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CPSIA Cautionary Statement Choking Hazard – Balloon

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Balloon Time ® 30 Count Helium Balloon Kit
The Balloon Time 30 Count Helium Balloon Kit has everything you need to celebrate any special occasion – a birthday, anniversary or a stellar report card.

This Balloon Time kit includes:
• 8.9 cubic-foot helium-filled tank
• 30 assorted-color, 9” latex balloons
• A spool of white ribbon

The Balloon Time 30 Count Helium Balloon Kit is great for adding that special touch to any celebration or holiday party. You can create decorative balloon flowers to announce spring’s arrival or fortune balloons to amuse and amaze your friends. Entertain your party guests with balloon hot potato or balloon volleyball.

Average retail price is $24.99. The 30 Count kit is sold at Factory Card & Party Outlets, Michael’s, Target, Toys R Us and Wal-Mart nationally as well as select Paper First Affiliate locations.

Balloon Time ® 50 Count Helium Balloon Kit
The Balloon Time 50 Count Helium Balloon Kit is perfect for those occasions when just a few balloons won’t be enough – like a surprise birthday party.

This Balloon Time kit includes:
• 14.9 cubic-foot helium-filled tank
• 50 assorted-color, 9” latex balloons
• A spool of white ribbon

The Balloon Time 50 Count Helium Balloon Kit contains so many balloons, you can go wild with decorations! Create balloon arches to mark an entrance or confetti balloons to ring in the New Year – the possibilities are endless! The Balloon Time 50 Count Helium Balloon Kit is also a great way to entertain your party guests. Give your guests a chance at balloon ring toss or take a new twist on the game Twister.

The Balloon Time 50 Count Helium Balloon Kit retails on average for $29.99 at BJ’s Wholesale Club, Factory Card & Party Outlets, Garden Ridge, iParty, Party America, Party City and Sam’s Club locations nationwide as well as select Paper First Affiliate locations.

Balloon Time ® A La Carte™
Balloon Time A La Carte is the perfect compliment to any party. With Balloon Time A La Carte kit, we give you our large helium-filled tank and you pick the balloons to match your theme separately.

Balloon Time A La Carte includes:
• 14.9 cubic-foot helium-filled tank

Balloon Time A La Carte is lightweight and portable, so you don’t have to worry about renting a tank and transporting it to your location. Whether you’re celebrating a special holiday and need color-themed balloons (like red for a Valentine’s Day party) or want to fill balloons that convey a special message (like a wedding), Balloon Time A La Carte gives you the helium-filled tank to do it.

Balloon Time A La Carte retails on average for $27.99 and is available at Factory Card & Party Outlets and Party Concepts locations nationwide.The product is also available at select Kroger, Paper First Affiliate and Star Décor Warehouse locations.

Balloon Time ® Party™ Create-A-Face Sticker Kit
The Balloon Time Party Create-A-Face Sticker Kit is a decorating and craft kit all in one! This hands-on kit will entertain your guests for hours!

This Balloon Time Party kit includes:
• 8. 9 cubic-foot helium-filled tank
• 30 assorted-color, 9” latex balloons
• A spool of white ribbon
• Nearly 200 facial feature stickers

Balloon Time Party does double-duty, so you can check “decorations” and “party activity” off your party-planning list. With helium balloons and nearly 200 facial feature stickers, guests young and old will be in stitches creating funny-face balloons. Then your guests can take their balloons home and share the laughs with family and friends.

The Balloon Time Party Create-A-Face Sticker Kit retails on average for $26.99 and is available at Factory Card and Party Outlets and Party City locations nationwide.

Balloon Time Party™ Foil Helium Balloon Kit
Balloon Time Party™ Foil Helium Balloon Kit is the newest addition to the brand’s family of products. This kit provides party planners the same convenience of latex balloon kits just with foil balloons.

Balloon Time Party™ Foil kit features:
• 8.9 cubic-foot helium-filled tank
• 15 colorful, 18″ foil balloons
• 15 clip weights with white ribbon

The Balloon Time Party™ Foil Helium Balloon Kit, on average, retails for $22.50 and is available at select Sam’s Club locations.

Balloon Time Helium Kit, Standard (1 each)

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Diisononyl Phthalate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to Warning: Choking Hazard – Children under eight years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once. Danger: Contents under pressure. Do not refill with any material. This is a non-refillable cylinder. This could result in a violent bursting of the cylinder, resulting in serious personal injury or death. Do not store in damp areas. This can cause the cylinder to rust. Rusting of the cylinder can result in a violent bursting of the cylinder, resulting in serious personal injury or death. Do not puncture or incinerate cylinder. Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 120 degrees F (49 degrees C). Exposure to these conditions could result in the operation of the pressure relief device, which will result in a sudden discharge of pressure from the cylinder, resulting in serious personal injury or death. Do not mistreat the cylinder by dropping on sharp or pointed surfaces. This could puncture the cylinder, causing a sudden release of the contents, resulting in serious personal injury or death. Do not place nozzle in mouth or nose for any reason. Doing so can damage lungs and other body parts, which can result in serious personal injury or death. The cylinder contains compressed helium under pressure. Do not inhale helium. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Never use in closed spaces. Helium reduces and can eliminate oxygen available for breathing. Inhaling helium can result in serious personal injury or death. Warning Statement: Keep out of the reach of children. Balloons represent a possible choking hazard. Balloons are made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions. Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated. Protect from sunlight. Store in a well ventilated place. See additional warnings and safe use instructions on carton.

【solved】How to get rid of helium tanks

How do you dispose of balloon time tanks?

Put on safety gear. Using a hammer and screwdriver, knock out the round disk on the back of the tank. Draw a circle around the knocked-out portion of the tank and mark it as “Empty.” Place the empty tank in the recycle bin or drop it off at a local

recycling center.

How do you dispose of helium canisters?

The smaller gas canisters that can be purchased from your local supermarket can be disposed of at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. When disposing of the smaller canisters – please ensure that while outdoors, release any remaining helium to ensure there is no residual pressure in the cylinder.

How do you dispose of helium tanks from Party City?

All helium tanks are portable (take them virtually anywhere, just not on a flight) and disposable–simply throw them out or recycle them when the event is done.

Can you return helium tanks to target?


This item must be returned to any Target store. This item must be returned within 90 days of the in-store purchase, ship date or online order pickup. See return policy for details. See the return policy for complete information.

What do you do with old helium tanks?

Take the tank to a steel recycling center or place with curbside recycling pickup. However, please note that recycling programs for this product may not exist in your area.

Can you return unused helium tank?

Tank is recyclable when empty. For best results: Inflate balloons immediately before event; average float time is 5-7 hours.

How do you know if a helium tank is empty?

the valve handle by turning it counter-clockwise. Press and hold down on the tilt-nozzle (see photo 2) until the tank is empty. Listen and feel for pressure discharging from the tilt-nozzle. The tank is empty when no sound is heard or pressure is felt.

Can I return a helium tank to Walmart?

Tank is non-refillable. Adult supervision required. Non-returnable.

Does Party City Take Back helium tanks?

Yes, exceptions include: Helium tanks. Custom & personalized items (US only) Partial Party Kits – Party Kit components may not be returned individually.

How much money does helium cost?

In fiscal year (FY) 2019, the price for crude helium to Government users was $3.10 per cubic meter ($86.00 per thousand cubic feet) and to nongovernment users was $4. 29 per cubic meter ($119.00 per thousand cubic feet).

How big of a helium tank do I need?

For 30 balloons, approximately 8 cubic feet of helium is needed. This should be enough helium to fill 30 standard 9-inch latex balloons. This amount of helium will only fill about 25 10-inch latex balloons, 15 12-inch latex balloons, and just 8 14-inch latex balloons.

How much does a bottle of helium cost?

Buy Helium Tanks

Tank Size Tank Helium
Cubic Feet Cost Price
291 C.F. $410 $329
244 C.F. $396 $289
160 C.F. $298 $199

Can u buy helium?

Yes, you can! If you prefer to fill balloons yourself, we offer both small and large helium tanks that are perfect for parties or events. Our helium tanks are available for purchase online or via in-store pickup.

Does Dollar General have helium?

Balloon Time 9.5″ Helium Tank.

Does Michaels sell helium?

Create a celebration to remember—with balloons! This helium cylinder gives you the convenience of filling latex or foil/mylar balloons anytime, anywhere to instantly transform an everyday space into a celebration. Please note that temperature and altitude will affect helium float time. Note: Balloons sold separately.

How many balloons will a helium tank fill?

Helium tank will fill approximately 50 9in latex balloons or 27 11in latex balloons. Float time for each latex balloon is approximately 5-7 hours.

How long does a helium tank last?

As long as the green tank valve is closed tightly between uses, the helium should remain preserved for up to one year from initial use.

Does helium go bad in a tank?

A: No, helium does not expire or “go bad“, nor does helium degrade. As long as the valve on the helium cylinder achieves an airtight seal, the helium in the balloon cylinder will not escape.

How long does helium last in a small tank?

Latex balloons will float approximately 5-7 hours; Mylar/foil balloons will float approximately 4 days.

Helium cost comparisons

Helium cost comparisonsSo here’s the deal. I made this website for my Liquid Helium customers at the University of Florida.
It used to include more information explaining the comparison claim. But, because in the explaination, I insulted
a lab for being foolish, I had to remove the offending material.
But now, this page is mostly found via internet search engines for “cost of helium.”
I assume what you are looking for is where you can buy helium and how much it costs.

And holy s#!% has the market changed since I last updated.
The helium shortage we’ve been in since 2017 ended with the covid-19 pandemic economic slow down.
New sources of helium are being set up worldwide as well. But the USA Bureau of Mines Helium Reserve is being phased out. 
And, with the inevitable switch from fossil fuels to renewables, Helium will really become scarce because it is mostly a byproduct of natural gas extraction.

The typical way to get helium is in high pressure gas cylinders available from welding supply companies.
Just about anyone (maybe) can get helium from a welding supply store, but IT CAN KILL YOU. It is not a toy.
These are the cylinders you see at balloon filling places. They contain ~300 standard cubic feet of helium.(scf)
So you could fill about 300 balloons with of about a one foot diameter.

The helium would cost about $300 for the cheapest purity of helium, but you need to put a deposit on the cylinder (~$150) and you need a balloon filler regulator. (~$100US, ~$15US on eBay)
For other uses you will need an inert gas regulator (~$100-$300US).
Other higher purities of helium are available in the same type cylinder packages for more money.
Do a search for “welding supplies” in your area.

Wal-mart, Target, Party City sell smaller, cheaper tanks, with much less helium in them for ~$25-50US in their stores. sells the small tanks of helium. (~$50 plus shipping) from Worthington Cylinders. Tank can fill approximately (50) – 9″ latex balloons, or (27) – 11″ latex balloons with a float time of approximately 5-7 hours, or (27) – 18″ Foil Balloons, or (20) – 20″ Foil Balloons with a float time of approximately 4 days. Tank holds approximately 14.9 cubic feet of helium.

Commercial quantities are available from major gas suppliers; Praxair/Nexair, Matheson, BOC, Air Products, Air Liquide. They are the suppliers to the local welding supply companies.

They also sell liquid helium. But it is very unlikely that you need this. At least ~$20.00US/liquid liter (usually much higher) in 60, 100, 250, 500 liter containers in the US. Prices vary widely based on location.

******************Original Page************************************************
The actual cost of 1 Liquid Liter of Commercial Helium

the actual cost of 1 Liquid Liter of In-House Helium.

You can not directly compare liter for liter costs.


This webpage is administered by the
Cryogenics Facility at the University of Florida in the Department of Physics
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Does CVS fill helium balloons? – AnswersToAll

Does CVS fill helium balloons?

CVS inflates balloons (helium). … They sell kits with balloons and helium at several price points under $50.

Does Michaels fill helium balloons?

ft. Fills up to 50 latex balloons (9″), 27 latex balloons (11″) or 27 foil/Mylar balloons (18″) Disposable and recyclable. Mixture of helium and air.

Does Hobby Lobby blow balloons?

Featuring a delightful color, these balloons are perfect for birthday parties, surprise parties, engagements, photo shoots, retirement parties, sleepovers, catered dinners, celebrations, and for every day use. Use a helium tank to work fast or blow them up yourself, and place them all over your home! Details: Size: 12″

Will Dollar Tree fill my balloons?

helium-grade latex balloons are perfect for parties, carnivals, festivals, balloon bouquets, and resale. In a variety of fun, bright colors, they’re sure to add a festive touch to any occasion. Balloons arrive uninflated. Dollar Tree does not inflate latex balloons.

Does Dollar General fill helium balloons?

Inflate each party balloon with air or helium, then tie them to furniture, railings, balloon weights, and more. … Throw your party for less with affordable white party supplies at Dollar General.

Can you make a balloon float without helium?

How To Make A Floating Balloon Without Helium Gas? Because Helium gas is lighter than air, but it is not the only gas we can fill the balloon, we may use hydrogen gas as well. … Another way to create a floating balloon is to fill the air inside the balloon using your mouth and let it float over the surface of the water.

Does target fill helium balloons?

Short Answer: Target does not blow up balloons in stores, but it does sell balloons and helium tanks. For more information on blowing up balloons at Target, see below.

How do you make a balloon fly without helium?

The Facebook post says you need white vinegar, baking soda, an empty plastic water bottle, a funnel and, of course, a balloon. First, fill the water bottle about 1/3 of the way full with white vinegar. Next, put baking soda into the un-inflated balloon, filling it about halfway.

Does Walmart fill helium balloons?

Includes: The tank holds approximately 8.9 cubic feet of helium and can fill approximately 30 latex balloons of 9″ diameter. Includes (1) helium tank (8.9 cubic ft.), (30) assorted 9″ latex balloons and (1) curling ribbon.

How much does it cost to inflate balloons?

Latex balloons purchased from another store: from $0.99 to $1.29 each. Mylar balloons purchase at Party City: from $1.19 to $2.99 for standard 18-inch Mylar balloons; from $6.99 to $15.99 for larger sizes (some locations will fill standard 18-inch Mylar balloons for free when purchased in-store)

Can you bring balloons to Party City?

Party City can fill latex and Mylar balloons. You can buy balloons and have them filled at your nearest Party City, purchase balloons on Party City’s website and bring them to your nearest store to be filled, or bring in balloons you purchased elsewhere to be filled.

Will Party City fill my balloons?

We fill foil balloons for free if you buy them from us. But if you purchase your balloons from another store, you can still bring them to your local Party City to have them filled. Helium prices can vary depending on your location, so it’s a good idea to call ahead.

How much does it cost to get balloons filled with helium?

Latex balloons filled with helium typically cost between 50 cents and $1 at party stores. Filled Mylar or foil balloons typically cost $1 to $4 for normal-size balloons, 18-inches in diameter and smaller, or $7 to $15 for oversized or jumbo balloons, which may be 20- to 50-inches in their longest measurement.

Does Kroger blow helium balloons?

Walmart also does not sell pre-filled helium balloons in-store. … Kroger: Kroger grocery store’s fill balloons in the floral department. You can purchase balloons in-store or bring your own latex or Mylar balloons to be filled for about $1 per latex balloon and between $2 and $8 per Mylar balloon, depending on the size.

Can you blow up balloons with an air compressor?

One of the common uses of an air compressor is inflating things such as tires and balloons. … There are, however, different sizes of balloons. The larger sized balloons are filled with air or helium. These large balloons have nozzles that can easily fit into the output valves on air compressor pumps.

Is there an alternative to helium for balloons?

Argon can be used instead of Helium and is preferred for certain types of metal. Helium is used for lots of lighter than air applications and Hydrogen is a suitable replacement for many where the flammable nature of Hydrogen is not an issue.

Can you blow up helium balloons with your mouth?

Do not use your mouth to blow up confetti balloons. … Use a balloon pump or inflate with helium. Tip number three. Mini balloons, latex and foil, can only be filled with air.

Does Party City blow up balloons not bought there?

We fill foil balloons for free if you buy them from us. But if you purchase your balloons from another store, you can still bring them to your local Party City to have them filled.

Where can i get balloons filled with helium

Where can i get balloons filled with helium

Where can I get some balloons blown up? The easiest way to inflate a bunch of balloons is with one of these inexpensive hand pumps. You find them everywhere. Target, WalMart, Amazon and I’ve even seen them in the dollar store. However, I recommend using it with a partner.

Is helium safe to fill balloons with?

Hydrogen and helium are lighter than air, but while hydrogen is extremely flammable, helium is a non-reactive, non-combustible gas, making it ideal for filling balloons and some types of aircraft. Helium is an excellent cryogenic coolant and is also widely used in lasers and arc welding. What is bottled gas?

Does Walmart fill helium balloons?

Walmart fills balloons with helium in about 15% of its stores. It also doesn’t sell prefilled helium balloons in stores, but it does sell helium balloons.

Will Dollar Tree fill balloons?

Buy a bag of balloons and easily fill them up at party supply stores or the flower department of your local supermarket. Plus, you can buy and fill balloons for as little as 99 cents at Dollar Tree or your nearest store. One of these opportunities is just around the corner.

Where can I get my balloons filled with helium?

Answered. Instead of renting a helium balloon or buying expensive pre-filled balloons, there are many party supply stores that will fill your helium balloons right in the store. These include national chains such as Party City and Party Depot, and regional chains such as Wally’s Party Factory.

Does Dollar Tree sell balloons?

Dollar Tree sells helium-filled balloons for as little as $1 each. This is even more instructive because these always expensive foil balloons are included in the price! If you’re going to a party or gift shop, a regular foil balloon will cost about $5.

Does Party City fill balloons?

Party City can fill latex and mylar balloons. You can buy and charge balloons in the nearest Party City, buy balloons from the Party City website and take them to the nearest store to charge, or take the balloons you bought elsewhere to fill them.

Where can i get some balloons blown up clip art

They fill free foil balloons when you buy from us. However, if you buy your balloons from another store, you can always take them to your local Party City for a refill. Helium prices can vary by location, so it’s best to call ahead.

Where can I get a helium filled balloon?

Take the balloon and receipt to Party City to refill your helium supply for free. Better yet, you can purchase balloons online and choose to collect them already inflated from a retailer near you. How much does it cost to fill balloons with helium?

How to draw a face on a balloon?

Balloon face with ears: A child can draw a face on an uninflated balloon. Then inflate the balloon slightly. Have them hold two plastic cups, one on each side of the ball, which they have to press down. Then you inflate the balloon; the air pressure must support the cups.

What are some fun things to do with balloons?

Rocket Balloon Race – draw a track – pull the rope through a straw. Tie a rope around the room. Inflate the balloon, but do not tie the end, but keep it tightly closed. Tie the balloon to the string, release the balloon and watch it fly (see photo here).

What kind of balloons can you use for a party?

Personalize your party with photo balloons or customizable messages. Personalized foil balloons can be given as thoughtful gifts or used as unique party decorations. Balloon for every occasion Aluminum and latex balloons add a decorative touch to any event.

How much does it cost to fill a balloon at Party City?

One of these opportunities is just around the corner. And how much does it cost to have helium-filled balloons in Party City? The cost of filling balloons with helium in Party City varies by location, from free with the purchase of a balloon to a maximum of € per balloon.

Where can i get some balloons blown up today

The easiest way to inflate a bunch of balloons is with one of these inexpensive hand pumps. You find them everywhere. Target, WalMart, Amazon and I’ve even seen them in the dollar store. However, I recommend using it with a partner.

Where can i get some balloons blown up images

You can buy latex-free balloons, usually mylar, at stores such as Albertsons, Dollar Tree, Kroger, Party City, and Walmart. Prices and styles vary from store to store, but you can generally buy latex-free balloons for $3-5 each and fill them with helium for another $1-8.

Which is the best definition of blown up?

1. The verb “to destroy something with an ■■■■■■■■■”. They plan to ■■■■ up this old building and replace it with boutiques and luxury apartments. 2. The verb to ■■■■ something up. Your poor dog hides under a bed while your neighbors celebrate the 4th of July with tons of fireworks.

What does it mean to see balloons at a birthday party?

To see birthday balloons in a dream is a symbol of your personal life. Represent your happiness in love. Like a birthday, this dream is cause for celebration. If you see a balloon filled with air in a dream, it means that you have a lot of attachment.

What does it mean when you let go of a balloon?

The balloons symbolize the need to let go. When you release an air-filled balloon, it rises into the air and is no longer connected to the ground. That’s what the past does to us. their thoughts turn into balloons, they have something in them.

Can a balloon be filled with helium and float?

Contrary to popular belief, they are not dangerous when filled with helium, simply because they are too small to float. In theory, all balloons CAN be filled with helium, but not all of them will float! To avoid unnecessary frustration and expense, read on to find out which balloons fly and which don’t….

Is helium safe to fill balloons with flowers

Inhaling helium from a balloon is unlikely to cause serious health problems or kill you, but it is possible. There are reports that some people, especially young children, have died of asphyxiation after inhaling helium from a balloon. What about helium from other sources?

Which is the best gas to fill a balloon with?

First, they have helium. Helium is the standard for filling balloons because it has a buoyant effect, being very light, completely inert, chemically inactive or burning. In addition, it has a fairly light density.

What can you do with character helium balloons?

Helium Balloon Characters: Helium balloon characters mean you can have a cartoon balloon character. It’s a great font to use for kids parties and birthdays. How To ■■■■ Up Helium Balloons » Useful Wiki Cases Creative Hobbies.

Is helium safe to fill balloons with paint

Contrary to popular belief, they are not dangerous when filled with helium, simply because they are too small to float. In theory, all balloons CAN be filled with helium, but not all of them will float!

Why is it dangerous to inhale helium gas?

Helium is dangerous to inhale. The danger of helium gas is not that it is poisonous, because helium is an inert gas. Risk of suffocation from helium gas if inhaled instead of normal air. Inhaling helium is dangerous because it can lower oxygen levels in the body to dangerous levels, which can lead to hypoxia.

What is the buoyancy of a helium balloon under water?

Water has a density at sea level of 1000 g/l. A 1 liter balloon has a buoyancy of 1000– =, and the same helium-filled balloon has a buoyancy of 1000– = With all the effort and expense of helium, you only get 1 extra gram per liter of buoyancy.

What kind of gas is in a balloon?

The gas in balloons is helium, also known as balloon gas. Helium balloons float because helium is less dense than air or lighter than air. Helium is in the form of compressed gas in a gas cylinder. Most bottles are reusable, some are disposable.

Is helium safe to fill balloons with fish

At this point, the helium in the balloon eventually becomes thicker than the atmosphere, the balloon bursts and falls back to Earth. The problem, however, is that the ball does not return to the same place.

How tall can an air swimmer Balloon Go?

Air SwimmersTM are not designed for outdoor use. Using poor quality helium and/or under-inflating the balloon will increase buoyancy, lowering the usage limit of your Air SwimmerTM. The Air SwimmerTM Flying Shark has been seen at work at 2800 meters!

Are there any balloons that are safe to release?

There are biodegradable balloons, but they can take years to break down and they can be destructive before they decompose. No balloon can safely deflate and the attached straps are also lethal to wildlife.

What kind of balloons are bad for the environment?

There are two other types of balloons that are used in large quantities and can cause environmental problems. These are: plastic balls and mylar (aluminium) balls. Plastic balloons have the same environmental impact as latex balloons, except they are not biodegradable.

Is helium safe to fill balloons with plastic

The HIFLOAT balloon treatment is a solution of plastic dissolved in water. It forms a layer in the latex balloons that greatly reduces the loss of helium or air. HIFLOAT is very secure. It is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive, non-flammable and biodegradable.

Is it possible to fill a balloon with helium?

While the idea is smart, and yes you can inflate the balloon this way, it might be easier to invest in a helium balloon or inflate your balloons with a little lung power. they were not paid to write this story.

What’s the best way to fill a balloon?

This is what they found. A Facebook post says you’ll need white vinegar, baking soda, an empty plastic water bottle, a funnel, and of course a balloon. First, fill the water bottle one-third full with white vinegar. Then add the baking soda to the deflated bottle and fill it halfway.

Are there any plastic balloons that are biodegradable?

Plastic balloons have the same environmental impact as latex balloons, except they are not biodegradable. Mylar balloons are made of metal and are also not biodegradable.

Is helium safe to fill balloons with air

Air-filled balloons can last much longer. This is due to the fact that the helium molecule is very small and easily escapes from the balloon material. Price. Helium-filled balloons are generally more expensive than balloons, but because they float, they are worth it. Hot air balloons don’t float.

Can a mini balloon be filled with helium?

The mini latex and foil balloons can only be filled with air. They are too small to hold enough helium to float. This is just an aerial view. Tip four is good, you can mark it. How can you put this confetti in a balloon?

How long can a helium balloon float in the air?

Standard 12″(12″) helium filled latex balloons can float for up to 12 hours, depending on conditions. On a hot day, your balloon can float for only 23 hours. Your recommendation is to inflate the ball shortly before the start of the game.

Is there a shortage of helium in the US?

The United States is slowly rolling out some of its strategic proposals, but they are expected to be completely sold out in the next two years. The lack of helium is forcing event organizers and venues to look for a way to hang helium-free balloons at events.

Is helium safe to fill balloons with food

Then you can call someone to help you fill the balloons with helium. Another place to buy helium balloons can be found at websites and stores that sell ready-made helium balloons. They can be collected and used. You can also buy helium balloons and helium balloons on Amazon.

Is helium safe to fill balloons with alcohol

“Helium in balloon gas is suffocating and displaces oxygen in the lungs when inhaled. “The gas in the cylinder is safe in balloons and when released in a safe, well-ventilated area.

Why is helium used to fill balloons instead of oxygen?

Oxygen is heavier than air. As a result, a cylinder filled with oxygen gas will sink while helium gas is lighter than air, so a cylinder filled with helium gas tends to float in the air.

Can you fill a helium tank at home?

If you can! If you prefer to fill the balloons yourself, they have large and small helium balloons that are perfect for parties or events. You can buy your helium cylinders online or in a pick-up shop. Where does helium come from?

How much does it cost to fill a helium tank at Party City?

Helium prices can vary by location, so it’s best to call ahead. You can count on the following Party City price ranges to fill balloons purchased elsewhere: Foil Balloons: $ to $, depending on size. Can I buy helium cylinders from Party City? If you can!

What’s the purpose of helium in a balloon?

Helium is known to most people from its use in balloons and airships, but this gas has a wide variety of uses. One of its main uses, in medicine, is used to cool magnets in MRI machines and it can be mixed with air to help people with respiratory problems.

Where can you get helium for party balloons?

Helium can be found in gas fields in Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma, although helium is rare on Earth. In addition to party balloons, helium is also used to ■■■■ up airplanes. Liquid fuel rockets use helium to pressurize tanks.

Can a helium tank be used at a party?

The helium bottle is lightweight, portable and recyclable. Ideal for inflating balloons at parties and events. Business shipments via LTL / UPS Ground Hazmat. NOTE: Hazardous goods are delivered by land transport only. No air traffic. Shipping to US 48 Ground transportation only (excluding HI/AK and US territories).

How big of a helium tank do I Need?

Estimated values ​​are shown below and actual results may vary depending on conditions (indoor and outdoor use, direct sunlight, balloon type, helium or air mixture in your tank, etc.). You can usually rent a standard 242 cubic foot helium tank from your local gas supplier, welding company, or tank rental company.

What happens if you inhale helium from a pressurized tank?

Inhaling helium from a pressurized balloon can also cause a gas or gas embolism, a bubble that gets trapped in a blood vessel and blocks it. Blood vessels can break and cause bleeding. Finally, the helium can enter the lungs with enough force to rupture the lungs.

Where can I fill balloons with helium?

Where balloons fill with helium 1. Albertsons 2. Party City 3. Party Depot 4. Publix 5. Ralphs 6. Smith’s 7. Wallys Party Factory 8.

How many balloons will a pound of helium fill?

It takes 37 balloons and 423 gallons of helium to lift a pound! The average human weight is 137 pounds. This requires more than 5,000 standard balloons and just under 58,000 liters of helium! If you’re using a giant 36-inch balloon, you’ll only need 145 balloons, but you’ll still need the same amount of helium.

Does target sell helium balloons?

It is much easier to buy a single use helium bottle. You can get them from Walmart or Target, for example. Or you can order them online. They come with a fixed mouthpiece. If you don’t even think about the type or color of the ball, you can easily buy a complete set with a tank, 30 different balloons and a curly white ribbon.

Can I get balloons filled with helium at Party City?

Instead of renting a helium balloon or buying expensive pre-filled balloons, there are many party supply stores that will fill your helium balloons right in the store. These include national chains such as Party City and Party Depot, but also regional chains such as Wallys Party Factory.

How big is a helium balloon?

A giant six foot diameter balloon can hold about seven pounds ( ). And really giant balloons with a diameter of 30 m (100 ft) can carry more than 16 tons (15,000 kg). With such large dimensions, helium balloons are receiving increasing attention as a possible means of transport for long-haul flights.

Balloon as a weapon |

Wars have always accumulated the financial, physical and intellectual resources of mankind, and sooner or later all new scientific and technological achievements were mobilized for war. The balloon is no exception: from the first flight of the Montgolfier brothers’ hot air balloon to its military use, only 10 peaceful years have passed. The most popular in the war was the observation tethered balloon, from the basket of which it was possible to see the invisible from the ground.A free balloon was used as a vehicle – if, of course, the wind was blowing in the right direction. It turned into an effective weapon carrier after the appearance of a propeller-driven installation, that is, when it became an airship – a large, complex and expensive machine, of which only a few hundred were made in history. Cheap non-motorized balloons could be made in the thousands, all that remained was to teach them how to blow up, set fire to, kill.

First experiments

Perhaps, the Austrians were able to use a free-floating balloon (SPA) as a weapon carrier for the first time in 1849 during the siege of Venice.Due to the peculiar terrain, it was difficult to bring artillery pieces closer to the city walls, and the blockade was delayed. When artillery lieutenant Franz von Uchatius proposed bombing the city by attaching timed bombs to small heat balls and launching hundreds of them in the wind towards the enemy, the army command immediately agreed and allocated the necessary funds to the inventor.

There is very little reliable information about this episode of military history: it is not known exactly when the air attack was made, how many balloons with bombs were launched, the principle of their operation, and what was the result.Presumably, Uhatius and his brother arrived at the walls of Venice in mid-June, bringing with them a stack of paper shells of heat balls, bombs filled with gunpowder, and braziers for heating the air. The Austrians waited a long time for the desired wind, which preferred to blow from the sea side, and not vice versa, so rumors of an imminent air raid reached the inhabitants of Venice.

Top ten Italian barrage balls

Finally, the command got tired of waiting for good weather, and Ukhatius was assigned a warship, where he moved along with the entire economy.The ship anchored from the leeward side of the Gulf to Venice, and on July 12 (according to other sources, 16), a test launch of two balloons was made. It seems that the inhabitants of Venice knew about the event in advance, as they poured out onto the street and flooded the hills to see the miracle of technology. According to the most popular version of events, after a while, a massive attack with 200 balloons was carried out, the bombs of which partially exploded over the city, partly over the Austrian positions, which caused laughter of the inhabitants who poured out to admire the spectacle.

This attempt at using the SPA in combat did not affect the military operations near Venice, or the next almost 100 years of weapons development. In the First World War, the role of air bombers was taken over by airplanes and airships, and tethered balloons remained the eyes of the troops and air defense means. Remarkable is the case when Russian military aeronauts tried to use an air booby-trap with remote detonation by placing an explosive device with an electric detonator instead of the crew in the basket of a tethered balloon.The mine was intended to destroy German fighters that interfered with the operation of observation balloons. It was supposed to blow it up when approaching an enemy aircraft’s balloon. Probably due to the weak shellless charge (the fragments could have caught the demolitionists themselves), the air explosion did not bring the desired effect, and the balloon was lost.

The use of tethered balloons to create cable barriers in the path of enemy aircraft turned out to be more effective and long-term in use.The first airplanes made of wood and canvas could not withstand collisions with the holding rope of the balloon or with its balloon. The Italians were the first to think of this: in 1916, they lifted 10 small spherical balloons into the air to a height of 1000 and 3000 meters, and from the next year they installed balloon barriers, first over Venice, and then over a number of other cities on the Adriatic coast. Balloon winches were placed at a distance of 150 meters from one another.

Both allies and opponents became interested in the novelty, and soon enough high and long “palisades” began to be raised around important objects and over caravans of ships.If the first Italian barrage balloons were spherical, then later they began to be made according to the “Kako” type – drop-shaped with three inflatable stabilizers, but of a smaller volume. The volume was calculated from the condition of lifting to a certain height, depending on the weight of the lifting cable. To increase the height of the barrier, 2-3 balloons were connected in series.

British air apron

The British came up with the idea of ​​connecting several balloons with horizontal cables and filling the gaps between them with a wire vertical mesh.The system was named “apron”. The experienced “apron” consisted of five balloons. At the first test launch by the oncoming wind, one of the balloons was ripped off and dragged up the entire bundle. At the same time, two of the service personnel did not have time to release the rigging ends, and were raised to a height, and then fell off. In the future, three-aerial “aprons” were used, which produced a strong psychological effect on the German pilots. The heights of flights over England had to be raised.

In the USSR, barrage balloons began to be produced in 1932, including tandem balloons.Their set included two balloons: for a low-altitude obstacle (up to 2500 meters), one was raised, to increase the height of the obstacle to 4500 meters, a second balloon with its own cable was attached to the first. The “triplet” system consisted of three balloons and rose to 6000 meters.

British style inflatable umbrella

When in the mid-30s the threat of a new war in Europe became more real than ever, in Britain they again remembered about balloons. The issue was considered in 1937, at the same time they predicted the amount of damage from their own balloons, blown off by the wind, as happened in the last war.Possessing great windage, the balloons actively perceived the wind load and transmitted it to the winch cable, which could not withstand. The tethered balloon became free-floating. Driven by the wind, it gradually sank lower, and the hanging cable began to cling to everything it flew over: roofs of houses, telegraph wires and power transmission lines, causing significant damage.

By the spring of 1940, the British had quite thoroughly prepared their air defense system, deploying a large number of barrage balloons.Aerostatic divisions were equipped with an LZ (Low Zone) kite aerostat with a volume of 540 cubic meters, rising to an altitude of 1500 meters. The cable of the balloon had a system of forced shooting from both sides when it was hit by an aircraft. At the same time, braking parachutes were issued from the canisters at the upper and lower ends of the cable, increasing the resistance of the cable. At the same time, the explosive valve of the balloon was opened, and the shell landed near the barrage position. Sometimes a bomb was attached to the upper canister of the cable, which descended along the cable to the aircraft.

Transportation of hydrogen in gas tanks from the manufacturer to the position

The principle on which the barrage balloons worked was a kind of catalyst for the creation of a number of interesting systems. In early 1940, Winston Churchill suggested thinking about a way to quickly deploy barbed wire in the path of enemy aircraft detected by the radar. One of the committees created by the DMWD (Directorate of Miscellaneous Weapon Development – “Directorate of Miscellaneous Weapon Development”) was proposed to raise the barbed wire with missiles.In the series, the rocket launcher was named “Z”. The missile’s “warhead” launched a parachute that held a long wire.

Another suggestion was to use a spa to lift the barbed wire. Operations Albino (“Albino”), Petard (“Petard”), Mutton (“Baran”) were developed and launched. By the summer of next year, the necessary suspension components were developed and manufactured: a barometric timer, a Pandora container or LAM (Long Aerial Mine), which was a pencil case with a coil of contact wire with a brake parachute at the free end and a bomb on the other.LAM was also installed on rockets, only the wire was shorter.

Operation Albino, named so probably because of the white latex shells of the balloons-carriers, did not develop into the active phase, but its continuation was the “Petard”, which was distinguished by more reliable equipment and a lower release height of the contact wire. All equipment and LAMs were installed on a wooden chassis. The equipment included a barometric device that did not allow the ball to rise above 1500 meters, a wick timer that alternately dropped sandbags to maintain altitude (the non-moisture-resistant shell strongly etched hydrogen) and opened the LAM.The bomb also had a timer for self-destruction after 45 minutes of flight, since in the event of a change in wind direction, the balloon with the bomb could be carried deep into British territory.

“Petard” was a top secret operation, and initially only air defense forces in the direction of flight warned about launches, and in general terms – the nearest police stations. The first launches were made during the night raids on London in March 1942. As it turned out, “it was smooth on paper”: non-operation of onboard equipment were massive, the wind carried the balloons in all directions – they were found in London and more distant counties, in France, Holland and Sweden.The anti-aircraft gunners, who were not warned, opened massive fire on strange contraptions gleaming by the over-the-horizon sun. Dangling wires messed up several electrical and telephone lines, killing people trying to remove strange objects from trees or even disassemble the suspension.

Powerful cars with winches made it possible to move the raised balloons even during an air raid, which, in principle, could disrupt the Junkers’ dive on the target

It was not possible to establish whether the use of the Petarda brought any military benefits.But it was decided to continue the operation, modifying the suspension and warning the population with the help of leaflets. Mobile groups were organized to collect the fallen balloons – the police, firefighters, and boy scouts were involved in this. The percentage of balls falling into their territory decreased, but during mass launches, the leeward territory was still densely covered with explosive objects. To the delight of the British, the Germans soon had no time for the massive bombing of the British Isles, and they did not use the Petarda against the raids of individual aircraft.

True, for the “Petarda” certain geographic and meteorological conditions were needed: the direction of flight of the group of enemy bombers had to coincide with the place where the balloons were launched, and the wind had to blow towards the continent. In order not to depend on these factors, Operation Mouton was prepared, which was based on the proposal of Admiralty officer Fraser to install an anti-aircraft balloon barrage directly in front of enemy aircraft, launching balloons with LAM containers from their aircraft – this is how fishermen put nets from a seiner when they find a fish school.

The Petarda cylinders did not fit into any aircraft, but due to the uselessness of a complex and heavy system of long-term maintenance of a certain flight altitude, the Mouton required a much smaller cylinder. The old Handley-Page Harrow bomber, which carried 120 sets, was used as an air minelayer. This was enough to put up a “fence” 8 kilometers long. The Germans did not fly in large groups at night, so the Harrow had to aim from the ground at individual enemy vehicles, which were spotted by ground-based radars.According to some reports, in 1941 with the help of “Mutons” six German bombers were shot down.

As you know, until May 1940 the war was rather strange. German aircraft did not bother the British Isles, and British aircraft did not fly far either. While the bombers were stationed at the airfields, a proposal to bomb the enemy with a SPA was considered at the headquarters of the RAF – just as the Austrians tried to do almost a hundred years ago. Now the bombs were to be dropped by radio signal.It was planned to launch balloons from France. It was supposed to track them using triangulation, detecting the radio signal from the transmitter of the bomber-ball by two spaced-apart stations, and sending a signal to drop the bomb over the desired point. The German offensive interrupted the headquarters plans, and in the summer the “Battle of Britain” began.

The Handley-Page “Harrow” was outdated by the beginning of the war as a bomber, but a simple and reliable aircraft for a long time was quite successfully used “on the sidelines”

By the end of 1940, some results could be drawn.It turned out that barrage balloons can interrupt the flight of not only enemy aircraft, but also our own, especially in poor visibility. In good weather, inexperienced cadets of flight schools got on the net. I had to breed aerostatic and fighter battalions farther from each other. The anti-aircraft gunners expressed their dissatisfaction with the neighborhood with the balloons: having found the balloons, the enemy aircraft began to climb or duck to the side, which knocked down the gunners’ sight.

It also turned out that in a thunderstorm, balloons act as lightning rods and ignite when struck by lightning.A strong wind provoked a break in the cable holding the balloon, and it was carried at the behest of the wind either to its own territory or to the enemy. So, on a September night in 1940, a storm wind tore off the leash several balloons, which flew towards Scandinavia. The ropes dragging along the ground disrupted rail links in parts of Denmark and Sweden, knocked down the antenna of a Swedish radio station, and five balloons even flew as far as Finland.

From defense to attack

The damage caused by balloons was reported to Churchill, who ordered to consider the possibility of organizing an attack on German territory using the SPA.In September 1941, after long disputes between the military departments, a team was formed, a site was allocated and the production of components for a bomber ball began. Only on March 20, 1942, the secret Operation Outward was launched: the first “out-balls” rose into the sky and, driven by the wind, sailed to the east.

What was this British wunderwaffe? The SPA carried two types of striking elements: a dumped incendiary device and a long hanging metal cable to close power lines and telephone wires – that is, variants of the “bomber” and “minesweeper”.The incendiary bombs were filled with several types of combustible material, which had the original container.

Balloon training for female WRNS personnel

For example, so-called “socks” were used: three long narrow bags filled with paraffin-impregnated wood chips. They tied at the top and fell like a “star”, getting stuck on the crowns of trees. The Beer ammunition consisted of 7–8 phosphorus grenades — glass bottles with a self-igniting liquid, similar to Soviet incendiary ampoules — stacked in a tin keg suspended from a ball on a rocker.When the timer went off, the keg turned over. The canister filled with napalm was called “Jelly”. At the right moment, it also toppled over, and the burning napalm began to flow out.

“Minesweepers” carried a container in which a 210-meter hemp rope with a 90-meter steel cable was laid, designed to close the power line. Small white latex balloons with a diameter of 2.4 m were used as carriers. The suspension had a simple timer in the form of a burner lighted before starting. The burning time depended on the estimated flight range.When the “fuse” burned out, the bomb was disconnected or a container with a cable opened. There were devices for maintaining a certain altitude of the bomb-carrying balloons by initially bleeding off hydrogen, then dosed ballast dumping (the flight altitude of the “minesweepers” was set after the cable was in contact with the ground).

In order not to interfere with the RAF bombers that were operating at night, the launches took place during the day, so the German air defense, of course, detected balloons.Interceptions of German radio communications allowed the British to assess the damage from the attack. As a result of the first operation, forest fires broke out in some parts of Germany. The British considered the distraction of German air defense fighters as additional damage for the Germans – enemy aircraft spent fuel and motor resources to intercept relatively cheap weapons.

A balloon hovers in the sky, streaked with contrails after air combat

Operation Outward continued until September 1944.After the Allies landed in Normandy, their aviation activity over western Europe sharply increased, and it became unsafe to litter the sky with aeronautical bombs. During these two years, 99 142 balloons were launched by the WRNS (Women’s Royal Naval Service – barrage balloons and everything else related to balloons), of which 53 343 carried incendiary bombs, and the rest were “Minesweepers”. According to the most conservative estimates, the “out-balls” inflicted damage on the German economy in the then 1.5 million pounds, while the British did not have data on the Soviet occupation zone.The biggest success was the failure of a large power plant near Leipzig as a result of an arranged power line short circuit.

Neutral Sweden also got it: in January 1944, due to a power outage in the control system on one of the railways, caused by the closure of a power line by a minesweeper balloon that deviated to the north, two trains collided. When the wind direction changed, the balloons could be brought into their territory, which is why the city of Ipswich was once left without light.

Japanese Air Offensive

The Japanese also had their own “Outward”.In 1942, American B-25s, taking off from an aircraft carrier, bombed the Japanese islands. The Japanese did not like this terribly, and they also decided to strike at the continental territory of the United States. True, by this time it was not possible to organize an attack with the help of carrier-based aircraft. All that happened was to send submarine aircraft carriers I-9 and I-15 to the west coast of the United States, from which two seaplanes took off and dropped several light bombs into Oregon. Soon the Americans built airfields on the islands of Polynesia and in China.Heavy bombers taking off from them freely reached Japanese cities, turning them into ruins. The retaliatory revenge was quite unexpected: the Japanese decided to bomb America with bombs.

This original idea of ​​the military was prompted by long-standing meteorological research carried out on the instructions of the fleet. It was found that constant winds blow at an altitude of more than 9000 m: in winter towards the American continent, in summer – in the opposite direction. Therefore, balloons launched from the Japanese islands in winter can fly to America.If you hang bombs on the balloons and launch them in the millions, the Americans will have a hard time.

The shell of the balls was glued together from rice paper, both old and young. This happened in the most spacious rooms: indoor sports facilities, theaters. By the way, the glue was made on an organic basis, and hungry people could refresh them a little. The balloons were 10 meters in diameter. The paper casing was impregnated with three layers of wax and filled with hydrogen. A box was attached to the ball’s suspension system, which contained an electric battery, a clock mechanism, a bomb dropping mechanism and a temperature sensor.On the lower part of the box were bomb racks, on which 3-4 bombs (incendiary or high-explosive fragmentation) with a total weight of 35 kg, as well as bags with ballast, were suspended. The ballast was necessary to keep the balloon at the desired height: to fly to America for three days, and although the temperature in the tropopause is constant, during the day the hydrogen and the shell were heated by the sun, and the ball began to gain altitude, which threatened to rupture the shell. Excess hydrogen was vented with a special valve. If the ball began to drop ahead of time, the outside air temperature increased, and the temperature sensor gave a command to discharge part of the ballast.The clockwork counted down the estimated time required for the flight and released the bombs at the right time.

Japanese fireball ready to launch

The first balloons were launched in September 1944, but the Americans did not pay attention to them until the following year, when quite a few reports of fires and explosions in various regions, from Alaska to California, accumulated. The fighters could hardly attack these targets – the balloons flew high and surprisingly fast. Nevertheless, the planes managed to shoot down 20 balloons.The appearance of alarming messages in newspapers and on the radio was stopped by the authorities by order. At the same time, a Japanese radio station broadcasting programs to America frightened the population of the States with reports of 10,000 killed Americans, burning forests and farms. In fact, only six people died, of whom five were children, who found the unexploded bomb. At first, the American military assumed that the balloons were launched from submarines or even spies from camps where “American” Japanese internees were being held.Then the sand from the ballast bags was transferred to geologists, and they established its origin – the coast of the Japanese islands.

Soon, American aircraft bombed two of the three hydrogen plants, and the Japanese could not get reliable information about the damage caused by the United States. The balloons were stopped. In total, they managed to send 9000 balls. The Americans believe that about 1000 of them flew to the continent, but no more than 300 were recorded over the United States. dropped on Nagasaki.The reactor had to be stopped for a while, but this did not save Nagasaki. This is how the weapon of despair met the weapon of the apocalypse.

90,000 Israel fired at Hamas targets after attack from Gaza Strip | News from Germany on world events | DW

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on the night of Friday, June 18, launched a series of airstrikes against targets of the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, in response to the Palestinian launching of balloons filled with explosives. This was reported on the page of the Israel Defense Forces in the social network Twitter.

For their part, representatives of Hamas told AFP that in response they fired machine guns at Israeli settlements on the border with the Gaza Strip.

Violation of the ceasefire in the Middle East

Over the past few days, Hamas has several times launched bundles of balloons with explosives attached to them from the territory of the Gaza Strip towards Israel. These attacks have caused numerous fires in Israel. In turn, the AFP agency indicates that the attacks from the Gaza Strip were preceded by speeches by ultra-right Israelis in Jerusalem.

The first aerial bombardment of targets in the Gaza Strip since the conclusion of the armistice was launched by the Israeli military on the night of June 16. According to the Israel Defense Forces, this operation was also a reaction to the launching of balloons with explosives by the Palestinians towards Israel.

Aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict escalated on May 10. On that day, Hamas launched a massive rocket attack against Israel in response to clashes between Palestinians and police in East Jerusalem.On May 21, an armistice agreement entered into force, which the parties managed to conclude with the mediation of Egypt. By this time, 13 Israelis and 260 Palestinians have become victims of the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East.

On June 17, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken held talks with Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, during which he stressed that relations between Israelis and Palestinians “need practical improvement.”

See also:

  • May 2021: New escalation of conflict in the Middle East

    Bloody dawn

    Plumes of smoke rise into the sky over residential buildings in the Gaza Strip after the Israeli army’s response to rocket attacks by radical Palestinians on the territory Israel.Since May 10, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has reached a new level of escalation of violence.

  • May 2021: New escalation of conflict in the Middle East
    90,084 Destruction in the Gaza Strip

    According to Israel, after a preliminary warning, strikes were carried out on buildings that housed the headquarters of paramilitary groups or the homes of leaders of the radical Islamist movement Hamas. A number of Hamas commanders were killed including Bassem Issa, the leader of the movement’s militant wing.

  • May 2021: New escalation of the conflict in the Middle East

    Flight rescue

    But civilians are suffering. Photo: Residents in Gaza City seek refuge after Israel’s devastating rocket attacks in response to a Palestinian attack. At least five people were killed in the shelling on 11 May. The total number of victims from the Palestinian side since May 10, according to official figures, has reached 48 residents.

  • May 2021: new escalation of the conflict in the Middle East

    Rocket attack on Tel Aviv

    Later, on the night of May 12, Hamas fighters fired rockets at Tel Aviv.Israel’s air defense system intercepts and destroys missiles or redirects them to where they can cause the least amount of destruction.

  • May 2021: new escalation of the conflict in the Middle East

    Anxious expectation

    Yet the Israeli air defense system called “Iron Dome” does not guarantee 100% protection against enemy attacks. Therefore, when the sirens start to howl, Israeli civilians have to descend into the bomb shelters as soon as possible.Even at three o’clock in the morning, as in this photo.

  • May 2021: new escalation of the conflict in the Middle East

    Improvised shelter

    Those who do not have time to get to the bomb shelter during an alarm try to protect themselves as much as possible in the current situation. In the photo – residents of the city of Ashkelon, located ten kilometers from the border with the Gaza Strip.

  • May 2021: new escalation of the conflict in the Middle East

    Continuous danger

    The danger to civilians is not only the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, but also the ruins of their destroyed houses.In the photo: a destroyed house in the city of Yehud, located near the large Israeli Ben Gurion Airport. According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Palestinian side has fired over 1,000 rockets at Israel since May 10.

  • May 2021: New escalation of conflict in the Middle East

    Cobblestones and Tear Gas

    Mass clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli law enforcement agencies have been increasing in recent years.The photo shows the riots in the city of Hebron, located on the west bank of the Jordan River. The protesters throw stones at the security personnel, who use tear gas in response.

  • May 2021: New escalation of conflict in the Middle East

    Suppression of Palestinian protests

    Israeli security forces use flash bangs, tear gas and rubber bullets to suppress protests by the Palestinian population.This time, the Palestinians’ discontent was primarily caused by the Israeli government’s plans to forcibly evict several Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem.

  • May 2021: New escalation of conflict in the Middle East

    When will the violence end?

    The beginning of the de-escalation of the conflict in the Middle East is not yet visible. The photo shows Palestinian civilians, fearing new Israeli air raids, on the territory of the UN-owned facilities in the city of Gaza.

  • May 2021: new escalation of the conflict in the Middle East

    IDF ground operation

    The Israeli army on the night of May 14 announced an air and ground operation in the Gaza Strip. Israeli tanks opened fire on the sector while rocket attacks continued from there. Combat aviation and artillery were also involved in the operation. Combat teznik and infantry did not cross the border of the Gaza Strip.

    Author: Uta Steinver, Elena Gunkel

90,000 [PDF] The Russian soldier is rich in mind and strength.Purpose: to organize the leisure of children. The course of the event.

Download Russian soldier is rich in mind and strength. Purpose: to organize the leisure of children. The course of the event ….

The Russian soldier is rich in mind and strength. Holiday by February 23 for students 7-10 years old. Purpose: to organize the leisure of children. The course of the event. Children read poetry. 1. The date has a special meaning. Brave sons birthday. All Russian people on this date Sends greetings to the sailor and the soldier. 2.The buckle glitters on the belt And glitters from afar. Striped shirt The striped shirt is called.Gloomy in the sea-ocean, Waves dance here and there, Ships go in the fog, Our land is guarded. 3.Birds fell asleep on the branches, The stars in the sky do not burn. A detachment lurked at the border of the Border Guards. Border guards are not asleep At their native border: Our sea, our land, Our sky is guarded! 4. Youth meet the dawn Under the canopy of wings and missiles And guard the height Those who are on duty today.

5. Military profession We know more than one. The military is always needed to defend the country. 6. And not even imagine how important their service is. While they are on guard, the country sleeps quietly.Teacher: In the winter month of February, we celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day. And today we want to congratulate you guys, future soldiers and officers. We wish you to become brave, strong, because being a defender has always been considered a great honor. Our holiday is called “The Soldier is Rich in Mind and Strength.” Teacher: The holiday provides an opportunity to show strength, dexterity and ingenuity. We will choose 4 teams from our boys. They will compete in different contests and receive tokens for the correct answer. The team with the most tokens wins.1 team “Sailors” 2 team “Pilots” 3 team “Rockets” 4 team “Border guards” Competition “One on one” We announce an arm wrestling competition. One participant from each team is called. They sit down at the table opposite each other. Each participant places the strongest hand on the table, bent at the elbow. The opponents capture their hands in the castle. The winner is the one who manages to bend the opponent’s hand to the table. Competition “Sharpshooter” 2 participants from each team are called. Pins stand in front of them. You need to knock down the pin with the ball.Whoever has more hits will win. Contest “Riddles” A future soldier must be able to understand technology. Are you guys familiar with the weapons of our army? Let’s check it out now. 1. A fable-bird flies, And inside the people sits, They speak among themselves. (airplane) 2. Black old women are sitting on a mountain-mountain,

If they gasp People go deaf. (cannons) 3.Without acceleration, it takes off, reminds a dragonfly, Sent in flight Our Russian … (helicopter) 4.Wonder bird, scarlet tail, Flew into a flock of stars. (rocket) 5. Turtle crawling, Steel shirt.The enemy is in the ravine, And she is where the enemy is. (tank) 6. Under water, the iron whale, Day and night, the whale does not sleep. That whale has no time for dreams, He is on duty day and night. (submarine) Competition “Dexterous cabin boy” 4 participants from each team. Each participant must run on a bench with a plate on which a balloon lies. Sea Knots Contest Each team receives 3 handkerchiefs and ties a knot on them. The teams then exchange handkerchiefs and untie them. Whose team is faster will win. “Scouts” Competition Books and films about scouts always excite the imagination.Everyone wants to be a little Stirlitz. Why don’t you try it too? For grade 1: puzzles. Competition “Auction” It is necessary to remember and name the words with the letter “P” that are related to the army. (Machine gun, cannon, shoulder strap, colonel, enemy, parachute, post, order, password, warrant officer, deck, monument, patrol, front line, etc.) Competition “Kick off the shell” 3 people from each team. There is a rope (or a line drawn) between the commands. Each team has 4 shells (balls or balls (. On command, the participants begin to throw shells on the side of the enemy.Whose side will have fewer shells by the end of the competition, that team won.

Competition “The most agile” On the back of the participants in the performance. The winner is the one who first sees the opponent’s number. Competition “Obstacle Course” Summing up the results of the competition.

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