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New Grandma Wants to Sew!: Making your own Motifs and Appliqués

Babies’ and toddlers’ clothes are so much nicer with finishing touches like motifs and appliqués. So are wrap-me-up towels, blankets, and dribble bibs. But they are expensive. 

How did I get to the point where I decided to go the DIY route? It started when I had already spent quite a bit on motifs. Hand-sewn things are fun to make, but are also good value, until you spend a fortune on motifs – and the thing you’ve spent money on falls off in the wash! So here’s my advice: (a) use sew on ones, not iron on, and (b) make motifs yourself, as I show below

Iron-on v sew-on motifs

First, some reflections on purchased iron-on motifs. Yes, in theory, “iron-on” is so much less work – you just iron the motif on. Well, if you can get them to stick, good on you. If that’s the case, and you’re happy to pay for iron-on motifs, you probably don’t need this article.

In my own experience, they just don’t stay on.
Baby’s and children’s clothes go through the wash LOTS, and get tumble-dried within an inch of their lives. Off come the motifs. And probably disappear into the plumbing. After we lost the cute little bunny on my first grand-daughter’s pink dress (see here), after just one wearing and wash, I vowed I wouldn’t use iron-on again. Well, actually, I did use some, as I had those I’d already bought to use up, but, Reader, I SEWED THEM ON. And that’s not easy, because you are sewing through the hard glue. After that, I thought I would go for sew-on motifs. Have you seen the price of motifs to sew on (and iron on) to baby’s and children’s clothes? They can be anything from around £1 to £3 – and even more.  I had bought teddy bears  and puppies for baby blankets, rabbits for dresses, butterflies, ducks, letters, trains, balloons – you name it. Then I realised that sew-on motifs are very easy to make, and can cost you practically nothing per motif other than fabrics etc that you may have around.
And they don’t take that long, either. So this is how I do it. And so can you!

Make your own sew-on motifs tutorial


·         Scraps of iron-on interfacing (see text below)

·         Fabric scraps with suitable pictures (see below)

·         Sewing thread in matching colours

·         A sewing machine that can zig-zag

Use iron on interfacing – after all I’ve said about iron on things coming unstuck? – but don’t worry about that, as it will be sewn on eventually. You only need really small pieces – off cuts will be fine. It comes in several weights. I have a number of different types, from very light-weight suitable for silk, to heavier weight ones for suiting and denim types of fabric. The choice of interfacing for motifs depends really on the fabric from which you’ll make the motif – and / or on the garment to which it will be attached. I’m mostly using poly cotton, as that is what most of my baby clothes are made from, so a light to middle weight interfacing is the one I’ve used most often.

But if you are making a motif to attach, say, to the bib of some dungarees, you might want a heavier weight interfacing.

For the fabric, you really only need small scraps, unless you are going to start making motifs on an industrial scale. Let’s start with motifs that are flowers, butterflies, teddy bears etc. Go through your box of fabric left-overs, and find suitable pictures as objects. 

All of these would make charming little motifs. The easiest pictures to use are those which don’t have too many projections (feelers, tails, legs, wings, petals etc). However, you can get round this by just targeting a bigger area which is circular or oval or square, with your object in the middle. It depends on how much time you want to spend.

Here are some examples of targeted objects:

I just love the gonk fabric. (That’s what I call the kingfisher blue fabric with little monsters.) I used a yellow gonk with a purple zig zag edge to make the little monster I sewed into a chest pocket on a sunsuit (with a bit of stuffing), and one of my grand-daughters has a dribble bib with a purple beetle like shaped monster.

(If I can get it back I’ll take a photo!) 

What you do:

(All the detailed steps are covered in photos of appliqué letters, below.)

  1. Lay your piece of fabric face down on the ironing board. 
  2. If you are just making one motif targeted on, let’s say, a teddy bear in the middle of your scrap of material, cut a piece of interfacing roughly the right shape, but a bit bigger so you are sure all the teddy bear is covered. 
  3. Place the interfacing over the bear. Make sure you put the shiny side (the side that will stick) facing the fabric, and not facing your iron! Iron over the interfacing and fabric (I normally use steam, it depends on the type of interfacing you are using.) 
  4. Check it is stuck (being careful not to burn yourself). Let it cool. If I have a very small piece of interfacing that might waft around and stick to the iron, I sometimes place the interfacing on the wrong side, as above, and then turn it all over before ironing, with the interfacing at the bottom, making sure the interfacing is still completely under the bear.
    Sometimes I iron on both sides for good measure. The main thing is that it sticks.
  5. Once it has cooled down, you can use the motif.
  6. There are now two main ways to proceed.  This first is my most usual method. If you plan to zig-zag stitch it onto the garment, you could just cut round your shape, leaving just enough of an edge to do the zig-zagging later. (A couple of millimetres or a 1/16
    of an inch is usually enough. Sometimes the object has a thick outline. All you are aiming for here is to avoid losing too much of your detail in the picture that would be covered by the zig-zagging.) 
  7. Or, you can zig-zag stitch around the object first, and then cut around, taking care not to cut the zig zag stitches. This would be more appropriate if you just want to attach it with a running stitch. 
Whichever you choose (6 or 7), you can either just make a general shape around the object, or go carefully around the detailed edges of the actual object.

If it’s not too complicated a shape, I like to get as close to the edges of the object as I can, but I’ve done both.  The fewer sharp corners you have to navigate, the better.

Other shapes, and letters

You can also do letters and numbers  – any shape you’d like, in fact, and for those, you don’t need fabric  with specific pictures on. Plain or any small patterned fabric will do just fine. You need to draw the shape you want, and transfer it to your fabric. Then attach a piece of interfacing, as before, to the back of the fabric, making sure you have covered the whole of the area including your shape. I’ve created some letters to show you, below. These took in total about 10-15 minutes, including making the letter templates on the computer.

Letters and a tiny scrap of material, plus interfacing:

Letters stencilled onto the back, after the interfacing has been ironed on: 


Note that my letters are reversible, so I’ve drawn them on the back to make it easier for you to see. If you are using non-reversible letters, you’ll either have to draw on the other side – the fabric side – or turn your template over.

Here are the letters after zig-zagging around them – again, I did this from the wrong side to make it easier to see:

        And the right side.

Now here are the letters after I’ve cut them out. I will just do a running stitch to attach them to my garment, later. I may even do this by hand.

They are a bit rough and ready, you could make them a lot neater, but I took the challenge of making them as quickly as I could (and from the smallest possible scrap of fabric) for the purposes of the blog. But I think they’ll be good enough to use. (I may not have very high standards!)

I mentioned that I did the zig-zagging on the back side so you could see it clearly. It all depends on your machine as to how this looks. My machine definitely gives a neater finish on the top side – the one the machine needle goes into – so you can see that the reverse side of my letters is probably better than the fabric side – but it’s OK.

Designing letters and shapes – making templates

A further tip: if you don’t have much talent for free-hand drawing of letters and numbers, try typing the letters you want in an enormous font size on your computer and then print them out. You could then trace round them. Choice of font is up to you, whatever your computer will produce, but personally I’d normally choose a sans serif font – wouldn’t want to sew all around those serifs. However, in the case of my ‘I’, it looks a bit boring just to have  a single stick, so I do usually choose one with a top and bottom. Bear in mind some letters are much harder to sew than others, and some will require bits cut out of the centre. Two fonts I’ve used are Meiryo, and Arial Rounded MT Bold. I’ve used them with font size 150 – 250. Here they are in font size 60:

Bearing in mind what I said earlier about minimising sharp corners, if you want to make motifs with initials, I  suggest you name your children, or ask for your grandchildren to be named,  with nice easy rounded initial letters – though there’s only so many names beginning with  ‘C’, and ‘U’! My granddaughters are all ‘I’s and ‘A’s – thanks, daughters!

More complicated appliqués If you are feeling adventurous (and have the time) you can make all manner of motifs yourself. Mostly, I’m not, and don’t, I stick with finding a picture I like on some fabric, and just use it as it is. There is a lot you can do, though, with fairly simple shapes.  Three circles – perhaps of different materials, and slightly different sizes, can by appliquéd on, using a zig zag as before, with three sticks – again sewn on the machine – and you have a bunch of balloons. 

Or how about some balloons that have escaped?

These are just different sized circles attached with the smaller ones higher up, indicating perspective as the balloons get further away – with just some strings added. I’ve not mastered any fancy embroidery patterns on my machine – not that it really has any  – so I just wing it, with zig zags or just straight running stitches. Life’s too short to learn how to use a computerised sewing machine at my age.

I also saw a nice fish appliqué, which you could easily reproduce, using three different materials , with a triangle, a circle or oval, and a crescent shape, with just an eye – quite effective.  

Mass production of motifs Of course, if you are likely to use a lot of motifs, you could make several at once. One of my fabrics has teddy bears with dotted lines around, crying out to be cut around. You could iron a whole piece of interfacing across a whole piece of fabric and then cut out all the objects, then you’ll have a job lot ready to go.

If you are making up motifs for future use, the interfacing will help to some extent stop any fraying, even if you haven’t zig-zagged before cutting out. However, if you think it is likely to be a while before you use it, or such things get knocked about a bit in your sewing box, I would either do the zig-zag before cutting method, or if not, perhaps leave a slightly wider border so you can trim it a bit before using. Be aware that eventually the interfacing may start to unstick itself. I usually make them up as I need them.

Next time, I’ll show how I’ve used some of my DIY motifs.

10 Easy to do BABY Embroidery design motifs

Information overload – that is what happens when I look for some embroidery designs suitable for sewing on baby clothes. All the children’s embroidery designs are so adorable. I usually want to embroider all of them – and then a slight headache starts in the back of my head – this is what I mean by information overload or rather super cute design overload.

I really do not mind this confusion – it is a bittersweet one. But work does not get done and the selection process goes on and on.

So here I have compiled some easy to do embroidery designs suitable for baby clothes and accessories. Something for me to take decision faster, from the confusion pit of embroidery designs.

Simple Baby embroidery designs 
1. A basket full of something 

This could be flowers, fruits, grass stalks or simply the basket itself.

Here the outline of the basket is done in stem stitches and the inside markings are worked with blanket stitches. The carrots are made with orange bullion knots. Learn how to sew Bullion knot stitch here.

You can change the basket contents to simple french knots which look like embroidered roses if you want simple. You can add cherries to the basket, too, or for that matter anything.

2. Bears 

Kids love Teddy bears and mothers love to embroider baby bears on their clothes.

You can simply sew the outline of the bear with any outline stitch or fill the design with satin stitch or long and short stitch.

3. Flowers

Flowers are always favorite for embroidery. Check out this post on the 20+ ways to embroider flowers. Choose simple flowers to embroider on kids’ clothes – nothing overwhelming. Simple bullion knot flowers are usually used in almost all smocked dresses.

Or these simple floral embroidery designs or the small and cute flower embroidery designs from this post.

4. Sunbonnet Sue 

Can kids’ clothes and quilts be complete without Sunbonnet Sue? The cheerful girl in colorfully printed clothes can be recreated with embroidery easily. Use a background embroidery stitch to fill the dress and hat.

Here I have used butterfly stitches to make up the dress. To make this stitch just make straight stitches like this. Check out the post on background stitches if you want to know more stitches like this.

Tie the straight stitches in bunches.

5. Ducks

Most babies have a duckie to play in the bath and the duck also makes a good embroidery motif. 

6. Embroidered letters

Sometimes some words have to be embroidered to convey your feelings. You can easily hand embroider words and letters. Write the letters freehand or copy from a design book. Give outline with your favorite outline stitch.

Check out the post on embroidering letters for more details.

7. Silhouettes

Draw a silhouette of a design and fill away. Ensure that the design is less than 1/2 inch or so if you want the completed work to look less like a mummy.

A pompom gives the rabbit his tail. Make one by wrapping the embroidery floss on your little finger and tying it as in the picture below. Stitch it and then cut one end to make the pom pom. Fluff till it resembles a ball. Or you can make a felted ball/bead – check out the tutorial here.

8. Butterflies

Butterflies are ever favorites. You can run away with your creativity choosing the colors of the butterfly. They are available in all the color combinations possible. 

You can find some easy ways to do butterfly embroidery here.

9. Hearts

A heart denotes love and what better motif to sew on the clothes for the love of our hearts.

10. The baby herself

An outline of the baby can be drawn easily and turned into your embroidery. Just highlight a feature and you will be fine. If you want to turn a photo to embroidery check out this post.

My cutie pie looked like this when she was 3. 

You are free to improve on these simple motifs (In fact you will have to because they are that simple and you may  want a more elaborate design) and add your own simple additions like a trellis there, a house here, some flowers here and there, some grass stalks sticking from the back and crows in the background ( which was a staple in my drawings and embroidery when I didn’t know better; not that I know much better now)

Related posts : Very easy to do floral embroidery designs; Easy embroidery designs for bedsheets and pillowcases; Sewing for kids; Free dress designs for kids

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25 best baby quilt patterns | Sweet sewing ideas for new arrivals

Sewing a quilt for babies is the ultimate in handmade gift to welcome new arrivals. Not only are you giving the family an heirloom gift that will be treasured for years, perhaps even passed down to grandchildren, but baby quilts are often naturally quick to make due to their small size. Baby quilt patterns are a great idea if you’re looking for a first quilt project as you can start simple (there are some beautiful fabrics for babies out there) and sew a basic quilt top in just an evening or two.

If this sounds like you then we’ve rounded up our favourite baby quilts to get you started. This article isn’t just for newcomers to quilting though – we’ve also got ideas for more experienced quilters who just want a bit of inspiration for the different baby quilt patterns out there, We’ve packed this article with 25 of the best free baby quilt patterns for you to try. We’ve got something for everyone – read on to find easy quilts, animal quilts, traditional quilts for boys and girls alongside gender-neutral options too. These 25 free baby quilt patterns will have you stitching up soft and sweet quilts for tots to snuggle under in no time.

What is the best fabric for a baby quilt?

Babies of all ages, from newborn up to toddlers, get comfort from being wrapped up snug and warm, so handmade quilts are a pretty and practical gift that will sooth them, as well as making their parents’ day with your quilt skills and thoughtful gift.

Cotton fabric

Is a quilter’s favourite choice for making baby quilts. It’s soft on baby’s skin and easy to wash – baby bedding can need to be quite hard-wearing as it may endure regular washes. It’s fairly common for babies to experience mild allergies and skin rashes, so with a good quality cotton fabric you know this is likely to be gentle on their skin. Opt for an organic cotton fabric if you prefer to craft with supplies which were made free from artificial chemicals or fertilisers.

Jersey or knit fabrics

Are a lovely soft alternative to cotton, and are most commonly used in baby quilts which are upcycled from a baby’s outgrown babygros and clothing. These fabrics they can be a little trickier to handle in your sewing machine (see our tips for how to sew jersey fabrics) so if you’re new to quilt making, we’d recommend you start with some cotton fabrics for your first quilt.

Soft backing fabric

While the style of your finished quilt is set by the quilt top that you make (see our favourite baby quilt patterns for this below!), a nice touch if you want to add extra snuggle-factor is to try backing your quilt with a soft, fleecy backing fabric. Etsy have some great soft and fuzzy baby fabrics in their Fleece Fabrics section. If you’re on a tight budget, another great way to source good quality but affordable quilt backing fabric is to buy a flat, 100% cotton, single or cot bed bedsheet, and cut that to match your quilt size.

  • Buy it now: we love this Dimple fleece fabric (£5.99 for a half metre) for baby quilt backings on Etsy. It comes in cute colourways and is so soft to touch.

Wadding or batting

New parents are always keen to make sure their babies can sleep safely and snuggly. To ensure your quilt doesn’t get too warm for the baby, opt for a lightweight, thin wadding that’s breathable. It’s much easier to add another blanket layer to keep babies warm than it is to go back and remove the wadding in a finished quilt to stop it overheating.We like Hobbs Heirloom Wadding (£19.99, Amazon) as it’s soft and easy to work with, or if you prefer to go with an organic cotton, browse the range over on Etsy.

Baby quilts and sleep safety

When planning any baby bedding project, the no.1 thing to consider is always sleep safety, especially so with very young babies. Any quilt patterns or fabric tips in this article come with a gentle reminder that it’s important to check the latest up-to-date advice on safe baby bedding before you craft. We recommend this helpful artilce from The Lullaby Trust which has further advice about safe baby bedding. 

What size is a baby quilt?

Baby quilt sizes, like any, quilt, vary from family to family. Some common baby quilt sizes to start you off though are:

  • Small baby quilt – 30 x 40in
  • Cot bed baby quilt 47 x 55in
  • Single bed quilt – 55 x 79in

Easy baby quilt patterns


Chevron baby quilt

Cut simple half square triangles of your favourite fabric shades to match baby’s nursery with Manda McGrory’s quick-stitch chevron quilt, backed with soft flannel for maximum snuggle effect.


Start simple with squares

This sweet baby quilt pattern, designed by Alice Hadley for Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine, is a joy to piece as you can whip it up in a weekend pretty easily. Plus it’s free here on Gathered! We’ve used a jelly roll of fabric to quickly pick coordinating prints, and some linen fabric to give a modern touch.

• Easy baby quilt pattern


Pixel heart quilt pattern

Judith Dahmen’s Liberty heart mini quilt can double up as a baby blanket or play mat and is a lovely way to build your patchwork skills sewing simple squares into a heart design.


Easy triangles quilt

Mix simple-to-sew Half-rectangle triangles to make Lou Orth’s graphic baby quilt with a geometric colour pop finish.


Hugs and kisses baby quilt

This sweet free baby quilt pattern from Accuquilt will be an eye-catching addition to any nursery or playroom. Originally made to showcase the GO Qube die cutter, you could easily recreate it with half square triangles and layout plan (or treat yourself to the tech if you enjoy a spot of quilty shopping). The finished quilt measures 40x40in.


Rainbow quilt pattern

Our cute pixel quilt buzzer has been on high alert ever since we added this over-the-rainbow quilt pattern from Sarah Ashford to our free quilt patterns collection here on Gathered. Find out how to make it now…

Free rainbow quilt pattern


Bricks baby quilt tutorial

Amy Smart over at Diary of a Quilter has a free tutorial for othis lovely, simply bricks baby quilt pattern. Check it out

How to make this bricks baby quilt


Nordic ribbons baby quilt pattern

Inspired by Scandinavian traditions, we’ve smitten with this beautiful baby quilt project from with it’s modern take on basketweave quilt patterns and subtle pastel colourway.

Free Nordic Ribbons baby quilt pattern


Sweet n Sassy Baby Quilt

Cluck Cluck Sew has got the combo of modern baby quilt with a classic feel nailed with this quick-sew half square triangles pattern over on her website

Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Baby Quilt


Super speedy quilt panel baby quilt

Short of time or never made a quilt before? Pre-printed patchwork fabric panels for quilt tops are enjoying something of a surge in popularity this year, and we’ve found this adorable baby quilt fabric panel on Etsy, filled with clouds, hot air balloons and bunting motifs. It comes with a free blog tutorial to show you how to turn it into a simple DIY baby quilt too!


Baby quilt and playmat kit

Save time on picking your fabrics with this ready-to-sew baby quilt kit over from Cottage Patchwork (£33, Etsy). Choose between 7 colourways to match your nursery colour scheme.

Baby quilt and playmat kit


Puff quilt pattern

This fluffy, free puff quilt pattern by Heidi Ferguson is light-as-air is super snuggly and a fun 3D variation on traditional flat patchwork quilts.

How to make a puff quilt

Baby boy quilt patterns


Little Owl Baby Quilt

We stumbled upon this beautiful baby quilt on Flickr and followed the breadcrumbs to discover it’s from the lovely Beech Tree Lane Handmade blog.

Little Own Baby Quilt


Dinosaurs quilt pattern

If go big or go home is your approach to quilt making, you’ll love this dino quilt pattern from the Queen of paper piecing Elizabeth Hartman.


Squadron Leader quilt pattern

We have yet to meet a small child who isn’t fascinated by aeroplanes. Ok so newborns may take a few months to catch on, but that’s no reason not to get piecing this Squadron Leader quilt pattern from Granny Maud’s Girl – capturing this classic children’s motif in a sweet baby quilt pattern.


Baby boy quilt kit

We do love a quilt kit for speedy fabric-pulling, and this sweet kit on Etsy is a great weekend baby quilt project. Featuring baby motif favourites (trains, rockets  and circus animals), baby boys and girls alike will be fascinated by its cute design.

Baby boy quilt pattern (Etsy)

Baby girl quilt patterns


Flower power quilt

If you’re looking for some patchwork piecing ideas to give nurseries and play rooms the wow-factor, this flower quilt, found on Sew Fresh Quilts’ Etsy, could be the one for you!


Go bright with this Playing Tag quilt

We love a colour-popping combo of shades in baby quilts and this fun pattern from All People Quilt mixes a splash of cyan and lime with traditional pink shades to piece-together a playful patchwork playmat or baby quilt.


Pinwheel baby quilt pattern

You can’t beat a pinwheel quilt for a timeless DIY quilt which will make a sweet family heirloom. This simple design from BeckysQuiltDesigns on Etsy won’t take long to make and will suit confident beginners or quilt-makers with a few previous quilts under their belts.

Pinwheel quilt pattern


Butterfly dance quilt pattern

This marvellous mini quilt from Ellis and Higgs may be small but it’s beautiful and just the pattern if you’re looking for an eye-catching quilt with a feminine feel. If you want to make it bigger to form a full-sized cot quilt, simply make up more of the quilt blocks to create a flock of fabric butterflies. You’ll need to try paper piecing to make it but this is a handy technique to add to your patchwork skillset! See our guide to foundation paper piecing for beginners.

Butterfly quilt pattern (Etsy)


Simply charming baby quilt

This traditional PDF baby quilt pattern (from Treasures in Time on Etsy) is one for everyone out there who loves a classic floral print, and also makes a great beginner quilt project as it’s mostly made from simple squares of fabric. Give it a unique finishing touch with scalloped edging for a sweet finish.

Animal baby quilt patterns


Bunny quilt!

We dare you to resist making this cute rabbit quilt for babies and toddlers. It combines a traditionally pieced quilt top with soft, floppy ears and a striking patchwork panel. Designed by Kate Webber, it was first featured in Love Patchwork & Quilting.


Farm animals quilt pattern

If Old Macdonald had a quilt, this would be the one. We found this beauty of a baby quilt pattern over on Sew Fresh Quilts’ Etsy store. It’s a digital download pattern and has 5 star reviews from other quilters in the community.


Make a splash: Whale quilt kit

We dare you to resist this super cute whales quilt kit – ready-to-go with all the fabrics, pattern and instructions you need to make an under-the-sea-themed baby quilt. Wadding isn’t included so you’ll need to use some from your stash or stock up separately.


Windy Hill Farm Quilt Pattern

Another sweet take on patchwork farm animals, check out this fun baby quilt pattern from The Red Boot Quilt Co on Etsy.

Windy Hill Farm Quilt 

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By Romona Weston

Kitchen Carts are becoming more and more popular, as we realize their importance in helping us to add more storage space to our home. Below are a few advantages. Continue reading Effective Home Organizing with Kitchen Islands Carts

Portable Kitchen Cart Create-a- Cart – Home Styles

Homestyles Natural Wood Kitchen Cart

Read why every home needs this practical kitchen cart.

Looking  for some extra space in her sewing room, a customer emailed me and asked which portable kitchen island cart I would recommend. Without hesitation, I highly recommended the Homestyles Create-a-cart. I actually own this and use it as a craft center. Its mobility and size has fit my needs perfectly! I know it will do the same for you. I love mine!

I have done a thorough and in-depth review and should answer all the questions you have. Just contact me if you have any additional questions. This review is unbiased since I am not the seller, I am the researcher so you are getting all the pros and cons. Hope you have many years of enjoying your very practical and versatile kitchen cart on wheels. Please keep in mind that this review if for a create-a-cart, fully customized. You can choose your wood finish and counter top and all the extras. You will definitely not go wrong with this choice. You will enjoy it for years to come and it may well  become the family heirloom!

Kitchen -Carts- on -Wheels-Homestyles -Create- a- Cart

It has often been said, “I wish I had more storage.” No matter how much space we have in our homes, we always seem to need more. This wish is granted, because Homestyles has created the perfect cart for you. This is ideal if you have a very small kitchen, or need extra space in your laundry room, sewing room, craft room or even as a student’s desk/library. You would be able to use this cart in your craft or sewing room. Do-it-Yourself pros would love this portable kitchen cart in their workshop, especially because of the ample storage it provides.

Continue reading Best Kitchen Carts on Wheels-HomeStyles Create-a-Cart

This beautifully crafted natural wood  kitchen island cart is just perfect for those who need a little extra work space.

Home Styles is a well respected manufacturer who specializes in wood and kitchen furniture. With the growing popularity of Home Styles Napa kitchen islands carts, a thorough and in-depth review is needed.


I hope you will join us and become a part of our blog “family.”

Just recently a friend dropped by my home one afternoon for a  visit. As we talked, she ask me what is the best kitchen cart I recommend for beauty, practicality and space-effectiveness. I told her I will research such a kitchen cart. After reading this review, my friend ended up buying this model.

When we design our kitchens or move into our homes, we always think that we have enough cupboard and  work space, and yet two months in, we are struggling for an area to put a hot pan or to chop the veggies!

Best-Kitchen-Carts-on- Wheels-Homestyles -Stainless -Steel -Top

Continue reading Best Kitchen Islands Carts on Wheels-Homestyles

When you are looking for extra space in your kitchen where do you turn? Do you just keep cramming everything into the few drawers and cabinets you have or do an expensive remodel? This red kitchen cart, available from Amazon is your answer. Continue reading Red Kitchen Cart Granite Top Large – Homestyles

Sew On Motifs or Iron On Dresses Garments Appliques Patches 5.5 cm Baby Giraffe

925 Sterling Silver Filigree Shape Pendant Charm for Crafting Jewelry Making. SHE AND HE WEDDING STENCIL 130mm x 130mm, 4pcs Natural Non-Magnetic Hematite Shiny Spacer Charms Beads Findings 8-10mm. 10 MM Cotton Rope Cord Sash Bondage Craft Twisted Twine Garden Camping sailing, A5 Xcut ORNATE SENTIMENTS die happy birthday luck best wishes congratulations, 3/8″ x 3/8″ 250Pcs Hello Multi-color New Ceramic Square Beads 8mm x8mm, Artist Acrylic and Oil Painting.Ser 203 Pro Arte Artists Acrylix Rigger Brushes, HiyaHiya Panda Tape Measure. 50 mm Silver Metal T-Pins Tpins For Macrame Wigs Craft Models 1st Class Post. x 1.25 metres 5mm Black Elastic Cord, 15 Airplane Transport Kid Novelty Craft Sew On Buttons Cardmaking K62, Cat sequins embroidery cloth paste Clothes coat Accessories patch stickers TK. Paint pens for Rock Painting Ceramic Set of 12 Acrylic Pai Stone Glass Wood, 5x Crown Shape Alloy Crystal Embellishment for Craft Wedding Decoration 45mm, Striped resin 8mm cube beads 18g 30 beads choice of colours, 1.5mm Nylon Macrame Shamballa Braided Bracelet Rattail Cord Thread String Rope, 50 PAPER CARD silver blue white STAR EMBELLISHMENTS CHRISTMAS WINTER CRAFTS. 2 x Thailand Vinyl Sticker Car Travel Luggage #9282 .

The argument between using precious kitchen and dining room space can run between whether a table or an island would suit you better. The truth is, you could really use both, right? Now you can with this kitchen cart alternative. I highly recommend this cart and encourage you to take advantage of the free shipping.  Some of the features are listed below. Continue reading Oak Kitchen Cart Expandable Storage – Homestyles

Kitchen islands make excellent additions to any home looking to add extra counter space.The wonderfully rich black color of this gorgeous butcher block  stand will go well with a wide variety color schemes. Now you won’t have to worry about buying a stationary kitchen island just to find that it clashes horribly with your paint or paper. Continue reading The Best Black Butcher Block Island – Powell

Everyone deserves a touch of elegance in their lives. A sense of style should not have to cost you an arm and a leg either. This is doubly so when you are talking about furniture. If you have been looking for a way to add just such a touch then this is the piece for you. Continue reading Black Kitchen Carts Stainless Steel Top- Homestyles

X-tra Sport Crochet Motif Baby Blanket Free Pattern

  • Make 25

  • With CA, ch 4; join with sl st in first ch to form ring.

  • Rnd 1: (RS) Ch 4 (counts as first dc and ch-1), dc once more in same ch as join, ch 1, [(dc, ch 1, dc) in next ch, ch 1] 3 times; join with sl st to first dc (3rd ch). (8 ch-1 sps)

  • Rnd 2: Join CB in next ch-1 sp, ch 1, sc in same sp, ch 3, *sc in next ch-1 sp, ch 3; rep from * around; join with sl st to first sc. (8 ch-3 lps)

  • Rnd 3: Sl st into next ch, join CA in next (center) ch, ch 1, sc into same ch-3 lp, *9 dc in center ch of next lp**, sc in next ch-3 lp; rep from * around ending last rep at **; join with sl st to first sc. (40 sts)

  • Rnd 4: Join CB in first st, ch 3 (counts as first dc), work another 5 dc in same st, *ch 3, sk next 4 sts, sc in next dc, ch 3, sk next 4 sts**, 6 dc in next sc st; rep from * around ending last rep at **; join with sl st to first dc (3rd ch). (8 ch-3 lps and 28 sts)

  • Rnd 5: Join CA in sp before next st, ch 1, sc in same sp, *(ch 1, sk next 2 sts, sc in sp before next st) 2 times, ch 1, sc in next ch-3 lp, 9 dc in next sc st, sc in next ch-3 lp, ch 1**, sk next st, sc in sp before next st; rep from * around ending last rep at **; join with sl st to first sc. (56 sts)

  • Rnd 6: Join CB in next ch-1 sp, ch 3 (counts as first dc), work another 2 dc in same sp, 3 dc in next sp, *2 dc in next sp, ch 4, sk next 5 sts, sc in next dc, ch 4, sk next 5 sts, 2 dc in next ch-1 sp**, (3 dc in next ch-1 sp) 2 times; rep from * around ending last rep at **; join with sl st to first dc (3rd ch).

  • Rnd 7: Sl st into next 2 sts, join CA in sp before next st, ch 1, sc in same sp, ch 3, sk next 3 sts, sc in sp before next st, *ch 3, sk next 2 sts, sc in next lp, 9 dc in next sc st, sc in next lp, ch 3, sk next 2 sts, sc in sp before next st**, (ch 3, sk next 3 sts, sc in sp before next st) twice, rep from * around ending last rep at **, ch 3; join with sl st in first sc.

  • Rnd 8: Join CB in first st, ch 1, sc in same first sc, ch 3, sc in next sc, *ch 3, dc in next sc, ch 3, sk next 4 sts, (sc, ch 3, sc) in next st, ch 3, sk next 4 sts, dc in next st**, (ch 3, sc in next sc) 3 times; rep from * around ending at**, ch 3, sc in next sc, ch 3; join with sl st to first sc. FO.

  • 50+ Baby Sewing Projects – The Cutest Things to Sew for Baby

    Blog » Sewing » Baby Sewing » 50+ Baby Sewing Projects – The Cutest Things to Sew for Baby

    by Shelly Leave a Comment

    Sharing is caring!

    The BEST 50+ Baby Sewing Projects that will have you sewing all the cutest things for baby. This big list has baby bib and burp cloth patterns, baby toys, tons of baby blanket tutorials and quilts, as well as baby gear and bags. But this list wouldn’t be complete without all the adorable baby clothes patterns.

    You will find every kind of baby sewing pattern and tutorial to make any baby project you can think of. Even if you don’t have a baby to sew for you will be making projects on this list because they are so darn cute!

    Sew a baby hat in sizes preemie through 2T. Contrast the hat band with a coordinating fabric for a little fun.

    Continue Reading

    Free Baby Bib Pattern now available in Four Sizes! Learn how to sew a quick and easy baby bib. It will make a great baby shower gift for any new mama. Get the free printable pattern template.

    Read the Guide

    Sew an easy Minky baby blanket with this simple pattern and tips for sewing with minky.

    Continue Reading

    Make a cute side snap version of a baby bib with this free pattern.

    Continue Reading

    Make your own boutique style ruffle minky baby blanket with this easy tutorial.

    Continue Reading

    Sew a simple baby quilt with this beginner friendly baby quilt pattern.

    Continue Reading

    Make some adorable baby leggings with this free pattern.

    Continue Reading

    In 10 minutes make a simple knit swaddle blanket to wrap baby up in.

    Continue Reading

    This cute knot bow headband pattern is the perfect accesorie for a little baby girl.

    Continue Reading

    This is the cutest little baby hat pattern out there! Tie a knot for added fun.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    This pom pom bib pattern has a cool boho chic style for the coolest baby!

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    These bandana bibs are the funnest bib accesory!

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit: www.sewcanshe. com

    If you love patchwork then this patchwork bib and burp cloth set is a fun way to use your scraps.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Make a super cute crinkle teething ring with this simple tutorial.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    This easy tutorial shows you how to make a DIY Pacifier Clip to keep that binkie from getting lost.

    Continue Reading

    Make some simple car seat strap covers to keep baby comfortable in the car.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit: so-sew-easy. com

    Want to keep your baby bottle warm when you go out? This Baby Bottle cover pattern will keep it from getting cold.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    This little stuffed sheep pattern is perfect for baby to play and snuggle with.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Make your own stuffed soft baby ball withe this free pattern.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Get baby started on a love of books with thier viery own soft cloth book.

    Continue Reading

    This soft camera sewing pattern is perfect for your budding photographer.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    This crinkle taggle baby toy is a great sensory toy for baby and can be made by upcylcling.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Sew you own stuffed toy baby blocks and add fun shapes to them with this free pattern and cut files.

    Continue Reading

    Learn how to make your own soft and cuddle sherpa fleece baby blanket with this easy tutorial.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Use knit and fleece fabrics to make this raw edge baby blanket.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Use minky to bind the edge of this soft baby blanket with this simple tutorial.

    Continue Reading

    Sew soft satin blanket binding on a flannel baby blanket with this tutorial.

    Continue Reading

    Make a rag quilt for baby to play on. Perfect for tummy time.

    Continue Reading

    This easy baby quilt pattern can be made quickly and is a great gift for any new baby.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    This super charming patchwork quilt from Flamingo Toes is simply adorable and comes together really fast.

    Continue Reading

    Keep baby toasty with this fitted minky crib sheet tutorial.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Make a custom changing pad cover to match yoru nursery decor with this easy DIY.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Make a simple fitted cotton crib sheet to match your baby blanket.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Wrap baby up after a bath in a custom hooded towel with this easy DIY tutorial.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Sew a stretch knit car seat cover with this pattern and tutorial.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit: www.

    Keep a diaper and changing pad close on the go with this diaper clutch pattern.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Sew your very own diaper bag with just the right amount of pockets with this diaper bag pattern.

    Continue Reading

    Need a cute place to stash your baby diapers? This DIY Nighttime diaper caddy will add a little whimsey to your diaper storage.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Save money and make your very own ring sling carrier with this free tutorial.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    This is another great style of baby wrap that you can DIY yourself with this easy tutorial.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Going the cloth diaper route? Use this free diaper sewing pattern to make your own cloth diapers.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    What’s cuter then a little sleeping mermaid? Well nothing, right?! Use this free tutorial to make your own mermaid sleep sac.

    Continue Reading

    This free pillowcase dress top pattern comes in sweet little baby sizes.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Show off those cute little baby legs with this free baby shorts pattern.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    This adorable baby pinafore and bloomers pattern will look too cute on any little girl.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit: www.

    This baby legging pattern is another cute style of leggings for baby to wear.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Ruffle baby butts are the cutest ever! Make your own ruffle diaper cover with this free pattern and tutorial.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    This baby buble skirt pattern is perfect to dress up a simple onesie.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    This boho baby romper pattern is the perfect summer sewing project.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Keep those baby toes warm with this free footed baby pants pattern,

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Baby rompers are a must have in the summer time and you can never sew too many!

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Make your very own adorable leather baby shoes with this super cute baby shoe pattern.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit: heatherhandmade. shop

    Upcycle a button down shirt in to a baby romper with this free pattern.

    Continue Reading

    Photo Credit:

    Continue Reading
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    Ways of crocheting children’s mittens – Knits for Kids

    It’s time to knit warm socks and mittens. Most often, these products are knitted on knitting needles, however, you can crochet incredible, not just warm, but also very original things (today we will talk about mittens). And besides, crocheting it can be done in so many different ways that each mittens will turn out to be really unique. In this material, we will consider in what ways you can knit children’s mittens with a crochet hook, and also here are attached patterns for knitting mittens in these ways.

    Ways of crocheting mittens

    You can designate at least 3 ways mittens are knitted:

    1. From fingers to wrist (top to bottom)
    2. From wrist to fingers (bottom to top)
    3. Knitting of two pieces (back and inside of the palm), followed by joining.

    You can also divide mittens according to the knitting method of the finger – strictly on the side of the mittens, or on the inside of the palm.

    In addition, the thumb can be knitted as a separate piece and sewn to the finished product, or you can knit it straight from the slot in the mitten.

    Ways of knitting cuff

    Cuffs can be knitted in a wide variety of ways, including:

    • knitting “with an elastic band” (embossed columns), in the same direction as the main part of the mitten,
    • knitting the cuff with a separate, transverse piece (i. e. the cuffs are knitted with a strip, the length of which is equal to the girth of the wrist),
    • small motif cuffs,
    • Fantasy pattern cuff,
    • cuffs with lapel,
    • cuffs with fasteners (with buttons, Velcro, etc.)n.),
    • asymmetric cuffs,
    • cuffs with a mitten extension, etc.

    Crochet mittens patterns

    The patterns are suitable for knitting both children’s and adult mittens, however, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the proportions of an adult and a child’s hand to calculate a set of air loops to start knitting. Also, do not forget about the pattern rapport if you knit mittens with a complex pattern.

    Pattern of knitting mittens from fingers to wrist

    In this way, the mittens are knitted in a circle.Try to introduce yarn of 1-2 additional colors, in addition to the main one (you can make the mittens even completely striped, bright or in the same color scheme, it will be beautiful, the main thing is that the texture of the threads is the same or very similar).

    Pattern of knitting mittens from the wrist (or from the cuff) to the fingers

    In this way, you can knit mittens, starting directly from the cuff (there are countless ways of knitting in general), and move all the time up to the fingers, or you can knit the cuffs with a transverse pattern (strip), and then knit from it further to the fingers, and you can knit from the wrist to the fingers, and after the finished mitten, knit the cuffs – from the wrist, but already knit in the direction of the elbow.It all depends on the idea of ​​the mittens, on the chosen pattern and design.

    Example of knitting mittens with cuffs (photo and diagram)

    Knitting pattern for mittens from parts

    When knitting mittens according to this pattern, you can try to introduce textured, fluffy yarn (perform 1-2 rows for it), it will look very impressive. When connecting parts, we carefully look at the front and back sides, so that after assembly we do not find that one of the sides is inside out.

    Do not forget that the mittens are not the same – one left, one right, so we knit our fingers from the corresponding sides!

    So, summary:

    How to knit baby mittens?

    In general, all knitting is reduced to standard steps:

    1. Selection of idea, pattern, yarn and knitting method
    2. Knitting according to the proposed patterns
    3. Build
    4. Ornament

    Also, mittens can be insulated – for example, insert thin knitted mittens inside, or make a lining of fleece or other warm material.

    These schemes are universal for both children’s and adult mittens, all the difference is only in size, well, and perhaps also in ideas. If you can simply decorate the girls’ ones with bead flowers, then it can be difficult to find an idea for the boy’s mittens.

    As always, good knitters, and I will be glad to new ideas and ways of knitting, let’s share the secrets 🙂

    KU “Poltava Orphanage”

    September 27, 2018 in the village of Krasnoyarka, sanatorium “Kolos” held the 9th tourist rally for children from orphanages of the Omsk region. Our athletes represented by: Belyaev Evgeny, Iskakova Marina, Zinchenko Alexandra, Konyashin Evgeny, Shtukert Andrey took an active part in it. The guys competed in shooting accuracy, setting up a tent, etc. After the competition, the guys were able to swim on a boat and see the beauty of our region.

    On September 21, 2018, on the basis of the Adaptive Boarding School No. 16, a summing up of the results of the contest “Give a Fishing Pole” general education programs.This competition is aimed at developing the skills of sewing and making clothes for girls and making joinery for boys. The organizer of the competition is the Dobry Mir regional charitable public foundation for helping children. Pupils of the KU “Poltava Orphanage” took an active part in the competition. The jury members highly appreciated the work of the children. Marina Iskakova and Alexander Zinchenko took part in the competition. Our children were presented with prizes and certificates by the participant of the competition.

    On September 15, 2018, children from the orphanage took part in the All-Russian Olympic Day.Osadchaya Veronika took part in the regional cross-country “Autumn Marathon” and took 1st place in her race. Belyaev Evgeniy took part in the TRP and took 3rd place. Children received sweet gifts and diplomas.

    Traditionally, on September 1, 2018, a festive concert dedicated to the Day of Knowledge was held in our orphanage. All the guys, rested and tanned, gathered again in the assembly hall to accept congratulations. The first to congratulate the children on the start of the new school year was Olga Nikolaevna, the director of the orphanage, and wished them success in their studies.The children were presented with school supplies and sweet gifts. Pupils of the senior classes held a festive concert for the children and employees of the orphanage, after which a joint tea party took place. The holiday of September 1 always remains unforgettable, joyful and at the same time exciting, therefore, adults wished all children that not only September 1 was joyful, but all the days spent in the orphanage were happy.

    On August 27, 2018, a sports event “The Strongest, Agile, Brave” was held in the orphanage. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere during the event made the children happy.With a fervent song, they went out to the formation. Pupils were able to decipher proverbs and sayings about sports. In the “Build” competition, all teams were clearly executed, tested for strength and endurance, dexterity. At the end of the event, the children received sweet gifts.

    On August 21, 2018, in the children’s department of the Poltava Central Library, a day of information “Peoples of the Omsk Priirtyshie” was held for the children of the Poltava Orphanage. Russia is a multinational, multicultural and multilingual country.It is inhabited by different peoples – Russians, Tatars, Bashkirs, Chuvashs, Chechens, Komi, Ukrainians, Nenets, Udmurts – more than a hundred different nationalities and nationalities. More than 120 nationalities live in the Omsk region. Each nation is unique, each has its own spiritual way, and this creates the uniqueness of national arts and crafts. Each nation honors its traditions, customs, has its own beliefs, which it values. Children learned about the national characteristics of Russians, Kazakhs, Ukrainians, Tatars, Germans, Gypsies, Armenians and other peoples of the Omsk Irtysh region.Then the guys took part in the quiz “How do you know your people?” In the task “Dress the doll”, the children had to dress the model of the dolls in national costumes. It is impossible to imagine Russian literature without the works of the Dagestani poet Rasul Gamzatov, the Tatar poet Musa Jalil, the Chukchi writer Yuri Rytkheu, the Abkhaz writer Dmitry Gulia, Tales of the Peoples of the World, Tales of the Peoples of Siberia, etc. ”, Acquaint readers with the peculiarities of different peoples inhabiting Russia, their culture, way of life, rituals and traditions.Fairy tales reflect the soul of the people, their way of life, their way of life, and their national character. From the tales of the peoples of Russia, you can find out what is remarkable about the region, where they were composed, what are the customs and mores of its inhabitants. Fairy tales teach us kindness, they glorify loyalty and honesty, valor and fortitude, heroism, hard work, ingenuity, wisdom, friendship, mutual assistance and justice. These tales are an alloy of interpenetration of different cultures, deep respect of peoples for each other.

    On August 15, 2018 in the Poltava orphanage, librarians of the children’s department of the Poltava Central Library held a festive game program “Savior honey, saved apple”.From the story of the presenter, those present learned about the history of the holiday and about the traditions inherent in it. A separate story was devoted to the apples themselves. The guests learned where this fruit comes from, what varieties of apples are and what vitamins they are rich in. Together with the presenter, they remembered folk signs, then took part in the game program: “Apple Relay”, “Magic Apple”, fairy tales and works about apples, riddles, “Apple Show”, “Praise Apple”, “Who will eat the apple faster.” The children were shown a mini – play “Yablonka” and together with the heroes of the play, the children led a round dance “Apple tree in spring”. As a result, friendship and good mood won. At the end of the event at the exhibition – tasting “Apple Readings”, the children were treated to apples and sweets.

    On August 8, 2018 in the Poltava orphanage, a game called “Reading. We think. We Create ”, dedicated to dictionaries and encyclopedias, which was conducted by the Children’s Department of the Poltava Central Library. In the game, young readers learned to work with dictionaries, worked with text, pondered over foreign words and learned to find words in the texts of different works, substantiating the origin and meaning of words in dictionaries.Also, the readers’ attention was presented a master class on making “Explanatory mini – dictionary” based on the work of V. Astafiev “Tsar is a fish”, and the children were invited to make their own explanatory mini – dictionary based on the work of N. Nekrasov “Sashka” and “Peasant children” … Together with the children, they read works, analyzed what words they encountered unfamiliar and wrote down in their mini-dictionary. The day passed warm and friendly. At the end of our event, the participants in the bibliogame were awarded with I degree diplomas – the “Book lovers” team and the II degree – the “PRO – Chitaika” team.

    On July 19, 2018, the “Lesson of Kindness” event was held for the pupils of the Poltava Orphanage. The children were asked to describe the character traits of a person who can be called kind, listened to poems about kindness, a parable of love and mercy. Then the pupils talked about the good deeds that they did themselves, solved the crossword puzzle, made the “Magic flower of goodness” from the petals, on which were written the character traits inherent in a kind person. At the end of the event, the pupils performed a small test, as a result of which the kindest, most reliable, caring children in the orphanage were identified.They were awarded medals with the inscription “The kindest person”.

    On July 4, 2018, the “Adventures on Reading Island” event was held for the children from the orphanage. Heroes came to visit the children: Zhenya, Fairy Tale, Pippi Long Stocking, Master of Book Sciences. To the accompaniment of cheerful music, they held contests, funny games and competitions. The guys visited the islands of “Mysteries and Miracles”, “Shalunov and Veselchakov”, “Fairy Tale”, “Salvation”, “Detective”, “Book Jungle”. On the Skazka Island we tried ourselves as a magician.It was proposed to perform “Juggling with two balls”, show tricks: “How to make a hole large enough in a regular sheet of paper so that you can crawl through it?” The guys met a lot of their favorite books, which “helped” them to guess the tasks, on the “Salvation” island. The children named the hero and the fairy tale, recognized the hero by an event that happened in his life, and imagined themselves to be the characters of these works.Sailing across the Literary Bay, the participants of the event got to the Book Jungle Island. The book forests on the island are impassable, so you need to complete the task “Settled continents” – to correctly place the figures of animals on the map. Final task: from the received cards with words, make a sentence. Each card is colored in a specific color, corresponding to the colors of the rainbow. The children made a quote: “Books are ships of thought, wandering along the waves of time and carefully carrying their precious labor from generation to generation.”(F. Bacon).

    On June 27 and 28, during the summer holidays, the children’s department of the Poltava Central Library began implementing the summer reading program for children and adolescents “Summer. Book. Reading. Leisure”. The hit parade “Library Summer-2018 or Bestsellers of the Reading Youth” was held these days for children from the orphanage and other students visiting the recreation area. The whole event was accompanied by musical warm-ups and assignments. The children were offered an excursion into the world of books, for them a specially prepared exhibition “90 days of summer around the world”, which presents 15 of the smartest, best books for children and adolescents, which will plunge the young reader into the world of adventure. The photo zone “Love is” was also designed. The librarians invited the children to take part in the “Fluffy the Traveler” action. The aim of the campaign is to distract children from the computer by attracting interest in travel and adventure, as well as to increase the mood of readers. Everyone was given a figurine of the “Fluffy the Traveler” (unicorn). A prerequisite is that children must take a photo with the “Fluffy the Traveler” figurine during their summer trip (at the airport, in a tent, on the beach, in any other city, anywhere) and bring the photo to the library or send it to the email address our library.

    On June 26, 18, a game was held for primary school children and preschoolers – a trip “Visiting the housewife Kuzi”. The presenter talked about the history of the items used by our grandparents. The guys turned out to be in the past for a while and learned about the life and life of our ancestors: what kind of hut was before, how to bake and about many other vital items and old crafts. And the housewife Kuzya helped to lead the journey, he also told the children the Russian folk tale “Porridge from an ax”, told about himself, about his pranks and benefits.The children took part in the games “Overtake in Bast Shoes”, “Spinners”, “Lost and Found”, the quiz “Fairy Proverbs”, performed the dance “In the Smithy”, and solved riddles on the topic of the event.

    On June 21, 2018, a birthday was held in the orphanage, dedicated to the birthday of the pupil, whose birthday took place in June. On this happy and joyful day, the children were expected to receive many gifts and surprises from their friends and relatives. Many good and kind wishes were voiced in honor of the birthday people. Comic contests were held, in which all the children took part with pleasure, painted a portrait of the birthday girl with closed eyes.The pupils showed an improvisation scene, where the children showed themselves to be real artists. To cheerful music, the guys sang a song of congratulations, read poems and presented postcards, made by themselves. The teaching staff, together with the pupils, prepared a big cake for the birthday children and a congratulatory presentation. The holiday ended with a friendly tea party. Birthday is just one happy day in a child’s life! May there be as many such joyful, happy and joyful days in the life of every child as possible.

    On June 12, 2018, the Day of Russia was held in the orphanage.The children recited poetry, sang songs, danced, played outdoor and musical games, competed, winning for the glory of Russia, and listened to the Anthem of the Russian Federation in a solemn atmosphere. The holiday continued with sports relay races, where the children showed how brave, fast and dexterous they are. At the end of the holiday, all the children were united by the “Round dance of friends”

    On June 9, 2018, a bright performance entitled “Soap Bubbles Show” was held at the Poltava Orphanage.This bright, colorful program attracted all the attention of the children. The artists have prepared a real surprise for the audience. They carried children into a fairy-tale world and did it like no other. The children were pleased with a dynamic entertainment program. Before the eyes of the enchanted children, they skillfully managed huge inflatable soap bubbles, not forgetting, of course, to involve the staff of the orphanage in such an exciting activity. During the soap show for children, the artist showed basic tricks with soap bubbles: a bubble caterpillar, a soap carousel, a bubble cake, an aquarium, bubble juggling, a bubble tower, soap grapes, bouncing bubbles, creating soap suds, etc., immersed everyone in a soap cap (the head is up to the shoulders in a huge bubble), provided both adults and children with the opportunity to play the role of the masters of soap bubbles. The culmination of the holiday was the immersion of each child and adults several times into a huge soap bubble.

    On June 5, pupils of the Poltava Orphanage House visited the fire department. In the fire department, the Ministry of Emergency Situations officer Galik D. conducted a tour of the building. The children were shown items of military clothing, fire and rescue equipment.The pupils tried themselves in the role of firefighters: they sat behind the wheel, turned on the siren, tried on specials. clothes. At the end of the excursion, the guys had a conversation with the deputy. chief of fire protection Chernikov M.I. on how to behave in the event of a fire and how to prevent it from occurring. The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere and was able to dilute the everyday life of fire brigade workers, because their daily activities do not imply communication with the younger generation on such a note. The pupils received a lot of useful information from conversations with those who are daily engaged in extinguishing fires and rescuing people.Perhaps, over time, knowledge about fire safety will be partially erased from the memory of children, but the trust in firefighters and phone number 01 will definitely be remembered forever.

    On June 1, 2018, pupils of the Poltava Children’s Home visited the water park of Omsk on Zavertyaeva. the guys got a lot of positive impressions from swimming and visiting water attractions.

    On May 23, an hour of art was held for the pupils of the Poltava orphanage called “The Singer of the Folk Tragedy”, dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding master of historical painting Vasily Ivanovich Surikov.With the help of a multimedia presentation, the children saw grandiose epic paintings: “The Morning of the Strelets’ Execution”, “Boyarynya Morozova”, “Taking the Snow Town”, “The Conquest of Siberia by Yermak”, “Stepan Razin” and others, as well as a gallery of Surikov’s portraits, in which they found reflection of all his love for his people, for the Motherland; made a video tour of the Surikov estate museum, watched a video clip of the painter’s works. In the second part of the event, children became participants in an exciting quest based on the artist’s work.The quest went through the stations, at each station the students completed certain tasks: “Biographical” (add biographical information about Surikov), “Choice” (choose the correct one from several answers to the test questions), “Historical” (correlate a picture and a description of a historical event) , “Fragment” (determine which picture the fragment belongs to, give the full name of the picture). The guys successfully completed all the tasks of the quest. During the event, children learned a lot of information about the life and work of Surikov, realized that the main hero of the artist’s work is the people, and the creation of paintings by Surikov can be called a feat.

    On May 22, 2018, the Poltava Central Library hosted a large-scale event – “Library Night-2018. This year the events within the framework of the “Library Night” were dedicated to the Year of Ecology. In the lobby of the library, guests could hear the sounds of nature accompanied by color music, then they walked along the red carpet through an impromptu arch of books, above which the name “Biblionight-2018” was marked. An exhibition of handicrafts by pupils of the Poltava orphanage was organized in the anteroom on the second floor.Then the guests were shown the literary and musical composition “Protect the Earth you live on”, which included poems and songs about nature, the game “Continue the proverb”, quiz “Fairy flowers”, “Medicinal herbs”. Music lovers were able to take part in the fascinating game “Guess the melody”, wonderful, light, favorite melodies sounded for them.

    On May 22, 2018 in the children’s department of the Poltava Central Library for pupils of primary and secondary school age was held the Library Day “Get together, kids! It’s time to meet the libraday! “At the entrance to the library, all those who came were greeted by four volunteers in the costumes of the Monkey, Tiger, Hare, Leo. They painted face painting on everyone’s faces. In the festively decorated hall, the workers of the children’s library were waiting for the children. The presenter explained the rules to the students. The game is divided into two stages: stage 1 – in the library, stage 2 – outdoor sports. You need to find a treasure, and the treasure is the books that are on the island of books. Pirates, guys from the Poltava Lyceum, helped to get to the island of books.At the site “Visiting the Forest Fairy” children took part in various competitions: “Name in one word”, “I guess – guess”, “Guess by the description”, the game “Flies does not fly”, “Kind animal”. Then the schoolchildren came to visit Vasilisa the Wise, who held the “Game with a tambourine”, the game-competition with the obstacle course “Get the apples for rejuvenation”, the musical game “The Hat”, the competition game “Tablecloth – self-assembly”. During the Libraday, the results of the “Hanging Book” action were summed up (the action consisted in the fact that any reader could “hang” his favorite book, which was especially impressed, remembered, and which he could recommend to his peers, on a definite place.A sticker-mark was put on each book that participated in the action. The winners were the books – V. Kataev “The Seven-Color Flower”, N. Kuznetsova “The Banana Trap”, which received more reviews. The final stage is the competition on the street. The guys took part in various relay races, blew bubbles, drew with crayons on the asphalt. The holiday ended with the work of the photo studio “Through the lens with the heroes of the books”.

    On May 16, 2018, the librarians of the children’s department held a festive event “This is a wonderful family planet” for the families in which children are under care, and for the pupils of the Poltava orphanage, dedicated to the International Day of the Family, which is celebrated on May 15. On this day, the inhabitants of our planet have an extra reason to bring the whole family together, talk and, perhaps, this will help resolve some conflicts and add pleasant memories to the family piggy bank.
    Oksana Aleksandrovna Doroshenko, executive secretary for minors and the protection of their rights, and Galina Aleksandrovna Golenko, head of the guardianship and guardianship sector of the Poltava municipal district, spoke with words of congratulations at the holiday. For children and parents, a game program was held, including contests “Acquaintance”, “Answer loudly” I! “,” Over the seas, over the waves! “To the song “Wave” from the repertoire of the “Barbariki” group, the children performed the movements shown by the presenter, the boys pulled the rope, then all together sang “Potpourri from cartoons” together. Nikiforova Tamara Viktorovna, teacher of the Poltava orphanage, held a master class on making crafts from wooden clothespins. Pupils of the orphanage prepared a dance “Dedication to Mom”, a song “Mammoth Song” and read poems about the family. The librarians of the children’s department performed musical numbers.The holiday ended with a tea party.

    On May 10, 2018, librarians of the children’s department held a thematic hour “Children of War” dedicated to the Great Victory Day for the children of the orphanage. The presenters told about their peers from the past – pioneer heroes, whose names are inscribed in the military history of our country – Volodya Dubinin, Nina Sagaidak, Vale Kotik, Marat Kazeya, Zina Portnova, etc. performed feats defending their homeland.It is necessary that every person knows the history of his Motherland, remembers those who gave their lives for our bright future. The librarians of the children’s department performed the songs “Children of War”, “Waiting for You”, “Katyusha”, “Waltz of Victory”.

    On May 9, 2018, children from the orphanage took part in the action “Happy Victory Day, veteran!” They congratulated the veterans at home: they read poems, gave flowers.

    The ceremonial opening of the regional Board of Honor took place on May 01, 2018 “We are proud of you, fellow countrymen!” In a festive atmosphere, people who achieved high results in work, those who made a significant contribution to the development and prosperity of the Poltava region at the end of 2017 were honored. This event was attended by the children of the KU “Poltava Orphanage”. The guys learned the names of those whom they should look up to, with whom to take an example. Photographed for memory against the background of the Board of Honor.

    On April 20, 2018, the children’s department of the Poltava Central Library together with the Council of Veterans in the framework of the All-Russian Week of Kindness held a charity event “Ship of Kindness” for the children of the orphanage. The aim of the action is to contribute to the cultural development of children in difficult life situations by organizing cultural and leisure activities for children with organized donation of books.The guys took an active part in the games: “Magic Words”, “Happy Greetings”, “Advantageous Compliments”, “Do not be mistaken, please”, “Do not hide your heart”, “Yes – no”, “Magic Chair”. With the help of the presenter, they made a magic flower bed of colored paper and named it “Magic flower bed of the group”. Demchenko Z. A. – Chairman of the Council of Veterans and Tolkova T.I. – Deputy Chairman of the Council of Veterans of Pedagogical Labor presented the children with books and sweet prizes. Pykhtin V.A. I read a poem of my own composition and presented my book “Confession”, which was published quite recently.A video was shown – “The Parable of the Good Samaritan” and a puppet show – the fairy tale “Apple”, about not being greedy. The event ended with a joint song – karaoke “On Friendship” and a friendly tea party.

    On April 8, 2018, pupils of the Poltava Orphanage attended master classes in the Poltava Museum of History and Local Lore, where they made a pendant from salt dough with their own hands, learned about amulets dolls and learned how to make the Bereginya doll on their own.

    March 27, 2018in the children’s department of the Poltava Central Library, within the framework of the Children’s and Youth Book Week, an hour of youth and children’s reading “Reading is a holiday of the soul” was held, dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the writer B. Polevoy. The children learned about the works of the author “The Leader” and “The Story of a Real Man”. These are autobiographical stories about two outstanding people – Alexei Maresyev and Ivan Konev. The presenters talked about the most interesting facts about the famous pilot’s biography and about his feat. The story was accompanied by a slide show and video films.Excerpts from the work of Boris Polevoy “The Story of a Real Man” were read and a fragment from the film of the same name was shown. The fate of the legendary people did not leave indifferent any of the guys, they held their breath and looked at the screen. We hope that the memory of Alexei Maresyev and Ivan Konev will remain in children’s hearts.

    On February 2, 2018, the children’s department of the Poltava Central Library hosted a film lecture hall “Roads of War” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Army. The event was attended by pupils of the Poltava orphanage.Participants of the event were shown military video chronicles: “The Battle of the Ice”, “The Battle of Kulikovo”, “The Battle of Poltava”, “The Battle of Borodino”, a fragment from the film “Ermak” and “Wild Field”. The audience was especially interested in watching the video “What is the Russian army today”. The book exhibition “The Road to Eternity Lies to Exploit” has been arranged for the attention of visitors, which presents fiction and popular science literature about the history of the formation of the Russian army, military rituals, great Russian commanders and admirals, great battles.

    On January 16, 2018, employees of the Poltava Museum of History and Local Lore held Epiphany gatherings for the children of the orphanage “Kolyada, kolyada, open the gates!”. The guys gladly participated in carols, old fortune-telling, in the game program.

    On January 7, 2018, Christmas gatherings were held for the children of the orphanage “Oh, these Christmastide!” The children liked the mysterious atmosphere against the background of New Year’s paraphernalia: lighted candles, flickering lights, flying snowflakes, the muffled voice of the teacher.With the help of simple objects, everyone was able to find out their future.

    On December 29, 2017, the traditional annual holiday “Happy New Year!” Was held in the orphanage. As part of the New Year celebration, the pupils took part in the New Year’s performance, the results for the year were summed up, the winners and participants of the orphanage contests were awarded, and in conclusion, the pupils were awarded sweet prizes from Santa Claus.

    On November 22, 2017, the Poltava Central Library hosted a festive program “Thank you, dear!” Dedicated to Mother’s Day.A congratulatory speech was made by the head of the guardianship and trusteeship sector LV Cherkasova, SN Chizhinkova, educator of the KU “Poltava Orphanage”. Our guys Dorozhko Vitya and Zhuzhgov Sasha starred in a congratulatory video. In the course of the script, poems and songs were performed by foster children and inmates of the orphanage.

    09/26/17 in the orphanage there was an action “Help the birds in winter” Purpose: to draw attention to the problem of protection and respect for birds, to promote environmental knowledge. During the action, 6 feeders and 2 birdhouses were made. In the fall, all children took an active part in the procurement of feed for wintering birds. For winter, prepared seeds of plantain, nettle, burdock, hawthorn berries, mountain ash, oats, millet, sunflower seeds, pumpkin. And when winter came, the pupils opened a winter dining room. There is a stern table in a quiet place. The trees were hung with feeders, which were made by the children together with the educators.

    09/01/17. for the children of the KU “Poltava Orphanage” employees of the Poltava Museum of History and Local Lore held a festive game program “Hello, School!”The children were offered puzzles in which the names of school subjects were encrypted, a subject quiz and games on the knowledge of the Russian language were held. At the end of the event, a school “Yeralash” was shown and a retro photo was taken against the background of school supplies of the past. The guys took an active part in the game program, got charged with a positive mood at the beginning of the school year.

    08/30/17 at the KU “Poltava Orphanage” the competition and game program “Goodbye, Summer!”The guys took part in the game program, took pictures with the presenters. At the end of the event there was a “fireworks” and a festive tea party. The guests brought sweets and school supplies for the children.

    Airy tablecloth, crocheted from motifs, master

    Have you noticed that a table without a tablecloth is, excuse me, not a table, but just a piece of wood? In order to make your interior unique and your home cozy and warm, it is best not to buy a tablecloth in the store, but to crochet it yourself.Let’s see how to do this using an example. The only difficulty that a craftswoman may have is associated with the technique of this type of knitting. The fact is that many crocheted things, including openwork ones, are knitted without breaking the thread. However, not in this case: we will carry out all the elements of our future product separately, then they will be sewn into a single composition. Do not be afraid, there is nothing difficult, it just takes a little patience, but the result is worth it. As a result, you will get a wonderful tablecloth, this model will become a unique decoration for your home.It must be borne in mind that such a product performs only a decorative function; it will not be able to protect the table cover from hot objects, dust or dirt.

    In our case, the tablecloth is small, rather, it is a napkin. It is round. However, if you do not have a table of this shape, this thing can be knitted in a square, rectangular, and oval format, the flight of imagination is unlimited. You just need to arrange the motives in a different way.

    So, let’s get started.

    Step 1.

    Yarn selection. Cotton works best for these things, although synthetic threads will look good too. There is only one condition: to get a beautiful light airy thing, the threads should not be thick. The color of the napkin will depend on the design of the house and the presence of decorative elements already available. In our case, the product is white, it is a universal solution for any type of interior.

    We use hook No. 1.5.

    Step 2.

    Selection of elements.In tear-off crochet, they are also called motifs. Our product will have 4 types of elements:

    1. 1. Flower.
    2. 2. Circle or ring.
    3. 3. Berry.
    4. 4. Sheet.

    We start knitting, to create a large thing, you need a lot of motives.

    Step 3.

    We knit a berry. We collect 7 air loops

    we close in a ring

    We make the second row from single crochet

    The third row is performed with the same columns directly on top of the previous one

    Repeat the rows until the hole in the center closes.At the same time, the thread should not be pulled too tightly, the berry should be convex-round, the stretched threads will “cut” it in an ugly way.

    Here’s a berry.

    Step 4.

    We knit a flower. We collect 6 air loops

    we make a ring, like this.

    The next row is represented by 5 double crochets, 5 air loops should be cast between them.

    The third row is performed with double crochets in each arch of the previous row, between them there are 3 air loops

    The fourth row is represented by columns knitted into each arch, forming “petals”.One such “petal” (in series) consists of the following components:

    single crochet
    single crochet
    2 double crochet
    single crochet
    single crochet.

    Here is a flower

    Step 5.

    We knit a circle or a ring. This can be done in different ways, in this case the element is as follows: we perform 7 air loops

    Closing in a ring

    The next row consists of double crochet, they should stand tightly, their number: how much will fit

    The third row is performed with the same double crochet, knitting two in each loop of the previous row.

    Here’s a ring.

    Step 6.

    We knit a leaf. We collect 10 air loops

    We go back along this row, knitting single crochet, one in each loop

    We pass the initial loop, from which the tail sticks out, 4 columns must be performed into it

    We continue on that side, without reaching three loops to the end, turn again

    Each time, passing through the center, we make an arch of 2 air loops

    So you need to make 10 rows in total, 5 on each side

    It will look more beautiful if we do not reach the end of the row every time, leaving a different number of loops: from two to four.

    Here is a leaf.

    Step 7.

    Repeat the above steps as many times as necessary based on the size of your desk, shelf or nightstand. To find out the number of motives, it is recommended to periodically lay out the finished elements in the right order. This product required (small napkin, diameter 60 cm):

    • leaves – 60 pieces;
    • colors – 25 pieces;
    • rings – 16 pieces;
    • berries – 32 pieces.

    Step 8.Putting things in order:

    After finishing knitting, remove all protruding tails from the threads, securing them with a drop of fabric glue.

    Before assembling the item, the elements should be steamed best of all with a steam iron, do not spare steam. Do not iron them, just steam them. After that, the motives should dry up.

    Step 9.

    We arrange flowers, leaves, etc. in the appropriate order, we sew the elements together. Since the product is geometrically correct, so that it does not turn out to be crooked, you need to apply the following tactics while sewing.

    We take a piece of cardboard of any shape, its size should be larger than the central circle of the composition. Mark the center with a pencil, arrange the elements in the desired order, outline with a pencil.

    Then we sew them to the cardboard.

    Next, we will sew the motifs together right on the cardboard.

    You can take a large piece of cardboard along the full diameter of the product and sew on all the elements. In general, it will be enough to fix only the center, and sew the rest of the motives to each other.
    We get just such a tablecloth or napkin in our case.

    90,000 ideas for creativity and tips from the masters

    The child will love his clothes more and will dress them with great pleasure if they are beautifully and interestingly decorated.

    How can you decorate a child’s clothes?

    A very simple, widespread and effective method is application . The plots can be different. These are the characters of your favorite cartoons, funny animals, vehicles for boys, flowers and dolls for girls, etc.e. The application can be purchased. Sold by thermoapplications, they are glued with a hot iron and steam, and sewn on appliques, which are sewn around the perimeter on a typewriter or by hand.

    You can do it yourself. A more time-consuming method, but applications can be made much more interesting and beautiful than some purchased ones. How easy and quick to make an applique with my own hands, I already somehow.

    You can draw a drawing for application yourself, or you can take it from children’s books, coloring pages, or, finally, from the Internet.Different pieces of fabric are suitable for the details of the applique. Pieces of leather and leatherette are very convenient, their cuts do not need to be processed, they do not crumble, and they look very interesting.

    You can make the appliqué volumetric. To do this, you need to put a little filler under the parts, for example, synthetic winterizer. Such applications look more realistic and are even more interesting for children.

    The next way – embroidery … The plots can also be different. Embroidery methods can also be different.You can embroider on a canvas or on a piece of fabric, then cut out a picture, glue it with doublerin, and sew it on. Or simple embroidery can be done directly on the product. In any case, a thing with embroidery looks quite different :).

    Various sewing accessories are great for decorating clothes. … This is a very simple way. For example, now there is a wide selection of funny buttons of all kinds and shapes. In the form of fruits, berries, animals, cars, flowers, etc. Sewing them on clothes is not at all difficult.You just need to remember that it is very good to use them for decoration, and it is inconvenient to use them for fasteners. The fact is that such buttons are often difficult to fasten, and children’s fingers may not be able to do this.

    Short ribbons can be sewn onto baby’s clothes s strung on them large beads , for example, on the pockets. Only it is necessary to sew tightly so that the baby cannot tear it off, and make large knots at the end of the ribbons so that the beads do not come off.This decoration will be an interesting activity for children’s fingers :).

    Even children’s clothes can be decorated with different ribbons, braids, ruffles, laces, etc. … The choice of these materials is now also huge. By choosing the appropriate types, you can decorate the clothes of both girls and boys.

    Sometimes it is so difficult to find clothes with the desired pattern, maybe because of a small choice in the store, or you yourself are not sure what you need, in this case I want to offer you.After all, if you cannot find a suitable pattern, why not make it yourself, now there are a lot of basic models of T-shirts and other clothing items that can be easily turned into an author’s thing, let’s get started.

    First of all, you will need paints, it is best to use special ones for fabrics, but if you could not get them acrylics are also suitable, besides they are presented in all a variety of shades, even neon and metallic, in addition, you can use special markers, it is easier to work with them Total.

    So, the first way is to decorate with stamps, as a stamp you can use a lot of things from everyday life: corks, sponges, coins, school erasers and pens and much more. For example, you can make a charming herringbone pattern with a lid and a piece of elastic. Cut out a triangle, glue it to any plastic cover for ease of use, then dip our stamp into the selected paint and apply the desired ornament to the fabric to speed up the drying process, use a hair dryer.

    The second option is not very different from the first, except that we will use ready-made cylinders as a template, it can be a roll of toilet paper or scotch tape, or any can, it all depends on what diameter you want to get the circle, and then the case taste, dip the edge in paint and create your masterpiece.

    Beautiful DIY clothing decorations with step-by-step photos

    Another interesting way is to use a comb for hair with sparse teeth, the pattern will be excellent, and uneven smudges will give the product a handmade charm.

    The fourth way is to draw clear and even stripes using masking tape and a brush. How you can decorate a summer bag with your own hands is described in ours.

    The fifth is almost the same as the fourth, but here we complicate the task by making crossed diagonal lines, so you can decorate the entire product or some part, for example, a pocket.

    The sixth method involves the use of parchment as a stencil, this paper is thin, but does not allow water to pass through, so the pattern will be easy to apply, just draw the desired pattern on paper with a simple pencil with all the details, carefully cut it out with nail scissors.It remains to transfer the drawing with a sponge.

    Painting clothes with your own hands with step by step photos

    № 7 – a chessboard, a simple and at the same time original pattern, in order to make it again you will need masking tape. An interesting alteration from a T-shirt is presented in ours.

    One of my favorite methods is the eighth one – coloring with foil. The pattern will slightly resemble batik, only the lines will be sharper, just take a piece of foil, crumple it up a bit, blot it with a sponge with paint and start creating.

    The ninth method is not suitable for every fabric and product, but cotton T-shirts look great – the main culprit is the usual whiteness. There are a couple of ways to decorate the fabric with whiteness, or you can tie the product in knots and dip it in a solution of water and bleach for a short time, then untie and rinse. Or, use a paintbrush to discolor the fabric by splattering.

    Another option is to paint directly, which you will use is up to you – paints and a brush or a marker, it is especially pleasant to entrust this activity to your child.

    The eleventh way is to make multi-colored splashes using a brush or drips.

    Well, the twelfth batik is ideally used, but you can also use store dyes, tying the product in knots and dipping it in solutions of different colors, the results are always different and extraordinary.

    In the closet, each of us has more than one or two blouses, which are good for everyone, but for some reason they are not worn. One has gone out of fashion, the other is simply bored, the third does not fit into your favorite style.Each of them can be transformed and brought to perfection. How? Decorate the sweater with simple decorating techniques.

    How can you decorate a knitted sweater?

    A wide variety of techniques and finishing techniques are in fashion today – from hand-painted to embroidery and decorative cuts. Moreover, special skills or skills may not be needed to transform a thing. The most difficult method, which requires not only taste, but also professionalism, is painting. But with the help of applique, embroidery, trimming with rhinestones and sequins, even a beginner in needlework can decorate a jacket with his own hands.

    The secret lies in the fact that very simple, but always effective ways of decoration are in fashion today. You can buy ready-made applications with rhinestones, sequins and embroidery, in order to attach them you only need a couple of stitches, and in most cases, only an iron. But the most interesting, and most importantly, creative ideas come to mind if you use simple materials at hand.

    For example, decorate a knitted sweater, as in the photo from fashion shows, with voluminous textile flowers.To do this, you need a small flap of plastic soft tissue, the edge of which does not crumble during cutting. Perfect, knitwear, lace or thin felt. The choice of texture depends only on what effect you want to achieve.

    Cut the fabric into squares of the same or different sizes – it is better if there are at least eight of them, cut out the simplest contour of the flower from each – you can make a template for this. Fold them together, secure in the center with any bead in two stitches – and you will have one of the most fashionable decorations of this season – a textile flower.

    Choose several matching fabrics and make several colors, collect from them an elegant bouquet that can be placed on the shoulder and in the neckline. Volumetric flower arrangements are one of the favorite decor design techniques this season.

    It can be used to decorate a jacket as a photo from the latest collections of this year:

    How to decorate a jacket with beads

    Embroidery with beads has literally found its “second wind” today.Graceful beaded decor is one of the favorite design techniques, presented in literally every haute couture collection. Professional embroidery in this technique is a real art, but its simplest techniques are available even to those who first took a needle in their hands.

    To decorate a sweater with beads like a real pro, you first need to develop an idea for the decor itself. What is worth considering – the drawing should be small.For full-scale work, you will need a hoop, which is almost impossible to use when embroidering ready-made items. Give preference to miniature, repeating motifs, such as delicate flowers that can be used to “strew” the bodice or sleeves.

    Beads look great in combination with any fabric except plain cotton jersey. Therefore, if you decide to decorate a sports-type T-shirt, then you should choose another finishing technique.

    For work, besides beads, you will need a crayon or a marker for the fabric, a special – very thin – needle and sewing threads to match the beads.The choice of colors will tell you your own imagination, today both multi-colored embroidery and tone-on-tone are in fashion.

    Mark the outline of the future pattern with a chalk or marker, fasten the thread on the wrong side and you can embroider! With small neat stitches, fastening the beads exactly end-to-end and in one direction, embroider the contour lines and then “sew” it with the beads from the inside.

    How to decorate a jacket with sequins

    One of the simplest and most effective decoration methods available even for children.Especially if you use sequins already strung on a thread, they can trim not only the edge of the neck or cuff. Large compositions located in the neckline look the most stylish.

    In order to decorate a sweater with sequins, no matter what plot of decor you choose, it is worth considering that a bright and expressive pattern will become the main accent of the image as a whole. Keep in mind that sequins will add shine to things, so the choice of colors and patterns must be carefully thought out.

    The drawing should be not only large, but also with well-defined smooth contours – it is almost impossible to recreate small details and corners in this technique. If you are not confident in your artistic ability, then first make a stencil, taking as a basis any suitable drawing from the Internet or a fashion magazine.

    Tailor’s chalk or a thin bar of soap will help transfer it to dark fabrics, and fabric markers to light fabrics. It is also necessary to pick up the glue intended for the fabric – later it will be possible to wash the thing without fear in water at room temperature – the decor will hold securely.

    Apply a thin strip of glue to the contour of the pattern and, pressing lightly, lay the thread with sequins along it. It is most convenient to lay it out in a spiral, from the edges of the picture, to the center. Make sure that the sequins in the rows fit snugly against each other, forming a continuous surface. Strengthen the end of the thread with a drop of glue, and when it is completely dry, you can additionally secure the pattern with threads to match, sewing it with free stitches from the inside out.

    How to decorate a jacket with rhinestones

    The simplest and most elegant decor option is rhinestones.It doesn’t even need a thread and a needle, just an iron is enough! Now in any craft store there is a wide selection of ready-made rhinestone motifs. You can use them, or you can show imagination and create a decor according to your own drawing.

    The simplest and most stylish pattern is a chaotic scattering that resembles a starry sky. Vertical stripes of different lengths lined with rhinestones also look elegant. More complex compositions for decorating sweaters with rhinestones, such as large floral motifs or complex patterns in which several colors are used, must first be drawn on the fabric.Marker or regular crayon – depends only on the color of the fabric.

    Place the item on the ironing board and heat the iron to the temperature you would normally iron it. Carefully line the rhinestones with the back side – the fabric glue has already been applied to it – on a small fragment of the design. Cover it with a piece of thin cotton cloth and press lightly with an iron. In a few seconds, especially with the use of steam, the rhinestones will securely attach to the fabric. You can immediately move on to another fragment, when the drawing is completely ready, let the things dry a little in a straightened state.By the way, it can later be washed in water at room temperature, preferably by hand.

    We decorate a knitted jacket

    Knitwear is the most rewarding material for decoration. One of the avant-garde design finds are decorative cuts and openwork weaves, which can only be embodied in it.

    To create an original item, you only need a high-quality cotton model and scissors. This technique of decorating knitted blouses is very similar to fashionable decorating – just as simple and effective.

    Weaving looks delicate and provocative on the back. Fold the blouse strictly vertically and neatly, with an interval of one or two centimeters, cut the back from the neckline to the waist. Important! Reduce the length of each next cut – the shortest should be at the waistline. Now put the scissors aside and pull the thing a little.

    You have received plastic knitted ribbons that can be intertwined in any way. The easiest one to start with: take the second one from above and from the inside out to the front side, just throw it over the first.Continue, in this way, until the last cut, there is no need to fix the decor – it will adhere perfectly due to the weave.

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