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Fake Louis Vuitton luxury bag operation in China worth US$15.4 million shut down after police arrest almost 40 people

Police in China have shut down a sophisticated counterfeit Louis Vuitton racket that netted 100 million yuan (US$15.4 million).

Nearly 40 people, including one store saleswoman, were arrested in connection with the alleged forging of the bags over a four-year period, mainland media reported.

In some cases, they produced counterfeit bags before the real versions had hit the market. The operation also added chip technology that they claimed allowed customers to verify genuine products — a feature the real bags do not have.

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Near-Field-Communication chips (NFC) are tiny sensors that are often attached to the insides of luxury brand items and which show information for consumers to view with their smartphones.

The operation also found suppliers to copy dust bags, warrant certificates, labels, envelopes, and letters.

The group used patterns from real bags and samples and designs stolen by an insider at Louis Vuitton to manufacture the fakes. Photo:

The alleged counterfeiters, who were in Guangdong province, have been charged with illegally manufacturing and selling registered trademark goods.

The scam was initially exposed in December 2019 when police found people selling bootleg Louis Vuitton bags and other accessories on social media. Another part of the operation involving about 40 workshops was shutdown in July last year.

The operation initially started to produce leather that was printed with Louis Vuitton patterns in 2018, however that failed because the fake patterns faded quickly. In March last year they sprayed on patterns using a different technique that was more effective and within five months had produced 2,300 yards of sprayed leather, which could produce 6,900 bags.

Fake products for sale online. Photo:

The group would buy genuine bags from Louis Vuitton retail stores which would then be disassembled to produce leather with the same pattern.

However, unsatisfied with the effort and time it took to produce bags in this manner, they recruited a saleswoman in a genuine Louis Vuitton store from whom they bought more than a dozen genuine bags.

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The saleswoman provided internal training materials, which included design and detailed graphs of bags not sold in China yet. Some designs were sold before the genuine ones reached retail stores — some ended up as far away as the Middle East.

The bootleg bags, which cost only 100 to 200 yuan (US$15 to $30), were sold for between 300 to 500 yuan (US$45-$75) yuan each to dealers. The dealers added a 40 per cent mark up and sold the bags on to other dealers across the country who then marked the bags up yet again before selling to retail customers.

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Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags

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I tested 6 different online sellers who were getting good reviews around the web, I got a bit disappointed, to be honest as 3 of them delivered quite bad replicas, and one of them seems to have scammed me as I did not receive yet what I ordered. My personal favorite shop from the 6 I tested would be this shop. In this review, I’ll explain in detail my experience. If you are in a rush and don’t have time to read the entire story, just click here to see what I ordered and how great it turned out to be.


Update 2 June 2021: My last order for a Louis Vuitton Replica was received on the 1st of June 2021 (I ordered this bag) and was as good as always (even if it got shipped with around 3 days delay). I’ll make another post soon to show more pictures of my latest bags!! Subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated!

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Finding the Best Louis Vuitton China Replica

Let’s get one thing clear; there are tons of low-quality, cheap replica handbags out there.

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If you want to find the ultimate cheap Louis Vuitton bags from china, you have to have a more discriminating eye. I’m talking about expecting nothing less than replica handbags with extremely high quality and flawless fidelity to the original design.

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I’m always up to date with fashion trendsetters like Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner. And my friends are also very fashion conscious.

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I found the best Fake LV replica Seller

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My High-Quality fake LV

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My guide enables you to get off the radar as far as those people are concerned. If you can fake those people out on the cheap, there’s no telling who you can fake out.

Because most people aren’t really up to date with fashion, most people don’t bother. So, if you can fake out the ones who are “high fashion” connoisseurs, you’re pretty much good to go.

Let’s dive in and get going in our fantastic journey into the fascinating world of high-quality design brand knock-off handbags.

How My Addiction to High-Quality Handbag Replicas Got Started

Before I give you some hard facts regarding fake handbags and how to buy them, let me give you a little bit of background information about myself.

I am a big-time fashion fan. I’ve always been into handbags. If you look at my closet and you didn’t know any better, you could have sworn that I have spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in my collection.

You can see them all there. I’ve got everything from amazingly cute and smart accessories, belts, shoes and, of course, bags and purses. While I do have a keen eye for all other accessories, I have a particular soft spot in my heart for handbags.

I’m a girl who just recently graduated from college. I’m an accountant by training. As you can well imagine, since I just got out of school, I don’t have much of a budget for luxury fashions.

As much as I would love to, I’m not in a position to spend all my hard-earned money on high-end handbags made by some of the world’s most recognizable and renowned luxury brands.

At first, I made a huge mistake: I spent money on “the real thing.” Just like any true-blue fashionista, I would blow my wages on authentic high-end bags.

High-quality fake Louis bags are what you are looking for!

The problem was, I was paying with plastic.

Sooner or later, those credit card bills’ balances got bigger and bigger. Finally, I had to catch up, and it crushed my finances.

I’m sharing this painful personal financial story with you because I’m sure I’m not alone. A lot of people would love the very best brands, but they are not in a financial position to do it.

They have money, but they don’t have that much money. I hope you can see the difference.

At this point, I was left between a rock and a hard place. I love high fashion and I’m not going to settle for brands that everybody knows is cheap. That’s not an option. It’s a nonstarter with me.

I also knew that I only have so much money to spend. I’m a young professional, and I guess, compared to other people, I’m making good money. But it’s not enough to afford the high-end brands that I had my eye on. It simply was just too cost-prohibitive.

A lot of the brands that I wanted to buy are just impossibly expensive. I’ve fallen in love with their brands, but they just were out of reach for me. I was miserable, to be honest.

I would check out the online shops of these luxury brands. I’d spend hours going through their catalog collections and fantasizing about holding the bag and hanging out at restaurants or Starbucks. It was sad. So close yet so far.

I thought that it was going to be my situation for at least five years. In five years, I would be able to pay off my student loans.

Where I finally found my favorite Fake Louis Bag?

Thank goodness I discovered a good fake louis bag shop. This website is fantastic because it features some of the best quality replica fashion accessories you can find anywhere on this planet. I was like a kid who was left alone in a candy shop.

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Your definition of a replica handbag should be all about high-end imitations or “super fakes.” Nothing else would do. Nothing else would make sense.

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How to Shop for the Very Best Designer Handbag LV Replicas

The place that I’m going to tell you is a secret to a lot of people. It’s an open secret, but it’s a secret nonetheless.

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The better strategy would be to look for some indicators of fake designer bag quality. These are common indicators. If you spot these indicators, there’s a high chance that you are dealing with a super fake. We tested many shops and at the end of the day, luxtime seems to be the best in the business, no doubts about that.

In other words, you’re going to be buying the right thing. In the industry, these are the indicators for an “AAA” quality.

If you go to many different replica websites, look for the phrase “AAA” or “AAA replica designer handbags.” If you just see “replica bags” or “famous brand replicas,” forget it. They don’t know the language and, chances are, they don’t know the quality standards.

Now for the Good Stuff about Louis Vuitton Replicas

Now that you have a clear idea of the standards you should have and what to look for, I’m happy to report that there is one place where you can buy high quality super fake replica designer handbags with the utmost confidence.

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Before I give you the details, I need to explain to you why finding a high-quality seller is crucial. Since you’re doing all of this online, there is really little space for error. You obviously can’t handle the materials. You’re still going to be paying quite a large sum of money.

Remember, the higher the replica quality, the more cash it will cost you. So, you have to insist on the very best. And the key here is to properly qualify the source that you’re going to get from.

You want a source that is easy to deal with. You want to work with a company that also has high standards. They have to treat you right.

Just because you’re buying an imitation or a replica, it doesn’t mean that the company should have lousy customer service.


One reason why I love good Fake Louis Vuitton Sellers so much is that they are really transparent. They tell you the limitations of the knock-offs they do. They are also upfront about the material, the quality of the construction, and so on and so forth.

So, every description you see on their website matches the description of the product that you receive in the mail. When you handle the product or you smell it, when you carry it around, it matches the description. This is a big deal.

I don’t have all the money in the world. My lifestyle is definitely not funded by some sort of trust fund. It’s not like I can blow $2,000 on a random bag. I can’t take that kind of risk.

This is why I’m so excited about this.

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So, if you’re looking for the next high-quality brand purse you’d like to buy for yourself or for a loved one, you know where to look. The same goes for the next time you’re on the market for a high-end handbag.

There are so many ways to reach their dedicated customer support network. There is a dedicated team available through WhatsApp. Basically, they’re a phone call away.

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Best 12 Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff (Bags/Clothing/ Shoes)

Where are exactly those people getting fake designer bags?

Are you looking for a place to buy or wholesale these fake stuffs? This seems to be difficult, right? Because of the replica online wholesalers, they always seem to not make public appearances. 

Come to find them! This article can help you find their tracks and learn everything about buying fake stuff at wholesale.

We researched and collected best 12+ replica wholesalers, no matter if you want to buy replica bags, designer clothes or shoes, you can definitely get channels here, and even a more favorable and no risk wholesale site.

Let’s get started!

Best 12+ Replica Online Wholesalers To Buy Fake Stuff

We will separately list the replica wholesalers who purchase wholesale fake bag, fake clothes and fake shoes. And of course, you can also find more replica products on these sites. At the same time, there are also genuine and cheap designer bags on these sites.


Replica online wholesalers to buy fake bags



Aliexpress’s reputation is outside, and you haven’t heard it enough. This wholesale business of Alibaba is like China’s eBay. It is a collection of many suppliers offering a wide range of products wholesale, mobile phones, watches, jewelry, and of course the fake bags you want to find:

These things, they are very cheap, maybe more suitable for your business -if you are looking for cheap replica designer handbags online. If you need to do china cheap replica wholesale, you can definitely come here.




Mobile: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, QIWI, Boleto.

Web page: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Yandex.Money.



This is another website, if you want to buy replica handbags wholesale, moreover, we found that China’s replica wholesale channels are very wide, and Dhgate’s headquarters is China.


DHgate currently offers more than 40 million products and serves more than 10 million buyers from more than 220 countries around the world. It is similar to Alibaba and has the same business model for wholesale buyers and sellers. It also provides direct service to your customers.

DHgate focuses on small b2b platforms. Because they offer a small MOQ, they are actually an online market for wholesale and retail.

This is a great place for your wholesale designer replica bags and even Balenciaga replica, it has a strong china replica wholesale resources.


  • Main logistics transportation: CHINAPOSTAIR, CHINAPOSTSAL, DHL, EMS, China Post Air Mail.

  • The main payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Bank Transfer.


3. Alibaba


When we talk about wholesale, we have to recommend Alibaba as a powerful wholesale company.


Alibaba is one of the sites that can help you buy counterfeit goods wholesale. A famous replica product collection – Taobao, is a company owned by Alibaba. has more than 1 million registered buyers on its website. It sells wholesale products worldwide, with a large number of suppliers from China, providing the site with a strong competitive advantage.


You can get the replica bags you want at this website for a cheap price.

  • Main logistics transportation: UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, TOLL, e-EMS, ePacket, China Post registered air mail and so on.


  • The main payment methods: letter of credit, T / T, Western Union, credit card, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, bank transfer, electronic check payment, etc.

Replica online wholesalers to buy fake clothes



This is a good Replica online wholesale site. On this website, you can find many different styles of fake designer clothes at a reasonable price:


What’s interesting about this site is that it doesn’t directly provide you with cheap shoppers, because it just gives you a buying or wholesale channel:



Therefore, merchants can find more Replica clothes and even other counterfeit goods through Replicawholesale.



For buy wholesale replica clothes, this is the second replica online site you can go to.


Like the first website, you can find more channels to wholesale or buy fake clothes through this website. The difference is that the products involved in this website are more routine and universal. Most of them will provide wholesale channels for fake shirt purchases. For example, if you want a fake t-shirt, you are likely to come here:



Amazon offers a comprehensive range of needs for merchants, as well as for replica uk, you can find them here: is one of the largest replica designer apparel suppliers in the UK and around the world, with the most affordable price tag on these products. They provide merchants with a different list of platforms and available copy products that they can access. The company offers transportation services up to the customer’s location and has flexible payment options.




Where to buy replica clothes? The last replica website I want to introduce is this. Founded in 2005, Wholesale clearance is a UK wholesaler. It has a lot of wholesale branded clothing for you to choose from, as well as some replica designer costumes such as Calvin Klein and younger brands such as Pacha and Chupa Chups.


It not only provides cheap replica clothing for the business, but also guarantees quality.

8. Popfashionstore

This replica website provides you with replica designer clothes, which are very powerful. You can choose designer clothes for men, women and even children. Although those are replica products, it is completely satisfactory for the price of the merchant.

Replica online wholesalers to buy fake shoes




This is a global online marketplace and a best website for replica shoes. We can buy wholesale and sell almost anything at There are currently over 1 million items sold with thousands of active buyers and sellers.


If you want buy wholesale fake shoes, some of’s featured products include replicas of designer brands such as Airmax shoes, Gucci belts, branded sneakers, Supreme sneakers and more.


It’s worth mentioning that has a column about Replica, which means you can find not only fake shoes, but also other counterfeit goods on this website.




Where to buy replica shoes? Here you can find all the replica designer shoes you want. After all, has a very wide range of shoes:



It was established in 2006, is an import and export company, providing global brands with affordable brand shoes. The parent company is in Hong Kong.


Because it works with world-renowned distributors and trade promoters, it expands the range of products and services to meet the needs of all domestic and international customers. You can buy the fake designer shoes you want at a lower price.




The last recommended buy or wholesale replica shoes website is


This is a leading business-to-business media company and a major driver of trade in Greater China. It has more than 1.5 million international buyers, including 94 of the top 100 global retailers. uses these services to obtain product and company information to help them get more profit from overseas supply markets.


This means it can give you a variety of quality replica shoes, like this:

12. Bagsheaven

This is a replica website that can provide you with high quality branded replica handbags, especially Louis Vuitton or Hermes. This brand name handbag may be a dream for many people, but Bagsheaven can make most people close to this dream.

There are a lot of fake bags around the world, but in reality they don’t look like a luxury handbag, they are usually made of cheap materials and dull metal hardware. Bagsheaven offers high-quality Replica designer bags. For more than a decade, Bagsheaven has been creating and designing real replica handbags and has a wide list of international clients.

Wholesale risk of buying counterfeit goods and our recommendations

The benefits of wholesale purchase of replica product are all we know:

Commercial households wholesale these copies at a cheap price, and sell them at the price of the brand, thus earning a middle price difference, which has a large profit.


However, this practice is in violation of the law. We need to be very cautious when considering whether to buy replica stuff wholesale, because it will involve the following risks:


l Selling replica designer stuffs is illegal.

Every designer brand has strict and strong measures to protect their brand from copying or plagiarism. Therefore, if the copy business is not authorized by the brand owner, the merchant is likely to be litigated. If the original product is copied, it is very unfair to the designer and the law protects their rights.


l The online store will be closed

Most e-commerce platforms refuse to allow merchants to do fake sales, and once discovered, your online store is likely to be closed or even subject to huge fines.


l You will be condemned by your conscience.

Selling replica designer stuffs will put you in a false economic situation. This is very bad for your long-term business development.



Given the absolute risk of wholesale sales of replica online, we recommend:


Merchants should try to wholesale and sell authorized products at a cheap price.


As a businessman, in general, making a profitable business is the driving force and goal of our progress. Yes, the general public loves famous brands, everyone is willing to pursue brand-name clothing, brand-name shoes, brand-name bags and so on. Because brand names have a strong influence, people default to wearing brand names to show people’s temperament, demeanor, and of course social status.


With brand-name products, this can satisfy people’s vanity and humanity. People are willing to spend this. This also gives us many opportunities. This is a business opportunity to make money.


The most common way to buy these products wholesale is to buy them from legitimate suppliers who guarantee genuine but expensive wholesale prices. For merchants with special needs, the price is the most unacceptable for them. So they took another approach that is not desirable – wholesale designers copy products, which helps to make a lot of profits, but this method is deceptive and will be very big for consumers and businesses themselves. The negative impact.


Therefore, we hope that merchants can purchase products from formal channels as legally as possible to ensure the long-term stable development of the business.

How to wholesale goods at a cheap price without any risks?—-Chinabrands

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Chinabrands is a wholesale transportation provider whose main business areas are wholesale products and direct flights to customers around the world.

In addition, you can also access the quality B2B services provided by Chinabrands, where small entrepreneurs can get very cheap wholesale prices.


Chinabrands brings together more than 10,000 suppliers worldwide to provide products to global distributors, using powerful data systems, API technology, and teams to form a quality sales ecosystem at Chinabrands.

Why choose it?


For businesses that legally purchase licensed products at a cheap price, you need to:


1. Quality suppliers.


Chinabrands’ parent company is Global Tesco, a company that has grown rapidly since 2007 and has the strength to provide the best suppliers.


Supplier selection process:


The supplier’s qualification inspection, sample sampling, door-to-door sampling, warehouse sampling, four levels of qualification certification, product inspection can become our supplier. According to the user complaints, the supplier will also conduct sampling procedures according to different standards.


2. Massive sources


Chinabrands selects 10,000+ suppliers worldwide. This allows you to choose more products, and the reasonable competition between suppliers can provide customers with more quality and preferential products.


3. Competitive price


Because of cooperation with many quality suppliers, Chinabrands has more than 200 first-line quality brand suppliers.

Providing high-quality hot-selling products, you can easily create hot-selling high-profit, zero-difference evaluation models. It has enough strength for his customers, that is, you, to have an absolute product price advantage and enhance the competitiveness of your store products.

In this way, we do not have to wholesale copy brand-name products, we do not have to risk the risk of infringement, which is the most beneficial to our business.

Best-Selling Bags Wholesale on Chinabrands

More >

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Chinabrands:


1.Dropship service

Yes, you may not be able to believe that in addition to wholesale purchases of replicas, there are such good channels to make money. So, you can try to buy a product directly, because Chinabrands does not have a minimum order quantity for wholesalers.

At the same time, Chinabrands can bring goods to your customers. For countless merchants around the world, this is a huge surprise, which means that merchants can achieve long-term benefits with the help of Chinabrands.


2. Logistics services


When customers place an order in your store, you are free from the hassle of logistics services. Whether you are a business or individual seller, Chinabrands guarantees that your order will be delivered to the customer.


Chinabrands works with world-renowned logistics companies (eg DHL, EMS) and has 40 overseas warehouses in more than 12 states worldwide. Strong logistics capabilities ensure that goods are delivered to your customers’ homes within 48 hours, no matter where they are.


3. Product Promotion Service


Working with Chinabrands, you won’t need to promote your product, because it’s all done by this team.


4. After-sales customer service


Chinabrands has well-trained customer service staff and masters the language of 13 countries. They solve the after-sales customer service problem for the merchant, and you will have a lot of time to start your business.


In order to ensure an efficient business model for your business, your business at Chinabrands will be very simple:


This is definitely a more reliable way to make money than wholesale purchase of replica online.

Guangzhou Baiyun Replica Bags Market

Everyone dreams of owning a luxury bag. Besides meeting and exceeding the functional needs of the owner, designer bags are built to highlight the owner’s sense of style and elegantly accessorize their outfit. These bags are often designed by the world’s most experienced craftsmen who bundle quality, style and utility into chic masterpiece. Due to the quality of material and techniques used in the production of these bags, they often cost a fortune. With replicas however, you can own a designer bag without spending nearly as much as you would a new one. Guangzhou Baiyun is home to a popular market for replica bags.

Before taking a trip to the market, it is important to establish a means of getting products at the least price possible. Despite being a market for replica products, vendors have a tendency of inflating the prices to make maximum profits. You therefore need to be smart and hone your bargaining skills whenever you are making a purchase. To avoid being ripped off by the sellers, there are a few tips that can help you get amazing deals for replica bags at the Guangzhou Baiyun Market.

Exude Confidence

Whenever you are browsing through a market, it is important that you maintain your confidence and let the vendors know it. When you walk into a stall, show the trader that you know what you are looking for and are sure about the price. After spotting the bag you want to buy, just show a tiny bit of interest in it. If the trader sees your enthusiasm, they are likely to state a very high price for it. Make it appear like you are skeptical about buying the bag. This makes it hard for them to charge high for the product for fear of losing a potential customer. When they state their price for the bag, take your time before making a counter offer. You should also be prepared to walk away if they are not willing drop the prices. This might make them reconsider and offer a sweeter deal.

Beware of Bait Questions

Traders at the Guangzhou Baiyun have a tendency of asking bait questions to determine whether to charge you high or the right price for an item. A case in point is when you ask for the cost of a bag that you would like to buy. Rather than answer with the cost of the bag, traders will often ask you how much you want it for. They are also likely to ask you what the cost of a genuine version of the bag is and how bad you want to own one. These are some of the bait questions that you should be smart enough to avoid answering. It is vital to always ensure that the vendor tells you the asking price before you begin to bargain.

Having them make the first move makes it easier for you to control the negotiation. After they have set the price (usually absurdly high) make your counter offer which is also absurdly low. The lower you begin your bargain, the lower you can bring the ultimate price of the bag. they may even say you are ridiculous with your offer; don’t let this bother you. Maintain your ground and you will in the end buy the bag for a very low cost.

Show them Your Cheeky Side

Being cheeky is a great way of gaining control of the negotiation. Despite knowing that they are dealing in replica bags, the sellers will try to convince you that they have the best quality products. This is precisely when you need to be cheeky, especially when the vendor is proving to be hard and stubborn. Let the seller know that you are aware that they sell replica bags and that they got them for far cheaper. Being cheeky to a stubborn seller makes them know that you know exactly what you want and the right cost for it. Even if you do not know the cost or quality of their product, act like you know it better than them. You can even throw an “I have bought one before” in there. You should however keep your cheekiness low key to avoid agitating them.

Take Control of the Negotiation

Building a good rapport with the seller makes it a lot easier for you to get great deals for replica handbags at the Guangzhou Baiyun market. Show the seller that you intend to buy the bag but can easily walk off if the offer is not sweet enough. Talk to them for a while to show them your interest and make them believe that they have earned you as a buyer. If they have not reached your final price, give them a shrug and tell them you are not going to spend more than your final offer and start walking away. The thought of losing a customer will frustrate them and they will quickly call you with another offer, usually the one you settled on or very close to that. In as much as this strategy may not always work, it works most of the time and will help you get an amazing deal for a replica bag.

Be Friendly

You want the seller to like you as soon as you walk into their stall. This will encourage them to build a buyer-seller relationship with you. Although most sellers at the Guangzhou Baiyun replica market have good language skills, you are likely to find it handy learning a few Chinese words. Know how to throw in a ‘halo’ and ‘what does this cost?’. It also helps to know how to urge them to charge lower in Chinese. This is an irresistible move that will make them smile and consider charging you lower.

Whenever you are bargaining with sellers of replica products, don’t feel guilty about pushing the price lower than they asked. These products are replicas and cost them way less than they are charging you.

Top DHGate Replica Bag Sellers 2021

I love designer bags; they have a different charm and beauty to them. I am sure you resonate with me. The deal with designer bags is that so much thought has been put behind designing it to the utmost precision; they become a part of you. But, it is all wishful thinking for most of us. Another deal, and quite a heartbreaking one, with designer bags, is that they are so ridiculously expensive.

Buying designer bags can leave us broke for the rest of the month. So, as lovers of the designer labels, what do we do? We look for the next best option!

The replicas of our beloved designer bags.

Yes, there are online eCommerce websites that work towards bringing to us the best replicas of designer bags. They are imitated so well, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference just by looking at them. But since there are so many places where we can get these bags from, it can get quite confusing to decide one place. That is the problem that needs a solution, and the solution is right here in this article.

DHGate is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms that there is. The platform has tons of sellers striving to bring to us the best quality products at super affordable prices. Needless to say, the eCommerce giant also has tons of best DHGate replica designer bag sellers, who bring to us our revered designer bags at a fraction of the cost.

You can read our TOP REPLICAS ON ALIEXPRESS post if you are not confident of buying from DHGate.

Why choose DHGate for replica designer bag sellers?

  • You can find excellent quality replicas of famous luxury brands at super affordable prices.
  • The sellers are trustworthy and value your satisfaction.
  • DHGate offers buyer protection and live support system, which are both beneficial if you are facing issues.
  • Free shipping available.

Best Replica Designer Bag Sellers on DHGATE 2021

The problem with DHGate, however, is that there are thousands of sellers, which can make choosing a Herculean task. So, to help you find the best deals and the best quality replica designer bags, I have brought to you some of the best DHGate replica designer bag sellers.

Are you ready to bring home that designer handbag you have been eyeing for months now? Read on to find out more.

#1 – Handbagstore888

The first replica designer bag seller on our list is handbagstore888, which has been running its operations on DHGate since 2017. It is one of the top sellers on the platform with positive feedback of 97.8 percent.

In its years of operations on DHGate, the store has managed to complete over 26 thousand transactions.

It brings to you some best quality replicas of the designer bags you have always wanted in your life. Are you looking for a Michael Kors handbag, or the one from Gucci? You will definitely find them here.

Apart from handbags, the store also sells wallets and backpacks. The quality of the bags is brilliant and you will hardly be able to tell the difference in terms of design and quality.

You can check out the store here.

#2 – Maizhong Bag

Maizhong is the store you have always been waiting for to satiate your thirst for high-quality designer bag replicas. The store has been operational on DHGate since 2015 and since then, it has managed to garner the love and trust of thousands of happy customers.

After serving all the happy customers, the store has positive feedback of 97.8 percent. It has also completed over 14 thousand transactions.

The store provides excellent replicas of Givenchy, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and other top brands. You can get handbags, wallets, backpacks, and more. The quality and collection that you can find in this store are unmatched to any.

You can check out this store here.

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#3 – Yoyoshopping Plaza

This amazing store is a paradise for lovers of designer handbags. Their Louis Vuitton replica bags are top quality. In fact, they are so good nobody will be able to spot any difference. The store has a good collection of handbags, and you will be able to find great deals as well.

No matter what brand you are looking for, you will definitely find good quality replica in this store. Apart from handbags, the store also has wallets and luggage.

The store has been selling on DHGate since 2016, and in these four years of operation, it has managed to garner positive feedback of 95.3 percent. It has over 6 thousand transactions under its belt. So, if you are looking for good quality replicas of designer bags, you must visit this store.

You can check out the store here.

#4 – Goodsell888

Even though the collection of replica designer bags in this store is a small one, it is still worth visiting because whatever bags it has, they are absolutely amazing. The store has been selling on DHGate since 2016 with over 3 thousand transactions.

With all the happy customers, the store has positive feedback of 98.1 percent, which is pretty high. When it comes to the price of the products, you will be amazed. Their best selling products include backpacks. Apart from that, you can also get handbags and purses for women. If you are looking for great backpacks, there is no better store to visit than this.

You can check out the store here.

#5 – MK Store 666

This is one of the most popular stores on DHGate that brings to you some of the best quality replicas of designer bags. You will find replicas of famous brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, as well as other high-end brands.

You can find handbags, cosmetic bags, wallets, outdoor bags, briefcases, and more. The store has been selling on DHGate since 2014. Since then it has completed over 10 thousand transactions and has garnered positive feedback of 96.5 percent. If you are looking for high-quality designer bag replicas, do check out this store.

You can check out the store here.

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Things to know on Buying Replica Bags from China

– Can you trust DHGate?

Yes, DHGate as a platform is completely legit and trustworthy. The online eCommerce platform has been around for over 10 years now and it has managed to create a strong foothold for itself in all these years. They make sure that they verify their sellers so that no customer is ever duped. They also ensure a foolproof return policy.

– Is it the best replica website?

While DHGate does have a very strong competitor in the form of AliExpress, DHGate is known for its high-quality replicas. If you are looking for replicas of famous designer bags, there is no better place to check out than DHGate. They have a good variety and style available at excellent prices. You can find replicas of famous luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Hermes, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and more.

Tips to note when buying best DHGate replica designer bags:

Check out the seller

The first thing you should do is check out the seller you are planning to buy from. You should check the number of years since the seller has been selling on the platform. If the seller has been selling for over 2 years, it means that the seller is authentic and genuine. You should be wary of new sellers who have not sold enough.

Check the product transactions

If you find a product you like, check for recent transactions and reviews. If the transactions are regular, which means that if people are regularly buying the product, it means that the product is popular.

Look for the feedback too. If it corresponds to the transaction time, it means that it is actually genuine. People are buying and also writing about it.

Check the feedback and reviews

Before you decide upon any product, make sure that you look at the feedback and reviews left by other customers. Sometimes, it is possible that the photos shared by the product are inaccurate, which can leave us in a sticky situation.

It is important that you know what others who have brought the product have experienced with it. The comments of others will help you make a sound choice.

Contact the seller

Before you make your purchase in a haste, be sure to contact your seller with any unresolved queries you may have. You should never buy any product with doubts in your mind. If you have queries, it is always a good idea to ask the seller directly. He or she can provide you with satisfactory answers.

Doing this also gives you a good idea about the seller. If the seller is serious and takes customer satisfaction seriously, he or she will try to make sure all your queries are answered. The seller is also good if he or she does not try to push you into buying the product without giving satisfactory answers.

The luxury bag of your dreams is a dream no more…

These were some of the best DHGate replica designer bag sellers that bring to you the most loved luxury brands at a fraction of the cost. The replica designer bags are great in terms of quality, design, and price. So, why pay thousands of dollars for a luxury brand when you can get a high-quality replica for a hundred dollars or less?

Happy shopping!






Cheap Louis Vuitton Inspired Bags from China 2021

Home » Bags » Cheap Louis Vuitton Inspired Bags from China 2021

(This article has been updated to include the latest deals and promotions.)

Everyone adores the chic and elegant styles of Louis Vuitton bags. Select a new classy bag to complement your ensemble and wear the signature Damier for the update on your New Year look, but not until the next launch of Louis Vuitton’s latest designer bag. Having a Louis Vuitton bag exhibits fame and power of femininity, as it expresses creativity, beauty, and opulence. However attached to this luxury collection a person trying to own a Louis Vuitton bag will find it hard on their wallet. Therefore buyers have to find an alternative that can match the glam of Louis Vuitton bags. We assembled a list of Cheap Louis Vuitton inspired bag from China for this reason.

NéoNoé Bucket Bag

Twist Hand Bag

Alma Hand Bag

Petite Malle Pouch

City Steamer Hand Bag

Speedy Bandoulière Hand Bag

Neverfull Tote Bag

Capucines Hand Bag

Saintonge Compact Bag

Rose des Vents Hand Bag

DHgate is one of the most trusted online trading platforms that provide millions of products for over 21 million buyers, wholesale or retail – all around the world. You can get the same exceptional feeling when you get a cheap Louis Vuitton inspired bags from China, only at DHgate.

Based on Beijing, DHgate is a partner of 21 million trusted stores and merchants of cheap but quality replicas of bags, shoes, and many more. With just a click away, you can get your favorite Louis Vuitton inspired bags through What’s more, is that DHgate offers great deals and fabulous discounts for up to 50% off. Visit now, and have a unique shopping experience.

Cheap Louis Vuitton Inspired Bags from China

DHgate is the perfect platform for you to come across your favourite Louis Vuitton inspired bags, all at low prices. Buying a replica or inspired bags can be complicated, but if you have the right reference for detail and design, then picking the perfect LV inspired bag will be easy. Check the websites and reviews for the specific designer bag you want, and after gathering the right information, go straight to to find a cheap Louis Vuitton inspired bags from China now!

NéoNoé Bucket Bag

NéoNoé is a bucket bag that was crafted by Louis Vuitton which was originally made for transferring bottles of champagne. From its humble beginning in 1933, the NéoNoé bucket bag is now one of the staples of modern-day fashion bags. The bucket bag has an adjustable strap which is also removable. It can be carried on-shoulder or through cross-body. Simply elegance for everyday.

Featured design and specifications:
Leather material used
Bucket bag type
Flat pocket on center
Strap adjustable/removable
Double compartment
Zip-locked flat pocket
Lining made with microfiber material
Eyelets made from metal
With drawstring closure
Available in different prints and colors

Get it now!

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Twist Hand Bag – LV Inspired Purse

Next on our list is Twist handbag, a great choice from the everyday hustle to evening parties. Twist handbag has a simple but gorgeous look, giving it a much more interesting impression when partnered with your casual or formal attire. Even though the handbag was just launched in 2015, the Twist gained a reputation in the line of fashion bags. The Twist handbag can be carried on-shoulder or be worn as cross-body.

Featured design and specifications:
With leather material
Handbag type
Signature twist lock
Adjustable chain strap (slide)
Microfiber material used for interior
Interior flat pocket
Detailed hardware (gold)
Various prints and colors in stock

Get it now!

Alma Hand Bag

The Alma handbag is one of Louis Vuitton’s iconic bags maintaining its fab on the market. Because of its simplicity and elegance, Alma is being used by so many people, for work or fashion. Alma is a sturdy and functional handbag, as it can carry a lot of stuff inside with its wide, interior space. The Alma handbag’s Toron handle also adds a great detail for a good grip. Plan a special party look with this roja handbag.

Featured design and specifications:
Leather trim featured
Textile material used
With padlock
Flat pocket inside
With smartphone pocket
4 metal studs for protection
Strap included
Different colors and prints available

Get it now!

Petite Malle Pouch Bag

Inspired by the trunk luggage design, Petite Malle is a genuine creation by Louis Vuitton. Petite Malle is a pouch bag that can be carried as a clutch or worn cross-body with its adjustable strap. The pouch bag has an unusual but stunning design, bearing the nickname “little trunk.” Louis Vuitton’s Petite Malle is best carried casually or for highstreet.

Featured design and specifications:
Smooth leather trim
Pouch bag type
Trunk luggage design
The leather material used for lining
Adjustable strap for cross-body or on-shoulder wear (removable)
Magnetic lock
Inside flat pocket
Variety of colors and prints at hand

Be 200% in love. Get it now!

City Steamer Hand Bag

If you are looking for a new classic crafted by Louis Vuitton, then City Streamer is the best pick. The new handbag is engaging with its grained leather material and snakeskin design on the handle. With its plain design, City Streamer LV copy handbag is pretty straight-forward for its functionality as a handbag or as a shoulder bag.

Featured design and specifications:
Grained leather material used
Leather material on the handle
Gold hardware included
Signature handle design
Zip-locked back compartment
Double inside flat pockets
Snap hook
Front pocket (with lock)
Several prints and colors to choose from

Get it now!

Speedy Bandoulière 25 Hand Bag

Another one from the classic handbags crafted by Louis Vuitton is the Speedy Bandoulière 25 handbag. Because it is easy to carry, the Speedy Bandoulière 25 was used mainly by travelers during the early 1930’s. The Louis Vuitton copy bag is one of the most comfortable bags to bring on a daily basis, or even to late-night strolls. It features Louis Vuitton’s iconic details such as using leather material on the surface and rolled handles. Speedy Bandoulière 25 also comes with LV’s signature engraved padlock.

Featured design and specifications:
Leather-made surface
Handbag type
Smooth trim
Lining form textile material
Rolled handles for elbow or hand carry (removable)
Zip-locked (2 zips)
Padlock hardware included
Inside pocket
Variety of color and print choices on sale

Get this LV inspired bag now!

Neverfull Tote Bag

If you ever thought that tote bags are just a mere shopping bag and can never be a part of a fashion kit, then you are wrong. Introducing Neverfull tote bag by Louis Vuitton. What’s good about Neverfull tote bag is that it features the capability of a simple tote bag, which can carry a lot of items, but not bulky when full – which exhibits the fashion attribute. Neverfull tote bag comes with an additional zipped pouch for an extra carry.

Featured design and specifications:
Leather trim
Tote bag type
Textile lining
With hook closure
Comes with an additional zipped pouch
Comes in different print designs and colors

Get it now!

Capucines Hand Bag

Capucines handbag is one of the best-sellers in Louis Vuitton’s collection. It features a significant amount of detail but extremely eye-catching. The bag expresses a unique aura that is surely making itself a go-to bag from day-to-night. The Capucines louis vuitton copy bag shows-off a bold fashion statement – plain and mesmerizing. Louis Vuitton’s Capucines handbag has no doubt put itself on the best-sellers.

Featured design and specifications:
Studs on top hem for a better-looking aura
Handbag type
Leather lining
Removable strap
Double compartments
Single zipped pocket
Snap hook
Studs beneath for protection
Prints and designs also available

Get it now!

Saintonge Compact Bag – LV Inspired Bag

Celebrate youth with Saintonge compact bag by Louis Vuitton. Saintonge heavily contrasts its surface against the leather tassel ornaments for an uncanny vibe. The compact bag is perfectly suited for any attire, whether it be casual or formal. The Saintonge also has the ability to complete your overall ensemble as it will complement any of your prepossessing outfits. Definitely guaranteed to delight the ones close to you.

Featured design and specifications:
Crafted with leather trim
Compact bag type
Fairly long straps for cross-body or on-shoulder carry
Inside pocket included
Microfiber material for lining
Mini-handle for hand carry
Double zip for closure
Available on a different color or print

Get it now!

Rose des Vents Hand Bag – Louis Vuitton Inspired Bag

The list won’t be completed without Rose des Vents, the most reliable handbag Louis Vuitton ever released. With its smart and practical design, Rose des Vents handbag is perfect for everyday use. Go out on a workday or a special night while Rose des Vents do the ravishing work. Rose des Vents can be worn cross-body style or elbow-carry.

Featured design and specifications:
Features a grained leather
Handbag type
Smooth leather lining
Trim from a smooth leather material
Top handle
Removable strap for elbow-carry or cross-body (adjustable)
Double large compartment
Patch pocket included (zipped)
Color and print choices on sale

Get it now!

Are Louis Vuitton bags from China Real?

Louis Vuitton bags are never made in China. From the Louis Vuitton Official website, we understand that Louis Vuitton leather goods collections are produced in France, Spain and the United States. And footwear and ready-to-wear are made in workshops in France and Italy.

Louis Vuitton Bags Made in China

If you are looking for cheap Louis Vuitton inspired bags from China, DHgate got you covered. DHgate is the biggest online selling platform in China where you can find any products whether it be wholesale or retail, at very affordably cheap price point. DHgate is also the most trusted site that caters over 2 million trusted merchants and serves 22 million buyers all around the globe.

Louis Vuitton is among the producers of the most iconic bags ever created. Every year, Louis Vuitton tops the list of trending bags. The creations of Louis Vuitton inspire other designers to follow LV’s road to notoriety and power in the lux/fashion bag industry. With hundreds of designer bags, Louis Vuitton is and always will be leading the glamorous race of bag designing. Get your cheap Louis Vuitton inspired bags from China through

Read more:

Buy Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags from China

Nowadays the quality of Louis Vuitton Copy Bags from China are getting so high that its hard to discern a real LV bag from a fake one. We source for some Louis Vuitton bags made in China that are selling like hot cakes.

Product In-Stock: InStock

35 Best Replicas on DHgate 2021

If you say replicas, it’s DHgate. There is no ecommerce shop online that does better replicas than DHgate.

DHgate has replicas in every category. Replica bags,  High Quality Replica Shoes, Replica electronics, Replica designer clothes and more.

These replicas look alike and cost just about 30% to 40% of the original. Giving you a good 70% discount. Here are the best replicas on Dhgate.

We’ve gone through the entire DHgate website and have picked out the best DHgate dupes and dhgate finds.

Top Replicas on DHgate

Replica Bags on Dhgate
Louis Vuitton replicas
D&G replicas
Gucci Replicas
Chanel Replicas

Handbag Store
Yoyo Shopping Store
MK Store 666
Dicky 0750
Designer_Bag Store
Designer Bags
Luxury handbags

Replica Shoes on Dhgate
Adidas Replicas
Nike Replicas
Balenciaga Replicas
Yeezy Replicas

Designer Sneakers Store
Ultra Boost 008
TBT Group

Replica Electronics on DHgate
Airpods Replicas


Best Replica Sunglasses on Dhgate
Rayban Replicas

Wide Supplier  

Best Replica Clothes on Dhgate
H&M Replicas
Forever 21 Replicas

Vintage Clothing
Balmain Jeans

Best Replica Watches on Dhgate
Rolex Replicas
Patek Philippe Replicas

Luxury Watch

Best replica Jerseys on Dhgate
NFL Jersey replicas
Football jersey replicas
Football Shirt replicas

Big King Shop
Flying Jersey 88

Best replica backpacks on Dhgate
Louis Vuitton Mini Backpack
Chanel Backpack
Prada Backpack

Designer backpack
Gucci Backpack
Louis Vuitton Backpacks

Now that we have the list of the best replica sellers on DHgate for each of the above categories, let’s delve a little deeper into each. Replicas also have other terms such as designer dupes or look alike designer brands and designer inspired. But they are all replicas or fakes and DHgate is the best platform for that.

Best replica Handbags on DHgate

Handbags are something women go crazy about. A statement handbag is all you need to complete the look for the occasion.

  • Handbagstore is a Top seller on DHgate that gives us some of the best replicas you can find. With nearly 28000 transactions and 97.7% positive feedback, this seller can be trusted for the collection, range and products of top-notch quality. They give an exact description of the bags, including the dimensions with sometimes a picture of a person carrying it to show you exactly how large the bag is.
  • Yoyo Shopping Plaza is another one that will become your favourite with their neat finish and fancy logos.
  • Don’t forget to visit the MK Store for some pretty cool replicas of Louis Vuitton bags.
  • Keep in mind that a lot of the sellers on DHgate are not going to openly show the logos of their designer bags and will be using a censored image, so make sure to message them and ask them for pictures.

Best replica shoes on DHgate

Shoes, shoes, shoes… so many replicas on the internet, yet we cannot figure if they will be as good as the original. Worry not for we have found some of the best replicas for the top shoe brands on DHgate.

  • These are on par with the original manufacturer’s quality, fit, durability and shades of colour that you will not be able to find the difference. Kamatiti is one of our favourites for much cheaper priced Converse shoes.
  • Check out NancyMiss for some trendy peep toes and stilettos for women. Shoe888 is where you should go if you want the most recent Nike basketball shoes.

So those are some of the best replica sellers on DHgate. DHgate is a great place to start when you look for replicas but it can get a bit confusing when you try to look for a particular brand. This is where the filtered list of the best sellers on DHgate makes a huge difference. Also, look out for the pricing that many sellers offer when you buy multiple items. You will end up saving some extra money at the end of the day.

Best replica Electronics on DHgate

Smartphones, Bluetooth or wireless headphones, simply cannot imagine life without these electronics that we use daily. Some of the best electronics sold by the biggest brands like Sony, Fitbit and Apple are no doubt expensive and burn a huge hole in our pockets.

  • Uonetech stands out in the crowd for the amazing quality of products they carry. They don’t have a wide range of products though, but they specialise in whatever they sell. Whether it is a wireless speaker or a fitness band, a smartwatch or cables and adaptors, you can find the best replicas here. They even sell protective screen covering or tempered glass for your phones.
  • For the best replica Airpods, check out iZeso. This seller also has some other cool accessories for iPhones.
  • IBestshopping has an attractive collection of high quality earphones and headphones. They also have screen protectors and phone cases that you must take a look at. 

Best Replica Clothes from DHgate

Clothes are what someone first notices about a person and for me, it is important to be well dressed, always. The two best sellers on DHgate who sell high street brand repliacs are Propcm and Vintage Clothing.

They have a collection that is commendable. It ranges from designer tee-shirts to jackets, from tracksuits to sports jerseys. The quality of their products is on par with the quality produced by the reputed designer brands, with the fit and patterns near perfection, sold at a much cheaper cost.

You can also get some really good down feather jackets to keep you cosy during the winter and some funky hoodies for both men as well as women. I also do love the collection of dresses they sell for women. Be it for a casual spring outing or a more formal evening party, they have something unique for every occasion. And did I already mention that the price is mind blowing?!

Best replica Watches on DHgate

No outfit is complete with the right watch on your wrist. Whether you are a man or a woman, no matter what your age, the watch you wear speaks a lot for your personality and your mood. Some of the best designer watches are drool-worthy but so expensive. Gosh! Thankfully we discovered these sellers on DHgate, Zww007 and Fujimin who have made it possible for us to shop without guilt for some pretty fancy replicas for so much cheaper.

  • They sell some excellent quality replicas that start at about USD 20 and go up to around USD 150. I’m sure we don’t mind spending a 100 bucks for a replica when the original might cost us about a 1000 dollars. You can find watches for any event, to go with any outfit, for any gender.
  • Like most other sellers on DHgate, they offer something called a “wholesale” price as well. Which means, when you order more than one piece or one item, they offer you a generous discount. Another good seller for replica watches is Swiss watches.
  • You will find a lot of G-Shock replicas here for a minuscule percentage of the original price.

Best replica Sunglasses on DHgate

Prada, Armani, RayBans, what do all these brands have in common? Some super sexy sunglasses sold at unsexy prices. That’s right. Though we envy the sunglasses that the rich celebrities have perched on their heads, looking uber cool in the hot summer, we often settle for something much less fancy.

  • WideSupplier lets you indulge in your sunglasses obsession by selling loads of replica sunglasses on DHgate for prices that are so affordable that you will be buying not just one or two, but multiple pairs. They sell polarised sunglasses as well if that is something that you prefer. You will have to dig in a bit deep as they have a huge collection. You can also get in touch with the seller if you have a preferred design that you are unable to find in their store and they will try their best to hook you up with one.
  • Another seller who deserves a mention is Luckcat. You will find some great Cartier knock offs for pretty sweet prices in this store.

Best Replica Jewelry on DHgate

There are lots of Jewellery sellers on DHgate and most of them sell some fine looking jewellery. As can be expected, most of these are copied or inspired from the top jewellery brands in the world.

  • The one store that has truly impressed us is Zeimax. This is the “go-to” store for anyone who loves those delicate pendants and rings from Cartier but always shies away looking at the price. You can find some really adorable patterns for a fraction of the price you would pay for the high-end designer brand. Zeimax has a huge collection in the currently trending Rose Gold and Titanium jewellery and the store is definitely worth checking out.
  • On the contrary, if you love hip hop styled bling, visit Beajewelry for some great replicas of the stuff you see your favourite celebs wearing. The jewellery from these sellers is of very good quality and have a smooth finish. They are also known for responding to customers quickly and shipping out items within the promised timelines.

Best Replica Jerseys on Dhgate

DHgate is known for football, basketball and soccer jerseys of the latest teams. Their jerseys are super high quality with the true material and the finish, font, lettering and colour are on point. These are high quality jersey replicas that are the exact same. You get replica football shirts that are quite popular on Dhgate.

You can pick out the jerseys of your favourite football teams like Barcelona, Juventus and basketball teams like the Lakers, Heats and the old-school jersey of the Bulls.

Each of these jerseys cost around $19, whereas the original costs north of $100.

Best Replica Backpacks on Dhgate

Backpack replicas on Dhgate are slightly harder to find because they are a niche requirement. But there are prada backpacks on Dhgate and gucci backpacks on Dhgate. The designers backpacks are true replicas which look great.

The backpacks on Dhgate cost anywhere from $30 to $100 depending on the backpack. Here you’ll find Supreme replica backpacks. Also cute backpacks of Louis Vuitton and Gucci are available.

How to Find Dupes on Dhgate

Firstly, Dhgate has made it hard to find products on the search bar. So if you enter a brand keyword and expect to find the product, it’s not going to work anymore. Here is the best way to find dupes on Dhgate.

Technique 1 : Enter generic keywords like “Sneakers” and “handbags” on DHgate. Here you’ll find really popular dupes along with general products. Here you can find LV, Yeezys etc

Technique 2 : You can enter the keyword of the product such as “Kanye West” for Yeezys, “Designer” for LV bags and Gucci bags. Will add the KW list below.

Technique 3 : Finding a seller that sells replicas, mostly deal with different types of replicas.

Dhgate Keywords
KeywordDhagte Dupes
“Sneakers”Yeezys, Balenciaga, LV Sneakers
“Basketball Shoes”, “Jumpman”Air Jordans
Wotherspoon, Travis Scott, OGNike replicas DHgate
Kanye WestYeezy
“Handbags”, “Famous”, M44887, M44022LV, Gucci, Rolex
Role Xm 116610, 116619, 116613, 114060Rolex
Stainless Steel WatchPatek Philippe, Rolex, Omega

Are DHgate replicas good?

Yes, they are, provided you buy from the right sellers. Like any e-commerce portal, DHgate, though very impressive, does also have some unreliable sellers. We certainly don’t want to be busting cash on sellers who sell poor quality products or who do not keep up their word when it comes to shipping out and timelines. The above sellers have not only been well researched but are also rated highly when it comes to feedback from real customers who have shopped from them.

Where is the best quality on DHgate?

The sellers with the best ratings are definitely where you have the best quality of products. Never buy a product from a seller who has does not have much feedback or has not sold many products. It could be a bit risky, more like a hit or miss. All the sellers listed above have been on DHgate for a long time and have a lot of great feedback from customers. So you can be sure that they sell products of good quality and provide good customer service.

Where are designer bags on DHgate?

There are quite a few sellers on DHgate who sell designer bags. Some of the best are Handbagstore888, MKshop555 and Yoyoshopping plaza. One way to filter them would be to type in the name of the brand you want plus the kind of bag you would like and search for it. Next, filter according to the most sold or the best rated. That will filter out the least sold or the bad quality products. Do read a few reviews of the products to get an idea of the seller as well as the product, before you choose to buy it.

Where is the best place to buy replica designer bags?

DHgate is the best place to buy replica designer bags. DHgate bags sellers sell Louis Vuitton replicas, Gucci replicas, Givenchy replicas, Prada replicas, Chanel replicas. These bags are 60% cheaper than the originals and they look the exact same.

What’s the best replica website?

The best replica website is DHgate hands down, as they have replica bags, replica shoes, replica clothes and more. Their collection range is the best and have more options than Aliexpress or Alibaba and other platforms.

Where are the designer dupes on DHGate?

There are a few ways to find designer dupes on Dhgate. The first is to use a keyword combination of the brand such as ‘P’ bag for Prada, CC bags for Coco Chanel, G Bags for Gucci and LV bags for Louis Vuitton and so on. But recently DHgate has started clamping down on these abbreviations.

Now the best way to find the designer dupes is to search for ‘Fashion bags’ and ‘Luxury bags’ or just enter bags and filter by best selling. More often than not, you’ll find a replica of a Prada or a Givenchy or a Coco Chanel bag. The next step is to contact the seller and get information on their dupes and some even offer to add the logos of the big brands to the bags you purchase!

What is the difference between a designer inspired and look alike vs replicas?

Although they might all seem the same, there are minor differences that comes with these terms and those are, true fake shoes on dhgate, come with a logo, but it isn’t advertised. A designer inspired on the other hand will not have the logo up front, but will have the design and pattern of top brands like Gucci, Prada and LV.

Does DHgate sell fake items?

Dhgate does sell fake items. If you are looking for legitimate branded items of big brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Yeezy, you won’t find the original, but only the replicas or dupes. These designer replicas are why Dhgate is very popular. If you are looking to purchase

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Creative keychain Chinese blue and white porcelain food bowl mini bag pendant new imitation food noodle key chains |

Product Information

Product characteristics

  • Origin: China
  • Metal type: STAINLESS STEEL
  • Model number: Simulation Food Key Chain
  • Floor: Unisex
  • Metal color: Silvered
  • Shape / pattern: Ball
  • Style: TRENDY

customer reviews ()

No feedback

90,000 Tea cup and saucer.Porcelain. Antique shop

Hungary. First half of the last century.

Excellent collectible condition and high quality, fully consistent with the famous brand …

At the beginning of the 19th century, industrial reform began in Hungary, and in 1826 a small enterprise was founded in Herend – the predecessor of the modern porcelain manufactory Herend.

Founder, Vince Stingl – Shtingl, Vince (1796-1851?) – gained experience in a stone ceramics factory, opened his own production for the production of high quality porcelain.

At that time only a few people worked at the Herend porcelain manufactory. Constant experiments with glaze and porcelain mass required huge money for those times and brought Stingl to the brink of bankruptcy.

In 1839 the Hungarian porcelain manufactory Herend passed into the hands of one of its former creditors, Mohr Fischer – Fischer, Mor (1799 – 1880), who had significant capital.

He continued the experiences of his predecessor and began the expansion of the porcelain factory and the modernization of production.The simple line and flowery Herend porcelain objects were in demand, the products were constantly updated, and in 1842 the Herend Porcelain Manufactory was awarded the title “Imperial and Royal Privileged Porcelain Factory” with the right to use the coat of arms of Hungary. In 1842, at the First Hungarian Exhibition, Herend porcelain achieved brilliant success, and its porcelain was approved as capable of satisfying even the ducal table setting.In 1843, despite the difficulties caused by the aftermath of the great fire in the porcelain factory, the products of the Herend porcelain factory won the gold medal at the Second Industrial Exhibition. After the fire of 1843, the head of the Herend porcelain factory decided to stop producing cheap porcelain everyday items and switch to the production of exclusively porcelain luxury goods. Moreover, preference was given to imitations of no longer produced porcelain items from Meissen, Sevres, Capodimont and Vienna porcelain.Such items were easy to sell due to the only drawback of porcelain – its fragility … and therefore Fischer was not afraid of competition. Porcelain samples of the last century were so skillfully imitated by the Herend masters that copies of the lost porcelain items of the family porcelain sets were ordered by the Hungarian aristocracy with great enthusiasm. In 1844, Fischer’s first customer was the Countess Esterhazy, who asked for the Meissen porcelain service to be replenished. The successful order for the Herend was followed by requests from the Battyani, Palffy, Zichy and Sechenie families.

Fulfilling these orders, Fischer received not only material rewards, but also the opportunity to familiarize himself with the porcelain collections of aristocratic families, master the porcelain technologies of the past and enrich the selection of Herend porcelain forms. The Golden Age of Herend Porcelain 1851-1873 In 1851, the Herend Porcelain Manufactory presented its porcelain products for the first time at the World’s Fair in London. Here the Hungarian Herend porcelain gained worldwide recognition, which served as the basis for the world name of the Herend porcelain factory.It was then that Queen Victoria ordered a china set painted with butterflies and flowers in the Chinese style. This Herend porcelain décor was named “Queen Victoria” in honor of this event and is very popular today. This Herend porcelain pattern was created after years of experience imitating Chinese porcelain. The Shinoiserie chinoiserie style uses materials, shapes and decors typical of Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Middle Eastern porcelain.Fischer reworked and re-produced oriental porcelain in a European manner with such a variety and use of many colors that the Herend Hungarian Chinoiserie porcelain forever entered the history of 19th century porcelain.

In 1853 in New York at the International Industrial Exhibition, Herend porcelain was completely sold out on the second day. It is hard to imagine that at the same time in Hungary the Herend porcelain factory was experiencing difficulties in selling porcelain products due to competition from cheap Czech and Hungarian porcelain.In 1855, Herend presented chinoiserie, Meissen and Sevres porcelain at the Second World Exhibition in Paris. At that time, the popular and nowadays porcelain decors “Ming”, “Gödöllö”, “Estergazi”, “Kubash”, “Poissons” and others were created.

The Herend Gödöllö porcelain décor is based on an original Japanese Kakiemon porcelain cup. This Herend decor was originally named “Siang Rouge” It was renamed “Gödöllö” after Emperor Franz Joseph presented his wife Queen Elizabeth with a porcelain service with this decor for her palace in Gödöllö.Mor Fischer often named the most important Herend porcelain works after their clients, thus showing deep respect for them. In the future, the names of the noble and well-known customers of Hungarian porcelain began to attract even more buyers. In 1867, the Paris World Exhibition was held.

It was a huge success for the Hungarian Herend porcelain and contributed to an incredible increase in profits. Shipments of Herend porcelain to Paris alone increased 83.5 times. The French government promoted Mor Fischer to the Order of the Legion of Honor, and Emperor Franz Joseph granted him the Hungarian nobility.Since that time, Fischer has been wearing a noble prefix before his name – Farkashazi. Fischer gradually hands over the affairs of the Herend porcelain factory to his sons.

In 1873 Herend porcelain was again a huge success at the World Exhibition in Vienna. Activities of Fischer’s Successors 1876-1920 Fischer’s sons, taking over the leadership of the Herend, reorganized the porcelain industry. And instead of finely hand-painted Herend porcelain, they began to produce simple and cheap porcelain products. However, they did not achieve success and were forced to admit that their father was right in choosing a direction.Exhibitions in 1879 in Szekesfehervar (Hungary) and in 1883 in Amsterdam brought success to the Hungarian Herend porcelain thanks to the exhibits of Mor Fischer’s products under the inherited title of suppliers to the imperial and royal courts. However, in 1884, Fischer’s heirs sold the Herend porcelain factory to the state. The Herend Porcelain Factory was transferred to the Herend Porcelain Factory JSC. The state has retained the artistic skills and craftsmanship of the Herend porcelain factory workers.Herend was modernized: the building was expanded, a new furnace was built. But the new Herend management again sought to produce cheaper porcelain products.

The finest Herend porcelain was not used and bankruptcy was inevitable. The herend factory was sold, pottery production continued, the factory’s reputation declined, and the Herend was closed in 1896. In the same year, Herend’s management offered to buy the porcelain factory for Mohr Fischer’s grandson.

Jeno Farkashazi Fischer – Jeno Farkashazi Fischer (1863-1926) – was a professional ceramist who mastered the craft at the Uzhgorod porcelain factory.

He admitted that there are no ingredients for the production of porcelain (except for firewood) in the vicinity of Herend, only art can return the good name of Herend. He established porcelain production following the legacy of his grandfather. The production of porcelain began on the basis of samples of ancient Chinese, Japanese, Meissen, Viennese and Sevres porcelain. Herend porcelain was produced exclusively to order.

He used the oldest Herend porcelain molds to create a new style of Hungarian Herend porcelain.In 1900, at the World’s Fair in Paris, he presented the new Herend porcelain and achieved great success. Yenyo Farkashhazi Fischer used the new trend of the “secession” style and subsequently followed all the innovations in porcelain production. Herend was the first in Hungary to use underglaze porcelain painting, the technique of making crystal glaze, pate sur pate decor (decorating porcelain with plant and ornamental plastic).

Former glory returns to Herend porcelain.In the winter of 1900-1901, the International Exhibition of Ceramics was organized in St. Petersburg, at which the Hungarian porcelain Herend received a gold medal, and Jeno Fischer was awarded the Order of St. Stanislaus of the third degree.

Over the next few years, Herend porcelain received a silver medal from the Hungarian Society of Applied Arts in 1903, a gold medal at the St. Louis World’s Fair and Exhibition in 1904. The period between the two World Wars Despite difficulties in supplying raw materials, porcelain production at Herend was resumed in 1920.

However, the luxurious porcelain of the Herend factory remained unclaimed due to the low purchasing power of the population. In September 1923, Herend was transformed into a joint stock company, Dr. Gulden (Dr. Gulden), Farkashkhazi continued to work as art director.

Herend began to develop again. New apartments for employees were built, the school was reorganized, which graduated specialists in porcelain painting and molding work, and new employees were attracted.The deliveries of Herend porcelain abroad increased – to Holland, France, Switzerland, Belgium. After the death of Yenyo Farkashhazi (Fischer), Edde Telcs became the art advisor, and the artistic direction of Herend changed towards middle class preferences. Fewer porcelain tea, coffee and dinner sets were produced, and more attention was paid to porcelain figurines and pictures on porcelain.

This is how the production of porcelain figurines began in the 1930s. The most famous applied artists of that time took part in this work: Kata Gacser, Janos Horvay, Adolf Huszar, Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl, Miklos Ligeti, Elek Lux, Gyula Maugsch, Janos Pasztor, Vastag family.With the release of small sculptures, Herend porcelain once again gained success and fame.

From 1945 to the present day The period after the end of World War II was incredibly difficult: there was a shortage of skilled workers, capital, and – most importantly – raw materials. The former markets for porcelain disappeared.

At the beginning of 1948, the Herend Porcelain Factory was nationalized. Since 1949, Herend begins to receive the kaolin necessary for the production of porcelain again. Herend continues to manufacture porcelain, building new workshops, electric furnaces for the firing of porcelain décor, a cultural center, a stadium, an administrative building and a museum.In the 1950s, the Herend tried to focus on mass production.

But since the 1960s, porcelain production has focused on the production of small series of carefully hand-painted porcelain products for export. In the 1980s and 1990s, the production expanded and the quality of Herend porcelain improved. In 1981, Herend leaves the Fine Ceramic Industrial Complex (FIM), which united the Hungarian ceramic factories, and is transformed into an independent enterprise. In 1985, Herend obtained the right to independently conduct foreign economic activity and became a permanent participant in the world’s largest international exhibition – the Frankfurt Fair, where a separate pavilion was assigned to Herend porcelain.

On July 1, 1992, the Herend Porcelain Factory was reorganized into the Herend Porcelain Manufactory JSC. The Herend manufactory employs about 1,600 workers. Love for their profession, high knowledge and artistic skill of the factory’s specialists, the Quality Assurance System of the porcelain manufactory guarantee the high quality of porcelain. Herend is the first ISO 9001 certified porcelain manufactory in the world. In 1996, the first independent Herend porcelain store was opened in Singapore, in the old Raffles Hotel.

In 1997, the Herend porcelain store was opened in Berlin, Hotel Adlon. In 2000, a new Herend porcelain brand shop was established in Munich. In 2001, the Herend Manufacture celebrated its 175th anniversary. Herend’s activities have been recognized as an essential part of the Hungarian heritage. For his contribution to Hungary’s heritage, Herend was awarded the Hungarian Heritage Prize.

In 2006 Herend celebrates 180 years since its foundation.

Mug Brunch, porcelain – (ref.OG.870606) – with logo printing to order in Krasnodar

Method Decal, Pad Printing, Screen Printing Circular
Weight 352 g.
Commodity material porcelain
Application method Screen printing circular
Volume 320 ml
Product size (cm) d8 x 9.5 cm
Product color white
Color white
A laconic porcelain mug with an optimal volume of 320 ml will become a versatile business gift for any occasion.The white color and simple shape of the product make it ideal for applying a picture or logo. Porcelain guarantees the durability of the mug and the long-term preservation of the color and texture of the applied pattern.

How to varnish products after decoupage

After the painstaking creative process of working on the product is completed, it must be varnished to protect it from abrasion, moisture and other similar processes.In addition, varnishing evens out the appearance of the work, brings the colors of acrylic paints to a uniform degree of gloss and hides the transition between the edge of the decoupage card and the surface.

Many people who have recently discovered the world of hobbies and creativity have questions about how to apply varnish correctly so as not to spoil the product at the last stage of work. In this article, we will look at the main points that can put a beginner in a difficult situation.

How is the varnish applied?

Brushes are traditionally used to apply varnish.It is not recommended to use a sponge or roller, as they can leave marks on the surface and make the coating uneven. Although some masters use a foam sponge to specifically achieve a certain decorative effect.

It is best to use wide, flat, long-bristled synthetic brushes for varnishing. It is very important that the selected brush is clean!

Choose flat brushes with soft synthetic bristles. Hard synthetics or bristles will leave streaks of varnish on the surface, while soft proteins or columns will leave an uneven layer and quickly fail.Synthetics, in contrast to other materials, are elastic enough for a uniform application of a layer of varnish and at the same time do not leave “streaky”. In addition, we recommend using separate brushes for varnishing, which will not be used for painting. The width of the brushes depends on the size of the surface to be painted, but they are usually larger than paint brushes.

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Which varnish to choose?

First, decide whether you want a matte or glossy finish. Glossy varnish will brighten the colors of the paints, but will glare in the light. Matt varnish will muffle the colors. If you cannot be sure, you can choose a semi-matt varnish, which occupies an intermediate state between the above varnishes.

The style of the product to be varnished also depends on the choice of the degree of glossiness of the varnish. In particular, in decoupage and decor, there are styles that exclude this or that type of varnish.So, vintage, shabby chic, country and other “aged” styles suggest a matte finish, while modern styles (classic, art deco, pop art) are often covered with gloss. These recommendations are worth heeding, however, if your idea goes beyond the generally accepted framework, implement it. In case the result suddenly does not suit you, it is enough to apply a couple of layers of another varnish on top to correct the situation.

How to apply varnish to the surface?

The method of applying the varnish to the surface is very important.The golden rule when varnishing is that several thin layers are better than one thick one. Before starting work, pour a small amount of varnish into a clean container, such as a plastic cup. So you can avoid damage to the varnish in the jar (drying or accidental mixing with dry paint). Dip the brush into the varnish should be no more than half the length of the pile. Apply the first two or three coats of varnish with quick short strokes, avoiding multiple application of the composition to one place. This is due to the porosity of the surface: the varnish is instantly absorbed, like a sponge, creating an uneven layer.In the future, when the varnish film is already on the product, smooth the varnish with smooth movements from edge to edge.

Due to the fact that the acrylic varnish is white before it dries, you can see where it has already been applied, which makes the application more even.

If the acrylic varnish has thickened and stripes remain during application, you can slightly dilute the varnish with water to the consistency of liquid sour cream.

It is important to know that glossy acrylic varnish is naturally slightly sticky after drying.To avoid this, it is recommended to additionally cover the product with the last layer of a special finishing varnish, it will eliminate the stickiness.

With repeated application, matte varnish conceals the brightness of the colors, the picture fades and becomes cloudy. Therefore, if you need a matte surface, but the number of layers of varnish is by design is large, use a matte varnish at the very end, for two or three finishing layers.

Number of varnish coats.

For the best effect, it is recommended to apply several thin layers of varnish with intermediate drying of each, rather than one, but thick layer.This makes it easier to achieve an even application.

In classic decoupage, the number of varnish layers sometimes reaches mind-boggling numbers – experienced craftsmen apply up to a hundred thin layers of varnish, and sometimes even more. However, this amount of varnish is often not needed. So, in works in the style of Provence or shabby chic, varnishing is needed only to protect the product from environmental influences, so five to six layers of varnish are enough.

Multi-layer varnishing is recommended for items that are often used in everyday life.In this case, it is worth applying at least ten layers of varnish, this gives a special depth to the picture and creates the effect of factory varnishing.

A large number of layers of varnish are also needed when using various decorative techniques – imitation of porcelain or enamel, 3D decor, and so on.

1. Apply varnish.

2. Dry.

3. After drying, sand the surface with fine sandpaper.

Repeat the process as many times as needed.

Multilayer varnishing is widely used in decoupage. First, several layers of varnish are applied (2-3), dried, and then carefully sanded with sandpaper, but trying to remove the varnish only in the places where the decoupage motif is glued in order to smooth out the general “relief”. Then a few more layers of varnish are applied and again sanded and smoothed out the bulges. And, as usual, these steps are repeated until the surface is completely leveled.

It is important to wait until the varnish is completely dry. This takes a long time, because each layer dries from two to 12 hours (depending on the varnish, temperature and humidity in the room).Haste in varnishing is fraught with various problems. Underdried varnish can become sticky, when sanding it can become cloudy or even come off with flaps from the product. Therefore, you should be patient and carry out varnishing according to all the rules. Many masters combine the stage of varnishing with work on other products according to the principle of “applied varnish and set aside”.

Other types of varnish. In addition to water-based acrylic varnishes, there are many varnishes based on various organic and synthetic solvents.They are used much less often and their focus is rather narrow. Most of these compositions are much more expensive and more difficult to use, they have a rather strong, often unpleasant, odor, and brushes after using them can only be washed with special solvents. However, there are situations in which you cannot do without such varnishes. Therefore, before buying, you should familiarize yourself in advance with the technology of working with such compositions and stock up on solvents for cleaning brushes.

After varnishing. Do not forget to immediately clean the brushes after the varnish (read more in the entry “How to clean the brushes from varnish. How to wash the brushes”) and they will serve you for a long time!

Good luck with your creativity!

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Trademark No. 698748

18 – alpenstocks; baby slings; luggage tags; wallets; saddlecloths; business card holders; rein; reins for supporting children while walking; hammocks-sling for carrying babies; harness headsets; credit card holders [wallets]; rubber stirrups parts; suede, excluding those used for cleaning; umbrellas; sun umbrellas; saddlery products; frames for rain or sun umbrellas; frames for women’s bags; cardholders [wallets]; cases made of leather or leatherboard; leather valves; whips; riding mats; artificial leather; unprocessed or partially processed leather; leatherboard; leather spring covers; rings for umbrellas; leather hat boxes; boxes made of leather or leatherboard; fiber boxes; wallets; wallets made of metal rings; saddle mounts; cereals [semi-finished leather products]; saddle balls; bags [envelopes, bags] leather for packing; moleskin [imitation leather]; travel sets [leather goods]; knee pads for horses; muzzles; halters for horses; toiletry cases not filled; leather threads; furniture upholstery made of leather; clothing for pets; blankets for animals; leather finishing for furniture; collars for animals; walking sticks; business folders; folders for notes; sling for carrying a child; gas-tight foil made of animal intestines; multi-tail whips; leashes; padded saddle pads for riding; horseshoes; leather girths; horse blankets; purse; garment bags; leather harnesses; briefcases [leather goods]; strings [horse harness]; fur; randoseru [Japanese schoolbag]; satchels; leather straps; belts for military equipment; horse harness belts; skate belts; leather belts [saddlery products]; leather chin belts; stirrup belts; umbrella handles; cane handles; handles for suitcases; handles-holders for carrying shopping bags and packages; backpacks; travel bags; saddles for horses; household nets; knitting needles for rain or sun umbrellas; stirrups; bags; bags for climbers; travel bags for clothes; locksmith’s tool bags are empty; women’s handbags; beach bags; saddle bags; sorting bags for luggage; sports bags; tourist bags; shopping bags; shopping bags on wheels; school bags; kangaroo bags for carrying children; travel chests; travel chests [luggage]; fiber chests; bags [bags for feed]; snaffle bits for horse harness; canes; canes for umbrellas; folding walking sticks that can be converted into seats; tefillin [phylacteria]; bit [horse harness]; bridles [horse harness]; harness for animals; key cases; horse clamps; suitcases; motorized suitcases; suitcases on wheels; suitcases are flat; flat suitcases for documents; saddlecloths for horses; covers for rain umbrellas; kid; dressed skins; animal skins; skins of cattle; leather cords; blinkers [horse harness]; leather labels; game bags [hunting accessories]; fiber boxes.

21 – Non-electric cooking autoclaves; indoor aquariums; wine aerators; tubs; cookie jars; jars for creating a candle; Chinese baubles made of porcelain; dishes; paper dishes; trays for vegetables; saucers; glasses; bonbonnieres; bottles; braided bottles; busts made of porcelain, ceramics, earthenware or glass; vases; dining table vases; fruit vases; inflatable baby baths; bird baths; portable baby baths; plungers; non-electric waffle irons; buckets; ice buckets; buckets for wringing out mops; fabric buckets; non-electric household whisks; spit metal; hangers in the form of rings and rungs for towels; hangers for stretching clothes; hair for brush products; horse hair for making brushes; aviaries for birds; funnels; beaters for carpets; porcelain or glass signs; extinguishers for candles; heads for electric toothbrushes; flower pots; night pots; glue pots; decanters for vinegar or oil; decanters; hair combs; combs for animals; heating pads for teapots; abrasive sponges for the skin; makeup sponges; sponges for household purposes; toilet sponges; holders for sponges; holders for baby baths; holders for toothpicks; soap holders; holders for napkins; holders for flowers and plants [in flower arrangements]; tea bag holders; shaving brush holders; holders of toilet paper; soap dispensers; toilet paper dispensers; mosquito repellent diffusers connected to the mains; ironing boards; kitchen cutting boards; bread cutting boards; washing boards; non-electric kitchen grinders; household colanders; household smoke absorbers; household or kitchen containers; kitchen containers; glass containers [bottles for acids]; thermal insulating containers; thermal insulating containers for drinks; thermal insulating containers for food products; spherical glass containers [vessels]; lids for saucepans; suede for cleaning; toothpicks; household ceramic products; majolica products; articles made of porcelain, ceramics, faience, terracotta or artistic glass; brush products; non-electric kitchen grinders; manual tools for cleaning; cabaret [drink trays]; pots; pots, with the exception of paper; shaving brushes; makeup brushes; kitchen brushes; pet cages; bird cages; baking mats; wine ladles; leather for polishing; non-electric cocottes; glass flasks [vessels]; boot pads [for stretching]; shoe pads [for stretching]; napkin rings; marking rings for poultry; marking rings for birds; piggy banks; piggy banks; household bread baskets; household baskets; paper baskets; feeders; animal feeders; lunch boxes; cookie boxes; tea boxes; washing troughs; clay pots; hiking bowlers; soldier’s bowlers; boilers; non-electric coffee makers; non-electric coffee pots; manual coffee grinders; silica [partially processed], excluding those used for construction purposes; beer mugs; beer mugs with a lid; rat traps; pot lids; covers for indoor aquariums; lids for lubricators; lids for dishes; lids for cheesecakes; hooks for fastening shoes or gloves; reusable ice cubes; jugs; incense burners; watering cans; fly traps; 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90,000 elephants of the world, mushrooms of longevity and carp-careerist – Real time

An exhibition of good wishes in Chinese art opened in Kazan

Photo: Rinat Nazmetdinov

The exhibition “Five Symbols of Happiness.Best wishes in Chinese art of the 17th – 20th centuries from the collection of the State Hermitage. Almost 300 exhibits brought to the capital of Tatarstan cover several centuries of ancient civilization, which has never been interrupted for 5 thousand years. Bats and peonies, peaches and toads – all fortunately, as it becomes clear from the exposition. Why did they smear their mouths with honey on the images of the gods, what Chinese cabbage and lingzhi mushrooms symbolize and what three-legged toads are for – in the report of Realnoe Vremya.

“No fluff, no coronavirus”

The Days of the State Hermitage Museum in Kazan are held on June 16 and 17.This is not only a large-scale exhibition, but also guided tours, film screenings, an educational program for children, and even a meeting of the Heraldic Council under the President of Tatarstan. But if these events end in the Hermitage-Kazan center today, then the Five Symbols of Happiness exhibition itself will run until January 30, 2022.

The Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Kazan, Wu Yingqin, noted at the opening that he was very glad to be present at such an interesting exhibition:

– It was very warm for me to be here, as if I had been to China.We noticed that all the exhibits here are original, which is especially valuable: through them you can learn about the Chinese civilization that has not been interrupted for five millennia. Relations between states actually depend on the proximity of peoples, and such events promote mutual understanding. I thank the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan for the enthusiasm for establishing cultural exchange between our regions, Tatarstan and the Chinese provinces. We hope that after the lifting of all restrictions, our relationship will resume.But for a deeper understanding of our culture, it is better to visit China, of course. We, too, like Russia, are a great and multinational power, we have Mongols, Uighurs, and, of course, Tatars. I want to wish you all, as they say, “no fluff, no coronavirus!”

Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Kazan Wu Yingqin noted at the opening that he was very glad to be present at such an interesting exhibition.

“The spirit of the Hermitage lives in Kazan”

The 23rd project of the State Hermitage in Kazan was opened by its director Mikhail Piotrovsky.This time a video greeting. In particular, he stressed that “art is built on creating amulets and good wishes”:

– When good words are written on beautiful things, it helps a lot in life. All the exhibits are not just museum items, but the spirit of the Hermitage in Kazan, it is a brand and also a symbol that has been living in the capital of Tatarstan for many years.

The exposition is located in all halls of the center. Each of the premises is responsible for a specific wish. Five is a conditional number, there are more symbols and wishes.However, this is a sacred number for the Chinese. There are several interpretations of the “five kinds of happiness.” During the reign of the Han dynasty, two centuries BC, they looked like this: 1 – longevity, 2 – prosperity or wealth, 3 – nobility, which includes a successful career, 4 – peace, peace, harmony and family happiness and 5 – numerous male offspring.

“We have put together an exhibition that is unique in terms of the composition of the items,” said the curator, researcher in the East Department of the State Hermitage, Lydia Potochkina.- Symbols attracting happiness were common in China for both commoners and emperors. It is clear that they were depicted on different materials and in different techniques. We brought all this variety to Kazan: wall pictures and bronze vases, porcelain and fabrics, wood, jade and ivory.

Lydia Potochkina noted that many of the exhibits were specially restored for the Kazan exhibition.

Nianhua: Sweeten and Burn

Lydia Potochkina noted that many of the exhibits were specially restored for the Kazan exhibition.It turns out that 60 items left the Hermitage storerooms for the first time, “coming out” in Tatarstan. Among them, for example, are New Year’s pictures of nianhua, which museum workers often call “popular prints”. About 30 of them were restored, and a total of 80 prints came to the exhibition.

It is interesting that in China itself they are almost not preserved, and the richest collection in the world, consisting of 5 thousand pictures, is located in Russia. It was collected by Professor Vasily Alekseev at the beginning of the last century and transferred to the Hermitage.Nianhua did not survive in their homeland for a simple reason: they were very cheap and therefore available to everyone. The inhabitants bought them before the new year. Images of gods, immortals, episodes of history and legends of antiquity carried certain wishes of happiness. Nianhua hung in the house all year, and before meeting a new one they burned them. Before this, the mouths of the depicted deities were smeared with honey: it was believed that after being burned, they appeared with a report to the supreme deity about the affairs of the family. If their lips were in honey, then they should only speak good things about their owners, which means that happiness and mercy are guaranteed.

Bait for the greedy man

Legends and parables about the gods in China have been passed down for generations. For example, about one of the immortals: one well dried up due to the fact that a toad settled in it. The immortal knew that it was a greedy toad, so he decided to lure her out with a piece of money, which he tied to a rope and threw it into the well. The toad, trying to get the money, followed it to the very top, and left the well. Water reappeared in it, and the toad with the money became a symbol of wealth and prosperity as a source full of life-giving moisture.

You can even designate a new sign of our time: go to the “Hermitage” for good luck.

The simplest way of wishing happiness, which has added some popular motifs to a number of Chinese symbols, is the mediocre depiction of the object of dreams. For example, the wish for the birth of healthy sons is reflected in a figurine or drawing of a fat smiling boy. Therefore, fat male children can be seen on a variety of objects. At an exhibition, for example, at nianhua “When a fish turns into a dragon, it rises high up the river.”In the picture, a carp crossing a river rapids is compared to a student aspiring to pass the examinations for an official position. Such a river image of a “social elevator”.

Jade cabbage and stolen peaches

A huge porcelain dish with nine red bats attracts attention and is somehow alarming. This is not at all a hint of Wuhan: the bat is the most famous and common symbol of happiness. The jade vase presented in the hall with the symbols of wealth looks original.It is made in the form of a Chinese cabbage fork and is designed to bring a big jackpot to its owner. Her image is interpreted as “may your wealth increase.” Isn’t that why in Russia money was dubbed “cabbage”? By the way, peonies also talk about wealth.

Another vase made of porcelain with colored glaze imitates a lingzhi mushroom. This tree mushroom has long been a part of the “pills of immortality”, its long-term use has promised longevity. Another symbol of longevity is the peach; its images are often found on various objects.The legend tells of a Taoist immortal who had peaches in her garden. The tree bore fruit once every few centuries or more, then for a feast the goddess gathered equals, other immortals. Of course, ordinary people also wanted to taste the cherished fruit. And how to do this, if not sneaking in secretly and stealing? This was also done by one monkey, who later turned into Xun Wukong, the monkey king, later known from the novel “Journey to the West” by Wu Cheng’en. Many nations have this cunning hero: the witty Openelle among the French, the wise Petrushka pretending to be a simpleton, or even partly Brighella from Del Arte.

“I wish everyone that these five symbols of happiness were beacons in our life, allow us to overcome difficulties, have time to see and feel happiness,” said Irada Ayupova.

Signs of our time

Elephants are a symbol of peace, tranquility and prosperity, prosperity and wealth not only in an individual family, but throughout the country. At the exhibition, a pair of altar vases in the form of elephants tells about this. They are made of bronze with embossing, patina and engraving during the Qing Dynasty in the 18th century.

In fact, you can’t list everything – there is furniture, and a front rug for a festive table, and a double-sided floor screen, inlaid with the verses of one of the emperors, and elegant glasses for rinsing brushes, vases-flasks and wedding dresses of the nobility … dwell on a funny three-legged toad made of bronze from the 16th-17th centuries. During the Ming Dynasty, this bronze figurine was made by a master at the same time as an incense burner and a piggy bank. And her lack of limbs is for laughing. In any case, as the explanatory literature tells.

You can even designate a new sign of our time: go to the Hermitage for good luck.

– The exhibition will not tell you what happiness is. But she will teach you how to wish for happiness and how to learn to feel it. Symbols are one of the important criteria for the level of development of civilization, especially when eternal values ​​are transmitted through them. This exhibition provides an opportunity to realize and evaluate your past, and most importantly – to determine for yourself the future strategy of personal growth. I wish everyone that these five symbols of happiness are beacons in our life, allow us to overcome difficulties, have time to see and feel happiness, – said the Minister of Culture of Tatarstan Irada Ayupova at the exhibition.

Anna Tarletskaya, photo by Rinat Nazmetdinov

SocietyCulture Tatarstan Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Irada Khafizyanovna Ayupova .

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