $5 per pair. This is one of the better values you can find for sleep socks.


  • Durability. While most users will use these socks mainly for sleeping, these socks are not ideal for wearing while walking for long periods, as the material may get worn down
  • Loose fit. The elastic band meant to wrap around the calf and keep the socks up can prove to make the socks comfortable. However, this may cause the socks to sag a bit depending on your foot and leg size

HASLRA Premium Microfiber Fuzzy Socks

The HASLRA Microfiber Fuzzy socks are a Korean take on comfortable and warm socks for sleeping. They are made of mostly polyester and feature fifteen different style sets – meaning you buy a set and get three or five pairs of socks that have matching style and design.

Best Bargain

SleepingSocks NobleMount

Noble Mount Women’s Anti-Skid Fuzzy Winter Crew Socks


  • Anti-skid. Unlike some other sleep socks that provide comfort but can prove slippery and unsupportive when walking through the home, the Noble Mount Winter Crew Socks offer rubberized anti-skid treading on the soles. These are great for those with injuries, the elderly, and people with hardwood floors
  • Cost. These socks come in 3-packs of various varieties at just under $12 each. At just $4 per pair, this product can be bought as a matching stand-alone three pack or in bulk
  • Safe for wash. These socks can be safely washed in a washing machine with your normal laundry time and time again. Unlike other competitors, these socks do a good job of not losing their shape and color over time


  • Limited sizes. While these socks will fit most users, there is a select section of the population that might have feet bigger than these socks were designed for
  • Lint. This isn’t going to be much of a problem while wearing them, but sometimes these socks, due to their material composition, can leave a noticeable amount of lint in the dryer

Noble Mount Women’s Anti-Skid Fuzzy Winter Crew Socks

Noble Mount’s Anti-Skid Winter Crew Socks are made out of 98 percent polyester and 2 percent spandex and are designed to stretch in all four directions. Coming in a variety of colorful patterns and designs, this is a product you may want to stock up on to fill your sock collection.

How We Picked

Sleep socks can be the ultimate gift for yourself or for a loved one. They provide comfort, warmth, and are ideal for those with injuries, in hospital, pregnant or of advanced age. They typically are woven from materials that differ from normal cotton socks. When deciding which product to purchase for home or health-based work, it is important to consider the following factors:

Material composition

Sleep socks typically are made of materials that are chosen to provide special qualities, like stretching, fuzziness, warmth, and a soft feel. These blends are typically heavy on polyester and often-times spandex. This type of yarn combination tends to give sleep socks their character, but you should pay attention to the specific composition of the fibers. Depending on whether stretchability, warmth, or comfort is most important to you, the materials comprising the socks might make the difference.


Many brands offer socks in just basic and neutral colors, others offer a wide variety of patterns and bright colors. Not only do some brands offer a wide variety of designs, but some offer different colorized takes on the same design, making for a nice matching set. Depending on the environment or how you plan to use the socks, you will usually have options for something more subdued or something more fun.


Socks, unlike some pieces of your wardrobe, are meant to be worn time and time again. Socks get the brunt of our friction with the earth as we walk, and that is not different with sleep socks. Some brands are proud of how durable their products are and can promise long periods of use. Another determining factor is how well the socks hold up in the wash: some socks will disintegrate over time. In addition to frayed socks, this can cause lint build-up in your machines.


Sleep socks can be ideal for those experiencing pain or wobbly walking due to injury, pregnancy, advanced age, or just plain slipper floors. The anti-skid gripping usually adorns the bottom of the socks, designed to help you maintain balance as you walk through the dark. Not all sleep socks come with this feature. Some socks have grips on both sides of the tubing, which makes putting them on a simpler affair.


Sleep socks typically cost around the same amount as dress or fashion socks, and a little bit more than standard athletic white crew socks. Some come in sets of three or five, so buying a set may be all you need to get to fulfill your sleep wardrobe. When buying in bulk, the dollar or so difference between different brands can really add up. Depending on the durability of the socks, this may be a purchase you make a few times a year, so if the brand is more expensive but more reliably structurally solid, you may pause before opting for the cheaper option.

Buying Tips

Not sure which sleep socks are best for you? Here are some factors to consider before making your purchase:

  • Are these for you or for someone else? Because these socks are made to provide more than just a stylish detail to your wardrobe, it is important to consider who this purchase is being made for. If this is for hospital patients, people in a nursing home, children, or a loved one who lives in a slippery or cold house, bear in mind the added features that these sleep socks offer. The difference between having anti-skid gripping and not can be a huge factor when making this decision.
  • How often will you wear them? While the majority of these socks are designed for everyday use, invariably some will last longer than others. If you plan on wearing these every day, every night, or even all day and all night, they may not last as long as you would hope. Pay attention to the fabric composition, the wash instructions, and the weight of the socks. This will give clues as to how long they should last for you.
  • Do you mind hand washing and line drying? Several leading brands recommend hand washing and line drying these socks. This is because the material doesn’t hold up as well in the wash or the form of the socks will be lost if washed too intensely by a machine. While some customers will happily spend the few minutes to do so after every use, other situations, such as a hospital or elderly care home, may find individual hand washing to be a bother.
  • What’s your style? No matter who you are or where you are wearing your sleep socks, you will personally be seeing them everyday! Some brands offer fun stripes, polka dots, cute patterns, and lots of bright colors, often times in matching sets of color or design. You can also find neutral colors, like black, grey, and white, that may blend into your aesthetic more effortlessly. Whether you want your feet to stand out, or merely be the things you stand on, it is important to find a set of sleep socks that fits your needs.
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Logan is the content director of Sleepopolis, which means he not only reviews new mattresses every week, but also curates all the comparisons, best of pages, and video guides on the site. He takes a straightforward, honest approach to his reviews and endeavors to give viewers an objective look at each new product he tries out. Logan has perfected his method by personally testing over 200 different mattresses, so he’s not only able to discern the overall vibe of a specific bed, but to contextualize its feel within the bed-in-a-box market as a whole. When he’s not hopping on a new bed or working with our editorial team to whip up an engaging sleep education guide, you can find him reading books on world history, walking his dog Pepper, or searching for the best cheeseburger in New York City.

How a Pair of Old Socks Cured My Insomnia

Surely you’ve met people like me, and you may be one yourself—that person who is always cold. I’m the one pleading with the waiter (pre-pandemic) to turn down the AC. And yes, that’s me wearing a wool sweater in the office in the middle of July.

Nighttime can be especially awful. My husband has always been thoroughly supportive of my thermoregulatory needs, whether in restaurants or movie theaters. But once he moved in after we got married, I could no longer in good conscience keep the thermostat at the “near sauna” levels (his description, not mine) I was accustomed to. Fortunately, a few years ago, I made a discovery: socks at bedtime.

I wasn’t accustomed to wearing socks to sleep. Sure, my feet were cold, but so was the rest of me. I’d been piling layers upon layers of blankets on my body, burrowing my bare feet into my sheets, waiting impatiently for comfort and sleep to happen. Sometimes it would take more than an hour before I’d finally pass out.

The circumstances surrounding the aha moment are mundane. One night, after tossing and turning and realizing that my feet were especially cold, I willed myself to leave my bed and rummage through my drawer for a comfortable pair of cotton socks. To my delight, I somehow felt instantly grounded when I put them on and soon fell asleep. I’ve been wearing socks to bed ever since.

It turns out that a few small, not-necessarily-relevant-to-me studies suggest that the improvement was not all in my head. A 2018 Korean study involving six men in their 20s found that they fell asleep, on average, in 7½ minutes when they wore socks, compared with about 15 minutes when they didn’t. The study also suggested that the socks allowed the men to sleep longer and wake up less during the night (though I personally haven’t experienced those benefits). In a 2007 Dutch paper, eight subjects with no sleep issues who were between the ages of 21 to 39 fell asleep, on average, in about 11 minutes, compared with 16 minutes when they wore socks to bed. The improvement was a bit less dramatic in a group of eight older healthy sleepers (ages 56 to 80), likely because age impacts how you sense temperature and temperature shifts.

As Roy Raymann, PhD, lead author of the 2007 paper (and now chief scientific officer at SleepScore, the company that makes our sleep-tracking pick) explained, when the skin is warm, information from temperature sensors ends up in an area of the brain that’s involved in both sleep and temperature regulation. There, he said, warm skin is construed as sleep-permissive and cool skin equals wake-promoting. “That’s why, in part, it’s so easy to fall asleep on the beach on a warm summer day [despite] plenty of sunlight.” In a cool bedroom, warm skin also triggers sleep by encouraging heat to dissipate into the air, resulting in a drop in core temperature that’s important for drifting off.

So what does this have to do with socks? Feet are burgeoning with special vessels (called AVAs—arterio-venous anastomoses) that connect small arteries with small veins. This allows for an impressive amount of blood flow close to the skin, which, in turn, aids in the warming of it. Pulling on socks is more effective than piling on blankets because socks are a layer of insulation that stays in place even as you shift your feet. “They make sure your feet stay warm, and there’s a constant signal going to the brain that it is safe to sleep,” said Raymann. (Incidentally, mittens on hands work the same way, though it’s easier to tuck your hands beneath your pillow or body. )

The idea of dedicated bed socks is not new. The White Company has sold its cashmere bed socks since 1996, and they’ve been a best seller year-round ever since (despite their $50 price tag). I’ve never tried them, so I’m not in a position to recommend them, though I imagine they are more luxurious than the cotton socks I wear. Mine are simply old socks, and that makes them good bed socks. As long as socks are made mostly with breathable material, such as cotton or wool, imperfect elasticity makes them more comfortable around the ankles, and years in the wash have greatly softened them. Before the pandemic, I’d save precious seconds in the morning by wearing my long-discontinued Adidas socks to bed at night—so I could just throw on workout clothes and sneakers and head to the gym upon waking.

Now, in the thick of a pandemic winter and with no desire to go anywhere, much less the gym, I’m partial to my boot socks. They’re just loose and warm enough, without being suffocating. Admittedly, I wouldn’t have chosen this look back when my husband and I were first dating. But we’ve been married for 11 years, so it’s fine. He’s just happy he’s no longer throwing aside excess piles of blankets. Though I suspect he misses seeing those socks worn as they were meant to be—out to a too-cold restaurant where we’d spend way too much time deciding which table was farthest from the vents.

It’s Sleep Week at Wirecutter! Read more about the best Sleep Week deals on our expert-recommended mattresses, bedding, and more for your bedroom.

Sleeping With Socks On: Can Warm Feet Help You Fall Asleep?

We’ve all been there: it’s the middle of winter, the bedroom is freezing, and your feet feel like ice. Maybe you throw on a pair of socks simply because it’s so cold, but the rest of the year you dislike the thought of sleeping with socks on.

Would you change your mind if sleeping with socks on regularly could help you regulate your body temperature, fall asleep faster, and even have a more fulfilling sex life?  Learn about the surprising, research-backed benefits of sleeping with socks on.

Can Sleeping With Socks on Help Me Fall Asleep Faster?

The human body experiences heating and cooling rhythms throughout the day according to each individual’s own circadian rhythm. During waking hours, human body temperature  sits at about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and can vary up to half a degree during the day. Lower body temperatures usually precede sleepiness, and evidence suggests that utilizing socks or other foot warming methods may lower your core body temperature and help you fall asleep faster.

What Temperature Will Help Me Sleep?

Research suggests that optimal room temperatures for sleeping range from 65 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. While studies show this range is most effective at getting you to sleep, some people prefer their bedroom cooler or warmer.

Gender differences also impact the optimal temperature for sleep. Women have a lower resting metabolic rate than men, which impacts their sensitivity towards chillier sleep environments.

Men, on the other hand, are more likely to be resistant to warmer bedroom temperatures. If you sleep with a partner, try to find a temperature that is comfortable for both of you.

Why Wear Socks To Bed?

Setting the bedroom thermostat to a perfect temperature is only part of the equation for getting the best sleep possible. As our body increases melatonin production near the end of the day to prepare us for sleep, our core body temperature starts to drop. Wearing socks can help a process called distal vasodilation, which refers to an increase of blood to your hands and feet that reduces your core body temperature quicker.

Increasing blood flow by warming the feet, either through wearing socks to bed or other means, can help you fall asleep quicker. In one research study, participants who used socks or other foot warming methods not only fell asleep quicker but they reported staying asleep longer and experiencing an overall better quality of sleep.

Can Socks Help Sleep Disorders?

While wearing socks to bed might not help every sleep-wake disorder, evidence suggests that warming the feet before bed can reduce symptoms of insomnia.

One research study demonstrated that warming feet for 20 minutes before bed reduces insomnia symptoms as well as fatigue. In a separate study, people suffering from insomnia experienced better sleep after warming their hands and feet.

However, research also suggests that elderly patients with insomnia do not experience any changes in their symptoms when increasing foot warming techniques. Age may play an important role in the efficacy of feet warming’s effect on sleep.

Other Advantages of Socks in Bed

In addition to falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer, you may enjoy more advantages when wearing socks to bed.

Prevention of Menopausal Hot Flashes

Menopausal hot flashes are due to an increase in core body temperature, which can happen during waking or sleeping. While there are other factors affecting hot flashes, such as hormone levels, we know that wearing socks to bed helps the body decrease core body temperature and therefore may help you avoid those midnight hot flashes.

Increased Likeliness of Orgasm

Believe it or not, in addition to improving sleep, wearing socks to bed could boost your sex life as well. One research study found that 80% of couples who wore socks achieved orgasm from sex, compared to the 50% previously studied without socks. While more research needs to be done, it’s clear that increasing blood flow and skin temperature helps people achieve orgasm.

Reduced Symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndrome

Raynaud’s syndrome involves a tight restriction of small arteries  in the hands and feet, often due to exposure to cold. Wearing socks to bed can help stave off the cold, especially during winter, and might help prevent you from experiencing Raynaud’s syndrome symptoms.

Prevention of Cracked Feet

There’s no better time to pamper yourself than while you sleep! Apply a healing balm or lotion to your feet before bed, then cover with socks to help your feet stay moisturized. Make sure that you use a clean pair of socks each night and occasionally take breaks to prevent bacteria growth.

Who Shouldn’t Sleep With Socks On?

Sleeping with socks on may not be for you if you have circulatory issues, swelling of the feet, or other issues that could potentially increase the likelihood of socks restricting blood flow to your legs and feet. As always, make sure to talk to your doctor about if sleeping with socks on is right for you.

Can Children or Infants Sleep With Socks On?

Research on sleeping with socks on is limited to adults. Therefore, it is difficult to make an evidenced-based decision about if kids and babies should sleep with socks on. Too tight of socks might contribute to a restriction in circulation, which could be dangerous. Talk to your doctor to determine if sleeping with socks on is best for your baby or child.

What Kind of Socks Are Best?

If you think sleeping with socks on might be for you, there are a few different types of socks you can try. Look for socks that are loose enough to allow proper blood circulation, and avoid compression socks. Also, opt for socks that do not retain moisture, which could encourage bacterial growth. For example, socks made of natural materials are often better than those made of synthetic materials, like polyester. Make sure you change your socks every night and wash your feet regularly.

Here are some of the best nighttime sock options to try:

  • Cashmere or Merino Wool Socks allow for an adequate build up and expulsion of body heat due to the small size of their fibers. These socks are usually very soft and comfortable. However, they are often more expensive than other types of socks. Wool socks and sleepwear have been demonstrated to reduce sleep onset time and wakefulness during the night.
  • Cotton Socks also allow for adequate heat build up and subsequent expulsion without trapping moisture and allowing bacteria to grow. Try finding cotton socks that are on the big side to ensure a loose and comfortable fit.
  • Bed Socks are made specifically for sleeping in. They are loose, thick, and also prevent moisture and bacteria from growing. You can find them easily online.

What if I Hate Socks?

You can still achieve the sleep benefits of sleeping with socks on even if you hate the feeling of socks during the night. Here are some ideas:

  • Take a foot bath or warm shower before bed
  • Wear warm slippers before bed
  • Add an extra fuzzy blanket on the end of your bed while you sleep
  • Give yourself a warming foot massage (or enlist the help of a partner)
  • Place a heating pad on low at the foot of your bed before you go to sleep (in accordance with all safety precautions outlined by the manufacturer)

How Does Wearing Socks To Bed Impact Sleep Hygiene?

Wearing socks to bed may help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, so it could become an important part of your sleep hygiene routine.

Sleep hygiene refers to the habits, behaviors, and environmental factors present during our bedtime routine. Someone looking to improve their sleep hygiene habits might try freshening up their bedroom, incorporating relaxation techniques before bed, or adjusting their exercise routines. There are many ways to build good sleep hygiene. If sleeping with socks on helps you fall asleep quicker, then consider making it a part of your sleep hygiene.

Whether you chose to sleep with socks on or take a bath before bed, adding a habit that includes warming your feet to your nightly routine will likely help you fall asleep faster.  If nothing else, incorporating a warming foot massage or nice bath before bed can help you shift gears from your busy day, so you’re more relaxed and ready for slumber.

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5 Best Socks For Sleeping

Even if you’re someone who prefers your feet to hang free while sleeping, hear me out: Socks can actually help you sleep better. According to the National Sleep Foundation, warming up your feet and hands can initiate a process called vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels) which can help prepare your brain for sleep. The best socks for sleeping regulate your body temperature, keep your feet warm, and don’t itch or bunch throughout the night. Given how many pairs fit this bill, what should you look for in a warm sleeping sock?

The key to good sleeping socks is in the fabric. Any socks that are too tight or compress your feet can have the opposite effect and make you uncomfortable enough to pull them off in the middle of the night. When looking for socks you can sleep in, be on the lookout for fabrics that have a bit of Spandex or elastane woven in so they don’t cling.

And, of course, only the softest socks will do when you’re drifting to dreamland. Luxe fabrics like Merino wool and microfiber are soft and comfy, yet they aren’t so thick and breathable enough that they’ll make your feet sweat. You could even splurge on a pair of cashmere socks that are so ridiculously soft that you’ll want to keep them on in the morning.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best socks for sleeping out there to make sure you snag the perfect pair.


Cashmere Sleeping Socks: Mongolia Pure Cashmere Socks

These cashmere socks are made from some of the softest cashmere imported from the Mongolian grasslands, and they also feature a seamless toe so you won’t feel any rubbing or pinching while you snooze. Comprised of 3% elastane, these socks have a bit of stretch around the hem at the mid-calf so you wont get those weird indentations on your skin after wearing these for awhile.

What fans say: “These socks are definitely woven of cashmere or of very high cashmere content wool. These socks are silky soft, have flat, well sewn toe seams and reinforced heels. They hug my feet with their perfect cashmere softness and warmth.”


Thicker Merino Wool Socks For Sleeping: Smartwool Cable II Socks

Not only are these Merino wool socks super soft, but they can keep your feet from overheating at night. Merino wool is super lightweight and naturally moisture-wicking, so your feet won’t get too hot or sweat when you’re wearing them. They also feature a good amount of both elastane, giving these socks a four-way stretch that gently conforms to your feet without hugging them too tightly.

What fans say: “Who gets excited about new socks? Me. These socks are the best value ever. They are comfortable and very cozy. The sizing on these socks is very good. I wear a size nine woman’s shoe and the medium sock is perfect. I was worried they would be itchy, but not at all. I don’t know what they do to make these socks so perfect for winter wear, but that’s what they are.”


Fuzzy Chenille Sleeping Socks: UGG Women’s Cozy Chenille Socks

These fuzzy chenille socks are made from the softest poly-spandex blend that warmly wraps your feet while still offering some stretch so they never feel too tight. And the best part? Even though they’re made of luxe fabric, they’re totally machine-washable, and they come out of the dryer just as soft as when you dropped them in. Reviewers swear by these socks for those colder, winter nights.

What fans say: “Terrific socks. Pricey but worth it. Great socks to sleep in!”


Lavender-Infused Socks For Sleeping: Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Soothing Spa Socks

If you want to give your feet a little TLC while you sleep, these spa socks are an absolute must. For one, they’re amazingly soft, but they also feature small silicone treads on the bottom soles to keep you from slipping. But the true highlight of these socks is what’s on the inside. The fabric is infused with vitamin E and lavender so your feet are literally getting a spa treatment while you get your rest. Reviewers who tend to get up in the middle of the night love these gripped socks especially.

What fans say: “Love these and love the green color. I sleep in them and they feel wonderful. Have bought many pairs of these am a happy customer.”


Microfiber Socks With Cute Patterns: DYW Women’s Soft Cute Microfiber Socks

These microfiber socks are ridiculously comfortable and tons of fun. They’re extremely plush, yet the microfiber is woven loosely enough to allow for air to get in and out so you don’t overheat. They’re also naturally sweat-wicking to keep your feet dry, and they feature a loose band at the top to keep these socks up without compressing your leg.

What fans say: “Nice super soft socks, great for winter nights.”

Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle’s editorial and sales departments.

Men’s socks wholesale at retail from Ivanovo, Fashionable style

Men’s socks

Socks are a necessary and important element of men’s wardrobe. They can be worn both in winter and summer. Wear for a walk or work, the gym or a party. At any time of the year you will feel as comfortable as possible in them: the only question is in the material from which they are made.

The Modny Style company presents a wide range of models. Here you can find both warm terry socks for the cold winter season, and short summer models, cotton and linen.

Attention to detail!

We strive to create truly comfortable models for every day. That is why the basis of our products is cotton and other natural materials such as camel wool, angora and linen. Many products such as “Zarya”, “Noginka”, “Belorus” are made without the addition of synthetics, they are completely cotton.However, some products contain elements of synthetic fibers. For example, socks “Angora”, in addition to camel wool and angora, contain polyamide and lycra. Thus, the fabric acquires its distinctive properties and becomes stronger and more elastic. In addition, it dries quickly and does not shrink. In our catalog you will find products in any color and texture. So you will definitely not have a problem with choosing your favorite socks. Thanks to the modern equipment of our factories, we can safely say that the quality of our products is able to satisfy the most demanding customers. Our regular guests can confirm this. The prices will pleasantly surprise you. Due to the absence of price markups, we can offer goods at the most democratic prices. The thing is that we have wholesale prices for absolutely the entire range. The Fashion Style sewing factory is always ready for cooperation. We can become a reliable supplier for your business, we work with both individual entrepreneurs and organizations. For large volumes of purchases, a discount is provided. The goods can also be purchased at retail, but at a wholesale price.

Socks for real men

Many ladies prefer to give socks to men for the holidays. And this is the right choice! After all, you simply cannot find a more practical and necessary gift! A strong half of humanity can be convinced of this personally. In our stores you will find the most unusual, comfortable and high quality socks for any occasion. If you have any difficulties with the choice or doubts about the material, our consultants will be happy to resolve these doubts and answer any questions.

Come to our stores and charge yourself with positive!

90,000 Bed linen (CPB) made of coarse calico (Ivanovo) without a seam with a density of 120 g / m2.

Coarse calico is a cotton fabric, the production of which is based on a special technique of weaving of natural thick cotton threads with a high frequency. Considering the environmental friendliness of the material, its softness and strength, coarse calico bedding sets are very popular.

In the composition of the CPB made of Ivanovo coarse calico there are no harmful substances, it does not cause allergic reactions, and therefore it is recommended for daily use by both adults and children.

We present to the attention of wholesalers a large assortment of coarse calico bedding sets (Ivanovo) in several sizes:

  • double,
  • double with euro sheet,
  • family.

For their sewing, a fabric with a density of 120 g / m2 is used, and thanks to a special technology of a closed seam, it is possible to obtain durable, practical and durable products.

All kits are neatly folded and nicely packaged.They are also well suited as a not only useful, but also an exquisite gift.

Bed linen from coarse calico in Ivanovo from the Stasia company is excellent quality, unusual design and reasonable price.

Why is coarse calico so good?

Coarse calico is a cotton fabric, the production of which is based on a special technique of weaving of natural thick cotton threads with a high frequency.

Considering the environmental friendliness of the material, its softness and strength, coarse calico bedding sets are very popular.
In the composition of the CPB from Ivanovo coarse calico there are no harmful substances, it does not cause allergic reactions, and therefore it is recommended for daily use both in adults and in children.

Despite frequent washing and ironing, if necessary, the sets retain their attractive appearance, do not shrink and do not lose color brightness. The drawings on them, even after a while, remain the same rich and beautiful.

In addition, coarse calico bed linen belongs to the category of inexpensive and most affordable home textiles.

Variety of shades in bed linen from the Stasia company

Perhaps, no other fabrics have such a variety of colors as in coarse calico. Our assortment includes both classic white shades with a scattering of small colors, and muted brown or beige tones. For lovers of something extravagant, there is a large selection of bed linen in rich green, purple, red and orange colors.

Traditional motives or classical ornaments, images of wild animals or plants, abstraction or familiar geometry – all this is embodied in our sets, which will not only become a worthy decoration for any bedroom, but also give a comfortable sleep to its owners.

Bed linen: main types, sizes, properties of fabrics. How to make the right choice?

High-quality bedding is a guarantee of restful sleep

Regardless of whether you choose linen for a child or an adult, it should promote healthy sleep. Because how comfortable it will be rest at night, so the day will be more productive.

Scientists have found that a person is one third of his entire life In the bed. And if the material from which the linen is made is cheap, with harmful dyes, from a large percentage of synthetic fiber, it can harm health, especially the skin.Therefore, it is important that the composition includes natural fabrics that prevent the human body from perspiring.

If you do not regret the money for the purchase, the kit will serve long time. To do this, you need to pay attention to its quality. Usually, the purchased product should not fade, stretch, lose color, roll, diverge at the seam, cause allergies.

Another important plus is durability, ability keep its original appearance even after many washes.For right choice, it is advisable to study the issue in detail so as not to make a mistake when buying.

Criteria for choosing a bed set

It is necessary to understand and be able to understand the product. There is the main points to consider when choosing:

  • When opening the package, there should be no unpleasant smell. Of course, there will be a scent of novelty, but it is soft. In the presence of a stranger smell it is better not to purchase this product.Or find out its reasons.
  • Not always bright color of the front side indicates quality. If the drawing is pale on the inside, then means that the kit is subject to strong fading and loss of brightness after first wash.
  • Outer carton. As a rule, leading firms do not spare money for packaging material. Also, the laundry label should contain written data on the composition of the material, the number of objects, their sizes, recommendations for washing, ironing.As well as information for feedback. Often there is a second side or small print on paper, be sure to read all. Sometimes it is with the help of such maneuvers that firms try to give out cheap fabric. more expensive. The main types of bedding set

Types of linen are proportional to its price. By this criterion the following types are distinguished:
  • Economy;
  • Luxury;
  • Children.

Currently, for sewing an economy version they use the following natural fabrics: cotton, calico, satin, poplin.They are safe for person can last a long time. But they have one drawback – the paint comes off after washings.

Not everyone can afford to buy luxury bedding. Focusing on the consumer, firms produce kits budget option. Despite the reasonable price, the quality remains good and large selection of designs. This type of linen has its own advantages:

  • Tailoring is carried out in accordance with the rules of GOST;
  • Available at regular stores;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Variety of color palette, design.


  • Washing should be carried out with certain parameters;
  • Defects are not uncommon;
  • The product fades after a certain amount time.

To create truly luxurious bedding that meets all five-star standards, manufacturers use the highest grade fabrics: jacquard, natural silk, satin. The design is being developed by well-known designers, real masters in their field.They are capable of ordinary fabric create a masterpiece.

Elite underwear differs from economy not only in price, but fabrics that are included, and thoughtful design. Lots of of popular world brands have special laboratories that deal with the development of the composition of bed linen. Here new species are tested and created fibers, as well as dyes, which must be safe for humans and resistant to washing.

  • The main advantages of an elite class bedding set:
  • Can be used as a gift, because that such linen has thoughtful packaging;
  • It is possible to order the laundry according to your own design;
  • Durability through the use of quality fabrics;
  • Non-allergenic material, allows the body to maintain a comfortable temperature;
  • Special signs to distinguish a counterfeit from the original.

Despite the presence of obvious advantages, like any product, there are a number of disadvantages:

  • specialized stores or through the company’s website;
  • High price.

very high demands are made on him. Such a product must have high-quality dyes and fabrics, which must be natural, do not cause allergy, have breathability and do not lose their brightness from washing.In order to choose a bedding set for a child, regardless of his age, it is necessary that he has the following criteria:

  • The presence of antibacterial impregnation, which present only for some manufacturers;
  • The number of items may vary, the consumer chooses the appropriate option;
  • Design must attract the child’s attention;
  • Machine washable;
  • Only natural products should be used. high quality fabrics and safe dyes.

Of course, the baby kit also has its drawbacks:

  • Due to the brightness of the colors that should attract children, linen will sooner or later begin to lose color;
  • The price is too high compared to regular linen, especially if it is a foreign company.

Dimensions of the bedding set

This criterion depends on the amount of bedding accessories:

  • Single underwear not common among consumers.For this reason, their choice is not so great;
  • One-and-a-half products have a duvet cover, sheet and one or two pillowcases. Used for single or one-and-a-half-sleeping bed;
  • Double – one duvet cover, sheet and two or four pillowcases. Buy for an oversized bed;
  • Family – more often bought by couples who love sleeping under separate blankets or if a child sleeps with them. The composition of the products Includes: two duvet covers, one sheet and two or four pillowcases; 90,044 90,043 Euro – on the market not so long ago, but already has popularity among buyers.There is one duvet cover and one euro sheet size, two to four pillowcases. Many people buy huge furniture today. for sleep, it is for them that euro products are created;
  • Baby – they include a duvet cover, sheet and pillowcases. Each firm sews according to its own parameters. For convenience, when use elastic bands to create sheets;
  • For babies and babies, number of items and their types are the same as for children. But sometimes they are complemented by a blanket, pillows, bumpers.

Standard bed parameters for a child in centimeters: pillowcase – 45 * 45 and 35 * 45; duvet cover – 110 * 140, 100 * 150; sheet – 110 * 150, 120 * 180 and 120 * 60, if on an elastic band.

The American parameter line is as follows:

Mattress, cm

Sheet, cm

Fitted sheet, cm

Duvet cover, cm

Pillowcase, cm

Single, twin

99 * 191

168 * 244

90 220 99 * 197

170 * 220

51 * 76

Double, full

137 * 197

206 * 244

137 * 191

193 * 220

90 220 57 * 76


152 * 203

90 220 231 * 259

198 * 203

220 * 230

57 * 86


198 * 203

274 ​​* 259

152 * 203

264 * 234

51 * 102

Baby bed

90 220 71 * 132

107 * 183

90 220 71 * 132

101 * 121

40 * 60

If the bedding is made in the USA, then you need take into account that in America sometimes, instead of the usual duvet cover, use a simple sheet.She clings to the bedspread due to the presence buttons or zippers.

If the bedding set is produced by a foreign factory, then the description will be as follows:

  • Double, full – numeric values ​​are five higher cm, rather than double;
  • Extra long single – standard lorry, however, the values ​​are slightly higher;
  • Single, twin – for single sizes;
  • King size – the product is applied subject to availability large beds;
  • Family – family kit;
  • Queen – this species is related to the class suite;
  • Children or Baby bed – intended for children.

As a rule, there is a standard size ruler, on which manufacturers are trying to navigate. Discrepancies may amount to only a few centimeters. Typical parameters are as follows:


Duvet cover, cm

Sheet, cm

Pillowcase, cm

One and a half

150 * 210; 150 * 215; 150 * 220; 215 * 248

160 * 210; 150 * 215; 180 * 260; 215 * 148

70 * 70; 60 * 60; 50 * 70


180 * 210; 180 * 215; 200 * 220

175 * 210; 175 * 215; 210 * 230; 220 * 215; 240 * 260; 220 * 220

70 * 70; 60 * 60; 50 * 70


205 * 225; 225 * 245; 200 * 220

240 * 280; 240 * 220

70 * 70; 50 * 70


150 * 210 – 2 pcs.; 215 * 148 – 2 pcs.

240 * 280; 240 * 220

70 * 70; 50 * 70

European Parameter Table:

Mattress, cm

Sheet, cm

Fitted sheet, cm

Duvet cover, cm

Pillowcase, cm

Single, twin

90 * 190

183 * 274

90 * 190

145 * 200

51 * 76

65 * 65

Double, full

140 * 190

229 * 274

140 * 190

200 * 220

51 * 76

65 * 65


150 * 200

274 * 297

150 * 200

230 * 220

51 * 76


180 * 200

305 * 320

180 * 200

260 * 220

65 * 65

Baby bed

56 * 118

120 * 170

60 * 120

100 * 120

40 * 60

For the convenience of consumers, some companies that manufacture items according to European parameters, create linen sets consisting only of multiple items: duvet cover and pillowcases; sheet.Therefore, carefully check the items in the kit.

Tissue and the effect of its properties

The material from which the kit is created affects healthy spending time in bed at night. That is why the buyer it is advisable to know the properties of fabrics in order to determine by sight and touch quality.

The header or bark is made entirely of cotton fiber, pretty tough stuff. This linen does not need to be ironed, as its surface is corrugated.Used for economy linen, because quickly loses its color and properties.

For bedding sets of the economy class are often used polyester. This material is attractive at first glance, but the most important the disadvantage is that it does not breathe well, so in hot weather a person can sweat.

Atlas looks like silk, therefore it is recommended apply in warm weather. Flannel is a warm, soft material. In his the composition includes cotton, wool and a small percentage of synthetic fibers.

A set made of natural silk is suitable for hot climates. But it is not recommended to use it in the cold season, especially when still did not turn on the heating. It is imperative that such a sheet was with an elastic band, so as the material is smooth and can slide on the mattress. Cotton material is soft on touch. It is in demand among people prone to allergic reactions.

Cotton has one big drawback – it wrinkles easily and hard to iron. Cotton bedding may vary in availability the composition of another fiber, by the type of weaving.When purchasing a quality kit, be careful and study all the information on the label. Especially take into account the point about density. Two hundred stitches per inch is the smallest density that is acceptable. The more of them, the more reliable the underwear. Satin has three hundred stitches, and satin five hundred.

Considering the above, the superiority is obvious bed linen made of non-artificial fabrics, especially cotton, because:

  • Antiallergenic material, suitable for sensitive skin;
  • Cotton is the guarantee of a pleasant sleep, in the process which the human skin breathes, does not sweat, because the linen is able to absorb moisture;
  • Durability – withstands washing at different modes and ironing at high degrees.

How to choose underwear from expensive materials

If you need to buy a gift or purchase a set for yourself, then it is worth considering some recommendations. Because the kits cost expensive and do not want to waste money.

Soft, breathable, does not accumulate dust, lightweight is all about cashmere bedding. It is also said that after spending time on such underwear, you can calm down.

Not less common among luxury lingerie – Egyptian cotton.It has excellent strength and is incredibly delicate. Because the whole the process of its creation is done manually. The world’s best hotels provide their customers with Egyptian cotton sets.

Popular cambric lingerie. Component elements only natural fibers: cotton, linen, silk. This material is lightweight, practically transparent, breathable and skin-friendly. The best firms in the production of such linen are located in Switzerland.

Seven standard items for buying bed linen

Perhaps every buyer first of all looks at the color scheme of the product, its cost, then the size of the set, only then its quality.So that you do not regret the money spent and purchase really comfortable underwear that will be easy to use, check out some selection criteria:

  • Size is the most important parameter of the laundry, because its color, applied pattern, type of fabric, if the kit will be too small or too large. It will be uncomfortable even just lying, let alone sleeping. Therefore, before going beyond purchase, measure furniture, blankets, pillows, then you will not be mistaken with the choice.
  • It is important for each customer to purchase a set, which will have durability, wear resistance. And these parameters are affected density of the material, which depends on the number of threads per square centimeter. Usually this characteristic varies from twenty to two hundred eighty strands per square centimeter. If the number of fibers is a large number, then the product is of high strength. If the company is not afraid be responsible for her products, then she will definitely indicate the density of the fabric on label.
  • Characteristics of the seams. Each piece is included made of solid material, that is, the canvas is taken, from it cut off the required size of the pillowcase, sheet, duvet cover, then sew product. Because if in the center of the bed or even on the side there is a joint of two pieces of fabric, it will interfere with sleep, moreover, it does not look aesthetically pleasing. Also when buying, you should pay attention to the seams on the inside of the linen. If the product is of high quality, then there will be a special overlay of a linen stitch, thanks to him, the linen retains its integrity after long-term use.Especially it is important that there are no loose threads, this may indicate a high-quality tailoring of the product.
  • Label, tag, decal must be performed in same style with packaging. And also contain all information about the product, and most importantly, data for feedback. Because some firms that produce low-quality goods, do not specifically indicate their data, so as not accept claims about the underwear from the consumer. The label should contain the following data like: name and address of the company; number and name of items, included in the kit; the composition of the fabric from which the linen is sewn; recommendations for care: washing, ironing, drying; phone or mailbox for complaints, suggestions.
  • Packaging. A good firm never becomes save on packaging material, so pay attention to packaging made of hard cardboard boxes. The bedding set in such a lining is protected from damage during transportation. Even if the box is dirty or wet, it the content will remain intact. It is worth noting that the more branded packing material, the better the product.
  • If in the manufacture of the kit is used high quality fabrics and dyes, when unpacking, there will only be a smell novelty, bad if it smells like chemistry, moisture or mold.If it is present, it means that the linen was not produced according to GOST standards or was stored incorrectly. Its use can be harmful to human health.
  • Some manufacturers write data on the packaging about the dyes used in a numerical equivalent, which is usually at least 4. But, if this number is missing, you can check it yourself. Take product, use strong hand pressure to spend the front surface. After this action, the paint should not remain in the palm of your hand, otherwise it speaks of the poor quality of the color.It is important that the two sides of the bedding were the same color and brightness. If the seamy surface is pale and the front – bright, then when leaving, this kit will certainly be subject to molting, will lose the brightness of the shades. As a rule, manufacturers use dyes pastel, light colors. Because these are comfortable shades for perception, help to calm down, and are less prone to fading and shedding. If you have purchased a bedding set with a bright pattern, then it is worth observing the necessary recommendations for washing and ironing, then the product will be able to maintain its original kind for a long time.

How to check the quality of baby’s underwear

Every parent prefers to give their child the best. Therefore, it is desirable that the child is surrounded by things made of natural materials. Not only restful sleep, but also the health of a newborn and an older child depends on the quality of the bed linen. Therefore, these kits high demands are made.

To get a really good bedding set, some nuances should be taken into account:

  • Brand – this is important when choosing a baby product criterion.Popular manufacturers produce good products because they value their reputation, they do not need negative consumer reviews. And firms that on the market for a small amount of time, without remorse they will use synthetic elements, harmful dyes.
  • Don’t think that your child has to buy products with bright prints in all colors of the rainbow. Usually just such textiles is substandard, use strong dyes. They are the ones cause of allergies in a child.Best underwear in bedding shades with dull patterns. Kits of the same color are popular with an inconspicuous print.
  • Choose products made from natural materials: satin, calico, cambric, chintz, flannel. Chintz is suitable in the hot season, breathable, but not as durable as calico. Calico has a more acceptable the price. Of course, not every person can afford satin, but its quality and price correspond. And if you prefer to wash it by hand, then the cambric set just for this.If the baby loves a warm bed and it is cool in the house, then put flannel underwear on him.

The number of items, their finishing and packaging differ in depending on the brand of the company. But there is a certain standard that try to adhere to the majority:

  • Almost every mother buys her child bumpers in the crib, they protect the baby from hitting hard pieces of furniture. Therefore, it is best that they are made of non-artificial fabrics, soft on touch.
  • Children’s sheet must have an elastic band, because that children are fidgets, even in a dream.
  • The duvet cover must be equipped with a special zipper, buttons or buttons that are located on the side, bottom or in the middle. If the blanket was made to order, then the usual set will not work. Therefore, it is best to also make a duvet cover to order.
  • Currently, all doctors insist that that a child in the first year of life should sleep without a pillow. But despite this recommendation, many firms add pillowcases to the kit.Because they can come in handy in the future, and the pillow remains at the discretion of the parents.
  • Best suited for making a purchase specialized children’s stores. These should be firms with experience in market, have positive customer reviews. If you choose unknown store, you endanger the child in the first place.
  • It is not worth buying sets, items of which have button fasteners. They can be dangerous for babies because, if they come off, they can get into the child’s nose, ear, mouth.
  • Be sure to measure all dimensions before purchasing bed and its accessories, then you can easily find the necessary linens.

Standard items included in the set buy all parents. However, pay attention to the mattress topper. It is made to protect the crib mattress from moisture and stains. Because it’s easier to take it off and clean than the entire mattress. The product has special mounts.

But an important detail is the sheets that do not allow moisture to pass through.Previously, our mothers used oilcloths, but they are cold, often the baby’s skin was covered with a rash. But modern sheets allow the baby’s skin breathe. These are usually disposable diapers, you can buy in pharmacies or reusable, which are sold in children’s departments. For a nice looking crib and protect the child from light and dust, you can buy a canopy. The main thing is that he has reliable fastening.

After you have bought a quality kit, you need to it is imperative to wash it and steam it at a high temperature.Despite a quality purchase, the material may contain on the surface industrial dust particles.

The method of weaving fabric and its effect on quality

After you understand the types of fabrics and learn how to to determine their quality, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the weaving options. It also influences the basic characteristics of bed linen.

The criterion of weaving depends on its process and density fiber plexus.If the numerical value of the density is high, then this means that the fabric is wear-resistant. The international density parameter is a number that shows the number of thread lines located vertically and horizontally along relative to one inch of fabric. Let us dwell in detail on the density of the main types of fabrics and understand how to make a purchase correctly.

Cotton thread fabric with synthetic elements that have increased smoothness are jacquard. Due to the complex the process of weaving threads forms a three-dimensional pattern on the surface of the fabric.Similar to view with tapestry.

Percale is a natural cotton material that has increased strength from untwisted fiber. Percale has the following parameters:

  • Tactilely pleasant fabric;
  • Thin material;
  • Reminiscent of cambric;
  • Great strength;
  • High density.

Bed linen material is widespread – coarse calico. Manufacturers use 100% cotton thick fiber material, weaving of a kind of linen.Basic parameters of coarse calico:

  • Excellent strength;
  • Coarser than chintz.

When buying satin linen, you should carefully read information on the packaging. Satin can be made as one hundred percent cotton, and with the addition of synthetic elements. Thread used twisted and twisted in a double way. This is a high quality bedding cotton linen. Such a product leaves pleasant Feel.Satin:

  • Looks rich thanks to the gloss effect;
  • Practically does not wrinkle during sleep;
  • Does not accumulate dust;
  • Antiallergenic;
  • Delicate, lightweight;
  • Breathable;
  • Absorbs excess perspiration.

Chintz fabric is made from 100% cotton fiber. The threads are intertwined in a plain look. Main characteristics of the material:

  • Short service life;
  • Low density;
  • Low cost;
  • Low strength;
  • Delicate and light, therefore often used for making underwear for babies.

Poplin – this material is made from cotton fiber with a transverse weft that forms a rib. Fabric properties:

  • In terms of wear resistance comes after coarse calico;
  • Smooth surface;
  • Excellent strength and durability;
  • In terms of characteristics, it resembles coarse calico, but more gentle, soft to the body and less service life;
  • Cost slightly above average.

The main finishing details in bed linen

For a comfortable sleep, it is best to take care of not only about the material of bed linen, but also its details.

Duvet cover for ease of use should have special fasteners. For example, buttons, zippers, buttons. True with the latter will have a little worse, because the buttons often come off and you need them sew. If you still want to buy a duvet cover or pillowcase with buttons, then make sure of their quality. So that during washing they do not break and burst, this happens if they use cheap plastic.

But with lightning everything much easier and faster.The main thing is that the locks are strong and comfortable, then such bed linen gains another advantage. The buttons have one an important plus is functionality. They can be used to quickly fill a blanket or pillows, and it is also easy to remove.

Zippers, buttons, buttons tend to break, fall off, burst. Therefore, there is nothing more reliable than a bookmark. If the overlay fabric is thought out correctly, then this method is reliable for fixing bed accessories.

If you buy a sheet, it is best to have it on elastic band. Since the usual one can slide over the night period and be somewhere in corner of the bed. This is especially true for materials with a smooth surface, such like satin, silk, poplin.

So, it is worth combining all of the above into short recommendations for the purchase of bed linen. Follow four rules:

  1. For a child, you need to choose products only from natural fabrics and anti-allergenic, because the skin of babies is very sensitive.And do not pay attention to prints that are too bright, because that they quickly lose color. Buy quality lingerie from trusted companies.
  2. Ideal for a romantic evening silk underwear. In summer, it is best to use a bedding set made of natural silk, it is comfortable to sleep on it if the air temperature is high. It is imperative to have an elastic band on the sheet, otherwise you may wake up without it, as the material is slippery.
  3. For a gift, especially for an anniversary or wedding, it is better to choose a suite of luxury class and it is desirable that it be well-known brand. But do not forget to find out the size of the furniture from the person to whom you are purchasing present.
  4. Russian manufacturers produce high-quality cotton and linen products and at the same time the cost is quite budget. Such kits have excellent properties and are suitable for use in cold weather. the time of year when you just want to wrap yourself up in something warm.

fabric for sewing clothes, bed linen

Manufacturing history.
Features of production.
What types of poplin are used for sewing?
Features of the texture.
Description, characteristics, properties.
What do I sew from poplin?
Fashionable prints 2020 for poplin.
Shirt fabric.
Sewing and care.
How to choose a fabric?
The main benefits of poplin.

Poplin is historically a woven fabric with transverse thin ribs.A tightly woven weave consists of a thin warp and coarser weft threads.

In other countries, a second name is used – “tablet”. Durable fabric with an average specific weight of about 100 g / m² is used for sewing clothes, home textiles, upholstery, depending on the composition of the raw materials.

Manufacturing history

The term “poplin” comes from the French word “papelain” from the word “papelino”. In the 15th century, this was the name for a plain fabric, which was first woven at the papal residence of Avignon, France.

The confusion about the term arises from the fact that the meaning of the word has changed over time. In the past, the word was used to describe a specific feed composition. The modern name focuses on a unique weave.

Initially, a thin silk warp and thick woolen weft were used for production. The most common areas of application were garments and upholstery.

Production features

Currently, most poplin fabrics are woven from natural cotton, but the assortment also includes viscose, synthetic yarns, wool or mixed fabrics.

A stiff structure but smooth to the touch is produced using high to medium density rib weave. When manufacturing, a thicker weft is taken in relation to the warp in order to obtain a thin diagonal ribbed pattern. Initially, poplin was made from silk with cotton or wool.

Modern weaving production works with mercerized cotton thread. Combined warp and weft or uniform yarns from other raw materials are widely used.The fabrics have a slight sheen due to their high density, are durable and durable. Practicality is ensured by ease of maintenance and crease resistance.

Cotton poplin can be bleached, dyed, or screen printed to print. A wide range of decors are used for a wide variety of garments.

Nowadays, poplin is often called bed linen, woven from thin threads of equal thickness.This canvas is not a classic poplin, but rather a fabric for bedding. But such fabrics are now quite common. In comparison with calico, they are thinner and softer, with satin – matte, without shine.

What types of poplin are used for sewing?

The combination of composition or homogeneous raw materials allows you to expand the catalogs of materials with the same type of weave – poplin:

Silk and wool poplin is preferred in countries with cool climates.Cotton poplins are more often chosen in warm and hot regions. The smooth surface material is an excellent choice for daily wear and special occasions. Poplin dresses, shirts, blouses, trousers occupy the main positions in the wardrobe of men’s and women’s clothing.

Texture features

Poplin fabrics can be easily identified by their characteristic features visually:

With the help of a versatile assortment, you can get clear cut lines, complex cuts, pleating.This is a common shirting fabric.

Another advantage is reasonable cost and economy in the sewing business.

Description, characteristics, properties

1. What is Cotton Poplin?

Cotton poplin is highly regarded all over the world. Pleasant freshness of tactile sensations, organic nature makes the material breathable. Poplin is transparent or opaque, depending on the thickness.The best kind of cotton poplin is made from high quality Egyptian cotton.

The consumer characteristics of the cotton assortment provide comfortable properties:

  • Active air exchange;

  • Absorbability and fast drying;

  • Does not retain odors;

  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin;

  • Smooth, versatile texture;

  • Strength and durability;

  • No creases after washing;

  • Environmental Safety;

  • Easy maintenance.

Cotton does not contain chemicals and does not generate static electricity, hence does not stick to the body or other clothing. Natural fibers are easily dyed, giving textile manufacturers complete freedom to create stunning prints or monochrome color options.

2. What is stretch poplin?

To make natural poplin more comfortable in finished garments, many fabric manufacturers add up to 5% lycra, spandex or elastane.Cotton provides basic characteristics, to which is added only the possibility of slight stretching in the tailoring of women’s fitted and sportswear. The material is comfortable for a curvaceous figure.

3. What is wool poplin?

The material is made by simple weaving. For the thickened weft, a smooth, strong, shiny, worsted yarn of long staple woolen yarns is often used to create a contrast in weight between the warp and weft yarns.The basis can be a thread of silk, synthetics, cotton. Accordingly, the finished fabric has different properties, but the main characteristics are provided by wool:

  • Air cushion effect;

  • Heat exchange;

  • Does not get wet and dries quickly;

  • Easy to wash.

Woolen poplin is great to wear in winter instead of bulky twill or flannel.From it they sew suits, dresses, skirts, jackets, as well as outerwear – raincoats and jackets.

4. What is synthetic poplin?

Manufacturers produce blended with cotton and completely polyester materials with properties close to cotton:

  • Good air exchange;

  • Low static;

  • Excellent drapery;

  • Dries quickly;

  • Strength, durability;

  • Durability.

The cheap version of polyester fabric has a denser structure and is popular for sewing men’s shirts, home clothes, dresses, and other summer assortment. An expensive and rare assortment with natural silk on the warp and wool on the weft has similar characteristics.

What do they sew from poplin?

The versatile fabric has found its way into men’s and women’s wardrobes. It is a popular choice for baby clothes due to its lightness, softness and easy washing.The material is used by the garment industry in the production of a wide range of:

  • women’s dresses;

  • blouses;

  • men’s shirts;

  • summer trousers and shorts;

  • pajamas;

  • children’s shirts and dresses;

  • linens;

  • sports and uniforms.

Given the high density and varied decor, poplin is used for upholstering furniture, tablecloths, bedding, banners, blankets. In the presence of water-repellent impregnation, raincoats and jackets are sewn from the fabric.

Fashion prints 2020 for poplin

Annual decorative trends for fabrics center around favorite colors, patterns and details. From a huge fashion list, the choice stops at one or two items.

Monochrome is characteristic of double-sided poplin, and the palette is almost inexhaustible, given the long list of manufacturers. But fabrics with a pattern allow you to show individuality in clothes and home textiles.

The designers declared the following prints to be the most stylish:

  1. Floristry with hyper-realistic flowers, as in the 90s, includes large and rare motifs with daisies, roses, poppies in different styles.
  2. Butterflies with fantastic wings have returned to dresses and lingerie in realistic and abstract shapes on black and red backgrounds.
  3. Hearts, like a touch of romance, have a graphic or childlike shape and replace the traditional polka dots.
  4. Neon – bright acid colors that glow green, white and yellow decorate men’s, women’s, children’s clothing and accessories, with splashes, spots, geometric shapes.
  5. Patchwork is ultra-trendy this season – patchwork patterns and brocade effects are applied to poplin to sew clothes and bedding.
  6. The watercolor motifs offer soft, free-form splashes of color, but this technique also features a marbled effect and neon watercolor splashes.
  7. Tropical patterns with exotic plants came from the 40s, but in muted and dark colors or with a layering effect.
  8. Paisley – a familiar teardrop-shaped motif from Persia is always in fashion for blouses, lingerie, sundresses, trousers.
  9. The horizontal stripes are a timeless design that seamlessly migrated into the next season in black and white or contrasting combinations.
  10. Slogans and phrases about fashion and brands, conceptual slogans, newspaper articles are applied to poplin for men’s shirts and underwear.
  11. A special kind of Argyle plaid reminiscent of the famous tartan – a shifted pattern and a series of intersecting lines create a diamond motif Animal skin prints remain in fashion and look great in the bedroom
  12. The main advantage of printing on poplin is brightness and color stability. The fabric does not fade in the sun, does not fade when washed.The dress or bedding will be used for several seasons while visually remaining completely new.


Thin poplin is considered the best choice for men’s shirts that can be worn under blazers or jackets. Cotton poplin has a subtle sheen, sturdy and sleek – looks great with a tie or sweater:

  • Official style – solid or white models in modern or classic cut;

  • Casual or sportswear;

  • Shirts with patterns, buttons, decorative stitching, checks or stripes.

Poplin offers a variety of designs to choose from for your own fabric.

Sewing and care

Cotton poplin is a pleasure to work with. The fabric is resistant to creases, does not slip on the table, and is easily processed on a sewing machine and by hand.

ATTENTION! It is necessary to prepare the fabric for cutting. Cotton can be washed in warm water. It is recommended to dry it in the traditional way – in the fresh air. Use a low temperature in the machine.

The best strategy for maintaining your appearance is to carefully study the care recommendations provided by the manufacturer. The fabrics have a different composition.

Sewing sequence:

  • Before cutting and sewing, you can secure the fabric with fine pins to avoid unwanted movement.

  • Disappearing pencils are used for marking.If you prefer chalk, check a small piece of cloth for oil marks.

  • Before sewing, carefully select the sewing machine foot and needle. The size of the needle should be appropriate for the type and weight of the thread being used. Cotton poplin is not thin enough that the needle will leave visible holes in the surface.

ATTENTION! The cotton fabric is crease resistant. Poplin can be ironed at a high iron temperature to eliminate wrinkles left after washing.
Sewing is not a big problem, even for beginners. The universal matter does not conflict with the skin at any time of the year. Stretch cotton poplin will diversify any wardrobe, especially for women: comfortable dresses and cool tops perfectly emphasize the figure.

How to choose a fabric?

Soft, lightweight, durable and breathable poplin is a common material for pajamas, dressing gowns, and bedding, fashion clothes. Many ideas for updating wardrobe, home furnishings end with the choice of fabric.

Cotton fabric catalogs include a complex assortment. To select a material, you need to study its structure and properties. For example, you can compare several types of fabrics:






Smooth, subtle-shine ribbed, reversible


Matte, smooth

Smooth, matte

The face is glossy, the wrong side is matte


Lightweight and dense


Lightweight, loose



Poplin, in modern beddings – linen





Weft threads are thicker than the warp, in modern bedding fabrics – thin threads of equal thickness.

Uniform fine threads of untwisted, combed yarn

Threads with noticeable irregularities in length

Mercerizing threads

Poplin, percale, coarse calico and satin are made from pure cotton or with the addition of polyester. Differ in the complexity of the weave and density.The lightest coarse calico resembles gauze. Satin is similar to satin and has a beautiful shiny surface. Elite linen with a matte smooth and dense surface is sewn from percale.

The main advantages of poplin

For sewing projects, the most important characteristics and advantages of the fabric are in demand:

  • Air exchange – quality is used to make sportswear. But the lightweight and breathable fabric is suitable for formal, office, daily wear with natural thermoregulation.

  • Durability – one of the softest and most comfortable fabrics does not tear with sudden movements.

  • The calm shine of a thin fabric looks good on special occasions, but the fabric is double-sided and can be easily combined from one cut.

  • Water resistance is a great feature in spill situations or in the rain. Clothes do not deform or fade.

  • Poplin practically does not wrinkle, so clothes can be worn to work or when driving.

  • All types of care for maintenance – machine and hand wash, dry cleaning.

The material is easily draped, retains the “pleated” effect, emphasizes the intricate cut.

What are the disadvantages?

The fabric has limitations in wearing – it does not retain heat, therefore, it is not suitable for cold weather.Poplin can be worn with a lining, but this is a fabric for summer.

Poplin can be safely called the leader of the list, since the double-sided fabric allows you to combine, and the lightness and density prevent wear and tear after washing. Reliable manufacturers ensure the quality of the fabric.

Non-food products / ConsultantPlus

1. Clothes

Men’s, women’s, sports, work, national and uniform clothing from all types of fabrics, leather and fur.Underwear for men, women from different fabrics. Bed linen and table linen. Stitching goods made of cotton, linen, silk and other fabrics.

2. Children’s clothing

Children’s clothing from all types of fabrics, leather and fur. Pioneer and school uniform. Children’s underwear from different fabrics. Baby bedding.

3. Hats

Hats for men, women, children, sports from various materials, including fur hats.


Outer knitwear from various yarns. Other knitted outerwear (knitted scarves, hats, shawls, etc.). Knitted underwear, including underwear for children and toddlers. Stockings and socks.

5. Shoes

Leather, textile, combined, rubber, felted (men, women, children). Sports shoes, semi-finished leather goods: soles, heels, insoles, etc.

6. Stationery

School stationery, cardboard and paper household products, sanitary and hygienic paper products.Different forms, paints and accessories for art painting, etc.

7. Haberdashery-perfumery

Metal and textile haberdashery. Women’s toilet items. Woolen scarves. Handkerchiefs and headscarves with artistic painting. Genuine and artificial leather haberdashery. Haberdashery from plastics, celluloid, polyethylene film, polyvinyl chloride film. Brush haberdashery. Mirror products and other haberdashery. Perfumery and cosmetic products, soap, etc.p.

8. Household goods

Metal household items. Wallpaper. Hardware. Locks. Chipped goods. Agricultural implements. Abrasive products, tools and other household goods.

9. Crockery

Metal, high-quality glass, porcelain-faience and majolica crockery. Heat-resistant glass cookware.

10. Electrical goods

Electrical household appliances with heating elements. Electric lighting bulbs for household use.Electric lighting household fittings. Wiring accessories and other electrical goods.

11. Cult goods

Gramophone records, spare parts and accessories for musical instruments, photo accessories, photochemicals.

12. Goods for sports and tourism

Sports inventory and equipment (except for sportswear and footwear), travel goods, fishing equipment.

13. Toys

All sorts of toys: softly printed, metal, wood, rubber, foam latex, plastic, papier-mache, sawdust, ceramic, porcelain, earthenware, combined.Dolls. Printing, board-printed games, dominoes and bingo for children, homemade games, different cubes. Rubber balls (except for sports). Artificial Christmas trees. Doll sets, items for children’s technical creativity. Musical toys, etc.

14. Household chemicals (except for products in aerosol packaging).

Synthetic detergents. Washing water softeners. Whitening products. Means for bluing and starching. Polishing agents. Mineral fertilizers and pesticides.Car care products. Dyes. Paints.

15. Printed editions

Books, textbooks, magazines, newspapers, postcards, geographical maps, calendars, posters, art lithographic cards, pictures and coloring books, photocards, sheet music, lithographic portraits and reproductions of paintings in sheets.

Selection of bed linen. Types and density of weaving of threads

The quality and strength of bed linen depends not only on the composition of the fabric, but also on the method of weaving threads and of the density of fabric (this is the number of threads per 1 cm2).

Weaving of threads

This is the order of sequential arrangement (weaving) of threads with each other in accordance with the weave report , which form fabric, curtains, knitwear, etc., with a characteristic of this weave appearance, structure and properties.
Any fabric consists of two perpendicular interlaced threads:

  • warp threads , which are located along the fabric;
  • threads of weft that run across the fabric.

Weave Report is the minimum thread count required for a finished weave pattern.

The sequence in which the threads are intertwined creates a particular pattern on the fabric and gives it different properties. The number of weaving patterns is great and they are divided into simple (basic) and complex .

simple weaves include plain, twill, satin and satin, etc.

To complex weaves include double-faced, double-layer, pique, pile, loop, leno, large-patterned, etc.

The most common type is plain weave , it has a uniform surface on both sides of the fabric – outer and inner.
In this weave, the weft thread overlaps one warp thread (see the illustration in the Calico section). Such weaving is carried out from thick threads and it is very frequent, it is distinguished by a characteristic pattern – threads running crosswise, as in a checkerboard pattern.In this weaving , the threads are held together the strongest 91,427 , so the fabric will be the most durable. But due to the private bends of the threads, it will be the most rigid.

This weave is used for the production of fabrics – chintz, coarse calico , cambric, percale, many linen and dress fabrics, as well as for fabrics made of natural silk (for example, crepe de Chine, crepe georgette), artificial silk, poplin , taffeta, etc.

Twill weave produces diagonal (oblique) stripes (rib) on the fabric. In this type of weave, the weft thread overlaps the 2 and 3 threads of the warp, or vice versa. Twill weaves include twill, boston, etc.

Satin weave (or satin) gives the fabric a smooth, shiny surface. In these fabrics, one weft thread overlaps 4-8 warp threads (see the figure in the “Satin” stripped section), i.e. threads are intertwined with threads of another row not through one, but with significant gaps.
Satin weave features a characteristic pattern – subtle diagonal on smooth fabric . Due to the sparse intersection, the fabric is outwardly dense, smooth and shiny, and to the touch it is smooth, soft and flexible . This fabric is even more resistant to abrasion. But due to the complexity of production, it is also more expensive. The more the thread is twisted, the brighter the shine.

Coarse calico

The most famous type of fabric for bed linen.Thick cotton fabric of dense plain weave.
Coarse calico – matte fabric, it does not have shine, unlike satin.

There are several varieties of it with a density of 100 – 145 g / m2. The higher the density (and the thinner the thread), the higher the quality of the fabric.
Coarse calico in accordance with GOST is a canvas with a density of 145 g / sq.m. It is a very dense, durable and practical fabric, therefore bed linen is often sewn from it for various institutions, such as hotels, hospitals, sanatoriums.However, to make the linen as light and soft as possible, an average weave density is used and its density is 125 g / m2.
There are several types of coarse calico:

  • harsh coarse calico (unpainted and unbleached) – this is the most dense type of coarse calico. It has a creamy shade and is most often used for upholstery and workwear.
  • bleached calico (or canvas) – thinner and softer than harsh.Bedding is sewn from it.
  • plain dyed calico – when the material is painted in one color. By its structure, it corresponds to bleached calico. Lining for suits, table and bed linen is mainly sewn from such coarse calico.
  • printed coarse calico – the fabric has a colored pattern. From such coarse calico they sew bed linen, children’s and adult things for socks.

Coarse calico bedding sets are very practical, do not require special care and are quite cheap, withstand a large number of washes and are popular with customers.


Shiny and soft cotton fabric Satin weave .

Satin weave fabric has increased abrasion resistance, glides well, has a flat and smooth surface. Satin is pleasant to the touch and is characterized by good softness and elasticity.
Linen made from it is durable and can withstand a large number of washes – 200-300 and only after a long time the material starts to fade a little.
This is a durable fabric with a high density of 120-140 threads / cm, which is practically wrinkle-free.

There are several types of satin: coupon, mako-satin, satin-jacquard.

Coupon satin is a kind of satin and is distinguished by with an individual pattern on pillowcases, and a unique pattern on a duvet cover, since they are not sewn from stamped fabric with a repeating pattern, but from fabric, the pattern on which is specially designed for a certain size of the product. Each coupon duvet cover is like an art painting .

Mako satin is a kind of satin, is made from high quality Egyptian cotton . Mako-satin differs from satin in the ratio of interwoven threads – per 1 square centimeter: 50 threads in the longitudinal direction, 31 threads in the transverse direction. This ratio allows you to make the fabric especially durable and at the same time thin, light and smooth, silky in appearance and to the touch.This is a very beautiful, comfortable, thin and at the same time dense fabric, it is easy to wash, requires a minimum of ironing. In addition, the fabric is highly breathable.

Satin-jacquard complex, intricate, dense weave of threads , having a relief pattern. The pattern on the fabric appears by intricate weaving performed on a loom. This loom was invented in 1801 by the French weaver and inventor J.M. Jacquard. The jacquard loom is called one of the most perfect machines ever created.The basic principles of the jacquard loom have remained practically unchanged, with the exception of an increase in the speed of work and the use of modern computer technology. The uniqueness of the jacquard mechanism lies in the ability to use hundreds of threads on the machine to create patterns of any complexity.
Bed linen made of jacquard satin is usually sewn either in one color, or using two colors, but one tone.
The fabric is particularly durable. Printed patterns make fabrics luxurious, so bedding made from this material is the perfect gift.


Thick fabric similar to calico, plain weave , made, as a rule, of cotton, less often woolen, silk and synthetic threads.
The technology by which poplin is produced is the alternation of a thin, dense base of threads with a coarser and sparser transverse weft, due to which the fabric is obtained in a small transverse rib.
Despite its high density, the fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch.Shirts are very often sewn from poplin.

Density of weave

The quality of the fabric also depends on the density of the weave of the threads, i.e. from the number of threads in a square centimeter of fabric.
The higher the number of threads, the better the quality of the fabric. At normal fabric density, about 40-50% of its volume is occupied by threads.

The classification looks like this:
low density (20-30 threads per cm 2 ),
below average (35-40 threads),
medium (50-65 threads),
above average ( 65- 80),
· high (85-120),
· very high (130-280).

Weight, durability, air permeability, heat-shielding properties, rigidity and drape of fabrics depend on density. Each of the listed properties of the fabric, in turn, significantly affects the finished clothing, as well as the technological processes of its production.

What is satin? What types of satin bedding are there?

Satin bedding is now popular on the home textile market.But not all consumers understand what kind of fabric it is – satin, what it is made of and what its main characteristics are.

Satin online store will help you to understand all the nuances.

First of all, I would like to note that satin is not a characteristic of a fabric in terms of material and raw materials, it is a type of weaving of threads that is used to make fabric.

What is satin weave?

Basic terms. All fabrics are produced by weaving perpendicular threads.Longitudinal threads running parallel to the edge of the fabric are called warp threads . The threads directed perpendicular to the edge of the fabric are weft threads . In different fabrics, the number and ratio of warp and weft threads is different.

When weaving threads, a certain pattern is formed, which consists of a different number of rapports – repeated identical fragments.

Satin weave (or satin, weft satin) is characterized by the following features:

– refers to the simple (smooth) type of weaving;

– there are at least 5 threads in the rapport of satin fabrics.Those. the weft thread covers the 4 warp threads. If there are 7 threads in the rapport, there are 6 warp threads under the weft thread;

– weft threads prevail on the front side of satin fabric, warp threads prevail on the reverse side.

The type of weaving with a predominance of the warp thread in the rapports of the satin type is called satin. Therefore, the reverse (seamy) side of satin is satin;

– for satin fabric, the warp threads are usually thicker and stronger, and the weft threads are thinner;

– twisted filamentary fibers are used for satin fabric.The more twisted the thread, the more pronounced the shine of the fabric in the end.

Features of satin production

To improve the quality of dyeing satin fabric, to increase its strength, the raw material threads can be subjected to the mercerization process. This treatment partially changes the form of the cellulose underlying the raw material. Products acquire additional shine.

Also, in the production of satin, the calendering process can be used, i.e.e. passing the fabric through a hot calender (special roller), after which the fabric becomes even smoother, softer and more pleasant to the touch.

The final stage in the production of satin fabric is the bleaching of the fabric and its subsequent dyeing.

As a result of all the manipulations and production processes, satin comes out – a smooth fabric with a silk sheen. For such external data, satin is also called “cotton silk”.

Types of satin fabrics by material

Satin, depending on what threads were used in weaving, can be:

– Cotton Satin : Only cotton fibers are used to make this fabric.Well-known manufacturers such as Arya, First Choice, La Scala, Le Vele, TAC, Ideal and others, presented in the catalog of the Satin online store, prefer to produce bed linen from cotton satin.

– Blended satin : Synthetic fibers (eg polyester) are added to the cotton fibers. The price of such a satin fabric will be lower, but its strength and durability will be higher.

– Satin-double: viscose is added to cotton. Used as a lining material.

– Satin satin: silk fibers are added to cotton, and napkins, tablecloths, curtains are made from this fabric.

Varieties of satin fabric by density and number of threads

Standard satin

The most popular type of satin fabric. Weave – 80 to 130 threads per cm². Made from 100% cotton. It is soft to the touch with a pleasant, silky sheen.

In the Satin online store, you can buy satin bedding from the following manufacturers: Cotton box, Hobby, Karaca Home, Love you, TAC, etc.


This satin fabric belongs to the elite group, the weaving density is 170-220 threads per square centimeter.

Only 100% cotton is used for production.

Satin-jacquard has a volumetric woven pattern, which is created by varying surfaces of different textures (smooth and matte).

The famous manufacturers of satin-jacquard bed linen are Viluta (Tiare collection), Arya.


It can be considered a kind of jacquard satin, but the pattern on the canvas is presented only in the form of stripes (glossy, convex stripes alternate with matte ones). It is because of the stripes that satin got its name – “stripe” (translated from English as “strip”).

Bed linen from stripe satin is presented by the brands Love you, Altinbasak, Lotus, Le Vele.

Mako satin

Made from long staple Egyptian cotton.It is an ultra-lightweight fabric with tangible smoothness and impressive durability.

Satin Twill

This is a cotton fabric, which is characterized by twill weaving of threads (twill – from the English “twel”) and has some differences in weaving. Twill is made with a symmetrical pitch of weaving of fibers (2 to 2), and the weaving of satin threads can be asymmetric – 1 to 3, etc. Therefore, twill can still be called lightweight satin.

In the Satin online store, satin-twill bed linen is presented by the products of the Ukrainian brands Viluta and Home Line.

Varieties of satin fabric by dyeing type

Bleached Satin

White satin fabric.

Plain dyed satin

This is satin, which has a uniform color over the entire surface. The solid color of the fabric can be obtained by weaving already dyed fibers or by dyeing the finished fabric.

For two-tone satin jacquard, threads already dyed in advance are used.

Printed satin

Satin is used with a weave of 130 to 170 threads per cm².

The pattern on the fabric (printed or printed design) is applied by means of pigment printing directly to the front side of the canvas. As a result, the fabric is dense and durable. But it does not lose its softness.

Printed satin or coupon satin

Drawings are applied across the entire canvas by reactive printing. The fabric in this case is denser.

Bed linen with a 3-D effect is made from printed satin – the drawings on the canvas are striking in their realism and three-dimensional image.

Satin fluorescent

A special kind of satin, presented in the original TAC bedding collection: when dyeing the fabric, a special fluorescent dye is used, which starts to glow in the dark.

Positive properties of satin fabric for bed linen

Satin has a lot of positive qualities, therefore satin bedding is highly valued by consumers:

– satin bed linen provides an optimal temperature balance;

– it is hygroscopic, perfectly absorbs and removes moisture;

– satin is wear-resistant, so the service life is quite long.

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